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12018-01-31 15:30:24 UTCKDDA What is this -
22018-01-31 17:47:44 UTCVictorIE Possibly changed by when a mouse had a spasm.
12018-01-18 18:42:04 UTCuser_5359 Hello, You add to a " (MOVED)" to the key name, want does this mean? If the business moved to an other address, please add the prefix disused: to the main keys.

I am also interest on maning of contact:dx (used on https://www.openstre...
22018-01-18 19:59:12 UTCVictorIE I took some photos as I went by on a bus. There have been several changes in the businesses along Arran Quay. I will need to go back and confirm the changes.

I understand KOD Lyons have moved, but I want to be sure. I don't want to delete them and not add the new location / only to have to restor...
12017-12-19 00:10:29 UTCKDDA Why is this multipolygon tagged as a building?
22017-12-19 00:12:54 UTCKDDA Also, the address should not be Aghadrumsee, it is just the name of the club, not the actual location. The townland is actually Cortrasna.
32017-12-19 21:25:54 UTCVictorIE "Why is this multipolygon tagged as a building?" - possibly because the ID Editor defaults leisure=sports_centre to be buildings and I didn't notice. If I remember correctly, I edited dozens of GAA clubs that day,

Address - I used to be zealous on adding addresses, have calmed down sinc...
12017-12-15 12:44:33 UTCrorym You left some untagged ways here

What's going on with them? Maybe best to just delete the ways if the buildings are gone...
22017-12-17 02:37:44 UTCVictorIE Thanks for noting this. Fixed :)

They're demolished buildings. I wanted to note that they were demolished to prevent them being re-mapped.
12017-10-03 14:25:09 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello VictorIE. It's me again ;-)
`contact:flikr` instead of `contact:flickr`
22017-10-03 14:44:29 UTCVictorIE :(

12017-09-24 10:21:51 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello VictorIE. At you have tagged `contact::instagram` instead of `contact:instagram`, right? And for instagram it is enough to tag the @username, please have a look at
12017-09-20 17:30:45 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello VictorIE. At you have tagged `contact:pintrest` instead of `contact:pinterest`, right? And if you have a look at you see, that you could (although pinterest isn't mentioned there) use only the username ...
22017-09-23 13:34:37 UTCVictorIE Hi,

Typing error related to not knowing the correct spelling. :) Error fixed.

12017-09-11 15:19:09 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello VictorIE. At you have introduced some new (undocumented) keys (`googleplus`, `soundcloud`, etc.), which has a smell of SEO. So be careful with that ;-) #newkey
22017-09-11 16:06:02 UTCHarald Hartmann or move it all to the `contact`-namespace (
32017-09-11 19:31:20 UTCVictorIE Both methods seem to be in use, e.g. with Facebook:
12017-06-14 13:49:57 UTCrorym I don't think that's a soccer pitch, I've changed it here
12017-04-16 15:21:42 UTCKDDA Hi Victor, where did you source the voltage for this line?

It is definitely 33kV or more and I would not class it as a minor line in any sense. Please take a look at it on StreetView
22017-04-16 18:50:16 UTCVictorIE This one?

I don't have a specific recollection. Importantly, it only connects to a 110kV substation at one end.

It seems to be consistent with: and http://smartgriddashboard.eirgr...
32017-04-16 23:08:48 UTCKDDA NIE/ESB have done a lot of work on this line, I think it joins two 110kV substations now and is designed as a "bypass" around Enniskillen.
12017-03-08 22:26:30 UTCPolarbear Victor, when reverting CS 46496897 with the boundary splitting, I had to include your CS here in the revert.
I attempted to restore useful stuff from both CSs, you might doublecheck.
It would be a good idea to do repairs and own additions in separate CSs, though.
22017-03-08 23:47:28 UTCVictorIE Fair point. I've done a quick tidy up.

I was only drawn to the area by the newly disconnected road of a previous changeset.
32017-03-09 13:11:23 UTCPolarbear Thanks, and no criticism from my side. Reverting is a race against time, as lots of people do small fixes quickly.
Thus just the recommendation when fixing something, upload, before doing regular refinements and uploading them.
12017-02-09 11:49:37 UTCKDDA Why did you add the street name as Lacky Road?
22017-02-09 12:45:16 UTCVictorIE Is that not the road it is on?
12016-08-17 06:32:27 UTCmanoharuss Hi VictorIE,

Your contributions to OpenStreetMap are greatly appreciated. I looked through this changeset along with your other changesets 41465760, 41488327, 41488458 to understand what happened here. The wiki for tagging power stations is here(
22016-08-17 08:03:32 UTCVictorIE Hi,

Apologies for the unorthodox method. I've been removing deprecated tags and names. For example: lists operator=ESB (154), operator=ESB Generation and Wholesale Markets (21), operator=ESB Networks (394), operator=ESB Telecoms (3), operator=ESB ec...
32016-08-17 08:27:05 UTCVictorIE has updated. I'll get to work. :)
42016-08-18 13:33:15 UTCVictorIE I'm working on the last set and it should be gone today
12016-08-18 03:56:36 UTCnammala Hi VictorIE,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for contributing . Great work on deleting the above edits there are another two left can you please delete the other stuff.

Happy Mapping.

12016-07-07 11:38:31 UTCVincent de Phily Just seeing your s/planned/proposed/ now. A bit late to complain (I'll try to survey soonish and update the whole area, tagging more stuff as construction) but please note that "planned" was used instead of "proposed" on purpose. The difference between the two tags being the leve...
12016-03-31 07:45:37 UTCKDDA Is disused the correct tagging for this section? This section has been restored, complete with a train carriage and crossing gates.
22016-03-31 10:11:49 UTCVictorIE From "A section of railway which is no longer used but where the track and infrastructure remain in place."

I can only image "used" should be construed as "used for transport" or a **mobile** museum piece, no...
12015-12-04 08:59:57 UTCGerdP Hi there!
I've noticed the rarely used tag highway=crossing. I've changed it to
and added some more details, see
22015-12-04 13:57:45 UTCSomeoneElse @GerdP er, what? The "rarely used tag highway=crossing" has 1.6 million examples in the database. .
32015-12-04 14:18:43 UTCGerdP Yep, it is rarely used for ways.
12015-11-07 16:23:40 UTCPolarbear Hi VictorIE, do you have further details about this club, and who it operates? Would you know if it targets children, juveniles, or both? Is there a website for the club?
22015-11-07 19:38:25 UTCVictorIE I know nothing of it. I only got the details from passing by on the bus. you might try - they might know something. Google doesn't throw up much, but it seems to have been around for a long time.

Alternatively, I presume the city council housing department is their landlord.
12015-10-25 12:17:44 UTCPolarbear sport=gaelic_football is deprecated. As your changeset comment already suggest, the correct tagging is sport=gaelic_games + gaelic_games:hurling=yes

This also avoids using unsupported keys as "sport_1".
22015-10-25 15:35:23 UTCVictorIE If you look at there are 9 "GAA" or "gaelic" tags in use. Last month there had been about 20. I did my best to rationalise them.
32015-10-25 19:30:01 UTCPolarbear Nice. But your goal should be sport=gaelic_games. If you change a freestyle tag into a deprecated one, it would have to be corrected again by somebody else.

Question again, is iD proposing gaelic_football? If so, we would need to file a bug report with iD.
12015-10-25 12:48:41 UTCPolarbear sport=gaelic_football is deprecated. The correct tagging is sport=gaelic_games + gaelic_games:hurling=yes

22015-10-25 15:32:04 UTCVictorIE If you look at there are 9 "GAA" or "gaelic" tags in use. Last month there had been about 20. I did my best to rationalise them.
12015-10-25 12:53:13 UTCPolarbear I've seen the deprecated sport=gaelic_football coming mostly from iD and Potlatch users. Could there be an outdated preset in iD?
22015-10-25 15:30:57 UTCVictorIE If you look at there are 9 "GAA" or "gaelic" tags in use. Last month there had been about 20. I did my best to rationalise them.
12015-10-05 14:30:37 UTCVincent de Phily Sorry, I don't agree with that change (healthcare:speciality -> health:speciality).

The heathcare:speciality tag is the documented one and used 7613 times, vs 6 times for health:speciality.

Please revert that change, unless you have a very convincing argument to transition obkects to the he...
22015-10-05 15:27:37 UTCVictorIE You're correct, my apologies. I was correct a group of mis-spelling sand seem to have put int he wrong spelling. Will sort this evening.
12015-07-12 12:47:47 UTCVincent de Phily I'd much rather create a polygon for the city boundary than add addr:city to all the addresses in there...
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