Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12017-12-14 09:25:31 UTCrorym Hi! You asked for a review, and similar to that last changeset ( ), you've got the mapping for the tree a little wrong.
12017-12-14 09:24:43 UTCrorym Hi, Welcome to OSM! You asked for a review, so here it is.

You've added on object in this change ( ), and er, that's not quite right. In OSM we use the "name" tag for, well, the name of things. And we need some extra tags to explain *what* t...
12017-12-12 08:26:26 UTCrorym You asked for a review, so here it is. Nothing wrong with this. The GNS data is a bit hairy, it's good to clean it up as you go along.

I think most geocoding software won't actually use those tags to figure out the county, so it was unlikely to have broken anything. 🤷

Still, good to have it...
22017-12-12 09:58:12 UTCEoghanM Thanks, probably in the back of my mind knew that the tags came from some sort of erroneous an automatic import (GNS data). Thanks for alleviating my concerns :D
32017-12-12 10:09:20 UTCrorym It is written on the "note" of the node! 😉😉
42017-12-12 10:43:10 UTCEoghanM Should that note be removed now that humans have reviewed the place??
I saw that note, but the uncertainty was from where the information 'place_county->Waterford' originally came from; e.g. was it someone at 'GNS' (I don't know what that is btw) making a special note to ensure that the exceptio...
12017-12-11 10:50:39 UTCrorym Hi, you added a point for "highest point in tory island" (this point: ), and it has lately been changed in this changeset ( ), saying that the elevation value was probably w...
22017-12-11 12:46:52 UTCmbe57 Yes. SRTM and Wikipedia indicates that Dún Bhaloir is the hightes point, at around 88 meters.
So I suppose the 200+ values for peaks in OSM are meant - without notice - to be in feet (which is not OSM standard unit ...)
32017-12-11 13:59:26 UTCrorym The original value from 7 years ago was "280m", and 280 feet is 85 metres. 🤷
12017-12-11 10:50:55 UTCrorym It looks like that value of 280m was added in 2010 by pf_irl ( ), I've left a comment on that changeset.
12017-12-07 15:48:09 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM. You asked for a review of this change, so here it is.

I'm afraid you've made a bit of a mistake with this building ( ) by putting it on top of what's marked as a road in OSM ( ) from looking...
12017-12-07 09:10:09 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM! You asked for a review of this edit, so here it is.

You're right, this *is* 2 "paths" on the top and the bottom. (I was there recently).

You've added `footway=sidewalk` to the path, and I don't think that's right, since it's not a path beside a road you can drive ...
22017-12-07 09:45:08 UTCJohnUnr34l Thank you for your reply, If you look at the other pier, the west pier, it is the same and so are the other juts in the water. I have even checked the Wicklow piers and they are done the same way with paths. I agree, it doesn't seem like the right way, but for continuity I thought to keep them the s...
32017-12-07 09:48:00 UTCrorym I might take a look later, see if I can clean it up a little
12017-12-06 12:26:27 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM! You asked for a review, so here it is.

This looks good. You've added some details to the new coastal trail (like width/lit/etc). You've connected the path to the road, which is important for topology/routing.

You have the path going slightly into the sea at the coastline co...
12017-12-05 16:39:20 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM! You asked for a review, so here it is. This looks like a fine edit. Adding some footways, and you've correctly ensured they are connected to the roads (which is important for routing).

The building you added looks fine. If you know more details of the building (like what sort ...
12017-12-03 16:15:23 UTCrorym Welcome to OSM! This looks like a nice edit, making the map better. :)
12017-12-03 16:12:30 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM. In this changeset, you said you added an irish name", but I can't see any Irish name on this road ( )
22017-12-03 19:30:54 UTCTOSiochain Hi. Sorry, I forgot to change the note after a previous edit.
I actually changed the usage of the road to private.
12017-12-03 16:09:51 UTCrorym Does it make sense to add a name tag to a stretch of coastline? Do you mean to add the name of the island? There already is the name on the townland ( ) so i don't think you need another name here?
12017-12-01 15:14:50 UTCrorym You asked for a review, so here it is.

Firstly you changed the lane to `building=residental`, which is wrong. All the buildings are mapped, so it would be better to delete the way itself.
22017-12-02 09:30:56 UTCandrefantin Thank you! Didn't know I could remove it. Done now.
12017-12-01 10:57:09 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM! You asked for a review, so here it is.

This is perfectly fine. Nothing wrong here. 👍

In OSM we can add more detail than just the building. In this changeset ( ) I have added an `amenity=fuel` object inside this, this tells...
12017-11-30 18:32:06 UTCrorym You asked for a review, so here it is.

I was in the area recently and went through this junction. It has been changed from a roundabout to a regular intersection, so this looks good
12017-11-30 18:25:56 UTCrorym You asked for a reviewof this edit, but surely an OSM note would be more appropriate
12017-11-29 09:37:38 UTCrorym Hi! You changed a few tags from building=yes to landuse=farm here. which isn't right. "landuse" tags are for, well, landuses. Buildings are on land. :) So you should keep the building=yes tag. I've fixed it up
12017-11-25 12:16:43 UTCrorym You requested a review, so here it is.

This looks good and fine. 3 buildings mapped well. You added building=house which is more detailed (ie better) than just building=yes. iD (& JOSM) have a 'make right angled' feature, which is good for buildings

You missing the extension on the house ...
12017-11-24 09:28:28 UTCrorym Hi! Just a note: You added a few stones but forgot to add a natural=rock tag to them, which means it couldn't be used. I've added that tag to them here, I took a guess that they were all rocks.
12017-11-17 12:04:30 UTCrorym Hi, you added some buildings here. I've fixed up the duplicate smaller building on the behind the house
12017-11-17 12:01:13 UTCrorym Hi, you added a large square landuse=farmland (and a smaller area=yes area) in this change.

I'm not sure what you were trying to do here, but it's not great mapping... I have removed them here
12017-11-17 11:51:18 UTCrorym Hi. I noticed you added some addr:place=Swords here (and in other changesets). Are you sure that's right? I don't really know much about addr:place, but the docs on the wiki ( ) say it shouldn't be for places which also have an addr:street, which so...
22017-11-27 08:55:07 UTCBCNorwich Hello, you are quite right about the wiki and I was unaware of the advice not to use addr:street and addr:place together. I don't think it has any detrimental effect except to add unnecessary data.
I think I've now removed all tags addr:place=Swords that I added. If you see any I missed could you p...
12017-11-15 12:06:59 UTCrorym Hi, you added a lot of areas in this edit without any tags, you just had the default area=yes tag, which doesn't really change anything. I've removed most of them in this changeset ( ).

We don't *really* map fields in OSM. You can always map the wa...
12017-11-14 17:55:50 UTCrorym Hi, you added a few untagged nodes in this changeset. I'm not sure what they are, but I've removed them here
12017-11-14 17:01:29 UTCrorym Hi, you've mapped a lot of cars in this edit. I'm afraid we don't map cars in OSM, they tend to move around ;)
12017-11-09 15:55:25 UTCrorym Review requested, so here we go.

I'm not so sure about this edit. You've changed the "place" node, which is for, well, the village. Adding the Wikipedia link is fine. But the tourism tag is wrong. It's not for a listing of things that are available like that.

OSM Is geographical, so ...
12017-11-09 15:51:39 UTCrorym Review requested, so here we go. Another good edit. Lots of nice detailed information, like contact details for phone & website. International phone numbers are best (I might go through and fix that up sometime)
12017-11-09 15:49:54 UTCrorym Review request, so here we go! Another good edit. Lots of local data here. Like the last edit, you don't really need the addr:city because of Irish addresses. It's good you added the community hall.
12017-11-09 15:47:36 UTCrorym You requested a review, so here we are. Another good edit. Lots of good, local knowledge info added here.

Few points: The "operator" tag is really used for things like "What bank operates this ATM?" (Important for possible ATM fees), or "What bus company operates this rou...
12017-11-09 15:36:22 UTCrorym You requested a review, and I've covered it in the review of the other changeset ( ), this node should probably be deleted
12017-11-09 15:30:39 UTCrorym You requested a review of this change, so here we go.

This broadly looks pretty good. Local knowledge is good for OSM, and what it's all about. You've added a few important details to the pub. We don't need the description really, since no-one uses that. It's better to come up with proper tags to...
22017-11-09 15:35:53 UTCrorym (Oh, and welcome to OSM!)
12017-11-09 13:47:09 UTCrorym You requested a review, so here it is. Similar to the last edits, highway=residential isn't good for driveways. Squaring your buildings makes it better.

Thanks for adding opening hours to the shop, that sort of info requires local knowledge!
12017-11-09 13:45:23 UTCrorym You asked for a review of this edit, and that all looks fine to me. Watch out for the admin boundaries, we have a lot of little ones in Ireland.
12017-11-06 15:22:34 UTCrorym Hi. You added a GAA pitch here ( ). But you put sport=soccer. Which can't be right! Is it gaelic football or hurling? If it's both you can put sport=gaelic_games
12017-11-06 14:50:57 UTCrorym Hi, you only added an area=yes tag to this building ( ). You don't need that tag when it's a closed way, and you do need a tag to say what it is. I've added a building=yes tag to it.

And it's best to make geographically small edits, rather than edit a b...
12017-11-06 14:46:39 UTCrorym Hi. You added a building here ( ), but you only added the area=yes tag, you need more than that. I've added the building=yes tag to it. Since it's a closed line, you don't need the area=yes tag.
12017-10-27 09:34:59 UTCrorym You requested a review. Like previous edits, pretty good. Some similar beginner mistakes, like amenity=parking on a node, highway=residental instead of the highway=service,service=driveway.

Here ( ) you mapped it as 2 separate buildings, i.e. 2 ways. I ...
12017-10-26 08:17:24 UTCrorym Hi! You requested a review of this. Similar to your last edits this looks good over all. It's good that you're adding fine details to the car park for Lidl, it's always good to have details! (but low details is better than nothing). Be careful about gluing the carpark to the Lidl building.

You di...
22017-10-26 08:18:07 UTCrorym PS: You can use the S key in iD to make building have right angled corners, which is more accurate.
32017-10-26 13:32:02 UTCNirhaunz Thank you rorym! I'm new to OSM and it's always good to get tips :)
42017-10-26 13:45:01 UTCrorym No problem! That's what the "request a review" feature is for. We all mistakes at the start. (Oh lord, you should see some of the stuff I did at the start!) Keep on mapping!
12017-10-25 10:25:59 UTCrorym Another review! Same as last changeset, pretty good over all, good first start.

You've added 2 buildings ( and ) which are overlapping, this nearly always a mistake. If they don't touch or overhang each other,...
12017-10-25 10:23:23 UTCrorym Welcome to OSM! You asked for a review of this edit, so here it is!

It looks pretty good. iD has a way to "make a building more rectangular" by pressing the S key. Most builings in the real world have right angles, so this makes the buildings you add more realistic.

You added a few b...
12017-10-25 10:15:57 UTCrorym You asked for a review, so here it is. This looks great! I'm not local to Tralee, so I can't check it's there, but I trust you. It's great that you added lots of details, like phone number, postcode, and address data. Keep it up!

One note: The "operator" tag shouldn't be put here, that'...
12017-10-21 16:35:41 UTCrorym You asked for a review of this, so here it is. You've put name=Main St., when the street should be expanded, but you fixed that later. So all good. 👍
22017-10-23 16:43:30 UTCmircozorzo Thank you!
12017-10-21 16:31:34 UTCrorym You asked for a review of this, but this looks good. tourism tag is better than the bodgy amentiy
12017-10-19 10:28:34 UTCNakaner Hi DLOK,

you imported lots of unconnected sidewalks in this import. I am writing you because I emailed to the imports mailing list and have asked some other users who participated in this import to pause the import and fix all errors.
22017-10-19 16:49:24 UTCmikelmaron @Nakaner -- You are not in position to demand fixes and threaten reverts. We do not deal with each other in this way in our community -- we work with each other to make a better map, in good faith. From what I can see, your concerns are understood, discussion is happening, and things are moving.
32017-10-19 21:27:14 UTCDLOK Hmm.. clarify: The direction given at the time was only to check these lines against aerial imagery ensuring they represent sidewalks, and not getting onto roadways and ends at where sidewalks end (thus they would not be necessary connected); then import them. This was based on verbal directions and...
42017-10-20 09:14:51 UTCrorym Hi @DLOK, it's always good to get feedback from what people were were advised. Yes the OSM database is used for many things, rendering the map, and making routing/navigation. Some of the things you added here can break that, which is what Nakaner is referring to. It's probably good to ensure that, i...
12017-10-18 14:57:18 UTCrorym Hello! And welcome to OSM! I'm rorym, one of the active OSMers from Ireland, and I see you requested a review of this change, so here we go!

Overall it's very good. 👍 You've added houses that were missing, and included details that we can't get from aerial imagery, like addresses. Addresses ar...
12017-10-17 11:44:05 UTCrorym You requested a review, so here it is! Similar to other edits this is perfectly fine and correct.

Using a building=barn here (it looks like a barn) makes the map better than just building=yes. There are a few other buildings around which you didn't map. While you're in an area, why not just map a...
12017-10-17 09:45:20 UTCrorym Hi! welcome to OSM! This townland is already mapped here ( ), so I've removed the area you added (this one ), in this changeset ( ).

I'll explain more about ...
12017-10-17 08:46:29 UTCrorym Hi! Review requested, so here we go. You've improved the barn as per last feedback! so yay! All good.
12017-10-16 12:48:33 UTCrorym You requested a review of this. Similar to last time ( ), this is a perfectly fine edit. 🙂 Welcome to OSM, and keep up the good work! 👍

Likewise, if you used a more specific building value, that would be better. This looks like a house, so &q...
12017-10-16 12:45:51 UTCrorym Hi! You requested a review. This looks good. Nothing wrong here. You could do things better in future. There are some other buildings to the right of that building which you could map as well. You have tagged this as "building=yes", which isn't *wrong*, but it looks like a barn to me, so &...
12017-10-13 12:20:49 UTCrorym Hi cw1985! Welcome to OSM! I notice you asked for a review of this changeset. You added the CoCo building, that looks fine.

I'm not sure what's going on with Land of the Giants. From the description, it's a walk, around the pond? If so, you shouldn't tag it as a `leisure=park`, since that's for a...
12017-10-13 12:13:32 UTCrorym Hi Pavel80! Welcome to OSM! I noticed you requested a review of this edit. This looks good! 👍

Two things: (i) In this changeset you have spelled the building as "Old quarry", but to the right/west of it is "Old Quarry". Surely they both should have the capital Q?

(ii) Yo...
12017-10-11 13:29:05 UTCrorym Hi, You have changed the name to "Grianán von Aileach", but that's a German name. I don't think that's it's actual name...

Hallo. Du hast die Name zu "Grianán von Aileach" geandert, aber das ist eine deutsche Name. Ich glaube, dass das nicht ihre richtige Name is...
22017-10-11 15:48:44 UTCgeozeisig Ich habe es korrigiert. Ich hoffe es ist so OK sonst ändere es bitte.
12017-09-18 11:35:59 UTCrorym Hi, you added a bus station *inside* Croke Park??? That can't be right. Where's the bus station really?
22017-09-19 08:28:08 UTCrorym I'm sorry, I've deleted this node. It doesn't make sense for there to be a bus station here.

You can see some more comments on this note
12017-09-19 08:08:41 UTCrorym Hi! You added a caravan site ( ), but the `tourism=caravan_site` should only be used for real, proper caravan sites. Not places you can park you caravan.

I've deleted it here ( ) because it's not really...
12017-09-19 08:08:28 UTCrorym Hi! You modified a caravan site ( ), but the `tourism=caravan_site` should only be used for real, proper caravan sites. Not places you can park you caravan.

I've deleted it here ( ) because it's not rea...
12017-07-24 09:14:35 UTCrorym "Tir Na Nog"? Shouldn't that be "Tir na nOg"?
22017-07-24 09:19:21 UTCpjna When surveyed, it said Tir Na Nog on the outside, so that's what I went with.
32017-07-24 10:21:14 UTCrorym Fair point. Sounds like the pub needs to brush up on their Irish orthography!
12017-07-05 08:10:40 UTCrorym Are you *sure* this is a soccer field?? You've just added a note ( ) which says this is called "Renard GAA", if it's GAA then it's *not* soccer?

If you're willing to add the sport=soccer field without local knowledge, then why not add the name ...
22017-07-05 09:31:58 UTCFa7C0N Hi rorym,

I added "soccer" to this field because I got a feedback from one of our user stating the name of the field is "Renard Gaa football field". Since, the field have 'Goal posts' on either side I added "soccer" to the pitch. I have never known about "GAA Fo...
32017-07-05 09:38:17 UTCrorym The name is probably "Renard GAA", though that's almost just a description, I dunno. Be careful about editing in country where you don't know the local culture. :)
42017-07-05 11:51:31 UTCrorym FTR, we've been using the sport=gaelic_games for the sport value of GAA facilites
12017-06-23 13:06:56 UTCrorym Ummm.... Why are you adding sqkm tag? If you need to know the area of a country you can just do a geographic calculation? Have you checked the the values you entered match the currently mapped areas? What happens if there is a difference?
12017-06-17 19:03:55 UTCrorym This church ( ) in the graveyard looks like a ruin.... so it shouldn't be tagged building=yes & amenity=place_of_worship.

Likewise the corner of the graveyard is tagged a place_of_worship, is that right?
12017-06-15 13:16:03 UTCrorym Hi. Now that we have better imagery, I've moved this building to what looks like the only building nearby. I did it in this changeset ( ), and created this building ( ). If I did it ...
22017-06-15 17:04:08 UTCDeanna Earley Looks good, thanks!
12017-06-14 13:49:57 UTCrorym I don't think that's a soccer pitch, I've changed it here
12017-06-13 13:25:42 UTCrorym This building ( ) appears to be in the middle of a field and near a farm
22017-06-13 14:16:29 UTCmackerski The change set appears to relate to some old ODbL cleanup. I may have done a tagging fix or something on this node, but I have no knowledge of the POI itself. I do see buildings nearby that are consistent with the label, but I'm not prepared to move the node without a real source. I have added the l...
12017-06-02 08:33:23 UTCrorym Hi! You added this way here ( ) as a tunnel. That's weird. I can't see any tunnel there on Bing aerial. Are you sure that's right?
12017-05-29 11:18:45 UTCrorym You have added lots of houses on this stretch of the road with the addr:housenumber=Shinrone. Is that correct? addr:housename is the tag to use if the house has a name, not a number. Do all this houses have the same name??
12017-05-26 12:12:39 UTCrorym Hi. Why did you add a (Y) to the end of the name for the library? ( )
12017-05-18 09:34:15 UTCrorym Hi. I'm not sure what the little area here is ( ), but I've removed it because it didn't make much sense
12017-05-15 18:47:37 UTCSomeoneElse I'm guessing that "ref=route" on is a mistagging, but I've no idea what the correct tagging should be there :(
22017-05-16 09:36:36 UTCrorym Yes that's incorrect. The Beara Way is a long distance hiking route around this pennisula ( ), So it should be tagged as that
12017-05-12 12:21:42 UTCrorym Is this riverbank correct? It doesn't look like the river is that large in the aerial imagery....
22017-05-12 12:53:01 UTCdensity52 Yes, this is correct.
32017-05-12 12:54:57 UTCrorym The OSM wiki guidelines for `waterway=riverbank` imply that there should be water there. But I can't see much on the aerial? It looks like there's grass there.... What am I missing?
42017-05-12 13:00:56 UTCdensity52 I have visited the location and there is water. The aerial image must be old.
12017-05-12 12:24:07 UTCrorym Ummm... I don't think this ( ) is a castle, I've changed it here ( )
12017-05-12 12:14:34 UTCrorym Hi , you mapped lots of little campsites around here, But are they all separate? Or are they all part of one big campsite?
12017-05-11 11:54:05 UTCrorym Hi. I noticed you added Martin's Castle. You tagged it as `historic=castle`, however I've undone that ( ) because `historic=castle` is supposed to be for things that were used a long time ago as fortifications, not just things that /look/ like castles...
12017-05-11 11:45:55 UTCrorym Hi! I notice you've changed some of the railways so that they are tagged `historic=Chesapeake and Ohio Railway`, but that's not the correct usage of the `historic` tag, right? What are you trying to map here? Is the old name "Chesapeake and Ohio Railway" or something?
12017-05-11 08:23:46 UTCrorym Hi, This looks like an import? What's up with the Red/Green/Blue tags you have added to many objects (e.g. here )? That doesn't look like real data/real tags
12017-05-02 11:54:36 UTCrorym Is the node ( ) really a castle? Should it be tagged that way if it's not a real castle?
22017-05-02 13:39:07 UTCdwatling No. It is not a real castle even though it is referred to as such. I don't recall deliberately tagging this place as a castle. I'll remove the tag.
32017-05-02 13:49:59 UTCrorym Cool. Yes, just because something is called a "castle" doesn't mean it fits `historic=castle`. e.g. the 'castle' at Disneyland is probably not a real castle.

Is it a hotel/guesthouse? Maybe tag it as that? If not you could just add the `name=Somerset` tag to the building way ( https://w...
42017-05-02 13:51:52 UTCdwatling It is just a private residence. Would having a named "point" be good enough? Or would it be better to name the shape?
52017-05-02 14:00:21 UTCrorym Well, let's get philosophical. *What* is "Somerset"? Is it just the building? then add the name tag to the building. Is the whole residential area called Somerset? Then you could draw a `landuse=residential` and add a name tag to that.
62017-05-02 14:13:51 UTCdwatling It is just the building. I'll go ahead and add it there.

72017-05-02 14:23:45 UTCrorym 🙌 😀 Yay for improving the map
12017-05-02 11:56:50 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM! I don't think this ( ) is really a castle, so I've removed it...
12017-05-02 11:53:37 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM! I noticed you added a few things, which I don't think are 100% correct.... You appear to have tagged your house as a castle. I've remove that here ( ) because when we use `historic=castle` we want that to mean an actual castle. You...
12017-04-10 19:11:13 UTCSK53 We're a bit puzzled by these edits. Boundaries are more or less entirely mapped with relations (and particularly so in Ireland), so there is no need to add the tags to constituent ways. In fact doing so can affect how the map appears as the boundary line may be drawn twice.

In case you haven't s...
22017-04-10 19:29:51 UTCpaulatthehug Indeed the boundary is defined by relations and that certainly works for the default OSM rendering which includes showing it at sea, which we didn't want for the tiles we are building.

So we tried using the tags for a national boundary (boundary=administrative, admin_level=2 as per the wiki) and ...
32017-04-10 19:47:57 UTCSK53 Please don't do this sort of thing: it's called tagging for the renderer. There are plenty of ways of rendering the boundary only inland (which I assume is what you want to do) without altering the tagging.

At the very least you need to discuss this with the Irish OSM community at the talk-ie mai...
42017-04-10 19:57:36 UTCpaulatthehug Well, it's also called inconsistency in tagging (and not as per the wiki either).
And, just to be clear, I didn't start it: I reckon about 75% of the border was already tagged boundary=administrative, admin_level=2 before I began, unsurprisingly really as that's what the wiki says we should be doin...
52017-04-10 20:15:12 UTCrorym So there are many ways to solve the "country borders in the sea" issue. Paul Norman has written osmborder ( ) software which allows you to extract the borders as linestrings and will mark if a border is maritine or not. Instead of drawing a blue map an...
62017-04-10 20:17:18 UTCpaulatthehug Thanks for your comments. I'm about to post on talk-ie about this as it's "their" border.
72017-04-10 20:41:19 UTCSK53 talk-ie covers the island: the townlands project, vice counties project and no doubt others have been island wide too.

I'd presume ways with admin_level=2 may even pre-date the use of relations for boundaries. Around 2009 tags on the way was still a common approach. Until relatively recently boun...
12017-03-22 12:59:48 UTCrorym Hi there! You've added a few duplicate nodes in this (and other changesets) in this area. I'm not sure how it happens. But it means there are nodes right on top of each other. I'm fixing them up with JOSM. It's no biggie.
22017-03-22 13:37:31 UTCscoty While there were duplicates in these changesets, these were cause by self-intersections which have all since been fixed.
32017-03-22 13:52:15 UTCrorym I was thinking of examples like this: and (which were actually in another changeset). :)
42017-03-22 14:20:55 UTCscoty Ah cool, that makes more sense! Thanks for fixing those! :)
52017-03-22 14:31:07 UTCrorym No probemo! :)
12017-03-09 13:53:27 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM! I notice you've added some roads here ( ) . Be sure to tag the way to record that it's a road. Don't just leave it untagged! :)
12017-03-07 10:41:33 UTCrorym Hi. I notice you adeded a lot of `natural=bare_rock` areas here. You state that the source is Mapbox Satellite. However I can't see any rocks in this area on that imagery. It just all looks like forest/woods to me. Is there another Mapbox satellite source you used, or the default one in JOSM? Maybe ...
22017-03-07 16:20:56 UTCConormap Hi Rory. What brings another Irish user of OSM to this part of Mada? I can see the bare rock formations quite clearly on both the Mapbox and Bing satellite images. The reason I used Mapbox's version was for the higher contrast between bare rock and vegetation, which aided tracing.
Have you been to ...
32017-03-07 16:28:54 UTCConormap I should note that there are some succulents and underlying vegetation that appear in small parts of the satellite photos of the rock areas. When traversing the area on foot they appear in some large crevices under the surface level, growing upwards to find light, having wound their way out of a cra...
42017-03-07 17:52:17 UTCrorym I'm doing Jochen Topf's Area fixing maproulette challenges ( ), and one of the highlighted topology errors was here.

No, I've never been to the area, so I'll defer to your local knowledge. It looks like I was misreading the aerial imagery. :)
52017-03-07 18:28:12 UTCConormap You're probably very familiar with the Burren, so you'd have an idea of the geology of the Tsingy. They're both large areas of limestone that have eroded into unusual shapes over time. The Tsingy eroded far more drastically than the Burren but vegetation has found its way in small numbers through so...
62017-03-09 13:08:27 UTCrorym Cool. That makes sense. Maybe that's why I didn't see anything on the aerial imagery
12017-03-09 12:39:31 UTCrorym Hi! I notice you added 2 picnic areas ( and ) in this change. You added a name of "picnic shelter" and "Free Barbeques". I hope you don't mind, but I removed those names ( in this change...
12017-03-08 09:57:54 UTCrorym Hi there! I notice you mapped 2 things here, and I'm not sure it's correct. "Unused field" is that really it's *name*, or just the description? In OSM we use the `name` tag for the actual name. Likewise for the "Empty Field". You also didn't tag Empty field as anything, you need ...
12017-03-07 14:19:08 UTCrorym Hi! Careful when adding buildings. You need to add the "building=yes" tag. You can't just leave it as "area=yes"
12017-03-07 14:16:29 UTCrorym Hi. I've changed some of your mapping of buildings in this changeset ( ). You had a building tagged as a mulitpolygon relation with a outer and inner role. This means you're mapping a building with a hole. I don't think this is the case, from the aeri...
12017-03-07 14:09:08 UTCrorym Hi! Careful with the duplicate buildings here. You have a few buildings on top of each other. The JOSM validator flags this as an error before upload, maybe have a look at those errors before uploading?
12017-03-07 13:40:44 UTCrorym Hi. In this changeset you added exactly the same buildings as you did in ( ). they are exactly on top of the others! How did you manage that? I've deleted these new overlapping buildings in this changeset
12017-02-28 20:18:47 UTCOscarBrownbread ...and we should change name = "Knock (Costello portion)" to just "Knock Civil Parish" right?
22017-03-01 09:01:33 UTCrorym Yes! I forgot to do that there. You could call it "Knock" or "Knock Civil Parish".
12017-02-24 11:49:08 UTCVincent de Phily Howdy :)

Be careful with your boundary edits : you're leaving a trail of unclosed rings and role-less members (I'm just after fixing a few in bray/greystones).

You can view some of the issues (various levels of importance) at
22017-02-24 12:02:48 UTCDafo43 Well yes, mistakes do get made, that's going to happen, wouldn't it be better to check this after a few days though? All the boundaries in Wicklow are currently fixed.
32017-02-24 14:41:47 UTCVincent de Phily Sorry, didn't mean to rush things. I commented using this recent changeset but the first breakage I looked at was a few days old. (just one example found via OSMI) is a boundary in Wicklow edited 7 days ago and still broken.

Making mistakes is part o...
42017-02-24 14:51:20 UTCDafo43 Don't get me wrong, appreciate someone else is checking also. I do go back and check after, but sometimes you have to let the map catch up to easily spot mistakes. I'm pretty much finished with Wicklow for now anyway.

Good spot on the townland, it still works as a boundary but it's better to rem...
52017-02-24 15:15:14 UTCVincent de Phily All good :) I've been working away at OSMI's area checks for a few days, I hope to get Ireland all cleaned up, Wicklow and all.

Note that the osm2pgsql devs have announced their intent to become a bit stricter in the polygon errors that they auto-correct (
62017-02-24 15:38:14 UTCDafo43 OSM Inspector is useful alright, maybe a bit slow to update but it is very good for pointing out mistakes, thanks for the link.

I'm fixing the boundaries of townlands based on this data - , comparing OSM and OSI. There are still a good few townlands t...
72017-02-27 09:09:16 UTCrorym One thing about the OSi townlands: they are simplified/generalised to 20m "resoltuion", so OSM can easily be better/more accurate
82017-02-27 09:15:05 UTCDafo43 Sure, I'm not expecting to get anything perfect, just take out the obvious mistakes in townlands (some of which are my own). It's not a case of just redrawing the OSI data, I'm using it to point to mistakes then use the townland maps and Bing imagery to make the changes.

Some townlands just picke...
92017-02-27 09:31:23 UTCrorym Sure., So long as you're aware that the OSi data isn't gospel! 👍🙂
102017-02-27 09:36:01 UTCDafo43 Definitely not, just an extra reference point :)
12017-02-22 09:05:03 UTCrorym Hi. You've added a very large building here: ( ). Is this really one large building?
12017-02-19 12:25:31 UTCrorym How come you've aded 3 different CPs? Shouldn't there only be one, Drummaul. What's going on with the little ones likw "Drummail/Antrim"? It's not in Logainm, and the Memorial Atlas maps imply it's not a separate CP
12017-02-17 16:24:28 UTCrorym Hi! You added the `opening_hours` to the Pizza Hut (here ). The OSM opening_hours has a strict, machine parsable format. You can use a tool like YoHours ( ) draw in the hours and generate the OSM format. I did that here...
12017-02-10 09:38:20 UTCrorym Hi! I notice you've mapped a few buildings on top of each other ( and ). Do you know about the JOSM validator? It can be used

If it's just a simple mistake that's fine, just delete one of them. :) If there's ...
12017-02-10 09:31:10 UTCrorym Hi! 🙂 I wonder if I can ask one thing about some of the buildings you have added here. Sometimes you have added a node inside a building with the same `shop` tag. e.g. This building ( ) is tagged `shop=greengrocer`, but inside it, there's this stand alo...
12017-02-09 13:25:34 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM! Thanks for your contributions here. :) Just one minor point, I notice that several of you were editing at the same time, and 3 of you have been editing at the same place, and yous each have put the same building at the same time. Maybe in future don't edit the same area at exactl...
12017-02-09 13:25:32 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM! Thanks for your contributions here. :) Just one minor point, I notice that several of you were editing at the same time, and 3 of you have been editing at the same place, and yous each have put the same building at the same time. Maybe in future don't edit the same area at exactl...
12017-02-09 13:25:28 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM! Thanks for your contributions here. :) Just one minor point, I notice that several of you were editing at the same time, and 3 of you have been editing at the same place, and yous each have put the same building at the same time. Maybe in future don't edit the same area at exactl...
12017-02-05 20:56:30 UTCGCA Thank you rorym, for noticing and repairing the errors - the power of crowd-sourcing is demonstrated again. I'm glad you were working in the area - Kenya is badly undermapped.
22017-02-06 08:46:39 UTCrorym No problem! 🙂 We all have to chip in, and we can make things better
12017-02-05 15:23:20 UTCrorym In this edit you added some untagged nodes. I've removed there here ( ).
12017-02-05 15:23:03 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM! In this edit you added some untagged nodes. I've removed there here ( ). If you have an questions about OSM, just ask. :)
12016-06-07 12:05:23 UTCmikelmaron Hi Maureen
Many of the "brownfield" features mapped around Bamba are probably not appropriate for OpenStreetMap. They appear to be "service areas" for various things like schools and water points. Is that right? Let's talk soon about how we can clean this data up, so that OSM ac...
22017-01-31 08:50:40 UTCrorym Hi! are you sure about all those [brownfield]( sites? They don't look like much. Those names look a little off as well..
32017-02-05 14:50:31 UTCrorym I've removed those "brownfield" sites, since they don't seem to be brownfields at all. If you have any questions, let me know. 🙂
42017-02-05 14:53:52 UTCmikelmaron thanks @rorym
12017-02-05 14:49:18 UTCrorym Hi! I fixed up (here ) some of the rivers you mapped. You had 2 rivers crossing, but it's better if you join the OSM 'way' together
12017-01-28 12:00:29 UTCrorym Hi! I think 3 of you were mapping this area at the same time ( ) and yous added lots of overlapping buildings (which I removed here https://www.openstree...
12017-01-28 12:00:27 UTCrorym Hi! I think 3 of you were mapping this area at the same time ( ) and yous added lots of overlapping buildings (which I removed here https://www.openstree...
12017-01-28 12:00:23 UTCrorym Hi! I think 3 of you were mapping this area at the same time ( ) and yous added lots of overlapping buildings (which I removed here https://www.openstree...
12017-01-25 09:49:08 UTCrorym Hi! I notice in this edit that you added lots of coastal details (👍), however some of the mapping is a little confusing to me. You have some areas which overlap completely and are tagged differently. e.g. and
12017-01-17 09:24:54 UTCrorym Hi! You've added name=Athlone to all the little piers at Athlone (e.g. this way ). Is that accurate? Is the name of that pier "Athlone"?
22017-01-17 19:11:20 UTCJoergB Hi rorym, I'm not sure if this is the right name. If you have a better you can modify it
32017-01-18 08:54:28 UTCrorym I'm not local, so I'm not sure if they have a name. I'm half tempted to delete them, since I think those little piers wouldn't be named.
42017-01-18 11:00:31 UTCJoergB I'm also not local. If you like you can delete them.
12017-01-16 20:57:12 UTCrorym Hi! It's great to add lots of landuse stuff. It really makes the map more filled out. However you've added a lot of untagged ways on top of the landuse areas you've added.
22017-01-16 21:15:36 UTCmichalzz Those untagged ways are walls. I will be correcting them soon.
32017-01-17 09:03:38 UTCrorym I saw that you had lots tagged of ways as walls. And they are still there. It's just that you had ways which were overlapping on top of them.

I've deleted them last night, sorry! I hope it's OK. There are still loads of walls there.
42017-01-17 10:49:30 UTCmichalzz No worries about that. I will be removing those walls in short period of time.
52017-01-17 13:01:45 UTCrorym Why remove the walls? There are plenty of walls and hedges and stuff mapped in OSM, why not keep them? You can see them from the aerial imagery (though they look a little like hedges to me).
12017-01-17 12:32:14 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM! I've been looking at this area. I've fixed up the tagging of St. Mary's, I wonder if you wanna give it a once over and add some more information?
12017-01-14 12:21:12 UTCrorym Hi! In this changeset you added lots of buildings in Marian Avenue/Place (, and many of the buildings overlapped. I've cleaned it up now. Do you know about the JOSM terracer and building utils plugsin? :)
12017-01-09 10:49:26 UTCrorym Hi! Wellcome to OpenStreetMap! I see you've added a lot of viewpoints. Are you sure those are view points? I've briefly been there and I can't remember anything that looked like a true viewpoint like that.
12017-01-08 10:21:41 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OSM! Thanks for adding lots of details in this area. Just one thing, be careful with the "name" tag. You shouldn't say "name=Grass" for just a grassy area. The landuse=grass is enough to record that the area is grass. You should only use the "name" for ac...
12017-01-08 10:14:07 UTCrorym You've added a building=yes to a node inside another building! Your "building node" has name=Multiroofing, but the building area it's inside is has name="Old Artesyn building". Are you trying to say that the name is "Multiroofing"? or what?
12017-01-05 08:49:08 UTCrorym HI! I notice you changed the name of the Civil Parish from Derryaghy to Derriaghy ( this one relation 6,420,835 ). Are you sure about the name? On the old historical maps ( ) it's spelled Derr...
12016-12-17 10:23:50 UTCrorym Hi! I've made some changes to some of the mapped grassy areas you did here. I changed from rec ground to grass. And added a few little bits of footpath since you /can/ walk there. :) Hope that's OK
22016-12-17 19:49:49 UTCsoapynoscopy Hell yeah dude!
12016-12-17 10:07:51 UTCrorym Hi! Welcome to OpenStreetMap! I noticed your edit, and I've fixed up the node you added. I'm pretty sure your shop isn't a a fast food joint! :) So I removed that. :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
12016-12-15 10:09:45 UTCrorym Hi. Thanks for your interest in Irish Townlands. However it looks like your edit has actually broken a valid relation, because you removed a way from the relation. I have reverted this changeset here:
22016-12-19 14:54:07 UTCpiligab Hi rory.
I'm not sure how this happened, maybe I could have confused any tags and deleted. I will be careful about my future editions. Thanks for your feedback.
12016-08-16 09:07:26 UTCrorym Hi! Thanks for your interest in OSM. It looks like you've added your address to OSM, that's great, we need more addresses. However you've categorised it as a hotel, which I suspect is not what you want. Are you open for business as a hotel? Do you want people to be turning up looking for a room to s...
12016-08-13 13:45:28 UTCrorym I have undo this change in since the name tag isn't for that
12016-07-25 13:37:18 UTCrorym Hi! Thanks for your interest in OSM. However Pokestops don't belong in OSM. We're tying to make a map of the world based on what's actually there. I'm afraid Pokestops don't count as tourism attractions (which you've mapped them as).
22016-07-25 16:05:34 UTCPolarbear In addition to the 7 new objects, one real memorial was renamed.

Reverted in CS 41015995.
12016-06-22 12:56:14 UTCrorym I've undone this change ( ), because the name of the country is `Ireland`, not `Éire - Ireland`, which is a combination of both languages. Yes, Ireland has 2 official languages, but you don't see them mixed together like this. The vast majority...
22016-07-04 21:14:23 UTCandi2911 Hey! I guess you are used and annoyed of people changing the name of the country into Éire and of course sorry for that. Yes, I know Irish has become something like Latin, a language rarely heard in daily life, but not to bury it completely, shouldn't we add it to Ireland, so we can keep it a...
32016-07-05 08:29:13 UTCrorym I'm not annoyed about this, I think it basically never happens. ☺ (We've had more problems with Londonderry/Derry TBH).

We do have the Irish name in the OSM object, in the `name:ga` tag (we also have English in the `name:en`). `name` should be for the single most commonly used name, and I think...
12016-01-08 10:39:37 UTCKDDA I dont see the confusion, the name is either Derry or Londonderry, people can choose which they want to use. Please revert the name change to Londonderry.
22016-01-08 10:59:09 UTCrorym Hi Mumbambu. Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Thanks for your interest in the Ireland, however please be cautious of taking a side on such a complex issue. The dual name solves a lot of problems. Like many things in OSM there are many correct answers to the question of "What is the official name?"...
32016-01-08 11:02:23 UTCKDDA Maybe it is worth studying that the local council serving the area refer to themselves as Derry City Council, see their website here -

You can also read lots of very interesting history regarding the naming dispute here -
42016-06-02 00:00:14 UTCMumbambu

Also sorry for mixing edits of two different two different edits. At the time I did not sure how to edit properly.
52016-06-02 12:07:01 UTCrorym The name tag in OSM is not the "official"/"legal" name.
62016-06-02 12:53:42 UTCKDDA I don't understand why you felt the need to edit this node in the first place. The name includes the names it is known as locally. You also moved the node into the river which is totally wrong as well.
12016-02-08 06:44:43 UTCramyaragupathy Hello Riggwelter,

Looks like the data you have deleted is for roads that are clearly visible in the imagery. Did you verify the accuracy of the data before deleting them?
22016-02-09 11:05:19 UTCRiggwelter Yes. What's the point in adding like 25 m worth of access road, like the access to a garage in your yard? It just clutters the map.
32016-02-11 09:47:07 UTCramyaragupathy @Riggwelter: Would like you to have a look at this page.
42016-02-11 10:09:39 UTCrorym Hi Riggwelter. Thanks for your concern, but mapping driveways is helpful for OSM and is quite common. There are more than 2.5 million driveways mapped in OSM (service=driveway), from all over the world. ( )

Concern for how the map appears is ...
52016-02-12 22:57:47 UTCRiggwelter Thanks for your kind message, and above all, thanks for your explanation! I suppose I just need to revise my view on what OSM is - to me, having taken it at face value, it's a map and not a database. However, it does make sense to - also - call it a database, and that's how I will refer to it as of ...
62016-02-13 11:42:37 UTCKDDA Hi Riggwelter,

OSM is definitely a database and a very powerful one at that! Did you know that the OSM Ireland have custom maps?

You can see some of the maps we render here -

This is an example using our Irish Language layer showing hill shadi...
12016-02-05 15:48:15 UTCrorym Hi. As cute as this is, this is almost certainly not accurate. OSM is a shared global map database, and we're trying to stick to things that actually exist please.
12015-12-10 09:33:55 UTCrorym Hi, what's going on here? This is almost certainly junk?
22015-12-10 10:26:49 UTCGCA Perhaps its an Irish thing, but leaping into a discussion with a stranger by calling their work 'junk' is not constructive. It more like a good way to start a flame war or revive the 'troubles' online.
The little test strip is very useful to me in coding up map features in Kenya and Africa in gener...
12015-10-17 12:29:22 UTCrorym Are you sure about the name:ga for ? ;)
12015-09-01 14:35:19 UTCrorym Hi. I notice you've added a node called "Nkwansekwa Primary School", but you've tagged it as place=village. Is that totally right? Does the name of the village include "Primary School"?
12015-06-18 14:56:38 UTCrorym I'm skeptical that this is a real edit. I've heard of this "country" and the story behind it. But AFAIK it's not recognised by anyone, and no-one lives there or claims to be a citizen, right? Should this node not be deleted?
22015-06-22 16:08:13 UTCSomeoneElse I've deleted it in - see the reasoning there.
12015-05-17 14:15:37 UTCrorym Is Aghanloo correct? ( ) It's tagged as a townland/admin_level=10, but it is quite large, and overlaps many other townlands. Is this, in reality, a Civil Parish?
12015-05-05 20:06:46 UTCNakaner Eine Sprache reicht aus. :-) Welche du nimmst, ist deine Entscheidung.
22015-05-06 09:04:36 UTCrorym Danke. :) Ich will mein Deutch verbessern.
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