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12016-12-12 04:38:40 UTCSupaplex Are there names for the place of worship?
22016-12-13 02:19:21 UTCplotch Most of these are homes which have been made into public temples. Some have the temple name on a sign above the door, others use flags.
At least two of the places of worship in this changeset are actual built-for purpose temples.
32016-12-13 02:22:34 UTCplotch My complaint is directed at the user who has changed the roadways in the immediate area of my residence.
12014-11-28 04:43:09 UTCKagami It's right.
But u have broked the area.
22014-11-28 15:02:02 UTCplotch Meh,
I've restored my previous edits based on several GPS traces, photos, and a knowledge of my local area (this area is 4 statute miles from my home)
So what have you got?
32014-11-28 15:04:43 UTCplotch First you go into an area that I've already described, ridden by bicycle, covered on foot and start changing my edits, then you get stroppy when I restore my previous work. I'd appreciate it if you would explain yourself.
12014-11-06 04:07:05 UTCSupaplex Is the pillbox named?
22014-11-07 07:26:25 UTCplotch It's listed on this website
I've added them to changesets in my area by tag=ruins, tag=Japanese pillbox.
There are at least three different styles of pillbox in my area. The website focuses on the largest and most prominent.
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