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12018-06-14 21:06:52 UTCL'imaginaire Dear Ilona,

It's nice to see you are mapping maximum height based on Mapillary pictures! Can I just make one remark: it seems logical to me that the maxheight (usually) only applies to a tunnel, not to the road leading up to that tunnel. Is there a reason you are also tagging these roads before/a...
22018-06-15 09:18:29 UTCIlona_S Dear L'imaginaire,
Thanks for paying your attention! For instance, there is only one line for both direction of the way (Rue de Battice). And if you turn to this street from Rue du Viaduc or Rue du Fouron, your vehicle shouldn't be higher than 4.25m, cause then it'll be impossible to go under the r...
32018-07-14 10:53:03 UTCL'imaginaire Thanks for the clarification!
42018-07-14 13:46:01 UTCAnakil Dear Ilona,
I'm still not sure in this case that it should apply on all the street. If we look at the mappilary imagery, the signs are only on the railway bridge, so the legal restriction should only apply there (between intersection of "Rue Chafour" and "Rue Battice" and the so...
52018-07-14 21:39:28 UTCL'imaginaire I also had another look at it, and given the principle that the restriction goes from the sign to the next intersection, I believe it should indeed be mapped from the Rue Chafour to the Rue des Fusillés. You agree?
12018-06-11 09:48:55 UTCIlona_S
12017-12-22 13:48:41 UTCIlona_S *speed limit = 50 km/h (it was a typo in the comment)
12017-12-12 17:01:42 UTCarvdk Hi Ilona, I see in your resent edits you're mainly adding fixme tags. That's off course OK, but I wonder the value over notes. It's even more apreciated if you just execute your suggestion; Mapillary is a valid source. In this case, just add 'maxspeed=60' in the tags of the road.
If you have any qu...
12017-12-02 20:00:17 UTCL'imaginaire Yes, certainly. I've done this in changeset #54279531
12017-11-30 18:25:56 UTCrorym 🏳️‍🌈 You asked for a reviewof this edit, but surely an OSM note would be more appropriate
12017-11-30 17:51:49 UTCfrosm Hello,
if you find wrong maxspeed and you don't have the local knowledge to fix it, it should be usefull to put a comment to the previous changeset and remove bad value to avoid being used by apps.
12017-11-29 12:43:22 UTCIlona_S * should be 30 mph, instead of "300"
12017-10-13 11:34:46 UTCMiroslav Suchý Ano, mate pravdu.
12017-10-03 20:08:34 UTCBernhard W After driving this road: This road is released for traffic. -> motor_vehicle = no deleted and some more tags added or corrected.
12017-08-11 10:00:23 UTCFreierFriese You were right, added oneway=yes:
12017-05-13 15:35:21 UTCescada Beste,

ik denk dat u iets te ijverig te werk bent gegaan, zonder lokale kennis. De N16 heeft nog steeds een maximum toegelaten snelheid van 90 tussen Willebroek en Temse.
Ik heb de juiste snelheid teruggezet.

22017-05-15 08:47:01 UTCIlona_S Dear,

Thank you very much for your correction.

Best regards,
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