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12018-08-09 07:18:17 UTCADepic Instead now I have tagged the square as area=yes due to the fact that navigation services are going to fix this problem (
12018-07-02 09:50:04 UTCRobert Whittaker In this changeset the postbox a has been given a ref=* value of "IP4 287]". The square bracket at the end is presumably incorrect. What should the box number actually be?
22018-07-04 10:22:21 UTCADepic Sorry for that. The square bracket at the end was unnecesary. I hit it accidently instead of pressing the enter key (UK keyboard.)

FIxed it now
12018-06-26 15:59:32 UTCEdLoach Funnily enough after commenting on one of your notes earlier I'll be visiting here for their open evening this evening. From when I visited the Science Open Day I think they have parking on the rear school playground with access from Creffield Road (if that is the case this evening I'll add the acce...
22018-06-26 15:59:59 UTCEdLoach Though for the open day we used the park and ride, so I wasn't paying much attention to the parking arrangements.
32018-06-26 17:05:00 UTCADepic Should I delete the departments? It seems to private of information to me
42018-06-27 16:51:08 UTCEdLoach I think that should be fine. There are places in the world mapped in more detail. See for example the section on Indoor Mapping on the openstreetmap wiki, and this example which has got every room number on every floor mapped -
12018-03-04 07:20:16 UTCBCNorwich Hello and Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
Sorry to say both attempts at adding data are incorrect. Firstly they are both in the middle of the road. Both have name=260, (260 is the number).
One POI has addr:housenumber=Ipswich, (Ipswich is the city/town).

I've removed the two POI so no harm is done. ...
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