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12018-08-16 20:32:52 UTCeric_ Hi meadowgreen. According to the official website ( and Wikipedia as well, the name is "Scott Monument" without the "the". Could you please consider to review your edit and at the same time removed my previous wikipedia:en ...
22018-08-17 22:30:47 UTCChris Fleming I think that I agree with _eric - Canmore also gives the name as "Scott Monument"
12018-08-13 14:29:28 UTCChris Fleming I think it';s worth having a discussion about how we tag these unsigned road references - their is a discussion on talk-gb:

Published using OSMCha:
22018-08-15 21:00:44 UTCChris Fleming Hi - I think you need to have a discussion about these. I know we've had this discussion in the pub, and still I believe that as the tags aren't verifiable on the ground they shouldn't be mapped using the Primary ref tag. Dave F's proposal to move these to the highway_authority_ref does make sense. ...
12018-08-09 21:20:09 UTCChris Fleming Hi thanks for the edit, it looks great - I see that you requested a review. My only suggestion is to put the restaurant as an addition point inside the hotel outline. This way the building is shown as a hotel and the restuarant as an additional icon.
22018-08-13 18:24:54 UTCGöranU Thanks for taking a look. I was uncertain about how to do when it was both a hotel and a restaurant; that'w why I thought a second look wouldn't hurt. Now I know what to do next time. :-)

Thanks for improving my edit!
32018-08-14 10:16:54 UTCChris Fleming No problem - I'm assuming that you've been on holiday to Scotland? Hope you had a good trip and come back again to do some more mapping!
42018-08-14 13:16:37 UTCGöranU Yes, we visited Scotland during the first half of July, and had a good time. We used OpenStreetmap extensively for navigation. To be a good community member, I try to add details/make corrections for the benefit of those who come after. :-)
12018-08-13 22:51:42 UTCChris Fleming Cheers Sam - thanks for spotting the vandalism and signing up for an account to fix this!
12018-08-13 14:34:37 UTCChris Fleming Hi, thanks for signing up to OpenStreetMap and editing the map.

We don't always map Airbnb as they are not usually signposted and therefore can't easily be verified on the ground. In this case, however it would be great to get some more details at very least such as the full address and also get ...
12018-08-12 17:23:01 UTCLeo Slager Met een changeset van Berlijn tot Edinburgh staat een ding wel vast:
Je bestrijkt een veel te groot gebied in 1 changeset. TIP: beperk je tot een gebied van hooguit enkele kilometers groot, dan uploaden en een nieuwe changeset beginnen. aub
22018-08-13 10:10:55 UTCChris Fleming That you for taking the time to add these. I do have a question about the Sandeman's Europe information point, I am wondering if there is anything permament here or is it just the start point for these tours?
12018-08-10 09:37:36 UTCChris Fleming Does this cycleway connect up withn The Parkway at the end, if so it's worth joping it up so that the routers will use it.
22018-08-10 15:42:51 UTCIanfaeAiberdeen Yes, I was a bit vague about exactly where it joined up. There are actually two links from the Parkway - the one I put in yesterday goes to a pedestrian crossing and I am about to add the other one, which connects to Laurel Lane close to its junction with the Parkway.
32018-08-11 07:32:03 UTCChris Fleming Brilliant, thanks!
12018-08-11 07:25:05 UTCChris Fleming Hi, I see that you requested a review of this edit. Overall the edit looks great, I have a few small pointers to improve things further.

One simpolething to help improve buildings is to square the corners of buildings, this is simple achieved using the S key on the building.

The other details...
12018-08-10 13:41:38 UTCChris Fleming Hi, thanks for making the edit, I see that you requested a review and overall the change looks great. Their are a few things that aren't necessarily obvious that will improve things.

The first is very simple, it's nice to square off the building, this is simply a case of selecting the building in...
12018-08-09 22:39:19 UTCChris Fleming Hi thanks for the edit; I was wondering if you have any more details on this restuarant such as the address/opening hours or website?
12018-08-09 21:51:02 UTCChris Fleming Hi thanks ofr the edit. I see that you requested a review of your edit which looks great.

12018-08-09 21:46:01 UTCChris Fleming Hi, I'm not local, but looking at the name "Memorial at Sanaigmore", just says where it is. I'm wondering if we should call this "Exmouth Memorial" as on this webpage?
12018-08-09 21:34:46 UTCChris Fleming Hi Welcome to OpenStreetMap - Thanks for taking the time to sihn up and make an edit. I see that you requested a review and I've had a look and your edit looks perfect; and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

12018-08-09 21:29:25 UTCChris Fleming Hi thanks again, I've gone with the same idea here. Separating the hotel and restaurant.
12018-08-08 13:46:17 UTCChris Fleming What exactly are these?
12018-08-08 13:45:51 UTCChris Fleming What is this?
12018-07-26 07:43:08 UTCFraserKp Why? Has the car park been demolished? Deleting it because it was drawn in 2007 doesn't sound like a good reason...
22018-07-26 09:47:06 UTCvssms Hi FraserKp,

Thanks for bringing this up. We've corrected the data according to the latest imagery.
32018-07-27 00:56:14 UTCChris Fleming Except the latest imagery isn't up to date, I mapped this service lane from a GPs trace that I collected, when the new supermarket was built.
42018-08-08 09:58:33 UTCChris Fleming vssms - I will revert this change. Please don't destroy other peoples work, based on out of date imagery.
12018-07-25 11:24:00 UTCChris Fleming Looks good so far, agree there is still probably lots of details that can be removed. (keep meaning to go up and have a look myself as well!)
12018-07-25 11:02:40 UTCChris Fleming Hi, Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

Thanks for signing up and taking time to edit. I'm just having a look at your edits as you requested a review, and they the look great.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

12018-07-25 10:44:45 UTCChris Fleming Hi Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

I've been having a look over your edits and they all look great! Especially the work on Lochside Academy.

My only comment would be that if you have the whole named area enclosed such as by - the you might want to add a p...
12018-07-24 12:35:43 UTCChris Fleming Welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for taking time to add the campsite, I was wondering if yo uhad any more details such as the name and address of the campsite?

Also let me know if you have any questions about OpenStreetMap.

12018-07-24 12:18:36 UTCChris Fleming HI, welcome to OpenStreetMap, and thanks for taking time to edit. I do have a question about the change to Park. Normally Park would refer to open land, so unless the trees have been cutr down, then woods is probably a better tag. See

Let me...
12018-07-24 10:25:46 UTCChris Fleming Hi - I can see that you requested a review of this edit. Sorry about the delay. I've made a small additional change, which is setting the shop to disused:shop - that way we can keep the node and update it with any new tenant when they move in.

Let me know if you have any questions, cheers
22018-07-24 12:51:31 UTCcrommr Hi Chris,
thanks for the review.
12018-07-24 10:15:35 UTCChris Fleming HI Welcome to OpenStreetMap - Thanks for signing up and taking the time to edit!

I do have a curious question about your edit. It seems unusual that there would be an odd numbered address amongst all the even numbered property? and I just wanted to double to check that this is correct?

Also le...
12018-05-08 11:20:56 UTCChris Fleming HI thanks for the edit - I see that you requested a review. The edit looks fine to me, initially I was concerned that you had moved the peak from the previous position that look to align with historic maps. But looking at contour lines and the path - the updated location makes sense. I'm just wonder...
22018-05-08 11:54:03 UTCTerminalSump Hi Chris, I walked to the 'old summit' position and it was not there - so clearly wrong, hence the update. thanks Tim
32018-05-08 13:47:53 UTCChris Fleming Thanks!
12018-05-02 11:38:30 UTCChris Fleming Hi thanks for signing up - I see that you requested an review and can confirm that your edit looks great. Sometime we tag churches as building=church - but it's not strictly necessary. Also if you are familure with the building, adding the address and postcode is useful.

Let me know if you have ...
12018-05-02 10:56:39 UTCChris Fleming Perfect, thanks Jono.
12018-04-25 11:09:48 UTCChris Fleming Thanks for adding this. I didn't know about ity. I've made a few improvements to the tagging but thanks for the info.
12018-03-29 15:56:41 UTCChris Fleming Hi - why did you remove this. I think this is actually present on the ground unless you have other information?
22018-04-18 22:26:03 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 58217008 where the changeset comment is: Revert all changesets by a group of commercial editors everywhere except North and South America. They "fixed" routing "errors" but hided real errors instead of...
32018-04-19 11:10:00 UTCChris Fleming Thanks - I think I had already reverted this change. But sounds like all bad edits and no responses.
42018-04-19 12:33:14 UTCNakaner Hi Chris,

I revert all changeset in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia/Oceania by a group of mappers because their attempts to fix so-called routing "errors" often hided real errors or created new ones (e.g. connecting unconnected streets which are unconnected in reality). In addition, ...
12018-03-29 16:19:44 UTCChris Fleming Thanks for the edit. I have added the actual trackoutline.
12018-03-08 15:12:37 UTCChris Fleming Hi thanks for asking for a review of this. Livingsteet doesn't quite seem right to me? IS this more of a service road?
12018-03-08 15:04:34 UTCChris Fleming Hi Gail - thanks for signing up to OpenStreetMap.

I've split the Childminding service off from the road, into it's own point and set it as a childminders.

It would be really useful if you could move it to the right place and add the address details? Let me know if you ahve any questions.

12018-02-21 15:19:14 UTCChris Fleming Hi Tim, welcome to OSM, thanks for requesting a review, I've had a look at your edit and have added a conference center tag and set the name.

Let me know if you have any questions.

12018-02-21 12:39:20 UTCChris Fleming HI just wondering what your source for the address change for here is?
12018-02-20 12:34:53 UTCChris Fleming Hi Stuart,

Thanks for signing up to OpenStreetMap and editing, from you edit it looks like this is the office for the Taxi hire company, we would normally add this as a office, with the streetname, number and postcode. Would it be possible to get these added?

22018-02-20 13:36:31 UTCStuartc49 62 Westhouses Road
EH22 5QP
32018-02-20 14:29:52 UTCChris Fleming Thanks!
12018-01-26 21:17:53 UTCChris Fleming HI thanks for signing up to OpenStreetMap and adding these nodes. We don't normally add single appartments, but I have added some of the buildings Along Allanwater Gardens.

I'm also curious about Burnside Way - we don't currently have this, but it did look like we are missing some newer roads, so...
12018-01-24 15:20:56 UTCChris Fleming Hi see that you requested a review. Thanks for the edits - the extra details are really good.
12018-01-24 14:31:11 UTCChris Fleming HI, welcome to OpenStreetMap - I see that you requested a review of your changes. I've had a look across all you changes so far and they look excellent, the additional detail is great.

My only comment, is that we don't necessarily need to name the roads "Park Internal Road". Also there ...
12018-01-14 12:17:46 UTCChris Fleming Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap. Tis edit looks fine to me. I can't specifically see a service road in this edit, but Can see that the parking is connected via service road, but overall this looks great.
12018-01-06 08:56:58 UTCChris Fleming HI and Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see that you requested a review of the edit and this looks great to me.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

12018-01-06 08:52:55 UTCChris Fleming Hi Colin, thanks for signing up to OpenStreetMao and making these changes, I think that the bridge and footway need to be tagged as highway=foorway and remove the rail tag! I'm also wondering what/where the bridge connects to on the other side?

12018-01-01 23:41:16 UTCChris Fleming Hi Happy New Year and welcome to OpenStreetMAp. I see that you requested a review of these changes, I've had a look at them and they look great.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

12018-01-01 23:09:24 UTCChris Fleming Hi, Happy New Year and Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see that you've requested a review; I've had a quick look at your edits and they look great.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

12018-01-01 22:27:48 UTCChris Fleming thanks looks brilliant.

12017-12-30 21:45:33 UTCChris Fleming thanks for signing up - and taking time to edit OpenStreetMap, I do have some questions about the roads named Treasure trail. Normally, we would suggest that if you need a map marked with a tresure trail, to work on a offline set of data, unless I've misunderstood. I can give you some pointers if ne...
22017-12-31 16:56:43 UTCMazzaT I need lots of pointers!!!! After struggling for a couple of hours to ineffectually mapping out a route for a treasure trail around our town, I gave up! I essentially would like to draw a distinctive line around the actual route if possible. Thanks Mhairi
32017-12-31 18:55:14 UTCChris Fleming No problem - I would probably start by having a look at - should be quite simple to put a marker on for your start and end point and draw a line for the suggested route. You can also choose from a variety of background styles.

There are other ways of doing this, but...
12017-12-30 07:51:25 UTCChris Fleming Hi, thanks for the changes. I see that you requested a review and this change looks fine to me. I'm wondering if the name also needs to be removed from the sections to the West as well, or is the name okay for this section?
22017-12-30 10:50:59 UTCDougsclan Chris

Bayview Road only applies to a short section of road in Cullen, Which is about 5 miles to the east
So Bayview road should be removed from all of the A98 apart from the short section in Cullen

The A98 does not have any other road name, that i am aware of. I have checked from Cullen westw...
32017-12-30 21:10:17 UTCChris Fleming Thanks - there was a section that was still names, so I've removed it.
12017-12-28 22:59:25 UTCChris Fleming Hi thanks, for the edits, I've had a quick look over some of your edits where you've requested a review and they generally look great.

Hopever on this changeset and some of the others where you have added what look like footpaths, but there haven't been tagged as such. Therefore I would suggest ...
22017-12-29 05:20:46 UTCKeith William Dear Chris,
Yes, I have indeed forgotten to tag my changes. I seems to have missed quite a lot of them, since I am still quite new to OSM. Let me fix them now.
32017-12-29 21:36:00 UTCChris Fleming No problem Flora, great to have another mapper in Aberdeen.
12017-12-27 21:28:22 UTCChris Fleming Thanks for the edit, wondering if we should come up with some "standard" or tagging for narrow gaps in barriers etc?
12017-12-27 21:06:43 UTCChris Fleming Hi thanks for the edit, but sector 4 seems like a very odd name?
22017-12-27 21:17:22 UTC>_Erminal-Temulator You are correct.
Let us never speak of Sector 4 again, brother.
12017-12-26 10:03:02 UTCChris Fleming HI Keith, thanks for your edit. I see that you requested a review of this edit. I'm wondering if this would be better tagged as a buulding=yes to represent the building as well as shop=laundry -

Please let me know if you have any questions
12017-12-26 09:41:36 UTCChris Fleming Hi Welcome to OpenStreetMap! I see that you've requested a review and can report that this edit looks great.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

12017-12-16 21:38:13 UTCChris Fleming Hi - welcome to OpenStreetMap - I see that you have changed the address if the business? If so I think that we need to create a new node in the new location?
12017-12-14 01:04:01 UTCChris Fleming Hi - Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see that you requested a review and I've had a look at your edits and they all look great.

Let me know if you have any questions.

12017-12-13 15:18:03 UTCChris Fleming HI Welcome to OpenStreetMap - I have just one quick question about why you removed the name in this change?

Also let mew know if you have any question about OpenStreetMap
22017-12-13 15:45:01 UTCbonemonger Hiya and thanks for the welcome!

I’ve removed the name as the area it covers is incorrect, the current area includes Kelburn Country Centre which doesn’t belong to Clyde Muirshiel regional park.

I’m getting a map of the land Kelburn owns so I can make that park it’s ow...
32017-12-13 15:50:30 UTCChris Fleming Sounds great. Thanks for getting back to me.

Only thing to watch out for is the copyright if your're using 3rd party maps as sources.
12017-12-13 13:52:57 UTCChris Fleming Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap . I see that you requested a review and yoiur edit looks excellent.

My only comments are to bear in mind that we can't use other sources such as the leaflet you linked to as direct sources, but I appreciate it is useful to point as a reason for you changes to the...
12017-12-12 13:12:44 UTCFraserKp This looks like fantastic data, but streetmap dot co dot uk doesn't have an OSM compatible license as far as I can tell so anything derived from that will have to come out again I suspect....
22017-12-13 12:15:43 UTCChris Fleming Hi, I just wanted to follow up FraserKp;'s question.

It would be good to get clarity on the sources used for these Edits? As you know we can't risk using data from copyright sources. In general the OS Opendata StreetView and the NLS Historoic layers are great for confirming names.
32017-12-13 14:07:44 UTCmeadowgreen Hi, thanks for reminding me about copyright. I'll check OS maps over the next couple days to confirm place names.
12017-12-12 11:56:37 UTCChris Fleming again - I don't believe this to be a park. This has been mapped as woods for nearly 7 years and has been edited as such by several people. Have all the trees been cut down and this turned into a park?
22017-12-12 13:02:55 UTCSomeoneElse Hello andrewmci,
Whilst we're grateful for new mappers in OSM including those who seem to have come via Pokemon Go, please don't change existing features to "parks", whether they be gardens or areas of trees. In OSM there are many tags to choose from; always pick the most appropriate. F...
12017-12-12 11:53:52 UTCChris Fleming Why park and not a forest?
12017-12-12 11:48:52 UTCChris Fleming Hi Andrew - we seem to be stuck in a loop. Pleas eanswer why do you belive these to be parks?
12017-12-11 13:54:17 UTCChris Fleming Hi Katie, welcome to OpenStreetMap, and thanks for the edit.

I see that you requested a review - and the edit looks great. My only tip is that when adding building it's possible to use the s key shortcut to "square" off the buildings which is a bit neater.

Thanks, and let me know if ...
12017-12-06 17:47:12 UTCGinaroZ Hi, these parks you've added seem like someone's front garden to me - and are there really two lakes there on the ground?
22017-12-11 13:46:42 UTCChris Fleming Hi - and welcome to OpenStreetMap. Just wondering if you had seen the message above. Normally these look like gardens to me rather than Parks?
12017-12-09 16:30:00 UTCChris Fleming Hi and Welcome to OpenStreetMap - I see that you requested a review of your edits. I've had a lok and the edits look great to me.

But let me know if you have any questions.

12017-12-08 23:07:59 UTCChris Fleming H, Welcome to OpenStreetMap - thank you for your edits.

I see that you requested a review, I've had a quick look over and can't see any problems.

Let me know if you have any questions.

12017-12-08 00:30:45 UTCChris Fleming Please stop. This isn't a park.
22017-12-08 00:39:30 UTCandrewmci I must just be misunderstanding. Is there a size requirement that something must be in order to qualify as a park? I don't mean to cause frustration, I just can't understand why this isn't a park. Granted it is small but I'm not sure what the threshold is.
32017-12-08 00:52:00 UTCChris Fleming In this case because it's a private garden.

I would expect some kind on public access.

They would normally be maintained for recreational purposes.

Does this make sense?
42017-12-08 12:02:33 UTCChris Fleming I would add that a park is somewhere you would make a trip to visit. And that this would differentiate if from other green spaces.

A further factor - in this case is that many mappers have mapped thousands of Tenement Gardens in Edinburgh and consistently tagged them as gardens.

Are you happ...
52017-12-08 12:39:36 UTCGinaroZ Andrew,
Even if this was a park (which it isn't) then the question is why have you just changed this one garden to a park? Are the gardens either side not also parks or is there something special about this one?
Also, is the public bookcas...
12017-12-04 14:47:39 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. Just wondering why you've changed one section of Colinton Road to highway=primary?
22017-12-04 16:08:52 UTCandrewmci Apologies this was an error on my part, I have amended now and will try to be more careful in future.
32017-12-04 17:05:30 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for changing it back.
However I see you've added a number of parks as well - are these open to the public or are they private gardens?
Also, does this bit of water really exist?
42017-12-04 19:35:11 UTCandrewmci No problem. They are accessible and yes the water is there behind the lions gate, position may be slightly off but I tried my best to be accurate.
52017-12-04 22:43:28 UTCGinaroZ Ok, but I don't think this can be classed as a park - it looks like someone's front garden:
And why change this building to landuse=retail?
62017-12-04 23:05:24 UTCandrewmci Fair enough although I'm not really sure why it would be an issue. Certainly it says "park" on each of the gates, and they are known locally as parks. Granted they are a bit small but not a front garden. Perhaps I can speak to a few of the local residents and see whether they would conside...
72017-12-05 14:52:38 UTCChris Fleming I'm sure that the building shown as "Domestic Clean Cleaner" is residential flats? Also whyt can't I find any trace of a company called "Domestic Clean Clean" in edinburgh?
82017-12-05 15:00:22 UTCChris Fleming Also the grass area in front of number 35 Colington road is definitly a garden as far a I remember - This image shows a wall and nothing to indicate a "public" park
92017-12-05 16:41:35 UTCandrewmci There are flats in the building but I can assure you that a cleaning company that I have used and been into is located there. Have you ever been into the building? Anyway I have changed this back to residential with a point for the cleaning company inside.
102017-12-05 16:44:44 UTCChris Fleming Great that's perfect. We often try and add other information such as website etc?
112017-12-07 23:56:31 UTCChris Fleming I stopped here on my way home. Will link to video shortly

1. I checked through the fire exit at Napier. No lake not even a pond.

2. In Fairacre Court: None of the buzzers indicated any businesses. All looked residential.

3. Gate from the road is locked. This is a private area. Grass is not ...
122017-12-08 00:22:56 UTCChris Fleming

132017-12-08 00:31:48 UTCandrewmci The second video appears to be unavailable. The first I would say is inconclusive as the side gate is locked after hours. The Buddha shrine is also slightly further round towards the far end of the park, quite small though so easy to miss.
142017-12-08 00:34:36 UTCChris Fleming It's uploading and I went all the way around. There really isn't anything there.
152017-12-08 00:47:51 UTCChris Fleming Second video is up.

Also where is the lake?
12017-12-08 00:29:16 UTCChris Fleming HI Andrew - hopfully You saw my previous message that I couln't find any of these features mapped. See this video where I walk around Fairacre court:



Where is the water feature, where is the shrine:
22017-12-08 00:29:27 UTCChris Fleming
12017-12-05 14:55:04 UTCChris Fleming Are you sure. I had these mapped as private gardens? They are certainly private residences?
12017-11-29 22:59:36 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. Just wondering why you added the motor_vehicle=no tag to just this section of road?
22017-11-30 08:23:43 UTCConnor Browning Hi Ginaro,
I added the tag as no Private Hire are allowed through this street, therefore I updated so our map system would not take the drivers through this route
32017-12-02 08:31:46 UTCChris Fleming Hi Connor and welcome to OpenStreetMap - just want to check what your evidence for this is? This side of Princes Street is Open to all vehicles up until Waverley Bridge or certinly was when I was last there 2 weeks ago?
42017-12-04 13:32:35 UTCConnor Browning Hi Chris, see site closure below. Taxi refers to Black Cabs, therefore no vehicle is allowed along the route.;jsessionid=66FF6FDBEC431648A3EE0A7B74A6EAB5?lat=55.953172091099205&lng=-3.189064740358076&disruptionFilter.selectedTypes=ROADWORK
52017-12-04 13:45:48 UTCChris Fleming Thanks Connor - good spot. If I'm looking
at the correct restriction:

Location \tCity Centre
At Princes Street

Traffic management measures associated with Leith Street closure.
No left turn into Princes Street except for buses, taxis and cycles.

Running up to 31...
62017-12-04 14:32:52 UTCConnor Browning Looking at the link, it seems that only Taxi and bus are allowed to use the route. They have prohibited Private hire and standard vehicles from using the route
12017-11-22 13:15:22 UTCChris Fleming Hi, I see that you requested a review of this edit. There probably is only one additional change I would made and that is to add a highway=construction for this to appear on the map.

Let me know if you have any questions.
12017-11-20 14:38:24 UTCChris Fleming Hi, and Welcome to OpenStreetMap, I've just seen that you requested a review and I've had a look at your edits and they look great. New Area's like this is tricky especially when the imagery doesn't cover the full area.

The only additional change that I've made is to remove the new village area ...
12017-11-18 12:11:29 UTCrnewmark I've only deleted one small section I see. I will delete the rest of the route at a later time, assuming no-one objects (I'm just new to this editing!)
22017-11-19 12:14:47 UTCChris Fleming HI Mark, welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for preceding with caution. I've had a look at this. Doing a google for this showed up:

So I think this *is* an official cycle route. My fee...
32017-11-19 17:32:26 UTCrnewmark Thanks Chris. I tend to consider official cycle routes as something with signs, and proper cycle paths - not as a communities aspiration that a footpath becomes a route for bicycles (otherwise every footpath might be regarded as a cycle route!).
But I'll do exactly as you suggest and change the sur...
42017-11-19 22:07:39 UTCChris Fleming Sounds like a plan, it looks like avoids this route, but as you say both the balanced and quiet route in cyclestreets use some of these tracks. As well as making sure the surface is correctly tagged, I think it would make sense to remove the lcn from the relation as well.
12017-11-19 12:48:44 UTCChris Fleming Hi Alistair, I see that you requested a review of these edits, I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that the edits look great.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
12017-11-19 12:43:12 UTCChris Fleming Hi, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see that you requested a review for this edit.

I've had a quick look at it and it looks great, there is only one more change that I would change, and that is from amenity=restaurant to disused:amenity=restaurant.
12017-11-07 16:17:59 UTCChris Fleming Hi thanks for this, and welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your edit looks great, but for future reference I've made some small changes, I've set it be a highway path and have also joined it up to Maryhill Road assuming this was your intention.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers
12017-11-06 11:49:21 UTCHjart Several duplicate hotels here + an atm suspiciously located in the middle of a lake
22017-11-06 17:21:48 UTCstev Looks bad to me too - can't find any reference to "Eagle and Beth's" in that location in London
32017-11-06 17:54:15 UTCChris Fleming Hi, Welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for adding these Points of interest. One thing tol check for is that places aren't duplicates. Also I have a question about "Eagle and Beth's" what is this?
12017-11-05 00:06:04 UTCChris Fleming Hi, I see that you requested a review. I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that comparing your edits to the aerial photography and they look great to me.

Please let me know if you have any questions?


12017-11-01 23:54:46 UTCChris Fleming Looks good - I don't recommend deleting the name node at the moment as the Standard OSM style only renders the name from the name. So fo now we have both.
12017-10-30 11:39:17 UTCChris Fleming HI I'm curious about this Hostel. Last time I went past here, this streeet was just residential flats with no hostels? Can I check what you source is?
22017-10-30 18:50:23 UTCdorian Pineapples Small place inside an apartment block. I stayed there, my Korean wife booked it though. So is via a Korean Web site. If you can't read Korean. May have a problem booking. Odd times as well for check in, 5pm. Check out 10am.
32017-10-30 21:48:49 UTCChris Fleming Thanks for getting back to me, is it more like an Air B&B - where there aren't any signs on the outside? Locally we tend not to map these.
42017-10-30 21:53:56 UTCdorian Pineapples Hard for me to say. But it's definitely geared towards koreans and is a family home. So i guess it similar.
12017-10-16 09:30:26 UTCRobert Whittaker Are you sure the postcodes on and are correct? According to Code-Point Open, EH4 8AJ is located on Strathalmond Park about over 5km away.
22017-10-30 15:06:14 UTCChris Fleming Yes, I've just checked my notes and have that postcode completely wrong. I've fixed it up now.
12017-10-30 11:05:59 UTCChris Fleming I see that you requested a review. Setting the access to private works perfectly here to reflect that this is a private garden.

My only comment is that your description field would possibly have worked better as a chageset comment.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

12017-10-27 10:27:38 UTCChris Fleming HI, just wanted to drop a quick note as you have requested a review of this edit to let you know that this edit looks great. (and I'm not seriously considering a trip to visit this tree).

Let me known if you have any questions about OpenStreetMap.

22017-10-27 12:56:04 UTCega95jch Many thanks for that, Chris! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong!

Looking forward to contributing more to this excellent project.

12017-10-19 13:01:27 UTCChris Fleming sorry to bring up a question on such an old edit, but we have had a query on the name "Witchy Woods" Can I check what the source for this name is?

22017-10-19 14:54:01 UTCFisher58 Hi Chris,

have to be honest i don't know the source. I grew up here it's what all the local children called the path. Possibly due to it being dark and scary!
32017-10-19 22:30:39 UTCChris Fleming Excellent thanks for getting back to me. I'm asking because of this note It does sounds like it is a name that is use. Cheers
42017-10-25 14:51:12 UTCChris Fleming Thanks for geeting back to me. I've also spoken to someone who lives locally and he doesn't know this path as Witchy Woods. So for the moment, I think I will move the name to loc_name - as it's not an official name and it sounds like there aren't any name signs. Hope this is okay?
12017-10-20 23:49:22 UTCmuralito I could provide some nodes that were deleted and were not advertising.

The 4 seems va...
22017-10-21 04:16:55 UTCnaoliv It seems the same case from some nodes in Brazil.
I wouldn't call them *wrong* but incomplete and/or with unnecessary information.
(New) users sometimes misunderstand the "description" tag and are too much verbose when using it.
Instead deleting, is it possible to create a list of affec...
32017-10-21 05:55:29 UTCfunnimonk please never do things like this again. you've basically deleted street names etc from the dataset. some of us rely on these things like names an geometries and now we have to restore them and you know how difficult that is!! to what end, all this deletion? couldn't you just change the descriptions?...
42017-10-21 08:23:30 UTCwoodpeck Hello, I'm sorry if I have accidentally deleted things that were not advertising. I'll look into the IDs specified by muralito and replace them. I have only deleted objects that were created by users who had a very small number of edits (usually, only one edit!) and who have added a long description...
52017-10-21 08:25:44 UTCPrince Kassad This changeset also deleted objects that no longer had SEO advertising in their newest revision, i. e. This is an extremely harmful changeset and should be undone immediately.
62017-10-21 08:54:35 UTCВладимир К is this a joke? all objects i checked are NOT SEO or even advertising! These descriptions were just descriptions. I think it is totally wrong to delete things, you even don''t understand in another language! You even deleted the hole building, that exists on satimagery!
72017-10-21 09:05:24 UTCВладимир К in Moscow only 2 of 8 deleted objects have description! and another exxisting building was deleted
82017-10-21 09:49:23 UTCwoodpeck Hello Владимир К, Prince Kassad, indeed I have removed objects even if they *had* advertising in the past, and other mappers had removed the advertising in the mean time. That was unnecessary. I'll undelete the affected objects. Please refrain from reverting the full changeset because that ...
92017-10-21 10:55:51 UTCwoodpeck Hello Владимир, against my warning you have reverted this and now re-created things like this: - will you now take over and do this properly, removing advertising from where it doesn't belong, or do you expect others to do this?
102017-10-21 20:13:08 UTCmuralito I just wanted to raise the flag that there are some false positives in the algorithm, so i asked for an improvement, I also understand if the algorithm is not disclosed as it can be used by advertisers for "tunning" their ads.

In thousands of elements there are probably a lot of distinc...
112017-10-21 20:38:24 UTCwoodpeck Yes, it was not an algorithm that I was planning to run regularly, I just had identified long-description objects made by users who have contributed very little, and then went through the list manually, using a translating web site for anything other than English and German. Quite possible that I ac...
122017-10-21 22:36:06 UTCSimonvdP Did you even check your example?, removing part of a likely valid secondary road seems worse than leaving it there with the useless description on it,
132017-10-22 22:48:21 UTCChris Fleming This feels excessive to me - generally when I see these added, provided the information is accurate then I don't mind the "spammy description"; but there is also a case for removing. My worry with this changeset is that by completely removing the object we remove information that had been...
142017-10-23 05:47:30 UTCwoodpeck I think that any contribution made by a spammer should be entirely removed because it has not been made with OSM's interests at heart; most likely the coordinates are from a proprietary geocoder and the object will usually be placed with little regard to what's around it. So if the spammer adds a ho...
152017-10-23 13:19:47 UTCChris Fleming Thanks - I think we are in Broad agreeement :)
162017-10-24 07:45:14 UTCGRUBERND i think deleting things by algorithm is the most wrong thing one can to do to the OSM database. especially at this scale. it's the same as an import: automated changes of HUGE amounts of data.

things like these should always run through individual inspection on a case-by-case basis. cue map-roule...
172017-10-24 11:28:46 UTCmuralito @GRUBERND, I would agree if you write that sentence considering that using an algorithm does not necessarily imply automation.
182017-10-24 11:33:29 UTCmuralito @woodpeck (regarding your last comment)
Often a spammer (or any other user) deletes an existing object (street, POI, etc.) and adds a new one with her data. Please consider those cases when deleting or redacting objects.
192017-10-24 18:55:26 UTCwoodpeck I have started carefully removing the spam objects here : Where a spammy description and contact information were added to a building but there was no shop/office/amenity tag (just name/phone/payment methods etc), I reduced the object to a mere buildi...
202017-10-24 20:55:42 UTCSafwatHalaby I think the algorithm is horrible.
212017-10-24 20:58:12 UTCSafwatHalaby For instance, this has a slightly "positive tone" but seems to be a 100% valid node:
I think your definition of a "spammy description" need to be narrowed.
222017-10-24 21:00:25 UTCSafwatHalaby Oh, I was reviewing via OSMCHA and I have a long backlog, and it seems that particular node was added back. Please ignore my comment if all the non spammy nodes were reverted.
12017-10-23 10:42:31 UTCChris Fleming Thanks for signing up and making this change, Cliff and welcome to OpenStreetMap, please let me know if you have any questions.

12017-10-18 15:47:53 UTCChris Fleming Hi Welcome to OpenStreetMap - I was just wondering what your information source for this viewpoint is?

12017-10-12 16:40:02 UTCChris Fleming why remove the maxspeed? - also I'm not sure if an area is actually appropriate here. Think that a standard highway tag will be find here.
22017-10-12 16:43:10 UTCGerdP I did not dare to remove the areas. The maxspeed tags are on the normal highway ways and not needed for areas.
If you like, please delete the areas.
I think they were created as an experiment.
12017-10-11 15:20:36 UTCGinaroZ Hi, notice you deleted a number of benches and other objects - did you mean to do this?
22017-10-12 12:19:15 UTCChris Fleming Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

In case deleting these was as accident (very easy to do), I've restored there objects. Let me know if this is wrong, and let me know uif you have any questions.

12017-10-04 16:00:10 UTCChris Fleming Hi Graeme - thanmks for signing up to OSM. It would be really useful if you could add some more details. Ideallty I would suggest adding the outline of the building as well as the full postal address. Also I would add office=photographer

Please let me know if you have any more questions.
12017-10-04 14:14:36 UTCChris Fleming Hi - just wanted to check what your source/thinkomg for this is. I can't see the A91 on the Trunk Road list:

(also thanks for the excellent changeset comments)
22017-10-04 14:26:35 UTCClarkstonCorrect Ok I realise now a91 is primary I used to think it was trunk :)
32017-10-04 15:35:44 UTCChris Fleming No problem - it may be the case that the A91 is signed with Green signs, in which case it may be appropriate to tag it as trunk. -
42017-10-04 16:12:14 UTCClarkstonCorrect It is tagged with green signs at least at Menstrie.
12017-09-29 13:04:46 UTCGinaroZ Saw a picture on twitter with the bollards preventing car access so I've changed this to a cycleway
22017-09-29 22:06:03 UTCChris Fleming thanks that's perfect. My source was on a cycling group on Facebook,
12017-09-23 07:07:52 UTCChris Fleming HI I saw that you requested a review - just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that these edits look great.
12017-09-21 14:28:50 UTCChris Fleming Excellent, Welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for the Edit!

Let me know if you have any questions?
12017-09-18 13:58:03 UTCFraserKp ah, thanks - didn't notice all the building here have the addresses duplicated when I removed AR2
22017-09-18 15:04:39 UTCChris Fleming No problem! - It does go against the normal principle of not duplicating data. But the address node at the "entrance" and then the "occupant" node does seem to work well especially in the center of town or for multiple occupants.

PS. Do you know about missing maps followed by...
32017-09-18 20:30:09 UTCFraserKp Yes saw the social but can't make it this week, sorry. Have a good night.
12017-09-13 15:30:04 UTCChris Fleming HNi just wanted to say Welcome to OpenStreetMap, and that you for your edits.

Let me know ifn you have any questions.

I'm also wondering on this edit if it might make more sense to use a building tag rather than the landuse. (We tend to use landuse over larger areas such as Industial Estates...
12017-09-12 10:57:50 UTCChris Fleming Hi Bruce - Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see you requested a review and I've had a quick look over them and they look good.

Thanks for Editing and let me know if you have any questions.
12017-08-31 15:13:58 UTCChris Fleming So we had left this as a Trunk Road rather than as a Motorway as it won't be running under motorway restrictions until October?
22017-08-31 21:19:45 UTCGinaroZ Agreed this should be changed back to trunk as I don't think it's officially a motorway on the ground, despite what the source website says?
32017-09-05 13:28:24 UTCChris Fleming I have set this back to Trunk.
12017-09-04 13:58:41 UTCChris Fleming HI Welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for the Edits. I see that you requested some feedback, and they look great to me.

My only question/suggestion is if the Hinterland Shelter should be an amenity=shelter rather than a park?
( Let me kno...
22017-09-13 14:23:52 UTClabyrintista Hi Chris,
Thanks for your feedback. At the time of making the edit I didn't realise I could just type in the feature field. So have changed it to amenity at your suggestion.
12017-08-30 16:58:48 UTCChris Fleming oops possibly a bit overzealous, I'm going to double check things on the ground tomorrow, but I had based these roads being closed on:
22017-08-30 22:28:03 UTCTJS I could see evidence of traffic flow on this proposed 'closed' section earlier Today, however I think it is now closed as planned
12017-08-29 00:06:46 UTCChris Fleming Sorry this is going back a while. What source did you use for the road names, in particular Harmiston Walk?
22017-08-29 07:51:19 UTCmcld Oh man, no idea I'm afraid. It will probably have been a local signpost or suchlike. I was wandering around the area.
12017-08-17 11:01:33 UTCChris Fleming Thanks for the changes. A changeset comment would be helpful to see what you've done.
12017-08-07 15:08:25 UTCChris Fleming Hi, just wanting to check what your source for this is? I'm pretty sure that this route does continue across here. There is evidence from the GPS trace information that this has been used.
22017-08-07 16:47:29 UTCafe0h3r0wh0ew I was there personally recently trying to use the road. If the path ever existed, now it has been fully blocked by bushes with pointy leaves.
32017-08-07 16:52:44 UTCChris Fleming Thanks for getting back to me. Did you see if there was an alternative route up to Den's Cleugh - I've had a look at the Strava data and it looks like it's on the other side of the wall through the woods?
42017-08-07 16:56:05 UTCafe0h3r0wh0ew No, I didn't. The other side seemed to be private property with a gate in front.
12017-07-24 16:07:20 UTCChris Fleming Curious about this changeset, what is your source? also the location of the Airport 1 stop doesn't look quite right to me, for a bus stop?
12017-06-28 11:37:48 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you moved all of these POIs? Same with the other two edits you made to Edinburgh recently.
22017-06-28 11:41:29 UTCBramble Hi, to see some road names better. I hope it didn't cause a problem?
32017-06-28 13:34:05 UTCGinaroZ But you moved them towards the road, so how does help see the road names better? Unless you mean the footway - but these shops are below Victoria Terrace so were correctly placed.
42017-06-28 13:45:17 UTCBramble OK, I've moved them back..
52017-06-28 15:25:47 UTCChris Fleming Thanks, I'm guessing that you were trying to clear the view of Victoria Terrace which runs above these shops. FYI the normal convention we have in Edinburgh is for most POI's we put the POI nodes internal to the buildings with an address node inline with the building outline, and the actual entrace/...
12017-06-12 15:05:42 UTCCebderby Only a few of these are roundabouts, and a couple of these you left set in the wrong direction for the country. I have fixed the worst of these.
22017-06-12 16:19:14 UTCChris Fleming I don't think that the one on Big Brigs Way is actually a roundabout? What's the evidence?
12017-06-11 21:18:50 UTCChris Fleming Good to see you mapping David. Hopefuly sophie won't add this back in, but if so then it might be worth keeping the node, setting it as felled tree (or similar) and making a node that the tree is felled.

22017-06-11 21:22:44 UTCDavid Fiddes Thanks for the tip Chris. Bing is both a blessing and a curse!
32017-06-12 13:12:31 UTCGinaroZ Might be worth leaving a comment on the changeset or sending a message to let her know :)
12017-06-07 10:08:31 UTCChris Fleming very temporary :)

On a general note, welcome to OpenStreetMap - let me know if you have any questions.
12017-05-30 13:11:20 UTCChris Fleming why did you remove the name of the artwork?
22017-05-30 14:58:15 UTCridixcr Hi Chris Fleming!
Thank you very much for contributing with OSM, I removed it because it was a Profanity name, if you confirm that the valid name will proceed to reverse my changeset.

Have a good day
32017-05-30 14:59:57 UTCridixcr Thank you for informing me, I see that you added it already.
42017-05-30 15:36:00 UTCChris Fleming Thanks a few seconds on google would have been sufficient to determine that this is a genuine name:

(especially as the Editor who added the name is a experienced editor with may changesets)
12017-05-29 09:54:56 UTCChris Fleming wtf. ANy chance you could keep to smaller areas for you changeset, 6000 nodes deleted in a single changeset is just too much,
22017-05-29 18:11:44 UTCninjamask Im fixing double nodes from
12017-05-18 10:03:38 UTCGinaroZ Any reason why you removed highway=tertiary in this way?
22017-05-18 10:13:12 UTCNikola K Sorry, it must have been a mistake, I did not mean to delete it. Could you please revert the changes?
32017-05-18 11:01:41 UTCChris Fleming I've fixed up the road. I appreciate the idea of George IV Bridge as an attraction. I'm just not really sure it needs an attraction tag? Wondering what the logic of adding this is?

12017-05-09 16:12:36 UTCmunkiepus there is another business here now, i'll get the details soon and add it in
22017-05-09 22:04:15 UTCChris Fleming Brilliant thanks - one thing to note is that normally when business's closed we try and keep the node and prefix it with disused - that way we can track the history of palces.
12017-05-09 16:32:28 UTCChris Fleming I think the layer of car park you deleted in this layer is just the ground floor of the car park rather than incorrect mapping. (possibly over zealous mapping) but I think correct?
22017-05-09 17:48:13 UTCpiligab Hi Chris:
I'm sorry. I didn't see the layer tag, I thought there was a overlap.
I will be more careful. I proceded to revert my changesets
Thank you.
32017-05-09 21:29:36 UTCChris Fleming Thanks!
12017-05-07 14:59:05 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. There is no supermarket here. I have therefore removed it.
22017-05-08 10:17:08 UTCChris Fleming Thanks trigpoint - think this was probably a "duplicate" of the store next to the Last Drop.
12017-04-22 07:43:54 UTCChris Fleming Hi I just want to check what your sources for these changes are. There are lots of changes happening to the road over here and I *think* that the layout as mapped was correct?
22017-04-22 21:24:44 UTCChris Fleming Just to be clear - I believe that you have now routed the road over a bridge that was demolished ignoring the old bridge. I'm rolling this change back before I forget to do so. See
32017-04-23 15:37:51 UTCGinaroZ There's actually fairly recent Mapillary imagery so I've updated this section, including fixing the unconnected cycleways and adding a bridge
42017-04-24 13:10:09 UTCyurasi Hi Chris Fleming and GinaroZ,
I had made these changes according to the Bing imagery, but since Mapillary is more recent, thank you for updating the roads according to Mapillary. I will make sure to check all the sources to confirm before editing. Thanks again. :)
12017-03-07 10:15:11 UTCChris Fleming Hi, I messaged you yesterday. Please don't remove our individually mapped trees and replace them with rows are areas?
12017-03-06 15:28:03 UTCChris Fleming Hi, I was just wondering what your source for this change is?
12017-03-06 15:18:53 UTCChris Fleming Why have you removed the trees that were individually mapped and replaced them with a forest area?
12017-03-05 23:36:54 UTCChris Fleming Great job - these has been a bit of a discussion on the mailing list about co-ordinating efforts to cover the 20mph zones, -

We are using the tasking mangager to comment/mark which areas have been updated or not. Most...
12017-02-27 14:36:12 UTCChris Fleming How do you know this is a roundabout? I think it's just a road that ends with a circle?
22017-02-27 20:17:19 UTCchris_debian Thanks, you are right. Not sure how I missed this. I'll remove the tag, when I get back to my PC.

Thank you,

32017-02-27 21:40:28 UTCChris Fleming Thanks!
12017-02-24 12:44:00 UTCChris Fleming Hi I just wanted to welcome you to OpenStreetMap - I've been trying to find a way of validating this edit - But I just wanted to check how you know there is a pond here.

As it's very unusual to see ponds in tenement gardens?

Let me know if you have any questions.
22017-02-27 09:45:24 UTCtepm Hi Chris!

Sorry for the delay in my reply and thank you for the welcome. Ponds are pretty rare but my neighbour has been building one for a while (poorly!) and I thought it might be nice to add it for some local colour! I must confess I am not 100% if I marked the right bit, the google pics didn...
32017-02-27 15:16:19 UTCChris Fleming No problem with the delay at all Dan - it's great to have you on board! and thanks for the detailed reply about the pond - it's these extra details that make OSM great!

No need for this to be on the aerial imagery a best guess from local knowledge is fine!

I have to agree it is very addictive!...
42017-02-27 15:25:04 UTCtepm :-) Thank you!

I look forward to tramping through many bits of the country to get them better mapped in the future!
12017-02-22 16:34:47 UTCChris Fleming Hi Dan, I would just like to start by welcoming you to OpenStreetMap - from your comment, it sounds like this is a private road, therefore should it be tagged as private rather than deleted?

Thanks CHris
22017-02-24 14:19:38 UTCDan Morton Hi Chris,

It's my private driveway that's shared with 2 of my neighbours, there's no reason for it to be mapped. No other driveways on the development are.


32017-02-24 14:21:50 UTCDan Morton Also neither Google or Bing map it.
42017-02-24 21:39:23 UTCChris Fleming Thanks Dan - I will try and get over there and have a look. We try and be better than Google Maps.
52017-02-25 11:20:52 UTCdrnoble I think I mapped this section originally, and at the time I didn't realise it was a private drive. As Chris says, we try and map the world as it exists on the ground, including access rights where these are known. It is quite easy to add that this is a private section.

I appreciate your concerns ...
62017-02-27 10:09:49 UTCDan Morton No worries, and on reflection there are pros to it being mapped and marked as private too....
Will try and update the map as the development is finished around us. I have some site layouts that could be scanned and over laid to help
12017-02-14 14:15:48 UTCChris Fleming Why - The name of the premises is Buckstone Terrace Post Office - so possibly move Post Office to brand? But don't delete the name entirely?
22017-02-14 14:16:59 UTCChris Fleming Apologies just noticed that you fixed up the name. All good!
12017-01-30 12:31:34 UTCChris Fleming Hi, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. It's allways great to see new users coming along and helping to improve the map.

I do have a question regarding the addition of a park behind what looks like houses here:

I think thius should be tagged as a private garde...
12017-01-27 15:36:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM.
Just wondering why you changed a hedge into a footpath, and adjusted the tags on the bridge at the jewel?
Also, you seem to have removed the steps from the bridge over the railway.
22017-01-27 15:36:47 UTCGinaroZ Sorry that should say *moved the steps
32017-01-28 08:48:43 UTCChris Fleming Hi - I was wondering the same thing!
12017-01-27 10:47:59 UTCChris Fleming HI - I just wanted to say Welcome to OpenStreetMap, it's always great to see new users joining up and contributing.

I do have a few small comments. The first is regarding use of landuse=residential - in Edinburgh we tend not to use this. Especially as we roll out more detailed building and garde...
22017-01-27 17:16:33 UTCsophiemccallum Thanks Chris and thanks Hayden for joining in the mapping.

Just to let you know I am currently working on systematically updating all of the Carrick Knowe area so within the next week or two all the houses, walls, gardens etc will be mapped and then a detailed survey will be carried out to add a...
12017-01-27 10:15:38 UTCChris Fleming Hi Welcome to OpenStreetMap - it looks to me like you were trying to add the field next to the school. You added the square but then never gave it any tags. What should it be?

Please let me know if you have any questions?
12017-01-20 11:59:14 UTCChris Fleming I think this would be better as a neighbourhood rather than an area?
22017-01-20 12:00:00 UTCChris Fleming Sorry I've just seen that you did that. Cheers!
32017-01-20 12:01:41 UTCmunkiepus yeah sorry, noticed as soon as i'd saved it, all good now :)
12017-01-13 21:55:21 UTCGinaroZ Looks like the path is sorted, but just to let you I've removed the access tags you added to Roseburn Maltings
22017-01-16 11:04:39 UTCChris Fleming Look great - I was going query the access tags.
32017-01-18 18:59:30 UTCmunkiepus cool thanks, sorry didnt realise i'd updated the maltings too
12016-12-28 17:49:58 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM

It is always a concern . when the first edit a new mapper makes is a deletion. Have all these trees really been cut down?
22016-12-29 00:02:57 UTCSmugleaf Sorry for the concern! I live in the neighborhood and noticed the woodland area was way bigger than is should be so I removed it, in reality, it is but just a mere few bushes as apposed to a woodland area. I have made another edit correcting the first edit, leaving in the small bushed area on the ma...
32016-12-29 08:51:07 UTCChris Fleming Brilliant - thanks for getting back to us. This does look like it agrees with the aerial imagery a woody area separated by open ground and a tree lines path.

Welcome to OSM, we have quite an active community in Edinburgh so let me know if you have any questions.
42016-12-29 10:57:25 UTCchillly Thanks for responding. I hope you add more local detail - your local knowledge is very precious. Enjoy 2017.
12016-09-23 13:05:14 UTCChris Fleming HI - first of all, can I just say welcome to OpenStreetMap - it's really great to have you and thanks for the edit.

I do have a few question, the first is that I just want to check what is the source of the Edits?

Secondsly, I noticed that you removed the building on the North side of the site...
22017-02-02 07:28:48 UTCeric_ I finally had the chance to enter there last week and to take some pictures of all the buildings. It's now finally updated.
12016-09-08 11:18:19 UTCChris Fleming Hi, thanks for adding this shelter to OpenStreetMap - I'm just trying to get a bit more context about what it is, for example is it a bus shelter or something else?
12016-07-27 21:37:21 UTCChris Fleming So the Jamie's Italian website for Edinburgh says that it's on George Street. BUT the entrace/menuboard is on Rose Street. It may be possible to enter from the George Street side though.

So in conclusion - I think that the address should remain on Rose Street,
22016-07-28 11:03:01 UTCOlaf Schüsler I do agree with you that Rose street is a logical place for this restaurant, however, since the restaurant can obviously be entered from both sides and the website states that the address is George street, shouldn't that be the address to use?
12016-06-17 18:30:47 UTCGinaroZ According to the wiki, amenity=shop is deprecated
22016-06-23 20:23:06 UTCeric_ Agree with GinaroZ so I removed amenity=shop.
The tagging shop=recycling doesn't exist but makes sense here.
32016-06-28 23:01:36 UTCChris Fleming Thanks!
12016-06-22 16:16:03 UTCChris Fleming Do you know exactly where the Edinburgh one is. The address given currently has a branch of Sally hairdressers, which there website indicates is still open. Is it inside that properly or somewhere else nearby?
22016-06-22 16:26:28 UTCwille I don't know exactly, but their address is 26 Howe Street. I think it is in a superior floor

This photo shows that it is at the side of future property auctions
32016-06-22 16:33:07 UTCChris Fleming Thanks - I might put a note on the map for someone to confirm the exact location. There is a door currently labelled as 28 that I think goes to the upstairs properties.

Also I'm not sure if amenity=school is the correct tagging, as school normally indicates formal 5 to 18 education.
42016-06-22 19:13:45 UTCwille we don't have a tag alternative to amenity=school to things like language courses, arts or another type of non formal education... :(
52016-06-22 21:54:48 UTCSomeoneElse @wille it's been discussed on the mailing lists at least once:

There may be others - try doing a site search of site: for different sorts of school.
62016-06-23 20:57:30 UTCeric_ Why not creating a new tag here for this kind of school (even if there is a limited number of them at the moment), e.g. amenity=derose_school or derose_method_school, the same way that amenity=language_school has been created (see the urls above written by SomeoneElse).

What do you think to use t...
72016-06-24 14:47:27 UTCwille Hi Eric,

Thank you for your comment. It seems amenity=language_school and music_school are not yet approved, nor supported by the editors, so I prefer to wait for some approval of those kind of tags before propose a new one.

In relation to the names, in the case of DeRose Method schools, we ca...
82016-06-28 22:59:17 UTCChris Fleming It's worth noting that approved tags do not hold absolute authority. We should tag things with the most appropriate tag, and then push for that tag to be accepted, as one of the considerations when "accepting" tags is the current usage
of the tag...
92016-07-04 12:34:52 UTCeric_ Hi wille, thanks for your answer. I agree with what Chris wrote for several reasons: 1. all the approved tags aren't rendered by the default map renderer, 2. the OSM specifications are a kind of foundation to build the OSM database, the default map renderer isn't, 3. the current OSM specifications d...
102016-07-04 17:15:28 UTCwille Thanks, Eric and Chris

I'll propose a tag for informal education on the tagging list and ask them to speed up the approval.
12016-06-23 20:37:03 UTCeric_ The number at the gate is 27 and the one associated with the cemetery is 17. 17 seems to be the right one. Just let me know what to do Chris and I'll update it as I have to improve the place in order to merge the two cemeteries (one is a multipolygon named Old Calton Burial Ground and the other one ...
22016-06-28 22:54:57 UTCChris Fleming I'm happy with that change. I only noticed the wall was tagged when I was closing some notes....
12016-06-19 22:44:18 UTCChris Fleming indicates that the Nordic Visitor Centre is at 16 Young Street and not 22?
22016-06-23 20:01:02 UTCeric_ They probably moved there as the other company at the 22 apparently moved (their website is no longer online). I changed the name into Nordic Visitor, kept the previous one as alt_name and as it isn't a shop, use office=travel_agent instead. As we have to survey Shandwick place soon, we'll check thi...
12016-06-10 10:08:05 UTCChris Fleming There is the option of tagging, natural=ridge (not currently rendered) - also natural=bare_rock (but possibly not the whole of this area). Overall I can't see a big problem with using locality here.
12016-05-05 10:06:09 UTCChris Fleming I'm struggling to see the point of this "fix". Also it's bad form to delete and recreate a way (loosing the history) just to add a small "kink" into the road that I don't believe exists on the ground?
22016-05-05 12:43:03 UTCsamely Hey there! I can see in the satellite imagery that this road exist, this road was self intersected forming 0º. You can clearly see this solved error if you revert the changeset.
12016-04-25 11:18:53 UTCChris Fleming I'm not sure that this makes sense. Removing the neighbourhood node and adding the Holy Corner - name to the node as part of the junction?

Also there wasn't anything wrong with the Church Hill node?
12016-04-18 10:48:08 UTCChris Fleming Hi I was wondering what your sources are for these changes, for example the Junction between Trinity Crescent and Lower Granton Road was redesigned and and remapped. But your changes have undone this.
22016-04-19 15:24:47 UTCmeadowgreen Hi, I actually was the person who remapped that junction so I'm not sure why it has reverted! I will just fix it now
32016-04-19 15:41:39 UTCChris Fleming Don't change it. I reverted the changes made as this junction has changed and is no longer as shown in the arial imagery.
42016-04-19 15:42:19 UTCChris Fleming See this note: for discussion.
52016-04-19 15:43:58 UTCmeadowgreen ah sorry!
62016-04-19 21:15:15 UTCChris Fleming No problem :) All sorted now.
12016-04-19 20:35:02 UTCChris Fleming Just to follow up on my previous message, this junction no longer looks like this. Please do not made significant changes JUST based on Aerial Imagery.
12016-04-17 11:14:49 UTCChris Fleming Hi again, I can't see the purpose of the area added?
12016-04-17 10:55:32 UTCChris Fleming Looks like accidental drags. Edinburgh has been fixed in #38632288 but Glagow changes still need reverting.
22016-04-17 11:13:22 UTCChris Fleming Undid the remaining changes in 38640356. It looks like you aciddentlally moved some nodes easy to do!

Also I couldn't see the purpose of the area. So have removed ut.

Let me know if you have any questions on using OpenStreetMap!
12016-01-25 11:48:50 UTCChris Fleming One of the changes in this changeset is taking Dean Village from a suburb to a village. The normal convertion for Villages that have been absorbed into the city is to have them as suburbs - see Village/Suburb definitions:
12016-01-22 10:40:51 UTCChris Fleming Our normal convention in Edinburgh is to have addresses on nodes (see the rest of the street). Therefore I'm going to revert this changeset and fix the node typo manually.
12015-12-29 21:04:00 UTCChris Fleming Thanks - looks great!
12015-12-28 22:16:52 UTCChris Fleming I notice this changeset removes the overall landuse around the airport which adds in the grass, and includes the fence. But the work replacing the landuse area's isn't complete. Same thing for the fence.
22015-12-29 04:36:18 UTCma-rt-in Yes there is so right. Unfortunately I did not have enough time see everything ready. I will do so in the near future.
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12015-12-10 00:40:30 UTCChris Fleming Hi other comment/question, it looks like you deleted and then recreated exactly what you had deleted? Normally we recommend just modifying the existing ways rather than deleting and recreating them. Also I notice that you have removed the landuse area. What is your reason for doing this?
12015-12-09 18:39:08 UTCChris Fleming Traffic restrictions, had already been put in place by setting access=no over the bridge. (although the rendering of this isn't great). Wondering if this is better than by using junctions?
12015-11-30 17:16:43 UTCChris Fleming We need to have a think about the changes made here, I think we had a discussion on Talk-GB a while ago about Capital=yes versus Capital=4 and decided to go with a consitant approach between Scotland/Wales where Capital=4 I also need to remind myself how the is_in tag should be used.
22015-11-30 21:32:54 UTCSomeoneElse Currently Edinburgh is set as "capital=2" which I don't believe that even Nicola Sturgeon would claim currently :)

The changes can be seen here:

Looks like it was 4 since early this year (which I think matches a discussion somewher...
32015-11-30 22:01:40 UTCChris Fleming I have changed this back to 4. Original discussion was at:
12015-11-03 12:14:38 UTCChris Fleming Thanks Colin!
22015-11-04 09:20:58 UTCR0bst3r Hi shortcolin, was it your intention to add "amenity:"=cafe to The key is unusual and may not be a cafe. Found it using taginfo ...
12015-10-08 10:23:57 UTCChris Fleming A general welcome to OpenStreetMap! This is a really great first Edit.I Just looking at the layout of the roads I don't suppose that this footpath also continues and connects onto Lothian Drive and/or Mayburn Road? Let me know if you have any question about OpenStreetMap.

12015-06-17 14:00:02 UTCChris Fleming Just wondering what the reason for "upgrading" these to town is. Neiher is very big and my reasearch indicates that Village is probably more appropriate?
22015-06-17 14:38:34 UTCctait The latest census data shows population of 5439 for East Calder and 2758 for West Calder and they are also both called towns on Wikipedia and in quite a few other places on the net. Additionally, my cousin who lives in Livingston refers to them as towns. I have also seen them referred to as village...
12015-05-25 10:22:16 UTCChris Fleming Hi, were these flats demolished?
12015-05-12 10:53:53 UTCChris Fleming Hi John, I would like to welcome you to OpenStreetMap and say that I've been very impressed by the quality of the changes you've been making.

My only comment is that it would be really useful if you could fill in some changeset comments to give some context to what you're doing. My General sugge...
12015-05-12 10:11:04 UTCChris Fleming Hi, First of all I would like to say welcome to Openstreetmap. It's allways great to have new mappers.

I just have a few small comments on some of the Edit's you have made, just as a quick look one of the things you have done is to delete exisiting paths/roads and create new paths/roads with dif...
22015-05-13 13:40:36 UTCxnoddyx Thank You Chris.

as to"delete exisiting paths/roads and create new paths/roads with different tags."
e.g at Craigswood Sports Centre on my first edit there there was no paths or roads showing so I added them then come back and found that some had then had OS data added over them and t...
12015-05-10 20:45:23 UTCChris Fleming Thanks for the note and edit, it's great to see new Editors. please let me know if you have any questions.

One thing that I'm wondering, is that if this recycling point is permanently closed, then it's probably okay to delete the recycling point.
12015-04-15 12:43:56 UTCChris Fleming Hi it would be useful to see a description of the changes made. I guessing this was the old location of Transgression Park?

Also if the building still exists we would normally keep it and just remove the tags?
12015-04-03 20:44:56 UTCChris Fleming Hi, first can I say welcome to OpenStreetMap, it's always great to see new Editors.

I was just wondering about this edit, I can see that you have added a brand new way, with a landuse of residential.

Now I've not been past this way for a while, but my understanding is that this is still field...
22015-04-03 21:59:00 UTCcasparmenkman Yes, I was trying to make a map that showed the future developments. But I thought I was making edits that only I could see as I am preparing a report on the area with the proposed developments. Tells you what I know, please feel free to edit as I did not know I was messing around with a other peopl...
32015-04-03 23:21:29 UTCChris Fleming No problem - it's good info to have in openstreetmap! My suggestion would be to tag appropriately, then use various tools to display this info. There are a few options, if you're interested.
12015-03-30 20:41:23 UTCChris Fleming Trying to work out the reason why the access=private tag was added to the Merchiston and Greenhill, Protected Area? -
22015-03-30 23:34:28 UTCalistaircom Sorry for the confusion, added the tag by accident!
32015-03-31 10:40:25 UTCChris Fleming Great, thanks for sorting.
12015-03-26 12:52:54 UTCChris Fleming It's great to have these all added to the map. I'm wondering if they should be a node on the actual way that they're monitoring?
22015-03-27 08:22:21 UTChanoj Hi, good question, is a two part of machine.
I map location of digital table (totem), there I see on photos. But I map not hidden inductive loops under asphalt.
12015-03-23 09:53:15 UTCChris Fleming Hi, I just want to check what the source is for this change?

It does look to me like there is something here. Possibly a service road and/or a foot way connecting to Tantallon Gardens?

But looking at the Old Ordinance Survey maps it doesn't look like a continuation of Dressilrigg Lane.
22015-03-23 11:49:32 UTCsrividya_c I didn't change anything to the Dressilrigg Lane. I just added a path near which I saw in the imagery. If that doesn't exit then you can delete it.
32015-03-23 22:50:27 UTCChris Fleming Thanks for letting me know. Agree that there is a path here. I'll drop the name and survey tag and change it to footway. I'll also add a note for someone local to see where the path goes.
42015-03-24 04:49:40 UTCsrividya_c Thank you. Adding note wold do :)
52015-03-24 04:49:51 UTCsrividya_c *would
12015-03-12 10:09:25 UTCChris Fleming Have you reached a conclusion on a good way to do this?

Other options might just be to have a single building relation convering all the individual parts of the building with a name, rather than a node?
12015-02-05 07:31:14 UTCzool I chatted with Karine and got her business card recently, didn't know the shop was so new. Cheers for the edit
22015-02-05 10:54:14 UTCChris Fleming lol - actual thing that made me go and check was this tweet:
12015-01-28 10:59:09 UTCChris Fleming There is one additional step that needs to be done, and that's removing the tags from the outer, so that just the relation is tagged....
12015-01-26 13:13:51 UTCChris Fleming Hi, it looks like this changeset deleted the woodlands from Corstorphine Hill?
22015-01-26 14:18:49 UTCChris Fleming I have restored the woods.
12015-01-14 00:23:57 UTCChris Fleming You beat me to it!
12015-01-06 15:50:35 UTCChris Fleming Great spot. I'm wondering if there is a further edit that can/should be made to change the surrounding Brownfield landuse tag to something more appropriate such as commercial.
12015-01-06 15:42:42 UTCChris Fleming I think you're going to have to try MUCH harder to get into WorstofOSM :)
12014-12-30 15:17:49 UTCzool In this changeset, you appear to have deleted a short section of the A92 trunk road. Was this an accident, or have you verified that the road has really disappeared with a physical survey? If so, then how are the cars still able to get on and off the B912?

In the likely event that this edit to OS...
22014-12-31 00:21:02 UTCChris Fleming Agree that this looks slightly odd, I drove past here a couple of nights ago and didn't notice that the A92 was closed from here. I've also checked the Traffic Scotland website and that hasn't given any indication that the road is closed. So it would be great to confirm the source of this change as ...
32015-01-05 18:05:53 UTCSomeoneElse Given the absence of a reply here yet, I've undeleted the missing bits of the A92 and joined the roads (and bus routes) up. See and .
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