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12018-10-18 16:17:18 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, pedestrian exclusion on a road requires a specific no pedestrians sign. I'm not local, so can't be sure whether there is a red no pedestrians sign, but if it only has a blue sign indicating certain vehicle types, this does not exclude pedestrians. It seems unlikely that this road would need a no...
22018-10-18 20:26:38 UTCndm Pedestrian crossing is on the adjacent separated footpath as marked on the map.
12018-10-16 15:13:07 UTCDaveF Does the tagging, as is, excludes taxis?
22018-10-16 20:32:02 UTCndm yep, only guided PSVs.
12018-09-03 10:17:58 UTCspark The highway=construction between the M5 junction and highwood lane looks odd, was this intended?
22018-09-03 22:26:44 UTCndm Yes.

At the time it was added there was a general linear track with construction vehicles on it. Don't know what was being constructed -- needs a survey :-)
12018-06-06 09:35:57 UTCDaveF Hi Neil
You've split/duplicated the YMCA
Was this to add the shops as polygons on Broad St?.
22018-06-06 20:43:32 UTCndm Yep, but I didn't have good enough photos to confirm - have stuck the pieces back together.
12018-06-05 14:00:07 UTCDaveF Isn't Sacco hair above Found?
22018-06-05 17:16:26 UTCndm Don't know -- I had this -- seems to show "Found" on the left (or at least a display window). Can swap it back if needs be.

32018-06-05 17:25:07 UTCDaveF Hi Neil
It also shows Found on the right window.
Video from Sacco's rear window:
42018-06-05 21:38:04 UTCndm Cheers. Let me know if you think current version needs modifying.
12018-03-29 21:38:33 UTCDaveF Hi
The building is a part of the railway any more
22018-03-29 22:49:52 UTCndm Still has Network Rail signage on it :-)
12018-03-17 16:47:40 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this node? The tag 'sheno' looks like a mistake.

22018-03-17 20:20:32 UTCndm shelter=no
12018-02-17 00:39:55 UTCDaveF Very disappointed you deleted my amendments to Cargo 1.
If you look at the images on the business's websites you'll notice the Cider Shop & WokyKo are *clearly* 2 units wide (out of a total of 11).

Using Bing imagery (the most up to date) you'll see it can't be that close to the centre line ...
22018-02-17 09:51:28 UTCndm Well, I was a bit disappointed too -- as I counted all the units very carefully on the ground.

Anyway, I'm going past today -- so will have a look at how many units each shop really has -- I'll stick a couple of photos on flickr / mapilliary so we can all see.

Have used latest Bing imagery for...
32018-02-17 09:53:19 UTCndm Anyway rest of the realignment was a distinct improvement -- glad you deleted all the construction lines :-)
42018-02-17 19:14:59 UTCndm Ok, you're right there are 11 front units, see

Looking a bit closer I think that the front of yours is probably correct, but units are too large and back extends too far (back of mine is correct). Also first and last un...
12018-01-14 12:40:56 UTCDaveF Hi
Adding layer does work as Garden & Park are rendered with the same colour. This needs to be noted on OSM Carto's github page.

Also, I don't think the ruin should have amenity tag as that implies it's a working church. ruins=church, maybe?
22018-01-14 13:16:52 UTCDaveF
12017-12-19 00:02:22 UTCndm Modified so buildings aren't grown incorrectly by including the front walls.
12017-12-06 09:31:18 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, are pedestrians and cycles allowed on any parts of this road? If so, can you change access=no to vehicle=no or motor_vehicle=no as appropriate?

22017-12-06 22:50:58 UTCndm If there were pedestrian access it would have a sidewalk tag.
12017-10-12 23:04:57 UTCDaveF This is a relocated pharmacy. The FHRS was for it's previous location.
I'm in discussion with BANES about the inaccuracy of their database.
22017-10-13 11:21:52 UTCndm Sorry about that -- looked like a good match!
12017-09-29 09:22:15 UTCDaveF Hi Neil
I think you've used old imagery for the Lamplighters garden:
22017-09-29 19:30:22 UTCndm Well obviously I can't use that link :-) -- is based on more sober reflection and the Digital World Standard Imagery -- which is the only imagery with the overlooking flats in Cottonwick Close.

May have to do another survey when it's lighter -- s...
12017-09-26 10:30:41 UTCDaveF Hi Neil
Do you think these city based places for amendment?
I'm struggling to see Aztec West as a village.
22017-09-27 17:54:13 UTCndm Well, have relabelled the commercial area instead -- but it has a church, doctors, cafes, etc., etc. so village prob' wasn't too far off.
32017-09-27 18:27:23 UTCDaveF Sorry, I for got add the Overpass link:
+Cadbury Heath. Personally I think they should be suburbs, what do you think?
12017-05-19 12:39:18 UTCDaveF Is it steps only to the North bank? Seems strange as it was meant to be a shared path.
22017-05-19 22:39:02 UTCndm Hopefully, I have some photos so I can disambiguate it -- I got keen yesterday to see how the GPS track looked compared to my original "by eye" sketch. More importantly I should have info on the south side to connect it to Finzel's reach and get better map routing -- and map a rather nice ...
12016-09-14 12:03:24 UTCDaveF Is this recycling centre open to the public or just for the authority to sort household waste?
would it benefit from a 'recycling_type=centre' tag?
22016-09-14 19:09:54 UTCndm Thisi is just a sympathetic cleanup of Changesets 42119601 and 42124023 -- which added a new industrial area and an untagged way that was roughly the same size atop the original larger industrial area. As it happens I've done some mapping here -- by no means is it a recycling facility -- more a comp...
32016-09-15 22:11:19 UTCDaveF Yes, i saw what was edited before you, but he tagged it as Bristol Waste Company & if you google it:

It appears it's recycling, nut unsure if it's for the public to drop stuff off.

Note they use OSM in their small map.

12016-08-16 22:21:12 UTCsouthglos *applause*
12016-06-28 18:42:39 UTCndm Have redrawn junction after making a lot of notes onsite -- some items were duplicated and some (especially "U-turn lanes" were missing).
12016-03-29 08:13:15 UTCtxlaparta Thanks. The validator didn't tell me I was creating a duplicate
12016-03-05 19:39:33 UTCSomeoneElse has "boat=yes;no" on it. Presumably that's as a result of a previous merge (probably before you edited it) but do you know what is correct here?
22016-03-06 22:01:26 UTCndm I'm guessing it should be no, but that's looking at the adjacent river segments -- it's been ~3 years, probably due a survey?
32016-03-06 22:06:08 UTCSomeoneElse Yes - makes sense to me. I've added .
12016-02-27 23:32:31 UTCndm Changeset comment should be postboxes.
12016-01-29 23:35:20 UTCSomeoneElse Hope you don't mind - I've changed "Flavour Vapour" here from "shop=vaping" to "e-cigarette", on the assumption that they're equivalent tags. Let me know if you think that's wrong.
12015-12-10 10:34:10 UTCSK53 Aztec West is not a village in any usual sense of the word. I think it would be better just to name the area of the Aztec West business park.
22015-12-10 20:37:27 UTCndm >1000 people, church, doctor, newsagent, 2 different coffee chains, Hotel, pub, ponds...

Not entirely clear where Hempton Court, The Quadrant and the rest of the part split.

Signage is "Aztec West" not "Aztec West business park".

It's the same as "Cribbs Causeway...
32015-12-10 21:33:56 UTCSK53 Yes I know its called Aztec West, I have worked there over the years, but unless it's changed a lot it is not a residential area. Lots of industrial/business areas have churches: I can think of over 10 in Nottingham, but it doesnt make them villages.
12015-11-22 21:49:51 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - some buildings here have been added as "building=y#" - I'm guessing that that should be building=yes? is one example - the two to the south are too.
22015-11-24 00:29:15 UTCndm Well spotted -- definitely not intended -- will modify asap.
12015-11-20 21:12:30 UTCRobJN Hi ndm,
Thanks for resolving these one-ways. Please don't forget to mark any that you complete as "fixed" using the Traffic Flow Direction plugin so that others don't have to go over the same place. I've marked these fixed now :-)

22015-11-21 20:14:00 UTCndm For these I just used the website and JOSM (no plugin) -- couldn't see any way to mark it as done (even now I have the plugin installed).
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