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12017-04-18 18:52:18 UTCtodrobbins @Bob4brains, is both a building and a way, which is invalid. What are you trying to document here? Also, what is the suodrod?
12017-04-18 18:48:35 UTCtodrobbins Looks great! Thanks for updating the map. You might look at adding additional details like hours of operation. Here's a guide:
12017-04-18 18:43:40 UTCtodrobbins Looks good! Thanks for the addition.

You might add some more info about the restaurants (hours, cuisine, etc.) Here's a nice guide:
12017-04-18 18:42:11 UTCtodrobbins Thanks @Goodwyn! Looks good.
12017-04-18 18:41:11 UTCtodrobbins Looks good! Thanks for the update @mjash.
12017-04-18 18:40:16 UTCtodrobbins Looks good! Check out this wiki page to see what other details you can add to the park:
12017-04-18 18:38:52 UTCtodrobbins Looks good! Thanks for the addition.
12017-04-18 18:37:48 UTCtodrobbins Looks good, Abigail! Thanks for the addition.
12017-04-11 23:48:40 UTCtodrobbins Looks good! Any questions on editing?
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