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12017-11-13 05:07:21 UTCGaurav Thapa Sangkosh is not a ward level administration within newly formed Nilkantha Municipality. If you are using data from MoFALD/LGCDP 2014 it is outdated for most of Nepal. Please revert your changes. Thank you.
22017-11-13 09:21:12 UTCseichter I conclude that the new administration structure has become effective. I found only newspaper articles announcing it for March 2017 but with pending objections.
But I would not delete the old boundary relations since they are named and much better suited for orientation than anonymous ward numbers....
32017-11-14 03:56:04 UTCGaurav Thapa Thank you for making the changes. For people of Nepal ward numbers are not anonymous and it is our primary address written in our citizenship cards and passports numbers. For example a person would say they are from Kathmandu-3 or Pokhara-5 on their forms. Wards do not have names and any names given...
12017-04-18 08:20:43 UTCGaurav Thapa Dear Matt,

You have incorrectly marked Cafe Lake Yard as a 20000 square meter property in Pokhara. I am correcting this change. Please be careful when mapping next time. Thank you.
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