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12017-08-28 11:20:54 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you have a look to these edits? There are 89 ways with the key 'cyclway' instead of 'cycleway'.

Cheers, Jan
12017-03-20 06:03:41 UTCnyuriks Hi, I deleted Monocacy Creek Area - that way is clearly broken, and I don't see it on satelight.
Please restore and fix if possible:
12016-11-28 08:09:09 UTCmjb_Flsmmap Track on the Aerojext property, south of the Folsom-South canal, has been removed for several years. All track on the Aerojet property is gone. Track remains north of the canal but is not presently in use.
22016-11-28 08:12:48 UTCmjb_Flsmmap Edit: Source is Google satellite view photos. Can be verified from bike trail along the canal. Google's map is in error showing the rail to still be present.
12016-03-21 11:18:07 UTCMikeN What was the reason for this change? The previous relation route=railway (collection of railroad ways) sounds more applicable than the new route=train (train services), since this is an abandoned railway.
22016-03-22 00:30:35 UTCdchiles I'm confused are we talking about this: because it is route=railway
32016-03-22 00:41:40 UTCMikeN Sorry, my bad. I confused which was the latest version. I think the new tag you set is the correct one. Thank you.
12015-12-21 15:38:37 UTCreswert Should be railway=rail (not narrow_gauge) gauge=1435
22015-12-21 19:54:48 UTCdchiles Ok I'll fix that. Thanks!
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