Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12017-12-11 19:38:37 UTCtrigpoint Hi, adding a vague proposal such as this is a little pointless. It probably will never be built and if it is it will almost certainly be a different line. And there is always hope that the cinema will reopen, or be rebuilt on the site where it is accessible without a car.
12017-12-05 18:43:53 UTCtrigpoint Hi, is the delivery office really a Post Office? Do they sell stamps, pay out pensions?
22017-12-10 19:21:26 UTCAlexandru Lipan Hello, not properly a post office, but is under Royal Mail. Is a post office as linked to postage activity, without any tipe of auxiliar activities.
32017-12-10 19:38:03 UTCtrigpoint In the UK, The Post Office and Royal Mail are separate organisations.
From a post office I would expect it to sell stamps, pay cheques into the bank and send parcels.
A delivery office is not something that is customer facing beyond occasionally collecting something.
42017-12-10 23:51:36 UTCAlexandru Lipan I know, but services are based on Royal Mail sistem. Consdiering that other tags for that building that describes the actual function are not aviable, I selected the most logical tag following tecnical details the activity is based upon.
52017-12-15 00:24:45 UTCSK53 Either use amenity=delivery_office or amenity=postal_depot not amenity=post_office. The former is probably better, but the latter is more popular. Note in many larger places the delivery office is out of town in an industrial estate: locating them can be difficult they need to be tagged distinctly.
12017-12-10 18:58:43 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome tto OSM.
Please remember that OSM is a live database, please do not add test data.

I have reverted this edit.
12017-12-08 13:17:04 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your addition however the tagging is a little misleading.
If it needs a key then it should be tagged as access=private, neding a key is not the generally regarded as permissive. You should also map the gates and connect it to Barlow Moor Road.

Cheers Phil
12017-12-06 13:35:35 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to osm. This edit has gone a bit wrong, the park is already mapped and you have created a duplicate.
12017-12-06 12:46:59 UTCtrigpoint Hi Joshua
Costcutter should be tagged as shop=convienience.

Cheers Phil
12017-12-06 12:45:11 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what is the source of this bridleway. It seems highly unlikely given the current ownership.

Cheers Phil
22017-12-06 17:36:27 UTCMoretonmill Dear Phil,
I know what you mean. What with the generous use of barbed wire, the illegal gates and the threatening signs (shooting!), they seem to be trying to discourage walkers.
However there's a planning sign for a bridle way on the gate post at O/S Grid 567277. I photographed it, but can't fi...
12017-12-05 19:09:18 UTCtrigpoint Hi, these edits seems a little wrong. Please can you explain why you are deleting things that are deleting these things?

Cheers Phil
22017-12-05 19:36:03 UTCHarry Wood You seem to be deleting all data as it is added by during a mapathon event this evening. This includes new mappers having their first OpenStreetMap edits stamped out. We also see you sabotaging the tasking manager validation statuses (This project ) I'm sitti...
12017-12-05 18:25:19 UTCtrigpoint Why have you done this? It is considered vandalism
12017-12-05 18:24:04 UTCtrigpoint Why have you removed the retail tag?
12017-12-05 18:23:06 UTCtrigpoint Hi, there is no doubt that Telford Town park is a park. Please do not confuse things by adding recreation ground as well
12017-12-05 17:56:18 UTCtrigpoint Fiction reverted
22017-12-05 18:54:14 UTCZombie13 Cheers just joined poor attempt at testing.
12017-12-05 12:50:43 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this edit looks a bit odd. If motor vehicles are allowed why have you changed it to a footpath. What is physically on the ground?

Cheers Phil
12017-12-04 18:18:30 UTCtrigpoint Hi
These 'heritage:operator' tags you have added seem a little odd. What is the source of this information. Did you visit these sites to confirm?

Cheers Phil
22017-12-04 18:56:09 UTCmueschel Hi Phil,
I didn't add them, this was brianboru in
I just corrected the spelling from an '_' to a ':', assuming it was just a spelling mistake and the content was correct.

12017-12-04 18:11:37 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this edit seems very odd and a little wrong.

The Cock is primarily a pub, a very good one with 10 handpulls. That is why it was mapped as amenity=pub. It a bit of a stretch to call it a hotel, it has a few rooms hence the accomodation=yes tag, which you seem to have removed. Why do you consid...
12017-12-02 14:19:03 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
Please do not map things that do not exist, there is no park here so I am reverting this edit.
12017-12-02 12:10:24 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. This area is a recreation ground. Clearly visible on imagery. Please do not map what doesn't exist or destroy the rich variation of tagging in order to attract pokemon.
I have reverted this
12017-12-02 12:03:14 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your edit, however no shop is just called Tesco. They are Tesco Metro/Extra/Express.
The size of this one suggests express to me, please can you confirm
12017-12-01 22:46:49 UTCpaulbiv As you were previously asked, the same applies.
Welcome to OSM.
Have you added a park that doesn't really exist to try to attract Pokémon? The 'park' seem to over the top of people's gardens, or am I wrong?
Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.
22017-12-02 11:53:00 UTCtrigpoint Reverted
32017-12-02 12:57:28 UTCpaulbiv Thanks Trigpoint
12017-01-26 21:52:18 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
Have you added a park that doesn't really exist to try to attract Pokémon? The 'park' seem to over the top of people's gardens, or am I wrong?

Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.
22017-12-02 11:52:49 UTCtrigpoint Reverted
12017-11-29 18:11:02 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. I spotted this edit and thought the name you have used is slightly odd for a bay. Porth means sand, so correct for the beach.

I have corrected its name should be Bae Trecastell and also put Cable Bay into the name:en tag, rather than an alternative.

Cheers Phil

12017-11-26 12:13:46 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this path is confusing me a bit. Have you actually walked it as I would imagine that it is private as it passes through the school.

Cheers Phil
12017-11-23 19:24:43 UTCtrigpoint Hello, what do you mean by route=old_bus?

Cheers Phil
12017-11-22 18:03:13 UTCtrigpoint Hi, mapping a single house as a multipolygon is a bit odd. Any special reason?
Cheers Phil
12017-11-19 11:16:19 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. This edit has gone a little wrong. Victoria Park is already mapped so I have removed you duplication.

Please add things that are missing or make corrections but please do not duplicate existing features.
12017-11-10 11:46:19 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to Osm. Your dental surgery is already mapped on the other side of the road.

Which is correct?
12017-11-09 20:06:28 UTCtrigpoint This is an odd place for a tourist attraction, I am removing it. Let me know if there is something here that I should go and see.
Cheers Phil
12017-11-07 18:30:26 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this should be mapped as amenity=parking. Its name isn't CAR PARK.

Cheers Phil
12017-10-31 18:15:27 UTCtrigpoint Hi, just spotted an odd changeset comment an wondered why an American is editing in Cheshire.
However the edit has gone a little bit wrong, give ways should be put on the ways to which they apply and not on the common node. Traffic using the A49 does give way by The Cholmondeley Arms.
Give way nod...
22017-11-03 23:30:11 UTCRichard Carden I'm not American and I consider that a degradation, I'm British and live locally but I don't know how to add give way/stop signs specific for our country.
32017-11-04 18:06:17 UTCtrigpoint Hi, sorry I didn't mean to insult you, I had just spotted the American term for a give way in your changeset comment.

I have corrected the give ways you added, in most cases there are two giveway signs, one on each road approaching the junction.

Cheers Phil
12017-11-04 14:01:04 UTCtrigpoint Since when has Worthen been in Wales?
22017-11-04 14:40:31 UTCNuno Salgueiro My friend moved from Welshpool to Worthen recently. For some reason, I still think he's living in Wales. :)
32017-11-04 14:58:31 UTCtrigpoint No problem. Worthen is in Shropshire, England but not far from Wales.
12017-10-25 12:04:02 UTCtrigpoint Hi is farmland from my memory and local knowledge. Why is it tagged as a park?

Cheers Phil
22017-10-25 17:31:06 UTCNorthIsland Hi trigpoint. I'm not a local to the Llangollen Canal but I've visited quite a lot, and done walks. It was sparsely mapped. I couldn't visit this area but on Esri Images it appears as undulating ground with scattered trees. I use the mapping principle that: if it's ploughed it's farmland, if it's g...
12017-10-22 17:10:43 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. You seem to have created an object with no attributes so I am going to revert this.
Please can you add meaningful comments so we can work out what you are trying to achieve.
12017-10-20 13:05:40 UTCtrigpoint Hi Joshua, is there anything verifiable here to suggest these are taxi ranks?

Cheers Phil
22017-10-20 13:10:41 UTCjoshuaowen Hi Phil, These are all the pickups for taxis for southwater with it being pedestrianised. I work within the taxi industry so i know these are the spots areas for taxis
32017-10-20 13:11:58 UTCjoshuaowen there is also a rank by the bus station but it is closed due to road works so it is currently send over to the tgi fridays.
42017-10-20 14:05:22 UTCtrigpoint Thank you.
The tagging in OSM does seem very limited, I would assume that amenity=taxi referred to a taxi office and there would be a way to tag a taxi rank in a different way (maybe use highway=taxi_rank in the same way as a bus stop). But this is the way the wiki says.

Cheers Phil
12017-10-20 08:55:32 UTCtrigpoint It is just Wilco, it does not belong to someone called Wilco :)
22017-10-20 09:07:04 UTCjoshuaowen never thought of that haha. ive changed it now
12017-10-19 12:03:22 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I would expect the name Wilko rather than Wilkinsons these days. Probably tag it as shop=homeware although its one of those difficult ones.
Cheers Phil
12017-10-17 05:30:40 UTCBCNorwich Hello and Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
Can you give more details of the guest house, address, website, property located in.
Features added to the OSM database must be verifiable on the ground and there's not enough info to determine this features position, (in a front garden). So it ought to be corre...
22017-10-17 09:32:40 UTCtrigpoint Size of building suggests that this is a very unlikely place for a guest house.

Probably yet more personal marker rubbish
32017-10-17 10:04:42 UTCBCNorwich Hi trigpoint, I agree,and a response would be unusual but I usually wait a few days so a response could be made before going back and removing fiction. Also the house numbers in the building don't look right.
Regards Bernard
12017-10-14 09:31:55 UTCtrigpoint Hi Joshua
Thank you for this edit, I've been thinking I need to wander around it with a GPS. is a service road, it would be good if you could split it where it connects to Yew Tree Meadow and extend Yew Tree Meadow to join Queensway.
Cheers Phil
12017-10-11 12:03:31 UTCtrigpoint Hi Will
Welcome to OSM. Please do not use highway=corridor, it is a bit historic and frowned upon these days. Indoor mapping of corridors is normally highway=footway and indoor=yes. Obviously in this case it needs splitting where is outside the building. In multilevel buildings it will be useful to...
22017-10-11 12:54:41 UTCWill Bailey Thanks for letting me know, Phil. That's now been updated on all edits
12017-10-10 10:28:22 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to osm, please could you explain why you have deleted several driveways?

Cheers Phil
22017-10-10 17:15:14 UTCtrigpoint -- Reply was received privately, please follow the link to the changeset to keep comments visible to the community --

Hi Steve
Thank you for your reply. I spotted your edit as it always makes me nervous when a new mapper starts by deleting objects that are the work of other mappers because they ...
32017-10-10 18:37:24 UTCS Ingleby (DEE) Hi Phil,

Thanks for your information. I agree to not deleting any more driveways.

However, please can you let me know if I can modify the map as it stands (as opposed to adding information)? For example, today I have:-
a) Deleted two short sections of isolated paths located on top of buildin...
42017-10-10 19:00:20 UTCtrigpoint Hi Steve
There is no problem with improving things, or removing them if the are wrong.
Changing part of a footway to a driveway is fine, we map what is on the ground. If for example a public footpath goes along a driveway then map it as a driveway but ensure you add access tags foot=yes and design...
12017-10-09 21:40:17 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to Osm. Thank you for your edits however I have a few observations.

Firstly keep your edits to sensible areas, generally editing POIs should be one. town at a time, certainly not spread over two continents.

Secondly why did you change The House of Grain to a bar, it looks like a re...
22017-10-09 21:53:29 UTCPounamu I actually have no idea how this was created, I certainly did not mean to. How can I undo this?

I work at the House of Grain and was just updating details about the place. It is both a bar and a restaurant but primarily a bar.
32017-10-09 21:59:34 UTCtrigpoint Thank you for replying, I was looking at the menu on my way from the loggerheads last week.
Was the update in florida intended?
42017-10-09 22:07:12 UTCPounamu Yes, I did not even search, select, edit, or even look at Florida so have no idea how this happened? I also cannot for the life of me find anywhere to undo / delete edits I have made. This is way more complicated than it needs to be.
52017-10-09 22:17:24 UTCPounamu Ah okay so I've figured out what has happened. It is not Florida, it is actually a cafe in Havana, Cuba. It is an edit I made on my app on my phone whilst I was there a few months ago to help the owners but having only just registered on OpenStreetMap and signed in on the app, it has just on...
12017-10-09 20:22:13 UTCtrigpoint What is
It bears no resemblence to either bing of mapbox imagery and overlaps the doctors?
12017-10-09 15:31:57 UTCACS1986 Hi Mark,
I assume you didn't mean to delete the whole of National Cycle Network Route 55 relation?
22017-10-09 18:04:18 UTCtrigpoint Thank you for spotting this Adam, I have fixed it in

Cheers Phil
32017-10-09 19:04:02 UTCMark Dev I did not intend to delete the whole of it no. JOSM was complaining about issues with the cycle route.
42017-10-09 20:11:06 UTCtrigpoint JOSM complains about lots of things, sometimes you just have to ignore it.

Cheers Phil
12017-10-09 12:10:12 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this is not a hospital in the modern sense of the word. Is there any evidence against my long term local knowledge that suggest it has now become a hospital?
12017-10-08 17:01:43 UTCtrigpoint In what way is Yew Tree House an attraction?
22017-10-09 09:21:05 UTCCathyH2808 Only In the same way as other houses on the street. They are listed (e.g. Jessamine Cottage). Why is this a problem? It helps visitors to the village know exactly where they are.
32017-10-09 09:22:21 UTCCathyH2808 If you wish to remove this listing, I will feel disappointed but won't argue about it.
42017-10-09 09:26:44 UTCtrigpoint There is no need to remove it. The name should be moved to addr:housename field and tourism=attraction should be removed as it is not somewhere tourists would visit.

Cheers Phil
52017-10-09 09:43:41 UTCCathyH2808 Phil
I am not techy(!) You may have already gathered this. I can't seem to amend the category or know how to follow your instructions (though I am happy to do so!)
Please can you explain to a numpty exactly how & what changes I need to make & when I get another break from work I will actio...
62017-10-09 16:53:56 UTCfreebeer Hi Cathy,
I see that user SK53 has corrected this.
What Phil was referring to is what I see far too often in english-speaking countries where the app,, is in use.
That is, far too many items are given a default to be a tourist attraction.
In other-language countries, other defaults appea...
72017-10-10 12:29:10 UTCCathyH2808 Thank you so much for your comments. Very useful! Won't touch again though in case I get it wrong again! You're a star! 👍
82017-10-11 13:46:37 UTCSK53 Forgot to mention I'd changed it! From aerial imagery it looks as if the house is a slightly different shape from that shown.

With you can also add a note which puts a marker on the map saying something like "Yew Tree House".

Someday I'll do more mapping in Hickling, last tim...
12017-10-08 17:01:08 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Please do not mistag things, this is described as a clinic so it should not be mapped as a hospital as that is extremely misleading for other map users.
Please use amenity=clinic, you may need to use a proper OSM editor such as iD to change this.
22017-10-09 09:25:58 UTCCathyH2808 I didn't deliberately mislead anyone. You are right - this is a clinic NOT a hospital but "hospital" was the closest category I could choose to the medical context of the business. If you could explain how I can accurately describe/amend the details, I would be happy to oblige.
12017-10-05 12:02:37 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this was originally mapped as a recreation ground. OS Opendata call it a recreation ground, I would call it a recreation ground. Why did you change it and what is the source of the name?
Cheers Phil
22017-10-05 12:30:36 UTCGobster Hi, I visited the location in person a few days ago as I live local. To me it seemed more like a park with the kids play area, however I'd rather take your word for it as you sound like you have more experience than me. My apologies for the mistake.
The name "Thurmaston Doorstep Green" is...
32017-10-05 12:40:43 UTCtrigpoint Thank you for your reply.

Places with childrens playgrounds and grassy areas for sport are recreation grounds and are far more common. Parks are for more formal places such as Abbey Park for example.

Cheers Phil
42017-10-05 12:50:12 UTCGobster Still new to this so I really appreciate the help. I've changed it back to Recreation Ground. Thank you for your help!
12017-10-03 11:57:07 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your conribution however it has gone a little wrong. When adding things do please look at the map and ensure that they do not already exist. We also have a rule of one real life object=one osm object.

Swansea West Fire Station was already mapped as a relation. Yo...
12017-10-02 17:51:15 UTCtrigpoint I have removed the wikidata tags from the statue of Charles Darwin and the bust of Mary Webb.
I had linked to wikipedia sections on commemerations, not to articles about the person. The wikdata refers to the person, which is not correct in this case.
Cheers Phil
22017-10-02 18:16:52 UTCnyuriks Thanks! I think it would be better to use "subject:wikidata" for both of them. As for the wikipedia link - its a link to part of the page - which means the wiki page is not "about the feature" - so perhaps we should use something like "related:wikipedia" ?
12017-10-02 12:01:37 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what on the ground evidence do you have that Watling Street is in modern usage on for example ? have you been there and seen a sign?

Adding names that do not exist on the ground is very misleading to map users, would the residents of Frodesley who live...
22017-10-02 12:14:49 UTCsmb1001 An entirely valid point and I wasn't aware that I'd added the name (though I clearly did!) as I entirely agree with you. The name is on the Roman road relation now, so I've removed them. Thanks for spotting.
32017-10-02 12:19:27 UTCtrigpoint Thank you
12017-09-29 14:09:28 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what is the source of Telford Estate, those who live there say they live in Monkmoor.
12017-09-27 21:14:10 UTCtrigpoint Hi, the names you are adding appear to be transliterations which should not be added to OSM. See

Last time I was in Telford or Wellington there were certainly no Russian Names on the signs.

This edit should be reverted.

22017-09-27 23:28:29 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Batareikin,
You've been asked by other mappers many times before to not add transliterations or data from unknown sources - see for details. Please respect the wishes of the community. I'm sure for example that http://www.ope...
32017-09-28 06:10:16 UTCBatareikin Hi trigpoint, Andy Townsend
Если не знаете или забыли, то напомню Вам, что русские топонимы НЕ ТРАНСЛИТЕРИЮТСЯ, а ТРАНСКРИБИРУЮТСЯ! И разницу меду этими понятиями надо понимать...
42017-09-28 15:44:45 UTCSomeoneElse Can you tell me where I can verify that Castle Bytham does indeed have a separate Russian name (as distinct from any transliteration?
52017-09-28 18:14:37 UTCBatareikin SomeoneElse: Конечно могу сказать.
Только Вы опять упоминаете какую-то "any transliteration".
1. Вы разницу между транскрипцией и транслитерацией понимаете?
2. Вы знаете о т...
62017-09-28 19:49:29 UTCSomeoneElse Can you answer the question?

Can you tell me where I can verify that Castle Bytham does indeed have a Russian name?

Anyone can make up a name for any place by any method they like. I could decide that London is actually called Fintlwoodlwix, and create a map showing that. It doesn't, howev...
72017-09-29 06:12:40 UTCBatareikin Я могу ответить на ваш вопрос.
Только сначала Вы попробуйте ответить на мои вопросы.
Тогда может и ваш вопрос отпадет сами собой.

Каждый не сможет "make up " топо...
82017-09-29 08:58:46 UTCSomeoneElse > Но если вы хотите проверить правильность написания например деревни Касл-Байтем, то вам надо зайти в какую-нибудь российскуй библиотеку и взять почитать "Вел...
92017-09-29 09:00:59 UTCSomeoneElse Два момента - во-первых, тот, кто написал это, просто транслитерировал его с английского, а во-вторых, вы импортируете данные из внешнего источника. Прочтите https://wiki.op...
102017-09-29 18:46:26 UTCBatareikin Два момента:
Во первых - НЕ ТРАНСЛИТЕРИРОВАЛ его! И совсем не просто!

Во вторых я ничего НЕ ИМПОРТИРОВАЛ, тем более автоматически! Весь текст на русском я набираю ...
112017-09-29 18:50:44 UTCSomeoneElse Er - no need to shout!
122017-09-29 18:53:35 UTCSomeoneElse > Весь текст на русском я набираю на клавиатуре смартфона.
But where did you copy it from? If it's something like a book, what is the licence?
132017-09-30 12:47:17 UTCBatareikin Я не кричу, я просто делаю акценты на слова, чтобы вы пристально обратили на них внимание и попытались понять смысл всего сказанного мною ранее (курсива или жирного ...
142017-09-30 12:51:33 UTCSomeoneElse > Неужели у вас в Великобритании слово London кому-то принадлежит!? И откуда его скопировали?
А на использование слова Liverpool у вас тоже должна иметься лицензия, чтобы ...
152017-09-30 13:12:55 UTCSomeoneElse > Вы конечно можете не знать, но у нас отдельные слова не являются объектами авторского права. Их нельзя присвоить себе и соответственно нельзя наложить на них огр...
162017-10-05 19:22:28 UTCSomeoneElse Asking again, in case the notification for the previous one somehow got lost:
Please do explain where you found the name "Касл-Байтем", where you copied it from, and what licence applies to that data. Please also explain how I may verify that name the next time that I visit Cast...
172017-10-17 13:05:38 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53011130 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some names that appear to have been copied from a Russian library book. See block 1591 and changeset 52420815 for the attempt to find out licence details (or where the names may be veri...
182017-10-18 19:22:58 UTCBatareikin Энди Таунсенд
Вам же объяснили что слова сами по себе не являются объектами авторского права. Они не могут облагаться какой либо лицензией. И не могут быть несовме...
12017-09-23 16:49:32 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this edit looks a bit odd. Costa is not normally an internet cafe, in fact I have never heard of them providing computers. I would also expect it to be in a building rather than the road.
12017-09-23 16:06:57 UTCtrigpoint Hi, has the car park been built on?
If so then it would be better to delete it as the area was already residential and you now have a residential polygon with another residential polygon.
Cheers Phil
12017-09-23 12:15:20 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I assume this should be Bill's Bar rather than Bill's Bar Bar?

Cheers Phil
12017-09-22 13:48:12 UTCtrigpoint Hi, the correct way to tag a closed pub is to change the amenity tag to disused:amenity=pub. I would leave the name in place if it is still visible.
Cheers Phil
12017-09-21 12:00:38 UTCtrigpoint Power league is a very odd surface, I assume it should be in name?
12017-09-21 11:54:51 UTCtrigpoint Hi
In OSM we have a rule of one feature, one object in OSM. See,_one_OSM_element
There is only one hospital, so different departments should not have an amenity-hospital tag.
Please remember that OSM is a geographic database, so please do not map to ...
12017-09-19 21:00:17 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please could you explain why you made this change?
OSM has a system of free tagging which allows mappers to express what they see, and survey regularly, on the ground. The aim is not database purity.
The word candy was chosen to express what is sold there.
Cheers Phil
22017-09-19 21:13:45 UTCtrigpoint Also what is the source you used to find the postcode?
32017-09-20 08:15:07 UTCkjon i spotted a spelling mistake in the name (Mollies's instead of the Mollie's).
According to wiki, shop=confectionery should be used for candy shops as it has the same meaning.
the postcode is from
feel free to change or revert any of my changes if you consider it a bet...
42017-09-20 17:40:27 UTCtrigpoint Thank you for fixing the spelling.

I am removing the address information, I am not certain that the address is correct as it moved and that number doesn't seem right, and a bit pointless as retail places rarely display a number.
The website you quoted clearly says that it is copyright so you sh...
12017-09-17 14:01:20 UTCtrigpoint Hi, the website should refer to the object you are mapping and should not be the company's website.
Cheers Phil
12017-09-16 11:49:57 UTCtrigpoint Fiction reverted
12017-09-16 11:49:36 UTCtrigpoint Fiction reverted
12017-09-16 11:46:53 UTCtrigpoint Hi, The Range is normally tagged as shop=variety, tagging it as doityourself is very misleading.
12017-09-16 11:43:09 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I don't think this is an actual shop. It should be tagged as office=company as they only sell online.
Cheers Phil
22017-09-23 14:06:40 UTCACS1986 It's probably a year since I last went but it was always possible to buy or collect goods from the onsite sales point.
12017-09-14 12:46:54 UTCtrigpoint What does GPB mean?
22017-09-14 18:26:51 UTCfreebeer GRRRRREAT Pr*>pop<*thudKLONK*itish bounds...
Has anybody seen me teeth?
32017-09-14 19:51:44 UTCmueschel Sure... it was "currency:gbp", I wanted to fix it to capital letters... and mixed them up. Thanks for pointing out!
12017-09-09 10:53:24 UTCrobert Welcome to OSM!

Looks like a good edit to me...
22017-09-09 11:09:55 UTCpwat Thanks. Not bikeworthy!
32017-09-09 12:10:14 UTCtrigpoint Not sure it was intended to be bikeworthy, its a bridleway. Good edit
42017-09-10 16:24:34 UTCpwat Cheers. Flipping GPS syndrome. Route created in "Bike" mode with "Avoid unsurfaced" selected. But unless OSM contains the full data, OsmAnd often makes the optimistic assumption. Fortunately it didn't involve a dire diversion on this occasion.
12017-09-09 08:42:25 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this edit has gone a little wrong. The wikipedia/wikidata tags you have added to Penhurst Station belong to the one in Kent.

I have removed these tags.

Cheers Phil
12017-09-07 11:58:16 UTCtrigpoint J21 is not called, or signposted Whetstone. If anything it is Leicester South, Why did you name it with such a name?
12017-09-06 11:56:08 UTCtrigpoint Hi Robbie, did you spot the ancient yew trees? I need to work out how to map them.
22017-09-07 08:29:26 UTCrobbieonsea No not especially, as I passed by relatively rapidly on bicycle.
Saw some old Yew trees in Powis Castle Gardens the next day though (not mapped yet either).
12017-09-06 11:54:21 UTCtrigpoint HI, rather than add disused=yes you need to change the amenity tag. The normal way we do this is to use disused:amenity=bar. I am not sure many data consumers will look at disused=yes.
Cheers Phil
12017-09-03 14:39:07 UTCtrigpoint Hi, Maddocks Social Club should be tagged as amenity=social_club. It is misleading to tag it as a pub as it is not open to the public.
Cheers Phil
22017-09-03 15:13:17 UTCjoshuaowen I have had a look and i cannot find anything actually saying social club. I can find social facility if that is better? i assumed pub would have been suitable as half of it is open as a pub its only the snooker club half that is not open
32017-09-03 15:45:08 UTCtrigpoint I have done a quick check and The Maddocks Club certainly refers to membership so it is certainly not what most would consider a pub.

You do not have to stick to the limited set of tags offered by one particular editor, you can choose your own.

For example the Social Club is used 530 times, ht...
12017-09-03 14:06:47 UTCtrigpoint Please can you explain the reason for these edits and your source?
For example the Cambrian to Pwllheli is not in my experience ( and local knowledge ) a branch line.
The station nodes you have 'added' already existed and are now duplicated.
Cheers phil
22017-09-03 14:15:02 UTCferrocarta Hi Phil,
this line didn't have a "usage" tag, which is used to distinguish between main tracks and service tracks ( The choice between "usage=main" and "usage=branch" depends on the importance of the line and can be debated...
32017-09-03 14:18:01 UTCferrocarta About station nodes, these should not be created as part of the track but should be independent nodes according to OSM guidelines (see or
42017-09-03 14:30:32 UTCtrigpoint Thank you
I would suggest that the Pwhelli line is of equal importance, it does not have a lesser service than Aberystwyth, so I agree the tag was missing but it should be main as well.
52017-09-03 14:38:00 UTCferrocarta Fine with me, I'll update the station nodes now and the usage tag by tomorrow.
12017-09-03 14:24:44 UTCtrigpoint When adding information please be aware of local language usage, there should be a name:en tag, as there was previously. What goes in the name tag is the subject of community debate, The name that is first on the sign, or what is on the sign Barmouth / Abermaw.
Also when mapping in bilingual areas ...
22017-09-03 14:30:28 UTCferrocarta That's ok, the tags from the track node can all be transferred to the station node.
12017-09-03 08:48:29 UTCSomeoneElse Hello TR42,
In I tried to explain the problems associated with "colouring in" large swathes as heathland without paying attention to the detail. You're still doing it here - if you look at
22017-09-03 11:44:40 UTCtrigpoint I would also like to add that last time I was on The Berwyns it was not an area I would describe as heath, it is mostly moorland.

As a local I find it quite concerning that my local area is being mismapped in this way.

32017-09-04 10:39:57 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 51714984 where the changeset comment is: Reverting a series of poor-quality edits following discussion at
12017-09-02 14:56:34 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this edit has gone very wrong. You have changed the whole of Littlehampton into a school. I am not sure what you were trying to achieve but I have reverted this edit.
Cheers Phil
22017-09-02 15:06:34 UTCtafkam Apologies! Think it must have been an accidental click on the wrong line around Littlehampton Academy - thanks for correcting it!
12017-09-01 12:41:25 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please do not mistag for the renderer.
In your comments you state "using heath tag to represent fell, fell tag doesn't do anything."
Please remember that OSM is a geographical database which is interpreted by many different renderers, mapnik being just one. Maybe there is a renderer ...
22017-09-04 10:39:58 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 51714984 where the changeset comment is: Reverting a series of poor-quality edits following discussion at
12017-08-30 18:40:36 UTCtrigpoint Hi. This edit appears to be mechanical, did you follow the guidelines at, where was the discussion.

The reason I ask is that I can se you did not check the changes you were making as
ways 385848816 & 385848826 are now tagged...
22017-08-31 04:00:16 UTCaaronsta Hi trigpoint,
Each way was tagged by hand. This is not an automated edit as described by the link your provided, although the use of an editing program (automation) increased the speed of the process. To verify the validity of the intersection, each change made in the edit including tagging was don...
32017-08-31 04:00:56 UTCaaronsta Correction to previous: your > you
12017-08-30 11:47:07 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this has gone a liitle wrong.
Please do not add buildings inside buildings, for example A&E is not a building. You could maybe add a node for named departments, but please do not abuse the name field of objects. Names you have included such as main entrance are descriptions and do not belon...
12017-08-29 13:17:32 UTCtrigpoint Hi Christian
I was suspicious of this edit when I first saw this edit, I finally got around to checking it at the weekend and could not find any evidence of a school in this area. It is entirely made up of residential properties.
I suggest that in this case the database is in error and that this s...
12017-08-29 11:38:28 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM, You seem to have undone the change from Staples to Office Outlet I made after a survey. Why did you change it?
The signs on the building were changed and Staples no longer exists in the UK.
12017-08-26 09:56:51 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your edit however it has gone a little wrong. Not your fault, has a long standing issue that they seem reluctant to resolve where rather than update the name tag it puts the new name into name:en.
I assume you are trying to change the name of the cafe to Gr...
12017-08-25 17:17:25 UTCtrigpoint Hi welcome to OSM. Please map things accurately and based on location and the fact you added a dead sheep note I really doubt it is a public drinking fountain. You have also added a camp site twice, however it was already mapped.
I am therefore reverting your changes
22017-09-23 15:14:11 UTCMichele Giunta Hi,
regarding the camping site I listed
03° 40'54.41"S, 35°56'52.69"E
The actual name is "Wild Palm" not "Wild Pamp". Can you please correct it?
12017-08-16 11:58:43 UTCtrigpoint Hi, you seem to have added a source:maxspeed with no maxspeed.
Also GB:rural is meaningless, there is no such thing as a rural limit. We have a national speed limit and tag source:maxspeed as either gb_nsl_single or gb_nsl_dual.
Cheers Phil
22017-08-16 12:50:05 UTCSomeoneElse For info, the most used values are at .
12017-08-14 18:05:01 UTCtrigpoint Should this be tagged as tourism=guesthouse?
12017-08-11 15:48:38 UTCSK53 I dont think you meant waterway=lock_gate in this edit. Probably barrier=gate, access=no, note=locked. The adjacent access point should be tagged barrier=stile, stile=stepover, step_count=2, material=wood and ideally the footway should cross the stile not go through the gate
22017-08-11 16:24:31 UTCtrigpoint The other common barrier on the rights of way, which you may have encoutered, is a kissing gate., these are mapped as barrier=kissing_gate
HTH Phil
32017-08-11 19:20:53 UTCJan van Bekkum There are two barriers. The one on the footpath just north of the track to the bridge is a squeezer stile, the one just south of it is a stepover stile. I have amended the map accordingly. Furthermore I removed an .untagged way that was on ot of the footpath.
12017-08-11 15:31:14 UTCtrigpoint Hi, thank you for the edit however I have spotted that you have added a mapillary photo,

This is a stile, not a gate, and should be tagged as barrier=stile

22017-08-11 19:06:46 UTCJan van Bekkum Corrected
12017-08-08 13:36:04 UTCmsevilla00 I edited using this overpass query:
and following this OSM Wiki advice:
and as you could see in Streets:
22017-08-09 16:41:50 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, it is incorrect to a set the name field in the format "Welsh Name/English Name". If a name has two language variants, use name:cy for the Welsh and name:en for the English, and choose one of the two names for the name field, preferably the one which is the more commonly used. Many of t...
32017-08-09 21:57:05 UTCmsevilla00 I disagree with you.

If you please read the wiki you will read how to tag in multilingual situations.

First, "name" tag could be use as you can see in street sings [1]. You can check on Mapillary how are labelled [2][3]

Second, "Welsh name / English name" label for "...
42017-08-09 22:45:36 UTCmsevilla00 I traslated this topic to the mailining list for General discussion for users in Great Britain:
Please, consider to joint the conversation there to argue within the British community.
52017-08-09 22:57:20 UTCalejandroscf Hi!
I agree with Miguel, if the official name is both Welsh and English it's OK to set the name to "Welsh Name/English Name" and also tag it with the correct localized tags.

Best regards,
62017-08-10 06:22:57 UTCescada I cannot comment on the specific situation in Wales, but in Brussels, Belgium we have a similar situation. All streets have a Dutch and a French name. Neither one is more important than the other. We use name:fr - name:nl in the name field. Although we accept to opposite order as well.
We even have...
72017-08-10 11:48:13 UTCtrigpoint Whilst in the past I have generally used the first name on the sign (usually name:cy) as name I am coming around to this way of thinking so do not disagree with the changes made by Miguel.

The norm in Wales is to have both names on the sign, much like in Brussels, even in Maelor Saesneg / English...
82017-08-10 16:54:21 UTCRobJN Whilst we are having this conversation, can we agree the format. I see 3 choices:

"Morfa Mawr / Queen's Road"
"Morfa Mawr - Queen's Road"
"Morfa Mawr;Queen's Road"

The Belgium community uses the second, the use of ";" in the third is well established. ...
92017-08-10 17:08:54 UTCtrigpoint " / " is used throughout Wales in these cases and therefore has usage and momentum.
It is the one I would favour as it is clearly a separator. A hyphen could be easily confused.
102017-08-10 19:38:05 UTCMike Baggaley Quoting from the Wales tagging guidelines, at "As such, I reckon that you should set the name tag to the Welsh name in areas where the Welsh language has a high concentration of native speakers, and use name:en for the English name in such ...
112017-08-14 20:36:09 UTCmsevilla00 Hello again,

If you came now to this discussion you may notice something happens in the wiki. A British user changed it after the discussion in the talk-gb mailing list:

I disagree with the change and I consider it arbi...
12017-08-04 14:40:08 UTCtrigpoint No, the clue is in the name
12017-08-01 11:15:29 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what is the source of this change. Have you actually surveyed it?
For example has lights, but I have not seen them switched on for several years.
12017-07-30 20:51:22 UTCtrigpoint Hi, Ye Olde Boote Inn is already mapped as a building, although only 4 days ago.
I am removing the duplication.
22017-07-31 08:49:22 UTCBoothy99 Hi trigpoint,
No worries - thanks for letting me know. We called in the (very old) pub the other day, and I was surprised not to find it on OsmAnd / OpenStreetMap so added it. Glad it's on in full now. Great pub btw :-)
12017-07-26 11:04:49 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to Osm. Please remember that OSM is a public database. This edit, combined with your note, makes me think that this is some sort of personal marker. If you want to save or share a location then there is the mapshare button on
Cheers Phil
12017-07-25 16:44:15 UTCtrigpoint Dinas Emrys is not here, please can you make you changeset comments a bit more meaningful and say what you are actually doing?
12017-07-24 20:47:14 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
You seem to have added the publishers twice. I suggest you delete one of the points.

Feel free to ask any questions.
22017-07-24 21:25:52 UTCe3b45 OSMAND wasnt uploading so tried a couple of times and one must of uploaded without confirming. How do I delete? Can't see an option on firefox for android
32017-07-25 16:41:29 UTCtrigpoint Also I assume that the node should be in one of the buildings, please could you reposition it?
42017-07-25 21:50:17 UTCe3b45 I moved the POI and deleted the duplicate.
12017-07-20 21:29:56 UTCtrigpoint Hi, if a place of worship is no longer active you should remove those tags, along with religion. If it is house you may want to use building=chapel
22017-07-20 22:00:26 UTCgerpsych Thanks
12017-07-20 15:54:52 UTCDaveF Hi
I'm adding NCN4 relation to the new roundabout. Were any cycle lanes included in the construction an were the feeder lanes as short as you've mapped them??
22017-07-20 18:11:29 UTCtrigpoint There are no cycle lanes, feeder lanes are short as mapped. They are traced from gps.
32017-07-20 19:33:11 UTCtrigpoint I was there last week. I have fixed it, and the Atlantic Coast Route, now to try to fix the bus routes and the slashed road names :)

I had added the roundabout whilst there, but the relations were too big for my laptop/mobile connection
12017-07-18 19:59:31 UTCDaveF Hi Welcome to OSM
Are you sure this is path is permissive?
It's got the Limestone link route +
22017-07-18 20:08:31 UTC_Stuz My understanding is that there are actually two parallel paths here. The extant one here corresponds with my GPS survey of the permissive path (marked with notices along its length). The technical public right of way is slightly to the north, and hasn't been surveyed. I'm intending to do a more comp...
32017-07-18 20:20:23 UTCDaveF Great. Do you know if any of the construction site can now be converted to residential area?
42017-07-19 19:59:11 UTC_Stuz I've now surveyed Limstone Link, and made appropriate adjustments.

I haven't yet determined the current bounds of the construction zone.
52017-07-20 08:42:03 UTCDaveF Excellent, looks good. Did the impassible bit look like it was intentional?
62017-07-20 09:00:40 UTC_Stuz Very overgrown, no evidence of a stile (that I could see) at the field boundary along the RoW route. I think the farmer essentially wants the RoW to be unofficially diverted on to the parallel permissive way, and is discouraging foot traffic on the RoW as much as possible.
72017-07-20 11:46:54 UTCtrigpoint Please report it to the local highway authority and Ramblers
12017-07-18 17:32:19 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Wifi in a shelter is very unusual and as you are using I am assuming this is a personal marker.
I am removing this edit
12017-07-13 11:13:37 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what is the source of this addition? I assume you have not been there and surveyed it.

Also there is little point in adding proposals, it may not happen and if it does the proposed route will just be deleted so that it can be surveyed properly.
12017-06-26 18:58:24 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM however I think this edit has gone a little wrong. You seem to have placed this bar in the openspace around the war memorial and the location does not match the address.
Please could you move it to its correct location. Ask if you need any help.
Cheers Phil
22017-06-26 19:11:43 UTCCrombo Ah yes it's on the wrong side of the road it seems and the details used were what was registered on another service. is there any way to move it across the road? Cheers
32017-06-26 19:17:03 UTCCrombo Also believe I should have registered it under "Smithfield" not "Ball Haye Street"
42017-06-26 19:37:53 UTCtrigpoint You can simply drag it. But you must only map such things from your own memory/knowledge. Copying from other sources is an absolute no no, not even to check your memory.
52017-06-26 19:52:08 UTCCrombo Okay thank you! I can assure you it is there it's actually where I work. Looked at adding it as it seems the new SnapMap feature uses OSM. Will look at changing it as soon as possible. Cheers
62017-06-26 19:54:23 UTCCrombo I can't seem to drag it on my iPad. Will try again as soon as I have a computer handy.
12017-06-26 07:15:21 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to osm. I am wondering why you would add a business based in California in Cheshire?
12017-06-23 14:23:02 UTCtrigpoint Hi Martin, is really a park?
It looks a very odd place for a park, and aerial imagery suggests it isn't.
Also it is bad practice to join areas such as this to the centreline of roads. The area will end at the edge and should be mapped as such.
Cheers P...
22017-06-23 15:34:17 UTCMartin Wynne Hi Phil,
I use "park" for any public green space with trees or shrubs, because there doesn't seem to be any other designation available. I have noticed the same used in lots of other places on OSM. "Grass" is ok for plain grass, but this clearly isn't that - see:
32017-06-23 17:02:11 UTCchillly mapping landuse boundaries to the centre lines of roads is not good practice. Your explanation sounds good, but in practice we don't do it. Creating a map image is only one use of OSM data and whatever your renderer of choice does to make the result neatest is not a good justification. A park, or an...
42017-06-23 17:12:05 UTCEdLoach Personally I'd have mapped it as an area of (mostly) grass and perhaps added an occasional natural=tree node (similarly when I mark an area as wood or forest I don't usually map holes for every clearing in the trees). I also don't like to think about the amount of time I've had to spend ungluing lan...
52017-06-23 17:17:04 UTCtrigpoint Please do not tag for the render, a park should only be used for area that are really parks. Mapping is not about making something appear a particular colour on one particular renderer. If I had brought my grandkids here because OSM says there is a park then they and I will be pretty pissed off.
62017-06-23 17:24:45 UTCMartin Wynne Hi Ed, You wrote " (in this case I'd have probably extended the residential area across the residential roads to the edge of the grass area)."

This surely illustrates my point - a road is no more a residential area than it is a park.

I found this on the Wiki: "If you choose to l...
72017-06-23 17:24:55 UTCtrigpoint Hi Martin
I forgot to say we do not have permission to use g.maps so please do not look at it, use it to check something, use it to illustrate something. Mapping must be done from what you have seen by being there, imagery we have permission to use, and out of copyright maps and information.
82017-06-23 17:33:26 UTCMartin Wynne Hi Phil,

It is clearly not scrub. There is a suggestion on the Wiki to make it village_green for public green space, but that doesn't sound right here.

If you want to visit a proper municipal park, it is likely to have a name, such as "Jubilee Gardens" or whatever.

p.s. I have sta...
92017-06-23 17:43:35 UTCMartin Wynne p.s. I have been there. I use Google Streetview only to confirm my memory of what I saw. Mostly I use OS OpenData to align buildings, water-courses, etc. Also the NLS 25K maps are very useful. The Bing aerial is very poor quality for seeing details.

Will the NLS 25" historic maps ever be ava...
12017-06-22 17:50:16 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I am pleased you enjoyed your stay. I have tidied the building to match its outline and removed the operator tag, are not the operator.
I have also removed the word English from the description, the owners may not be best pleased to hear their breakfast described as English. Maybe W...
12017-06-21 15:30:09 UTCtrigpoint Hi Martin, just wondering why you have changed The Severn Valley from railway=preserved to railway=rail?
It was a perserved railway last time I was there.
Cheers Phil
22017-06-21 17:24:10 UTCMartin Wynne Hi Phil,

I was trying to get OSM to show the line through Bewdley Tunnel as a dotted line. If I set railway=preserved it shows the line in pale grey and there is no difference for the track in the tunnel - which looks daft under Birchen Coppice.

I don't think the SVR calls itself a preserved r...
32017-06-22 11:49:44 UTCtrigpoint Hi Martin
Thank you for your reply.
Firstly please remember that OSM is primarily a database, which is rendered in many different ways and you seem be changing the tagging to overcome a problem that exists with just one of many renderers. That is called 'tagging for the renderer' which should not ...
42017-06-22 13:02:24 UTCMartin Wynne Hi Phil,

Thanks for your reply.

I would think that OSM is primarily a map (the clue being in the name), rather than a database. A map should show what is physically present on the ground, which in this case is a standard-gauge railway in working order. The frequency and types of trains doesn't...
52017-06-22 17:03:52 UTCtrigpoint Hi Martin
OSM is primarily a geographic database which can be rendered in many different styles. What you see on the main page is a few styles but anybody can set up a renderer and define their own.
The reason for the different tagging is for different uses is years of consensus among the communi...
12017-06-14 06:44:03 UTCBCNorwich Hello There, Just wanted to point out that the way "highway=unclassified
ref=U3064" (south section) that you've added duplicates the ways that are already mapped on that route. The duplication of highways seriously disrupts any attempt by software to route over these ways.
At the river y...
22017-06-14 13:21:19 UTCandyfrizzle BCNorwich, Thanks for the feedback. I've reviewed and hopefully correctly amended the highways.
32017-06-15 16:58:37 UTCtrigpoint Hi Andy, I have a few concerns about these edits.
You have changed this way from a track to unclassified and included the surface=unpaved, in the UK it is reasonable to expect an unclassified road to be surfaced, I believe that unless it has been surfaced it should have been left as a track.
What ...
42017-06-15 18:17:51 UTCandyfrizzle trigpoint,
I dont want to start an argument of any sort, but it was my understanding that contributors to the OSM project should make their contributions as accurate as possible, and that has been my intention, based on facts.
The road, edited by myself, is an unclassified road, lawfully usable b...
52017-06-16 11:51:40 UTCSK53 This does indeed appear to be classified as an unclassified road by the county council. There will always be edge cases where the rules-of-thumb fall down, and this is one of them. I don't believe that it should be mapped as such on OSM: highway=track is much more appropriate. A couple of important ...
62017-06-16 11:58:07 UTCRichard highway=unclassified, surface=unpaved is ok but slightly unidiomatic for UK mapping. There's nothing wrong with it per se - there are lots of dirt roads in the States mapped that way, for example - but it's slightly unexpected in a UK context where highway=unclassified isn't used by custom for such ...
72017-06-16 12:05:46 UTCSK53 Just thought I'd add links to the similar highways which I mentioned earlier:

Tillington, West Sussex:

Two in Marefield, Leics:

Red Lodge Road:
Blackspinney Lane:
82017-06-16 14:03:04 UTCandyfrizzle Thanks for the further input, I have no problems making the amendments as suggested prior. Northumberland has a vast network of unsurfaced unclassified roads with vastly varying roads surfaces. I would not be surprised is there are more than a hundred in this county alone. I will try and work throug...
92017-06-16 14:22:24 UTCSK53 Thanks Andy. I've added this to the wiki It's largely based on the discussion here, but I should also add some examples from Northumberland too. I think pressure of use in SE England, Peak District etc has l...
12017-06-12 15:19:05 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this edit appears to have quite a bit of serious mistagging that could inconvienience other map users.
Travis Perkins is a builders merchant, not an outdoor shop.
Western Power Distribution is not an electronics shop, probably tag it as office=company, its not somewhere the public will normall...
22017-06-12 16:04:17 UTCRuss McD Noted.. I was using that piece of shit that offers only a limited range of tags. Nothing for builders merchant, and OK the Garden centre does have the word Ramsey in from of it ... I'll add it. I get round to amending these edits once back home on the PC, which I will do today. As a commun...
32017-06-12 16:43:19 UTCtrigpoint Thanks Russ
12017-06-07 20:15:57 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this gate looks a little wrong as it has 3 ways connecting to it. It needs to be separate from the junction otherwise it is impossible to tell which routes pass through the gate,
Cheers Phil
22017-06-07 20:17:26 UTCmueschel Hi,
that's not my work, it was added by

Cheers, Jan
32017-06-07 20:46:10 UTCtrigpoint Hi Jan
Sorry, I will see if I can work it out.

Cheers Phil
12017-06-06 19:20:25 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your contribution but please could you keep changes to sensible areas as it makes it very difficult for otheer mapper to review changes.
Cheers Phil
12017-06-03 17:57:35 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. This changeset has gone a little wrong. You have made a classic beginner error of using the name field as a description. The name should only be use when an object has a name, I don't think this is called 'Detatched houses'.
Also for mapbox imagery I can see that this should be ...
12017-06-03 17:45:01 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. You seem to have changed several recreation grounds to parks, objects should be mapped as what they are and these are different things.
12017-06-03 17:07:17 UTCtrigpoint Is there really a bar. in the middle of the road and in what is clearly a residential area.
I somehow doubt it, reverted.
12017-06-01 16:42:24 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your additions, they look good.
A couple of small things that would be helpful:
If you could tag rights of way with a designation tag i.e. designation=public_bridleway, public_footpath.
Rather thatn the description it would be better if you could add a short sect...
22017-06-01 17:50:00 UTCcoalporter Thanks for your input; I've made some further changes to address these issues.

One question: can the designation replace the individual access tags? I seem to remember that not all renderers will honour the designations, so for the moment I've just added it as an extra tag (although it obviously...
32017-06-01 19:46:55 UTCcoalporter Of course, that should have read "elephant trap".
12017-05-25 11:59:12 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Something has gone a little wrong here. You have added the name funeral home to a banks atm. As far as I can see there was no duplicate bank.
Also could you correct the name of the co-op to what is signed, usually Co-Operative Food,
12017-05-22 16:25:29 UTCtrigpoint Again are you sure this isn't Lloyds Pharmacy?
22017-05-23 19:11:04 UTCSteve Cazwell Yes changed to Lloyds Pharmacy.
Not Pharmacist as I mistakenly typed originally. 😊
12017-05-21 15:54:35 UTCtrigpoint Hi, the name suggests that this should be tagged as leisure=fitness_centre, a shop=sport is a place selling sports equipment.
22017-05-21 17:40:15 UTCJethro10 It's a shop. Sells primarily running gear. It's not a gym or similar
32017-05-21 17:59:03 UTCtrigpoint Thank you, the name implies a gym type place. Was just checking .
12017-05-21 15:50:22 UTCtrigpoint Hi, are you sure this isn't Lloyds Pharmacy?
12017-05-21 13:58:31 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your edit, however you have made a few classic beginners mistakes.
The school is already mapped, you have therefore created a duplicate.
The name tag should only be used for things that have an actual name, hence bus stop, church, postbox are descriptions that sh...
12017-05-20 15:21:03 UTCkreuzschnabel These were the last landuse=farm on the British Isles, so please don’t add new ones :-) And just in time we were, the new carto revision (which will not render landuse=farm any more) seems to have been switched active a few hours later.
22017-05-20 15:53:18 UTCtrigpoint It was never a pressing issue, farm/farmland is of dubious values consiting of vast areas armchaired by crayonists. It.adds very little value to those of us using OSM in rural areas.
Many areas close to me were poorly drawn with connections to roads/rivers (not riverbank) and I had left them until ...
32017-05-20 16:08:22 UTCkreuzschnabel I agree that landuse=farmland is of pretty little use (moreover, it’s not clearly defined from landuse=meadow, so there are areas already where these two collide). landuse=farmyard, on the other hand, is of higher value for the walker or bicyclist, and I wouldn’t really like to miss them...
42017-05-20 16:35:26 UTCtrigpoint I would agree farmyard is far more important than farmland itself. It is afterall the default state of non urban areas. It is a big shame that meadow has been so badly misused, it should be a rare but useful tag. simply pasture.
If we are going to map farmland we should be doing it at a muc...
52017-05-22 19:28:01 UTCSomeoneElse Hi kreuzschnabel,
This looks very much like a mechanical edit. Have you ever actually visited e.g. to see if it deserves any sort of "place" tag?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
12017-05-20 10:25:32 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. In OSM we map what exists in the real world, we do not map things as something it is not.
I have reverted this edit.
22017-05-20 12:10:36 UTCTim Hill Hi trigpoint,
I don't understand your comment.
I can assure you it's a park area. I walk through it frequently. If it's the description/designation you disagree with e.g. open space then fair enough, but I don't understand why you have reverted the change. Could you explain further.

Thank you,\...
32017-05-20 12:16:31 UTCTim Hill Ah ok, I have seen a comment left on the note about this. I honestly don't know what the difference is between field / park in OSM. I'll check what the correct designation should be in the wiki and perhaps come back to you.
It has benches, paths and the grass is maintained short, but i'll check.\...
12017-05-20 09:01:51 UTCtrigpoint Hi, thank you for this addition. You should add religion and denomination tags here. is a bit basic, so probably wont allow you to do this, you should use a proper OSM editor such as iD from the OSM site.
12017-05-18 12:39:41 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I think something has gone wrong with this series of edits. This is a pub beer garden, not a German style biergarten.
According to the wiki

To be clear, a biergarten is not the same as (what is known in the UK as) a "beer garde...
22017-05-18 19:07:00 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Phil, it seems that this is a private tag by single users. on this planet are only 25 beer_garden, see
Also the OSM wiki tells both should be tagged as "biergarten" or pub (not beer_garden", see https://wiki.openstreetmap....
32017-05-18 19:18:58 UTCAleks-Berlin After found a solution that is alligned with OSM wiki, I will change this. Please make a proposal. Thx, Alex
42017-05-19 16:27:18 UTCtrigpoint Hi Alex
There is no such thing as a private tag, OSM allows a user to add any tag they wish. Those with a small number are unlikely to be rendered but a mapper is free to use any tags, this one is pretty well accepted in the area where it is used and describes a beer garden. Maybe the tagging can b...
52017-05-20 19:09:17 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi trigpoint,
I changed it back. I searched for
bbox=over Bristisch Isles, no node or rela found.
You can verify here.
Many regards, Alex
62017-05-20 21:16:05 UTCgeow Hi trigpoint, as a frequent visitor of
"biergarten sensu stricto" aka Bavarian Biergarten I'm just curious - what are the characteristic features of a pub beer garden?
72017-05-21 07:43:45 UTCAleks-Berlin He said: read
But it is a philosophical question if the garden beside a pub (in UK beer_garden) is something else a german biergarten (which has typically a pub beside). The one is the garden of a pub, the other the garden with an attached ...
82017-05-21 09:18:47 UTCgeow The wiki in this case is fairly clear. But some people, even in Bavaria ;) are not aware of the strict definition:
Necessary characteristic of a "biergarten" is that you are allowed to bring your own food.

That is why many so-tagged amenity=biergarten" even in Germany qualify only...
12017-05-19 12:32:33 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Please remember that OSM is a public database and the name:xx tag should only be used for things that actually exist. It should not be used for personal markers or to record how much you paid for lunch.
I am reverting this changeset.
12017-05-17 17:32:16 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this is a big change and covers a large area. Please could you use meaningful changeset comments that tell other mappers what you were doing. Did you actually look at every one of the 11 pages of ways you have changed.
I am sure that if as you say you were fixing josm, you would not have touch...
22017-05-18 10:32:27 UTCninjamask I meant, that I used the validator in JOSM to fix issues like double nodes and other auto-fixable issues. After that i fixed some issues of ways with double segments.
32017-05-20 23:07:02 UTCSomeoneElse Please don't use rely on the validator in JOSM without manually checking every change. The JOSM validator will get some things right, but it will get some edge cases wrong as well.
12017-05-16 13:27:22 UTCBCNorwich Hello and Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
Your POI guest house is placed in the roadway. As such and without an address, name or other contact info it is of little or no use to anyone. Could you please rectify this if not the POI will be removed in due course.
Regards Bernard
22017-05-17 17:11:58 UTCtrigpoint It translates as Oli's House, suggesting that this is yet another personal marker.
I am reverting this rubbish
12017-05-13 19:58:56 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. We do not map geocaches, it kind of defeats the object.
I have reverted this.
12017-05-10 22:41:52 UTCtrigpoint This is a garden, it is not a park
12017-05-10 22:28:43 UTCtrigpoint Hi, the railway stations should be tagged as Borth, not Borth Station. You have also changed it to a station. Borth is a request stop, hence it was already correctly tagged as a halt.
12017-05-10 22:19:07 UTCtrigpoint Hi, you seem to have removed the railway=rail tags from the Cambrian Line. I am fixing this.
12017-05-10 21:37:37 UTCtrigpoint Hi, does this church really have a postcode?
Any postcode is likely to be the vicarage, I doubt post is delivered to the church.
12017-05-10 20:36:15 UTCtrigpoint This is not a park, reverted
12017-05-10 20:34:51 UTCtrigpoint This is not a park, reverted
12017-05-10 20:34:14 UTCtrigpoint This edit is unacceptable. Reverted
12017-05-10 20:34:07 UTCtrigpoint This edit is unacceptable. Reverted
12017-05-10 20:33:57 UTCtrigpoint This edit is unacceptable. Reverted
12017-05-10 20:09:56 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. The correct way to tag a school is on the area covering the grounds and just tag the building as building=school. The grounds here were already correctly tagged.
As for language you should not put Welsh and English into the name tag. here I would use Welsh as the primary and use...
12017-05-10 17:01:53 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please could you explain why you have removed the name from this school?
Thanks Phil
22017-05-10 18:48:32 UTCadventure1 Duplicated data cluttering map. There is a school pinpoint within the school grounds. This entry is the school grounds one.
Many thanks for querying :)
32017-05-10 19:15:45 UTCtrigpoint Hi, the correct place to tag a school is on the grounds. Nodes are seen as a poor way to tag large areas. There was a successful project
There was no additional node however, there was a bus stop, which you have added school tags to. I believe that both these changes should be reverted.
Cheers P...
12017-05-10 17:09:38 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please could you explain your reasons for deleting this churchyard?
22017-05-10 21:46:02 UTCRichRico Hi trigpoint, I made a mistake deleting the churchyard, but I reversed the change.
thanks for your observation
12017-05-07 15:16:48 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please can you make your changeset comments meaningful. Describe what you are actually trying to achieve. This and many of your other changes are huge and covers a very large area.
Thanks Phil
12017-05-07 14:59:05 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. There is no supermarket here. I have therefore removed it.
22017-05-08 10:17:08 UTCChris Fleming Thanks trigpoint - think this was probably a "duplicate" of the store next to the Last Drop.
12017-05-06 18:22:32 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this should probably office=company, it certainly isn't a clinic
12017-05-06 18:10:48 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please remember that that name tag should only be used for actual names, not descriptions. I an object doesn't have a name then the tag should be left blank.
12017-05-06 18:10:31 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please remember that that name tag should only be used for actual names, not descriptions. I an object doesn't have a name then the tag should be left blank.
12017-05-06 15:12:00 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this edit looks a little odd. Firstly is it a hotel or is it a holiday cottage? Also a name is meant to be a name and the tag should not be used for a description.
What is the source of this edit? I am assuming you have not been there as it is not near a building. Is it verifiable? Does it have...
12017-05-02 19:07:04 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what is your reason and source for this change? Have you been there?
The section you have tagged as a bridge is very definitely a causeway, and it is called simply Swarkestone Causeway.
I will see what other local mappers view is, but mine is that this should be reverted.
Cheers Phil
22017-05-03 11:07:01 UTCMike Baggaley I agree, although not local, I have been over it. My understanding is that there are sections that are bridges and sections that are causeway and that it is in total known as Swarkestone Bridge and Swarkstone Causeway - see It certa...
32017-05-03 16:47:06 UTCtrigpoint I received a reply to this as a private message, for changeset discussions it is better to keep these discussion public where they can be seen by all mappers.

The whole is known as Swarkestone Bridge by most people, but most don't consider the detail in the way that a mapper does. The actual brid...
42017-05-06 14:39:07 UTCtrigpoint No response so am reverting it based on my local knowledge gathered over many years
12017-05-06 14:37:14 UTCtrigpoint Hi Bernard
Not sure if you looked through the history of this object but it was changed to a park, from a village green, by Doily17. I suspect this is pokemon related and should probably to put back?
Cheers Phil
22017-05-06 16:53:16 UTCBCNorwich Hello Phil, I actually only adjusted the outline to better reflect what I saw on the Bing image regarding the street car parking. A well known web site shows the area looking much like a park. I've searched the web and find that Corner Pin is the old name for a much larger area to the south now buil...
12017-05-04 13:48:20 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM, these are very odd places to buy fuel. What were you trying to achieve?
22017-05-04 21:00:07 UTCtrigpoint Fiction reverted
12017-04-22 19:25:59 UTCndm Dave, thde wiki says "Set a node Node or draw as an area Area along the building outline." -- I know that isn't how you map them in Bath, but that's how I've mapped the a lot of the ones in Bristol -- it would be good to keep this one consistent.
22017-04-29 13:24:53 UTCDaveF I think the wiki page needs expanding. Similar to schools, Universities & hospitals, a boundary around all elements owned by the pub seems the more detailed/accurate way to map.

I've posted to the tagging forum: "Mapping pubs as full areas"
Mapping pubs as full areas
32017-04-29 16:04:48 UTCtrigpoint The biergarten tag is a little out of place. I suspect it is a pub beer garden.
12017-04-29 11:32:09 UTCtrigpoint I am reverting these edits, they are very definitely recreation grounds
12017-04-28 19:59:48 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. The Guards Museum is already mapped. I am removing this duplication
12017-04-28 13:22:12 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
I am always a bit concerned when a new mappers first edit is to just delete things.
You have not explained what was wrong with the Health Centre but the building seems to match what is on bing imagery so maybe the tags should be changed but deleting the building is not the way ...
22017-04-28 13:27:21 UTCdeathterrapin The real health center is further down the road, and is marked correctly there. That building used to be the Rose Inn but is now just a house.
The former Crossfield Tavern is also now just a house.
32017-04-28 13:28:52 UTCtrigpoint Thank you for your relply, I will revert this change to put the buildings back and then correct the tagging.
42017-04-28 13:30:07 UTCdeathterrapin Ah, I see, didn't realise I was deleting the whole buidling, sorry!
52017-04-28 13:31:51 UTCtrigpoint I have put the buildings back, less pub and health centre tags
12017-04-28 13:23:35 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Is this a verifable office with signs I would see if I walked down Adelphi Road?
22017-04-28 15:20:13 UTCStephen Dench This Business is registered to this address on pretty much every aggregator and directory online, including GMaps, Apple Maps, Bing maps etc.. And yes if you look outside of the front of the house you will see my sign "Web App Designer"
12017-04-24 19:24:40 UTCtrigpoint Hi, SOFA should be mapped as shop=charity, charity=furniture. You will need to use a proper editor such as iD to change it though. Give me a shout if you need a hand.
22017-04-25 06:53:02 UTCgerv Yep. Thanks for the tip. The software I was using is very convenient, but only has a limited number of presets. My plan was to come back and fix them in a few days. I'm fine with using iD. Thank you for the reminder :-)
12017-04-24 19:19:45 UTCtrigpoint Stirling Castle is already mapped in great detail, a node doesn't add anything so I am reverting this edit.
12017-04-24 11:45:59 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. I am not sure a community centre is really the way to describe a yacht club. Plus it is already mapped as.a marina.
22017-04-24 21:48:55 UTCDusty52 Thanks for this -If I could have found a "Marina" descriptor I would have used that!
32017-04-24 21:59:32 UTCDusty52 Can't find how to correct this misleading information. Can someone advise?
12017-04-22 16:59:58 UTCtrigpoint Hi, thank you for adding the car park however you have made a common beginners mistake by putting a description in the name field. If the car park doesn't have a name, then leave the name field blank.
Cheers Phil
22017-04-23 11:20:41 UTCGenoma Thanks will change it :)
12017-04-21 15:01:31 UTCSomeoneElse Can you explain what you mean by "invalid layer tag"?
Layer tags are relative, so "layer=-1" or "layer=-100" isn't any more valid or invalid than "layer=0" or an implied layer=0, if all crossing features have positive layer tags.
What problem are you trying ...
22017-04-22 07:45:23 UTCwongataa I should have put some more detail in. These layer tags were not used in conjunction with any other tags such as bridge or tunnel. The features in question could also be clearly seen at surface level on the satellite imagery and were tagged as layer -1. The layer tags were applied in error as the...
32017-04-22 08:43:38 UTCSomeoneElse Again, to be clear, _layer tags are relative_. Layer 0 does _not_ imply ground level.
Again, what _actual problem_ are you trying to solve?
42017-04-22 16:30:10 UTCtrigpoint There are more changes here than your stated incorrect layer.
You have also changed oneway=-1 to oneway=yes on way 204098940 thus reversing the direction of travel for that section
12017-04-21 14:32:59 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please can you point me to where this mechanical edit was discussed?
You seem to have mechanically armchaired layer=1 onto bridges with no survey, if you had you would have seen that the bridge should be at layer=0 and maybe whatever is below them needs a later=-1 where it is below ground level...
22017-04-22 07:51:54 UTCwongataa All bridges need a layer tag of 1 or higher. This is detailed in the OSM wiki on the bridge page. It doesn't matter if the bridge is a simple plank or not. It is above ground level.

In that mapillary link the bridge needs a layer tag as it crosses a river/canal. The layer is to show where a f...
32017-04-22 08:38:35 UTCSomeoneElse Firstly - please take the wiki with a bucketload of salt :)
Secondly - layer=0 doesn't imply ground level - layer tags are relative, so "All bridges need a layer tag of 1 or higher" is simply wrong.
Also, although it is possible to infer relative level from imagery and other sources, i...
42017-04-29 17:50:29 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 48258464 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some mechanical changes to layers. See and
12017-04-20 18:25:11 UTCtrigpoint Its a recreation ground, reverted
12017-04-20 18:24:17 UTCtrigpoint Reverted, not a park
12017-04-20 18:23:33 UTCtrigpoint It is in a park, but this is a football pitch. Reverted
12017-04-20 18:10:26 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please could you add some more detail to the artworks. A pub car park is an odd place for an artwork.
Thanks Phil
22017-04-28 09:06:43 UTCDerby45 Phil, I think this person is just messing about. There are a few changes by this person in the area. I have just cleaned up a set of paths that have been dragged all over the place in this users changeset, also with Artwork randomly placed that doesn't exist.
32017-05-03 12:39:24 UTCSomeoneElse I've never been to that pub but I've commneted on another one that I don't think exists: .
42017-05-05 09:30:50 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 48420321 where the changeset comment is: Reverting Pokemon-inspired edits and other fiction. Attempts to contact the mapper have failed.
12017-04-20 17:59:36 UTCtrigpoint Hi, does not need to be mapped as a tunnel. The road is already mapped as a bridge.
22017-04-20 18:01:31 UTCGenoma good point thanks I'll change it
12017-04-20 16:32:55 UTCtrigpoint Hi, thank you for your contribution however there are a few issues with this edit.

1. You have not tagged it as junction=roundabout.
2. A roundabout normally takes the highest classification, so this one should be primary. Exceptions are when there are motorways involved but that doesn't apply h...
22017-04-20 17:03:45 UTCsamely Thanks Phil! I've already added these details.
12017-04-18 16:21:09 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. We do not map Airbnbs as they are not verifiable.
I have reverted this edit.
12017-04-17 14:30:03 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank yo for your contribution however it is looking a bit odd.
I assume that the Blockbuster shop has become a solicitors but is still tagged as shop=video. is a bit basic and doesn't allow even simple things like changing the category, in order to do this you will nee...
12017-04-17 10:12:47 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Redwell Leisure Centre is already mapped, it is not a park so I am reverting this pointless addition
12017-04-16 15:37:00 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
Fairfield Recreation Ground is not a park it is a recreation ground - the clue is in the name. I have removed the extra park you added and altered the existing rec's name
22017-04-16 15:38:12 UTCtrigpoint Reverted duplicattion
12017-04-15 17:54:22 UTCtrigpoint Hi, you seem to have made a lot of these edits. What is the source of the opening hours you are adding? They are very spread out so I doubt you have visited them all.
22017-04-16 12:00:50 UTCehm1806 Hi, The source is the official supermarket websites as well as local knowledge. I do travel around! I see there is a place to put source in. I will do that. Thanks for the reminder
32017-04-16 12:20:55 UTCtrigpoint Thank you, however have you obtained explicit permission to copy from these websites?
12017-04-16 08:30:53 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this edit looks very odd. Bare rock is kind of unusual in Leicester. I think the original paved is a better description.
22017-04-16 08:46:00 UTCtrigpoint Fiction reverted
12017-04-16 08:31:44 UTCtrigpoint Again wetland along the new cut, I don't think so
22017-04-16 08:45:17 UTCtrigpoint Reverted
12017-04-16 08:44:42 UTCtrigpoint You are wrong here, the node is the Bede Island area of Leicester. The park is already mapped as an area.
12017-04-16 08:36:20 UTCtrigpoint This is fiction, reverted
12017-04-15 14:32:56 UTCMike Baggaley Hi Martin, please do not add names that are descriptive, e.g. Playground - we already know it is a playground from its tag.

22017-04-15 14:54:44 UTCMartin Wynne Hi Mike,
But map users don't know it's a Playground unless I give it a name. I know there are some tiny little squiggly icons, but they are too small for someone of my age to see properly or understand what they mean. Also they vanish at some zoom levels. Most things have a name used by local resid...
32017-04-15 15:04:03 UTCMike Baggaley You should not add incorrect data just so because something is not visible at a different zoom level. If the icons are too small for you to see, then please set the zoom level on your browser to display larger (I don't mean zoom in on the map). In addition to an icon, playgrounds are clearly display...
42017-04-15 15:19:49 UTCtrigpoint Hi Martin, also remember that OSM is a geographical database. The map you see on the OSM site is just one, of many renders that are available and anyone is free to create their own if what they require something different.
52017-04-15 15:26:03 UTCMartin Wynne Hi Mike,
But how do map users know what the colours mean? I clicked on the Map Key and a Playground isn't listed.
When I zoom the browser some icons vanish. Also the map gets very fuzzy. I can't seem to attach a screenshot here, so here's a link:
62017-04-15 15:29:16 UTCtrigpoint Icons are displayed at different zoom levels, I cannot tell what zoom level that image was, but the playground icon (in mapnik) displays starting at z17.
72017-04-15 15:40:56 UTCMartin Wynne Hi, I was zooming the browser (Firefox) as suggested by Mike, not zooming levels in OSM. At some browser zoom settings the icons vanish, and reappear at both higher and lower settings (which doesn't make sense to me).
82017-04-15 15:44:35 UTCtrigpoint Use the + - zoom buttons, or simply the scroll wheel if you have a mouse.

But do remember that OSM is a database and mapping should not be dictated by a single renderer.
92017-04-15 16:03:48 UTCMartin Wynne Hi, Yes that's what I'm doing, using the mouse wheel. I have added a lot more detail to the Cemetery. Cheers, Martin.
102017-04-15 17:28:33 UTCMike Baggaley Regarding items and/or icons seeming to vanish at different zoom levels, you may not be aware that each zoom level is generated separately over a period of time, so after you add something, a few hours later you may see it at one zoom level, but it may not have yet made it into the others. I usually...
12017-04-15 15:21:41 UTCtrigpoint Does this cemetery have a name? It is unlikely to be just Cemetery.
22017-04-15 15:36:14 UTCMartin Wynne Hi, Thanks for your message. Part of the cemetery is St Michael's Churchyard. The old sign on the other part is "Stourport Urban District Council Cemetery". That council ceased to exist in 1974, it is now run by Stourport Town Council. Local people just call it "The Cemetery". I ...
12017-04-15 12:42:34 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for you contribution however there are a few issues.
Is there any evidence the names Berwick Grange and Sundorne Grove actually exist beyond marketing and estate agent speak. I have never seen, or heard, those names. Also please try to work with existing objects rather...
22017-04-17 12:33:14 UTCsleepingwolf Hi Phil
Thanks for your comments, my apologies I hadn't realised I had deleted grassed areas, I'll replace them and bare in mind for the future about editing existing objects instead of replacing. I'll amend the school names too.
In terms of the estate names they are very much used locally in thos...
12017-04-14 17:57:35 UTCtrigpoint The correct way to describe this is amenity=playground.
12017-04-11 16:22:10 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this looks a very odd edit. Please can you explain?
22017-04-14 17:09:49 UTCtrigpoint No response and very unlikely to be verifiable so reverted
12017-04-14 14:01:43 UTCtrigpoint Hi, you seem to have deleted the Kidderminster Pay Scale area, why?
22017-04-14 14:31:15 UTCMartin Wynne Hi,

Sorry, I'm new to all this. I'm not aware of deleting the Kidderminster Pay Scale area? I have no knowledge of what that is, and Google doesn't seem to know either.

If I deleted it, it was not intentional. As far as I know I have only ever deleted things which I have added myself, and thin...
32017-04-14 15:34:13 UTCtrigpoint Hi Martin
It is the area for which a plus bus ticket is valid. I will put it back if it was accidental.
Cheers Phil
42017-04-14 15:50:21 UTCMartin Wynne Hi Phil, Thanks. I understand now.
p.s. PlusBus is one word with camel case or all-caps, see
12017-04-14 15:06:38 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
I have disconnected the park boundary from the centreline of the road and also converted the parts to a multipolygon.
22017-04-14 15:08:02 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the detail

When you are adding an area please don't join it up to a road. The line that marks the road is the centreline so there will always be a gap.
12017-04-14 13:56:10 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have added a park over the top of all the existing stuff. This is clearly a doodle and I will revert (undo) it.
22017-04-14 13:57:58 UTCtrigpoint Duplicate reverted
12017-04-14 13:38:45 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
Sidewalks should only be drawn as separate ways if there is a physical separation. Then you need to make sure you make all connections, otherwise you will cause some very silly routing, The normal way to add sidewalks is to tag the road, sidewalk=both|left|right.
12017-04-14 12:55:31 UTCtrigpoint Hi, these are definitley areas of grass, certainly not parks so I have reverted this change.
22017-04-14 17:39:09 UTCrgt my mistake, thought it was park of the park upriver, thanks for the change
12017-04-13 11:53:41 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
Deleting paths because they are private is the wrong way to go about things, they are a feature on the ground and should stay in OSM. If they are private they should be tagged access/foot/bicycle=private.
OS maps are copyright and should not be used even to check something. Use...
22017-04-13 15:24:11 UTCdothelalalalala Hi
Thankyou for the feedback, I havent edited before.
The paths I removed have been ploughed over since access was retracted, so they dont exist now.
Ill be sure not to mention OS maps in future and rest assured anything I add or change is based on first hand observation.
Re access rights, I fo...
32017-04-13 17:33:00 UTCtrigpoint Thank you for the explanation, it is fine,
Keep up the good work.
12017-04-10 11:54:27 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I think this has gone a little wrong. What you have tagged as a private park is actually a garden. I have removed this error
12017-04-09 15:50:33 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. I think this edit has gone a little wrong, you seem to have added a caravan site which should be tagged as tourism=caravan_site but you have probably pressed a wrong key and tagged it as a park. Please can you correct it?
22017-04-09 17:20:37 UTCNewton Grove Hi Trigpoint
Thanks for comment would love to correct it. Using ID browser editor I can not see how to tag it as tourism=caravan_site
32017-04-09 17:24:46 UTCNewton Grove Trigpoint
I think I have got it typed into "search". Now updated
42017-04-09 22:11:03 UTCtrigpoint That looks good, thank you
12017-04-09 16:04:53 UTCtrigpoint Hi, we do not map airbnbs in osm. I am reverting this edit. It is also unlikely to be in the middle of the road.
12017-04-09 15:56:04 UTCtrigpoint Hi, the correct way to map aavement which is attached to a road is by the tag sidewalk=left|right|both. They should not be mapped as separate ways unless there is a physical separation. Mapping as you are doing breaks rendering and spoils OSM for its users. Highway=pedestrian is intended to be used ...
12017-04-09 15:46:04 UTCtrigpoint Hi, the YHA in Earls Court is already mapped. I am therefor removing your duplication.
I also doubt that Casa de Ania is in the middle of the road.
12017-04-09 08:54:43 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your contribution however there are a couple of issues.
It is still a building, area=yes on its own does nothing and is not needed on a building.
In order to render it needs a tag, rather than remove the shop tag it should be changed to shop=charity, if you want t...
12017-04-08 15:29:58 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your addition however it looks like it should be a recreation ground rather than a park.
12017-04-08 11:36:41 UTCtrigpoint Hi, mae hyn yn ddefnydd rhyfedd iawn o'r briffordd = preswyl. Fel arfer, ffyrdd sy'n arwain at ffermydd yn cael eu mapio fel naill ai annosbarthedig neu wasanaeth yn dibynnu ar amodau'r mynediad.
Hefyd dylai'r sylwadau changeset fod mewn iaith glir fel y gall mappers eraill yn deall, yna yn hytrach...
22017-04-08 14:51:24 UTCMalingaGIS Hi, trigpoint. Thank you very much for the correction. I update these as highway=service, it seems those are farms. I thought it was residential.

Will included the meaning full comments. Thanks again.
32017-04-08 15:14:41 UTCtrigpoint Thank you for making the corrections, however your changeset comment is still hashtaged, hashtags belong on twitter, not in OSM, thanks.
12017-04-08 13:23:51 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your contribution however the tagging appears to have gone a little wrong, it is easy for newcomers to make these mistakes.
You have said you have mapped a wood, and I can see a wood exists however you have mistakenly tagged it as a park. Would you correct that? Al...
12017-04-06 23:00:27 UTCndm Is this copied from the website -- they have a "warning" notice:

"This entire site © BM Services and If you wish to reproduce any information published here, including copying to online discussion groups or forums, please make a request via our contact form. ...
22017-04-08 10:00:08 UTCp3et Thanks for the hint. I'll ask them for permission.
32017-04-08 12:56:07 UTCtrigpoint The mapping of these also feels wrong. They seem to be existing car parks, so the tag should (if allowed, although there is a pretty big notice saying it must not be copied) be added a tags to the existing objects. However the site uses google maps which makes the data incompatible with OSM even if ...
12017-04-08 11:14:48 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I know the tagging here was inconsistent. But this section was probably right.
Kingsland Bridge and the associated roads are privately owned and not PROW hence access=permissive was correct.
12017-04-08 11:00:41 UTCtrigpoint Hi, should footway not connect to Bynner Street, rather than the Prince of Wales car park, it should also connect to the service road (probably needs parking_aisle too). I did spot some sort of path there yesterday after a couple of Threads to get a chines...
12017-04-07 16:26:00 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Does this guest house have a name. It is very unusual for a business not to, also does it have a phone number/website?
22017-04-08 10:29:10 UTCtrigpoint No response so reverting
12017-04-07 16:23:21 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
What is the actual source of these edits? The document you quote does not have specific permission for use.
22017-04-07 22:36:51 UTCItay Greenspon Hi,

I'm a resident of this community and am using my local knowledge of the area.

The document is an accurate reflection of the actual layout.
12017-04-07 12:24:30 UTCtrigpoint Does this shop still exist?
The domain is for sale.
22017-04-07 13:52:44 UTCti-lo I can't check it personally. Left a "fixme" entry. In case you can check it directly, you may certainly edit it.
12017-04-07 11:54:37 UTCRobert Whittaker In this changeset, you've created a node with an address, but tagged it as a bank/building society. Abbey Street appears to be a residential street, so are you sure this is correct?
22017-04-07 12:20:11 UTCtrigpoint Hi Robert
I have already removed a similar node by this user from this location. The name 'Home' gives it away as a personal marker by a user.
This one should also be removed.
Cheers Phil
12017-04-06 17:00:48 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. The correct way to tag a field where sheep graze is landuse=farmland, although farmland is normally left blank.
For some reason you have made a mistake and tagged it as water, wont the sheep drown?
22017-04-06 17:24:52 UTCwir3d123 Appreciate the advice. New to this as you can probably tell... I think i have corrected this now. Please tell me if i need to change it again.
12017-04-05 20:44:39 UTCPillock Wrong description.
Changed carpark to two seperate areas as you cannot drive from the Public carpark (south west) to the Red Lion Carpark (north east) and they have separate entrances.
22017-04-06 16:55:23 UTCtrigpoint Can you walk between the two, or is there some sort of barrier?
32017-04-07 11:24:44 UTCPillock You can walk through a gap in the fence but not drive. The red lion carpark is customers only so should be separate.
12017-04-06 10:06:43 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, is foot allowed as well? Perhaps access=no could be removed?

Cheers, Mike
22017-04-06 16:53:56 UTCtrigpoint As it is designated as a public_bridleway foot is very defiintely allowed, as are horses and bikes. The bicycle=yes tag is therefore pointless and adds tag clutter.
32017-05-03 10:13:56 UTCjogger333 Dear Mike, Looking at the wiki, one should indeed make the usage clear with appropriate access tagging:

"Also taginfo shows a significant number of uses of:
These tags should be used in combination with an appropriate highwa...
42017-05-03 10:45:54 UTCMike Baggaley Hi Jogger333 , No I think the tagging was was incorrect (the original done by Russ McD). The update by bttyA was what brought it to light. The designation=public_bridleway would set the default access of foot, bicycle and horse=yes, however, access=no would override this and set them all to no. This...
52017-05-03 11:13:59 UTCjogger333 Hey mike, thanks for the explanation! I was looking for a reference of your statement "The designation=public_bridleway would set the default access of foot, bicycle and horse=yes" but I couldn't find it in the wiki, I really would like to implement it correctly in our routing, Can you giv...
62017-05-03 19:05:47 UTCMike Baggaley Unfortunately, I can't find a reference any more - the pages on access and UK mapping guidelines appear to have been changed towards the end of last year with the meaning of designated being changed. Bizarrely, the access=designated page now says the value is deprecated without saying what replaces ...
72017-05-04 07:42:55 UTCjogger333 Oh yes, the information is really vague. This will make it a bit difficult to conclude routing rules from it that are correct worldwide, not only in UK.
Let's see if that is possible and if there are any conflicts popping up.
Thanks for your summary, this helped me a lot to understand the issue he...
12017-04-06 16:46:11 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what is the source of this edit?
You have removed footpath L57 and the airport trail for example. L57 is a PROW and cannot simply be closed, it will at most have been diverted. Do you have any reference to this?
22017-04-06 17:29:39 UTCArrow A2B Hi,
Sorry, I should have referenced such a significant change like this. All the site plans and access arrangements are available here:

The public right of way info is here:
32017-04-06 21:55:02 UTCwill_p Hi Luke,
I haven't looked what's happening on the ground here for a couple of months, but I'm a bit surprised that all these features have already been cleared. Have you actually confirmed that they have all gone? For example, you have removed a service road all the way from Church Street, Lockingt...
42017-04-07 08:34:26 UTCArrow A2B Morning Will,
The features I've removed have all gone this week. The construction area I've added is the full area where ground work has started. (Obviously it's impossible to get GPS tracks at the moment as there is no access).
The roads which are closed, such as the junction with Ashby Road and...
52017-04-08 21:38:45 UTCwill_p Today I have had a look at the current situation. It turns out that many of the deleted features do still exist:
The Airport Trail is still there and is still open to the public with minor diversions.
The service road from Church Lane (Lockington) is still there. It's being used as one of the main...
12017-04-06 15:09:22 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
You have placed a point right over the top of a cafe (Cafe Nero) . Has this business replaced Cafe Nero? Is it sharing the building?

The point you have added doesn't describe what it is. You have given lots of details, but no shop tag or office tag to describe what category the b...
22017-04-06 15:17:00 UTCAnd Albert Fair Trading Ltd How do we make the point SHOP? This isn't clear at all.
We are actually a shop on the upper tier of Chester's Rows ABOVE cafe Nero.
32017-04-06 15:22:41 UTCchillly I have added shop=yes tag. If there is a better shop description you can change it later. Now it has a shop tag it is easier to change it.

Adding a shop above another is a problem. I suggest staggering the two points a little, maybe to reflect the relative entrances to the two premises. If your ...
42017-04-06 15:44:43 UTCAnd Albert Fair Trading Ltd OK, Thank you.
I find this site awfully confusing to navigate and add the correct information. Well as long as people can find us that's all we want really.
Thank s again
52017-04-06 15:46:00 UTCAnd Albert Fair Trading Ltd I can't see the tag point to change it?
62017-04-06 16:13:24 UTCtrigpoint Hi, also spotted that you have used=ele=1, that means 1m above sealevel. The correct tag is layer=1, as already used on Eastgate Street North.
12017-04-05 18:07:36 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM
Thank you for your addition but please remember that changeset comments are intended to inform other mappers of your intent and should be in plain language.
Meaningless hashtag comments fail to do that, please do not use them in OSM.
12017-04-05 12:48:46 UTCtrigpoint Hi, is this a real business that customers can visit?
I was about to ask, the website looks like it is contact by web or phone only so should not be in OSM.
Cheers Phil
22017-04-05 12:53:11 UTCandrewsh No idea, I just added the correct tag.
32017-04-05 12:53:50 UTCandrewsh Hmm, the website says they're in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire:
4 – 12 Kempson Close
Gatehouse Way Industrial Estate
42017-04-05 12:54:56 UTCandrewsh I will probably remove them. Thanks for paying attention. It looked like a legitimate business to me… which it probably isn't. Well, not in Oxford, at least.
52017-04-05 12:59:01 UTCtrigpoint Thank you.
It looked like spam, both the username and long description.
62017-04-05 13:00:46 UTCandrewsh Well, these two looked like spam, but the website looked okay-ish to me. I should have checked the address :)
12017-04-04 18:50:56 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have tagged something as a village (place=village) but you have called it Llanddew church. Is it a church or the place? I think the place is called Llanddew.

If it is a church, is this different from the Church of St David which is already in place? If so, you need to add a...
22017-04-04 21:53:04 UTCtrigpoint The village was already mapped as Llanddew, which was correct according to OS OpenData, my view is that this edit is probably a personal marker should be reverted, it altered an existing object.
12017-04-04 17:42:49 UTCtrigpoint Hi, postboxes do not normally have names, they have a reference number which is already mapped. The name you have added is just a description so I removed the name.
12017-04-03 18:17:59 UTCtrigpoint Hello, is there any reason you have changed these halts to stations?
When I last caught a train to Llandecwyn I had to ask the guard to stop, which makes it a halt.
12017-04-01 17:55:14 UTCtrigpoint S’il vous plaît pourriez-vous expliquer la raison de ce changement ? Vous avez enlevé l’étiquette d’agrément, supprimé le nom : es et changé le nom de tag du Centre vers les Centres.

Please could you explain the reason for this change? Yo...
22017-04-05 09:54:16 UTCupendrakarukonda Hi trigpoint,

Thank you for noticing this. I reverted back my changeset. This must be accidental. I am not aware of this deletions at all.


12017-04-01 17:09:55 UTCtrigpoint Hi, are you really sure this postbox exists?
It was created by a user and the odd tags make it look like some sort of personal marker or misuse of a tag.
The rubbish tags are likely to indicate to a local mapper that a survey is needed and by cleaning the apparant rubbish you have left a c...
22017-04-01 17:30:31 UTCupendrakarukonda Hello Trigpoint,

I deleted the tags which are not correct. I added a note in that place for confirmation of existence of post box in that place.


32017-04-01 17:42:50 UTCtrigpoint A quick search reveals that Abras is some sort of Brasilian organisation at the address given. It looks like typical mistagging by a user.
12017-04-01 17:13:36 UTCtrigpoint Is there a reason you have changed these tags, what survey did you carry out?
12017-03-28 07:46:16 UTCtrigpoint Hi, is this name correct?
Creek is an American word, and not used in terms of UK geography.
22017-03-28 07:59:23 UTCsharync Yep it's the correct name.
32017-03-28 08:04:54 UTCtrigpoint Thank you, was just checking as it looked an odd name in the UK.
Cheers Phil
12017-03-28 07:31:22 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
According to the address you have given you business is on Queens Road, yet for some strange reason you have added it in the middle of Morrisons.
I have reverted this as it is clearly the wrong place, assuming you have an actual office that customers can visit you can add that ...
22017-03-28 07:35:10 UTCtrigpoint Just realised that you have not simply created a spam node in the wrong place, but had deleted information from the Weybridge place node, that is considered vandalism.
12017-03-27 18:24:03 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
It always make me nervous when I see a new mappers first edit is just deleting the work of other mappers.
I have reverted this edit, but please can you explain what you were trying to achieve?
12017-03-23 13:25:59 UTCtrigpoint Big question, why? What is the problem you are fix? Does it need fixing?
In the case of these roundabouts, they are a single way so I would question why they are relations in the first place. But once the roundabout is split for route relations then having the name on the relation makes.perfect sen...
22017-03-23 14:00:13 UTCPolarbear I was analysing the usage of jct=roundabout on relations for a wiki discussion, please find the results here:

type=junction (here) is only a proposal and ignored by prominent data consumers. Also, I find type=route i...
32017-03-23 14:08:01 UTCSK53 I very much doubt that the road name on these roundabouts is actually XXX roundabout, it is more likely to be the name of one of the roads (as for instance the junction of Donnington Wood Way with Celandine Road). It is the junction which carries the name not the road segments which form the junctio...
42017-03-23 23:32:56 UTCPolarbear Is there any evidence that supports the assumption that the road forming a roundabout does not carry the name of the roundabout? Is there a streetsign posted along the loop carrying the road name and not the roundabout name? I only know cases where the roundabout name is posted.
12017-03-22 18:22:26 UTCtrigpoint Hi, you seem to be using a strange imagery URL. What were you copying and do wehave explicit permission to use that imformation?
22017-03-22 21:04:51 UTCjesus_army Information came from a GPX trace rather than the map tile but I will remove that way and re-edit for clarity
12017-03-21 22:00:07 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
In OSM we map what exists on the ground, you have for some bizarre reason changed the Chertsey town node to a hospital. This sort of edit breaks the map for other users and will be reverted.
22017-03-21 22:44:39 UTCtrigpoint Reverted
12017-03-21 22:03:44 UTCtrigpoint The hosital is already mapped, for some reason you have created a duplicate node.
12017-03-21 18:33:37 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. You seem to have changed a place node to a park, the park is already mapped and the name you added looks very unlikely. I have put this back to the place node
12017-03-20 17:55:23 UTCtrigpoint HI, I am not convinced there is a legal no-U turn restriction here. I have never seen any signage and if there was one, how would I get into Knighton Junction Lane or the New Road Inn?
However I have spotted that Welford Road is incorrectly mapped as a single carriageway so I will fix that.
22017-03-20 18:36:47 UTCCebderby Hi, If turning right from the southbound Welford Rd into Knighton Jnct Ln or the pub is ok then this new turn restriction can't remain. The specific routing problem was in (expecting to) turn right from Victoria Park Rd to northbound Welford Rd - OsmAnd app's router gives left turn then U-turn whic...
32017-03-20 21:45:59 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I have looked at this on OSMand and it has got a very serious routing issue. Both OSRM and mapzen work perfectly here.
Maybe it should be reported to OSMand?

42017-03-20 22:04:31 UTCCebderby I suspect it is over-penalising a route from a secondary to a primary road via a minor way, even though it seems short and obvious. Trying with 'fuel efficient' route option (ie. short route) OsmAnd gets the right turn, it's only the 'fastest' route with the problem. For now, I've removed the no-U...
52017-03-20 22:36:51 UTCtrigpoint I agree the cross ways should be secondary, and I would consider Putney Road/Commercial Square to be tertiary. But a router should cope with the mapping as is, classifications are an indication of importance rather than speed, especially when they are tagged as 30 mph.

I am working through Mapill...
12017-03-20 19:22:10 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
It looks like you were adding a hedge. They are tagged as barrier=hedge.
Give me a shout if you need any help.
12017-03-19 16:48:16 UTCwill_p Hi, what does 'RA surveys' mean? The abbreviation isn't clear to me.
22017-03-20 17:41:47 UTCtrigpoint My guess, and knowing Stan as I do. it would be Ramblers Association
12017-03-19 16:25:44 UTCtrigpoint Has the building been demolished?
22017-03-19 16:42:40 UTCsam kenney Yes and has been replaced by fuel station
12017-03-19 15:25:56 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
I see you have added Humbleton Farm, which is great. We outline the farmyard, as best we can, and ass landuse=farmyard, not place=farm. That will make it consistent with most farms in the UK on OSM
22017-03-19 15:30:25 UTCtrigpoint You have also joined it to a powerline, which is obviously incorrect and to the centreline of Mill Lane.
32017-03-19 15:37:55 UTCdelfimo Apologies. Have sorted now. Deleted old area as unable to figure out how to change area.
12017-03-18 10:09:14 UTCtrigpoint Hi, the name tag should only be used for an actual name, not just to add additional information. The correct way to indicate that a car park is private is to use an access tag, in this case access=private. Not sure if can fix this, you may need to login to and use a proper editor suc...
12017-03-15 12:32:57 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
Thank you for edit, however according to the osm wiki smoking=no should not be used if it is the law, as it is in this case.
You seem to be using an app called SpotOn, please could you provide a URL for it?
Cheers Phil
12017-03-14 19:50:59 UTCtrigpoint Hi Mike, just checking that you have surveyed this path recently. The area is being developed so just checking.
Cheers Phil
12017-03-11 15:18:09 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what is the source of this information?
I have never seen any evidence for the existence of a Roman Road and find it highly unlikely that it followed the modern alignment of the A49 between Weston and Prees.
Also this type of information is more appropriate in OpenHistoricalMap rather then OSM...
22017-03-12 09:35:51 UTCtrigpoint The North Shropshire section appears to be pure fiction, the Roman Road is only shown on your claimed source in very short sections. Where did the rest come from?
It is very unlikely that the Roman road followed the present roads through Shawbury.
I do not have a usable source but I do know it did...
32017-03-12 14:36:43 UTCDyserth Hi. Please see area around SJ55471 24483. Marked as Roman Road (Course of) on OS Map, northern section curves to the west near Moston Grange and follows the alignment of the unclassified road heading towards the A49 where it passes through the modern cutting.
This has been constructed at a natural...
42017-03-12 15:16:56 UTCtrigpoint Thank you for these updates, it does seem much more believable and there are references to the Roman Road on OS Opendata.
I would suggest that the route was not through Prees village but followed a straight line from the present junction with the B5065 via Prees Church which forms a straight line ...
52017-03-12 15:29:38 UTCtrigpoint I should probably add that is is likely that the course of the road drifted over time and that up until WW2 this section of the A49 was a minor road which was upgraded as a bypass.
12017-03-12 14:06:07 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I'm not sure what this shop is. But it is certainly not a department store. Please do not mistag.
12017-03-12 13:05:42 UTCtrigpoint Fiction reverted
12017-03-12 13:03:21 UTCtrigpoint The middle of a residential road is a very unlikely place for a viewpoint, I am reverting this edit.
12017-03-12 12:56:05 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
Cherry Hinton Campsite is already mapped, so I am removing your duplication.
12017-03-10 17:34:44 UTCtrigpoint Wow, the A14 is being extended to North Wales?
22017-03-10 18:54:00 UTCGlucosamine Ooops - one of those change set titles which gets copied from one set of updates to quite another - mea culpa for not checking. Any ideas on how to change a change set title? On the other hand, with a £1.3B budget, the A14 really ought to reach the border ...
32017-03-10 18:56:53 UTCtrigpoint Don't worry about changing the existing ones, not sure if that is even possible. I was just jokingly making you aware so you would fix it next time you edit.
42017-03-10 19:27:12 UTCGlucosamine Taken in the spirit intended. Not the first time this has caught me out when using a specific title when I normally use a generic - will try to remember to check for at least the immediate future - though I'm sure I'll slip up again at some point.
12017-03-10 15:20:56 UTCtrigpoint Airbnbs are private homes and do not belong in OSM, I have reverted this
22017-03-10 15:25:05 UTCHpriem Good...thank you
12017-03-10 14:45:24 UTCBCNorwich Are you sure that is a hotel, or is it just a room rental??
22017-03-10 15:13:39 UTCtrigpoint Airbnb are private homes and have no place in OSM, I am reverting this
12017-03-09 20:22:08 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM
Rapid Welding is an unlikely name for a hardware shop. What are you trying to map. is a very basic editor, to do more than basics you need to use a proper editor such as iD on
12017-03-09 18:15:53 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have added a park over the top of an existing park. This is not a good idea.

I will revert (undo) this edit.
22017-03-09 18:16:18 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your edit, the park was already mapped so I have removed your duplication and put the name onto the existing area.
32017-03-16 15:44:00 UTCDaveF Removed
12017-03-06 13:10:46 UTCtrigpoint Hi, way appears to be total fantasy. There is no separate way visible on bing or mapbox imagery. Also many entry exit nodes are shared which causes exit counts to be wrong, i.e. you have to enter a roundabout to leave it. Oneway on a roundabout is not neede...
22017-03-07 01:26:47 UTCDyserth Fantastic appearances can be deceptive. The left carriageway separates into three lanes here, the left hand one of which you can only use to bypass the roundabout, turning left along Abergele Road. You cannot enter it. I have therefore tagged it as a one-way Primary Link as this lane has no intersec...
12017-03-05 22:31:32 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this looks very small and an odd place for a hospital. What were you trying to achieve
12017-03-05 19:40:11 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I got some odd instructions from for this roundabout today. Now I am home and able to check I see that for some strange reason you removed the roundabout tags and replaced it with oneway. Why?
22017-03-07 01:51:43 UTCDyserth If I remember correctly at some point iD was not showing roundabouts as oneway unless they were tagged as such. I did change a few tags to reflect this as clearly roundabouts are not two-way flows but clearly this flaw in the editor has now been rectified. However because that edit was done 2 years ...
12017-03-05 09:45:07 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Please remember that osm is a live database, please do not usr it for tests. I am removing this doodle.
12017-03-04 17:30:44 UTCtrigpoint Hi, thank you for adding these footpaths, however they should not end where the gate/stile is, they need to connect to the road otherwise routers will see them as dead ends and not use them.
I have connected the footpaths to the roads.
Cheers Phil
12017-03-02 20:17:18 UTCtrigpoint Hi, not sure how closely you were looking here, but the smaller roundabout is clearly a mini-roundabout.
22017-03-03 09:32:49 UTCchris_debian Hi, trigpoint.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I've done some reading, and it seems that a mini-roundabout is frequently described as being a white painted circle, on the road, or a slightlyraised white bump, in the road. Having reexamined this roundabout, for it's construction and size...
32017-03-03 21:25:48 UTCtrigpoint The definition of a mini-roundabout is not necessarily painted white, but it needs to be traversable. At least one in Oakengates is cobblestones.
This one is very definitely a mini-roundabout, and painted white, so I have corrected it.
12017-03-03 16:33:50 UTCtrigpoint Hi johnnie
There was no need to remove these paths, I am in no doubt that they exist. They just needed to be connected to Thornton Lane and the sidewalk tag removing as they are not sidewalks.
But please do no check OS, we do not have permission to use such data, what you see is the best data we ...
12017-03-02 20:24:08 UTCtrigpoint Vandalism reverted
12017-03-02 20:18:51 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please can you explain this change, as far as I know wikipedia tags are not case sensitive. Who decided they must start with a capital letter?
22017-03-02 20:25:05 UTCnyuriks Hi @trigpoint, the Wikipedia title has a "normalized" form (actually the rules for it are very complex, such as each portion of the title has to be capital first, such as namespace, after namespace, and after each "/" if subpages are enabled). Plus some url decoding, spaces inste...
32017-03-03 22:09:55 UTCnyuriks I just updated my auto-generated page with lists: -- these are only wikipedia articles with their wikidata's "instance of" = Q13406463 and Q15623926, but I could obviously add more. Let me know
42017-03-03 22:10:23 UTCnyuriks oops, wrong changeset, sorry.
12017-03-02 19:50:12 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I'm not sure the address and postcode belong on the ATM. They belong to the post office to which it is attached :)
12017-02-24 18:22:40 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Priory Country Park is already mapped as a nature reserve. Adding a park over the top seems contradictory and doubles the name. Bing imagery seems to confirm it is not what we normally tag as a park.
22017-03-02 18:40:03 UTCtrigpoint No response, so reverted
12017-03-02 18:29:30 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your additions, however you do need to connect them to the road for them to be useful. Also I do not think footway=sidewalk is really an accurate description of these cross-field rights of way.
The correct way to tag rights of way is highway=footway, designation=pu...
12017-03-02 18:19:36 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your edit however you have created a number of duplications. McDonalds and TNT were already mapped using ways, mapping with nodes are a bit of a step backwards.
Also the name tag is for an actual name, and should not be used for descriptions such as 'playground' an...
12017-03-02 18:05:22 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. I have been trying to work out what you were doing here and all I could find were two new ways which had no tags. I am going to revert this change.
Please carry on editing, but it is better to map things locally that you know well to start with.
12017-03-01 10:13:00 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
In OSM we map what exists on the ground, the tags you have added suggest that this is on the wrong continent. Please remove and, if it.really exists, an appropriate place. But please remember that OSM is not a business directory.
12017-02-28 13:18:26 UTCtrigpoint Hi, just wondering if ref:gss has any purpose in osm. There appear to be several within the town, why this one? and what purpose do they serve? The areas have no geographic meaning and appear to have been drawn by a 2 year old.
Cheers Phil
22017-02-28 13:30:59 UTCThe Maarssen Mapper Hi Phil
The areas are civil parishes, so they are definitely geographically relevant, just like districts and counties. The ref:gss indicates the ID of the polygon in official records. When the boundary changes, it gets a new ID, so knowing which version of the boundary is represented by the relati...
32017-02-28 19:42:30 UTCtrigpoint A google search took me in a little deeper and that gave a strange area, which I could not work out the logic behind although it was suggested that it is postcodes, that example cuts at least one postcode in half.
It does feel wrong ...
42017-02-28 20:07:38 UTCThe Maarssen Mapper Hi Phil,
An output area is only for statistical and not for local government jurisdictions... E00 polygons are not present in OSM as far as I know. The immediate source of the data may be OSBL, but the actual source of the boundary is GSS, who provide the boundaries to the OS, also for "public...
12017-02-24 18:29:58 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your contribution however Rose Park appears to be someones back garden, please remember that we only map things that exist on the ground.
12017-02-24 17:56:28 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your contribution, based on your description and aerial imagery this area is a recreation ground, rather than a park. I have changed it and added the playground.
12017-02-21 22:15:00 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to osm. Something has gone a little wrong here, the building you have created is rather large and covers several streets. Would you like some help fixing it?
22017-02-22 07:39:15 UTCBCNorwich Hello yes welcome.
Your next changeset made incorrect alterations so I've reverted both changeset as both have problems.
I researched your company and have added a POI at the building mapped as 46 Loman Street. Please check this out and adjust as necessary.
12017-02-21 18:46:11 UTCtrigpoint Hi Brian
Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your contribution, I agree that the hypens are not required, although you have made a small typo in the name.
Yout have used to make the change, which is a bit Mickey Mouse when it comes to names. Your name has gone into name:en, which is a bit iro...
12017-02-18 14:36:23 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. In OSM tagging is sometimes subtle, there is a difference between a park and a recreattion ground and all evidence suggests this is a recreation ground.
1. OS Opendata calls it a recreation ground.
2. Imagery shows a grassy area with pitches laid out, that definitely fits the w...
22017-02-18 16:57:22 UTCtrigpoint Reverted and name added
12017-02-18 12:28:55 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your input however your comments make me a little wary. You state 'as per OS map', current OS maps are copyright and cannot be used in OSM and your lines do not match older out of copyright data.
When mapping rights of way we map the line as it exists on the ground...
22017-02-18 14:11:54 UTCTom Webster Phil,

Many thanks for your input. I came across this site whilst looking for local walks and footpaths and then thought to check paths crossing our own land. Your current map appears to be incorrect and shows a path that does not exist in practice or on any other map I have seen. It is this that...
32017-02-18 15:36:18 UTCtrigpoint Hi Tom
Thank you for your comments, that sounds like you have actually made these changes using your own knowledge, rather than just copied from another map. This is the kind of input we prefer, there is no need to justify what you know/have seen by quoting another source.
Thank you for your input...
12017-02-17 18:59:32 UTCtrigpoint Reverted
12017-02-16 23:45:17 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Something little wrong.
You seem to have created a number of duplicate/overlapping ways on the southbound Blackwall Tunnel.
What were you trying to achieve? Maybe we can help?
Cheers Phil

22017-02-17 11:45:57 UTCmArtagnan Hi Phil
Very sorry about that, im new to OSM so must have done it wrong. Basically, the southbound blackwall tunnel route doesn't work i.e. it routes me around to the rotherhithe tunnel instead even when i put the start point really close to the blackwall tunnell. I concluded there must be someth...
32017-02-17 12:13:08 UTCtrigpoint Thank you Martin
I will sort it out.

Which router are you using?

42017-02-17 13:06:28 UTCmArtagnan i was testing the route on the OSM website

But i use the Scout map Sat Nav app in my car. Thats based on open street map

Many thanks
52017-02-17 14:23:32 UTCtrigpoint I have reverted your changes and am trying to understand the problem. I can see that there is an issue with OSRM, but Mapzen works fine.
Will keep you posted.
12017-02-16 23:15:16 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Please could you keep your edits to sensible areas. Edits like this are hard for other mappers to follow.
12017-02-16 22:53:01 UTCtrigpoint ??
22017-02-17 17:45:58 UTCchillly reverted
32017-02-17 17:46:41 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-16 22:52:41 UTCtrigpoint Personal marker?
22017-02-17 17:45:01 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-16 22:41:53 UTCtrigpoint More personal markers?
22017-02-17 17:44:23 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-16 22:40:36 UTCtrigpoint These look like personal markers, what are you trying to achieve?
22017-02-17 17:43:33 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-16 22:36:04 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this looks a bit odd. What are you trying to achieve? Maybe we can help.
22017-02-17 17:41:57 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-14 21:40:40 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. This looks a bit odd. Do you really return hire cars to the middle of the road?
22017-02-27 20:36:08 UTCeric_ I just moved it to the correct location.
12017-02-12 22:34:33 UTCtrigpoint A Chalet in Osbaston? Seems unlikely
22017-02-17 17:42:44 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-12 13:38:44 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. What is this artwork, it seems a very odd location.
Thanks Phil
22017-02-12 18:01:52 UTCCatherine Lewis it's my workshop/studio. abd the whole lane has many artists studios.
32017-02-12 19:19:14 UTCtrigpoint Thank you, it should be tagged as something like craft=artist, that is assuming it is verifiable. will I see a sign if I walk along that street.
As it stands it is definitely incorrectly tagged.
It would be good if you can correct it, you will need to use a proper OSM editor such as iD from osm.or...
12017-02-09 14:20:13 UTCBCNorwich Hello and Welcome to OpenStreetMap. IMHO one ought not to assume speed limits, it's really just guessing. Would it be possible to go there and properly survey the roads.
22017-02-09 14:27:56 UTCBCNorwich Oh and the foot-way, are cycles allowed there? Also the foot-way is not joined to the roads at each end so software will not be able to route along it.
32017-02-09 19:15:50 UTCmarkf0wle I live on this road. The speed limit isn't sign posted on the estate, my assumption was my interpretation of the highway code. I will double check & correct if nessecary.

I will amend the footpath. Yes, bicycles are permitted on all the footpaths in the area to my knowledge.
42017-02-11 15:53:48 UTCtrigpoint You have tagged Welling Road as lanes=1, is that true? It doesn't look like a single track road on bing imagery.
Also 20mph areas cannot exist without signs.
52017-02-11 22:57:23 UTCmarkf0wle OK, good shout. I have corrected the lanes on Welling Rd, is 2 lanes - 1 in each direction.

I have too found this reviewing the highway code, therefore the official speed limit would be 30mph as that is the last posted speed as you enter Welling Road from Brentwood Road.
62017-02-12 07:14:37 UTCBCNorwich Would you then correct the speed limits on the estate please?
It would be wrong for OSM, (the best map in the world), to knowingly contain wrong data.
72017-02-12 13:01:45 UTCmarkf0wle Done Sir.
12017-02-10 19:08:51 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. I think maybe something has gone a bit wrong here, I suspect you mean the London Astoria however that closed in 2009.
Is there something here you have surveyed recently?
22017-02-10 19:10:22 UTCtrigpoint I am reverting this edit as this area is a construction site for crossrail.
Please comment if I am wrong?
12017-02-08 21:26:27 UTCtrigpoint Hi, are you sure this path has gone. I do remember it was to be retained and quarried around. It and the bridge are clearly on bing imagery. Has it since gone? If so what is the new route of The Rutland Round as the relation now has a hole in it.
22017-02-08 22:54:03 UTCB'o'B The diversion route was temporary and the Rutland Round and E229 footpath are now back on the original line which is the straighter path to the NE of the path I deleted.
Kind regards
32017-02-08 22:58:22 UTCB'o'B My apologies for making a hole in the Rutland Round route I had assumed it was still marked on the original route which it has now been returned to
42017-02-10 09:27:33 UTCB'o'B I have re-edited the removal of the temporary diversion of the Rutland Round by moving the nodes to the line of the footpath that it now follows instead of deleting it. I hope this is satisfactory to you.
52017-02-10 17:11:21 UTCtrigpoint Thank you, I have tidied up a bit and all looks good now.
12017-02-10 13:55:27 UTCBCNorwich Hello Dreamer. This POI "Buckingham Palace" is actually along way from the Palace.
The Palace is already tagged as tourism so no extra tag is needed there, would you please then remove inadvertent POI?

Your POI "Greenwich" is not needed either as the place is already mapped, ...
22017-02-10 17:06:19 UTCtrigpoint Hi Brian, I have reverted both of these changsets, users are very unlikely to respond and is not capable of changing or removing anything.
12017-02-09 18:31:49 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I have spotted that you have been making a lot of edits in different areas and wondered what you are changing as you have not put any changeset comments in.

In this particular changset you have deleted on side of the triangle at the junction of Plex Road and Plex Lane, http://www.openstreetma...
12017-02-08 19:32:01 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
The correct way to tag a private road is to add the tag access=private rather than simply deleting it from the map.
The presence is useful as a navigational aid and some people will need to route to the farm. By adding private routers will not route along that way.

It is al...
22017-02-08 22:36:50 UTCB'o'B Hi, thanks for the welcome. Please allow me to explain my edits.
I would normally take your point about unnecessary tags although in my dealings with people on the footpaths on bikes, horses and on one occasion a motorcycle people don't always fully understand the rights of access and I have just...
12017-02-05 15:40:17 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I have reverted your London changes. You have deleted a building that was already correctly mapped as residential, with full address data, it is a Hall of Residence and you replaced it with a hostel node.
22017-02-05 17:26:54 UTCJesus Tudela I'm sorry, but I have a reservation in a hostel (LSE Bankside House, located in the same direction, and in that same Building, and I thought ALL building was a Hostel. I am going to put a new point that reflects the Host...
12017-02-04 17:44:21 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for these additions, they are very useful. One small thing, these types of path are normally tagged as highway=footway, highway=pedestrian is normally used for pedestranised streets such as Gallowtree Gate. Keep up the good work.
12017-02-04 09:56:17 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. The post office was already mapped so I have removed the duplication.
12017-02-04 09:48:23 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. You seem to havbe misplaced this node. It has an address in the US yet you have put it in London.
I am reverting this edit.
Please drop the verbal diarrhea in the changeset comment.
12017-02-03 13:43:08 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Some of your edits seem a little strange. For example if I were to visit this location will I actually see a monument? and if I do is it really in the middle of the road?
Also tagging a modern office building and a bike rack as historic is very bizarre. What were you trying to a...
22017-02-03 14:05:24 UTCStuart Lennox-Hill I seem to be having some difficulty with the tagging, it's copying from history. (Same with the edit notes... it's using the old one).

The office building is Vantage House, right next to it is the bike rack, they should be two completely separate edits?! I had to un-merge it once already. Zoom in...
12017-02-02 12:38:20 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. The school is already mapped as an area and with a name.
I am removing this duplication.
Cheers Phil
12017-02-01 10:33:09 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the new road. You may like to join it to Millhall Road. This allows routing by phone and satnav to get people to the road.

22017-02-01 10:37:13 UTCtrigpoint Also please could you capitalise the name correctly, thanks
12017-01-31 20:51:29 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
We try to map things accurately as they exist in the real world
This and many of your other additions appear to be doodles, this one is on top of a road.
22017-02-01 07:38:33 UTCBCNorwich Removed duplicated way.
12017-01-31 20:05:09 UTCtrigpoint I am reverting this change, you have turned a correctly mapped skateboard area into a park, that is considered vandalism
12017-01-31 19:46:51 UTCtrigpoint Hi, you seem to have changed a wood that had been added by another mapper to a park. I can see it is a wood so I have fixed it.
12017-01-31 19:35:07 UTCtrigpoint HI, you seem to have added a park to a mountain area. In OSM we map what exists on the ground and this is not most peoples idea of a park.
I am reverting this edit.
12017-01-29 21:44:19 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. The paths you added were already mapped as service roads, you therefore created duplications. I have removed these.
12017-01-29 21:00:42 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Something has gone a little wrong here, you have added impossible paths which pass through houses. I have reverted this change.
Please remember that we add only what really exists.
12017-01-26 22:08:34 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
Thanks for the edit. You need to add amenity=fuel to mark the object as a fuel station. It probably isn't called 'Petrol Station', so changing the name to the name that is displayed on the business would be good too.

22017-01-29 16:55:17 UTCtrigpoint I have tagged this from memory, will check sometime or NWillowsrough can confirm.
Cheers Phil
12017-01-29 16:39:27 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. I have reverted this changeset as you have incorrectly changed recreation grounds and a common to parks.
The clue is in the name i.e. Fryern Rec is not likely to be a park.
12017-01-28 20:43:03 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. In OSM we map things that really exist on the ground, we do not map thing that do not exist such as your reservoir, a garden as a park or footpaths through gardens. I am reverting your edits
12017-01-27 18:10:02 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. I assume this footpath is meant to connect to Wellbeck Drive? For it to be usable it does need to connect. Shout up if you need a hand.
22017-01-27 19:20:13 UTCBCNorwich I don't think there is a footpath goes through the houses just there.
12017-01-27 17:42:08 UTCtrigpoint You seem to have deleted all the buildings in the botanic gardens, that is vandalism. Reverting
12017-01-27 17:28:25 UTCtrigpoint These areas were correctly mapped as grass, they are not parks. Reverting
12017-01-27 17:22:22 UTCtrigpoint You have for some reason changed two schools to colleges, that is clearly incorrect they are very definitely schools. I am reverting this edit
12017-01-27 17:06:57 UTCtrigpoint Reverting fiction
12017-01-27 16:18:36 UTCtrigpoint This footpath is a duplication of the existing cycleway. I am reverting this edit.
12017-01-27 16:17:33 UTCtrigpoint This footpath is fiction, I am reverting this edit
12017-01-27 16:13:45 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. OSM is a live database, used by many people and as such we only add what exists in the real world. There is no park here, it is houses so I am reverting this edit
12017-01-26 23:45:15 UTCtrigpoint Hi, thank you for your edit. You do seem to be making things complicated, a relation for your first edit. In this case it is not really needed, just join the two way and put the tags there. And of course delete the relation.
Give me a shout if you need a hand.
12017-01-26 23:38:13 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Something appears to have gone a bit wrong here. You seem to have deleted a large number of POIs. I am sure that was an accident so I am going to revert this changeset.
If you would like to comment and explain what you were intending then we can help
12017-01-26 23:30:40 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM, I am reverting this as we only map what already exists and this is housing.
12017-01-26 23:16:36 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Please remember that OSM is a live database and that we only map what exists in the real world,
This area is clearly not a park, I have reverted this change.
BTW It is unlikely you will find a missing park in Wigston.
12017-01-26 12:51:58 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your addition, however Greenfields Rec was already correctly mapped as a recreation_ground. Your park was a duplication which I have removed.
Please ask if you need advice on adding information to OSM.
Cheers Phil
12017-01-24 20:35:03 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. The area around a church should be tagged as a churchyard. It is not likely to be a park. That seems to be mistagging.
12017-01-24 18:21:18 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
Thank you for correcting the position of the Admiral Duncan, although we only map the building where it is, I have tidyed this up and mapped the car park. The beer garden isn't exactly a park so I have retagged it.
The village green can be tagged as a village green, no need to ...
12017-01-22 12:47:15 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please can you point me to where these changes, and the others in the series, were discussed?
Thanks Phil
22017-01-24 17:13:38 UTCRitterR hi, sorry form my english. I use google translator.

I based on

Many of these nodes has been added long ago, and no one since then has not changed under the new rules adopted.
I watched thes points, and if they were on the highw...
12017-01-21 17:43:43 UTCtrigpoint I am reverting this as it is spam.
12017-01-21 16:24:31 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM and thank you for your addition of a footpath. It looks good.
As you are local I wonder if you could check the legal access status of Vincents Roadm it has previously been tagged as access=permissive which looks a little odd.
Thanks Phil
12017-01-02 14:17:11 UTCimagico I would consider this essentially mapping for the renderer - beaches do extent below the high water line obviously and natural=tidal_beach is not documented while equivalent established tagging exists (natural=beach + tidal=yes)

If the lowest parts here is still a beach (i.e. wave formed) or a ti...
22017-01-15 11:05:48 UTCdmgroom_ct The wiki is very clear that the tag "natural = beach" is only for the part of the beach above the MHW line.

So what you refer to as established tagging is still in contravention of what is expected.
32017-01-16 11:03:54 UTCimagico Well - the 'how to map' section on the wiki does not represent common mapping practice here and contradicts the basic definition of natural=beach as a landform.

The wiki by the way currently also says you should tag the part of a beach below the high water line as natural=shoal - which of course ...
42017-01-17 14:26:32 UTCdmgroom_ct I will emnail you via the OSM msg system
52017-01-21 16:16:05 UTCtrigpoint Please don't do that, it is better to keep these discussion in the open.
Thanks Phl
12017-01-18 19:23:13 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. This edit looks very odd, what is the source you are using.
It seems very odd to map mud around jettys.
Also please could you use meaningful changeset comments describing what you have done so that other mappers know what you are intending. #thamesmapathon tells us nothing.
12017-01-18 19:11:26 UTCtrigpoint Please see comments on note
The spelling does not match OS Opendata Locator or local tradition.
Thanks Phil
22017-01-19 09:47:38 UTCACS1986 By bizarre coincidence I stopped at the premier inn next door earlier in the year and noticed the Dutch spelling at the time. Unless it has been changed Kopje is the spelling on the road sign
12017-01-16 16:20:28 UTCmaldav I do not seem to be able to label the route 6. What am I doing wrong?
22017-01-17 12:44:20 UTCtrigpoint What do you mean by label? What are you expecting
32017-01-17 13:08:40 UTCSK53 If you want it to appear on the transport map I think you need to put the bus route number in the ref tag, so add ref=6 and then it should appear along the relevant roads. Here's an example from my own area:
42017-01-17 21:39:09 UTCmaldav Many thanks for this information. It took me a while to realise that I was missing the Relation:route. I have now found the details on the wiki. This information didn't appear with the existing bus routes 4 and 4a put on by someone else. I now have to decide how far along the route I need to go. ...
12017-01-13 19:20:26 UTCtrigpoint Hi Bernard, you have missed sport=soccor

Cheers Phil
22017-01-13 20:14:06 UTCBCNorwich Hello Phil,

No I didn't miss it, I left it for you, please see my comment here :-, just joking. It will always be football to me! What do you think, conform or not?

Regards Bernard
12017-01-13 19:15:46 UTCtrigpoint Another undisguised mass edit, with no explanation. And you are still ignoring mappers comments.
22017-01-15 10:00:52 UTCdmgroom_ct I was nit ignoring mappers commenst, I have no idea what changeset comments were not being emailed to me, but to be fair there were enough other ways of contacting me.
12017-01-11 12:57:35 UTCDaveF Hi
Out of curiosity, what software are you using to validate these errors?
22017-01-11 18:27:18 UTCtrigpoint And what are you actually fixing, and please map in smaller areas so that you don't waste mappers time trying to work out which of the 6 pages are in their area.
32017-01-15 09:56:22 UTCdmgroom_ct It's not a mass edit. Each edit was individually made my me after viewing Bing imagery, looking at the error I was trying to fix, and then fixing it in JOSM

The sort of problems fixed are:

mainly highways which do not connect to other highways, for a number of reasons , including:
a) the 1st...
12017-01-10 18:58:35 UTCtrigpoint Hi, FP20 is a public right of way reference and should be put in the prow_ref tag, rather than the name. The name tag is for names.
It is certainly not FP20 for the majority of its length, it obviously isn't a Leicestershire right of way reference.
It also needs a bit more, I doubt it is Derbyshir...
22017-01-11 09:56:41 UTCDerby45 Hi Phil, I continued on an existing path, I guess the name was already in there.

I've seen a few of those names in the area, I'm aware some older OS maps show these references.

I've cut the path where I continued the line. Name removed from my edit, but I've left the original as it is for now....
12017-01-09 09:39:34 UTCstev This, and many other changesets from the user appears to be erroneuous advertising information. I have also sent the user a message
22017-01-10 18:19:40 UTCtrigpoint You should revert them. they are spam. Shout up if you need any help.
32017-01-12 16:30:30 UTCSomeoneElse For info, I added about a week ago.
12017-01-08 17:11:57 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. What does ref:sponsored mean?
12017-01-04 18:07:04 UTCtrigpoint Hi Geoff, welcome to OSM but please remember that OSM is a live database. It should not be used for testing. To get started it is far better to find something that is missing and add that, or a shop that has changed name. Simply adding a node with a name will not render without other tags describing...
22017-01-08 12:04:30 UTCtrigpoint No response received so I am reverting this change
12017-01-05 13:44:47 UTCRobert Whittaker Is the node at in the correct location? (I've just added some buildings and roads for Apperley Court from arial imagery. Should be node be within the building?)

You also appear to have changed the address of
22017-01-05 13:53:35 UTCdebelasers Hi Robert, Yes the node should be in one of the buildings but I couldn't place it correctly on the first go and then couldn't work out how to move it. We are in the north east corner of Appley Court, directly facing the access road.
And yes we moved from St Francis Way in November so I was trying t...
32017-01-05 13:54:57 UTCdebelasers Also, Electronics shop is a poor description of what we do (we design industrial lasers) but it was the closest I could find
42017-01-06 15:19:38 UTCtrigpoint Shop is probably the wrong description, made_made=works, product=industrial_lasers would fit better I think.
You will need to use a proper computer based editor, such as iD, rather than as it only allows a very limited subset of pre-defined tags to be used.
12017-01-06 13:49:36 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
The correct way to tag a a postcode is addr:postcode rather than the name tag. I am not sure what Wy Wyri is, but the middle of the road is an odd place, postcodes normally apply to places where mail is delivered to, and maybe use addr:housename.
Trees are mapped as natural=tre...
22017-01-06 13:52:31 UTCMikeValentineUK Cheers Phil.
I'm completely new here and clearly blundering around whilst trying to make myself accessible to the World!
The trees are a local landmark and regular navigation aid.
32017-01-06 14:00:20 UTCtrigpoint Thank you Mike, they sound a useful thing to add. If you change them to natural=tree, you probably need a new node so you have one for each tree, then tag them as natural=tree then they will show on the map.
You can add species:en=oak, maybe species:cy if you can.
12017-01-06 13:34:56 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
THis edit looks a little odd, a stream that passes through a house.
I am reverting this edit.
12017-01-05 12:56:04 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
Heathrow is already mapped, please do not add personal markers to the map.
I have removed this node.
12017-01-04 18:08:55 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. This should probably be amenity=social club, bar implies it is open to the public, whereas a social club has membership rules.
Cheers Phil
22017-01-04 19:56:08 UTCBCNorwich Yes welcome to OSM. Actually the facility is already mapped and all information is on the building outline. It is tagged as amenity=social_club, so I have removed your POI so as not to duplicate the information, hope that's OK.
32017-01-04 19:59:23 UTCtrigpoint Well spotted, the building and club outline are separate and overlapping ways. That could do with a tidy up while you are removing the node.
42017-01-04 21:02:22 UTCBCNorwich Sorry forgot to mention the duplicate I removed as well.
12017-01-02 14:09:57 UTCtrigpoint Hello, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your edit however something has gone a little wrong here, you seem to have created 2 untagged ways on top of existing ways.
What were you trying to achieve, maybe we can help.
Cheers Phil
22017-01-02 14:10:52 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM.

You seem to be struggling. You have added two things over te top of existing roads, but they are not tagged in any way to say what you intend them to be. Did you mean to save this? Would you like some help to tidy this up?

We would like you to add or improve stuff in the a...
12016-12-31 11:52:32 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
This addition looks a little odd, looking at bing imagery it does not look like a car park, or accessible.
What were you intending, the name trailhead also looks odd. That is an American concept.
22016-12-31 19:15:46 UTCSparky59 .

This is a new hill walk that a local farmer has created to allow the public to use 4 purpose made trails (each between 1.5 and 5.5 km long, from the car park, along the side of the river and then up into the hills before returning to the car park.

The car park is a small stone area with room...
32016-12-31 21:17:46 UTCtrigpoint Thank you for that information, it just looked a bit odd with no road link.
Its not possible with, but would it be possible to login to osm on a pc and add the access road, bridge and car park and maybe the paths too?
Ask if you need any help.
Cheers Phil
12016-12-30 19:17:59 UTCSomeoneElse Is the pub really separate to the "Inn at Ardgour"? Does it have a different name?
22016-12-31 17:29:52 UTCtrigpoint They were one and the same place when I was there a few years ago
12016-12-31 16:30:58 UTCtrigpoint Hi, thank you for your addition however you should connect the steps/paths to the road in some way otherwise you are just creating an unusable island.
Cheers Phil
12016-12-31 14:49:36 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what does fgmn mean?
12016-12-31 13:58:29 UTCRobJN Not bogus trigpoint! Please check before reverting. This is a grassed "park" area with paths through it.
22016-12-31 14:03:01 UTCRobJN Needs a proper survey but I've done a basic revert of your revert as the user was right to add a park here: changeset 44807049
32016-12-31 14:25:14 UTCtrigpoint Sorry Rob, it does need a survey but not sure I would consider a small grassy area in the middle of a housing estate to be a park.
12016-12-31 11:22:18 UTCtrigpoint Hello, thank you for your additions. In the UK we use footway, rather than path, for mapping PROW. I have changed these to footway and added designation=public_footpath. Not sure why we need path at all to be honest, it just confuses new mappers.
The southern path you added is actually a track, aga...
12016-12-30 17:11:40 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. I have spotted your edits and they appear a little strange to me.
What are you trying to achieve? Maybe we can help?
Cheers Phil
12016-12-30 13:17:44 UTCWynndale Did you mean to enter the postcode as NW10 7F?
22016-12-30 14:37:17 UTCORaha Well there are two postcodes assigned to this building, 7FR and 7FS
32016-12-30 15:56:58 UTCtrigpoint I assume they are for different businesses?

If so then it would be better to add a node for each and remove the postcode from the building.
42016-12-30 22:43:59 UTCORaha No it's a residential building. One block and different flats have different postcodes
12016-12-29 19:27:40 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM, thank you for your edit however are you sure it is a park, imagery suggests a school to me.
22016-12-29 21:03:46 UTCxWolfeBlitz Hiya yea its a park, there is a nursery there aswell but mainly its a public park
32016-12-29 21:51:06 UTCtrigpoint Thank you, keep on adding to OSM.
Coalisland looks rather empty, there must be load of stuff to add. Schools, pubs, shops and stuff
12016-12-29 19:19:37 UTCtrigpoint Please remember that OSM is a public database, it should not be used for personal markers
12016-12-29 18:55:12 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I am not sure why you changed the relation type from the British Museum, but the type multipolygon was correct, there is no such relation as building.
I am fixing this mistake, but please read
Cheers Phil
12016-12-29 18:04:38 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
Shiprow 15 is a very odd name for a hotel, however 15 Shiprow is the address of the Ibis which is already mapped. I have removed your duplication as it is in the wrong place
12016-12-28 13:33:01 UTCtrigpoint Hi, something has gone a little wrong here.
Chessington South station is now tagged both as an active station and a disused one. Which is correct?
22016-12-28 16:20:04 UTCshitworth Ah, that probably explains my confusion at not being able to spot it earlier. It's definitely an active station:
32016-12-28 17:05:15 UTCtrigpoint It was changed a few weeks ago, will comment on that and tidy up here. He has also changed the platforms to disused.
42016-12-28 17:28:32 UTCtrigpoint Hopefully all fixed now
12016-12-28 17:12:00 UTCtrigpoint Hi, something has gone rather wrong with this change. You changed Chessington South to disused, which has obviously confused local mappers as it is very much still in use. I have fixed this but in future please can you add meaningful comments to your changes so that other mappers can work out what y...
12016-12-28 15:12:02 UTCtrigpoint Hi, the name tag is for actual names. Gated road is a description, if there are gates then map them but please to not use name for stuff like this.
12016-12-27 18:12:37 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

When I see your first edit deleting stuff with comment of deleting excessive detail, this is worrying. OSM wants MORE detail not less. Why have you deleted stuff like this?
22016-12-27 18:19:21 UTCchillly Looking at this more closely I have reverted this edit. There is no way all this should be deleted.
32016-12-27 18:47:04 UTCBCNorwich Just wanted to add support to the decision to revert this changeset. It's very easy to make mistakes when you first jump into OSM mapping, I'm sure freefromsociety can make positive contributions. Just takes little research as to best practices first.
42016-12-28 09:27:31 UTCSomeoneElse Whilst it might make sense to restore some of this detail, I'm a bit sceptical about others - I doubt that is any sort of "pedestrian area", for example.
52016-12-28 14:04:24 UTCtrigpoint Also, whilst not part of this changeset. The A16 is incorrectly mapped as a dual carriageway. This could use a tidy up.
12016-12-27 20:59:33 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. The paths you added in Central Park were a duplication of the existing cycleways. I have removed the duplication.
12016-12-27 18:13:30 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. This edit has gone a little wrong, the Drayton Court Hotel is already mapped, I have removed your duplication.
12016-12-26 14:57:51 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. The paths you have added seem to be pure fiction. There are no marks on the ground and they cross pitches.
Please remember that in OSM we only add what exists in the real world.
12016-12-24 11:16:05 UTCtrigpoint Does really exist, it looks like it goes through someones garden?
22016-12-25 16:59:12 UTCAfrocomb Yes. the three tracks can be seen on this source

They can also normally be found on the local council website rights of way map (
32016-12-26 10:36:07 UTCtrigpoint Thank you, just couln't see it on aerial imagery
12016-12-26 10:05:33 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. The footpath you have added is a duplication of the existing cycleway, I have removed the duplication.
12016-12-25 16:12:18 UTCtrigpoint Reverted
12016-12-25 16:08:48 UTCtrigpoint Please remember that OSM is a public database, please do not add personal markers.
I am reverting this addition
12016-12-25 13:43:03 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Please remember that OSM is a map in which we map what exists in the real world. Please do not retag objects for your own purposes, this is considered vandalism.
I have reverted your changes as neither are parks.
12016-12-24 17:01:39 UTCtrigpoint Is there really a pear tree in the middle of the road?
22016-12-24 17:05:05 UTCHarrymapping So sorry, it's left a bit, there's a residents pear tree at the end of the road.
32016-12-24 17:31:34 UTCtrigpoint You may want to create new node and tag it as natural=tree, tree=pear.
Just creating a point with a name does nothing.
Cheers Phil
12016-12-24 17:02:03 UTCtrigpoint Please can you explain this?
22016-12-24 17:03:26 UTCHarrymapping There's a small plaque on the wall for Bobby.
32016-12-24 17:30:04 UTCtrigpoint This is normally mapped as historic=memorial then memorial=plaque. You may want to add some more detail, they usually say a bit more than Bobby.
Cheers Phil
12016-12-24 11:09:09 UTCtrigpoint Reverted fiction
12016-12-23 21:39:59 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Please remember that OSM is a live database, and we only map what exists in the real world.
Aerial imagery suggests that this path does not exist, can you convince me otherwise?
22016-12-24 08:15:25 UTCBCNorwich Yes Welcome to OpenStreetMap. The park doesn't look right either. I can find no reference to a park or public space here. It is likely to be part of Woolmer's park, a large farm.
32016-12-24 11:07:35 UTCtrigpoint Reverted
12016-12-23 17:27:59 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
I think this change has gone a little wrong, you have changed New Walk from a pedestrian street to a footway which seems a little odd to me as it has been mapped that way since it was first mapped 9 years ago. Just wondering why you consider it to be wrong?
You have also create...
22016-12-24 10:48:51 UTCtrigpoint I have restored New Walk and Highcross to highway=pedestrian
12016-12-24 09:42:58 UTCtrigpoint HI, welcome to OSM. We only map what exists on thbe ground, and we do not mis-tag what does exist. Changing a road to a footpath means map users will not be able to route over it. I consider your change vandalism and have reverted it.
12016-12-23 09:02:07 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
What is the source of this addition? I am not aware of any such path. The name also looks a bit odd.
Cheers Phil
22016-12-23 09:39:29 UTCZanigan Hey Phil

Yeah, made corrections to the playground in town. For some reason the name 'Minsterley Play Ground (with in-built GYM)' kept to other corrections made for some reason. Would I have to delete and re-create again to change the title?
There is also a public footpath that goes directly thro...
32016-12-23 14:54:42 UTCtrigpoint There is no need to recreate the playgound, the odd title is only on the changset, although you may want to disconnect it from the road.
The name on this path is is probably not verifiable and the path obviously exists so is fine.
It would be good to map the legal lines, if a farmer illegally obst...
12016-12-22 00:33:40 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what is the source of these edits, this entire estate looks very unlikely to really exist.
22016-12-23 14:48:51 UTCtrigpoint I drove passed here today, your edits are entirely fiction. I intend to revert them.
12016-12-22 00:32:02 UTCtrigpoint Is tourism really the correct tag for ?
Aerial imagery suggest it is residental, rather than somewhere to go on holiday?
12016-12-21 23:07:04 UTCGinaroZ Hi, noticed you added a number of duplicate POIs in this changeset. I've removed some of them, please make sure you check buildings/nodes already present before adding duplicates next time :)
22016-12-22 00:26:11 UTCtrigpoint A miners welfare is normally tagged as amenity=social_club, it is unlikely to be a traditional pub.
12016-12-21 10:34:21 UTCtrigpoint Hi, whilst I can see that Dalefiemapld Drive has been extended on mapbox imagery, I don't see a turning circle. It looks like a cul-de-sac, you certainly cannot turn around without using reverse.
22016-12-26 10:52:37 UTCnikhilprabhakar Hi Trigpoint,

Excuse me for the late reply, I have removed the turn circle as per your feedback. Please have a look and lemme know if everything else is correct in this area. And thanks a lot for pointing this out.

12016-10-20 11:09:17 UTCMike Baggaley HI, can you please take a look at the changes you have made to highways you have named Melton Road B666. Certainly the name should be Melton Road, rather than Melton Road B666. Are you sure the B666 still exists? If so, please put B666 in the ref field and also update the bridges and links to rounda...
22016-10-22 10:32:54 UTCtrigpoint I also don't believe that this is secondary road, you have changed it from a tertiary.
It would be unlikely that a B road alternative to a bypass would be provided, it just isn't the way LCC do things.
Have you any evidence that this is not a tertiary road?
I also have serious doubts about the B...
32016-12-21 00:08:36 UTCtrigpoint Fixed in
12016-12-20 20:02:05 UTCtrigpoint Hi, something went a little wrong with this changset. Whilst you created a building in Japan, you also dragged a crossing node in London. I have fixed the node drag and hopefully did not affect the building.
12016-12-20 19:39:11 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. I think that something has gone a bit wrong here. We normally change the tagging on a closed pub to disused:amenity=pub. For some reason you have changed the name of the bus stop.
12016-12-20 19:36:56 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I don't think the postbox is actually named Post Box. The name tag should not normally be filled in for object such a postboxes.
12016-12-20 17:07:37 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. What is actually here, is it a building or simply a signpost.
I imagine that you have made a typo and it is spelt Centre rather than the American way?
Cheers Phil
22016-12-20 18:09:36 UTCSomeoneElse I'm guessing that it's a duplicate of , actually.
32016-12-22 21:38:05 UTCvbth Hi, the place might be right but the name was only Cymraeg for village Hall. Also it was not visioble on the (offline) map. therefore i set an named it. Just give it a "i"-button an name it "Myddfai Community Hall & Visitor Centre". thanks.
42016-12-27 10:55:17 UTCSomeoneElse @vbth I wouldn't worry too much about what any particular map does or doesn't show, since they all show different things. I've tried to merge everything together and added a building in .
52016-12-28 09:17:45 UTCvbth thank you.
12015-07-04 17:31:45 UTCDaveF Hi Snake Skin

There's an expression in OSM: 'Don't tag incorrectly to suit the renderer'.

For accuracyIf a KG is a KG then it should be tagged as such. If you wish an item to be visible in a specific render you should contact the person creating the tiles.

Dave F.
22015-07-07 17:06:52 UTCSnake Sting Why don't kissing gates or stiles show up on OSM? What I mean is when you zoom right it will tell you if you hover the mouse over the node but not as a symbol on the map like gates. It would be very usefull for anybody on a bike knowing if there is a ton of stiles or kissing gates to leave bike an...
32015-08-13 10:03:16 UTCDaveF Sorry for the delayed reply.
OSM is a database. Lot's of different rendering are mad from this one source. It allows map creators to add relevent data & ignore what the don't want.

What's now described as the 'standard' map ie the mapnik rendering unfortunately doesn't render all barriers. I...
42015-08-17 13:40:56 UTCDaveF Err... try
52015-08-17 16:47:15 UTCSomeoneElse Looks like (if that's what you're talking about) offer lots of different background styles, but don't host any themselves, so you'd just have to lobby for one of those to support it; not necessarily openstreetmap-carto.
62016-12-17 21:02:40 UTCSomeoneElse Just for info, I've just added a separate "kissing_gate" icon to (that's a style that other people can use if they want to). See for which gate types ar...
72016-12-20 16:53:37 UTCtrigpoint Not really a comment on the mapping, or the rendering, but if a PROW has stiles or kissing gates then it is a public footpath. You should not be taking a bike on such paths.
82016-12-20 17:06:25 UTCDaveF There's nothing to prevent someone pushing a bike; although a few walkers have disagreed with me.
12016-11-13 16:42:02 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this looks a very odd place for a shop to be located. Is it a bakery factory?
22016-12-17 13:35:30 UTCSomeoneElse See
32016-12-20 16:44:12 UTCtrigpoint Reverted after user did not respond to changeset comments
12016-12-13 19:10:09 UTCtrigpoint Bourns Office is a very odd name for a mobile phone shop, are you really sure about this?
22016-12-20 16:38:13 UTCtrigpoint Reverted after user didn't respond
12016-01-23 17:25:53 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I think something went a little wrong here.
You added cycleway=lane to
In my recollection, and looking at bing imagery, this is a two lane road with no cycling infrastructure. Did you visit the location?
22016-12-20 14:09:38 UTCtrigpoint Also is a 3-4m wide road. It does not have lanes, its not wide enough. It also has no sidewalk, yet you have tagged it as having a sidewalk on both sides. This can lead to misleading routing information being provided to map users.
It is important that we m...
12016-12-20 11:18:35 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSN.
Please remember that OSM is a live database and should not be used for test data that does not exist in the real world.
12016-12-19 12:58:49 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I have reverted this change.
The admin_level=10 boundary already exists and you removed the place node which is important for navigation.
22016-12-19 20:48:41 UTCshirokazan The difficulty of the existing boundary is that it means that roads such as Curlew Croft are not recorded as Leighton Buzzard but Billington, which doesn't make any sense.
12016-12-17 10:58:07 UTCtrigpoint Please do not add spam to name tags or change the name of bus stops away from their official name. I am removing these tags.
22016-12-17 19:00:40 UTCSomeoneElse Actually, I'd suggest adding a "real_ale" tag, like here .
You won't be able to do this from MAPS.ME, but you will from the web-based editors at
12016-12-17 10:52:45 UTCtrigpoint Hi, is there really a church here. The area is mapped as a school and imagery suggests that the mapping was correct.
22016-12-22 16:49:23 UTCTrebor51 If you look at Google Streetview you will see the church is to the right of the school. Look art this link:,-0.4513927,3a,75y,100.04h,86.19t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sksT2GeGoJbq0ZCS22eFjEA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
BTW I used to worship at that church and my children w...
12016-12-16 16:12:24 UTCSomeoneElse Are you sure that these are "gift" shops? If they're really record shops please don't map them as something else.
You can see what shop tags are in use looking at . "shop=music" seems to be the most popular tag for record shops...
22016-12-16 17:29:05 UTCtrigpoint Also please check that what you are adding is in the correct place. For example Piccadilly Records is already mapped some distance from your addition.
Your additions of one type of object is spead over a very large area, what is your source of information/location.
12016-12-16 16:58:12 UTCtrigpoint Please can you make meaningful comments, this is OSM not twitter and London rather than Tanzania.
22016-12-16 17:01:18 UTCmrlourobinson Apologies, I didnt realise it had added that comment. Seems to have kept the comment from a previous change for Missing Maps. I'll be careful it doesn't happen again.
12016-12-16 16:36:40 UTCtrigpoint Hi, oneway is unnecessary when junction=roundabout is used. I have removed these tags.
12016-12-16 14:53:48 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Little Venice is already mapped a short distance from there. I have removed this node as it could mislead other map users.
12016-12-15 13:08:52 UTCBCNorwich Hello and Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
It is impossible to work out what you wanted to achieve with this addition to the live OSM database as there are no descriptive tags. What I can deduce is that as far as I am aware this line is not verifiable as existing in reality, (unless you can enlighten me)....
22016-12-15 15:05:26 UTCBrianWharf Feel free, what I was trying to achieve doesn't seem possible here. Also, you may wish to get somebody to read back your text as some of it seems rather condescending.
32016-12-15 16:23:49 UTCtrigpoint What were you trying to achieve? Maybe someone can help. OSN is based around tags, so any untagged object will do nothing in OSM.
12016-12-14 19:23:45 UTCtrigpoint Hi, did you discuss the removal of the building tags from HMS Belfast anywhere, such as with the GB community?
It is long accepted practice that permanently moored ships are tagged as buildings.
HMS Belfast is a significant national tourist attraction. I have replaced the tag you have removed.
22016-12-14 20:54:12 UTC4b696d I did not discuss anything. All I did was following the rules I found in the wiki which clearly state otherwise, but it is not my object to cause any trouble. In case you have complaints about my other edits please let me know. Don't worry about the ship, I will not touch it again.
12016-12-13 19:28:50 UTCtrigpoint Hyde Park is already mapped, reverted
12016-12-13 19:28:10 UTCtrigpoint I doubt there is a clothes shop in the car park, reverted
12016-12-11 19:49:22 UTCGinaroZ from their website/social media it seems like the name should be lowercase?
22016-12-11 19:58:55 UTCtrigpoint Oh, sorry. Just saw it and had to correct it. users not bothering with case because they are using a phone has made me much more parricular about grammar in OSM names.
12016-12-11 17:29:57 UTCtrigpoint Please do not use OSM for personal markers, I am deleting this
12016-12-11 17:16:34 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
Green Motion car hire is already mapped at Birmingham International, I am removing your duplication.
12016-12-11 17:11:55 UTCtrigpoint Hi, when I visited Albert Dock, there were no signs in Russian
12016-12-11 17:08:39 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I am removing the unofficial viewing point. It is not something that belongs in a public database
12016-12-11 12:12:15 UTCtrigpoint Hi, is Quorn Village Hall really a Town Hall (as in seat of local government). I have been there a few times and would consider it a community centre.
Cheers Phil
22016-12-11 19:03:31 UTCJoeNerini1 Hi Phil,

The OpenStreetMap Wiki states that Town Halls "may just serve as a community meeting place" so I feel this classification is appropriate.

32016-12-15 16:59:00 UTCSK53 No this is not an appropriate classification. Use either amenity=village_hall or amenity=community_centre which are the accepted values for such places in the UK, and have been so for at least 6-7 years.
12016-12-10 18:46:38 UTCtrigpoint Hi, Attack Snooker Club seems a very odd name for a pub. Are you sure it isn't a social club?
22016-12-20 22:20:02 UTCSomeoneElse It's also a duplicate (same mapper) of .
12016-12-09 13:18:46 UTCtrigpoint Hi, have you some more details about this ATM? Such as operator, associated object? An ATM without an associated bank, shop is very unusual.
Cheers Phil
22016-12-10 15:01:48 UTCJohnnyCab It's just in the wall of the Cheeky Coffee shop. See
12016-12-08 20:00:00 UTCtrigpoint Please could you use meaningful comments that state what you have done, Wales is a big place.
Thanks Phil
12016-12-08 19:20:08 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Please could you capitalise names properly.
12016-12-08 12:59:22 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
The access tags you have added here seem a little odd. I would expect motor vehicle to be private, only the farmer can use it to access their field. Permissive means there is general permission to access it, but not a right and can be withdrawn.
It is a public footpath, so bike...
12016-12-07 00:02:06 UTCtrigpoint Should be fixed
12016-12-06 18:55:16 UTCtrigpoint Is this really a public car park? Have you surveyed it. Looking at imagery it looks like it is private parking space for the surounding houses.
12016-12-06 18:52:44 UTCtrigpoint Is really 2 lanes, I remember it being quite a narrow single track road and thats certainly how it looks on bing imagery. Did you survey it?
12016-12-05 18:21:19 UTCtrigpoint Please stop adding personal marker to OpenStreetMap, there are no Alpine Huts in London.
22016-12-06 18:24:31 UTCtrigpoint Reverting no response again
12016-12-05 12:59:59 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your edit, however we tag disused things as disused:shop, disused:amenity etc. That tells the render not to render them. Changing the name implies there is an object called Empty, which is no the case.
Happy mapping, Phil
12016-12-05 12:50:06 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your edit, however you do need to tag the objects you add. As a minimum they will need building=yes, area=yes isn't needed very often.
Cheers Phil
12016-12-04 23:54:43 UTCtrigpoint Hi, do you have any more detail for this hotel, such as a phone number. Also please could you capitalise names properly, all lowercase means others will have to clean up.
12016-12-04 23:12:47 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your edit, however Tesco Express is already mapped,
Tesco Express is normally mapped as shop=convienience, supermarket is used for larger shops.
I have removed the duplicate.
12016-12-04 17:41:40 UTCtrigpoint Hi, these artworks look a bit odd. Please can you explain?
22016-12-04 18:59:30 UTCmapping man There are 7 (i could only find 6) artworks located along the cycle path as you enter Winslow.

Some more info here
32016-12-04 19:32:49 UTCtrigpoint Thank you, looks interesting.
Hope you find number 7.
Cheers Phil
12016-12-04 10:14:16 UTCtrigpoint Hi, thank you for your edit however when reversing ways it is good to also look at the other tags on the way you are reversing. This is particulary important when the way forms a boundary. We now have Wales on the left of this stream and England on the right. That is not right.
Cheers Phil
22016-12-04 14:12:31 UTCtrigpoint In this case the tags are obsolete as they are defined as relations but when reversing way please to look at the tags to ensure they still make sense.
Cheers Phil
32016-12-05 15:47:50 UTCBman @trigpoint - oops. Sorry. Thank you for cleaning that up after me.
12016-12-04 11:20:00 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. In OSM we map objects which exist in the real world, we do not make things up and we do not add fantasy names to objects.
Your edits make me suspicious that you are not mapping what really exists.
12016-12-04 11:18:18 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. In OSM we map objects which exist in the real world, we do not make things up and we do not add fantasy names to objects.
Your edits make me suspicious that you are not mapping what really exists.
12016-12-03 18:39:50 UTCtrigpoint Are you sure about the spelling?
22016-12-05 18:00:54 UTCafrihagen eh, yes:
12016-12-03 17:21:11 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please could you make your changeset comments a bit more meaningful, Added Additional Information say absolutely nothing.
Also please don't join landuse polygons to the centreline of the road. It makes the map harder to maintain. and landuse stops at the edge of the road.
Thanks Phil
12016-12-01 18:32:47 UTCtrigpoint Again, can I get my car repaired at an ambulance station? It seems unlikely.
12016-12-01 18:24:32 UTCtrigpoint Hi, does the surgery have a actual name? Doctors Surgery is a description rather than a name.
And can I really take my car to an Ambulance Station to be repaired?
12016-12-01 12:44:09 UTCtrigpoint HI, this change seem to have been copied from, did you obtain written permission to use this data as stated in the copyright notice within the document?
Also the maps within it are 'Crown Copyright' meaning we absolutely c...
22016-12-01 13:16:29 UTCSiHollett I drove it, saw the signs (hence 'marked'), and then provided the document to explain what the route is.
32016-12-01 18:13:11 UTCtrigpoint If you have driven it, and seen the signs, then that is the ultimate in good data.
Routes are mapped as relations that combine the ways, there are many examples in OSM, such as the National Cycle Network. Tagging signs will not mean anything, especially a node with just a reference, chances are the...
12016-11-29 19:52:45 UTCRobJN Hi. Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Just to make you aware, we have guidelines for the road status in the UK. Basically if the road sign is green then it is a "trunk" road (not a primary).

As such please don't be surprised if someone reverts these edits.

For more info:
22016-11-29 23:36:42 UTCtrigpoint Reverted in
32016-11-30 19:06:34 UTCA12B The road signs in the north south direction are in fact white. Only East West direction are green and hence I have left as "Trunk". I have checked against other sources e.g Bing Maps and the classification I have used is also reflected there.
42016-11-30 19:42:55 UTCtrigpoint Please do not copy other maps, they are copyright and we do not have permission to use them. Besides bing and google have their own way of classifying roads, the OSM method for the UK is defined in the wiki.
I am 100% sure that the Leicester ring road, and A50 are still trunk as I was there less th...
52016-12-01 00:58:54 UTCRobJN Hi both,

Thanks for responding. @trigpoint: I don't think this was a case of copying, just bringing in comparisons to prove that it isn't quite so simple cut.

Also in my rush to send a message, I actually wrote it on the wrong changeset. On this changeset Narborough Road is fine. By convention...
12016-11-30 18:50:27 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what is the source of these reference numbers, and do you have permisson to use them?
Also I assume they are not verifiable on the ground so should be in admin_ref rather than ref. A satnav telling a driver to turn left into UX2 will be both confusing and annoying.
Cheers Phil
22016-11-30 19:36:49 UTCSiHollett 1) source -

2) there's zero copyright on the document (and it's illegal for it's data to not be accessible to the public), though I should have sourced it

3) there's masses of unsigned roads ...
32016-11-30 19:49:44 UTCSomeoneElse Ahem. I'd suggest that your paragraph (2) could probably benefit from a bit of wider discussion - I'd suggest that talk-gb list for that - it's where youll probably find the widest audience of GB mappers.
Re (3) it's definitely worth following custo...
42016-12-01 07:39:20 UTCRichard Just because a document doesn't have a copyright notice on it doesn't mean it's uncopyrighted, I'm afraid. Quite the opposite- copyright subsists unless expressly disclaimed.

Second, a document being "accessible" has no bearing on its copyright status.

Third, as SomeoneElse explain...
52016-12-01 09:03:35 UTCSiHollett "ref= means the same thing the world over: let's not add a needless exception for one country."
Which is to include references that aren't signed with ref= tags. Unless Hungary, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Albania and all the other countries that include every road nu...
62016-12-01 09:55:23 UTCSomeoneElse @SiHollett Your comments above seem to suggest that you believe that you and you alone have the correct answer - everyone else who disagrees with you must be wrong or somehow unenlightened. If only life was so simple - n the real world there are different views that need to be taken on board and di...
72016-12-01 13:12:11 UTCSiHollett "Your comments above seem to suggest that you believe that you and you alone have the correct answer"
Not at all - that's you guys demanding that only you have the right version of true and that I conform to it. If you actually held to the idea that there's different versions of "tru...
82016-12-01 13:19:54 UTCSomeoneElse > you refuse to handle it personally,
No - go back and read it again.
92016-12-01 13:53:30 UTCSiHollett "Finally, speaking as someone who creates maps for my own satnav based on OSM data, how am I supposed to make it know which refs are signed and which not?"

This reads like 'I, personally, don't deal with it as I'm clueless and must get other people to do that for me, relying on them to ...
102016-12-01 14:24:53 UTCSomeoneElse Seriously - when you've got three people suggesting that you might want to reconsider what you're doing, just how unable-to-consider-alternate-points-of-view do you have to be to think "I'm right; evereyone else is wrong".
If you'd actually read the links I provided above you'd understand...
112016-12-01 14:58:29 UTCSiHollett "Seriously - when you've got three people suggesting that you might want to reconsider what you're doing, just how unable-to-consider-alternate-points-of-view do you have to be to think "I'm right; evereyone else is wrong"."

So, hang on, so beyond having not one, not two, but ...
122016-12-02 14:54:33 UTCMike Baggaley Looking at Lees Road (way 23111785 and adjoining), the U prefix reference suggests this is a tertiary road, but the highway tag has secondary in it, so either the ref tag or the highway tag is incorrect. Can you please either put a B road ref or change highway to tertiary?

132016-12-02 15:20:50 UTCSomeoneElse @Mike Baggaley - I think you mean (I keep doing that too!)
142016-12-02 15:59:16 UTCSiHollett Mike, any reason why you couldn't do it? surely it would have taken less time for you to do it than to ask me to?

also, why am I responsible, when someone else erroneously made it secondary, rather than tertiary?

Anyway, I've changed it, though I have no idea why I'm being so nice. I even chan...
152016-12-02 16:32:06 UTCMike Baggaley Thanks for that, Si. I am not local to the area so don't know anything about the road, other than that it failed my check of secondary roads with a ref beginning with something other than a B, so I had no way of knowing which tag was incorrect. As the last change to the road was to set its ref, it s...
162016-12-02 16:37:59 UTCSiHollett OK, thanks Mike, that makes sense
172017-05-11 13:30:25 UTCEdLoach I just stumbled across UX6 and wondered why ref has been used in place of official_ref - but see there has been discussion already. It looks like we're being left to correct them as we find them?
12016-11-29 23:57:59 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I think the words Roman Road mean it was a Roman Road, its not the name.
12016-11-29 23:36:54 UTCtrigpoint Reverted in
12016-11-29 23:36:27 UTCtrigpoint Reverted in
12016-11-29 23:35:52 UTCtrigpoint Reverted in
12016-11-29 23:35:27 UTCtrigpoint Reverted in
12016-11-29 23:35:14 UTCtrigpoint Reverted in
12016-11-29 23:34:52 UTCtrigpoint Reverted in
12016-11-29 23:34:39 UTCtrigpoint Reverted in
12016-11-29 20:02:30 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
It's great to see people adding stuff around where they live, but please do be careful and only make updates that actually exist on the ground - I'm not convinced about the large swathe of grass at
22016-11-29 23:34:23 UTCtrigpoint Reverted in
32016-11-30 19:01:06 UTCA12B I can confirm this area of land is grass and can even be seen from the satellite imaginary.
42016-11-30 19:08:31 UTCSomeoneElse Er - not really. If you look at you can see a dog-leg of grass which covers part of the university's sports ground (which presumably is grass, but there's already a football pitch tagged there) amd also Manor Road itself (which presumably is asphalt rather than grass?
12016-11-29 23:33:50 UTCtrigpoint Reverted in
12016-11-29 23:33:29 UTCtrigpoint Reverted in
12016-11-29 23:33:17 UTCtrigpoint Reverted in
12016-11-29 23:32:55 UTCtrigpoint Reverted in
12016-11-17 17:15:41 UTCtrigpoint This seems an unlikely name for a garage in Greenford, does it have an actual name?
22016-11-29 17:47:33 UTCtrigpoint No response, bing imagery doesn't match so reverted
12016-11-29 17:47:01 UTCtrigpoint Reverted, does not match imagery
12016-11-17 17:20:19 UTCtrigpoint I cannot see a chimney on bing, and you have placed it in the road?
What are you trying to achieve?
22016-11-29 17:45:51 UTCtrigpoint No response so I have reverted, there is already a garage mapped where the tyre shop was added
12016-11-26 15:46:18 UTCtrigpoint Do we have permission to copy from the parks department information board?
22016-11-28 12:07:21 UTCLE6Ram Hi. These paths are being put in as part of a project funded by the City Council. I probably didn't make clear on my reasons that I walked all paths using a GPS unit and paper and pencil survey maps provided by the council and then checked against notice board. I did tell the on site ranger what ...
32016-11-28 20:27:42 UTCtrigpoint Thank you, walking them with a GPS is the best survey you can have. There is no need to justify what you have seen, unlike wikipedia we prefer original work.
12016-11-26 15:45:28 UTCtrigpoint I have fixed which you had dragged.
Cheers Phil
22016-11-28 12:11:30 UTCLE6Ram Thanks Phil. No idea what happened there.
Are you Phil from the Get Walking project?
32016-11-28 20:25:43 UTCtrigpoint Not me I'm afraid.
12016-11-28 18:49:37 UTCtrigpoint The user did not respond, but I was able to see the path on bing imagery and have added it
12016-11-27 19:08:21 UTCtrigpoint Please do not add personal markers to OSM. I have reverted this
12016-11-27 17:58:46 UTCtrigpoint Again this is already mapped, please do not add duplicates
12016-11-27 17:57:19 UTCtrigpoint The US Embasy is already mapped, there is no point adding duplications.
12016-11-27 17:50:14 UTCtrigpoint Is there really a bar called Fullers in the middle of the road? Unlikely as Fullers is a brewery and they do proper pubs, not bars.
12016-11-26 15:49:24 UTCtrigpoint Are there really shops in the middle of the pitches at Stamford Bridge and White Hart Lane?
22016-11-27 17:24:40 UTCtrigpoint Rubbish has been deleted
12016-11-27 12:55:45 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
This is a very odd place for a Jewellers, what were you trying to achieve?
22016-11-27 17:21:38 UTCtrigpoint Rubbish deleted
12016-11-26 16:35:05 UTCtrigpoint Is there really a toliet here, there is nothing visible on mapilary and it just seems unlikely.
22016-11-27 00:47:17 UTCvwJim Hi, yes its one of those small "pay toilets" that self clean etc. Ony slightly larger than a phone box.
32016-11-27 09:53:34 UTCtrigpoint Thank you
12016-11-26 19:41:32 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
It is helpful to other mappers if you keep changes to managable areas. Changes over an area this large are very difficult to follow.
Thanks Phil
12016-11-26 16:32:55 UTCtrigpoint Hi, is there really a toilet here?
It looks like a house on aerial imagery.
12016-11-26 16:09:28 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this should probably be tagged as a gallery rather than an artwork.
Cheers Phil
22016-11-26 16:32:09 UTCBCNorwich Agree, changed.
12016-11-26 16:05:34 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this would be better tagged as shop=farm, but probably doesn't offer that :)

Cheers Phil
22016-11-26 16:41:22 UTCmapping man No doesnt give that option. I always try to find the closest equilavent with an aim to correcting later when im back on a desktop.

12016-11-26 15:59:45 UTCtrigpoint Please do not change the names of football stadiums to include the club name, that is not the name of the ground.
I am reverting this vandalism.
12016-11-25 13:55:15 UTCtrigpoint Is your office really in the middle of a car park?
22016-11-26 11:10:47 UTCmapping man They have also deleted the road in the carpark.

This users edits need to be reverted.
32016-11-26 11:23:52 UTCtrigpoint I have reverted this
42016-11-26 11:25:26 UTCmapping man @trigpoint thanks. I suspect that its a spam account. Out of interest how do you revert a changeset?
52016-11-26 12:38:03 UTCSomeoneElse The address given in their edit checks out with their website - might be worth someone phoning the number on the website to ask if they added it themselves (and then explaining how to do it not in a car park) or if they paid someone else to do it, and if so who.
There have been a large number of &q...
12016-11-25 14:08:59 UTCtrigpoint Hi, changing Tesco Express from amenity=fuel to a shelter looks very odd to me. Is there a good reason for that?
Cheers Phil
22016-11-25 14:32:09 UTCBCNorwich Sorry, I wanted to add the feature/area as a shelter but failed to realise I was removing the fuel tag from amenity.
Looking at it again shelter doesn't seem right anyway. Now found building=canopy, perfect.
12016-11-25 13:48:02 UTCtrigpoint Hi, something has gone very wrong here. The A442, and Kidderminster are nowhere Llangollen. I am reverting this change.
22016-11-25 14:49:53 UTCJohn Grubb Well spotted! Heaven only knows what happened there - probably had that section selected and then, after a distraction of some sort, went and held down CTRL to pick other edits having panned the map to another area of interest. Oops...
12016-11-24 12:41:04 UTCtrigpoint Is this verifiable, i.e. if I walk down the street will I see a sign on the building and can customers visit to book an appointment?
22016-11-24 12:47:20 UTCptmaintenance We don't have a sign for our office. We book our customers via phone and email.
32016-11-24 13:08:03 UTCtrigpoint In that case there is nothing to map, OSM is not a business directory.
12016-11-23 18:32:10 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. There is no need to fill the name tag with what is a description.
We can see it is a postbox from its amenity tag.
Cheers Phil
22016-11-25 07:41:29 UTCBCNorwich Corrected operator name spelling and collection time syntax.
12016-11-21 18:26:52 UTCtrigpoint Do you have any information on this artwork?
22016-11-21 22:30:25 UTCCale_xox Yes, it is called 'Cornucopia'
32016-11-22 12:46:47 UTCtrigpoint Thank you, you should probably add that name to the object.

12016-11-21 18:52:07 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
Thank you for your additions, but they don't really look like they should be mapped as highway=pedestrian. That is for pedestrianised streets in town centres.
I would suggest that these should be mapped as highway=footway.
There is also no need to add oneway=no, that is assu...
12016-11-21 12:52:54 UTCtrigpoint Hi, is this really a hotel? The name suggests self catering holiday cottages.
12016-11-18 20:09:51 UTCtrigpoint To be more accurate, it is a University not a school. It is also already mapped as an area.
I am reverting this addition.
12016-11-17 18:43:45 UTCtrigpoint Hi, we normally tag Tesco Express as shop=convenience, supermarket is reserved for the larger ones that are subject to Sunday opening restrictions.
12016-11-17 17:13:49 UTCtrigpoint Hi, Berkley Mansions is already mapped as way, you have created a duplicate node in the middle of the road. I am removing this duplicate.
I also doubt it is an attraction.
22016-11-18 00:25:10 UTCDr-Mx I've removed the node and added the postcode to the apartment building
12016-11-14 19:06:53 UTCtrigpoint Does the post office have an actual name?
22016-11-17 10:01:15 UTCPeterwhs I don't think so. It's just a Post Office. Maybe it's called a Royal Mail Post Office? Does it matter?
32016-11-17 12:47:15 UTCtrigpoint Post Offices always have a name, it will either be Raphael Street Post Office or maybe Knightsbridge Post Office. There is no point just putting Post Office in the name, we can see that from the symbol. It does matter, when a card is left saying there is something to collect it will need to say whic...
12016-11-15 19:07:50 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I assume the numbers you are adding are housenumbers.
These should not be put in the name, they should be put in the addr:housnumber tag.
Cheers Phil
22016-11-15 19:51:19 UTCJC49 These are not quite house numbers as the buildings are massive concrete bunkers. They don't have addresses as such.
32016-11-15 19:58:51 UTCtrigpoint Sorry, having zoomed out a bit further I can see where they are. No not housenumbers.
12016-11-15 19:49:33 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
You should probably remove the name old toilet block is more a description than a name. Its your bike workshop that should show up first.
It is not recommended to combine Welsh/English in the name tag. In an area such as Machynlleth I tend to put Welsh in the name tag and put ...
12016-11-14 19:08:49 UTCtrigpoint P A Pike Joinery is a very odd name for a post office, what were you trying to achieve?
12016-11-14 07:02:07 UTCtrigpoint I have reverted this vandalism
12016-11-13 22:54:21 UTCtrigpoint We do not map airbnb's in OSM, they are not verifiable.
12016-11-13 16:40:14 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
Thank you for your addition but please remember that is very limited in what it allows. It only allows nodes to be added to the map, and has a very small subset of tags and encourages misuse of tags (I assume that his is not a Post Office).
To add paths you will need to...
12016-11-12 14:00:15 UTCmueschel Hi,
way 389961326 has the tag 'adpoted =no' that doesn't make sense to me. Could you check that?

Cheers, Jan
22016-11-12 14:56:29 UTCtrigpoint That looks like a typo, it should be adopted=no.
32016-11-13 14:22:08 UTCPaul Berry My mistake; thanks for correcting it, @mueschel.
12016-11-12 13:33:19 UTCtrigpoint Does this ATM have an operator, it is also unusual not to be associated with either a bank or a shop.
12016-11-12 13:30:40 UTCtrigpoint I doubt the name is really McDonald's Restaurant with Drive Thru. We simply use the name McDonald's. If it has a drive through, then we map that as a way. You need to use a proper PC based editor to do that. McDonalds is normally considered fast_food rather than a restaurant.
Cheers Phil
12016-11-12 13:22:46 UTCtrigpoint Again, this is not how you spell Barclays and I seriously doubt any of these ATMs are genuine. Please could you explain what you are trying to achieve.
12016-11-11 15:42:08 UTCtrigpoint Hi, your edits in London look a bit odd. I somehow doubt that there is an ATM in The Palace of Westminster and that the London community could have missed 10 ATMs.
I suspect that these are personal markers.
Please learn to spell Barclays.
12016-11-11 13:49:28 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Does this clothes shop have a name and I imagine it is one of the buildings and not in the middle of the road?
12016-11-10 19:12:40 UTCtrigpoint This looks very odd, are you sure there is a post office here. It is mapped as a farm and that what it looks like on bing imagery?
12016-11-06 18:37:21 UTCBCNorwich Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap.
Features added to the OSM database must be factual and verifiable on the ground by any one. So this POI looks like it is a fiction.
It is in fact a Post Box address and as such should be removed.
22016-11-08 18:57:56 UTCtrigpoint Should we not just remove the spam, and tag it as a postbox. The shop could probably use a post office node too?
32016-11-08 20:52:30 UTCBCNorwich Agreed that makes sense. My information came from a web search so I'm not free to transfer that positional data. If you're happy please make the change.
12016-11-04 23:02:57 UTCtrigpoint Tagging a driving test centre as a police staion seems very odd, it should be tagged as office=government.
You will need to use a proper editor to make this change, please ask if you need help.
22016-11-08 18:53:34 UTCtrigpoint user did not respond, fixed tagging
12016-11-07 17:56:00 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Does this department store have a name?
12016-11-06 17:39:53 UTCtrigpoint If is a postbox, then it should be tagged amenity=postbox, there will be a ref on the plate. It will not have a postcode as it is not somewhere post is delivered to.
22016-11-06 17:49:12 UTCJim Thurston This is the postal address for The Maylands Mayl - The PostBox is where the mail is placed so that it doesn't get mixed up with the mail for the supermarket.
32016-11-06 18:27:47 UTCtrigpoint So is thete an office inside the supermarket building?
42016-11-06 18:47:20 UTCBCNorwich Hi, this is a Post Office Box presumably inside the post office not outside the building. From their website ( there is no office at the building.
12016-11-06 17:35:34 UTCtrigpoint H welcome to OSM
What actually is ?
Please remember OSM is a map not a business directory, please cut out the SPAM comments. By all means map the shops, but leave your self promotion to yourself.

12016-11-06 15:39:00 UTCtrigpoint Please remember that OSM is a public database and is not your private map.

Despite my attempts to contact you, you continue to add personal markers to the map.

The imagery indicates there are no hostels in the areas you are adding them, and the names you give them do not ring true.

We do n...
22016-11-07 14:36:10 UTCMiya Zhang Dear Sir,
Sorry for making trouble to OSM, and please forgive my pool English.
I am totally new one on OSM, and I can not find any instruction in APP, so I think OSM is same as google map......
Yes I received you reminding, and I revised the signature, I thought it will take me to the right way, ...
12016-11-05 11:03:55 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your addition however the Travelodge is already mapped as a building.
I am going to remove the duplicate.
12016-11-05 00:28:05 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I pass every day and cannot recall any signs legally prohibiting HGVs. What is the source of this, remember access tags are meant to indicate the legallity, if you wish to tag suitability then lanes=1 or width = 2m are the way to go.
22016-11-05 08:38:25 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, I split this way from way 39207901 and did not define any of the tags whilst adding the Shropshire Way relation to parts of it. You may wish to look at the adjoining parts of Isombridge Lane and remove the hgv tag from those as well. I am not local so don't know the restrictions on it.

32016-11-05 09:38:30 UTCtrigpoint Sorry, should have dug a bit deeper. I can see the tag has been on the original way since forever. I will investigate.

Cheers Phil
12016-11-04 23:40:19 UTCtrigpoint This is a duplicate, the hotel was already mapped
12016-10-28 05:52:08 UTCBCNorwich Hello, I think you have positioned this property on the wrong side of the road (as far as the existing mapping of roads is concerned). It is not therefore verifiable on the ground as mapped.
Further it is very unlikely that the feature is officially name "Home". Also if it is your home i...
22016-11-04 23:10:27 UTCtrigpoint Reverting #DROB
12016-11-04 22:55:20 UTCtrigpoint Please stop adding personal marker to OSM, I doubt that there is really a hostel here called Shaun
12016-11-01 18:44:49 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. This seems a very odd place for a Police Station, have you more detail
22016-11-04 19:34:47 UTCtrigpoint I have reverted this rubbish, although I would have loved to hear the mappers reason for placing a police station in an animal enclosure
12016-10-29 20:46:27 UTCtrigpoint Is there really a motel here, with its name only in Korean?
22016-11-04 19:31:44 UTCtrigpoint The area is clearly residential, and the mapper has not responded after a week.
I have removed this motel.
12016-11-03 18:38:05 UTCtrigpoint Again, is this really here?
22016-11-03 18:41:11 UTCtrigpoint It is too close to to be likely
32016-11-04 14:11:02 UTCBCNorwich This node is not listed on the website :-
There is a bike rental place listed and mapped just over the water on Goods Way.
42016-11-04 16:54:30 UTCtrigpoint I had already pointed out that node, and we really should not be using gm based
12016-11-03 18:36:22 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
This edit looks a little odd, the name indicates that these should be bicycle_hire but I am not sure about these. There are others mapped nearby and it is unlikely that such things would be missing from the map. Do you have any more information?
22016-11-04 07:21:27 UTCBCNorwich I don't think 4478909590 exists, but there is a dock round the corner on Greenland Road.
The other two I've tagged similar to other cycle hire stations. If Lui_E98 would like to look at these and use this type of tagging it would concur with how other stations are mapped.
32016-11-04 11:54:44 UTCtrigpoint I am not convinced any exist, discussion on irc suggested that they are personal markers of some sort. Cycle hire is not something our London mappers generally miss.
I was planning to revert, just seeing if I can get a response from the user.
42016-11-04 14:09:11 UTCBCNorwich Nodes 4478899792 and 4478899791 are listed at the mapped position on the website :-
Node 4478899790 is not listed, there is a bike rental just around the corner.
52016-11-04 18:51:33 UTCSomeoneElse For info, see "message to you as one that has to be read before you can continue mapping" at .
12016-10-30 19:59:14 UTCtrigpoint Hi, is really.cuisine=italian? Normally they are coffee shops, i.e. cuisine=coffee.
12016-10-29 10:01:51 UTCtrigpoint Reverting spam that is in the wrong place, its not in the middle of the road
12016-10-28 17:02:12 UTCtrigpoint This is a very odd name for a bus stop, please can you explain?
12016-10-28 16:57:28 UTCtrigpoint Welcome to OSM.
Thank you for your addition but I doubt this entire building is number 14.
In order to add such detail you need to split the building into sections. Maps,me isn't up to such a task, you will need to use an OSM editor on you PC.
12016-10-26 18:07:02 UTCtrigpoint This is a very odd set of tags, please can you explain?
12016-10-26 18:06:47 UTCtrigpoint This is a very odd set of tags, please can you explain?
12016-10-26 17:55:49 UTCtrigpoint Please remember that OSM is a public database and it is considered vandalism to rename existing objects as personal markers.
I am reverting this change.
12016-10-26 17:53:25 UTCtrigpoint Does the Vet have an actual name, is B&M a Homestore or Bargains?
Please capitaise name correctly
12016-10-26 17:51:40 UTCtrigpoint Already mapped, yopu have changed a gate. I am reverting this change
12016-10-26 17:50:55 UTCtrigpoint Please remember that OSM is a public database, it is considered vandalism to rename existing objects to personal markers. I am reverting this change
12016-10-25 18:24:06 UTCtrigpoint I doubt that your office is really in the middle of the road, is it signed and verifiable?
12016-10-24 16:42:53 UTCtrigpoint Are these really Guest Houses, notes indicate that they are self-catering. I would expect someone to cook me breakfast in a guest house.
If they are self catering, are they verifiable? Have they got a sign that a passer by will see?
22016-10-24 17:28:20 UTCRBChest This is a self catering holiday cottage for two people. don't have a category for s/c cottage, this was the best I could do. There is no sign outside as bookings are made online or via letting agents. I did put the website ( in the details but they don't appea...
32016-10-24 17:31:53 UTCtrigpoint I am sorry, if something is not verifiable on the ground, then it has no place in OpenStreetMap.
We are not a business directory.
12016-10-24 16:38:19 UTCtrigpoint Welcome to OSM, this edit is a little wrong. Please do not mistag a driving school as a school. If there is an office that the public can visit, then map it as office=company. If this is just a house, then it has no place in OSM
22016-10-24 16:55:05 UTCRJSKG Hi there. Thanks for the correction. This is my home, but I also have an office there where I teach & meet some of my pupils. The office is used as a classroom for 1-2-1 tuition. I hope this helps. Thank you.
32016-10-24 17:01:26 UTCtrigpoint Thanks, I have moved the tags to the building and removed the extra nodes.
It is now tagged as amenity=driving_school
42016-10-24 17:08:46 UTCRJSKG Thank you!
12016-10-24 16:47:03 UTCtrigpoint Please only add a website if the place has its own. Links to booking sites should not be added, I have removed this link.
12016-10-24 16:45:19 UTCtrigpoint looks very odd, it is named as a Rugby Club, but tagged as a post office. What is it?
12016-10-24 16:32:13 UTCtrigpoint I really doubt that this bus stop has been re-named as 102 Epsom High Street, I am reverting this change
12016-10-23 15:04:56 UTCtrigpoint Hi, you should add the tag access=customers to this, it is not public.
Also this isn't Portmeirion.
Cheers Phil
22016-10-24 20:24:25 UTCalpman Updated now. Thanks for letting me know I had miised it off.
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