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12017-05-19 21:54:29 UTCCarnildo It's not clear what happened, but it looks like this edit may have broken the banks of the Spokane River.
22017-05-20 02:01:45 UTCemem I just checked the updated slippy map tiles and they look fine. Also re-downloaded the data, which looks fine is JOSM, too. Plus I'm still the last editor of these traces, the changelog suggest no inintended edits done in that changeset to the river (just moved 3 nodes of it).
I do see when zooming...
32017-05-20 02:28:28 UTCemem I tagged the mapnik tiles within this changeset dirty and most of them re-renderd now. I see no issue with the Spokane river. Can you confirm ?
42017-05-20 03:56:47 UTCCarnildo Looks good in both JOSM and the website map.
12017-05-19 21:24:36 UTCCarnildo Why did you delete a section of the Little Pend Oreille NWR boundary? According to the official map (, that's an inholding in the refuge, presumably consisting of privately-owned land.
12017-03-11 00:37:52 UTCLeTopographeFou Hi, you used access=permissive but according to the wiki access=private would better fit as soon as the airport is not open to general traffic. What do you think?
22017-03-20 10:12:36 UTCLeTopographeFou Modified to access=private in
12015-05-28 05:16:45 UTCsrividya_c Hey, does these footway trail exist now? Imagery doesn't show any path there.
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