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Nodes: 40765117 Ways: 126519 Relations: 000
2017-03-21 23:54 UTC Nodes: 24644 Ways: 83380 Relations: 000
Description: 'Updated the foot paths and restaurants around Purdue University.'
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Details: Highway:82 Name:12 Amenity:22 Modify geometry node:4 Modify geometry way:83

2017-03-20 19:06 UTC Nodes: 16161113 Ways: 43139 Relations: 000
Description: 'I updated the paths, added a few roads, and fixed the parks/grass areas to be more accurate or exist.'
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Details: Highway:21 Name:3 Highway:1 Name:3 Amenity:2 Landuse:13 Leisure:7 Amenity:3 Landuse:9 Modify geometry node:61 Modify geometry way:118