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12018-04-16 21:15:44 UTCKDDA Are you aware that you have broken the cycling relations?
12018-02-27 13:46:09 UTCKDDA Hi, thanks for adding this to the map. leisure=park tends to be more for a park with grass, benches etc where you go for a walk. leisure=pitch would probably be more appropriate?

Please see how the grounds in Enniskillen are tagged -
12018-02-23 15:14:24 UTCKDDA Hi, This is not the established way to add the Irish name. We use the tag name:ga to record these names. If you are interested in creating a map in Irish, please see
22018-02-23 15:21:40 UTCKDDA I also question the source of this information, as the official placenames websites seem to use "Baile na Croise"
12018-02-17 02:28:58 UTCKDDA The other local paper seems to call the park something else -
22018-02-17 02:36:57 UTCKDDA Also see the official placenames database for Northern Ireland -

and the official placenames database for Republic of Ireland -
32018-02-17 03:02:18 UTCKDDA It appears that Transport NI are the source of this new spelling and the Herald is just repeating the information published in this news article -
12018-01-31 15:30:24 UTCKDDA What is this -
22018-01-31 17:47:44 UTCVictorIE Possibly changed by when a mouse had a spasm.
12017-12-28 14:27:59 UTCKDDA What is your source of these street names?
22017-12-28 16:13:03 UTCJames Bankhead Driving or walking around and looking at the street signs. Why? Did I get some of them wrong?
32017-12-28 20:40:07 UTCKDDA Just wondering if you could maybe capture some imagery for the likes of Mapillary or OpenStreetCam, as it is very bare.,-...
42017-12-28 23:19:01 UTCJames Bankhead That might be possible. I will look into it.
12017-12-19 00:10:29 UTCKDDA Why is this multipolygon tagged as a building?
22017-12-19 00:12:54 UTCKDDA Also, the address should not be Aghadrumsee, it is just the name of the club, not the actual location. The townland is actually Cortrasna.
32017-12-19 21:25:54 UTCVictorIE "Why is this multipolygon tagged as a building?" - possibly because the ID Editor defaults leisure=sports_centre to be buildings and I didn't notice. If I remember correctly, I edited dozens of GAA clubs that day,

Address - I used to be zealous on adding addresses, have calmed down sinc...
12017-03-02 15:30:17 UTCSK53 Can you please stop needlessly changing Bing to bing. It totally obscures other changes which you are making. You're changeset comments are not adequate to understand what you are doing. Please discuss this type of edit with the local community first.
22017-03-02 15:37:15 UTCSK53 Can you please stop these edits immediately you are creating bad data
32017-03-02 22:29:57 UTCPolarbear Besides the Bing issue, you are messing up county boundaries. Boundaries might be legally defined by a stream or river. Look at this example: was serving both as a county boundary (admin_level 6) in a boundary relation, and a waterway. It might not be idea...
42017-03-07 02:18:15 UTCPolarbear Fivemiletown edits 46526305+46525145+46523754 reverted in 46637434 and selectively restored in CS 46637891, 46639210, 46639252, 46639371, 46639474
52017-09-08 12:27:50 UTCKDDA Can this please be put back to how it was before. The waterway is NOT called Tyrone / Fermanagh
62017-09-08 12:37:43 UTCSomeoneElse @KDDA - there are only 2 bits called "Tyrone / Fermanagh" left - and - it's probably easiest just to change them manually.
72017-09-08 21:43:03 UTCPolarbear There was one of WernerP's changeset still on my todo list from the series of repairs above, which were done manually. Let me check that manually at daylight tomorrow if that is the reason for your question.
82017-09-09 08:38:09 UTCPolarbear Checked my records, seems my unfinished repair is in Ballinasloe/RoI, not the Fivemiletown/NI here.
Anyway, it seems that for w369383412, I had removed the Tyrone / Fermanagh name from WernerP's edits in March.
On the other hand, for w490542618 and w261564260, KDDA himself added waterway=stream t...
92017-09-09 08:42:28 UTCPolarbear The names of the counties and the admin levels are in the respective border relations.
Thus the border way as a member (waterway or anything else) can have its natural name or no name. Anything else might be in a note tag.
12017-07-19 20:20:51 UTCKDDA I don't get the logical for these edits. You changed the maxspeed tag to 51, then back to 50. Is this a automatic edit ?
12017-06-30 15:55:15 UTCKDDA Shouldn't this be on the node where you leave the roundabout and join the M5? Currently it's on the node where you leave the M5 and join the roundabout.
22017-06-30 16:00:30 UTCKDDA Please see -
12017-06-20 12:22:53 UTCKDDA What is this node? If it is a CCTV camera, then please tag it as such, using the following format
12017-06-06 18:31:45 UTCKDDA Hi, where is this data sourced from?
22017-06-06 20:01:51 UTCLateNightTone I forget exactly what's in this specific changeset, but the tracks and fences are from the Bing imagery in iD, sinkholes and names (and confirmation that all the above exists in these locations) are from local knowledge. Sinkholes and names are also available in the book The Caves of Fermanagh and C...
12017-06-01 00:10:47 UTCKDDA What are these ways for?
22017-06-01 12:50:09 UTCPaddyMatthews Redefining lake boundary (townland boundaries in Cavan are on lake shore)
32017-06-01 21:32:01 UTCKDDA what are you using as source for the Lough shoreline?
42017-06-02 13:20:44 UTCPaddyMatthews Bing imagery & GSGS3906 where there are reed banks to indicate what should be treated as land and what as water.
12017-05-15 15:11:17 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
The road you added doesn't join up to anything, so routing to the road won't work. I suggest you join it to a point in Thomas Street if that is how it is accessed.

If it supports residential properties then I would change the tag to highway=residental. Does the road have a name? I...
22017-05-15 15:20:03 UTCDominik Picheta Done
32017-05-15 15:58:03 UTCDominik Picheta Thanks for accepting!

btw pointers on how to make "Flat 1, Mourneview House" (through to "Flat 29, Mourneview House") and "1 Mourneview House" (through to "29 Mourneview House") searchable would be appreciated.
42017-05-15 16:30:32 UTCchillly I didn't accept your work - in OSM we try to use everything. :-)

You can add a point for each address and add addressing for each one. See for more info.
52017-05-15 17:49:21 UTCKDDA Amazingly that is not surprising, as Google Maps is very wrong in a lot of areas!

I have traced the building more accurately from Bing and added some local features.
62017-05-15 17:57:28 UTCDominik Picheta Nice! Beautiful job :)
Thanks for the links chillly!
12017-05-13 19:37:19 UTCKDDA Where are you sourcing this information?
12017-04-22 22:44:28 UTCKDDA Does this crossroads have a name?
12017-04-16 15:21:42 UTCKDDA Hi Victor, where did you source the voltage for this line?

It is definitely 33kV or more and I would not class it as a minor line in any sense. Please take a look at it on StreetView
22017-04-16 18:50:16 UTCVictorIE This one?

I don't have a specific recollection. Importantly, it only connects to a 110kV substation at one end.

It seems to be consistent with: and http://smartgriddashboard.eirgr...
32017-04-16 23:08:48 UTCKDDA NIE/ESB have done a lot of work on this line, I think it joins two 110kV substations now and is designed as a "bypass" around Enniskillen.
12017-04-12 14:21:57 UTCKDDA Why did you change the maxspeed tag from 60 mph to 40 ?
12017-04-07 19:06:48 UTCKDDA Hi,
highway=residential is usually used for roads with housing estates and so forth. Maybe highway=service, service=driveway might be more appropriate?

Please see
22017-04-08 15:10:20 UTCMalingaGIS Hi, KDDA, Thanks for the correction. I updated that road in to, highway-service, which seems ok to me now.

Its nice to sharing ideas. Keep it up good works.
12017-04-04 13:02:39 UTCKDDA You have added a post office with the following address - Kilronan, Inishmore, Aran Island, County Donegal (Way: 484714800)

Are you aware that this is no-where near County Donegal?

Where did you obtain this information, as i have serious concerns regarding it's source and accuracy?
22017-04-04 13:06:52 UTCKDDA There isn't even a building at this location!
12017-03-20 16:00:52 UTCKDDA Why have you changed the tagging for the standing stone at Cloghagaddy?
22017-03-21 06:15:04 UTCgeozeisig megalith_type =standing_stone was not described in the wiki. So I assumed it would be a menhir. As I have read more about it, it can also be a historic=stone. Maybe I must also revert it?
12017-03-18 01:58:44 UTCKDDA The other local newspaper "The Impartial Reporter" spells it Rosslea as well as the signposts in the area, see here and
22017-03-18 02:23:31 UTCPaul Clapham Damn. But I see you've fixed and improved on my edits. Thanks.
32017-03-18 03:05:47 UTCKDDA Unfortunately, there is no resolution to this issue. The official addresses are listed here - and the Irish Placename database

Like a lot of townlands, the name originates...
12017-03-18 01:58:18 UTCKDDA The other local newspaper "The Impartial Reporter" spells it Rosslea as well as the signposts in the area, see here and
12017-03-18 01:57:30 UTCKDDA The other local newspaper "The Impartial Reporter" spells it Rosslea as well as the signposts in the area, see here and
12017-03-02 16:15:37 UTCKDDA What are you doing?!? Please STOP with these changesets
22017-03-03 00:39:43 UTCPolarbear You were modfying which was serving both as boundary way and road, took away the road attributes and created a new way

You did not realise that the old way was both in a boundary and a bus relation, thus now...
32017-03-03 00:43:48 UTCKDDA This user has done this type of thing in a number of changesets, this is why I asked the DWG to place a ban on this account.
42017-03-03 00:45:14 UTCKDDA While there are some good and welcomed additions to the map, there are also strange changes like this were it is totally messing things up.
52017-03-03 08:58:27 UTCPolarbear Yes I had seen this and was just tuning into the detail analysis.
62017-03-07 02:17:43 UTCPolarbear Fivemiletown edits 46526305+46525145+46523754 reverted in 46637434 and selectively restored in CS 46637891, 46639210, 46639252, 46639371, 46639474
12017-03-02 15:11:41 UTCKDDA Seriously? All OSM wiki pages say to use source=Bing ie and JOSM fills this in automatically when I have the bing layer added. Why do you feel the need to change this accepted standard?
22017-03-02 22:12:48 UTCPolarbear Well, first of all this is a mechanical edit violating our policies, see

Second, this change is pointless, as both versions, bing or Bing, correctly explain the source being used, thus you needlessly increase the version count of...
32017-03-02 22:24:16 UTCKDDA @Polarbear - I don't know about your JOSM, but you will see that most of my edits have this tag, which was automatically added when I have the Bing layer active in JOSM

This user has done the same in a number of other edits in the local area, but has mixed them in with some useful edits, therefor...
42017-03-02 23:58:12 UTCPolarbear @KDDA - ok, JOSM can add them to the changeset (not the object), in particular if you click "obtain from current layer" in the upload menu it adds all currently visible layers. Cool.)
Back to the topic, the user started some "area unglueing" in Germany some days ago, I am curren...
12017-02-09 11:49:37 UTCKDDA Why did you add the street name as Lacky Road?
22017-02-09 12:45:16 UTCVictorIE Is that not the road it is on?
12017-02-03 00:41:19 UTCKDDA It is highly unlikely there are ATM's in these location. Please revert this changeset.
22017-02-03 08:24:08 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-02 19:26:46 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Are you sure there is an ATM in this farmyard?
22017-02-03 00:40:06 UTCKDDA I doubt it, all changesets to date look incorrect
32017-02-03 08:23:57 UTCchillly reverted
12016-11-29 19:10:01 UTCKDDA What is this correction and why is it a worldwide edit? Can you please direct me to the discussion of what this mass edit is about and why its needed.
22016-11-30 00:08:27 UTCOlyon sorry. It is small change on many elements to correspond to the correct way to write the values for plant: output:electricity=* and generator:output:electricity=*.
A space between number and unit and uppercase or lowercase for units as shown here:
12016-10-12 22:03:47 UTCKDDA A culvert is a structure that allows water to flow under a road, railroad, trail, or similar obstruction from one side to the other side. Typically embedded so as to be surrounded by soil, a culvert may be made from a pipe, reinforced concrete or other material.

Are you sure this stream is in a c...
12016-07-28 08:52:24 UTCKDDA Why are you removing members from the Sliabh Beagh Route 1 - McKenna Trail (1689109) relation?
12016-07-10 23:50:55 UTCKDDA Are you sure there is a hospital here? Is it new as I can see nothing that looks like a hospital on Bing imagery?
12016-07-06 10:27:30 UTCKDDA Hi, the tree is perfectly okay to be in OpenStreetMap. The problem I had was that the tree was tagged with addressing tags. I've added the tree back again without the address.
12016-07-05 14:07:40 UTCKDDA I really don't think we need a name and address a particular tree. The only exception is _maybe_ if someone was actually living in said tree.
22016-07-05 17:06:11 UTCSomeoneElse It's probably not actually _named_ "Tree" either, I suspect...
12016-07-04 18:28:39 UTCKDDA You are tagging ploughed fields as natural=mud which is not correct. Also the tracing accuracy is very poor. I am deleting these ways.
12016-07-03 18:08:01 UTCKDDA Please remove earlier changesets and only comment on what this particular changeset is doing ie "Adding restaurant and bar"
22016-07-03 18:14:22 UTCKDDA Also, there is a Bar and Restaurant located in the middle of the road?!?
32016-07-03 20:41:51 UTCKate McCarthy Hi, How do I remove them? Thanks.
12016-07-03 18:03:33 UTCKDDA Please use the correct format for the phone tag. For more details see -
12016-06-02 13:10:31 UTCKDDA Why did you capitalise the name from Lisburn to LISBURN?
22016-06-02 13:13:44 UTCAlleykat Just thought nit would make it more easily to see
32016-06-02 13:23:54 UTCKDDA Ah, please understand that the OpenStreetMap is a database and has standards on how we input data. If you are confused there is information in the wiki. (ie )

What you see on the OSM website is only a sample render of the database. Other people render t...
42016-06-02 13:26:07 UTCKDDA This render is quite nice too -
12016-06-02 13:12:03 UTCKDDA Again, what's with the capitalisation of names?
12016-01-08 10:39:37 UTCKDDA I dont see the confusion, the name is either Derry or Londonderry, people can choose which they want to use. Please revert the name change to Londonderry.
22016-01-08 10:59:09 UTCrorym Hi Mumbambu. Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Thanks for your interest in the Ireland, however please be cautious of taking a side on such a complex issue. The dual name solves a lot of problems. Like many things in OSM there are many correct answers to the question of "What is the official name?"...
32016-01-08 11:02:23 UTCKDDA Maybe it is worth studying that the local council serving the area refer to themselves as Derry City Council, see their website here -

You can also read lots of very interesting history regarding the naming dispute here -
42016-06-02 00:00:14 UTCMumbambu

Also sorry for mixing edits of two different two different edits. At the time I did not sure how to edit properly.
52016-06-02 12:07:01 UTCrorym The name tag in OSM is not the "official"/"legal" name.
62016-06-02 12:53:42 UTCKDDA I don't understand why you felt the need to edit this node in the first place. The name includes the names it is known as locally. You also moved the node into the river which is totally wrong as well.
12016-04-19 19:23:17 UTCKDDA Updating seamarks? How is deleting 40 nodes updating?

This is not a sea, its an inland waterway called Lower Lough Erne.
22016-04-19 20:49:39 UTCmalcolmh Whoops! Fat finger trouble on my part. - now reverted
12016-03-31 07:45:37 UTCKDDA Is disused the correct tagging for this section? This section has been restored, complete with a train carriage and crossing gates.
22016-03-31 10:11:49 UTCVictorIE From "A section of railway which is no longer used but where the track and infrastructure remain in place."

I can only image "used" should be construed as "used for transport" or a **mobile** museum piece, no...
12016-02-08 06:44:43 UTCramyaragupathy Hello Riggwelter,

Looks like the data you have deleted is for roads that are clearly visible in the imagery. Did you verify the accuracy of the data before deleting them?
22016-02-09 11:05:19 UTCRiggwelter Yes. What's the point in adding like 25 m worth of access road, like the access to a garage in your yard? It just clutters the map.
32016-02-11 09:47:07 UTCramyaragupathy @Riggwelter: Would like you to have a look at this page.
42016-02-11 10:09:39 UTCrorym Hi Riggwelter. Thanks for your concern, but mapping driveways is helpful for OSM and is quite common. There are more than 2.5 million driveways mapped in OSM (service=driveway), from all over the world. ( )

Concern for how the map appears is ...
52016-02-12 22:57:47 UTCRiggwelter Thanks for your kind message, and above all, thanks for your explanation! I suppose I just need to revise my view on what OSM is - to me, having taken it at face value, it's a map and not a database. However, it does make sense to - also - call it a database, and that's how I will refer to it as of ...
62016-02-13 11:42:37 UTCKDDA Hi Riggwelter,

OSM is definitely a database and a very powerful one at that! Did you know that the OSM Ireland have custom maps?

You can see some of the maps we render here -

This is an example using our Irish Language layer showing hill shadi...
12015-12-20 12:05:50 UTCKDDA Phewwwwww That was some work!
22015-12-20 15:11:46 UTCSK53 It's closing down imminently, but I eventually realised that the Geograph picture shows it at the end of the building with the garden centre bit beyond. That gave me a chance by looking at the places I'd previously mapped as landuse=retail. I must say I'd hoped the detective work would have been eas...
12015-12-06 21:18:06 UTCKDDA Google in their copyright statement do not allow copying from either their Map or Streetview. Since you have used the Streetview product as a source of this information, you are breaching Google policy and also that of OSM, see the copyright link on the OSM website, here part of it for your convinc...
22015-12-06 21:19:14 UTCKDDA We are however allowed to use Bing imagery to trace building and so forth, can you use Bing to trace this building?
32015-12-06 21:40:16 UTChm4 I used OSM, but just included the google link for my own reference, I understand it should be removed.
42015-12-06 22:03:43 UTCKDDA I have aligned the building to what I can see on Bing images. Ive also added more buildings in the area. Do you know what religion Drum Gospel Hall is? Ive tagged it religion=christian, but it can be tagged further, ie denomination=methodist etc
52015-12-06 22:13:34 UTCKDDA Are you from this area? It would be really nice to capture more data in this area. There is an app for smartphones called Mapillary which allows you to capture images while you walk, cycle or drive. ( Its great for capturing data for OSM and also uses a compatible licence :)
12015-12-04 12:24:57 UTCKDDA While it is extremely interesting and important for local communities to remember the past, OSM is about mapping what is currently here. This information should be moved to the Open Historical Map ( )
12015-12-04 12:19:39 UTCKDDA Hi Noah, welcome to OSM. Please be aware the OSM is a public map. House names such as "My House", "Bens House" and "Evan's Gafferooney" are of little use to the community. We are more interested in the street names, house numbers and Eircodes to be honest.
12015-12-03 19:54:36 UTCKDDA Where did house number 116 disappear to? Are you sure this is correct?
12015-12-01 19:04:07 UTCKDDA Why are you deleting townland boundary ways?
12015-12-01 16:44:01 UTCKDDA Can you please explain how you fixed them? As far as I can see you have actually broken them!
22015-12-01 18:32:56 UTCwambacher I fixed that area 13 days go and it was fine. but 4 days ago user balorevileye deleted ways 363393382 and 381013023 . (just click them in this list).

Please talk to him.

32015-12-01 18:34:04 UTCwambacher 13 das ago, of course.
12015-11-24 20:09:36 UTCKDDA Fair enough the village/hamlet name might have been wrong, but why delete it?
12015-11-14 09:28:20 UTCGerdP please review:
what is meant with
highway=gi# ?
22015-11-14 11:31:39 UTCKDDA Apologies, the tag was supposed to be highway=give_way as from Bing I can see a giveway/yield markings on the road junction. I have corrected the tag, thanks for bring it to my attention.
32015-11-14 11:37:51 UTCKDDA Are you a local to this area? The road "Great Victoria Street" to which this junction joins, appears to have markings which would indicate traffic lights. I have added them, could you please review?
42015-11-14 12:22:17 UTCGerdP thanks for the feedback, and sorry, I am not a local, just noticed the unusual tag in Taginfo
12015-11-13 16:41:30 UTCKDDA Hi, what is this node for? It has no tags, but obviously marking something? If you need a marker you can use the Share feature, which generates a link, like this -
22015-11-13 16:42:17 UTCKDDA I have added some of the buildings in the area, maybe this will help you
12015-11-13 11:48:11 UTCKDDA Thanks for showing the entire world where your house is! Are you sure this is a good idea?
12015-11-13 11:46:19 UTCKDDA Is it wise letting the whole world know where you live? I'm sure the house name is not "Scooneys Gaf"
12015-11-06 11:22:33 UTCIrlJidel Dont think you should be using hotosm-project-1169 in changeset comments - you're not mapping in Lesotho
22015-11-06 12:23:38 UTCKDDA Regarding "The Lambert Household", it is probably not a good idea to enter the family name of the house owner/occupier into a public database.
12015-08-16 01:26:00 UTCKDDA Why have you created another way for Roscor Bridge?
12015-06-15 22:28:14 UTCKDDA Why is this house round and got a road running through it?!?
22015-06-16 15:08:01 UTCDerick Rethans Looks fine to me now...
32015-06-16 18:37:46 UTCKDDA Ive been in touch with the mapper via PM and have fixed it.
12015-04-08 16:06:07 UTCKDDA Why does it have a road running through it?!? Is the coffee shop a drive through?
22015-04-08 16:21:42 UTCAbominable Snowman I'm sorry there isn't a road going through it. I'm not fully sure of the exact area of the shop because there isn't a picture of the foundation there. You cannot miss it as the coffee shop should be visible from the road and the minute you enter the car park. Apologies for any confusion.
12015-03-11 15:54:19 UTCKDDA The Island of Enniskillen is mostly commercial properties, with very little residential. I therefore disagree with this large area of residential landuse, when it clearly is not the case. Also the landuse area is extending into the water in places.
12015-02-17 20:32:10 UTCKDDA This change-set should be reverted, as the name has been removed from a valid townland relation.
22015-02-20 05:37:36 UTCzool The townland appears to be from the "mapping townlands" effort and is needed in some cases for addressing and local navigation.
32015-02-20 11:42:28 UTCKDDA hi zool. Yes, the townland is part of the project. The problem I have with this user and the majority of his/her change-sets is that data (mostly names) is being deleted from OSM, mainly suburbs and townlands. I have messaged the user directly, but no answer. I would like to know why the user is...
42015-02-21 06:46:42 UTCzool hi KDDA,

Indeed i'm involved in this discussion on behalf of the DWG, another mapper brought the deletions to our attention saying he didn't want to make a big deal of it, but it looks like some data disruption is being caused. See also for the del...
52015-02-21 14:03:54 UTCKDDA Thanks for looking into it Zool. Is there a time frame on how long a decision from the DWG takes?
62015-02-21 14:10:07 UTCKDDA I would just like to point out that here in NI, the townland within the address is a legal requirement. The official (copyrighted) address source is called PointerNI and is maintained by the LPS. ( )

The local OSM community have been working very hard to map ...
72015-02-23 05:37:32 UTCzool Hi KDDA, there's no timeframe for the DWG, case-by-case basis, as we've heard nothing back about the townlands deletions, but we'll likely go ahead and revert them very soon. Sorry to be vague here, it's all very much a volunteer effort.
82015-02-24 10:02:40 UTCzool All right, it's been a week so I am now going ahead and reverting the following list of deleteing changesets on behalf of the DWG:

12015-02-17 21:04:41 UTCKDDA Again you have removed valid townland tags! This change-set should be reverted.
12015-02-17 21:02:39 UTCKDDA You have removed the tags from a valid townland. This change-set should be re-verted.
12015-02-17 21:00:23 UTCKDDA Again, you are removing tags for a valid townland. This change-set should be reverted.
12015-02-17 20:21:09 UTCKDDA Is this area not Turf Lodge?
12014-11-08 01:03:05 UTCKDDA I dont understand why this is tagged as commercial, these are agricultural buildings.
12014-11-08 01:02:03 UTCKDDA Why is this tagged as an area, when it is a farm yard building of some sort?
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