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12017-03-24 15:39:44 UTCparkrrrr The natural body of water is the pond at the southwest corner of Till Rd. and Pufferbelly Trail. If it's not natural, it's at least been there since the 1860s when the RR grade was created.
12017-03-23 15:41:39 UTCparkrrrr I originally created all of these polygons, and I tagged them based on information from the wiki, but I never liked how that made them show up on the map, or that I had to manually delete the "building" property each time. It just seemed wrong to me. User jgon6 edited my St. Vincent's polygon to "la...
12017-03-23 14:59:23 UTCparkrrrr This edit looks like pure vandalism.
12017-03-23 14:54:34 UTCparkrrrr There's no water here.
12017-03-23 14:51:08 UTCparkrrrr Is this really a park? Aerial imagery shows a residence, and Allen County public access tax information ( shows that it's private property belonging to a Michael John DeMayo.
12017-03-17 18:03:07 UTCparkrrrr It's not clear to me whether the entire building at 9809-9811 is 4EOS, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt since it seems likely that the original very rough outline was added by someone associated with 4EOS.
12017-03-17 13:59:36 UTCparkrrrr Note: After drawing the previous rail-related changeset in this location using only Bing imagery, I confirmed some hard-to-see rail routes with IndianaMap imagery; metadata (including usage permissions) here:
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