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12018-09-15 14:35:20 UTCNehaj M!dgard stated publicly "i removed an undocumented, fairly low-usage, nonsensical tag to avoid it showing up in iD" -> that's not a valid reason to remove something by a mechanical edit, so I've reverted this in

BTW there have been mor...
22018-09-15 14:40:40 UTCM!dgard And what does this tag mean? How can you claim to add meaningful information when you don't define what it should mean? I can understand if you're testing stuff and you're documenting when you played around a bit, I can also understand if tags are so obvious you don't bother with documenting them, b...
32018-09-15 14:51:54 UTCM!dgard But thanks anyway for having the courtesy of notifying me, and not covertly adding shaming FIXME's in the database, like mrlanduse did. Much appreciated.
12018-09-13 20:57:55 UTCpangoSE What did you remove here?
22018-09-15 12:31:34 UTCNehaj Demolished buildings
12018-09-11 18:36:16 UTCpangoSE Hej.
Lämna gärna mer utförliga kommentarer när du redigerar.
Ser att du tagit bort noder.
Har du koll på ?
22018-09-12 01:07:13 UTCNehaj Hej. Det visste jag inte.
32018-09-13 20:59:18 UTCpangoSE Tack för ditt svar.
Det är särskild viktigt att du är försiktig och lämnar utförliga kommentarer om du tar bort nått eller är osäker på vad du gör.
12018-05-31 20:36:18 UTCFredrikLindseth What was questionable here?
22018-05-31 20:53:32 UTCNKA I have reverted this changeset. You deleted a large forest and several islands. Please discuss large deletions first with the mappers involved or with the local community.

I know that the quality of the features could be better. You are of course welcome to improve e.g. the coastline of the islan...
32018-07-31 12:36:32 UTCNehaj @NKA: By which changeset? I've wanted to replace this bogus import, which has mainly wrong geometries (see the forests), with new data. You've simply been too fast in reverting.
42018-07-31 13:28:27 UTCReitstoen @Nehaj: We are (slowly) doing Topography-import in Norway. And I think it's just better to leave at as it is until someone imports this area. Old (bad) data will be replaced during import.
12018-07-29 12:18:37 UTCpitscheplatsch Hi Lilla Elna, welcome to OSM.

May I know the reason behind removing almost overall 450 natural areas, coastlines, boundaries and waterways? Thanks.

More information about your changeset:
22018-07-29 20:37:24 UTCNehaj I've checked this in detail: The account has only removed very small PGS fragments, which are irretrievably broken. They are no benefit for remapping.
12018-06-11 20:37:10 UTCSeandebasti goo just for minor check
22018-07-25 14:26:43 UTCNehaj Do you know this tag ?
12017-10-23 10:59:13 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain this tag?
Γηπεδο = Γηπεδο πλαταιων
Tags should always be in English and documented in the wiki - automatic translation is not really he...
22017-10-24 16:16:54 UTCfreebeer Hi Jan,
Based on a similar entry on page 2 below starting with Γηπεδο and as a sports pitch, I think it was intended to be name=
and is simply a mistake.
(My greek is poor enough to imPEDE my understanding ;-)
32017-10-24 17:13:17 UTCnikasth hi from Nikas Th
Γήπεδο = football field
gipedo = football field
γιπεδο Μπασκετ = basketball court
42018-06-01 21:14:58 UTCNehaj @nikasth: You've mapped several wind turbines as duplicates directly beneath pre-existing wind mills. Example: - (your dupe)
12018-05-17 20:54:59 UTCNehaj What are you changing when you just write a "."?
12017-01-05 15:26:07 UTCaz09 на точки ж/д путей понаставил service=spur, в чатик телеги не появляешься... безобразие ))
22018-05-17 07:46:56 UTCNehaj Please read this and act!
12018-05-02 18:39:14 UTCmuralito Hi Nehaj. Thanks for your collaboratios. Please check because most of the pieces you tagged as natural=wood are in fact landuse=forest. In our country most of the natural=wood pieces (Here calles "monte nativo") are only in the edges of waterways.
22018-05-02 18:45:28 UTCNehaj Ok, I'm sorry. Actually I've changed my mapping habits because of complaints by some German users.
Before I've mapped the same way like you. These forest pieces are clearly planted and not native forests.

Thanks for your advice!
12018-05-02 17:32:15 UTCNehaj I'm now using the "Download along" tool from JOSM to delete this ways again, but this is huge data and JOSM is just eating up all my memory. Please give me a little bit more time.
12018-05-01 17:55:55 UTCNehaj Hi Nick,

I doubt, that there are any 500 kV lines in Puerto Rico. I've just falsely accusated someone else (, which told me you as source of this.

12018-04-30 19:57:04 UTCNehaj Hi Verdy_p,

do you really think, that there is a 500 kV power line in Puerto Rico?

22018-04-30 21:07:25 UTCVerdy_p I've not indicated any voltage, I just traced the visible lines or prolongated those that were only started.
32018-04-30 21:08:09 UTCVerdy_p look at the history to find who indicated the voltage initially. I can't tell that!
42018-04-30 21:10:02 UTCVerdy_p Notably look at
52018-04-30 21:10:20 UTCVerdy_p This was done before me!
62018-05-01 20:12:29 UTCnickvet419 I did the same, but anyone can go back and adjust the default values.
72018-05-01 21:14:57 UTCVerdy_p So you say you indicated "default values". In OSM there's NO default value at all to insert in the database, if you don't know, don't specify anything. Anytway I have not removed anything in existing tags, even if it's possible that I interconnected two segments of a line and joined them a...
12018-04-29 19:34:29 UTCNehaj You've changed relations which had type=site to type=windfarm. I don't think, that this is according to the Wiki.
22018-04-29 23:35:09 UTCmuralito And it's isnt acording to facts. You tagged hydroelectic plants as windfarms.

Was this massive changeset discussed, planned and tested? If yes, please put a lik to the documentation. If not, please revert it and follow the proper steps to make a change like this.
32018-04-30 19:33:05 UTCmaxerickson Reverted in

It probably doesn't make sense to change these away from site relations (using 2 tags, type=site and power=plant, is not ambiguous), but in any case it should not be done unilaterally.
42018-05-01 18:05:08 UTCmrlanduse I'm deeply sorry for this. But what about using a unique relation type for collections like this?
52018-05-02 12:40:42 UTCmuralito No problem. Just keep in mind the code of conduct.

You should post your proposal in the tagging-list.
12018-04-09 17:13:13 UTCaixbrick Hallo,
die Stromleitung befindet sich auf deutscher Seite noch im Planfeststellungsverfahren (, ist also noch nicht mal im Bau. Ferner wird der geplante Tra...
22018-04-12 12:51:31 UTCaixbrick zur Info:
32018-04-13 06:21:04 UTCNehaj Hallo aixbrick,

es tut mir Leid, dass ich nicht früher geantwortet habe. Jetzt weiß ich, dass man nicht vorbeugend mappen soll.

In Belgien wurde allerdings schon am 15. Januar 2018 mit den Baubarbeiten begonnen ( Daher h...
42018-04-13 14:05:06 UTCaixbrick Hallo,
ok, dann kann man die belgische Seite natürlich belassen. Für die deutsche Seite halte ich die Eintragung aber weiterhin für verfrüht. Aufgrund des noch laufenden Planfeststellungsverfahrens würde ich den deutschen Teil der Trasse löschen (der ja, wie ich oben s...
52018-04-13 21:57:48 UTCNehaj Sicher wäre Löschen sauberer,
ich benutze die Relation allerdings schon für eine Visualisierung der Netzausbaumaßnahmen in Deutschland. Vorgeschlagene Umgehungsstraßen, die dann nie kommen, dürfen doch auch in OSM bleiben?
62018-04-14 08:51:00 UTCaixbrick Ich würde dich bitten, die weitere Diskussion ins Forum (s.o.) zu verlagern, da die Changeset-Kommentarfunktion für solche Fragen nicht geeignet ist. Du kannst dich im Forum mit deinen OSM-Zugangsdaten anmelden.
12017-06-07 17:23:14 UTCbkowshik Hey Nehaj,

I see that you have removed `place=town` and `name=Mandeville` tags and added `landuse=residential` tag.

I think the tags in the old version of the feature were appropriate. Can you help me understand.

Thank you,
22017-06-08 20:04:12 UTCNehaj Hi Bhargav,

there is already a node for Mandeville:

To have an area and a node with the same name and features is wrong.

Best regards,
12017-06-08 20:02:14 UTCNehaj Hi RichRico,

I've just wanted to get height profiles along these lines. I'm fine with the deletion.
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