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12017-10-18 21:00:16 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Are you sure that isn't just drive-by spam? Also the equivalent node in LA? The London address looks fake for a couple of reasons - it's in Denmark Street, which is basically musical instrument shops and a few bars (see
22017-10-18 21:12:19 UTCChrissW-R1 Yes, I had looked this address at Google Street View and can't see something about a shop like this. I think it could be only an online shop.

But I don't want to remove it. Who knows, it could exist...
32017-10-18 23:21:47 UTCSomeoneElse If you think any of these might be valid, maybe try and contact the previous mappers?
12017-04-29 17:50:30 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset reverts some or all edits made in changesets 47946345, 47947047, 47947482, 47978416, 47980692, 48002126.
22017-10-18 07:45:40 UTCBCNorwich Hi, sorry to say there's a small anomaly at, Way: 184967148 a stream tagged as a bridge crossing Way: 488314032 a track tagged as a bridge. Ther's also a short section of duplicated track.
As I see you're doing several reverts I thought it best to let you know this problem.
Regards Bernard
32017-10-18 10:22:08 UTCSomeoneElse Re , if you're familiar with the area then by all means fix it. If not, it'll clearly show up as a QA issue and someone who is familiar with the area will be able to fix it.
Unfortunately I haven't been walking that side of Keswick (other than just around...
12017-10-16 07:51:15 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
You still are not using meaningful changeset comments. We know what "Hydrology" means, but it does not explain the process you are using.
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
22017-10-16 21:34:55 UTCvelmyshanovnyi What would you write for this set?
I have no imagination
32017-10-17 06:37:22 UTCSomeoneElse I'd explain the process that you're going through to add the data. has some ideas.
42017-10-17 18:59:56 UTCvelmyshanovnyi thnx
12017-09-19 04:22:03 UTCSafwatHalaby Those image and "dataset" links are very strange. Mind explaining?
22017-09-19 04:27:08 UTCSafwatHalaby It appears those lead to sensor data. Perhaps the "image" tag should be renamed to "website" or some new tag. "image" is for images.
32017-10-12 06:24:12 UTCSomeoneElse @SafwatHalaby for info since there was no response here (possibly de to broken email) I sent a "message that has to be read" .
42017-10-14 14:48:32 UTCcarlosz22 Hello.
This is not an import. We are working on a network of photometers and we are including them like any other meteorology station, it's a station for monitoring the sky brightness.
I used the tag image for image of the measures, maybe this is not correct, but I didn't find any other tag more e...
52017-10-14 14:49:18 UTCcarlosz22 And sorry, I don't respond to the previous messages because I din't see them.
62017-10-17 06:18:40 UTCSafwatHalaby I think you should be using "website" rather than "image". But let's wait for @SomeoneElse's reply. He knows better.
72017-10-17 06:33:43 UTCSomeoneElse @carlosz22 it still looks like an import to me - talking about the tags to be used before adding a large number of objects to OSM is one of the main steps set out at . I'd suggest that you follow those now (even if the discussion is after the in...
12017-10-16 14:16:00 UTCSomeoneElse For information, I've re-added a lot of the language codes that you had previously removed from Lirkuk. If there are any problems, please contact .
This has been mentioned before, see .
12017-10-15 10:01:12 UTCSomeoneElse Hello johanemilsson,
This is geographically a very large change with no comment explaining what was changed. Can you explain what you were changing and why?
Best Regards,
22017-10-16 12:52:36 UTCjohanemilsson Hi Andy,
It sure is a large area. I forgot to add comment but it should be some like "Embassies missing representing country #maproulette-2791". Feel free to pitch in if you have any interest in foreign missions and some spare time :)
32017-10-16 13:12:58 UTCSomeoneElse Are you sure that all the locations are correct? Many in the list seem to have been created by MAPS.ME users, who tend to use lesser-used tags (such as "embassy") to create personal markers. in particular seems odd; it was previously t...
42017-10-16 13:25:24 UTCSomeoneElse For info:
52017-10-17 06:24:40 UTCjohanemilsson Thanks for raising this issue! Will need to review my latest embassy edits.
12017-10-15 23:34:11 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Rexma423, and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
The change that you've made here covers quite a large geographical area and that makes it difficult for people in one area to see just the things that affect them in their area. If you put different edits in different areas in different changesets then...
22017-10-15 23:43:42 UTCRexma423 Sorry about that, next time i'll be more specific.
32017-10-16 07:28:09 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks
12017-10-16 07:27:10 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Salaamlogari,
I think that this got saved accidentally - just seems like a doodle.
I've removed it.
Best Regards,
12017-10-15 23:23:41 UTCSomeoneElse Hello velmyshanovnyi,
All of your recent changesets just have the changeset comment "#hidrology". Can you please start to use sensible changeset comments that describe the change that you made and what the source was (it doesn't appear to be Bing here, despite the tag).
22017-10-16 00:07:19 UTCvelmyshanovnyi server_api = bing
server_name = Bing
server_url =
32017-10-16 00:08:12 UTCvelmyshanovnyi Copyright © 2017 Microsoft and its suppliers. All rights reserved. This API cannot be accessed and the content and any results may not be used, reproduced or transmitted in any manner without express written permission from Microsoft Corporation.
42017-10-16 00:12:28 UTCvelmyshanovnyi Hello
I'm waiting for your apologies for blocking.... ))))
52017-10-16 00:16:04 UTCvelmyshanovnyi
Hydrology subdivides into surface water hydrology, groundwater hydrology (hydrogeology), and marine hydrology. Domains of hydrology include hydrometeorology, surface hydrology, hydrogeology, drainage-basin management and water quality, where water plays the c...
62017-10-16 08:13:05 UTCNakaner The wiki page explains what good changeset comments are and you are expected to use good changeset comments.
12017-10-15 22:16:17 UTCSomeoneElse This change, unlike the others by this account, actually seems plausible!
12017-10-15 18:43:53 UTCSomeoneElse Whilst I can understand why you've merged the wikipedia links of the NK region node into one, are you sure that (a) the content of the pages was actually the same and (b) the content of the one that you're now linking to (the AZ one) is neutral enough to be acceptable to the locals, who see themselv...
12017-10-15 12:14:28 UTCSomeoneElse It would help if you used English instead of saying things like "for auto-detected data problems, like disambigs and lists". Not everyone is familiar with wikibabble.
12017-10-15 12:11:53 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Should be called the River Severn still? It had its name removed in this changeset - just wondering why.
Best Regards,
12017-10-14 12:40:00 UTCSomeoneElse Which was the duplicate way that got removed here?
12017-10-02 17:25:24 UTCyaugenka Jay May, my changes did not delete the previous data, whereas your reverting messed everthing up! There are now duplicate data. If you are doing reverting, do it wisely!
22017-10-02 17:51:43 UTCyaugenka I do not mind if you put the previous "name:* values but please be kind to correct the mess and restore the new values I added.
32017-10-03 16:48:12 UTCJay May The values you added were wrong. The only thing called „Hudahaj” is the train station. Those villages are called „Stancyja Hudahaj” and „Maly Hudahaj” respectively. Why should I restore wrong data if I’ve been there a couple of times, the latest of which was...
42017-10-03 17:33:39 UTCyaugenka Read this document from the district's government website:

I moved the values from "name" tags into "alt_name" tags and put names from the document into the "name" tags....
52017-10-04 09:10:07 UTCJay May Your threat of reporting the above to the DWG is absolutely ridiculous given the fact you are the one who has been reverting my changes without/before even asking why I made them, and thus you brought more confusion. Your behavior is contrary to the good practice of OSM, which pretty much puts your ...
62017-10-04 12:41:55 UTCSomeoneElse Er - I'm confused...
That document appears to be a document in Russian listing some village and settlement names in Russian. It merely confirms that these places have Russian names (which no-one disagrees with) as well as Belarusian names (which in this region I'm sure no-one disagrees with either...
72017-10-04 17:51:28 UTCyaugenka @SomeoneElse, that is exactly the case which we were explaning to everyone in defence of Russian names in the "name" tags - almost all offical documents and maps are in Russian language.
This document is on the govenment website, govenment exacutive authority of the Ostivetskiy disctrict ...
82017-10-04 18:57:00 UTCSomeoneElse @yaugenka As I said, no one doubts that these places have BE and RU names. What I was asking about was your change of e.g. to lose the "Станция" part of the name (regardless of language).
Separately to that, from looking at htt...
92017-10-04 19:33:21 UTCyaugenka @SomeoneElse, I'm not argueing about the use of the languigies right now. I just explained that regardless of that the document is in Russian it is an official one.
The official name of the both settlesments is "Гудогай" without the "Малый" and "Станция&q...
102017-10-04 20:02:57 UTCSomeoneElse It's perfectly possible for 2 settlements (with different names) to be part of one larger admin area - I live in a place exactly like that myself.
112017-10-04 20:15:29 UTCSomeoneElse Also - on the "official languages" point, there are many places in OSM where the "official" language isn't the one used by people and on signs locally, and as per it's the language used by people and o...
122017-10-04 20:41:06 UTCyaugenka Sorry, I do not quite understand why we are discussing the use of language here. How is it related to the difference between "Станция Гудогай" and "Гудогай".
132017-10-04 21:07:25 UTCyaugenka You can also look up the names in the official registry of settlements at
Here is a screenshot from there
142017-10-04 21:22:17 UTCyaugenka If we talk just about the use of these names, then try to search for "Станция Гудогай" or "Малый Гудогай" on the web and you will get "п. Гудогай" and "д. Гудогай" instead, like on this wiki page
152017-10-05 11:16:56 UTCJay May If the values are wrong, I still don't see what I should keep them as they were.
I've corrected many mistakes on OSM where the ending was not the proper one or the name was wrong (just as in this case). I haven't seen districts of one locality signed whatsoever. For instance, Bialkiški use...
162017-10-05 17:31:44 UTCyaugenka I'm greatfull for your contributions but mapping settlements from signs is not enough. The reality is constantly changing. Some settlements get annexed by larger ones or become independent or are renamed or cease to exist at all. And road signs are always going behind these changes.
For example, Bi...
172017-10-05 18:23:12 UTCSomeoneElse > So one must always double check it
> with the official registry.
I can't comment about Belarus directly but "What people refer to a place and how they classify it" and "how something is treated officially" are often very different in OSM. In most places the former get...
182017-10-05 19:13:21 UTCyaugenka There is not a single settlement with "admin" tag in Belarus. All settlements are mapped with "place" tag and correspond to official registry. The prority of mapping for us is actually the law, then the registry and then the signs. Because first comes an official act (e.g. about ...
192017-10-06 06:24:36 UTCJay May Bialkiški was marked as a neighborhood by myself :)
There is one thing I noticed in Belarus (very similar to Lithuania and to Ireland): ZIP codes seem not to be used ... Maybe it would be good to find them and map them?
202017-10-06 07:42:37 UTCyaugenka Bialkiški was marked as a neighborhood by myself :)
xm.. the history says it different
212017-10-06 08:19:14 UTCJay May Ah, rightttt. Looks like this Georgij also knows about this.
However, I am the one who created the relation between Bialkiški and Astraviec.
You are welcome to have a look if I did it the right way.
222017-10-06 16:22:39 UTCyaugenka Not quite. It would be correct if the area of Bialkiški was outside Astraviec. Astraviec would then consist of two separate polygons like in this example
But Bialkiški is within Astraviec, i.e. one polygon is within another and this will...
232017-10-07 20:20:52 UTCyaugenka I have fixed the alt_name*s of Гудогай by myself and submitted a request to our state authority to provide the name of the official act according to which the names were officially changed.
242017-10-09 11:12:01 UTCJay May O.K. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised they are not even aware that those 2 villages have slightly different names ... I'm pretty confident their answer will be very interesting to read.
252017-10-13 16:13:10 UTCyaugenka Here is there answer
They say that the addressing system (which includes the registry) was formally launched in 2012 and the villages have always been named in the registry as "п. Гудогай" and &quo...
262017-10-13 18:49:21 UTCSomeoneElse However, the law doesn't affect how we generally map stuff in OSM - it's what's on the ground that matters.
Don't just take my word for it, either - here's an answer to a similar question elsewhere: .
272017-10-13 19:10:11 UTCyaugenka I understand the on the ground rule and do not insist on changing the name right now but they may and are likely to correct the sign soon. Is anyone going to travel there from time to time to track the change for the map to stay up to date?
282017-10-13 19:30:26 UTCSomeoneElse > Is anyone going to travel there from time to time to track the change for the map to stay up to date?
To be honest, it's how I keep stuff up to date where I live. Obviously (as Canadians on OSM lists point out regularly) that's less applicable to places with a significantly lower population d...
292017-10-13 19:58:47 UTCJay May I will be there in a week or two.
About what you mentioned above on the ground rule regarding India: English has been chosen despite being a minority language because it is a language that is displayed in every roadsign, no matter the language of the province. Same for Ireland or the non-Brussels b...
302017-10-13 20:33:54 UTCyaugenka Imagine your need to make a business trip to this village and got a ticke to "п. Гудогай" - that is the name which is used in all documents and on the web. So you search for that name on the map but don't find any because on the map it is named "Станция Гудогай&q...
312017-10-14 10:38:54 UTCJay May ...and then they arrive on-spot and see „Станцыя Гудагай” written in Belarusian, which makes them really wonder what exactly is wrong with those names ... Neither the language, neither the full name correspond. „Что сделать...”
322017-10-14 11:24:35 UTCSomeoneElse For info, there's a widely-used tag for the "official name" of places: .
332017-10-14 11:37:39 UTCyaugenka What is the sense of introducing one extra tag when 99.99% of names correspond to official ones and the remaing 0.01% is a \tneglect of the authorities who did not change the sign properly?
342017-10-14 11:40:20 UTCSomeoneElse Feel free to corretc me with actual numbers, but my impression so far is that a _very high percentage_ of names in OSM in BE don't match the names on the signs. One of the arguments put forward was that they are official names.
352017-10-14 11:43:44 UTCyaugenka >my impression so far is that a _very high percentage_ of names in OSM in BE don't match the names on the signs.
Can you give some examples apart from "Гудогай" where the names mismatch?
362017-10-14 11:55:11 UTCSomeoneElse Well, the DWG was sent lots of photographs of roadsigns and placenames in BE that in OSM are mapped in RU.
372017-10-14 12:16:46 UTCyaugenka We are not talking about the use of languages here, are we? This discussion is only about the correspondence of signs to official names. Both russian and belarusian names are official.
382017-10-16 05:53:16 UTCJay May I wouldn't say "What is the sense of introducing one extra tag when 99.99% of names correspond to official ones". Given the number of wrong names I corrected on the Belarusian soil, I would say up to 80% of the names do correspond .Let alone the language question - many times the name in R...
392017-10-16 07:59:48 UTCyaugenka >I would say up to 80% of the names do correspond
Please provide examples of the 20%.
402017-10-16 11:50:19 UTCJay May I've changed so many of them that now I won't remember everything :) Those Belarusian toponyms I had to change were mainly names with "-ызна" finishing with "-ына" in reality and the other way round (a lot of them), Янава called Янова officially (and other such n...
412017-10-16 17:03:18 UTCyaugenka >Янава called Янова officially.
The first one is in Belarusian the second one is in Russaion. So you are mixing languauges here.
>names with "-ызна" finishing with "-ына" in reality
Provide exact examples please.
>Валейкішкі on roadsigns / ...
12017-10-07 22:35:01 UTCChrissW-R1 Partial reversion of
22017-10-14 09:33:20 UTCSomeoneElse For info, the last time there was a discussion about this the comments included . It's going to get broken again (it's too big to manage effectively, as noted in
12017-10-14 01:40:45 UTCSomeoneElse Unfortunately, wikidata generally speaking isn't a valid source for OSM - it's mostly just copied from wikipedia which has an licence that is incompatible with OSM.
It's unclear how wikidata was used here, however, since there's no wiki* tag on this node.
Regardless of that, any "tagfiddling&...
22017-10-14 01:43:17 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, I think you are fixated. What is this has to do with Wikidata? I lived in St. Petersburg
32017-10-14 01:53:08 UTCSomeoneElse "created_by=OSM+Wikidata 0.1"
42017-10-14 02:08:59 UTCnyuriks and? That's the tool name.
52017-10-14 08:30:24 UTCSomeoneElse You've added no source for the data and used a "created_by" tag that looks like it might be a source. That's why I said "It's unclear how wikidata was used here" (please do actually read the comments that people make).
It may be that you live locally and believe that the curren...
12017-10-13 18:43:40 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
I think that this change might have included rather more objects than anticipated (including some not previously edited by andygol), such as
Best Regards,
22017-10-13 19:09:05 UTCAlan Bragg Thanks for your comment. I'll verify all the changes. This one was not by andygol but has the same problem and needs area=yes.
32017-10-13 19:32:42 UTCSomeoneElse There were also examples such as which were previously mapped as area:highway.
42017-10-13 19:49:39 UTCAlan Bragg Yes, that one is ok. This area:highway=pedestrian or footway all seem to have cropped up in 2015. I was wondering why they did not render and got an answer from scai I'm attempting to fix the problems in the ...
52017-10-13 20:19:42 UTCSomeoneElse For completeness (and apologies if I'm stating the bleeding the obvious here), an "area:highway" is fundamentally different to a "highway; area=yes". Usually it won't make sense to change either the latter to the former or the former to the latter. There is at least one rendere...
62017-10-13 20:42:47 UTCAlan Bragg Yes, thanks, I do understand. andygol had changed all highway=pedestrian area=yes to area:highway=pedestrian which caused all plaza type areas in the USA to become black holes in the map. I've been following this note "Note on area=yes
Don't use area:highway=* for plazas and similiar features....
12017-10-13 18:45:14 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks for this!
Best Regards,
22017-10-13 22:29:57 UTCfreebeer Pity that these reverts don't seem to have lasted long.
(Kids these days. Why, when I was young...)
(me wonders what the highest revision number is in OSM and if this is an attempt to top that)
12017-10-13 05:37:30 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap,
Please don't add fake data to OSM (there isn't an embassy on the M1 just north of the Derby Road bridge - people would have noticed it).
By all means please add things that aren't currently mapped and really do exist - but don't make things up.
Best Regards,
12017-10-12 16:01:36 UTCSomeoneElse Er, what? This is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
22017-10-12 16:02:35 UTCSomeoneElse Ce changement est dans l'océan Atlantique.
32017-10-12 23:26:01 UTCAbdelali BOUSSIB Il y aurait sûrement un changement de coordonnés merci pour votre attention
12017-10-12 13:58:56 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello SomeoneElse. At
you have created the new lifecycle-prefix `broken`. Could it also be `demolished`?
22017-10-12 14:52:57 UTCSomeoneElse No, it's not demolished, it's just broken.
32017-10-12 14:55:07 UTCHarald Hartmann Ok. ;-)
12017-10-12 12:09:26 UTCSomeoneElse Currently the "Art School Restaurant" is in the middle of a road - presumably that's not really where it is?
22017-10-12 12:22:29 UTCArt School Restaurant It is just to the right of the icon, that's the closest it would go but that is the correct spot on Sugnall Street. Albeit not in the middle of the road, rather dangerous for dining. Thanks for spotting it, we will endeavour to shift the icon to the right.
12017-10-11 12:22:54 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
I think you've accidentally included some test data in here (you can see if you look at that your change stretches all the way down from Canada to mid-Atlantic, where the test data such as "Purple Street"...
12017-09-14 09:06:32 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Just for info I've tidied up edits in this area by and . I've suggested to those users that they might want to try OpenGeoFiction instead http://www.openstreetma...
22017-10-11 06:41:25 UTCSomeoneElse ... and also just for info, (I reverted the two changes by that user).
12017-10-10 22:07:36 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Miles,
Did you obtain a waiver to use the data here under the ODBL? As published at it seems to be CC-BY-4.0 and as such not licence-co...
22017-10-10 23:54:04 UTCTheSwavu
12017-08-17 19:40:55 UTCØukasz hello

you deleted a lot of tags from Jalala - why?
22017-08-17 19:48:30 UTCØukasz also Hanakin tags are deleted
32017-10-10 19:37:20 UTCSomeoneElse Hello ڕاستی,
In this change you removed a lot of different language name tags from , including the Arabic one.
Can you explain why?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend,
on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group
42017-10-10 19:38:08 UTCSomeoneElse You can see the changes here:
12017-09-11 20:24:41 UTCconfusedbuffalo Looks good to me (from a distance).
My only query is on the three paths in Walton Park that you edited, changing them from track to footway, they all have the note "No longer in use", which was added in 2015 when the footway tag was removed. If they are in fact in use, it seems to me that...
22017-10-10 11:16:57 UTCSomeoneElse If it's paths like , they come and go - it depends on whether the grass has been cut recently and how wet the ground is. I haven't been through there this year, so can't really comment on what the current situation is.
12017-10-10 10:34:07 UTCSomeoneElse Just checking - is really a separate road to the A38? I thought it was just a right turn lane separated by chevrons (as per the imagery)? I know that some other sections are fairly separated (e.g. by the garage) but thought that this wasn't?
22017-10-13 11:39:21 UTCSK53 Yeah, fairly marginal. There is an island separating the turn lane from straight on. Don't think there are turn restrictions though. I was meaning to add the unrestricted speed limit from the M1 roundabout :-)
12017-10-09 15:50:17 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
I think something's gone wrong with this data - it you have a look at you can see that there's a lot of duplication of uploaded nodes, many nodes aren't part of any ot...
22017-10-10 09:09:13 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52781929
12017-10-06 13:54:39 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - that now appears at e.g. .
12017-10-05 20:12:43 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
You've added here, but you might want to add a bit more detail other than just the name - if it's the office of a company, you could add an "office=company" tag. In the "iD" editor click on it, an...
12017-10-04 12:35:25 UTCglglgl I wonder what makes you think there is a café in the middle of the ocean?
22017-10-05 20:03:07 UTCSomeoneElse It's not the user's fault - it's a bug in POI+. See .
12017-09-27 21:14:10 UTCtrigpoint Hi, the names you are adding appear to be transliterations which should not be added to OSM. See

Last time I was in Telford or Wellington there were certainly no Russian Names on the signs.

This edit should be reverted.

22017-09-27 23:28:29 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Batareikin,
You've been asked by other mappers many times before to not add transliterations or data from unknown sources - see for details. Please respect the wishes of the community. I'm sure for example that http://www.ope...
32017-09-28 06:10:16 UTCBatareikin Hi trigpoint, Andy Townsend
Если не знаете или забыли, то напомню Вам, что русские топонимы НЕ ТРАНСЛИТЕРИЮТСЯ, а ТРАНСКРИБИРУЮТСЯ! И разницу меду этими понятиями надо понимать...
42017-09-28 15:44:45 UTCSomeoneElse Can you tell me where I can verify that Castle Bytham does indeed have a separate Russian name (as distinct from any transliteration?
52017-09-28 18:14:37 UTCBatareikin SomeoneElse: Конечно могу сказать.
Только Вы опять упоминаете какую-то "any transliteration".
1. Вы разницу между транскрипцией и транслитерацией понимаете?
2. Вы знаете о т...
62017-09-28 19:49:29 UTCSomeoneElse Can you answer the question?

Can you tell me where I can verify that Castle Bytham does indeed have a Russian name?

Anyone can make up a name for any place by any method they like. I could decide that London is actually called Fintlwoodlwix, and create a map showing that. It doesn't, howev...
72017-09-29 06:12:40 UTCBatareikin Я могу ответить на ваш вопрос.
Только сначала Вы попробуйте ответить на мои вопросы.
Тогда может и ваш вопрос отпадет сами собой.

Каждый не сможет "make up " топо...
82017-09-29 08:58:46 UTCSomeoneElse > Но если вы хотите проверить правильность написания например деревни Касл-Байтем, то вам надо зайти в какую-нибудь российскуй библиотеку и взять почитать "Вел...
92017-09-29 09:00:59 UTCSomeoneElse Два момента - во-первых, тот, кто написал это, просто транслитерировал его с английского, а во-вторых, вы импортируете данные из внешнего источника. Прочтите https://wiki.op...
102017-09-29 18:46:26 UTCBatareikin Два момента:
Во первых - НЕ ТРАНСЛИТЕРИРОВАЛ его! И совсем не просто!

Во вторых я ничего НЕ ИМПОРТИРОВАЛ, тем более автоматически! Весь текст на русском я набираю ...
112017-09-29 18:50:44 UTCSomeoneElse Er - no need to shout!
122017-09-29 18:53:35 UTCSomeoneElse > Весь текст на русском я набираю на клавиатуре смартфона.
But where did you copy it from? If it's something like a book, what is the licence?
132017-09-30 12:47:17 UTCBatareikin Я не кричу, я просто делаю акценты на слова, чтобы вы пристально обратили на них внимание и попытались понять смысл всего сказанного мною ранее (курсива или жирного ...
142017-09-30 12:51:33 UTCSomeoneElse > Неужели у вас в Великобритании слово London кому-то принадлежит!? И откуда его скопировали?
А на использование слова Liverpool у вас тоже должна иметься лицензия, чтобы ...
152017-09-30 13:12:55 UTCSomeoneElse > Вы конечно можете не знать, но у нас отдельные слова не являются объектами авторского права. Их нельзя присвоить себе и соответственно нельзя наложить на них огр...
162017-10-05 19:22:28 UTCSomeoneElse Asking again, in case the notification for the previous one somehow got lost:
Please do explain where you found the name "Касл-Байтем", where you copied it from, and what licence applies to that data. Please also explain how I may verify that name the next time that I visit Cast...
172017-10-17 13:05:38 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53011130 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some names that appear to have been copied from a Russian library book. See block 1591 and changeset 52420815 for the attempt to find out licence details (or where the names may be veri...
182017-10-18 19:22:58 UTCBatareikin Энди Таунсенд
Вам же объяснили что слова сами по себе не являются объектами авторского права. Они не могут облагаться какой либо лицензией. И не могут быть несовме...
12017-09-28 12:14:32 UTCSomeoneElse nyuriks,
You appear to be continuing with this mechanical edit despite being told to stop, and while discussion on the list and at e.g. is still going on. You appear determined to force your views on the OSM community despite the fact that dis...
22017-09-28 19:34:00 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, this is becoming a harassing behavior. Where do you see a mechanical edit? This was a single node manual edit.
32017-09-28 20:01:26 UTCSomeoneElse It was submitted 10 seconds after the previous changeset and 20 seconds before the next. That's unfortunately a common behaviour where people want to be seen to be doing "single" edits but in fact are just mechanically changing object after object without doing any sort of checks on what...
42017-09-28 20:16:04 UTCnyuriks Yes. In a group of 10 nodes. Each of which were checked by hand. I know the rules, and despite your accusations, I haven't broken any of them. I specifically studied the mechanical edits policy.
52017-09-28 20:17:02 UTCnyuriks The group was checked, individually. Afterwards, they were uploaded one by one because they appeared in different places of the world.
62017-09-28 21:02:54 UTCSomeoneElse What about previous changes, such as ? Was that a mechanical edit?
72017-09-28 21:05:26 UTCnyuriks Yes they were. They were clearly marked as mechanical (with the word auto). And they followed the rules.
82017-09-28 21:34:34 UTCSomeoneElse > And they followed the rules.

Are you sure? What you're supposed to do is laid out in some detail at , including a "Document_and_discuss_your_plans" section. Can you explain how you followed that? As far as I can ...
92017-09-29 01:38:39 UTCnyuriks Which portion of it did I fail to address? Global note, discussion, proceeded. Not a mixed response - every concern was answered on the email channel (except for one email that was not raising any reasonable objection as I later noted), and did not receive any further comment until restarted. If yo...
102017-09-30 11:32:05 UTCSomeoneElse > Which portion of it did I fail to address?
Firstly and most importantly, you were mechanically adding while the discussion was going on, if not before.
In additon to that:
o You did not place your documentation on the wiki.
o You did not " work with [dissenters] to understand their rea...
112017-09-30 11:42:01 UTCSomeoneElse Sorry to have to spell this out in quite such detail above but your comment "Which portion of it did I fail to address" suggests one of two things:
1) A complete failure to understand what other mappers, and OSM documentation, are saying to you.
2) You're just being mendacious. Perhap...
122017-10-01 02:19:21 UTCnyuriks * The discussion was quiet for 4 days
* Every raised point was addressed, as was mentioned in the talk. Several people meticulously answered all of the objections. One objection was un-answerable because it basically claimed something without backing it up. Regardless, I worked very attentively wi...
132017-10-01 11:48:39 UTCSomeoneElse Thank you for finally admitting that yes, you did perform a mechanical edit and that no, you did not follow the documented procedure.
Which were the 4 days on which you claim there was no discussion on "talk" about this?
142017-10-01 17:33:39 UTCnyuriks Serious? The automated edits were marked with the word "auto", and I kept saying I was doing them mechanically after the discussion! You correctly pointed out that I forgot to add the auto/username wiki page, which has already been rectified. This is something you could have told me a ve...
152017-10-01 17:51:08 UTCSomeoneElse > This is something you could have told me a very long time ago, instead of wasting many hours and aggravation.
Lest we forget, a member of the OSM community told you about 12 days ago on
162017-10-01 19:01:47 UTCnyuriks Andy, that article is very long, and only mentions "Automated edits/username" once in middle. Noone has mentioned that specific piece of information until you did yesterday, and I immediately complied. Until I saw it, I was fully convinced I followed all other rules outlined there. It wou...
172017-10-04 13:51:28 UTCSomeoneElse > Andy, that article is very long

I'n sorry, but the text on that page is 10457 bytes in total. Reader mode in FF estimates "10-12 minutes". If you can't be bothered to read that in full then words fail me.
182017-10-04 14:20:39 UTCSomeoneElse Also re "about 4 days" - was at "Sat Sep 23 03:15:13 UTC 2017" and the first "auto" changeset seems to be , created at "2017-09-24T17:03:28Z&...
12017-09-26 15:32:28 UTCSomeoneElse Here you added to (which is correct). Are you now going to remove it from which you did in error in which ...
22017-09-26 16:17:25 UTCnyuriks Andy, are you saying that neither Q2407197 nor en:Tibshelf should be attached to rel 957593 ? It the WD item is correct for both - it is both the city and the parish.
32017-09-26 23:37:03 UTCSomeoneElse (re Tibshelf) as of 12 days ago it does now claim to be both a village and a civil parish; only 10 months after you added the wikidata entry to the relation.
Can you guarantee that all similar errors in wikidata have been similarly corrected?
42017-09-27 00:31:05 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, I cannot guarantee anything. Ever. I can only attempt to find existing errors in the data and expose them. So far, thanks to my efforts, thousands of major errors have been corrected. As I numerously stated, and you chose to ignore -- wikidata ID is simply a more permanent wikipedia ...
52017-09-27 00:38:23 UTCSomeoneElse > , thanks to my efforts, thousands of major errors have been corrected
You keep saying this. Can you provide a list? I've seen very few fixes to OSM data in these changes.

Also, if wikidata and wikipedia IDs both identify the same object why add both? Just leave the human-readable one in ...
62017-09-27 00:47:22 UTCnyuriks -- every revision had entries that community fixed. There are many other places, but this is the easiest to show. Lately, people fixed it directly from my service. When first ...
72017-10-02 09:55:12 UTCSomeoneElse Re "every revision had entries that community fixed." I've not sure what that table shows, presumably a "disambig" is a wikipedia thing that we are supposed to know about in OSM? Do you mean wikipedia disambiguation pages where one word can have multiple meanings? My problem wi...
82017-10-03 05:21:01 UTCnyuriks You misunderstood. I used MediaWiki & Commons to store errors that I found in OSM. There were several people who went there to fix uncovered issues. Also, realize that there are plenty of people who gave up arguing - see last discussion Anothe...
92017-10-04 13:39:36 UTCSomeoneElse > There were several people who
> went there to fix uncovered issues. ...
Based on the people who've edited that that'd be 2 people? Also comments there include "I would really advice to stop pushing for worldwide mechanical...
12017-09-27 16:58:52 UTCJohn-O Why `path` as opposed to `footway` ?
From memory there are three cairns in at least one of the locations. They are more like carefully constructed rock pillar than a pile of stones
22017-09-28 00:43:37 UTCgurglypipe See; it’s not urban. Feel free to improve the cairn mapping; I was just fixing the tagging.
32017-09-28 11:43:27 UTCACS1986 Hi,
I agree with John on this.
The fact that a Wiki editor thinks that you should use highway=footway for urban paths doesn't mean that highway=path has to be used for non-urban paths. Choice between 'Classic' (highway=footway/bridleway/cycleway) and 'Alternative' (highway=path) tagging methods ha...
42017-09-29 13:27:49 UTCgurglypipe Ah, this is more complex than I thought. I was just going off the descriptions of highway={footway,path} in iD. I have not verified the path’s access restrictions in person, although given the area they’re probably going to be the same as the shooting track since it’s all moorland ...
52017-09-30 14:09:45 UTCACS1986 Thanks, and you're welcome. Unfortunately there is inconsistency in how these tags are used between countries. It is common in some places (particularly Germany) to use 'footway' for urban paths and 'path' for rural ones and that's probably some of the views in the Wiki and the ID descriptions arise...
62017-10-02 09:20:55 UTCSomeoneElse Just to chime in here, +1 to Adam and John above.
The mailing lists have lots of detail on how highway=path came about when highway=footway etc. already existed, and certainly highway=path is widely used in e.g. Germany for what we would call "a footpath"
If something "looks like so...
72017-10-02 09:27:35 UTCgurglypipe Thanks. Although the fact that the UK seems to rely on all contributors having read the mailing list archive (or asking repeat questions on the mailing list) is somewhat frustrating. That’s really the point of having a wiki.
82017-10-02 09:43:47 UTCSomeoneElse One problem with the wiki (or any wiki) is that it's difficult for it to get across the key points of where there are conflicting views. The "classic vs alternate" table is one of the better examples of doing that, where Harry Wood (I think) spent a lot of time putting it all together.
12017-09-30 06:56:29 UTCWynndale Could you explain what was wrong with the edits you reverted?
22017-10-02 09:28:04 UTCSomeoneElse @Wynndale - for one example see my comment on . I suspect that they're creating personal notes in MAPS.ME and are probably not even aware that they're adding data to OSM (in the case of that changeset that I commented on, something that when translat...
12017-09-09 20:47:54 UTCSomeoneElse Hello kr_maps and welcome to OSM!
I already had a go at adding ESC to OSM as . Maybe that didn't show up in OsmAnd? Not sure about the best tag though - it's not really a shop, and "adult gaming centre" usually used for gambling arcades.
22017-09-12 21:12:32 UTCkr_maps Ah yes. Your node doesn't show in OsmAnd but clearly is there really, not sure why considering it was created a while ago. Anyway I will delete the duplicate I made!
32017-10-01 16:25:54 UTCSomeoneElse Just for info, I've changed ESC to "leisure=escape_game" which is in use elsewhere and a much better description. It probably still won't show in OsmAnd, but it should appear at e.g. .
12017-09-29 16:19:45 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Not sure how it happened, but this changeset deleted a buoy from the middle of the Atlantic (it's been restored now)
Best Regards,
22017-09-29 20:52:54 UTCajithkarunaratne Dear Andy,

I'm extremely sorry about the mistake. It's not a deliberate thing. I just tried the "ADD NODE" tool in JOSM for the first time and it made me make a node somewhere else. Then I deleted it believing it was the unintended node made me. That might be the reason for this grave m...
32017-09-29 21:12:43 UTCSomeoneElse No worries - you're not the first person to have been caught out by JOSM's "add node"!
12017-09-29 16:17:50 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks!
12017-09-28 12:25:50 UTCSomeoneElse How can I verify the tag "wikidata=Q4929299" on ? Strictly speaking, the OSM node isn't the cave itself but the entrance to it (to be fair the cave itself isn't that far away).
Also, geographically this is a huge changeset covering a very lar...
22017-09-28 19:36:21 UTCnyuriks Should 26421469 node have a wikipedia tag? If not, both should be deleted, but it appeared legit enough to stay.
32017-09-28 19:58:28 UTCSomeoneElse It depends how lax you want to be about data linkage. The WP article is about the thing the OSM node links to, so it's useful in that sense, but it's not about the OSM node itself. I don't think that it makes sense to remove the WP link since it's useful information here. If you want to do it p...
12017-09-07 20:57:38 UTCJay May Hello. May I know the reason why you are reverting names?
22017-09-07 21:29:45 UTCLLlypuk82 Hello. Yes, of course. According Закон Республики Беларусь от 16.11.2010 №190-З "О наименованиях географических объектов" ( geonames in Belarus are assigned and stored in two lan...
32017-09-07 21:47:10 UTCJay May If I follow your logic, then I should change by default each country/region/village where the majority of the population speaks another language than the one on the roadsigns (for example, I should put Polish in Eastern Lithuania, Russian in Eastern Latvia, Hungarian in Southern Slovakia and to Arab...
42017-09-07 21:50:03 UTCJay May P.S.: Please note even Russian maps Yandex use Belarusian names as the main ones.
52017-09-07 21:59:32 UTCLLlypuk82 Are you sure about Yandex? There is a screenshot
62017-09-07 22:06:56 UTCLLlypuk82 You use incorrect analogies. Not simply "the majority of the population speaks another language than the one on the road signs", but majority of the citizens of the Belarus.
72017-09-08 05:07:43 UTCJay May As soon as I am in front of a computer I will post a screenshot of Yandex (I don't know how to post it over here).
Anyway my point is: OSM is not about politics or personal language preference, but about reflecting the reality and so far we were not doing that in Belarus. I drive there every two we...
82017-09-08 06:09:38 UTCAmbush LLlypuk82 OSM is not about language problems of biggest part of country population, it is about reflecting geographical objects in geographical data base. According to law you cited, geographical names assigned in Belarusian, then they are transliterated to Russian because this is the second nation...
92017-09-08 06:20:16 UTCmOlind Agreed. "name" tag is for name as it written on sign. name:ru and name:by could be filled too. To let users choose what name they want to read. Same value inside name and name:by is ok. First tolds us what should we expect to see and second in 100% times in Belarusian.
102017-09-08 06:39:30 UTCJay May Screenshots from what I see from my computer on Yandex:
- In English:
- In Russian:
112017-09-08 07:27:39 UTCГеоргий Ильин Напишу по-Английски ))
@Jay May, thank you for highlighting this in pm. I will reply later.
@LLlypuk82: please understand that this is not against Russian language ))) We have to leave the Russian name, but only in the name:ru tag (unless it appears in Russian on-spot, like for in...
122017-09-08 15:25:14 UTCJaŭhien For example Google Maps use the names of cities, villages and etc in Belarusian language and łacinka. Google have many users on the world, but all ok for tourists and the population of the country
132017-09-08 16:51:07 UTCyaugenka @Jay May, if you visit Belarus and ask people for directions, you will hardly get a reply in Belarussian language anywhere. That it the reality of our countly and the name tag must reflect that realy. If somebody wants to have names displayed in Belarussian they are free to use the name:be tag which...
142017-09-08 17:31:05 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo The main argument is the signs of the names of cities and towns that the driver sees. Seen by the driver, should be in the name. The remaining arguments (the internal language policy of the government, the language of communication of local residents) is for other mapping projects.

If the Russian...
152017-09-08 18:06:33 UTCyaugenka The "group of people who contradict the principle of "on-ground"" signs comprize 74% of the pupulation of the country. By introducting this change you would abuse the primary users of OSM Belarus - the citizens of the country.
162017-09-08 19:08:58 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo You are plotting with official statistics. 74 percent are the urban population. The rural provincial population - the situation on the contrary - there is approximately the same figure Belarusian-speaking population. So we have parity. Or, in plain language, 50 percent of both languages comes out. Y...
172017-09-08 20:31:35 UTCyaugenka @Poliakoff Mykhailo, can you provide any proves of your statement that both language are used 50/50? Have you ever been in our country at all? I myself come from a village and can assure you that no one is speaking Belarusian there, those 26% are mostly located in big cities. I'm just wondering why ...
182017-09-08 22:08:19 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo In the project's argument is banners/signs/names of settlements. The argument about who what morvoû talks is not the main one. Map of what is done for turitìv. With the tourist will communicate the convenient to him. You do not mind that the plaques with the names of Belarusian. So then...
192017-09-08 23:05:25 UTCyaugenka Your suggestion to have two names in one one tag is out of this topic. We are now talking about replacement of russian names by belarusian ones.
The number of local people using the map for business and leisure is by far bigger than the number of foreign tourists and regardless of what is written o...
202017-09-09 12:52:43 UTCAmbush yaugenka: one more time: Ground Truth rule is not about local traditions and preferences, it's about Ground Truth. And OSM is not a local Belarusian project. It's world wide. So you can't sacrifice billions of planet Earth people to a couple of millions citizens of one little country.
212017-09-09 12:58:38 UTCyaugenka @ambush, it is the question of number of users, not population.
222017-09-09 13:28:46 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo Yaugenka care less on rules and on the arguments. To him, the main thing that the Russian language everywhere won the Belarusian language. The victory should be by humiliation, discrimination of the Belarusian language. His pattern of behavior in these discussions it confirms absolutely.

232017-09-09 14:54:35 UTCyaugenka @Poliakoff Mykhailo, if you visit Belarus and talk to people you will hardly find anyone talking against the Belarusian language and me is not an exception. You guys are giving favor to foreign tourist, whereas I defent the interest of local people nation-wide, not just some minority.
242017-09-09 14:59:44 UTCmOlind I think yaugenka just misses main point. There is no negative effect for russian speaking users. Because most applications let users to change language. Open and check it yourself. There is no single reason to keep russian instead belarussian in name tag. Only because it's easier to...
252017-09-09 15:02:24 UTCAmbush Guys, according to what we discussed here and in personal mail I've reverted this reverting changeset. For me it's a very strange situation to discuss should we follow main OSM rules for Belarus or not. I want to propose to ask DWG to help us if we can't find satisfying decision.
262017-09-09 15:25:49 UTCLLlypuk82 OK. What will you propose for situation when road signs have bilingual (or more) inscriptions?
272017-09-09 20:31:38 UTCJay May - Village, town and city names: name:* in Belarusian only.
- Street signs: this is the tricky part. In Minsk or Brest, the situation is clear (official street signs are all in Belarusian). However, there are some towns or villages without any official street signs, just the name on the street (usua...
282017-09-09 22:24:13 UTCyaugenka Can anyone tell the purpose of the name tag in general? is it just for putting sign info into it and remain them whenever signs get changed?
292017-09-10 08:13:05 UTCJay May The "name=*" tag in general is to show what is written on the road, street or shop signs, whatever it is.
302017-09-10 13:07:23 UTCAmbush I agree with Jay May. And I want to say that if someone see the name at the road sign in Russian, he can ask local authorities to fix it according to cited law.
312017-09-10 19:32:30 UTCyaugenka What are your aguments for renaming according to the on-ground rule except for "just because it is common convention"?
322017-09-10 20:30:58 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo Скажыце калі ласка, калі вы рэгістраваліся ў дадзеным праекце вы гатовыя былі паважаць правілы праекта падабаюцца ці не падабаюцца яны вам? Тым у што ваша пытанне з...
332017-09-11 18:50:12 UTCyaugenka @Poliakoff Mykhailo,
I stop any communication with you because are not following the conversation and are making provoking comments.

@Jay May, @Ambush, @mOlind, @Григорий Ильин, @Jaŭhien,
Here are our main arguments against the change.
1. There are no official up-to-date printed ...
342017-09-11 20:17:31 UTCГеоргий Ильин My name is Георгий, not Григорий )))) Moreover, I see no provocation from Poliakoff Mykhailo, just emotions. Anyway, guys, please don't get personal (both yaugenka and Mykhailo). Let's keep this discussion calm and constructive.
About your arguments:
1) This doesn't change the fact ...
352017-09-11 21:32:45 UTCyaugenka @Георгий Ильин, first let me apologies for the mistyped name. Secondly, let me clarify the points.
Whatever language you select in your settings you will still get the name from "name" tag displayed on and in editors. I think there is no need to ex...
362017-09-11 22:06:05 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo (@Poliakoff Mykhailo,
I stop any communication with you because are not following the conversation and are making provoking comments.
@Jay May, @Ambush, @mOlind, @Григорий Ильин, @Jaŭhien, )
Согласно сложившейся практики ведения дискуссии ...
372017-09-12 00:09:53 UTCyaugenka @Mykhailo, you already can be banned for changing the data and open calls to continue changing the data while the discussion is still going on.
The above mentioned official internet resource can freely be used for validation. Can you name any alternatives in the Belarusian language?
382017-09-12 05:37:30 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo (you already can be banned for changing the data and open calls to continue changing the data while the discussion is still going on.)- продублируйте на русском , агнлийский язык для меня совсем чужой , а в переводе Гугл и Майк...
392017-09-12 07:59:25 UTCyaugenka @Mykhailo,
1. you was writing in Enlish very well previously, so the statement that you don't understand English is a cheat.
2. the statement that official sources cannot be relied on is absolutely illogical. The same thing about replying on wikipedia.
3. it is a shame to here from an attorney th...
402017-09-12 09:57:40 UTCmavl Hello all.

> The local convention for using Russian language in the "name" tag exists from the very beginning of the osm project...

yaugenka, does OSM wiki contain this convention?

Vladimir Marshinin
Data Working Group
412017-09-12 14:21:44 UTC4004 While most of you here provide convincing arguments in favour of name:be->name, yaugenka is correct in pointing out name:be tags don't even cover some areas. Belarusian OSM community has long wanted/struggled to do the switch, but it would leave a map in disarray and possibly introduce challenges...
422017-09-12 15:46:19 UTCJay May @4004: all transition periods have their own issues and there is no problem without any solution ;) Poliakoff Mykhailo seems to know a lot on a similar case: neighboring Ukraine. Anyway, on such technical details I prefer reading your propositions because I'm not as good as you guys yet. But some ...
432017-09-12 17:39:50 UTCAmbush And there is not a problem if there will be different languages in name (for objects which haven't name:be filled) because whole OSM name's on the planet are in different languages. If it just haven't any Belarusian alternative, it'll be left in Russian.
442017-09-12 18:08:37 UTCLLlypuk82 @mavl
Здесь говорится о соглашении 2009 года:
452017-09-12 19:36:44 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo You must understand that the further delay matters more complicated will be the solution. Take the similar project of Google, there is a fairly well is in difficulties, you're specifying, the Belarusian version of the map. And done it all for the year and a half: Belarusian street caused caused by...
462017-09-12 23:22:29 UTCyaugenka @Mykhailo, you are again trying to mislead the discussion. The main argument in defence of this change is that our local convention contradicts the common rule of the on-the-ground signs.
If we start following the common rule it will not be a Belarusian map. It will be a mixture of Belarusian and R...
472017-09-13 04:37:10 UTCmavl > Здесь говорится о соглашении 2009 года...

LLlypuk82, thank you very much for it.

> in disputed areas, the name that must appear is the one on the sign

See also []

Belarus is the stable cou...
482017-09-13 06:32:59 UTCГеоргий Ильин A disputed area it is not necessarily an area where there is an ongoing war or that is politically unstable.
A disputed area in OSM is also an area where not everyone agrees on the language that should be displayed, and it is the case of Belarus. It is also the case of some regions in stable count...
492017-09-13 06:54:52 UTCJay May Wow guys, this discussion is really active :D As I'm not getting the notifications on my email, I am always amazed when I enter this thread.
Let us be clear once again (sorry if I repeat what was written a couple of times):
a) As a couple of us pointed out, the agreement shown above violates the m...
502017-09-13 07:36:34 UTCГеоргий Ильин Yes )))) We are active ))) But I find it is not fair that 2 people are slowing the whole process while we had been discussing these matters for months and we had agreed on making the Belarus map realistic. To me they can be helpful on the technical part, but overall the decision has been made and it...
512017-09-13 08:15:23 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo A result of our discussion is checking for durability of основообразующего principle of project of on ground/ Ancient римляны to our era created wisdom integrity is stopped up in that . A law is severe, but it is a law. In the original of dura lex sed lex. On the observance o...
522017-09-13 08:36:39 UTC4004 >Belarus is the only former USSR country where the use of Russian has increased. That is a matter of fact. However, all toponyms are in Belarusian
This is (perhaps sadly) not always the case. If you transit/travel through Belarus you might get the impression that Belarusian is indeed used univer...
532017-09-13 09:04:17 UTCJay May @4004: the majority of us agreed on switching the name tag to Belarusian and to check whether the name:ru tag is filled. This is for toponyms, monuments, and administrative levels (when you travel into Belarus), you see clearly written "Мінская воблсасць" and not "Ми...
542017-09-13 09:29:10 UTC4004 @Jay May
>for toponyms, monuments, and administrative levels
This should work fine for admin levels (100% bilingual I believe). Toponyms will need some work (last figure I've seen was around 70%?), while monuments is debatable, but alas.
Indeed, at the time the convention was agreed there was ...
552017-09-13 10:09:15 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo @4004 Monuments are low-level edits. We are now discussing the high-level amendments-human settlements. In Ukraine, monuments of Soviet time survived also in Russian. But they did not become a hindrance to ukrainization even in the Russian-speaking territories of Ukraine. Monuments, I guess not so m...
562017-09-13 10:17:37 UTCJay May @Poliakoff Mykhailo - Your point is good. You mention the ў, it is usually automatically transliterated automatically into "y" instead of "ŭ" when you switch to another language than Russian. This is why it is extremely important not to forget to transliterate into Latin in the...
572017-09-13 10:31:17 UTC4004 It certainly will look similar, at least at first.
@Poliakoff Mykhailo if we are talking technical points now, such a switch would introduce challenges not only for those without a "ў"-supporting keyboard, but also those confused by 2 languages used side-by-side in similar contexts, be i...
582017-09-13 11:41:32 UTCJay May @4004 Anyway, nobody is trying to Belarusize business names ;) And about monuments, I had included it for 2 reasons:
- they are always shown in Belarusian on roadsigns
- On those monuments you usually have some sign with the word "каштоўнасць" ("monument" if I'm not ...
592017-09-13 12:32:52 UTCmOlind I vote for automatic process. It's easy to break things when manually changing ways and relations.
602017-09-13 12:35:39 UTCJay May Given what mOlind just mentioned, I also vote for an automatic process.
612017-09-13 13:46:21 UTC4004 @Jay May I believe you might've mixed up monuments (which include Lenin statues and the like) with historical/touristy places, like castles etc. Different things, certainly the historical pois (especially the important/popular ones) would usually have a name:be as well.
Regarding the switch, automa...
622017-09-13 13:52:19 UTCJay May Proofreading is always easier than reading ;) So it is a good solution to make it automatically and switch. Especially that people like Georgij or me are not proficient in some OSM matters yet (like that addr tag)
632017-09-13 14:14:03 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo I'm for the automatic

Then 2-3 days and on the map will be the Belarusian language. When it appears you will be able to click through all the settlements. To correct to the Belarusian language name: prefix addr: district addr province Also I ask to approve the name tag: en where the name of objec...
642017-09-13 14:16:49 UTCJay May My opinion is that the English tag in that standard would be O.K., but the int_name tag should be in Belarusian Łacinka.
652017-09-13 15:33:07 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo The result should be reported on the page of the communities of neighboring countries and DWG.
662017-09-14 08:30:08 UTC4004 a forum topic needs to be started on this, and approval from DWG would be nice, before doing anything
672017-09-14 09:03:56 UTC4004 int_name is already filed correctly, in accordance with
682017-09-14 09:59:23 UTCJay May O.K.guys. As soon as you start, please provide the link
692017-09-14 11:13:21 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo I will finalize now the Khotsinsk raion then along the border with the Russian Federation, then the area to the north of the Khotsinsk raion.
702017-09-14 11:23:46 UTC4004 I would propose we wait until there is an agreement on how and when to proceed, and do not attempt anything before that
712017-09-14 11:26:40 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo how to do the proposed example
722017-09-14 11:45:47 UTC4004 aren't you rushing a bit Mykhailo? No agreement has been reached, no DWG approval granted, and it was supposed to be centralized and auto, no "regional tests"
732017-09-14 12:29:56 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo This format I provided earlier in this discussion. Therefore, we are informed. If something causes you suspicion, express ideas.
742017-09-14 12:34:14 UTCAmbush At the ByOSM Telegram chat we decided to have a meeting to discuss all the technical details, tools and other before doing any automated changes.
Welcome everyone who wants to join this discussion,
752017-09-14 12:35:08 UTC4004 "We" might be informed, but this is not enough to start implementing changes, and certainly not by doing it on your own in one place.
"Мы" тут, может быть, и в курсе, но этого недостаточно, чтобы начинать что-то меня...
762017-09-14 12:51:47 UTC4004 @Ambush could the osm forum be a better place?
772017-09-14 12:53:16 UTCLLlypuk82 You are welcome
782017-09-14 12:57:09 UTC4004 that's the renderer that uses name:be if it exists
792017-09-15 00:41:52 UTCyaugenka Until it is completely agreed to change the current local convention, it must be observed! All changes have been reverted.
802017-09-15 06:26:42 UTCГеоргий Ильин Jaugenka, I've just gone through the threads of various discussions this morning and you wrote "ничего не трогаем" ("we don't touch anything"). Thus, nobody allowed you to revert any changes, especially given the fact other multilingual names and wikipedia data hav...
812017-09-15 06:33:21 UTCJay May Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?????????????????? Jauhenka deleted all the changes we had all made from the very beginning! As you said Georgij, multilingual changes, but even road changes!
I was Jauhenka was a reasonable person, but I'm afraid what one of the guys told me is right: he is just trying to gain ...
822017-09-15 07:45:59 UTCyaugenka Fist of all, all of you were warned several times in this thread not to make any changes while the discussion is going on. Secondly, for now only renamings of settlements and admin boundaries have been reverted. I'm yet to analyse what else you have renamed.
832017-09-15 07:49:00 UTCmOlind Вот только не надо брать на себя святую миссию все откатывать. Это сильно пахнет вандализмом и может закончится баном. Я не оправдываю тех, кто полез переименовыват...
842017-09-15 07:54:17 UTCmOlind Как я вижу ситуацию на настоящий момент: Переименование будет. Будет по всей стране и в автоматизированном режиме. Ни одно название на русском не пострадает. Все бу...
852017-09-15 07:55:03 UTCmOlind Кто очень хочет начать переименовывать - вносите name:be, где их нету. Они не потеряются и будут использованы в последующем для name.
862017-09-15 08:58:28 UTCJay May @yaugenka: O.K. There is an enormous confusion here with people asking to change manually while people discuss about changing automatically, people asking to wait for the automatic change, and people who don't want any change. Nevertheless, that doesn't change the fact that no one gave you the autho...
872017-09-15 09:45:17 UTC4004 >Кто очень хочет начать переименовывать - вносите name:be, где их нету. Они не потеряются и будут использованы в последующем для name
+1 to that (your app is nice btw).
Translation: those who want ...
882017-09-15 10:07:33 UTC4004 Oh, and here is a translation checker
892017-09-15 14:32:59 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo 4004 : перестаньте пользуясь что не все грамотньіе технически вводить людей в заблуждение. Указанньіе на офруме проблемі являются вьідуманньіми лично Вами. Поповоду...
902017-09-15 14:43:00 UTC4004 @Poliakoff Mykhailo:
вы меня с кем то путаете? я никого в заблуждение не ввожу, и уж точно ничего не придумываю.
последняя ссылка, которую я тут привел - ближе всего, из того, ...
912017-09-15 15:34:59 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo а как делаем -- оставляем name:be-tarask и дублируем в name:be? Или name be-tarask переделываем в name be. при этом надо учитыват ь что здесь одинаково то ест ька кбы транслитерация а сог...
922017-09-15 23:57:27 UTC4004 Всем заинтересованным:
-в первую очередь необходимо проверить, что name=name:ru для будущего перехода автоматом. Если name!=name:ru, проверить какой из вариантов соответствуе...
932017-09-16 13:57:18 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo Есть проблемное село в Хотимском раене Ново-Григорьевка. По белорусски не соотвествует русскому . Искать надо официальное название на белорусском или подтвержден...
942017-09-16 15:37:13 UTCyaugenka @Mykhailo, вам для справки. В одном районе может быть несколько нп с одним названием. Если они отличаются типом (поселок, деревня, снп) то тип нужно обязательно указать в ...
952017-09-16 17:24:43 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo Изучите правки мои в Хоцінскам раёне. Все о чем вы пишите сделано мною изначально кроме сельсовета . Сейчас заново перегребаю район чтоб всем поставить сельсоветы
962017-09-17 17:01:28 UTCyaugenka Всем НП проставлять сельсовет большой надобности нету. Речь только о тех, у которых повторяется название в рамках одного района.
972017-09-18 05:40:27 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo то что вы предлагаете, превратить карту в порнографию. Тег используется или нет. Предстоит много подготовительной работы . И нет времени тратить времени на изучени...
982017-09-18 06:36:40 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo Яугенка всвязи с тем что іВовік занимается занимаеться расизмом ксенофобией и дискриминацией белорусского языка
992017-09-19 21:36:11 UTCyaugenka @Mykhailo, переименовывая addr:* и name:prefix на белорусский вы ломаете существующие программы. Откатывайте свои правки!
1002017-09-20 08:25:34 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo Праблема Беларусі я бачу не ў сферы тэхналогій, у у тым, што ў кіраўніцтве ўсіх інтэрнэт-праектаў сядзяць людзі якія атрымліваюць дадатковыя матэрыяльныя ўзнагаро...
1012017-09-20 08:37:15 UTCmOlind И обсуждение скатилось в флуд. Отписываюсь.
1022017-09-20 09:43:36 UTC4004 собственно как и в телеграме. что то менять никто не договаривался
1032017-09-20 11:48:49 UTCJay May @4004 Which is why I asked for people in Telegram "where are we going" because it is such a mess that it's hard for everyone to get what we should do.
@Mykhailo @Yaugenka - STOP!
1042017-09-20 21:24:13 UTCSomeoneElse Hi all - Andy from the Data Working Group here. A couple have people have mentioned the ongoing arguments about language names in Belarus to us, and we'd like to do what we can to help. Obviously we're somewhat aware of the history here (and I've read the various numbers, some conflicting, on https...
1052017-09-21 06:25:22 UTCJay May Hi Andy.
I've already sent such pics around a week ago. Please ask your colleague Frederik Ramm. In case you need them again, I can send them once more :)
In short, asI had already told, toponyms are usually in Belarusian (cities, towns, villages, rivers, lakes...) while commercial names are most...
1062017-09-21 13:38:55 UTCLLlypuk82 Stop, guys. What about our local agreement which was reached in same time as road signs was already in belorussian?
Nothing is changed still. There is no reason to avoid the agreement. Photos have no sense in this case.
1072017-09-22 05:36:58 UTCJay May The local agreement was perhaps good in a certain context back in 2009. But the context has changed.
1082017-09-24 10:06:56 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo To improve an electronic geographical map ONLY on signboards confirms the Belarussian WIKI-RULE
1092017-09-28 19:34:48 UTCSomeoneElse For info, I've just posted this to the BE forum:

All feedback (from everyone who hasn't already commented) gratefully received.
1102017-10-01 09:33:27 UTCMaturi0n I think the most important factor here should be what the local OSM community wants. People from other countries (Poland, Ukraine, Russia, etc) shouldn't dictate the Belarusian community which language they use as their main mapping language. If they agreed to use Russian, this should be respected. ...
1112017-10-02 06:07:55 UTCJay May @Maturi0n - I’m aware your heart beats more for the Russian language to be left, but this is not a matter of the local community wanting or not wanting something (and anyway most of the guys who discuss with us do support the Belarusian language or a full ground truth rule). OSM is neither a l...
1122017-10-02 08:33:13 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo Now the rule according to signs "decides at the earth" works or not. Or the precedent which will do to other countries by a push is created, the fact that there is a wish. Especially it is dangerous to territories of the conflicts where the tomahawk of wars of changes is dug. The Belarusia...
1132017-10-02 08:39:52 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo in Russian Сейчас решаеться правило по знакам "на земле " работает или нет. Или создается прецедент, который будет толчком другим странам делать , то что хочется. О...
12017-09-28 10:07:29 UTCSomeoneElse Hello.
Can you explain what these "viewpoints" that you have added here are?
People have tried and failed to contact you previously about this ( and ) so please do reply.
22017-09-28 10:08:08 UTCSomeoneElse สวัสดี.
คุณสามารถอธิบายว่า "มุมมอง" เหล่านี้ที่คุณได้เพิ่มเข้าไปได้คืออะไร?
32017-09-28 17:19:47 UTCandi9876 Dear, please not again, reverted aleady.
12017-09-27 11:41:32 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - here I think you've merged a bit of canal into a lock so that the ref now applies to a huge length of canal.
12017-09-27 01:09:56 UTCSomeoneElse Er - not only does not have a Chinese name signed on it the actual name used here ("York Chocolate Factory") is actually incorrect.
12017-09-27 01:05:42 UTCSomeoneElse I've never seen any Chinese signage on McArthur Glen York!
12017-09-27 00:58:25 UTCSomeoneElse The wikipedia and wikidata entries on look like the apply to the whole route (as far as Santiago de Compostela) not just this section of it near Mulhouse.
22017-09-27 01:02:08 UTCnyuriks I agree, and this will be part of the overall cleanup as described at - lets discuss it there on the talk page, because discussions on changesets are harder to track and consolidate.
12017-09-27 00:12:28 UTCSomeoneElse If you want to perform a mechanical edit on OSM data then, as pointed out previously, you need to follow . You are not doing this.
22017-09-27 00:15:08 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, I think you are not being fair or impartial. I have reviewed every single change in this edit - they are done manually, one by one, not mechanically. This is very different from massive wikidata tag upload.
32017-09-27 00:33:42 UTCSomeoneElse I'd spend a few more characters spent in the comment explaining what you're doing would be helpful, not just "found with tinyurl" (link does not load for me; presumably it needs Javascript).
Explain what the problem is - for example in the case of
42017-09-27 00:38:14 UTCnyuriks Thanks, this is a valid feedback. I should make my comments more detailed.
12016-12-17 13:38:36 UTCSomeoneElse Is the name of 117730 correct? It was last edited by a user who changed it from what I thought it was called.
22017-09-26 23:57:50 UTCSomeoneElse For completeness, I fixed 117730 a while back in (the problem was unrelated to this edit, or to wikidata).
12017-09-26 21:41:21 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
The wikidata entry that you added to seems to be for the brand, not for this particular object in OSM?
Best Regards,
22017-09-26 21:44:19 UTCSomeoneElse Also, the bus stop has had a wikidata link added to the network operator. Did you not do any basic sanity checking on the data your changing here (how many _bus stops_ have their own wikipedia page, seriously?)
32017-09-26 22:02:25 UTCnyuriks 1) correct - when doing semi-automated changes, it is not a good practice to change multiple things at once, because in case of a mistake, the partially-automated and partially-manual changes are hard to undo (wastes a lot of effort). So step one is to add matching wikidata item, just as described ...
42017-09-26 22:04:36 UTCnyuriks 2) same logic - bus stops should have neither wikipedia nor wikidata tags, but use network:wiki* tags instead. Same thing - now that these objects are trackable, they can be converted to network as well. Performing just one task is much safer for the stability of the data. I can move all bus stops f...
52017-09-26 23:31:16 UTCSomeoneElse Do please ensure that you read and follow before any future mechanical edits. Don't just have a bit of a chat on the talk@ list, ignore all criticism, and do it anyway.
62017-09-27 00:13:31 UTCnyuriks Please be consistent. I plan to fix it as requested in the original comment. The fix is semi-mechanical - I will find all objects that fit criteria, review them and edit them. You are welcome to re-read the talk and participate in the discussion. Also all concerns were answered, with the possible ...
12017-09-25 08:12:33 UTCRom1 Hi, i don't agree with some of these modifications. Example : where you added a wikidata tag althought already exists the tag brand:wikidata (
Thanks for the corre...
22017-09-25 17:41:33 UTCnyuriks Rom1, I agree - wikidata should not be set for a place of business that is a chain - e.g. Mc Donalds. As discussed in the @talk, this is just the first step that allows rapid search for all such places. The next step is to move all wikipedia and wikidata tags to brand:* for the chains, as well as ot...
32017-09-25 21:12:37 UTCSomeoneElse @nyuriks whereabouts was this mechanical edit discussed?
42017-09-25 21:40:01 UTCnyuriks
52017-09-26 00:28:17 UTCSomeoneElse That doesn't say "I'm going to add lots of links that I know are wrong", which is what is being complained about here.

In particular, it doesn't address concerns raised in that thread e.g. at (incidentally similar...
62017-09-26 05:35:58 UTCnyuriks I have reverted all of the relations and nodes that contained "#" in their "wikipedia" tag. I put together some thoughts on how wikipedia/wikidata should be validated and improved -
72017-09-26 23:22:46 UTCSomeoneElse You haven't addressed the places where you've added wikidata entries in error; the very first issue raised on this changeset discussion.
82017-09-26 23:34:56 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, I posted about it to the @talk about an hour ago, please take a look. Once community agrees that this is ok, I will fix them all. Without it, it would be a partial fix for just a few instances.
12017-09-26 21:22:45 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
On you've moved "operator:wikipedia" to "brand:wikipedia". You've said in the changeset comment that "McDonalds is a brand"; but McDonalds runs a mixed franchise model and is the operator of a significant numbe...
22017-09-26 22:07:02 UTCnyuriks I do not, and this might have been a mistake. I will contact the original authors to find out.
12017-09-26 16:07:36 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Fingrmouse and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
I think something's gone a bit wrong at least up near:
The Southwell Trail relation was composed of several different parts, some of whicj were former railway and some of...
22017-09-26 16:18:11 UTCFingrmouse The Southwell Trail is entirely based on an abandoned railway - there's no section of the trail doesn't run along an old rail route. The main West-Southeast route was part of the Midland Railway and the most northerly section near Bilsthorpe was where it transitioned into LM&SR / LNER routes. Th...
32017-09-26 16:32:51 UTCSomeoneElse The northern bit (just south of the Car park in Bilsthorpe) is a bit to the west of where the main rail lines were I think - see . Obviously it's a bit tricky here - bridleways and railways are linear feature...
12017-09-26 13:38:09 UTCGinaroZ Hi, this section is already part of the John Muir Way relation and therefore does not need a name
22017-09-26 14:57:14 UTCSomeoneElse Just for info - a couple of ways of seeing long distance paths like this:!55.9982!-2.6546 and .
12017-09-24 10:53:37 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello andy mackey. Do you searched for ? ;-)
22017-09-24 10:54:08 UTCHarald Hartmann btw `old-phone-box` would be a new (and so far unkown) key.
32017-09-25 21:18:47 UTCSomeoneElse "building" is sometimes used to indicate an old phone box - .
42017-09-26 04:53:49 UTCHarald Hartmann @andy mackey: have you ever read the wiki mentioned above? so i've expected that you change it from `amenity=library` to `amenity=public_bookcase` and from old_phone_box to `public_bookcase:type=phone_box`. Or is it a really a library?
12017-09-24 18:28:30 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Can you explain what is? You've added it as "coastline" here which seems unlikely.
Best Regards,
22017-09-24 18:29:11 UTCSomeoneElse مرحبا ومرحبا بكم في خريطة الشارع المفتوح!
هل يمكنك شرح ما هو؟ لقد أضفته ك "ساحل" هنا يبدو غير محتمل.
تحياتي الحارة،
32017-09-25 06:02:03 UTCBCNorwich Please understand that Way 527116798 is a duplication of highway 411.
12017-09-24 10:24:49 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello SomeoneElse. At you have tagged `cradt` instead of `craft`, right? #typo
22017-09-24 10:49:19 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks
12017-09-22 23:57:58 UTCSomeoneElse I'm guessing that some of the tags on should perhaps be adjacent rather than on the crossing?
12017-09-21 22:50:22 UTCSomeoneElse Erm - you perhaps ought to have a read of the page in the OSM wiki :)
22017-09-22 08:44:54 UTCandi2911 Oh ok, well I haven't started with the european road network relation, which is already quite big. Ok, then group it as you wish :)
12017-09-21 13:31:27 UTCSomeoneElse For the avoidance of any doubt - Google Streetview isn't a valid source for OSM (the licence is incompatible). Obviously you may be mapping things from local knowledge here (and just saying "they really do exist; you can look at GSV if you don't believe me!"), and this data has been delet...
22017-09-22 05:41:32 UTCJay May Hi Andy. I’ve already been acknowledged with this fact a couple of months ago, after what I stopped using GSV for OSM immediately; but thanks for your reminder. Kind regards. Jerry
32017-09-22 05:42:45 UTCJay May P.S.: in this case I hadn’t used GSV, but I wrote that because one specific user from LT kept deleting my changes and I was angry...
12017-09-18 21:30:17 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks for fixing!
12017-09-18 13:53:19 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Ultimate lore,
You've deleted two long paths that are still visible on the imagery here. Can you explain what the problem with them was?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
22017-09-18 13:53:54 UTCSomeoneElse 你好极了,
您已经删除了在这里的图像上仍然可见的两条漫长的路径。 你能解释一下他们的问题吗?
Andy Townsend,代表OSM的数据工作组。
12017-09-18 09:33:48 UTCSomeoneElse Hello andi2911,
In this changeset and most other recent ones you've not used any changeset comment. Adding a changeset comment allows other mappers to see why you've changed what you've changed. As you can see from the objects here have political...
22017-09-18 09:35:19 UTCSomeoneElse Hallo andi2911,
In diesem änderung und den meisten anderen neueren hast du keine änderung kommentiert. Hinzufügen eines Changeet-Kommentars erlaubt anderen Mappern zu sehen, warum Sie geändert haben, was Sie geändert haben. Wie Sie von
12017-09-17 16:05:35 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello SomeoneElse. At there are some typos: `maxsspeed` and `surce:name` ;-) #newkey #typo
22017-09-17 16:09:48 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks!
12016-11-18 02:10:50 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
I think that something has gone wrong here. You've set the wikidata ID of both and to .
They're different entities on the ground. Can you explain how you actually ...
22016-11-18 02:13:05 UTCSomeoneElse Likewise and have been assigned the same wikidata ID. In this case should they perhaps share one relation that has the same wikidata ID?
32016-11-18 03:06:28 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, thanks, good catch. I'm trying to get the Wikipedia and Wikidata tags in sync. Seems that the Wikipedia tag have been set to an identical value on both. I will investigate - maybe only one of them should have it?
42016-11-18 03:15:11 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, I fixed the first one - it should have had a different Wikidata ID, as well as a different (more prescise) Wikipedia link. I cannot figure out why the second pair have identical WP and WD links, without being identical. The WP article doesn'...
52016-11-18 14:08:27 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - the Administrative Derbyshire's wikidata link looks OK (the sv:wikipedia page looks a bit rubbish, but we'll gloss over that - a wikipedia problem, not an OSM issue).
As things currently stand I don't think and
62016-11-18 19:14:01 UTCnyuriks Hi, thanks for looking into it!
The first issue is really about Wikipedia vs Wikidata linking -- sometimes WP article covers both the village and civil parish, while WD item claims it is both, but it is really about just one meaning. Do we really want to link to both is an open question - IMO only ...
72016-11-18 21:45:31 UTCSomeoneElse Re "Do we really want to link to both is an open question" it would probably make sense not to link to either if the thing that you're linking from in OSM is something else entirely. To be honest, I'm still struggling understand what I asked at the top - "what you're actually trying ...
82016-11-18 23:15:23 UTCnyuriks I posted a long reply to but it is pending moderator approval. I tried to explain both my method and reasoning. I simply locked the volatile Wikipedia link as a Wikidata ID - I have not touched the objects that did not have a Wikipedia tag alrea...
92016-11-19 00:29:34 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - I'm sure that the post will be approved shortly.
102016-11-19 01:00:36 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse -
112016-11-20 07:03:06 UTCnyuriks fixed two more dups - - the rest (957519,957520 - Barnby Moor CP, and 1976182,4077796,1976184 European walking route E2 - seems legit. We don't need to have a perfect 1:1 between wikidata and osm - just like WP links, multiple objects in OSM can point...
122016-12-12 00:24:29 UTCSomeoneElse It's been over 3 weeks now - are you going to fix the errors in this changeset? Some examples noted above, but there are many others.
132016-12-12 10:02:07 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, yes, I am working on it. You can always reach me on IRC - "yurik".
142017-05-19 09:37:22 UTCSomeoneElse Well, It's been over 5 months now - are you going to fix the errors in this changeset? The Dunham-on-Trent example is still wrong, but there are many others.
152017-09-16 09:06:28 UTCSomeoneElse Actually, looks like someone's changed something in wikidata back in April - wikidata now says "village and civil parish". Barnby Moor still in 2 pieces though (wigh pre-exists this changeset).
162017-09-16 19:49:17 UTCnyuriks @SomeoneElse, I think it should be fixed differently - we should remove all tags except name, note, source, and type, and create a relation that has all the original tags with those two ways.
12017-09-13 14:17:53 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
If you're looking for somewhere to add test data, perhaps would work for you in future?
Best Regards,
22017-09-13 14:24:28 UTCStephaneP Hi !
Sorry ! I completely forgot to use a test server.

My test was related to this discussion :

12017-09-12 17:04:08 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks!
12017-09-12 14:02:06 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello SomeoneElse. At you tagged `ahop=variety_store`, so i think this is a typo, right? #newkey #typo
22017-09-12 14:38:57 UTCSomeoneElse Yes thanks - fixed.
12017-09-11 15:44:39 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Is the definitely a deli (as per ) rather than the usual sandwich / other fresh food place? It's a while since I've walked past the door (it's a long way uphill from most of Matlock) but my recollection was more Sandwich-y?
Best ...
22017-09-11 20:09:02 UTCkjon Hi Andy, feel free to change if you think fast food suits better.
32017-09-12 12:04:50 UTCSomeoneElse I'll have a look the next time that I'm there.
12017-09-11 15:17:14 UTCmaxerickson Hi-

This changeset accidentally moved a node of a building a long distance, something to watch out for. It ends up creating rendering artifacts across a wide area.!/diary/42268
22017-09-11 15:27:42 UTCtyr_asd Now the restaurant is duplicated in Vienna:


It's really strange that this happened at all. The two node ids differ only by 2, but it's not a single bitflip. Did you do something special with JOSM w...
32017-09-11 15:28:46 UTCtyr_asd PS: I couldn't help but notice that the comment on this changeset could be better. Please read – your fellow mappers would appreciated that very much :)
42017-09-12 11:57:25 UTCPlaneMad Does JOSM not throw a warning for this?
52017-09-12 12:01:20 UTCSomeoneElse There's a ticket from 3 years ago:
(which is worth a read, just for a giggle).
62017-09-12 12:23:43 UTCtyr_asd I would assume that Walter did not intentionally move this node from Africa to Europe in this changeset: Walter seems to be an experienced user, and this changeset looks quite fine (adding a precise cuisine tag, teaking the coordinates slightly) if it wasn't affecting the wrong node. – I've as...
72017-09-13 18:42:21 UTCWalter Schlögl It seems to me that there is a bug in JOSM that could have moved this point that far, but I'm not sure how to identify such a bug.
12017-09-12 11:28:15 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
You may want to double-check the border here since I had to revert a couple of wikimapia-derived edits.
Best Regards,
Andy (Data Working Group)
22017-09-12 11:35:29 UTCWładysław Komorek So far I don't see any problems.
32017-09-12 11:43:35 UTCSomeoneElse Neither did I (though there's a hole in the Indian boundary that I mentioned at ), but I thought I'd better let you know just in case.
12017-09-12 10:34:07 UTCSomeoneElse Hello xinduqiao,
Can you explain what boundary changes you made here and what the source was?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
22017-09-12 10:34:29 UTCSomeoneElse 新都桥你好,
Andy Townsend,代表OSM的数据工作组。
32017-09-12 10:49:05 UTCxinduqiao I based on the line of control from Wikimapia, between India and China. In fact the boundary is an unfixed line. The official map only marked an approximate line which is not suitable for the situation of LoC. Therefore, I try to find an exact shape of the boundary of current state.
42017-09-12 10:58:38 UTCSomeoneElse Hi xinduqiao - thanks for the reply. We can't use wikimapia as a source, unfortunately, since that is often just traced from Google - see for more details.
Best Regards,
12017-09-07 18:39:30 UTCchillly This looks like an undiscussed mass edit.
22017-09-08 16:03:31 UTCconfusedbuffalo I can see why you say that, but I felt that this was acceptable. Firstly, it's only changing the tags, not keys.
Secondly, I feel that it is important to have phone numbers callable internationally, particularly with the increasing use of OSM data in smartphone apps. When travelling, I expect to be...
32017-09-08 16:29:41 UTCSomeoneElse For clarity re "When travelling, I expect to be able to tap on a phone number and for it to work, without me having to enter the country code at that time", you can. If you're roaming on another country's network you can just dial local numbers with no country code, just as if you were di...
42017-09-08 17:05:05 UTCchillly Your premise explaining why the international code is wrong. You can dial any number in the UK using only the area code (known as the STD code in the UK) and the local number. If you visit the UK with a roaming phone you still do not need the international code (+44). You only need that if you are c...
52017-09-11 20:09:21 UTCconfusedbuffalo I hadn't realised that about dialling numbers
12017-09-08 16:00:49 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
This is just a quick note to let you know, in case you're not already aware that the Morrocan border here is one of the more "sensitive" ones in OSM - there have been politically motivated attempts to change the borders of Morocco in the past to include...
12017-03-02 15:30:17 UTCSK53 Can you please stop needlessly changing Bing to bing. It totally obscures other changes which you are making. You're changeset comments are not adequate to understand what you are doing. Please discuss this type of edit with the local community first.
22017-03-02 15:37:15 UTCSK53 Can you please stop these edits immediately you are creating bad data
32017-03-02 22:29:57 UTCPolarbear Besides the Bing issue, you are messing up county boundaries. Boundaries might be legally defined by a stream or river. Look at this example: was serving both as a county boundary (admin_level 6) in a boundary relation, and a waterway. It might not be idea...
42017-03-07 02:18:15 UTCPolarbear Fivemiletown edits 46526305+46525145+46523754 reverted in 46637434 and selectively restored in CS 46637891, 46639210, 46639252, 46639371, 46639474
52017-09-08 12:27:50 UTCKDDA Can this please be put back to how it was before. The waterway is NOT called Tyrone / Fermanagh
62017-09-08 12:37:43 UTCSomeoneElse @KDDA - there are only 2 bits called "Tyrone / Fermanagh" left - and - it's probably easiest just to change them manually.
72017-09-08 21:43:03 UTCPolarbear There was one of WernerP's changeset still on my todo list from the series of repairs above, which were done manually. Let me check that manually at daylight tomorrow if that is the reason for your question.
82017-09-09 08:38:09 UTCPolarbear Checked my records, seems my unfinished repair is in Ballinasloe/RoI, not the Fivemiletown/NI here.
Anyway, it seems that for w369383412, I had removed the Tyrone / Fermanagh name from WernerP's edits in March.
On the other hand, for w490542618 and w261564260, KDDA himself added waterway=stream t...
92017-09-09 08:42:28 UTCPolarbear The names of the counties and the admin levels are in the respective border relations.
Thus the border way as a member (waterway or anything else) can have its natural name or no name. Anything else might be in a note tag.
12017-09-07 19:10:00 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Ultimate lore and welcome to OpenStreetMap,
You've changed the boundary tags on from disputed to administrative. Can you please explain the reason for the change?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
22017-09-07 19:10:22 UTCSomeoneElse 你好极了,欢迎来到OpenStreetMap,
您已经更改了边界标记历史从争议到行政。 你能解释一下这个变化的原因吗?
Andy Townsend,代表OSM的数据工作组。
12017-09-06 19:25:31 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I think that something has gone wrong with . The name of that now says Patterdale, and it used to say Aira Force, but I think that Aira Force is correct because that is where it is.
Maybe you accidentally copied data from https://www.openst...
12017-09-06 18:03:33 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I don't think I'd describe the former Millers Dale station is any sort of "railway=station". That would suggest to people that they might be able to get a train from there! Previously it was "railway=station_site" which is not ideal, but at least it isn't misleading!
12017-09-05 18:27:51 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
You've made a change to some International borders here that seems to have caused some problems. Can you explain what you were trying to change?
The way that we map borders in OpenStreetMap is described at
22017-09-05 18:27:57 UTCSomeoneElse 您好,欢迎来到OpenStreetMap!
你已经改变了这里的一些国际边界,似乎造成了一些问题。 你能解释一下你想改变什么吗?
12017-09-05 08:32:59 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-09-04 11:27:05 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - wrong account - should have been "SomeoneElse_Revert". The "note" here "VERY UNFINISHED NEEDS REFINING TTO WALL LINES etc" was added by a previous mapper of the Heathland here and it's actually considerably _more_ finished than the series reverted in N Wales. T...
12017-09-04 08:11:33 UTCjaap de vries je hebt overal Geen ingevuld, dit is niet de bedoeling, zie ook mijn PB of deze link
22017-09-04 10:38:32 UTCSomeoneElse I stayed at De Witte Schuur about 20 years ago - back then it just called itself just "De Witte Schuur" rather than "Zorgboerderij De Witte Schuur", but I guess that might have changed.
12017-09-04 08:18:30 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Would it be possible to explain what the change was here? "clean up special characters" doesn't really say what was changed and why.
Best Regards,
22017-09-04 09:10:24 UTCglglgl Besides, a change covering the whole world is kind of frowned upon. Better create separate changesets for each region.
32017-09-04 16:55:34 UTCBman @SomeOneElse, the changes were to remove whitespace characters like newlines, carriage returns and tab.
42017-09-04 16:58:17 UTCBman @glglgl, good point. Sorry about that.
12017-09-03 21:54:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Which router is it that requires a "bicycle=yes" on a gate in order to route through it?
Best Regards,
12017-09-03 08:48:29 UTCSomeoneElse Hello TR42,
In I tried to explain the problems associated with "colouring in" large swathes as heathland without paying attention to the detail. You're still doing it here - if you look at
22017-09-03 11:44:40 UTCtrigpoint I would also like to add that last time I was on The Berwyns it was not an area I would describe as heath, it is mostly moorland.

As a local I find it quite concerning that my local area is being mismapped in this way.

32017-09-04 10:39:57 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 51714984 where the changeset comment is: Reverting a series of poor-quality edits following discussion at
12017-09-02 10:27:18 UTCSomeoneElse Sustrans have the 680 cycle route as the Monsal Trail I've not seen that signage, but have seen signage where Sustrans don't have it down in Matlock.
12017-09-01 09:33:33 UTCSomeoneElse Hi James,
You may want to revisit some of the deletions in here - the DWG's had to revert the offending duplicates added in et al (see the discussion in there which also suggests a possible Google source of the names).
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, ...
12017-08-31 17:42:56 UTCSomeoneElse Hi TR42,
In here is quite large. You've tagged it as "natural=heath" but then added a note "using heath tag to represent fell, fell tag doesn't do anything.". Please don't tag one thing incorrectly as another just to create a parti...
22017-09-04 10:39:56 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 51714984 where the changeset comment is: Reverting a series of poor-quality edits following discussion at
12017-08-30 09:37:42 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
You've removed a couple of tags from - was that perhaps an accident?
Best Regards,
22017-08-30 09:38:11 UTCSomeoneElse Ciao,
Hai rimosso un paio di tag da - era forse un incidente?
I migliori saluti,
32017-08-31 09:38:51 UTCosm_fede Not a mistake, the previous ruins are now a beautiful B&B named "Campi Elisi"
42017-08-31 09:44:30 UTCSomeoneElse It wasn't the B&B I was asking about, it was the administrative boundary relation .
52017-08-31 10:17:11 UTCosm_fede SORRY, not my intention to modify the administrative boundary relation. I want to modify only B&B and the name of the street "strada vicinale l'Eremitu".
62017-08-31 11:06:08 UTCSomeoneElse No problem - I see that they have just been restored - - so all should be OK now.
12017-08-22 16:44:31 UTCRedGel The way 42677505 that was a retail area was changed to a building as part of this change set. But it was an area that encompassed multiple buildings.
22017-08-30 09:06:12 UTCSomeoneElse @RedGel do you need help undoing the problem changes here? This editor hasn't edited for 12 days; it's possible that they may not return.
Best Regards, Andy
32017-08-30 12:10:36 UTCRedGel @SomeoneElse Hello Andy, yes please. Help would be much appreciated I'm still learning the ropes.
Regards, Rob.
42017-08-30 15:38:32 UTCSomeoneElse OK, I've added a couple of buildings from imagery and changed the larger rectangle back to "landuse" (and stretched it a bit to include the car park). Does that look better now?

Also do you know what the southeastern building is? Dunelm Mill is in the northwestern building - are there...
52017-08-30 19:25:38 UTCRedGel Looks good to me.
That building is a Fludes Carpets and I'm sure it's a kitchen shop. Magnet? I drive past it every week and I can't remember. The next time I go past I'll make a note and add them in.

Looking again at the changes made in this changeset. The following ways were changed from landu...
62017-08-30 19:52:10 UTCSomeoneElse I didn't do a revert, just looked at each of the new "buildings" and changed the most obviously wrong. 42677503 is just one building, but obviously a bit of tidy-up so that the shape matches better would be nice. 42677501 looks OKish (but is that Aldi to the northwest misplaced?). 22734...
72017-08-30 20:10:22 UTCRedGel Aldi is correct. The satellite imagery is out of date. The factory used to be Goldwells but it was knocked it down and they built Aldi in 2016. The industrial area needs changing to exclude the area used by Aldi.
12017-08-29 10:38:55 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-08-29 09:38:08 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Is there really a convenience store with your name in Russia?
Best Regards,
22017-08-29 09:38:30 UTCSomeoneElse Merhaba,
Rusya'da isminizle birlikte bir marketten gerçekten var mı?
12017-08-20 09:43:51 UTChycart This has not had the desired effect - apart from in JOSM. Will have to consider an alternative approach.
22017-08-20 22:38:30 UTCGinaroZ What effect were you looking to achieve?
32017-08-21 08:42:00 UTChycart I wand the name of the wooded areas to appear on the map (Lochend Woods), either in one or multiple places. This only happens with the Humanitarian variant of the map. What is shown in JOSM editing mode would also be fine. This must be a common situation, I can see names for landuse/forest being ...
42017-08-28 14:00:41 UTChycart I see the name has appeared now, perhaps you have to wait some time for the lower-resolution tiles that have these. I really wish there was VM setup to accept updates and perform localised tile rendering exactly as the OSM site does that people could use in order to check this sort of thing.
52017-08-29 08:29:40 UTCSomeoneElse If you're familiar with installing a VM yourself you could try .

To add "test stuff" to a local rendering you'd need to save a .osc and apply that as a "change".
12017-08-27 13:19:18 UTCSomeoneElse I've restored the tags on the Barrack from
12017-08-24 15:18:31 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I suspect that people here might have been trying to say "this is a barber's and not a hairdresser's". If you look at the subtags for hairdresser you'll see that it's often tagged that way: . Mechanical edits to OSM do need to be di...
22017-08-27 08:03:19 UTCobserver Hi,
I think that it is best to revert this edit. Hope I can fix this myself.
32017-08-27 08:07:38 UTCobserver "or do we need to revert these changes?"

Please do so, I can 't find out how I can do that from here. My apologies for the inconvenience.
42017-08-27 08:37:08 UTCSomeoneElse No problem - done.
12017-08-26 12:48:58 UTCSomeoneElse Is Carrington Street closed now as well? is no access but isn't restricted.
I've not been there in a month (when Carrington Street was still open and stuff to the east was fenced off).
12017-08-25 13:11:33 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Mirnamil, and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
You've changed a number of names in recent changesets, with a changeset comment of "100%".
Please do use meaningful changeset comments - "100%" does not explain what you changed or why, or what the source was.
For details on the ...
22017-08-25 13:12:06 UTCSomeoneElse Merhaba Mirnamil, OpenStreetMap'e hoş geldiniz!
Son değişikliklerdeki bazı adları değiştirdiniz, "% 100" lik bir changeset yorumu ile.
Lütfen anlamlı değişikliklerle ilgili yorumlar kullanın - "% 100", neyi değiştirdiğinizi veya nedenini veya kaynağı neyi a...
12017-08-24 15:26:11 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
This is a very large changeset with relatively few items in it. How can I see which objects in it are near me?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend
12017-08-24 15:23:16 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I'm guessing that perhaps could do with an "amenity=funeral_directors" tag on it?
Best Regards,
12017-08-23 14:10:47 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review:
highway=grass is not widely used, I assume you meant highway=footway + surface=grass?
22017-08-23 16:25:13 UTCStefan de Konink Nope, it is a routable surface, not a footway.
32017-08-23 16:28:31 UTCGerdP So maybe highway=service ?
42017-08-23 16:36:31 UTCStefan de Konink No, highway=grass.
52017-08-23 16:40:13 UTCGerdP Well, the highway tag is used to map the importance of the road, not the surface.
Why do you think that you have a special case here?
62017-08-23 16:50:24 UTCStefan de Konink Because there is no road.
72017-08-23 16:54:00 UTCStefan de Konink The hole purpose of having added these tags is the ability to route pedestrians over the camping place. Hence the highway tag is used on surfaces which form a graph. The highway=grass is not rendered. Don't do any harm, in the database, and should have been implicitly followed, sadly the OpenStreetM...
82017-08-23 17:03:52 UTCGerdP Sounds somehow crazy. A way that is not a road and should not be displayed as road should still be used like a road?
92017-08-23 17:08:46 UTCStefan de Konink Exactly. The surface is a field of grass used for camping. While passing the surface in the middle moving to another campingfield is a highway activity. Don't want to render it on the map, do want to route over it.
102017-08-23 17:11:22 UTCGerdP What router supports this mapping?
112017-08-23 17:14:33 UTCStefan de Konink OpenTripPlanner, RoutingKit, probably any router that can be configured to use tags.
122017-08-24 07:08:56 UTCGerdP So you tell the people who arrive at the camping to install this software and configure it just to find something like a trampoline? I can't believe that.
Besides that I still think that the highway tag should not be used here.
132017-08-24 14:56:27 UTCSomeoneElse For info - "highway=grass" hasn't exactly troubled the scorers at taginfo: . It's only used in this one location.
142017-08-24 19:50:29 UTCStefan de Konink I honestly don't care what you think. You are not familiair in the area, have not micromapped it, and the tagging is part of the openstreetmap database, and has not been used in rendering profiles.

I don't care about scores too. It seems you are only trying to formalize tagging, but don't come wi...
152017-08-25 05:16:25 UTCGerdP A possible alternative may be highway=virtual
It is also undocumented and not often used (64 times) but at least more self explaining,
and I think it is used for the same purpose.
162017-08-25 12:32:24 UTCStefan de Konink Thanks, this is a good suggestion. I would be happy to use it.
12017-08-24 13:10:29 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-03-03 10:59:05 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment. See also
22017-03-04 20:54:58 UTCposchon I seems to be, I was to fast. Please give me the feedback over PN. What did I do wrong?
32017-03-04 20:58:50 UTCposchon For the start:

The basis for the import was

The licenc for all imported adresses is Creative Commons - CC0 1.0
42017-03-04 21:14:16 UTCposchon Check the datas:
I compared all the adresses between present in the openstreet and in the SET. After the import I checked all the adresses over and corrected all doubel house numbers
52017-03-04 21:18:08 UTCposchon But now I see some of my adaptations of double house numbers are not present on official release. Positive think is: The server has all the corrections
62017-03-04 21:22:39 UTCposchon I prepared all the import to correct it. Every one can filter all house numbers for "Information = info". I have also the imported file on my computer and could send it to every one.
72017-03-05 14:03:41 UTCdieterdreist Hello Poschon, thank you for replying. The most important critique from the mailing list is that you didn't follow the import guidelines and didn't contact the local community, otherwise you would have learnt that there was already an established structure and guidelines for importing this data: ht...
82017-03-05 14:08:33 UTCdieterdreist also you should use a dedicated account for imports, especially if you are uploading a lot of stuff like you did.
92017-03-05 21:44:26 UTCposchon Hallo Martin,

I see.

I will the same: A great map for the world.

Are you in the community "Emilia Romagna"?

At the moment all my try to change something on the map is not visible. It seems that my account works partially.

About the doubles address:
At the moment over osmose...
102017-03-06 16:55:36 UTCdieterdreist Hello Poschon, there is still some discussion on the italian ML as you might have seen. I have told them that you are wiling to solve the few duplicates and that I have the impression you have understood now that there are import guidelines that have to be respected. Although the data doesn't requir...
112017-03-06 21:00:01 UTCposchon Hallo Martin,
Grazie for this feedback.
I did not get your formulation "Although the data doesn't require legally attribution (cc0) it would still have made sense to provide it (so others can see where the data came from)."

What is exactly the requirement in this case about source?\...
122017-03-06 21:19:25 UTCposchon I stay in Modena for more as one year. I have big interest to increase the status of OSM in Modena.
132017-03-06 21:22:59 UTCposchon Sorry I miss understand you last comment.
142017-03-06 21:25:37 UTCposchon Then I will wait for the feedback. I follow the discussion in ML, but it is quite difficult to understand. The google translate help me a little.
152017-03-09 18:50:42 UTCposchon I see the first feedback about the quality:

1.\tSome days ago I talked about invisible addresses. I mean the wrong format --> 2/A. At the moment there are 51 addresses with wrong format. There is no problem to solve it.

2.\tNot existing houses: I can not imagen that one responsible/person f...
162017-03-15 11:05:45 UTCdieterdreist Hello Poschon, there have only been neutral or positive reactions regarding the import (a revert will likely not happen). You can go on with fixing the few duplicates (my preferences would be in doubt to favor the non-import version of the duplicates). Thank you,
172017-03-15 11:08:24 UTCdieterdreist btw: why are you sure 2/A is the wrong format? It is a common housenumber scheme in italy. If search doesn't find this, we might have to improve the search.
182017-03-15 22:11:22 UTCposchon Hello Martin,

Grazie for the feedback. I will follow the unwritten low in case of duplicates to delete the imported address. At the next time I will search more deeply for a community. My big mistake is: I looked just for Modena. The wiki side for Regio Emilia does not include the word Modena.
192017-03-16 01:15:32 UTCdieterdreist the shortcomings of the search should be reported to Nominatim (the geocoding software on Contacting the local community about the import: best way is probably to ask on the national mailing list, they can refer to a regional mailing list (if there is). There is also an international maili...
202017-03-16 08:58:07 UTCRegina Phalange Sorry for being late. I'm not much happy about this changeset, as I've seen the source in the past and I wasn't very amused about the quality. The house numbers are very often misplaced around the buildings, or even in the near buildings. If the general feeling is neutral though, I'm not going to in...
212017-03-17 10:47:36 UTCdieterdreist I think there is likely not a rule or if there is, it is not enforced, you can find different kind of 3/A, 3/a, 3a, 3A and there also are very frequent uses of the slash to make a list, e.g. 3/5/7 (for the house numbers 3 and 5 and 7) and there also are variants like 3/2 (which has to be read simila...
222017-03-18 12:54:56 UTCposchon ciao,

the format for the numbers is important. I agree with you. Today I did a small walk around Modena. I saw just the Format <Number><Letter> without ”/”.

Here are some pictures from plates and in upper left corner the position of this plate on the map:
232017-03-19 11:41:38 UTCRegina Phalange Ok I'm really sorry because you are totally right about the plates. However the "/" format is default when you talk about addresses, as you can see here , and (not Modena ...
242017-08-22 10:12:35 UTCSomeoneElse Hello poschon,
What is the point of the "information=add" data that you have added to every node here? Were these tags discussed anywhere before the import took place?
Best Regards,
See also the very negative comments about this import at
12017-08-22 08:09:02 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Was this import discussed anywhere? The tagging (e.g. "information=a" looks very wrong.
Best Regards,
22017-09-12 16:56:02 UTCdaganzdaanda I'm not sure it is an import... There seems to be a group of people who survey this area but don't yet know much about the tagging in OSM.
See and and
12017-03-03 10:57:44 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment.
22017-08-22 08:05:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hello poschon,
What is the point of the "information=add" data that you have added to every node here? What was the source of the import? Was it discussed anywhere?
Best Regards,
32017-08-22 08:06:30 UTCSomeoneElse @dieterdreist did you raise this anywhere else (one of the mailing lists, the DWG, etc.)?
42017-08-22 08:47:40 UTCdieterdreist IIRR this was discussed on talk-it and still IIRR approved post operam.
12017-08-21 11:22:37 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 51301060 where the changeset comment is: Revert wrong change by user Guppie35 of B 6n to A 36. You have not been in field.
22017-08-21 23:28:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Guppie35,

Your changeset comments are all either "no comment" or as here "just wright". Neither of those really explains what you're trying to do and what the source was. Please do take the time to explain your changes - OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project - we ha...
12017-08-21 14:36:06 UTCGinaroZ Isn't better tagged as shop=opticians?
22017-08-21 14:57:37 UTCSomeoneElse By a margin of 31k to 60, yes :)
12017-08-20 21:55:31 UTCDaveF Hi
Why have you removed pub details from the polygon that represents the land operated by the pub (same as with the scheme for schools) & placed them on a building within the polygon boundary?

Why have you created a MP relation which places the pub car park *outside* the premises of the land...
22017-08-21 08:32:53 UTCSomeoneElse Certainly the change here has broken all the renderers that I'm aware of - is completely confused, and doesn't see the pub at all!
12017-08-19 08:50:43 UTCSomeoneElse Hi zerpou,
Was this import discussed anywhere (as per the Import Guidelines )?
Best Regards,
22017-09-22 21:27:12 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 52290172 where the changeset comment is: Reverting undiscussed import 50238127 which introduced lots of odd tags. Attempts to discuss with mapper failed - see et al. Since-edited objects lef...
12017-08-18 18:39:35 UTCHolgerJeromin You have added with shop=car_wash (wrong tag)
An amenity=car_wash was already there:
Do i miss something?
22017-08-18 19:32:01 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks for letting me know. It is (or was when I was last there) genuinely two adjacent car washes. I'll fix the tag.
32017-08-18 19:45:30 UTCHolgerJeromin Thanks for your quick answer (and the fix :)
12017-08-18 15:40:31 UTCSomeoneElse Also,
What evidence do you have for the name of ? I live just down the road from there and have driven around it many times. Where is it signed?
Best Regards,
12017-08-18 15:34:36 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Where did you get the name "Pinxton Interchange" for here?
Best Regards,
12017-08-18 13:12:03 UTCpschonmann Are you 100% sure, that mapper want use source key ?
Reverting to bad key=values pair is not too good idea too. Surface=ground seems fine for me if its on golf
22017-08-18 13:14:26 UTCSomeoneElse Did you actually ask them what they meant?
32017-08-18 13:18:18 UTCpschonmann No, but surface=bing is nonsense, ive changed surface to right value thats fit to golf yard. Maybe grass will be more specific
42017-08-18 13:23:20 UTCSomeoneElse Here a "nonsense" tag is useful, because it says that "someone tagged something incorrectly. Leaving that visible means that this and their other contributions will be looked at more closely.You don't know what the mapper wanted to record here, or actually you guessed wrong - in this...
52017-08-18 13:38:39 UTCpschonmann Ok, youre boss
12017-08-17 19:48:33 UTCDaveF Pulverized Ash?

Instead of deleting could you have contacted the mapper(s) to ask?
22017-08-18 07:30:36 UTCToniE First guess: surface=paved or surface=paving_stones. "paved" is quite generic and should fit here?
32017-08-18 08:32:40 UTCSomeoneElse I've reverted this. Please ask the mapper what "pa" was a misspelling of in each case rather than just removing data from OSM.
12017-08-18 08:31:00 UTCSomeoneElse Here you've removed the only useful information that was mapped. Don't do that.
12017-08-18 08:21:14 UTCSomeoneElse The mapper presumably meant "source=bing" rather than "surface=ground" here. Please engage brain when fixing tags!
12017-08-16 15:50:15 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Harinder Burkhart,
What is the source for the population figure here?
Best Regards,
12017-08-16 14:35:02 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you explain what change you were trying to make here?
Best Regards,
12017-08-16 11:58:43 UTCtrigpoint Hi, you seem to have added a source:maxspeed with no maxspeed.
Also GB:rural is meaningless, there is no such thing as a rural limit. We have a national speed limit and tag source:maxspeed as either gb_nsl_single or gb_nsl_dual.
Cheers Phil
22017-08-16 12:50:05 UTCSomeoneElse For info, the most used values are at .
12017-08-15 15:14:34 UTCSomeoneElse Hi vadp,
Just so you're aware, there has been discussion on the talk-it list about whether Italian or compound Sardinian/Italian names should be used here - see for example .
Best Regards,
22017-08-16 08:27:49 UTCvadp Hi Andy,
No problem. I just feel that it's better to have one language per name tag otherwise it looks quite clumsy.

As a matter of fact I did made some investigation beforehand. doesn't even mention Terranoa as an alternative name (or Terranòa or Tarran&og...
32017-08-16 08:45:03 UTCvadp Actually, I see what you had meant: .

It's strange though that doesn't follow these rules. But well, If it's an established practice, I'll amend the node.

42017-08-16 09:36:21 UTCSomeoneElse There was actually quite a bit of discussion on the tail-it mailing list. There was talk of a wiki vote about names there, but I'm not sure if that ever happened.
52017-08-16 12:55:17 UTCvadp This "slashed" notation does look quite weird and unreadable. Strange that in Corsica, for example, they do not follow this pattern, although they seem to be even more keen of their Corsican names.

Never mind though. I'm not going to rename every place in Sardinia :)
12017-08-14 18:38:57 UTCSomeoneElse isn't what people would normally describe as a tree row - looks more like a big hedge.
22017-08-14 18:44:31 UTCSomeoneElse Also doesn't look like a fence but a wall, and it isn't that shape. is that shape, but also appears to be a wall not a fence.
32017-08-14 18:46:21 UTCSomeoneElse Also doesn't look like a driveway - it just appears to be a parking area in someone's front garden.
42017-08-14 21:09:14 UTCVlIvYur 489053247 looks like a tree row, because fence/wall in the meter to the N
489053234, 489053236 maybe there are walls. Shadow is strange, looks like this barrier consists of 4 pieces with height of 0.5-1m, and another one from the house to the next roof perpendicularly
489053343 leads to house, &qu...
12017-08-14 18:36:27 UTCSomeoneElse Do you have any evidence is a fence now? The imagery would suggest that it isn't one.
12017-08-14 18:28:33 UTCSomeoneElse By what logic do you make a farmyard? It just looks like a field with some pigs in it to me.
22017-08-14 23:36:51 UTCVlIvYur I'd confuse land and yard
12017-08-14 11:21:36 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks
12017-08-14 11:11:31 UTCSomeoneElse Hello - here you've deleted something that was previously a school - . Was that correct or should that be reverted?
Best Regards,
22017-08-14 11:21:14 UTCoormilavinod hello, thank you so much for point his out. i have reverted the last change to yours . have a nice day :)
12017-08-14 09:26:36 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Lydie Domínquez Soliz and welcome to OSM!
Can you explain what the source of the data that you are adding is please?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
12017-08-03 11:50:27 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi rati gogebashvilli, can I know the reason for mass deletion of residential roads in this area? all the roads you have deleted had names and more other details. I'm going to revert them soon. For any query, Please reply here. Thanks
22017-08-13 17:33:48 UTCSomeoneElse For info - mentioned on help site:
32017-08-13 17:38:36 UTCSomeoneElse @Chetan_Gowda Actually, there are quite a lot of other deletion changesets too. Presumably you are also going to revert those too?
Best Regards,
42017-08-15 16:00:22 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Andy, I will pass this revert process to you. Please take action on these deletions. Thank you!

52017-08-20 11:12:18 UTCAlecs01 This one was forgotten apparentely; reverted.
12017-08-13 17:04:43 UTCSomeoneElse For info I've asked on what these empty attractions were supposed to be.
Best Regards,
12017-08-13 17:03:36 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Les Pétards,
Can you explain what these unnamed "tourist attractions" across the world actually were?
Best Regards,
12017-08-13 15:20:15 UTCSK53 I realise this changeset was mainly fixing minor errors, but it's rather difficult to review the changes when the area covered is so large.

Changes like converting existing areas to multipolygons can be quite confusing, because one sees tags deleted from ways.

Lastly I note one or two over cor...
22017-08-13 16:59:51 UTCSomeoneElse I'd agree with SK53 about relation usage here - certainly mapping as a relation is overcomplicated and misuses a fence as part of it. If there's a fence, map that; if there's a leisure area map that too (using the same nodes if appropriate). To map so...
32017-08-13 23:38:26 UTCVlIvYur Returned note for archive.

Relations: that was I said SomeoneElse before: it's hard to find right way if there are many ways over the same points. If you want write-once without multipolygons try to edit around Nottigham railway station.
Breakage was before me: someone made mini golf unclosed wi...
12017-08-13 13:55:51 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you explain what " so it appears in the same priority as Wales" means? Appears where?
Best Regards,
12017-07-31 21:50:34 UTCSomeoneElse Hello ArjanO,
The data that you've imported here clearly contained some problems (data at latitude 0, longitude 0). Was it discussed anywhere? See the links from which describe the steps that should happen before an import takes place.
Best Regards,
22017-08-08 14:19:02 UTCArjanO Hi Andy,

I guess something went wrong with an import.
Point taken.

best regards,
32017-08-10 09:06:43 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Arjano,
Was the import discussed anywhere?
Best Regards,
12017-08-09 14:03:48 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Presumably is no longer a carpet shop?
Best Regards,
12017-08-09 13:25:20 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
Have you any idea how incorrect latitude and lo...
22017-08-09 14:42:35 UTCJonas official I dont know exact answer, but what i can say probably might be due to differences in projection coordinate system UTM that was set during the GPS track photogeometry
12017-08-08 12:50:48 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
You've added "designation=shed" to e.g. here. I think you might have meant "description"? "designation" is used to indicate the legal classification of something - see
12017-08-03 10:19:08 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
It looks like some of the changes that you made here aren't actually valid. For example, is extremely unlikely to be part of a cane processing plant. I've been to the Netherlands many times, and rolling fields of sugarcane were notable by their a...
22017-08-08 09:41:02 UTCethylisocyanat Hi Andy, was demolished,
but is clearly still active.

It is not producing any raw sugar, but specialties:

De fabriek in Puttershoek produceert de droge specialiteiten basterdsuiker en poedersuiker in zo...
32017-08-08 09:53:49 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Thanks for that.
42017-08-09 12:31:27 UTCethylisocyanat Hi Andy,

thanks for being tough on all suspicious changesets!
12017-08-07 20:49:34 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Is this perhaps a pub? If so, "amenity=pub" would be the appropriate tagging for it.
Also is the operator perhaps "JD Wetherspoon"?
Best Regards,
12017-08-07 13:06:58 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, is way 342863745 really named Bus Link? If this is not a proper name, please remove it. If it is, I suggest adding a note to say it really is the name.

22017-08-07 13:28:59 UTCSomeoneElse Yes, it really is called that.
12017-06-05 11:54:24 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
You've made a tag change to these items, but are you and the rest of the TW community happy that the location of new items in TW is correct? The changeset that added them added many other objects in the middle of the sea - have you checked the l...
22017-06-05 11:55:27 UTCSomeoneElse (自動翻譯)

您已經對這些項目進行了標籤更改,但是您和TW社區的其他成員對TW中新項目的位置是否正確? 添加他們的變更集在海中添加了許多其他對象 - 您是否檢查了您在此處修...
32017-08-04 21:01:12 UTCjidanni 您東西丟於 不好。
42017-08-07 10:32:20 UTCSupaplex
52017-08-07 10:39:54 UTCSupaplex 然後,不是我丟的,是Geothings丟上去的
62017-08-07 10:48:15 UTCSomeoneElse @Supaplex Geothings data imports (here and elsewhere) have caused lots of problems. I commented on this changeset to tell you that the data that you were modifying is probably misplaced.
72017-08-07 12:19:21 UTCSupaplex I had already modified the nodes outside of Taiwan terterity. The one node jidanni says the location is wrong, is misplace to another county.
12017-08-07 10:41:31 UTCSomeoneElse Hi just spotted something a bit odd with the Loch Katrine Aqueduct. If you look at it seems to go east of the Duchray Bridge across Duchray Water whereas there is an aqueduct
12017-08-07 01:18:19 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - you've added a node in the middle of the Atlantic in this changeset!
12017-08-06 20:50:22 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - just wondered about the layer tag on . It's set to layer=1, but the bit to the north is layer=-1. Both sections are location=underground.
22017-08-08 16:55:47 UTCtms13 Thanks. I've fixed this, and in progress of more accurately tracing both aqueducts using OS 6"/mile mapping from early 1900s.
12017-08-04 16:50:24 UTCGinaroZ I think mot is correct, as it offers an MOT service?
22017-08-04 17:40:28 UTCmueschel Shouldn't it be amenity=vehicle_inspection or service:vehicle:inspection=yes then? The first is documented and used 800 times, the latter is used 30 times.
32017-08-05 13:14:28 UTCSomeoneElse Something involving MOT would make perfect sense to me - see and for where it's been used before. "inspection" is hardly used for MOTs; see
42017-08-05 13:49:16 UTCmueschel I'm not from the UK, so I didn't hear the term MOT before.
But as far as I see, these tags involving the term MOT are used maybe 50 times in the UK, while all the rest of Europe has the tag amenity=vehicle_inspection used 1300 times. This tag is supported in JOSM and shown e.g. in Osmand as well.
12017-08-05 10:00:50 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Nemigo,
In OSM we map the world as it exists, not as we'd like it to be. Changing a McDonald's to a McMerda is not OK - don't do it again.
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
22017-08-05 10:01:39 UTCSomeoneElse (Traducción automática al es)
Hola Nemigo,
En OSM trazamos el mundo como existe, no como nos gustaría que fuera. Cambiar un McDonald's a un McMerda no está bien - no lo hagas de nuevo.
Andy Townsend, en nombre del Grupo de Trabajo de Datos de OSM.
12017-08-01 20:23:07 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you explain what data was "corrected" here? This changeset has a very large area, and it's not clear what "Corrected data" means.
Best Regards,
22017-08-01 20:29:11 UTCSomeoneElse Something definately went wrong with (which you've snce fixed - thanks) - any idea how that happened?
32017-08-02 02:27:32 UTCdrsgis I don't know what went wrong. I'm using the arcmap extension, which was being a bit buggy today, and when I synced the edited data for some reason a couple of vertices on one road segment were shot clear across the world. So the changeset area is not nearly that big. I fixed misaligned roads, fixed...
42017-08-04 14:03:08 UTCSomeoneElse Whatever it was, thanks for fixing the data :)
12017-08-04 08:45:16 UTCSomeoneElse This changeset added a large number of streetlights in the middle of a field in France. How did that happen?
See for example.
12017-08-03 10:09:54 UTCSomeoneElse Hello, seems to be a duplicate of the pub on the corner. Probably worth merging them.
Best Regards,
22017-08-03 10:20:13 UTCRudipeters Hi Andy,

Your comment can be right, I didn't check the neighourhood for other places. The only that I know is that this restaurant exists. Maybe it's the new name of a former place.

If you happen to be there please feel free to check the situation on site and merge the two places. Or let me k...
32017-08-03 10:31:53 UTCSomeoneElse It looks like the same place to me - I'd just merge the two values onto one node and leave it as a restaurant.
42017-08-03 12:05:28 UTCRudipeters If I only knew how to...

Can you do it (please)?

Just to make clear we didn't misunderstand each other: the "Duchess of Argyll" is there (I had some Mexican food there last Monday), the "Gazelle" I didn't see, hence my idea that "Duchess..." is just the new name o...
52017-08-03 12:24:06 UTCSomeoneElse No problem - all done in .
62017-08-08 06:26:23 UTCRudipeters Thank you! (and sorry for not answering immediately...)
12017-08-01 18:18:39 UTCSomeoneElse Hi will,
Quick question - does the edit to the location of after your change look OK to you?
Best Regards,
22017-08-02 11:21:02 UTCwill_p It appears that the whole roundabout was moved rather than just the traffic signals. Everything was shifted roughly 2 metres to the west. Looking at GPS traces I think the original position was slightly more accurate, but it's probably too minor to worry about.
32017-08-02 12:57:21 UTCSomeoneElse OK, Thanks.
12017-08-01 18:14:18 UTCBCNorwich Hello and Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
I don't suppose you are aware that OSM is a live worldwide database that is able to instantaneously change the characteristics of hundreds of folks maps. I hope you can realise that the live database is not the place to conduct tests. (Tests can be done off line ...
22017-08-01 22:01:11 UTCluciecohen Hi Bernard,
My apologies - I didn't appreciate the nature of the programme. Thank god I didn't do more damage! Thanks for being so polite in your response - I'll leave the site alone in future.
32017-08-02 11:12:43 UTCSomeoneElse If you want to add test data you can try - it's just like the "live" site but with just test data in it.
42017-08-02 20:59:00 UTCfreebeer Hallo Lucie,
May I repeat the welcome Bernard gave...
You wrote:
"I'll leave the site alone in future."
Please don't... Constructive contributions are always welcome, and there is a lot to be done, perhaps less in London relative to elsewhere -- but I see dozens of unresolved notes ne...
12017-07-31 22:59:09 UTCethylisocyanat Hi Hieu Van,

was it your intention to delete the relation of the Asian Highway 1:
22017-08-02 08:04:29 UTCHieu Van Yes, it was a duplication fix
32017-08-02 08:54:20 UTCSomeoneElse was a super-relation (as you can see from the previous members of it). Looking at one of those, does not appear to be a member of any super-relation. What was
12017-08-01 19:52:56 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Just for info - I deleted a duplicate "Birth of Sky" artwork creatd in here. The other one that you added had more info on it so I left that.
Best Regards,
22017-08-01 20:17:10 UTCHobgoblin Hi Andy,
Thanks. Not sure how I managed that when was adding a couple of POIs in China. I seem to have created a huge area changeset too. Never mind - all sorted now.
12017-08-01 09:17:10 UTCwambacher hi,
please stop those changes. This area is CONTROLLED by India and CLAIMED by China.It is not ok to change that area.

This political motivated edit will be reverted asap.

The Data Working Group (DWG) is watching your activities and you will be blocked if you keep on doing that stuff.

22017-08-01 09:46:27 UTCxingdavis How to prove that It is CONTROLLED by India.
32017-08-01 10:17:02 UTCSomeoneElse The Chinese media think it is controlled by India: :
"a region that is part of China's territory but in which some areas are currently controlled by India," a Chinese state media report said.
42017-08-01 10:23:23 UTCxingdavis Can that represent the state?
52017-08-01 10:26:35 UTCxingdavis It is just a traitor lackeys.Don't let me see him, he'll regret it.
12017-08-01 07:18:28 UTCSomeoneElse Hello HelioFelix,
Any imports into OSM must follow the procedure described at . It's important to discuss imports with other mappers so that they can confirm that the data is licence-compatible and make sure that is is sensible in other ways.
22017-08-01 07:37:19 UTCHelioFelix I am not going to resolve the license issue. It is not sure the name, height, coordinates of survey points should go into the map. The best thing to do is to remove all of them.
32017-08-01 07:50:21 UTCSomeoneElse OK, thanks.
12017-08-01 05:22:53 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Just wondered what the source of the "lit" change to was?
Best Regards,
12017-07-31 16:03:27 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
All your changesets are just titled "create changeset". Can you please explain what you are doing?
Best Regards,
12017-07-31 15:34:26 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you explain the changes you've made here? "fixing relations" doesn't really explain anything.
As you may be aware, the boundaries here have been subject to politically-motivated edits in the past. It'd be helpful to all other mappers if you could explain the changes.
Best R...
12017-07-24 14:23:52 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
It looks like there's a "partial non-reuse of nodes" issue here.
I'm guessing that is supposed to abut the landuse that surrounds it - it reuses nodes at the eastern side (which I'd expect) but not at the western, so there's an overlap. I g...
22017-07-24 16:21:34 UTCRowland Nodes are snapped to existing points, the residential area looks like that has spilt beyond its extent on the ground, have now snapped to share boundary
32017-07-27 07:54:05 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks.
12017-07-25 18:48:42 UTCrene78 I guess this revert went partly wrong. For example node 1224150978 seems to be a valid village.
22017-07-25 19:00:17 UTCSafwatHalaby Are you sure 1224150978 is a valid village? I saw tens of villages all named "الدار", meaning "home". I assumed they weren't real.
32017-07-25 19:05:19 UTCSafwatHalaby For instance, see these:
42017-07-25 19:05:43 UTCrene78 If you go to this url - - Click on the coordinates of the last changeset, then edit, then zoom in as much as possible. You will see that there is a village. Maybe "الدار" is a common name in arabic?
52017-07-25 19:07:08 UTCSafwatHalaby Unlikely. "الدار" means "the home". It's even less likely to have many villages bearing the same name right next to each other. (See my links, and those aren't all).
62017-07-25 19:09:18 UTCSafwatHalaby Indeed there's a village. I think it'd be best to rescan all removed villages and re-add them without the name at all, just place=village.
72017-07-25 19:09:29 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks for pointing this out!
82017-07-25 19:12:54 UTCSafwatHalaby In your particular example, if you zoom out a little, you'll notice there are 2 villages with seemingly valid names. Perhaps they also cover that area and it's all good after removing "الدار".
92017-07-25 19:32:45 UTCrene78 Not sure. But nonetheless it is a good idea to do some housekeeping once in a while. Especially quite a few of those edits are of low quality. Thanks.
102017-07-26 09:07:19 UTCSomeoneElse Any idea what the change to was here? It seems odd that it has got caught up in a "my house" tidy-up.
112017-07-26 20:42:38 UTCSafwatHalaby This node is part of the way, and it had its name tag removed.
122017-07-26 20:58:08 UTCSafwatHalaby Method used for anyone curious: Downloaded nodes bearing "hot words" via JOSM+overpass, and manually inspected them.

the queries are often of the style node["name"~"hotWord"] or node["name:ar"~"hotWord"].
132017-07-26 20:59:21 UTCSafwatHalaby A time-consuming followup would be manually inspecting the edit history of each person who added a node that was deleted in this changeset. Looking for easy ways to script this.
12017-07-24 15:54:07 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, I see you have added access=no to ways 16533193 and 16533219. These are footways and have foot=permissive on them, so access=no has no effect other than to cause confusion as to what was intended. If you intended there to be no pedestrian access, please remove foot=permissive, otherwise, please ...
22017-07-24 16:13:42 UTCSomeoneElse @Mike For info see and - it's very much a work in progress at the moment.
12017-07-24 14:33:19 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-07-24 10:06:40 UTCSomeoneElse Hi James,
This looks very much like a mechanical edit - was it discussed anywhere?
Not that I expect that anyone would necessarily have complained, but a "heads up" to anyone who's consuming the data would have been nice.
Also, I presume that you did actually check all 135 nodes to see ...
22017-07-24 10:49:17 UTCJamesKingdom Hi Andy,
Sorry for not notifying, I was just going on the basis that the amount being modified was quite low.
I checked most locations, but I will double check them all later today, or I can revert them if you like.
Sorry for the inconvenience
32017-07-24 14:58:11 UTCJamesKingdom Hi Andy,
I have checked on the map and imagery, and all 135 look to be in plausible locations.
Sorry again for the fuss,
12016-06-14 16:00:53 UTCRicoZ The reverted changeset clearly had some errors but I think many of the objects are in fact cave_entrances.
22016-06-14 16:16:17 UTCSomeoneElse @RicoZ Indeed, and local mappers will I'm sure pick those up over time.

The solution to "some cave entrances are incorrectly mapped as caves" is not to change ALL caves to cave entrances - that's just differently wrong.

By their very nature (being underground and not visible on aeria...
32016-06-17 15:20:23 UTCRicoZ Thanks, I have started and am looking at those places now
42017-04-02 08:16:25 UTCzstadler Currently, there is "cave" is not an approved tag.
I find is strange that the most appropriate approved tag "natural=cave_entrance" was replaced by an tag that was proposed at the time of the change.
As a result of this change, applicable caves have disappeared from maps...
52017-07-23 07:38:51 UTCzstadler The proposed "natural=cave" proposal applies to ways and areas.
I therefore changed/reverted all "natural=cave" nodes in Israel and Palestine to "natural=cave_entrance".
62017-07-23 09:23:52 UTCSomeoneElse @zstadler OSM does not have "approved" tags, If someone has mapped something beyond a "cave entrance" as a "natural=cave" then that's perfectly OK. As noted above, as with any "odd tagging" I'd expect local mappers to check examples near them, as I presume y...
72017-07-23 10:04:46 UTCRicoZ @zstadler: most of the nodes natural=cave should be natural=cave_entrance but not all. It may be that in Israel the data is sufficiently homogenous that you can simply replace it but in other countries I found mappers tagged wine cellars, restaurants and many other objects with nodes of type natura...
82017-07-23 15:09:30 UTCzstadler Yes, I'm the original mapper of all recently corrected entries, and they should have been "natural=cave_entrance" in the first place.
@SomeoneElse: The says a proposal can be approved by voting.
12017-07-21 12:20:01 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
You've got Europa Link with a "ref" of C760. Is that actually signed? It didn't used to be (a couple of years ago). If not, official_ref would be the preferred way of tagging it - see .
Best Regards,
12017-07-21 07:52:17 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
Best Regards,
12017-07-19 19:13:29 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Is really a tourist information place or is it a taxi office?
12017-07-19 19:12:03 UTCSomeoneElse Welcome to Nottingham! If you're around on Tuesday, you might like to know that is happening at .
12017-07-19 16:42:41 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Any idea how a node near the south pole got added here?
Best Regards,
12017-07-19 16:39:22 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
I've changed this back because some of the changes appeared to have been made by mistake, including renaming a shopping centre to Vodafone.
Best Regards,
12017-07-19 15:31:38 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Is really a viewpoint in the middle of the street? It seems an odd location.
Best Regards,
12017-07-19 13:33:57 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Rowland,
You're still creating changesets without comments. Please stop doing this immediately. If you do you'll get blocked again. See link to previous discussion at .
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.

12017-05-10 13:19:58 UTCchillly HI,
Tidy after an import? Where was this import discussed? Are you aware of the guidelines?
22017-05-10 16:28:04 UTCGinaroZ Looks like the school grounds are from OS OpenMap Local according to the source
32017-07-19 13:31:35 UTCSomeoneElse My personal experience of the various bits of OS OpenData (trees, water, buildings) is that "trees" were basically rubbish (there are probably some trees in the area, but you can get a much better idea of exactly where from Bing+survey), "water" was pretty good, if a few years ou...
12017-07-19 10:37:39 UTCSomeoneElse Hello carlo fornaciari,
OSM is a collaborative project - we have to work together to create the best map. Part of this means that sending abuse to other users, either privately or in changeset comments such as this one, will not be tolerated.
Please treat other community members with respect. If...
22017-07-19 10:38:10 UTCSomeoneElse (Traduzione automatica)
Ciao carlo fornaciari,
OSM è un progetto collaborativo - dobbiamo lavorare insieme per creare la migliore mappa. Una parte di ciò significa che l'invio di abusi ad altri utenti, sia in privato che in commenti di changeet come questo, non sarà tollerato....
12017-07-13 20:48:06 UTCDaveF Hi again
The two landuse=industrial areas you've added appear to overlap existing areas & stretch into land own by other companies or is public land. If you have additional data could you add it to existing objects.
22017-07-13 23:16:57 UTCndm School would ideally use multipolygon.

Nursing Home might not be a good match for a hospital -- there's a couple of different options documented in the wiki.
32017-07-15 13:20:05 UTCRowland Per the source, the pound for the port after per there OS openmap local data. Will take a look at the multi polygons.
42017-07-15 21:31:47 UTCDaveF I'm unclear what you mean. I've looked at the OS Open Map - Local data for the area & see no boundary. Is there an on-line version of what you're using as data?

Could you explain what 'Tayberry' is? Is it an editor or an importer?
52017-07-19 09:34:14 UTCSomeoneElse I suspect that is mistagged. It's tagged as a hospital, but the name suggests it's a nursing home. Have a look in for things like "nursing home" "care home" and "healthcare" and "social...
62017-07-19 13:03:27 UTCDaveF Social facility is probably what's required:
72017-07-19 20:51:16 UTCndm I've redrawn from Bing and tagged as amenity=nursing_home as per JOSM defaults for "Nursing Home".
82017-07-19 20:55:11 UTCndm I redrew Penny Brohn as well -- not sure about Bristol Port -- should at least be a relation? Probably needs extensive redrawing/reverting?
92017-07-20 09:39:38 UTCDaveF In JOSM There's also the newer amenity=social_facility as an umbrella value for all variants as list in the link I provided above, which seems sensible development to me

The two main problems I have with the port is
1) it's tagged as industrial which duplicates existing area
2) it does tie in ...
102017-07-20 12:11:27 UTCDaveF Correction: "it *doesn't* tie in "
112017-07-20 19:20:36 UTCndm I walked the bridleway ~2 months ago -- it's outside of the fenced industrial area. I note the original industrial area is still "underneath" the larger -- as is the foreshore, part of the coastline/inlets and a wildlife corridor I added a while ago.
12017-07-15 23:19:56 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Rowland,
Something seems to have gone wrong here. seems to be an almost exact duplicate of (added about 6 years ago). This is not the first time that this has happened (see
22017-07-18 20:37:27 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks for removing one of the duplicates , but would it be possible to answer the other questions too?
Also - you're still not using changeset comments, and other mappers (unprompted by me) are complaining: .
12017-07-16 09:46:40 UTCDaveF Hi
Do you have any details for this airstrip. I can find no info.
22017-07-16 10:03:21 UTCjan_olieslagers I found it in a list , published as a pdf, called "Britisch Isles Airfield Guide". It dates from 2013 though, so I cannot vouch there still is an active aerdrome today. Do feel free to add "note" or "fixme" or "closed=yes" as you see fit. Regards,
32017-07-17 14:49:02 UTCSomeoneElse @jan_olieslagers what's the licence associated with the PDF and where did the information in it come from?
42017-07-17 15:54:10 UTCjan_olieslagers I've no idea. There is no mention of copyright or licence in the pdf that I could find. Let me have an address and I'll be glad to mail it to you. Regards,
52017-07-18 20:04:52 UTCSomeoneElse A quick web search of "Britisch Isles Airfield Guide" "pdf" "2013" finds a few candidates, such as . Is it perhaps one of those?
In the absense of any other information we probably can't assum...
62017-07-19 10:23:52 UTCCebderby Visually, the line of T hangars at the west shows it was an aviation site (at the time of the images). Looks like it is a private site known variously as (Wickwar/Yate) Chase Farm (Airstrip), certainly in use 2009-2016 (see The E-W run...
12017-07-18 16:39:21 UTCSomeoneElse For an example of what I'm talking about, see the fix-up in .
12017-07-18 16:38:40 UTCSomeoneElse The changes here were to:
o Remove fences that had been added purely by guesswork.
o Joining component ways of the car park into one amenity=parking way and remove unnecessary multipolygon relation.
o Redraw the residential landuse so that it uses the nodes of adjacent features that form the land...
12017-07-18 16:23:16 UTCSomeoneElse Are you sure that is actually a driveway? It doesn't look like one from the imagery.
22017-08-06 14:33:32 UTCVlIvYur Looks like. May be shop or garages there. There is no transit traffic, so why not driveway?
People tags as driveways really strange things like
That I'll tag only with...
12017-07-18 16:16:39 UTCSomeoneElse Any reason that you've created as a multipolygon, when it's just a simple car park area? Please don't make the data in OSM more complicated than it needs to be (in particular, don't make it more complicated than it actually is on the ground). Creating ...
22017-08-06 15:59:46 UTCVlIvYur It is not 'just a simple car park' - almost all of the borders where drawn (two walls of buildings and a fence), so I've added a line on the S and made multi.
Maybe in this case it was more simple to click all points around and draw new closed polyline. But you have to be more careful with points (...
12017-07-13 11:13:49 UTCwambacher Hi, i'm not shure if your changes of name:zh are ok,

BUT NEVER EVER remove boundary=administrative from any admin boundary!
You did this for Belarus and Falkland Islands in this changeset.
Please work more carefull.


22017-07-13 12:11:15 UTCwambacher Just checked the list:

All missing boundaries with admin level are "result" of your work. You even changed Ukraine to type=site, which is vandalism.

I'll contact Data Working Group and we will...
32017-07-13 13:45:00 UTCCarson_gor sorry for those error.
i haven't charge those options.
and i think this is about the slow of the web site and i type so fast.

i'm so sorry for this
42017-07-13 13:45:52 UTCCarson_gor i just change the Chinese name of those.
52017-07-13 16:11:54 UTCwambacher Sorry, can't beleave you :(

there are no know problems with poor internet connections. And never ever does a bad line change tags (e.g type=boundary to type=site for ukraine)

Andy from DWG told me, that he contacted you too because of other strange edits :(

please try to do a good job.
62017-07-14 03:00:24 UTCCarson_gor ok , i know about the problem.
it is find, i will improve myself on this.
72017-07-14 10:15:31 UTCwambacher hi,

your last ~10 changesets were OK :)

If you think, that is a technical problem, you should change the editor. iD is "for beginners only". complex edits like changing relations should be done by JOSM, which is much more stable and desingned for "professional use". In a lo...
82017-07-14 13:15:01 UTCCarson_gor i think the problem is not about i'm a beginners,it is because at the editor mode my browser on openstreetmap is very slow but other tab is find. so i think that the osm have to improve the editor mode more smoothly.
92017-07-14 13:32:39 UTCwambacher not right: iD uses browser but JOSM does not.

JOSM does: download data to local system/edit local/upload changes only to osm

that is much less traffic than iD.

btw: iD is making many problems on complex relations (e.g. boundaries). ok, just changing tags it's doing well - i hope.

But ...
102017-07-16 12:35:38 UTCangys please revert the name:zh to original one .Traditional chinese script should use name:zh-hant not use the brackets.This already violate and can be mark as vandalism.
112017-07-17 11:18:59 UTCSomeoneElse @Carson_gor Can you explain the source of your changes and who you discussed them with? Country names affect everyone - it's basic politeness to ensure that changes to them are discussed and that everyone is happy.
122017-07-17 11:48:41 UTCCarson_gor @SomeoneElse i know what you worry about and my source is base on the google map, but some have use the osm lab of zh-Hans , and i have discuss with @angys, thank you of his understanding. the zh tag will have Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese name together.
132017-07-17 12:12:10 UTCSomeoneElse Actually, my concern wasn't that you were copying from Google (please confirm that you aren't), it was that you haven't discussed these changes with the wider OSM communities around the world. Can you please explain what discussion has taken place?
142017-07-18 14:14:58 UTCCarson_gor @SomeoneElse

i think this link have the decision, isn't it?
152017-07-18 14:57:32 UTCSomeoneElse I'm guessing, because the document doesn't say, but that looks like a hackpad used within the OSM TW community only.
12017-07-17 20:46:08 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - this seems to have added a node at latitude 0, longitude 0.
12017-07-12 17:19:43 UTCchillly This is not a university. please stop adding university to all the objects within the area of the university. This is incorrect tagging.

Are you going to remove these?
22017-07-17 15:00:26 UTCSomeoneElse The "water-based hockey pitch university" has been fixed, but there is still a "national throws centre university" at .
12017-07-17 14:42:20 UTCSomeoneElse Hello TwistaDee,
OpenStreetMap is designed to be a map of the world as it really exists. If you'd like to design an imaginary city, then please use for that (it's exactly the same as OSM, except that it's imaginary).
Alternatively, if you'd like to stay here, why not ma...
22017-07-18 20:14:16 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 50388714 where the changeset comment is: Reverting fantasy-mapped city in Greenland.
12017-07-17 07:37:15 UTCkaritotp Hi TwistaDee, you added motoway highway with numbers as name ( also on this changeset there are many crossing between highways without a intersection. Could you please check again and fix them? thank you
22017-07-17 14:36:16 UTCSomeoneElse @karitop - just so you're aware, you're commenting on "numbers as name" on a freeway entered by a user in the middle of _Greenland_ . Let's just say that the semantics of the tagging here is the least of our worries :)
32017-07-18 20:14:21 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 50388714 where the changeset comment is: Reverting fantasy-mapped city in Greenland.
12017-07-17 09:25:48 UTCSomeoneElse Hello - something went a bit wrong here; you've added these in the middle of the Atlantic!
12017-07-14 15:35:40 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
It's been deleted now, but have you any idea how incorrect latitude and long...
22017-07-17 06:15:43 UTCRuedi Ernst Hello Andy
I am still OSM beginner, I am aware of no mistake. Could be that I have made one.
I thank you but for the correct.
Thanks and regards
12017-07-14 14:42:57 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetmap! What exactly is "Fornix locus"?
In OSM, in order for anything, including map renderers, to do anything useful with the data it'll need something to go with the name to say what sort of name it is.
Maybe something at
12017-07-14 09:56:58 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - something went a bit wrong here. This school got added in the middle of the Atlantic!
12017-07-14 09:54:42 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-06-14 15:46:34 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
On you've added a wikipedia link from a 707 parked at Hamburg to the wikipedia page for Boeing 707s in general. This doesn't make a lot of sense. If there's a wikipedia page for this specific example of a 707, then of course it would make sen...
22017-07-13 11:20:09 UTCrobgeb I agree.
Best Regards,
32017-07-13 11:34:22 UTCSomeoneElse OK, are you going to revert this, or would you like me to?
12017-07-10 07:49:10 UTCSomeoneElse Hi ninjamask,
Throwing such a large area at JOSM validator does not achieve anything useful - in fact in some cases it actually makes things worse because it obscures the remaining problems caused by e.g. a bad import.
For example, was deleted he...
22017-07-12 22:35:01 UTCSomeoneElse Just for info, it took me 2-3 hours extra last night to to fix up the import in India because of the changes here.
12017-07-10 22:37:03 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
According to 5 relations had their tags changed by this changeset. Can you explain why those tag values were changed and that the tags mean?
Best Regards,
22017-07-12 01:01:52 UTCninjamask JOSM fixed multiple whitespaces. Dunno what the tag means
32017-07-12 21:47:14 UTCSomeoneElse Please don't do this.
If you don't understand what a tag means, you shouldn't change the value.
42017-07-12 22:58:53 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 50242599 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some of a series of mechanical edits where it was clear (from ) that the mapper didn't understand the tags being modified. See also comm...
12017-07-12 12:56:14 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As well as crossing the Atlantic, this changes adds lots of unconnected nodes such as . Can you explain what they're for?
Best Regards,
12017-07-12 12:54:42 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
Have you any idea how incorrect latitude and longitude values could have got...
22017-07-12 18:00:59 UTCEnrique Moron Hi, I'm using a translator. It was an accidental mistake. Maybe it's due to the editor (josm), which raised a rectangle by mistake. However the marked area is very, very inferior. In conclusion I have no explanation that it could have happened.
12017-07-12 10:14:09 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Did you discuss the changes to these objects with the OSM communities concerned, and with the people who originally added them?
I'd be interested to know how you verified these changes without any source.
Best Regards,
22017-07-12 10:59:26 UTCtambre I did not verify nor discuss with the relevant OSM communities (no idea this was something one should do). As stated by the changeset comment, I simply re-tagged from deprecated to non-deprecated ones. Feel free to revert.
12017-07-11 21:05:56 UTCDaveF Hi
This is an automated edit. Have you discussed this on any OSM forum?
22017-07-12 05:37:28 UTCtambre This wasn't an automated edit. I went through everything manually.
32017-07-12 08:57:08 UTCDaveF Your changeset was open for just 6 seconds.
42017-07-12 09:29:00 UTCtambre After some Googling about how changesets works, it seems my editor (JOSM) simply uploads all changes at once by default. As for the 6 seconds, it seems roughly like the time it would take me to upload a changeset of this size. Should I in future figure out how to avoid uploading everything at once? ...
52017-07-12 10:08:10 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
There are a few reasons why automated edits such as this one need to be discussed.
One is to give people who are using the "old" tagging chance to change to the "new" tagging. Without any kind of warning, features will disappear from downstr...
62017-07-12 10:11:07 UTCSomeoneElse For more info, see .
12017-07-11 10:33:29 UTCamisha2016 @SomeoneElse
I have tried to upload clubs. It seems correct according to me. Please check if I have committed any mistake.
22017-07-11 11:09:15 UTCSomeoneElse @amisha2016 As I said over on " before doing any sort of import you'll need to read , and
12017-07-11 08:55:13 UTCSomeoneElse Hello - can you explain why you have deleted so many things in this and previous changesets?
22017-07-11 08:55:31 UTCSomeoneElse 你好 - 你能解释为什么你在这个和以前的变更集中删除了这么多东西?
32017-07-12 15:09:59 UTCmavl Hello. This changeset is reverted.
42017-08-03 13:19:55 UTChanchao 请尊重其他人的工作成果 不用乱删数据
12017-07-10 23:23:42 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 50188052 where the changeset comment is: Following discussion on , reverting some problematic imports in India.
22017-07-11 08:11:59 UTCSomeoneElse overlaps with the building to the east - can you please check which is correct?
12017-07-10 12:30:54 UTCdidier2020 hi,
in this changeset/area there is
- duplicated way (géometry and tags)
- duplicated nodes (géometry and tags)
- Way node tagged like way

like this
i think it's an import and not source=knowledge

Can you fix all this issues ?...
22017-07-10 12:31:54 UTCdidier2020 major issues are on osmose :
32017-07-10 18:03:08 UTCSomeoneElse @didier2020 See (which has now been read).
42017-07-10 18:37:31 UTCamisha2016 @SomeoneElse
Shall I revert the changeset 50130355?
Procedure following:-
1. In JOSM, downloaded the plugin reverter
2. Revert the changeset 5013055
3. Upload
I have not uploaded yet. If you say I will upload it.
52017-07-10 19:35:29 UTCSomeoneElse Since there are a few problems, and there are also "fixup" edits by other mappers since, it might be easier if I did it. I'll be in a position to do it in a couple of hours.
62017-07-10 23:23:36 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 50188052 where the changeset comment is: Following discussion on , reverting some problematic imports in India.
72017-07-11 08:02:21 UTCSomeoneElse OK, all now finally complete. There were a significant number of problems here.
Firstly, before doing any sort of import you'll need to read , and
12017-07-11 07:20:08 UTCSomeoneElse Following discussion on , reverting some problematic imports in India. This changesets deletes objects that had been "tidied" by mapping-for-the-QA-tool and could not be deleted in .
12017-07-10 07:09:20 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you explain what you've trying to do here? This looks like an import of data from an external source - what was that source ("source=knowledge" on the changeset gives us no clue).
Best Regards,
22017-07-10 23:23:39 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 50188052 where the changeset comment is: Following discussion on , reverting some problematic imports in India.
12017-07-09 17:34:42 UTCdforsi You may want to check the tag "barruer" on
22017-07-09 18:30:43 UTCSK53 Will be checking it anyway as I need to look at photo to see what kind it is & whether there was a stile or gate. Dont know why this didnt autocomplete
32017-07-09 23:46:11 UTCSomeoneElse I think the bridge at has got a bit carried away too :)
42017-07-10 07:27:21 UTCdforsi Sometimes we see strange things :)
Also this tunnel with layer=1 should be -1 I think
12017-07-09 10:26:19 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Just wondering the reasoning behind "castle_type=defensive" on Bolsover Castle? Whilst it's true that the original castle here was defensive, what's here now is essentially just a country house. As your source wikipedia says, "the castle was designed for elegant living rathe...
12017-07-07 13:27:47 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks for adding these. Just for info, the latest OS Locator data does include a couple of the new roads:

12017-07-07 13:22:24 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks for filling in the details here!
22017-07-07 22:31:42 UTCHughPH I live in the area, so it makes sense to use what I know!
12017-07-06 10:25:00 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
It's been deleted now, but have you any idea ho...
22017-07-06 10:25:35 UTCSomeoneElse Actually - looking at the data I can see what it is, it's the learnosm test data that got uploaded by mistake.
12017-07-06 10:22:47 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-07-06 10:20:07 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-07-02 09:14:40 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Vugar Seidov, and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
You've changed a number of names here, with a changeset comment of "The official name is Lachin".
In this changeset you have changed a number of language-specific names for places to the same value. Language-specific names are there to a...
22017-07-02 13:35:25 UTCVugar Seidov Dear Andy,

The name of the town is Lachin, not Berdzor. All the legal residents have been expelled due to the war, but they are considered IDPs with the right to return home. They are the only legal residents, and they call the town Lachin. Period!
Those very few who currently and de-facto live...
32017-07-02 13:42:37 UTCVugar Seidov Just another example to help you understand the situation. You know about the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. There was a town (and still is) called Famagusta. Before the invasion, it is entirely Greek-Cypriot. No Turk-Cypriots lived there. During the invasion, Turkish army entered the town and ordered ...
42017-07-02 14:08:35 UTCSomeoneElse I refer you again to - speficially "The existence of a name, boundary location or description in the OpenStreetMap
database does NOT imply t...
52017-07-02 14:13:14 UTCVugar Seidov Dear Andy,
I got your point. Then would you mind to remove the name Artsvashen and change it to Bashkend, as NO ONE living on the ground in that village uses the former name?
I hope, this will meet your requirements.

62017-07-02 14:40:22 UTCSomeoneElse I'm no expert on the situation here, but assuming you're talking about the area around then on my reading of that would make some sort of sense. The relation has 4 names in the "name" field, the node h...
12017-07-02 10:06:05 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-06-21 16:03:57 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
Has someone really converted a house to a restaurant and called it Test?

I think this needs to be removed as a restaurant.
22017-06-28 12:33:11 UTCSomeoneElse @chillly Maybe they're waiting for someone to remove their test data before writing up their dissertation on "how robust OSM is to vandalism"!
32017-06-28 12:41:32 UTCchillly @SomeoneElse you're right, time to remove the junk
12017-06-26 20:06:32 UTCVlIvYur Why did you dropp all of footway=crossing?
22017-06-27 00:48:51 UTCSomeoneElse Can you give any examples? I've left e.g. and . Strictly speaking those are traffic calming cushions though not crossings as such. You _can_ cross the road there, but can just as well cross anywhere else as well....
12017-06-18 18:04:15 UTCmarek kleciak Stop destroying detailed map using generalization tools. In developing countries like Nepal eactly map can save human life. Please first ask, then act.

22017-06-18 18:34:03 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Marek,
Can you please explain what were the actual problems caused by this changeset and the others on which you have similarly commented?
Also, you may find that that using emotive language such as "stop destroying" is less effective at communicating what you want to get across than ...
32017-06-22 13:04:49 UTCimagico I would like to add that what bdiscoe did here was not in any way destroying a detailed map. He removed nodes which had a very little influence on the overall geometry because they were almost exactly in the middle between the next and the previous node. See
42017-06-22 16:25:02 UTCSomeoneElse For info, see also .
52017-06-23 05:46:26 UTCbdiscoe For what it's worth, I wrote OSM messages to marek kleciak explaining these edits, and even described the detailed steps he can do in JOSM to do the cleanup himself.
62017-06-23 07:16:50 UTCmarek kleciak We are in touch with bdiscoe now. I wrote him about reasons for this mapping. We have opportunity to make an very exactly example for nepali authorities and show the results during SOTM Asia 2017. All old, too less forest areas should be removed/modified. I hope for help of you all: The goal would b...
72017-06-23 07:41:17 UTCimagico Who is 'we' here?

Keep in mind that planning and organizing of mapping activities and development of mapping conventions should be public.

Although there is not yet a formal policy on organized mapping activities it is good practice to document such activities and reference this in changeset c...
82017-06-23 07:50:00 UTCmarek kleciak We, is Kathmandu Living Maps. As you probably know from german forum I do a lot for Nepal and try to inform communities in Germany and Poland about recent situation there.
What you wrote about mapping activities is a part of old OSM communication problem, but you´re absolutely right, I should...
92017-06-26 05:49:54 UTCmarek kleciak Hi everybody, KLL wil post information about this Project in the Wiki Project Nepal. Meanwhile I analyzed approach described by bdiscoe. Using generalization factor of 1.0 m we change the areas of smaller Farmlands in forests by up to 5%. I suggest the generalization factor of. 0.3m which make chan...
102017-06-26 15:32:38 UTCSomeoneElse @marek - having nodes closer together doesn't make for a map that matches reality better; it just makes it more difficult to edit. If you've got some specific examples perhaps write it up as a diary entry?
112017-06-26 16:14:53 UTCmarek kleciak Absolutely. This matter needs an proposal and discusion of the community.
122017-06-28 03:50:12 UTCbdiscoe Marek the starting point of your analysis is incorrect. It assumes that the existing, hyper-noded wood areas are precisely correct with no uncertainty or error bars. Consider the factors involved - imprecise criteria, human variability, seasonality, poor resolution, loose rectification, etc. it is...
132017-06-28 04:39:19 UTCmarek kleciak Ben wrote: imprecise criteria, human variability, seasonality, poor resolution, loose rectification.

We have Premium Digital Globe images from last year for whole Nepal. Factors like human variability or seasonality are general for all OSM maps. Only activation of the community AND in this case l...
12017-06-19 13:57:52 UTCSomeoneElse Has the flood barrier here been replaced by a dyke (in the Dutch, not the English sense)? The last time I was here there wasn't any sort of embankment here at all, just a flood barrier.
22017-06-19 21:08:16 UTCsperlingskauz I made a cleanup because barrier=flood_barrier is a unusual tag. In most cases seamark:gate:category=flood_barrage is the right choise. But in this case it doesn't fit. In Bing it looks like a kind of .
Sorry, I was wrong. Is it a kind of wall ...
32017-06-26 15:24:11 UTCSomeoneElse This bit's just a wall, so barrier=flood_wall would work.
12017-06-25 13:30:11 UTCSK53 Hi, Just noticed your edits (nice adding the stuff up behind Woodhouse Park). You dont need to add foot=yes to a bridleway, particularly one with a designation tag: it's implicit in OSM that a highway=bridleway allows pedestrians, just as a highway=cycleway does in the UK (but not everywhere). Cycli...
22017-06-26 15:15:04 UTCSomeoneElse FWIW, personally I'd always add foot=yes to "public bridleways" like this one so that someone (or more likely some router) unfamiliar with designation tags can figure out access rules.
12017-06-24 19:32:19 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for improving the tagging, just a shame the names aren't rendered on the standard layer :(
22017-06-26 15:11:03 UTCSomeoneElse Other maps will still show them - .
12017-06-24 21:29:39 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
What does "disused=no:isolated" on "Cromford Canal - Pinxton Arm (new line)" (now named as "Smotherfly Wide") mean here? I'm confused - as this stretch of waterway has had or is hoping to have at least 3 uses - a previously one as a diversion for the Erewash du...
22017-06-25 09:00:31 UTCSkegHammer See: Feel free to update tags if appropriate. Rgds //Mike
32017-06-25 09:25:37 UTCSkegHammer See also: A small scale map generated back in 2012 from the tags here:
42017-06-25 14:57:04 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - so it's supposed to indicate bits that are disconnected, but are usable in some way as a canal?

The bottom bit of Smotherfly isn't (I retagged that as drain because that's closer to what it is now). The top bit is probably wide enough, but there's no way to get a boat in and out.
The C...
52017-06-25 18:53:32 UTCSkegHammer I think probably disused=yes if it's not open to the public. I can't remember what info I had that caused me to tag it as no:isolated. Rgds //Mike
62017-06-26 15:06:52 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - I'll review the local ones to see if any others need changing.
12017-06-25 01:47:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Can you explain a little bit what you mean by "Correcting international waters for Ceuta and Melilla"? As you're no doubt aware it's a sensitive issue, and all sides of the discussion will want to understand what's happened here, including changes to n...
22017-06-25 08:14:10 UTCarm87 Hello Andy, thanks for the welcoming!

I meant to say "territorial waters" (12nm). The lines for the maritime boundaries of Ceuta and Melilla were there already, but overwritten in a way that they seem internal Moroccan waters and mentioning a conflict that really doesn't exist. This is ...
12017-06-23 14:20:42 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
It's been deleted now, but have you any idea how incorrect latitude and long...
22017-06-23 16:10:10 UTCUPegasus Hello!
I tried to make online edits, using Vespucci. It's unfamiliar to me and some data may be wrong.
It's good that you quickly noticed inaccuracies and made the necessary changes. I'll try to be more careful.
Thank You.
32017-06-23 16:28:53 UTCSomeoneElse No problem (it's not your fault - likely your phone hadn't got a location yet).
Best Regards,
12017-06-23 14:28:15 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-06-22 13:30:35 UTCSomeoneElse Unfortunately, and surprising as it meay seem, wikipedia isn't actually a valid source for OSM!
22017-06-22 14:16:05 UTCJoxit Okay, is the world factbook good enough for OSM?
32017-06-22 14:27:17 UTCSomeoneElse No idea - what licence is it made available under?
42017-06-22 14:33:18 UTCJoxit It's in the public domain. Here is the statement :
The Factbook is in the public domain. Accordingly, it may be copied freely without permission of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
52017-06-22 15:32:34 UTCSomeoneElse That'd be OK licence-wise, sure. I'm not entirely convinced about the need for "square kilometer" values (since they're derivable from the boundaries) but, meh.
12017-06-22 13:50:22 UTCSomeoneElse Not sure how it happened, but Alsager managed to turn into a Domino's Pizza place here - see for more info. It's fixed now.
22017-06-22 19:07:49 UTCjoe egg Not sure what had happened. I have also just deleted an erratic point ( Dominic Pizza in middle of Civic Centre .I did some Alsager updates last week and deleted a number of Traffic lights at the end of cul de sacs in the Poppyfields and Hall Drive area.
12017-06-21 20:39:05 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Unfortunately something went a bit wrong here - part of a kerb got dragged across town and joined to an underground river . I've moved it back, so no harm done.
Best Regards,\...
12017-06-21 08:42:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-06-20 08:10:58 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - I think that POI+ on your phone doesn't have a location. You've added this cafe in the middle of the Atlantic!
This happened the last time you used POI+, so I'd suggest that you don't use it again, at least until is fixed.
Other o...
12017-06-19 14:36:30 UTCSomeoneElse I suspect that the former railway at has grown an extra tree_row tag by mistake?
22017-06-20 20:21:48 UTCdudone Thanks for spotting this. I've removed the tag.
12017-06-18 17:54:11 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
It's been deleted now, but have you any idea how incorrect latitude and long...
22017-06-18 18:53:16 UTCTomas Straupis After some time editing I made a mistake and instead of deleting object from relation, I deleted whole data layer, which ment all my edits. So I opened JOSM autosave file and used that for further edits. This could have caused the 0 lat/lon. Sorry for that. (now I'm thinking JOSM could have a rule i...
32017-06-18 19:13:59 UTCTomas Straupis I've checked the saved .osm file and it does contain one node with negative id (new node) and lat/lon=0/0 and action 'modify'...
This node was not included in any object in that .osm file.
I have no idea how it ended up there. I was not using JOSM "add point at coordinates" functionality...
12017-06-18 17:46:14 UTCSomeoneElse You've just uploaded the learnosm test data to OSM again! As I said in , please don't do that.
12017-06-16 21:33:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hello ccityplanner12,
The tagging on seems a bit odd - it seems to have a ref set to a Youtube video.
Best Regards,
12017-06-16 21:19:30 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - something gone wrong with the merging that created . It now has "lcn_ref=1;2;2" and "lcn=proposed;yes;yes".
Are you OK to split it again and reapply the old tags or would you like me to do it?
Best Regards,
12017-06-16 21:03:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hi, is tagged as "historic=f". I guess that this is a typo for something?
Best Regards,
22017-08-29 21:25:23 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hi,
Also, has source:designarion. Is this also a typo?

I changed a few ways with this tag to source:designation in but will hold off doing anything further for the moment as there are a lot of ways with ...
32017-08-30 13:55:16 UTCmatt_twam_asi Sorry, not to the west. I meant to the east. I knew I'd fall foul of Muphry's Law.
12017-06-16 21:02:10 UTCSomeoneElse Hi JonS, is tagged as "historic=f" - is that a miskeying of the other key highway=footway?
Best Regards,
12017-06-15 22:45:40 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because a copy of the learnosm test data was accidentally added there.

Best Regards,
12017-06-14 12:50:43 UTCDaveF Please refrain from adding not existing features. As noted previously there's a likelihood they'll be removed, which would be a waste of your time. Note comment about historical data:
22017-06-15 10:54:04 UTCSomeoneElse @SNLA this has been mentioned on the talk-gb list - . If you want to engage with the GB OSM community, that's probably the best place to do it, and also one of the best places to ask for advice about whatever it is that you're ...
12017-06-14 20:41:27 UTCYorvik Prestigitator I think you might be confusing the old Travelling Man shop, at 54 Goodramgate, which is vacant with their new shop at 74 which is where they are now trading from (unless they have closed down in the past 3 days)
22017-06-14 21:05:32 UTCSomeoneElse Quite possibly - I didn't mark the position; was just surprised that it was shut.
12017-06-14 08:31:25 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I've removed the wikipedia tag you added here because the wikipedia page for an abstract concept ("null island") isn't relevant to a physical buoy floating in the ocean.
Best Regards,
12017-06-14 00:20:37 UTCSomeoneElse The sign on the side says just "Travelodge"; their website suggests an official name of "Travelodge York Central Layerthorpe".
12017-06-09 22:12:04 UTCndm Hi, I think something isn't right with "The Pump Rooms and Stall Street -- they seem to have an odd shape now?
22017-06-10 14:32:10 UTCDaveF Hi Syvanne
Welcome to OSM could you clarify what it is your trying to add?
Most visible extents of the mediaeval wall are mapped.
OSM is a database of current entities. If you wish to record historical data I recommend having a read of this:
32017-06-12 10:44:38 UTCSyvanne Aloni Hi DaveF,

Thank you for pointing this out to me. I have tried using OHM but the website seems down at the moment. Do you know anything about this?
42017-06-12 11:12:51 UTCDaveF Unsure of OHM's status, but OSM is not the place for razed entities. Please feel free to add any examples that still exist, adding appropriate tags.
Could you also have a look at the problems NDM flagged up. Thanks.
52017-06-13 10:03:51 UTCSyvanne Aloni Hi DaveF, I have clarified and I am able to use OSM for mapping my data as OHM is not yet compatible with other software which I need to use. I am working with the Pleiades Gazetteer, the Institute of Classical Studies and the Roman Society to create a map of Aquae Sulis using Archeological journals...
62017-06-13 13:17:44 UTCDaveF Hi
Who did you discuss the addition of historical data to OSM with? Lack of features in other software is not a valid reason to add it to OSM.

I've had a brief read of Pleiades. I see no mention of...
72017-06-13 19:40:40 UTCndm I think it probably needs to be raised on the talk-gb mailing list and maybe with the data working group -- they were great at removing edits in Bristol that added the historic HTV studio and icerink. It would be better to get some clarity -- rather than risk wasteing time on edits that could well b...
82017-06-13 22:38:35 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - just for info - I've undone a node drag / node join that connected the end of the Cotswold Way to the corner of the Pump Rooms in (based on the geometry change highlighted by ).
Best Regards...
12017-06-12 20:03:48 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
It's been deleted now, but have you any idea ho...
12017-06-08 16:14:54 UTCSomeoneElse Sherwood Cottage doesn't self-identify as a guest house; just as a bed and breakfast. I've corrected the tagging.
22017-06-08 19:42:03 UTCWalter Schlögl Do you know, what the wiki says about that?
Use tourism=guest_house instead.
32017-06-12 08:43:57 UTCSomeoneElse Well the wiki says a lot of things... Unfortunately it's not always a good indicator of how people map; just how one particular wiki editor (the last one to edit the page) thinks that people should map.

The discussion on the tagging list back in 2013
12017-06-11 13:36:30 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - perhaps it was an accident, but this changed the name of the country "Vietnam" to "China". I've changed it back.
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
22017-06-11 13:37:07 UTCSomeoneElse 糟糕 - 也许这是一个意外,但是这个国家的名字“越南”改为“中国”。 我已经改回来了
Andy Townsend,代表OSM的数据工作组。
12017-06-10 06:42:59 UTCkreuzschnabel May I ask why you changed the A46 classification from trunk to primary? According to, it’s a primary A-road, which should be tagged highway=trunk in the UK while highway=primary means the "standard" A roads.
22017-06-10 08:19:39 UTCLAW3 The section I upgraded to primary, was upgraded to a dual carriageway, and to the best of my knowledge is now classed as a primary road. (As parts of the A46 are)

Aerial photography is still showing single carriageway/work in progress, so those who don't live 200 metres away may still class it as...
32017-06-10 10:27:42 UTCSomeoneElse Hi LAW3, and welcome to OSM!
The general rule in the UK for trunk roads and primary roads is green signs == trunk; white signs == primary.
In OSM a trunk road fits between motorway and primary, so a change from trunk to primary is a "downgrade", not an upgrade. The A46 (especially post ...
42017-06-10 11:12:38 UTCLAW3 Cheers for explaining Andy.
Pretty new to all this,
Will change it when I get chance.
52017-06-10 12:59:13 UTCSomeoneElse No problem - any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
62017-06-11 14:20:10 UTCSK53 Will just add that around Flintham this section of road was updated just as soon as practicable after it opened, see my blog post from 6 years ago:
12017-06-09 18:25:45 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-06-07 18:44:22 UTCCarnildo What are you trying to do that involves drawing large, untagged outlines?
22017-06-08 16:04:07 UTCSomeoneElse I'm guessing that it got uploaded by mistake. I've reverted it in .
Best Regards, Andy (DWG)
12017-06-08 12:40:45 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
I see that you are adding and then deleting data here. If you're still testing, please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
22017-06-08 12:41:33 UTCSomeoneElse (Traduzione automatica)

Vedo che state aggiungendo e poi eliminando i dati qui. Se stai ancora testando, non aggiungere i dati di prova al server OpenStreetMap Live. Se vuoi un server di test, forse funziona per te?
I migliori saluti,
12017-05-08 21:02:13 UTCNorthIsland I would not map pavements as footpaths unless there is a significant grass strip between the road and the path - or if the path is a cycle route - any opinion?
22017-05-31 20:26:07 UTCAlex McKee Well, as a pedestrian I like to know if there's a path to walk on. There's not always. The specific tag - highway:footway or highway:path is something I always wonder about, I used to prefer highway:path as footway was reserved for public footpaths in the early days of OSM.
32017-06-07 15:44:38 UTCSomeoneElse Another option for pavements (where there isn't a significant area of grass) is a "sidewalk=both/left/right" tag on the road itself. An example mapped like that in Gloucester is Saw Mills End: .
12017-06-05 11:49:20 UTCSomeoneElse This changeset adds shelters in the middle of the sea such as

This seems unlikely - can you please explain how this happened?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
22017-06-06 08:08:07 UTCGeoThings The wrong object is deleted.
32017-06-06 08:11:05 UTCGeoThings The latitude and longitude missed their hundred-number.
42017-06-06 08:12:23 UTCSomeoneElse Given that you've added so many invalid objects in the wrong place (such as the ones in the middle of the sea) how do we know that the ones on land are in the correct place?
52017-06-06 08:24:50 UTCSomeoneElse Re "The latitude and longitude missed their hundred-number." how did that happen?
62017-06-06 09:56:25 UTCGeoThings The raw data source is from Taiwan government, and there may be some incorrect data in it. We will do data clean up later.
72017-06-06 10:14:26 UTCSomeoneElse One of the reasons why it's important to discuss an imort before it happening is so that people can look at the data and check for this sort of problem before it happens.
82017-06-11 12:46:47 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 49441534 where the changeset comment is: Discussion on changeset 49183572 seems to have stalled, and there are still objects such as node 4891030183 in the middle of the sea, so reverting these undiscussed edits (where they haven't been ...
12017-06-06 09:07:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
It's been deleted now, but have you any idea ho...
12017-06-06 09:05:54 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
It's been deleted now, but have you any idea ho...
12017-06-02 15:16:47 UTCSupaplex 跑到印尼了
22017-06-05 11:41:35 UTCSomeoneElse Hello GeoThings
Can you please explain
1) why objects in Indonesia were edited by an edit allegedly restricted to Taiwan?
2) What the licence associated with "EMIC open data" actually says?
3) Where this edit was discussed with the TW community?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behal...
32017-06-06 08:05:16 UTCGeoThings 1) It is the wrong position of this object, and it is fixed just now.
2) EMIC, Central Emergency Operation Center , is the emergency operations center in Taiwan which is activated by the appropriate central authority of Taiwan in the event of emergency situation. The center is operated by the Natio...
42017-06-06 08:23:50 UTCSomeoneElse Hi GeoThings,
Thanks for your reply. Any import must follow the rules set out at . Can you please "fill in the gaps" and do the things that you have not yet done?
Best Regards,
52017-06-08 01:55:44 UTCGeoThings Thank you for your reminder. We are working in progress.
62017-06-08 10:19:35 UTCGeoThings The messed up data points are cleaned up! OSM wiki page for this import will be published soon.
72017-06-11 12:46:40 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 49441534 where the changeset comment is: Discussion on changeset 49183572 seems to have stalled, and there are still objects such as node 4891030183 in the middle of the sea, so reverting these undiscussed edits (where they haven't been ...
12017-06-05 11:46:50 UTCSomeoneElse This changeset adds shelters in the middle of the sea such as

This seems unlikely - can you please explain how this happened?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
22017-06-05 11:47:58 UTCSomeoneElse Also see (near the Philippines).
32017-06-06 08:07:02 UTCGeoThings The two objects are fixed and moved to the right place.
42017-06-06 08:14:28 UTCSomeoneElse How did the data get added in the wrong place originally?
52017-06-06 09:55:52 UTCGeoThings The raw data source is from Taiwan government, and there may be some incorrect data in it. We will do data clean up later.
62017-06-11 12:46:41 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 49441534 where the changeset comment is: Discussion on changeset 49183572 seems to have stalled, and there are still objects such as node 4891030183 in the middle of the sea, so reverting these undiscussed edits (where they haven't been ...
12017-06-05 10:59:29 UTCSomeoneElse Hi gorstak,
Is this change something that you've discussed with the Kosovan community? Obviously you're aware of the political significance here. Also in OSM you'll notice that there is a very wide variety of name styles and languages in use, though most places do omit the "Republic..."...
22017-06-05 11:48:22 UTCgorstak Hi Andy,

I have not discussed with the Kosovo community.
Because of bypassing the political significance I sugest to use the title of Kosovo.
This is a compromise because some countries consider that Kosovo is part of Serbia.
Kosovo not recognized five EU countries : Spain Greece Slovakia Roma...
32017-06-05 13:08:36 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Milos,
For the avoidance of doubt, the policy that OSM uses for territories where there are disputes is , which says among other things: 'The OpenStreetMap community operates under the &l...
12017-05-22 19:47:20 UTCSomeoneElse (re previous comment about mechanical edit of landuse=farm) is one in an area that I do know, and I certainly wouldn't describe it as a "place=farm". The last time I was there was a while ago, but I suspect it's still operational and sh...
22017-05-22 19:52:08 UTCSomeoneElse is another one - it's a bit longer ago that I was there, but I don't remember anywhere that I'd describe as "place=farm" SE of Witham.
32017-05-22 22:03:13 UTCkreuzschnabel You see me quite baffled to learn that place=farm does not describe a farm. It seemed quite plain to me so far. I certainly did not do a mechanical edit, I only assumed this to be the proper tagging for remote farms. As this seems to be not the case, maybe we should consider a revert while I’m...
42017-05-24 12:45:20 UTCSK53 place=farm is generally not regarded as a valid/useful tag in the UK. Standard practice is to map actual farms with landuse=farmyard and ones which are now residential (lots) with landuse=residential. Sometimes place=locality may also be used if widely used (remote highland areas). In most of lowlan...
52017-05-30 23:26:47 UTCSomeoneElse Re "place=farm does not describe a farm" - presumably it's a farm (based on the previous landuse=farm tagging); the thing that's in doubt is whether it's any sort of "place" or not. Of the couple of dozen farms nearest to me the only one that I can think of that might deserve th...
62017-05-31 09:22:15 UTCkreuzschnabel Given my edit was that wrong, it would be easy to retrieve all node["place"="farm"](user:"kreuzschnabel")(newer:"2017-05-14T00:00:00Z") from overpass-turbo and retag them to landuse=farm. That should install the previous state, as if I’d never touched th...
72017-05-31 10:29:17 UTCSomeoneElse An Overpass query would grab all the pre-existing place=farm as well, of which there were quite a few in Lincolnshire, which this changeset covers.
82017-05-31 11:03:34 UTCkreuzschnabel It wouldn’t grab them unless they were wrongly double-tagged both landuse=farm and place=farm previously. My changesets definitively did not touch anything else than landuse=farm, so nodes tagged place=farm only would not be affected.
92017-05-31 11:09:55 UTCkreuzschnabel My proposed query would affect 48 nodes in (roughly) Lincolnshire:, out of 6,446 total:
102017-05-31 11:23:31 UTCkreuzschnabel Sorry, bbox is not included in shortlink. So it’s
112017-05-31 11:45:01 UTCSomeoneElse Ah OK; Are you going to change these back then?

Obviously there's then a survey job to do to choose between landuse=farmyard, landuse=residential, landuse=industrial place=farm etc., but that can be done later (along with the existing place=farm nodes).
122017-05-31 14:01:54 UTCkreuzschnabel Done in CS #49137101.

- 2,723 single nodes "place=farm" within the entire UK which have been last edited by me after May 13th have been retrieved through overpass-turbo and exported to JOSM (none in N.Ireland, a dozen in Scotland, the rest in Wales and England).

- They have all been...
132017-05-31 14:11:20 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks!
12017-05-30 12:52:35 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
Have you any idea how incorrect latitude and longitude values could have got...
22017-05-30 14:31:10 UTCCascafico I Guess it was my mistake: I created a new level (CTRL-N) adding a foo node Just to see which tags JOSM preset adds for guidepost, and I forgot to delete it before upload other stuff.

Sory, I'll delete it ASAP.
32017-05-30 15:57:18 UTCSomeoneElse Ah - OK. Thanks for that.
12017-05-30 07:49:19 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-05-28 18:23:08 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
This is a huge changeset. I can see from whodidit that something has changed near me, but how do I find out what and why? How do you know that the changes that you have made actually match the situation on the ground?
12017-05-27 23:44:57 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Re the "not showing on map" issue, it might help to have a read of . The four different maps on the OSM website actual update at different rates (the "stan...
12017-05-26 15:50:31 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
It's been deleted now, but have you any idea ho...
12017-05-25 13:16:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-05-25 13:02:49 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Just checking - you've deleted a restaurant at - is it really no longer there? What is in its place?
Best Regards,
22017-05-25 13:03:34 UTCSomeoneElse Hola,
Sólo está comprobando que has borrado un restaurante en - ¿ya no está? ¿Qué hay en su lugar?
12017-05-25 13:00:00 UTCSomeoneElse Hello H2Olima00,
This changeset, like most of your other changesets, just has a comment "Correcciones". This doesn't help other mappers understand what changes were made and what the source was.
Please do use meaningful changeset comments!
22017-05-25 13:00:22 UTCSomeoneElse Hola H2Olima00,
Este conjunto de cambios, al igual que la mayoría de sus otros conjuntos de cambios, sólo tiene un comentario "Correcciones". Esto no ayuda a otros mapeadores a entender qué cambios se hicieron y cuál fue la fuente.
¡Por favor utilice com...
12017-05-25 12:54:43 UTCSomeoneElse Hello H2Olima00,
In this changeset you have changed the some of the names associated with Morocco to "Spain". See for the tag changes.
I'm guessing that this was accidental (the border ...
22017-05-25 12:55:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hola H2Olima00,
En este changeset has cambiado algunos de los nombres asociados a Marruecos a "España". Http:// Consulte para ver los cambios de etiquetas.
Supongo que esto fue accidental...
12017-05-24 21:53:37 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-05-22 19:19:09 UTCSomeoneElse I'd be very suprised if is spelt correctly - "Tollemach" normally has an "e" on the end. The comment above says "double checked" - but with what?
22017-05-22 20:00:29 UTCGavrielo Then change it if you are sure - I revised road structure via satellite image - there was no way to double check the road name for Tollemach so I left that name as it was originally named.

I only change names when 100% confirmed via photograph or seen by foot - I didn't name this road originally.
32017-05-22 20:15:17 UTCSomeoneElse I've added a note so that someone local (or driving into Grantham from the A1) can map it.
12017-05-20 15:21:03 UTCkreuzschnabel These were the last landuse=farm on the British Isles, so please don’t add new ones :-) And just in time we were, the new carto revision (which will not render landuse=farm any more) seems to have been switched active a few hours later.
22017-05-20 15:53:18 UTCtrigpoint It was never a pressing issue, farm/farmland is of dubious values consiting of vast areas armchaired by crayonists. It.adds very little value to those of us using OSM in rural areas.
Many areas close to me were poorly drawn with connections to roads/rivers (not riverbank) and I had left them until ...
32017-05-20 16:08:22 UTCkreuzschnabel I agree that landuse=farmland is of pretty little use (moreover, it’s not clearly defined from landuse=meadow, so there are areas already where these two collide). landuse=farmyard, on the other hand, is of higher value for the walker or bicyclist, and I wouldn’t really like to miss them...
42017-05-20 16:35:26 UTCtrigpoint I would agree farmyard is far more important than farmland itself. It is afterall the default state of non urban areas. It is a big shame that meadow has been so badly misused, it should be a rare but useful tag. simply pasture.
If we are going to map farmland we should be doing it at a muc...
52017-05-22 19:28:01 UTCSomeoneElse Hi kreuzschnabel,
This looks very much like a mechanical edit. Have you ever actually visited e.g. to see if it deserves any sort of "place" tag?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
12017-05-22 19:16:33 UTCSomeoneElse Does any part of the Grantham Southern Relief Road exist? I don't remember seeing it, yet the tagging on would suggest that it is already operational.
Best Regards,
22017-05-22 22:46:03 UTCc2r Yes and no - the physical properties mapped do exist but it is not operational. I surveyed this with GPS walking the route last year - photos of it are on SABRE. Signs are green as the A52 for the intermediate roundabout. However, road vehicles are currently blocked by concrete blocks. The A1 ju...
12017-05-22 18:37:30 UTCSomeoneElse Hello cknight and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
You've made a number of water related edits recently (and thanks for that - OSM relies on local people to get local stuff right) however you may want to check some of the tagging that you've used (for example reservoir vs basin). Another mapper's been in...
12017-05-17 17:32:16 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this is a big change and covers a large area. Please could you use meaningful changeset comments that tell other mappers what you were doing. Did you actually look at every one of the 11 pages of ways you have changed.
I am sure that if as you say you were fixing josm, you would not have touch...
22017-05-18 10:32:27 UTCninjamask I meant, that I used the validator in JOSM to fix issues like double nodes and other auto-fixable issues. After that i fixed some issues of ways with double segments.
32017-05-20 23:07:02 UTCSomeoneElse Please don't use rely on the validator in JOSM without manually checking every change. The JOSM validator will get some things right, but it will get some edge cases wrong as well.
12017-05-20 09:20:31 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Just for info, if you're wondering what and the ways nearby are, they were the runways and taxiways of the former Eastmoor Aerodrome (see ). I presume that they are little more than gravel tracks now, th...
12017-05-19 18:54:06 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-05-17 14:38:19 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Eugenip22,
A recent diary entry has suggested that Txakur kalea is actually labelled in both Basque and Spanish. The history shows that it had a "name" (set to the Spanish...
22017-05-17 14:39:14 UTCSomeoneElse (Gutxi gorabeherako itzulpena)

Kaixo Eugenip22,
azkenaldiko egunkari sarrera bat iradoki du Txakur kalea hori benetan bai euskaraz etiketatu eta Espainiako. historia erakusten du "...
32017-05-17 14:39:56 UTCSomeoneElse (Traducción aproximada)

Hola Eugenip22,
Una reciente entrada del diario ha sugerido que Txakur kalea está etiquetado en euskera y Español. La historia muestra que ...
12017-05-16 18:45:00 UTCSomeoneElse Just checking (in the light of previous edits) that you have actually surveyed this and verified that the name really isn't "Forest" here? I know there is a tendancy for some OSM mappers to assign "name=description", but it's always good to check.
For example, I live only about...
12017-05-14 15:04:05 UTCSomeoneElse The changeset comment "Buildings" doesn't seem to reflect the actual changes made here.
Could you explain in a bit more detail what changes were actually made?
22017-05-15 07:48:08 UTCMaturi0n Sorry, I was lazy and didn't addjust my edit comment. I was actually only adding the name of Abkhazia in the Adyghe language, which is closely related to Abkhaz and used to be spoken in the areas bordering Abkhazia.
32017-05-15 21:08:11 UTCSomeoneElse Ah, OK - thanks.
12017-05-15 21:04:24 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Müritz-Nationalpark,
Lots of people have been trying to get in contact with you about the changes that you are making:

You haven't replied to any of these since January. Please do take the time to reply to these co...
22017-05-15 21:05:00 UTCSomeoneElse (Ungefähre Übersetzung)

Hallo Müritz-Nationalpark,
Viele Leute haben versucht, mit Ihnen über die Änderungen in Kontakt zu treten, die Sie machen:


Sie haben seit Januar keine davon beantwortet. Bitt...
32017-05-15 22:02:00 UTCNakaner Hallo Müritz-Nationalpark,

ich habe den Eindruck, dass du hier versuchst, die Karte deinen Wünschen entsprechend zu säubern. Ich dachte eigentlich, dass solche Zeiten vorbei sind. Ich möchte dich daher bitten, die deine Löschungen durch georeferenzierte Fotos zu belegen.\...
42017-05-20 17:08:43 UTCNakaner Hallo Müritz-Nationalpark,

deine Änderungen sind Thema im OpenStreetMap-Forum. Du kannst die Diskussion unter verfolgen und bist eingeladen, dich zu Wort zu melden. Du kannst dich dort mit deinem OSM-Benutzerkonto anmelden...
52017-05-24 11:27:51 UTCNakaner Hallo Müritz-Nationalpark,

wenn bis Freitag, 26. Mai 2017 keine Bemühungen erkennbar sind, die offenen Fragen zu klären, werde ich am Wochenende sämtliche Änderungen des Benutzerkontos Müritz-Nationalpark vorerst zurücksetzen.

Viele Grüße

62017-06-18 20:44:13 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 49643350 where the changeset comment is: Revert all changesets by Müritz-Nationalpark and changesets being in conflict with this revert. See and comments of this rever...
12017-05-15 18:47:37 UTCSomeoneElse I'm guessing that "ref=route" on is a mistagging, but I've no idea what the correct tagging should be there :(
22017-05-16 09:36:36 UTCrorym Yes that's incorrect. The Beara Way is a long distance hiking route around this pennisula ( ), So it should be tagged as that
12017-05-15 18:26:23 UTCff5722 has the tag 'abbatoir=cat'

except for the fact that the key abbatoir is only used here, I don't think this business is really a slaughterhouse for cats.
22017-05-15 18:39:45 UTCSomeoneElse Strange as it may seem, as far as I could tell from the signage, really did appear to be an abbatoir specialising in cats.
32017-05-15 18:42:53 UTCff5722 Well there's a first for everything...

I have to believe you on this :)
42017-05-15 18:44:05 UTCSomeoneElse I was pretty surprised too :)
12017-05-14 20:34:57 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Any reason you've not set back to "highway=secondary", which it was before the highway tag was removed?
Best Regards,
12017-05-13 07:27:53 UTCSomeoneElse was previously a forest; are you sure it's best tagged as a park and not a forest at all?
22017-05-13 07:49:49 UTCnoteka Totally. It was created at the end of century as regular planning Manor Park so it is not a forest. I get the confusion it has the name forest in it and all but this park is also called and more recognized as "Anniņmuižas parks".
Description of park:
32017-05-13 12:56:06 UTCAkageMuk Hello, noteka and welcome in OSM. Although you perform right the same activity in OSM, as OSM user Diana777 peviously I should inform you about your mistakes.

We welcome all new users and are glad to receive corrections to the map. At the same time, we expect the changes to improve the map, NOT S...
42017-05-13 17:15:26 UTCrichlv even the referenced page says "...forest, also called a park"; it also says "the local council plans to convert part of the forest into a park".
this should be clarified/surveyed, and if some parts have been converted to a park, they should be mapped accordingly. the whole area ...
52017-06-01 09:36:56 UTCAkageMuk For your information, edit war continues in and
12017-05-11 08:11:43 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
It's been deleted now, but have you any idea how incorrect latitude and long...
22017-05-11 21:59:30 UTCmappreuss Hi, I have no idea how this node was dropped…sorry about that. I wonder if this is a JOSM bug because it looks like you reverted other nodes at this exact location and I certainly didn't drop it manually. I don’t think I even zoomed over “null island” but thanks for fixing i...
32017-05-11 22:14:25 UTCSomeoneElse To be honest, I think it's a JOSM bug too, since it's happened to a few other people too. So far no-one's been able to say "I did XYZ just before the problem appeared".
12017-05-11 10:58:31 UTCkreuzschnabel Hi, I saw you re-tagged some small lanes hw=service + service=driveway. I took the liberty to change them to hw=unclassified since they do not lead to a single destination only. Please keep in mind that service=driveway should be used for small driveways from public roads into private property only ...
22017-05-11 14:12:48 UTCSomeoneElse @kreuzschnabel Please don't change service to unclassified unless you've surveyed on the ground and can see that it's council maintained or otherwise obviously qualifies as an unclassified road. I can think of plenty of highway=service roads near me that lead to more that one property, and more tha...
32017-05-11 16:53:27 UTCkreuzschnabel Sorry but which qualification does it actually need to be hw=unclassified? In the Wiki, I cannot find anything like "council maintained", I only find that hw=unclassified is the lowest category of public roads, while hw=service are mere access or special roads to particular places and not ...
42017-05-11 19:21:14 UTCdudone I think you will find that Brownber is an old estate which has now been broken up into a number of old and new residences. This was my impression when I walked through it. I cannot be 100% sure but it looked very much like a driveway and not a unclassified highway. I walked along the path from th...
52017-05-11 19:51:33 UTCkreuzschnabel Changed them back to hw=service but would still prefer to leave it that way. The driveway issue needs a general discussion IMHO since it’s interpreted in such different ways: some mappers use it as a default for any small lane, while for most renderers that makes them far less important than u...
12017-05-11 08:06:58 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-05-10 14:10:56 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Rowland,
You've not added a changeset comment here, so it's difficult to understand what's going on. Also, what does "created by=Tayberry" mean? Is that something that you've used to import or otherwise process this data?
Please do use meaningful changeset comments so that other ...
12017-05-09 18:57:56 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks!
12017-05-09 15:21:57 UTCSomeoneElse Was this change following community discussion, as was suggested? Previous comments had suggested that a number of people thought that a "leisure=park" tag wasn't appropriate here.
22017-05-10 08:42:38 UTCAkageMuk Dear, SomeoneElse! Unfortunately no discussion on this change was made within Latvian OSM community. The edit war seem to continue.
12017-05-09 12:36:33 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks for fixing!
12017-05-09 09:02:50 UTCSomeoneElse Just a quick note about here - you've moved it to match the Bing imagery, but that is clearly offset with regard to the GPS traces. There are enough either side of the B6020 to align the imagery properly, and if you do that you'll notice that that buildin...
22017-06-26 20:27:58 UTCVlIvYur You can't rely on gps traces in curves due to inertia. You need long straight intersecting lines. And You can find them on the East: Kingsway / Station street; on the West: Sutton road / Chapel street. And you'll see there no need to align images.
Also there are no fresh gps traces here, and the av...
12017-05-07 14:40:27 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add "game features" such as a "Parque dos pokémon" to OpenStreetMap. If there's something really there on the ground and it's really called that then please map it, but if it only appears in a game, please don't!.
Best Regards,
22017-05-07 14:41:10 UTCSomeoneElse Hola,
Por favor, no agregue "características del juego" como un "Parque dos pokémon" a OpenStreetMap. Si hay algo realmente en el suelo y es realmente llamado, entonces por favor, map, pero si sólo aparece en un juego, por favor, no !.
32017-05-08 15:33:18 UTCPeteSport Hi.
I don't add "game features" such as a "Parque dos pokémon"... I have a mistake and my tablet's keyboard replace automatically the name: " Parque dos PEQUENOS" to "Parque dos POKEMONS"... in my lenguage ( Galician) "childrens" means "...
42017-05-08 16:43:57 UTCSomeoneElse Haha - thanks for that. Are you going to fix the name?
52017-05-08 18:53:14 UTCAlbaKrlos23 Yes, I fix the name to "Parque dos Pequenos" sorry and thank you to advise me.
Best regards.
62017-05-08 18:57:38 UTCPeteSport Hi,
Ok. Thanks AlbaKrlos23 to fix the name.
72017-05-08 19:07:51 UTCAlbaKrlos23 You´re welcome PeteSport
12017-05-08 13:52:57 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Is really a picnic site within a building, or it it perhaps a bench or food court?
Best Regards,
22017-05-08 13:54:05 UTCSomeoneElse مرحبا،
هو حقا موقع نزهة داخل مبنى، أو أنه ربما مقعد أو محكمة الغذاء؟
تحياتي الحارة،
12017-05-08 13:51:27 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
You've added but it seems to overlap and be a duplicate of which has existed since 2014.
Best Regards,
22017-05-08 13:51:41 UTCSomeoneElse Halo,
Anda telah menambahkan namun tampaknya tumpang tindih dan menjadi duplikat yang telah ada sejak tahun 2014.
Salam Hormat,
12017-05-08 13:49:03 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
You've added "building=yes" on but it doesn't look like a building, just an area in which there are several buildings?
Best Regards,
22017-05-08 13:49:31 UTCSomeoneElse Halo,
Anda telah menambahkan "building = yes" di namun tidak terlihat seperti bangunan, hanya area di mana ada beberapa bangunan?
Salam Hormat,
12017-05-07 15:09:24 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
You've added a footpath . Are you sure that that actually exists, and that there is really no access from it to the junction of Pelham Road / Regent Street? Regent Street is sidewalk=both (or was the last time I went past it). Are you really say...
22017-05-07 23:45:32 UTCVlIvYur Of course I'm not sure - at first, I have only Bing images.
Second, sidewalk=* is a temporary tag and should be replaced by drawn highway=footway. After that sidewalk=* may be removed, so there will be only one footway.
As for access from it to junction, I don't know local laws about crossing stre...
32017-05-08 11:24:43 UTCSomeoneElse > Second, sidewalk=* is a temporary tag and should be replaced by drawn highway=footway.

No, it's not a temporary tag. It's a permanent tag to indicate that a sidewalk that is part of the road infrastructure exists.
Depending on the local environment it may be more appropriate to tag sidewa...
42017-06-26 20:03:52 UTCVlIvYur Sorry, I was too far from Internet
sidewalk=* are difficult to support (roll of tags on way) and didn't displays the real state of things. You can't tag slopes for wheelchair, different pavement, widths for sides etc. It's only path graph (for drivers) not map.
Why (For what?) there are marked cro...
12017-05-07 14:43:14 UTCSomeoneElse Hello MacaroniHomie,
OpenStreetMap's a map of things that really exist, so if there isn't a meadow on your house, please don't map one there.
Sorry about that...
Best Regards,
22017-05-08 03:48:27 UTCMacaroniHomie It's okay. I got rid of it. There's no spawn points anyways.
32017-05-08 11:11:12 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks!
12017-05-07 15:04:01 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Are you sure that there is no access from the road to the path at ?
Best Regards,
22017-05-07 15:21:48 UTCdmgroom_ct I had considered that the footpath network adjacent to regent street was adequate to provide foot routing, but on reflection that nay not be the case, so I have removed the noexit tag and added a short section of footway
32017-05-07 19:17:50 UTCSomeoneElse Does it actually match the on-the-ground situation though? I'm not convinced that there are two parallel footways either side of Regent Street (and I've seperately commented in a changeset of the user that added them).
Have you been there to have a look?
42017-05-07 20:00:28 UTCdmgroom_ct no, I've not
52017-05-07 20:04:20 UTCdmgroom_ct But the Bing imagery does seem to show two parallel footways, at least at the part of Regent Street north of Hartley Road
12017-05-07 15:00:27 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
It's been deleted now, but have you any idea how incorrect latitude and long...
22017-09-06 07:32:58 UTCImperator Lrrr NOW I know how I did it: Shift+D in JOSM.
12017-05-07 14:37:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add "game features" such as to OpenStreetMap. If there's something really there on the ground, map it, but if it only appears in a game, please don't.
Best Regards,
22017-05-07 14:37:54 UTCSomeoneElse Χαίρετε,
Μην προσθέτετε "δυνατότητες παιχνιδιού" όπως το http:...
12017-05-07 12:01:26 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Balakhadze,
Can you please use more meaningful changeset comments than "Needed change"? That doesn't really explain what you did and why.
Best Regards,
12017-05-07 11:55:28 UTCSomeoneElse Personally I wouldn't set too much store by the OSM wiki :)
If something looks like a cycleway, I'd map it as one.
12017-05-07 11:39:11 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Are the name of all of these features such as called "Garden"?
Best Regards,
12017-05-04 08:55:52 UTCkreuzschnabel Some of these springs look more than suspicious to me – invisible on Bing imagery, right in the middle of fields. Where did that information come from?

Would be great btw if you could comment your changesets (short description: what kinds of changes have been done), and specify your source...
22017-05-05 15:54:06 UTCSomeoneElse Given that so much in this changeset such as (and unfortunately many of this mapper's other contributions) is obviously rubbish then in the absense of any explanation I'd be tempted to just revert this.
32017-05-05 16:07:01 UTCkreuzschnabel I strongly second this, just wanted to assume good faith first – maybe something went wrong in a well-purposed edit.
12017-05-05 15:38:21 UTCSomeoneElse You might find that gives a better picture of Sherwood Pines (tree types, for example).
12017-05-05 09:41:42 UTCSomeoneElse Can you explain what you mean by "fixed the tagging"? shows a geometry change; did you verify that? If not, please don't make changes like this - it makes fixing things properly much harder.
Please instead either let someone who ca...
22017-05-05 10:41:44 UTCnammala Hi Andy,

Here I changed the park tag to wood and I din't change any geometry. As per the imagery I changed to wood rather than park. From next time, I will definitely let the user know about this and wait for him to change and let others know about this.
Thanks for flagging this Andy.

Best R...
12017-05-03 20:16:01 UTCSomeoneElse This follows on from - see the comment there.
12017-05-03 09:53:51 UTCDerby45 See comment as to changeset 48337508
22017-05-03 12:45:33 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Chris,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap!
You've changed so that it's not recognised as any kind of highway at all - presumably that was by mistake?
Can you explain what you were trying to do?
Best Regards,
12017-04-20 18:10:26 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please could you add some more detail to the artworks. A pub car park is an odd place for an artwork.
Thanks Phil
22017-04-28 09:06:43 UTCDerby45 Phil, I think this person is just messing about. There are a few changes by this person in the area. I have just cleaned up a set of paths that have been dragged all over the place in this users changeset, also with Artwork randomly placed that doesn't exist.
32017-05-03 12:39:24 UTCSomeoneElse I've never been to that pub but I've commneted on another one that I don't think exists: .
42017-05-05 09:30:50 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 48420321 where the changeset comment is: Reverting Pokemon-inspired edits and other fiction. Attempts to contact the mapper have failed.
12017-05-03 12:37:14 UTCSomeoneElse Can you explain what "Old Ben" is? It's a while since I've walked down here but I don't remember anything at the end of this path.
Best Regards,
22017-05-05 09:30:54 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 48420321 where the changeset comment is: Reverting Pokemon-inspired edits and other fiction. Attempts to contact the mapper have failed.
12017-05-03 06:44:30 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
You have added 5 schools at exactly the same location at . This also appears to be in the middle of the road. Do these 5 schools occupy different parts of one large building? If so, please map the building and move the nodes to appropriate pla...
12017-05-02 10:09:48 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
Have you any idea how incorrect latitude and lo...
22017-05-02 10:10:21 UTCSomeoneElse Bonjour et bienvenue sur OpenStreetMap!
Comme vous pouvez le voir à partir de la ligne orange autour de cette modification sur la carte à droite lorsque vous affichez le set de modifications sur le site OpenStreetMap, cela chevauche l'Atlantique car certaines données ont &eacut...
32017-05-02 11:49:27 UTCgriffou83 Hi Andy,
yes I have an idea of the problem ; when I tried to add a node to an existing path, the app (JOSM) added a free node at (0,0) coordinates. I thought I suppressed it afterwards, but maybe it wasn't the case, that's why you saw it. It seems you already suppressed it.. ?
42017-05-02 12:12:50 UTCSomeoneElse If you could reproduce it (maybe using the test server?) it'd be great to add an issue at . I've seen it happen to a few people - they're happily mapping away in their home area and then oops! A node appears at 0,0.
12017-05-02 10:13:55 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
Have you any idea how incorrect latitude and lo...
22017-05-02 10:14:15 UTCSomeoneElse Halo dan selamat datang di OpenStreetMap!
Seperti yang dapat Anda lihat dari garis oranye di sekitar perubahan ini pada peta di sebelah kanan saat Anda melihat changeset di situs OpenStreetMap, itu tumpang tindih dengan Atlantik karena beberapa data tidak sengaja ditambahkan di sana.
Sudahkah Anda...
12017-05-02 09:34:08 UTCSomeoneElse Hello "Nikos Andreas Gls",

Can you explain what "OSM operation and validation succesful" means?

Best Regards,

12017-04-28 16:36:41 UTCSomeoneElse As noted in this mechanical edit is still technically flawed and legally questionable. In addition to all of the other issues already raised, you are performing multiple edits to objects for no apparent reason.
12017-04-27 10:56:25 UTCmanoharuss Hi osm update,

This seems like automated edit to me with a custom script. Has this been discussed and documented? What is the source of this data?
I have observed some issues with the edits.
1. is a node of a way on a remote area. I don't s...
22017-04-27 12:03:12 UTCalthio Hi,

I agree with manoharuss on this changeset, dear user "osm update".
It seems like you rely too heavily on nodes ids.

I would also suggest you use better changeset comments.
Moreover you could try to reduce the successive numbers of versions for only adding tags to one object.
32017-04-27 13:31:29 UTCosm update Hi, the source is, but I've made a mistake in my script. I'm reverting changes.
42017-04-27 15:15:03 UTCSomeoneElse Apparantly an otherwise untagged node on a footpath near me now sells LPG. Do I need to bring my own can?
(who as well as mapping footpaths moonlights for the Data Working Group)
52017-04-27 19:09:52 UTCndm Umm, seems to be based on Google Maps? Wouldn't that taint data from it?
62017-04-28 07:17:57 UTCosm update No, it's not based on Google Maps. There are three json sources of information about gas stations and prices:
72017-04-28 15:36:39 UTCSomeoneElse You have been blocked because you are continue to mechanically edit data without discussion. made clear the process that you must follow if you want to do this. The data that you have modified since this changeset will be reverted. Please re-read htt...
12017-04-27 22:27:36 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - I've always wondered what was supposed to be!
12017-04-27 11:34:45 UTCCommodoortje Zo te zien heb je hier helemaal gelijk.
In de BAG (Basisadministratie Adressen en Gebouwen) staat dit schuurtje niet vermeld.
22017-04-27 12:44:45 UTCSomeoneElse @Commodoortje Interestingly Bing and Mapbox satellite both show the extension - it it really likely that it has been demolished, or is BAG perhaps just out of date here?
32017-04-27 12:52:04 UTCCommodoortje Yes it is. BAG is in this case not actual.
12017-04-26 08:10:27 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you explain why you removed the detailed tags from and added it to the address node instead? Also, "reverted due to ignorance" isn't a very helpful changeset comment if, as here, the features were added by a new mapper.
22017-04-26 08:42:55 UTCeggie This was the last changeset in a range of lots of wrong and good tags. We got no response at the changesets. Only in a personal message. We askes the mapper to stop for the moment but we got no response. By the way I fixed this edit and all the informatie is at the adressnode now as an example for s...
12017-04-26 07:21:11 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Can you explain why you deleted the shops such as on this street? Are they really no longer there any more?
Best Regards,
22017-04-26 07:52:57 UTCSomeoneElse Bonjour et bienvenue à OpenStreetMap!
Pouvez-vous expliquer pourquoi vous avez supprimé les magasins tels que commentaires sur cette rue? Sont-ils vraiment plus là plus?
32017-05-05 07:48:31 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 48417098 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some deletions and other odd edits. An attempt to contact the mapper failed.
12017-04-25 15:54:00 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you explain the reason for the building deletions in here such as ? That still exists on the imagery. Has it really been demolished?
Best Regards,
22017-04-25 15:54:33 UTCSomeoneElse העלא,
קענען איר דערקלערן די סיבה פֿאַר דעם בנין דאָ: אַזאַ ווי אויסמעקונגען אין אַז נאָך יגזיסץ אויף די ימאַדזשרי. שוין טאַקע האָבן עס די...
12017-04-25 15:36:54 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I'd suggest actually checking these in a bit more detail before you mechanically edit them - is clearly just garbage (and was the subject of a previous revert).
22017-04-25 18:10:26 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Andy, actually the decision how far a fix should be is not htat easy. One the one hand we should "respect the work of others" (and not delete a likely bad name-tag). But I would also like to reach a state in OSM, that makes it more easy useable (less exceptions, country specific rules, ...
12017-04-25 07:57:27 UTCSomeoneElse Just for info I've added a 0-hour block at and reverted to the pre-edit-war situation in .
12017-04-22 08:26:47 UTCSomeoneElse Please don't duplicate data - if something you're using to search for pubs doesn't find pubs mapped as ways it'll miss a lot of pubs (roughly a third in the UK - )
22017-04-24 22:53:57 UTCElectric Monk I suggest you go to Overpass Turbo and look at the example query that comes up. Points Of Interest are called "points" for a reason.
32017-04-24 23:13:24 UTCSomeoneElse Er, OK....

In if I click "wizard", type in "pub" and "build query" I get which searches for amenity=pub on nodes, ways and relations.

Can you explain where you got the idea that POIs should be mapped as node...
12017-04-03 09:17:12 UTCSomeoneElse Just checking - does the ISO code that you've added here apply to:
1) The territory held by the Polisario Front
2) The former state of Western Sahara
As you may be aware, there is more than one claim over the latter. If the answer is "2" then these iso codes don't belong here.
Best Re...
22017-04-24 18:24:59 UTCgeo_2016 hi i'm sorry i think my "fix" was a bit too fast and not thought through entirely.
should i or would your reverse it (delete the iso3166 code?)
32017-04-24 20:05:19 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I've already done it in .
12017-04-21 15:01:31 UTCSomeoneElse Can you explain what you mean by "invalid layer tag"?
Layer tags are relative, so "layer=-1" or "layer=-100" isn't any more valid or invalid than "layer=0" or an implied layer=0, if all crossing features have positive layer tags.
What problem are you trying ...
22017-04-22 07:45:23 UTCwongataa I should have put some more detail in. These layer tags were not used in conjunction with any other tags such as bridge or tunnel. The features in question could also be clearly seen at surface level on the satellite imagery and were tagged as layer -1. The layer tags were applied in error as the...
32017-04-22 08:43:38 UTCSomeoneElse Again, to be clear, _layer tags are relative_. Layer 0 does _not_ imply ground level.
Again, what _actual problem_ are you trying to solve?
42017-04-22 16:30:10 UTCtrigpoint There are more changes here than your stated incorrect layer.
You have also changed oneway=-1 to oneway=yes on way 204098940 thus reversing the direction of travel for that section
12017-04-21 14:32:59 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please can you point me to where this mechanical edit was discussed?
You seem to have mechanically armchaired layer=1 onto bridges with no survey, if you had you would have seen that the bridge should be at layer=0 and maybe whatever is below them needs a later=-1 where it is below ground level...
22017-04-22 07:51:54 UTCwongataa All bridges need a layer tag of 1 or higher. This is detailed in the OSM wiki on the bridge page. It doesn't matter if the bridge is a simple plank or not. It is above ground level.

In that mapillary link the bridge needs a layer tag as it crosses a river/canal. The layer is to show where a f...
32017-04-22 08:38:35 UTCSomeoneElse Firstly - please take the wiki with a bucketload of salt :)
Secondly - layer=0 doesn't imply ground level - layer tags are relative, so "All bridges need a layer tag of 1 or higher" is simply wrong.
Also, although it is possible to infer relative level from imagery and other sources, i...
42017-04-29 17:50:29 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 48258464 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some mechanical changes to layers. See and
12017-04-21 13:42:09 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
22017-04-21 18:47:10 UTClequack Yes apologies for that Andy. It was a mistake, can I revert those additions?
32017-04-21 18:56:31 UTCSomeoneElse It's OK; I've reverted them.
12017-04-21 16:10:25 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
In this changeset you've changed the name of this place from the Armenian name to to an anglicized version of the the Azerbaijani name.
Your changeset comment "Something wrong explained" unfortunately does not explain what the problem was and why you changed it.
Could you explain...
12017-04-21 13:31:34 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - you've added this one-node building in the middle of the Atlantic at latitude 0, longitude 0. I guess that this means that OsmAnd didn't have a valid location when you added it?
Best Regards,
12017-03-14 18:37:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Brian,
You're still not using a separate import account, you're using a #gibberish changeset discussion comment and you're importing duplicates of existing data rather than conflating (e.g. and
Are you...
22017-04-17 09:39:40 UTCbrianboru I don't believe these are duplicate nodes but bus stops on opposite sides of the road, so conflation not appropriate. Duplicates are being reviewed manually to check which position is accurate
I'm using my own account only to do a manual post-import review and cleanup of nodes. Not as neat as pur...
32017-04-19 23:27:43 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks Brian.
Just one question - doesn't seem to be a valid account?
Best Regards,
42017-04-20 12:25:00 UTCbrianboru Sorry Andy - so used to abbreviating it. The username is West Midlands Combined Authority.
This also came through on email this timme!
52017-04-20 13:26:19 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks Brian - and yay for email appearing!
12017-04-19 23:14:11 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
In this edit you've deleted the clothes shop that was downstairs - - was that deliberate?
Best Regards,
22017-04-20 04:29:42 UTCBritish Passports UK Sorry, it may be by mistake I will delete my listing
Regards Steve
12017-04-19 22:17:08 UTCSomeoneElse Unfortunately this "fake park" that you deleted here was actually a school originally!

I've reverted it and patched it up with P1.

Best Regards,
12017-04-16 16:32:48 UTCmueschel Hi,
something went wrong with this import. The nodes are spread over the ocean...
Also, "Adresse" and "Nom" are no common tags in OSM and should be properly tagged.

22017-04-19 21:52:39 UTCSomeoneElse @mueschel no reply here so I've reverted these additions and sent the user a message that they have to read before continuing editing: .
Best Regards,
12017-04-19 10:24:34 UTCSomeoneElse Er,
You've deleted the weather buoy at
Was this intentional?
Best Regards,
22017-04-19 11:56:43 UTCnammala Hi andy,

This is accidental, It might have deleted when I was reverting this changeset , which has null island edits . Could you please bring back the buoy edits.

32017-04-19 21:34:16 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - I've undeleted it in .
42017-04-20 04:03:57 UTCnammala Thanks andy .
12017-03-21 11:14:11 UTCimagico Hello Eva,

your edits claims to be based on Bing imagery but Bing apparently has no coverage in this area. Could you explain the basis of this edit?
22017-03-21 21:33:01 UTCEva Blue Hi imagico, I figured that even without imagery I could make some improvements to the shoreline if there are sharp angles that are unreasonable for a shoreline. However you bring up a good point and I will avoid editing when no resources are available. Thank you.
32017-04-19 09:30:36 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Eva,
Please don't update OSM based on guesswork!
Best Regards,
12017-03-28 21:50:36 UTCwoodpeck You have aligned this one island with Bing imagery, but the three nearby islands were horribly out of sync with imagery and you haven't even made an attempt to repair them too. Why the focus on this one island? Have you made this edit as part of a MapRoulette task, and if yes, have you been instruct...
22017-03-30 02:43:25 UTCJames Millar I found this island through a MapRoulette challenge, I’m part of a small group who are attempting to improve the alignment of these islands using MapRoulette and JOSM.
32017-04-18 10:15:59 UTCSomeoneElse Hi James.
There have been worrying changes such as this elsewhere; you simply can't rely on Bing imagery where it might be offset (which is anywhere that you don't have something else to corroborate it).
Can you explain who the "small group" are?
Your profile doesn't say anything abou...
42017-04-19 02:09:13 UTCJames Millar Hi Andy,
We also use Mapbox, and by using a combination we can usually make improvements to these islands regardless of potential Bing offset. Alternatively we make the decision to not make any edits in an area (we do this often). Can you point me to some of the worrying changes? I can always fix t...
52017-04-19 07:58:14 UTCSomeoneElse Re "worrying changes", you can see a discussion with comments at .
Also, you're saying "we" again. Who exactly are "we"?
Best Regards,
12017-04-18 10:17:22 UTCSomeoneElse Hi James, as per the comment on can you explain how you know the alignment is correct here? Can you describe what you did to check it?
Best Regards,
22017-04-19 02:05:43 UTCJames Millar Hi Andy,
Thanks for the comment. 
I think that this small island looks better now due to these changes. Do you know if Bing is offset here? It would be great to know for sure, but until then this feature has been improved significantly accor...
32017-04-19 07:51:24 UTCSomeoneElse Hi James,
Unfortunately "looks better" doesn't always mean "is better" - if it's in the wrong place, it's still wrong, like Monty Python's parrot with the "beautiful plumage" is still dead.
In this case there don't seem to be any local GPS traces (even on the nearby h...
12017-04-18 11:57:34 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As explained previously (see ) Bing imagery may be out of date or offset. Can you explain what steps that you took here and in your other changesets in order ensure that this was not a problem?
Best Regards,
22017-04-19 01:28:26 UTCKate Diaz Hi Andy,
Thanks for the comment. Do you have any resources that indicate that Bing is offset here or that the island has changed?
I believe that the island now better reflects reality due to my edits and that these changes improve the map incre...
32017-04-19 03:13:47 UTCTheSwavu Bing imagery in this area is off by 4 to 5 m.
42017-04-19 07:39:54 UTCSomeoneElse Re "resources that indicate that Bing is offset here" I'd offer "experience".
Various things can be used to determine a Bing offset - underlying GPS traces and other imagery layers among them. I've certainly used the AGRI imagery together with GPS traces (my own and others) in ...
12017-04-18 11:53:50 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
A month ago someone mentioned that Bing imagery might be offset (see ). Can you explain what you're doing here to avoid problems caused by offset imagery?
Best Regards,
22017-04-19 04:56:29 UTCJason Roy Hey Andy,

Before this changeset, this island was traced badly. There were jagged edges which do not reflect reality. The changes I made were minor but do improve the outline as seen in achavi here: 
Do you have anything that shows Bing is...
12017-04-17 21:04:07 UTCSomeoneElse Whilst can be contentious mapping temporary closures in OSM, I guess that 6 weeks of remaining closure is enough to make it worthwhile mapping it.
12016-07-11 06:52:24 UTCJothirnadh Hello JayCBR,

Came across this changesets and found that you deleted the names of this street

Your changeset also didn't have any proper comment, so not able to quantify the reason of deleting these tags. Can you please specify the reason. Al...
22016-07-11 08:53:07 UTCJayCBR well there is a restructuring of provincial roads in progress and this area is not complete yet (ΕΟ3β is a branch of the main way and havent decided on a name at the time)..i do most of my edits with P2 and when i save is because ram is running out, so no time for comments
32017-04-17 11:14:22 UTCSomeoneElse Hi JayCBR,
If you have to save in an emergency and aren't able to leave a suitable comment, you could always return to the changeset later and add a comment in the changeset discussion. That way other mappers will still be able to see what the changeset was about.
Hope you don't mind me mentionin...
12017-04-17 10:50:47 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
You've tagged a cycleway here as "highway=Cykelväg". In order for everyone to be able to understand the data, you'll want to change this to "highway=cycleway.
Best Regards,
12017-04-17 10:42:31 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Lindisfarne,
The tags on suggest that it has been imported from an external source.
Can you explain where it was imported from and what the licence for that was?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
22017-04-18 21:54:10 UTCJohanMax Hello Andy,

I used data from an forestryplan, originated from lantmäteriverket, fastighetskartan. My mistake, all the other datasets are from lantmäteriverket are free data but fastighetskartan are not. I have removed the data.

Best regards,

12017-04-14 09:56:37 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Just trying to understand the "motor_vehicle=designated" on St Andrewgate . This normally means "there's explicit signage or something else that indicates that motor vehicle traffic should go down here".
Best Regards,
22017-04-14 10:21:36 UTCYorvik Prestigitator Hmm, that edit was 3 years ago, perhaps it was signed "access only", but since St A'gate (and surrounding streets) is effectively a dead-end for motor vehicles, that sems unecesssary. I will have another survey this week.
32017-04-14 11:43:28 UTCSomeoneElse I didn't notice any signage on St Andrewgate itself last night, but TBH you wouldn't expect any since car access is from near the Black Swan.
12017-04-11 19:37:52 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Is "Edwinstowe Cricket Club" really a sports shop or actually a cricket club or cricket pavilion? I know you're a bit limited with MAPS.ME - it doesn't let you tag everything how you'd like to. If it isn't a shop let me know and I can change it to som...
12017-04-11 19:34:17 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Would it be possible to explain what "remove self intersecting section of area outline" means?
Best Regards,
12017-04-08 09:07:56 UTCSomeoneElse Just a quick point about "For standardisation (make it possible to filter for this), ":
It's entirely possible to filter for whatever mappers tag things as, whatever you're using to consumer the data, For rendering, osm2pgsql supports lua (see
22017-04-08 14:36:15 UTCti-lo It's not about "to match an obscure scheme that on an unrelated web page that no-one is likely to read", it's about using a scheme which is easier to understand for the users (main Key shop=mototrcycle, sub-Keys motorcycle:*=*) and avoids confusion about different ways to tag the same thin...
32017-04-11 15:50:26 UTCSomeoneElse If you're making changes based on a wiki page (that likely no-one else has read) you still need to follow the mechanical edit process . It's not fair on mappers or data consumers just to change the structure of the data without tal...
42017-04-11 17:05:32 UTCti-lo I talked to the data consumers (which weren't consuming the "service" tags up to now). The major problem were the "motorcycle_repair" tags, which have also been "invented" without proper discussion, see
12017-04-11 13:21:23 UTCwill_p Hi,

What is the purpose of adding an elevation for an entire city? To me this usage of the ele tag seems likely to cause confusion, because the ele tag is usually used to provide an accurate elevation at a particular point, whereas this is something much more vague. Many different heights could b...
22017-04-11 15:35:11 UTCtimwenzel98 Hi Will,

thank you for opening the discussion. The elevation for an entire city can be useful in some circumstances when using specific mobile apps ( for instance), i added the official elevation of a town, each for their own measurement. It of course would be nice to have the elevation of...
32017-04-11 15:41:16 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Tim,
Where did you measure the elevation? If you didn't measure it, where did you copy the information from?
42017-04-11 17:16:05 UTCSK53 There is no such thing as an official elevation of towns/cities in the UK. This seems to be more common in Europe and is indeed often shown on conventional topo maps. In Britain only spot heights are shown.

Adding an ele on an area is furthermore absurd. Elevations in Nottingham vary between arou...
12017-04-08 09:33:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hi poornibadrinath,
As can be seen from this town has been through a number of name changes over the years!
I'm not convinced that having anglicised versions of Azerbaijani or Armenian names here makes sense. These were added in the previouse cha...
22017-04-10 06:28:14 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi Andy,
When I came across this changeset and searched for the name Agdara, a wikipedia entry ( had two names for the same place: Aghdara and Mertakert. That's why I added the alt name tag. Wasn't aware that this town was always referred to as Mertaker...
32017-04-10 21:27:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Poornima,
Thanks for your reply. I don't think that this town "was always referred to as Mertakert" - I suspect that it's official name will have varied depending on which side of the border it happened to be at the time. suggests tha...
42017-04-13 06:19:30 UTCpoornibadrinath HI Andy,
Thanks for the clarification. I checked around to see if there are any other concrete sources but couldn't find any. I agree that may be the version 24 remains the best compromise on names. I will go ahead and change the name to how it was in your changeset.
Thanks again.
12017-04-09 21:28:13 UTCSomeoneElse The untagged names in here (e.g. "Antenatal") aren't errors, they're just placeholders for department locations that will need tags adding once I (or someone else) has figured out a sensible way to tag them.
12017-04-08 10:12:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - just for info, I've changed the wiki link from here from to , because that's what this entity is (admin level 3 for disputed statelet, not the region, or
12017-04-07 22:36:56 UTCSomeoneElse This looks remarkably like a mechanical edit (just changing one tag to another). Was it discussed anywhere?
12017-04-07 22:27:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
One small thing - you're naming each changeset "small corrections". This doesn't really help explain to other mappers what change you're making and what the source of that change was. It'd help other mappers if you could explain in a little more detai...
22017-04-08 06:30:21 UTCdgitto Please do not change names. The name was via 4 novembre, as stated in the wiki page about the "name with dates" in italy (linked to you lot of times).
Moreover, if you change the tag name, pay attention to change accordingly the tag addr:street into each housenumber
32017-04-08 20:35:55 UTCオプンストリトマップ OSM is not a place for stalkers and bullies like dgitto. dgitto must stop stalking and sistematically reversing and deleting edits of singled out contributors. the tag "name" (Common name) means the name normally used by the general public in everyday life. it cannot be used to describe th...
42017-04-08 20:41:00 UTCオプンストリトマップ in this street af acitrezza signal there's it is written "Via IV November" with roman numbers, not the common numbers for several historic and cultural reasons. i've been there and i know it. and the local people from acitrezza are just fine with it. Via 4 Novembre could be an alt_name
52017-04-08 21:22:12 UTCdgitto Ahh sorry. You are YOU. Sorry. Cheers
62017-04-08 21:23:46 UTCオプンストリトマップ roman numbers again
72017-04-08 21:27:01 UTCオプンストリトマップ roman numbers in historic date name streets again and again
12017-04-07 14:48:02 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Just a couple of points - you've aligned two islands to Bing here, and they're a long way apart, so your changeset covers most of 4 continents. It'd be better if you could try and restrict the area covered by changesets so that everyone's "history" lis...
12014-11-14 17:37:49 UTCSomeoneElse I notice that this large changeset removes the "drinkable=yes" tag from e.g. . Was this change discussed anywhere so that anyone previously rendering "drinkable=yes" on a map would no to update it before this change was made?
22014-11-14 17:39:20 UTCSomeoneElse Also, the changeset comment "water" really isn't very descriptive. Much more helpful would have been something like "mechanical editing all amenity=drinking_water to remove any drinkable=yes tags".
32016-09-22 03:56:56 UTCescada Was there any reaction on your questions ? Why wasn't this changeset reverted ?
42017-04-03 10:07:05 UTCphilippec Maybe place a note for Polyglot. That is his territory.
52017-04-03 10:11:10 UTCSomeoneElse @FrViPofm - can you think of a good reason why this should _not_ be reverted?
62017-04-03 20:07:17 UTCFrViPofm @SomeoneElse - can you think of a good reason why this should be reverted?
72017-04-04 21:55:16 UTCSomeoneElse @FrViPofm Yes, it looks like a mechanical edit that removes tags added by other mappers.
82017-04-05 09:41:35 UTCphilippec I think that SomeoneElse deserves a good explanation.
92017-04-05 20:15:00 UTCFrViPofm "looks like" but may not be...
For one who read the doc ( they were 3384 drinkable=* at 2014-04-15. This changeset made 318 changes. Les that 10%. A mechanical edit on less than a tenth ?

102017-04-05 20:33:31 UTCSomeoneElse I'm sorry but you still haven't explained exactly _what_ you have changed or _why_ you changed it. For example, why did you change but not, say, ? Assuming that you haven't visited all of these places...
112017-04-05 21:33:31 UTCFrViPofm I don't remember, it's more than 2 years ago... But I'm pretty sure I had enough knowledge on those nodes, with the tags themselves, according to the wiki. e.g. amenity=drinking_water implies drinking_water=yes. As junction=roundabout implies oneway=yes.
According to Rudolph mentions, they have bee...
12017-04-05 19:59:04 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks for fixing!
12017-04-05 14:42:11 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
"minor edits / repetition / redundancy / abreviation / duplication / contraction / shortening / cleaning up overbloating / " isn't really much more informative than "minor edits".
I really don't understand why you have made
12017-04-04 11:51:39 UTCagnostico This is not a generic "Ufficio Postale", but a postal agency called "Agenzia Sailpost". It's a private postal service and the name tag should reflect this fact.
Please think about it.
22017-04-04 20:44:07 UTCdgitto This is vandalism. Not "minor edits". Because you know that other mappers in the community don't via agree with you
32017-04-05 13:37:50 UTCmxrev8 OSM is not a place for stalkers and bullies like dgitto. dgitto must stop stalking and sistematically reversing and deleting edits of singled out contributors. the tag "name" (Common name) means the name normally used by the general public in everyday life. it cannot be used to describe th...
42017-04-05 14:37:36 UTCSomeoneElse @mxrev8 - you seem to be adding your "OSM is not a place for stalkers and bullies" text in such a way that makes _you_ look like a bully:

Rather than keeping repeating it, I'd suggest engaging with the rest of the comm...
52017-04-05 16:37:48 UTCmxrev8 the post office "Ufficio Postale" of Poste Italiane is right in front of Sailpost, which either one of them was not marked. i wonder if Sailpost franchises should use the "Post Office" symbol or rather a shop symbol. of course, since market liberalization of couriers, all courier...
62017-04-05 18:08:45 UTCdgitto The name is not "ufficio postale" as everyone knows.
This edit will be reverted
12017-04-04 21:02:13 UTCSomeoneElse Oops (again) :)
12017-04-04 12:06:43 UTCSomeoneElse Placenames in OSM should be in the commonly spoken local language. If you want to see names in latin script, try another map (such as the cycle map on this site)
22017-04-08 09:16:28 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 47562672 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some (perhaps just misguided) name changes. Attempts to contact the mapper failed.
12017-04-03 13:32:23 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap.
In this changeset and others you've changed some names from mixed language name to a single-language name.
Names in OpenStreetMap are usually governed by the "on the ground" rule - see
22017-04-08 09:16:32 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 47562672 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some (perhaps just misguided) name changes. Attempts to contact the mapper failed.
12017-04-02 13:24:49 UTCSomeoneElse Here you've changed e.g. the name of "Morocco" to not include French. Did you check that that change was acceptable to the OSM community in Morocco before doing so?
OSM generally follows an "on the ground rule" with regard to names - see
12017-04-02 13:18:23 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Here you've changed the "name" tag of Morocco from an Arabic/Berber combination (previously it was French/Arabic/Berber) to English.
The "name:en" (i.e. the English name) has been "Morocco" all the way through this process.
This ch...
12017-04-01 21:53:53 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-04-01 21:52:20 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-04-01 09:07:39 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Stu,
To my knowledge, none of these roads "have numbers" in any meaningful sense. They were already tagged with an "official_ref" (used by and only useful to the council). There are no signs, so C93 through Flaxton isn't anything that you can "refer" to.
Best Reg...
22017-04-01 09:58:14 UTCStu Mitch Hi Andy, I wondered about this. Occasionally you see these on signs but yes it is only occasional. They are references by local authorities, so if you had to report to a council it could be useful or if you wanted to query council work. Thanks for the comment though.

Regards, Stu
32017-04-01 10:48:19 UTCSomeoneElse There is (or used to be) at least one signed "C" road near Helmsley, but they're pretty rare.
It would certainly be possible (and not that difficult) to render "official_ref" on a map, but it doesn't make much sense to do so on a general purpose one. As an example, the "pr...
12017-03-31 12:59:30 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
With this change you added some toilets called "move point" (which seems an odd name) in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I've deleted it.
Best Regards,
12017-03-30 13:21:52 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Rajesultanpur,
Are you sure about the bridge location at ? It doesn't seem to match the Bing imagery at that location.
Best Regards,
12017-03-30 11:28:13 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Aysel117,
Here you've removed some of the language names from . Please don't do that. In I stressed the sensitivity of names (as I'm sure you well know).
If you have evidence that the "na...
22017-03-30 11:33:26 UTCSomeoneElse One more thing - applications such as MAPS.ME will use "language name tags". If you think "name:az" is missing from areas where the Azeri language is used and it differs from the "name" then I suggest that you add "name:az" tags.
The last time that this was ...
12017-03-28 14:18:53 UTCSomeoneElse Er - you've just deleted the weather buoy at lat 0, lon 0.
Is it definitely no longer there?
It has its own web page:
22017-03-30 09:44:37 UTCsrividya_c Oh never knew this. Will make sure I keep an eye on this node.

Thank you for sharing.

32017-03-30 11:05:03 UTCSomeoneElse There's actually no recent data from it, but there's actually no recent data from any of the Atlantic stations: so I'm guessing that that's just a glitch.
12017-03-28 21:27:57 UTCSomeoneElse Hello opengislab,
This looks like an import of data from a government agency. I don't remember seeing anything in the past year or so on the imports mailing list about Colombia, or on talk-co about importing Divipola data. How imports should be carried out is described at https://wiki.openstreetm...
22017-03-28 21:29:25 UTCSomeoneElse Hola opengislab,
Esto parece una importación de datos de una agencia gubernamental. No recuerdo haber visto nada en el último año o así en la lista de correo "imports" sobre Colombia, o en "talk-co" sobre la importación de datos de Divipola. C&...
12017-03-28 21:18:24 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Maning,
Thanks for reverting.
No edits by the account that added it since the comment on ; we'll see what happens next.
12017-03-27 13:53:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Shamaun,
Thanks for tidying this up.
Best Regards,
12017-03-25 09:07:42 UTCSomeoneElse Hello mimakter,
Both of the things that you've added in this changeset have been given a name of "house".
The "name" tag in OSM is really only for names, not for descriptions. If you want to say that "this is a house" than use a "building" tag of "hous...
12017-03-25 08:20:37 UTCSomeoneElse Hello select,
Thanks for replying to some of the comments at . However, all of your changeset comments seem to be just "trace". This isn't helpful to other mappers. Please read
12017-03-23 18:13:44 UTCwill_p Hi Stan,

Last week I commented on a bridleway you added north of Kegworth ( I received no response from you, and at the weekend I decided to survey it on the ground, because your remote mapping was clearly approximate and rather confusing in the w...
22017-03-23 21:09:49 UTCStan W Hi Will,

Apologies for not responding - I am not familiar with the concept of discussions.

While I was relying on second-hand information from one of my team of surveyors who walked the route, this does raise an issue in my mind as to the purpose of including routes on OpenStreetMap.

If we ...
32017-03-24 11:34:40 UTCwill_p Hi Stan,

There has been a lot of discussion in the past about tagging rights of way and the general consensus is that the highway tag should only be used to indicate physical characteristics and not access rules. There are separate tags available for tagging access (
42017-03-24 16:00:09 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Stan, hi Will - for info is on a server in Germany now, and should be able to cope with people viewing maps there (though tile scrapers would be a problem).
Best Regards,
52017-03-24 16:17:07 UTCSK53 Hi Stan,

A couple of blog posts about footpath mapping & assessing completeness of PRoW information are: and might help build the ...
12017-03-23 21:49:12 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
You've accidentally uploaded the "learnosm" test data in the middle of the Atlantic in this changeset :)
I'll delete it...
Also, it would really help if any changeset comment that you use has meaningful comments in it. Yours only has hashtags in it - there's no description of wh...
12017-03-23 16:29:40 UTCSomeoneElse The website that you added suggests that is shut...
12017-03-23 16:21:32 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
You've accidentally uploaded the "learnosm" test data in the middle of the Atlantic in this changeset :)
I'll delete it...
Best Regards,
12017-03-22 09:13:18 UTCSomeoneElse Bitte antworten Sie auf die Fragen unter und .
12017-03-20 14:35:22 UTCSomeoneElse Oops, was uploaded at "latitude 0, longitude 0". I've deleted it.
Best Regards,
12017-03-18 20:09:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Mihai Turceanu,
Can you explain what "wrong hiwghway set" means? Also, it's a bit worrying when a new OpenStreetMap mapper comes along and the only changes they make are deletions. Can you please explain what the problem was?
Best Regards,
22017-03-18 20:10:08 UTCSomeoneElse (Traducere automată)
Bună ziua Mihai Turceanu,
Poți explica ce "hiwghway greșit set" înseamnă? De asemenea, este un pic mai îngrijorătoare atunci când un nou cartograf OpenStreetMap vine de-a lungul și singurele modificări pe care le fac sunt deleții. Puteți s...
12017-03-18 14:29:31 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
In here you've added an industrial area called "forest". This seems unlikely - can you explain?
Best Regards,
12017-03-17 22:58:17 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Sawan Shariar,
There seem to be some unconnected nodes in this changeset such as
Can you explain where they came from?
Best Regards,
12017-03-17 22:49:46 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Shamaun,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Unfortunately, almost all of the buildings in this changeset seem to be called "house", which doesn't make a lot of sense.
Are you using "geoMapTool" for that? If so, please stop using it immediately - it is broken.
Please contact Open...
12017-03-17 22:43:20 UTCSomeoneElse Hello smafroza,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Unfortunately, every building in this changeset seems to have named "house" - which doesn't make a lot of sense.
Are you using "geoMapTool" for that? If so, please stop using it immediately - it is broken.
Please contact OpenStreetMap...
12017-03-17 21:32:58 UTCSomeoneElse Hello ibrahim2,
You have called almost every building in this changeset "house", which really doesn't make a lot of sense.
Are you using "geoMapTool" for that? If so, please stop using it immediately - it is broken.
Best Regards,
22017-03-17 22:39:13 UTCSomeoneElse Also overlaps with , which makes no sense.
Best Regards,
12017-03-17 22:31:21 UTCSomeoneElse Hello mimakter,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Unfortunately, something's gone wrong with . It's presumably supposed to be a building, but is a straight line in the middle of another one.
Are you using "geoMapTool" for that? If so, please stop u...
22017-03-17 22:35:16 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 46943778 where the changeset comment is: Reverting multiply duplicated data added with buggy GeoMapTool app
12017-03-17 22:18:56 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Shaplakhatun,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Unfortunately something has gone a bit wrong here and look like the same building that has been uploaded twice.
Also, I'm sure that every building does n...
22017-03-17 22:22:20 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 46943595 where the changeset comment is: Reverting multiply duplicated data added with buggy GeoMapTool app
12017-03-17 21:39:59 UTCSomeoneElse Hello shahadat19,
You're adding the same things over and over again - please stop!
Are you using "geoMapTool" for that? If so, please stop using it immediately - it is broken.
Please contact OpenStreetMap's Data Working Group in so that we can explain the problem ...
22017-03-17 22:11:48 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 46943272 where the changeset comment is: Reverting multiply duplicated data added with buggy GeoMapTool app
12017-03-17 21:31:30 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Sabina ul,
Your newly added building seems to overlap with . Can you explain what happened?
Also, you have called almost every building in this changeset "house", which really doe...
12017-03-17 13:25:49 UTCSomeoneElse Please stop making these changes without answering the many questions that other mappers have asked you.
22017-03-17 13:25:57 UTCSomeoneElse Bitte hört auf, diese Änderungen zu machen, ohne die Major Fragen zu beantworten, die andere Mapper dich gefragt haben.
12017-03-17 09:19:31 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
What is your source that is no longer proposed but now actually built?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
22017-03-17 09:19:37 UTCSomeoneElse Buna,
Care este sursa ta că nu mai propune, dar acum, de fapt construit?
Toate cele bune,
Andy Townsend, în numele Grupului de lucru a datelor OSM lui.
32017-03-17 10:18:40 UTCrazor74 That motorway does not exist. For shure. And must not be changed from this state. You do those changes by ear or what? And why you ignore us all?
12017-03-17 09:11:37 UTCSomeoneElse Hello again,

You appear to be making repeated changes to . Can you please explain your source for this being a trunk road rather than tertiary or secondary?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
22017-03-17 09:46:52 UTCrazor74 Traffic trough Soseaua de centura is only for trucks. Not for normal cars. The general trafic or touristic trafic must go troug Calimanesti. And the quality of the road Soseaua de Centura is very bad. Normal cars must not on that road which is crowded by trucks. So that road must have lover rank, l...
32017-03-17 09:52:12 UTCrazor74 In romanian language - Nu mai schimba te rog Soseaua de centrua de la Calimanesti in primary road. Acea sosea este doar pentru trafic greu. Pe acolo trebuie sa mearga numai tirurile. Tirurile nu au voie prin Calimanesti, altfel primesc amenda. In plus drumul ala e foarte degradat si nu vrei sa stai ...
42017-03-17 10:08:22 UTCcristianbogdan Like in the motorway cases, this is very confusing for drivers and can result in fines.
12017-03-15 11:34:19 UTCSomeoneElse Looking at , it would appear that you've made other changes to tags other than just Esperanto. Can you explain here what those changes are?
Best Regards,
22017-03-15 11:34:24 UTCSomeoneElse Rigardante, ĝi aperus ke vi faris aliajn ŝanĝojn al etikedoj aliaj ol nur Esperanton. Ĉu vi povas ekspliki ĉi kio tiuj ŝanĝoj?
Plej amike,
32017-03-15 12:37:05 UTCMalvolapukulo Should I respond in Esperanto or in English?

1. Mi ŝanĝis nomojn de landoj al tiuj enhavantaj finaĵon -uj- anstataŭ -i-, ĉar -uj- sistemo estas pli logika, mi movis nomojn kun -i- al alt_name:eo. Mi uzis liston de, kun la jenaj esceptoj: Irlando/Ejro, P...
42017-03-16 23:44:43 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks, but to be pedantic you did announce the "name:simple" changes in your diary in Esperanto! When it comes to making announcements that's right up there with 'in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leop...
12017-03-16 22:01:49 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
22017-03-16 22:25:50 UTCAHMED ATAHRAN Hello,
Sorry, I did not pay attention to this, it was my first use of OSM,
Next time, if i need, i will use test server.

Thank you.
32017-03-16 22:26:44 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - if you've got any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
Best Regards,
12017-03-16 21:57:23 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
12017-03-15 11:20:08 UTCSomeoneElse Bitte antworten Sie auf die Fragen unter
22017-03-21 17:06:34 UTCEberth This changeset has been reverted fully by changeset 47045657. Please read and get in touch with the community!
12017-03-14 23:26:31 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - somehow in this change you managed to add something at latitude 0, longitude 0 - any idea how that might have happened?
12017-03-14 18:30:40 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Brian,
Could you please address the questions raised on before continuing to import this data?
Best Regards,
22017-04-17 09:16:10 UTCbrianboru Being addressed as requested. Import paused
12017-03-14 10:38:13 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Was it your intention to remove the ISO3166-1 for Spain here?
Best Regards,
22017-03-14 10:38:38 UTCSomeoneElse Hola,
¿Fue su intención retirar la ISO3166-1 para España aquí?
32017-03-14 11:14:21 UTCJaviAyuntaIrun Hola Andy !! No ha sido un fallo.
It was a mistake. sorry ;-)
12017-03-13 18:16:22 UTCchillly This is an import, right? Where's the unique userid? Where's the wiki import page? Where's the Imports mailing list discussion?
22017-03-13 22:54:28 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Brian,
It looks like things may have got a bit ahead of themselves here.
The only list discussion that I can see for this is at , and that's not really a discussion as much as you saying "I'd like to imp...
32017-03-19 15:15:59 UTCpigsonthewing Other issues are already being discussed elsewhere, but "Betula sp" (strictly, with italicised "Betula" and period in "sp.") is the correct taxonomic designation for a specimen of the genus Betula, whose exact species is not known.
42017-03-19 17:17:34 UTCSK53 @pigsonthewing: there is also a widely used genus tag, which is particularly appropriate for trees not identified to species (and generally useful because of the vagaries of the taxonomy of various street trees).
12017-03-13 22:20:31 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
What are you actually trying to do here?
You might find something like more appropriate for whatever it is.
Best Regards,
22017-03-13 22:23:33 UTCchillly This follows a pattern. Whoever is coordinating this would be best to talk to someone in OSM (by adding a comment here or sending a direct message to me). These edits are likely to be deleted, they are not useful in OSM, so this work will be lost.
12017-03-13 22:02:13 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

This is the second edit this evening adding a very strange plateau in this locality. Is this part of a course or a some other related group?

This really does not look valid for the area. I think both edits are likely to be removed.
22017-03-13 22:06:42 UTCSomeoneElse Unlike the other one, there probably is a bit of moraine under here (it's a raised bit west of the Rother and the clue's in the nae "Stonegravels") but ir's doesn't really belong in OSM as it stands.
What are you actually trying to do?
You might find something like http://umap.openstreet...
12017-03-13 21:18:18 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

What is this edit all about? Did you realise that you were saving to the live database? You seem to have a very odd group of tags and names for an urban part of UK.

Do you need some help with this edit? I can remove it for you if that is what is needed.
22017-03-13 21:56:13 UTCSomeoneElse It's not much of a plateau certainly - St Augustine's Road is very much a hill with the river at the eastern end of it, and the road that drops down to Queen's Park is likewise.
What exactly is it supposed to be?
12017-03-13 14:14:14 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Is still a bike shop? It's marked as shop=bicycle (although the name has been removed).
Best Regards,
22017-03-13 19:42:34 UTCBaldric Definitely not a bike shop anymore but still a retail unit.
12017-03-13 13:52:48 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
I'm not sure how it happened, but you've added some things in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
Please don't do this, even as a test - OpenStreetMap is a map of things that really exist in the world, not test data.
Hope you don't mind me mentioning this, just t...
12017-03-12 22:00:10 UTCSomeoneElse Relation 7066589 has 37,948 nodes as members. It's just broken an osm2pgsql import here, and I suspect I wont be the only one.

What is it actually supposed to be?
22017-03-12 22:18:07 UTCwoodpeck I have also noticed that this import seems to have first been raised on talk-br on March 9, two days before the import was started. Problems like a collection relation with 37k members would have been found before the import if people had actually had time to look at what was proposed.
32017-03-12 22:21:56 UTCwoodpeck The survey points seem to contain this message: "Não alterar: coordenadas originais do IBGE". I wonder why they are imported in OSM at all; what use is data that you cannot alter in OSM? Anyone interested in doing anything with the survey points can just use the shape file.
42017-03-12 22:24:37 UTCpnorman Hello,

Imports in OSM are subject to some requirements (, one of which the community is consulted prior to the import, including the imports@ mailing list.

Because this import is causing technical problems and has not been discussed, I'm go...
52017-03-12 22:29:36 UTCsmaprs Ok, if you think its' better to revert it. We discussed it in Brazilian community thinking these survey points have precise coordinates and can help align imagery in remote regions of Brazil. I'll read carefully your remarks and see what can be done better.
62017-03-12 22:39:38 UTCwoodpeck I have looked that the Bing imagery surrounding some of the points and found nothing visible on the ground that I could have used to align the image though. I think the matter deserves a more thorough discussion. We'll revert it for now but that doesn't mean it can never come back.
72017-03-12 22:51:03 UTCsmaprs Ok. Sorry for the unexpected problems.
12016-10-09 16:54:50 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this area again? Looks like several of the islands got flooded:

The reason seems to be this relation, where the roles of the members do not match:

Cheers, Jan
22017-03-11 21:57:56 UTCSomeoneElse Also,
Tagging as a "village green" is surely wrong.
Best Regards,
12017-02-24 12:30:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
22017-03-10 22:01:24 UTCdehr Dear Andy (DWG),

Thank-you for your message. Yes, I work for Facebook and my name is David.

Per your requests on and we have stopped making any edits.

Please ...
32017-03-10 22:26:07 UTCSomeoneElse Hi David.
Thanks for the clarification.
Best Regards,
12017-02-11 09:39:42 UTCpitscheplatsch Hi dehr. May I know the reason behind deleting many mapped highways in this changeset? See
22017-03-08 00:13:10 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Pascal,
This changeset is I think related to . Essentially Facebook created some "clever" workflow to add roads (like they did last year that resulted in every wadi and wall in Egypt bing added as a "road" befo...
32017-03-10 21:22:57 UTCstephankn @Andi: It's quite difficult to properly use changeset discussions as long as there is no way to find your own comments. There is code fragments to add this to the wiki page but no one works on it. Thailand has a forum where more people participate in discussions.
42017-03-10 21:58:57 UTCdehr Hi Pascal, Andi, and Stephan.

Sorry for the late response on this changeset as this is my personal account and does not see much usage. I work for Facebook and my name is David.

We were working in the dev environment and an editor accidentally uploaded their practice edits to live OSM inste...
52017-03-10 22:25:23 UTCSomeoneElse @stephankn - it is possible to find your own comments (thanks to Pascal!):

12017-03-09 17:08:02 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM. Just wondering why you have changed these from gardens to parks?
22017-03-09 17:41:21 UTCElfangorax These two locations -- particularly Gardner's Crescent -- could equally be considered gardens and parks. I changed them to parks because I believe Pokémon Go uses named parks to assign nests in the game. I'm not sure whether it's possible to classify them as both, but would be happy to do so ...
32017-03-09 23:02:22 UTCGinaroZ They can only be tagged as one or the other. Parks are usually larger, and "Exchange Park" was tagged as a private garden - so hardly a park!
Finally, you should not be changing OSM data just so it creates nests in Pokemon Go.
42017-03-10 11:54:44 UTCSomeoneElse I was there only the other week, and what is now called "Exchange Park" didn't look anything like a park to me :(
52017-03-10 22:57:34 UTCGinaroZ I've reverted these back to gardens
12017-03-08 11:11:14 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 46677521 where the changeset comment is: Revert vandalism (ficitional additions at (0,0)). All other edits of the changeset are not worth enough to be kept.
22017-03-08 21:46:57 UTCSomeoneElse @Nakaner - Just in case you're not aware, "Cat Forest", "Happy Park" etc. are part of the learnosm test data. See for the full story.
32017-03-08 21:56:45 UTCNakaner Hi SomeoneElse,

thank you for the hint. I found it because Martijn van Exel tweeted a screen shot and I could not – as you might expect – wait and reverted immediately.

Best regards

42017-03-23 22:48:00 UTCalthio Hi Luke Langholf,

Thank you for trying out OpenStreetMap with JOSM and LearnOSM.

Most of all sorry about the complications with your very first edit. Unfortunately a glitch introduced bogus data from the sample file, so your contribution was promptly deleted. Now some of your modifications sho...
12017-03-08 17:22:58 UTCSomeoneElse Hehe - and congratulations for allowing for the offset!
12017-02-23 09:46:38 UTCmueschel Hi,
this changeset generated a lot of objects with a huge number of tags that are not documented and seem to have been added by mistake during this import.

22017-02-23 09:57:41 UTCBgabor Hi,
All 4000 points a certain water sources in the area and all attached attribute is important.
32017-02-23 10:02:50 UTCmueschel If this information is important, I suggest to use common tags that can be parsed by existing software.
Btw, I don't see a connection to hotosm project 2525 you mention in the changeset comment. Has this import of data been discussed on the appropriate mailing list? Is this data really 'open'? The...
42017-02-26 19:48:11 UTCedvac Hi:
If this is an import and haven't been discussed, it should be reverted inmediatly.
Imports have to be discussed with the local community and with the imports list, and should be documented and the source compatible with the ODbL.
52017-02-28 15:03:58 UTCmuralito No doubt it is an import. It should be reverted, or at least discussed, fixed and the resulting new tags documented.

62017-03-03 01:14:37 UTCedvac This import has been reverted:
Please, read and follow the imports guidelines ( before doing any import. Imports have to be documented, been given ODbL compatible permission by the copyright owners...
72017-03-07 23:31:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Bgabor,
Just to echo what has been said above - if you want to import data please do read and follow the links from it.
If you've got any questions you can either mail the Data Working group at or ask on the "imports"...
82017-03-08 10:29:54 UTCBgabor Hi,

I will send a letter for the National Bureau of Statistics to Tanzania, and ask them to clarify the licenses for all data from website.

PS: thank you for your efforts...

92017-03-08 12:05:29 UTCmuralito Hello Bgabor:

If the terms & conditions are the same as stated in , I'm not sure if the d) paragraph is compatible with ODbL.

Maybe in this case we need explicit permission from the owner to import their data into OSM.
102017-03-08 12:39:44 UTCSomeoneElse @Bgabor,
I'd suggest having this discussion on the "imports" list - there people will be able to advise you about licenses.
See for where this import was first mentioned there.
Best Regards,
12017-02-11 09:39:20 UTCpitscheplatsch Hi dehr. May I know the reason behind deleting many mapped highways in this changeset? See
22017-03-08 00:13:51 UTCSomeoneElse See my comment on - part of the same process I think.
32017-03-10 22:00:05 UTCdehr Hi Pascal and Andi.
Sorry for the late response on this changeset as this is my personal account and does not see much usage. I work for Facebook and my name is David.

We were working in the dev environment and an editor accidentally uploaded their practice edits to live OSM instead of the de...
12017-03-08 00:01:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Oak_Park_IL,
Somethings gone a bit wrong here. It looks like was imported and you did't check for existing data such as (those two buildings overlap).
As I said on
12017-03-07 23:38:46 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Any idea what is here? It doesn't have any tags on it.
Best Regards,
22017-03-08 10:04:47 UTCBgabor Hi,

Yes, the task wasn't finished yet. Now it has tag on it...
12017-02-26 08:11:45 UTCHarald Hartmann Hi carlitos gomez, this changeset looks like an import (14782x man_made=water_well). Where was this import discussed and documented? (
The problem i see is the possible incorrect tagging: you used name instead of ref, and tagged both amenity=wat...
22017-02-26 19:42:55 UTCedvac This import has been reported to the imports list. It will likely be reverted, or redacted in case there is a copyright infringement.
32017-03-03 01:10:14 UTCedvac This changeset has been reverted, in two changesets:
Please, follow the imports guidelines ( for any import.
42017-03-03 14:02:31 UTCcarlitos gomez Hi Harald

Surely this is an error on my part. I didn't realize because the points
were well displayed on OSM
This data have been shared by CDIG (Centre de Documentation et
d'Information Geographique du Tchad) in early 2016.
In theory these public data and shareable on OSM (I'm in the process...
52017-03-03 14:05:05 UTCcarlitos gomez Hi Edvac
Sorry for my late reply, I was on field mission
This data have been shared by CDIG (Centre de Documentation et d'Information Géographique du Tchad) in early 2016. In theory these data is public (I'm in the process of requesting confirmation from my contacts in Chad)
62017-03-03 14:18:37 UTCHarald Hartmann The problem is, that public data isn't public data. In Germany we have also public OpenData, but: The "attribution" obliges the data user to name the respective data provider. This doesn't match the OpenStreetMap License Policy, and therefore this (OpenData) isn't useable in OpenStreetMap ...
72017-03-03 16:01:43 UTCMarion Barry But if he gets confirmation from the data provider then it will be fine, correct?
82017-03-03 16:08:18 UTCHarald Hartmann If he pays attention to the import guidelines,
and documents it in the wiki (for transparacy, legal and license issues),
and corrects the import,
and so on, yes, then everything will be fine.
92017-03-03 16:09:09 UTCHarald Hartmann sorry, i've forgotten the link:
102017-03-03 20:04:42 UTCedvac Imports have to be discussed with the local OSM community too, and then with the imports list.
I would also discourage automatic imports. Better do it manually, crowdsourced, adding contextual data to each object (having a WASH point in the middle of nowhere, without the road access to it, is a rea...
112017-03-06 15:20:52 UTCcarlitos gomez Hi all
All data from the ResEau project (SIRE) under the DDC-Tchad-UNOSAT contract
are public and shareable data, confirmed !
122017-03-06 15:41:33 UTCcarlitos gomez Hi edvac
Add data manually: ok for digitization some infrastructures but I do not think that is a good idea if there are 500, 1000 or 2000 points to add.
Freaky, some members of the OSM community met for me (mostly humanitarian staff) just encourages the opposite.
"having a WASH point in th...
132017-03-07 23:35:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hello carlitos gomez,
Just to echo what has been said above - if you want to import data please do read and follow the links from it.
If you've got any questions you can either mail the Data Working group at or ask on the "impo...
12017-03-07 22:55:28 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Mihai Mandea,
Could you explain a little bit what "Thanks for Watching" means? Changeset comments are supposed to explain the changes that you made to other mappers, but I can't really understand what "Thanks for Watching" means. Hope you don't mind me asking,
Best Reg...
22017-03-07 22:56:21 UTCSomeoneElse (Traducere automată)
Bună ziua, Michael Mandea,
Ați putea explica un pic ce "Multumesc pentru echipa" Mijloace? Changeset comentarii ar trebui sa explice modificările aduse altor cartografi asta, dar eu nu pot să înțeleg cu adevărat ce "Mulțumesc pentru echipa" Mi...
12017-03-07 14:05:41 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Please don't add test data to the live OpenStreetMap Server. If you want a test server, perhaps would work for you?
Best Regards,
22017-03-07 14:11:06 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 46653048 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some osmapi-added test data
12017-03-07 14:02:47 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - surprised I missed the SubWay here!
12017-03-07 11:52:38 UTCSomeoneElse wideth=3 (which the previous mapper set) might be in feet rather than meters I think - probably still needs a proper survey for access.
12017-02-25 21:57:19 UTCSomeoneElse Er - Pokemon Acres, really?
That just looks like someone's house to me ...
Best Regards,
22017-03-06 09:08:59 UTCmuzirian Looks like people are wrongly marking places so that they could have biomes and thus required pokemon at their home.
32017-03-06 09:40:53 UTCmuzirian changeset 45750994 and one more edit in that are looks suspicious
42017-03-06 12:34:05 UTCSomeoneElse @muzirian Thanks - I've reverted it.
12017-03-04 09:16:16 UTCSomeoneElse This reverts some further edits which depended on Google-derived data reverted in .
12017-03-02 09:07:06 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
You've changed the northern bit of Maun Valley Park from being a nature reserve into being a duplicate park. It's already a park because it''s part of - you can tell that by looking at the htt...
12017-03-01 19:08:15 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
I think something has gone a bit wrong here - you've deleted some things that form part of boundary relations, so some (such as ) now have gaps in them.
I'll change this back, since presumably this wasn't what you w...
12017-03-01 13:05:17 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Oak_Park_IL,
It looks like you're adding a series of nodes here, and it looks like the overlap with existing buildings.

What are you actually trying to do?

If you're trying to import some data, please read and
12017-02-26 16:14:11 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
The names on seem unlikely. If it's called "Waldecker Bank" and it's in Germany I'd be surprised if it has an English names of "Bank (ATM)" or a French name of "banque".
Best Regards,
12017-02-26 16:04:38 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
It looks like you may be performing some sort of import. Please review and the links from there including . It's important to discuss imports before they take place to prevent problems such as ...
12017-01-16 06:43:57 UTCChetan_Gowda In this changeset also, you've deleted a existing road. It can be clearly seen from the BING imagery.
22017-02-25 21:37:19 UTCSomeoneElse @Chetan_Gowda does this need restoring?
32017-02-27 14:16:23 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi SomeoneElse, yes! Need restoring
42017-04-03 07:06:17 UTCizmickobe Sorry, if I happen to do something wrong.
Can you please restore it if possible?
Because I don't remember what I did.
12017-02-25 12:37:33 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset reverts some or all edits made in changesets 43476437, 43477049, 44946646.
22017-02-25 13:52:25 UTCSomeoneElse Edits that depended on this data were reverted in . and the next two changesets are patching up some gaps in NY9A (actually present before these changes) and I've asked someone who edited the M12 bus rou...
12017-02-25 13:49:40 UTCSomeoneElse This is tidying up some data that depending on Google-derived data reverted in .
12017-02-25 13:45:39 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I wonder if you could help - the M12 bus route currently has a gap down at the south end .
I'm guessing that you're familiar to the area - could you fill in any gap?
Would it ...
12017-02-25 10:41:32 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As you may be aware there were a number of issues with this changeset. Following problems noted at it was reverted by what is presumably another Facebook account.
What software did you actually use to make these edits? The c...
22017-02-28 01:27:45 UTCVLD001 Dear Andy (DWG),

Thanks for the clarification. Yes we are aware of the issue and have fixed the bug and edits as we mentioned in this post

We are using both JOSM and an internal iD editor based on V1.8.5 for validation. As described in ou...
12017-02-25 10:40:20 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As you may be aware there were a number of issues with this changeset. Following problems noted at it was reverted by what is presumably another Facebook account.
What software did you actually use to make these edits? The c...
12017-02-25 10:36:56 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As you may be aware there were a number of issues with this changeset. Following problems noted at it was reverted by what is presumably another Facebook account.
What software did you actually use to make these edits? The c...
12017-02-25 10:35:19 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As you may be aware there were a number of issues with this changeset. Following problems noted at it was reverted by what is presumably another Facebook account.
What software did you actually use to make these edits? The c...
12017-02-25 10:33:10 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As you may be aware there were a number of issues with this changeset. Following problems noted at it was reverted by what is presumably another Facebook account.
What software did you actually use to make these edits? The c...
12017-02-24 22:29:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hello, is a caravan site in a building. This seems unlikely. Can you explain?
Best Regards,
12017-02-24 14:04:06 UTCSomeoneElse Is the WMCA really "admin level 6"? I thought that it just an attempt to obtain some "City Region" government money, and didn't have any of the administrative powers (beyond running the buses) that e.g. Birmingham City Council did?
22017-04-17 09:15:14 UTCbrianboru I did muse over this one. There is an elected mayor and powers over economic regeneration. From WMCA's website:

Combined authorities are legal bodies with powers of decision making granted by parliament. They are a new way for local authorities to work together on key strategic functions that cro...
12017-02-24 13:42:23 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-24 13:40:39 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-24 13:35:42 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-24 13:33:36 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-24 13:32:47 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-24 13:25:43 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-24 13:22:48 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-24 13:21:46 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-24 13:21:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-24 13:19:58 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-24 13:19:09 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-24 13:17:36 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-24 13:17:21 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-24 13:17:07 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
22017-02-28 01:29:12 UTCVLD001 Dear Andy (DWG),

Thank you for your message. Yes, I work for Facebook. My name is .

Per your requests on and we have stopped making any edits.

My profile has ...
32017-02-28 01:33:14 UTCVLD001 Dear Andy (DWG),
Thank you for your message. Yes, I work for Facebook. My name is Jaclyn.
Per your requests on and we have stopped making any edits.
My profile has b...
42017-02-28 16:24:18 UTCstephankn a highway=track indicates a way used for agricultural purposes. How do you distinguish these from simply unpaved roads? Do you consider it itelligent to place roads in the middle of nowhere without proper connection to the highway network? Please stop doing such low-quality edits!
52017-03-01 00:38:04 UTCVLD001 Stephan,
Thank you for your feedback. We based our tagging on a few things;
1. The commonly used tags in this area are highway=track. For Example … 68/99.4921
2. This area looks like an agricultural area based on our recent high-resolution satellite...
12017-02-24 13:09:33 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
It would really help other mappers if you could use meaningful changeset comments, not just "#".
Best Regards,
12017-02-24 13:08:41 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
What is "#yourinstancename-project-2571"? It would really help other mappers if you could use meaningful changeset comments, not just hashtags.
Best Regards,
12017-02-24 13:06:42 UTCSomeoneElse Hallo,
Wat is "#yourinstancename-project-2572"? Het zou echt helpen andere kaartenmakers als je gewend zinvolle changeset reacties, niet alleen hashtags.
12017-02-24 12:28:23 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-24 12:27:39 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
12017-02-23 15:47:11 UTCSomeoneElse These do look just like doodles, don't they? For info, I've commented over on about it.
Has everything by this user already been checked and if necessary reverted? If not let me know and I'll have a look at what's left (and revert if necessar...
12017-02-23 15:28:44 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Afeef Chaudhary,
Can you explain what you were trying to do here? The "building" that you added just seems to be a big triangle and doesn't seem to match anything on the ground.
OpenStreetMap is a map of the world as it exists, not a map of doodles that someone drew because they w...
12017-02-23 09:24:52 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Eng Visal,
You've again added two "viewpoints" to OSM, but looks very much like a personal bookmark.

When you edit OpenStreetMap you're editing a map that everyone can see, not just your personal copy. Please do continue editing, but ...
22017-02-23 09:26:03 UTCSomeoneElse ជំរាបសួរអេងវិសាល
អ្នកបានបន្ថែមម្តងទៀត "ទស្សនៈ" ពីរទៅ OSM ទេប៉ុន្តែ មើលទៅខ្លាំងណាស់ដូចជាក...
12017-02-22 21:54:15 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap! Edits that you make update the one shared map that everyone sees. That's why it's important that only valid edits are made to the map. If you want to experiment with the editors, you can do so over at (an exact copy of the main s...
12017-02-18 12:28:27 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Will,
A question about the Y1 bus:
Is the Langley Mill / Eastwood stretch of this the same as the Derby / Heanor service? I've only ever used the latter part. the H1 (which this is a partial duplicate of - Yourbus have desi...
22017-02-19 16:07:57 UTCwill_p Hi Andy,

When I added the Y1 route information I certainly assumed the Langley Mill / Eastwood stretch was part of the same route as the Derby / Heanor section. It was surveyed by photographing the bus stops rather than using the bus.

I mostly added the Eastwood part of the route in 2015 and H...
32017-02-20 17:07:49 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks Will,
I'll stick the Derby-Heanor bit into the same relation for now and update it if anything seems different.
Best Regards,
12017-02-19 11:09:40 UTCSomeoneElse Hello CyclingClaire,
I noticed that the whole of a section of the River Worfe had had "ford=yes" added to it. I guess this happened by accident, and I've removed it in . Everything else is unchange...
12017-02-10 20:35:25 UTCstreckenkundler Hi,
the species Humulus lupulus L. is not a tree or shrub. You're making a big mistake here. Fields with hop are only simple perennial farmlands.
You must stop your action. The DWG ist informed.

See also the germany-Forum:

22017-02-18 00:15:25 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 46178656 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some partially Google-sourced edits
32017-02-19 05:31:58 UTCLLAQWA hi,
i think hop its not a tree too - its a plant.
for me hop its a permanent cultivation - not a annual cultivation like mais or rice.because of this y made the changes.
42017-02-19 10:23:47 UTCSomeoneElse @LLAQWA If you think that there is a category error in the way that things are tagged please do follow and discuss your changes first - that way we'll avoid wasting everyone's time (yours as well as everyone else's).
Best Regards,\...
12017-02-19 01:15:12 UTCSomeoneElse Changeset comment here should have been "Reverting some more things in erroneous revert - see there for more details."
12017-02-18 13:51:09 UTCSomeoneElse Just checking - does the ISO code that you've added here apply to:
o The territory held by the Polisario Front
o The former state of Western Sahara
As you may be aware, there is more than one claim over the latter.
Best Regards,
22017-02-18 14:23:46 UTCgiggls We just tried to fix tagging to make nominatim work everywhere. We know, that the current ISO codes (for former state of Western Sahara) are not 100% correct but they are as good as they can get.
32017-02-18 14:36:59 UTCSomeoneElse If this ISO code doesn't belong to this area, please don't add it. The original area of Western Sahara is in OSM as .
I have no idea what you mean by "fix tagging to make nominatim work everywhere". Can you explain?
42017-02-18 18:25:06 UTCgiggls We just changed the behaviour in nominatim to incorporate boundary=disputed. This way we will not need these (arguably) wrong tags here anymore. Feel free to revert my changeset.
12017-02-18 00:15:28 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset reverts some or all edits made in changesets 45914144, 45914294, 45914333, 45914358, 45914500, 45914565, 45914981, 45915104, 45915253, 45915299, 45915473, 45915577, 45915797, 45915920, 45916255, 45916443, 45917867, 45918292, 45944402, 45944711, 45944898, 45945626, 45945773, 45945911, ...
22017-02-18 00:30:13 UTCSomeoneElse The changeset comment above is incorrect - this is unrelated to Google. It is instead a revert of a number of plant-based mechanical edits. See and other changesets by author of that for details of the problems with the edits that led to them bein...
12017-02-17 11:38:29 UTCSomeoneElse I've left the duplicate areas (part of two schools) which might be correct and the duplicate nodes (to indicate where there is still a problem).
22017-02-17 11:40:55 UTCSomeoneElse Note that some of the "odd duplications" seem to match imagery features, such as , which looks like some sort of shed.
The surrounding landuse could also do to be aligned with the school boundary too.
12017-02-16 12:33:01 UTCwille Hello John Grubb,

Thanks for your contributions! However we are not allowed to insert data in OSM from Google Earth/Maps/StreetView. The google license doesn't allow it, please use only the mapbox and bing imagery and your local knowledge.

best regards,
22017-02-16 14:12:19 UTCJohn Grubb Cheers, chap...

For clarification; data isn't extracted from GE or StreetView; I just use them as a pictorial reference along with my dashcam footage and GPS fixes. I'm not actually aware of what data there is to extract from GE or SV - it's just photos, after all! Unfortunately, the source field...
32017-02-16 14:53:06 UTCSomeoneElse Hi John,
Unfortunately you can't use Google Earth or StreetView even just "as a pictorial reference".
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, OSM Data Working Group.
42017-02-16 15:20:02 UTCJohn Grubb Blimey! So, for example: browse through StreetView, see a business name has changed since it was mapped, close the browser entirely, at a later time open JOSM, change the name associated with the building and it's a © violation? Who knew...?! Apart from the obvious, who could tell either...?
52017-02-17 11:01:20 UTCpnorman Just don't use Google at all, be it for "a pictorial reference", a "reminder" or anything else related to OSM mapping. It doesn't give you anything you're allowed to use.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to identify what changesets used Google and undo them.

Paul Norman
62017-02-17 11:59:37 UTCJohn Grubb That's a bind. Oh, well - c'est la vie, I s'pose.

It does raise an interesting question, though - when can something seen be unseen. To get away from the GE issue to avoid blurring: I'm an avid hiker and go off with my map and compass into the wilds to bash some hills regularly. If I were to, say...
72017-02-19 16:57:13 UTCSK53 Straightforward actually: if in doubt don't do it.

For hill elevations there are old out-of-copyright OS maps (and possibly some OS Open Data) or elevation from a GPS with a barometer etc. For business names there may be open data such as Food Hygiene, Companies House etc. The actual problem is ...
12017-02-14 00:16:00 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
I've changed the school building back to a school. Please don't change things in OSM to things that they aren't!
Best Regards,
12017-02-13 20:44:22 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Andy from the DWG here. I'm just trying to understand some changes in this area, and noticed that here you've removed the wikipedia / wikidata link for this village and also the "name:az". Was there a reason for that?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working...
12017-02-12 21:45:17 UTCchippy You just deleted Node 1
22017-02-12 21:45:44 UTCchippy again
32017-02-12 21:46:48 UTCchippy Sorry, I mean, it had been deleted and restored previously :)
42017-02-12 21:58:44 UTCmalcolmh You had created a duplicate of node 3815077900, which has been there since 2015.
52017-02-12 22:12:03 UTCSomeoneElse @chippy I don't think malcolmh created the duplicate - that was someone else trying to move an "important" node "somewhere important". "node 1" has been on a few co