Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12017-12-16 02:19:32 UTCGlassman I've removed most of your edits. Please only add features that can be verified on the ground. Check out for more information about editing for Pokemon and being a valued contributor.
12017-12-15 16:50:49 UTCGlassman A gate already exists on Pigeon Creek Road. BTW - gates are normally a node on a way. That tells routers to not proceed - unless allowed by the gate. I'm going to remove your gate since its a duplicate.
12017-12-14 00:37:27 UTCGlassman Is Summerwood a park a city or county facility. I couldn't find any mention. Also the land is owned by the HOA/Developer - so most likely a landuse=recreation_ground
12017-12-13 22:54:45 UTCGlassman Forest is for areas that companies use for logging. natural=woods are for areas like this. I changed it.
12017-12-13 21:35:49 UTCGlassman Street names should be unabbreviated and the actual road looks more like a residential than a tertiary. I'm made the changes.
22017-12-13 21:48:35 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! And the this street is part of a pipline relation ( Or can I delete this information?
32017-12-13 22:25:47 UTCaHuda Sorry, i don't get your question. There is no pipeline, that's the new road that the builder just made. It's named as 'SouthEast 14th CT.' The road is shared among16 new homes and is a dead end.
42017-12-13 22:30:44 UTCuser_5359 But you added also the relation 7809175 (follow the link).

I assume I can delete them, or?
52017-12-13 22:32:14 UTCaHuda yes, you can delete it.
62017-12-13 22:34:15 UTCaHuda Based on your experience, any idea of how long will it take to reflect the addresses correctly for mails and packages to be delivered? As this place doesnt show up anywhere, I am unable to order anything on Amazon or any website online. Thanks for your help !!
72017-12-13 22:39:57 UTCGlassman I just talked to a GIS rep for Snohomish County last week. They send new addresses to the Post Office as they happen. That doesn't help UPS and Fedex, but they must run into this problem all the time. I would stop in to their store fronts to make sure they know how to deliver to you. You could give ...
82017-12-13 22:42:33 UTCaHuda ok thanks !!
92017-12-14 04:54:34 UTCuser_5359 Relation 7809175 has been deleted.
12017-12-12 05:40:19 UTCGlassman Is it really named Private Road or is it just not a city maintained road? Could it be a highway=service, service=driveway?
12017-12-11 22:02:55 UTCGlassman The footway is tagged foot=no. Did you mean that people shouldn't be walking on it? Usually a footway is for people with horse and cycle the two big options.
12017-12-11 21:55:51 UTCGlassman Only the building should outlined. Not the whole complex. Instead use landuse=residential along with the name.
12017-12-11 16:50:23 UTCGlassman Looks good. Two tips, spell out street names. OSM used full street names since software has a hard time unabbreviating names. Also, check out the wiki on opening hours.
12017-12-10 07:20:55 UTCGlassman OSM uses full spellings on street names. It should be South 279th Street.
12017-12-09 16:19:08 UTCGlassman Thanks for adding the street. When adding streets and they don't appear on the imagery, use the pancake icon on the right to see if one is more current. I went ahead and made some adjustments to better align to the imagery.
12017-12-09 03:01:44 UTCGlassman A pier can be either a polygon or a way, but probably not both. See for more info.
12017-12-09 01:16:40 UTCGlassman Nice
12017-12-07 03:13:51 UTCGlassman You had the building connected to the road. Unless the road goes through the building it should not be connected or on top of the road. It's fixed. Try different background images to pick which one gives you the best view to help draw buildings. Use a mouse if you have one will also help.
12017-12-07 03:09:49 UTCGlassman You can square up the buildings in iD buy selecting the buildings and either type an "s" or right click on the outline and select the square icon. They look much nicer that way. I fixed some.
12017-12-05 03:52:17 UTCGlassman The footpaths are needed to route across the plaza. You may want to add them back in.
12017-12-05 03:01:25 UTCGlassman Nice edits. It would be helpful if you could give a better description of what you did. For example, added storage facility and landuse
22017-12-05 07:47:51 UTCCarnildo It looks like you did what's called a "node drag" here, where you accidentally grabbed part of an object and pulled it across the map. I've fixed it, but it's something to watch out for when you're editing.
12017-12-04 06:34:48 UTCGlassman Please only add verifiable features to OSM. I removed the park and pond.
12017-12-04 06:32:14 UTCGlassman The apartment building doesn't seem to match the aerial imagery. Try using a different background image but using the layers icon on the left side of the editor. Instead of Bing, try one of the Digital Globe offerings or the ESRI.

Also, when you draw a building make sure you square it (assuming ...
22017-12-05 04:29:43 UTCeric2013264 Thanks for the advice! I am new to this and was testing it on a random apartment building. I hope my new fixes look better!
32017-12-05 04:37:35 UTCeric2013264 Pokemon GO
12017-12-03 22:24:40 UTCGlassman Nice. You can square building by selecting the outline and hitting "s" or right click on the outline and use the square icon. I went ahead and squared your building.
22017-12-03 22:55:54 UTCGlassman Also - the roundabout is tagged highway=roundabout. I made the change. Not sure about the relation
12017-12-03 06:35:46 UTCGlassman nice job on the building
12017-12-03 06:34:43 UTCGlassman remember to square buildings (assuming they are actually square) either select the building outline and hitting "s" or right click and use the square icon.
12017-12-03 06:29:03 UTCGlassman The park you added is actually private property according to Clark County Records. I removed it
12017-12-03 06:21:58 UTCGlassman I modified the park to match clark county records as best I could without a shapefile.
12017-12-03 06:11:04 UTCGlassman I'm confused. Your two edits show that the fire station is in the wrong location, but only rivers and some fast food shops were changed or added. What you did looks really good. It's just the changeset comment that doesn't match your edits.
22017-12-03 06:15:00 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Please be careful when editing the map data. You moved a node more than 100 meters, so that the associated street ran across other streets and buildings. Please check
12017-12-02 17:03:01 UTCGlassman One suggestion - please include a more descriptive changeset description. Like added service roads. It help others later on try to understand why the map is the way it is.
12017-12-01 22:01:50 UTCGlassman the name tag shouldn't be used to describe a feature. You could tag the area as leisure=nature_reserve and leave the pond as it was originally tagged.
12017-12-01 21:55:23 UTCGlassman The park looks more like a common area for the apartments and not open to the public. I suspect leisure=common and access=private would make more sense
12017-12-01 21:46:33 UTCGlassman We spell out street names in OSM to help software out. (they can abbreviate but have a hard time un-abbreviating.) There is a pulldown for the street name in the editor which lists the nearby streets so you don't even have to type it out. I updated the street on the Circle K station
12017-12-01 21:42:37 UTCGlassman Thanks for adding the bike lanes.
12017-11-30 22:56:48 UTCGlassman You did very good in placement of the new road. It is visible using the Digitalgloble standard background. There are a number of images you can select from besides Bing. Two Digital Globe and ESRI.

If you do have another feature keeping you from adding, just move the feature, and then when done,...
12017-11-29 23:38:33 UTCGlassman i see you fixed up Bothell admin area. What did the new users do? I'm getting ready to welcome them to OSM and I want to make sure they understand what they did.
22017-11-30 04:43:30 UTCuser_5359 I did not really understand why the relation is displayed in this changeset. My correction is therefore not based on an action of the newbie, but is a standardization of the relationship description.
12017-11-28 00:33:22 UTCGlassman If the business is closed you can just delete the mode. I usually save the address info for use by the next occupant
12017-11-26 22:40:31 UTCGlassman JOSM Validator is complaining of errors on your platform in Mount Vernon, WA.
12017-11-24 00:06:27 UTCGlassman Nice - I removed a duplicate park node from the lower left corner of the park.
12017-11-23 16:23:23 UTCGlassman Did you intend the Ptarmigan Traverse and the other trail you added to be a footway instead of path? Footway is something often seen in a city park where a path would be what I expect in this area.
22017-11-23 18:03:34 UTCAdam Schneider From what I've seen around here, both of them are frequently are used for hiking trails; I chose "Foot Path" because it's not open to other modes of transportation. But I see in the wiki that highway=path is probably a better choice.
32017-11-23 18:08:23 UTCGlassman Thanks for changing it!
12017-11-22 17:06:01 UTCGlassman I reverted your edit. Please read the wiki on how to edit and use proper tags.
12017-11-20 23:43:35 UTCGlassman I expanded the street name. OSM spells out street names to avoid software problems trying to un-abbreviate them.
12017-11-18 16:06:12 UTCGlassman should have been made by my Glassman username.
12017-11-18 16:05:57 UTCGlassman should have been made by my Glassman username.
12017-11-18 16:05:50 UTCGlassman should have been made by my Glassman username.
12017-11-18 16:05:41 UTCGlassman should have been made by my Glassman username.
12017-11-18 16:04:42 UTCGlassman this should have been from my Glassman user name
12017-11-17 06:18:00 UTCGlassman Instead of using the name tag to describe feature, use an appropriate tag instead or no name tag. For example, "pond on golf course" is tagged as a pond and it's inside of the course. That's all that's needed. Descriptions can be used instead, for example the retirement home if you don't k...
12017-11-17 06:12:11 UTCGlassman It looks like someone before you created the multipolygon for the college boundary which is perfect. Unfortunately all of the buildings inside are also part of the relation. They probably should be stand alone.
12017-11-16 20:07:31 UTCGlassman The BLM does own land where you added the recreation site, but's its not listed as a park. You could make it landuse=public, and label it as BLM lands. See for ownership of the land. Also look up landuse in
12017-11-16 17:53:17 UTCGlassman Landuse is a more appropriate boundary for a school. Admin boundaries are used for cities, counties, etc. I went ahead and made the change as well as modified the area to match Clark County Records.
22017-11-16 20:48:11 UTCslime666! Okay! Summit view is on the campus yes. The building in the middle is CASEE while the buildings on the left and right are Summit View High school.
12017-11-16 16:44:36 UTCGlassman Is Summit View High School part of CASEE? It is included in your boundary.
12017-11-16 00:37:47 UTCGlassman We don't use descriptive names, like name=Appartment. I changed the building=yes to building=apartments.
12017-11-15 18:41:22 UTCGlassman I reversed George Creek direction. Rivers and streams should be the same as the direction as the water flow. Also, the path, Asotin Waterfront Trail ends in the Chief Looking Glass park but doesn't connect to the service road and parking lot. Should it? By making a connection, it will enable routers...
12017-11-14 23:47:47 UTCGlassman You can draw a area around the development, tag it as landuse=residential and then add a name. Otherwise your node will not show up on the rendered map.
12017-11-14 23:46:33 UTCGlassman We use full spellings of street names in OSM to avoid any confusion that software has trying to unabbreviate the name.
12017-11-14 22:34:55 UTCGlassman Trailheads can be tagged on the trail. I went ahead and made the change. See - It's still in proposal status, but over 500 trailheads have been added to the OSM.
12017-11-12 22:06:22 UTCNakaner Hi Glassmann,

please do not use your normal OSM account if you do imports. Create a dedicated import account instead.

Best regards

22017-11-12 23:47:43 UTCGlassman Michael - thanks for the reminder. I know better.
12017-11-12 15:18:23 UTCGlassman I moved the apartment building you added to it wasn't on the alley. Although I'm not sure what will have to the alley once construction is completed.
12017-11-11 23:43:33 UTCGlassman Only use name for buildings with established names.
12017-11-09 20:47:46 UTCGlassman The building outline should only cover the actual building. Parking lots are separate features. I made the correction to the building.
12017-11-09 20:44:26 UTCGlassman Can you add a tag to describe the Hospice Friends feature? Is it an office=ngo or some kind of shop?
12017-11-09 20:42:02 UTCGlassman please remember to square your buildings to match the imagery. (select the outline and use the "s" key to square it.)
12017-11-09 20:38:40 UTCGlassman I added a building tag but can you give more detail why this building is called the historic ft sampson tourist destination? Is there a website?
12017-11-09 20:32:24 UTCGlassman The storage area isn't a building. I changed it to landuse. You can add the individual buildings if you like.
12017-11-09 20:29:05 UTCGlassman I think you might have been trying to do a building outline. Use the area tool in iD to create an area and tag it as building=apartments. I went ahead and made the change including merging the node with the outline
12017-11-09 20:12:59 UTCGlassman I expanded the street name for 50th Court South - OSM uses full names to prevent problem software has expanding abbreviated names.
22017-11-10 00:10:18 UTCjeph125 Thank you!
12017-11-09 15:17:21 UTCGlassman missing and incorrect tags. This area appears to be residential not an area with retail offices.
12017-11-05 05:21:21 UTCGlassman Thanks for improving the park. I did some of the initial trails a while back but haven't been back since.
22017-11-05 21:02:39 UTCejain I'd do some more improvements, if I were able to overlay the map from in the iD editor...
32017-11-05 23:13:16 UTCGlassman Unfortunately it isn't a geopdf or you might be able to open it in iD or JOSM. WA RCO has some trail data for the state. We are missing a couple of trails in the section north of HWY 20, and a bunch of trails south of HWY 20. If you want to give the JOSM editor a try, I could send you a shapefile wi...
12017-11-05 05:25:08 UTCGlassman I added the address in the changeset comment to the node you added. All features, nodes, ways and polygons need proper tags otherwise they are pretty much useless. I'll send you a message with some suggestions on how to learn more.
12017-11-03 15:19:06 UTCGlassman I removed the living streets under the powerlines. Not sure what you where trying to accomplish, but please remember that many applications use the data and your edits are live once you upload
12017-11-03 15:17:42 UTCGlassman You ended up with two buildings on top of each other. I removed one of them
12017-11-02 02:03:22 UTCGlassman Mikes Seafood was in the wrong location. I merged it with the existing node to include the new information you added.
12017-11-01 03:19:39 UTCGlassman I think you wanted to just add a node, since the business doesn't occupy the entire building. I deleted the duplicate building and moved the tags to a new node. I did change the building to a commercial building.
12017-10-31 00:39:21 UTCGlassman I just read about the new tree house meeting place. Thanks for adding it.
22017-10-31 16:11:23 UTCTom Resing Thanks, @glassman! I was a little unsure about this, as the satellite imagery doesn't pick it up yet. That is the approximate location of the most prominent platform. There is another one built on the other side of the path and another in progress.
12017-10-30 19:13:10 UTCdatamongers Old faithful has a variable interval, it tends to be either 65 or 91 minutes, depending on the duration of the previous eruption. This change isn't wrong, but it's also not strictly right. But i don't think we really have the tagging semantics for the correct value.
22017-10-31 00:16:13 UTCGlassman I changed the interval based on what I read in the visitors center. In reality, the interval does very so I was surprised that it was in OSM. In my younger days the timing varied only a few minutes, but now it's within a 20 minutes window. My guess is it will have more variation as time goes on, at ...
12017-10-29 04:50:54 UTCGlassman I removed the bar you added to the oil facility pier in Anacortes. Please only add items that can be verified.
12017-10-28 21:43:53 UTCGlassman Does the park have a name?
12017-10-28 21:41:46 UTCGlassman I connected the south end of the trail to the road to allow for full routing.
12017-10-27 21:32:12 UTCGlassman I fixed the opening hours. OSM has a complicated format. We are waiting for the developers to add a tool to the editor.
12017-10-27 13:23:17 UTCGlassman Welcome - One recommendation - Use full spelling of street names. We do not use abbreviations in OSM. Software can easily abbreviate, but has a hard time un-abbreviating.
22017-10-27 13:26:12 UTCGlassman Actually I see you the name field for the address. The name field should only be used for the actual name of the building. I fixed yours and the houses just to the north of your edit.
12017-10-26 22:31:02 UTCGlassman Do you know if there is a bridge over Lyon Creek on the path?
12017-10-26 01:29:18 UTCGlassman You added a crossing which doesn't connect to anything. You may want to revisit this street.
12017-10-26 01:28:07 UTCGlassman That's a slow speed limit!
12017-10-19 21:04:27 UTCGlassman I tried to correct your edits. It looks like you copied in some shapefiles into OSM. We recommend you don't, until you are more comfortable with the project and have read and followed the import guidelines. Feel free to make changes to my edits. That's what OSM is all about.
12017-10-19 16:36:49 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! You forgot to add any information to your line.
22017-10-19 20:38:45 UTCGlassman As user_5359 said, you need to tag each object for their purpose, for example, amenity=parking. Once you select the object, use the search key on the left side to find the tags. Without those tags, the features will not render.
12017-10-19 00:23:27 UTCGlassman nice buildings
12017-10-18 21:43:03 UTCGlassman if you select the outline, hit "s" the outline will be squared - an look much nicer. I went ahead and did it.
12017-10-12 16:01:17 UTCGlassman Does the park have a name?
22017-10-17 01:47:24 UTCMosesKarada No, sir. It does not.
32017-10-17 12:57:17 UTCGlassman The county assessors office shows it's owned by PARKER ESTATES HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION. BTW - I'm impressed that the number of trails the city has.
12017-10-12 21:46:22 UTCGlassman Does the bar have a name?
22017-10-13 20:55:49 UTCBiblio Morgan It's called The Bull Head. I couldn't remember at the time, as this was a recent change. It was the Saddle Inn since before I was born.
32017-10-14 05:17:59 UTCGlassman thanks for adding the name!
12017-10-12 15:56:14 UTCGlassman I fixed the opening hours tag. Time is base on 24hr clock. Days are only two characters, eg. mo, tu, etc.
12017-10-07 05:48:18 UTCGlassman one small tip - we don't abbr. street names as software has a hard time unabbreviating names.
12017-10-07 05:45:18 UTCGlassman The library needs a tag, amenity=library so it is properly categorized. Also - even though the imagery is poor, try to capture the building foot print a best a possible and then square the outline when done. Makes it look much better when rendered.
12017-10-06 19:58:00 UTCGlassman I noticed that the house address is different than the street. According to King County records, it should match your house so I updated the street names - Feel free to correct if KC is wrong. Also changed the name of the street across from 245th Pl NE to Northeast 1st Court.
12017-10-06 16:12:23 UTCGlassman Street names should be expanded since abbreviated names are hard to un-abbreviate. Also I added a tag amenity=dentist to describe the building.
22017-10-07 10:55:34 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! For better description of your business please read and .
12017-10-06 00:18:36 UTCGlassman We spell out street name fully instead of leaving them abbr. Software has a hard time abbreviating names so we don't use abbreviated street name. Also - you might want to add a tag to describe the business, such as office=marketing or even office=seo. see
12017-10-05 14:45:17 UTCGlassman I tried to fix your edits - removed the duplicate building, corrected some and removed other non standard tags. Please read and follow the when adding to OSM.
12017-10-04 01:51:26 UTCGlassman The address should go on the point - I added it.
12017-10-03 22:48:25 UTCGlassman I went ahead and changed the street to 120th Court Southeast. In OSM we use the full spelling since software has a hard time UN-abbreviating words.
12017-10-03 05:13:02 UTCGlassman I merged the existing node for the fire station with the new building you added.
12017-10-03 05:10:17 UTCGlassman We use the full street name in OSM, also location is in the middle of the parking lot. I correct it - but only guessed on location based on address.
12017-09-25 21:15:35 UTCGlassman Wow - is that actually their name, (mend)bicycles? That's a great name.
12017-09-24 19:52:06 UTCGlassman Try not to draw the building over the path, unless there is an overhang. That can confuse routers. It looks like someone used a different imagery to add the paths, you used Bing which may have an offset.
12017-09-22 18:01:09 UTCGlassman I was looking at the tags I thought the "new user" had added and was impressed until I saw that you were the one that added them. Thanks - and nice job. Too bad we can't get eGumball to edit properly.
12017-09-22 01:27:17 UTCGlassman Does the car wash have a name?
12017-09-22 01:22:56 UTCGlassman Can you give a tag that describes the Camano Island Cattle Company? Just a name is kind of lonely. Is it a restaurant, amenity=restaurant? Let me know if you need help figuring out what tag to add.
12017-09-21 23:16:10 UTCGlassman We don't use descriptive names. It's okay to add a note tag with descriptive info. Can you Fix the two speed signs you added?
12017-09-20 23:29:47 UTCGlassman Does the Ghost Note Coffee actually charge a fee for internet access?
12017-09-20 13:22:38 UTCGlassman I fixed the address, it should be addr:unit=A and added a tag, office=mortgage to describe the type of business. Feel free to correct if I guessed wrong. See for all possible values being used for office.
12017-09-18 22:20:24 UTCGlassman RV parks are tagged as tourism=caravan_site. OSM started in the UK so we use British English. I went ahead and changed the node. I also placed it over one of the buildings, but not sure which one is the office.
12017-09-15 05:15:17 UTCGlassman I think you want to tag it as leisure=swimming_pool. See for more details on tagging pools.
12017-09-12 22:37:41 UTCGlassman The best way to change a street classification is to cut (right click on a node) at both ends of the section you want to modify. Then change that section to track. Otherwise you end up with a track on top of a residential road. I fixed it as best as I can. I'm not knowledgeable in your area.
12017-09-12 01:35:01 UTCGlassman I had to remove some empty building nodes and fix a bunch of duplicate buildings on project 121. Please run the validator when you are done to make the the buildings you add don't have a problem.

Also when you have multipolygons buildings to copy. The easiest way is to double click on the new bu...
22017-09-12 13:06:47 UTCebrelsford Thanks for letting me know, I'm really sorry about that! I was running the validator but I must have missed some here.
12017-09-07 17:19:15 UTCGlassman Do you know if there is a skyway between the two buildings? there appears to be one on the imagery.
12017-09-06 20:45:22 UTCGlassman It's okay to remove the node if the business is gone. It can easily be added when a new place opens.
22017-09-06 22:36:43 UTCseattlefyi Thanks for the info BBTM! I'd like to add it's really important to just remove the tags specifically related to the business (name, type, website, etc.) rather than the entire node. That way we don't lose address info, which should still be correct. The tags can be found in the "All Tags" ...
32017-09-06 23:05:16 UTCBBTM Thanks for the feedback. I've spoken to the business owner and they still own the lease on the space. They are looking at their options and they hope they'll be able to sublease to another food business. As their Pizza sign is still on the building I decided against changing anything, just warning p...
12017-09-06 02:05:50 UTCGlassman We do not enter personal information into osm. Please only add features that can be verified.
12017-09-05 02:29:41 UTCGlassman I dont see a sidewalk along Beechwood Street. Is it actually there?
12017-09-05 02:25:51 UTCGlassman We don't name sidewalks unless they are named - unlikely.
12017-09-04 05:46:29 UTCGlassman I changed the gate from being tagged on the length of the street to a node on the street - from what appears to be a gate on imagery. Both for 58th Avenue South and South 322th Place. Please move the node if its in the wrong spot
12017-09-04 05:35:50 UTCGlassman Street names are tag with the full spelling in OSM to avoid confusion. I went ahead and fixed it.
12017-09-03 05:13:51 UTCGlassman The place=hamlet should probably be a separate node from the camp grounds.
22017-09-03 06:11:57 UTCMark Jones Maybe so. The camp has several families as permanent residents, so I was following guidance here:
32017-09-03 06:17:07 UTCMark Jones A related question: is tourism=camp_site correct? This is a closer representation:
12017-09-02 21:30:18 UTCGlassman The barrier you added implies a fence or similar object. Is there really a fence around this whole area or did you want to describe some sort of landuse?
12017-09-02 21:26:22 UTCGlassman I see you made 30 more edits - way to go. Did you get the stream direction fixed? If you didn't, using iD, select the stream, then right click to bring up a menu of options, one is to reverse. This works for streams as well as one way streets.
12017-08-29 22:13:49 UTCGlassman I think you want the tag shop=cannabis. Also, use the format in the iD editor for the address. If there is a unit number, add the tag addr:unit - Let me know if you need help.
12017-08-28 13:44:33 UTCGlassman The poi already exists
12017-08-23 07:39:53 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway="Mule Deer Lane":
22017-08-23 14:36:54 UTCGlassman I'm not seeing the typo. Can you point it out? Mule Deer Lane is what the county has in its records.
32017-08-23 14:41:25 UTCGerdP So I guess you meant name=* instead of highway=*
42017-08-23 16:22:24 UTCGlassman Thanks - I missed that. Everything value looked right - its fixed now
12017-08-22 20:42:58 UTCGlassman Is this the company Bio+D or Bio & D? with the website
12017-08-22 00:16:46 UTCGlassman Would it be better to create a landuse around the course instead of naming each trail? And is it a private course?
22017-08-22 23:00:34 UTCCascade Cross It is open to the public for several events hosted by different promoters (mud runs, 5K winter runs, etc.). There is only one trail that has been under development for four years. Not unlike mountain bike trails on Galbraith.
12017-08-17 21:43:36 UTCGlassman I deleted the city addition, but did add in new boundaries from country records. Boundaries are difficult - the iD editor is not well suited to edit them as well. JOSM is a better choice.
12017-08-16 13:41:12 UTCGlassman Two suggestions - first it's easier to map with a mouse and second, if you screw something up it's often easier to use the undo than trying to fix it.
12017-08-15 05:28:42 UTCGlassman OSM is for features that can be verified. Please do not vandalize.
12017-08-13 14:31:25 UTCGlassman I'm going to merge the your node with the existing building with same name
12017-08-11 20:13:49 UTCGlassman The airport already exists at this location. I'm going to remove your node.
12017-08-08 20:14:28 UTCGlassman The Target Store is already mapped.
12017-08-05 05:27:41 UTCGlassman I added a path from one of your sidewalks to connect it to the street. This allows routing of pedestrians, cyclists and cars. I'm not familiar with the park so I couldn't the other sidewalks to the street.

Check out the wiki, to see if your ...
12017-08-05 02:17:58 UTCGlassman you added a business to a residential address - with open hours. The website doesn't list this location.
12017-08-03 15:24:39 UTCGlassman We don't put address information on streets. Either use a node (point) or a building outline
12017-08-02 05:09:08 UTCGlassman We use un-abbreviated street names in OSM. Basically because software can easily abbreviate a name, but has a hard time un-abbreviating the name.
12017-08-01 15:06:28 UTCGlassman Lynchpin doesn't seem to fit the hospital tag. It sounds more like a amenity=community_centre. Check out for help in tagging the type of community centre (we use british spelling since OSM was founded in the UK by Steve Coast)
12017-07-30 14:05:04 UTCGlassman I tightened up the your building outline to the building and merged the apartment node with the building outline. You might have be intending to outline the property the Broadmoor sits on. If that's the case, you can use landuse=residential.
22017-07-31 19:43:33 UTCCarolus Rex Thanks. I'm still learning the ropes.
12017-07-29 05:33:52 UTCGlassman Your edit was deleted. If you need help with OSM editing let me know.
12017-07-26 01:43:00 UTCGlassman We try not to use descriptive names for objects. Use the appropriate tags instead. For private driveway use highway=service, service=driveway, access=private.
22017-07-26 15:48:53 UTCseattlefyi Thanks for making the correction! Hope to see more edits (also, hope you successfully got your pokemon!).
12017-07-19 16:16:40 UTCGlassman Adding an empty node doesn't do much and will most likely be deleted. It might be better to place a note at the future location of the costco site.
12017-07-18 23:19:21 UTCGlassman Why would Northwest Forest Home Road be limited to destination only since it can be used as a through street?
22017-07-18 23:22:35 UTClindyt I'm obviously new at this, but constructive criticism is welcome. What should I change it to next time?
32017-07-18 23:28:17 UTCGlassman designated is really only for private roads that have posted signs to only allow residents and delivers. See the wiki, for a better description. If the road is for destination only then the tag is appropriate. My thoughts from looking at it were that 1)...
12017-07-11 15:13:53 UTCGlassman nice
12017-07-09 00:13:29 UTCGlassman I tried to get confirmation from Camp Korey but they never replied. Glad to see that someone is knowledgeable in the area.
12017-07-04 05:09:41 UTCGlassman I added layer=-1 to the culvert. That keeps it below the street level.
12017-07-01 01:40:12 UTCGlassman Nick - can you look at the footways around allen library? two seem seem to run through the building diagonally joining at a node on the building, next to the hub wall. Was that your edit?
22017-07-01 16:45:24 UTCNickBolten Looks like that came from changeset 49952040 (not mine). It consisted nearly entirely of changes like that (way nodes in the wrong positions), so I reverted those.
32017-07-01 18:07:31 UTCGlassman thanks for reverting - I wasn't sure which changeset caused the problem but figured you know the sidewalks better than me. Have a great holiday weekend.
42017-07-01 18:47:20 UTCNickBolten you too!
12017-07-01 01:41:31 UTCGlassman I removed the meadow - only features that can be verified on the ground should be added.
12017-06-29 23:27:10 UTCGlassman I
22017-06-29 23:29:33 UTCGlassman I removed the address tags and other business tags from the service road. Those features should either be a node at the entrance to the building or on a building outline. Let me know if you need help.
12017-06-28 23:53:24 UTCGlassman There is no hotel on this street. I removed the node.
12017-06-23 15:52:26 UTCAlan Hi there, thanks for editing OpenStreetMap! Those lines are part of "relations" which describe the boundary of Kailua. So the lines themselves do not need the administrative tag. I know that relations are a fairly advanced topic in OSM, so it's understandable that it's not immediately obvi...
22017-06-23 17:38:29 UTCAnthony Chang By Pokemon spawning issue, I mean trying to get them to spawn in Kailua. Kailua's been a dead zone (nothing spawning at all) for approximately 6-7 months now. I know Niantic (Pokemon Go's maker) uses OpenStreetMap data, so I'm trying to figure out what changed about Kailua.

Recently, we had a Po...
32017-06-25 05:46:56 UTCGlassman Anthony - check out for some tips on editing for Pokemon.
42017-06-25 05:59:21 UTCGlassman It looks like a new user, Monster Squad removed the tag boundary=administrative on April 18th. The changeset note wasn't descriptive enough to figure out what they were trying to accomplish. It looks good now.
12017-06-24 23:43:34 UTCGlassman For future changes to existing tags, you might just correct the existing feature. By updating the feature the history is saved. Of course if it's really screwed up, deleting is ok too.
12017-06-20 23:20:58 UTCGlassman This should be a node instead of a polygon. The area the polygon covers looks like it include multiple addresses. Do you need help fixing?
22017-06-21 04:00:08 UTCSlPitts Thank you for the offer of assistance, I've updated the entry.
12017-06-20 21:52:23 UTCGlassman Nice first edits. We don't give descriptive names to buildings. The tag should suffice. You might also want to square the buildings by right clicking on the object then select the square icon.
12017-06-18 01:57:35 UTCGlassman I corrected the street names that end in Rd. OSM spells out street names since computers have a hard time un-abbreviating names. (I live in Mount Vernon, an old GPS kept saying Mountain Vernon.) Good work on your updates. We need more loving care in Okanogan County.
22017-06-18 22:22:58 UTCnress Thanks for the help and warm welcome!
12017-06-16 04:59:48 UTCGlassman The OSM convention is to use the full street name, ie no abbreviations. I went ahead and fixed the. Great additions!
12017-06-13 16:09:12 UTCGlassman No tag describing the feature -address improperly formatted. Probably added by a bot.
22017-06-13 16:14:10 UTCGlassman corrected above and changed Hours into opening_hours and fixed opening_hours formating
12017-06-13 15:24:36 UTCGlassman Tracing trees in Padilla Bay - you had me worried until I saw the trees were actually on land.

12017-06-12 23:43:41 UTCGlassman I can find no trace of any shoreline path on the most recent imagery. Your path even crosses streams with no bridges. There are unmapped ways, either tracks or paths that could be mapped.

Please either provide some news article, gps traces or aerial imagery to support the shoreline path.
12017-06-10 13:14:48 UTCGlassman there isn't any indication of a path along the shoreline. Please confirm that the path exists.
22017-06-12 15:36:16 UTCGlassman No response from you so I deleted the path.
12017-06-09 23:58:40 UTCGlassman The bridge tag should only be over the actual bridge. I fixed it.

I can't tell from the image, but the footpath should ideally be connect to another footpath or a road to allow routing. It would be nice if you could connect the footpath to the street.
12017-06-09 23:52:10 UTCGlassman The area around the playground is most likely a park. I made the change.
12017-06-09 04:47:51 UTCGlassman I connected your footway to the streets to allow for complete routing.
12017-06-06 22:23:18 UTCGlassman There was already an Ashley's Furniture store. I merged your node with the existing building polygon.
12017-06-05 23:47:11 UTCGlassman Can I assist you with getting the best tag to describe the business? Using amenity=Portable Toilet Supplier;Trailer Rental Service;Construction Equipment Supplier;Fence Contractor isn't doing any good.

The normal keys for businesses are amenity, shop, craft, and office. Values should be lowercas...
12017-06-03 14:36:23 UTCGlassman Can you add a tag to describe the type of business United Site Services provides? office=?
12017-06-01 20:38:12 UTCGlassman Can you tell me what was wrong with the farmland multipolygon?
22017-06-02 03:46:23 UTCemem Clifford,
the farmland was drawn with two closed ways that had a number of common segments in between them and were combined in a multipolygon. The OSM area checker flagged these, as such polygons are not rendered at all in some software (mostly openGL based ones).
12017-05-30 22:04:37 UTCGlassman You might want to add a tag to describe the business, for example office=marketing. There is a full list of tags at
22017-05-30 22:25:47 UTCodddogmedia Thanks @glassman, we made that update along with a few others.
12017-05-26 02:54:37 UTCGlassman It looks like you created a node for the lake as an attraction. The lakes are existing, I'm not sure the nodes are appropriate. Can you explain what you are trying to accomplish?
12017-05-24 11:46:31 UTCGlassman Street names in OSM are always spelled out. (Software has a hard time un-abbreviating) I made the correction.
12017-05-23 23:39:17 UTCGlassman FYI - We don't use abbreviated street names. I went ahead and changed it.
12017-05-22 14:13:13 UTCGlassman Please read the wiki on how to tag features. watertowers are not natural features - they are man_made.
22017-05-22 18:47:49 UTCcknight Thank you for your help. I hope the Portland Community is a bit more welcoming though.
32017-05-22 22:09:19 UTCGlassman The Portland group is really friendly. Please understand that my goal is to help new users but also protect OSM. OSM is easy to edit but can also be abused. We've had a number of new editors add features in attempt to "game" Pokemon. When I see a water feature for example, I get concerned.
12017-05-22 21:59:09 UTCGlassman Watermaster park looks like a residential home. can you provide some documentation that this is an official park?
12017-05-21 20:13:27 UTCGlassman I think you may want building=yes, amenity=community_centre instead of building=Community
22017-05-21 20:14:02 UTCGlassman See for more information on the community centre tag
12017-05-17 13:09:02 UTCGlassman I added shop=cannabis to your edit to help search engines find the business.
12017-05-16 13:12:16 UTCGlassman I noticed some untagged ways. See tagging to pull up the ways.
12017-05-11 19:43:03 UTCGlassman This is most likely just grass in front of a social club. It has been changed to grass. Please only add features that can be verified.
12017-05-11 19:00:49 UTCGlassman I noticed you deleted a number of the new users edits. Pokemon vandalism? Did you send a PM asking them not to vandalise OSM?
22017-05-12 15:09:28 UTCyurasi Hi Glassman
Good day
Thanks for your advice. That user only had one edition, for this reason I didn't prefer send a message.
But, If I will find more editions of this user I will left him a message.
12017-05-11 01:54:39 UTCGlassman I removed the many polygon parks you created. It does appear that there is a park at the location, but the number of parks you created all which overlapped each other, isn't suitable for OSM. Please carefully draw in the boundaries using the imagery.
12017-05-09 10:58:24 UTCGlassman I think you want landuse=residential. building=yes should just be the building outline. If you need help let me know.
12017-05-09 10:58:17 UTCGlassman I think you want landuse=residential. building=yes should just be the building outline. If you need help let me know.
12017-04-28 15:42:23 UTCGlassman You might want to add a tag to FoodLifeLine to describe the business. For example, office=ngo or office=charity. Check for help finding the correct tag
12017-04-27 15:31:08 UTCGlassman I added a tag to describe the business, healthcare=acupuncture. Also unabbreviated the street name and added add:unit for the unit number.
12017-04-27 05:27:36 UTCGlassman landuse=forest is for timber harvesting areas. If it just a wood area, then natural=wood
12017-04-27 05:24:22 UTCGlassman Check out for adding a barrier= with an access=emergency. Just add a node in the way where the barrier that prevents through traffic. You can also asdd foot=yes, cycle=yes.
12017-04-27 05:17:09 UTCGlassman You might be interested in the initiative being lead by UW. Rather than add sidewalks as tags to the street, sidewalks ar being mapped as separate ways. This allows for better pedestrial routing. Join our meetup if you would like to participate. I'll send a message with an invite.
12017-04-24 13:11:09 UTCAlan Hello! Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap!
You probably want to add at least one more tag to that node, so that OSM knows what type of feature it is. Maybe shop=something?
22017-04-24 17:20:08 UTCGlassman this looks like doings. They never have answered a message as far as I know. I sent a message to the email address in on the node, suggestion that they contact their vendor to fix.
12017-04-24 02:20:15 UTCGlassman Please only add features that can be verified. The footpaths don't belong in OSM when they cross a building.

Do you have some verification that the park you added is not just some green space? Is it listed in the city's directory of parks?
12017-04-23 22:04:08 UTCGlassman I went ahead and deleted this random untagged way. Remember, when you save and upload an edit, it goes live. If you want to practice editing, take the iD walk through on your browser. also has good articles on how to edit OSM.

If you have any questions, just ask.
12017-04-23 16:28:50 UTCGlassman These are most likely service roads. unclassified are official streets that serve non-residential areas. I went ahead and changed them. If I'm wrong, feel free to correct them. Also, I noticed a number of poorly aligned roads as well as service roads tagged as residential. These was from an import o...
12017-04-22 20:14:19 UTCGlassman You are created self intersecting polygons when adding in landuse=forest. If you have a section of a polygon that should be excluded, draw the larger area, then draw another area covering the area to be excluded. Then selection both areas click the "+" to create a multiplygon. The excluded...
22017-04-23 09:51:04 UTCGrauer Elefant Thank you for fixing this problem! Now I have understood the multipolygon-system and already used it in more recent edits in this area.
32017-04-23 14:58:17 UTCGlassman Thanks for filling in these area. If you are interested, I found these errors using The site also has some other useful tools like map compare.

I hope you can attend one of our future meetups.
42017-04-23 16:11:44 UTCGrauer Elefant Thanks for your invitation! Right now I'm writiting to you all the way from Germany, but I'm probably going to be in WA from September to December '17. So maybe I could attend one of your Seattle-meetups then :-)
12017-04-23 01:37:06 UTCGlassman When adding street names, we use the full spelling, no abbreviations. The reason is that software has a hard time un-abbreviating. I updated your edits.
12017-04-19 00:00:48 UTCGlassman The park is already mapped in OSM. Please don't vandalize the work of others.
12017-04-18 23:54:59 UTCGlassman the tag amenity=school isn't needed on artwork already inside of the school boundary. I removed the tag.
12017-04-18 20:50:29 UTCGlassman Thanks for updating the bridge.
One minor issue - We use full street names. Abbreviated names are hard for software to un-abbreviate. I went ahead and made the correction.
12017-04-12 21:18:35 UTCGlassman It appears you added a new park on top of the existing park. You only needed to adjust the boundaries of the existing park. According to Renton city records, there is actually two different named parks here. I fixed both.
22017-04-17 04:16:18 UTCgoofyspouse TY for fixing my newbie mistake. I was attempting to adjust the boundary rather than create anything new, but I clearly failed.
32017-04-18 04:57:21 UTCGlassman No problem - Glad to see you contributing
12017-04-18 01:53:38 UTCGlassman Your building covered the parking lot - I think you intended landuse. I corrected it and added in the building.
22017-04-18 02:50:36 UTCSpydie Thank you. I appreciate your help.
12017-04-17 14:56:57 UTCGlassman Glad to see someone using the StreetComplete app. I think you are the first the in area. Congratulations.
12017-04-17 05:08:58 UTCGlassman For just practicing - nice start. Just remember, as soon as you upload, your edits are live to the world.
12017-04-16 22:24:03 UTCGlassman Looks like you created some self intersecting ways when adding the fence. I tried to correct, but you might want to look over my edit.
12017-04-16 22:13:26 UTCGlassman Please only add features that can be verified. I removed the parks and water features you added. I left all of your good edits.
22017-04-17 07:39:33 UTCCarnildo Unless I missed something, there weren't any good edits. The two surviving changes (which I reverted) were to turn Hallmark Apartments from "landuse=residential" to "natural=residential", and turn Walla Walla University into a park.
12017-04-16 22:05:43 UTCGlassman Don't forget to use the square tool to fix buildings and other features that should be square. Just select the outline and right click to get a menu of option.
12017-04-16 15:31:32 UTCGlassman This isn't a named meadow. Just some grass between residential areas. Please only add features that can be verified.
12017-04-16 15:30:40 UTCGlassman The common area around apartments isn't classified as a park. At best it is a common area. I made the change.
12017-04-15 01:48:55 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM - marking roads as private indicates that it is posted to allow only owners and others that are individually invited. If it's just a privately maintained road that anyone can use, you can add the tag operator=
22017-04-15 06:56:10 UTCCarnildo This one's an odd case: the county has the name as "Highland *Drive*", which would imply a public road ("Lane" denotes a privately-owned road), but the parcel map doesn't have a right-of-way for it, instead showing it as running on private property. I don't recall a street sign ...
32017-04-15 18:46:10 UTCMike Chamberlain The roads in question "belong" to our little community of 37 homes -- The Highlands Homeowners Association of Spokane. The history is a little complicated; details can be found here:

At present we are working with the new owners of ...
42017-04-16 00:16:50 UTCGlassman The SCOUT parcel information probably comes from the assessor's office while the basemap imagery with labels is from their gis data. Parcel data is strange. Skagit County has a road data layer that is made from parcels information. In places it is off by many feet.

Keep up the great work updatin...
12017-04-15 23:32:00 UTCGlassman Nice - I connected the paths to the nearby streets to allow routing software to include the paths.
12017-04-15 14:12:04 UTCGlassman It looks like you added a park inside of the existing Luke McRedmond Landing park. I removed it.
22017-04-15 14:38:10 UTCRossAlGhul Thanks, I didn't see the larger park area, I'll be more careful in the future.
32017-04-15 14:50:16 UTCGlassman No problem - Map is constantly being improved. Thanks for your changes.
12017-04-14 20:33:43 UTCGlassman Thanks for adding the parking lot. As a suggestion for the some more edits, the building needs and address and name if it has one.
22017-04-14 20:36:32 UTCtrowhite Thank you for commenting on this edit! I will add an address. But it is a commercial building with several companies, so I'm not sure what name would be associated with the building (maybe I'll skip that attribute).
32017-04-14 20:45:40 UTCGlassman Skipping the name is appropriate in this case with many offices in the building. Enjoy mapping!
12017-04-14 20:40:06 UTCGlassman Looks like line was used instead of area when creating the house. If you didn't go through the walk through, I would suggest doing so. It only takes 10 minutes or so.

I went ahead and fixed it using a different editor, JOSM, that can easily add any kind of tag to a feature.
12017-04-14 01:54:03 UTCGlassman Some of these roads might actually be driveways. They can be tagged highway=service and service=driveway. Just search driveway in iD and it will add the correct tags. Since I don't live on Fox Island, I'll let you be the judge of what is correct.
12017-04-13 21:57:35 UTCGlassman Please only add features that can be verified. I removed the park.
12017-04-12 21:20:02 UTCGlassman You can look at the USGS hydrology(sp?) for information on where the creek runs. I did add culverts where the stream runs under streets. Otherwise it would appear that the road runs right through the stream.
22017-04-17 03:45:57 UTCgoofyspouse TY for the culvert assistance. I couldn't figure out how to get it to do that. Also, thanks for the USGS tip. Unfortunately, it shows the creek coming in from the west and then heading south. It definitely comes in from the east by the elementary school, so I have no idea what source they were w...
12017-04-10 02:44:56 UTCGlassman I added the building back. Did you remove it on purpose?
22017-04-10 14:12:58 UTCopelta178 No, I didn't mean to remove the building. Sorry new to editing.
12017-04-10 02:37:14 UTCGlassman Can you add a tag to describe europe express 's business? like shop=fashion. That way the node will render.
22017-04-10 14:31:03 UTCopelta178 Yes, thanks for the help!
12017-04-06 00:20:47 UTCGlassman Nice - I modified your streets to un-abbreviate the name. In OSM we use the full name because software has a hard time uu-abbreviating names.
22017-04-06 05:06:13 UTCAAA AAA AAA Gotcha, I'll remember that for future contributions. I tried looking at the changes in a fresh session but didn't see them in the map. Do they take longer to propagate to the main map?
32017-04-06 05:45:56 UTCGlassman One you upload your changes they are live. It takes the render a few seconds to show the results. On Chrome I usually have to clear the cache before it shows.
42017-04-08 04:15:51 UTCAAA AAA AAA It's interesting. When I'm logged in I can't see the changes, but when I'm in a private session they show up.
52017-04-08 04:26:46 UTCAAA AAA AAA Figured it out. It doesn't show up on the cycle map, but it does on the regular one.
62017-04-08 05:00:20 UTCGlassman The cycle map isn't updated as often as the standard OSM map.
12017-04-04 22:01:00 UTCGlassman Devin in Ballard,
Many of the parking nodes you are adding duplicate existing nodes. Can you hold off adding more until you can not duplicate nodes and fix the duplicates?
22017-04-04 22:13:18 UTCDevin in Ballard Glassman, thanks for touching base. I am actually adding these parking nodes/notes as an employee of the Ballard Alliance (Chamber of Commerce). We are working to better identify off-street parking options for the public and working with a local mapping company who's instructed me to conduct the par...
12017-04-04 05:26:46 UTCGlassman Not sure what you are trying to accomplish. There isn't a park around a private residence. Berthusen Park is already tagged. I reverted you edits. I'll send you a PM on how you can contribute.
12017-04-03 22:15:10 UTCGlassman Nice - I made a small change - spelled out NE Gamble Cove Way. In OSM we use full spellings simply because software has a hard time abbreviated names. Its like when my gps tells me I'm entering Mountain Vernon instead of Mount Vernon.
12017-03-31 21:55:24 UTCGlassman Julia,
It looks like you duplicated some features, like the church and school.For the name change on the church, I would recommend deleting the building you added and then change the name of the existing building. Let me know if you need help.
22017-04-03 16:38:36 UTCGlassman You never responded to my message so I deleted your edits. If you would like to learn how to correctly edit OSM, please contact me or go to Or even join an OSM meetup.
12017-04-03 01:55:43 UTCGlassman Nice additions. I did a a tag to identify the true value as a hardware store. The easiest way to find tags is to use the search box.
12017-04-02 22:38:01 UTCGlassman I added shop=yes so it will render on OSM as well as tell people what boat house cider works is. Not sure what all it sells. Check if you want to narrow shop down.
22017-04-03 01:54:11 UTCCaptain Kruse Boat House Cider Works is a hard cider manufacturing and tasting room. we are a neew business opening late spring 2017. the website is live, but still under construction. is facebook
12017-04-02 16:16:01 UTCGlassman Is the Jane Addams K-8 School complete now and renamed HAZEL WOLF K-8 PINEHURST?
22017-04-03 01:18:45 UTCsctrojan79 Not 100% sure – according to SPS students moved into the new site this Fall (, but it's not clear if the name was changed or not.
12017-03-30 22:00:54 UTCGlassman Please don't add non-existent features to OSM. Only features that can be verified should be added. I removed the parks you added. GHNS was drawn over a building as was the addition to the state park. The wooded area was also drawn over buildings and isn't a park. It could be tag as a nature=wood. If...
12017-03-29 20:24:56 UTCGlassman One suggestion - add a tag to describe the business. example shop= or craft= or office=

If you need help deciding on that tag to use, just reply here
12017-03-29 00:10:30 UTCGlassman It looks like you forgot to add tags to the node. I'm hoping you added the node in the correct location. It now has a name= and shop=equipment_rental tag. You can also add, website, address, and opening hours.
12017-03-24 19:59:13 UTCGlassman I changed your street names into unabbreviated names. OSM only uses unabbreviated names. The reason is software can easily abbreviate a name but has a hard time doing the reverse.

New imagery has been promised in the next few weeks that might allow the new homes and streets to be visible. It is ...
12017-03-23 22:37:29 UTCGlassman I modified your path to match latest imagery. Try using Mapbox imagery. (New imagery from another provider should be showing up in the next few weeks.) Also, the connection to SW Old Clifton Rd was duplicated. That really messes with routing software.
12017-03-21 14:16:50 UTCGlassman I connected the footway to the two streets to allow routing software to use the path.
12017-03-20 22:45:48 UTCGlassman If you want to step up your editing skills, square the building when you have it drawn. Just select the building and use the square icon.
12017-03-20 22:40:46 UTCGlassman You might want to remember to change the commit message each time you save and upload. Although I forget all the time but it really helps others if you try to remember.
12017-03-20 14:33:32 UTCGlassman Thanks for the great contribution - especially adding in the boundaries for Centennial Park. Normally people just draw rough boundaries - but it looks like you took the trouble to get the actual boundaries from the city. Thanks!!
12017-03-19 14:38:57 UTCGlassman Thanks for adding addresses.
12017-03-19 00:20:29 UTCGlassman Nice additions to airfield - a better description of the change other than fix would have been nice, but I don't want to complain to much for all of your improvements. Thanks
12017-03-18 21:52:03 UTCGlassman We don't use descriptive names for objects, like the stormwater pond and houses. You just need to tag them as building=house or building=residential. I went ahead and corrected them.
12017-03-18 21:49:54 UTCGlassman This is actually a landuse=basin; basin=detention. I went ahead and corrected it.
12017-03-17 21:17:42 UTCAlan Great! You could also trace the area of the park, instead of just adding a node. I can almost see how far it goes by looking at the satellite imagery, but you might have a better idea with on-the-ground knowledge.
22017-03-17 21:54:47 UTCGlassman According to King County, the trail is part of the Villa Real HOA. The wooded area is undeveloped housing tracks. The actual area of park like is just the area around the two trails. Let me know if you need help adding in the landuse area.
32017-03-17 22:10:53 UTCToblakai I added an area, let me know if it looks good.
42017-03-17 23:10:01 UTCGlassman Great. I did unconnect the landuse residential from the park and made the park an inner polygon as part of the residential multiploygon. I figured that the HOA owns the trail so it should be park of the residential landuse. Thanks for replying to the messages!
12017-03-17 05:47:57 UTCGlassman I reverted your addition since it changed the building to water and distorted two of the adjacent buildings. To add the pool, just outline the actual pool and tagged it leisure=swimming_pool and most likely access=private. The area wouldn't be tagged as a park, possibly landuse=recreation_area.
12017-03-17 05:34:55 UTCGlassman is "No name" the actual name or just that there is no name on the feature?
12017-03-14 14:37:03 UTCGlassman I added office=it to your first edit. This will help search engines determine what type of business is at that node as well as have it rendered on the map. Although I don't thing we are currently rendering office=it. If I pick the wrong tag, feel free to correct.
12017-03-13 21:53:34 UTCGlassman I merged your park node with the park polygon. no need for both.
12017-03-13 05:19:57 UTCGlassman I reverted this changeset which added a tunnel to I90 across the entire state.
12017-03-13 02:06:27 UTCGlassman There is no park at that location. Please only add features that can be verified. Since it was a wooded area, I changed it to natural=wood.
12017-03-12 21:24:10 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM. Please only add features that can be verified - Please don't change the woods into a park if it isn't a park or a swamp.

For parking lot areas we use highway=service with service=parking_aisle when its a parking aisle. Also, don't add roads on top of existing roads. Otherwise rou...
12017-03-12 00:27:46 UTCGlassman Please don't add features that can't be verified. I've removed what seems to be improper changes and additions. I also changed two of your tags. Playgrounds should be tagged leisure=playground. Trailheads are highway=trailhead
12017-03-11 19:11:36 UTCGlassman reverted - not real features
12017-03-11 19:11:20 UTCGlassman reverted - not real features
12017-03-10 20:42:57 UTCGlassman I revised the church to just cover the building structure and added parking and service roads.
12017-03-10 06:15:02 UTCGlassman Please do not vandalize OSM. Only features that can be verified should be added.
12017-03-10 00:40:05 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM. You need to tag your ways so it will render. I went ahead and added the tag as well as connect it to 184th Avenue Court East.
12017-03-10 00:39:04 UTCGlassman According to Pierce County this is called Viking Park. I did modify the share to match the counties records.
12017-03-09 20:13:56 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM. We use full street names in OSM. SE May Creek Park Drive should be Southeast May Creek Park Drive. The reason is that software can easily abbreviate a word be has a harder time un-abbreviating a word. Can you correct these?
12017-03-05 22:36:37 UTCGlassman Can you provide some documentation that they are official parks? According to the City's park Department, your additions are not parks.
22017-03-06 22:21:31 UTCGlassman Since I didn't hear back from you I removed two of the parks. The third that is furthest south looks like it could be a park but isn't show on the city's park list. I did add in Golden Gate Park using the city's records.
12017-03-03 06:17:19 UTCGlassman The house and node shouldn't be tagged as a park. I changed the structure to building=yes and the node to office=ngo.
12017-03-02 01:32:05 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM. Please only add features that can be verified. Temporary features, like a parked car, should not be added. Check out and for more information.
12017-03-02 01:16:00 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM. Check out for help with editing and join us on our Slack Channel,
12017-03-02 01:13:08 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM. Check out for editing help. And join us on our Slack Channel,
12017-03-02 00:57:54 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM. Please only add features that can be verified on the ground. Check out our wiki, or for more help.
12017-02-24 20:53:59 UTCGlassman Please only add features that can be verified.
12017-02-23 00:58:57 UTCAlan Did you buy any eggs at the Egg Shack?
22017-02-23 04:13:54 UTCGlassman I didn't, insteaded opted to let another person buy the last two dozen eggs. The egg shack also sells glass art by two bellingham glass art by Elena and Ed Schmidt.

BTW they have something like 59 chickens on the property. They had 60 but a coyote got one the night before.
12017-02-19 03:33:15 UTCGlassman I removed the water slide from bear track landing waterpark. To add this correctly would involve adding layers so one section of the tracks could render on top of others. It would take onsite visit to figure out. It came up in a Maproulette challenge to fix self intersecting buildings.
12017-02-19 00:45:49 UTCGlassman The tag on Garlic Jim's disused:amenity=restaurant - does that mean it is no longer a restaurant? I see someone updated the name today but left the same disused tag.
12017-02-19 00:23:30 UTCGlassman you might want to fix the service areas you created. It should be a way tagged highway=service;service=driveway. I modified two as an example of how they should be mapped.
12017-02-18 02:56:35 UTCGlassman Please do not vandalize the map. there are plenty of real features that can be added without adding non-existent object like lakes.
12017-02-17 03:26:27 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM. I removed the housenumber (30) from Avenue G. What else do you need fixed?
12017-02-16 15:55:33 UTCGlassman The county has it listed as just Forest Avenue Southeast - nothing about 1st. Can you confirm that this is the correct street name?
12017-02-16 06:56:12 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM and thanks for adding the new road. You are also in great company. There are many city and county gis professionals contributing to OSM.
12017-02-16 00:01:52 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM. One suggestion - add a descriptive tag to help search engines find you business. I'm guessing something like office=advertising_agency. Check out the wiki at If you add your clients to OSM, be sure to use the appropriate tag so they sho...
12017-02-15 23:56:52 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM. One tip - when you add footpaths, connected them to nearby roads to allow routing software to work all the way to the destination. I went ahead and connected a few of the sidewalks to the service road.
12017-02-15 06:58:39 UTCGlassman This isn't the right place to test changes. We do have a dev server. Let me know if you are interested. Otherwise I suggest you check out or click on help.
12017-02-14 18:39:19 UTCGlassman Check out the wiki page,, for mapping regular golf courses. No reason why you couldn't use the same features for disc golf. Probably no bunkers and greens but the rest is similar. The page even has a video on mapping golf courses.

And W...
12017-02-14 03:15:11 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM.
OSM is not a test system. Any edits you make are live once you commit them. It would be help to know why you deleted 4 ways. Please respond. thanks
22017-02-14 06:33:45 UTCGlassman I went ahead and reverted your deletions. If you do have a need for testing OSM, we have a dedicated dev instance. Please contact me for more information.
12017-02-09 16:15:06 UTCGlassman You might consider changing some of the ways currently tagged as highway=residential to highway=track or highway=unclassified. Highway=residential should be for residential areas. Most of this area is probably either track or unclassified.
22017-02-09 16:18:52 UTCsb89 Is this something I need to do or will the changes to the tracks that I made show up eventually on the map?
32017-02-09 16:56:28 UTCGlassman Once you save/upload your edits they are live. But you may have to refresh your browser a few times before they appear.
42017-02-09 19:35:18 UTCsb89 The changes I made still aren't showing. Was there something I forgot to do?
52017-02-09 22:46:41 UTCGlassman This is what I'm seeing (run the query - it's everything in Lewis County, WA that you touched)
62017-02-10 05:41:38 UTCsb89 OK, I see it there, but not on the openstreetmap yet.
72017-02-10 06:17:12 UTCGlassman The further out you, as your zoom level number goes lower, the long it takes to render. zoom 19 is immeadiate while zoom 8 may take weeks. Note that your roads wont show at zoom 12. Try opening the same area in another browser see if it's just old cache that hasn't cleared.
12017-02-10 01:44:44 UTCGlassman Nice random buildings
12017-02-09 19:30:47 UTCjharpster Hi, I was looking at boundaries in Washington and this one keeps coming up. Are state park boundaries intended to be tagged as Admin_level=4? These are normally reserved for state boundaries.
22017-02-10 00:07:59 UTCGlassman No - it should be leisure=park. But If I change it I think it will render green over the water. Let me find some other island parks to see how they are tagged.
32017-02-10 00:17:55 UTCGlassman Okay - let's see what I broke. The National Park boundary is gone and the the island now has a park polygon. Hope that fixes it.
12017-02-08 20:50:49 UTCGlassman One of the mosques you added is located in Roosevelt High School in Seattle. I'm very familiar with that area. As far as I know, Roosevelt HS has a great band, but no mosque. Where did you get this information?
12017-02-03 23:53:38 UTCGlassman I'm curious - why did you delete the Plants Northwest node?
22017-02-04 03:15:23 UTCOmnific I merged it with a landuse=farm and shop=garden_centre that I created.
32017-02-04 03:16:46 UTCOmnific See:
42017-02-04 03:23:46 UTCGlassman thanks - I didn't even notice the landuse area. Guess I need to zoom out occasionally.
52017-02-04 05:44:10 UTCOmnific No worries, thanks for paying attention to new changesets.
12017-02-03 16:43:51 UTCGlassman In OSM use spell out street name. Software can easily abbreviate a name but it is difficult to unabbreviate. I will correct these. And Welcome to OSM.
12017-02-03 05:17:42 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM. For privacy reasons, we don't show who owns or who lives in a house. Please remove the owners names.
12017-02-03 05:17:29 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM. For privacy reasons, we don't show who owns or who lives in a house. Please remove the owners names.
12017-02-01 22:01:57 UTCGlassman The correct tag for fountains is amenity=fountain. Also, the feature appears to be round. You can select the square you've added and by clicking on the round icon the square will be converted into a circle. Looks much better. Please do the same for the one in Evergreen Memorial Gardens.
12017-02-01 21:55:25 UTCGlassman NE 115th isn't a footway. I was originally tagged as highway=residential. Please change it back to a residential street. If you want to add a footway, either draw a sidewalk in beside the way or tag the street with sidewalk=left/right/both/none.
12017-02-01 06:36:47 UTCGlassman please do not vandalise OSM. You are hurting a lot of people.
22017-02-01 18:05:57 UTCpitscheplatsch reverted by

@Glassman thanks!
12017-02-01 03:30:36 UTCGlassman Again - please send a picture to convince me that this building is actually a lake.
12017-02-01 03:28:22 UTCGlassman Can you send a picture to show that this is really a square pond?
12017-01-31 22:29:12 UTCGlassman The tax records for Mason County do not show the park as on public land nor is this park listed. Please verify that this is actually a park.
12017-01-31 15:57:29 UTCGlassman It looks like you created a campsite within a campsite. Maybe the building could be tagged as an office?
12017-01-30 16:59:21 UTCGlassman To help people find the store please add an appropriate tag such as shop=convenience or shop= whatever it is they sell. see
12017-01-28 16:58:43 UTCGlassman You seem to be adding over lapping landuse areas. I can easily fix it if you like.
12017-01-28 16:53:39 UTCGlassman The area doesn't appear to be a park according to any city or county record. The east third looks like it is owned by a homeowners assoc. The middle is right-away. the west side could be a tag as landuse=recreation_ground. I obtained the information from [Pierce County.](
12017-01-27 03:24:46 UTCGlassman I'm going to change this to show the address using tags instead of using a name tag.
12017-01-26 22:28:43 UTCGlassman Is that the correct name for the pond?
22017-01-27 00:12:36 UTCCherrybowl The Plaque is in front of the Pond so I am making the assumption. I can leave the name off if the is preferred.
32017-01-27 01:00:41 UTCGlassman No - leave it there. It sounded strange is all. Thanks for adding the data.
12017-01-26 06:35:03 UTCGlassman It looks like the area with the Meadow should be landcover=woods. I'm going to go ahead and change that. BTW - nice addition of the Grace Cole Park. Let me know if you thing I'm wrong on the Meadow.
22017-01-26 06:40:43 UTCGlassman I changed the park Meadow into landcover=woods. Also removed the two nodes on the private residence. I'll send you some more information on the changes via email.
12017-01-26 00:35:06 UTCGlassman I can not find a reference to Woodpecker Reserve on Lynnwood city website. Is it an official reserve or just a wooded area?
12017-01-25 15:17:11 UTCGlassman You might want to consider using landuse=allotments for the community garden. Look at for an example of one of many in Seattle.
12017-01-24 22:26:36 UTCGlassman This looks more like a green area also the city doesn't show it as one of their parks. Maybe the tag, landuse=village_green, would be more appropriate.
12017-01-17 06:16:11 UTCGlassman It looks like private property. Is this actually a park?
12017-01-16 23:21:38 UTCGlassman Thanks for the additions. Can you add names to the cafe and restaurants you added?
12017-01-12 15:16:33 UTCGlassman could you add names to the cafe, kindergarten, and car wash?
12017-01-12 02:51:27 UTCGlassman Doesn't look like a camp ground or sports center.
12017-01-11 23:01:01 UTCGlassman Is there really a restaurant on Seattle Center's lawn?
12017-01-08 01:27:00 UTCGlassman Jay,
Can your provide more information on the hostel, such as phone number and website if they have one. Thanks.
12016-12-30 03:09:13 UTCGlassman What is the Oberlin? Can you add a tag to describe the feature? see to get started. Adding a tag to describe the feature will it render on the map as well as help search engines find it.
12016-12-29 20:01:41 UTCGlassman If you connect the footway to the adjacent streets, routers will be able to create a route for pedestrians. I usually do the connections where there is a pedestrian crossing.
12016-12-29 06:29:08 UTCGlassman Should Freezland Rock be a separate country with admin level 2 borders? I can't find any reference to Freezland as a country.
22016-12-29 08:35:36 UTCZecke Should be part of South Sandwich Islands which are Britisch Overseas territory according to Wikipedia. It's long ago but I'm sure I just copied tagging from surrounding islets at that time.
12016-12-29 05:22:41 UTCGlassman The node should be placed on the house.
12016-12-29 00:26:46 UTCGlassman what is this? Can I suggest adding a tag, for example, amenity=doctors or amenity=clinic and add the building outline and address.
12016-12-25 06:51:48 UTCBCNorwich Hello and Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
I can find no evidence of this park and stream or moat. With three houses being demolished there should have been a planning request at least. I have therefore removed your additions.
Perhaps the park is in a different place? Your mapping was actually pretty go...
22016-12-26 06:53:13 UTCGlassman I suspect this was an attempt to influence pokemon go. Good to see it removed.
12016-12-24 00:19:22 UTCGlassman The addition to Saint Edward park is not part of the park. I'm changing the tags to just landcover.
12016-12-20 18:32:07 UTCGlassman I added shop=cannabis to help search engines find the site. The location looks like it's in the trees alongside of the road. Can you move it closer to the door of the building?
12016-12-18 03:50:59 UTCGlassman The state isn't really required, although no harm is done. Since OSM is geospatial, it is easy to determine the state, county and city. We do add city because often addresses outside of the city limits still use the nearby city name.
12016-12-11 23:44:05 UTCGlassman If you added the restaurant from info from google, you will need to remove the restaurant. google copyright prohibits us from copying their information.
22016-12-12 00:19:42 UTCLdore No; I was there yesterday and noticed I was not able to search for it in - I just updated the info I knew of.
32016-12-12 01:17:13 UTCGlassman thanks
12016-12-09 23:13:32 UTCGlassman The OSM way to tag buildings is to use building=yes if you don't know exactly the purpose of the building. In this case building=garage and building=detatched. See for more information.
22016-12-09 23:14:29 UTCGlassman The 1746 detached building - does it carry the same address as the house or does it have a letter reference like 1746A?
32016-12-10 01:01:48 UTCGerry Adams Just 1746 would apply to the detached garage, as it sits.
12016-12-05 22:14:14 UTCGlassman Rather than delete the driveways, a better choice is to mark them as highway=service, service=driveway and then mark them as access=private. If emergency vehicles need to access that area, then the roads will be on the map.
22016-12-05 22:35:52 UTCMark Wamsley Ok. But the roads I deleted aren't roads/driveways anymore. They have been permanently barricaded and impassable. The WA Department of Natural Resources has decommissioned roads in the area. They are reverting back to wild growth. I can provide photos and legal paperwork.
12016-12-04 06:08:22 UTCGlassman I added tags to your two business so they will render and help search engines find the businesses.
12016-12-02 22:27:17 UTCGlassman Private means that routing software should not use the roads. Or private in that the road isn't owned by the city or county?
22016-12-02 22:28:39 UTCBelden Lyman Yes - these are private roads.
32016-12-02 22:31:54 UTCBelden Lyman I intended to link to Google's "Street View" of the "private roads" signs along 199th Place and 168th Place, but the Google car apparently did not drive down 199th place.

Presumably because it's private ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
42016-12-04 16:27:59 UTCSK53_bulk It's actually usually better to mark 'private roads' as something like access=destination. If mail, parcels etc get delivered, or a cab can do a pick-up then they should be routable for this purposes. access=private would mean none of the above was allowed by the owners. Simon Poole is good on this ...
12016-11-30 00:40:50 UTCGlassman Is there a name to go with the community center?
12016-11-30 00:38:29 UTCGlassman Besides the name tag, a tag is needed to better describe the feature. For example if it is a church office then office=religion. If it is just private house (not open to the public), then it probably shouldn't be tagged.
12016-11-27 00:13:21 UTCGlassman Did you mean Jinya Ramen Bar?
12016-11-15 17:30:46 UTCGlassman Did you intend to create a building as the old city hall historic district covering numerous blocks or just a landuse area?
12016-11-15 01:12:47 UTCGlassman The parking lot has a service road that is not connected to a street. Service roads are normally connected to a street so the router can take the person right to the destination. I fixed one of them.
12016-11-15 00:18:57 UTCGlassman The bank outline should have a building outline. I'll go ahead and add it.
12016-11-14 21:50:35 UTCGlassman you might want to select the building, search for church and add the denomination to the site. That will help search engines better find the facility.
12016-11-10 06:31:40 UTCGlassman You might also want to add in the denomination for the church like the First Baptist Church across the street. Let me know if you need help.
12016-11-03 06:34:33 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Note that in OSM description of the objects has the highest priority. Objects that have only one name, have little sense. As home page for the question "How do I describe you?" I recommend the page
22016-11-03 14:54:51 UTCGlassman @MasterMadi, may I suggest adding the tag amenity=community_centre. See for more help
12016-11-01 05:29:57 UTCGlassman I wonder if worksource should be tagged as either office=government or office=employment_agency. See for more info. [Community Centre](
22016-11-02 19:05:46 UTC3D1T0R I don't know, I just thought it should be on the map. It's kind of a mix, partly government, partly community/social site, and while it's a place to get help in finding employment, they make a point of telling people that they're not an employment agency. I was using MAPS.ME when I made the change a...
32016-11-02 21:17:46 UTCGlassman I visited on many years ago in Seattle. I always assumed they were like a employment agency. Their [website]( mentions help finding jobs as well as training services. I'd probably go with employment age...
12016-10-26 05:19:02 UTCGlassman The website doesn't have any news about going out of business. Nothing in a search of news articles. Do you have any documentation to back up removing a section of the course?
22016-10-26 06:10:14 UTCroadgeek99 I remembered that their website was replaced with a notice regarding closure due to construction activity, but can't seem to find it now. But I found some social media posts about it.
32016-10-27 03:35:48 UTCBuellR Yeah, the course closed about a year ago. I live up the street. Just found out about your maps and started looking around my neighborhood. Noticed the golf course that isn't there. I didn't delete the trails and roads because of all the heavy construction going on right now. I just don't know w...
12016-10-19 15:40:00 UTCGlassman What was changed? the changedset comments ... don't give much information.
12016-10-17 22:16:05 UTCGlassman I revised some of your street names. We do not abbreviate street names in OSM. Software can easily abbreviate a name, but has a difficult time un-abbreviating a name.
12016-10-08 21:05:03 UTCGlassman Use the addr:housenumber= tag for house numbers. The outline should have a tag building=yes or building=house. There shouldn't be a name unless the building actually has a name.
12016-10-07 03:31:33 UTCGlassman Is that a correct location of a bakery - the middle of the woods?
12016-10-07 00:43:53 UTCGlassman Driveways usually are not named. Having the housenumber should be enough for routers to give directions to the house.
12016-10-04 20:00:11 UTCGlassman you need more than area=yes. What is the area?
12016-09-27 23:12:23 UTCGlassman I added tag to identify the node as an insurance office as well as a website.
12016-09-25 21:11:48 UTCGlassman The tag Home=camp4ola isn't a recognized tag. Use the wiki [Map Features]( if you need help with the tag.
12016-09-22 22:58:39 UTCGlassman I removed the building tag inside another building. If the book store is still there, it looks like either the bookstore and ice cream shop should be separate nodes inside the building. Let me know if you need help.
12016-09-22 22:53:49 UTCGlassman We don't tag house names unless it is the official name of the building.
12016-09-22 22:50:48 UTCGlassman You could change the building tag to building=shed. The building_1 key really won't ever get used.
12016-09-22 22:47:25 UTCGlassman Please add a tag to indicate what type of business Schweinhaus Biergarten is. Most likely a restaurant or pub.
12016-09-22 01:14:31 UTCGlassman you might consider squaring the building by selecting the building - right click and click on the square icon.
12016-09-05 16:05:44 UTCGlassman The name tag should only be used with features that have a name, for example, the Mount Rainier Wonderland Trail.
12016-08-28 23:21:12 UTCGlassman looking great!
12016-08-19 17:47:47 UTCGlassman I see you created a new tag. Did you discuss this tag on the tagging mailing list?
12016-08-13 14:47:07 UTCGlassman The Sky View Observatory is already tagged.
12016-08-06 02:26:05 UTCGlassman I drive past here all the time, I've never seen an atm machine at this point.
12016-07-27 19:59:53 UTCGlassman I added a tag so it appears on the map. Not sure exactly what the business does so I used craft=carpenter. Feel free to correct if I picked wrong. I also fixed address.
12016-07-26 22:04:04 UTCGlassman There already is a tag and building for the museum.
12016-07-21 22:46:54 UTCGlassman What is the monument?
22016-07-21 23:27:41 UTCRooster9 It's a 10' metal structure which is a tribute to the tree farm founder.
32016-07-22 00:01:57 UTCGlassman I added a tag historic=monument. If it has a name, please change it to the actual name, even if it just Monument to "tree farmers name"

The tag will allow the feature to be seen on the render map.
12016-07-18 19:42:27 UTCGlassman I added some roads in your complex. Also streets are spelled out. 10th Avenue East instead of 10th Ave E.
12016-07-16 14:09:29 UTCGlassman You might want to add the discovery trail website with the tag website=
12016-07-13 16:20:16 UTCGlassman You need more than a node. I'm going to change this to building=house. you can see more information on tagging on the wiki.
12016-07-10 15:33:50 UTCGlassman Joel,
Are you tagging the falls? If so the correct tag would be waterway=waterfall. doesn't have all tags, you may want to fix it using a browser. If you need help. Let me know if you need any assistance.
22016-07-10 18:16:53 UTCJoel Hazel Hey Glassman - yeah, I tried editing the location but I can't get waterway to come up either. Water Well etc but no waterway (or for that matter, waterfall .. why isn't that one of the standard tags?)
32016-07-10 21:30:25 UTCGlassman waterfall is a standard tag and we do render waterfalls. just turned on the editing feature. It's missing so many tags and the data is somewhat outdated. If you use iOS, try GoMap! The developer is from Kirkland and it is by far the best app for editing OSM. Almost makes me by an iPad.

12016-06-18 05:15:04 UTCGlassman Ross Lake National Rec Area is already tagged
12016-06-18 05:14:03 UTCGlassman This park is already tagged.
12016-06-14 00:28:40 UTCGlassman Reverted name back to original
12016-06-11 04:48:18 UTCGlassman For privacy, we don't recommend putting your name on features. The exception is if the building is actually named. For example "Smith Towers" in Seattle
12016-05-27 13:05:29 UTCGlassman There is already a building on the site. By placing a node inside of the building you are basically saying there is a house inside of the building. Instead, you can change the tag to building=house.
12016-05-25 04:36:59 UTCGlassman Is it a traffic circle or a traffic calming island? Seattle has a lot of the later but few traffic circles.
12016-05-11 20:33:27 UTCGlassman Isn't the costco the building almost directly north of your costco yakima node?
22016-05-15 09:24:46 UTCTheodore Ro Yup, my bad. So obviously a newby. I am using and when it didn't pop up the Kennewick Costco on the search, I got so engrossed in digging up the address and getting it in that I didn't see what was right in front of my face. I should have sent it a request to delete it right away.

12016-05-07 00:24:52 UTCGlassman Is Kids and Kritters a business name? If so, please tag it appropriately. For example shop=pets name=Kids and Kritters.
12016-05-04 22:23:00 UTCGlassman I don't recall ever seeing a viewpoint at the mall. The mall is already tagged. I'd suggest we delete this tag.
22016-05-15 19:24:49 UTCuser_5359 done
12016-04-22 20:33:02 UTCGlassman Do you have the English name for the convenience store?
12016-04-13 23:45:26 UTCpnorman Is WA56 an IATA code? I thought they were all 3 letters maximum
22016-04-16 16:11:14 UTCGlassman Correct. I'll fix my error.
12016-04-11 21:27:23 UTCGlassman you should add leisure=park tag to the area and if there is a name associated with the park add that as well. Let me know if you need any help.
12016-04-01 16:14:33 UTCGlassman We haven't import neighborhood boundaries for Seattle. That might be what you are looking for. It's something that the local community should discuss again. Also - I sent you a welcome message. If you want to discuss, send me a message
12016-04-01 16:10:17 UTCGlassman It looks like you marked it access private. That sounds correct for what you are describing.

I suspect that it really isn't Northeast 209th Street. The name is likely an artifact from a early import. If you can verify that it isn't a named road, you can delete the name from the track.
12016-04-01 15:47:51 UTCGlassman You must tag the feature with an attribute, such as man_made=flagpole
12016-03-24 04:19:45 UTCGlassman The donkey trail segment is wrong. I sent a message to the original mapper to fix.
12016-03-18 09:21:58 UTCuser_5359 Thanks for the complement of the OSM dataset. Note that in OSM description of the objects has the highest priority. Objects that have only one name, have little sense. As home page for the question "How do I describe you?" I recommend the page
22016-03-19 05:44:18 UTCGlassman The park is already tagged in OSM.I am removing this name only tag. When adding a feature, besides the name, the feature type should be included. For a park it would be leisure=park. Since the area is already named, a node is not necessary.
12016-03-19 05:32:04 UTCGlassman is copyright material. Please remove from OSM.
12016-03-19 05:31:33 UTCGlassman is copyright material. Please remove from OSM.
12016-03-15 15:46:51 UTCuser_5359 Thanks for the complement of the OSM dataset. Note that in OSM description of the objects has the highest priority. Objects that have only one name, have little sense. As home page for the question "How do I describe you?" I recommend the page
22016-03-19 02:40:36 UTCGlassman Is Mecha a name of a business or the building. We do not add personal information to objects. If you need help, just respond to this changeset discussion.
32016-03-19 02:45:24 UTCvelotron Mecha is the personal name of my house. It was my first OSM commit, and I will revert it. Thanks.
12016-03-13 23:57:46 UTCGlassman The two names you added should have a tag to describe what you are tagging. In Kent's case, the city boundaries already define Kent. To verify search for Kent, WA, one of the responses will be the city of kent admin boundaries. I'm going to remove the node. Let me know if you disagree.

The Planta...
12016-03-09 06:19:04 UTCGlassman Are the fields actually named Dale's Field and Pooter's Field? Names should normally be added when there is a physical sign or is well known locally. If it's just a friends name, please remove it.
12016-02-12 19:34:32 UTCNatfoot Where was it not a multipolygon?
22016-02-12 22:54:01 UTCGlassman Look just north of Bandera Airport. The park extends to the other side of I90. I could have shown I90 going through the park, but since the state didn't, I didn't either.
32016-02-12 22:55:11 UTCGlassman BTW, I'm only part way done. I'm slowly heading east. Right now I'm working on the pass area.
12016-02-10 16:09:57 UTCnickpeihl Can you please review this? The entire Lopez Island is now listed as a park. it shows up entirely green on basemaps. Thanks.
22016-02-10 16:39:08 UTCGlassman thanks for pointing out my error. Somehow I added the tag leisure=park to the shoreline boundary.
32016-02-10 16:57:44 UTCnickpeihl Thanks.
12016-02-09 06:18:41 UTCGlassman What does the #OpenStreetMap Bing update tag mean?
22016-02-09 07:42:27 UTCNatfoot Bing Images
12016-02-08 03:48:04 UTCGlassman I modified the boundaries and discovered a polygon offshore you added that has some strange tags, none that will render. Do you know what it's supposed to be?
12016-02-03 22:48:10 UTCsctrojan79 Nice work on the Arboretum, some really great details added! It looks like part of the creek was duplicated (way ids 155848138 and 392873123) though, and I'm not sure which one is the more accurate one. Would you mind taking another look at it?
22016-02-04 00:19:19 UTCGlassman Thanks for spotting that.I can see why JOSM didn't catch it. It looked to JOSM like two streams.

I have more to add, but need help identifying trees. I haven't gotten back to it yet.
12016-01-31 23:37:13 UTCsctrojan79 Hey, I was doing some island conflation around Puget Sound when I realized I'd just retagged the Sucia Marine State Park relation you added this morning – sorry! I put the tags back as they were.
22016-02-01 02:54:03 UTCGlassman I've been updating parks in the State. Surprised at how many "state parks" we have as nodes that don't actually exist.
12016-01-20 22:17:55 UTCGlassman There appears to be an untagged landuse area around address 15372 94th Ave. in Surrey. Not sure what kind of building that is or I'd make the change.
12016-01-19 21:59:32 UTCGlassman Please add a landuse tag to the area you created. Example landuse=retail or landuse=commercial. See for more information
22016-01-19 22:00:01 UTCGlassman By adding the landuse tag, the area will render on OSM.
12016-01-19 21:49:02 UTCGlassman Towers should be tagged man_made=communications_tower or man_made=mast,tower:type=communications, communications:mobile_phone=yes. (Yea that's long.) Second, we usually don't do all caps.
12016-01-07 06:39:00 UTCGlassman please do not use name= tag to describe a feature.
22016-01-07 06:42:41 UTCJoshuaFlores Still pretty new, thank you for your feed back.
12016-01-07 06:18:46 UTCGlassman please don't put these kind of nodes in OSM.
12016-01-07 06:17:40 UTCGlassman The building tag should only be used for actual buildings. Please outline the building and add the building=church to it. You can change the polygon around the church to landuse=religious.
12016-01-07 06:13:17 UTCGlassman please do not use name= for descriptions.
12016-01-07 02:57:17 UTCGlassman favorie parking spot should not be used in a name tag. Nor should garbage can.
12016-01-06 01:02:31 UTCGlassman Please add a tag to describe what the object is. My guess would be amenity=library. The tag allows the proper icon to be displayed.
12016-01-05 06:17:09 UTCGlassman The name should be the name of the building. see for more info.
12015-12-23 17:10:07 UTCpnorman Is water? It looks covered
22015-12-23 17:26:53 UTCGlassman Could be alge over the pond. You can delete it if you want.
12015-12-18 18:17:54 UTCGlassman Nice addition. Porcupine peak isn't even in the USGS's own GNIS database.
12015-12-13 02:52:50 UTCGlassman This isn't an appropriate tag for OSM.
12015-12-11 23:19:34 UTCGlassman Welcome to OSM. We like to give the full road name. So NE Faris Street would be entered as Northeast Faris Street and Lauren St. would be Lauren Street. We do this because it's easy for software to abbreviate but hard to un-abbreviate. Would you mind changing the names?
12015-12-10 22:27:04 UTCGlassman If it is a grocery store, you might want to add a tag shop=supermarket. That will add a icon to the store and make it easier for people to find.
22016-01-04 07:53:14 UTCmos35 Thank you! I just added those tags.
12015-12-07 03:51:27 UTCGlassman now it makes sense!
12015-12-06 15:31:53 UTCGlassman Did you intend for the service road to be oneway?
22015-12-06 18:32:49 UTCpnorman Yes.
12015-11-22 00:37:36 UTCGlassman I don't think you intended to make the whole area a lake. but if you look at how young lake rendes, you'll see it is all blue. Did you want to add a landuse?
22015-11-23 20:52:16 UTCGlassman I changed to landuse=public. Also disconnected landuse from roads/bike path. Still need cleanup. looks like the bike path should be a relation where they share the road. But I've never been there! could use someone with to survey.
12015-11-12 03:14:07 UTCGlassman Richard - why are we changing roads to unclassified?
22015-11-12 09:09:21 UTCRichard Hi Clifford - highway=unclassified is the standard OSM tag for a minor rural road of reasonable quality (assumed paved in a developed country), as well as those with more of a connecting role in urban areas. The introductory paras at explain it well.
12015-11-09 19:53:48 UTCGlassman A couple of points. 1)
The retention ponds should probably be tagged landuse=basin

2) Did you mean to make the pond part of Duval? The ponds is part of the duval admin boundary. That usually isn't the case.
12015-11-09 06:01:29 UTCGlassman The stairs should be tagged as highway=steps.
12015-11-09 05:58:07 UTCGlassman You can tag the actual beach as natural=beach. It will render the beach as a sand color.
12015-11-09 05:52:38 UTCGlassman I added the tag tourism=viewpoint so it will render correctly.
12015-11-09 05:50:40 UTCGlassman This this footway connect to the ways on either end? By connecting them you enable routing.
12015-10-31 16:35:04 UTCGlassman We don't usually put people names on houses unless they are historical names. You might want to remove it if it contains personal information. Addresses are okay.
12015-10-28 01:47:20 UTCGlassman I removed the name=Test from tag. Otherwise great addition.
12015-10-27 06:05:10 UTCGlassman The convention in OSM is to spell out street name. Maritime Dr should be Maritime Drive.
12015-10-27 02:24:43 UTCGlassman There are some untagged ways in this commit. Rather than delete them, I thought maybe you'd want to tag them. If you open you and look at the "tagging" section to find untagged ways in this area. I just noticed you did one of them.
12015-10-23 20:57:52 UTCGlassman I noticed the electrified=269 tag on the lake. I know that the lake produces hydroelectric power, but not sure why the tag.
22015-10-24 00:59:46 UTCcompdude I don't have the slightest clue. Go ahead and remove it if you want.
12015-10-18 21:44:25 UTCGlassman I moved your restaurant from the road to a nearby building since I doubt it actually sits on the road. If I picked the wrong building you might want to change it. I'd also suggest adding an address and phone number to the tags.
12015-10-18 21:40:34 UTCGlassman Is the basemap licensed for use by OSM?
22015-10-19 03:35:56 UTCMadrona Indeed it is, the basemap from San Juan County.
12015-10-18 21:35:12 UTCGlassman We don't usually add people's names to OSM. remove the names. Instead, add their address, for example 123 Main Street, Somecity, with zip code. state isn't needed.
12015-10-05 23:55:18 UTCGlassman I moved your node to inside of the mall and fixed addressing tags. You may want to position it better. The shop is not listed on the malls directory. If it isn't in the mall, someone will most likely remove it.
12015-10-05 23:53:22 UTCGlassman Shops should in building not on roads. I moved your point to inside of Northgate mall. You may want to better position it. I also noticed it was not on the malls list of stores.
12015-10-05 23:31:47 UTCGlassman nice!
12015-10-05 23:30:51 UTCGlassman You might want to draw the building outline and name it and give it a suitable tag, such as shop=electric
12015-09-27 00:14:15 UTCGlassman Thanks for getting this done!
12015-09-23 17:07:21 UTCGlassman Can you provide a type of tag, ie. amenity=hotel or tourism=guest_house. Just providing a name doesn't help as much as a name and a type.
12015-09-10 03:10:45 UTCGlassman thanks for fixing these tags. I knew we agreed on leisure=fitness_centre, but just plain forgot. Need to get josm updated with updated tags.
12015-08-10 04:40:21 UTCGlassman Bob - you took out the roundabouts in Sedro Woolley. While the are not on the Bing image, they do exist. Can you please revert your edit?
12015-08-08 05:50:47 UTCGlassman We usually don't name driveways unless there is a street sign. What are you trying to add? Maybe I can help.
12015-08-05 18:40:15 UTCGlassman Summer Falls State Park is tag as a polygon (the green area) You might want to tag the actual falls waterway=waterfall, name=, height if you know it.
12015-06-16 16:19:36 UTCGlassman It looks like you removed West 4th Street. Can you restore the deleted roads?
22015-06-17 05:29:53 UTCGlassman I went ahead in added in West 4th Street.
12015-06-12 15:09:47 UTCGlassman I removed the road. It doesn't exist last time I drove through the park.
22015-11-13 13:12:03 UTCChetan_Gowda Great!! @Glassman.
12015-05-22 23:57:53 UTCGlassman I'm curious what you did. The change set comments doesn't really describe anything. As far as I can tell, Pass Lane doesn't exist.
22015-05-28 20:49:39 UTCandrewpmk

Semi automated road fixing using 2014 TIGER data.

Please fix if there are any errors
12015-05-10 14:57:07 UTCĐonny I think it was not a wise decision for me to delete the object, but now I don't know how to restore it :-(. I'll try JOSM.
But the original issue stay, there's a lot of sea marked as mainland.
22015-05-10 15:10:42 UTCĐonny OK, maybe it was not that unwise. No, the sea appeared correctly. So I'll not undo my change. But maybe the border of Deception Pass State Park is wrong now.
32015-05-10 16:16:02 UTCGlassman It looks like Deception State Park boundary is broken now. I modified the boundary about a year ago. The whole area was a mess. What object did you delete? I wonder if I added it?
42015-05-11 06:40:12 UTCĐonny I deleted a object 233546556, v5 which has been part of the boundary, but it als somehow formed a new shoreline in the middle of the sea, so everything north from the boundary looked like mainland.
52015-05-11 16:08:56 UTCGlassman I reconnected the park multipolygon - I need recheck validation to make sure nothing is missing as well as check rendering.
62015-05-12 06:52:21 UTCĐonny Looks good, thank you, and sorry for my invasive edit.
12015-04-30 05:18:52 UTCGlassman This doesn't look like it belongs in OSM. Please remove it or tag it correctly.
12015-04-14 15:04:32 UTCGlassman I'm curious why you changed roads from residential to tertiary. I'm familiar with most of these roads since I drive them regularly.
22015-04-15 01:58:47 UTCIvan Komarov Hi Glassman,

I drove around there a week ago while visiting the tulip festival. The crowd was enormous so I had to circle around for a while :)

According to the Wiki
Dike Road is not residential (as well as many other ones around.....
12015-04-06 16:04:46 UTCGlassman Street name should be entered spelled out. abbreviation should not be used for street names. It is easy for software to abbreviate names but hard to un-abbreviate.
12015-04-05 19:29:07 UTCGlassman Looks great. Do you know when they added it? It seems like the county is crazy for roundabouts. Wonder when they'll have the first super roundabout.
12015-04-02 18:07:49 UTCdchiles This doesn't look like something that should be on OpenStreetmap. Maybe map out the whole parking lot?
22015-04-02 22:29:06 UTCGlassman I removed the node. It clearly does not belong in OSM.
12015-04-02 22:17:23 UTCGlassman Why did you tag this a mini roundabout going clockwise? This is not a mini roundabout and roundabouts, mini or otherwise are anticlockwise in the US and Canada.

It is being reported as an error on
12015-02-09 03:38:12 UTCGlassman We are in the process of adding buidlngs and addresses to Kirkland. You marked this road as 117th Place Northeast, yet Kirkland GIS and King County Parcel Viewer show this as a private road with no name. Can you verify that it is named correctly?
12014-11-08 05:00:49 UTCGlassman I was looking at this path on aerial imagery but don't see the path. I wonder if it accurate?
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