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12018-10-12 11:00:33 UTCMikeN This road is private, has no road signs, and already marked as noname=yes. Reverted in
12018-09-05 22:08:51 UTCMikeN Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Thank you for the edit - I noticed that there were some duplicate entries for the park, so I merged them and changed the name back from 'South Carolina' to 'South Carolina Botanical Garden'.
12018-09-02 00:21:25 UTCMikeN Also update road geometries per survey
12018-08-23 01:35:23 UTCMikeN Hi, Please add a meaningful comment to the changeset that explains the goal of the edit. It seems that some of these edits have lost information such as road name, lanes, etc.
12018-08-13 17:26:21 UTCjmapb There are dozens of these around Brooklyn and Queens, all added by homeslice60148 and tagged with #maproulette and #Long_Island_traffic_lights_(Brooklyn,_Queens)

Aside from the facts that 1) they're generally not in places where sidewalk mapping makes any difference to pedestrian routing, and 2)...
22018-08-14 14:52:35 UTCTheBestIdea My personal preference is that, in NYC where sidewalks are the norm, if they just follow the geometry of the road, they should be mapped as an attribute of the road with the "sidewalk=" key and not as a separate way.
When they're disconnected at the ends so that they actively impede ro...
32018-08-14 15:57:10 UTCbhousel It would be great if, rather than removing the sidewalks, you would just connect them to the road where crossings exist. It's not a matter of "personal preference" - there are groups working on wheelchair routing that need to map attributes on the sidewalk ways (like smoothness and obstac...
42018-08-14 16:14:54 UTCTheBestIdea There appears to be a robust debate about whether sidewalks should be separate ways: If people want to take to time to do so, I'm not going to stop them, but they should do it in a way that does not impede routing for other users...
52018-08-14 16:35:07 UTCbhousel Yes, I'm aware of the wiki page. Again, the primary usecase for this style of mapping is for wheelchair users who can not cross the street mid-block. It does not impede routing for other users (I'm not sure why some people think this).
62018-08-14 17:01:03 UTCjmapb None of these #maproulette #Long_Island_traffic_lights_(Brooklyn,_Queens) sidewalks have any wheelchair or smoothness info. I've actually never seen any such info on sidewalks here. (I have seen sloped_curb=yes on some *road* intersections, but that's obsolete now.) Yes, it might be added someday, b...
72018-08-14 17:02:28 UTCjmapb Personally I only map sidewalks when I perceive that it would improve routing, but I can easily imagine that at some point in the future mapping every sidewalk will be the norm. I'm not inclined to fight against this -- but I do want people to map responsibly, so that the map isn't less useful after...
82018-08-14 17:11:10 UTCjmapb BTW here is a very silly example of screwed up pedestrian routing. (Wheelchair routing would have the same problem, I believe.)
92018-08-14 17:14:17 UTCbhousel jmapb, please leave me alone. If you need help adding a crosswalk to fix that routing issue, ask on
102018-08-14 17:18:00 UTCjmapb These comments are not a personal attack and your defensiveness is uncalled for. I'm discussing the changeset. If you don't want to part of the changeset discussion, hit the "unsubscribe" button.
112018-08-14 19:15:01 UTCMikeN I've observed new mappers drawing these types of sidewalks without crossings because they appear to 'stop at the curb'. They're just entering an observation. I'd see it as a work in progress, and not usable for navigation on its own until the network has been fully entered..
A community might de...
122018-08-14 20:43:39 UTCjmapb I don't think these are being mapped this way because they stop at the curb -- there are clearly visible crosswalks at all of the hanging ends. I don't know whether homeslice60148 prefers to map this way or if it's part of the maproulette instructions (? I don't know how maproulette works. You, Mike...
132018-08-14 20:45:34 UTCjmapb BTW this changset (61631661) has been reverted by changeset 61662763 (restoring the deleted sidewalks), and the loose sidewalk ends have been tied into the street grid by changeset 61662897. This will improve the routing. It will still be a left and two rights to get from 691 Fulton to 239 Ashland P...
142018-08-14 20:48:42 UTCTheBestIdea I agree that your suggestion would be a big improvement.
152018-08-14 21:26:03 UTCjmapb Happy to hear it. And MikeN. by the way, I believe I misread what you meant by "end at the curb" -- yes indeed, the sidewalks themselves do literally end at the curb, crosswalks or no, and I can easily imagine a mapper choosing to map them in this literal fashion without realizing that it ...
162018-08-15 16:58:26 UTCjmapb Well I added my sample "cap" at the Fulton/Ashland place, changeset 61672263. If there's ever a consensus to purge these loose-end sidewalks that survives the edit wars, please feel free to get rid of that too -- it's only useful IMO as a fix to routing problem the loose ends cause.

172018-08-15 19:24:57 UTChomeslice60148 Hi everyone!
182018-08-15 19:46:49 UTChomeslice60148 Whoops, let's try this again. Hi, everyone! I just noticed jmapb's message and I'm jumping into the discussion here to let everyone know what I'm doing and why. I am a very long time mapper on OSM, and it is my general goal to improve the map. I personally follow the "do no harm, delete no cor...
192018-08-16 16:46:13 UTCjmapb Hi homeslice, thanks for joining us -- I shouldn't have given up so quickly! And thanks for being clear about your goals and MO.
As I said, I've admired your sidewalks. But I hope I've also demonstrated the downside this mapping technique has on the pedestrian routing.
When sidewalks are fully ma...
202018-08-17 20:02:32 UTChomeslice60148 J,
I think the solution of closing the crosswalks for routing will work. I will do this from now on.
212018-08-17 21:02:36 UTCjmapb Thanks! (Btw I think I mapped your place today: )
12018-07-30 22:13:33 UTCMikeN Why were these driveways reverted to construction state?
22018-07-31 09:41:45 UTCashleyannmathew Hi Mike,
Thanks for your query. I have reverted the highway back to service. I am working on fixing all highway topology errors across the US, where crossing highway is one of them. Crossing highways are highways that cross each other without a common node at its intersection. While fixing it in t...
32018-07-31 11:01:43 UTCMikeN Thank you - Bing has been updated since that survey and it is clearer that the shopping center is already built and was not mapped from planning document papers.
42018-07-31 11:25:58 UTCashleyannmathew Yes, thank you for the update
12018-07-03 05:03:18 UTCphidauex Hi, I don't know enough about imports to recommend the right process, but with the new MS building footprint I know there is a lot of discussion going on. The #colorado channel in the OSM slack channel ( might be a good place to start before jumping into t...
22018-07-03 05:10:17 UTCphidauex FYI, found a few odd things that the MS footprint algorithm was doing - it marked some of the airport striping as buildings, and has a problem with circular buildings - it very much wants them to be square. I fixed a few, see this changelog for examples:
32018-07-03 13:57:15 UTCvolatile_ant Thanks for the slack link. Both of the changesets associated with this update contain unintended data (I used incorrect filter settings). I attempted to revert them last night, but you were too quick! I'll check out the discussion, and will be reviewing the changesets building-by-building over the n...
42018-07-03 14:05:42 UTCvolatile_ant I've never used slack before, and am having trouble signing in. Is it an invite-only group?
52018-07-03 14:48:50 UTCMikeN Try this link -
62018-07-03 16:08:16 UTCphidauex Sorry for jumping the gun on the fixes, I was curious about the dataset quality to so spent a few minutes looking it over. Pretty darn good, really, but with a few odd errors. Feel free to revert me. Lots of discussion going on about the MS import now, on the email list, and the #general and #colora...
72018-07-03 16:42:51 UTCvolatile_ant Thanks Mike, that worked. I'll flip through the discussion.

Agreed that the data quality is generally pretty good for simple forms and smaller buildings. There are definitely questionable items, such as a huge amorphous blob of a building placed in the middle of a field, and silos being square or...
12018-06-22 00:08:30 UTCPaul Johnson Doesn't look bad, but lanes shouldn't be used on laneless streets.

Published using OSMCha:
22018-06-26 14:04:20 UTCSProvost Thanks for your feedback Paul. It's actually the first time I create new features in OSM, I normally only edit existing ones. So all constructive feedback is welcome.

Published using OSMCha:
32018-06-30 14:57:14 UTCPaul Johnson At least in the US and Canada, there's an understanding that the only time lanes=* should be tagged on a street with no painted lanes is where the lines are missing due to lack of maintenance. These streets, lanes=2 isn't appropriate because there's no lanes nor evidence that lanes were ever painte...
42018-06-30 16:14:02 UTCbhousel It's totally ok to add lanes tags to laneless streets.
52018-06-30 18:06:31 UTCPaul Johnson That really seems a lot like just making stuff up at that point, bhousel.
62018-07-01 10:37:30 UTCMikeN I also don't know of a convention in the US and Canada where it is incorrect to add lanes to stripeless roads.
72018-07-01 11:49:29 UTCPaul Johnson How is it not geofiction to do so?
82018-07-01 18:27:52 UTCMikeN It explicitly models the road as 2 traffic flows where normal size vehicles pass each other, as well as differentiating from 1 lane roads where one vehicle would need to back up to an opening to pass.
92018-07-01 18:42:55 UTCPaul Johnson Except on streets like this, that's not really reliably possible when someone's parked on one or both sides of the street unless you're on something singletrack. You make a strong argument for tagging width=* after measuring it, though.
12018-05-27 11:22:46 UTCMikeN I was so careful to get the 'e' on Pointe that I didn't proofread the whole name!
12018-05-22 19:40:04 UTCMikeN This edit was correct, in that it matches the new name on the latest TIGER, but the name didn't sound right. I checked the county records and they still show the old name Countryside Circle. So I'm not sure how the wrong name got into TIGER 2017.
12018-05-22 17:54:56 UTCMikeN I'm not sure that the result of this edit is desirable. Although it strictly agrees with the OSM philosophy of separate ways only in the case of physical divider, southbound routing instructions to Edwards Mill Road are "turn right", followed by "turn immediate left", instead o...
22018-05-24 05:48:29 UTCteodorab_telenav Hello Mike,
I deleted the link because I coudn't find any physical divider according to sattelite imageries ( Bing, Mapbox, Digital Globe). Anyway, I will reverse the changes. Thank you for letting me know that the edit is not desirable.
Best regards,
12018-05-20 10:51:18 UTCMikeN The school name appears on the boundary of the school - in most cases with OSM, the building does not have the school name. That allows for multiple buildings, and having the name on the area makes it show sooner when zooming in.
22018-05-20 13:15:28 UTCitsamap! Got it thanks, I just changed it.
12018-05-16 19:37:34 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for this edit. What was the source for this change when there were recent edits and notes about this intersection?
22018-05-16 20:31:10 UTCmarkm851003 Hello, Mike I see that you are correct. These edits were made on a HOT tasking project, I had consulted with a peer and we thought we were making the right changes including the recent notes. In reality the edit made was a misinterpretation of the data. I will update this immediately, thank you for...
32018-05-16 20:32:22 UTCmarkm851003 I will also update the source notes on this.
42018-05-17 02:26:07 UTCMikeN Thank you for correcting this. Feel free to leave a note for someone local to look at any questionable items. (That's the way I learned that there is a wooden covered bridge near me that I had no idea was there).
12018-04-25 15:37:40 UTCMikeN Thanks for adding these new roads! A tip to make it easier to see the roads under the trees is to use the NC imagery - select the Layers button on the right side, then for Background select "NC Latest Orthoimagery"
12018-04-25 14:55:11 UTCMikeN Hi, I see that Long Pond Lane was added as a "motorway". Although this sounds like permission for motor vehicles, it is normally only used on Interstate highways. Small roads like this would normally be Residential or 'Minor/Unclassified' if there are no houses nearby.
22018-05-11 15:20:26 UTCUnion Street Media It looks like the feature has been changed from motorway to residential, thank you. Let me know if you see any other corrections.
12018-04-25 02:21:04 UTCMikeN Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Why was Burl Lane deleted in this changeset?
12018-04-15 21:40:29 UTCMikeN Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Please take care when editing because a node was moved for a long distance by the stadium. That part of the edit was undone.
12018-04-06 23:20:46 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for the edits! The ways marked as motorways are not really motorways. The best way to make a private map for events and share them is on UMap

This was reverted in #57880411
12018-03-29 02:37:07 UTCMikeN Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Please be careful when editing because this edit removed a city boundary so I had to revert it.
12018-03-17 12:24:06 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for the work in aligning. There were still some side streets that needed updating. Please be aware that current Bing imagery is shifted - please select the layers / background imagery icon and select the "Esri World Imagery (Clarity)" which has much better agreement with G...
12018-03-15 06:04:42 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Your import use some unusual values (addr:state="South Carolina", phone numbers missing the + sign, addresses without the combination addr:street and addr:housenumber). Is this import discussed on the import mailing list?
22018-03-15 10:34:25 UTCMikeN This import step only added height to existing buildings; therefore the JOSM validation only checked for geometry conflicts and gross key errors. Phone numbers look as they would if entered by hand and won't conform to a strict format. This import was discussed on Imports - https://lists.openstre...
12018-03-05 19:33:46 UTCMikeN Welcome to Open Street Map! The empty outline needs to be identified for what type of object it is, such as a building. Also, the "Ellison's Law" point needs to be separated into separate items instead of just being in the description. For an example, see the tags on https://www.opens...
12018-03-02 19:00:55 UTCMikeN Everything looks great, thank you!
12018-03-01 23:33:02 UTCMikeN Hi, Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Everything looks great but the opening hours syntax is specialized so that Apps can read the opening hours directly. I have updated the opening hours according to the wiki at
12018-02-26 01:06:50 UTCMikeN Welcome to OSM! I have promoted the primary name of the nearby road to Pocotaligo Road and made the state road number as alternate, since that should help addressing and directions.
22018-02-26 03:34:42 UTCKelfwall Thank you MikeN!!
12018-02-21 21:04:38 UTCMikeN Hi, thanks for adding these. For buildings, choose a building type (roof, house, office, etc) instead of landuse. I went ahead and updated these.

You can also make the outlines look neat by Squaring with the S key after they have been drawn.
12018-02-21 18:20:21 UTCPaul Johnson I still have some concerns about this mass attempt at priority creep on the highway=* tag.
22018-02-21 20:37:18 UTCMikeN I agree about concerns with mass priority creep. DOT / Government classifications do not directly translate to an OSM classification. Routers will still select a road when it best matches the travel itinerary and mode.
32018-02-21 22:56:10 UTCclay_c Alright, I'll put a pause to this change for a bit. I want to continue this discussion later, though right now I think I just need to take a break. Thanks for being patient.
42018-02-22 01:50:06 UTCPaul Johnson No problem, thanks for being open on this. Last time there was someone who went a little too strict with the tagging, we ended up with the entire US highway system tagged trunk nationwide
52018-02-26 22:47:53 UTCclay_c Alright, I'm back and my head's clear. Thanks for giving me some time.

I want to make sure we're on the same page with a few things. I'm avoiding being strict on tagging, and there's a few FM/RM roads I've tagged higher than secondary as well as state/US highways lower than primary. It's still co...
62018-02-27 01:51:13 UTCPaul Johnson RIght, generally a good idea to weight the local functionality with the classification to kind of rank it out. Like a major thoroughfare through a city (like, say, FM 2786 or CR 150 in Allen) might be underrated even as a secondary. But, say, FM 1885 or FM 920, northwest of Weatherford? Yeah, tha...
72018-02-27 01:56:28 UTCPaul Johnson Also, yeah, I'd fully agree that Texas makes for especially odd classification owing to it's huge number of auxiliary routes, of various and often nebulous significance, such as, despite signage, there is only one Ranch Road (RM 1), and *all* of the rest are properly FMs, and while the FMs are gener...
12018-02-12 13:37:38 UTCMikeN Hi, I noticed that others had added Lost Grove Lake Wildlife Mangement Area as both a park and nature reserve and overlapping areas. One of those could probably be deleted, but I wasn't sure whether it should be a park or nature reserve.
12018-02-12 13:35:25 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for adding the lake. I think I was able to finish it according to the NAIP imagery which was newer than Bing and shows some more water expansion.
22018-02-13 00:48:15 UTCjjbalins thanks!
12018-01-30 17:58:32 UTCRigIsMe pokemon
22018-01-30 18:24:17 UTCMikeN Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Fell and Chataqua were already marked as a park. Creating overlapping parks causes collisions in Pokemon spawning algorithms and actually reduces the spawning rate.
12018-01-30 12:20:56 UTCMikeN Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Miller Park was already marked as a park. Creating overlapping parks causes collisions in Pokemon spawning algorithms and actually reduces the spawning rate.
12018-01-29 19:50:40 UTCMikeN Hello!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and found some errors or elements
that could be mapped in a better way. Feel free to message me
to know more about it or visit http://learnosm.o...
12018-01-23 14:24:08 UTCMikeN Why was the building removed?
12018-01-19 15:45:30 UTCMikeN Welcome to OpenStreetMap - this fix looks great because of the separator between lanes. Thanks for your contribution!
12018-01-11 12:37:36 UTCMikeN Welcome to OpenStreetMap! The Cleveland Park outline already existed, so I transferred the new tags to the existing park outline.
12018-01-10 03:30:27 UTCMikeN Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Why was the building outline removed? Also, when specifying an address or street name, the convention is to spell out the name in full - such as "Pendleton Street".
22018-01-10 22:26:39 UTCMikeN Reverted to restore building in changeset 55336454
12017-12-17 23:18:17 UTCMikeN South Church Street is set to 1 lane - a single lane usually goes on a oneway street, otherwise a car would need to pull onto a shoulder or driveway when meeting an oncoming car.
22017-12-17 23:23:02 UTCitsamap! Ok that's good to know before I went crazy changing things! I already changed alot of roads to 1 lane. I'll change them back.
12017-12-17 23:16:41 UTCMikeN Congratulations - it looks good from JOSM!
12017-12-06 12:56:04 UTCMikeN Welcome to OSM! I noticed that there are 3 library nodes added, but they are not on any building. It might be new construction, but the building that looks like a library is to the right of these nodes.
12017-11-23 00:11:22 UTCHubMiner Greetings, could you take a look at this note:

I am wondering if there a way to reimport river/islands outlines based on something more recent.
22017-11-23 02:21:31 UTCMikeN The latest data still has this shape, so the best way will be a manual update to match the current wetland configuration. I'll make this a project for me in the next week or 2.
12017-11-08 21:12:41 UTCMateusz Konieczny Can you look at ?
22017-11-08 23:49:06 UTCMikeN This area consists of parking lots and building foundations of a former factory site. Although there is no active plan for redevelopment of this site, the OSM tag landuse - 'brownfield' captures the demolished / industrial state of this site.
12017-10-25 12:21:35 UTCMikeN Thank you for the street name updates. It would be interesting to know the street signs around "Palm Street" - there is a section heading north that appears to be an original mistake from TIGER or has been removed. Also there is a section of Palm Street between Independence Avenue and &q...
12017-10-13 21:17:34 UTCMikeN Welcome to OpenStreetMap! These street name corrections are great. We do enter the full name without abbreviations, since it is easy to abbreviate names, but difficult to expand all the variations when needed. Happy Mapping!
12017-09-14 01:28:47 UTCMikeN Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Great job in adding this clinic. Thank you for your contributions.
12017-09-13 18:09:43 UTCMikeN Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Everything added here looks good. The combination public library and technical college is an unusual case. OpenStreetMap is flexible in how to tag these but would normally be added as 2 separate nodes/points so that both the library and school show as expected on a sea...
12017-09-06 01:42:10 UTCMikeN The residential neighborhood outline looks great! The only other change is that the name should be in a tag called 'name'. So, select the neighborhood outline, then in the "Add Field", select name , then enter the name. After that, the 'Description' entry can be removed.
12017-09-06 01:33:15 UTCMikeN Hi, for an address to be visible to search in OpenStreetMap, the number ( 231 ) should be typed over the light gray 123 below Address, and the street ( Tunnel Road ) should be selected from the dropdown. The full text in 'name' is not required. For the rare cases where it's used, it would be in a...
12017-09-05 18:42:34 UTCMikeN Hi, the residential area looks good. The lines of a residential area generally do not touch roadways to make future edits easier. If the area has a subdivision name, that can be added to the area also. If the entire subdivision has one name, this residential area can be expanded first to cover ...
12017-09-05 10:46:33 UTCMikeN OpenStreetMap is a database reflecting real world features. Please do not make fictional edits, or they will be reverted. This edit reverted in #51745421 . Also, please add a comment that describes the change(s)
12017-09-05 10:40:04 UTCMikeN Thanks for the update. Your edit did remove the park attribute, but I also deleted the point since it does not apply any more.
12017-08-28 20:13:49 UTCMikeN The apartments are a residential area, not a park
12017-08-28 20:06:06 UTCMikeN There is no park here among the retail buildings
12017-08-24 11:44:13 UTCbbmiller Nope. These parks do exist in their mapped locations, and if you look at the history of these ways, they existed way before the Pokemon phenomenon. Would you please revert your change set? Or should I?
22017-08-24 19:49:03 UTCfilth ahh my apologies. i figured they were there for pokemon purposes. however they are not parks so should be taken out regardless. my dad lives a block away at rose court and i walk by there weekly there's no parks at those locations
32017-08-24 19:52:45 UTCfilth someone probably added them for ingress then and not pokemon i'm guessing? both are residential areas, there's just houses there, no parks
42017-08-24 21:19:48 UTCMikeN Traverse City still lists those two parks as active
52017-08-25 01:09:34 UTCbbmiller Yeah, and they're visible on Street View:,-85.5970059,3a,90y,3.83h,74.93t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1st9KpajR0D8L7FSJPwTd9pw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656,-85.5988699,3a,75y,343.87h,69.43t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sLyODIlwG5bEai-bSjYJT1Q!2e0!...
62017-08-25 12:30:17 UTCbbmiller OK, I got curious and swung by Boon St this morning. Sure enough, the parks are there, just as mapped.

Boon Street Park:
Arbutus Court Park:

I'm undeleting these. I'm also going to take advantage of this opportunity to add a few details, so th...
12017-08-16 11:14:16 UTCMikeN In OSM, I can't find any convention to tag an apartment complex area as an apartments type; we only have landuse=residential and individual buildings are of type building=apartments. The entire area could be place=neighborhood.
12017-08-02 12:29:54 UTCMikeN OpenStreetMap is a collection of facts - social commentary is best done on other types of media.
Reverted in
12017-07-03 23:08:27 UTCMikeN Hi, if the island doesn't show up, the lake might need to be converted to a multipolygon (in the ID editor, select both the island and lake, right click and merge). Hopefully all the tags will come out correctly.
12017-06-29 17:39:07 UTCMikeN This is actually a retail building and 'Home Improvement' is not a recognized tourism category. I've corrected both.
12017-06-25 16:37:03 UTCMikeN Hi, is this the current or planned speed limit change? Signs are still up for 55mph.
22017-06-26 12:48:31 UTCSaucon Support Hi Mike, we had received a notice from one of our clients that I 85 Bus had a posted speed limit of 70. Since signs are still up for 55 MPH, I will revert the speed limit to 55 MPH.
12017-06-23 12:10:21 UTCMikeN This is not a park, it is a subdivision. Please add only real features to OpenStreetMap. Reverted.
12017-06-13 00:11:41 UTCMikeN You're doing a great job improving Spartanburg! Sidewalks are fine either separately or tagged as part of the road. Tagging will settle in OSM as more apps start to use the data. Open Sidewalks ( ) generally makes them separate at the moment so that it is easier to ...
12017-06-07 11:25:53 UTCMikeN Node was already merged into building and the tagging standardized. Reverted change.
12017-05-12 15:14:27 UTCMikeN Hi, Welcome to OpenStreetMap, and thanks for your valuable updates! In the future when updating a business, it is generally better to remove the previous business information from the node or building outline and then create the new information. This is because some businesses in OpenStreetMap...
12017-04-24 18:03:24 UTCMikeN This node is a duplicate of an existing Blaine's Farm & Fleet node . The new information has been merged into the existing node and this new node was deleted.
22017-04-24 18:04:18 UTCMikeN Please check for existing business nodes before adding new ones. Also update the changeset description to something more descriptive. Thank you,
12017-04-24 17:46:20 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for this submission. 1. The name had the HTML Escape characters (%27), but the normal punctuation may be used in names. 2. There was already a business here , but with the local name (locals say "Farm & Fleet", not "Blaine's Farm & Fleet") I added &qu...
12017-04-16 22:55:50 UTCMikeN Hi, thanks for your submissions! I noticed that Orion's Bar & Grill had already been marked in the building, so the node is a duplicate.
12017-04-15 17:29:05 UTCMikeN Hi, welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for your contributions! A note about the end of Sawblade Ridge - a "Living Street" is normally a pedestrian area that allows cars only at 3-5 MPH. I would expect the end of this street to terminate in a turning circle instead of a living street. ...
22017-04-15 22:35:28 UTCHedCheeeeese Its 25 mph, its an unmarked paved road, wide enough for two cars so I guess it counts as two lanes. Theres no distinction and Everton just drives on whichever side or straight up the middle until the come upon another car. The end is a turning circle but its small and there are homes around it. I'm ...
12017-02-22 13:35:38 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for these updates. Was the speed limit for 123 around the Issaqueena trail exit recently changed?
12017-02-16 00:47:00 UTCMikeN Are these real parks, visitor center and country club?
22017-02-16 06:02:13 UTCalboslaya Yes. They are small community parks that join the two sub-neighborhoods of White Oak Cliffs and Lakewood.
32017-02-16 13:14:01 UTCMikeN Are there signs identifying the parks and visitors center and vending area?
42017-02-17 12:02:43 UTCMikeN Reverted in changeset 46162481. There is no trace of these parks, trails, or visitor center in an on-site survey. No public amenities for these subdivisions listed in Areas are zoned residential by city of Seneca
12017-02-09 07:45:46 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverting the changeset.
22017-02-10 22:46:50 UTCMikeN Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap.

The previous message from Chetan_Gowda was a bit terse, but if you are trying to manipulate Pokemon then please stop. OSM accepts all edits that are based on reality. Intentional edits based on fiction are considered vandalism and will be removed.
12017-02-10 11:50:41 UTCMikeN What is the source you used to determine that this is not an administrative boundary?
22017-02-10 16:40:38 UTCalboslaya I have lived in this area for 30+ years and know that this is not an administrative boundary. It was placed on the same nodes that surround Lake Keowee and barred no significance to any real world existing administrative boundaries. OpenStreetMap needs to be more accepting to local mappers that more...
32017-02-10 22:44:09 UTCMikeN The administrative boundary that was deleted defined the city of Seneca, therefore that city is now undefined in OpenStreetMap. Cities don't place signs or flags around the municipal boundaries, they are legally defined at the regional records office. The city of Seneca is defined by that part ...
12017-02-10 02:10:47 UTCMikeN Hi thank you for the edits. Why were the roads changed to a type of unclassified? There are mostly residential homes along these streets.
22017-02-10 02:54:43 UTCalboslaya There are some residential homes but this area is also home to three closely located parks and their corresponding maintenance/visitor buildings. These streets also have uniquely denoted walking paths for visitors traveling between the parks. To list these roads as residential is not quite the case ...
12017-02-03 12:59:13 UTCMikeN Hi, just a note about the tag spelling - it should be ' junction ' , not jonction . Thanks!
22017-02-08 06:17:47 UTCanca_mihaela thx
12017-02-03 00:42:04 UTCMikeN Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see you have added a water body and a number of crossing paths at a location which is really an apartment building.
If you are trying to manipulate Pokemon then please stop. OSM accepts all edits that are based on reality. Intentional edits based on fiction are co...
12017-01-25 13:00:25 UTCMikeN Hi, Thank you for the edits! Just a note about old railroads - if they're already marked as abandoned, they won't show up on the map view. I'll agree that they technically don't belong if they no longer exist and they clutter the edit view. But some rail fans still use them on their reference m...
12017-01-16 14:07:06 UTCMikeN Hi, I noticed that the original O2 had been deleted and replaced by the new POI. However some information was dropped in the process: the opening hours and business type. Also, the new position was not as accurate as the original position as surveyed. It is best to just modify an existing POI ...
12017-01-15 03:48:20 UTCMikeN Hi, has this section of railroad out to San Jon been rebuilt now? It had previously been abandoned. Thanks,
12016-11-26 11:33:24 UTCMikeN Hi, has this import been reviewed by the process in ?

22016-12-13 17:56:46 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 44334107 where the changeset comment is: Revert un-discussed and erroneous building footprint imports, see
12016-11-18 14:53:38 UTCMikeN Hi - question about the 'Tunnel Hill State Trail'; this was changed from railway=abandoned to railway=rail . Are there actually rails present along this section of trail?
12016-11-10 13:08:59 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for the edits. I had originally used the "Cook-out" form with a dash because that is used consistently on signage and the web site.

I suppose the dash makes it harder to search though; people will search for CookOut or "Cook Out".
22016-11-10 17:21:59 UTCOmnific Hi Mike, I believe they have rebranded as just Cook Out based on their website, which now uses "Cook Out" instead of "Cook-Out." The logo make it a bit questionable, but they have text like "TIME FOR COOK OUT" and "Cook Out cares about the quality of both our food ...
12016-09-22 00:42:11 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for the edits! Keep in mind that changing from a pedestrian street to monument will block routing apps from finding a path through the area. I have no strong opinion, but consider 'historic=memorial' together with highway=pedestrian / area=yes
12016-09-14 12:13:45 UTCMikeN Hi, Welcome to OSM and thank you for the updates! The best road type for driveway or parking lots is type "Service" , then select driveway, alley , or parking aisle. That will keep routing apps from sending cars across parking lots. Sam Clayton Blvd is fine as 'Unclassified' becau...
12016-07-08 02:04:30 UTCMikeN Hi, Thank you for the fix. White Horse Road Extension is mostly 2 lanes, with only a tiny part with a left turn lane.

Also, some of the turn:lanes:forward tag is blank, which does not match the turn lane tagging in Wiki
22016-07-11 16:14:03 UTCsamely Hey there!
I've already fixed the number of lanes in all the road. Thanks for your feedback.
12016-06-11 18:02:06 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for the fix. It seems that using a blank for the turn lane is not valid. See the normal usages at (the word 'none' is fully spelled out for special cases, but does not mean that no text is required )
22016-09-27 19:09:47 UTCpiligab Hi MikeN,

Both the none and blank tag is used while tagging turn lanes as can be verified from taginfo. The Lane and road attributes style also takes both the tagging scheme as valid. Since, there is no consensus on the tagging style to be adopted, our team decided to stick with blank instead of ...
12016-04-14 12:06:34 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for the corrections. I don't understand the change - neither of these roads were marked as One Way previously. Also, the highway tag for State Highway 56 was removed.
22016-04-14 14:35:03 UTCsmatda I appreciate the feedback. I'm new at this so bear with me. I do not know why, but on the current map GPS will not route down Musgrove Street from Smallwood to Willard routes down Springdale Drive. If you look on Google maps it shows a small southern portion of Musgrove between E Florida ...
32016-04-15 00:59:42 UTCMikeN Hi, since there are 3 major map providers, it partly depends on which GPS device you are using. Is it a Garmin, or an app on your smartphone? If it's an app, which one is it?
42016-04-15 03:17:34 UTCsmatda It's MapFactor on an Android.
52016-04-15 03:28:00 UTCsmatda I found a similar issue with the routing between Jesup and Ludowici, GA. It appeared that there's a four lane bridge with all four lanes going the same direction. As a result routing will never use the four lane between the two towns. Instead it uses a 40 or 50 mile loop to go between the two.
62016-04-15 11:11:12 UTCMikeN Ok, I understand. I believe you have already corrected the Jesup<>Ludowici problem because it works today on the OpenStreetMap site. It should show in the next Mapfactor update.

I had coincidentally edited a number of streets near Musgrove St on April 6 for the Corporate Center Drive op...
72016-04-16 08:38:40 UTCsmatda Many thanks. This is our annual routing for vacation between Southwest Virginia and East Coast Florida. Headed to Ormond Beach just north of Daytona next month. If I see any anomalies I'll let you know.
12016-03-21 11:18:07 UTCMikeN What was the reason for this change? The previous relation route=railway (collection of railroad ways) sounds more applicable than the new route=train (train services), since this is an abandoned railway.
22016-03-22 00:30:35 UTCdchiles I'm confused are we talking about this: because it is route=railway
32016-03-22 00:41:40 UTCMikeN Sorry, my bad. I confused which was the latest version. I think the new tag you set is the correct one. Thank you.
12015-11-18 13:16:32 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for these improvements. I am a bit confused by some of the edits on Enterprise Boulevard - a section has been 'join'ed to another section that causes a bus route to extend into the new section, and there some new splits on that road.

The ID editor has allowed this type of joi...
22017-07-26 18:52:45 UTCJordanKepler Dunoo. I may have been noodling stuff around for the sake of prettifying curves and straightening things, but ill check stuff more carefully now.
12015-08-24 20:31:15 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for the edits. I found some problems -

Frontage road was blocked years ago because it was a dangerous turn. It looks strange for a named road to be connected only by a driveway, but that's the real way it ended up. It would be dangerous for drivers to try to follow GPS for the ...
22015-08-24 22:24:31 UTCMikeN One thing that will help - if the TIGER:reviewed flag has been removed, do not modify that road back to old TIGER because someone local has already worked with it.
32015-08-24 22:46:12 UTCsamely Hi there. Thanks for your feedback. I've been working based on TIGER, and I will consider your suggestion. Thanks again for fix them.
42015-08-30 21:34:21 UTCMikeN Hi, I also found that this changeset moved more than 35,000 nodes. What was the reference used in moving those nodes? Thank you
52015-08-31 14:29:57 UTCsamely Hey there. I just tried to align the edited area based on Bing satellite imagery. Thanks for the comments again.
12015-08-27 01:12:03 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for the fix for alignment. One new problem with many people editing rail crossings is that some people have changed alignments at their crossing only. So the result is that while some parts of the rail is aligned, other parts are off. It will be best to review the entire length o...
22015-08-27 14:43:15 UTCramyaragupathy Thanks for highlighting this. Will be mindful of this in my future edits. Also I have corrected the alignment for the indicated ways.
32015-08-27 23:44:08 UTCMikeN Many thanks - this has happened for several people during the challenge!
12015-08-24 17:44:29 UTCMikeN Hi, Thank you for the edit. This "Frontage Road" was removed many years ago, and most of it has grass or bushes growing on it. Since there are still traces, I changed it to type Track.
22015-08-25 14:18:39 UTCkaritotp "Hey there. Thanks for your feedback. As you told it's possible to see a road, but definitely it's not a highway=track, so I've changed it to a highway=unclassified.
32015-08-26 01:46:02 UTCMikeN
That area does not meet the definition of 'unclassified' in the Wiki, nor its common usage in North America (Roughly equivalent to 'residential' but without residences). Specifically it is no longer a public road, it is all on private land. I researched the public record before deleting it orig...
42015-08-26 14:08:47 UTCkaritotp thanks for the link , you are right according to the images that you sent me and the street classification corresponds more to be a highway = track .
I am going to change the tag to a highway=track.
12015-08-24 21:25:36 UTCMikeN Hi, Thank you for the edits. Claude Collins Road was officially removed as a named street and is now a private driveway. Originally I had just deleted it, but I have changed it from a street to a driveway.
22015-08-25 22:47:13 UTCabel801 Hi, thanks for the feedback, I have been working taking into account TIGER.

thanks again for your fixing.
12015-08-20 12:43:25 UTCMikeN Hi, Thank you for your edit! It appears that an entire railroad had been accidentally moved, and was misaligned. Since people had already corrected part of this in spots for the FRA Crossings project, the entire change could not be reverted to correct - I finally had to manually review and correct...
22015-08-20 12:49:16 UTCsrividya_c thank you for the feedback. Will review the ways from next time before editing them. Thank you again.
12015-08-19 20:50:58 UTCMikeN Hi, Thank you for your edit! It appears that an entire railroad has been accidentally moved, and now seems to be misaligned. I can undo this change; let me know what you wish to do.
22015-08-20 12:40:03 UTCMikeN It looks like someone else had moved the entire rail first in changeset . But there was also work since done by several people with local crossing fixes, so moving the entire rail was no longer possible. I manually fixed the entire line.
32015-11-16 08:24:22 UTCaarthy Thank you so much for doing so and sorry it's taken me so long to reply.
12015-07-09 16:46:28 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for the contribution to OpenStreetMap. Please clarify what was being added - the additions appear to be untagged. Thank you,
12015-07-08 19:34:31 UTCMikeN Hi, thank you for the edit. Both streets were already surveyed on the ground and marked to remove tiger:reviewed=no. McLeod Street does not go through to Lafayette Street and that segment does not exist. TIGER was out of date for that street.
22015-07-08 22:22:17 UTCsamely Hey there. Thanks for your feedback.
12015-04-15 12:33:04 UTCMikeN Hi - thanks for the update. The hill in this construction area has been bulldozed down and the previous streets were completely removed. There is no routable path through this area. It's too early to tell whether the replacement driveways will have any name because the buildings are still under...
22015-04-15 14:03:28 UTCsrividya_c thank you for you feedback. So are these roads existing now? I just aligned the nodes and added some roads seeing the imagery. Please remove the roads if they don't exit now. Thank you again.
32015-04-15 14:03:50 UTCsrividya_c Sorry its *exist
42015-04-15 14:20:22 UTCMikeN These roads don't exist now, so I'll remove them. The Bing imagery was out of date.

Best regards
52015-04-16 05:05:31 UTCsrividya_c okay, Thank you.
12015-03-11 02:01:28 UTCMikeN Hi, Just checking on Destiny Church - is there a problem specifying the building type instead of building=yes? That building was originally an industrial warehouse but was converted for the church. Thanks!
22017-07-26 18:49:56 UTCJordanKepler I guess I figured that if it was a church, then it wasnt commercial? It might have been commercial in the past, but my understanding is that OSM is more concerned with the present state of things.
12015-02-13 01:38:10 UTCMikeN Hi, Is the University Center moving here from its current location on Pleasantburg? ( )
22015-02-13 16:56:14 UTCCurtis Beck Mike, Thanks for pointing this out to me. The University Center is not moving here. The corresponding map I am using pins the center to this location despite having the address listed on Pleasantburg as you do.

I will go ahead and fix this
12015-02-10 11:52:33 UTCMikeN Hi - thank you for this addition. There is an improvement to help map users find Roper Ridge: If it is a hill / mountain, add the tags natural = peak . If it is a ridge line, add a line along the ridge and tag the line as natural = ridge and name = Roper Ridge
22015-02-11 03:50:33 UTCTheKittyGirl Thank you for the help, MikeN! I better understand the tags here, thanks to you!
12015-02-01 16:10:25 UTCMikeN Please take care when scrolling the map in Potlatch so that the mouse doesn't grab and move a road instead of scrolling. I think I have corrected Houck Mountain Rd which was messing up routing.
12015-01-23 12:24:05 UTCMikeN Hi, Thank you for the edit. Please clarify why ways were removed from the trail relation, and what is meant by removing trail highlighting.
22015-01-23 13:31:14 UTCRyan112233 Hello. Thank you for your message. I thought taking away the highlighting of Jones Gap and Rainbow Falls trails would better serve to conformity of the rest of the trails in the Mountain Bridge trail system (as none others are highlighted). If you disagree then my apologies. I certainly do not m...
32015-01-24 03:09:59 UTCMikeN Hi - I like your idea to make the trails in the Mountain Bridge trail system look more similar. Some trails are set as highway=path (dashed line) and others as highway=footway(dotted line). Bicycle permissions are set separately, so either path or footway could be used. The Hiking documentation...
42015-01-25 10:33:31 UTCRyan112233 Good morning. Thank you. The map that shows the highlighted Jones Gap Trail and Rainbow Falls Trail is the "Cycle Map". Interestingly the other maps (standard, transport, mapquest, humanitarian) do not.
52015-01-29 02:37:33 UTCMikeN Hi - We have been adding the relations to all the trails in the area; here is a link to the hiking map. They will appear on the next iteration of the Cycle map in the next 2 weeks.
12015-01-22 13:04:55 UTCMikeN Hi, The Rock River was set to landuse=industrial, which doesn't seem to apply to the entire river?
22015-01-22 23:08:52 UTCHubMiner Thank you for catching this, reverted back to "riverbank".
32015-01-22 23:14:19 UTCHubMiner And fixed again: changed to "river".
12015-01-11 02:47:42 UTCMikeN Hi, Please don't combine street segments unless you have carefully studied why they were separated. Streets came in from TIGER as one piece, so any splits were for a reason: name change, speed limit change, lane attribute change, route relations, etc. I spent about 3 hours untangling the bus rout...
22017-07-26 18:46:26 UTCJordanKepler Sorry my edits jangled up your bus routing n things. Ive only just now seen this, but Ill keep it in mind. Cheers.
12014-11-21 12:31:18 UTCMikeN Congratulations!
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