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12018-08-19 07:42:43 UTCCarnildo I've deleted Creedonia.

Don't add fictional things to the map -- it's a good way to get yourself blocked. If you want to create a fictional country, is a project that lets you do so.
12018-08-18 09:44:49 UTCCarnildo About a third of the buildings you added had "building=yes" on their nodes as well as on the way. I've fixed it, but you might want to re-evaluate whatever your workflow is to keep it from happening in the future.
12017-07-25 03:19:29 UTCHubMiner Greetings, based on personal observations, I want to reduce sac_scale from T6 (set by you) to T2, for and adjacent trails (I am familiar with). Please let me know if you have any objections.

Reference: https://wiki.openstreetm...
22018-08-17 06:45:01 UTCCarnildo I've reduced many of the trails to T1 or T2 based on my (sometimes rather hazy) memory. I've left Paintbrush Canyon at T3 because I've never hiked it, and in the aerial imagery, parts of the upper reaches look like they might be a bit tricky.
12018-08-16 09:14:37 UTCCarnildo Zero lanes on the freeway off-ramp? That doesn't seem correct to me.
22018-08-17 06:44:42 UTCHowpper Thank you for pointing that out, I have now fixed it.
12018-08-15 04:24:39 UTCHowpper French spelling*
22018-08-15 06:32:25 UTCfreebeer would not the french speling be Cœur?
(oe-ligature, as i read often in german Œuvre when i want to pretend to be cultured)
disclaimer, i've not studied nor do i know french...
32018-08-15 07:01:52 UTCCarnildo The place was named by French fur traders in the 1700s -- you can probably find at least as many French spellings as there were traders.
12018-08-15 06:57:39 UTCCarnildo "Dock" is for drydocks and similar ship-repair facilities. The tag you're looking for is "Pier", and the editor won't let you put it on points, only on lines and areas.
12018-08-15 01:23:33 UTCHowpper (Havana north of 8th).
22018-08-15 06:31:36 UTCCarnildo As far as I can tell, the original city line was correct: the Spokane city limits run down the west side of Havana, the Spokane Valley city limits run down the east side, and Havana itself is in the county.
12018-08-15 05:37:24 UTCCarnildo You might want to work on your aim. A number of the crossings you've added recently have been close to, but not actually on, the point where a pedestrian way intersects the road.
22018-08-15 17:19:08 UTCFarkad5 corrected
12018-08-15 05:23:27 UTCCarnildo When you're editing in Spokane County, Esri World Imagery is far sharper and better-aligned than the other options, and is nearly as new as Bing or DigitalGlobe Standard.
22018-08-15 17:13:55 UTCFarkad5 Ok
12018-08-14 05:53:03 UTCCarnildo Where are you getting the route of this railroad from? I'm not seeing evidence of it in the aerial imagery, and neither the 1903, 1961, nor 1987 USGS topo maps of the area show it.
22018-08-17 07:49:06 UTCHowpper Sorry for taking so long to respond.
12018-08-09 05:47:27 UTCCarnildo Where are you getting the name "3I" from? Looking at historic topo maps, it appears to be "state highway 31", and I can't find a reference to it that's less than 68 years old.
22018-08-17 07:54:33 UTCHowpper I am 100% certain it was 3I. It took it's name from Primary State Highway 3. There were 22 primary state highways, so it couldn't have been 31. Secondary state highways always had letters and took their number from their parent route. Here is a shield of it:
32018-08-17 08:09:08 UTCHowpper The most likely reason for the lack of info on it is the fact that it was decommissioned before the state highway renumbering in 1964.
12018-07-31 05:20:50 UTCCarnildo Where are you getting that this has a traffic signal? It was a four-way stop when I drove through a few weeks ago, and I haven't heard of any construction since.
22018-07-31 20:41:10 UTCHowpper I has a "blinker" traffic signal (one blinking red light on each side) above the intersection to accompany the stop signs, so I added it as such.
12018-07-30 07:48:28 UTCCarnildo Where are you getting the street layout of Tecomate from? It doesn't show up on any of the aerial imagery.
12018-07-29 19:40:10 UTCCarnildo Don't vandalize the map.
12018-07-27 08:43:11 UTCCarnildo Please stop making changes based on outdated maps. Inland Empire south of 23rd hasn't been an arterial since it was cut off from US-195.
12018-07-27 08:24:15 UTCCarnildo Maxwell between Washington and Ash was re-engineered earlier this year in a way that's significantly reducing the traffic flow.
12018-07-22 08:18:00 UTCCarnildo Are you sure this is a state park? The Flathead County Parks website lists it as a county park:
12018-07-20 07:11:16 UTCCarnildo I'm not sure what you were trying to do here, but I don't think it worked.
22018-07-20 18:48:09 UTCgibeautc What seems wrong? I created a relationship that only contained the waterway(no bank, or other features) for Salmon. This mainly was for some external mapping and could be deleted if need be, but not sure what the issue is.
32018-07-20 20:16:30 UTCCarnildo The "Salmon River" relation you created has a waterway type of "LowerSalmon", which isn't a valid type, it includes a seemingly arbitrary part of the Snake River, and it excludes a similarly-arbitrary part of the Salmon River.
12018-07-20 06:31:36 UTCCarnildo Drawing one thing on top of another like you've done here doesn't work very well.

If you want to indicate that "Cosway Road" permits foot traffic, you should select it and set the "foot" allowed-access field to "yes". If instead there's a trail running parallel to &...
12018-07-16 02:30:09 UTCCarnildo If you're going to be editing in Spokane County, please use Esri World Imagery. It's considerably newer, sharper, and better-aligned than Mapbox Satellite.
12018-07-13 23:42:29 UTCCarnildo You might want to read -- "Spokane County Highway Bike Routes" seems like a textbook example of what relations should not be used for.
12018-07-13 04:29:25 UTCCarnildo You appear to have traced a half-dozen utility trailers here, in addition to the buildings.
22018-07-13 05:44:46 UTCbaradam Forwarding the coordinates will solve the question, I do thousands of points and hundreds of object in one change set much different than most editors.
32018-07-13 07:57:48 UTCCarnildo I noticed it at the intersection of "County Road" and "D Street":

The five smallest building outlines there look more like utility trailers than buildings.
42018-07-13 14:40:46 UTCbaradam Here is the situation, of the 5 unites 2 have remained in place to this day, many of the others were in place from 2004 until 2011. So, it is a question of usage or junk.
52018-07-13 14:51:13 UTCbaradam Also, the imagery which I use is about 8 years old since it is the clearest for building and any details. Even the building to the west has structurally changed. Time changes even structures, some come and others go.
62018-07-13 19:50:43 UTCCarnildo When I'm mapping buildings, I'll flip back and forth between the clearest available imagery (usually Esri Clarity, but sometimes Esri World) and the newest available imagery (usually DigitalGlobe Standard). I might also bring in a third image option if it's got useful shadows (eg. for telling if so...
72018-07-13 22:02:35 UTCbaradam Hey, why don't you just come on over and do the buildings in Grangeville and I'll do the roads. That way I will not get them confused and we can get twice as much done.
82018-07-13 23:42:21 UTCbaradam Yet better, US95 & County Road have an overlay problem. I tried to fix it but without destroying the nodes on the boundry, which I stay away from them unless downloading from a dataset, needs to be fix. Could you look at that.
12018-07-12 06:41:36 UTCCarnildo Normally, a large river such as the Stillwater or the Flathead is mapped in two parts: an area or multipolygon tracing the banks, and a line down the middle following the path of greatest flow. The "River" tag and the name of the river go on the the central line, while the outer edge is t...
12018-07-12 06:14:45 UTCCarnildo The usual tags for the roads in/accessing a parking lot are "Parking aisle", "Driveway", or if you're not sure how to classify it, the generic "Service road".
12018-07-11 04:14:37 UTCCarnildo This looks like it's a switching/transformer facility rather than a power-generating facility. The usual way to map these in OSM is to trace the fence line and tag it as "Substation", which I've done.

(If I've missed something and there's a gas turbine or the like in there, feel free t...
12018-07-10 06:49:27 UTCCarnildo If you're having trouble telling what shape a building is, please switch background imagery (the third or fourth button from the top on the right-hand side, the one that looks sort of like three stacked sheets of paper). What you've drawn here looks almost nothing like how the building appears in E...
12018-07-10 06:27:53 UTCCarnildo If you want to map an island in a pond (or a courtyard in a building, or any other object with a hole in the middle), you want to create what OSM calls a "multipolygon":

1) Trace the outer and inner edges.
2) Select one of the edges, then shift-click to select the other one as well.
12018-07-10 04:43:31 UTCCarnildo The correct way to add a bridge to part of an existing road/trail/whatever is to split the way at the ends of the bridge (right-click on the node at the end of the bridge and select the "scissors" icon), then select the part that represents the bridge and select the "bridge" stru...
22018-07-10 05:10:33 UTCjcp777 Thanks for letting me know. Still getting to know all the tips and tricks and am still fairly new to this
12018-07-06 19:38:27 UTCCarnildo Is it really signed "Sunset Highway" all the way across the state? My experience from driving it was that the "Sunset Highway" signage stopped a bit before Reardan, replaced by generic "SR 2" or "US 2" signs, except where the road picked up a new name while p...
12018-07-06 01:20:58 UTCCarnildo It appears you deleted Wenatchee Valley College in this edit. Did you intend to do so?
22018-07-06 04:06:27 UTCoormilavinod hello Carlindo, i did not intend to delete a feature . i was fixing an unconnected way in the with in the parking lot. and from the history i see that a relation was deleted.
32018-07-06 05:40:33 UTCCarnildo Okay, I've undeleted it.
12018-07-01 09:08:47 UTCCarnildo Welcome to OpenStreetMap!

A couple of tips for better mapping:

1. You can change the background imagery by clicking on the "Background settings" tab in the editor -- the one that looks sort of like three stacked sheets of paper. Different imagery options are newer, or sharper, or be...
12018-06-29 21:14:16 UTCCarnildo Don't use the "name" field to describe the object -- it's clear that what you're adding is a bench from the fact that it's tagged as a bench.

If something doesn't have a name (and benches almost never do), it's fine to leave the "name" field blank.
22018-07-01 14:15:14 UTCPalolo #Carnildo thanks for the comment. Unfortunately OSMAnd requires the name tag.
12018-06-28 10:25:38 UTCCarnildo When you're adding businesses to the map, it's helpful if you tag them with what sort of business they are, to let people search for them by type as well as by name. For example, "Rod's Harvest Foods" sounds like it's a supermarket.

The editor's got a huge selection of tags you can cho...
12018-06-23 00:19:20 UTCCarnildo Welcome to OpenStreetMap!

A couple things to keep in mind for future mapping:

1) The usual practice for mapping schools is to put the school name on the school grounds, and only put a name on the school building if it's different from the school name.

2) "Living Street" is pretty ...
22018-06-23 00:30:25 UTCDanteVento Thanks for the tips on the "living street" and school formatting. I will definitely keep those in mind.

On your 3rd point, Clodfelter Road doesn't connect there anymore. So while it should have been a "road" it was purposefully not connected. I live in the area and the satelli...
32018-06-23 01:45:14 UTCCarnildo For a road that seems like it should connect but doesn't, there's a way to indicate that, but it's not the most obvious thing in the world. Click on the end of the road (you should get a pulsing circle to show that just the end has been selected rather than the whole road) and search for a tag call...
42018-06-23 01:54:09 UTCDanteVento Thank you! I'll try and be more meticulous until I've got a better feel for the process.
12018-06-22 05:58:12 UTCCarnildo When you're adding a building, there's an easy way to get square corners: once you've drawn and tagged it, right-click and select "Square" (the third option from the right-click menu), or highlight it and hit the "S" key. The editor will adjust the corners to the nearest 90-degr...
12018-06-21 06:13:17 UTCCarnildo The original tracing of the building was more accurate. The reason it appears to have a point on the west side is that the satellite wasn't quite directly overhead when it took the picture. This makes the peak of the roof appear to stick out to one side.
12018-06-21 05:53:02 UTCCarnildo This building contains a Target, a Best Buy, and probably at least one not-yet-mapped business between the two. Putting the name "Target" on it is both incorrect and redundant with the existing mapping of the Target store.
12018-06-21 01:36:59 UTCCarnildo Are you sure these are reservoirs? From the air, they look rather like settling ponds for treating sewage.
12018-06-20 05:21:17 UTCGlassman Tori,
The view point isn't accessible from any trail or highway. Is it in the correct place? Also, when you make wide spread edits, it is a good idea to upload after each area is done.
22018-06-20 08:11:36 UTCCarnildo Glassman, Tori B is editing with From what I understand of how the program works, they've got no control over how often or how much they upload at any given time.
12018-06-20 07:01:25 UTCCarnildo I think there are a whole lot of people who would be rather unhappy to find you've made their houses part of a state park.
12018-06-20 06:46:26 UTCCarnildo Many of the programs and websites that make use of OpenStreetMap only update once a month, if that. Because of this, it's not advisable to map things (such as the typical fireworks stand) that only exist for a few weeks every year.
12018-06-19 09:36:48 UTCCarnildo When you're mapping a stream, draw it from upstream to downstream, so that the flow direction will show up properly on the map. I've fixed Ashley Creek for you, but keep it in mind for the future.
12018-06-19 09:22:18 UTCCarnildo The school name is already present on the school grounds. No need to repeat it on the school building.
12018-06-19 08:22:55 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason why you're insisting this is a drydock rather than a pier?
12018-06-19 07:45:31 UTCCarnildo Don't vandalize the map. It's likely to get your account blocked.
12018-06-19 07:37:40 UTCCarnildo You've dragged two intersections across the map, connecting random roads, and you've moved a building to the middle of a third intersection. I've fixed them, but please be more careful in the future.
12018-06-19 07:31:55 UTCCarnildo The "Car Parking" tag is really for purpose-built parking areas, not places where people happen to leave cars sometimes.
12018-06-19 07:07:50 UTCCarnildo If something doesn't have a name, you can just leave the "name" field blank.
12018-06-19 03:11:27 UTCCarnildo Please use meaningful changeset comments. A single period doesn't say anything, and is a pain to try to click on in the edit history.
12018-06-19 02:32:41 UTCCarnildo There's a "Depot Park" in the area already. If you need to make it larger, drag the corners, don't draw a second copy of the park over it.
12018-06-16 06:32:56 UTCCarnildo There are two problems with what you've added here:

First, you've drawn the building outline over two different structures, presumably a house and a garage. If you're having trouble seeing things in the background imagery, try switching to a different background with the "background setting...
12018-06-15 01:50:22 UTCCarnildo Did you forget to tag what sort of road this is?
22018-06-15 01:55:48 UTCtedhodapp Not sure how to do this. It is an unmaintained dirt road.
32018-06-15 04:02:39 UTCCarnildo It's probably what OpenStreetMap considers a "track".

To tag the road, start editing, and highlight a section of the road you created. Enter "track" into the search field on the left, and it should bring up "Unmaintained Track Road" as one of the options. Click on ...
42018-06-15 18:17:51 UTCtedhodapp I went in and tagged each segment.
12018-06-14 04:15:26 UTCCarnildo Did something go wrong with your edit here? A boundary_type of "border_type" doesn't strike me as correct.
22018-06-14 04:40:40 UTCalester Agreed. "boundary_type" doesn't even seem to be a documented key, let alone that with a value of "border_type".
32018-06-14 21:00:33 UTCwambacher sorry, typing error. should be border_type=aboriginal_lands.

but why did i? there are about 33.400 admin boundaries with "border_type=X" and about 170 with boundary_type=X

see list:

i would like to consolidate this ta...
42018-06-14 21:09:33 UTCwambacher btw: Goldstream and Yarmouth do have admin_level=8 but Skowkale does not.

Think they should be tagged all the same. But with or without al=8? you decide.
52018-06-14 21:11:06 UTCwambacher fixed:
62018-06-14 21:21:16 UTCwambacher sorry, wrong link to list:
12018-06-10 02:27:46 UTCCarnildo If these have the usual "Authorized and emergency vehicles only" sign, the correct tagging is "access=no, emergency=yes". Tagging them as "access=permissive" means that anyone can use them, and routing software will tell people to make U-turns across them when they mis...
12018-06-04 01:36:30 UTCCarnildo A quick tip: when you're working in Spokane County, Esri World Imagery is generally the best option. Bing and DigitalGlobe Standard are usually a bit newer, and Esri Clarity usually has better contrast, but Esri World Imagery is far sharper than any of them, and almost always better aligned.
12018-06-01 04:43:33 UTCCarnildo Two important things to notice about "North North Lane":

First, the name ends in "Lane". This is a nearly-infalliable way to identify privately-owned roads in Spokane County. As such, "officially a road" is meaningless -- the property owner can freely make changes ...
12018-06-01 02:40:45 UTCCarnildo Um, that map you're citing as a source is over a century old. If "Dragoon" ever existed as more than a named railroad stop, it doesn't today.
12018-05-31 05:58:10 UTCHowpper It's classified as a major collector by the WSDOT. What are your thoughts on this?
22018-05-31 05:58:17 UTCHowpper
32018-05-31 18:43:00 UTCCarnildo I think you shouldn't be relying on WSDOT for road classification -- they make mistakes from time to time. Spokane County classifies it as "Local" (ie. the lowest importance class), and on-the-ground observations support that.

A quick look at the WSDOT map for Spokane shows five places...
12018-05-31 01:52:40 UTCCarnildo Did you know that your business will be much easier to find if you tag it as a "car dealership" rather than merely as an address point?
12018-05-23 22:34:10 UTCCarnildo And here we see the hazards of using sans-serif fonts. That was a capital 'i' in the street name, not a lowercase 'L'.
12018-05-23 04:49:52 UTCCarnildo I'm pretty sure Hill Airport still exists. The service road a bit to the west of the airport marker is a bit wider than normal for a farm access road, but it perfectly matches the FAA's description of the Hill Airport runway (mixed concrete and gravel, 1680 feet long, bearing 20 degrees magnetic.
12018-05-21 02:39:55 UTCCarnildo You appear to have encountered a bit of terminology confusion here. OSM uses "dock" for the area of water the ship goes in, and "pier" for the thing you tie the ship to. I've fixed this up, but it's something to keep in mind in the future.
12018-05-19 00:01:15 UTCCarnildo I've reverted your changing of County Road 250 to a service road. Service roads don't normally extend for 15 miles, providing significant local access.
12018-05-14 08:46:43 UTCCarnildo I think you've got a short-circuit in the roundabout: someone going from westbound Kennedy Road to northbound Webber Canyon Road won't get "take the first exit from the roundabout" in their driving directions.
22018-05-14 14:36:20 UTCcompdude Thanks for pointing this out; I just did an edit to fix this issue.
12018-05-10 23:35:42 UTCCarnildo If you're going to be adjusting road geometry in Spokane County, please use the "Esri World Imagery" option. It's newer, sharper, and better-aligned than the Bing imagery.
12018-05-09 22:47:58 UTCCarnildo The 1100 west block of Park Place is somewhat to the southwest of where you added this. I've moved your business to my best guess for the correct location.
12018-05-08 23:14:55 UTCCarnildo If the businesses are no longer in operation, you should also remove the business-type tagging. Right now, the former Spirit and Food Mart will show up on the map as an unnamed gas station and convenience store.
12018-05-05 19:36:08 UTCCarnildo The correct way to indicate that a golf course is private is to add the "access=private" tag, not to change what sort of thing it's tagged as.
12018-05-03 07:29:31 UTCCarnildo Welcome to OSM! A few suggestions for better mapping:

First, you can change the background imagery using the "Background settings" tab (the one that looks a little like three stacked sheets of paper). In the Spokane area, the "Esri World Imagery" option is far sharper than t...
12018-05-03 07:10:22 UTCCarnildo Please don't add nonsense to the map. There's no shortage of real things you could map instead.
12018-05-01 19:32:01 UTCCarnildo Did you make a mistake here? A cycleway that forbids bicycle usage strikes me as rather improbable.
22018-05-01 19:35:44 UTCGrantRA Apologies, this was an incomplete edit and I will review further. This trailway is closed for construction until August.
12018-04-26 01:37:25 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason you deleted this driveway?
22018-04-26 14:57:32 UTCshawat94 Hey Carnildo,

Thanks for pointing this out! I accidentally removed this during a maproulette project that aims to clean up previously imported TIGER roads. I’m still a bit new to using OpenStreetMap, so I’ve reviewed tagging guidelines in the OSM wiki for driveways, as well as your ta...
12018-04-26 00:25:00 UTCCarnildo Could you please pay better attention to what you're doing? About half the object you tagged as an "unclassified road" is actually an intermittent stream, while the other half is a farm track.
22018-04-27 05:16:19 UTCmarkm851003 Hello my mistake I will check into this and correct any incorrect modeling thank you for pointing this out.
12018-04-25 01:54:32 UTCCarnildo Thanks for adding that to the map.

A tip for future editing: you can change the background imagery using the "Background Settings" tab (the one that looks a little like three stacked sheets of paper). In the Spokane County area, the "Esri World Imagery" option is far sharper ...
12018-04-24 05:26:44 UTCCarnildo When you're editing in Spokane County, *please* use ESRI World Imagery. It's far sharper and better-aligned than Bing, and I think it's slightly newer, as well.
22018-04-24 15:15:38 UTCkfremd Thank you for the insight and suggestion! I will switch over to ESRI World Imagery for future edits in this area.
12018-04-23 21:41:50 UTCCarnildo Thanks for your additions.

In case you haven't noticed, you can change the background imagery in the "Background settings" tab (the one that looks sort of like three stacked sheets of paper). In the Spokane County area, the "Esri World Imagery" option is far sharper than the ...
12018-04-17 20:39:25 UTCCarnildo Are you sure the aerial photos here are correctly aligned? The images tend to get stretched in misleading ways in hilly areas.

Looking at the available imagery options, about half of them say the old alignment was correct, while the other half agree with the new alignment. There aren't many GPS...
12018-04-11 21:26:34 UTCCarnildo Whatever you're trying to do, it isn't working. You're adding payment information to things that aren't businesses, such as a random point on a road.
12018-04-10 20:49:22 UTCCarnildo Could you please be more careful in your editing? You dragged pieces of the Lewiston city limits across the map at least twice in this changeset.
22018-04-11 10:19:13 UTCGITNE Right, sorry. JOSM did not download the admin border while some nodes shared highways and borders. Next time, I'll see what I can do to prevent this from happening again. Thank you for the quick fix.
12018-04-10 20:36:11 UTCCarnildo I sure hope you got this right, since there's no way a changeset this big can be properly reviewed. In particular, there's a good chance you've misattributed some things named after Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer, as being named after Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights activist. (And...
22018-04-15 03:11:58 UTCPaul Johnson Looks like there's multiple items in the Tulsa and Sapulpa areas (Two bridges, two streets and an expressway) that you missed.

Published using OSMCha:
32018-04-16 06:54:53 UTCPolyglot Hi Paul,

Could you add those name:etymology:wikidata tags on those objects. I tried to find them, but couldn't based on the name tag alone (and then I started to map public transport again :-) )
12018-04-05 20:40:38 UTCCarnildo I don't know if you've noticed it yet, but you can change which background imagery you're using by clicking the "Background settings" tab (the one with an icon that looks sort of like three stacked sheets of paper). Different imagery sets are newer, or sharper, or better-aligned than othe...
12018-03-31 09:28:05 UTCCarnildo It looks like the old mapping of those buildings was an attempt to use the "Simple 3D buildings" system (, but they didn't get it quite right.
12018-03-28 07:37:02 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason why you say this has an elevation of 503 *meters* rather than 503 *feet*? The USGS topo map for the area, in particular, shows this as being surrounded by a 500-foot contour line.
12018-03-25 08:04:18 UTCCarnildo Is Midway really a reversible one-way street?
12018-03-25 07:48:29 UTCCarnildo Thanks for helping improve the map.

20 MPH is an unusual speed limit for a residential street in Spokane -- usually the limit is 25. Are you sure it's correct?
12018-03-25 07:34:06 UTCCarnildo Don't use Google Streetview to add things to the map. Google tends to object to that, often in legally unpleasant ways.
12018-03-25 07:32:03 UTCCarnildo Please don't make up features just to fill in the map. If there's nothing there, there's nothing there.
12018-02-27 21:35:32 UTCCarnildo Are these former missile sites you're adding still in use as military land, or should they be tagged as "historic:military" plus their current civilian use?
22018-02-27 22:01:46 UTCmambus its former, but i dont know what happened to the land? i thought when you dont see much civilian stuff going on it might still be in goverment hands? no idea though
32018-02-27 22:08:20 UTCCarnildo There's a thriving real-estate market for used missile silos (eg., so many if not all of these are in private hands. None of the ones you've added are in parts of the state where I can easily check ownership, though.
42018-03-14 06:50:05 UTCCarnildo Passed by this one on Sunday on my way back from a hike, and it looked decidedly civilian. I've removed the "landuse=military" tag.
12018-03-09 05:00:35 UTCCarnildo I'm not seeing any of the usual signs of this being a track, such as the road wandering off into a field or forest, or a road that's just a couple of ruts worn into the ground from repeated use. In the aerial imagery, it looks more like a "minor/unclassified road", which is what I've re-t...
22018-03-09 05:16:32 UTCsm8000 Thank you for the comment. I agree with you. I was trying to get appear as an un-paved road, ie, not a yellow or a white line but something else. There are many roads in my area that are unpaved but look the same as paved roads on the basemap. I hope my question makes sense.
32018-03-09 19:24:25 UTCCarnildo The display on the OpenStreetMap website doesn't currently distinguish between paved and unpaved roads, but other users of the OSM data do. For example, the OsmAnd map software will overlay brown (dirt), light grey (gravel, generic unpaved), or light yellow (sand) dashes on a road to indicate the s...
42018-03-10 04:28:08 UTCsm8000 Thank you very much for the reply. This clears up a lot and pretty much renders what I was hoping to do pointless.

I came to OSM through a website used for planning cycling routes ( The basemap there is google maps (which doesn’t differentiate road surface through colo...
52018-03-10 18:52:23 UTCCarnildo If you want to use OSM for bicycling, you might want to check out the or websites, both of which re-render OSM data with an emphasis on bicycle-relevant features. The map draws unpaved roads in a "dashed line" style, while Ope...
12018-03-08 07:51:25 UTCCarnildo Please be more careful with your editing. You broke Lake Victoria by removing part of the coastline.
12018-03-02 09:48:41 UTCCarnildo I'm not sure all of these were using "grade" to mean "tracktype". For example, an asphalt surface in excellent condition is hardly a "grade3" tracktype.
22018-03-02 14:07:35 UTCthetornado76 I had changed only grade=x to tracktype=gradex. If there not highway=track maybe grade=x is wrong and can removed.
If surface=asphalt you are right there is grade3 wrong.
12018-02-28 09:23:22 UTCCarnildo What sort of thing is a "Missoula Correctional Services"? Is it a jail? A courthouse? Something else entirely?

A name and address lets people search for something if they know the name, but adding tags to indicate what sort of thing it is helps people searching by type (eg. someone w...
22018-02-28 15:27:38 UTCKatherine Auge It's a pre-release center. I didn't realize how to tag it but will do so in future
12018-02-25 19:34:00 UTCCarnildo What are you doing that involves scattering hundreds of unlabeled nodes across the world, and are you planning on cleaning up after yourself?
12018-02-20 08:12:24 UTCCarnildo If it's Sears *Canada* that's dead, then why does this changeset delete a Sears store from Washington?
22018-02-20 14:40:43 UTCcarlb I've reverted that one node as an error; the rest of this changeset is all Canada (BC, AB, ON, QC, NB, NS) and the entire chain is indeed gone in those locations, but King County WA is likely to be still extant for now.
12018-02-20 08:09:55 UTCCarnildo Please don't put descriptions into the names of things. It looks ugly to humans, and confuses computers no end.
12018-02-20 07:19:53 UTCCarnildo Mind being a little less eager with the chainsaw? One of the two logging roads you deleted here was highly visible in the Esri "Clarity" imagery. (The other looked like it was only traversible on foot, if that.)
12018-02-20 06:58:28 UTCCarnildo If you add the "toilets" tag to a restroom, it'll show up in searches for restrooms (a very useful thing). I've taken care of it for this instance, but it's something to keep in mind in the future.

You might also want to double-check the location. It looks to me like you've drawn the ...
12018-02-19 04:30:13 UTCCarnildo I'm not sure what you were trying to do here, but you've effectively erased a bicycle path from the map. I've undone your changes, but please be more careful in the future.
12018-02-11 06:43:03 UTCCarnildo Please don't make nonsensical changes like turning a road into a canal.
22018-02-11 06:49:28 UTCJosh Hylden That was unintentional. I apologize.
12018-02-10 09:30:40 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason you deleted a bunch of logging roads and at least one driveway, rather than re-tagging them as tracks and service roads?
12018-02-09 09:09:53 UTCCarnildo I'm not sure how you managed it, but you partially deleted a park in Austria in addition to your changes in the Tacoma area. I've fixed things, but please be more careful in the future.
22018-02-09 20:14:52 UTCnathanieljwise Whoops. I thought I undid the Austrian changes.
12018-02-09 08:21:50 UTCCarnildo Welcome to OSM!

In case you haven't noticed it, you can change the background imagery you see when mapping by clicking the "Background Settings" button (the one that looks a little like three stacked sheets of paper) and selecting an option from the list that appears. The "Esri Wo...
12018-01-22 21:13:44 UTCCarnildo Is the northernmost section of the road actually being rehabilitated?
22018-01-22 21:28:10 UTCpslarkin If you are referring to road coincident to the conservation area, Yes. I'm not sure what the status is of the road on private land. You can read more here:
32018-01-23 10:13:02 UTCCarnildo I got out my most recent survey photos, and as of September 24 of last year, the northernmost section (the part mapped as a service road) was still a bare dirt track, showing no rehabilitation effort. Do you have more recent observations?
42018-01-26 17:27:14 UTCpslarkin I requested a response from Land Expressions, the contractor responsible for the work. I was forwarded to Avista, who has yet to respond. I'll reply here when I get more information.
52018-01-30 00:24:51 UTCpslarkin I spoke with an employee from Avista. This is a synapses:

Land was restored to it's previous state. So if dirt was moved it was replaced. If grass was trampled, it was reseeded, and on city property trees were planted. The road is still a double track service road on parcel 35312.0002, and likel...
62018-02-04 09:22:38 UTCCarnildo I got a chance to survey most of this today, and the north section is still very road-like: double-track bare dirt. Grass seed has been sprinkled on a few stretches, but there's been zero regrowth. Further south, there's been rehabilitation effort, but the damage will be visible for a few years ye...
72018-02-05 14:49:43 UTCpslarkin Pm sent
12018-02-03 06:56:58 UTCCarnildo Welcome to OSM, and thanks for your contributions.

Something to keep an eye out for, though: two of the smaller buildings you mapped here are actually cars (I've deleted them). When you're mapping things that aren't clear from the aerial imagery, it's helpful to switch between multiple image so...
12018-02-02 02:34:02 UTCCarnildo The trail you've added here appears to cut across somebody's field. Is it really a public access point?
12018-01-28 00:20:04 UTCCarnildo A tip for when you're editing in Spokane County (or, as here, just over the border): Esri World Imagery is far sharper than any of the other options, and nearly the newest.
22018-01-28 01:16:18 UTCAnton Lavrov Indeed - thanks for the tip!
12018-01-26 23:36:03 UTCCarnildo Please don't add fake objects to the map -- it just makes more work for those of us who need to clean up afterwards. If you want to map for Pokemon, there are plenty of real parks you can add.
12018-01-25 00:09:53 UTCCarnildo Don't use Google Earth as a source for mapping. The Google terms of service and OpenStreetMap policy both prohibit it, and Google tends to get upset about this in legally unpleasant ways.

(Additionally, it's likely that Google Earth got this wrong: the Kootenai National Forest website, which *is...
12018-01-19 21:11:09 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason why you moved a large number of objects ten meters to the southwest?
22018-01-23 20:35:48 UTCJogar24 Sorry I am new, but I moved some streets and objects that are in an erroneous place by some street but did not move more things
12018-01-18 22:11:13 UTCCarnildo What did you actually do in this changeset? "Adding buildings" isn't an accurate description of a changeset that moves thousands of nodes scattered around the world, but doesn't add anything.
12018-01-16 05:39:27 UTCCarnildo Did you forget to add a tag to the way you created here?
12018-01-16 04:29:44 UTCCarnildo In case you didn't know, you can change the background imagery the editor's showing you by clicking the "Background settings" tab (the one that looks sort of like three stacked sheets of paper) and selecting from the menu that comes up. In the Spokane County area, the "Esri world ima...
12018-01-16 04:26:47 UTCCarnildo I know there's some major construction going on in this area right now. Do these buildings represent the new construction, old work, or are they in an area unaffected by the construction?
12018-01-13 05:05:52 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason why you deleted Greenacres Airport? There's a very runway-looking structure about a mile southwest of the former node location, right where the FAA's records say the airport is.
22018-01-15 21:08:29 UTCMxdanger You really need to add descriptions of what you're doing. At the very least include a source. We have no idea of the meaning of this edit and if it's correct.
12018-01-08 08:28:05 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason why you've duplicated a number of existing roads? A changeset comment of "#msftbusinessapps" isn't very informative.
12017-12-30 00:53:57 UTCCarnildo The usual ways to add addresses are to either trace a building and put the address data on it, or add an isolated point and put the address data on that. I don't know how map software will handle addresses placed on the ends of roads.
22017-12-30 05:57:48 UTCseahorse41 Are the addresses at the intersection of driveway and named road okay to leave as is? Is it just the addresses at the other end of the driveway that need to be deleted?
32017-12-31 04:39:28 UTCCarnildo I don't know. Address points on roads are sufficiently out of the ordinary that I've got no idea if it will be handled properly or not.
12017-12-30 02:09:06 UTCCarnildo Could you please do your "stuff" in smaller areas at a time? A change like this that includes things in both Washington and Alabama will show up in the map history for virtually the entire United States.
22017-12-31 01:49:47 UTCIsland Human Please provide better descriptions than "stuff".
12017-12-30 01:36:07 UTCCarnildo Please don't abbreviate street names. It's easy for a computer to convert a word to an abbreviation if it needs to save space, but it's very difficult to go the other direction. (For example, should "St" be expanded to "Street", "State", or "Saint"?)
22017-12-30 01:54:49 UTCAnn4567 Thanks for letting me know. It looks like you have already fixed the streets I added!
12017-12-30 01:30:00 UTCCarnildo Could you please pay attention to the changes you're making? The "band" tag on node 1825813421 wasn't an error (it refers to a radio frequency range), while the value for the "phone" tag that you changed to "contact:phone" on ways 161636552 and 256877327 had the meanin...
22018-01-04 00:06:16 UTCChrissW-R1 Thank you for reverting my mistake about the band tag in

By the way, why we don't have a tagging schema for this kind of information? There are so many antennas in defined bands and where the information could useful for i.e. emergency services.
12017-12-27 18:14:43 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the new key "County Road" to three roads. This looks like a mistake. Could you check and fix this tag?

Cheers, Jan
22017-12-27 18:32:58 UTCseahorse41 @mueschel
Hi Jan, Thanks for the pointer/advice. Should I name it 'CR ###' instead or is there a better way to tag which roads Are county (public) roads? I have the official list with me, and most are classified as Residential or Minor/Unclassified now. I see that CR tag is available only with Tert...
32017-12-29 01:19:41 UTCCarnildo If I'm understanding the meaning of the "County Road" tag correctly, I think the best thing to do would be to use the "ref" tag with a value of "CR ###", similar to how state highways get "ref" tags such as "WA 21".
12017-12-28 23:50:13 UTCCarnildo Some of the hotels you've added are on decidedly warehouse-looking buildings. Are you sure you've got the locations right?
22018-01-03 01:12:46 UTCMxdanger I checked the location of the nodes on Google, in the same coordinates, and it showed already existing buildings. There ARE definitely warehouses if you check the state imagery and the website that was added to every hotel doesn't exist. I feel like this is intentional.
Look what else he did: https...
32018-01-05 10:05:08 UTCAlecs01 Reverted
12017-12-14 19:14:43 UTCnaoliv Hi, Juggalo_Kyle.
It seems that you did remove 4 areas which were representing some schools. For example, the White Knoll High School
Did you see something wrong with the objects, maybe? Or there was another reason to remove them?
22017-12-18 16:36:59 UTCnaoliv Juggalo_Kyle, I restored the school areas. Note that these areas are representing the school grounds and not the school building, for example.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts.
32017-12-19 05:23:16 UTCDarth_Vader The "school grounds" detail affects apps for people who work, visit, and interact with these places in a negative way. Myself being one of them. In order to prevent this, this detail should not be mapped. Labeling the school building is detail enough. The "school grounds" detail ...
42017-12-19 09:30:54 UTCfreebeer A better philosophy for you to grasp is, OpenStreetMap documents the world as it exists.
We do not map for the app, we map reality.
We map landuse.
These are school grounds, and that is fact.
If these facts bother you, take it up with your app, it is not for OSM to pander to the apps or their us...
52017-12-19 10:24:20 UTCnaoliv Which app you are using that makes this looks like an error?
You should try to fix it in the app that you are using (by contacting the developers, maybe), instead removing a valid data that everybody else uses.
And again, please, don't remove these areas.
62017-12-19 14:47:07 UTCDarth_Vader If you insist on creating problems for the people that actually live around these places, the locals and myself, then I will create problems for everyone else by creating multiple accounts and mass deleting features all around the world.
72017-12-19 15:03:54 UTCwoodpeck Darth_Vader, what you are threatening here is computer vandalism and it is illegal in South Carolina. Participating in such activity can severely affect your school/college experience or career. Think twice before you do anything you regret later - it's not worth it.
82017-12-20 22:47:43 UTCCarnildo Naoliv, I'm pretty sure the app in question is "Pokemon Go": it doesn't spawn Pokemon on school grounds, but it does spawn them on meadows, grass, forests, and sand -- or in other words, exactly the detail that Darth_Vader has added to Carolina Springs Elementary School.
92017-12-21 11:26:45 UTCnaoliv @Carnildo it seems to be the case, indeed. Yesterday a friend also sent some links, like which says "Niantic has stopped pokemon spawning in schools."
12017-12-16 21:07:00 UTCAndrew colin Thanks for cleaning them up a bit, it's hard to square things up editing on an iPad
22017-12-17 19:25:45 UTCCarnildo iD has a built-in function for squaring up the corners of an object to the nearest 45-degree angle: either hit the "S" key or right-click and select "Square" from the menu that appears. I don't know how you'd use either of them on a tablet, though.
12017-12-17 06:05:45 UTCCarnildo You don't need to put descriptions such as "home" in the "name" field -- it's obvious that a building is a house because it's tagged as such.
12017-12-16 00:16:14 UTCCarnildo Is Dart-Lo a public park, or a private youth camp? (I'm not sure how you'd tag the latter, but calling it a "park" would be misleading.)
22017-12-16 21:12:17 UTCAndrew colin I couldn't find a better tag for it, i saw another tagged similarly.
12017-12-15 23:22:26 UTCCarnildo In case you haven't already noticed it, the "Esri World Imagery" for Spokane County is far sharper than the default Bing imagery -- it's detailed enough that it should show things like the cemetery fence.
22017-12-16 21:13:58 UTCAndrew colin Thanks for the tip! I did most of the outlining by using the topographic map. I'll have to use that one when I put in the rest of the neighborhood.
12017-12-11 21:29:02 UTCCarnildo In case you haven't noticed, you can change the background imagery you're using by clicking on the "background settings" tab (the one that looks vaguely like three stacked sheets of paper). In Spokane County, the "Esri World Imagery" option is much sharper and better-aligned tha...
22017-12-11 21:42:23 UTCCaptain_Phil Thank you so much, that is so much better than the default.
12017-12-07 20:57:33 UTCCarnildo Thanks for the addition!

In my experience, actual speed limits on offramps are rare. Is this one a legal limit (a white sign), or an advisory speed limit (a yellow sign)? It makes a difference in how they should be marked on the map.
22017-12-07 21:05:19 UTCCaptain_Phil It's a white DOT speed limit sign. Drivers at my company know this offramp very well as the company GPS says it's a 30mph zone even though the signage says 50.
32017-12-07 21:21:02 UTCCarnildo Okay, thanks for the confirmation.
12017-12-05 04:36:47 UTCcougMapper Pokemon GO
22017-12-05 09:02:34 UTCCarnildo A useful technique I've found for mapping apartment complexes and other groups of related buildings is to draw an area around the entire complex, tag it with the appropriate land use (such as "Residential Area"), and put the name on that. It saves cluttering up the map with dozens of iden...
12017-12-05 03:01:25 UTCGlassman Nice edits. It would be helpful if you could give a better description of what you did. For example, added storage facility and landuse
22017-12-05 07:47:51 UTCCarnildo It looks like you did what's called a "node drag" here, where you accidentally grabbed part of an object and pulled it across the map. I've fixed it, but it's something to watch out for when you're editing.
12017-12-05 07:39:41 UTCCarnildo Welcome to OSM!

A quick tip for getting good-looking buildings: you can trace the approximate outline, then hit "S" to square up the corners. It sure beats trying to do it by hand.
12017-12-05 07:08:05 UTCCarnildo Thanks for your additions.

Spiral roads like you drew in the southern parking lot here are far from the best way to do things. Routing software tends to be rather literal-minded, and will give people directions to drive around in circles. Instead, you should draw parking aisles as a series of l...
12017-12-02 05:02:14 UTCCarnildo Thanks for the updates.

A quick tip: this sort of short access road is usually better tagged as a "Driveway" or "Service road", rather than as a "Minor/Unclassified" or "Residential" road.
12017-12-02 04:30:31 UTCCarnildo I'm not sure what you were trying to do here, but you re-named a section of a street as "Chelan Public Utility District".

I've undone the change, but please be more careful in the future.
12017-11-28 05:37:10 UTCCarnildo Thanks for the help improving the mapping of rural areas.

In the future, when you save your changes, could you include a descriptive comment? For example, this could reasonably be described as "Improve road alignment".
22017-11-28 14:15:07 UTCRand1526 Thanks- I will add descriptive comments- thanks for letting me know :-)
12017-11-26 20:14:44 UTCCarnildo Please don't put descriptions such as "unoccupied" into name fields. It causes no end of confusion to computers.
12017-11-25 18:47:51 UTCCarnildo Are you sure this isn't an airport? Aerial imagery shows a very runway-like structure going north-south and a taxiway-looking structure heading off to the northeast to a group of hangar-like sheds. Additionally, the FAA records state that there are 14 general-aviation aircraft based out of an &quo...
12017-11-24 18:24:56 UTCCarnildo Is the "Payday Loans" business you added an actual bank, or would it be more accurate to tag it as a "Money Lender" (
22017-11-27 09:07:08 UTCmGlanzer Thank you for the heads up. I wasn't aware of that category, and changed it accordingly.
12017-11-17 18:49:27 UTCCarnildo Thanks for your additions.

For future reference, it's best if you save your changes before moving to edit in a new area. An edit like this will show up in the map history for anyone looking at the west coast of the United States or a large part of the Pacific Ocean, even though it only actually ...
12017-11-14 07:37:12 UTCCarnildo I've deleted this and your other edits. Please don't map things that don't actually have a physical presence.
12017-11-14 04:17:31 UTCCarnildo Please be careful with your editing -- you removed the Knoxville city limits with this change.
12017-11-10 05:08:31 UTCCarnildo #saveyourchangesbeforemovingfromcanadatoethiopia #remembertotagyourobjects
22017-11-11 17:15:09 UTCdaganzdaanda Hi Nikki Beaudoin, welcome to OpenStreetMap!
It seems that you had some trouble with Lake Beseka. (I have repaired the lake, it should re-appear soon.)
The lake is mapped as a "relation", which makes it a little bit more complicated than other areas. iD is not the best editor when...
12017-11-05 03:07:54 UTCCarnildo "Service" is almost never the correct classification for a miles-long road: it's intended for things like driveways, alleys, and the occasional road up a hill to an antenna.

From what I can see of NFDR 313 in the aerial imagery, it looks like it's a mix of unclassified, track, possibly ...
12017-11-04 06:18:30 UTCCarnildo I've re-tagged the shooting range using standard tags, so it'll show up on maps. Does it have a name?
12017-10-27 17:54:56 UTCCarnildo Thanks for your contributions.

A couple of tips for improving your work:

1) After you've traced a building or other man-made feature, you can square up the corners by highlighting it and hitting the "S" key. It's hard to draw a perfectly-square corner; this is an easy way to solve t...
22017-10-30 09:09:24 UTCmGlanzer Thank you! I'll be keeping that in mind.
12017-10-23 17:11:32 UTCCarnildo In case you haven't noticed, you can change which imagery you're using by clicking on the "Background settings" button in the editor (the icon that looks a little like three stacked sheets of paper). In Spokane County, for example, the "Esri World Imagery" is far sharper than th...
12017-10-20 20:35:42 UTCCarnildo When did they raise the speed limit on Magnesium? It was 35 when I drove through there last December.
22017-10-23 04:41:08 UTCCarnildo I don't know where you got a speed limit of 45 from, but the sign said "35" when I drove through there this evening. I've reverted the change.
12017-10-14 06:46:29 UTCCarnildo Thanks for your contributions.

Please don't use abbreviations in names. A computer can easily abbreviate words if it needs to save space, but it's impossible to automatically go the other direction. For example, is "st" an abbreviation for "state", "street", or &qu...
12017-10-13 17:37:21 UTCCarnildo A quick editing tip: if you click the "Background Settings" button on the side of the editor (the one with the icon that looks sort of like three stacked sheets of paper), you can switch to "Esri World Imagery", which is much sharper in Spokane County than the default Bing imager...
12017-10-10 16:46:30 UTCCarnildo I noticed you used the Bing imagery for this changeset. When you're editing in Spokane County, the ESRI imagery is *far* sharper than Bing, and usually better-aligned.
12017-10-06 18:15:28 UTCCarnildo Why did you delete the traffic camera here? Has it been removed?
12017-10-04 17:56:36 UTCCarnildo In addition to whatever you were trying to do in Tanzania, you dragged a couple of nodes in Portland. Please be more careful in the future.
12017-10-02 17:30:18 UTCCarnildo Please be careful not to join buildings to sidewalks or roads, as you did in this changeset. Some routing software interprets "building on a path" literally, and assumes the building is blocking the path.
12017-09-22 19:31:04 UTCCarnildo Thanks for the addition to the map.

Right now, you've got the entire facility marked as being a single building. Is there a particular building, possibly the big one in the middle, that's the actual office?
22017-09-26 17:25:26 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Please don't mark the whole property as building. Only mark the building as building.
12017-09-15 03:26:54 UTCCarnildo Which imagery did you use when adjusting the cliffs? Not all aerial photographs are created equal, and when tracing something with abrupt changes in height like this, it's critical that you use images with good orthorectification.
22017-09-15 05:55:56 UTCmartefact Hello Carnildo - I used/consulted multiple sources to adjust the cliffline geo. USGS Topo, multiple hires aerials including ortho and nonortho. I've also hiked the entirety of the butte recording GPS tracks.
32017-09-15 06:08:14 UTCCarnildo Sounds good to me.
12017-09-13 04:31:56 UTCCarnildo I've reverted this changeset. Yes, the current mapping throws up all sorts of automated QA errors, but fixing it properly involves an afternoon of hiking up and down the hillside to see how the trail network is adapting to the road and road-removal efforts.
12017-09-13 04:16:18 UTCCarnildo Why do you think this street is residential? It has an elevated speed limit, right-of-way over traffic on cross streets, is classified by the city as an arterial, and in general is How You Get Places in that part of town. In short, it looks an awful lot like a tertiary road.
12017-09-08 03:48:11 UTCCarnildo When adding building names, it helps if you also add the buildings, or at least indicate that the points you're adding *are* buildings. I've traced three of them, but Delta Delta Delta and Delta Sigma Phi don't clearly correspond to buildings.
22017-09-08 04:53:10 UTCjessbeutler Hi Carnildo, thanks for the comment. I add these names on my Go Map!! app as I walk around and then add the buildings when I get back onto OSM later in the day.
32017-09-08 16:42:45 UTCCarnildo Does Go Map!! have a way of adding "building=yes" or similar when you're adding the name? Doing that would make it obvious that adding a standalone name wasn't a mistake.
12017-09-08 05:29:48 UTCCarnildo This bridge is straight. It only appears bent in the imagery because of bad orthorectification.
22017-09-28 10:22:39 UTCashleyannmathew Thanks for pointing it out and correcting the same.
12017-09-01 22:43:54 UTCCarnildo Has US-97 really been upgraded to the "almost-Interstate" quality implied by "highway=trunk"? Looking at the aerial imagery, I'm not seeing most of the features I'd expect from a trunk road: four or more lanes, a median or median barrier, no intersecting driveways and few inters...
22017-09-01 23:05:33 UTCarchaeo I interpred "Important roads that are not motorways." as a better description than 'Primary Road'. However, digging into it a bit I see that 'Primary Road' is indeed the better descriptor.
32017-09-01 23:06:40 UTCarchaeo I haven't rolled back a changeset before - Can you point me in the right direction?
42017-09-01 23:45:21 UTCCarnildo I'm not sure how you'd do it in iD (the website editor). The standalone JOSM editor has a "reverter" plugin you can use for easy rollback of changesets:
12017-08-30 04:21:02 UTCCarnildo Please don't use "access=no" for brief construction closures. Most data users update no more often than once a month -- this road was open again by the time I got there, but OsmAnd had picked up your closure and refused to route to the parking lot.
22017-08-30 04:43:01 UTCHubMiner Good point, thanks.
12017-08-14 07:06:50 UTCCarnildo Where did you get the name "South H Street" from? The name fits the pattern for the area, but I drove that road a couple months back and couldn't find a street sign anywhere.
12017-08-08 07:38:08 UTCCarnildo Not all arterials are primary roads. This one, in particular, is a winding two-lane road with a significant height restriction that is unlikely to ever see much traffic.
12017-07-31 20:46:02 UTCCarnildo The building outline you drew for the Cambell House appears to cover two buildings. Which one is the actual Cambell House?
22017-07-31 20:48:12 UTCCarolus Rex The larger on the left is the House, proper, the smaller is the carriage house for the Campbell House
32017-07-31 22:37:39 UTCCarnildo Thanks. I've improved the tracing of the Cambell House, and added a separate outline for the carriage house.
12017-07-28 08:31:29 UTCCarnildo I've reverted this changeset: it appears to be personal bookmarks rather than an attempt to improve the map.
12017-07-18 22:52:51 UTCCarnildo Is Fifth Street really one-way over its entire length, or did you forget to split the way where it divides in two?
12017-07-18 06:39:27 UTCCarnildo In several of your recent edits, you've forgotten to add tags to what you've drawn, and you've added roads that cross other roads without connecting.

A bare line that doesn't indicate what sort of thing it represents isn't very useful, and won't show up on the map. A road that isn't connected (i...
12017-07-11 17:15:48 UTCHubMiner Thanks for fixing this; I wonder if there is a way to add that it could be closed at park's discretion (access=permissive?).
22017-07-11 17:16:23 UTCHubMiner ...without messing up navigation applications.
32017-07-11 18:25:04 UTCCarnildo I don't know of any. Adding an additional "access:conditional=no @ winter" would express the seasonal closure without interfering with normal routing, but I don't know of any software that uses the "access:conditional" tag, and it doesn't cover the fact that the gate can be clos...
12017-07-11 04:04:23 UTCCarnildo When you add a normally-open gate to a road, it's important to add access information. Routing software is inconsistent about how it treats a gate with no information: some software defaults to "yes", while other software defaults to "no".
12017-07-09 08:52:05 UTCCarnildo I'm pretty sure this rest area is already mapped, about a half-mile north of where you've put it.
22017-07-11 04:19:07 UTCpluton_od Hi Carnildo. Thanks, you're right.
12017-07-06 04:15:54 UTCCarnildo Did you forget to put a name on the locality you added (node 4953767238)?
12017-06-28 05:08:02 UTCCarnildo Something went badly wrong with this edit -- you appear to have re-used a node from Indonesia for your waterfall. I've reverted it.
22017-06-28 05:29:35 UTCphlustik Hi, thanks for the fix. I've used OsmAnd Edit POI function, this must be a bug in OsmAnd. I will use JOSM instead.
12017-06-27 23:14:45 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason why you're calling Friday Avenue/River Street through Mullan a "primary road"? I drove it last Saturday, and it's a very minor road through a very minor town -- the general feel I got was that it should be classified as "tertiary". It's a narrow low-speed two-...
22017-06-28 00:11:41 UTCSD Mapman My general rule is to stick business interstates as primary based on the route marker. However, feel free to change it if you have more immediate knowledge (which it sounds like you do).
12017-06-20 23:46:12 UTCCarnildo Are you sure about the non-existence of Humbert Airport? The DigitalGlobe Standard imagery (the newest available for this area) shows a line of ground parallel to the nearby field with a worn look to it, and a structure at the north end of that line that could be a hangar.
22017-06-20 23:53:29 UTCnrotstan Ah, ok, thank you for catching that!
12017-06-19 19:22:03 UTCmanings Hi, PanierAvide. This edit spans the whole US. Can you point to a documentation in the wiki about this edits. On quick look this is a mechanical edit and should follow community guidelines:
22017-06-19 19:43:05 UTCPanierAvide It is not an automated edit, it was using Maproulette (challenge about aerodromes). Each edit was made manually by myself. However, it spans over the country as Maproulette gives random tasks over the country.
32017-06-19 19:45:22 UTCPanierAvide See
42017-06-19 20:02:03 UTCmanings Thanks for reply. I haven't check the data completely but a quick look seems they are all good. However, I encourage you to upload as often as possbile so that we don't have a changeset that is too big. Thanks for mapping.
52017-06-19 20:14:24 UTCPanierAvide Oh OK, I was thinking not creating too much changesets was better. I will know it for the next time. Thanks for letting me know :-)
62017-06-19 20:26:23 UTCCarnildo Keeping the number of changesets down is okay, as long as the changes are grouped into a small geographic area. "Cleaned up all the old airports in Pike County" is fine; "cleaned up a hundred old airports scattered around the United States" isn't. Unfortunately, Maproulette giv...
72017-06-19 20:37:27 UTCPanierAvide Makes sense, but as you said it isn't easy to do so in Maproulette. We have a tool in France named OpenSolarMap which gives random tasks (about roof orientation), but when another task is available nearly, you do this before others. That way you can work on random tasks but in a small area. Maybe Ma...
12017-06-16 18:37:43 UTCCarnildo Best practice for indicating a business is closed is to prefix the "shop" tag with "disused:" (for example, "disused:shop=doityourself"), and to do the same with the "name" tag if the signs have been removed. If the signs are still there, leaving the "na...
12017-06-15 20:42:07 UTCCarnildo Standard practice for schools is that the name goes on the school grounds, not on the school building, except in unusual cases such as two schools sharing a campus, or when the building has a name different from that of the school.
12017-06-14 21:37:53 UTCCarnildo Please don't make up names for things.
12017-06-14 00:49:23 UTCCarnildo It looks to me like the towers were already mapped. Is there some reason why you're adding them again?
12017-06-12 08:30:05 UTCCarnildo The "name" field should only be used for actual names, not descriptions. For example, it's obvious that a walkway is a walkway because it's tagged as "highway=footway".
12017-06-07 18:44:22 UTCCarnildo What are you trying to do that involves drawing large, untagged outlines?
22017-06-08 16:04:07 UTCSomeoneElse I'm guessing that it got uploaded by mistake. I've reverted it in .
Best Regards, Andy (DWG)
12017-06-07 07:01:30 UTCCarnildo Please don't abbreviate names. It's easy for a computer to decide it needs to shorten "Lane" to "Ln" if it needs space; it's much harder to decide if "St" should be expanded to "Street" or "Saint".
12017-06-03 08:44:48 UTCCarnildo What are you testing, and since it pretty clearly didn't work, are you planning on reverting it?
22017-06-03 17:15:14 UTCSamuel Cabral Cruz Hi Carnildo,
I tried to revert them, but I didn't find how to! The purppose of the test was to extract information with osmapi library from python.

I finally used a different API.

May you give me more infos on how to revert a modification?
32017-06-03 18:14:03 UTCCarnildo For situations like this, where you want to simply revert everything, the best tool is probably JOSM ( You'll need to activate the "Reverter" plugin, which will give you a "Revert changeset" menu option in the "Data" menu. Enter the num...
42017-06-03 22:19:26 UTCSamuel Cabral Cruz Hey Carnildo,
Could you confirm that I correctly reverted all the tests commits.
52017-06-04 02:34:49 UTCCarnildo Looks to me like you got everything.
12017-06-03 09:17:17 UTCCarnildo The "name" field should only be used for names, not for descriptions. Something like when a building was completed would go in the "start_date" field.
12017-06-03 08:41:54 UTCCarnildo What TIGER data have you deemed unnecessary here?
22017-06-03 15:19:09 UTCTheDutchMan13 TIGER zip data left & right
12017-06-02 18:32:39 UTCCarnildo Additional imagery used: DigitalGlobe Standard and NAIP Washington 2015.
12017-05-29 06:36:13 UTCCarnildo This isn't a park, it's a couple houses.
12017-05-26 09:44:24 UTCCarnildo On straight segments of ways, it's generally considered good practice to leave nodes at periodic intervals. Because of the way the OSM API works, if you download a region containing a way, but that way has no nodes in the area, the way isn't visible.
22017-05-26 15:17:15 UTCemem I simplified the boundary to 33ft (which is grated, relatively coarse, but the staircases were 31ft on average, possibly resulting from 10m/pixel bitmaps) which took out about 90% of the nodes.
The average spacing between nodes is now about 300ft, comparable to node spacing of roads and other featu...
32017-05-28 19:08:54 UTCCarnildo It looks like you're taking out far more nodes than you intend. For example, way 409571420 went from 72 nodes relatively evenly spaced over three miles, to just eight nodes, with a maximum gap between nodes of 2.25 miles.
12017-05-25 20:26:44 UTCCarnildo The Cabella's in Post Falls is already mapped (it's that big building to the southwest), so please stop adding it.
12017-05-22 21:32:33 UTCCarnildo That doesn't look very park-like to me. It looks like somebody's house.
12017-05-19 21:54:29 UTCCarnildo It's not clear what happened, but it looks like this edit may have broken the banks of the Spokane River.
22017-05-20 02:01:45 UTCemem I just checked the updated slippy map tiles and they look fine. Also re-downloaded the data, which looks fine is JOSM, too. Plus I'm still the last editor of these traces, the changelog suggest no inintended edits done in that changeset to the river (just moved 3 nodes of it).
I do see when zooming...
32017-05-20 02:28:28 UTCemem I tagged the mapnik tiles within this changeset dirty and most of them re-renderd now. I see no issue with the Spokane river. Can you confirm ?
42017-05-20 03:56:47 UTCCarnildo Looks good in both JOSM and the website map.
12017-05-19 21:24:36 UTCCarnildo Why did you delete a section of the Little Pend Oreille NWR boundary? According to the official map (, that's an inholding in the refuge, presumably consisting of privately-owned land.
12017-05-15 18:11:51 UTCCarnildo I drove this a few weeks ago. There are no markings to indicate that Columbia Street or Wahluke Street are part of WA-24, or that WA-24 starts north of the WA-26 underpass. There is, however, a very nice "End WA-24" sign just *south* of the underpass.

(It was somewhat disconcerting to...
22017-05-17 21:08:28 UTCHowpper This is not technically part of the highway, but you have to take this way going from Westbound WA-26 to Westbound WA-24, or when going from eastbound WA-24 to westbound WA-26. This is also the way all of the highway signs direct traffic to.
32017-05-17 21:10:47 UTCHowpper Tell me how you would go from Northbound Broadway avenue to Westbound highway 26, without taking Columbia Street
42017-05-18 00:46:28 UTCCarnildo Navigation systems use the "name" and/or "ref" fields of roads when giving directions. Giving something a name that doesn't reflect the signs on the ground causes those systems to give bad directions.

Yes, the shortest route from eastbound WA-24 to westbound WA-26 is via Colu...
12017-05-13 16:29:37 UTCsorcrosc Please add a comment to your changesets. A dot is not an explanatory comment
22017-05-13 18:21:03 UTCCarnildo Or at the very least, use more dots. It's tricky to click on a changeset link that small.
32017-05-13 18:24:05 UTCsorcrosc Yes, more dots for all :)
12017-05-10 04:19:23 UTCCarnildo Thanks for your contributions.

Elevations in OpenStreetMap are always measured in meters. I've changed the elevation for Pendleton back, but keep it in mind for the future.
12017-04-26 08:58:40 UTCCarnildo I noticed that you've mapped a number of things as "parking space". That's meant for mapping individual spaces in a parking lot; the tag for a parking lot is "car parking".
12017-04-18 06:31:41 UTCCarnildo I'm not sure what you were trying to do with this edit, but it left a number of roads stretched across the map. I've reverted the dragging, while leaving the change to the road type of alone, but you should probably review things to make sure I got it rig...
12017-04-16 22:13:26 UTCGlassman Please only add features that can be verified. I removed the parks and water features you added. I left all of your good edits.
22017-04-17 07:39:33 UTCCarnildo Unless I missed something, there weren't any good edits. The two surviving changes (which I reverted) were to turn Hallmark Apartments from "landuse=residential" to "natural=residential", and turn Walla Walla University into a park.
12017-04-15 01:48:55 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM - marking roads as private indicates that it is posted to allow only owners and others that are individually invited. If it's just a privately maintained road that anyone can use, you can add the tag operator=
22017-04-15 06:56:10 UTCCarnildo This one's an odd case: the county has the name as "Highland *Drive*", which would imply a public road ("Lane" denotes a privately-owned road), but the parcel map doesn't have a right-of-way for it, instead showing it as running on private property. I don't recall a street sign ...
32017-04-15 18:46:10 UTCMike Chamberlain The roads in question "belong" to our little community of 37 homes -- The Highlands Homeowners Association of Spokane. The history is a little complicated; details can be found here:

At present we are working with the new owners of ...
42017-04-16 00:16:50 UTCGlassman The SCOUT parcel information probably comes from the assessor's office while the basemap imagery with labels is from their gis data. Parcel data is strange. Skagit County has a road data layer that is made from parcels information. In places it is off by many feet.

Keep up the great work updatin...
12017-04-02 07:03:26 UTCCarnildo Thanks for your edits.

The "name" field should only be used for actual names, not descriptions. To indicate that an area is a football field, you can give it the type "American Football Field", which lets it show up in searches for football fields, and lets mapping software d...
12017-03-29 08:37:09 UTCCarnildo Wrong "Grandfather Mountain". The links you added were for one in North Carolina, not the one in Idaho.
22017-04-18 09:41:32 UTCfidcastro Hi Carnildo, thank you for reverting the data. The attributes were added in error. I have reached out to OSM editors working in North Carolina. The other Grandfather Mountain is now searchable in nominatim and we are actively working to improve that data. Many thanks, Castro."
12017-03-24 23:43:50 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason why you're changing the river from the commonly-used "waterway=riverbank" to the rare "natural=riverbank"?
22017-03-28 05:08:18 UTCCarnildo In the continued absence of a response, I've un-done this change.
32017-03-28 16:02:49 UTCmarkknp Carnildo, it was changed during testing of a software package. Is there a published standard or best practices for tags? They seem to be fairly random...
42017-03-28 18:25:12 UTCCarnildo The best place for finding out about existing tags is the wiki: for example, or (there are two competing standards for tagging riverbanks: one groups them with lakes, ponds, and other water are...
12017-03-27 08:39:41 UTCCarnildo Could you do this in smaller chunks? I suspect this changeset is responsible for deleting the banks of the Columbia River between John Day Dam and McNary Dam, but it's such a huge changeset that none of the usual review tools works well with it.
22017-03-27 08:58:34 UTCsebastic The tags we simply moved from the outer ways to the relation.

Can you be more specific (e.g. map link) where between John Day Dam & McNary Dam the riverbanks are missing?
32017-03-27 17:59:19 UTCCarnildo I've fixed it already, but about ten hours ago, the ways making up the relation created in had no tags and were not part of any relation. However, stale rendering of map tiles showed that they had recently been tagged and/or p...
12017-03-23 20:49:44 UTCCarnildo Consensus is that unofficial trails should be mapped, but should be marked as "informal=yes" (and "access=no" if people aren't supposed to use them).

See the discussion at and the linked mailing list discuss...
22017-03-23 22:21:40 UTCCaleb-G Thanks Carnildo. Being new here, I'm not aware of the best-practices. Is there a good method to roll it back, or should I just manually add it again as a new trail?
32017-03-24 03:30:20 UTCCarnildo I've reverted the deletion. There's a tool in the JOSM editor to do this, but it's a bit tricky to get right if you're only trying to undo part of a changeset.
42017-03-24 03:55:29 UTCCaleb-G Thank you!
12017-03-18 00:52:29 UTCCarnildo You've turned I-90 into a tunnel across the entire state of Washington twice now. Whatever you're doing, stop it.
22017-03-18 00:59:17 UTCjuuroku I'm trying to properly layer the roadways in the MBRT in Seattle. Like most people, I'm learning OSM through experimentation.
32017-03-18 02:14:13 UTCCarnildo I'm not familiar with the Vespucci editor, but when you're changing the layer/tunnel information for I-90, make sure you're selecting an individual way making up the freeway, rather than the relation that groups all of the ways together into a single unit.
42017-03-18 03:45:31 UTCjuuroku In Vespucci the individual ways and the relations appear on the same pick list when selecting a way to edit. Sometimes adjacent ways and relations appear as one big pick list. To a new person like me it isn't immediately apparent which are the ways and which are the relations. Switching to a desktop...
12017-03-17 18:36:32 UTCCarnildo Gossard Field still exists -- "Juno Elevator Road" doubles as the runway, the building with the curved roof is a hangar, and the FAA says that five airplanes operate out of it. I've restored the airport node and improved the mapping.
22017-03-17 21:34:57 UTCradnaj Thank you for double checking this and undoing my incorrect deletion, based on the imagery, and no visual evidences of the aerodrome
12017-03-15 05:28:57 UTCCarnildo In addition to whatever you were trying to do (your changeset comment of "Fixed building" doesn't resemble your changes in the least), you dragged a node of an island off the coast of Alaska. Please be more careful in the future.
22017-03-30 02:48:54 UTCJason Roy Sorry about that, I accidentally uploaded a changeset form a previous edit. Thanks for letting me know, and I'll be more careful next time with dragging nodes. Thanks!
12017-03-13 23:33:34 UTCCarnildo Please don't add fictitious data to the map. It wastes the time of those of us who have to clean it up.
12017-03-13 23:19:09 UTCCarnildo If you want to practice editing, there's a development server you can use:
12017-03-10 02:34:47 UTCCarnildo Please don't add false data to the map. It wastes the time of those of us who have to remove it.
12017-03-07 20:46:01 UTCCarnildo Please don't use a "." as the changeset comment. It's not very informative, and it's a pain to try to click on in the history view.
12017-03-02 21:08:21 UTCCarnildo Thanks for your work improving the map!

The usual way to map a school is to place the name of the school on the school grounds, but to not name school buildings unless they have their own, different name (eg. the "So-and-So Memorial Gymnasium").
12017-02-22 09:56:39 UTCCarnildo Thanks for your help with the map!

A couple of notes:

1) Parking lots should be mapped as "Car Parking". "Parking Space" is meant for the individual spaces if you're mapping a parking lot in fine detail.

2) Please don't attach things such as school grounds to adjacent s...
22017-02-22 21:31:26 UTCManOfSpokane Thanks for the info Carnildo! Funny, I was typing in "parking" for the tag lookup expecting to see something like "parking lot" but the only thing that came up was "parking space". You would have thought the lookup feature would have shown "Car Parking" as w...
32017-02-23 05:57:38 UTCCarnildo Actually, I think the problem with the lookup feature is that it tries to be too smart: a search for "parking" does bring up "car parking", but it's mixed in with "car sharing", "charging station", "park", and other things that might or might not be ...
12017-02-23 01:58:43 UTCCarnildo Please don't add fictional content to the map.
22017-02-23 06:10:40 UTCnammala Carnildo, Great you have cleaned up the data
12017-02-14 06:50:09 UTCCarnildo You've drawn this building as overlapping two different houses. Which one is #9011?
12017-02-14 06:21:28 UTCCarnildo Did you mean to remove the "highway=" tag from East A Street in this edit?
22017-02-14 08:07:24 UTCrza31 Hello Carnildo,
thanks for notice. It was a mistake by mapping.
12017-02-13 19:54:19 UTCCarnildo You appear to have forgotten to indicate what sort of thing this is. Mapping a bare address has some value, in that routing software can give directions to it, but it really helps if you add a "house" or "apartment" tag (or the generic "residential building" tag if you...
12017-02-11 20:38:20 UTCCarnildo Did you mean to mark a section of railroad as "abandoned" in this edit? The section near the Baird Springs Road tunnel doesn't look abandoned to me, just shadowed by the edge of the cutting.
22017-02-12 13:00:04 UTChofoen Thanks for the note. I fixed it.
12017-02-07 22:21:26 UTCCarnildo The "name" field should only be used to give the names of things, not to describe them. It's obvious from the tags that a path is a path, so you don't also need to name it "path".
12017-02-04 05:17:40 UTCCarnildo That does not look particularly park-like in aerial imagery, and the Pullman parks department is unaware of any park named "Egg Park", or of a park by any name in that location.
12017-02-03 05:20:57 UTCCarnildo Thanks for your work in mapping the less-populated parts of Idaho.

OpenStreetMap measures elevations in meters, not feet, and lets end-user software decide what units to display it in. By changing the numbers for Stevens Peak, you've made it appear to be the tallest mountains in Idaho.

(I've ...
12017-02-03 05:06:43 UTCCarnildo For future reference, the correct tag for a parking lot or parking garage is "car parking" (amenity=parking). "Parking space" is for if you're mapping the individual spaces within a parking lot.
12017-02-03 04:44:24 UTCCarnildo In general, we don't record the ownership of private residences on the map.
12017-02-03 04:24:23 UTCCarnildo What was the assignment, to vandalize the map? I believe everything in this changeset has been deleted as having no basis in reality.
12017-02-01 07:15:08 UTCCarnildo Is it really called "Short Pointless Path"?
12017-02-01 01:25:08 UTCCarnildo Is there really a hospital in the Cheney Fire Department building?
12017-01-28 19:51:02 UTCCarnildo The "name" field should only be used for the actual name of something. What sort of thing it is is indicated by tags such as "commercial area".
12017-01-28 11:03:16 UTCCarnildo I've reverted this change. As best I can tell, the "park" is a vacant lot and the footway doesn't exist. Further, the change messed up the data for bus route #160 by adding the vacant lot to it.
12017-01-28 10:51:11 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason why you think that the Centennial Trail is better classified as a footway than as a cycleway? Sure, it probably sees more foot traffic than bicycle traffic, but it's advertised as a cycle route, marked as a cycle route, and everyone knows it as a cycle route.
12017-01-27 05:41:58 UTCCarnildo If you put the address in the address field rather than the name field, route-finding software can use it when users enter it as their destination.
12017-01-27 02:21:38 UTCCarnildo Are you sure about the park you added just north of the cemetery? It looks to me like it's just somebody's house.
12017-01-27 01:20:55 UTCCarnildo The "name" field should only be used for actual names. Attributes such as "this is a sidewalk" are indicated by appropriate tagging.
12017-01-26 11:27:42 UTCCarnildo A "Code Blue Emergency Station" sounds like it should be tagged as an "emergency phone" ( Is this correct?
22017-01-31 18:39:24 UTCjagather1 Yes, it does seem like a better fit. I changed them to emergency phones after reading the wiki-link. Thank you.
12017-01-26 11:21:35 UTCCarnildo Cheney Community Church is mapped twice here, once as a node with an address of 205 Pine Street, and once as a building with an address of 1307 3rd Street. Which one is correct?
12017-01-25 22:09:51 UTCCarnildo Please only map things that actually exist.

I don't know if the watercourse you've modified is better mapped as a "stream" or a "ditch", but I'm confident enough that there isn't a meadow, a pond, a lake, or a Reformed Zoroastrian temple at the intersection of Third and Roosev...
12017-01-24 22:10:32 UTCCarnildo Is there an actual park here? On the aerial imagery, it looks like it's just a vacant lot.
12017-01-17 05:06:14 UTCCarnildo You appear to have re-named the United States in this changeset. Consequently, I've reverted it.
12017-01-10 09:14:17 UTCCarnildo You've mapped a long section of Radar Creek as a bridge here. Is this accurate (an extended boardwalk or similar), or an error?
12017-01-05 21:43:40 UTCCarnildo Are you sure about "Indian Prairie School"? Aerial imagery shows something that looks more garage-like than school-like, none of the local school districts has an "Indian Prairie School", and I can't find anything about it on the web.
22017-01-05 22:08:12 UTCPHerison This was just a merge of node 356540317 and way 311148180. I've no information about "Indian Prairie School".
32017-01-06 07:51:21 UTCCarnildo Upon further investigation, that building is Spokane County Fire District 10's station #3. I've updated the map.

The node in question was from the GNIS import, a data source almost as problematic as TIGER, but less well-known. Looking at the associated record in the GNIS website, it was added t...
12016-12-08 05:54:36 UTCCarnildo Some of these tags don't seem to be appropriate. For example, "Hillside" ( and "Walker's Point" ( both have the Wikidata tag "Q6988108", which is "Neighborhoods of Milwau...
22017-01-04 22:35:06 UTCnyuriks Carnildo, thanks, totally forgot about this issue - I have easily found all affected items using relation["wikipedia"~"#"]["wikidata"]["admin_level"];
query. That said, these are not incorrect Wikidata IDs, they are simply less then accurate, and should be...
32017-01-05 11:16:31 UTCnyuriks Ok, done - all Milwaukee neighborhoods (wikidata=Q6988108) have been fixed - i created wd items for them
42017-01-05 21:11:40 UTCCarnildo Thanks -- that seems like the best solution.
52018-07-24 11:25:10 UTCreddox nyuriks, shouldn't R-181732 (Belcourt) be a town / village? 'locality' seems inappropriate.
12016-12-30 19:39:40 UTCskorasaurus Hi,
welcome to OpenStreetMap.

Nice details and edits here on the golf course.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or ask at

Will (from Cleveland)
22016-12-30 20:06:08 UTCAble05 Thank you. It's sure taking some time to work through the course. I am new to this, so it may very well likely be widely-known, but I find it cumbersome to edit some of these things. For example, when adding a sand bunker, it seems unnecessary to have to add both golf=bunker and natural=sand since t...
32016-12-31 20:34:39 UTCCarnildo The JOSM editor ( lets you set up tag presets to apply as many tags as you want in one action, but it's got its own steep learning curve.
12016-12-29 23:07:31 UTCCarnildo Thanks for adding to the map!

A tip for better mapping: if a path meets a road, make sure the two are connected (the connection will show up as a grey dot in the editor). This lets routing software know that it's possible to get from one to the other, and use the path when finding walking direct...
12016-12-27 13:15:22 UTCupendrakarukonda Hi AT4TWalker,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contribution is appreciable. It's better not to use proprietary sources for mapping in OpenStreetMap.


22016-12-29 06:05:06 UTCCarnildo Besides, in my experience, Google often gets park boundaries spectacularly wrong.
12016-12-23 19:57:16 UTCDavidKewley Hi ncmh91, looks like you removed a runway and associated taxiway, and shrunk the airport grounds accordingly. Could you provide a URL describing this change in the real world? I'm still seeing references on the web to the removed runway, and I'm not (immediately) finding references to its being rem...
22016-12-24 08:30:22 UTCCarnildo Bing, Mapbox, and USGS imagery all have "X"s at the ends of the runway, indicating long-term closure. The FAA master record for the airport ( also notes that runway 4R/22L is closed "until further notice".

It's p...
32016-12-24 19:27:47 UTCDavidKewley OK, cool, I've learned something today. Thanks Carnildo!
42016-12-24 23:42:19 UTCncmh91 Thanks Carnildo for helping clear this up!
12016-12-24 05:49:49 UTCCarnildo Are you *sure* this is tertiary? Aerial imagery shows a one-lane gravel road.
12016-12-20 07:18:27 UTCCarnildo Whatever you did to the Waikiki Road bridge over the Little Spokane, it broke the Fairwood boundary relation. I've fixed it, but please be more careful in the future.
12016-12-19 05:18:15 UTCCarnildo What's your basis for mapping Cliff Drive as a one-way street? It sure looked two-way this afternoon.
12016-12-18 01:28:31 UTCCarnildo Spokane County's municipal boundary map ( isn't the most detailed in the world, but it seems to think that the original Spangle city limits were correct -- that yes, the southern boundary does cut diagonally through a field.
12016-12-17 10:30:10 UTCCarnildo Err, no.

Anyone driving Dike Bypass and expecting a trunk road will be very surprised to find themselves on a narrow two-lane road with assorted driveways coming off it.
12016-12-15 09:48:05 UTCCarnildo Um, no.

Crown Point may or may not be a state highway; I've got no information on that. But it is not in any way a secondary highway. It is a short stub of paved road providing access to a minor park and a pair of dirt roads.
12016-12-15 09:32:19 UTCCarnildo Thanks for updating these roads.

If a road is entirely closed to heavy-truck traffic, you can indicate that by adding a tag of "hgv" with a value of "no"; if it's closed except for local deliveries, you'd use a value of "destination".

The iD editor doesn't have a ...
12016-12-13 21:48:50 UTCCarnildo The lower terminal of the Skyride is a military area? Sorry to put it so bluntly, but what the hell?
22016-12-13 21:53:11 UTCCarnildo Additionally, where are you getting the name "White Park" from? As far as I can tell, it's just a stray piece of city-owned riverbank.
12016-12-13 07:30:47 UTCCarnildo Um, what?

Last time I drove past, that sure looked like a statue of Abraham Lincoln.
12016-12-12 02:02:04 UTCCarnildo I've reverted this changeset.

1) To the best of my knowledge, the Spokane city limits run down the west side of Haven, not the centerline.
2) Adding a "landuse=commercial" polygon on top of the Spokane County Fair polygon violates the principle that one OSM object should correspond to ...
12016-12-11 23:02:53 UTCCarnildo Are you sure all of this is Spalding Auto Parts? The fencelines and different car-parking patterns look like they could belong to two different junkyards.
12016-12-07 23:05:14 UTCCarnildo A mini-roundabout is a type of junction between multiple streets. For a roundabout-type structure at the end of a street, mark it as a "turning loop".
12016-12-05 23:59:25 UTCCarnildo Please don't abbreviate street names. It's easy enough for a computer to turn a full name into an abbreviated one if it needs to save space, but going the other direction can be difficult or impossible. For example, should "St" be expanded to "Street", or "Saint"?
12016-12-04 23:02:45 UTCCarnildo I've partially reverted this changeset. The Bing imagery for Sprague is out of date -- the intersection at the northwest corner of the town has been re-worked into a conventional four-way intersection with a driveway coming out of it.
12016-11-18 14:18:41 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
You've added a "landuse=forest" tag to - is that really correct? The relation is "Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest" i.e. it's a protected area - a "National Forest" in US terms, but that d...
22016-11-29 19:47:13 UTCCarnildo I don't think it does. Like most national forests, Okanogan-Wenatchee is used for a mix of logging, ranching, mining, hunting, and other things. There are dedicated recreation areas and dedicated wilderness areas, and areas that are de-facto one or the other (generally due to inaccessibility), and...
12016-11-28 23:05:07 UTCCarnildo I repeat: is there a reason why you do not consider these roads to be tertiary?
12016-11-24 21:07:01 UTCCarnildo Re-removed park. Source: I went there, looked, and saw a collection of parking lots.

"North Bank Park" isn't the only erroneous park on that map. Mr. Kozlov would be rather upset if you used it as the basis for mapping his house as part of Palisades; similarly, people would be confuse...
22016-11-24 23:08:43 UTCHowpper Ok, I understand.
12016-11-23 10:29:05 UTCCarnildo ..."North Bank Park"? I've never heard of it, and as far as I can tell, neither has the Parks Department.
22016-11-24 05:30:07 UTCCarnildo Drove by it today and found several parking lots, but no park. The only place where I've been able to find a park in this area is in the master plan for redevelopment of Riverfront Park, and that's not scheduled to take place until 2018. I've deleted the park.
12016-11-23 08:54:23 UTCCarnildo Are you sure Crestline between 11th and 15th doesn't exist? Aerial imagery certainly shows something street-like.
12016-11-23 04:18:19 UTCBharataHS Hey Howpper,
Your efforts on adding data on to OSM is deeply appreciated. Could you please let the community know, the reason behind deleting a lake which is visible in Bing satellite imagery. Thank you.
22016-11-23 04:33:09 UTCCarnildo Not just satellite imagery. I've got a half-dozen photographs of it at various times this year.
12016-11-22 10:41:29 UTCCarnildo At least one of these still existed in October -- at least in the form of a sign on a store. I didn't check to see if it was still open for business, as I was navigating a busy parking lot at the time.
12016-11-16 18:52:55 UTCneuhausr Did you mistype? Either the name or the tag is wrong
22016-11-16 22:03:20 UTCTgd108 Sorry. The tag is wrong. Didn't set it as post office intentionally. It is a music store. Couldn't find which tag to put for that. First location for me. Will try to figure out how to repair it. Thanks for the heads up.
32016-11-19 20:32:58 UTCCarnildo The tag would be either Music Store ("shop=music", for a store that sells CDs, vinyl records, etc.), or Music Instrument Store ("shop=musical_instrument", for a store that sells instruments and related things). I don't know if the Maps.Me editor has presets for these, but the iD...
12016-11-18 10:35:29 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! You paint a new way over a existing street ( And the name "P-1302 Access Road to Soccer Park (RRE Homeowner Association)“ isn’t a name, this is a description! What is wrong with the highway "Eastridge Drive NE"?
22016-11-18 21:12:36 UTCSusanWi According to the Redmond Ridge East plat, Eastridge Drive ends at the roundabout where it connects to 244th Place NE. The section of road to the south/southeast of the roundabout is an access road on parcel 720322-0620 that belongs to the Redmond Ridge East homeowners association. It is not an ext...
32016-11-19 20:20:59 UTCCarnildo Since you're using the iD editor, you can split a road into two parts by clicking on the road, then shift-clicking on the dot at the appropriate place to split the road (if there isn't one, you can drag the nearest triangle icon on the road to create one). Then, click the "scissors" icon ...
12016-11-19 20:05:59 UTCCarnildo The "name" field should only be used for the name of the object, and nothing else -- computers don't understand that a suffix of "(Closed)" means that a gas station is closed, and so it will still show up in searches.

The customary way to indicate that a business has been clos...
12016-11-19 03:03:02 UTCCarnildo Did you mis-type the tags for the signals here?
22016-11-19 03:14:36 UTCNatfoot apparently autocorrect was not happy.
12016-11-18 22:51:17 UTCCarnildo When mapping businesses, it's useful to indicate what sort of business it is, to make it easier to find. For example, "Roger's Towing & Recovery", in addition to being a building, is probably also a "car repair shop" (tag "shop", value "car_repair").
12016-11-18 08:43:55 UTCCarnildo Thanks for adding speed limits -- it's nice to know I'm not the only one who cares about them.
12016-11-15 19:51:13 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason why you placed two wastebaskets in apparently-random parts of Area 51?
12016-11-15 05:15:54 UTCCarnildo "shop=cannabis" is the more-common way of tagging marijuana stores (120+ uses versus 12). I've gone ahead and changed it.
12016-11-15 05:09:36 UTCCarnildo You're not allowed to use Google Maps as a source for mapping. The data isn't under an open license, and Google could react in legally unpleasant ways to people copying it.
12016-11-15 04:42:12 UTCCarnildo The more information you can provide about something, the easier it is for people to find it. For example, in addition to marking the building as being a commercial building, you could tag it as a bank, and indicate that it's got an ATM (or not).
12016-11-13 00:57:32 UTCCarnildo Two issues with this edit:

1) "Simple changes" isn't a very descriptive comment. If I'm reading the changes correctly, a more accurate comment would be something like "added points of interest".

2) Elevations in OSM are measured in meters, not feet. Your change to the sum...
12016-11-09 20:00:51 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason why you don't want 13th/Rosamond/West/Westcliff/Deska classified as tertiary? The route has an elevated speed limit, right-of-way over intersecting minor roads, and is classified by the city as an arterial -- all indications that it should be tagged as "tertiary".
12016-11-09 19:19:42 UTCCarnildo Where are you getting the name "Grand Junction" and the presence of a stop sign on a railroad from?
12016-11-09 00:15:08 UTCCarnildo Is this a fire station? Fire stations have their own building type, so they can be indicated as such with an appropriate icon or other marking.
12016-11-09 00:11:19 UTCCarnildo The "name" field should only be used for names, not descriptions. Most parking lots don't have names.
12016-11-08 23:56:56 UTCCarnildo Buildings should not be placed inside other buildings -- it makes it hard for map renderers to draw things correctly. The preferred way to map a building containing multiple businesses is to draw the outline as a generic building, then add a "point" feature for each business.
12016-11-08 23:51:58 UTCCarnildo Is the name of this actually "Residential Development"? The "name" field for objects should only be used for actual names, not descriptions.
12016-11-08 08:43:33 UTCCarnildo Wouldn't it make more sense to draw a "landuse=residential" around the entire apartment complex and name it "Eagle Point Apartments", rather than putting the apartment-complex name on each building individually?
12016-11-03 06:35:41 UTCCarnildo "I Street" is already on the map as a residential road. What were you trying to do here?
12016-11-02 22:38:20 UTCCarnildo The "apartments" tag is for apartment *buildings*, not apartment *complexes*. Applying it to an apartment complex causes the complex to be drawn as a single very large building.
12016-10-30 22:27:04 UTCCarnildo Is this actually a road named "private driveway"? If it's an ordinary driveway, the correct way to mark it as such is a road type of "driveway" with an allowed access of "private". The "name" field should only be used for actual names.
12016-10-28 07:35:20 UTCCarnildo Since when has Pinecroft Natural Area Preserve been a military area?
22016-10-28 21:57:42 UTCHowpper I did this because the area is not open to the public, and it was meant to represent a restricted area.
12016-10-28 03:32:33 UTCCarnildo The classification of places is based on their size, not on the official name. That said, I agree that Pullman is probably large enough to be classified as a city rather than a town.
12016-10-27 18:37:16 UTCCarnildo Landuse tags should indicate "what it's actually used for", not "what it's zoned for".
12016-10-26 16:21:18 UTCHowpper I see what you mean, the part north of I-90 was once part of the park, but no longer officially is, but according to "", the part north of Liberty Park Place is part of the park. Is this incorrect?
22016-10-26 19:36:58 UTCCarnildo Based on the Liberty Park map at, it's not part of the park.

I haven't been to the park recently, but aerial imagery shows the block north of Liberty Park Place as a brown, weed-filled lot, where the area south of the road is well-watered, well-maintained ...
12016-10-26 18:58:27 UTCHowpper I found it on an old city map. It must be an old name. ";JSESSIONID=0ae03a53-2ba6-4218-be98-5f0dfd7208e9?showTipAdvancedSearch=false&showShareIIIFLink=true&showTip=false&helpU...
22016-10-26 19:28:59 UTCCarnildo That map dates from 1956, back when Havermale Island was an industrial area surrounding a railroad station. The island was completely re-shaped for the 1974 World's Fair, and is currently undergoing another major renovation.
12016-10-20 11:25:55 UTCPaul Johnson Maybe this should be undeleted, and instead retagged as a brownfield site. Deleting the property also removes the address, which is still valid for this site.
22016-10-21 05:15:15 UTCPaul Johnson If there's no objection, I will be reverting this edit to restore the deleted address.
32016-10-22 07:24:39 UTCCarnildo I've used the "destroyed" lifecycle prefix ( for buildings that have been burned down or otherwise destroyed by disaster. It's common for them to be rebuilt on the same foundation with the same roof outline, and this preserves the infor...
42016-10-22 13:38:55 UTCPaul Johnson That's probably a good idea on this building, since it is *Very* much destroyed, and damaged most of the buildings within the vicinity (I've heard reports of damage as far up as Irving in one direction and Everett in the other). The building itself looks like it basically exploded, fell into it's o...
12016-10-21 03:14:19 UTCCarnildo I don't think it's accurate to describe this section of MLK Way as "open for traffic": as of half an hour ago, the "road closed" construction barriers were still up at the intersection with Sherman.
12016-10-17 06:48:44 UTCCarnildo "boundary=national_park" is a general-purpose "large protected area" tag. The "protected_area" tagging system gives more precision, but until more map renderers understand it, double-tagging national forests as national parks is fairly standard practice.

12016-10-14 20:47:47 UTCCarnildo The correct tagging for a geyser is "natural=geyser", not "natural=volcano".
12016-10-10 17:50:22 UTCJohnny Mapperseed Have you confirmed their location with an on the ground survey? I hate to be a bummer, but the bing sat imagery is of downtown before significant renovations. Basically none of it is good anymore, unless you've recently been on the ground and know what remains and what has changed.

Anyway thanks ...
22016-10-11 17:40:02 UTCschloss I have confirmed the location of these trees both by visiting Kent recently, and by referencing Google's aerial imagery when making the change, which Is far more up to date than Bing's.
32016-10-13 09:13:14 UTCCarnildo Don't do that -- Google isn't on the list of acceptable sources. If you need more recent imagery, Mapbox Satellite and USGS Large Scale Imagery both tend to be newer than Bing, and are freely usable (if lower resolution).
12016-10-13 05:58:05 UTCCarnildo By what stretch of the imagination does Spokane have a population of nearly three-quarters of a million people?
22016-10-13 16:23:42 UTCHowpper I was counting the Spokane-Coeur d'Alene Combined Statistical Area. Now I see that it should have the population of the city proper.
12016-10-12 06:45:02 UTCCarnildo Please don't attach things to roads that aren't actually part of the road, like you did with Greenacres Elementary in this edit. It makes it a pain to edit those roads to to add things like speed-limit changes.
12016-10-10 00:33:17 UTCNatfoot Carnildo, I drove through there as well today. Any idea why there is no railway on that bridge? railway=rail ?
22016-10-10 02:11:29 UTCCarnildo Probably an editing mix-up.
12016-10-09 04:42:32 UTCCarnildo Where did you get the idea that there was a traffic signal at the intersection of Spokane Falls and Sherman? It was a four-way stop when I drove through this afternoon.
12016-10-09 04:28:12 UTCCarnildo I don't know what this building is supposed to represent, but there's no building there. I've deleted it.
12016-10-09 01:45:02 UTCCarnildo Mount Spokane Park Drive is not primary. It is not really secondary, it is merely customary to describe state highways as such. Tertiary would be reasonable, as would "unclassified".

It's a winding rural road that doesn't go much of anywhere. It is certainly not "a road that lin...
22016-10-09 01:51:55 UTCCarnildo This particular stretch of road is a badly-potholed two-lane road with no markings, that connects only to a ski-area parking lot (closed in the summer) and a small group of summer homes.
12016-10-09 00:49:12 UTCCarnildo I drove past both ends of this bridge today, and saw no signs of construction. Further, according to the most recent newspaper articles I've seen, it's still in the "where can we get ten million dollars?" stage of construction.

According to OSM standards, that means it should be mapped...
12016-10-08 19:05:37 UTCCarnildo The "link" road classification is only for "links": short stretches of connecting road. See the wiki articles:
12016-10-08 05:02:24 UTCCarnildo I don't know what you were trying to do here, but stretching a building across half the world clearly isn't right. I've reverted it.
12016-10-06 05:39:31 UTCCarnildo Is there really a traffic signal there, or did you mis-mark a railroad crossing?
12016-10-06 01:01:17 UTCCarnildo Columbus Street is one-way northbound. There is no southbound entrance into the roundabout.
12016-10-05 21:41:51 UTCCarnildo Planned routes should be "highway=proposed", "proposed=". The "construction" tag should only be used when actual building is taking place, not when the current status is "being heavily debated".
12016-09-29 01:35:32 UTCCarnildo This edit broke the railroad bridge over Cannon Street, making it run east-west and connecting it to 5th Avenue. I've fixed it, but please try to be more careful in the future.
12016-09-28 02:49:42 UTCCarnildo Where in the world did you get the idea that Spokane has over a half-million people?
12016-09-26 17:41:43 UTCCarnildo I've converted "Gate" into a gate, and deleted "Bike" and "Sean", based on available imagery. The bench may be redundant, or there may be two benches in the area, and Mapbox imagery shows something that might be a rest area near the "rest area" POI.
12016-09-22 03:49:28 UTCCarnildo Why did you delete the lake here? It was very much in existence as of May 7, 2016.
12016-09-19 16:55:43 UTCCarnildo Where did you get your information about the pond you added near Warden? The aerial imagery looks to me like it's farmland, not water.
22016-09-19 17:03:45 UTCSathyaPendyala Are you referring to the change set 42273368? It's a baseball field.
32016-09-19 19:09:25 UTCCarnildo I'm referring to way 443209289:
42016-09-19 20:41:39 UTCSathyaPendyala Yes. You're absolutely correct. It's just farmland. It's my mistake. Thanks for pointing that.
12016-09-17 04:35:08 UTCCarnildo According to my photos and notes from last week, you're right.
12016-09-14 03:16:30 UTCCarnildo This section of Sprague is very definitely not a secondary road. It's a narrow residential street that qualifies as "tertiary" only because traffic on it has the right-of-way over that on any of the intersecting streets.
12016-09-13 17:47:33 UTCCarnildo Where are you getting these "Clark" addresses from? As far as I can tell from searching on the Internet, the Keller Ferry campground and other things in the area have "Wilber" addresses.
12016-09-01 21:34:08 UTCCarnildo When recording the names of streets, the usual practice is to fully expand abbreviations. It's easy for an end-user to condense "avenue" to "ave" if they need it, but rather harder to tell if "St" should be "street" or "saint".

See http://wiki.op...
12016-09-01 04:18:52 UTCCarnildo Thanks for adding this -- I don't know how I missed it when I was mapping the area earlier this year. My mapping notes show both ends of it, but somehow, I never followed up on mapping the actual trail.

Is "bridle path" the actual name for it? When I've been mapping things in Riversid...
22016-09-01 13:06:07 UTCreecee Glad to be able to help. Good point. I don't know that there is an actual name for the trail, just that it is within the horse / hiker only boundaries. I think your idea is best. I'll try to remove the name and just leave the trail type.
12016-09-01 04:08:32 UTCCarnildo What's your source for the names here? "Equestrian Lane" is what's on the street signs for the road intersecting Trails/Government Way while "Aubrey L. White" is on the big, fancy, non-official sign. The road leading to the equestrian area doesn't have any name that I've been a...
12016-08-31 18:06:22 UTCCarnildo I don't think "Servpro of Northwest Spokane" is part of the roadway of Fir Avenue. Could you move it to the building the business is in and mark it with the appropriate business type?

The reason you're not seeing the list of business types in the editor is because you've literally att...
12016-08-21 09:15:54 UTCCarnildo I *really* don't like the idea of calling Riverside State Park a "national park": it's an administrative conglomerate of all sorts of things, ranging from the highly-protected Little Spokane area, to Parks Department land, to DNR campgrounds, to land owned by Avista that was logged earlier...
22016-08-21 21:01:58 UTCGwennDragon I'm fairly confident that this tag is correct, and I'm willing to stand by it. Allow me to explain my reasoning. Like leisure=nature_reserve, boundary=national_park is used more broadly than the normal English interpretation of the phrase would suggest. It is generally used for any government-declar...
32016-08-27 05:56:22 UTCCarnildo I think someone should invent a time machine so I can go back in time and swat whoever thought "national_park" was a good tag name for "large, generally wilderness-style recreation area".
12016-08-16 04:05:07 UTCCarnildo Is this a ski lift, or a trail following a lift? The usual tagging for lifts is "aerialway=chair_lift" (or other "aerialway=" tags for other types of lift; see
22016-08-16 17:10:14 UTCnaimon It's a trail following an old ski lift.
12016-08-16 03:39:48 UTCCarnildo I'm not comfortable with armchair-mapping the trails in Mount Spokane State Park.

1) There's been some re-alignment and closure of trails in the park in the past decade. Some Strava tracks correspond to routes that are now closed.

2) Some of the trails in the park are former logging roads tha...
12016-08-15 06:24:15 UTCCarnildo Did something go wrong with this edit? You've got a couple of nodes tagged as "railway=signalGEIGER JCT".
22016-08-15 06:39:33 UTCNatfoot Yes it did, Thank You
12016-08-08 03:09:31 UTCCarnildo Are you sure you've got "Boat Ramp" tagged properly? The name and position imply it's a "leisure=slipway", but you've marked it as an "amenity=parking".
12016-07-27 06:47:53 UTCCarnildo Are you sure "nature reserve" is the correct classification? When I was mapping the trails, I had to dodge cattle herds a few times -- not something I'd expect to do on a nature reserve.
22016-08-06 03:42:07 UTCGwennDragon The OSM tag leisure=nature_reserve is used a bit more broadly than the usual meaning of the term would suggest. Still, I agree that it is a bit of a stretch. Before my edit, it was labeled with boundary=protected_area & protect_class=27 (Generic public land), which did not render on the map. I o...
32016-08-06 06:45:39 UTCCarnildo I was hoping you'd know of a better tagging. This sort of situation is exactly the sort of thing "protect_class" is supposed to be for; too bad getting it to render has been an unresolved issue for years.
12016-08-03 04:52:07 UTCCarnildo There are some major problems with this edit:

1) Indian Canyon Park does not exist except on paper. On the ground, every entrance sign, boundary marker, and trailhead map calls it part of Palisades Park.

2) The boundaries you have for "Indian Canyon Park" don't match either the on-t...
22016-08-06 02:59:56 UTCGwennDragon First the lesser matter: I reclassified the trail that connects from Rimrock Drive to Trail 120 (which I originally added to the map a few years ago), for two primary reasons. First, it is not one of the parks official trails, and is thus not marked, does not show up on the official maps, and is not...
32016-08-06 03:08:35 UTCGwennDragon As for the rest of my edit, I am honestly unsure of what would be the best way to mark the park boundaries. From one perspective, the separate units have separate ownership and should be marked as separate entities, even if they are managed as a unit "Palisades Park" is not a true, singula...
42016-08-06 03:19:21 UTCGwennDragon For the most part, I would be supportive of reverting my edit, except for two changes. First, the area approximately bounded by the railroad, Greenwood, and Trail 101 is private property, despite what the Palisades map says. I wasn't aware of this until recently when I ran into a man and his family ...
52016-08-06 03:22:43 UTCGwennDragon Thanks for bringing these things to my attention! It's good to know that I'm not alone in my efforts to map the area. I'm on a self-imposed break from mapping for a while, so you can make changes if you like, or I'll come back and fix everything up in a week.
62016-08-06 06:43:29 UTCCarnildo My personal choice would be to combine the Indian Canyon and Palisades sections under the name "Palisades Park" (since that's what's on all the signs), while leaving Rimrock Conservation Area.

Most of the Greenwood/101/Railroad area is legally part of Greenwood Cemetery, but is de-facto...
12016-08-03 00:23:53 UTCCarnildo Are the trails you've added here based on actual GPS traces or on-the-ground observations? What you've drawn looks like the trails that *should* exist according to the county's maps, but when I visited earlier this year, I was unable to locate the trail leading from the parking area, and I didn't h...
22016-08-06 02:31:43 UTCGwennDragon My edits are based on the county map. I have not actually been to this park in person yet, though I've been across the river many times. If you want to remove any of the trails I marked which you think are inaccurate, that's okay with me.
32016-08-06 05:33:02 UTCCarnildo I plan to head out there this weekend, and I'll be updating the map based on what I find.
12016-08-03 07:27:28 UTCCarnildo Where are you getting the boundaries of Sontag Park from? The boundaries on the ground are a bit fuzzy in the area, but as far as I can tell, most of what you've got as Sontag is actually part of Riverside State Park.

In particular, the parking area at 47.78397 N, 117.54904 W is definitely part ...
22016-08-06 02:50:58 UTCGwennDragon I've been to Sontag Park, but it was long enough ago that my memory of it is hazy. I based my edit on the map from Spokane County Parks & Recreation ( Upon checking Riverside's own map and the state BLM data, I believe that you are most lik...
32016-08-06 05:27:08 UTCCarnildo Sontag Park's a bit tricky: ownership of the land it's on is split between Nine Mile Falls School District and the State Parks Department.

My decision on where to split between "Nine Mile Elementary", "Sontag Park", and "Riverside State Park" was somewhat arbitrary: ...
12016-08-03 07:42:23 UTCCarnildo Page Airport appears to be gone: the older Bing and Mapbox imagery shows whiteXs at the ends of the runway indicating closure, while large parts of the runway appear overgrown in the latest Mapbox images.
12016-08-03 07:37:50 UTCCarnildo Are you sure about the in-use status of this runway? The white Xs painted at the ends of the runway in the latest imagery indicate long-term closure, in which case it should probably be tagged as "disused:aeroway=runway"
12016-07-30 08:47:55 UTCCarnildo Did you forget to add tags to this?
22016-07-30 19:35:22 UTCMappingJunkie Thanks for noticing. This is a work in progress that requires loading lots of GeoTiffs. Since the boundary is not complete, I will leave it un-tagged until it is ready for publication.
12016-07-21 20:26:19 UTCCarnildo Please pay attention when dealing with this sort of mis-tagged way. Yes, it was mis-tagged as a quarry. But it is also mis-tagged as a mineshaft, a ditch, a peak, and an incorrectly-named road.
22016-07-22 20:39:57 UTCridixcr As I commented in, I removed only the landuse=quarry because I fixing broken polygons. And in the same way, I've already reverted my edit here Thanks for your feedback again.
12016-07-21 03:13:56 UTCCarnildo When you come across an issue like this in the Inland Northwest area of the United States, there's usually more than one problem with the data. In this case, for example, way #13922679 was simultaneously tagged as a mine, a stream, and two different roads.
22016-07-22 20:39:02 UTCridixcr Hey there!
The tag landuse=quarry is recommended just for points or areas, and as you can see in the changeset comment I was working on broken polygons so that was the reason for removing just the mentioned tag. However if you know better this area, you can please clean up all the incorrect tags in...
12016-07-12 20:50:04 UTCvincent_y79 Will have to delete this. Airport has been decomissioned in the 70's but still shows up in the charts.
22016-07-13 04:37:47 UTCCarnildo If the runway's still there but no longer in use, tagging it using one of the lifecycle prefixes such as "disused" or "abandoned" ( may be a better option.
32016-07-13 14:07:49 UTCvincent_y79 Thank you. Didn't really want to delete because it still shows up in the charts but the abandoned tag was perfect.
12016-07-11 09:09:00 UTCCarnildo Aerial imagery here shows something that looks an awful lot like a runway. Is there something I'm missing that says "Regan Ranch Airport" doesn't exist?
12016-07-07 05:02:40 UTCCarnildo Why have you tagged the bank of the Spokane River as being a river in its own right?
12016-06-26 06:46:33 UTCuser_5359 Hello! Are the streets have been built? Can we move the tag Name to the tag name?
22016-07-02 15:10:39 UTCmattmaxon No the roads have never been built. They are labeled as proposed because they are taken from planning documents from lacity planning department. Hopefully they will never be built
32016-07-04 02:23:39 UTCCarnildo The correct way to mark proposed roads is with the "proposed=residential" tag ( There doesn't appear to be an easy way to do this with the iD editor, though.

Marking them as actual roads will lead to navigation software trying to route ...
12016-07-02 19:12:28 UTCEzekielT Tigrinya is spoken more often than English in Eritrea, so this probably should be reverted.
22016-07-02 23:42:19 UTCSomeoneElse @EzekielT before you made your original change did you consult with anyone from the OSM community in Eritrea (either living there or, given the politics, mapping there and living remotely)?
32016-07-04 01:35:36 UTCCarnildo I don't care what language is used for the contents of the "name" field, so long as 1) it's just a single language, 2) it's just a single name, and 3) the name reflects one of the things it's called.
12016-06-25 05:17:10 UTCCarnildo I noticed you've named a few roads "Unconfirmed Rd". The "name" field shouldn't be used for anything except the name of the object. If you want to add a note that you're not sure a road exists, the best way is to add a "fixme=resurvey" ("Fix Me" from the &qu...
22016-06-25 17:42:39 UTCGuide Pro Thanks for the feedback Carnildo! Revised the roads as suggested and made a note for future.
12016-06-13 18:21:39 UTCCarnildo Are you sure about the east-west runway here? In the latest Mapbox imagery, it looks like it may have been abandoned and re-vegetated.
22016-06-14 16:23:49 UTCpete404 In mapbox it appears to have a strip of green vegetation, so I shrunk the runway and tagged it as disused.
32016-06-14 16:23:59 UTCpete404 Changeset 40021004
12016-06-01 02:45:12 UTCCarnildo Please don't make joke edits.
12016-05-28 06:01:02 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Please double check the name of the fast food. Can it be Burger King ?

Please don't use abbreviations.
22016-05-28 18:05:02 UTCCarnildo Unfortunately, Maps.Me is out of date. I did some basic mapping of the shopping mall there two months ago, including that Burger King; Maps.Me hasn't picked up the changes yet.

If you've got an address, opening hours, or similar information, feel free to add them and I'll integrate it with the e...
12016-05-28 01:53:16 UTCCarnildo I'm not sure what you were trying to do, but I seriously doubt that the city limits of Speed, KS are a pipeline. I've reverted the change.
12016-05-18 22:13:28 UTCCarnildo Are the speed limits on Five Mile the result of an on-the-ground check? My experience is that roads out in the county are typically either 25 MPH or 35 MPH (or faster); 30 MPH is rare.
22016-05-18 22:50:51 UTCdagwood70 I've lived in a neighborhood off of this road for 1.5 yr, it has been these speed limits as long as I've been here. This was once rural farm area but much of it is now developed.
32016-05-18 23:00:20 UTCCarnildo Thanks for confirming it.
12016-05-14 05:26:25 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason why you created this Value Village again?
12016-05-13 18:32:30 UTCCarnildo This is the second time you've marked a castle where there clearly isn't one. Is there a reason for this?
22016-05-15 09:26:39 UTCTheodore Ro I put in the wrong street for that Kennewick store the first time (Center Parkway). Is it possible that when I tried to correct the address to Columbia Center Blvd that it put in a second one?
12016-05-03 20:09:32 UTCCarnildo I'm not sure what you were trying to do here, but it left US-95 tangled up, with the northbound and southbound sections crossing over each other and running the wrong way at the intersection with Hidden Haven/1st/North Llumina. I've done my best to fix it.
22016-08-05 16:18:31 UTCRichRico Hi Carnildo.
I worked on intersecting highways where they needed. Seems to be a slipping issue while joining nodes. I will review in more detail before making a change. Thanks for your feedback and fixing it.
12016-04-10 18:32:50 UTCCarnildo Two points about this edit:

1) Streams need to point in the direction of flow. You've got the lower section of Hog Creek flowing uphill.

2) Where did you get the data for the trail to the outlet of Hog Creek? My notes from my hike yesterday don't show a trail junction there, and there's noth...
22016-04-24 05:10:06 UTCCarnildo I re-surveyed the area today, and could not find any evidence of the upper section of the trail. Given the continued absence of evidence that that part of the trail exists, I'm removing it.
12016-03-28 03:18:07 UTCCarnildo Removed "Nes=Cartridge" tagging from seven buildings in this set.
12016-03-28 02:21:14 UTCCarnildo Removed "Nes=Cartridge" tagging from 54 buildings in this set.
12016-03-27 07:32:32 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason why you added "Nes=Cartridge" tags to 179 buildings in this changeset?
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