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12017-03-19 03:22:04 UTCMinh Nguyen Thanks for this contribution. FYI, OSM isn’t allowed to accept data derived from Google Maps due to copyright issues, although it’s OK to use it to corroborate information you obtain through other means. It’s unfortunate that the Bing aerial imagery is a bit outdated in this area. The Mapbox i...
12017-03-08 18:29:50 UTCMinh Nguyen This resolves note #876899.
12017-03-03 09:55:45 UTCMinh Nguyen The GNIS import included some Catholic parish names in the West Side of Cincinnati. Locals will use these names in cases where the parish still exists, but St. Jacob’s no longer appears to be a parish. (St. James is right around the block from this POI.)
12017-02-19 05:30:50 UTCMinh Nguyen Do you know the names of this subdivision, by any chance? Named landuse areas would help to make this part of the map easier to navigate.
22017-02-19 05:31:16 UTCMinh Nguyen (The name of this subdivision, that is.)
12017-02-12 07:03:42 UTCMinh Nguyen These changes have been reverted in changeset 46012761. You’re welcome to add parks and sidewalks to OpenStreetMap, but please make sure they reflect the real world. In experimenting with this part of the map, you moved some streets way out of place, potentially impacting routing. There are plenty...
12017-01-20 14:06:07 UTCJohnny Mapperseed Yo!

Is it cool if I add a wikidata tag to the stadium?

Thank you!
22017-01-20 15:54:21 UTCMinh Nguyen Hi, absolutely – this area could use a lot more Wikidata tags. 😀
12017-01-11 11:00:41 UTCMinh Nguyen I’m a bit puzzled by your addition of . The website you tagged doesn’t make it sound like much of a museum.
12016-12-01 20:36:36 UTCMinh Nguyen I undid most of this changeset in changeset 44096514. Don’t use the name field in MAPS.ME to replace a Vietnamese name with a description in Italian. If MAPS.ME lacks a way to add a description in the proper description tag, please find a way to add a note instead of modifying the POI. Thank you.
12016-12-01 20:27:11 UTCMinh Nguyen This changeset replaced the Vietnamese name of this museum an the Italian translation. I fixed the issue in changeset 44096307.
12016-11-20 04:52:48 UTCMinh Nguyen This changeset added the wrong Wikidata entity for Yên Bình. Q8052180 is for a district (huyện), whereas Q10837974 is for that district’s capital town (thị trấn). I’ve clarified the Wikidata entities and also corrected the wikidata tag in changeset 43814653.
22016-11-21 04:21:10 UTCnammala Thanks Minh Nguyen for clarifying and correcting it
12016-11-19 19:46:13 UTCMinh Nguyen This changeset turned a residential landuse area into a residential street area that covered an entire city. I reverted this change in changeset 43808341.
12016-11-19 00:39:13 UTCMinh Nguyen I reverted this change in changeset 43785169 because Q10824750 is for a Thanh Hà in a different province. Thanh Hóa province does have two Thanh Hà villages (thôn), but they aren’t in this part of the province. I’ve added a FIXME tag and will re-add wiki tags if I can find evidence that this...
22016-11-19 00:51:13 UTCMinh Nguyen For what it’s worth, this POI was originally part of an import that tagged all places as place=town. Clearly there’s a place here, but the author of the import has said that POIs that don’t make sense should be deleted.
32016-11-21 07:29:26 UTCnikhilprabhakar Thanks for the correction Minh. Lemme know if you need any help with the clean up if you are encountering more of this.
12016-11-19 00:42:06 UTCMinh Nguyen See changeset 43190645 for discussion in English.
12016-11-15 23:24:31 UTCMinh Nguyen Specifically, this changeset reverted changeset 43455064.
12016-11-15 23:24:11 UTCMinh Nguyen This changeset deleted buildings instead of adding them. Presumably this was an accident, so I reverted it in changeset 43683918. Please let me know if you have any questions.
12016-11-02 23:37:02 UTCMinh Nguyen That’s a lot of parking in Peebles. 😬
22016-11-03 00:36:29 UTCNate_Wessel Oh gosh. I must have been copy-pasting tags a little too quickly D:

Good catch!
12016-09-19 07:37:45 UTCMinh Nguyen Tôi đã lùi lại bộ thay đổi này: .
12016-09-19 07:15:36 UTCMinh Nguyen Bộ thay đổi này lùi lại vì nó thay đổi tên thị xã thay vì thêm địa điểm khác.
12016-09-19 07:12:51 UTCMinh Nguyen Bạn đã đổi tên thị trấn thay vì thêm salon. Tôi đã lùi lại thay đổi này trong . Nếu bạn muốn thêm salon, xin nhấn chuột vào nút “Điểm” và chọn vị trí chính xác của salon.
12016-09-14 02:56:50 UTCMinh Nguyen s/Walgovel/Waldvogel/
12016-08-15 11:09:44 UTCMinh Nguyen To clarify, the semicolon-merging and lane-splitting was what happened to this road before I cleaned it up.
12016-07-10 03:41:44 UTCMinh Nguyen This was me, accidentally saving a changeset in geoMapTool. I reverted this changeset in 40621796.
12016-02-04 21:24:38 UTCMinh Nguyen This edit incorrectly moved the highway on-ramp onto the nearby BART tracks. I corrected the mistaken in changeset 37008781.
22016-02-05 09:10:22 UTCandygol Thank you Minh for reviewing of my edits 👍. Maybe I accidentally moved this part of ways while dragging the map.
12016-01-28 17:35:15 UTCLuis36995 Hi
this line is correct, is not like the image bing
22016-01-29 07:04:00 UTCMinh Nguyen The Bing imagery is quite out of date in San José. I drive down this road frequently and can confirm that the on-ramp was realigned to accommodate more cars during rush hour. In the Bing imagery, you can see the new ramp under construction, along with various construction vehicles.
12015-11-08 19:29:41 UTCmaxerickson I haven't looked at more than a couple, but it looks like a bunch of the refs on ways in this changeset have been set to "IN XX", which I think must be a mistake, as they are in Ohio.
22015-11-09 01:00:17 UTCMinh Nguyen re Ohio:
32015-11-09 01:20:23 UTCMinh Nguyen This is definitely a mistake. I usually monitor Ohio for changes to the OH ### format, but this land grab by Indiana flew under my radar. ;-)
12015-11-09 00:58:49 UTCMinh Nguyen The ref changes in this changeset are contrary to longstanding consensus among Ohio mappers (not to mention real world usage). There’s a full explanation at , although something to that effect has been documented on the wiki for years:
22015-11-09 01:02:05 UTCMinh Nguyen And
12015-09-28 00:39:40 UTCMinh Nguyen This changeset also redraws Maple Dale Elementary, which was completely rebuilt/reconfigured.
12015-09-26 01:39:40 UTCMinh Nguyen Looks an odd editor bug, but several of these bus stop names have numbers randomly inserted in. I removed them in changeset 34255087. I’ve never ridden TANK before, so let me know if this is some strange convention they have. :-)
22015-09-26 03:49:30 UTCNate_Wessel Oh, how strange. I'm surprised I didn't catch that... suppose I never went back for a second look. Good catch!
12015-09-25 19:09:03 UTCMinh Nguyen The Drees Pavilion overlook area definitely isn’t landuse=commercial. That tag is meant for office parks…
22015-09-26 00:31:31 UTClrhill I will defer to your change. However, as it frequently serves as a banquet hall / reception hall that brings large traffic volumes not truly associated with the parks' recreational use, I felt that its use should be noted as something other than park. Many zoning codes includes banquet halls in co...
32015-09-26 01:30:07 UTCMinh Nguyen That's a good point that I hadn't considered, although OSM's landuse tag isn't intended to strictly match zoning in every case. (We also don't tend to subdivide landuse areas according to legal subdivisions like you'd find on a tax assessor's map.) I did go ahead and tag the building as an event ven...
12015-09-24 22:51:32 UTCMinh Nguyen Hi, it looks like you accidentally commandeered the Tempe point of interest (POI) for the SkipperBud’s boat shop. :-) I cleaned things up in . In the future, please create a separate POI when you want to add something to the map. If you need help wh...
12015-04-28 04:13:40 UTCNate_Wessel Is it in the future if the infrastructure is already finished and in place? Or should it be a route relation (presumed active) that brings the stop into existence?

Can a bus stop exist without a bus? Would it matter if that bus were in the past or the future? Would it demand a location between bo...
22015-04-28 05:24:02 UTCMinh Nguyen I figured that OSM-based public transit routers would have no way of knowing that the stops have no service yet. The poor hapless users would be waiting far longer than the standard Metro wait…

For context, I was getting a bit fed up with the many under-construction and proposed BART and Muni s...
32015-09-22 18:39:08 UTCMinh Nguyen After tagging enough “empty” VTA bus stops in San José (with a shelter or bench and a Bus Stop sign that lists no routes), I’ve come around to the idea that the magnificent new streetcar shelters should be tagged as real stops that don’t yet belong to any route relations.
12015-09-13 09:03:18 UTCMinh Nguyen Changeset 33995382 corrects track information in and out of Millbrae station.
12015-09-06 23:37:06 UTCSomeoneElse This looks very much like a mechanical edit. Was it discussed anywhere first, as it should have been according to ?
22015-09-07 06:43:32 UTCAury88 Hi SomeoneElse.
the only automated procedures were the import (from the taginfo link in _Fitness_centre)
and the filter in josm to hide the changed element during the edit, but the changes were done to singular element after a one by one element check. if this procedure can...
32015-09-07 09:10:52 UTCSomeoneElse It's not (just) about "damaging the database" - it's about communicating what's happening. If someone extracts data or makes a map from OSM, it's helpful for them to know when there's a wholesale change to something that they might have been expecting.

Also, if a mapper is adding e.g. "amenity...
42015-09-07 09:54:22 UTCAury88 I perfectly agree with your reasoning about the communication with the user.
My reasoning was that the odds are greater that users who use the old tags have already done for the areas of their knowledge, while new mappers will not be misled by the presence of that tag.
For the extracted data and m...
52015-09-10 18:25:39 UTCSomeoneElse I don't think that it's necessary to revert (from amenity=fitness_center to leisure=fitness_centre isn't a change of meaning, just fixing a typing error), but I'd certainly recheck the items in the changeset. If someone's got one thing wrong then they might have got others wrong too (for example, h...
62015-09-12 01:32:09 UTCMinh Nguyen Can you point to consensus about amenity=fitness_center being incorrect (despite the preference for UK spelling)? is very ambivalent on this point, and until this changeset, amenity=fitness_center was one of the more popular options. A public a...
72015-09-12 07:43:34 UTCAury88 Hi Minh Nguyen,
The linked wiki page said "The leisure tag is for places people go in their spare time, which is how most people use a gym." the use of amenity is due to an "overloaded with this tags in the early years of OpenStreetMap".
The use of leisure=fitness_center/centre tag was already ...
82015-09-12 09:09:20 UTCAury88 sorry. the amenity=fitness_center/centre was the 4-5th most used tag in the wiki page list . the 2nd amenity=gym was (yet) the 3rd the leisure=fitness_center/centre was (yet) and sport=fitness (+ leisure=sport_centre) was (yet) the first
92015-09-12 17:30:37 UTCMinh Nguyen No worries, I’ve been known to get ahead of myself too, and it’s clear you had good intentions. :-) At this point, maybe the best course of action is to send a message to the mailing list. (Or post a diary entry.) Explain the change you made and the reasoning above, ...
12015-08-23 16:45:25 UTCMinh Nguyen Thanks for adding this information – I had no idea it used to be a landfill. I changed some of the tags on this POI to be consistent w/ how historic features are often tagged. In iD, you can see them under “All tags” in the sidebar. Please let me know if you have any questions.
22015-08-24 13:14:08 UTCNick D'Amato You're welcome. I actually have a map of the extent of the landfill, if you think there is good way to represent that.
12015-08-07 21:12:25 UTCMinh Nguyen I sketched in the new interchange from (one-year-old) memory in changeset 33190964. Please feel free to correct it if it doesn’t match what you observed.
22015-08-07 21:24:42 UTCFTA Wow, nice work! I had my GoPro running when I went through here over winter break, but I never went back to track it down. Strangest thing to switch the side of the road the traffic goes on....
32015-08-07 21:28:59 UTCFTA Also, I resolved the note I added to this area regarding the intersection.
42015-08-11 05:15:10 UTCMinh Nguyen It is strange. I visited exactly a year ago; at the time, there were electronic signs to alert drivers to the change, and the local newspaper was full of questions about whether the increased flow was worth the confusion. MoDOT built the country’s first divergent diamond interchange up I-44 in Spr...
12015-08-04 21:42:13 UTCMinh Nguyen Or rather:
12015-06-29 04:59:29 UTCMinh Nguyen I tried my best to transcribe a bilingual sign I took a photo of while passing by. The Amharic name is a little more detailed than the Engilsh name. It transliterates roughly to “Debre Genet St. Mary Beta-Christian Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in San Jose”.
12015-05-11 08:59:14 UTCMinh Nguyen Good idea, though not everyone has easy access to Greek characters on their keyboards. I wonder if the Greek characters are better suited for `short_name`.

Also, Φ is phi, Τ is tau, and Θ is theta. In changeset 30993287, I took the Greek characters currently in `name` and expanded them in `alt...
22015-05-13 14:24:52 UTCNate_Wessel I'm sticking with name, because the greek characters are the only actual signs on the buildings.

Good call with the alt_names. Is there something like a tag for name:english?

I know I have one of those wrong (I think it was actually a Tau and not a Theta for one of them), but I'm on campus no...
32015-05-13 14:41:05 UTCNate_Wessel I know only enough ancient greek right now to be a danger. ;-)
42015-05-24 19:59:18 UTCMinh Nguyen `name:en` is for English. I went with `alt_name` because these expanded names are what people would tend to search for in a geocoder like Nominatim.
12015-04-26 22:21:17 UTCMinh Nguyen Thank you for taking the time to add these street names in. For legal reasons, OSM can’t accept information copied straight out of another map unless the authors of that map have given permission.

Would you mind obtaining permission from the cemet...
22015-04-29 13:40:37 UTCJerome50 I was able to drive through the cemetery and verify the names from the street signs posted there.
32015-04-29 16:07:46 UTCMinh Nguyen Awesome, thanks for taking the time to do that.
12015-04-26 22:58:11 UTCMinh Nguyen OSM classifies population centers based on population and prominence, regardless of legal status. That way software based on OSM don’t have to worry about every country’s definition of a city when labeling cities a certain way. So as a suburb to another city and as a place with under 100,000 res...
12015-04-26 22:49:07 UTCMinh Nguyen Bing aerial imagery in this area is a bit outdated (dating to summer 2010). The Mapbox Satellite layer is more up-to-date at zoom levels 13–17 in Ohio, drawing from NAIP 2013 imagery. You can see the mast’s shadow in that layer.
12015-04-26 22:42:49 UTCMinh Nguyen FYI, man_made=mast is the more appropriate tag for radio/broadcast/cell towers. man_made=tower is for things like watchtowers, and it doesn’t get a special icon on most maps.
12015-04-26 22:22:25 UTCMinh Nguyen Love these changeset comments – keep ’em coming! :-D
22015-04-27 00:29:49 UTCNate_Wessel Ha! I was trying to edit on my phone while I waited for the dentist. Took me 15 minutes to add that stupid hat shop.
12015-04-26 18:28:08 UTCMinh Nguyen Thank you for this edit, and welcome to OpenStreetMap! Note that we spell-out words like “Boulevard” rather than abbreviating them:
12015-04-26 18:24:28 UTCMinh Nguyen FYI, Bing aerial imagery in this area dates to March 2012:

The Mapbox Satellite layer is more up-to-date at z13–17, as it comes from NAIP 2013.
12015-04-26 05:23:56 UTCMinh Nguyen I undid some of these changes in changeset 30491130. railway=construction construction=tram_stop is a well-used and well-documented way of indicating that a subway station is under construction. The name=* tag is not intended for descriptive text, even in parentheses.
22015-04-26 16:08:00 UTCstevea Of course, Minh: thank you for your corrections and especially for documenting here the correct way to tag this so I know how to do this if/as I find such construction in the future.
12015-03-24 08:29:44 UTCMinh Nguyen Just a friendly reminder that Ohioan mappers have a longstanding consensus to use the prefix “SR” on ways along Ohio state routes, due to the prevailing style used throughout the state by residents, the media, government, etc. See for more ...
12015-03-23 05:35:51 UTCMinh Nguyen The Caldwell–Seymore trail is definitely either a cycleway or a footway. Neither tag implies anything about build quality, surface material, or routeability. If it’s meant primarily for cyclists, it’s a cycleway; if it’s primarily for pedestrians, it’s a footway. highway=path is for things...
12015-03-18 06:15:28 UTCBryce C Nesbitt Thanks on the tool stand. Could you confirm there are really TWO of these right next to each other, as currently mapped?
22015-03-18 06:16:40 UTCMinh Nguyen Yes, you can see a photo of the stands here:
32015-03-18 06:22:23 UTCMinh Nguyen Oh, one of them is actually a compressed air pump. I’ve retagged it amenity=compressed_air, but is brand=Dero still accurate in that case?
42015-03-19 07:55:22 UTCBryce C Nesbitt No, brand=Dero does not apply.

However service:bicycle:pump=no is misleading... as in fact there's a pump nearby. Interesting quandary how to tag.
52015-03-19 07:55:58 UTCBryce C Nesbitt Normally the Dero stations are sold as a two part kit: pump & repair stand. Other brands integrate the pump into the stand.
12015-03-14 05:46:02 UTCMinh Nguyen Thank you for adding these township boundaries. But wherever possible, please start with the USGS Topographic Maps layer rather than the Census Bureau’s TIGER data. Although TIGER is much more up-to-date than the USGS topo maps, TIGER is also much cruder as it’s primarily meant for demographics ...
12015-03-14 04:35:54 UTCMinh Nguyen Thank you! I’ve been undeleting an old, correct version of the OH–WV boundary in Potlatch 1, but that editor often has selection glitches these days… it looks great now.
12015-03-11 05:28:51 UTCMinh Nguyen What problems exactly did you clean up? It looks like you created additional overlapping ways for one township relation but not adjoining townships. I’m mainly asking so I can avoid causing more problems in the future.
22015-03-13 09:48:03 UTCfx99 responded by PN
12015-02-22 22:34:07 UTCMinh Nguyen It looks like this changeset merged the OH–KY boundary with the Ohio River centerline. That’s incorrect: KY and WV own most of the Ohio River (at the expense of OH, IN, and IL). See for example:
22015-02-22 22:35:16 UTCMinh Nguyen The previous version of this boundary was based on the USGS topo layer which, while not completely up-to-date with the ’90s court rulings, is much more accurate than the centerline.
32015-02-22 23:31:31 UTCMinh Nguyen
42015-02-23 00:18:20 UTCNate_Wessel Well of course there is a page just about that...

To be honest, I'm not sure why boundaries exist in OSM if they can't be related to a real feature... but I bet there's a page just for that dicussion already too.

Is there an easy way to fix it? Or does it need to be reverted somehow?
52015-02-23 00:19:27 UTCNate_Wessel Ah! Looks like it's already fixed. My tiles just hadn't updated.
62015-02-23 00:33:41 UTCMinh Nguyen River boundaries are more the exception than the rule. We pretty much need them for completeness’ sake if we’re going to include land boundaries.

Times like these make me very glad that Potlatch 1 is still around. (Its revert feature is just as easy as Wikipedia’s, for better or worse.)
12015-02-11 11:55:11 UTCMinh Nguyen OGRIP’s LBRS is public domain? That’s awesome – where does it say that?
22015-02-11 11:57:38 UTCMinh Nguyen Never mind, found it: . We should make a tile layer of it to trace with.
12015-01-16 11:07:58 UTCMinh Nguyen How recent was the change? When Wilmington got its bypass, I think it took a little while for ODOT to take all the signs down and hand the road over to the city and township.
22015-01-16 11:08:26 UTCMinh Nguyen …the bypassed road, that is.
12015-01-09 10:34:32 UTCMinh Nguyen These place nodes shouldn’t have been promoted to place=town. As documented at , the rule of thumb is to use place=town where the population is 10,000 or more. I’ve also been promoting county seats with only a few thousand residents to place=town sin...
12015-01-01 10:20:59 UTCMinh Nguyen Thanks for updating this interchange!
22015-01-03 01:10:26 UTCreportingsjr Thanks! I'll try to keep it updated as construction continues. Winter project until it is warm enough keep mapping local trails. :)
12014-11-23 06:17:27 UTCMinh Nguyen Please avoid copying verbatim from CAGIS datasets at this time. They’re free of charge but it isn’t clear whether we can use them in OSM yet. We’re trying to secure permission from them to license their data under terms compatible with OSM’s license. Until then, it’s fine to cite CAGIS as ...
22014-11-23 15:41:06 UTCgmensch So in the meantime, should I change the grounds to be what one would expect the property line to be? i.e. from road to fence?
32014-11-23 22:30:34 UTCMinh Nguyen Yes, that would be best. Thanks!

Also, the map currently shows Congregation Ohav Shalom as the only building on the Schilling schoolgrounds. However, from the aerial imagery, it seems like the synagogue is one wing of the building and the school is the other, and both share the same property. I t...
12014-11-15 11:43:09 UTCMinh Nguyen From humble beginnings…
22016-05-06 14:14:03 UTCEzekielT ?
32016-12-06 16:21:28 UTCRoadsguy Ah, the great "first."
42017-02-28 15:41:09 UTCNiedernhausenerJunge

"The very first contribution to OpenStreetMap was probably a road."
Turns out it wasn't
12014-11-11 12:03:45 UTCMinh Nguyen A single retail building can have multiple tenants: draw the building as one area; then, for each tenant, either add a point or draw an area overlapping part of the building (but not marked as a building).
22014-11-11 12:05:12 UTCMinh Nguyen Alternatively, if a strip mall looks like a bunch of buildings smooshed together, it’s also fine to draw each business as a separate building area, but make sure to join the buildings together.
12014-11-09 05:27:00 UTCMinh Nguyen No need to name the soccer field “Soccer Field”. Choosing the “Soccer field” option in iD adds a “sport=soccer” tag to the area. Although the main map doesn’t do anything special with “sport=soccer”, various alternative maps do. For example, once it updates to include your edit, th...
22014-11-09 05:28:46 UTCMinh Nguyen Oh, wrong link. Here’s the soccer field: .
12014-11-03 21:45:36 UTCMinh Nguyen By the way, you can often find names of creeks and lakes on the USGS Topographic Maps layer in either Potlatch or iD. (Though years out of date, it’s also really handy and accurate for county/township/city limits.)
12014-11-02 20:04:54 UTCMinh Nguyen Hi Nate, a couple of these `highway=tracks` are named roads, even if they’re unpaved. I’m thinking it might be more useful to tag them as `highway=residential` and add `surface=unpaved` (or gravel or dirt or whatever), since they could appear in addresses.

(That, and I’m happy to finally ha...
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