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12017-06-07 17:23:14 UTCbkowshik Hey Nehaj,

I see that you have removed `place=town` and `name=Mandeville` tags and added `landuse=residential` tag.

I think the tags in the old version of the feature were appropriate. Can you help me understand.

Thank you,
22017-06-08 20:04:12 UTCNehaj Hi Bhargav,

there is already a node for Mandeville:

To have an area and a node with the same name and features is wrong.

Best regards,
12017-05-17 03:21:12 UTCbkowshik Hey Makiyama,

The feature doesn't seem to have properties. We could potentially add a building and a name tag.

Thank you, Bhargav
12017-05-17 03:18:40 UTCbkowshik Hey Alex,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I don't see any properties added to the feature. Potentially, whether it is a building, what is it's name, etc.

Thank you, Bhargav
12017-05-17 03:12:54 UTCbkowshik Hey Sabine,
I removed the stray point with this changeset:
Thank you, Bhargav
12017-05-17 03:02:34 UTCbkowshik Hey Lotfi_Dtg,

I don't see any properties for the feature you added.

Thank you,
12017-03-20 12:24:47 UTCbkowshik Hey Shyam,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap and great mapping!
12017-03-14 12:46:58 UTCbkowshik Hey arsh925, we are glad to have you on OpenStreetMap, welcome!

Can you confirm if the "opening_hours" are actually "24/7"?
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