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12017-12-09 19:48:41 UTCndm Or just add "access=private"?
12017-12-06 23:08:11 UTCndm Great that you added the extra Aztec West park -- where did you get the name from? Pretty sure there's no signage.
12017-12-06 09:31:18 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, are pedestrians and cycles allowed on any parts of this road? If so, can you change access=no to vehicle=no or motor_vehicle=no as appropriate?

22017-12-06 22:50:58 UTCndm If there were pedestrian access it would have a sidewalk tag.
12017-12-05 20:03:06 UTCndm I'm pretty sure this change is wrong -- I mapped it pretty carefully from a photo-survey.
12017-12-02 10:49:17 UTCndm Great, but this is already mapped.
12017-11-29 21:35:57 UTCndm I've moved the restaurant back to Kongs -- to keep the postcode, address and FHRS reference accurate. But I've removed the "Burger Theory" name to avoid confusion -- it is already mapped on Saint Stephens Street.
12017-11-17 13:57:35 UTCDaveF Hi
if it's under construction use the landuse=construction tag
22017-11-17 23:00:04 UTCndm I've corrected the bad drag of a point on Taylor Gardens.
12017-11-17 22:56:36 UTCndm Did you survey this?

Only Bing shows building as you've drawn them.

I surveyed and drew some of the ones you deleted only about 6 months ago.
22017-11-18 09:42:30 UTCCai1 Yes, the previous buildings were garages that were demolished last year.
12017-10-26 19:13:02 UTCndm I understand why you added the restrictions - but they should only be there if they are signed -- are you sure there's a sign there?
22017-10-26 19:37:33 UTClossy I am not sure if there is a sign but there is a traffic island making it impossible.

How is best to map this? It is not very optimal at the moment. If approaching from the south on Gloucester road then it is not advisable to do a u-turn in the middle of the road to get to Overton road.
32017-10-27 17:53:31 UTCndm It doesn't have "junction=roundabout" -- if a router wants to recommend a violent turn, then it probably needs fixing, But common sense should also prevail when using a results from routing s/ware.

I'll have a look at the signage in the future..
42017-10-28 12:14:59 UTCCebderby There won't be any no-U-turn signage in a situation like this because there's really nothing to U-turn around - it's more a less a normal 2 lane road with a narrow divide to prevent all right turns and aid pedestrian crossing. The ends of the one ways can have ahead-only restrictions as that is the ...
12017-10-26 21:47:10 UTCndm This is unnecessary "tagging for the router" - Strava need to fix their app. Other routers have no problems:
22017-10-27 10:02:51 UTCSK53 If the information is accurate then it is not 'tagging for the router', merely making access permissions explicit. Routers which implicitly route on service roads may cause other problems.
12017-10-24 12:53:14 UTCDaveF Hi Morzo Welcome to OSM.
Are you trying to map a building? Try
22017-10-24 20:56:18 UTCndm I've had a quick go at adding the building, etc. It might not be great, but hopefully close enough so you can fix it.
32017-10-24 21:23:57 UTCDaveF Nice Update.

As it's a place where people stay/sleep on multiple nights I'll add landuse=residential.

I've not been through that development. Is all the rest commercial?
12017-10-12 23:04:57 UTCDaveF This is a relocated pharmacy. The FHRS was for it's previous location.
I'm in discussion with BANES about the inaccuracy of their database.
22017-10-13 11:21:52 UTCndm Sorry about that -- looked like a good match!
12017-10-09 12:15:33 UTCndm You seem to be trying to change the map tagging to fix cycle routing - unless there's an obvious error or ommision this is considered bad practice. If routing software isn't working correctly please file a bug with its developers, rather than "tagging for the router".
22017-10-09 16:34:23 UTCDaveF A bit blurred, but the bicycle symbol can just about be made out.

Are there any bollards?
32017-10-10 15:30:33 UTCBobC76 Yes there are bollards - its not correctly designated as its not a "service road".

42017-10-10 15:59:06 UTCBobC76 See,-2.5524246,3a,40y,93.04h,88.6t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqckQXvkboX4-xjOMY_EFAA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 and,-2.5513873,3a,75y,344.59h,98.96t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQeeUdXCJoOfKs9LIfT9fFg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 for the other side....
52017-10-10 16:21:03 UTCDaveF From GSV there's a traffic sign on that way. Do you know what is says?
Is there access into the rear of the pub for deliveries etc?
I'm a bit surprised routers avoid it. Which one are you using?
Try putting bicycle=designated on it.
62017-10-10 19:03:16 UTCndm You can't use Google Streetview as a source for OSM

Other maps have their own copyright and shouldn't be copied.

If it's useable for a brewery delivery, then it should probably remain as a service. If ...
72017-10-10 19:32:02 UTCDaveF I don't think anyone's using GSV to map.
82017-10-10 20:28:52 UTCndm Uploaded photo from original 2016 mapping to flickr:
92017-10-11 08:38:42 UTCBobC76 Firstly, thanks for all the help, I am new to OSM and suggesting improvements. I walk/cycle the path daily and so not using GSM for anything other than a reference image for those not familiar with the area itself to see what we're debating. I've additionally raised an issue with the routing softwar...
102017-10-11 10:58:51 UTCDaveF Given it's location I'm surprised the sign is orientated in that direction. Could it have been swivelled around?

From the information given If I were mapping it I'd tag is as:
surface=asphalt (cycle routers use surface to dete...
12017-10-08 23:15:49 UTCndm Not a building either.
12017-10-01 20:23:36 UTCDaveF Hi
Welcome to OSM
Do you know how vehicles get to the camp site?
22017-10-01 21:54:45 UTCndm Be careful are you sure that there's a licence to use data from KnowYourPlace in OSM.

Even diigitizing and ortho-correcting old maps is likely to generate a new copyrighted product.
32017-10-01 22:34:03 UTCAndyReid56 Hi,
The road access comes under the railway and there is a gate at the north end of the campsite, roughly a hundred meters north of the bend. The land North of the campsite is under separate ownership, and currently used as a landfill site. There is a planning dispute between the owner of the cam...
42017-10-01 23:20:41 UTCndm No worries, you've probably saved people taking a spurious shortcut now.
52017-10-04 12:53:34 UTCDaveF Hi
For the extent it's accessible by vehicles (up to the farm?) the path would better tagged be tagged as highway=service.
If it's a designated PROW (with signs?) then this tag is appropriate for it's full length.
I've added the farm, the only ...
12017-10-01 21:55:04 UTCndm Does the edit really match the comment?
22017-10-01 22:02:13 UTCAndyReid56 Not sure what happened here. I made that comment for an earlier edit, and it has turned up on every edit I made.
32017-10-01 22:28:23 UTCndm No worries; I marked them all so I could see it might not match in the future.

At least it wasn't empty or one character long -- which can be really hard to select if I'm using firefox on a phone.
12017-10-01 21:55:12 UTCndm Does the edit really match the comment?
12017-10-01 21:55:08 UTCndm Does the edit really match the comment?
12017-10-01 21:55:01 UTCndm Does the edit really match the comment?
12017-10-01 21:54:57 UTCndm Does the edit really match the comment?
12017-09-29 09:22:15 UTCDaveF Hi Neil
I think you've used old imagery for the Lamplighters garden:
22017-09-29 19:30:22 UTCndm Well obviously I can't use that link :-) -- is based on more sober reflection and the Digital World Standard Imagery -- which is the only imagery with the overlooking flats in Cottonwick Close.

May have to do another survey when it's lighter -- s...
12017-09-26 10:30:41 UTCDaveF Hi Neil
Do you think these city based places for amendment?
I'm struggling to see Aztec West as a village.
22017-09-27 17:54:13 UTCndm Well, have relabelled the commercial area instead -- but it has a church, doctors, cafes, etc., etc. so village prob' wasn't too far off.
32017-09-27 18:27:23 UTCDaveF Sorry, I for got add the Overpass link:
+Cadbury Heath. Personally I think they should be suburbs, what do you think?
12017-09-23 08:54:28 UTCndm The name is already on the whole of the school grounds -- so I'll remove it from this single specific building.

There's guidelines on mapping schools at
22017-09-25 00:36:52 UTCyurasi Oh, ok ndm. Thanks :)
12017-09-21 20:13:10 UTCndm Is this really being built at the moment?
22017-09-21 20:21:15 UTCrobw Without going to have a look I can't confirm. But this is what seems to have been decided and it is supposed to start about now, so may still only be planned (as per my comment). Clearly it's not yet open so nothing is going to be using it for routing.
32017-09-21 21:13:36 UTCndm Assume you checked any plans would have had a suitable copyright for copying into OSM? Not sure about including potential planned items -- or I'd already have added Bristol Arena :-)
42017-09-22 06:13:40 UTCrobw Dont think is a real problem as for example the A14 huntigdon-cambridge upgrade was shown on OSM far before any work commenced on the ground.
52017-09-22 08:25:30 UTCHarald Hartmann Also check the spelling of `consctruction` at
12017-09-21 11:54:06 UTCndm No change set comment!

I'll revert this asap - there was a definite separation of the bus lane with an island - unless you've done a recent on site survey.
12017-09-11 23:12:23 UTCndm There's nothing wrong with stops not having infrastructure -- see

Surely, having them on OSM makes it easier to locate them.
22017-09-12 15:35:31 UTChollium Hi, these particular stops were imported from Bristol City Council's naptan database and exist as virtual stops for data purposes (Traveline, timetabling) only. In reality, passengers can catch the specific service which uses this area by hailing at any point on the route, so having the specific poi...
32017-09-12 18:00:31 UTCndm OK, no worries.

Guess it's more like
12017-09-11 23:11:21 UTCndm There's nothing wrong with stops not having infrastructure -- see

Surely, having them on OSM makes it easier to locate them.
12017-09-08 19:06:05 UTCndm Just to check -- the link you reference cites "All Rights Reserved" and Crown Copyright -- do you have permission for OpenStreetmap to use information from that map?
22017-09-11 15:13:15 UTCcerisjones You can visually use the information in order to work out the extent of North Somerset as our Unitary Authority boundary (in brown) denotes the extent of the A4174 which is known as Colliters Way. The road has a different name in Bristol City's area. Hope this helps. Thanks, Ceris
12017-08-28 20:56:02 UTCndm The name on the board for the map is "Museum" why have you changed it? Is this some arm-chair mapping exercise?
12017-08-22 19:20:42 UTCndm Guessing there's a typo on "Pucklechurch Locacl" ?
22017-08-23 10:12:11 UTCpole_climber Fixed. Also added address, opening times and rather than a generic store name added Premier Brand.
32017-08-26 09:16:05 UTCndm Brilliant!
12017-08-15 23:08:28 UTCndm Pretty sure it's not a secondary road into the school -- they'd soon run out of pupils
12017-08-13 09:50:19 UTCndm What's the change?
12017-08-12 23:20:27 UTCsouthglos Hi
There's a pillar box already mapped about 50m further up Windmill Lane. Is this new one a duplicate, or is the original mispositioned?
22017-08-13 09:49:03 UTCndm I had a look on Bing -- the new one seems to be in a garden -- and the old one seems to block driveways :-)

Note: the old one has more tags than just post_box.
12017-08-13 09:45:51 UTCndm Good to see someone else mapping here -- wondered what "update" was?

I added a "proposed:museum" tag somewhere over the hangar as it isn't opened yet -- probably doesn't show up in the renderer but might help to find it.

I wonder if it might be good to add a general museum ...
22017-08-13 14:14:07 UTCSteve Mapping I put heritage museum as they say industrial heritage museum on there web site. I did not mark the general site area as I am not sure of the area yet from out side the fence. should be opening soon. road to car park being put in at this time
12017-08-04 22:27:28 UTCndm Cheers for correcting that -- not my intention to be humorous at all. Ta.
12017-07-29 23:17:37 UTCndm Thanks for the updates -- a changeset comment would have improved them -- and made them easier to understand.
12017-07-28 18:37:24 UTCndm I think "name" is supposed to be an official name, ideally signposted -- this looks a bit more like a "description". Similarly, with some of the buildings too.
12017-07-26 21:27:04 UTCndm Undeleted it.

The random line is an address interpolation line -- it is a quick way to indicate a range of addresses.
12017-07-21 22:49:34 UTCndm Adding oneway to Avon Crescent seems odd -- sure it wasn't a week or so ago? And it has an exit in the opposite direction to the oneway.
22017-07-22 06:45:13 UTCAlanStans It's definitely no entry from Cumberland road since they completed the road works by the create centre a couple of weeks ago. Will check later today if the whole thing is one way.
32017-07-22 09:44:14 UTCndm Cheers -- I had a quick look at some photos from there last week (because of the new "cyclelane") and I can see a van pointing in the "wrong" direction -- but infuriatingly no good set of shots from the rest of it.
42017-07-22 16:19:56 UTCDaveF Hi
Now oneway:

is this link now dug up?:

Is the cycle contraflow painted lines or a segregated lane?

Is this new cycle path open?
52017-07-22 17:28:14 UTCndm Photos from last week - note direction of parked van -
62017-07-22 18:04:29 UTCAlanStans Drove along today. Only change is painting at the south end and a no entry except cycles Just painted bike lane north bound at the junction for short distance, rest of road seems to be still two way.
Link at North end unchanged.

I have edited road to show only one way just at the southern end...
72017-07-22 18:06:32 UTCAlanStans Just noted cycle path for that bit exists, so should be good.
82017-07-22 18:07:52 UTCAlanStans Meaning the cycle path at south end of AVon cresent to allow cycles in.
92017-07-22 18:25:27 UTCndm Cheers for that -- obviously an area to keep an eye on -- the Ashton Avenue Bridge is was open today too -- strangely no separate cycleway -- just a wideish pavement.
102017-07-22 20:07:09 UTCAlanStans The bus route from Ashton Bridge to Cumberland road has also been built (hence my move of the railway platform - yet to be rebuilt) but I cant work out how to draw a bus only route!
112017-07-22 20:42:36 UTCDaveF I've just added the route over Ashton Bridge. I've tweeted MetroBus to confirm that section's a guided busway:

I took the tags from Cambridge except I've kept is a construction for now:

122017-07-28 16:13:58 UTCDaveF Metrobus confirm this section is to be guided, but unclear of the extent.
12017-07-21 06:24:05 UTCBCNorwich Hello There, just wanted to point out that buildings with courtyards do not have to have self intersecting outlines. Regards
22017-07-22 10:25:17 UTCndm See discussion on

Looks to be semi-automated import of OSOpenMapLocal items.
12017-07-13 20:48:06 UTCDaveF Hi again
The two landuse=industrial areas you've added appear to overlap existing areas & stretch into land own by other companies or is public land. If you have additional data could you add it to existing objects.
22017-07-13 23:16:57 UTCndm School would ideally use multipolygon.

Nursing Home might not be a good match for a hospital -- there's a couple of different options documented in the wiki.
32017-07-15 13:20:05 UTCRowland Per the source, the pound for the port after per there OS openmap local data. Will take a look at the multi polygons.
42017-07-15 21:31:47 UTCDaveF I'm unclear what you mean. I've looked at the OS Open Map - Local data for the area & see no boundary. Is there an on-line version of what you're using as data?

Could you explain what 'Tayberry' is? Is it an editor or an importer?
52017-07-19 09:34:14 UTCSomeoneElse I suspect that is mistagged. It's tagged as a hospital, but the name suggests it's a nursing home. Have a look in for things like "nursing home" "care home" and "healthcare" and "social...
62017-07-19 13:03:27 UTCDaveF Social facility is probably what's required:
72017-07-19 20:51:16 UTCndm I've redrawn from Bing and tagged as amenity=nursing_home as per JOSM defaults for "Nursing Home".
82017-07-19 20:55:11 UTCndm I redrew Penny Brohn as well -- not sure about Bristol Port -- should at least be a relation? Probably needs extensive redrawing/reverting?
92017-07-20 09:39:38 UTCDaveF In JOSM There's also the newer amenity=social_facility as an umbrella value for all variants as list in the link I provided above, which seems sensible development to me

The two main problems I have with the port is
1) it's tagged as industrial which duplicates existing area
2) it does tie in ...
102017-07-20 12:11:27 UTCDaveF Correction: "it *doesn't* tie in "
112017-07-20 19:20:36 UTCndm I walked the bridleway ~2 months ago -- it's outside of the fenced industrial area. I note the original industrial area is still "underneath" the larger -- as is the foreshore, part of the coastline/inlets and a wildlife corridor I added a while ago.
12017-07-14 17:37:59 UTCndm I think most of the royal_cyphers I've seen are uppercase -- but glad someone else is adding postbox refs -- and get Bristol a better percentage on
22017-07-14 18:55:18 UTCgregmnewman Will fix the couple i've added, I just selected from the dropdown, didnt think they looked right?
12017-06-29 20:51:49 UTCDaveF Hi
By "too prominent" are you referring to how it renders on the standard map? If so, could you reinstate it please.

If it exists it can be mapped. If you feel the rendering isn't to your liking you can discuss it in the relevant forum:
22017-06-29 22:12:49 UTCSK53 Removing data is "mapping for the renderer": please don't do it. Someone took the time to transcribe the information from the plaque and enter it in OSM. This type of information is widely used elsewhere: for instance on the website. By removing it to make this area look th...
32017-06-29 22:34:18 UTCddd bbb Firstly, sorry! I want the area to represent how people navigate - is there a way of keeping it there without it being rendered/removing house numbers nearby? Can it be put back?
42017-07-02 21:30:35 UTCndm I've reverted this changeset -- and tweaked it a bit in a separate one.
12017-05-31 18:04:08 UTCndm Should Bellveue be Bellevue?
22017-06-26 11:03:16 UTChollium No. The Council renamed the bus stops to reflect the correct spelling of the road name. -HJ
32017-06-26 20:15:16 UTCndm Sounds good, but one looked like a typo, the other one matches the road.
12017-06-09 22:12:04 UTCndm Hi, I think something isn't right with "The Pump Rooms and Stall Street -- they seem to have an odd shape now?
22017-06-10 14:32:10 UTCDaveF Hi Syvanne
Welcome to OSM could you clarify what it is your trying to add?
Most visible extents of the mediaeval wall are mapped.
OSM is a database of current entities. If you wish to record historical data I recommend having a read of this:
32017-06-12 10:44:38 UTCSyvanne Aloni Hi DaveF,

Thank you for pointing this out to me. I have tried using OHM but the website seems down at the moment. Do you know anything about this?
42017-06-12 11:12:51 UTCDaveF Unsure of OHM's status, but OSM is not the place for razed entities. Please feel free to add any examples that still exist, adding appropriate tags.
Could you also have a look at the problems NDM flagged up. Thanks.
52017-06-13 10:03:51 UTCSyvanne Aloni Hi DaveF, I have clarified and I am able to use OSM for mapping my data as OHM is not yet compatible with other software which I need to use. I am working with the Pleiades Gazetteer, the Institute of Classical Studies and the Roman Society to create a map of Aquae Sulis using Archeological journals...
62017-06-13 13:17:44 UTCDaveF Hi
Who did you discuss the addition of historical data to OSM with? Lack of features in other software is not a valid reason to add it to OSM.

I've had a brief read of Pleiades. I see no mention of...
72017-06-13 19:40:40 UTCndm I think it probably needs to be raised on the talk-gb mailing list and maybe with the data working group -- they were great at removing edits in Bristol that added the historic HTV studio and icerink. It would be better to get some clarity -- rather than risk wasteing time on edits that could well b...
82017-06-13 22:38:35 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - just for info - I've undone a node drag / node join that connected the end of the Cotswold Way to the corner of the Pump Rooms in (based on the geometry change highlighted by ).
Best Regards...
12017-06-09 22:14:29 UTCndm Not sure what adding a node with "hello" on it is for?
12017-06-01 19:31:19 UTCndm No courthouse here! edits are public.

I will delete this.
12017-05-19 12:39:18 UTCDaveF Is it steps only to the North bank? Seems strange as it was meant to be a shared path.
22017-05-19 22:39:02 UTCndm Hopefully, I have some photos so I can disambiguate it -- I got keen yesterday to see how the GPS track looked compared to my original "by eye" sketch. More importantly I should have info on the south side to connect it to Finzel's reach and get better map routing -- and map a rather nice ...
12017-05-05 20:00:09 UTCndm FYI housenumber looks like a copy-paste (can't tell from the sofa whether it's a housename or a street).
12017-05-01 20:38:38 UTCndm My bad, the photo I've got has 4 stands -- must have been a narrow angle.

The Pintxo restaurant must be new its website only lists Cornwall -- "Bistro La Barrique" was definintely there on 4 April.
22017-05-01 21:46:18 UTCDaveF Yes, it's just opened:
12017-04-30 23:03:28 UTCndm No need for FIXME: on photos here's no separating barrier between the cycleway(s) and the road on the High Street -- except at the ends.

Working through a backlog of surveys -- will get to this in due course -- but thought it useful to flag up the one way promptly.
12017-04-27 10:56:25 UTCmanoharuss Hi osm update,

This seems like automated edit to me with a custom script. Has this been discussed and documented? What is the source of this data?
I have observed some issues with the edits.
1. is a node of a way on a remote area. I don't s...
22017-04-27 12:03:12 UTCalthio Hi,

I agree with manoharuss on this changeset, dear user "osm update".
It seems like you rely too heavily on nodes ids.

I would also suggest you use better changeset comments.
Moreover you could try to reduce the successive numbers of versions for only adding tags to one object.
32017-04-27 13:31:29 UTCosm update Hi, the source is, but I've made a mistake in my script. I'm reverting changes.
42017-04-27 15:15:03 UTCSomeoneElse Apparantly an otherwise untagged node on a footpath near me now sells LPG. Do I need to bring my own can?
(who as well as mapping footpaths moonlights for the Data Working Group)
52017-04-27 19:09:52 UTCndm Umm, seems to be based on Google Maps? Wouldn't that taint data from it?
62017-04-28 07:17:57 UTCosm update No, it's not based on Google Maps. There are three json sources of information about gas stations and prices:
72017-04-28 15:36:39 UTCSomeoneElse You have been blocked because you are continue to mechanically edit data without discussion. made clear the process that you must follow if you want to do this. The data that you have modified since this changeset will be reverted. Please re-read htt...
12017-04-21 22:57:07 UTCndm Strange - when this was first added it had this name - then the original mapper removed it -- has a street name been added back now? Seems odd as there's already another Southampton Mews very close.
22017-04-24 08:42:51 UTCToub Oh, my bad!

I have been there again this morning, and in fact this is not a street, but just a private residential parking.

As I didn't see the inexistent street, I confused with the next street.

Thanks for revealing my mistake!

Now, should we just remove the street as in bing?
32017-04-24 23:15:58 UTCndm I guess you could mark it as service. It might even be the name you added -- but it would depend on the addresses of the buildings near it.

I just commented as I could see what happened previously.
12017-04-21 22:51:41 UTCndm Great you're closing a lot of notes -- but they are so spread out -- are you actually checking them with a survey?
22017-04-22 11:24:50 UTCazzap Yes, these are all places I have visited.
32017-04-22 19:38:14 UTCndm Not many people got to UWE and UoB -- you're well-travelled.
12017-04-22 19:25:59 UTCndm Dave, thde wiki says "Set a node Node or draw as an area Area along the building outline." -- I know that isn't how you map them in Bath, but that's how I've mapped the a lot of the ones in Bristol -- it would be good to keep this one consistent.
22017-04-29 13:24:53 UTCDaveF I think the wiki page needs expanding. Similar to schools, Universities & hospitals, a boundary around all elements owned by the pub seems the more detailed/accurate way to map.

I've posted to the tagging forum: "Mapping pubs as full areas"
Mapping pubs as full areas
32017-04-29 16:04:48 UTCtrigpoint The biergarten tag is a little out of place. I suspect it is a pub beer garden.
12017-04-21 22:49:13 UTCndm Sorry, but this seems wrong - only walked this ~1 week ago and most of the old car park was still fenced off -- under construction?
22017-04-22 11:47:33 UTCazzap Thanks you were right, i've corrected it now. The car park which was previously mapped no longer exists. This area is now fenced off and under construction.
12017-04-21 22:39:04 UTCndm Street is inside Building F?
22017-04-22 11:56:13 UTCazzap I have modified F Block as it was mapped wrong, the Pedestrian street is in the right place.
12017-04-20 00:21:15 UTCndm It was a good idea to join the nature reserve together where it was split by Bradley Stoke Way. Good to have some extra names for places as well.

I liked the previous wood you deleted :-( I thought it was much clearer where trees actually are -- especially near Bailey's Court Road roundabout. I d...
12017-04-18 21:46:06 UTCndm Is it really a tunnel? There's a bridge over it.
12017-04-18 21:41:50 UTCndm Maybe the extra service=parking_aisle tag might be useful.
12017-04-17 22:34:04 UTCndm Don't think the a turn restriction will work without from/via/to?
22017-04-19 20:27:19 UTCDaveF Is there a 'no_u_turn' sign? if not I don't think it should have a turn restriction.
12017-04-17 22:33:34 UTCndm Thought it was asphalt?
22017-04-20 10:52:24 UTCm4rkit Pretty sure it's concrete. I cycle it often and there is bumps every 10m or so at the joins
12017-04-06 23:00:27 UTCndm Is this copied from the website -- they have a "warning" notice:

"This entire site © BM Services and If you wish to reproduce any information published here, including copying to online discussion groups or forums, please make a request via our contact form. ...
22017-04-08 10:00:08 UTCp3et Thanks for the hint. I'll ask them for permission.
32017-04-08 12:56:07 UTCtrigpoint The mapping of these also feels wrong. They seem to be existing car parks, so the tag should (if allowed, although there is a pretty big notice saying it must not be copied) be added a tags to the existing objects. However the site uses google maps which makes the data incompatible with OSM even if ...
12017-04-06 23:00:20 UTCndm Is this copied from the website -- they have a "warning" notice:

"This entire site © BM Services and If you wish to reproduce any information published here, including copying to online discussion groups or forums, please make a request via our contact form. ...
12017-03-26 21:32:39 UTCDaveF Hi
What is the source of knowledge for your numerous & widespread maxheight edits?
22017-03-26 23:25:03 UTCndm As above. Plus, 11'9'' is a perfectly acceptable maxheight -- there is no need to convert it (approiximately) to metres -- should only map what is signed.
32017-03-27 14:31:06 UTCcdavila The source is data already in OSM coming from nodes tagged maxheight=*. In case of doubt, bing imagery is used to clarify. As a background, I usually keep the original node, so that anyone can check the information and the source if it contains one.
@ndm: you are right, but meters is the default va...
42017-03-28 11:32:24 UTCDaveF Ah, I understand you now. I thought you were moving tags, but you're in fact interpreting them to add additional ones. Unsure if hgv=no on a way is required when there's a maxheight on the entrance, but does no harm, I suppose. Cheers.
12017-03-03 21:06:12 UTCndm Pretty sure that's not its name - walked past it yesterday
22017-03-20 21:02:24 UTChollium It's not called 'vacant' but not sure what else to call it - it's certainly not the sports café any more.
32017-03-20 21:47:40 UTCndm The signs on the outside say "Sports Cafe" -- it's tagged as disused:amenity=cafe.
12017-03-01 21:27:54 UTCndm Cheers for that
12017-03-01 00:41:22 UTCndm I use building POIs when I know a housename/number but don't know exactly where it is -- bad GPS / ropey photo. Obviously the ways drawn from Bing may/may not correspond to them. I do merge them when I get a good re-survey. I'll probably add a FIXME to the Bristol ones -- assuming this was a KR exer...
22017-03-01 14:36:36 UTCDaveF Hi
KR was flagging the duplicate building tags. building isn't required to get housenumber/name to render. I've readded the fixme tags. I'm unsure why I deleted them.U
12017-02-26 23:39:31 UTCndm If you're interested in speed limits -- maybe add maxspeed : "20 mph" to the highway -- presumably "Friendship Road". There's a speed limit map at -- but it takes a while to update.
12017-02-16 20:08:27 UTCndm Has this been surveyed directly? The source URL you've quoted on "Sainsbury's Local" links to a Google map.
22017-02-17 20:19:04 UTCChrisHodgesUK I've been there in person (with my GPS running). The source link was where I obtained the hours and phone number; noscript blocked the google map so I didn't know it was there until @ndm told me
32017-02-17 22:47:38 UTCndm Great.
12017-02-16 20:12:20 UTCndm Has this been surveyed directly -- if it exists but is disused it shouldn't be deleted, but simply changed to disused:amenity.

Is the "Frome Valley Voice" a suitable source of copyright info for OpenStreetmap?
22017-02-17 20:15:16 UTCChrisHodgesUK ndm the shell of the building has been turned into flats (personal observation -- I pass it every day). There's no trace of a pub any more. Not sure what copyright has to do with it -- I was citing it as a source of information not copying anything (maybe that's too much of a Wikipedia viewpoint)\...
32017-02-17 22:47:03 UTCndm Great. Was a bit confused -- when I upload from Josm I use source=survey for items I mapped from a visit/GPS & source=Bing for tracing outlines, etc.
42017-02-20 13:03:46 UTCChrisHodgesUK @ndm I'll try to do that in the future -- as you can see I'm only an occasional contributor so don't necessarily have a feel for the done thing here
12017-02-13 20:55:22 UTCndm It's a bit redundant to add a name that duplicates the tag -- but good to get it mapped.
12017-02-11 14:00:26 UTCndm Probably was postal_code?
22017-02-11 15:33:02 UTCYorvik Prestigitator might have meant to be, but BS10 is not even the post code for Ash Walk, the post code is BS10 6RW, maybe it was postal_district?
32017-02-11 23:12:32 UTCndm All Bristol roads are sgned with postal codes, e.g. BS10.
42017-02-12 14:07:34 UTCYorvik Prestigitator That might make sense, thanks for fixing this.
12017-02-09 23:08:36 UTCndm Not sure why you've deleted a landuse area in the UK. Was that intentional?
22017-06-18 11:59:04 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 49633609 where the changeset comment is: revert SEO edit
12017-02-05 21:18:11 UTCDaveF Hi Dave
Welcome back.
OK there appears to be a couple of problems.This way isn't attached to airpor road:t

For turn restrictions the best thing is to read this:
Specifically members. from>via&...
22017-02-05 23:16:48 UTCndm The "restriction" tag won't do what you want unfortunately. You can always add a note on the OSM webpage if you need a hand / drop an OSM mail. Good to see some South Bristol editing.
32017-02-06 08:47:32 UTCDave Drury Hi there NDM. I may have broken something here. IT would be great it you could help me to fix it. I was trying to ensure that it wasn't possible to turn right into Airport Road out of this junction as I was directed this way using a SatNav that takes data from OSM. However, thinking on it, it is...
12017-02-05 23:06:29 UTCndm I don't think area on it's own will show much?
12017-01-30 21:43:39 UTCndm Interested in where you got open data from Bristol City Council on 20 mph limits with a good licence for OSM? Since this isn't from a survey, perhaps there should be a source:maxspeed tag as well?
12017-01-29 21:58:42 UTCndm This changeset looks strange and the pokemon comment suspicious - can someone local check?
22017-01-30 17:04:25 UTCpitscheplatsch In particular this way:

For more details see:
32017-02-12 00:44:14 UTCSomeoneElse I've restored things back to something approaching normality (specifically the sports pitches and footways were OK, and I've reverted the school to the edubase geometry and added buildings).
It was actually not this changeset, but another one by a different mapper, that "lost" the school ...
12017-01-24 21:52:43 UTCndm The way you've tagged with "water" is part of a multipolygon relation which has an inside and an outside, see The relation is marked as "dock" which is probably closer to a floating harbour than "just water".

I expect t...
12017-01-15 16:23:23 UTCndm Not a description - it is a prominent name in addition to logos/branding. I have added a note that the name needs to be (re)surveyed. Could you please add such notes in the future; unless you've directly surveyed it.
22017-01-15 23:59:59 UTCMike Baggaley In hindsight, it would have been better if I had moved Post Office to the brand tag instead of just removing it. I will go back and set the brand tag.
I believe the correct name should be <something> Post Office, not just Post Office on its own
32017-01-16 00:22:06 UTCndm I was finishing up an edit on this road -- and found a couple of relevant photos. Have updated the name.
12017-01-15 16:07:49 UTCndm Slightly concerned as you need to be very careful not to add information from copyrighted maps in OpenStreetmap.
12017-01-15 16:02:48 UTCndm Slightly concerned as you need to be very careful not to add information from copyrighted maps in OpenStreetmap.
22017-01-15 16:33:49 UTCDaveF Is the A38 - A370 part of the opening?
Is it being classified as a trunk road?
32017-01-15 16:37:52 UTCDaveF Why have you deleted the foot & cycle paths?
12016-12-07 21:05:42 UTCndm I thought it was mapped fairly well. I note it doesn't align with Bing -- and there's no way for motorbikes to turn into Emma-Chris way now -- which I'm pretty sure that they are allowed to. Did you survey this?
12016-12-07 20:56:06 UTCndm Not sure what "foot access" has to do with this change. It just seems to lose information about switching lanes. Bing imagery is out of date -- and I thought it was mapped fairly well. Did you survey this?
22016-12-07 23:08:37 UTCMike Baggaley Apologies if I have misinterpreted this junction. I was adding sidewalk=none to clarify why the road had no foot access. In looking at the junction, I did not think there was any kerb between the two directions of traffic, so considered that the correct mapping was to only have a single highway show...
12016-11-17 23:08:29 UTCndm Great to see someone else adding stuff -- I tweaked your edit a tiny bit -- no point in calling a tree "Tree".
12016-11-17 22:52:29 UTCndm It's usually better to remodel buildings by splitting them, rather than deleting and creating two new ones -- a number of tags on the Greggs (not Gregs) have been lost.
22016-11-17 23:03:12 UTCndm No worries, added back the tags.
12016-11-17 22:48:44 UTCndm Are you sure about the changes to the junction near "The Cross Hands" -- especially which roads can turn to/from "Lawn Road". A quick check on Bing looks closer to the previous layout -- especially the now deleted traffic islands.
12016-11-16 23:47:45 UTCndm H M Prison (Bristol) is already mapped
12016-10-12 22:51:54 UTCndm Please don't duplicate existing data - in an incorrect location
12016-10-09 23:20:20 UTCndm Is planning data licenced appropriately so it can be used for OSM?
12016-09-14 12:03:24 UTCDaveF Is this recycling centre open to the public or just for the authority to sort household waste?
would it benefit from a 'recycling_type=centre' tag?
22016-09-14 19:09:54 UTCndm Thisi is just a sympathetic cleanup of Changesets 42119601 and 42124023 -- which added a new industrial area and an untagged way that was roughly the same size atop the original larger industrial area. As it happens I've done some mapping here -- by no means is it a recycling facility -- more a comp...
32016-09-15 22:11:19 UTCDaveF Yes, i saw what was edited before you, but he tagged it as Bristol Waste Company & if you google it:

It appears it's recycling, nut unsure if it's for the public to drop stuff off.

Note they use OSM in their small map.

12016-08-30 19:48:12 UTCndm Wow you've viisited a lot of pubs. Not convinced about this change tho' it's definitely "The Pot At Wot" on the pub sign.
22016-09-01 02:38:32 UTCBerkovskyy Yeah, I love Bristol pubs.
As far as I remember the only place where "POT at WOT" name can be found is the pub sign. Most other walls, signs and labels have "Post Office Tavern" written on them. This is why I have changed the name to "Post Office Tavern" which I think ...
12016-08-26 21:35:41 UTCndm Are you sure this is correct? I thought that the whole point was that cyclists don't need to enter the roundabout -- check it out on Bing. A "Fixing roundabouts" changeset comment would've been really useful too. Cheers.
22016-08-26 23:27:58 UTCMike Baggaley I did use Bing to fix the roundabout, to separate the cycleway and road points where they meet the roundabout. The previous entry already touched the roundabout at the same point as the road. From Bing I would say you could draw that part of the roundabout several ways. The original violates the jun...
32016-08-27 10:24:52 UTCndm Well, it's being redeveloped so will need resurveying soon. P.S. I use JOSM, so it remembers a last set of changeset comments -- but a simple text file and copy/paste would do the same for other editors -- a pain the first time, but not for subsequent edits.
12016-08-27 10:10:08 UTCndm Had to tweak it a tad -- both lanes were bus only.
12016-08-26 21:38:54 UTCndm Are you sure this is correct? Buses on separated bus lane can no longer enter the roundabout. A changeset comment would be good too. Thanks.
22016-08-26 23:12:29 UTCMike Baggaley Hopefully now improved - I was confused as the bus routes were showing as down the right hand lane, not the left. I have also moved them to the left lane. Regards,
12016-08-23 19:42:00 UTCndm Are you sure that the preschool really takes up all that area?
22016-08-24 08:37:55 UTCsmb1001 you're right -- I have gotten over-excited there. I've reverted it, thanks.
12016-08-17 15:44:12 UTCDaveF Hi Tim

I'm struggling to be convinced Mangotsfield is a village:

The tags location is taken from:
22016-08-18 00:31:36 UTCndm I'm more upset that my wikipedia link insn't on the new location :-(
12016-08-18 00:16:11 UTCndm /the data source you're using isn't great I can see houses joined together that should be separate and separate buildings that should be joined together. You'll get better results tracing from Bing.
12016-08-16 19:42:10 UTCndm Hi Matt, rejigged your edit -- addresses won't get rendered visibly -- hope it's reasonable, if not let me know, or give it a tweak.
12016-08-15 22:55:42 UTCndm Layer -1?

Is it really disused -- are the rails visible?
22016-08-16 07:53:52 UTCserendipity I was there recently (Aug 2016). There are no rails visible. Both ends are bricked up.
12016-08-03 23:09:58 UTCndm I'm sure you're keen for feedback:

The school (building) was already mapped and named -- this wasn't "fixed".leading to duplication?

There was no need for the school area to be a multipolygon

The school multipolygon was inaccurate and overlapped theresidential multipolygon and wou...
12016-07-23 19:01:29 UTCndm Why did you mark the area as industrial -- it's being redeveloped which is why it was marked as construction, as a hint not to use aerial imagery to draw buildings.
22016-07-23 22:12:29 UTCHenreko oh right, didn't notice that
12016-06-28 18:42:39 UTCndm Have redrawn junction after making a lot of notes onsite -- some items were duplicated and some (especially "U-turn lanes" were missing).
12016-06-20 23:05:28 UTCndm This looks like a duplicate, albeit with different postcode and minor differences. won't show until a new data download becomes available --
12016-05-29 22:42:52 UTCndm I've added back the footpath you deleted -- no worries.
12016-05-27 22:17:58 UTCndm You seem to have accidentally moved a node on Church Road?
22016-05-28 06:50:12 UTCJohn Blake Not to my knowledge. I added a mail box on the opposite side of High street, that's all.
32016-05-28 13:41:57 UTCndm FYI the moved node is: -- I'll move it back based on Bing if that's ok.
12016-05-27 22:20:24 UTCndm I think you meant addr:housename not addr:housenumber and Depot not Depo?
12016-05-24 22:40:36 UTCndm If it's Edward the 8th -- you could mark it with royal_cypher=EVIII. Easier to parse programmatically, than a description. See
12016-05-10 20:07:04 UTCndm Has the "private road" sign been taken down? If not, then it should be marked as private.
12016-04-25 21:23:26 UTCndm Not clear how deleting the names from the driveway improves OpenStreetmap -- maybe replacing the & with a ; might have been better. Or adding a note for local mappers.

Would be so much easier to tell what the changeset is meant to do if there was a comment.
22016-04-25 22:35:11 UTCMike Baggaley Apologies. These names are not the names of highways, they are the names of buildings.hence the deletion from the highway. There are others nearby that I moved the name to addr:housename, but must have omitted this one.
12016-04-25 21:22:04 UTCndm Would be so much easier to tell what the changeset is meant to do if there was a comment.
12016-04-15 21:38:08 UTCndm You have connected roads together that don't join in reality -- ignoring the square between them.
12016-04-06 18:44:59 UTCndm This doesn't exist -- I will delete it.
12016-04-06 18:44:11 UTCndm This looks wrong -- surely boundary should be "midway" between Steep Holm and Flat Holm (as it's Welsh).
22016-04-06 18:55:02 UTCThe Maarssen Mapper The admin boundaries and the e/w boundary are derived from official sources with lat/lon coordinates. It is certainly an anomaly, but I am pretty sure it is correct.
12016-04-05 22:45:46 UTCndm Hope you don't mind -- I deleted the Barclays -- I think you might have confused it with the one on Queens Avenue?
12016-03-28 22:58:35 UTCndm Please dont load inaccurate polygons -- there are a number of duplicates here that are worse than the original data, e.g. don't have housenames, etc. Also, it would be great if you could use to get an english changeset comment.
22016-03-28 22:59:03 UTCndm Por favor, no carga polígonos inexactas - hay una serie de duplicados aquí que son peores que los datos originales, por ejemplo, no tienen housenames, etc. Además, sería estupendo si pudiera utilizar obtener una reacción de cambios Ing...
12016-03-27 11:18:49 UTCndm Apologies for that -- I was trying to connect up the traffic lights tidily.
12016-03-15 19:00:02 UTCndm doesn't seem to be a valid URL?

What rights do we have to use this source on OSM?
22016-03-15 19:05:43 UTCYorvik Prestigitator no idea about this edits or rights, but the correct url is probably
32016-03-16 17:03:23 UTCtcdiosm My apologies for not giving the full URL , I shall do so in future. I was hoping that contributors to OSM would be inquisitive enough to research this resource for themselves and read further; it is a minefield but useful.
I have used the online map of local authorities as a resource to check the ...
42016-03-16 17:22:20 UTCSomeoneElse (as a brief aside on "footpath" and "bridleway" tagging):
I'd use "highway=footway" for something that looks like a footpath; "highway=bridleway" for something that looks like a bridleway (typically "has gates instead of stiles and horse poo on the groun...
52016-03-16 17:38:45 UTCtcdiosm definitive information from the authority gives us the legal status. A horse rider would be in the wrong to use a footpath. Yes many tracks look wide enough for a 4x4 but that does not give them the right to use it. We must be careful to provide accurate information, landowners also have rights and...
62016-03-16 17:44:49 UTCSomeoneElse @tcdiosm if you're replying to me, I'm confused :)
72016-03-16 17:57:13 UTCtcdiosm sorry new to the Forum.
Hope this will make it clearer.

Public footpaths are public rights of way on foot.

Public bridleways are public rights of way on foot, or leading or riding a beast of burden (e.g. a horse). Cyclists may also use bridleways, but must give way to rid...
82016-03-16 18:14:24 UTCSomeoneElse @tcdiosm The point that I was trying to make was that for example "highway=footway" does not indicate the legal status of access. It just means "used mainly or exclusively by pedestrians". There are permissive footways, and private ones.
In order to indicate that something is ...
92016-03-16 19:13:58 UTCndm Dear tcdiosm, thanks for the details on sources, etc. -- I'm always interested when someone remarks that they're copying another map (doesn't help that I can never remember which Ordnance Survey products have which licence, etc).

Have fun mapping,
12016-03-12 00:18:21 UTCndm I only added Windsor Place a couple of days ago -- did I miss a 20 mph sign? Did you survey it? I've been assuming that there should only be a maxspeed if there's an sign, as it's not an explcit 20 mph zone.
22016-03-12 11:40:14 UTCsouthglos Hi. It's an assumption, based on the fact that it's a residential road hanging off a 20mph road, within the Inner South Bristol 20mph zone.

More info at but as a summary: The 20mph pilot area at Inner South Bristol came into operation in 2010. Every road within the p...
32016-03-12 22:12:36 UTCndm I'd have less objection if it was signed as a 20 mph zone -- then you could make "safe" assumptions about the roads inside. However, it's probably ok.
12016-03-05 19:39:33 UTCSomeoneElse has "boat=yes;no" on it. Presumably that's as a result of a previous merge (probably before you edited it) but do you know what is correct here?
22016-03-06 22:01:26 UTCndm I'm guessing it should be no, but that's looking at the adjacent river segments -- it's been ~3 years, probably due a survey?
32016-03-06 22:06:08 UTCSomeoneElse Yes - makes sense to me. I've added .
12016-02-27 23:32:31 UTCndm Changeset comment should be postboxes.
12016-02-11 19:58:15 UTCndm Seems to be a duplicate -- the building is already present with the company name.
12016-01-28 00:36:35 UTCndm Might also add ?

Think this is a recent addition.
12016-01-21 01:08:44 UTCndm Good to see a new contributor.

Howabout "addr:place=Brislington", "addr:city=Bristol"?

Not sure why there's a way and a node? Normally the same feature is supposed to only be mapped once.
22016-01-22 09:21:02 UTCImaxLighting Ltd Thank you, indeed one of my "101" mishaps.
Thank you for the suggestion I shall fix it shortly

Best Regards
12016-01-04 22:24:53 UTCndm Is there a good description for this changeset?
12016-01-04 22:24:41 UTCndm Is there a good description for this changeset?
12016-01-04 22:24:30 UTCndm Is there a good description for this changeset?
12015-12-10 10:34:10 UTCSK53 Aztec West is not a village in any usual sense of the word. I think it would be better just to name the area of the Aztec West business park.
22015-12-10 20:37:27 UTCndm >1000 people, church, doctor, newsagent, 2 different coffee chains, Hotel, pub, ponds...

Not entirely clear where Hempton Court, The Quadrant and the rest of the part split.

Signage is "Aztec West" not "Aztec West business park".

It's the same as "Cribbs Causeway...
32015-12-10 21:33:56 UTCSK53 Yes I know its called Aztec West, I have worked there over the years, but unless it's changed a lot it is not a residential area. Lots of industrial/business areas have churches: I can think of over 10 in Nottingham, but it doesnt make them villages.
12015-11-22 21:49:51 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - some buildings here have been added as "building=y#" - I'm guessing that that should be building=yes? is one example - the two to the south are too.
22015-11-24 00:29:15 UTCndm Well spotted -- definitely not intended -- will modify asap.
12015-11-20 21:12:30 UTCRobJN Hi ndm,
Thanks for resolving these one-ways. Please don't forget to mark any that you complete as "fixed" using the Traffic Flow Direction plugin so that others don't have to go over the same place. I've marked these fixed now :-)

22015-11-21 20:14:00 UTCndm For these I just used the website and JOSM (no plugin) -- couldn't see any way to mark it as done (even now I have the plugin installed).
12015-11-01 22:39:15 UTCndm You've deleted the T -- this is a UK ton, not a metric ton.
22015-11-01 22:45:07 UTCndm Ok looks like metrication may apply, lists it as tonnes.
12015-11-01 22:36:26 UTCndm You've deleted the T -- this is a UK ton, not a metric ton.
22015-11-01 22:44:03 UTCndm Ok looks like metrication may apply, lists it as tonnes.
32015-11-02 00:12:33 UTCSomeoneElse ... and (re the MGW) note that most UK weight limits are actually MGW limits. It's rare to see _actual_ wieght limits (though they do exist, over weak bridges etc.).
12015-11-01 22:38:47 UTCndm You've deleted the T -- this is a UK ton, not a metric ton.
12015-11-01 22:30:19 UTCndm So you removed my maxweight "not heavy" -- how do you consider one should map a road that's marked as "Unsuitable for heavy vehicles" -- a common UK sign? Obviously hgv:no doesn't work -- psv *might* be heavy.
22015-11-02 08:34:14 UTCkarussell Sorry, I've reverted and put the hgv:no on the list. That is indeed an ugly sign :)

Please see my steps which leads to the removal action here:
12015-10-25 23:39:00 UTCndm There seems to be a tree in a building here -- looks odd?
22015-10-26 10:29:11 UTCAl-66 You are right! I don't know how I did that. I must have dragged it from somewhere else. How do I undo it?
32015-10-26 21:32:07 UTCndm No worries -- I deleted a whole A road once.

Ok, reverted it using JOSM / Data -> Revert changeset
12015-10-25 23:35:12 UTCndm This looks incorrect -- checking photos from last week there's only one lane in each direction -- are you counting cycle lanes?
22015-10-26 10:35:02 UTCAl-66 I didn't put in the roads, but I did change the direction, The north-going road was on the east side, and I knew that was wrong. If you have accurate information would you please put it right.
12015-10-19 19:10:03 UTCndm Looks like a strange edit at south end of Filton Avenue.
22015-10-19 20:01:28 UTCsce8 It was one I was doing as I was walking along with the intention of finishing it off when I got home, which I have just done.
32015-10-19 23:09:30 UTCndm Haven't tried editting and walking -- hard enough to get reasonable photos -- looks good now,
12015-10-18 23:04:15 UTCndm Tarvery Carvery?
22015-10-19 05:58:02 UTCsce8 Yep, spelling mistake and Josm was hanging, for some reason, at the time so I didn't notice.
12015-10-15 21:54:56 UTCndm Is it really called "Hardstanding"? Should it be something-like landuse: brownfield?

Is it really called "Railway Land"? Should it be landuse: railway / operator: RailTrack
12015-10-01 23:06:11 UTCndm 45 mph seems an odd number for maxspeed -- most roadsigns seem to be either 40/50 mph?
22015-10-02 08:11:39 UTCRFaith True - it isn't a posted limit, but a personal assessment of how safe it would be at different speeds on this road. 50 is too fast in many places, 40 too slow in others. Motorbikes could go faster but for the surface, which limits bikes. It is an attempt to average the speed you'd manage on this roa...
32015-10-02 11:30:41 UTCSomeoneElse Hello RFaith, welcome to OpenStreetMap!
For info, the "maxspeed" tag is used for the actual posted limit. Where there's an advisory (such as green signs for school areas) you can use "maxspeed:advisory" for those. See
42015-10-02 15:47:28 UTCRFaith Hi Andy -

I had another look at it this morning and realised that one of the roads listed as Tertiary in in fact a single-track access road to farms that also just happens to lead almost directly to the A4, which might explain why satnavs are so enthusiastic about it as a viable alternative (driv...
52015-11-20 11:42:33 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks for fixing (and sorry it took so long to reply!).
12015-09-21 21:27:10 UTCndm Please revert this changeset -- the Ice Rink and Cinema were closed years ago. The O2 nightclub is still present -- I walked past it tonight. Also see
12015-09-19 22:49:28 UTCndm Are you sure? I remember seeing the 41 sign along Farr's Lane which is why I added it. Will check when next in town.
22015-09-21 17:35:04 UTCBen Makin I went recently however they have temporarily moved the cycle route, my mistake, i shall fix the changes. The main change i made was adding the extension along the 33 (chocolate path) as when i cycled there i was expecting to see 33 signs but they were 41.
12015-09-19 22:45:48 UTCndm This looks like another "fantasy edit" -- please change this back -- the name on the outside of the building is "Bath Road Studios" -- see

I know more than one company have offices inside. If you wish to indicate that ITV have an office inside ...
12015-09-05 18:03:57 UTCndm Not convinced a car park is a place of worship -- well maybe to top gear fans :-)
12015-08-20 22:17:16 UTCndm Good to see some more builings being added. Shop, pub and other way outllines still need "building=yes" otherwise they won't render.
22015-08-21 09:06:57 UTCDaveF Hi
I deleted the relations you created. They're not really required in this instance - ways can be overlaid, & it's difficult to to see things such as the playground if hidden in a relation.
12015-07-23 22:50:00 UTCndm Not very clear why the park and fence are now railway abandoned?
12015-07-16 19:49:37 UTCndm Did you survey this?

I think the road you've changed is one of two that are part of the entrance to an underground carpark?

Better to add a note or a FIXME?
22015-07-16 19:51:19 UTCndm Note there's a FIXME on the apex that indicating that the road should "continue"
32015-07-16 22:01:04 UTCabel801 Thank you for your observation, I am sure what you suggest is true for that reason I reverted to the previous status.
12015-07-16 19:46:29 UTCndm Did you survey this?

I think it's a bad idea to treat private roads as impossible -- often there's a direction indicator on the public highway -- but without clear satellite imagery it can't be completely mapped. Better to add a note or a FIXME.
22015-07-17 08:41:38 UTCSomeoneElse All an "impossible" oneway entrance road normally means is that someone hasn't mapped the corresponding exit yet. It makes sense for a QA site to highlight this as something needing surveying, but you shouldn't just remove the data that caused the QA entry - it removes valid information f...
32015-10-21 21:42:01 UTCRichRico Thanks for the note. You're right, could be much better is add notes, and keep the oneway tag,in this case I reverted my changeset: ( and I added a note
12015-07-07 22:35:45 UTCndm This sounds like you are using data from other sources: Ordnance Survey / Google Earth -- OSM doesn't allow copying.
12015-07-04 21:57:44 UTCndm You haven't added tags to 358540486 - so it's still incomplete
12015-06-23 22:15:34 UTCndm Cheers for adding the building tag back -- and have fun with more mapping
12015-06-22 22:25:47 UTCndm Why did you delete "building=yes" -- Cabot Tower is no longer being rendered.

Changing it to building=tower I could understand :-)
22015-06-23 08:17:09 UTCinkena Hi there! Thanks for your comment! Sorry about that - I changed it to "building=yes" again. I guess I need some more practice... ;-)
12015-06-10 00:43:09 UTCndm You added a way without any tags -- would be a shame to lose any info.
22015-06-10 08:27:06 UTCportishead_runner Sorry, just doing in a hurry. Public rights of way incorporating the Gordano Round route
12015-06-10 00:41:08 UTCndm Noticed you added a long way here with no tags?
12015-06-08 19:35:03 UTCndm OSM we should map the world as it is -- this is signed as the Hilton Bristol -- checked as I was driving past tonight. Or change the sign :-)
12015-06-05 23:41:11 UTCndm Comment could be more descriptive -- looks more like a speed limit change and adding "foot=yes".

I'm not sure about the "foot=yes" access tag. There's always "sidewalk = left/right/both" might be less "legal" -- unless it really is a designated footpath?
12015-06-03 19:51:57 UTCndm I think it would better to remove the name -- it's confusing as the road's the Portway and even then it's not the whole length of the cycle track as you've marked it.

I'll have a quick check on the w/end but I'm pretty sure that there's no signage indicating the cyclepath as Portway either?
12015-05-20 23:28:21 UTCndm The comment doesn't really make it clear what's been fixed -- not many tigers or deltas in Eastville.
22015-05-21 22:05:08 UTCabel801 I already changed the comment.
Thank you for your observation.
32015-05-22 19:09:47 UTCabel801 This was a mistaken comment. The change is actually a fix to the footways that were not connected.
12015-05-17 22:49:31 UTCndm The previous name was as surveyed -- Wikipedia is not the standard -- please revert this.

Note a quick search would have found
22015-05-18 08:12:10 UTCknarfrank Burton's Almshouses was destroyed, I'm pretty sure they were erected at the same time, hence the plaque.
32015-05-18 08:15:07 UTCknarfrank

Apparently it was build ages before, i was told that they were built at the same time... hey ho.
12015-05-11 23:00:21 UTCndm Do these all have 20mph signs? I know a lot of cul-de-sacs don't.
22015-05-11 23:41:55 UTCndm Was the postbox in the wrong place? seemed to have it as a good match?
32015-05-12 02:04:55 UTChormpanther9 All roads in North Bristol have limits on them. They are all 20mph, unless otherwise stated
42015-05-12 20:52:18 UTCndm No, they're only 20mph if signposted (30 mph roads don't have 30mph signs -- except on a boundary with a 20 mph one). The official ruling would be BCC traffic orders but they probably don't have a good copyright to m...
12015-05-11 23:12:15 UTCndm I think the grit bin's accidentally been "snapped" to the junction?
22015-05-11 23:46:32 UTCndm My bad -- disregard the above
32015-05-12 10:23:28 UTCSomeoneElse Actually, I'm guessing that it doesn't have a name (and if it does it isn't "Grit Bin"). A tag of "amenity=grit_bin" will allow any map that wants to render it to do so - there's no need to give it a name too if it doesn't have one.

Oh - and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
12015-05-11 23:32:56 UTCndm I had a feeling that the oneway didn't apply right at the Gloucester Road end? So the flats could get to their parking?
12015-05-11 23:05:46 UTCndm Not convinced this needs a name?
22015-05-12 02:01:47 UTChormpanther9 Identifying benches is handy I think because some people like using benches, also it's handy if they are infirm
32015-05-12 10:25:20 UTCSomeoneElse (as with the grit bins) "amenity=bench" says "this is a bench". There's no need to create a "name" for it too.
12015-05-11 23:03:17 UTCndm Not convinced that this needs a name?

There's a German post about a tree called Tree
22015-05-12 02:03:28 UTChormpanther9 I don't understand. I tagged a grit bin here, because in winter people often look for grit bins
12015-05-03 23:21:46 UTCndm Didn't have any signage visible from the road, but I guess its Gordano RFC not Gardano RFC?
12015-03-31 19:57:39 UTCndm Does OSM have permission to use the official OS map?
22015-04-10 09:43:36 UTCUniofBath I think our usage is OK based on
12015-02-17 23:23:18 UTCndm Is this the right name?
12015-02-04 21:01:28 UTCndm Not sure this needs the footways -- the inside of the Bearpit is already marked as pedestrian?
22015-02-04 21:03:38 UTCndm The scultpure's called Ursa -- I didn't mark it correctly when I added it -- will update.
32015-02-04 21:20:02 UTCbrtknr The reason why i added the footpath is because if you try and look for directions on OsmAnd app, it doesnt route you properly, adding footpath seems to solve the issue.
42015-02-04 23:40:11 UTCndm You should probably raise a bug with OsmAnd.
52015-02-05 08:51:14 UTCbrtknr It is not a bug, it is an incredibly difficult problem to navigate through a polygon. For consistency's sake, isn't it better if we have paths available to guide pedestrians rather than switching between polygons and lines to indicate paths?
12015-01-27 00:21:51 UTCndm What's a sculpure? If I remember it rightly it's a vertical windmill/generator
22015-01-27 20:02:58 UTCzmarties Sorry, typo for sculpture. Since the primary reason for this structure seems to be to look attractive, I think it's best mapped as that. (Windmill is certainly the wrong tag - that's for historic mills. Given the poor design, and the sheltered location, I don't think this is realistically for pow...
12015-01-24 12:01:56 UTCndm Were these surveyed? Do they need a source:name OS_Locator? Maybe a source Bing as well?
12015-01-23 19:15:53 UTCndm Good to see some North Bristol updates

I'd already added a swing gate on Highwood Lane where you added a gate so I merged them.

I was also a bit confused about having swing gates on the administrative boundary near the airfield -- does that make sense?
22015-01-24 09:42:52 UTCToffer12 Ah, fooey! That gate was supposed to have been placed on the road not the boundary! I'm surprised that Josm didn't come up with a validation warning. I'll have to add that to the software.
12015-01-07 22:53:30 UTCndm Not entirely convinced this is a great improvement -- a lot has disappeared (missing "building=yes"). The "front-line" doesn't look very straight?
22015-01-08 00:14:21 UTCndm Ok, looks like Bing imagery has shifted since I sketched it -- I'll add the building tags and hopefully a few improvements :-)
32015-01-08 09:28:28 UTCAlexxrr Hi
I hope it's all right now.
I just wanted to name the new pub Kongs, and ensure that it and the King William were correctly shown as extending through to Little King Street.
I keep forgetting about ensuring I've set building=yes . I'll try remember that for future edits.
12015-01-04 23:41:45 UTCndm Any reason postal_code got deleted from Hotwell Road segments?
22015-01-05 12:37:50 UTCal_t The postal_code value was just BS8, the outward code, so it seemed superfluous. To find if a segment is in a postal code area then I would use an is_in operation within a postal code boundary.

There is a boundary=postal_code tag ( ) a...
32015-01-05 23:03:42 UTCndm Roads in Bristol have postcodes they're on all the roadsigns -- should be easy to see when surveying -- don't worry I'll add back the lost information.
12014-12-06 17:08:01 UTCndm Has the construction finished? I'm surprised they've kept the "Bristol General Hospital" name -- I thought it was going to be appartments
22014-12-07 16:06:34 UTCehm1806
Hi, Thanks for your comment

Actually I made a mistake and the development is called The General rather than Bristol General Hospital.

I have now corrected it. They are apartments and they are still under construction

32014-12-07 22:37:05 UTCndm Great, that was quick -- I tend to add the construction area to remind myself that Bing might be out of date.
12014-12-06 11:00:19 UTCndm Why did you move the camera -- it's not on the road it's on the eastern side checking downhill bus lane occupancy?
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