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12017-11-16 14:24:29 UTCWalkerB This is really well done! nice job getting the building footprint and not the roof. This says Building 18 Zahid. Is Zahid the name of the building? If so, please leave it. If this is because someone lives there, please remove the names. OSM is for physical things, not people, ethnic groups , o...
12017-11-16 14:22:10 UTCWalkerB This park is really well done! The areas do not connect to the roads, Exactly right!
12017-11-16 14:21:05 UTCWalkerB Thanks for adding the Gym. Remember to digitize the footprint of the building (Square/rectangle) and not the roof, which has many angles.
12017-11-16 14:18:49 UTCWalkerB Hey Zahid, Thanks for adding the school. The area you tagged should be tagged as School grounds, not as a school building. Each individual building would be a building. Also, please remember to hold Alt when putting polygons near roads. The polygon should not be connected to the roads.
12017-11-16 13:36:59 UTCWalkerB Hey Zahid, thanks for adding MRRD and NRAP. When you put in buildings, can you make sure that the buildings have square corners? To do that, select the building (not a single point) and hit "s", that will "square" the corners to 90-degrees. Also, on your comment, you can write...
22017-11-16 14:10:17 UTCWalkerB Also, make sure that areas are not "snapped" to roads. Hold down 'Alt' while clicking and it will prevent that from happening.
12017-11-16 13:34:07 UTCWalkerB Hey Zahid! Thanks for fixing the Road. In your comments, instead of just saying NRAP. Could you put in what you changed? For example: Added and corrected road locations, updated attributes using MPW/MRRD NRAP Program. things like that.
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