Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12016-05-07 12:04:30 UTCzool In this changeset several stretches of abandoned railway have been re-tagged as rail - have they been re-opened?
22017-05-10 19:02:48 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 48571341 where the changeset comment is: Revert Γιάννης 4 edits after continued ignorance of changeset comments and block messages.
12016-05-07 11:55:29 UTCzool does not look like a park; it looks like private housing and gardens. does not look like a park; it looks like a traffic island which has been tagged for the renderer.
22017-05-10 19:02:51 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 48571341 where the changeset comment is: Revert Γιάννης 4 edits after continued ignorance of changeset comments and block messages.
12016-05-01 08:41:48 UTCzool In this changeset you have deleted a couple of sections of residential street. and - why?
22017-05-10 19:02:46 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 48571341 where the changeset comment is: Revert Γιάννης 4 edits after continued ignorance of changeset comments and block messages.
12016-04-25 07:39:17 UTCzool I'm really surprised to see a phallic symbol scrawled on the map in the midst of an otherwise constructive looking changeset. Reverting on behalf of DWG.
22016-04-25 07:55:03 UTCzool This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 38849997 where the changeset comment is:
32016-04-25 15:20:56 UTCnikospag I am not supporting JayCBR here, but I just want to be fair. And I will not be polite with you.
I think you have a big (and sick) imagination and I am sorry that you are member of DWG. First of all, many parts of the "supposed" phallic symbol have been designed by another user. But anywa...
42016-04-25 15:54:34 UTCika-chan! UK Hi, I have investigated the source of the phallic symbol and I have written to both nikospag and zool in private message.
52016-04-25 15:57:18 UTCika-chan! UK Oh, and I forgot to say that JOSM users who wish to investigate the history of the offending object independently may use the reverter plugin and then look up the history of the offending parts.
62016-04-25 16:57:44 UTCnikospag Thank you Amaroussi, you are right. He put an unacceptable ref tag too on these roads.
I am taking back what i said to zool. Sorry zool, my mistake.
72016-04-25 18:16:05 UTCzool nikospag phew! I am glad i have not incurred your wrath.

The longer block was applied after consultation with DWG because we hope for and expect better from a serious mapper like JayCBR. I didn't take a screenshot but the edit was definitely a short, isolated area in the shape of an enormous cock...
82016-04-26 12:23:42 UTCnikospag Zool, I can see your point of view, and I agree that we can’t use vandalism to fight vandalism.
But, in my opinion, JayCBR’s block should be shorter (eg. 2 days) because his intention was to send a message to Γιαννης 4, as the latter one didn’t...
92016-04-26 15:40:01 UTCzool Cheers nikospag. You might have noticed now that I revoked JayCBR's block early this morning, at his contrite request. And I know the edit patterns of Γιαννης 4 are a serious ongoing problem and I would like to take harsher action, but 96 hours is the longest block ...
102016-04-26 18:08:05 UTCnikospag OK thank you.
12016-03-09 15:44:55 UTCzool dear Marek,

In this changeset and others you seem to be carrying out mass imports of buildings and then later deleting some of your edits.

Have the imports been discussed with the local mapper community and on the imports@ mailing list?

We at the Data Working Group are concerned that you a...
12016-02-18 19:25:12 UTCzool Can i ask what is the source of the street address and house number data? Is it from physical survey?

12016-02-13 20:43:51 UTCzool Following up from my comment on - have you discussed these mechanical edits in advance with the wider community as advised in ?
12016-02-13 20:40:54 UTCzool dear nikospag,

This looks like a really large and significant mechanical edit. Has this change in tag been discussed on a mailing list or forum and a consensus reached with others mapping the road network in Greece?

There are guidelines for large-scale automated edits here: https://wiki.openst...
12016-02-07 09:28:45 UTCzool In this changeset you've added a motorway which does not exist -

OpenStreetMap is an attempt to make an accurate map of the world. If a feature is not observable "on the ground" it should not be included in OSM. Many people increasing depend ...
12016-01-24 09:00:32 UTCzool dear cam98,

In this changeset you have added a lot of duplicate data for roads where they already exist on the map. Please don't do this. OpenStreetMap is like a wiki, where a collective effort produces better content. In adding duplicate data disconnected from the existing road network, these ed...
12016-01-24 08:44:18 UTCzool dear cameronk1998,

In this changeset you've added a highway=proposed leading to nowhere that seems to have no basis in fact. OpenStreetMap is a shared attempt to create an accurate map of the world.

Could you please explain where this data is coming from?

Also, it is good practise to leave ...
12015-12-29 15:32:54 UTCzool dear xproBeku,

Regarding your change to - If you don't know the name of a place, please don't write that down in OpenStreetmap, just leave the name tag blank.
12015-11-30 17:52:20 UTCratrun This is a terrible mechanical import of bad quality which should be reverted.
22015-12-03 07:08:20 UTCzool The changeset source claims that it derives from Bing data. However the tags on the nodes and ways do look as if this was automatically added from another source (e.g. an import or "mechanical edit") and there's significant duplicate data which does not take into account existing mapping. ...
32015-12-05 07:08:27 UTCzool I've now reverted this changeset on behalf of the Data Working Group - see
12015-11-06 11:46:16 UTCAlex3271 Dear zool,

Thank you very much for reverting!

Unfortunately, the revert does not include all fictional edits of Γιάννης 4, but only his last edit of each way.

Here is an example of one of his fictional motorways which is still there: https://www.openstreetmap.or...
22015-11-06 11:50:01 UTCAlex3271 Here's another unreverted change (six days ago!):
32015-11-06 11:53:59 UTCAlex3271 Please note that this is not the first time this user makes such edits.

Furthermore, he has three accounts and has been warned more than once:
42015-11-07 10:21:29 UTCzool dear Alex3271, thank you for bringing all this to the attention of the DWG. We are considering a mass revert of the changes under discussion but I want to take a little time to assess their impact properly first, which will involve spending a bit of time with achavi -
52015-11-09 17:15:44 UTCaitolos Dear zool, we are all volunteers, but we don't have the tools that the DWG has. :-)

I reverted about 200 changesetsof this user in the past, one by one (JOSM)
My first message to DWG goes back to April or may about the 3 accounts that Alex says.
But I have no more free time to follow him.
62015-11-09 17:51:50 UTCzool dear aitolos, Alex3271,

As of yesterday afternoon, when I saw Γιάννης 4 had started editing again, I did a mass revert of changes from that account and also Γιάννης 1; I didn't touch the third account that you mentioned as it has been inac...
72015-11-09 20:05:29 UTCaitolos Thanks for the link :-)
I thought that was "private" tools.

12015-11-07 21:22:19 UTCzool This changeset contains another fictious and damaging contribution to the map -

Mappers in Greece have attempted to get in contact and to reach out in an attempt to help, but it does not appear, lookin gat your recent edits, that you wish to help creat...
12015-11-03 20:08:47 UTCzool dear Γιάννης 4, Please excuse my writing in English.

You have added some changes here which look as if they don't correspond to features in the real world - for example this large roundabout at an intersection here:

And ...
22015-11-03 22:39:15 UTCAlex3271 Hello Γιάννης 4,

I don't understand why you changed the configuration of this intersection:

The satellite imagery is still valid - I checked it a few months ago when I was driving in this region. The intersection is contr...
32015-11-03 23:24:57 UTCAlex3271 I have some more examples of your "strange" edits:
You added fictional exits to existing motorway streches (I checked the route a few months ago):
You drew a fictional motorway right through a quarry:
42015-11-04 17:21:47 UTCAlex3271 Dear Γιάννης 4,

I found another place where you deleted the existing route in order to "make room" for your fictional motorway:

I would like to tell you that in a few days, the monthly update of Mapfactor's free...
52015-11-06 03:20:59 UTCzool I am going ahead and reverting this, along with the other "no comment" changesets left during the previous five days, on behalf of the Data Working Group.

If you have problems with or questions about this decision please contact
12015-10-30 10:03:18 UTCwill_p You have added the postcode NG2 3AA to Nottingham Mail Centre. This appears wrong to me, because the mail centre is in the NG9 postcode area. I don't doubt mail for the postcode you added is processed here, but it is certainly not the postcode of the mail centre itself.
22015-10-30 20:19:39 UTCGuy This is a Boots PO Box number for the mail centre: whether it should be the Boots site at "Thane Road West" I don't know. According to the postcode (PC) is at the mail centre. Mail centres often have multiple PCs, I would expect this one is NG9 nxx (if it is in NG9) where n is...
32015-10-31 15:45:48 UTCSK53 Please dont add postcodes which dont have real geographical content to such buildings. There are probably hundreds of postcodes co-located at this building, none of which correspond to the postcode for the building. By adding such postcodes you will make it very difficult for people who use postcode...
42015-10-31 16:07:23 UTCSK53 Thinking about it, I suspect that NG2 1AA is a postcode associated originally with the Pennyfoot St location (or possibly even Station Street), which has been parked at the delivery office instead of being reused.
52015-10-31 16:27:12 UTCchillly is not a valid source for OSM. He releases his CODE as PD (not really possible in the UK but still ...) but copyright remains on all other content.
62015-10-31 16:34:37 UTCRichard is a direct interface to Google's geocoder data. See (for example), open up the web inspector in your browser, and look at all the requests to This data can't be used in OSM.
72015-11-01 07:25:38 UTCzool dear Guy, I write on behalf of the OSM Data Working Group. This discussion has been sent our way due to concern over data derived from the Google API (via potentially being added to OpenStreetMap. As Richard points out above, this data can't be used within OSM. See http://wiki.openstre...
12015-08-29 15:22:57 UTCzool Please excuse my writing in English, and thanks for your recent efforts to contribute to OpenStreetmap..

There are a lot of changes here, and many of them seem to be duplicating data that is already on the map. Here is a simple example of a way that you've added that is already included in OpenSt...
12015-07-13 00:09:40 UTCZbigniew_Czernik Kolego, a co to jest?
Czemu nadal robisz bałagan na mapie?
To jest bardzo smutne, że nie szanujesz pracy innych osób, tylko postanowiłeś powrzucać dane byle jak i byle gdzie.
22015-07-13 07:49:15 UTCzool reverted in changeset 32593527, could be pending further discussion by the mapper.

- on behalf of the Data Working Group
12015-06-26 22:33:52 UTCZbigniew_Czernik Kolego, mógłbyś tak ciulowo nie mapować?
Tworzysz jakieś zdublowane drogi, robisz niestyki... To nie jest akceptowalna jakość.
22015-06-26 22:36:37 UTCZbigniew_Czernik Poza tym, brak opisu changesetu, brak podanego źródła danych. Prawdopodobnie Twoje zmiany zostaną wycofane.
32015-06-27 10:08:15 UTCzool Please excuse my writing in English. What is the source of this data? Is it from personal survey, or from some unknown source?

Please can you use descriptive comments in your changesets, so others can tell what is going on, and also attribute the data sources that you are using while contributi...
42015-06-27 11:03:26 UTCradmar User szymon_m don't answer of any messages sent to him. His editions contains road which are not occur in the real world. I walk on these terrains every week and I have many evidences on that. Please lock this user and revert his chngesets immediately.
12015-05-28 16:43:58 UTCzool Could you please use comments to describe your edits so that others can get an overview of what has changed?
12015-05-26 14:24:45 UTCZbigniew_Czernik Nie rysujemy pasów jako oddzielne linie. Zapraszam na forum, w celu zdobycia informacji jak robić to poprawnie. Tymczasem upraszczam to skrzyżowanie.
22015-05-26 14:26:33 UTCZbigniew_Czernik
32015-05-28 16:42:16 UTCzool Forgive me for writing in English. This changeset was flagged up as problematic to the Data Working Group. It would be really good to hear more about the reasons behind the changes.
12015-04-10 17:26:09 UTCzool hi JayCBR,

There are a lot of changes listed in this changeset. It would be clearer for others if you could upload in smaller changesets.

In the edits here, there's been a particular query about the National Road 8 classification -
22015-04-10 17:50:18 UTCJayCBR in the official National Highway Registry of 1998 states that EO104 follows this path..
the problem is that it contradicts itself later on
32015-04-10 17:53:37 UTCJayCBR the re-classification is according to what we agreed here
42015-04-11 08:33:59 UTCzool Right, in the history of I see a lot of your own edits recently, but I don't have a sense that this wiki page reflects community agreement yet.
52015-04-11 08:54:47 UTCJayCBR you realize we are few (actually amaroussi and i are the only ones active editors for the past months)! i have contacted everyone i could find from osm and skyscrapercity (there is an ongoing debate there), send them the national road registry and asked for feedback about the wiki (last time someone...
62015-04-11 09:02:19 UTCJayCBR about EO104 can be used only where an older third road exists
i made road numbering specific articles based on the 1998 Registry of National Highways
you can download here
72015-04-11 11:27:07 UTCzool Understood, I am assuming good faith here, only suggesting that you slow down while the issue is causing some contention between mappers...
12015-04-01 17:52:09 UTCika-chan! UK Hi,

In this changeset, you deleted "name" tags from main roads. That was the common default name in the local (Greek) language and is one of the core building blocks of the map.
22015-04-11 11:21:52 UTCzool Have the names been replaced or restored since?

32015-04-11 11:34:00 UTCJayCBR we reached to an agreement with others in the wiki about this roads
i dont know if amaroussi changed something
42015-04-11 14:10:27 UTCika-chan! UK I had to restore the names and some of the original classifications on the night of 3rd April ( on the EO2 only, pending further consultation from other users. This was the night before we had the IRC chat.

Until we find more opinion on the classi...
12015-03-28 10:15:16 UTCzool dear JayCBR,

In this changeset and others you have made some quite sweeping changes to the OSM database. It would be helpful to others if you'd leave a comment when you create a changeset; also consider uploading changes in smaller batches.

Please consult others in the OSM community before mak...
22015-03-30 12:18:11 UTCJayCBR dear zool,
greek osm community is rather small to non-existent
i only managed to find 2-3 other guys and they were also troubled and confused about the greek numbering and classification system
i made a post to the forum with some simple rules so we can discuss
not much happened though in terms ...
32015-04-04 10:31:34 UTCika-chan! UK Hi,

I am well aware that the Greek OSM community is patchy, but I am confident that not all major urban avenues with traffic lights qualify as motor-road. At the time I was only complying with what is recommended on the wiki to respect the existing structure. Your edits took me by surprise, hence...
42015-04-05 05:51:06 UTCzool Thanks for your response JayCBR, the offer to revert in a few places is generous and may still be necessary. I hope that Amaroussi's effort at a consolidating wiki page proves useful to you. Good luck, both of you!
52015-04-05 21:22:40 UTCika-chan! UK I will do my best, but at this time I am studying and I may be very busy until mid-June. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.
12015-03-02 18:40:34 UTCdolphinling Hi,
This looks like an import. In general, imports are supposed to follow the procedure at, which includes things like talking with the community so they can discuss the potential impact, making sure the data is high quality and can be properly m...
22015-03-02 19:25:58 UTCParcanman This is an import, but I personally went through each and every point to verify that it is where it's supposed to be before uploading the changeset.

The data is from the state's fish and game department and every aspect of this data is simply describing the location of a public boat launching fac...
32015-03-03 13:42:51 UTCzool Following the import guidelines - - it is important to discuss and document a signficant import before adding to OSM. This should help to ensure a more coherent data model as well as a harmonious community.

As it stands, this and the other boat...
42015-03-03 15:00:43 UTCzool Reverted, along with the other changeset at 29193535, on behalf of the DWG.
12015-03-02 15:15:56 UTCzool hello Parcanman,

This looks like a mass import of data from a third party source that hasn't been discussed with the wider OSM community.

You may not be aware there are import guidelines including an imports@ discussion list, where mass addi...
22015-03-02 19:30:52 UTCParcanman This is an import of public data from the state department of fish and wildlife. Before submitting it I personally viewed each and every point to make sure that it is where it is supposed to be using bing with the proper alignment. All of the data in this post is individual nodes describing the lo...
32015-03-02 22:39:05 UTCjremillard The tagging includes all of the source files attributes and there are duplicates. Please revert the changeset, and follow the import process. The tagging issues and duplicate points can easily be addressed with a bit more more up front preparation time.
12015-02-28 07:54:12 UTCchnav Правка откачена полностью как вандальная (фиктивный парк имени самого себя, магазин, фиктивные здания, дороги и т.д.).
Направлен запрос на блокировку пользователя.
22015-02-28 07:56:06 UTCchnav ...ещё и улица имени себя.
32015-03-01 08:00:00 UTCzool OpenStreetMap is an attempt to create an accurate map of the world. Please do not add personal / test data to OSM.
12015-02-17 20:32:10 UTCKDDA This change-set should be reverted, as the name has been removed from a valid townland relation.
22015-02-20 05:37:36 UTCzool The townland appears to be from the "mapping townlands" effort and is needed in some cases for addressing and local navigation.
32015-02-20 11:42:28 UTCKDDA hi zool. Yes, the townland is part of the project. The problem I have with this user and the majority of his/her change-sets is that data (mostly names) is being deleted from OSM, mainly suburbs and townlands. I have messaged the user directly, but no answer. I would like to know why the user is...
42015-02-21 06:46:42 UTCzool hi KDDA,

Indeed i'm involved in this discussion on behalf of the DWG, another mapper brought the deletions to our attention saying he didn't want to make a big deal of it, but it looks like some data disruption is being caused. See also for the del...
52015-02-21 14:03:54 UTCKDDA Thanks for looking into it Zool. Is there a time frame on how long a decision from the DWG takes?
62015-02-21 14:10:07 UTCKDDA I would just like to point out that here in NI, the townland within the address is a legal requirement. The official (copyrighted) address source is called PointerNI and is maintained by the LPS. ( )

The local OSM community have been working very hard to map ...
72015-02-23 05:37:32 UTCzool Hi KDDA, there's no timeframe for the DWG, case-by-case basis, as we've heard nothing back about the townlands deletions, but we'll likely go ahead and revert them very soon. Sorry to be vague here, it's all very much a volunteer effort.
82015-02-24 10:02:40 UTCzool All right, it's been a week so I am now going ahead and reverting the following list of deleteing changesets on behalf of the DWG:

12015-02-20 05:40:34 UTCzool This changeset appears to delete a townland relation created as part of the "Mapping Townlands" project:
12015-02-17 00:00:17 UTCzool dear Nev,

One of my DWG colleagues had the following suggestion about footpath mapping: "In reality I suspect it's not really a separate footpath at all but just
a roadside sidewalk, so I'd have thought that sidewalk=left/right/both
on the road itself would be the best representation of ...
22015-02-17 01:27:22 UTCnevw Thanks Jo
I will make my changesets smaller and save more often with more descriptive text.
I do like this method "A different approach is to map each sidewalk as separate ways using highway=footway and an associated footway=sidewalk" as we have many streets without sidewalks, and some ...
32015-02-17 02:25:14 UTCzool I appreciate the response, Nev!

In my personal capacity, i think "tagging for the router / tagging for the renderer" is a trend with long legs...
42015-02-17 02:31:22 UTCnevw :)
12015-02-14 04:10:35 UTCzool Thank you for your edits to OpenStreetmap.
Did you know that in the iD editor, you can leave a comment with each change? This helps other editors to see more easily what you are adding and changing on the map; clear comments are helpful and recommended!
22015-02-14 09:44:19 UTCTRUEVISIONS hat bisher gefehlt
32015-02-14 10:42:51 UTCzool macht bisher nichts, then

(Sorry, i don't speak German!)
12015-02-14 09:03:12 UTCzool In this changeset you appear to have deleted a footway that has been contributed by manual survey by another editor:

Can you explain a bit about what motivated this change? The comment on the changeset briefly mentions routing; what kind of routing appl...
12015-02-13 16:41:21 UTCzool You're contributing some changesets with a lot of deletions to tagged ways, and they stretch right across Europe. There's too much going on in each changeset to easily explore the consequences, so it would be good to have a clear description of what you are changing and why, rather than the repeated...
22015-02-13 18:56:36 UTCratrun Yes. OSMI is exactly the tool for which you provided the documentation link above.

The wiki already explains what I'm doing and also includes an answer to your question about deletions in the changes-sets. This is what the wiki says about deletion. It is located in the "What you can do with ...
32015-02-13 19:26:05 UTCtyr_asd Why don't you simply save each individual OSMI fix in an individual changeset?
42015-02-15 08:41:24 UTCratrun I don't do this because it spams the displayed amount of changset if one fixes bugs in small areas with many problems. This is the usual case. Every single upload would generate a small changeset, all containing the same comment. My experience is that it is good to perform multiple uploads and not j...
52015-02-15 09:25:22 UTCSomeoneElse Actually, it would be better if each small change didn't "all contain the same comment". For example, rather than simply "osmi routing view fixes" the one that replaced with could say...
62015-02-15 09:40:23 UTCratrun This is impractial. Connecting two nodes is a matter of 1 second, writing the comments would take at least 40 seconds. If you are working on such granuarity, then congratulations from me, but I won't do that.
72015-02-15 10:00:39 UTCSomeoneElse OpenStreetMap is a community - together we benefit from all the work that all other mappers have done. If a new mapper doesn't know that they're "doing it wrong" simply because no-one has been bothered to tell them, then they'll continue to do so, because they don't know any better, and t...
12015-02-11 11:17:45 UTCzool excellent, high quality work
12015-02-11 05:53:01 UTCzool hello zuppet
12015-02-09 04:11:00 UTCzool Some of these edits appear to be in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

I would check the accuracy of your work in progress. It's a good idea to include fewer edits in each set of changes uploaded to OpenStreetmap, so that others can more easily tell what has changed.
22015-02-09 08:46:50 UTCSomeoneElse I'm guessing that "Cat Forest" etc. are just some data from an OSM tutorial that got uploaded by mistake - can you remember which one it might have been?
12015-02-06 07:31:07 UTCzool if you've been re-aligning streets to bing imagery, it is likely that the bing imagery was not correctly georeferenced in the first place, as some street networks now overlap buildings :(

please check with other sources and/or a manual GPS re-survey before re-aligning road networks to aerial imag...
12015-01-29 12:47:48 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap. What exactly is ? Is it something that you can actually see on the ground?
22015-01-29 12:49:04 UTCandrewsh Seems like a new branch of Eurotunnel…
32015-01-29 12:54:41 UTCandrewsh Mergen, I think it's not a good idea to add low-cost flights to OSM, at least not in the specific way you did.

Добавлять лоукостеры в ОСМ — не самая лучшая идея вообще, ну и точно уж не таким способом, как это сд...
42015-02-05 20:11:08 UTCzool OpenStreetMap is an attempt to make an accurate map of the observable world.
52015-02-11 16:30:44 UTCaceman444 On the other hand, there already are ferry (ship) routes (on water) in OSM.
62015-02-11 16:44:50 UTCMergen Блин, я вообще не хотел выгружать это в OSM. В общем, я нуб и накосячил по полной. Пытался освоиться в JOSM, но видимо что-то пошло не так, только сейчас заметил. Как вообще...
72015-02-11 16:47:02 UTCSomeoneElse @Mergen - don't worry, it's not there any more :)

We've all made mistakes like this - the only people who haven't have never tried to do anything in the first place!
12015-02-05 07:31:14 UTCzool I chatted with Karine and got her business card recently, didn't know the shop was so new. Cheers for the edit
22015-02-05 10:54:14 UTCChris Fleming lol - actual thing that made me go and check was this tweet:
12015-01-05 02:44:13 UTCzool I vouch for this statement
12015-01-05 00:28:36 UTCwoodpeck This looks like an un-discussed import. I cannot find anything on the Wiki or the imports mailing list about it. Are you aware of Please explain.
22015-01-05 00:44:49 UTCzool Yes, it would be good to hear more.
32015-01-08 02:24:14 UTCJorge Meroglio Hi, I wasn't familiar with the import guidelines, sorry for that. It was just a little experiment, however it took so many days to improve the importing algorithm, It would be a mess to just kill the entire changeset because of few details. I think that the mistakes could be corrected easily, this i...
12015-01-04 09:00:31 UTCzool Where is this island?
22015-01-04 20:40:27 UTCmalenki It seems it is at
Seriously: is there any public available source referring to this island?
32015-01-13 18:53:44 UTCNakaner Becuase there are only 4 nonsense-hits googleing this name, I suggest to revert this changeset.
42015-01-13 19:09:29 UTCNakaner I have reverted this changeset.
12015-01-02 09:07:03 UTCzool What was the matter with the shape of Bulgaria, out of curiosity?
22015-01-05 15:44:50 UTCplamen What you mean? Is it connected with this changeset? Here we had some form of vandalism or graffiti.
12014-12-30 23:35:29 UTCzool OpenStreetmap is an attempt to make an accurate map of the world. It is not intended to directly support mapping of fictional adventures. Hogwarts does not belong in OSM.
22014-12-31 00:10:41 UTCzool may be an appropriate place to map things from novels
32015-01-01 13:10:47 UTCzool reverted.
12014-12-30 15:17:49 UTCzool In this changeset, you appear to have deleted a short section of the A92 trunk road. Was this an accident, or have you verified that the road has really disappeared with a physical survey? If so, then how are the cars still able to get on and off the B912?

In the likely event that this edit to OS...
22014-12-31 00:21:02 UTCChris Fleming Agree that this looks slightly odd, I drove past here a couple of nights ago and didn't notice that the A92 was closed from here. I've also checked the Traffic Scotland website and that hasn't given any indication that the road is closed. So it would be great to confirm the source of this change as ...
32015-01-05 18:05:53 UTCSomeoneElse Given the absence of a reply here yet, I've undeleted the missing bits of the A92 and joined the roads (and bus routes) up. See and .
12014-12-28 21:27:50 UTCXaMi It seems within this changeset objects with tags like natural/landuse=grass/grassland have been changed randomly or even deleted.
E.g. in one case natural=grass has been changed to natural=grassland (which is quite ok IMHO), in other cases the whole way with tag natural=grass has been deleted comp...
22014-12-29 02:18:13 UTCzool On behalf of the DWG; we have been asking for comments on this and a some related changesets where mappers have raised concern about mechanical edits. As it stands we plan to go ahead and revert these changes.
12014-12-26 05:29:28 UTCzool i'm not sure this changeset is an improvement, zuppet. would you care to explain it?
12014-12-23 10:13:54 UTCDaCor Please limit your changes to smaller areas. Given the amount of changes you made and the size of the area, it is impossible for local mappers to verify if your changes are correct. Your changeset comment is also very poor, what exactly did you fix?? I am seriously tempted to revert your changes or ...
22014-12-23 16:18:02 UTCzool This set of changes has by now been submitted to the Data Working Group for examination.

This seems to be a set of "mechanical edits" changing one set of tags highway=noexit to noexit=yes on a programmatic basis.

However, we're not aware of any public discussion of these sweeping ch...
32014-12-24 00:54:55 UTCTest360 These two attributes :
* highway=noexit
* noexit=yes
have obviously the same meaning (check the wiki page of the Key:noexit).

the Key:noexit is heavily used (340 000 according to taginfo), highway=noexit is rarely used (150: 0,04% of the key:noexit).

Moreover, highway=noexit is undoc...
42014-12-24 01:27:44 UTCDaCor The reasoning behind the change seems perfectly logical. If your nick showed up in my feed and I was able to see your change for what it was then there would be no issue as far as I am concerned. However the problem is the size of the area your changeset bounding box covers. It means I can't do a qu...
52014-12-24 12:25:45 UTCSomeoneElse Note that this appears to be one of a series of mechanical edits, in some or even most of which information has actually been lost. See as an example.
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