Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12018-03-17 16:47:40 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this node? The tag 'sheno' looks like a mistake.

22018-03-17 20:20:32 UTCndm shelter=no
12018-03-17 13:54:37 UTCmueschel Hi,
what is a "wheelchair park"? It doesn't look like there is any park on this side of the building.

12018-03-16 12:04:50 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the key 'année' on several ways - this key is new and not used in other places. What does it mean? It could be 'start_date' or 'check_date' which are common.

22018-03-18 18:18:39 UTCChrisCatta Hi,
Sorry for that, it's a mistake, I use "année" for private information on piece of forest for my friend but normaly in my own osm file that i don't upload on openstreet map.
I delete this key for the way
sorry for my poor english
12018-03-15 15:43:46 UTCmueschel Moin,
'vvo_id' sollte wohl besser 'ref:vvo' heißen, das würde der gängigen Praxis entsprechen.
Der Tag "qr_code" ist wohl auch überflüssig, es gibt ja schon "website" und der angegebene Link führt auch nicht zu einem qr code.
Gruß, Jan
22018-03-15 16:20:38 UTCgeri-oc Hallo Jan,
zu qr_code hatten wir schon einmal diskutiert. Da war es als besser befunden statt qr_code=yes (oder dem Bild) gleich den Link anzugeben.
ref:vvo=* sollte die Linienummer beinhalten. Die vvo_id= nutze ich für die Haltestellennummer, da die internatinale uic_id nicht bekannt ist.
32018-03-15 16:34:21 UTCmueschel "ref:vvo=* sollte die Linienummer beinhalten." - Nein, die Liniennummer wird in der Regel gar nicht an der Haltestelle angegeben (da entsprechende Relationen existieren). Wenn doch gibt es dafür "route_ref".

Undiskutierte Ideen von Mentz als Vorlage zu nehmen halte ich f...
42018-03-15 16:56:36 UTCgeri-oc Da aber viele Relationen nicht aktuell sind finde ich schon richtig die Linie an der Haltestelle anzugeben.

Ich finde es besser, wenn ich an der Haltestelle weitere Informationen erhalte, als wenn ich erst Relationen oder anderes zu suchen. Relationen C und D stimmen garantiert nicht mehr, die F ...
12018-03-15 15:53:12 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please check this way? It only has strange tags which shouldn't be in OSM:

Cheers, Jan
12018-03-15 10:42:28 UTCmueschel Hi,
you uploaded 165 objects with strange tags. Could you check and fix this?

FolderPath=VCA-Nilkantha_VSO_Nepal.kmz/VCA-Nilkantha/Utilities/WATER BODIES
Name=Paani muhan -Chilaunabote
12018-03-15 10:40:39 UTCmueschel Hi,
you uploaded 1335 ways which overlap with already existing ones and have a tag like @id=way/569535515
Could you check and fix that?

12018-03-15 10:38:29 UTCmueschel Hi,
you uploaded almost 3000 ways with only foreign tags on top of already existing roads. I guess this was a mistake?


12018-03-13 11:36:16 UTCmueschel Please watch out for the correct spelling of all tags, for example:

roof material -> roof:material
wall -> wall:material
storey -> building:levels
12018-03-13 11:28:53 UTCmueschel Hi,
du hast hier ein paar neue Tags erfunden, type_of_initiative, SSEDAS_PARTNER, identity
Kannst du erklären, was sie bedeuten?
22018-03-13 23:48:14 UTCgeow SSEDAS_PARTNER ist mir auch schleierhaft, siehe

Für den der Rest:

32018-03-15 22:12:39 UTCosmmichl Hallo mueschel, hallo Klaus!

Ich versuche anhand von zwei Pilot-POI's (die beiden, die Dir, Klaus, aufgefallen sind) Einträge zu erzeugen, die auch in erscheinen (siehe:

Leider musste ich feststellen, dass die D...
42018-03-15 22:23:36 UTCosmmichl Sorry, Nachtrag:
Es muss '' (statt '*.org')

52018-03-17 22:52:53 UTCgeow Hi Michl, key=SSEDAS_PARTNER kannst du bitte löschen, den gibt es nur ein einziges Mal in unserer Datenbank und wurde von dir angelegt:

Die anderen im wiki dokumentierten keys wie z.B. identity, provides etc. kommen einige hundertma...
12018-03-13 10:37:08 UTCmueschel Hi,
you introduced two new tags here -
1st teaching=true
Could you please explain their meaning?

Thanks, Jan
22018-03-18 15:01:03 UTCVlIvYur Also you have set it on all nodes of the building
12018-03-12 12:04:34 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please check the rivers? It looks like they overlap with previously mapped rivers. And I guess these tags shouldn't have been uploaded:
RIVERCATEG = Federally Administered
SHAPE_LEN = 5.50073159877
STATE = Alaska
22018-03-12 14:23:42 UTCAlaskaDave Thank you for the note. I forgot to clean up the original tags and left some extra tags on one section. I removed those. But I don't see any "overlap" with previously mapped rivers. Can you explain more fully what you mean?
32018-03-12 14:37:24 UTCmueschel Looking more closely, it's just a glitch of the rendering server - when I checked both the new and the old (coarse) river way were shown simultaneously. The database is clean though.
12018-03-12 09:27:09 UTCmueschel Hi Arman,
could you explain the meaning of the key "field paper = H1"? This looks like it shouldn't be there.
And: do these buildings really have a number as name? This would imply that local people will know which building you're talking about like in "I'm going to house 05".\...
22018-03-13 15:29:10 UTCArman Sakif Hi Mueschel,
The field paper number and the house number are temporary for our project work. I will update the full database of every house. I put the temporary house number because it will help me to find the house later. I will update this in few days. thanks for your comment.
12018-03-11 11:57:24 UTCmueschel Hi,
the dog tags on this restaurant are new, and not used before. What do you think about the following tagging, which follows the established 'access' and 'conditional access' keys:

dog = yes
dog:conditional = no @ (12:00-15:00);no @ (weight > 10)

Cheers, Jan
12018-03-11 11:53:15 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added several bus stops with the tag "downtown = yes". This is new and used in any other place. Could you describe its meaning?
Thanks, Jan
22018-03-11 18:39:42 UTCNixillUmbreon Thanks for the catch! To be honest, those keys should never have been on those nodes in the first place. I've taken the erroneous tags off the relation members in my newest changeset (#57090144).

In the future, I may re-tag `ddot:downtown`=`yes` on stops to which their "Inbound CBD" fif...
12018-03-11 11:45:34 UTCmueschel Hallo,
kannst du bitte hier und auf den angrenzenden Wegen das Tempolimit checken? Dort sind jetzt 2 Angaben:
maxspeed:backward =70
maxspeed:forward_1 =100

Gruß, Jan
12018-03-11 11:29:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check your tagging presets?
The key "place:neighbourhood" should be "addr:neighbourhood" and "place:suburb" should be "addr:suburb".
Would you mind changing this?

Btw, it looks a lot like an import, what is the source of your data?

12018-03-10 15:44:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM!
On this POI you added the tags
roof:material =concrete
roof:material_1 =tiles
roof:material_2 =steel
Using the same tag several times with an '_1' and '_2' should be avoided. You can add all the options to one tag:
roof:material = concrete;tiles;steel

Cheers, Jan
12018-03-10 13:42:52 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added some tags like "maxspeed:forward:bus" here - the normal order is "maxspeed:bus:forward" or more general:

Cheers, Jan
12018-03-10 13:39:47 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM!
Please don't upload such private data to the OSM database. This information seems to be for your local organization but is of no use for other users.
See here for more comments:

12018-03-09 12:04:36 UTCHjart The burnt key probably should be documented on the wiki if before using it again
22018-03-09 12:28:56 UTCmueschel Yes, definitely.
I just changed it because 'burnt' is already used 300 times, and the prefix 'burnt:' was not in use at all.

12018-03-06 15:37:23 UTCfrosm Bonjour et bienvenue sur openstreetmap.
en quoi consiste le test ?
car votre essais a été publiée sur la base réelle, disponible pour tous et non sur une base de test.
il aurait aussi été souhaitable de faire un test de taille plus réduite :)
par ...
22018-03-07 08:54:19 UTCInssaf EL FEKHAR Bonjour,
Oui effectivement ceci était uniquement un test pour voir comment si je pourrai intégrer les données depuis un ordinateur qui n'est pas les miens (questions de sécurité). Désolée pour la taille.
Du coup je voudrais bien supprimer cette modi...
32018-03-09 10:23:41 UTCmueschel This "test" also introduced many strange tags like these - will this be cleaned up?

addr_hou_1 = CAUE 95
full_id = w43705687
heritage_o = mhs
mhs_inscri = 1979-12-27
osm_id = 43705687
osm_type = way
ref_mhs = PA00080172
42018-03-09 11:34:18 UTCmueschel Additionally: Several of the buildings I checked are on top of other, already existing objects. I think this changeset should be reverted.
12018-03-09 11:31:51 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added some new keys here that are not used in other places, i.e.
Were these added on purposes or by mistake? Did you check if there is a more suitable, established key for this information?

Cheers, Jan
12018-03-09 10:31:46 UTCmueschel Hi,
these two lines have no typical tags, just some imported ones which do not belong to OSM. Could you clarify the meaning of these and tag them accordingly?
12018-03-09 10:08:27 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this POI?
It has a opening_hours and a opening_hour tag, and they do not agree with each other.

Cheers, Jan
12018-03-09 09:51:59 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM!
I found that you have used many non-standard tags in your edits. In OSM we have to use a well-defined set of tags to describe objects so that the information can be used in any software. These tags you used are not defined:

12018-03-06 11:58:47 UTCmueschel Hi,
I don't understand the tagging of this shop. E.g. it has the tag "service:bicycle:Snowboard" - what does that mean? They service snowboards mounted to bicycles?

12018-03-06 11:53:49 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please check the tags on the 280 schools you have added? There are several mistakes:

emanity=School -> this is misspelled, should be "amenity = school".

These look like a mistake and shouldn't appear as tags

12018-03-06 11:51:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
have you read the comments on this changeset?
Please don't add your private mapping information to the OSM database!
12018-03-05 11:51:29 UTCmueschel Hi,
there are 16 glaciers with the tag "glaciar:type" - would you mind fixing the spelling mistake? glaciar -> glacier

Cheers, Jan
22018-03-05 12:20:43 UTCHernan Hi, of course. My native language is Spanish and I did not notice the typing mistake. Today without fail I'll correct it. Regards and thanks for the notice
12018-03-05 11:38:37 UTCmueschel Hi,
these relations have a tag "group_1" which doesn't look right - did you forget to change it to another key?

Cheers, Jan
12018-03-04 16:50:29 UTCmueschel Hi,
please don't upload test data to the main OSM database. There is a dedicated development server available, see
12018-03-03 13:49:22 UTCmueschel Hi,
please watch out for the correct spelling of keys! I found keys like "name my", "name: my", "namemy", "name;my" which are all wrong. The only allowed spelling is "name:my".

Cheers, Jan
12018-03-02 19:27:40 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found 25 ways with the tag "orv" - this is new and not used anywhere else. What does it mean?

22018-03-04 22:43:04 UTCgregcrago In Michigan, there is a Department of Natural Resource (DNR) that designate Morotcycle Trails (highway=path & motorcycle=yes), Off-Road Vehicles (ORV Trails)(atv=designated, highway=track, maxwidth=4'2") and ORV Routes (orv=yes) or 'Jeep Routes'
12018-02-22 17:21:59 UTCpitscheplatsch Hi Farma Jacob, welcome to OSM.

Could you please describe your map edits? This changeset contains some strange map elements and tags. Thanks.

22018-02-23 10:56:34 UTCHarald Hartmann It looks like data for local (and offline) usage without any benefit for the public osm database.
I think it should be reverted immediately.
32018-03-02 19:25:46 UTCmueschel As there was no answer, I removed those ways now. I didn't do a revert but removed them by hand because of conflicts.
12018-03-02 19:11:12 UTCmueschel Hi,
all data in OSM is case sensitive - please do not use capital letters for names (like addr:country=KILAK ) or values like "FUNCTIONAL"
Thank you,
12018-03-02 19:03:08 UTCmueschel Hi,
there are still some tags left: Many objects with a "cml:GlobalId" and a very long description which better fits in wikipedia but not in OSM.
Will you have a look for that?
22018-03-02 19:14:29 UTChvalentim "cml:GlobalId" is needed should the info be updated in the future (it allows the cross matching with entries from the open geodata platform of Lisbon municipality).
Concerning the descriptions, I agree. They need to be better abridged, most are truncated. But that should be easy. The hard...
32018-03-02 19:19:54 UTChvalentim Perhaps I could use an established field instead? Something like:
12018-03-01 07:31:33 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the house number tag here?
Cheers, Jan
12018-03-01 07:24:44 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like something went wrong here - you uploaded a large amount of rectangles that don't seem to belong into the OSM database.
Could you check that?

Cheers, Jan
12018-02-27 13:30:30 UTCmueschel Could you check this and the adjacent way? They have many foreign tags.

Cheers, Jan
22018-02-27 15:23:40 UTCCarsten Madsen Fixed
12018-02-27 13:22:29 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found 130 ways with the tag 'fire_operato' which should be 'fire_operator' - would uou mind fixing these spelling mistakes?

Cheers, Jan
12018-02-26 08:38:49 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the tagging of these roads? I found 120 Keys like "name: en" and "name: my" - but there should be no space after the ':'. "name:en" would be correct.

Cheers, Jan
12018-02-25 11:51:24 UTCmueschel Hi,
I saw that you added tags like "route_ref_7" in order to note the routes that use a bus stop. These tags are new and not used in other places. The common way is to make a list of routes, separated by ';' like:

route_ref = 1;23;24;34;56;78;245;...

Would you mind changing your tag...
22018-02-25 12:59:44 UTCtteo98 Hi,
I had just realised that I was wrong, but thank you for the confirm.
I'm going to correct all the bus stops.
Cheers, Matteo
12018-02-22 09:19:16 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found this node and four others. Could you please change the tags to common English ones? It seems that the recycling-tags very well describes the POI, but they can't be understood by any of our software.
Here you can find a list of known tags (also available in Finnish)
12018-02-15 10:54:56 UTCmueschel Hi,
you're adding some strange tags to objects:
Alumno=Rubén Corral García
Did you add them on purpose?

22018-02-15 13:51:44 UTCRubén Corral García Hi Jan,
Yes, I did it on purpose. Its a university project and I need to add this tags. My teacher will delete the tags in a few weeks.
32018-02-15 14:02:48 UTCmueschel Well, this is bad advice by your teacher. The OSM database is not meant for such "private" information. Introducing new tags usually follows a defined process and discussion in the community. Please remember that this data now has been copied to thousands of databases world-wide and will e...
42018-02-15 14:05:59 UTCRubén Corral García Okay, it will be delete soon.
52018-02-21 10:49:24 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you ask your supervisor to contact me to clarify how to proceed with this?
In the meantime we have at least 20 different spellings of the "special tags" of your group in the database, which just doesn't help at all.
62018-03-06 14:00:27 UTCshiguera Hi, @mueschel.
I send you a message to clarify

Santiago @shiguera
12016-07-12 20:19:46 UTCmueschel Hi,
this commit created almost 10,000 new nodes which are not part of any way and have no tags. I guess it was an error? Can they be deleted?
Cheers, Jan
22018-02-18 16:58:12 UTCalzyee I think that they should be deleted/ this edit reverted (if the node has not been changed since) because they appear useless / part of an import and the user has not made any other edits or comments as far as I can see.
32018-02-18 18:03:57 UTCmueschel Yes, you're right. I've deleted the nodes now:
12018-02-18 12:48:09 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found 23 POIs with rather strange tags, like this node:

There are several keys that don't look like they should appear in OSM:
City=High Level
Site_Name=High Level
site_type=Scheduled Outreach

Could you c...
22018-02-18 15:06:40 UTCRps333 thanks. I will fix them
12018-02-18 12:41:56 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain this edit? According to images these roads exist.

22018-02-18 14:33:22 UTCfreebeer I believe this scandinavian armchair mapper meant to write ``never'' instead of ``newer'', which is the false impression one could get from Bing z20 default, or ESRI here.
The DG Premium source listed is new enough both in the z19 satellite and the z20-up Mapbox aerial to show the roads completed a...
32018-02-18 18:40:51 UTCLarsBG Thank you for all the love/hate. If you are not satisfied with my edit just undu my upload. And I hope you all have a wonderful day.
42018-02-19 17:56:27 UTCfreebeer I can't speak for mueschel, but I do not work that way -- first I want to understand how and why a mapper did something (thus my guessing speculation above), and I will only revert something like this at the request of and with agreement of the mapper, which I am happy to do but only if *you* are no...
52018-02-19 21:06:29 UTCLarsBG armchair mapper > Yes

Form my screen I cant see anything wrong.

But you have my permission to revert as it is a armchair mapping. So if there is someone that thinks it is better for osm without the added streets. Be my guests to revert it. As i don't want any war.
62018-02-19 21:49:21 UTCLarsBG LOL I am sorry for all this. I was so sure that I already had revet it myself - so I did not check - sorry for be so thick headed :-)

I hope all is ok now ?
72018-02-19 22:54:28 UTCfreebeer Hi,
Thanks for seeing your error.
Is it okay if I perform a revert of both changeset 56504431 ...
Ways (4)

Travis Summit (560963299, v2)
Primrose Post (560963298, v2)
Bluebonnet Bay (560963297, v2)
Monets Garden (560963296, v2)
And this changeset, seen below, where you del...
82018-02-19 23:17:56 UTCLarsBG Yes. Pls do. I dont know how to do a revert properly :-)
92018-02-20 01:25:22 UTCfreebeer This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 56507461 where the changeset comment is: Phase 2, user-requested proper revert of mistaken deletion/mistagging new construction
12018-02-18 11:58:34 UTCmueschel Hallo,
an insgesamt 65 Relationen gibt es das Tag "destiantion:symbol" mit Tippfehler (destiantion -> destination)
Z.B. hier:
Korrigiert das jemand ihrer Firma?

Die verwendeten Werte der Keys entsprechen leider auch nicht den im Wiki...
12018-02-17 11:28:59 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the tagging of these beautiful 3D-buildings?

There are 1332 objects with the tag "building_colour". This should be "building:colour"

Additionally, all the nodes are tagged e.g. as building, but these tags seem to belong to the ways only.
22018-02-17 11:50:09 UTCGeorgiysys I indicated the color to make out the appearance, is there any problem with using this tag?
32018-02-17 11:54:19 UTCGeorgiysys Or do you mean that there were points, if the points I deleted them, remained from the rough work, I did not see them in josm
42018-02-17 11:58:27 UTCmueschel Tagging the colour is fine. But spelling of the tag is wrong. Note the difference: "building_colour" and "building:colour" - '_' versus ':'.

The nodes I refer to are part of ways - that's correct. But they should not have tags themselves. For example this one:
52018-02-17 12:24:44 UTCGeorgiysys building_color in my zhosm for some reason did not work or the changes are not visible, I now recheck, I need help and a lot :) I wanted to make the whole city in 3D,
62018-02-17 12:32:58 UTCGeorgiysys now on tried to change to building_color the color stopped showing up
72018-02-17 12:34:05 UTCGeorgiysys you have a completely decorated 3D object, I'll take examples from it?
82018-02-17 12:49:02 UTCGeorgiysys and all found a mistake, thank you
12018-02-17 11:30:07 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added 600 buildings with the tag "circle=yes". This tag is not used in any other place and not documented. Could you explain its meaning?

Thanks, Jan
22018-02-17 19:46:53 UTCmatNJ My mistake, sorry! I have removed the tags.
12018-02-16 13:19:55 UTCmueschel Hallo,
du hast hier einige neue Tags verwendet (TSO, DSO, Spannungsebene), die es sonst nirgends gibt. Kannst du das eventuell in gebräuchliche Tags ändern?

Gruß, Jan
12018-02-15 10:55:06 UTCmueschel Hi,
you're adding some strange tags to objects:
Did you add them on purpose?

22018-02-15 14:47:24 UTCnoeeelll Hi Jan,

I did put those tags con purpose. Our proffesor asked us to.

32018-02-15 16:28:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
Ruben wrote the same answer, please see for my comments.

12018-02-15 10:56:35 UTCmueschel Hi,
you're adding some strange tags to objects:
Alumno=Alejandra Gallego
Did you add them on purpose?

12018-02-15 10:56:20 UTCmueschel Hi,
you're adding some strange tags to objects:
Did you add them on purpose?

22018-02-16 12:27:35 UTCdianasta Yes, it ok
12018-02-15 10:55:23 UTCmueschel Hi,
you're adding some strange tags to objects:
Did you add them on purpose?


12018-02-12 13:40:37 UTCmueschel Hallo,
hier ist wohl etwas schiefgegangen, dieser Weg hat nur Tags die nicht in OSM gehören:

Gruß, Jan
22018-02-12 13:56:38 UTCnkbre Hallo Jan,
vielen Dank für den Hinweis! Nachdem ich die Geometrie vom LfD eingefügt hatte, war ich nicht damit einverstanden - der Wasserturm scheint nicht berücksichtigt zu sein. Ich möchte das noch mit dem Landesamt diskutieren. Einen entsprechenden Hinweis kann ich an den Weg...
12018-02-12 12:44:36 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check these five relations like this one?
They all contain several imported tags that do not seem to belong to OSM and have no other common tags.

Thanks, Jan
12018-02-12 11:44:34 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found two ways with the tag "maxspeed:total" which doesn't make much sense - could you check and fix these?
Cheers, Jan
22018-02-12 12:05:26 UTCStenSoft Sure, it should be maxweight:total. Fixed.
12018-02-09 09:36:19 UTCmueschel Hi,
this changeset contains many ways which do not have any actual OSM-related tag and seem to be imported from some external source.
E.g. this
Could you explain the meaning and state what the source is?

22018-02-09 21:00:20 UTCnaoliv Francysko, talvez você estava usando a camada de faces para nomear as ruas e enviou sem querer esses objetos?
32018-02-10 18:04:36 UTCFrancyskoMarkes Bom, eu utilizei esta camada de faces que foi disponiblizada no grupo do OSM Brasil. Pois esta cidade Chaval, não contém a camada de setores urbanos do IBGE. Mas caso esteja incorreta ou não de acordo, peço que me corrijam e desfaçam essa edição.
42018-02-10 18:06:54 UTCFrancyskoMarkes Poxa me desculpem. A camada faces foi junto.
52018-02-11 14:02:50 UTCmueschel Alright, I removed those lines in

62018-02-12 12:58:22 UTCFrancyskoMarkes Obrigado por corrigir esse erro. Prestarei mais atenção na próxima edição.
12018-02-10 11:19:54 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like something went wrong here - all the buildings have a tag like "snippet=Edifício( Anexo )" Could you check and fix this?
Cheers, Jan
22018-02-10 17:57:32 UTCRúdisicyon Hi mueschel,

Thanks for the heads up! It should be fixed now.

12018-02-09 16:55:17 UTCmueschel Could you check this way? It has some strange number as tag.

Cheers, Jan
12018-02-09 12:13:43 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM. It looks like something is wrong with the software you use (maybe a JOSM plugin?)
It adds tags like these to the objects:
"Select amenity type \tRestaurant"
"Select option that best describes feature category \tAmenity"
This seems to be a bug in the softw...
12018-02-09 12:13:19 UTCmueschel Hi,
It looks like something is wrong with the software you use (maybe a JOSM plugin?)
It adds tags like these to the objects:
"Select amenity type \tRestaurant"
"Select option that best describes feature category \tAmenity"
This seems to be a bug in the software.
22018-02-09 14:04:05 UTCDipesh55 I will look After It
12018-02-09 12:12:37 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM. It looks like something is wrong with the software you use (maybe a JOSM plugin?)
It adds tags like these to the objects:
"Select amenity type \tRestaurant"
"Select option that best describes feature category \tAmenity"
This seems to be a bug in the softw...
12018-02-09 12:12:11 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM. It looks like something is wrong with the software you use (maybe a JOSM plugin?)
It adds tags like these to the objects:
"Select amenity type \tRestaurant"
"Select option that best describes feature category \tAmenity"
This seems to be a bug in the softw...
12018-02-09 12:06:29 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain why you added these tags? A node defining the geometry of a way is just normal and doesn't need an additional tag.
Comparing with aerial images, the nodes are very well placed according to the actual geometry.
12018-02-09 09:38:26 UTCmueschel Hi,
this import seems to have gone wrong. 3600 buildings have many foreign tags which shouldn't appear in the OSM database like these:
Township=Macomb Township

Could you fix this?...
22018-02-09 16:19:27 UTCwiuhighwayman Hi Jan,
I figured out the issue -- I imported a shapefile in JOSM and didn't clean out the fields, which came in as these extraneous tags. I have fixed this issue (deleted and recreated) and will update the other uploads that have the same problem. Thanks for catching the issue.
32018-02-26 02:51:14 UTCchachafish Greetings. I'm no expert on imports and please correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you required to create a dedicated user account for an import?
42018-02-26 03:33:47 UTCwiuhighwayman_import Yes, thank you chachafish. Meant to do that and then spaced it until your comment arrived. Using the dedicated account now.
52018-02-26 03:50:07 UTCchachafish Cheers! :)
12018-02-06 12:08:10 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain the meaning of the tag "directionality" on this way?
It isn't used in any other place yet.

Cheers, Jan
22018-02-07 16:16:11 UTCerkinalp It means the buses can enter backwards only. It is used as terminus of ESHOT route 885.
32018-02-07 18:56:55 UTCmueschel Ah ok,
that would be "oneway=-1".

But I can't find such an additional lane in any satellite image - I can see just the regular intersection that is mapped with the straight ways.
12018-02-06 12:02:48 UTCmueschel Hallo,
das Tag "motor_vehicle:conditional:bus" gibt es so bisher nicht. Kannst du beschreiben, wer da wie fahren darf? Die Zufahrt zu den Häusern dort ist doch sicherlich erlaubt?
22018-02-06 13:18:56 UTCtux67 Hi mueschel,

Wahrscheinlich hätte ich eine Aspirin zur Lektüre der conditional restictions im Wiki nehmen sollen ;-) Hab's jetzt nochmal korregiert. Die Lage vor Ort kannst du dir mit dem Link auch selbst ansehen.
Danke für den Hinweis (schau mal bitte ob's jetzt passt).

32018-02-06 14:04:58 UTCmueschel Hallo Stephan,
das Tagging passt zum Schild :-)
Um es wirklich korrekt hinzubekommen müsste noch jemand am anderen Ende schauen, ob die Beschilderung dort die gleiche ist.

12018-02-06 12:16:50 UTCmueschel Hi,
You added the tag "soure_ref \t" here. Please note that it's not allowed to copy any information from Google - there license is not compatible with ODbL!

22018-02-07 13:41:15 UTCGTTGsba Thanks! Now updated to share the Photos directly not from Google Maps
12018-02-06 12:04:09 UTCmueschel Hi,
this way has two maxspeed:forward tags - could you check which one is correct?

Thanks, Jan
22018-02-07 21:05:14 UTCleveskockaa Hi,
Was it this one?
If yes, I believe 40 is correct, but I will check the area when construction is finished.
Thanks for notifying me!
12018-02-06 10:42:20 UTCmueschel Hi,
please watch out for the correct spelling: It's "osmc:symbol", not "oscm:symbol". I fixed several of these typos right now, I hope I didn't miss any.

Cheers, Jan
22018-02-06 11:28:33 UTCCAI Salò thank's
12018-01-21 13:21:16 UTCmueschel Hi,
this way has a strange tag - did you mean "barrier = fence"?

Cheers, Jan
22018-02-05 23:18:46 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
Published using OSMCha:
32018-02-06 00:24:18 UTCmueschel @PlaneMad: Did you actually check this changeset? Most of the objects have tags like road=road, building=Gargares, Fench=fench.
That's not what I would call 'great'.
42018-02-06 02:04:30 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
My previous review of your changeset was wrong, so I'm changing its
status to unreviewed on OSMCHA. Sorry for the error.
Published using OSMCha:
52018-02-06 02:05:50 UTCPlaneMad You are right, I checked some of the smaller buildings and from the shapes it looked good, but the tags are messed up.
12018-02-05 11:41:22 UTCmueschel Hi,
the tag "payment:0535601836 = yes" on this pharmacy looks strange. Is the number a telephone number?

12018-02-05 09:45:37 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found the tag "route-ref=X04 X08 X09 X10" on 30 nodes. Could you fix two issues?
- It's route_ref, not route-ref
- the list of routes should be separated by ;
For example:
route_ref=X04; X08; X09; X10

Cheers, Jan
12018-02-05 09:43:58 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found the key "ref:FANTOIR" on 68 objects - the usual key is "ref:FR:FANTOIR". Would you mind having a look and fix these?

Cheers, Jan
12018-02-03 11:59:03 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this node? This cliff is placed in the middle of the sea.

Thanks, Jan
12018-02-02 12:07:51 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the type of this mill?
The name says "rice", the tag says 'sawmill' (cutting wood).

Cheers, Jan
12018-01-31 11:34:50 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the name tag on this lake?

Thanks, Jan
22018-02-05 15:36:14 UTCWulfmorn Oops, thanks. I have fixed it.
12018-01-30 11:52:33 UTCmueschel Hi,
just a hint: you used the tag "bus = 10" to mark bus numbers. The usual tag for this is "route_ref".
And a question: what is the meaning of "shuttle_bus"? This key is new and hasn't been used in any other place.

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-30 12:30:39 UTCluiswoo В "route_ref" можно истолковывать множественные значения, как "route_ref=12b;15;95"?

shuttle_bus=share_taxi — забыл исправить ошибку.
Не знаю, нужно ли остановке публичного т...
32018-01-30 12:55:39 UTCmueschel Yes, route_ref can have multiple values.

I'm sorry, but I can't give a response to the rest - I don't speak Russian and google translate is not good enough for me to understand.
42018-01-30 12:58:21 UTCluiswoo У меня аналогичная проблема.
52018-01-30 14:02:29 UTCfreeExec Зачем вообще эти bus=* shuttle_bus=* всё логично получается из отношений маршрута.
62018-01-30 14:08:23 UTCmueschel freeExec, a route is always the best solution. But as long as the route is not mapped, route_ref is a perfect source of information. It is used 170,000 times worldwide.
72018-01-30 14:22:19 UTCZverik luiswoo, ты не мог бы bus=*, share_taxi=*, shuttle_bus=* заменить на route_ref:bus=*, route_ref:share_taxi=* и т.п.? По вики, именно этот ключ используется для перечисления номеров маршрутов через остано...
82018-01-30 14:23:31 UTCluiswoo name=пл. К. Маркса
Это реальная остановка.
Разве что изобретать route_ref:bus, route_ref:share_taxi, route_ref=trolleybus…
Сложно в общем. И отношений тут тоже...
92018-01-30 14:25:23 UTCluiswoo Слишком медленно пишу…
102018-01-30 14:30:23 UTCZverik Я думаю, лучше с префиксом "route_ref:", потому что теги bus, trolleybus и прочие уже имеют значение — останавливаются ли тут маршруты указанных видов.
112018-01-30 14:31:19 UTCfreeExec Откуда вообще пошло это
bus=* используется в схеме access
122018-01-30 14:35:22 UTCluiswoo отсюда
132018-01-30 14:37:49 UTCfreeExec Да, нет, я про использование тега, а не данных.
Используется неподходящий тег.
142018-01-30 14:38:47 UTCluiswoo я просто ничего не менял
152018-01-30 14:39:15 UTCluiswoo кроме name
12018-01-30 12:59:50 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the tag "name:village" on 121 nodes. I guess this is a mistake and should be 'addr:village'. Could you have a look and check this?
Cheers, Jan
22018-01-30 13:51:18 UTCklain890 Thank you, let me adjust that.
12018-01-30 09:28:43 UTCmueschel Welcome to OSM,
please don't use the OSM database for testing - this data is used by many people world-wide and is not the right place to make any experiments. Please use the development database for this:

12018-01-30 09:24:33 UTCmueschel Hi,
something went wrong here. 2053 buildings got tags that don't look like they should appear in OSM:

fcode=Building General

Could you check and fix that?
12018-01-15 09:43:41 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like something went wrong here, there are 16 nodes with these tags:


Could you have a look?
22018-01-17 15:33:20 UTChighflyer74 @ah511: apart from the wrong tagging our fellow mapper addressed above, why did you even add the data if it is only guessed information? If you are not sure about it, it should rather not be added. The reason is: many people are relying on the information we add here. Especially when it comes to med...
32018-01-29 07:04:17 UTCah511 Sorry these are definitely not accurate since my phones gps accuracy is no more accurate than 10meters. And also, the bing maps inaccuracy shifts more than 30 meters. As for tags, I will try to fix it once i get a good enough internet connection. I will also upload gpx from now so someone can fix wh...
42018-01-29 07:06:37 UTCah511 about the tags, can someone delete the tags with "delete" in it
52018-01-29 07:20:07 UTChighflyer74 Hello!

Thank you for your feedback. As long as they do exist, everything is fine. Also you should add a changeset description and source before uploading. JOSM is offering a window with two text fields you can use to do that. That helps other mappers to understand your intentions. If you have any...
62018-01-29 09:27:15 UTCmueschel Hi ah511,
I removed those tags a few days ago. 10 m accuracy is really nothing to worry about - there is a huge amount of data that is a lot worse.
12018-01-28 11:44:40 UTCff5722 It seems that the nodes you deleted were the location of a road although not tagged correctly, this is still valid map data.
22018-01-28 12:08:00 UTCmueschel Hi,
that's also what I wrote to ntlong1974 - the information might be useful, but needs proper tagging. Most of the nodes were placed along existing roads, only few pieces contain new roads.
A fair amount of them were off by several 100 meters from the actual road as far as I can tell from existin...
32018-01-28 12:09:12 UTCff5722 Ok thank you, then i understand why you deleted all of them.
12017-05-19 08:46:43 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please check this import of nodes? All of them have many foreign keys which should not appear in the OSM data base. The one common key (building=yes) should not be there, because these nodes are not the actual building, which are already in the database.

22018-01-27 18:53:17 UTCuser_5359 Have there been any reactions or do we have to apply for a revert?
32018-01-28 11:09:03 UTCmueschel No, I didn't get a reply.
12018-01-26 14:55:46 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the spelling of "diameter" - currently it's "diamater". And could you please check the units? 220 meter (which is the default unit) is a bit too big.

22018-01-27 14:57:50 UTCihbutler Hi Jan,

Thanks for your comment, I appreciate you taking the time to do it.

I caught the "diamater" missspelling, thanks. I use Go Map!! on my phone in the field, and for some reason, I can't get the app to define the key for me, so I resort to typing. And then propagating the error...
32018-01-27 15:20:11 UTCmueschel Hi Ian,
no, I've never used Go Map!!

About the units, you're right. I missed that the wiki states mm as default - and the "global default" is usually meter.

Btw. I also missed "diameter_crown" in the wiki:
170,000 us...
12018-01-27 10:47:24 UTCmueschel I reverted this changeset. Reason: All these nodes have just an image file name but no additional information.
12018-01-27 10:46:53 UTCmueschel I reverted this changeset. Reason: There are 10,001 nodes without any tag.
12018-01-21 11:05:29 UTCmueschel Hi,
here's a hint for you: To tag the bus lines that stop at a given bus stop, you can use the tag "route_ref" instead of "description".

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-21 11:27:45 UTCRemígio Chilaule Thanks Jan! Very useful! Wish I had known before, we opted for using a general tag (description) exactly because we thought there was no specific way to indicate which routes pass on a given stop. Your suggestion comes in handy and it will free up the description tag for other uses. Its perfect many...
32018-01-27 09:40:36 UTCRemígio Chilaule Hi Jan, "route_ref" does not appear to be a predefined tag... Is it used elsewhere in OSM or was your suggestion specific for our case? Or is there something I'm not seeing?
42018-01-27 09:58:23 UTCmueschel There is a definition in the Wiki:
It is used 170,000 times.
You have to enter it manually, I didn't find it in a JOSM preset.
12018-01-26 14:57:04 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the spelling of the tags? 'metrial' should be 'material'.

22018-01-26 18:50:14 UTCLuSirto thanks, I fixed the mistake. unfortunately it was done because of the rush due to the emergency
12018-01-26 12:03:30 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like this import of data (here and in other changesets) went wrong. All the nodes have either a strange name tag or many foreign tags which should not appear in the OSM database.
Please do not use OSM to store your private data like positions of images you have taken.

12018-01-19 13:17:50 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain the meaning of the keys
These are not common on administrative boundaries.

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-26 03:38:53 UTCphamtranminh Thank you, Jan.
We're trying to update admin boundary. These keys are in original data and we will change as it reflect admin relations.
Cheers, Minh
32018-01-26 09:42:54 UTCmueschel Hi,
such changes to tags should be done before importing the data to the OSM database. This is a database that is in use by many people and not a database for testing. Did you follow the import guidelines for this? Can you point me to a description of for example the source of the data and its lice...
42018-01-26 09:52:08 UTCphamtranminh Yes, it's just trial for JOSM function for copy data to OSM. We'll remove on next step when following the Guidelines. Second, Data Sharing Agrement with the city government (data ownership) is on going.
Thank you! Minh
12018-01-24 18:53:22 UTCmueschel Hallo,
du hast den Briefkasten jetzt mit der Straße verbunden, d.h. er würde wie ein Hindernis direkt auf der Fahrbahn stehen. Das wird z.B. bei Pollern so gemacht (da stimmt es ja auch). Wenn sich der Briefkasten am Rand der Straße befindet, dann sollte der Knoten auch genau dort ...
12018-01-24 11:39:39 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this tagging? Looks like an address or house name:

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-24 11:44:47 UTCSpectrokid Address is inside the building, on separate tag.
Building itself is tagged as farm with a name set. I often do this when a farm is inside a residential area, otherwise I name the farmyard, not the building. What do you think is the problem?
32018-01-24 11:58:12 UTCmueschel Hi,
the way has the tag "Vesterbjerggård = 1"
This doesn't look correct - such a tag is usually caused by a mistake when doing copy-and-paste.
42018-01-24 12:03:57 UTCSpectrokid fixed, thx
12018-01-24 11:50:41 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain the meaning of all these note* tags on this object? "note" is typically a place to leave a note to other mappers. If these are individual offices, each of them should have its own POI.

12018-01-24 11:46:04 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain the meaning of the key "payment:#only' on this node?

It's not used on any other object.

Cheers, Jan
12018-01-24 09:58:24 UTCmueschel Hi,
OSM is not a quiz app.
Information like this is rather useless because it doesn't follow established tagging standards.
"Types of vehicles that you handle? = Private vehicles Heavy commercial vehicles Public service vehicles"

Please read the corresponding pages in the Wiki to fin...
12018-01-21 11:03:31 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used some new tags on these relations, e.g.
x_bear_creek =NM 25
x_ley =NM 9,10
Could you explain their meaning? Maybe we can find an established tag to replace them?

22018-01-22 19:19:30 UTCwegerje Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I'm an essentially a self-taught rookie and was looking to speak to a mapper I know on Thursday and tags was to be among the topics I would ask about.

CDT is Continental Divide Trail. Hikers who traverse the trail often use one or both of two major paper ...
32018-01-23 19:40:09 UTCmueschel Hi Jeff,
please don't invent tags targeted at how a special (albeit very nice) website displays stuff. If I understand right, these numbers are a reference number used in some common hiking guide?
It's not really common to add references to other works, but it might be useful.

Before adding th...
42018-01-28 05:09:07 UTCwegerje Jan,
Thanks. For the moment I have simply removed the tags (X_bear_creek and x_ley). Your idea of using ref:xxx sounds like it will work for me. In the meantime I am leaving the information out and may come back to it later.
Thanks again.
12018-01-22 13:11:29 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way? The tag "pax" looks like a mistake:

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-22 18:22:07 UTCnaomap Indeed. This has now been fixed. Thanks for spotting it. May I ask which tool you used to detect the mistake, OSMCha ?
Cheers, Antoine.
32018-01-22 18:28:07 UTCmueschel Hi Antoine,
I'm running a small script that reads the database of Taginfo and generates a list of new keys - here's the output:
12018-01-22 17:16:52 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like this import went wrong. There is a huge number of foreign tags, and no common OSM tags. Did you read and follow the import guidelines?


12018-01-22 17:15:31 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like this import went wrong. There is a huge number of foreign tags, and no common OSM tags. Did you read and follow the import guidelines?

12018-01-22 17:14:45 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like this import went wrong. There is a huge number of foreign tags, and no common OSM tags. Did you read and follow the import guidelines?


12018-01-22 13:03:23 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like this import went wrong. There is a huge number of foreign tags, and no common OSM tags. Did you read and follow the import guidelines?

12018-01-20 18:30:31 UTCmueschel Hi,
I doubt that this way is tagged the way you wanted to tag it - could you check?

12018-01-20 11:44:34 UTCmueschel Hi,
you invented the new tag "reference code" on 30 objects - the common tag for this is "ref". Would you mind having a look and fixing this?

Cheers, Jan
12018-01-20 11:19:21 UTCmueschel Hi,
what is the source of these roads? It can't be Bing (as stated in your changeset). The only imagery I can find all of these roads on is Google, and these we are not allowed to use as a source.

12018-01-20 11:10:26 UTCmueschel Hallo,
willkommen bei OSM!
Du hast hier ein Tag verwendet, das so nirgends beschrieben ist: "acceptcardpayment" - dafür gibt es payment:credit_cards, payment:maestro und mehr, ich kann es nicht korrigieren, weil ich nicht weiß was genau du meinst.
12018-01-19 13:45:32 UTCmueschel I reverted this changeset: Adding roads on top of each other, not using standard tagging.
12018-01-19 13:44:31 UTCmueschel I reverted this changeset: Adding roads on top of each other, not using standard tagging.
12018-01-19 10:50:36 UTCmueschel Hi,
the cash machines you added here are unfortunately not tagged correctly, tags like
atm = atm
personnel à proximité =Oui_pendant_la journée
situé dans une agence ou un commerce
and similar are not defined and can not be understood by any software.
Please have a l...
12018-01-17 14:51:21 UTChighflyer74 Hello ARATAA!

Could you please make sure that the data you are adding to the OSM database only consists of tagging which is documented in the OSM Wiki.

Things like

ADDRESS=روستاي دولت آباد 7
22018-01-17 15:00:24 UTCARATAA Yes, of course, this data is the output of the GIS software
32018-01-17 15:12:06 UTChighflyer74 Hello and thank you for your quick reply. Data imports into OSM require to follow certain rules. Please check for further information.

We would like to make sure the data you add is of good quality so everybody can make use of it, and of cours...
42018-01-18 17:47:35 UTCmueschel In my opinion we should revert this import for now. The data itself is welcome, but the guidelines mentioned above have to be followed and the license situation has to be clarified.
12018-01-18 15:46:23 UTCmueschel Hi,
you could add a tag "maxstay" to state how long you are allowed to stay here, e.g. maxstay = 3 min
This can be understood by various tools.

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-18 20:03:22 UTCtrial I can't as there is no such limit: there is no written limit. Well, as it's bordered by a blue line, it's probably at most something like 1h30 but in practice it should be lower. 30 min? But nothing written.
On [OSM-talk-fr] we were discussing about adding on the way
12018-01-18 15:41:20 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain the meaning of "dashed" on this railway?
This value / prefix is not used in other places.

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-18 16:22:50 UTCmweper fixed (razed), sorry.
12018-01-18 10:43:59 UTCmueschel Hi,
ist hier im Winter gesperrt oder bei Eis und Schnee? Access und description wiedersprechen sich.

Gruß, Jan
22018-01-18 14:55:59 UTChsimpson Korrigiert, danke für den Hinweis!
12018-01-17 15:50:06 UTCmueschel Hi,
does this small residential street really have 5 different arabic names?
22018-01-17 16:20:40 UTCألبرشت شونكا Actually these are 5 separated streets, but I did not have the time to separate them as they were created as one large street.
32018-01-17 16:24:27 UTCألبرشت شونكا I added a note and fixme-tag. If someone has time, it would be nice if this could be fixed.
42018-01-17 17:15:13 UTCmueschel Splitting a way in iD is simple: You select the node where you want to split the road, then press "X".
52018-01-17 19:08:10 UTCألبرشت شونكا Thank you for the tip, I learnt something new. :)
62018-01-17 19:14:35 UTCألبرشت شونكا I now separated the roads, so the problem should be fixed.
12018-01-17 12:12:22 UTCmueschel Hi,
all these roads already exist in OSM - now there are two overlapping roads and this causes errors for routing engines.

Please note that OSM is not a place to store personal data! You have to use your own private database for these.
12018-01-16 16:59:05 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! You add a lot of node with nom standard keys. Please look on node, I try to correct some keys. But want is the meaning of ContactNumber? Did you mean phone? Please notice we didn't write down the local number, we use the Internati...
22018-01-17 12:09:57 UTCmueschel There are more keys which should be changed:

Address \t-> addr:street, addr:housenumber etc.
EstablishmentType \t-> no idea
Name -> name
OpenHours -> opening_hours, but using the syntax described in the Wiki
12018-01-17 10:54:18 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like this import went completely wrong.
- power=pole are tagged as power=line
- each segment between two poles is an individual line
- there are many tags which shouldn't appear in the database, like these:
FOUNDATION \tخاک وسنگ
HASEARTHSY \tندارد\...
12018-01-16 08:32:51 UTCmueschel Hi,
this import contains tags which don't seem to belong to OSM, like OBJECTID and Shape_Area. Could you have a look and remove these?

12018-01-15 10:56:52 UTCmueschel Hallo,
du benutzt hier das Tag "socket:type:output" - das gibt es so nicht. Für "type" müsste der jeweilige Typ des Anschlusses eingesetzt werden.

Gruß, Jan
22018-01-17 17:38:23 UTCRrPt Hallo Jan,
habe mir inzwischen das Angebot angesehen und die Typen nun genauer spezifiziert.
Gruß Rainer
12018-01-15 09:56:38 UTCmueschel Hi Michel,
you used the key "vitesse" to tag the allowed speed on these radars - the correct tag is "maxspeed". Please note that all tags have to be used as documented in the wiki, otherwise the data can not be understood by any software.

Another point: The "name" t...
12018-01-14 11:48:21 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like something went wrong here - you've added 7 multipolygon relations that don't have any valid tags, just imported tags which typically shouldn't appear in OSM.
And there are overlapping landuses, e.g. a forest overlapping with several scrub areas which can't be right.

Could you ...
12018-01-12 11:43:11 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this node?
It looks like you forgot to exchange the tags with proper ones.

12018-01-09 12:09:32 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the tag 'ja-Latn' to several objects - the correct tag would be "name:ja-Latn". I just fixed this in the cases I found.

Cheers, Jan
12018-01-09 12:03:34 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the tags "opz inscription" and "opz monument" - what is the meaning of the "opz " in front of the usual key?

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-09 13:54:04 UTCCascafico Wrong cut&paste
I'll fix ASAP
32018-01-11 13:15:56 UTCCascafico fixed in
12018-01-09 10:49:23 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way?
It has only strange tags:

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-09 16:56:35 UTCspjaquish Hi Jan,
Thank you for your comment and for identifying this issue! It should be all resolved now :D
12018-01-09 10:28:33 UTCmueschel Hi,
please pay a bit of attention to the correct spelling of tags - everything with a spelling mistake can not be used by any software.
addr:number \t-> addr:housenumber
building:contruction \twoold fram -> building:construction = wood_frame
buildings:level -> building:levels
12018-01-09 10:26:20 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found a spelling mistake in some tags:
It should be "addr:conscriptionnumber" not "addr:consriptionnummer". I fixed most of these, but there might be some I missed.

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-09 18:42:25 UTCzsolt d Oh, thank you!
12018-01-06 14:47:25 UTCmueschel Hi, could you check this way?
"highway = purposed" doesn't seem to make sense.

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-09 09:04:30 UTCBrian@Brea In what way? There is survey markings starting to map out the new route spray painted onto the cement
32018-01-09 09:18:12 UTCmueschel We do have "preproposed", "proposed", "planned", "construction" as possible values for not-yet-existing ways. 'purposed' is not one of them.
42018-01-15 10:02:10 UTCBrian@Brea Your now mi spelling is knot the bets. You donut half to bee a dike abut it.
12018-01-08 11:59:02 UTCRicoElectrico Hi, did you mean Sudecka?

BTW, how did you find this street name to correct?
22018-01-08 12:08:40 UTCmueschel Could well be.
I found the tag
"Sudecka = Beskidzka"
I assumed this was a simple error while copy-and-pasting. But it could be "name = Sudecka" as well (which I think makes more sense)

I found it in the list of new tags in the OSM database:
12018-01-08 11:42:59 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way? It's missing some proper tags.
Cheers, Jan
22018-01-08 19:19:02 UTCmbrage Hi! Thanks for spotting it. This is fixed in changeset
12018-01-08 09:07:21 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added some tags like "leisure_7" to this park - unfortunately this information doesn't help. Most software only interprets the 'leisure' tag, but none of those with a number like _7. You can add this amenities on individual nodes at their actual place.

Cheers, Jan
12018-01-07 12:00:02 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added some "destination:street:en" here - the tag should be "destination:street:lang:en" to avoid ambiguities.

Could you change that?
22018-01-07 15:54:26 UTCzzcolin I don't think it to be reasonable. I did notice the discussions regarding this, and I see that you took "destination:<something>:to" as an example of "ambiguities", but ":to" is just a proposed subtag; however, it is a widely followed convention to directly using ...
32018-01-07 16:01:13 UTCmueschel Essentially all subtags to destination are only proposals, none of them has been voted on. destination:lang:XX is being used many times (> 1000) which suggests it should not be changed. The same is true for the 10,000 objects with a destination with ':to' subkey.

I don't like the idea to have ...
12018-01-07 12:24:19 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM!
Please make sure you add tags like "building=yes" only to the outline of the building, not to each individual node.

12018-01-06 15:11:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way, it looks like it was uploaded by mistake:

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-06 22:39:38 UTCAxelos Hello.
Exact, it's error. I deleting the way.
Thanks, Axel.
12018-01-06 15:04:22 UTCmueschel Hallo,
dem "access:conditional" hier fehlt noch ein Wert - ich vermute es muss heißen
access:conditional = yes @ 08:00-20:00

Gruß, Jan
22018-01-06 15:14:42 UTCHiddenhausener Yep, danke! Hab ich das Wiki nicht richtig gelesen.
12018-01-06 14:57:30 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the tag "adminl_name" here - is this a mistake and should be "admin_name" or more common "official_name"?
12018-01-06 14:50:51 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check these ways?
Tags like these look like a mistake:
priority =0.93589884

22018-01-06 16:46:54 UTCGOwin Indeed! Thanks for minding.
12018-01-06 14:43:37 UTCmueschel Hi Felipium,
welcome to OSM!
You used some tags like "Sede = Junta Vecinal" in your edits.
This might be a good description of the object, but is not usable in OSM - no computer software can understand it. Only tags that are described in the wiki or are available in the menues in the ed...
12018-01-06 12:16:13 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the tag "suface" on 96 ways - could you correct its spelling "surface"?

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-06 20:48:49 UTCjqngqarcia Thanks, Jan I was correct the mistake.
12018-01-06 12:14:04 UTCmueschel Hi Pablo,
welcome to OSM!
You used some tags like "lugar de fistas" in your edits.
This might be a good description of the object, but is not usable in OSM - no software can understand it. Only tags that are described in the wiki or are available in the menues in the editor should be us...
12018-01-06 12:12:29 UTCmueschel Hi Andreia,
welcome to OSM!
You used some tags like "srviços", "contactos" in your edits.
This might be a good description of the object, but is not usable in OSM - no software can understand it. Only tags that are described in the wiki or are available in the menues ...
12018-01-05 11:55:40 UTCmueschel Hi,
something went wrong here. There are 27 ways with just tags like the ones below, but no actual highway key or similar. Could you have a look and check that?

Name=McIntyre Ln

22018-01-05 22:20:37 UTCspjaquish Hi Jan,
Thank you for your comment! I have edited and re-uploaded the ways you mentioned. I hope this resolves the issue :)
12018-01-02 13:04:16 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the key "gone:railway" for this railway. 'gone' is none of the usual lifecycle prefixes - If the rails have been removed, it should be "railway = razed", see

22018-01-02 22:20:21 UTCWarin61 I agree 'gone: is not 'usual' - still thinking about it. I used this as a temporary hold for transfer of data to Open Historical Map (I hope).

'railway=razed' may only apply to track, not stations and other railway things. I think it is a poor tag! I would much rather have something like 'gone:'...
32018-01-02 22:24:48 UTCmueschel "razed:" is also quite common:

For these long-gone objects it might indeed be better to remove them completly, but others might disagree.
42018-01-02 22:47:16 UTCWarin61 "others might disagree" ... Yes .. 'they' will disagree! However if a good alternative is offered (such as OHM) then 'we' might get agreement, at least the vast majority? Fingers crossed.

razed: is not on the wiki .. probably because the vast majority would 'disagree' with it :)
52018-01-03 23:50:41 UTCWarin61 I have now copied this railway line to OHM .. and it is there nicely.

Sections of this line I have tagged 'ruined:' other sections 'nonexistent:' and the southern platform/station abandoned:

Not firm on the ruined: nor nonexistent: ... see how discussions on the tagging list go. Then I may ma...
62018-01-04 20:20:28 UTCmueschel ruins: is used more often than ruined: and nonexistent: is not used anywhere else.

Why not add razed: to the lifecycle prefixes? This should not be a problem, the page is just a plain list of used tags, not proposing any. Used already >>1000 times and would be a good fit, also because xzy=...
72018-01-04 21:58:37 UTCWarin61 Tags at present;

razed means the same as demolished.
removed means something different from razed, both of these say something about the method used to gain the absence of the feature. Yet the on the ground result is the same - the feature is no longer there. As a mapper I may not be able to de...
12018-01-04 20:02:04 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM. Please spend some time to read about how tagging works, e.g. in the wiki or .

I don't know how you managed to create tags like these, but there should be just one word as a key and one as a value, but not many in a row:
12018-01-04 17:28:47 UTCmvexel Hi mueschel -- in this changeset (and maybe others?) you modified some destination:street:fr/en to destination:street:lang:fr/en. I am curious about your reasoning? We discussed this in the talk-ca mailing list a little while ago (see
22018-01-04 18:53:25 UTCmueschel Hi,
well, the Wiki specifically asks to use "destination:lang:en", to make clear it is a language.
As example: destination:street:to - is this a street further away (like in destination:ref:to), or is it a Tongan street name?

For me, this points to that this syntax should also be use...
32018-01-04 21:36:29 UTCmvexel Ah, okay, I see. That aspect did not come up in the discussion. Since this seemed to be a pretty uncommon case (at the time I did not find more than a handful cases worldwide) I found it appropriate to discuss on the country list where we were editing (we being Telenav). As long as it is consistent ...
42018-01-04 21:45:43 UTCmvexel I added a section to the wiki talk page now:
12017-12-28 11:52:59 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like several things went wrong here:

-there are ways overlapping with already existing data, e.g.
- if a way doesn't have a name, it shouldn't have the name "Unnamed"
- there are some tags that don't seem to be in the database, ...
22018-01-04 01:46:32 UTCTreldin Hi Jan,
Thanks for your concern. Here is my thoughts on each of the items you mention.
1. I did see one overlapping way and did not know if it was an aditional trail or the same trail. I proboboly should have not left it in.
2. Unnamed is what the tennessee state calles the trail. I thought if th...
32018-01-04 09:45:32 UTCmueschel 1. It was many more, It took me > 1 hour cleaning this up last week.
2. 'Unnamed' is definitely not what should be in a 'name' tag.
3. The Tiger import is more or less the worst example for any import ever done. It just dumped data to OSM without any quality assurance.
4. There is nowhere a re...
42018-01-04 11:30:54 UTCTreldin would you like me to undo the changeset?
1, Sorry you needed to spend that much time cleaning.
2. I would fix this if you haven't already. Once again Sorry for your time if you did fix it.
3. I thought someone would want the extra data. Aparently another mistake, Sorry.
4. This is where I got i...
52018-01-04 12:26:05 UTCTreldin I figured out what you mean by tagging the nodes highway=path. The nodes don't get a tag just the ways. I am downloading the changeset to correct this. or I could delete the changeset if you prefer.
62018-01-04 12:29:22 UTCnaoliv collegedale, can I revert these editions for now?
Like I said in a previous private message, the first important thing that we need to clear is the license for this data.
Then the second step should be a discussion and importing following
Is t...
72018-01-04 13:17:38 UTCTreldin Yes
82018-01-04 13:29:41 UTCnaoliv Great!
I will start to verify what needs to be reverted. It will help us a lot if, for now, you avoid to modify this data.
92018-01-05 13:15:22 UTCnaoliv This changeset was reverted in the following changesets: 55185169 55185329 55185484 55185590 55185755 55185888 55186012 55186123 55186251 55186361 55186481
102018-01-05 13:30:32 UTCnaoliv collegedale, I've finished the revert.
Regarding this data, like said before, it will necessary to read and discuss it before a new import. This list would be the appropriated place for further di...
112018-01-05 14:53:56 UTCDr Kludge @ mueschel stop spreading bad information about the Tiger import. I use the data every day.
122018-01-07 14:10:44 UTCTreldin Thanks naoliv
12018-01-02 13:10:56 UTCmueschel Please stop this import. As mentioned in this comment, it produces a huge amount of crap data in the database.
22018-01-04 01:41:53 UTCTreldin HI mueschel,
Thank you for your concern.
The location of the buildings is good and accurate. I have been very careful not to import incorrect data or duplicate buildings or overlapping buildings into the database. Please be more specific as to what you mean by "crap".
32018-01-04 09:39:49 UTCmueschel Hi,
as I wrote in the linked comment, there are several things wrong here:
- Nodes must not have the same tags as the way belong to.
- The objects should not have a source tag - this goes to the changeset.
- There are > 10,000 nodes with just a 'colour' tag.
- There are many buildings overl...
42018-01-04 09:41:40 UTCmueschel - Large scale imports like this need to be announced, discussed and documented which doesn't seem to be the case.
- All tags used must be described in the wiki
52018-01-04 12:24:28 UTCTreldin Thanks mueschel that makes more scene. Sorry for the trouble this has caused you. Looking for the best way to fix your concerns or if I should just delete the data. Here are my thoughts so far.
1. I didn't know about the node vs way tagging requirement and that it caused problems. I thought that a ...
62018-01-05 13:17:17 UTCnaoliv This changeset was reverted in the following changesets: 55185169 55185329 55185484 55185590 55185755 55185888 55186012 55186123 55186251 55186361 55186481
12018-01-03 14:03:54 UTCdmlu I followed the instructions given by a more experienced portuguese mapper, this seems to be the way to map relations here.
22018-01-03 14:36:47 UTCmueschel I wanted to delete the two tags which shouldn't be there:
LUG11 = 018723
LUG11DESIG = Colmeosa

Essentially, if the way is a closed line, there is no need to have a separate relation. In most cases, the ways are not closed and you need a relation to combine them to form a area. This method avoid...
32018-01-04 16:12:10 UTCViriatoLusitano This is how it is done across the country though. Having a relation helps organizing them hierarchically.
12018-01-03 11:31:44 UTCmueschel Hi,
these 12 buildings got the tag "mota = 12". Was this a mistake?

Cheers, Jan
12018-01-03 11:16:57 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the name of this building? The tag looks like a mistake:

Thanks, Jan
12018-01-03 10:20:04 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the tags
place:subward and place:ward on these buildings - these are new and not documented.
If it's part of the address, the tags should be addr:subward and addr:ward.

12018-01-02 19:22:35 UTCmueschel Hi,
these ways are missing a 'highway' tag to describe what they physically are.
The tag "rutenummer" is new and undocumented. I guess it should be 'ref' - the reference number of the way.
Could you have a look and fix this?

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-03 11:58:05 UTCNorNorth Thank you for your feedback. These are snowmobile trails that are out in the terrain. For the most part, there are no roads or traces left after the snow has melted, and it will therefore be wrong to tag them with the "highway" tag. This applies to most lines that have the tag snowmobile=d...
12018-01-02 19:18:09 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way and its name? The tag doesn't look right:

Cheers, Jan
12017-12-31 13:11:20 UTCAndreas Lattmann Ciao kaitu, hai seguito il protocollo per l'import?
buon mapping! 😃
22017-12-31 16:06:50 UTCkaitu No, non l'ho seguito.

Non che sia una giustificazione valida, comunque la zona è già stata soggetta ad import non documentati e senza curarsi troppo di armonizzarsi con l'importato con l'esistente. Non ho intenzione di seguire le linee guida, perchè troppe situazioni sono i...
32017-12-31 20:26:44 UTCAndreas Lattmann No kaitu, non volevo farti rimostranze. Ho solo fatto una domanda, perché non sapevo la portata dell'import che volevi fare. Perché discutendone in ml avresti trovato persone disponibili a dare una mano. Ho notato anch'io degli import senza verificare i dati preesistenti e se stai mett...
42018-01-02 19:16:36 UTCmueschel Hi,
please let me add that there is no need to put a "source" tag on every object - once in the changeset is sufficient.
I also don't see the purpose of the tag "scala". OSM doesn't have a scale, it's just a database.

52018-01-02 19:56:34 UTCkaitu Thanks for pointing out the tag "scala". It wasn't intended for osm, I uploaded it by mistake. I have now removed it and changed my workflow to prevent this mistake from happening again.

I add the tag source to every object, because I concurrently upload objects from different sources. ...
12017-12-26 12:13:13 UTCmueschel Hi,
on this way you used a tag I don't understand:
"destination:lanes:left = Centro"
I think there might be a better way to tag this information - could you explain the destinations? Do you have an image of the sign?

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-02 14:11:20 UTCmarcioaguiar Hi!

It was supposed to mean that the left lane is for those who wants to go to "Centro", but I guess this is already descripted on destionation:lanes. I think it can be removed.

The sign image:
32018-01-02 19:00:24 UTCmueschel Thanks!
It's a bit hard to see, but from Bing images I guess there are three lanes? So, this is the full tagging, describing the whole sign:
lanes = 3
turn:lanes = left|through|through;right
destination:lanes = Retorno|Centro|Avenida Fernandes Lima;Aeroporto;Centro;
destination:symbol:lanes = |...
12018-01-02 13:21:58 UTCNixillUmbreon ... Just looked in the wiki because I thought you were wrong here.

You were right. There is no `start` or `end` key.

While I question those tags' applicability to this route in particular (`from` and `to` are the same stop), I'm going to update the rest of them to use the proper tags.
22018-01-02 18:20:14 UTCmueschel There is also the key 'via' to name intermediate stops.
32018-01-02 18:31:06 UTCNixillUmbreon Yeah, I've used that on various routes when it removes ambiguity from other routes of the same number that don't go the same way, for example 450 SB: Pontiac => State Fair vs 450 SB: Pontiac => State Fair via Royal Oak.
12018-01-01 16:48:16 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added several ways with the tag "Ekonomiska = kartan" - could you check these? Looks like a mistake.

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-01 19:40:46 UTCSverigeFan Hey Jan,

thanks for your hint - this was indeed a mistake when I thought I'd paste a complex attribute set to driveways while in fact I had this "Ekonomiska kartan" from a "source" field edit in my clipboard and didn't check this before uploading - rather stupid, I'm sorry, s...
12018-01-01 16:47:12 UTCmueschel Hi,
is it necessary to keep these areas with a tag "finished = construction"? If there is no construction site any more, I think they can be removed. Your tag is completely new and undocumented.

22018-01-01 20:14:58 UTCraiment57 Fair comment Jan. I have now removed them.
12017-12-30 15:13:59 UTCmueschel Hallo,
was bedeutet denn der Key "maxspeed:backward:FIXME"?
Gruss, Jan
22018-01-01 11:29:29 UTCProtoxenus Hi, ist zwar schon mehr als 2 Jahre her, aber ich kann mich erinnern, dass die eingetragene Vmax nicht mit der Realität übereinstimmte. Ich hatte damals aber kein Device mitlaufen, so dass ich die aktuellen Werte nicht erfasst hatte. Werde mich bemühen, das genau zu erfassen und einzu...
32018-01-01 13:04:00 UTCmueschel Alles klar, ich habe eine Note gesetzt.
Laut Mapillary steht da zumindest irgendein rundes Schild kurz vor der Kreuzung, leider von hinten aufgenommen.
12018-01-01 12:50:17 UTCmueschel Please stop adding experimental stuff to the OSM database. See also
12018-01-01 12:33:56 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found a strange tag on two ways here:
parking:condition:right:maxspeed= 30 mph
I hope parked cars don't move at all :-)
Could you check that?


Cheers, Jan
22018-01-01 15:37:29 UTCPink Duck Puzzling that, and rightly pointed out, so thanks. I've removed those curious tags from the two adjacent ways, given the existing speed limit is already 30 mph there (though due to change to 20 mph in April).
12018-01-01 11:36:25 UTCmueschel Hi,
I saw that you put the tag "name_water" on many water holes and pumps. This tag is not used in any other place yet and not interpreted by any software I'm aware of.
Shouldn't it be just "name"?

22018-01-01 11:45:56 UTCmueschel And, you added the tag "amenity:drinking_water=drinking water". This should be "amenity=drinking water".

Let me know if you need help fixing these issues.

32018-01-02 06:41:24 UTCklain890 Hello,
Thank you for notifying me about those errors.
Let me rectify them
12017-12-31 13:40:28 UTCmueschel Hier ist wohl noch etwas Nacharbeit nötig, an vielen Stationen in Frankfurt gibt es nun Fehlermeldungen wegen unverbundenen Wegen und falschen Layer-Angaben.
22018-01-02 14:25:09 UTCWeltstaat Ich habe die von mir verursachten Fehler behoben. Grüße, Jonathan
12017-12-31 12:09:42 UTCmueschel Hi,
the tag "for:addr:housenumber' is new. There is somebody in Russia who uses "post:housenumber":
You might want to use this tag as well?

Cheers, Jan
22017-12-31 13:22:40 UTCM!dgard Ha, good idea. I was on my phone so couldn't do a whole lot of research. amenity=letter_box and post:*=* are documented, but only in Russian. I think it'd be great to port this page to other languages! I don't understand Russian though. Do you?

I'll change the tagging of these letter boxes now.
32017-12-31 13:33:26 UTCmueschel Maybe the author of that wiki page can help?
42017-12-31 14:09:33 UTCM!dgard I requested a machine translation and cleaned it up:
12017-12-31 13:03:39 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain the change on this node?
You removed the address and added an undocumented tag "south Bay Community Church = South Bay Community Church".
Please have a look to the wiki how churches have to be tagged:
12017-12-31 12:05:47 UTCmueschel Hi,
I'm confused by this tagging:

Is there a highway (now) or is it still under construction or is it gone?

22017-12-31 12:14:30 UTCPavel239 Hi, It's gone.
Now there is no any highway.
New highways is open now.
32017-12-31 12:16:11 UTCmueschel Thanks, I'll change it to "highway=razed", that's the typical tag for a removed highway.
42017-12-31 12:21:14 UTCPavel239 OK, thanks.
12017-12-31 12:04:50 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the tagging of this node?
Looks like a mistake...
Cheers, Jan
12017-12-31 11:56:12 UTCmueschel Hallo,
willkommen bei OSM!
Du trägst hier über einen recht großen Bereich Daten ein, woher stammen diese Informationen? Bitte denke immer daran, dass diese unter einer mit ODbL kompatiblen Lizenz stehen müssen, damit sie für OSM verwendet werden dürfen.

22017-12-31 11:57:56 UTCmueschel Und achte bitte auch immer darauf, ob diese Daten schon in OSM vorhanden sind. Hier sind die Informationen schon am Hauptgebäude angebracht.
12017-12-31 11:43:16 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this node?
"recycling:---" looks like a mistake.
Cheers, Jan
12017-12-31 11:38:42 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the tagging of this area?

And, there are several ways without any tag, could you have a look at them as well?

Cheers, Jan
12017-12-31 11:34:02 UTCmueschel Hi,
the correct tag for a swimming pool is "leisure = swimming_pool". I fixed that for you.
12017-12-30 19:19:15 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way, it got two strange tags:

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-08 04:03:10 UTCStereo Indeed, thanks Jan! I've fixed it.
12017-12-30 19:16:30 UTCmueschel Welcome to OSM!
please spend some time to read the Wiki about how things need to be tagged so that this information can be used by others.

12017-12-30 17:39:13 UTCmueschel Hi,
du hast hier an 59 Wegen den Key "maxspeed:hgv:contitional" verwendet, leider mit einem Tippfehler. Es muss "conditional" heißen. Würdest du da mal drüberschauen und korrigieren?

22018-02-03 16:28:33 UTChadhuey Danke für den Hinweis, ich habe es korrigiert. Viele Grüße
12017-12-30 17:32:09 UTCmueschel Hallo,
wenn man hier selbst Hand anlegen muss, kannst du noch ein "self_service = yes" ergänzen.
Gruß, Jan
22017-12-30 21:02:43 UTCposmanet Danke für den Hinweis! Ich habe das Attribut ergänzt.
Gruß zurück!
12017-12-30 14:58:59 UTCPeilscheibe Hallo mueschel,

in Gegenrichtung freigegebenen Radverkehr taggt man ja üblicherweise mit oneway:bicycle=*
Warum sollte man die Schlüsselelemente in der Reihenfolge umdrehen, wenn man das an einen anderen subkey dranhängt?

Grüße, P.
22017-12-30 15:07:43 UTCmueschel Hi,
Hauptgrund für die Änderung war, dass sidewalk:left:oneway:bicycle neu war und sidewalk:left:bicycle:oneway schon benutzt wurde. (insgesamt 30x left und right zusammen)
Generell sollte ein sidewalk:left:oneway (270x) allerdings reichen, weil außer Fahrräder keine Fahrzeug...
32017-12-30 15:39:55 UTCPeilscheibe Meine Frage sehe ich jetzt nicht beantwortet:
warum sollte man (ganz allgemein) für den selben Sachverhalt die Schlüsselelemente in der Reihenfolge umdrehen, wenn man die tags als subkey anstatt eigenständig verwendet?

Übrigens, wenn man A nach B ändert und dann damit ar...
42017-12-30 15:56:26 UTCmueschel Wenn ein Tag neu eingeführt wird, stimme ich dir zu. Hier ist es allerdings anders: In der Datenbank gibt es z.B.
400x footway:[...]:bicycle:oneway
30x sidewalk:[...]:right:bicycle:oneway
und zudem das ausreichende
270x sidewalk:[...]:oneway

xyz:oneway:bicycle gibt es hingegen genau 4x ...
52017-12-30 16:10:47 UTCPeilscheibe Meine Frage ist immer noch nicht beantwortet.

Zur Vervollständigung der Statistik:
die Notation "oneway:bicycle" wird über 73000 mal verwendet. Warum sollte man also ...

62017-12-30 16:16:04 UTCmueschel Diese Frage solltest du nicht mir sondern den Mappern stellen, die diese Tags seit mindestens 5 Jahren benutzen. Aber wie bereits gesagt, die Reihenfolge "key:transportation_mode:subkey" ist nichts besonderes, sondern so üblich.
72017-12-30 17:21:45 UTCPeilscheibe Ich habe sie aber Dir gestellt, weil Du hier diese Änderung vorgenommen hast und mich die Begründung interessiert. Aber ich nehme zur Kenntnis, dass Du meine oben gestellte Frage nicht beantworten willst. Schade.

Ich formuliere es mal anders:
Weiter oben argumentierst Du, es sei besser...
82017-12-30 17:29:39 UTCmueschel Changeset-Kommentare sind nicht für grundlegende Tagging-Diskussionen gedacht. Bitte mache das im Forum oder einer anderen geeigneten Stelle.
12017-12-29 11:25:49 UTCmueschel Hi again,
it's 'gauge', not 'guage' in 'loading_guage:maxwidth':

22017-12-29 17:26:16 UTCLegolash2oLiam Sorted and thanks for re-introducing me into Overpass. Very helpful! :D
12017-12-25 16:47:05 UTCmueschel Moin,
das müsste dann ungefähr so aussehen:

taxi:conditional = yes @ (Mo-Fr 07:00-11:30 AND destination)
motor_vehicle:conditional = yes @ (Mo-Fr 07:00-11:30 AND delivery)

Gruß, Jan
22017-12-28 19:15:08 UTCStKe Moin, kannst du mal schauen, ob ich das richtig gemacht habe? Ein Foto von dem Schild vor Ort ist auch dabei.
32017-12-28 19:50:39 UTCmueschel Hi,
nicht ganz richtig. Der Key ist dabei
"taxi:conditional" und der Wert ist "yes @ destination". D.h. das :conditional steht an der falschen Stelle und das '=' muss weg.

Außerdem ein beliebter Fehler in iD: Pass auf, dass du ein Tag nicht zweimal einträgst.
12017-12-28 12:05:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used different spelling of the keys
ref:LOR and ref:seq, e.g. ref:lor and ref:Seq.
Could you change them to one common spelling?

Cheers, Jan
22017-12-28 18:10:47 UTCLegolash2oLiam Apologies, I try to stick to lor and seq but because of that one time I had caps on or held shift for a tad too long, it sometimes comes up. But yes, I'll fix it :)
32017-12-28 18:57:29 UTCLegolash2oLiam Hopefully you should see it as fixed in the area you indicated. :)
42017-12-28 19:01:41 UTCmueschel Perfect. There were 8 left, I just fixed them.

12017-12-28 18:11:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this node, it has a strange tag "Royale =2570".

22017-12-29 02:24:57 UTCnive Thanks for the feedback, the tags was the result of a bad copy/paste; I removed it.
12017-12-28 11:49:33 UTCmueschel Hallo,
hier hast du an 130 Gebäuden das neue Tag "BBFID" verwendet - war das Absicht oder ein Versehen? Im genannten Import ist dieses Tag nicht beschrieben.
Gruss, Jan
22017-12-28 12:59:35 UTCbiobuur Hoi Jan
vielen Dank dass Du mir auf die Finger schaust. Das Tag gehört nicht hin, es ist ein Überbleibsel vom Import. Jetzt ist es weg.
ä liebe Gruess
12017-12-28 11:45:46 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added many new tags to 155 roads - these don't look they are supposed to appear in the OSM database. Was this a mistake?

NET_CLASS=main road
REGION=Saddar Town

Cheers, Jan
12017-12-27 18:16:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the tag "atm:free" to this node - did you mean "atm:fee"?

Cheers, Jan
22017-12-28 08:12:26 UTCquaffer_rick Er, yes! Well spotted! I'll correct it now and I'll also check that it was just a one off typo and not something that was sat in JOSM's "last used" fields that I've pushed elsewhere!
12017-12-27 18:14:43 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the new key "County Road" to three roads. This looks like a mistake. Could you check and fix this tag?

Cheers, Jan
22017-12-27 18:32:58 UTCseahorse41 @mueschel
Hi Jan, Thanks for the pointer/advice. Should I name it 'CR ###' instead or is there a better way to tag which roads Are county (public) roads? I have the official list with me, and most are classified as Residential or Minor/Unclassified now. I see that CR tag is available only with Tert...
32017-12-29 01:19:41 UTCCarnildo If I'm understanding the meaning of the "County Road" tag correctly, I think the best thing to do would be to use the "ref" tag with a value of "CR ###", similar to how state highways get "ref" tags such as "WA 21".
12017-12-26 15:36:03 UTCmueschel Hallo,
zwei Anmerkungen habe ich hier:
- Zahlen werden allgemein im englischen Format angegeben, bei der Breite müsste es also 2.5 anstelle von 2,5 heißen.
- Dort wo der der neue Radweg bestehende (Feld-)Wege schneidet, brauchen die beiden einen gemeinsamen Knoten um auch verbunden zu...
22017-12-26 17:58:23 UTCTourenbikerFKB Ergänzung: am nördl. Ende des Radwegs (Ortsgrenze Rannungen) hast du ihn (wohl versehentlich) mit der landuse Grenze anstatt mit der Straße verbunden. Das sollte noch korrigiert werden.
32017-12-30 21:35:56 UTCTourenbikerFKB Da keine Reaktion kommt, habe ich die Verbindung hergestellt.
12017-12-26 14:56:59 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like you're adding many tags that are not used in any other place in OSM. Could you take some time and clean up the tagging? This helps all people using the data!
For example, "health_person_type_other = Nurse" can easily be replaced by the correct
12017-12-26 12:21:47 UTCmueschel Hi,
I've found several tags "destination:ref:colour" here. I suggest to change this to "destination:colour:ref" - this tag is already used more often, and fits well into a list of other colour tags, used e.g. by the Polish community, like "destination:colour:text"

22017-12-29 17:52:22 UTCgekapes Hallo Jan,
danke für den Hinweiß. Werde ausbessern.
12017-12-25 18:15:10 UTCmueschel Nach allen verfügbaren Luftbildern hat die Geometrie bisher perfekt gestimmt. Jetzt passt da leider sehr wenig, Fußgängerüberwege im Nichts, eine 1m lange Abbiegespur, eine ganze Handvoll Abbiegebeschränkungen fehlen auch.

Die OSM-Daten orientieren sich immer an den tats...
22017-12-25 18:25:12 UTCAmitl Sorry, ich bin da noch nicht so perfekt.

Aber ich denke, dass du verstanden hast, weshalb ich aktiv wurde:
Wie hier in Zell gibt es immer wieder Abbiegesituationen, wo sich aus einer
Spur zwei entwickeln.
Wenn dann bei Geradeaus-Weiterfahrt ein extra Hinweis kommt, der voelli=
g unnoetig, ist...
32017-12-25 18:32:58 UTCmueschel "OSM+" kenne ich nicht. In der OSM-Datenbank lag der Fehler aber jedenfalls nicht.

Mit passendem Spurtagging und eventuell noch einem zusätzlichen "transit=new_on_right" ist alles erledigt, was man in der OSM-Datenbank tun kann. Der Rest liegt dann am Ersteller der jeweil...
42017-12-25 18:41:52 UTCAmitl Kannst du das bitte wieder reparieren bzw. meine Änderung rückgängig machen.
(Es war eben nicht so, wie es bei den allermeisten ähnlichen Situationen angetroffen hatte). Nochmals sorry. Werde mich künftig wieder aufs melden sog. Fehler beschränken...
52017-12-25 18:52:22 UTCmueschel Kein Problem, es ist ja nicht schlimmes passiert - ich will dich da nicht von zukünftigen Änderungen abhalten.
Ich habe gleich noch die Spuren weiter erfasst und die eine fehlende Ampel. Falls du noch Bilder von Wegweisern beisteuern kannst, kann man die auch noch erfassen, so dass die N...
12017-12-25 13:49:04 UTCmueschel Hallo,
zu dieser Änderung habe ich ein paar Anmerkungen:

Bitte verwende nur dokumentierte Tags, Freitext kann keine Software auswerten.
Hier ist das "delivery = yes"

cuisine =regional, indisch, Pizza
Mehrere Werte müssen mit ; getrennt werden, ...
12017-12-25 13:43:20 UTCmueschel Hallo,
willkommen bei OSM!
Ich nehme an, der neu eingezeichnete Graben verläuft unter Straßen und Wegen jeweils in einem Rohr? Dann kannst du das auch eintragen: In mehrere Teilstücke aufspalten und das Stück im Rohr versehen mit "tunnel=culvert" und "layer=-1&q...
12017-12-21 11:38:19 UTCmueschel Hallo,
das Tag "destination:sym =U-Bahn;Tram" gibt es so nicht, es müsste heißen
"destination:symbol = subway;tram"

Gruß, Jan
22017-12-21 12:02:24 UTCsoemisch Hallo Jan, danke für den Hinweis wir haben den Fehler gleich ausgebessert. Aber wir verwenden trotzdem U-Bahn. Aber beim Tagging der Beschilderung sind doch andere Fehler aufgetreten, die wir jetzt korrigieren.

Danke und viele Grüße, Lars
32017-12-21 19:37:20 UTCmueschel Diese ganzen neuen Symbole (U-Bahn, DBTram, S-Bahn) müssten dann allerdings auch im Wiki erfasst werden und sollten den gängigen Schreibweisen für Tags entsprechen (Kleinbuchstaben, normalerweise keine Bindestriche).
42017-12-22 07:09:44 UTCsoemisch Hallo mueschel,
bitte schau Dir mal diese Definitionen auf unserer Site an. Wir haben diese Änderungen vor etwa zwei, drei Jahren am Stammstisch besprochen und eingeführt:
52017-12-22 10:00:16 UTCmueschel Solche speziellen Werte in einem weltweit verwendeten Tag stellen jedes Tool vor eine Herausforderung. Wenn wir so spezielle Symbole wie "MVGU8", das ausschließlich in München verwendet werden kann, hochrechnen auf die Zahl der Städte weltweit gibt das entweder ein riesiges...
62017-12-22 10:58:44 UTCdrolbr_mdv Hallo Mueschel,

danke für den Hinweis auf "osmc:symbol". Es ist aber für unsere Zwecke ungeeignet. Schon die benannte Software kann keine runden Formen und nur 3 Buchstaben, was schon nicht mehr für die deutschen Symbole "S" und "Tram" reicht. Von den ...
72017-12-25 11:35:59 UTCmueschel "osmc:symbol" ist ein Konzept, keine Software. Damit lassen sich alle Formen beschreiben, sie müssen nur nach und nach bei Bedarf ergänzt werden.

Das Tagging von Wegweisern sollte allerdings nicht auf der ÖPNV Mailing Liste
diskutiert werden, sondern allgemein in der Co...
12017-12-25 11:19:59 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM!
Please let me point out that the correct spelling of tags is very important in OSM - software can't understand the data if it is not spelled correctly.
I found "add:village" tags in your edits - the correct version is "addr:village" or better "addr:ci...
12017-12-25 11:18:00 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM!
Please let me point out that the correct spelling of tags is very important in OSM - software can't understand the data if it is not spelled correctly.
I found adr:village and adr:Village tags in your edits - the correct version is "addr:village" or better "add...
12017-12-24 15:19:15 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain the meaning of theses tags I found on ~40 objects? They are new and not documented.
nm_kabkota=ROKAN HULU

Thanks, Jan
12017-12-24 15:16:38 UTCmueschel Hi Josef,
to some of these institutes you added many phone, fax numbers and email addresses using tags like "fax4" or "email5". This doesn't help much, as these tags are not read by any software and remain useless. If it's really needed to add several numbers, you can separate t...
22018-01-03 17:10:59 UTCJosef K Hello. The problem here is different branches of a bank, with different names and contact information, sharing the same physical address. I considered the semicolon way but that lumps everything together and loses the association between a specific branch and its name and contact. It would also make...
12017-12-24 11:31:02 UTCmueschel Hi,
this shop is tagged as 'car_parts', but has only 'service:bicycle' - what do they sell?

Cheers, Jan
22017-12-24 16:41:21 UTCtrigpoint Halfords is one of the names that says, more or less, everything you need to know.
Its not easy to define but most UK based people will know exactly what to expect.
It sells car parts and accessories. But they also sell bikes and maybe service them. Some locations will offer a fitting service for ...
12017-12-23 12:46:52 UTCmueschel Ist das hier wirklich ein öffentlicher Park? Sieht mir ehrlich gesagt eher nach einer privaten Grünfläche zwischen den Häusern aus.
22017-12-30 08:13:43 UTCDD1GJ gelöscht
12017-12-23 10:44:35 UTCmueschel Hi,
what is the meaning of "HH:number"? It looks like it is a copy of "addr:housenumber"?

Thanks for explaining,
22017-12-23 10:51:14 UTCAaron Opdyke The barangays within the Municipality of Carigara use a system of numbering households. They don't represent an "official" address, thus they aren't included in the "addr:housenumber" tag as some households also have a formal address street number (which can be different than the...
32017-12-23 10:57:27 UTCmueschel This sounds like a "ref" tag can be used for this - it's an local reference number of the buildings. It should be made more specific by adding a subkey like "ref:XYZ". Maybe "ref:Carigara:HH"?
42017-12-23 11:04:30 UTCAaron Opdyke That would work. I'll change the tags. It will work well to use the barangay name instead of the municipality name (Carigara) as the numbering is actually at the barangay, not municipal level (e.g. "ref:Tagak:HH"). Thanks for the catch and recommendation!
52017-12-23 11:08:27 UTCmueschel Thinking about it, I would even remove the city name from the tag and use "ref:HH". This means, you have a common tag for all such household numbers and the barangay they belong to can be found in the addr:place tag.
62017-12-23 11:19:54 UTCAaron Opdyke Ya part of the issue I'm having is that some households are technically part of a different barangay than the boundaries they fall within. We've field verified the boundaries with communities so it's not an issue of moving the boundaries and more trying to figure out the appropriate tagging for the ...
72017-12-23 11:23:51 UTCmueschel I guess it should be separated from the addr: in this case. How about
ref:HH = barangay 123
I.e. adding the barangay name to the value of the ref tag?
12017-12-21 11:33:07 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like something went wrong with this import - there are many tags that don't follow our common tagging scheme, like the ones listed below. Also, the source "Bing" you give for this data can't be right. What is the source and how is it licensed?

CTA_CTE=00-23-0067 ...
22017-12-23 10:32:20 UTCHarald Hartmann And because of buildings intersecting landuse=forest i expect a revert of all this changes...
32017-12-23 10:53:33 UTCmueschel The more appropriate tag would be "landcover = trees", but the geometry looks rather precise.
The amount of overlapping buildings has to be fixed, though.
12017-12-23 10:43:10 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain the meaning of these ways? The tags you added are new and undocumented. The islands are already mapped with a much more details.
Last, what is the source of this data?
12017-12-22 19:22:08 UTCmueschel Hallo,
wir haben inzwischen 105x "railway:trak_ref", nachdem ich schon einige korrigiert hatte. Korrekterweise muss es "railway:track_ref" heißen.
Gruß, Jan
22017-12-27 07:35:19 UTCHalbtax Danke für den Hinweis. Das ist wohl aus einer Kombination von meiner Unaufmerksamkeit und JOSMs autocomplete entstanden. Ich werde das schweizweit suchen und korrigieren.
12017-12-22 13:46:32 UTCmueschel Hi,
I guess something went wrong here with the import of 35 airports. They use several strange tags, like 'ICAOKODE', 'ICAO_KODE' which should be 'icao', 'IATAKODE', 'IATA_KODE' which should be 'iata' and several more:

Would you mind changing th...
22017-12-22 15:00:28 UTCReitstoen Hi!
Thanks for notifying me. I wasn't aware the import files had these nodes, since the import should only be about landcover.
I'll remove these nodes, or remove these tags if correct tags has since been added to the nodes.
- Ola Endre
12017-12-22 11:51:55 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM. Please have a look at the correct spelling of tags. In these changes I found for example:
building:color=*\t-> building:colour
building:colour=*\t-> building:colour
building:coror\t\t-> building:colour
building:coror=*\t-> building:colour
building:hight\t-> h...
12017-12-21 11:43:52 UTCmueschel Hi,
you've added the tag "world2xp_exclude" on these objects - please don't add such tags which (seem to) control the behavior of individual renderers. Such information should always be kept in a separate place, but not in the main OSM database.

12017-12-21 11:31:34 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like something went wrong here, there is a lot of data on these buildings that doesn't follow our usual tagging schemes, like these tags:
__(Survey) Reference=E1-A8_Landuse.dwg
__Address=35 Al-Ahnaf Ibn Qais Street
12017-12-20 12:26:52 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the new tag "busway:middle = lane" here - could you describe the situation on this road? Which lanes are going in which direction and who can use them?
E.g. here:

Cheers, Jan
12017-12-20 12:16:46 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain the meaning of these new tags:
Thanks, Jan
12017-12-16 11:16:39 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like you imported a lot of data for hotels here. Unfortunately, some of the tagging is wrong:
E.g. here:

- add:postcode should be addr:postcode
- there is no "award" tag, the proposal has been rejected
- 'stars' should only c...
22017-12-20 11:57:47 UTCmueschel Is there any chance that this will get cleaned up? If not, I opt for reverting this import.
32017-12-20 13:43:37 UTCJLZIMMERMANN Hello,
I work also on this changeset, we need a little time. We are working on an experimentation to improve tourism objects in this area of France. this is why you saw some odd tags. Thanks for your suggestions.
42017-12-23 10:36:51 UTCHarald Hartmann Sorry, but the live and production database of OSM isn't the right place for "experimentation", right? Please have a look at
12017-12-20 11:56:18 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added about 140 buildings with the tag "buiding:levels" - this should be "building:levels". Could you have a look and fix this spelling mistake?
Cheers, Jan
12017-11-18 11:26:30 UTCmueschel Hi,
all these ways do have the tags
If these are streets used by farmers, the correct tag is "highway=track" would you mind changing that?

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-18 13:20:01 UTCJean-Pierre WEZA Hi Mueschel,

Thanks for your comment.
i'm just uploading changes for this

Cheers !

32017-12-17 12:59:43 UTCmueschel Hi,
there are still more than 9000 objects edited by you with the tag "tracks=yes".
12017-12-16 11:20:38 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the tag "addr:sreet" on many objects. The correct spelling would be "addr:street". Could you have a look and fix these?
Cheers, Jan
12017-12-16 11:19:25 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the tag "add:village" on many roads, unfortunately there are two issues:
1. it should be "addr:city"
2. this tag is only used for addresses of buildings, not on roads. If necessary you could add "is_in:city" on roads, but this is not needed if the city i...
12017-12-15 12:23:03 UTCmueschel Hallo,
bei 24 dieser Wege soll es wohl "railway:track_ref" und nicht "railway:trak_ref" heissen. Schaust du da mal drüber?
Gruss, Jan
22017-12-27 07:31:13 UTCHalbtax Dank für den Hinweis
12017-12-14 13:22:16 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you point us to the documentation of this import?
22017-12-14 14:10:03 UTCITineris_bulk Hi Jan,

Of course.

Thread on the Tagging mailing list:

Thread in the Hungarian group:!topic/openstreetmap-hungary/scCgOWB0JpQ
(This includes the proposed osmChange file.)

The ne...
12017-12-13 11:56:41 UTCmueschel Hi,
the tag "maxspeed:permanent" you used here is new and undocumented. Could you explain its meaning?

Thanks, Jan
22017-12-13 14:43:18 UTCroute56 I used "maxspeed:permanent" as a placeholder. It should be self-explanatory, but just in case: the current "maxspeed" tag of 55 mph is the currently posted speed limit due to long-term construction. Once the project is completed,the limit will be raised to 75 mph, and the tag wil...
12017-12-13 11:33:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please check the tagging of some nodes? There are 52 nodes with the tag "Natural=trees" which should be "natural=tree".

12017-12-13 11:31:37 UTCmueschel Hi,
I guess something went wrong here, all these roads have many imported tags that don't look like they belong to the OSM database. Could you check and fix that?

Cheers, Jan
12017-12-12 11:45:48 UTCmueschel Hi,
these nodes contain tags with spelling mistakes:
addr:neigh -> addr:neighbourhood
addr:postc -> addr:postcode
Could you please have a look and fix these 319 POIs?

Thanks, Jan
22017-12-12 11:47:00 UTCmueschel and:
addr:house \t-> addr:housenumber

Some do have "addr:house = 0", which doesn't seem to be a valid housenumber.
32017-12-13 18:37:59 UTCCENTSOARER I'm on it. Thanks.
42017-12-13 19:08:37 UTCCENTSOARER I fixed the bad keys/values. It was a distraction on my side, I'm sorry. Once again, thank you mueschel.
12017-12-10 19:25:19 UTCmueschel Hallo,
du hast hier Tags benutzt wie "Mo. - Fr. = ..." oder "tel.:". Bitte benutze nur Keys wie sie im Wiki beschrieben sind, also "opening_hours" und "phone", sonst kann keine Software etwas mit den Informationen anfangen.

Gruß, Jan
12017-12-09 19:16:04 UTCmueschel Hi,
these edits introduced several strange tags on 14 objects:
SHAPESTAre \t9.218000289160156E7
SHAPESTLen \t84464.43847961596
Zoning \tTP

Could you check & fix this?
Thanks, Jan
22017-12-09 21:13:00 UTCstevea No fixes necessary, they are part of an "official" (local government) import, now in its third revision since the initial 2009 v1 import.

32017-12-09 21:14:55 UTCstevea As has become the custom over the years as our attitudes and conventions towards imports changes (and improves), these tags will be reduced or removed altogether in the v4 update to these data, anticipated in 2019 or 2020. As per the "Multipolygonization" discussion on talk-us in November...
42017-12-09 21:38:18 UTCmueschel The tags I mentioned are new to OSM, not used before. And they are not mentioned on your Wiki page as well.
52017-12-09 21:46:40 UTCstevea Yes, SHAPE_STAr and SHAPE_STLe are mentioned in the wiki. Look, this is an eight-year old import with data that are carefully curated, documented and promised to not only be updated (with v4) but also improved with the next version (via multipolygonization). In the initial import (messy as documen...
12017-12-09 19:19:58 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this relation? I can't make sense of the tag "nx = l"
12017-12-09 11:05:22 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM!
in your edits I found some nodes with tags like "Meccanico = Meccanico Marella". This might be a good description of the object,
but is not usable in OSM - no software can understand
it. Please have a look at the wiki about common
tags for shops or amenities.
Let ...
12017-12-09 11:00:42 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found some spelling mistakes in these edits - instead of the correct "species" you wrote "specices" and "speices". Could you please check and correct these?

Cheers, Jan
12017-12-09 10:57:24 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM!
Please make sure that all the tags you use are spelled correctly - otherwise they can not be used by any software. E.g.
"fr: naf" should be "ref:FR:NAF"
"fr: siret" should be "ref:FR:SIRET"
In these cases you used many different spell...
12017-12-08 18:09:03 UTCmueschel Hi,
in your edits you invented several new tags like these:
no: of rooms
staff: Name
For both of them, you used many (at least 11) different spellings. Please only use tags that are described in the wiki, everything else can not be understood by any software and is therefore rather useless.
12017-12-07 11:41:56 UTCmueschel Hallo,
du hast hier den Key "roof:ridges" benutzt - richtig wäre "roof:ridge". Kannst du das noch korrigieren?

Gruß, Jan
22017-12-07 11:52:21 UTCgmbo danke für den Hinweis,
werde heute abend ändern.
12017-12-07 11:40:23 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the key "kaart" to all these ways - this is new and undocumented. Could you explain its meaning?

Thanks, Jan
22017-12-07 14:09:34 UTCgarylancelot No, this is a key that I use while editing to find ways with certain errors. I will revert the change. It was not intentionally uploaded. Thank you!
12017-12-07 11:38:01 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please check the spelling of keys? I saw several spelling mistakes there, e.g. in "building:part",
For example

Cheers, Jan
12017-12-05 11:42:01 UTCmueschel Kannst du hier und beim nächsten Gebäude die housenumber-Tags prüfen? Da stimmt etwas nicht.
Gruß, Jan
12017-12-04 11:57:54 UTCandrewsh Hi,

Thanks for your edits.

According to, it should be building=bungalow, not building=bunglow (sic: missing "a").

It would be great if you used the correct spelling for your future edits.
22017-12-05 11:21:10 UTCmueschel The same holds for 2700 buildings with the tag "builing:levels" which should be "building:levels".
And there are buildings mapped twice, e,g, around 7th Commercial Street.
32017-12-05 11:26:36 UTCandrewsh Indeed, I haven't noticed that.
12017-12-04 19:07:50 UTCmueschel Ist das hier wirklich ein Park oder eine Fläche mit Bäumen? Siehe
12017-12-04 18:18:30 UTCtrigpoint Hi
These 'heritage:operator' tags you have added seem a little odd. What is the source of this information. Did you visit these sites to confirm?

Cheers Phil
22017-12-04 18:56:09 UTCmueschel Hi Phil,
I didn't add them, this was brianboru in
I just corrected the spelling from an '_' to a ':', assuming it was just a spelling mistake and the content was correct.

12017-12-04 11:49:00 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM!
I found some nodes like this one:
There is only one tag describing the object, but no known tag as they are documented in the Wiki. In OSM we have to use a well-defined set of tags to allow all the software tools to understand the d...
12017-12-03 21:21:11 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way?
The tagging doesn't look right.

Cheers, Jan
12017-12-03 13:48:32 UTCmueschel Please fix your workflow to include spell checking of tags. I'm fixing wrong spellings of 'implicit' almost every day.
22017-12-05 04:47:34 UTCsaikabhi Hello Mueschel,

Thank you for solving this error. I will be informing my team of this error and we will also be running a linter to detect these issues.

12017-12-03 10:56:17 UTCmueschel Hi,
you've added 777 buildings with a misspelled tag: "builing:levels" instead of "building:levels". Could you have a look and fix these?

Cheers, Jan
22017-12-05 16:04:35 UTCHarald Hartmann I have informed the DWG to block him, because he still uploads these wrong keys (and value)
12017-12-02 13:37:45 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM! I found several nodes with tags like this one:

This might be a description of the object,
but is not usable in OSM - no software can understand
it. Please have a look at the wiki about common
tags for shops or amenities.
Let ...
12017-11-28 21:48:59 UTCdgitto Hi. there are 53 nodes with the wrong key "Nom" (could be "name") and no other tags (I suppose they are places).
Also, the coordinates as tags are useless
22017-12-02 11:39:06 UTCmueschel I think these points should be deleted - they are imported from some unknown source, unknown license. The tagging is not properly done and simple retagging to e.g. place=village does not really help data quality.

32017-12-02 12:57:17 UTCEdgar François Loua I'm agree with you we going to delete them
12017-12-01 13:35:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
I don't know precisely what happened here, but there are various keys with a trailing space, like "foot " instead of "foot". I fixed some of them - please check if I catched all of them.

22017-12-01 13:45:18 UTCDaveF Hi
Thanks. I noticed OSMose flagged a couple others. Will clear when I've work out why it's occurring. It's a shame editors don't automatically truncate whitespace.
12017-12-01 10:42:15 UTCmueschel Hi,
you invented some new tags here,
usefulaaltomap:id, usefulaaltomap:show

These are not used in other places and are not documented. Could you explain there meaning? To me it looks a bit like a ref number, and a ref:XXX tag would be a good choice.

22017-12-01 11:16:33 UTCrkdarst Hi,

Thanks for your feedback! I've been working on a project called UsefulAaltoMap, a better university map. It's still relatively new, most of the philosophy can be found here:

I have tried to use OSM standards as much as possible, but decide...
32017-12-01 11:57:36 UTCmueschel Thanks! Good to know that there is some documentation and planning behind.

Some ideas about keys:
usefulaaltomap:uid -> short_name
usefulaaltomap:id -> ref:university, ref:aalto
usefuaaltomap:show -> this is a bit problematic because it just tells one specific renderer what to do - as...
12017-12-01 10:46:55 UTCmueschel I found many tags like these in your edits:

Please watch out for correct tags, especially correct use of :forward and :backward!
22017-12-01 10:50:02 UTCMinh Nguyen Yikes, sorry about that! I’ve been manually entering these in iD, and unfortunately, iD silently adds the _1 instead of forcing me to notice the existing tag. I’ll double-check my edits for this error in the future. Thanks for noticing!
32017-12-01 10:59:28 UTCMinh Nguyen
12017-12-01 09:34:08 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added several nodes which do not have any common tag on them, like this one.
Most of the data actually looks like random key presses ('12345','qwerty', etc.)
Please do not add such tags to the OSM database. Use only tags as they are described in the Wiki and that have actual relevance.
12017-12-01 09:25:26 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the key "distrito" to these buildings - this key is new und undocumented. Is this number part of the address? Then it should have a key like "addr:...".

22017-12-01 09:46:04 UTCsantamariense Hi @mueschel, I have just talked him about that. We are searching another way to map such thing. As soon as we decide about, it will be changed.
12017-11-30 13:56:06 UTCmueschel Hi,
please don't forget the '_' in keys:
12017-11-28 21:40:40 UTCdgitto Hi. what does "hazus" means? it was never used as OSM tag
22017-11-29 16:49:24 UTCOh Henry It is a building classification code. I work in flood hazard analysis and use a program called HAZUS to estimate risk and vulnerability in a floodzone (can be used for other natural disasters), I have been using OSM building footprints in other cities to help determine where buildings are, and th...
32017-11-29 20:37:17 UTCdgitto There is no problem, as far as I know.
You will better ask to the community, soon or later
42017-11-30 13:15:53 UTCmueschel You don't need tags like COM1, COM2 and so on - this can all be covered by the existing and established 'building' tag.
If you actually want to introduce a new tag, you should write a description for the Wiki and ask the community for comments.
12017-11-30 13:10:04 UTCmueschel Hi,
you're adding the tag "amenity_02 \t=car_wash" to fuel stations - there is no such key used in any other place.
The correct tag would be "car_wash = yes"

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-30 13:45:33 UTCRps333 ok
12017-11-29 11:53:02 UTCmueschel Hi,
the tag 'exit_number' is new. I would suggest to use a more common tagging scheme such as one of these keys:

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-29 15:41:31 UTCstigwood Hey, thanks for helping me out, I'm learning as I go. I'm trying to give these nodes unique identifiers, especially because things like whether or not they are ticket holder entrances, distance from platform, etc. are not included. I'll try to do this with existing tags, depending on what's availa...
12017-11-29 11:48:24 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the name tags on this way?

'name:jabane:ja-Hira' looks like a mistake.

Cheers, Jan
12017-11-29 11:41:41 UTCmueschel Hi,
I saw that you added many species tags to these trees - in general it is sufficient to just have the species tag and no translations. These can be easily looked up if needed, e.g. using wikidata. (This is the same as with other tags, we also do not translate e.g. "building=house" to o...
12017-11-29 11:39:37 UTCmueschel Hi,
on about 30 objects I found the tag "name: en" - could you change this to the correct spelling "name:en"?

Thanks, Jan
12017-11-28 11:45:40 UTCmueschel Hi,
please check the tagging - on hundreds of nodes you put the tag "adrr:district" instead of "addr:district"

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-28 16:37:27 UTCdannykath_peruimport Hi Jan Thank for flagging this :)
I will fix this!
Cheers, Danny
12017-11-28 11:41:35 UTCmueschel Hi,
here you used the new key 'classe_de_p' on several ways - what is its meaning?

22017-11-28 17:27:41 UTCPenegal Hi.

It was an error. A lot of my recent changestes regarding power lines contain data imported form the open data of RTE, the French electricity transport operator ( "classe_de_p" is the truncated form of "classe_de_precision&...
12017-11-28 11:31:30 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the spelling of some of these tags? 'singal_rider', 'requirment'

Also, you used the key 'tracktype' which is typically used in a very different context. And some of the values ('Steel') are in upper case, while OSM typically uses lower case.

12017-11-28 11:21:25 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you specify the precise source of your data? Most maps are copyrighted and can not be copied to OSM.

Also, please fix the tagging. You used tags like these:
Denumire=Dealu Sofarului
Both of them are unknown in OSM and should be 'name' and 'ele'.

12017-11-27 11:53:36 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like you imported some external data set of fuel stations - all these nodes are not properly tagged, mostly duplicating already existing POIs and you don't state the source of this data.
Please follow the Import Guidelines for such edits:
22017-11-27 11:54:10 UTCmueschel Sorry for the link, here is the correct one:
12017-11-27 11:46:46 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this POI?

The key "310" looks like a mistake, and is the name tag really correct?

22017-11-27 11:53:02 UTCTuanIfan Hi mueschel,

Thanks for telling me. Yeah youre right, the key 310 is certainly a mistake. I will take it down soon.

As for the name, it was actually a series of Chinese words. As i can barely read a few words, i couldn't write them in full. I'll certainly edit the name later, when i'm back the...
12017-11-27 11:39:48 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the key "ref." to several nodes - the '.' looks like a mistake - could you check that?
For example:

Cheers, Jan
12017-11-27 08:07:32 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the tagging of this way?
Is "Folwarek Jamy" the name?

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-28 09:50:18 UTCwmyrda hi,
Folwarek was a proper name. I didnt notice that while adding new object instead of editing name field I edited tag itself.

It is fixed now.
12017-11-27 08:01:30 UTCmueschel Hi,
you put the key "nombre_de_c" on several ways like this one:
Is this supposed to be 'circuits' or 'cables'?

Cheers, Jan
12017-11-27 07:59:06 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added a new tag on this way - could you explain its meaning?
Maybe we can find some common tag for this in the Wiki?

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-27 09:13:15 UTCTruchin Bah, c'est un copier coller malheureux (ctrl+C ctrl+V). Le passage Forceval est ici :

Bonne continuation

32017-11-27 10:10:03 UTCTruchin Ich hätte auf Deutsch antworten können ;).
Der "Passage Forceval" ist eine Strasse von Paris. Das ist kein neuer Tag sondern einfach nur ein Fehler von mir...
12017-11-26 13:42:43 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added several objects with just the tag "OMM=JM" like this one:
Could you have a look and fix this?

Cheers, Jan
12017-11-26 13:29:55 UTCmueschel Welcome to OSM.
I found tags like these on your edits:
Amenity = Furniture Designer
Architect = Architect
amenity = Interior Designer
function = Restaurant Designer
This might be a good description of the object,
but is not usable in OSM - no software can understand it. Please have a...
12017-11-26 13:25:15 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added several French keys to these hydrants, e.g.
Could you change them to common tags? See

22017-11-28 08:46:34 UTCRom1 Bonjour, j'ai corrigé les tags cf.
12017-11-26 11:42:27 UTCmueschel Hallo,
willkommen bei OSM.
Hier scheint etwas nicht zu stimmen - du hast diese Straße als "motorway", also als Autobahn eingetragen. Vorher war sie ein "unclassified", was wahrscheinlich richtig war.
Außerdem ist dein Changeset-Kommentar "6t Beschränkung...
12017-11-25 13:48:03 UTCmueschel Hi,
you invented some new tags here, could you explain the meaning of them?

Ellip ht = 1624.112 (meters)
Ortho ht = 1639.9 (meters)

Thanks, Jan
12017-11-25 12:43:18 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way?
"onewayno = yes" looks like a mistake.
Cheers, Jan
12017-11-24 19:27:00 UTCmueschel Hi,
in these edits I found several untagged ways, some of them I corrected, but I don't know if I found them all. Could you have a look and check that?

22017-11-25 21:49:28 UTCSverigeFan Hej mueschel / Jan,

Thank you for your hint !
JOSM was crashing wh3en uploading some changesets this day, I recoverd the data form auto-saved layers and uploaded again - that may have caused the doubled points, I should have checked an cleaned up afterwards - which I did now I hope. Please feel ...
12017-11-22 11:57:11 UTCmueschel Hi,
I guess this should be tagged shop=rental:

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-22 23:32:43 UTCdieterdreist Hello Jan, I know the place well, it is a scooter and bike rental and tour operator (has a license to offer guided tours). I don’t like the generic shop=rental tag, and it generally has very low acceptance (few uses). Another tag could be travel agency with bike rental as property.
32017-11-23 20:04:31 UTCmueschel If you can't buy bicycles but rent them, then it can't be a shop=bicycle, but is a perfect fit for shop=rental. I'm not aware of a dedicated tag for guided tours, despite some keys containing "guided_tours".
12017-11-22 12:14:19 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found some name tags with a spelling different to the usual one - OSM depends a lot on precise spelling of keys, otherwise software can not handle the information.
The common tags for Japanese names are name:ja_rm, name:ja_kana and name:ja-Hira
Could you check your edits and change the nam...
12017-11-22 10:55:15 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added some new keys here:
These are new and don't seem to be documented. Also, keys should consist of latin letters only, without special characters like '|'. Could you have a look at these?

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-22 19:45:13 UTCSander H These are temporary keys used by Dutch BAG import plugin and should be removed by the plugin before upload. Probably used the wrong layer to work in. Cleaned up in
Thanks for spotting this!
12017-11-21 17:06:02 UTCmueschel Hi,
what is the meaning of the tag population:cuunt and its various other spellings you usd here?
please note that OSM does not want to provide personal information about people, just objects like houses. Please have a look to the wiki to see how them are tagged properly.

Cheers, Jan
12017-11-21 14:49:28 UTCmueschel Hi Piotr,
could you check the tagging of these objects? You used tags like "Lote \t= Lote vago residencial', which can not be used for OSM. It might be a good description, but no software can understand it. Only tags that are described in the wiki can be used.

Enjoy mapping!
12017-11-21 14:38:28 UTCmueschel Hi,
please check this import. All the nodes have foreign tags only.
Besides, did you follow the import guidelines and did you check the license of the source of this data?

12017-11-19 12:31:57 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please check the cycleway tag of this way?
Something went wrong, there is a '=' in the key.

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-20 00:47:25 UTCVia-velo Hi Jan, I am trying add a cycle lane going in the opposite direction of a one-way street on the left side. The tag (cycleway:left=opposite_lane) that I found on I am using iD editor. Did I put the tag in the correct box, or should I be using another e...
32017-11-20 01:46:49 UTCVia-velo Hi Jan, I think I've got it now. I changed the tag to cycleway:left in the first column and opposite_lane in the second column of the All tags field.
Cheers, Paul
42017-11-20 09:18:06 UTCmueschel Hi,
yes, now it's correct. The '=' separates key and value and you have to put those to separate fields.
But: Is the lane really on the wrong side of the road? :left and :right is always with respect to the direction of the way, not the direction of travel. Direction of the way is indicated by f...
52017-11-20 10:11:24 UTCVia-velo Hi Jan,
Thanks for the suggestion, I have dropped off :left. Yes, the cycle lane is in the opposite direction to the flow of traffic.
Cheers, Paul
12017-11-19 15:08:57 UTCmueschel Sollte diese Baustelle nicht schon fertig sein?
12017-11-19 11:33:26 UTCmueschel Hi,
you've added the tag "Restored = Yes" to several ways. Please note that OSM is case sensitive and most keys and values have to use lower-case letters.

Cheers, Jan
12017-11-19 11:28:51 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check these changes? I found several nodes with many strange tags like these:
beneficiar \tnull
camp_code \tnull
comment \tnull
electricit \tnull
elevated \tnull
fire_safe \tnull
12017-11-09 09:44:37 UTCmueschel Hallo,
du hast hier einige Wegweiser eingetragen und Tags wie "direction:north" verwendet. Die übliche Schreibweise ist "direction_north" mit einem Unterstrich.

Gruß, Jan
22017-11-18 11:46:50 UTCuboot Hallo Jan.
Da habe ich wohl nicht genau genug geschaut und mich von anderen Tags verleiten lassen. Ich sehe zu, dass ich das wieder korrigierte.
Danke für den Hinweis und Grüße,
32017-11-18 13:15:59 UTCmueschel Hallo Markus,
danke für die Rückmeldung, inzwischen sind die Tags schon korrigiert, brauchst nicht mehr suchen.
12017-11-18 13:14:30 UTCmueschel Hallo Theodin,
ich habe ein paar Wegweiser von dir gefunden mit Tags wie "direction:Fellbach=0.6" - insgesamt 15 Tags.
Würdest du die auf ein gängiges Schema ändern? Wir haben entweder "direction_north" u.ä. oder die umfassenden Relationen mit type=relation...
12017-11-18 13:08:11 UTCmueschel Hi Petr,
it's an old changeset, but I just stumbled across this node and its tag "direction:highway=-1" - this is used only here, maybe you can revise this tagging?
Cheers, Jan
12017-11-18 11:37:56 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the key "sharrows" here, which is new and undocumented. Did you mean cycleway=shared_lane ?

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-28 20:54:46 UTCHeather Shearer I did mean to say that, thanks for catching it! (we had a local tagging guide with the wrong scheme - local guide now fixed, along with the tag on this bit of road)
12017-11-18 11:23:43 UTCmueschel Hi,
here you added the tag "mdds:code", a week ago it was "MDDS_Code". Could you change to a common spelling of the key?
Btw, if this is kind of a reference number used by government, I'd consider "ref:mdds" as better.

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-18 21:17:05 UTCsfrank Hi,
first I did not find any tag for the MDDS-code (sort of e goverment code, found in census2011 documents and others), and also only less information for village tagging in india. But then I found a (older) discussion entry (...
12017-09-28 12:02:23 UTCmueschel Hi,
you're adding a huge number of new and undocumented tags on these objects (listed below). Please clean this up. The number of nodes on each object also seems to be much too high - especially those half-circular shapes.

LCC \tA12-A2-A6
aream2 \t97530.06567
date \t1-spt-2017
escala \t1:25k\...
22017-10-04 16:13:42 UTCwoodpeck This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changesets 52624316, 52625728, 52627705, 52628655, 52622933, 52626252, 52628233, 52627070, 52623899, 52629111, 52623453, 52626630, 52625217, 52629562, 52624762 where the changeset comment is: Revert undiscussed, buggy imports (blocky geometry, bad...
32017-11-18 11:19:47 UTCmueschel Hi PC10,
did you actually read and understand all the changeset comments and the user block message?
Your edits have been deleted because of their quality. Now you start over and re-import all of this again? Please stop it!
12017-11-17 12:06:53 UTCmueschel Hi,
I'm not sure if the conditional tagging actually means the right thing. Is access fully closed in the morning? Then it should be "access=no".
And vice versa, if everybody is allowed, you need a access:conditional tag.

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-17 12:15:09 UTCmanings Hi Jan,

This the mapillary I used:

From the image, it shows only HOV restriction.
32017-11-17 12:21:02 UTCmueschel I can't read the orange sign, is this dates or times mentioned there?
42017-11-17 12:22:41 UTCmanings its the white sign:
52017-11-17 12:28:16 UTCmueschel The orange sign says something additional about "ramp closed".

On the white sign I'm also not sure about the precise meaning - is it "hov: only in the afternoon" (hov not allowed in the morning) or "in the afternoon: hov only" (everybody allowed in the morning, but ...
12017-11-17 10:44:15 UTCmueschel Moin,
hier hätten wir einen Weg mit einem Tagging-Fehler, sollte das ein "fixme" werden?

Gruß, Jan
22017-11-17 11:15:22 UTCfkv Ja, danke für den Hinweis. Ich habe es korrigiert.
12017-11-17 10:28:20 UTCmueschel Please watch out for the correct spelling of tags. It is "building" and "condition". Any wrong spelling means that the data is not usable at all!
Please check all your edits, there are hundreds of such mistakes.
See also:
12017-11-16 21:32:48 UTCmueschel Check doch bitte hier mal das Tagging - da ist etwas schiefgegangen:
12017-11-15 21:11:04 UTCmueschel 3 ungetaggte Objekte sind übrig:
12017-11-14 11:37:58 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please check these buildings? It looks like you uploaded some of them twice, and one copy has no proper tags, e.g.

12017-11-14 11:26:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain what this node represents? I can't make any sense out of the tags.

12017-11-14 09:48:01 UTCmueschel Hi,
I guess something went wrong here, many buildings got tags like these:
Could you have a look?
Cheers, Jan
22017-11-14 11:02:52 UTCNakaner Hallo Johannes,

du kannst dir auch für JOSM eigene Validatorregeln schreiben, die nach solchen Tags suchen und dich warnen, bevor du sie versehentlich hochlädst. Beispiele findest du unter
32017-11-14 20:32:42 UTCjohsin18 Danke für den Hinweis, sollte jetzt korrigiert sein. Bzgl. dem Validator wollte ich schon fragen, werde das mal probieren.
12017-11-14 09:38:39 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added 95 objects with the tag 'bottom width'. I guess this should be 'bottom_width', even though this tag is not documented at all.
Please fix this

12017-11-13 18:31:32 UTCmueschel Hi,
ich glaube, diese Schilder heißen gar nicht "WIldruhezone", sondern erklären sie, oder? Dann wäre das "name" Tag nicht richtig sondern "description" (Beschreibung) oder "inscription" (Beschriftung) das passende.
Gruß, Jan
22017-11-14 11:10:19 UTCRoman Wilder Hallo Jan,
sowohl, als auch. Die aufgestellten Schilder sind eine Kombination aus dem Schild "Wildruhezone", einer Übersichtkarte und einer Erklärung mit Verweis auf die erlassene Verordnung durch das LRA Bayreuth aus 2013.

Grüße, Andreas
12017-11-13 11:40:34 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added several ways with tags like
Layer = 5
R_type =3
Could you fix this and put a proper OSM tag there?

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-13 12:24:03 UTCsharifiali Hello
yes I try to edit this ..
32017-11-13 12:35:52 UTCmueschel Hi,
let me know in case you need help.
Here you can find all 7 ways:
42017-11-13 12:57:47 UTCsharifiali Hi
Thank you
I will use of your Guidance
52017-11-13 13:01:06 UTCsharifiali if you may , please join to this group in telegram ..
some of editors are active in this group:
12017-11-13 11:32:31 UTCmueschel Hi,
what is the meaning of "Amen Place = yes"? This node has neither a physical nor a name tag. Could you work on the tagging here?
Cheers, Jan
12017-11-12 12:13:14 UTCmueschel Hallo Joerg, willkommen bei OSM.
Das Tag "name" ist wirklich nur für den Namen eines Objektes gedacht, nicht zur Beschreibung. In deinem Fall würde sich eventuell ein Tag "operator = DRK Wörrstadt" anbieten, und das "building=yes" könnte gegen ein s...
12017-11-11 18:32:16 UTCmueschel Hallo,
habe hier ein paar Knoten korrigiert, an denen du 'adr:' oder 'add:' anstelle von 'addr:' geschrieben hast. Ich hoffe ich habe alle erwischt, aber vielleicht schaust du nochmal drüber.

Gruß, Jan
22017-11-21 19:51:51 UTCwhellmut Hallo Jan,
vielen Dank für die Aufmerksamkeit und Korrektur. Das ist mir wohl im Eifer des Gefechts auf dem Tablet passiert.
Viele Grüße
12017-11-09 19:19:58 UTCmueschel Hallo,
ich sehe, dass du die im größeren Stil ref-Nummern von Denkmälern erfasst mit Tags wie ref:blankenheim_(ahr)=163
Ich denke es wäre besser hier ein gemeinsames Tag zu benutzen, anstelle eines neuen Keys für jeden Ort. Wäre ein "ref:UD" nicht ausreiche...
22017-11-09 20:14:46 UTCThoschi Hi,
ja, das mit der korrekten Doku der Quellenangaben ist eine Schwachstelle von mir. Geht häufig bei mir leider unter. Versuche mich zu bessern.
Aber in Blankenheim habe ich tatsächlich viele dieser Gebäude besichtigt, da ich in den Herbstferien dort im Urlaub war.

Bzgl. ref:<...
32017-11-09 20:44:46 UTCThoschi Hi,
ja, das mit der korrekten Doku der Quellenangaben ist eine Schwachstelle von mir. Geht häufig bei mir leider unter. Versuche mich zu bessern.
Aber in Blankenheim habe ich tatsächlich viele dieser Gebäude besichtigt, da ich in den Herbstferien dort im Urlaub war.

Bzgl. ref:<...
42017-11-11 12:46:50 UTCmueschel Ich würde in jedem Fall empfehlen, auf Sonderzeichen (Klammern, Umlaute) im Key zu verzichten, siehe auch dieses aktuelle Thema im Forum:
12017-11-11 10:50:30 UTCmueschel Hi,
you uploaded twice the same dataset, containing points like this one:
They do not have any valid tag. I'm going to delete them, please upload this again _after_ you have fixed the tagging.

12017-11-10 18:43:34 UTCmueschel Hi,
you invented a new tag here - "speed_pedalic". Could you explain its meaning?

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-10 18:52:10 UTCdvdhoven
Kleine typo gemaakt in de tag, zal ik aanpassen
32017-11-10 19:55:37 UTCmueschel The name of the tag looks rather specific to the Netherlands. It might be a good idea to start a proposal for a generic tag for this type of vehicle. German law makes a similar distinction between electric bicycles and e-bikes.
12017-11-09 09:41:41 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added several contact tags in your recent changesets. Unfortunately there is a spelling mistake:
"contact: email" - there should not be a space in the key. The same holds for 'contact:phone' and 'contact:website' (which more often is just 'website'. Could you have a look and fix...
22017-11-10 08:36:23 UTCpenelopew hi jan
thank you for your message. i am aware of the mistake and was going to update the changesets. seems someone already did.
as to your comment on contact:website - we were instructed to update these fields with "contact" by our classifications-group - this system obviously supports ...
32017-11-10 19:15:22 UTCmueschel Thanks for taking care of this spelling mistake.

As you say, 'contact:website' is correct, but used about 10 times less than 'website' which makes me prefer the latter.

Enjoy mapping!
12017-11-10 18:53:08 UTCmueschel Hi,
habe in deinen Edits in den letzten Tagen einige falsche Tags gefunden und korrigiert, wie dieses hier:
"abandoned:railway=water" = "yes"
Im Key darf kein '=' auftauchen und es muss "abandoned:railway" = "water_tower" heißen.

Gruß, Jan\...
12017-11-09 19:22:58 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM!
I found the tag "địa chỉ" on several of your nodes. Tags should always be in English. Please have a look at the description in the wiki:
Could you change these tags accordingly?

Cheers, Jan
12017-11-09 09:39:10 UTCmueschel Hi,
the key 'colour_name' is new and not used in other places so far. There is actually no need for it, you can put the colour name directly in the 'colour' tag, it accepts all CSS colour names (in lower case and without dashes).

Cheers, Jan
12017-11-08 18:09:21 UTCmueschel Please don't import data from an unknown source. All these objects have only tags that should not appear in OSM, such as "layer =_WALKS_FOR_OSM". Please have a look at the Wiki how to tag e.g. highways and read the import guidelines. If you use an external source, you must state it in the ...
12017-11-07 09:53:45 UTCmueschel Hi,
you invented many new tags in this changeset, like these:
buildingpart=vertical passage
buildingpart:vertical passage=elevator
buildingpart:vertical passage:floor range=0 to 29

Please have a look to the wiki how indoor mapping is actually done:
12017-11-07 09:50:13 UTCmueschel Hi,
in this changeset, you invented many new keys like

These are not documented in the wiki and hence can not be understood by other mappers or any software. Please check if you can find another, more appropriate ...
12017-11-07 09:47:42 UTCmueschel Hi,
all these objects have many foreign tags, which seem to be imported from an external database and should not appear in OSM, like this one:

This data can not be found on the source you stated - what is the actual source of this data and does it compl...
22017-11-07 15:16:56 UTCHarald Hartmann I think we should revert it immediately because there are also intersecting buildings:

@mueschel: do you want to do it or should we inform the DWG?
32017-11-07 15:58:54 UTCnaoliv Clearly an undiscussed (and messy) import.
42017-11-08 01:29:48 UTCnaoliv This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changesets 53594063, 53595661, 53597111 where the changeset comment is: Reverting undiscussed buildings import in RJ
12017-11-06 11:32:11 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM!
I saw that you put the tag "địa chỉ" on these nodes. Please note that all tags in OSM have to be in English and are described in the wiki - in your case the correct tag would be "addr:full". Would you mind correcting these?

Cheers, Jan
12017-11-06 11:29:45 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM!
I have two remarks:
Please don't put the nodes of the shops on the road - place a node at the side of the road, where the shop actually is.

Second, you used the tag "SĐT" on some shops. This tag is not used by anyone else up to now. If this is a registration num...
12017-11-05 12:18:45 UTCmueschel Hi,
you uploaded almost 500 nodes with just the tag "taskStatus=VALIDATEDV2" - I guess this was a mistake and can be deleted?

22017-11-05 16:23:11 UTCViolaine_Do Hey, yes i wanted to correct it tomorrow, you found it before ! This changeset has to be reversed. I stopped the upload in the middle because realised it was going to upload wrong layer. So nothing from this changeset needs to be kept. If you have time to do it today, it would be the Best, else i'm ...
32017-11-05 17:17:14 UTCmueschel Alright, I've reverted it:

Cheers, Jan
12017-11-05 16:06:04 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain the meaning of this object?

The tag you added might be a good description of the object,
but is not usable in OSM - no software can understand
it. Please have a look at the wiki about common
tags for shops or amenities.
Let us know in case you need help!


12017-11-05 16:01:58 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you describe what this objects are? You invented quite many new tags here and I can't find a description of them on the wiki.


12017-11-05 16:00:15 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you describe what this node is exactly?
It has many tags describing what it is, but unfortunately this doesn't help in OSM. No software (and other mappers as well) can understand
it. Please have a look at the wiki about common
tags for shop...
12017-11-05 15:56:35 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please have a look at these changes? You added some "highway=residential" to objects which should rather be buildings.

22017-11-25 14:24:27 UTCSomeoneElse I've reviewed these, changed the "buildings" to buildings and removed some that just looked like a bit of concrete had been swept.
12017-11-05 15:53:59 UTCmueschel Hi,
you're adding the tag "building:condion" to many buildings - please note that the correct spelling is "building:condition". Could you have a look at these and fix it? Let us know if you need help!

12017-11-05 15:50:59 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found some objects with strange tags, could you explain the meaning of this?
Consejo Comunal Urbakasitk 22 =C.C. URBCASITK22

This might be a description of the object,
but is not usable in OSM - no software can understand
it. Please have a loo...
12017-11-05 13:20:47 UTCmueschel Hi,
this import of data looks rather strange, there seem to be a lot of errors.
- For example, the geometry has rooms with walls not matching the building walls, sticking out of the actual building.
- There are many tags used that are not defined, like "building:part:vertical passage:floor ...
12017-11-05 13:03:19 UTCmueschel Hi,
this edit (and some more changesets) contains quite a number of mistakes:
- Several of the building polygons have an invalid geometry, they must not intersect with themselves.
- In aerial images I can't see some of the structures, and some existing features that were already mapped you have d...
22018-01-14 16:53:59 UTCcarciofo Hi Jonathan, this looks like an import judging by the tags in the relations. Could you please let us know what source you used for this along with a link to the license or any discussion to that effect? Thanks in advance.
12017-11-02 09:33:08 UTCmueschel 'd:t:l' what's the meaningof that? - your tagging scheme gets more and more complicated.
22017-11-19 16:52:19 UTCyopaseopor Was a test, because the cache of my JOSM was not clean. The tagging scheme is being consistent (no big changes since one year ago), and the tests via JOSM/Vespucci preset , JOSM style or kendzi3d pluggin are successful. When the test finish (only miss aerial panels backwards in some roads) I will ma...
12017-11-02 09:23:40 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the tag 'mb:scale' to 18 ways - could you correct the spelling? 'mtb:scale'

Cheers, Jan
12017-11-02 09:13:55 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks llike you added the tag 'add:state' to all these 3000 nodes. Correct spelling would be 'addr:state'. Could you fix this?
Actually, this tag is not needed, the state can be determined from boundary relations which exist for all states.
12017-11-01 07:20:17 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello markscalf. Hmm, i think something went wrong within this changesets ... 4,226 nodes with strange keys, e.g.
I think you should review your changes ;-)
22017-11-01 09:20:58 UTCmueschel I deleted these nodes - most of them do not correspond to any structure on the ground, and they do not have any common OSM tag.
32017-11-01 15:20:44 UTCmarkscalf :( Was correcting some building alignments near the new arena and when I submitted them I noticed the 4000+ changes. I canceled the upload and wasn't aware that these actually stuck. My apologies. Thanks for your help reverting.
12017-10-31 10:40:45 UTCmueschel Du hast hier in die Flughafenschleife einen ziemlichen Knick eingebaut & die neue Lage der Gleise deckt sich auch nicht mit Luftbildern vor dem Tunnel:
22017-10-31 22:19:18 UTCbigbug21 Guter Punkt, da hab ich tatsächlich etwas übersehen. Das ganze ist nun korrigiert und auch der östliche Teil der Schleife anhand von Daten aus dem DB-Open-Data-Portal präzisiert. Diese Daten stehen, nach Geojosn umgewandelt, vorübergehend unter
12017-10-30 16:13:22 UTCmueschel Hallo, was meinst du denn mit dem Tag "System=306" an diesen 36 Strommasten? So etwas gibt es in der OSM-Datenbank bis jetzt nicht.
Gruß, Jan
22017-10-30 16:31:56 UTCklausx Hallo Jan, ich habe diese Bezeichnung im Vorfeld öfter gefunden und daher verwendet. Bei Taginfo hatte ich auch nichts dazu gefunden. Eigentlich ist es die Bezeichung für die Liniennummer. Hier also Stromleitung Nr. 306, Mast Nr. 36. Gruß Klaus
32017-10-30 17:23:13 UTCmueschel Hi,
dann sollte das wohl als ref an die Stromleitung selbst:
42017-10-30 21:17:35 UTCklausx Moin, also nur an die Stromleitung und nichts an den Masten ? Hätte jetzt gedacht das die Masten ja zur Leitung gehören und dort auch die Leitungsnummer mit reingehört. Aber wenn es so sein soll schmeiße ich es wieder raus. Gruß Klaus
12017-10-30 12:09:55 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added several ways with many foreign tags - this looks like a mistake. Could you have a look and fix this?
For example:
Cheers, Jan
22017-10-30 12:21:01 UTCjeslop Oops, sorry. I have already corrected them. Thanks for warning.
12017-10-29 13:05:17 UTCmueschel Hallo,
willkommen beim "aktiven" mappen. :-)

Hast du zufällig noch ein paar mehr Informationen zu dieser Ladestation?
z.B. "kostenlos" wäre fee=no
22017-10-30 15:55:42 UTCmrcylinder So, habe mich nochmal daran versucht und das "Kostenlos" und Kapazität eingefügt.
12017-10-28 18:10:22 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the tag "road_closed" to one way - this tag is not used in other places, could you explain it?
Thanks, Jan
12017-10-28 13:35:13 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this node? The tagging seems wrong:

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-28 16:19:56 UTCCz ja Hallo. Thank you for information. I do not know how this happened. I fixed it.
12017-10-28 13:33:34 UTCmueschel Hi,
why did you change so many tags on this node to lower case? The upper case version is used in OSM hundreds of times, the lower case is new.

Cheers, Jan
12017-10-28 13:06:38 UTCmueschel Please watch out for the correct spelling of tags - just corrected 2 different misspellings (and several more yesterday) of 'implicit' on several ways.
22017-10-29 06:22:41 UTCandygol Thank you very much for correction of my typos 🙏. I will be more attentive in the future.
12017-10-27 17:36:43 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added several ways that look like boundaries, but have many strange tags that are not used anywhere. I'm also pretty sure that the source of this data is not a 'survey'. Please have a look and correct the tagging and give the real source of this data.

Thanks, Jan
22017-10-28 09:01:38 UTCbbroy13 Hi there,
Thanks for your mail. Actually before that day there was no proper administrative boundary of chittagong. I got a admin a boundary from chittagong city corporation. I tried to integrate that in osm server. I thought its necessary to have proper admin boundary. For accuracy issue thi...
32017-10-28 12:50:33 UTCmueschel Hi,
thanks for the reply. You say that you got some data from "chittagong city corporation". Did you check the license this data is subject to? All data has to fit to the ODbL of OSM, otherwise it can not be added.
Second, if you add data from an external source, you have to be aware of ...
12017-10-28 12:42:45 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added about 70 buildings with tags like "bulding", "bulding:material", "bulding:roof" and so on. Please note the correct spelling is "building". I'm just fixing this now, please watch out for such spelling mistakes in the future.
Cheers, Jan
12017-10-27 18:30:16 UTCmueschel Please watch out for the correct spelling of tags - just corrected 4 different misspellings of 'implicit' on several ways.
12017-10-27 17:40:18 UTCmueschel Hi,
you put the tag 'lli' on 3 ways, e.g.
his looks like a spelling mistake, did you mean 'lit'?

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-27 18:42:37 UTCaappeexx Yes it is my mistake.I fixed it.
12017-10-26 06:41:43 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM!
In OSM we have to use a well-defined set of tags to allow all the software tools to understand the data and e.g. show it on maps.
Also, our database in case sensitive, all keys have to be in lower case (with
very few exceptions). Please have a look to the OSM Wiki to find ou...
12017-10-26 06:40:15 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM.
In OSM we have to use a well-defined set of tags to allow all the software tools to understand the data and e.g. show it on maps. Please have a look to the OSM Wiki to find out which tags are in use.

E.g. here you added the tag Dịch vụ = Có giao hàng t...
12017-10-26 06:34:24 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added many objects with the tag "building:condion". Could you have a look and correct the spelling? It should be "building:condition:

Thanks, Jan
22017-11-04 11:05:59 UTCHarald Hartmann And because NeemaAlphonce, Grace Lugoba and you have the same missspelling, do you use some JOSM Preset?
12017-10-26 06:33:53 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added many objects with the tag "building:condion". Could you have a look and correct the spelling? It should be "building:condition:

Thanks, Jan
22017-11-04 11:05:07 UTCHarald Hartmann And because elly_vick, Grace Lugoba and you have the same missspelling, do you use some JOSM Preset?
12017-10-26 06:32:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM. It looks like you uploaded some data from an external source here. First, all these objects do need a proper tag to describe what they are.
In OSM we have to use a well-defined set of tags to allow all the software tools to understand the data and e.g. show it on maps. Please h...
22017-10-26 12:41:59 UTCwoodpeck Jonathan, I am sorry but I will have to remove this un-discussed and badly tagged import. Please check with the "imports" mailing list to get support in doing this right.
32017-10-26 12:43:53 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53262481 where the changeset comment is: remove what appears to be a 3D structure import
12017-10-25 13:05:04 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please check this relation and change all these tags to some common OSM tagging format?

With the current scheme, the tagging is rather useless, because no OSM-related software can understand it.

Thanks, Jan
12017-10-24 18:59:27 UTCmueschel Danke für's überarbeiten der Oberfläche.
Hier muss ich aber nochmal nachhaken: Es sieht so aus, als hättest du hier direkt ein GPS-Track abgezeichnet - ich gehe aber mal davon aus, dass die Kurven und Knicke nur durch Fehler in der Ortung entstanden sind und der Weg nicht wirkli...
22017-10-24 20:35:35 UTCTourenbikerFKB mit width=1 ist das auch kein track, sondern sollte mit path gemappt werden. Bei schmalen Pfaden in Hanglage kommen solche Verläufe durchaus mal vor.
32017-10-25 16:22:10 UTCAndy_18 Hallo,

danke für die Rückmeldungen.

Die Tracks sind von mir selbst mit dem MTB gefahren / geschoben worden ;-)
Kann gut sein, da war ein größeres Matschloch.
Bilder habe ich leider keine gemacht, ich werde bei nächster Gelegenheit noch mal dort vorbeifahren, diesma...
42017-11-01 05:47:19 UTCAndy_18 Hallo,

der Wegverlauf ist wirklich so wie gezeichnet.
Da stehen einige Bäume und Büsche im (geraden) Weg.
12017-10-23 17:10:59 UTCmueschel Hallo,
du hast diesem Weg das Tag "surface=wood" gegeben - besteht der Boden hier tatsächlich aus Holz? Schau doch mal im Wiki ob du nicht etwas passenderes findest:
Gruß, Jan
22017-10-24 16:16:22 UTCAndy_18 Hallo Jan,

danke für den Hinweis.
War so nicht gewollt, und habe ich auch schon geändert.
12017-10-23 17:08:43 UTCmueschel Hallo,
heißt dieses Denkmal tatsächlich "Denkmal" oder ist es einfach ein Denkmal? Das "name" Tag darf nur für echte Namen verwendet werden, nicht für Objektbeschreibungen.
Gruß, Jan
22017-10-23 17:53:58 UTCRainerBielefeld Hallo, das ist ein WIP, ich versuche gerade, herauszubekommen, für was das Denkmal genau ist, dann wird der Platzhalter durch den echten Namen ersetzt.

Gruß, Rainer
12017-10-23 17:03:38 UTCmueschel Hallo,
du hattest nach Feedback gefragt: Die Änderung sieht soweit gut aus. Ich hätte allerdings einen Knoten mit den Adressdaten übrig gelassen, diese ändert sich ja nicht.
Gruß, Jan
12017-10-23 10:59:13 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain this tag?
Γηπεδο = Γηπεδο πλαταιων
Tags should always be in English and documented in the wiki - automatic translation is not really he...
22017-10-24 16:16:54 UTCfreebeer Hi Jan,
Based on a similar entry on page 2 below starting with Γηπεδο and as a sports pitch, I think it was intended to be name=
and is simply a mistake.
(My greek is poor enough to imPEDE my understanding ;-)
32017-10-24 17:13:17 UTCnikasth hi from Nikas Th
Γήπεδο = football field
gipedo = football field
γιπεδο Μπασκετ = basketball court
12017-10-22 13:02:36 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the tag 'poped' here on 3 ways. Looks like a spelling mistake - what does it mean?
Cheers, Jan
22017-10-22 13:15:31 UTCeggie Hi Jan,

No idea.. It's not my tag.. I changed the serviceroad into cycleway and added the new cycleways here.
Let's have a look in the wiki :)
32017-10-22 13:20:13 UTCeggie I opied the cyclewaytag from a nearby G11 cycleway. I 'll remove the tag anyway. Last week I reverted the whole changeset because a mapper gluwed the man_made bridge at the Tramdijk.
42017-10-22 13:22:35 UTCmueschel Strange -
it wasn't in the database before.
Maybe it is a misspelling of 'moped'?
52017-10-22 13:29:59 UTCeggie No explanation.. anyway It's gone now :)
I noticed it before and I think's it a mispell of "moped". So it was my own tag. Thanks..
62017-10-22 13:32:16 UTCeggie I 'm saving money for a new keyboard.. copied is now..opied.
12017-10-22 13:07:07 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added 14 nodes with tags 'decription' and 'desription'. Could you please fix this spelling mistake?
22017-10-23 08:12:30 UTCMichaelCollinson Jan, Thank you for point this out. 7 corrected. 7 appear to be spelt correctly - no change made.
12017-10-22 08:30:05 UTCmueschel May I point out that the proposal for these new tags was rejected?

Please don't do large scale retaggings to a not accepted tagging scheme.

Btw. source=survey is most likely wrong.
22017-10-22 08:41:07 UTCViking81 Those hydrants were tagged by me with different tags for the same attribute. Now I try to uniform them, so tomorrow when we will have an approved proposal, it will be easy to change them, if needed.
Meanwhile, please look at
12017-10-21 13:33:28 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added this tag to a node:
Transport/auto = Lavage
Is this a place to wash a car? The correct tag is "amenity = car_wash" for this. Could you change this?
Cheers, Jan
12017-10-21 08:00:01 UTCmueschel Hi,
some of this hydrants you added here are added 3 times.Could you clean this up?
Also, some of them have a Russian tag "Адрес" could you change this to a common English tag?

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-21 08:28:43 UTCKonon51 Здравствуйте. Гидранты которые я ошибочно добавил 3 раза, я удалил. Я проверю ещё раз. Укажите какие именно теги на русском языке надо исправить. Спасибо.
32017-10-21 08:45:30 UTCmueschel Hi,
thanks for replying. The tag I refer to is "Адрес"

Like here:
There are 12 nodes in total:

12017-10-20 11:12:33 UTCmueschel Hallo,
du hast hier an ein paar Schildern das Tag "arrow:direction" verwendet, das es bisher nicht gibt.
Ich schlage vor, das auf 'destination:arrow' zu ändern, wie es zusammen mit destination-Tags schon einige Male verwendet wird.
Gruß, Jan
22017-10-23 15:49:31 UTCHarald Hartmann Wobei man es gar nicht braucht, da es z.B. auch programmatisch errechnet werden kann, wie man an
sieht ;-)
12017-10-19 21:10:20 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please check some of the buildings you added? 30 got the tag "building levels = ..." which should be "building:levels". Could you fix this?

Cheers, Jan
12017-10-18 13:56:10 UTCmueschel Hi,
you invented a new tag here, "NBI Struture number', including spelling mistakes. I think that a tag following established tagging schemes would be bette4, e.g. ref:nbi. What do you think?

12017-10-18 12:53:32 UTCmueschel Hi,
what do you mean by 'cycles' here? Bicycle or motorcycle?

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-18 23:39:26 UTCcleary I have changed tag to "bicycle" - was my error. Thanks for noticing and bringing it to my attention.
12017-10-18 12:43:00 UTCmueschel There is someone producing stones working in this place? Please check the wiki what tags mean:
12017-10-18 10:02:41 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way, it got a strange tag:

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-18 10:28:15 UTCAllroads Done, renamed, thanks.
12017-10-17 19:18:41 UTCmueschel Hi,
you uploaded more than 50 buildings with the t "builing". Could you have a look and fix this spelling mistake?

Cheers, Jan
12017-10-17 19:17:30 UTCmueschel Hi,
you uploaded more than 60 buildings with the t "bulding". Could you have a look and fix this spelling mistake?

Cheers, Jan
12017-10-16 17:37:57 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way?
"16=Le Cercle Pointu" looks like a wrong tag.
Cheers, Jan
12017-10-16 10:45:10 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the surface tag here?

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-16 11:39:15 UTCCz ja Thanks! My mistake, I corrected it. Regards.
12017-10-15 15:41:30 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this node?
What is the meaning of this tag: "name:தமqbaylitழ்", I haven't seen this before.

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-15 15:47:04 UTCNeechalkaran corrected
12017-10-15 11:05:26 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain the tag " prpois:barrio"? This hasn't been used before. To me it looks like it could be something like "addr:suburb".

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-16 15:05:06 UTCvramirez122000 Puerto Rico Municipalities are divided into "barrios". These POIs were geocoded using a simple scheme of Road# KM. The barrio field was used to manually validate the quality of the geocode. That was the theory anyway. In a few cases, the Road KM was just an "idea" of more or less...
12017-10-15 11:02:34 UTCmueschel Hallo,
das Tag "service:bicycle:..." ist nicht dazu gedacht, alle möglichen Dinge aufzulisten die man kaufen kann. Dafür gibt es z.B. brand=

Gruß, Jan
12017-10-15 10:53:48 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please check these edits? E.g. I can't find this 200 meter long house on any satellite images. The street also seems to be in a different position.
Thanks, Jan
12017-10-15 10:48:43 UTCmueschel Hi,
you invented some new tags here:
|ODS \t=true
|ODS:secondaryaddress =false
Could you explain there meaning? Or where they added by mistake?

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-15 16:36:00 UTCJanWandelaar They are there by mistake.
I forgot to delete them.
12017-10-15 10:39:03 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used 3 shop tags here, which do not have any of the common values. Please check the wiki to find some matching tags - free-text values for shop tags are not supported by any OSM software.

Cheers, Jan
12017-10-13 07:33:22 UTCmueschel Hi,
I don't think that the OSM database is the right place to collect information on pot holes, using no established tags to describe them. Please co sider using a dedicates service for this, for example umap.

12017-09-14 10:16:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the key 'ff' here - this looks like a spelling mistake.

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-11 19:47:06 UTCmtbbiker99 Maybe. I can not open 51679515. Can you fix it. Thanks and nice greetings from Oliver.
32017-10-12 07:45:18 UTCmueschel Unfortunately I don't know how to fix it - it looks like a second osmc:symbol:

ff = black:black:white_triangle_line
osmc:symbol = yellow:black:yellow_diamond
12017-10-11 14:48:56 UTCmueschel Hi,
was hat es denn mit diesem Gebiet auf sich?
"original=yes" ist wenig aussagekräftig.
12017-10-11 12:22:31 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used tags like 'maxspeed:forward:hgv' here - the tag normally used is 'maxspeed:hgv:forward' - first the transportation mode, then the direction. Would you mind changing that?

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-11 12:24:49 UTCdaltux Sure, will do, thanks
12017-10-11 09:50:54 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added all these nodes with Russian keys and tags - please change them to usual OSM tags like they are documented in the wiki. Currently all these tags can not be used by any software.

22017-10-12 14:25:40 UTCHarald Hartmann And please check
and it's duplicate
12017-10-11 09:48:09 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added several areas with only foreign tags and no common OSM tags. E.g.
The actual suburb is already existing in OSM and mapped properly.

22017-10-15 10:02:57 UTCChrissW-R1 Please have a look at the already existing data!
You added the boundary of Yedikule again and again. But there is already one with right tagging:
Also please reuse the already existing nodes with the same position. This changesets looks like automat...
12017-10-11 09:44:51 UTCmueschel Hi,
what is the meaning of "bushwood=yes" here?
This tag is new. Maybe natural=wood?
12017-10-11 09:41:57 UTCmueschel Hi,
du hast hier 'surface' entfernt und durch "descriptio1 \tLärmschutzwand" ersetzt:
War das ein Versehen?
Gruss, Jan
22017-10-11 20:33:14 UTCbigbug21 Ja, das war es. Danke für den Tipp.
12017-10-10 07:32:46 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added this tag on several ways:
access:lanes:conditional = ||designated @ (Mo-Fr 05:30-09:00)
I guess this should be 'no' instead of 'designated' as the lane is closed to non-psv traffic.

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-17 12:05:16 UTCKelerei Thanks for the heads-up! Fixed in changeset #53009624.
12017-10-08 16:24:49 UTCmueschel Hallo,
deine Ergänzungen sehen auf den ersten Blick gut aus. Eine Anmerkung habe ich aber: Du hast die Position der Gebäude nach Bing-Bildern verschoben - diese scheinen hier aber leider einen Versatz zu haben, d.h. die Position hat vorher besser gestimmt. Tipp: Schau dir die Gegend nochm...
12017-10-08 16:16:35 UTCmueschel Hallo,
willkommen bei OSM. Die Ergänzung von "hgv=yes" wäre nicht notwendig gewesen - Straßen sind zunächst einmal frei, nur Ausnahmen von der Regel (z.B. eine Wohnstraße auf der keine LKW fahren dürfen) müssen extra angegeben werden.
Und: Bitte verwe...
12017-10-08 13:26:33 UTCmueschel Hi,
are you sure that this really is a "viewing point"? On mapillary, this looks like a small rock, but not like a place where you can enjoy the view across a landscape.
12017-10-07 03:30:31 UTCelifz SOURCE: Mapillary
22017-10-08 13:19:13 UTCmueschel Please be careful where to put tags. This way is definitely not a waste_basket, but some kind of footway.
12017-10-08 13:18:17 UTCmueschel Hi,
please have a look to the tagging here, this tag doesn't make much sense:
"collection_times = Cigarette disposal"
12017-10-07 03:29:40 UTCelifz Source: Mapillary
22017-10-08 13:16:31 UTCmueschel Please be careful where to put tags. This building is definitely not a "amenity=bench", but a building.
Cheers, Jan
12017-10-08 13:15:01 UTCmueschel Hi,
you're adding very detailed information here:

Unfortunately, this is not how OSM tags work. The key can not conta...
12017-10-04 12:49:01 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Chrisss Gü. At
you have tagged
`abandonend:leisure` instead of
`abandoned:leisure`, right?
22017-10-07 17:56:51 UTCmueschel Und am Weg hast du zwei neue access Tags erfunden,
access:official = no
access:physical = yes
Was möchtest du damit ausdrücken?
Gruß, Jan
32017-10-11 21:02:07 UTCChrisss Gü na prinzipiell steht da ein Schild dass das Betreten aufgrund möglicher Gefahren infolge der Braunkohletagebaue nicht betreten werden darf. Da er aber mitten im Wohngebiet liegt, rege genutzt wird, nicht wie sonst hier üblich mit Zaun versperrt ist und ein asphaltierter Radweg ist, hab ich...
12017-10-04 12:59:15 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Yuuki Satou. At you have introduced the new key `banner_url`. What is it for? Or is it some SEO-Spam? Then please remove it! #newkey
22017-10-04 15:19:30 UTCfreebeer Also,
name Musée de cote d'ivoire
name:en Musée de cote d'ivoireも
The ``english'' name is in french and in addition contains a non-US-ASCII trailing symbol. I do not know the correct proper name, but a translation could be ``Ivory Coast Museum'' or similar.
32017-10-07 17:54:47 UTCmueschel 'banner_url' was not added on purpose. That is an old bug in that has been fixed since a long time.
12017-10-06 09:41:22 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello mdelatorre. At
you have tagged
`Vega del Heno`.
What is it for? Please keep in mind: keys should be in english ;-)
22017-10-07 11:15:36 UTCmueschel That's a copy and paste error of the name. Fixed it according to source of this changeset.
32017-10-12 05:07:48 UTCmdelatorre My mistake. It was a residential street as you have already fixed. :-)
12017-10-06 11:09:30 UTCmueschel Servus,
den Key 'no_stopping' gibt es bis jetzt nicht. Das geht mit parking:lane = no_stopping.

Grüße, Jan
22017-10-06 13:43:53 UTCgeri-oc Habe es so geändert - obwohl ich es "einfach" einfacher finde, auch für die Auswertung.
PS: habe auch das no_parking "umgemodelt".
Gruß Gerd
12017-10-06 10:54:00 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the tag "smoothness:lanes" on 10 roads.
On two-way roads, it should be smoothness:lanes:forward or smoothness:lanes:backward. Just :lanes can only be used on oneway streets. Would you mind changing this, as I don't know which lane your tag refers to.

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-06 11:04:01 UTCsamuelrussell Cheers. Can fix. I remember mapping all the lanes left to right in the direction of the way, so easy to split into :forward…
12017-10-05 19:00:55 UTCmueschel Hi,
du hast hier das Tag
"maxspeed:condition = Mo-Fr 07:00-17:00" verwendet. Das müsste zum einen "conditional" heißen und es fehlt die Angabe, welche Geschwindigkeit im angegebenen Zeitraum gilt.
Korrekte Schreibweise wäre beispielsweise:

12017-10-03 13:06:56 UTCmueschel Hallo Carsten,
du hast hier an 11 Ladestationen das Tag "socket:type:output=22000" verwendet - das gibt es so nicht. 'type' müsste gegen den jeweiligen Steckertyp ausgetauscht werden. Außerdem würde ich empfehlen, die Werte als "22kW" zu schreiben, das macht es e...
22017-10-03 20:27:57 UTCCarsten Güse Hallo Jan,
ich habe mich eigentlich nur an die JOSM-Vorlage (Transport/Auto/Elektrotankstelle) und dessen Wiki-Beschreibung gehalten:

Dort gibt es den Tag "socket:type:output=Watt - die Leistung dieses Steckers". Wie h...
32017-10-03 21:10:18 UTCCarsten Güse Nachtrag:
In der weiteren Beschreibung der Ladestation soll tatsächlich die Leistung in kW angegeben werden. Das setzt sich in den Beispielen fort. Generell also: Wert + Einheit.
Allerdings steht bei der Stromstärke "amperage" nur ein Wert, z. B. "32".Also ohne Einhei...
42017-10-04 08:23:47 UTCmueschel Bei socket:type:output schau mal genau hin, 'type' ist kursiv gesetzt, soll also ersetzt werden. Deswegen auch det Hinweis dabei 'es kann mehrere Typen geben', dann braucht es diese Unterscheidung. Bei Einheiten: einfach mit angeben, dann ist klar was gemeint ist. kW ist aber die gängigste.
52017-10-04 10:12:41 UTCCarsten Güse Ist beides geändert.
Danke für den Hinweis.
Gruß Carsten
12017-10-03 17:10:10 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the new tag "pick-your-own=yes" on some nodes - I suggest to use the widely used key "self_service" instead.
Cheers, Jan
22017-10-03 18:26:27 UTCfreebeer Hallo,
I have not checked the uses for self_service, but I see it as different from pick-your-own as I know it:
self-service as I understand is where produce has been picked, but you obtain it from an unattended stand, with no fixed opening hours or other complications.
Which is different from my...
32017-10-03 19:21:36 UTCmueschel self_service is used on e.g. fuel stations, do-it-yourself workshops or canteens without waiters.

Yes, sure there is a difference, but it should be clear what it means due to the landuse =farmland. If the berries were already picked, you would put a node and tag it as shop.

self_service = yes...
42017-10-10 04:46:35 UTCDevonF It's nice to re-use keys and not create new ones, but I think freebeer makes a good point. Self_service=* is a little too ambiguous and there are many possible combinations of tags to be able to easily exhaustively search them. For example it could be applied to landuse=orchards, farmland, greenhous...
12017-10-03 17:08:48 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this building? roof:shape_1 =50 looks like a mistake.

Cheers, Jan
12017-10-03 13:17:36 UTCmueschel Hi,
is "Карка-Шур" the name of this stream?

22017-10-03 16:08:01 UTCBSV9 Hi !
Thank you for the error message. Correct name is "Каркашур". I fixed it.
12017-10-03 13:03:40 UTCmueschel Kannst du hier mal nach den Daten der Landebahnen schauen? Die ref an den Bahnen scheint nicht zu stimmen.
Und das Tag 'apro' an diesem Node ist auch neu (hatte ich zwischenzeitlich fälschlicherweise geändert in 'apron')

12017-09-16 11:41:55 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way? Something went wrong with the ref tag.

Thanks, Jan
22017-10-03 08:41:01 UTCCENTRALHUB The secondary road (X622 you mentioned) should be the old S285.

The new S285 (the primary road) is newly built, but is not fully completed on the map yet.

Several online map in China tag both of them as S285.

Once we finish the primary road I believe that we can remove the ref tag from th...
32017-10-03 09:52:38 UTCmueschel Thanks for replying,
If I understand right, we can change the tag ""X622=S285" to "old_ref = S285", "ref = X622"?
42017-10-03 16:46:04 UTCCENTRALHUB I think we should only do "old_ref=S285", because we cannot confirm that it's X622.
12017-09-22 08:48:51 UTCwoodpeck Hello PC10, these data imports are faulty (they introduce bad keys and they have over-noded, pseudo-precise geometries that seem to come from converting a raster map to vectors). Before you import anything more, please consult the import guidelines at
22017-09-22 10:23:14 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changesets 52269395, 52270300, 52269682, 52271305, 52270647, 52271642, 52270992, 52268780, 52269993, 52269109 where the changeset comment is: Remove undiscussed and faulty imports from PC10, see comment on
32017-10-02 18:54:42 UTCmueschel Hi PC10, hi woodpeck,
there are many more nodes and areas imported since, including newly invented tags (aream2, LCC, proyecto, ...). It also seems that most features do not correspond to actual features in the satellite images - e.g. forest multipolygons have the largest trees excluded, borders do...
42017-10-04 08:23:23 UTCwoodpeck Yes they should. We know nothing about the source - it is claimed that there's some community project - but the data suffers from geometry anomalies and bad tagging and the import hasn't been discussed. I am deleting the data now and have asked PC10 to discuss any further plans on the imports list.
12017-10-02 18:34:34 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please explain the meaning of alt_name:mcm? :mcm is the language code of Malaccan Creole Portuguese, which is very unlikely to be spoken in Moscow.
22017-10-02 18:51:51 UTCevgenykatyshev Hi. This tags was imorted by Moscow Transport Department. I first removed all ща them but later revert deletetion for end of discussion. Russian community is discussing about this data on forum:
12017-10-02 09:38:18 UTCmueschel Hi,
on 71 nodes you added some new keys:
These are not used in other places. I guess that the first one can be replaced with the more common is_in:district; but I don't know what to the second key refers to. Could you check this?

Cheers, Jan

22017-10-02 11:08:12 UTCWojtekK Hello Jan, right - is_in:dist will be replaced with is_in:district, VDC is shortcut for Nepal administrative unit (Village Development Comitee).
12017-10-01 10:58:35 UTCmueschel Hi,
is there a difference between disabled_motor_vehicle and disabled_vehicle, or do they describe the same category?
22017-10-01 12:44:26 UTCAllroads The hierarchy is disabled_vehicle, then subcategory disabled_ motor_ vehicle,
The wiki is not completed but C9 C15, disabled_vehicle, C13 disabled_motor_vehicle ( not a moped), C14, new key needed. Subcatergory, should be a not motorized disabled vehicle as a key ( i do not have yet found a logi...
32017-10-01 13:47:28 UTCmueschel Alright, I wasn't sure if this difference was a mistake or on purpose.
Thanks, Jan
12017-09-20 15:34:14 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Tomas Straupis. E.g. at you have add the new (and so far unkown and undocumented) key `subitem`. What is it for? #newkey
22017-09-21 07:13:01 UTCTomas Straupis It is a „test/temporary“ tag. What I'm trying to solve is this: there are a number of points tagged as historic=memorial in one small area while in practice it is one big memorial. I'm trying to filter out micro-mapped memorials. subitem=yes helps with this filtering, but I'm not fully h...
32017-10-01 11:05:29 UTCmueschel Hi,
additional point: Please don't use the name tag for description, like here:
name =Memorialas
name:de =Gedenkstätte
name:en =Memorial
name:pl =Miejsce pamięci

It is sufficient to use historic = memorial and its subtags to describe the object in a machine-readable way.
42017-10-01 11:29:06 UTCTomas Straupis Hi, I did not not add these pointless names. Previous editor Jay May did. I'm still thinking of a good way of removing these points altogether (or reducing to something less prominent like tourism=artwork).
12017-10-01 10:53:45 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way and the adjacent one?

The key "nb_marches" looks like a mistake.

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-03 17:26:07 UTCgsimon Thanks, I fixed. Gaël
12017-09-30 11:29:48 UTCmueschel Hallo,
ist das hier wirklich ein Radweg mit blauem Schild? Wenn du ihn als highway=cycleway einträgst, heißt das, dass hier weder Fußgänger, noch Traktoren noch Pferde erlaubt sind. Ist das vor Ort wirklich so?

Gruß, Jan
12017-09-30 09:45:15 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please explain your edits on hotels? The changeset comment should contain some reasonable description of what you did.

The source you give doesn't exist. "" is an empty web page.

In other changesets, you added the same objects several times, e.g. http://www.o...
22017-09-30 15:02:19 UTCcat_crash Hi,
we are piloting on integration OSM with our cloud solution helps venues keep OSM data up-to-date.
New key will be introduced in accordance with process or removed after piloting. Please notice - we are piloting only on 2 venues. No any mass loads will be done
12017-09-22 11:21:41 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you give some details on this restriction? "except = Transit vehicle" is not a common tag, and there is a stray ':' in 'restriction'.
Who is allowed to turn here?

22017-09-29 11:27:14 UTCIqhra Hi Jan,
Thanks for getting back I have been adding the restriction using street level imagery and the board below is stating that it is not allowed to take u turn except transit vehicles. So I went ahead and tagged them following what I see what I map. It would be great if local knowledge mappers...
32017-09-29 11:49:29 UTCmueschel Hi,
thanks for replying. That is 'transit' as in 'public transit'? (Sorry, I'm not from the US and don't know terminology..). That would be "except = bus", which is buses used in public transit, but not coaches.
42017-10-01 07:43:06 UTCIqhra Hi,
Thanks for getting back. I tagged it based on the sign board i see in the street level imagery ( even I am not form US). It would be great if you can go ahead and make changes as per your knowledge if it needs any correction.
12017-09-29 10:42:57 UTCmueschel Hallo,
"tracktype track=detached" ist kein gängiges Tag - was möchtest du damit ausdrücken?
Gruß, Jan
22017-09-29 17:31:37 UTCwiki the map Danke für den Hinweis, ein Makro meines Logitech G13 Gamepad macht aktuell Probleme.
12017-09-29 10:28:34 UTCmueschel Hallo,
du schreibst hier
parkin_space =disused

Meinst du vielleicht capacity:disabled?
12017-09-29 08:21:00 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please check the tags on this hospital?
All keys have to be in English as they are described in the Wiki. I guess you meant to add health_specialty tags:

12017-09-29 08:16:43 UTCmueschel Hi,
all these nodes have only foreign tags and no tags that are common to OSM. Where they uploaded by mistake?

Cheers, Jan
22017-09-29 18:58:35 UTCHarald Hartmann Or is it an import?
12017-09-26 10:26:46 UTCmueschel Hi samuel,
the key "ups" is new - could you explain its meaning?
The key "ramp:pram" is new as well.

Cheers, Jan
22017-09-26 11:25:38 UTCsamuelrussell Cheers mate for your work.

ramp:pram is a cultural error on my part. The ramps are called "pram ramps" in Australian road design, and the regular tag "ramp:stroller" is an Americanism. I will of course correct to common usage. It obviously represents a vehicle access suitabil...
12017-09-26 10:16:15 UTCmueschel Hi,
you have used the tag "school way = yes" on this area and some buildings - could you explain the meaning? It is not a common tag. If this is a school, the correct tag is "amenity = school".
Cheers, Jan
12017-09-08 10:31:59 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added some tags like psv:turn:lanes here. I think this should be turn:psv:lanes.

The main key is turn (you want to tag turn lanes), and the transportation mode is "psv". This is the same order like e.g. in maxspeed:hgv

Cheers, Jan
22017-09-25 18:33:36 UTCVentlan Hello,
you might be right, though I could not find any documentation regarding this kind of combination of tags. I will need to think about it.
32017-09-25 18:48:11 UTCmueschel Comprehensive documentation is really a problem. In general the order for almost all tags is:

I tried to compile a summary of keys and possible suffixes, but I didn't take the time to translate it to English yet...
42017-09-30 19:19:32 UTCVentlan Ok, all changed, thanks for bringing it up.
12017-09-24 10:14:03 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this node? Is "Bottu" the name?

Cheers, Jan
22017-09-24 10:33:09 UTCSL_Mapper Yes, invalid key corrected.

12017-09-22 20:19:46 UTCmueschel Hi,
willkommen bei OSM!
Zwei Anmerkungen zu deiner Änderung habe ich: Die Breite hast du als "1,5" angegeben - OSM verwendet die englische Schreibweise mit Punkt als Dezimaltrenner.

Und: motorcar \t= agricultural stand vorher schon da - das klingt komisch, normalerweise stehen a...
22017-09-23 18:12:37 UTCAlibaer Danke für den Hinweis mit den 1.5 Metern.
Die zweite Bemerkung mit dem motorcar....verstehe ich nicht. Was müsste ich verwenden, wenn es ein geteerter Weg ist, auf dem kein Auto fahren kann/ darf, aber kein Straßenschild mit den von dir genannten Zahlen angebracht ist?
32017-09-23 18:29:20 UTCmueschel Hier kannst du dir das zusammenstellen:
"motorcar" ist in der Regel zu speziell, weil z.B. Lastwagen, Motorräder und Taxis nicht eingeschlossen sind. "motorisierter Verkehr" wäre "motor_vehicle".
42017-09-23 18:34:30 UTCAlibaer Ich werde mit das Morgen noch mal anschauen. Ich bin mir aber ziemlich sicher, dass kein Schild angebracht ist, aber ich habe noch nie ein Auto gesehen, dass da gefahren wäre, für größere Fahrzeuge wäre der Weg zu schmal. Gruß Albert
12017-09-23 18:00:15 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the tag "emigrated = yes' on these buildings - this tag is not common, could you explain its meaning?
Btw, please do not add "building=yes" on nodes, only on the way representing the shape.

12017-09-23 17:51:53 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the tags "phone:fr" and "fax:fr" on several nodes - these are not common. Is there any specific reason to mention a language code on the phone number? E.g. is there another number answered in English?
12017-09-23 11:24:30 UTCmueschel Hallo,
für welchen Zeitraum ist hier gesperrt? Bei ~Monaten ist es besser, mit "temporary" zu arbeiten, sonst kann es zu späteren Problemen mit Anwendungen kommen die ihre Daten nur selten aktualisieren, oder wenn vergessen wird die Sperrung wieder aufzuheben. Siehe https://wik...
12017-09-23 11:21:33 UTCmueschel Hallo,
willkommen bei OSM!

access \tprivate
highway \tservice
maxspeed \t20
name \tSpielstrasse

Welche Schilder stehen da genau an der Straße? Nach deinem Tagging müsste da ein 20 km/h Schild stehen. Ist das wirklich so?
Auch wenn dort ein Schild "Privatweg" steht, is...
12017-09-22 20:32:22 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain the meaning of this tag?
Building:ele - this has not been used before and is not documented.
Building:wall_mat - this tag is also unknown and should be "building:material" - would you mind changing this to the common tag?

Cheers, Jan
12017-09-22 11:23:20 UTCmueschel Hi,
what do you mean with this key? "recycling:books_&_music"? Is it a public open bookshelf?
22017-09-22 14:11:50 UTCmanof25 Hi,
This recycling bin is for people to deposit books and CDs/DVDs. No these bins are not bookshelves.
32017-09-22 14:31:32 UTCmueschel Alright, according to
The common tags for this are recycling:books and recycling:cds.
12017-09-22 11:31:45 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the leaf_type and leef_type tags here?
12017-09-22 11:28:42 UTCmueschel Hi,
was heißt denn "phonezx"?
22017-10-15 16:45:45 UTCDeus Figendi Das ist eine gute Frage, vielleicht habe ich mich da irgendwie vertippt oder mein Telefon. Wenn es mir nicht einfällt kann ich das auch löschen.
32017-10-16 12:15:57 UTCfreebeer Und warum name=Sitzbank ?
Das kennt man schon von amenity=bench ...
Oder heisst es dreimal offiziell Sitzbank?
12017-09-20 10:46:04 UTCmueschel Hi,
the tag "static = true" is new and not used in other places. Could you explain its meaning?

Thanks, Jan
12017-09-20 10:42:20 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM! Please watch out for the correct spelling of tags, I found several mistakes here like
"buillding" -> "building" or
"Building" -> "building" and some spaces in the key.

I fixed some mistakes, could you have another look and see i...
12017-09-19 10:55:00 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added these new tags to some nodes - could you explain there meaning?
UMR Espace Dev
UMR Espace-Dev

22017-09-19 11:04:07 UTCchris_seas Hi
It's just a test that i forget to delete. Thank you for your question.
12017-09-19 10:47:03 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added these keys on 350 objects:
is_in_municipality, is_in_state.
The correct spelling is
is_in:municipality and is_in:state. Could you change this?

Cheers, Jan
12017-09-18 19:31:26 UTCmueschel Hallo Christoph,
du hast hier einen ganzen Stadtteil als Zahnarzt markiert. Ich mache diese Änderung mal rückgängig, bitte trage die Daten nochmal ein, an einem eigenen Knoten.

Gruß, Jan
12017-09-17 17:26:08 UTCmueschel Hi,
das Tag, das du hier verwendest ist ungewöhnlich. Meinst du vielleicht

Gruß, Jan
22017-09-17 17:59:04 UTCsha256_ Vielen Dank für deinen Tipp! Ich habs angepasst.
12017-09-17 16:26:03 UTCmueschel Hallo,
einen Verbesserungsvorschlag habe ich: Kannst du die Häuser genauso rechteckig machen wie sie es in Wirklichkeit sind? In iD geht das einfach mit der Taste "S".
Gruß, Jan
12017-09-16 19:00:36 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the phone numbers here? Copy and paste didn't work correctly.

22017-10-02 16:25:44 UTCHarald Hartmann And `Ramacca=Margherito`, too. What is it for?
32017-10-04 05:45:24 UTCAury88 WOW..I don't know what happened here. I copy-pasted the tag from a node to a closed way with JOSM and this is the first time this results in a mess (not knowing this could happen I didn't check ) . thank you guys for reporting to my attention all this
12017-09-16 15:37:01 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you clarify all the access tags here? They don't make too much sense. E.g. nobody is allowed to walk there, unless having a bicycle with them. Horses are allowed if they have permission by the owner.

And I also don't understand the meaning o...
12017-09-16 11:40:25 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check these two nodes, they both have a strange tag like "1-39 = 1-20"

12017-09-15 10:57:35 UTCmueschel Hi,
in this changeset you added some address tags - could you make sure that the key, e.g. "addr:دائرة" is in English, and one of the keys mentioned in the Wiki?

Cheers, Jan
12017-09-15 10:39:23 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used a new tag on these roads, "Kilátó sor" - could you explain its meaning? Keys should always be in English and should be documented in the wiki, so that people can understand and use them properly.

Cheers, Jan
22017-09-19 12:00:53 UTCTérképszerkesztő Hello Jan,
Thanks your observation, but it wasn't me.
Nevertheless I modified it, so it's proper now.
12017-09-15 08:48:11 UTCmueschel Hi,
here is a way with only foreign tags:
22017-09-15 09:32:59 UTCAlan Bragg deleted tags, added new
12017-09-14 14:26:31 UTCaharvey Hi!

The way you edited has 3 lanes only the left most is psv only, the rightmost two are normal.

I've changed the tags over to use lanes:psv=designated|yes|yes, per but still no...
22017-09-14 19:56:49 UTCmueschel Ah ok, this I couldn't see when reading the tags.
The correct tagging is:
vehicle:lanes = no | |
psv:lanes = designated | |

'lanes:psv' can only be used to mark that there is a psv lane, but doesn't tell anything about where it is.
32017-09-15 01:25:57 UTCaharvey Sorry you're right, thanks for that! is only for marking out how many psv lanes exist, not where they are. describes marking out where those psv lanes are.

12017-09-14 12:46:54 UTCtrigpoint What does GPB mean?
22017-09-14 18:26:51 UTCfreebeer GRRRRREAT Pr*>pop<*thudKLONK*itish bounds...
Has anybody seen me teeth?
32017-09-14 19:51:44 UTCmueschel Sure... it was "currency:gbp", I wanted to fix it to capital letters... and mixed them up. Thanks for pointing out!
12017-09-14 10:10:26 UTCmueschel Hi,
if this is a helipad, could you add the the common tag
aeroway = helipad?

Thanks, Jan
22017-09-17 03:11:20 UTCRichard L Removed:
Thanks for notifying.
12017-09-14 10:05:21 UTCmueschel Hallo,
schau doch bitte hier mal nach dem Tag " build:c = gate" - das verstehe ich nicht.
Gruß, Jan
12017-09-13 20:42:37 UTCmueschel Hi,
willkommen bei OSM! Das sieht für mich alles richtig erfasst aus (ob das Gebäude da wirklich steht kann ich mangles Ortskenntnis natürlich nicht bestätigen).
Gruß, Jan
12017-09-08 20:01:47 UTCmueschel Hi,
willkommen bei OSM! Ist das hier ein richtiger Kreisel mit Insel oder nur ein markierter mini_roundabout ohne Insel?
Im ersten Fall muss ein junction=roundabout an den runden Weg. Bei einem Kreisel ohne Insel sollte die gezeichnete Geometrie bei der normalen Kreuzung bleiben, nur der Kreuzung...
22017-09-12 16:29:17 UTCVingHS Hallo,
Dankeschön. Das wusste ich nicht, aber ich schaue es mir nochmal an. Es handelt sich nämlich nur um einen aufgemalten Kreisverkehr.
32017-09-12 18:44:15 UTCmueschel 👍 So sieht es gut aus. Die Mühe mit "direction" brauchst du dir eigentlich nicht machen, die normale Richtung lässt sich ja aus dem Land ableiten.
12017-09-12 08:17:31 UTCmueschel Hi,
there are two ways with many foreign tags, looks like a mistake:

22017-09-12 08:18:48 UTCmueschel Here as well:
maybe there are more.
32017-09-12 11:03:52 UTCAlan Bragg Thanks, tags have been deleted.
12017-09-11 20:14:25 UTCmueschel Hi,
zwei Anmerkungen zu deinen Edits habe ich:
Häuser haben in der Regel rechte Winkel, bitte zeichne sie auch entsprechend. In iD, das Gebäude markieren und "S" drücken.
Außerdem gibt es jetzt hier einige Adressen doppelt und dreifach. Wenn du die Adresse an ein Ge...
12017-09-11 11:23:57 UTCmueschel Hi,
you are using some new tags to describe fire hydrants. There is already an established scheme for tagging used thousands of times, including these tags:

See here for more:
22017-09-11 16:25:15 UTCsimone_girardelli Use automatic translation.

Hello mueschel,
tags you quoted are those of today in this page [0] there are changes with new tags, they replace some tags for hydrants or similar.
The page should be in the approval phase and a short (there is certainty) become predefined tags for the mapping of hyd...
32017-09-11 18:31:52 UTCmueschel There is no voting on this proposal yet. Please wait until it has been accepted before changing the tagging of existing nodes on a larger scale.
42017-09-11 19:51:22 UTCsimone_girardelli You speak italian? :)

Grant me a month, Meanwhile I am Italian mailing list, if from them I recommend to stay with old tags, up to the final vote, give to replace the tags.

Maybe someone intervenes in the comments of the changeset, let me also this, at the bottom it is to understand what tags ...
52017-09-11 20:10:40 UTCmueschel I'm fine with a new tagging scheme, but we have to keep in mind that this might break existing tools, that don't understand these tags yet.
62017-09-13 07:08:15 UTCmiox Hi. I agree with mueschel. Before changing the tagging scheme it had better to update the tools that use this data like osmhydrant and openfiremap.
72017-09-13 17:13:50 UTCsimone_girardelli Ciao, ho rimesso i vecchi tag, per favore controllate se è a osto, ho lasciato wrench=pentagonal, erchè mi pare un dettaglio aggiuntivo che non influisce.

Ciao e grazie per le vostre eventuali.
82017-09-15 13:53:44 UTCmiox Per me Ok
12017-09-11 19:49:03 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added pharamcy opening hours here using the key "pharmacy_hours" - this has not been used in any other place yet. What exactly is the intended meaning and difference to opening_hours?
Cheers, Jan
12017-09-10 11:15:46 UTCmueschel Hi,
zwei Anmerkungen habe ich: Du scheinst von den Bing-Bildern abgemalt zu haben - diese haben hier aber eine schlechte Qualität und auch einen Versatz von mehreren Metern. Schalte besser auf "Esri World Imagery" um, diese Bilder sind wesentlich besser.

Die Häuser sollten au...
12017-09-10 11:11:06 UTCmueschel Hi,
we do have the sidewalk key.
If there is a sidewalk on both sides and both have the same surface the tagging would be

sidewalk = both
sidewalk:surface = asphalt

12017-09-10 10:08:25 UTCmueschel Moin,
willkommen bei OSM. In diesem Edit ist aber leider etwas schief gegangen. Die Straße führt jetzt mitten durch ein Haus und zwei Zäune. Wurde da irgendetwas abgerissen?

Beim Anschließen an den Zeilsheimer Weg hast du auch noch einen Knoten des Zauns mit verschoben.
22017-09-10 12:18:29 UTCTourenbikerFKB Diverse Indizien deuten darauf hin, dass das Gebäude und der Zaun Geschichte sind. Ich war aber selber nicht dort und Abmalen gilt ja nicht :-)
32017-09-10 12:31:36 UTCTourenbikerFKB Hintergrundinfo:;art676,2472625
42017-09-22 20:50:52 UTCcor73 Hallo DÄD, hier ist wohl noch mehr schief gelaufen, auch die komplette Fläche nordwestlich des Zeilsheimer Wegs heißt jetzt Tierheim Kelkheim, hier wurde aus landuse=farmland buildung=yes. Das habe ich mal korrigiert.

Das Bei einem Besuch vor Ort musste ich zudem feststellen, dass...
12017-09-10 10:02:13 UTCmueschel Dieses Museum heißt doch sicher nicht "Museum"? Und dieser Tag macht auch wenig Sinn: "Tabakspeicher = tourism=museum"

Gruß, Jan
22017-09-10 15:06:51 UTCRailAir Hallo Jan,
danke für den Hinweis. Ist jetzt behoben.
Gruß, Bernd
12017-09-09 14:42:45 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found several objects with many strange tags like this one:

ILCE_ID = 12
admn_level = 5
cdk_id = admr.istb.fatih.katip.kasim
ilce_lcase = Fatih
12017-09-09 13:46:23 UTCmueschel Hi,
willkommen bei OSM.

Du hast dem Feldweg die Tags
surface=unpaved und tracktype=grade1
gegeben. Das passt nicht zusammen, schau da mal ins Wiki:

Die ganzen Zusatztags wie mtb:* sind richtig aber eigentlich nicht nötig, solange d...
22017-09-09 16:23:12 UTCradler21 Danke für den Hinweis. Hab´s schon geändert.
gruß Wolfgang
12017-09-09 09:47:38 UTCmueschel Hi,
mit dem Verschieben von Objekten per Satellitenbild muss man vorsichtig sein. Gerade die "neuen" Bing Bilder, die es seit ein paar Monaten gibt haben einen großen Versatz. Also am besten immer mit den anderen verfügbaren Quellen abgleichen. Da wären die Bilder von Esri...
22017-09-10 18:34:38 UTCShmias können wir es in dem fall einfach rückgängig machen?
12017-09-08 19:57:20 UTCmueschel 👍 Alles richtig eingetragen. Mit JOSM als Editor lassen sich solche Beschränkungen einfacher bearbeiten.
12017-09-08 19:50:28 UTCmueschel Hi,
anstelle den Knoten zu löschen, kannst du ihn auch stehen lassen. Für leerstehende Läden haben wir den Tag "shop = vacant". Wenn die Gefahr besteht, dass andere die Schließung nicht mitbekommen haben und den POI wieder hinzufügen könnten - setz noch eine...
12017-09-08 19:39:41 UTCmueschel Hi Alex,
meinst du, da steht ein Schild 'Einfahrt verboten' wie am Ende einer Einbahnstraße? D.h. man darf da durchaus rausfahren? Dann müsste man das etwas komplizierter Taggen mit einer Abbiegebeschränkung. Im Augenblick sperrt das "motor_vehicle=no" ja den Verkehr in be...
22017-09-11 08:25:27 UTCAlex Makarov Hi, actually the gate was half-closed when I was driving by - so I think it was completely closed for drive-through. Maybe it's temporarily though.
12017-09-08 10:56:45 UTCmueschel Hallo,
wie sind diese Zugangsbeschränkungen zu verstehen? Sa/So ist das ganze Jahr über zu? Dann sollte das Tag sein:
access:conditional =\tno @ (oct-may);\tno @ (Sa-Su)

Und gilt das auch für Fußgänger? Sonst müsste da statt access vehicle oder sogar motor_vehicle...
22017-09-13 13:47:26 UTCanonym33 Ja, jetzt müsste es stimmen, das Fahrverbot Samstags und Sonntags gilt nur auf der Glarner Seite zwischen Richisau und der Kantonsgrenze, und es gilt nur für Motorfahrzeuge (was auch jetzt vermerkt ist).

Die Wintersperre Oktober-Mai gilt für alle, denn da wird halt die Straße...
12017-09-05 18:42:24 UTCmueschel
has "lentil = 0". Did you mean 'level = 0'?

Cheers, Jan
22017-09-05 18:58:29 UTCyourealwaysbe What can i say, not everyone sells lentils :(

Fixed, thanks!
12017-09-04 19:26:07 UTCmueschel Welchen Zweck haben denn diese "Hilfspunkte"?
Gruß, Jan
22017-09-04 23:55:20 UTCberjk Ich habe einen Bekannten, der hat auf einer alten Karte von Hand die alte Grenze zwischen Kirchdorf eingezeichnet.
Durch abpausen und übertragen sind dann die Hilfspunkte entstanden, in der Hoffnung, dass man dort alte Straßen im Ort und alte Feldweg außerorts dann finden kann.
32017-09-04 23:56:04 UTCberjk Anm: da war ja einer mal richtig schnell!
12017-09-04 11:26:41 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added some waste baskets here - amenity=waste_basket is the correct tag for them, but what is the meaning of all the other tags like these:
Name =\tMovable
description =\t19.134763, 72.906701
extrude = \t0
tessellate = \t-1
visibility =\t-1
12017-09-04 11:24:48 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added some copy shops to OSM - could you check them for correct tagging?
Please have a look to the wiki about tagging of these:

If you want to add further information like "A4, A3 (Coloured)", you can put this to a 'desc...
22017-09-11 10:37:50 UTCrasagy Hey Vineet,

Want to add on to Jan’s comment: Details about the print shops need to be added using relevant service tags for shop=copyshop, such as service:copy=yes (for photocopy service), service:print=yes (small set of prints) etc.
32017-09-14 05:31:12 UTCvineetkamboj Hi Rasagy,
I tried to update the tag (shop=copyshop) but still it is not rendering the correct icon.
12017-09-04 11:21:55 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added some addresses with tags like these
addr:قرية=قرية النثيلة

Could you make sure the key only contains english keys as described in the wiki?
12017-09-04 11:19:41 UTCmueschel Are there really 56 police stations in this small area? It could be a "
amenity=security_booth", a tag that is used 74 times already.

Other question: Guard_type=Guard 30: H15 C wing - shouldn't this be a name = ...

And these tags I don't understand, could you explain them?
22017-09-04 20:14:59 UTCudayanvidyanta These are the position of the security guards. I couldn't find an appropriate icon/tag for them, so had to use the one for police.
32017-09-11 11:02:17 UTCrasagy Are these guards at an entrance (better to use barrier=entrance) or at a gate (better to use one of the gates in barrier tag ( Along with that, you can use barrier:personnel=yes (

Also, not a...
12017-09-03 20:38:38 UTCmueschel Was soll dieser Node denn darstellen? Das Tagging nutzt leider keine üblichen Tags, so dass man auch nichts auf ener Karte davon sehen wird.
Gruß, Jan
12017-09-03 12:52:22 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you have a look to this tags?
Technique = 3x (2,38x4,85)
building = bengalow
Could you explain the "Technique" tag? And I guess you meant 'bungalow'.

Cheers, Jan
12017-09-03 12:39:17 UTCmueschel Hallo,
OSM enthält in der Regel keine historischen Daten, wenn Straßen umgebaut wurden, sollten die alten Linien entfernt werden und nicht mit einem (neu erfundenen) Tag "historic:mapping:*" in der Datenbank bleiben. Es handelt sich hier ja auch nur um einen einfachen Umbau ein...
22017-11-20 18:29:43 UTClisa-lias
Hallo mueschel,
danke für die Anmerkung im ersten Satz.
Ich bin mir gerade nicht so ganz sicher welchen Umbau Du im Detail meinst:

Meinst du a) einen potentiellen Umbau(Änderung) der Strassen-Gegebenheiten vor Ort on-the-ground, oder b) den Umbau (Änderung) der OSM Kreu...
32017-11-20 18:34:12 UTClfemak Upps, war gerade mit einen anderen Account eingeloggt.
Gruss lfemak
12017-09-03 12:34:51 UTCmueschel Hallo Daniel,
warum hast du hier im Ort alle Bushaltestellen entweder mit name=Stadtbus Kulmbach oder name=OVF Omnibus Verkehr Franken versehen? Das name-Tag dient dazu, den genauen Namen der Haltestelle zu erfassen, nicht für eine Beschreibung, wessen Busse dort halten.
Gruß, Jan
12017-09-03 10:06:57 UTCmueschel Bitte nicht die Position von Objekten nach Bing korrigieren! Bing-Bilder liegen 5-10 Meter falsch!
12017-06-06 11:15:27 UTCmueschel Hi,
is "Koma-koma" the name of this river?

Cheers, Jan
22017-09-03 08:29:20 UTCLineo Hi Jan,

Yes Koma-koma is the name of the river
32017-09-03 09:28:21 UTCmueschel Thank you for correcting the tags!
12017-09-01 19:29:35 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like you invented a new tag here - "building:eaves:levels" what is its meaning?
Is building:levels and roof:levels not sufficient?

Cheers, Jan
22017-09-02 05:14:27 UTCKingigi Hi Jan,

Thank you for your message.
I tried to add the height and shape of some roofs, using some information I found on the OSM-Wiki.

Triggered by your message I did some more research and found a better way to add this information to OSM usingroof:levels, building:levels, and roof:shape

12017-09-01 09:27:02 UTCmueschel Hi,
I saw the tags "line1" and "line2" on several of bus stops in this area. These tags are not used in other places. The key "route_ref" is used quite often for the purpose of noting the bus services stopping at a node. You can add several numbers / names in a list, s...
12017-09-01 09:23:12 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM!
In these edits you used two tags which are not common: "rain cover" and "sitting cap".
All our software (maps and other tools) can interpret this information only if common tags are used as they are described in the wiki. I think that "rain cover"...
12017-08-31 20:53:25 UTCmueschel Woher hast du diese ganzen access-Tags? An dem ganzen Weg gibt es kein einziges Schild, der Weg ist frei für jedweden Verkehr.
12017-08-31 10:53:48 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the tag "Rue de la Vallée = Rue de Grande Maison" to 5 ways, could you check this name tag?
Cheers, Jan
12017-08-29 08:59:47 UTCmueschel Hi,
87 of these railways have a strange tag
"object_type,level=3". Could you check this?
Cheers, Jan
22017-08-29 21:11:13 UTCMelioraCogito I'll remove these tags as they didn't have the effect I was looking for – I was trying to set a map rendering level (1 being the lowest level) for each object as some of the greyed crossovers lines are sitting on top of the darker mainline objects (I tend to get a bit OCD over this kind of iss...
32017-08-29 21:30:23 UTCMelioraCogito P.S. – changes made.

42017-08-30 18:59:27 UTCmueschel Looks like the rendering order is not yet perfect for rails. Everything related to "how it looks like" is usually a matter of the renderer and 'solving' the error by changing the tagging should usually not be done.
The default OSM style can be found here:
12017-08-29 11:24:45 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added several relations with only foreign tags - could you change those to common OSM tags?

Cheers, Jan
12017-08-28 13:54:30 UTCmueschel Hallo,
was möchtest du mit "wheelchair:description = geschlossen!" ausdrücken? Wenn das Restaurant nicht mehr existiert, sollte das auch so eingetragen werden.
Gruß, Jan
22017-08-28 19:54:54 UTCHAZET Hallo Jan,
das ist relativ einfach zu erklären. Ich habe die Markierung über Wheelmap gemacht - dort kann man nicht löschen. Und da mir die Warnung an Rollstuhlfahrer wichtiger war als korrektes Vorgehen, habe ich es erst mal so gemacht. Für Rollifahrer ist nichts blöder, a...
32017-08-28 19:57:55 UTCHAZET Ist offensichtlich schon gelöscht, dann ist doch alles gut.
42017-08-28 19:57:58 UTCmueschel Ich glaube nicht, dass dort zu ist - es gibt ein aktuelles Wochenmenü.
52017-08-28 19:58:51 UTCHAZET Dann hat es vielleicht einen anderen Inhaber? Anderes Lokal eingezogen?
62017-08-28 20:03:51 UTCHAZET Irgendwas stimmt doch mit diesem Knoten nicht. Wieso bekomme ich die Adresse nicht mehr?
Der Schanzenstern ist umgezogen nach Altona, Bartelsstraße ist passé.
12017-08-28 14:02:03 UTCmueschel Hi,
ist zwar schon ewig her, aber der Grenzverlauf hier kommt mir komisch vor. Hast du da irgendwo eine nutzbare Quelle?

Gruß, Jan
22017-08-28 19:08:23 UTCMichaH Das sieht mir so aus als ob ich hier damals diesen einen Knoten der Grenze versehendlich verschoben habe.
12017-08-28 13:57:20 UTCmueschel Hallo,
welche Bedeutung hat das Tag "wiki_link ="? Wenn es hier WLAN gibt, dann bitte mit "internet_access..." eintragen.
12017-08-28 11:41:19 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the name of this street, I guess it is wrong.

Carrera 45A = Ciudadela Guadalupe
name = Calle 5A
12017-08-28 11:20:54 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you have a look to these edits? There are 89 ways with the key 'cyclway' instead of 'cycleway'.

Cheers, Jan
12017-08-27 16:44:45 UTCmueschel Woher hast du denn diese merkwürdige Linienführung der 64 am Bahnhof? Durch die Seestraße fährt er sicher nicht, sonst käme er auch nicht am Bussteig A vorbei.
22017-08-28 11:59:10 UTCTetiSoft Danke für den Hinweis, jetzt hält er erst an A dann an B und nutzt nicht die Seestraße.
12017-08-27 11:13:01 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the tagging?

phar = pha looks like a mistake.

Cheers, Jan
12017-08-27 11:12:09 UTCmueschel Hi,
Is this a restrictions for cars higher than the given value? Then it should be
... @ height > 13'6"
We're referring to the actual size of the vehicle, not a restriction like 'maxheight'.

Cheers, Jan
22017-08-27 16:19:49 UTCdannykath Hi, mueschel! Thank you for you attentiveness. Of course, in this case it is forbidden to drive cars higher than 13'6'', not equal to 13'6''.
I fixed TR according to you comment. Best regards Danny
12017-08-27 09:24:04 UTCmueschel Hi,
I saw that you added destination tags to roads. In some cases you mixed up the order of key, subkey and suffix, e.g.

destination:lanes:colour -> destination:colour:lanes
destination:backward:ref -> destination:ref:backward
I think I fixed most of them, maybe you can check this as wel...
22017-08-28 16:59:44 UTCd3mol3k thx Jan
12017-08-26 18:12:18 UTCmueschel Hallo,
willkommen bei OSM!
Bitte schau mal hier im Wiki nach, wie Ladestationen üblicherweise getagged werden - das muss konsistent sein, damit Anwendungen mit den Informationen etwas anfangen können.

Wenn du Frage...
12017-08-25 11:48:16 UTCAsgerFrank Korte spærringsændringer kan være problematiske, men husk i det mindste om muligt selv at rette tilbage, det er ikke sikkert andre gør.
22017-08-25 11:56:44 UTCmueschel Hi,
I didn't add this oneway tag, I just corrected it to a scheme that is already in use, see the history:

The good thing about the temporary:* scheme is that nobody has to remember to remove it - the end date is given in the value, so there are...
32017-08-25 12:04:02 UTCAsgerFrank Great, apparently my comment is completely unnecessary; I must educate myself
12017-08-25 10:59:40 UTCmueschel Hi,
why did you delete so many existing buildings and redraw them? In general, this is considered bad practice because it delete the history of an object.

I also doubt that all these buildings actually have this shape - most buildings are rectangular.

Third, you added the tag "building=...
12017-08-25 10:49:24 UTCmueschel Hi,
I saw that you added destination tags to roads. In some cases you mixed up the order of key, subkey and suffix, e.g.

lanes:destination -> destination:lanes
destination:lanes:colour -> destination:colour:lanes

I think I fixed most of them, maybe you can check this as well.
In gene...
12017-08-22 18:36:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way?
All of the tags despite highway=path are no tags that are common in OSM.

12017-08-22 18:28:51 UTCmueschel Hi,
what do you mean by "casher = no"? This tag is not used in any other place.

Cheers, Jan
12017-08-22 18:25:40 UTCmueschel Hi,
something went wrong with this import. more than 1700 nodes have only strange tags like these:
addr_stre=Les Fleurs

I can't find this import in the Wiki\...
22017-08-23 06:22:12 UTCCUSPC Hi, I can not find them anymore. There are only the correct ones. The didier2020 correction is correct. Thank you
12017-08-19 18:30:45 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the tag "maxwheight" to two ways. I can't decide whether this should be 'maxweight' or 'maxheight'.

12017-08-19 14:17:14 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this node, it has only foreign tags:

Cheers, Jan
22017-08-19 17:06:58 UTCAndersAndersson I forgot to remove the tags added by the GPS. It is now fixed.
12017-08-19 14:15:00 UTCmueschel Hallo,
ich kann im "Gästebrief" den du als Quelle angibst, keinen Hinweis zu einer Lizenz erkennen, der es erlaubt die Daten in OSM zu übernehmen. Hast du da eine schriftliche Erlaubnis?
Gruß, Jan
12017-08-06 13:09:30 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the tagging of these nodes? Most have tags which look like they don't belong to OSM, like these:

22017-08-06 13:11:03 UTCmueschel Addendum:
It looks like none of these points is actually part of a road - that is required to be able to use this information e.g. in routing engines.
32017-08-08 21:45:43 UTCDylansc These are all tagged according to People For Bikes OpenStreetMap Tagging Guidelines for HAWKs (signaled crosswalks)... I followed the guidelines listed here

These points aren't part of t...
42017-08-08 23:08:41 UTCmueschel This document is a good reference. But there is no reference to the keys Lat, Lon, STINTERSEC I mentioned above, which should not be there.

Ways consist of points, and the crossing tags need to be on a point that belongs to a way. It's as simple as that.

52017-08-15 22:10:50 UTCDylansc Would the best method for me to fix this be for each 131 nodes:
1. go into "edit with iD" edit mode
2. Delete the 3 unnecessary tags (Lat, Lon, and STINTERSEC)
3. snap it to appropriate intersection/roadway

Additionally, I feel I should add some sort of tag that says specifically a H...
62017-08-16 08:11:45 UTCmueschel Yes, this is a possible way.
a) if you use iD, check all tags again after snapping the node to the intersection - some of them are already tagged and this might cause iD to add wrong tags.

b) Are these traffic lights for pedestrians only or do they control the intersection as well?
72017-08-17 18:54:49 UTCDylansc a) noted

b) I think you are incorrect for "if they control the whole intersection, use highway=traffic_lights, there is no further tagging needed" (first off I think you meant to say highway=traffic_signals).

according to:
82017-08-17 18:59:37 UTCmueschel Yes, you are right. I was a too concise here.
I only described the highway=* tag, not the crossing=*, which is equal in both cases.

"There is no further tagging needed..." was meant to be a new paragraph addressing your question on how to make clear it is HAWK.
92017-08-17 19:07:54 UTCDylansc Great! I'll proceed in correcting the errors one by one.

12017-08-17 10:55:00 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added tags like this one to more than 200 objects. Could you have a look and remove them?
extensions \t<extensions xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:ogr="" xmlns="">
12017-08-17 10:45:21 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added some ways with only strange tags like this one:
Could you have a look and fix this?

Cheers, Jan
12017-08-17 10:40:13 UTCmueschel Hi,
it looks like this and another changeset added 51 objects with strange tags like these:

22017-08-17 11:30:45 UTCLogicalViolinist Sorry about that, ill remove them
32017-08-17 12:18:55 UTCLogicalViolinist Corrected in:
mueschel has contributed to 500 changeset discussions(s) with a total of 996 comment(s) (limit: 500 changesets)