Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12018-05-09 06:20:44 UTCtdctdctdc Hi Tamerdab,
I noticed you added some individual trees in Park HaYarkon. According to , you should probably use species=* and not name=* for the "populus...", since the trees don't have an individual name.
22018-05-11 08:58:02 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Tamerdab, please follow the OSM-wiki.
wikipedia="en:Article" (not "http..").
Thanks, Alex

details here:
12018-05-07 07:49:39 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Schönberger, bitte folge dem OSM-wiki, wikipedia="de:Artikel" (nicht "http..").
Das Datenformat ist dann einheitlicher.
Danke, Alex
12018-05-07 07:42:02 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi PASTA777, bitte folge dem OSM-wiki, wikipedia="de:Artikel" (nicht "http..").
Das Datenformat sind dann einheitlich.
Danke, Alex
12018-05-01 10:46:46 UTCConstable ciao Alecs, è stato ricostruito il ponte qua ?
22018-05-01 11:23:00 UTCAlecs01 Ciao, l'ho inserito perchè mi sembrava strano ci fosse un buco nel sentiero, non l'ho visto di persona, se sei sicuro che non c'è cancellalo pure
32018-05-01 13:11:29 UTCConstable ciao, se ricordo bene alcuni anni fa avevo rimosso io quel tratto, perché in origine era stato stato costruito un ponte pedonale di legno, poi alcuni anni fa è crollato e non si passa più, volendo si può guadare il fossato ma l'acqua è abbastanza alta, nessuno lo f...
42018-05-01 18:46:49 UTCAleks-Berlin I changed the bad key="<" to note= to avoid problems with problematic keys, Alex
12018-04-10 07:25:57 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Teemu Piippo, you added a problematic key:
Please fix this again.
Thanks, Alex
12018-03-30 11:16:30 UTCstreckenkundler Hei,

type=multipolygon zu verwenden ist falsch. Dieser Relationtyp darf keine aneinandergrezende Outers haben. (wgl. Wiki). Es kommt zum Fehlertype"duplicate segment in relation":
22018-03-30 14:34:56 UTCAleks-Berlin Danke für den Hinweis. Erledigt.
12018-03-27 05:39:22 UTCTomas Straupis Hello. „Kuršių marios“ object was added only for technical purposes, that is why it did not have natural=water tag (this area was and still is covered by coastline). If such object is really needed, shouldn't natural=coastline be removed? Because currently there is a topological ...
22018-03-27 14:36:11 UTCAleks-Berlin I think something is needed. I dont know what is the best (correct solution).
Perhaps we should make the relation: natural=bay (and remove the node for it).
Because this kid of closed bay (german=Haff) is a clearly bordered water-object like a lake, not like an half-open bay.
KR, Alexander
32018-03-27 22:12:18 UTCTomas Straupis Well, if you need this newly created waterbody for some practical reason, you should fix the topology error by removing all corresponding natural coastline tags (currently natural water is overlapping natural coastline).
If you do not need need this newly created waterbody - then either you should ...
42018-03-28 08:14:29 UTCAleks-Berlin would it be enough if the relation gets natural=bay and (optional) water= removed ?
Because removing coastline could (I'm not sure) hide it in rendering for zoom-level 0..5 ?
Are there no other valid/correct Haffs (lagoon without no salt-water) that could guide us here?
52018-03-28 08:33:44 UTCTomas Straupis For me the only problem is overlapping water polygons (natural=water over natural=coastline). If either of those is removed - QA rules would be happy.
So yes, changing natural=water to natural=bay would be enough.
I'm not sure about water rendering in zoom 0..5, Peipi lake tagged natural=water is ...
12018-03-22 12:26:28 UTCmuralito Why not only one relation for the whole lagoon?

This schema of 3 relations is respecting the "one feature, one element" principle?
22018-03-23 19:19:51 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi muralito,
Here we have really 3 objects! If you read the english or german wikipedia article, it tells:that we have 3 itmes here: the full (both, thats what the wikipedia article is about), two sub-portions with specific names. The german one tells it more clear: the nation-border is separating ...
12018-03-22 09:14:14 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Greeshmag, please do not enter typo-tags key="\\", see
Thanks, Alex
12018-03-20 09:02:07 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi mjaspard, please follow the OSM wiki,
use wikipedia=lang:Article (not http..).
Also only 1 wikipedia per object (one station = 1 wikipedia link) should be used only.

Details can be found here:

Thanks, Alex
12018-03-02 08:41:23 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi km2bp, please follow the OSM wiki for wikipedia-tag. wikipedia="pl:Name" not "http.."
Affected Item: way/209341765
Thanks, Alex
22018-03-06 17:16:23 UTCkm2bp Ok
12018-02-27 08:20:02 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Petr1868, I changed your typo tag ";"="major" to note.
relation 1738996
Regards, Alex
12018-02-26 08:38:19 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi gerdami, your relation has no tags (except type and (new value). Could you fix this please?
Thanks, Alex
12018-02-21 08:22:48 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi thenodifier, why do you add keys like "\\" ?
KR, Alex

22018-02-21 14:17:07 UTCthenodifier @Aleks-Berlin must have pressed that key accidentally, thanks for the fix
12018-02-21 08:20:28 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi emvee, why do you add keys like "|" ?
KR, Alex

22018-02-21 21:53:49 UTCemvee Hi Alex,

That was just a typo error I think, I did not notice and JOSM validator did not really hint.

Thanks for fixing it.

12018-02-07 08:40:30 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi CENTRALHUB, I fixed a typo in key at way/559268841. regards, Alex
12018-02-06 08:01:40 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Malik Saadat Awan, please follow the OSM-wiki, wikipedia=lang:Article, not wikimapia !! you could make it source or url or note.
Thanks, Alex
12018-01-26 16:49:13 UTCProtoxenus Bist du sicher, das das stimmt? Ich lösche es mal, es ist nonsens.
22018-01-30 06:51:55 UTCAleks-Berlin Natürlich stimmt das nicht, aber ich habe den Wert als Erinnerung als note gelassen.. Alex
12018-01-08 16:13:29 UTCAleks-Berlin hi zorglubu, amenity=hotel should be tourism=hotel, see OSM wiki.
KR, Alex
22018-01-08 21:59:18 UTCzorglubu right :-)
12018-01-08 07:43:55 UTCAleks-Berlin hi Quentin SALLES, please fix your new tag "+ = #572F08" , part of relation/1531239 . Thanks, Alex
12018-01-07 19:23:48 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi KlausH2, please read the OSM wiki. 3 items: nodes should not have a key/tag "type", extensions-tag gives no benefit, and having multiple tags with same value (cmt, name, *_name, desc) also is not needed. Thanks, Alex
22018-01-08 09:06:32 UTCKlausH2 Thanks Alex. I have added the point with potlatch2 and unfortunately I do not see what you are complaining (e.g. key/tag "type"). If there's something wrong please feel free to correct. Potlatch2 did not give me any error or hint. Best regards, Klaus
12018-01-06 17:13:34 UTCAleks-Berlin hi CENTRALHUB, you added 3 strange tags ( ' = DigitalGlobe␣Premium␣Imagery ). Please fix this typo.
Thanks Alex
22018-01-06 18:08:27 UTCCENTRALHUB Already fixed. Thanks for telling me.
12018-01-05 08:38:42 UTCAleks-Berlin hi Marcello-, what means tag "+" = "1965" ?
Thx, Alex
22018-01-05 13:59:37 UTCMarcello- Hi Alex,
an input error, already corrected.
Thanks for the report
12017-12-30 12:22:15 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi zsolt d, why do you added "4=1" tags?
KR, Alex
22017-12-30 16:38:44 UTCzsolt d Hi Alex
Oh, it's a tag copy-paste fault. I deleted this tags. Thanks.
12017-12-29 18:46:26 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi 98Ujm, please follow the OSM-wiki (wikipedia=lang:Article), see
Thanks, Alex
12017-12-29 13:49:05 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Timothy Smith, I changed your (dead) wikipedia link. KR, Alex
12017-12-28 21:08:59 UTCAleks-Berlin what means .=yes ?
KR, Alex
22017-12-28 22:30:43 UTCSHARCRASH That was for building=yes. A typo, sorry. I had edited many elements and needed to finish it asap. Corrected now! Thanks!
12017-12-28 21:00:57 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Xish, it is not correct (the link has no language and does not exist in default/english). Correct Format is "wikipedia"="language:Article", see
KR, Alex
12017-12-19 12:45:53 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Stadtigel,
amenity=hotel (wrong),
-> tourism=hotel (ok),
Danke, Alex

22017-12-20 19:41:45 UTCStadtigel Danke für den Hinweis und die Korrektur!
12017-12-13 14:12:03 UTChighflyer74 Moin!

Wäre es nicht sinnvoll, den falschen Wert zu entfernen? So wurde mit wikidata:fixme=* ein neuer Key etabliert, den es nur einmal auf der Welt gibt...

Der alte Wert liesse sich ja auch noch aus der Historie des Objekts entnehmen.

Viele Grüße!
22017-12-13 21:11:32 UTCAleks-Berlin Hallo highflyer74, ich habe die Befürchtung, dass diese Nummer irgeneinen Sinn hat (nur eben nicht wikidata - und die Historie schaut kaum jemand an). Ich muss mir etwasüberlegen, bin nun aber 3 Tage auf Reisen. VG, Alex
12017-12-01 11:24:35 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Loinguyen, please write tourism=hotel, not amenity=Hotel,
Thanks, Alex
12017-11-30 14:44:04 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Ultraloeper, please use image=..jpg, not website=,
Danke, Alex
22017-12-03 17:44:03 UTCUltraloeper Ok und Danke
12017-11-30 08:13:28 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi CENTRALHUB, please do not enter problematic keys, like " ' ".
Thanks, Alex
22017-12-04 02:34:02 UTCCENTRALHUB Sure. It's caused by accidentally pressing the wrong key when using JOSM
12017-11-27 22:43:31 UTCAleks-Berlin typo in comment: fix wikipedia
12017-11-23 07:51:20 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi HSL_HRT, please consider the OSM wiki:
wikipedia="lang:Name" not "http..
Thanks, Alex
22017-11-23 09:08:00 UTCHSL_HRT Thanks Alex, usually I do or actually ID does it for me when I copy-paste the URL into ID's preformatted attribute fields. This time I did the copy-paste into the actual database attribute field. That way ID doesn't seem to change the URL into plain text. I've learned something new again. Thanks! :-...
12017-11-23 07:48:00 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi eggie, I changed your wikipedia=..JPG tag. OSM wiki gives details. KR, Alex
22017-11-23 08:09:43 UTCeggie Okay... thanks
12017-11-23 07:45:31 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi okami79, I fixed the typo in key "-".
KR, Alex
12017-11-11 12:09:43 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Larissa_Laeubli, please follow the OSM wiki.
wikipedia="de:Article" not "http..".
Thanks, Alex
12017-11-06 09:50:16 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Larissa_Laeubli, please follow the OSM wiki (wikipedia="lang:Article" not "http..").
Details here:
Thanks, Alex
22017-11-06 09:50:33 UTCAleks-Berlin same for wikidata (of course)
12017-11-03 19:02:15 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi gekapes, please follow the OSM wiki (wikipedia="de:Name", not "http..").
Danke, Alex
22017-11-04 18:20:48 UTCNakaner Hi gekapes,

Wikipedia is no source you are allowed to use for OpenStreetMap because it is licensed under CC-BY-SA (incompatible with OSM Contributor Terms you agreed to) and because Wikipedia contributors don't care about the copyright on databases while OSM does. That's why I deleted the names y...
32017-11-05 07:16:47 UTCgekapes Hi Michael,
which source is allowed to take translations of names? Is own translation allowed?
Best Regards,
42017-11-05 19:21:34 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Gekapes, you can use all common knowledge information, personal survey, etc.
If you know something without wikipedia (and its also in wikidia written), you can of course use this information for OSM. But you cannot take wikipedia as source (and write source=wikipedia). If you translate it (witho...
12017-11-02 14:20:35 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi djimpa, please read the OSM wiki (wikipedia=lang:Article, not "http..").
Thanks, Alex
22017-11-02 16:36:44 UTCReclus Der Helenenturm war völlig korrekt und vollständig als Way seit Jahren eingetragen. Ich habe keine Ahnung, was das sollte, dass djimpa an zwei Punkten unsinnige Werte eingetragen hat. (Z.B. auch die Turmhöhe (die schon korrekt am Way stand) nochmal falsch als ele und mit der Einheit &...
12017-11-02 14:18:02 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Ruggewind, please read the OSM wiki (wikipedia=de:Article, not "http..").
Thanks, Alex
12017-11-01 20:56:26 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi oanac2_telenav, I removed your Apple-ID from OSM. Your Login Data should not be public! So please change your password. KR, Alex, Apple ID, incl. Password! see:
12017-10-31 15:26:15 UTCAleks-Berlin Hallo _Schweini, bitte verwende die Kurzschreibweise bei Wilipedia-Tags (wikipedia=de:Name), nicht "http..).
Details hier:
Danke, Alex
12017-10-31 14:54:29 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi MatiasJ, please alsways use the lang-code (wikipedia=es:Name), see
Thanks, Alex
12017-10-31 12:10:35 UTCLivingWithDragons In future, please be careful not to remove building=yes if it is still a visible structure (even if it's a ruin). See discussion at
22017-10-31 14:45:00 UTCAleks-Berlin I'm sorry, and I will follow your advice.
Thanks, Alex
12017-10-13 18:17:33 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi mehtashri, please follow the OSM wiki, wikipedia="lang:Article" not "http.." see
Thanks, Alex
12017-10-13 18:08:28 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi TomRat, bitte verwende das gängige Format für das wikipedia-tag, wikipedia="lang:Artikel". Details siehe bitte
Danke, Alex
12017-10-12 07:30:44 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Payam007, please do not add keys like "/"="residential". See OSM wiki for valid keys. Thanks, Alex
12017-10-10 07:33:43 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi swimdb, please follow the OSM wiki and use always wikipedia=lang:Article, see
Thanks, Alex
12017-10-10 07:26:12 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi vherbreteau, please use wikipedia=lang:Article, always.
Thanks, Alex
22017-10-10 07:41:56 UTCvherbreteau Hi Aleks-Berlin, I'll correct this tag and a few more I have added recently. Cheers, Vincent
12017-10-09 07:51:37 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi OF0, wikipedia=264 is invalid. Did you mean ele=264 ? Anywa: I cannot find this peak in wikipedia. Thanks, Alex
22017-10-09 10:13:07 UTCOF0 Yes, must be ele. Fixed it.
12017-10-09 07:46:56 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi huzzel, you added yesterday a key="+" to relation/5576751 . I made it a note (to not have problematic keys). Could you change the key-name to something usefull please?
Danke, Alex
22017-10-09 09:01:13 UTChuzzel Hi Alex,

have you already removed the "+".
I could not see it anymore.

32017-10-09 11:14:36 UTChuzzel OK; I have found it and fixed it
12017-10-08 11:38:28 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi padvinder,
you added a way(area) without tags. Can you fix this please?
KR, Alex
22017-10-18 00:52:46 UTCpadvinder fixed it. Thanks!
12017-09-25 07:48:11 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi futurumspes, please do not enter keys like "bicycle=" = "yes". 1x "=" is enough!!
This happens nearly every day since some time.
Thanks, Alex
12017-09-21 16:57:10 UTCSvalbard Hallo Aleks-Berlin,

bei Deiner Änderung hast Du von Deinen Main Rules diese ein wenig außer Acht gelassen: 2. Avoid private keys/tags without wiki and check for available existing ones. ;-)

Den key "farmland" gibt es nach meiner Recherche nicht und den Wert "mea"...
22017-09-21 18:05:54 UTCAleks-Berlin Ja, du hast recht. Jetzt wiki/Proposed_features/farmland + farmland-key gelassen. Ansonsten müsste man tausende Keys löschen. Jedoch führte es teilweise zu Verärgerung, wenn ich in der Vergangenheit zu sehr aufgeräumt habe. Ich hätte gern eine Sperre in OSM: neue keys m...
12017-09-21 11:10:33 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi jmjm26, please fix the empty relation below. a relation needs a type with usefull value, AND other tags to specify the relation. Thanks, Alex
12017-09-18 14:36:39 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi transilien-mapmagare, you destroyed 4 shops here. "shop"=<empty> is invalid. Either the shop is removed/closed, or it is there, but not having an empty shop-tag. Please fix this. I changed it to shop=fixme. Thanks, Alex
12017-09-14 12:46:51 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi DLK92, why you added an empty name-tag? KR, Alex
22017-09-17 19:03:01 UTCDLK92 Relatively new to this so could have made a mistake.

Was just trying to add a phone shop. There was a shop already there with no name which I thought might have been it so renamed that, then thought that probably wasn't it so put it back to nameless and added a new place for the 3 store.

32017-09-17 19:14:04 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi DLK92, each real object should have its own node (means: 3 shops = 3 nodes or 3 ways/lines). An empty tag is always wrong, because it contains no real information. Does this help you? Alex
42017-09-17 19:44:39 UTCDLK92 It does help Alex but how do I fix the mistake?
Thanks for noticing!
12017-09-08 07:14:53 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi futurumspes, please be more careful. you entered "motorway=" = .. (2x operator sign).
This happened many times during last month. Please take care.
Thanks a lot, Alex
12017-09-05 08:48:43 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi futurumspes, please do not enter invalid tags (typo "="). Like "motorcar=" = "yes".
Thanks, Alex
12017-08-29 07:08:52 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Grauer, you entered bad keys "." e.g. in way/455054911 . Please be more careful. Thanks, Alex
22017-08-29 07:43:54 UTCGrauer Hallo Aleks-Berlin,

was meinst du denn? Ich komme selbst nicht drauf.


32017-08-29 12:54:07 UTCAleks-Berlin Der Key, der nur "." ist, in der vorletzten Version, siehe:
42017-09-05 22:18:31 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changesets 51764077, 51763240 where the changeset comment is: Revert undiscussed mass removal of 'oneway=yes' on roundabouts performed by user Grauer after seeing this flagged on Osmose; after complaints from the Dutch community the user asked DWG...
12017-08-24 11:05:58 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi injurylawyersan, please do not problematic char (like "+") to key-names. Thanks, Alex
12017-08-23 07:50:32 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi kromsoft, please follow the OSM wiki.
wikipedia="es:Name", not "http...".
Thanks, Alex
12017-08-19 22:39:35 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi dufekin, in way/29059597 you added an invalid tag. Please check your tools. I have seen this many times from your account.
Thanks, Alex
12017-07-27 07:44:05 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi zsolt d, you added a website (wikipedia of hungarian accident) to the pyramids of Gizah/Giza. Please be more carefull. Thanks, Alex
22017-07-27 10:27:49 UTCzsolt d Hi Alex,
Since then I've found this page from the tag "wikipedia":
Thanks for the help
12017-07-21 10:35:02 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Rowland, please do not add empty tags, like "name"="" . Thanks, Alex
22017-07-22 19:14:19 UTCRowland That wasn't intentional - not sure why that showed up
12017-07-18 13:28:23 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi noelschwarz0906, "
#dsscreated" was/is in the list of problematic keys! I fixed it now. Please use only non-problematic chars.
Thanks, Alex
12017-07-10 07:20:22 UTCwoodpeck Hello Aleks-Berlin, you have been warned a number of times not to perform mechanical edits. A mechanical edit is one where you edit objects without looking at them individually. In this changeset you have removed two tags from a series of hydrants, while leaving a ton of other useless tags in place ...
22017-07-10 09:20:35 UTCAleks-Berlin Hello Woodpeck, how should I know that the other tags have no intention (I call them private/unique keys, even others argue that everybody can create his own keys/tags).
Of course I do not like them and I noticed them, but as I read once "we should respect the work of others". This is a c...
12017-07-10 08:39:23 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi aris hidayanto, please follow the OSW wiki. wikipedia="lang:Article Name", not "http..". see
Thanks, Alexander
22017-07-10 08:46:24 UTCAleks-Berlin
12017-07-05 14:00:29 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Anish Thapa, please use tourism=hotel, not menity=hotel. see details here:
Thanks, Alex
22017-07-05 14:01:03 UTCAleks-Berlin typo amentity not menity
12017-07-05 07:50:22 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Jens, please take care and do not insert many broken tags! Like "+"=<empty> or "-"=<empty> etc.
Thanks, Alex
12017-07-05 07:46:12 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi JanMattsson, for way/86326283 you entered a wrong format for wikipedia tag (also in last days again I think). Please follow the OSM wiki, telling wikipedia="lang:Article Name", see
Thanks, Alex
22017-07-05 14:38:15 UTCJanMattsson Aha, thanks! Yes I have created quite a few of those...
12017-06-29 18:43:30 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi ptitaz, please follow the OSM wiki.
wikipedia="lang:Article Name" not "http.."
PLease see details here:
Thanks Alex
12017-06-28 08:26:36 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Lucas514, please follow the OSM wiki for the wikipedia tag. wikipedia="lang:Article Name" not "http..".
Please see
Thanks, Alex
12017-06-27 07:57:38 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Lucas514, please follow the OSM wiki:
wikipedia="lang:Article", not "http..".
Thanks, Alex
12017-06-26 07:20:23 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi tuantran2431997, at node/4929089798 you entered many bad tags. Please be carefull. Regards, Alex
12017-06-20 12:11:36 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi rosomak - again,
way/492875837 also has empty languse tag. KR, Alex
12017-06-20 12:09:51 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi rosomak, you entered a broken tag "landuse= " at way/491418133 . can you fix this please Thanks, Alex
12017-06-18 21:44:00 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Extrabrandt, amenity=shop is not a valid tag. see OSM wiki. KR, Alex
12017-06-18 19:48:50 UTCAleks-Berlin wrong comment: fix shop
12017-06-18 17:55:30 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi hedd2, amenity=shop is an invalid tag. Alex
12017-06-14 19:47:13 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Koju Bhakta, please do not enter unknown tags that are similar to existing ones. OK = "addr:city" but "city" or"addr;city" is wrong. Thanks, Alex
12017-06-14 11:21:01 UTCwoodpeck You moved the node "satyashor shiva mandir" a little bit - why? The Bing imagery doesn't really agree with the new position. Did you notice that the node was tagged "addr;city" (instead of addr:city), or that it is part of an useless, untagged rectangle that you could have delete...
22017-06-14 19:30:06 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi woodpeck,

in taginfo I saw an "addr;city"-key.
which I tried to fix for node/4908609673 which is close by. But by accident I moved it a little and more sad the key got not fixed. After this I saw, that the building looks rect-like in picture but not in shape of line. So applied the...
12017-06-13 08:29:00 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi, rdms, for way/499989814 you entered a broken tag: "41.74928720828849, = -92.72176366054093". Please take care.
Regards, Alex
12017-06-11 20:24:54 UTCAleks-Berlin comment not correct: fix amenity = shop (1 node)
12017-06-10 20:52:22 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi oliviap_telenav, you added many strange tags (key = "@id"). Also these ways cover other ways (identical position, same/similar tags), Is this on purpose? I saw this, because "@" is considered as problematic character for keys in taginfo). KR, Alex
22017-06-12 12:53:25 UTColiviap_telenav Hello, thank you very much for your observation. It was a mistake that I corrected it. Also the overlapping ways and nodes was the result of an incorrect upload. They where all corrected.
12017-06-10 20:36:06 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi JMcA, why you added ways/lines with no tags, but only name ? If this is intended to be printed text, you need further tags. Best wishes, KR, Alex
12017-06-08 14:05:18 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi inflightpilottraining, please do not introduce strange tags. Keys have seldom capital-letters, should not have white-space, and should not be similar to existing tags. E.g. google_plus is often used and legal. You could read the OSM wiki or use taginfo-statistic to see existing tags. Thanks, Alex
12017-06-08 13:44:44 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Seat, you put a typo to way/7074612 .
sidewalk=wikidata is not ok. Please check. KR, Alex
12017-06-08 13:31:13 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi 91301101, you did some strange changes for node/4870022735 .
Please have a look into OSM wiki:
1. highway-key should not have values like A24. This look more like a reference (ref-tag).
2. a highway and shop-node, cannot be natural. Perhaps you m...
12017-06-01 18:44:43 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Johnny Carlsen,
there is a typo in way/465927237 . Did you mean natural=scrub (the "b" is missing).
KR, Alex
22017-06-15 04:03:51 UTCJohnny Carlsen Absolutely, I have fixed it, thanks Alex.
12017-06-01 18:41:20 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi felipeedwards,
there is a typo in way/476985065 . Did you mean natural=scrub (the "b" is missing).
KR, Alex
12017-06-01 18:32:44 UTCAleks-Berlin wrong node will be fixed in 2 minutes again (typo in node id)
12017-05-31 11:10:33 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi geltmar, please follow the OSM wiki (wikipedia=de:Name, not http..).
Thanks, Alex
22017-05-31 12:46:47 UTCgeltmar thanks for making me aware ... I will also correct the nameing for the animals, as english names in a german zoo aren't too helpful ;-)
12017-05-30 07:23:53 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi pavelratushniy, you put a bike-parking inn the middle of hudson-bay. are you sure? is there an island? if so, could you add this island/islet ? Thanks, Alex
12017-05-18 12:39:41 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I think something has gone wrong with this series of edits. This is a pub beer garden, not a German style biergarten.
According to the wiki

To be clear, a biergarten is not the same as (what is known in the UK as) a "beer garde...
22017-05-18 19:07:00 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Phil, it seems that this is a private tag by single users. on this planet are only 25 beer_garden, see
Also the OSM wiki tells both should be tagged as "biergarten" or pub (not beer_garden", see https://wiki.openstreetmap....
32017-05-18 19:18:58 UTCAleks-Berlin After found a solution that is alligned with OSM wiki, I will change this. Please make a proposal. Thx, Alex
42017-05-19 16:27:18 UTCtrigpoint Hi Alex
There is no such thing as a private tag, OSM allows a user to add any tag they wish. Those with a small number are unlikely to be rendered but a mapper is free to use any tags, this one is pretty well accepted in the area where it is used and describes a beer garden. Maybe the tagging can b...
52017-05-20 19:09:17 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi trigpoint,
I changed it back. I searched for
bbox=over Bristisch Isles, no node or rela found.
You can verify here.
Many regards, Alex
62017-05-20 21:16:05 UTCgeow Hi trigpoint, as a frequent visitor of
"biergarten sensu stricto" aka Bavarian Biergarten I'm just curious - what are the characteristic features of a pub beer garden?
72017-05-21 07:43:45 UTCAleks-Berlin He said: read
But it is a philosophical question if the garden beside a pub (in UK beer_garden) is something else a german biergarten (which has typically a pub beside). The one is the garden of a pub, the other the garden with an attached ...
82017-05-21 09:18:47 UTCgeow The wiki in this case is fairly clear. But some people, even in Bavaria ;) are not aware of the strict definition:
Necessary characteristic of a "biergarten" is that you are allowed to bring your own food.

That is why many so-tagged amenity=biergarten" even in Germany qualify only...
12017-05-17 10:09:55 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi mtbbiker99, please use "ele"="123.4".
not "üNN" or german comma "," is incompatible to english style (OSM is international, internal language is english). you can use "ele:note" to put extra information. But in Germany it is always "&uu...
12017-05-17 08:35:12 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi kaxtillo, please be carefull with tags. you added a google link to 4 trees here (not allowed as source because licence).
I removed:
KR, Alex
22017-05-17 23:31:47 UTCkaxtillo Apologies, changes were made to Digital Globe data source
12017-05-16 07:11:02 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi zsolt d, please follow the OSM wiki and write "wikipedia=lang:Article Name", not http.. .
For details please see:
Thanks, Alex
22017-05-16 10:25:39 UTCzsolt d Hi Alex, i see, thanks!
12017-05-10 08:03:36 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi fredi_alf, you entered an empty key to way/454579454 . Please check, Alex
22017-05-10 09:14:23 UTCfredi_alf Thanks for the notice.
I fixed.
12017-05-09 18:23:25 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi hamzabashandy, whatmeans 4=2 in
way/489928394 ? KR; Alex
12017-05-08 19:21:36 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi WalterS, you entered an empty key in way/240405631 . I made it a note. Please check. Thanks, Alex
12017-05-08 19:18:32 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Lübeck, you entered an empty key to way/313495160 . I made it a note, please check. Thanks, Alex
12017-05-08 19:16:03 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Sir Lancelot, you entered an empty key to node/3115542081 . I changed it to seats. Please check. Thanks Alex
12017-05-08 19:13:06 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Natsuyasumi, you entered an empty key in node/4839991048 . I changed it to fixme. KR, Alex
22017-05-09 08:48:33 UTCNatsuyasumi Thanks for pointing this out, I must have missed this.
I have fixed this node.
12017-04-26 08:13:47 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi fidcastro, you entered in way/31737880 a strange tag: wikipedia=http..openstreetmap...
KR, Alex
12017-04-25 15:36:54 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I'd suggest actually checking these in a bit more detail before you mechanically edit them - is clearly just garbage (and was the subject of a previous revert).
22017-04-25 18:10:26 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Andy, actually the decision how far a fix should be is not htat easy. One the one hand we should "respect the work of others" (and not delete a likely bad name-tag). But I would also like to reach a state in OSM, that makes it more easy useable (less exceptions, country specific rules, ...
12017-04-24 19:45:33 UTCAleks-Berlin typo in changeset-comment, but not in tags.
12017-04-22 18:42:15 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Mark Esman,
please follow the OSM wiki guidelines,
"wikipedia"="lang:Name" (not http..).
Thanks, Alex
22017-04-25 15:03:21 UTCMark Esman Hi Alex! Ok, I understand you. Thanks
12017-04-22 18:21:38 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Rps, please follow the OSM wiki guidelines,
"wikipedia"="lang:Name" (not http..).
Thanks, Alex
22017-04-26 21:32:56 UTCRps333 done
12017-04-21 20:38:33 UTCAleks-Berlin
According to Wikipedia the north part belongs to Green River. Else the River pieces "Green River" should be renamed or removed (if not exist in nature).
I think the Link from prev. edit is outdated...
12017-04-17 06:56:12 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Simon, I fixed your empty key in way/103021059 . KR, Alex
12017-04-16 13:13:38 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi padvinder, please use natural=tree_row, not tree-row. Thanks, Alex
12017-04-13 08:11:14 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi osm_repdom, please follow the guidelines from OSM-wiki (wikipedia=en:Name) + no redirects!
Thanks, Alex
12017-04-05 18:41:19 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Vonter, you added the wikipedia-tag to many places in India, yesterday. But most of them include a tailing white-space. Could you please fix this again?
You can search them via:
node["wikipedia"~" $"];
Thanks, Alex
22017-04-06 03:34:00 UTCVonter Hello Alex,
Thanks for the overpass tip. I noticed I had made the same mistake for a few wikidata-tags also. I'm working on fixing them now.
12017-04-03 11:43:02 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi sharifiali, I changed the wikipedia-tag because it should follow the guidelines in OSM wiki, see
KR, Alex
12017-03-31 19:14:25 UTCAleks-Berlin could you please review my fix of way/483494914 . there was "natural=<empty>" . Thanks, Alex
12017-03-23 08:50:55 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi O., please use key="email" not "@". Thanks, Alex
12017-03-22 08:27:44 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi PavelPS, please follow the OSM wiki and write wikipedia="lang:Name" (no https:..)
Thanks, Alex
22017-03-22 09:07:59 UTCPavelPS Yes,of course, it was my mistake (ID editor it change itself but not here).
12017-03-20 15:26:22 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi bermiego, amenity=hotel is wrong, please use tourism=hotel. Thanks, Alex
22017-03-20 18:22:47 UTCbermiego It's done, Alex.
12017-03-19 09:07:00 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Seandebasti, please avoid tags like "3=canal" (way/481148650). I changed this undefined tag to a note. KR, Alex
22017-03-19 09:29:03 UTCSeandebasti hi, sorry did not know about this tag, I guess a typo from keypad somehow, i fixed both incidents. thanks for sharing. how did you detect?
32017-03-19 10:45:46 UTCAleks-Berlin
then click on the key, and then on overpass or level0 to get the object. If you need further help, I will be there. Alex
12017-03-19 09:10:18 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Lübeck, I removed your broken tag <empty>=yes from node/4741360838.
KR, Alex
12017-03-19 09:08:55 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Lübeck, please do not create empty keys like <empty>="9:00-18:00" (node/4741224651). KR, Alex
12017-03-17 09:27:19 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi dufekin, often (>100 changeset last year) you insert the invisible char (0x7F) into ways in USA. The only purpose of this ASCII is to be ignored. Different OSM tools handle it different and it causes sometime visible Artefacts (if e.g part of name tag) or the tags are not useable, because DB c...
12017-03-17 08:34:47 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi DenisJu, in node/4730280996 yoe put wikipedia=1160. I assume you mean ele=1160. KR, Alex
22017-03-17 14:07:11 UTCDenisJu Hi Alex,
yes it's a typing error.
Thank you for your message.
12017-03-17 08:28:36 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi EzekielT, please follow the OSM wiki (wikipedia="lang:Name"). see
Thanks, Alex
12017-03-17 08:17:38 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi g., please follow the OSM wiki, wikipedia="lang:Name", relation/7077614.
Thanks, Alex
12017-03-16 07:58:04 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi vihiker27, what means key="+" ?This seems to be a Typo (as this key is unique on the planet). KR, Alex
22017-03-16 09:59:00 UTCvihiker27 Hi Alex,
Yes it was a typo. Thanks for fixing. I have to be a bit more careful in the future.
12017-03-12 08:33:40 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi w., what means "2=level_crossing" in way/479778224 ?
Please fix. Thanks Alex
12017-03-10 19:43:07 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi 4b696d, why do you added the designation tag to an airport in spain (relation/2614519) ?
OSM wiki tells its a higway-tag!
Could you explain what was your intention OR fix it?
Thanks, Alex
22017-03-10 19:51:27 UTC4b696d Hi Alex,
that was not intentional, I'm sorry. Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it.
12017-03-09 11:49:24 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi vigneron, please wollow OSM wiki (wikipedia=lang:Name), see
Thanks, Alex
22017-03-09 11:56:17 UTCVIGNERON Ooups, you're absolutetly right! I'll check my other edits.
12017-03-09 07:17:05 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi bermiego, please follow the rules from OSM wiki (wikipedia=lang:Name), see
Thanks, Alex
22017-03-09 10:54:10 UTCbermiego Thanks Alex.
I had not read before those rules; The next time I'll make it correctly
12017-03-07 08:57:34 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Weltstaat, what means #=yes ? Could you fix this for way/334711024 . Thanks, Alex
22017-03-07 09:03:48 UTCWeltstaat oops, a typing error. Thanks for indicating!
12017-03-06 10:33:09 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Schönberger, please follow the format described in .
wikipedia=lang:Name (not http..).
Thanks, Alex
12017-03-06 10:32:33 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi aromatiker, please follow the format described in .
wikipedia=lang:Name (not http..).
Thanks, Alex
12017-03-05 10:18:23 UTCAleks-Berlin fixed/removed type (not typo) of node
12017-03-05 08:09:43 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi fatehah ali, please do not enter empty keys.For each key you can finbd help here:
Thanks, Alex
12017-03-04 12:41:18 UTCarchie Ich darf dich bitten den Unfug sein zu lassen!
22017-03-04 12:48:10 UTCarchie Oh, secondary language. Du hatest Recht. Tut mir leid!
32017-03-04 20:47:12 UTCAleks-Berlin Ich korrigiere immer anhand des OSM-wiki, und suche Fehler via taginfo. Wobei ich mich meist auf das Format beschränke, und nicht die 2nd-language entferne (obwohl sie eine Ausnahme sein sollte), um niemanden durch Löschung seines Tags zu verärgern (ausser es ist ein offensichtlicher ...
42017-03-06 04:58:04 UTCarchie Tut mir leid, da kenne ich mich nicht besser aus. Mein urspruenglicher Einwand war vorschnell. Ich wusste bis dahin nicht, dass das Format bei der Zweitsprache von dem der Erstsprache abweicht. Ganz und gar mein Fehler. Ich bitte um Verzeihung. Danke fuer Deine Berichtigung! archie
12017-03-02 09:51:27 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi samely, you entered 8x tag "1"="yes", e.g. way/379682013. This seems to be a typo, as it has no meaning. Could you please fix it? Thanks, Alex
22017-03-02 20:36:31 UTCsamely Hi Aleks,
It's definitely a typo, thanks for flagging this out, I've already fixed them.
12017-03-02 09:48:41 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi loumoi, you entered 8x ways/buildings having tag "1"="yes", e.g. way/473514462. This seems to be a typo. Can you fix this, as it has no meaning at all. Thanks, Alex
12017-02-28 11:54:45 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi johnny, what means "1"="Calzada Jardín Corona" ?
see: way/467271122
Could you please fix this? Thx, Alex
22017-02-28 11:56:45 UTCAleks-Berlin I changed it to name, as the neighboor-ways. Alex
12017-02-24 09:02:42 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Jeffrey, what means tag "2=80" in way/476773448 ?
I made it a note. KR, Alex
22017-02-24 15:20:11 UTCJeffrey Friedl Hi Alex,
I don't know... if I added that tag, it was not intentional. I must have been sloppy somehow when entering layer numbers.... sorry!
12017-02-22 19:25:12 UTCAleks-Berlin hi Sparks, you added a way with many broken tags, see way/475564141/history .
Pease try to correct this, because most of these tags are unique and not part of OSM wiki. thx, Alex
22017-02-22 20:27:09 UTCSparks Ugh, sorry, apparently that was a bad paste. Hopefully this has been fixed.
12017-02-21 09:01:33 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi hadidoki, you added many useless keys to way/169379799 . Please be more carefull.
KR, Alexander
12017-02-20 22:06:44 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi nitrofurano, you added many times the invisible character 0x7F into names of ways in South-Amrica. They cause different problems and are invisible with some tools, Please take care. Thanks, Alexander
12017-02-17 07:48:55 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi tren_sur, I fixed a bad key in way/133684806 . I think this was a typo. KR, Alex
12017-02-16 09:12:53 UTCAleks-Berlin hi vt100, i fixed 2 tags in your changes: 5=1 and 4=1. I assume they were typos, but anyway they have no meaning.
Best regards, Alex
22017-02-16 09:14:02 UTCvt100 D'uh. Thanks.
12017-02-15 20:33:36 UTCAleks-Berlin comment wrong, not river but highway
12017-01-27 14:05:19 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi iWowik, could you please fix the not existing wikipedia-link you created? Thx, Alex
22017-01-28 10:13:55 UTCiWowik Are there some examples?

By the way I monitor broken wikilinks and sometimes fix them

32017-01-28 19:41:38 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi iWowik,
I saw many problematic wikipedia cahnges by you 2 days ago.
language code missing + not existing article (in any language) !
node/243047271 wikipedia \t潳¦耀നD0�ёс
node/243047226wikipedia \t�潳¦耀ླ
42017-01-28 19:45:19 UTCAleks-Berlin node/243045065 wikipedia \t�潳¦退您㾬

I think something went wrong with your scripts.
Why chinese wikipedia is added in BY (europe), and also not existing article many times ?
KR, Alex
52017-01-29 09:40:57 UTCiWowik Oh yeah!
It is a problem with JOSM dealing with bielorussian or ukranian appostoph characters (see corresponding name tag in the nodes).
Usually I correct them manually when set it in JOSM or later when the errors are revealed by

But now you hide...
62017-02-11 23:40:46 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi iWowik,
1. sorry, I did not want to hide it.
2. sorry I cannot read russian text (your err-page)
3. I saw some other frequent problems in wikipedia tags. Could you check this too? OSM wiki tells, to use wikipedia=lang:Name, not wikipedia:lang=lang:Name, or wikipedia:lang=Name(as only wiki-tag)...
72017-02-13 13:54:33 UTCiWowik wikipedia:lang tags are widely used on Ukraine due to Ukranian/Russial language conflict. Many mappers wanted to set Russian names and Russian wikilink some years ago.
So I do note delete wikipedia:ru by political reason. I only actualize its.

By the way I see wikidata tag begin actively used ...
12017-02-11 23:16:29 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi iWowik, please follow the osm-wiki (wikipedia="lang:Article Name").
E.g. node/3479309600
see details:
Thanks, Alex
12017-02-11 09:35:24 UTCAleks-Berlin hi A., please concider OSM-wiki, see:
wikipedie="lang:Article Name" ,
Thanks, Alex
12017-02-10 07:53:22 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi zstadler, could you please fix "d"="d" tag.
You inserted it at node/1166158561
Thanks, Alex
22017-02-10 14:34:26 UTCzstadler Fixed. Thanks for the comment!
12017-02-03 18:44:13 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi jconstanti, you inserted an invisible char (ASCII 0x7F - its only to be ignored) into many names during last year into Spain. E.g. way/435702970 . Invisible means: depending on tool, they are seen or not.
These strings are not searchable and sometimes not rendered correctly. KR, Alexander
22017-02-07 15:41:05 UTCAleks-Berlin please check,
I fixed it. As it is invisible in many views, you have to copy the name to a tool that shows all chars.
Another example (another changeset, perhaps another user),
12017-02-07 13:04:40 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi JLZ. please follow the OSM-guidelines for wikipedia key. wikipedia="lang:Name"
Merci, Alex
12017-02-01 07:51:21 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Gabriela, the #-sign is in the list of problem characters, see
Also a hint to a company in schools does not make sense. please fix/remove this unusual tag or convert to a "note="#mcasanturce".
Please do not inv...
12017-01-31 13:15:54 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi, why you added a new unique key "g"= ? kr, Alex
22017-01-31 15:47:44 UTCff5722 sorry, this was probably a typo from 'generator:source' but I pressed TAB too soon or something. Thanks for noticing and fixing it
12017-01-31 07:54:51 UTCAleks-Berlin what means "" = "0". KR, Alex
12017-01-28 19:28:32 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Fränky123, why you are adding tags like "email" = "email" to OSM. These tags have unknown keys (e.g. "email" = ".." would be ok). Also a line/way without other tags would still be useless. If you want (but even this would be unusual) you could add &quo...
22017-01-29 09:38:56 UTCFränky123 Hi Aleks-Berlin !
Danke für Deine Rückmeldung !
Da ist mir wirklich was nerviges passiert.
Beim Eintragen von Änderungen hat meine Passwortmanager-Software in Formularfelder automatisch und von mir unbemerkt :-( Daten eingetragen.
Die Mail-Adresse sollte natürlich nie irgend...
12017-01-28 19:15:16 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Griphon, in node/4638292605 you added an empty key "" = "Ferramenta Ceciliano". I fixed this to "name" = ..
KR, Alex
22017-01-28 20:38:59 UTCGriphon Sorry for error; thanks for fix it!
12017-01-27 08:40:27 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi NESDD, you introduced a typo in addr;country 80x, but " : " should be used.
Danke, Alex
12017-01-26 23:07:55 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi bekreyev, please fix node 4601575441 = broken tag. Thanks,Alex
12017-01-26 19:42:00 UTCAleks-Berlin sorry wrong comment: fix ele
12017-01-25 20:53:23 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi J., your edit introduced many broken tags "name"=0x7F (unprintable ascii code). please be careful. Thanks, Alex
22017-01-26 06:41:28 UTCjconstanti "0x7F" isn't an edition error, it's a general, postedition time issue.
12017-01-25 19:18:49 UTCAleks-Berlin cahr = char = ASCII = 0x7F
12017-01-22 16:40:37 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi dufekin, you inserted many bad characters into tags during last year.
I saw about 10x inside USA the tag "highway"="%7Fhighway" or "%7Ftertiary" etc. I have no idea how you did it? I fixed most of them now. Many regards, Alex
12017-01-17 08:06:53 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Someoneelse, please be careful introducing typos like key=";ayer". I fixed to layer. kr, Alex
12017-01-14 11:44:09 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Ghybu, please use tah wikidate=Q1234, not wikipedia=Q1234. Thanks, Alexander
22017-01-14 19:58:09 UTCGhybu Hi Alexander, I know, it was just an error of inattention.Thanks for your vigilance!
12016-12-31 14:23:41 UTCmueschel Hi,
your source tags have ticks (') in the key which shouldn't be there. Could you fix this? Actually, there is no need to put these tags, the information is already in the source tag of the changeset itself.

Cheers, Jan
22016-12-31 15:44:51 UTCAleks-Berlin I have fixed it now. I also have fixed some others some days ago. Alex
12016-12-31 10:50:48 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Jens. please do not create tags like:
"-" = <empty>
12016-12-21 14:06:09 UTCAleks-Berlin could you please fix the bad new key='source' including " ' ". all other keys in OSM dont use this style. It could also break some scripts.
12016-12-19 08:30:24 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Beeers, please do not enter empty tags ""="". Thanks, Alex
12016-12-18 13:12:23 UTCAleks-Berlin pleas do no add strange tags (to 2 walls last 24h), like key="www.."
12016-12-18 07:23:17 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Beeers,
last day you put "" = "" x2 ! please be carefull while editing.
Thanks, Alex
12016-12-06 18:46:09 UTCAleks-Berlin please follow the guidelines from
wikipedia="lang:Article Name" e.g. "en:Name".
Thanks a lot, Alexander
22016-12-07 05:19:28 UTCroadgeek99 totally knew that, JOSM editing makes me forget about the language prefix. thanks for letting me know.
12016-12-04 21:16:12 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found tags like "water tank:street" on 23 of your objects. There should be no spaces in keys, could you change them to the correct keys?
22016-12-04 21:27:58 UTCAleks-Berlin I fixed some tags, but did not detect all mistakes. So its not my objects. But I try to fix within this week. KR, Alex
32016-12-04 21:37:27 UTCmueschel Sorry, I didn't look close enough. I commented the right changeset now.
42016-12-05 19:19:40 UTCAleks-Berlin Anyway: I think/hope I fixed them all now :-)
12016-12-03 19:08:42 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi KathleenMack, you added a strange tag shortly. "building=yes"="addr:province" for 1450x buildings in PH (asia). Please be carefull when doing mass-edits. Thanks, Alex
22016-12-04 17:53:54 UTCbotdidier2020 Hi KathleenMack,
it's now fixed for all your changesets.
12016-11-22 19:34:43 UTCangys Can you try to leave only the coastline because Black Sea already have a node and the maps now have two Black Sea.Thank You Very Much for the comunity.
22016-11-23 22:06:35 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi angys, I'm not sure I understood the question. You mean removing the place tag from this relation? Why you ask me?
As far as I remember: I added one new key "sqkm" that does not affect any name-rendering.Please try to give more details. Thanks, Alexander
12016-11-15 22:20:19 UTCAalen1 Hallo
Beim Place Suburb
Postleitzahl unter postal_code=86633 angeben.
unter addr:postcode=86633
erscheint sonst eine unvollständige Adresse.
Wenn man die unter JOSM anklickt stürzt das Programm ab!
22016-11-15 23:26:49 UTCAleks-Berlin bitte mache einen JOSM bug daraus, damt JOSM gefixt werden kann. JOSM darf bei keinen Daten abstürzen!
Danke, Alex
32016-11-16 19:20:11 UTCAalen1 Hallo Aleks-Berlin
Hab mal so ein Ticket erstellt-
Ist mein erstes!
Bei mir in der Firma bin ich gewohnt mit solchen Fehlern zu leben, da es Jahre dauern kann bis da was geschieht!
42016-11-16 21:24:38 UTCAleks-Berlin mein JOSM Fehler war nach einer Woche gefixt :-)
Danke, Alex
12016-11-12 19:10:04 UTCscruss Why are you adding is_in:iso_3166_2 tags on so many of your edits? The whole is_in family is no longer needed, and there is no documentation for your refinement of these obsolete tags
22016-11-12 22:24:08 UTCAleks-Berlin I do not add it any more. But I see a general conflict with OSM rules "international project".
gnis:ST_alpha == only in US,
is_in:iso_3166_2 == rest of planet,
12016-10-26 15:14:05 UTCNakaner Hi Aleks-Berlin,

why did you add the area of Russia in this changeset? This number can be retrieved by calculating and therefore does not have to be mapped at OSM.

I will remove this tag (and maybe all other occurences of sqkm=* you uploaded) in the next days.

In addition, I want to inform ...
22016-10-26 17:44:08 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Michael,

please read my points.

1. how to calc area of oceans (node, no borders) ?
2. all segments have to be in same orientation (e.g. clock wise) before calculation, which is not assured.
3. Huge Relations (e.g. russia.osm = 37 MB), that is much to download for get one number.
4. OSM h...
32016-10-26 17:53:57 UTCNakaner HI Aleks-Berlin,

regarding item 1: If you want to calculate the land area, that's trivial. Even if you want to calculate the area on sea which belongs to Russian territory, it is simple.

regarding item 2: If you software is unable to calculate correctly if the orientation of the segments is wr...
42016-10-26 18:22:50 UTCwoodpeck If I may add 2 points: (a) Just because there is rubbish in OSM, that's not an excuse to add more! (b) Wikidata is more often than not derived from Wikipedia which is licensed CC-BY-SA; I know that Wikidata claims to be CC0 but I highly doubt the legality of this.
52016-10-26 19:00:40 UTCSimonPoole It should be noted that the WMF does not make any representations that the contents of wikidata are actually free of any third party rights, The CC0 licence of wikidata is simply based on a position statement by the WMF that facts can't be copyrighted..
62016-10-26 21:02:43 UTCAleks-Berlin again: how to calc the area of nodes (like place=ocean, that do not have any border) ?
Who should question the free usage of facts?
I understand that area can be calulated 'easy' for smaller objects. But why download megabytes to get one number?
With this argument we should stop
72016-10-26 21:31:39 UTCSimonPoole You already have the comfort of looking up the value via the wikidata reference for not essential things (as for example the area).
82016-10-26 21:34:54 UTCNakaner … and therefore there is no need anymore to add this information to OpenStreetMap because the object which represents the territory of Russia (relation 60189) already has wikidata=Q159.
92016-10-27 17:43:58 UTCAleks-Berlin removed again for this relation, but todo (next days) for others
12016-10-14 07:44:36 UTCAleks-Berlin please follow the osm guidelines for wikipedia-key!
wikipedia="languange:Name" eg. "es:Name".
Thanks alot, Alex
12016-09-25 11:08:22 UTCAleks-Berlin please do not use empty keys, like ""="text".
I fixed 2 buildings from this changeset. thanks, Alexander
22016-09-26 07:29:43 UTCEdLoach I'll blame the new version of Vespucci. Thanks for letting me know - I'll watch out for it happening in future.
12016-09-25 10:56:05 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Hnatyuk,
please follow the guidelines:
wikipedia="lang:Article Title Name" not wikipedia="http..." . this makes it easier to use the date, because 99.99% if wikipedia keys use the style from guidelines, and only some...
12016-09-24 18:21:10 UTCAleks-Berlin opengeodb will have no updates in future (since 2008). some tags lost their need, e.g. :version :auto_update : sort_name :is_in (covers is:in) ==> cleanup these old tags
12016-09-24 18:19:57 UTCAleks-Berlin opengeodb will have no updates in future (since 2008). some tags lost their need, e.g. :version :auto_update : sort_name :is_in (covers is:in) ==> cleanup these old tags
12016-09-23 14:07:17 UTCAleks-Berlin please follow the guidelines for wikipedia tag,
wikipedia="lang:Article Title Name" , this simplifies usage of osm data.
thanks, Alexander
12016-09-23 11:11:33 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi naoliv, what is the advantage of the "extensions" tag? disadvantage is: it contains xml-code, that is blowing up the data and breaking some tools to analyze the data. there is no other node on earth using it. thanks, Alexander
22016-09-23 11:46:46 UTCnaoliv Hi, Alexander!
I guess you are talking about
In fact I forgot to remove "extensions" from this node, when I merged it :-)
It seems that they were all introduced when converting some shapefiles, as can be seen at
32016-09-24 00:52:08 UTCadrianojbr naoliv, corrigi o nome do município de dona emma/sc. o correto é com dois "m" mesmo. não é o nome do animal, mas de pessoa. abraço.
42016-09-24 00:56:48 UTCnaoliv Hummm... beleza!
No IBGE está com um M
12016-09-07 10:21:14 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please check the tagging of these nodes? E.g.
22016-09-21 12:26:01 UTCAleks-Berlin Yes, please fix these corrupted tags. I marked them (12 nodes) by "fixme".
Thanks alot, Alexander
12016-09-21 08:48:26 UTCAleks-Berlin what means key "I=1" (unknown key, not used anywhere else on the plant).
Could you please fix this?
12016-09-21 08:39:24 UTCAleks-Berlin please follow the wiki-guidelines:
wikipedia="lang:Article Title Name" .
This helps processing/using the data. Thanks, Alex
12016-09-21 08:31:18 UTCAleks-Berlin please follow the wiki-guidelines:
wikipedia="lang:Article Title Name" .
This helps processing the data.
12016-09-18 15:26:58 UTCAleks-Berlin please follow the guidelines for wikipedia-key, see
==> no full link, only "fr:Title of Aricle"
This makes it easier to use (same style for all wikipedia-tags). Thanks
22016-09-18 15:52:50 UTCarchi02 oops. sorry. Thanks. :)
12016-09-18 11:11:23 UTCAleks-Berlin please use only valid tags, not "source="
12016-09-17 08:54:43 UTCAleks-Berlin please do not use empty keys, like
12016-09-16 11:24:16 UTCAleks-Berlin bitte keine tags "4=node" wie bei node/4357962525 vergeben. vg Alex
22016-09-17 08:06:53 UTCi-re Ich weiss bei bestem Willen nicht wie das passiert ist.
Danke fuers aufpassen.
12016-09-02 18:22:36 UTCluschi Hallo,
in Italien entfällt die erste 0 bei hinzufügen der internationalen Vorwahl nicht.
+49 ist die Vorwahl von Deutschland. Italien hat +39
Das Format habe ich auch angepasst
22016-09-14 22:12:30 UTCAleks-Berlin danke für den hinweis.
12016-08-17 18:44:34 UTCAleks-Berlin please fix node with 2 meaning: guesthouse+hamlet should be 2 nodes
12016-08-05 19:08:56 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
What's the justification of adding admin_level=2 to Sealand? I know they _claim_ to be a country, but lots of people/places claim that, and many aren't. A few miles up the road from me someone claims to live in , but I don't take my p...
22016-08-07 21:22:08 UTCAleks-Berlin it had place=country, but you are right: it is not acceped by the others.
32016-08-07 22:02:28 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - I've removed it in .
12016-07-26 07:07:09 UTCAleks-Berlin please follow the guidelines for wikipedia-key (no full link). it makes it easier to use by tools.
22016-07-26 07:13:04 UTCSnusmumriken It's just that copy-pasting the full link is fast and convenient
32016-07-26 12:34:19 UTCAleks-Berlin could we agree to do it according guidelines ?
There are 770k wikipedia=lang:OK;
plus 11k x wikipedia:en=OK;
Write extra exceptions into tools would be useless extra work.
42016-07-26 16:49:12 UTCSnusmumriken Not if it means more work. And there's nothing ambiguous about the links I've used
52016-07-26 21:53:03 UTCAleks-Berlin Open projects (like OSM) work best, if the majority of supporters agree on a common set of rules (or best practices). To write this down has been set up.
99.99% of wikipedia-tags follow it.
Today we have 770407 wiki-tags, and only some (<10) using full link.
If there is ...
12016-07-24 21:21:46 UTCAleks-Berlin I removed your 4=2 (key=value). I think it is a typo.
12016-06-22 14:32:55 UTCAleks-Berlin since days you change wikipedia links in Japan. Please follow the guidelines under:

wikipedia:en=en:Name is wrong.
Language (en: is either in key or value, never both). shows, you a...
12016-06-17 18:18:01 UTCAleks-Berlin please always add the language to wikipedia, e.g. wikipedia="uk:Name"

thanks for reading this
22017-03-29 22:17:57 UTCVARVAR8 ОК
12016-06-17 12:20:24 UTCAleks-Berlin please be careful with typos!!
22016-06-17 13:57:39 UTCpadvinder where did you see typos?
32016-06-17 14:47:40 UTCAleks-Berlin natural = (netree_roww value)


KR, Alexander
12016-05-24 08:22:15 UTCAleks-Berlin please follow the wiki-howto for key:wikipedia

12016-05-15 20:42:45 UTCAleks-Berlin please do not use old amenity=swimming_pool
- it should be leisure=


thanks, Alex
12016-04-29 19:17:02 UTCAleks-Berlin why you use building=ja instead of =yes ?? OSM tags should be english!
12016-04-11 18:34:30 UTCHolgerJeromin Danke für deine Hilfe beim Fixen von Wikipedia links. Jedoch wäre es noch besser, wenn die Unterstriche auch weg wären. Hab ich jetzt hier gemacht. :-)
22016-04-11 19:14:01 UTCAleks-Berlin Ok, you are right. I was not aware.
I just checked: 8561 wikipedia using "_",
vs. 360216 having " ".
12016-04-05 20:02:09 UTCAleks-Berlin please do not remove the name-tag !
many tools require this and it is used worldwide!
the official name is name,
translations use name:lang,
22016-04-05 20:11:27 UTCAleks-Berlin there is only 1 official name (e.g. Ortseingangsschild) which is typically in local language.
32016-04-06 15:31:56 UTCsofasurfer68 Thanks for pointing out my mistake.
I'll check the next day even if I deleted more name tags.

Greeting sofasurfer68
12016-03-17 20:47:29 UTCAleks-Berlin please follow:
12016-03-17 20:44:42 UTCAleks-Berlin please follow:
12016-03-10 18:42:12 UTCAleks-Berlin please follow the format from osm-wiki:
do not forget value="en:Name"
12016-03-06 15:31:37 UTCAleks-Berlin rules accoring to osm-wiki:

found/detected via:
12016-03-05 17:19:51 UTCMauro1985 Hi, the tag you used (aerodrome:type=*) has no entry in the wiki. Could you add there what does that mean? And the possible values too, of course. Tnx!
22016-03-05 17:25:26 UTCAleks-Berlin type is only for relation type, see:

so I used the Proposed_features to correct the wrong usage.
32016-03-05 17:28:19 UTCAleks-Berlin It is also used in Wikipedia for most Airports, e.g.:
42016-03-06 12:17:48 UTCAleks-Berlin Please check now:
12016-03-01 22:40:12 UTCSomeoneElse Here you've changed to "amenity=disused:restaurant", but the normal way to indicate a disused amenity would be "disused:amenity=restaurant".
22016-03-02 19:47:15 UTCAleks-Berlin you are right. first I tried to reduce different writings for similar things (e.g. typos, x-N , old-N disused:N, N:disused, N-closed). But perhaps it would be better to directly bring it into final state and skip the middle-step.

taginfo is a great help for it..
32016-03-02 23:34:12 UTCSomeoneElse I'd be careful with any sort of "tidying" like this. Not all ways of conveying "former" have the same connotation. For example, in the UK roughly a dozen different tag/value combinations are used for "former pubs" - see
42016-03-04 10:00:39 UTCAleks-Berlin OK
12016-03-03 16:03:14 UTCSomeoneElse For info, this needs tidying too - I'd suggest moving all the appropriate tags to the relation . It makes no sense that the wikipedia article only applies to the outer surface of the walls but not the inner surface.
22016-03-03 18:03:54 UTCAleks-Berlin I agree.
32016-03-04 23:50:40 UTCSomeoneElse OK, done.
12016-03-03 13:14:29 UTCHjart I've removed this link, because it pointed to the wrong place (and duplicated the correct one).
22016-03-03 14:21:07 UTCAleks-Berlin ok fine. I only fixed the format thing.
wikipedia=Name, not wikipedia=en:Name,
32016-03-03 16:00:00 UTCSomeoneElse @Aleks-Berlin You've been asked before to stop making mechanical edits. If this had truly been a non-mechanical edit you'd have spotted that already existed and tried to merge the tags sensibly, or asked the local community for the best way forward. It's ...
12016-03-01 22:33:33 UTCSomeoneElse You've changed from "accommodation" to "guest_house", but are you sure that it really is a guest_house and not some other kind of accommodation (self_catering, bed_and_breakfast, something else)?
22016-03-02 19:33:48 UTCAleks-Berlin hi SE, the problem is "accomodation" is an undefined value (see ) and the old value was used world-wide only about 10 times.
To make the map more usable, I think it is a good idea to convert it to guest_house.
From psycological point of view...
32016-03-02 23:42:39 UTCSomeoneElse Just because you don't understand what the original mapper meant by "accomodation", please don't change it to something that you do understand (but which you do not know is correct).
Something that is mapped using an "unusual" tag will be visible to people as being an unusual ta...
42016-03-03 08:25:16 UTCAleks-Berlin I'm sotrry for this. But last time it was different: I used JOSM to cahnge >1000x e.g. type=Private to type=private and it was complained about that some other untouched tags were obviuosly wrong but overseen by the change.
But OSM has a general problem for beeing understood by tools (e.g. rende...
52016-03-03 08:27:56 UTCAleks-Berlin PS: I also kept note=accomodation to be understood later. Perhaps a fixme would be needed?
62016-03-03 08:47:56 UTCDeanna Earley It should be reverted and possibly a note or fixme added with "can someone clarify what this is?"
As mentioned, while the current value may be nonsensical to you, it did to the original editor and requires a survey to verify, NOT just an armchair blanket change.
12016-02-29 11:15:29 UTCAleks-Berlin the wikipedia link is broken
12016-02-19 08:32:30 UTCAleks-Berlin please follow these guidelines:
12016-02-15 19:31:44 UTCHjart I 've changed the wikipedia link to point to the danish version + added a link to the wikidata item
22016-02-15 20:33:49 UTCAleks-Berlin good. I only wanted to correct the bad link.
12016-02-12 01:06:38 UTCAleks-Berlin please fix empty key =-1 (Saturn)
22016-02-12 17:38:26 UTCOgmios done
12016-01-17 10:12:41 UTCAleks-Berlin why you added key="osm_id" to relation?
this is the only relation on planet having this.

what for is the key anyway? (since each obeject has its ID in osm)
22016-01-17 10:56:46 UTCtbsprs Not sure how the key was added to the relation. Please note, I am still quite new to add new stuff to OSM and working with JOSM.
32016-01-17 17:18:36 UTCAleks-Berlin no problem, I just want to understand.
So I will remove this key-value-pair.
12016-01-17 00:24:29 UTCAleks-Berlin local tag only, no wiki, no information
12016-01-12 23:58:49 UTCAleks-Berlin comment wrong: in Algeria, fr.wikipedia
12016-01-11 22:18:50 UTCAleks-Berlin all nodes have only one tag (ele) with identical value. the used import tool had a format/rounding problem (a.b999999999999)
22016-01-11 22:54:42 UTCSomeoneElse How does this change improve the quality of OpenStreetMap data?
32016-01-12 08:23:34 UTCAleks-Berlin 1. It gives the wrong impression, that someone measured with precision smaller than atom-size. Typical common assumption is: +- half last digit = accuracy.
2. Bytes are spend for noting.
3. Is there any benefit not to change it?
12016-01-06 21:20:19 UTCmaxerickson ~1000 meters appears to have been more correct than ~300. A good source for US airport information is the FAA:

There is a geographic search available here:
22016-01-06 21:24:04 UTCmaxerickson Sorry for the double message, after searching on County/State, the interesting information is at the "Airport Contact Information" link under Reports.
32016-01-10 20:02:37 UTCAleks-Berlin
Elevation:\t3314 ft (1010 m) Rock Airport
Elevation AMSL 1,010 ft / 308 m,_Nevada
Elevation 3,789 ft (1,155 m)

==> ok you are right, and wikipedia is wrong.
I will go to e...
42016-01-10 21:43:09 UTCmaxerickson I'm sure that gcmap and Wikipedia both got their information from the FAA database I linked, it's just that at some point someone involved with putting the data into Wikipedia thought that the 1010 meters needed conversion to meters.

I think for US airports there is no reason to use any source ot...
12016-01-10 15:11:42 UTCSupaplex I think there's some mistake that thought Matsu Beigan Airport is a Chinese Airport. It is control by Taiwan, also known as Republic of China
22016-01-10 18:35:44 UTCAleks-Berlin how to proceed here. could you fix this?
otherwise I need to understand what is wrong? Of course my comment was wrong, but something else?
12016-01-09 10:09:29 UTCAleks-Berlin revert
12016-01-07 18:48:23 UTCAleks-Berlin revert
12016-01-07 18:15:20 UTCAleks-Berlin revert
12016-01-07 17:50:23 UTCAleks-Berlin reverted
12016-01-01 12:21:02 UTCAleks-Berlin why do you use ele=no for buildings in Leipzig?
ele=elevation=HöheÜberMeeresspiegel (unit = meter).
ele=no means nothing and should be avoided.
PS: height vs. ele should be considered.
12015-12-04 14:24:57 UTCAleks-Berlin why you ignore:
cite: "In almost all cases, a single wikipedia tag as described above is sufficient." was build to translate/link between different wikipedia language titles.
At least one linke should follow t...
22015-12-05 15:19:54 UTCLyubchenko Denis I agree, but versions in Russian and Kazakh language have slightly different information. Therefore, I suggest to leave 3 options en,kk and ru. See wiwipedia: In another example the structure of subjects in articles cannot be matched 1:1 with interlanguage links (or maybe there are several articles...
32015-12-05 20:20:55 UTCAleks-Berlin Of course the content of these languages could be different, but this is not the point.
The connection between the languages is done by wikidata project.
For example: en:Berlin belongs to de:Berlin and fr:Berlin etc.
The content for articles (e.g in nation conflicts) could be the opposite, but wi...
42015-12-05 21:40:01 UTCLyubchenko Denis Do I understand correctly that you suggest to leave one link on wikipedia: wikipedia=en:Almaty?
12015-12-02 23:41:09 UTCmuralito Aleks-Berlin, please respect local OSM definitions, e.g pop>10k is place=city in Uruguay.
22015-12-03 07:45:04 UTCAleks-Berlin Sorry for that. But it would make sence to add a hint to the engl-wiki to give others the chance to know it. Can you do this?
32015-12-03 23:01:03 UTCmuralito Sure.
In which wiki pages do you think it should be the hint?
42015-12-03 23:23:13 UTCAleks-Berlin I took a look here (and where thinking this is a global rule). In DE or US town is used from 10k to 99k.
Please change the rule here an tell the countries with town == city rule.

thanks, Alex
12015-11-21 21:09:22 UTCnaoliv Aleks, why you are adding "is_in:iso_3166_2" to some cities?
I don't think that it adds more information than it's already available in the data.
22015-11-22 21:35:47 UTCAleks-Berlin
tells 26463 uses for this key.
Yes this data could also be derived from other data, but more complicated.
But I would first remove is_in:continent, -state, -country, is_in, etc., and still keep this short one. I you process 1mio POI it ta...
32015-11-22 21:47:49 UTCnaoliv But they are mainly in US. It seems they were imported from Tiger, as can be seen at and not inserted by mappers.
I don't think it's useful to start adding this tag if we can get the same result using spatial indexing.
With ove...
42015-11-28 09:10:40 UTCAleks-Berlin Could you please tell me how to do it automatic (from script, eg. using wget).
The task should look like: get all key="place" from inside iso:DE-HE.
I dont want mouse interaction because we have >1000 different ISO-regions on this planet. Thank you for your help.
52015-11-29 14:03:10 UTCnaoliv I will take a look at a scriptable solution and get back to you.
62015-11-29 14:48:35 UTCAleks-Berlin many thanks in advance. Alex
72015-11-29 15:17:52 UTCAleks-Berlin the id of border (way or relation) is known to me. perhaps this makes it easier for you.
82015-11-29 15:25:14 UTCnaoliv Indeed knwoing the id helps a lot.
For your DE-HE example, try this:
Note tha the id is in bold. It will be the only place where you will need to change.
You can use "-O output-file" in wget to have a better final name too.
It will always query d...
92015-11-29 15:39:38 UTCAleks-Berlin This gives all nodes place=town in "Brandenburg, germany", I think..[out%3Ajson]%3B%0Aarea%283600062504%29-%3E.searchArea%3B%0A%28%0A%20%20node[%22place%22%3D%22town%22]%28area.searchArea%29%3B%0A%29%3B%0Aout%20body%3B%0A%3E%3B%0Aout%20skel%2...
102015-11-29 15:44:49 UTCnaoliv Yep, as JSON.
I don't know if you took a look at my example, but it uses the same output, but as XML.
112015-11-29 18:51:10 UTCAleks-Berlin Yes it seems to works.
But now I suffer on:
all place=city && population>10000000 on full planet. Thanks alot, Alex
122015-11-29 19:49:30 UTCnaoliv Use a regex for this
This matches cities with population from 10000000 up to 99999999.
132015-11-30 01:43:12 UTCnaoliv And I guess "is_in:iso_3166_2" isn't needed anymore in Brazil? :-)
142015-11-30 22:16:09 UTCAleks-Berlin there are megabytes of key="is_in" having long values, and only kilobytes of is_in:iso*, so why it is so urgend to remove it? I would still like them, but not adding them.
The problem is at the moment: questions with big results are still very slow and often aborting.
152015-11-30 22:19:42 UTCnaoliv Did you increase (or remove) the timeout in your overpass queries? Setting a too low timeout with slower queries won't return any result indeed.
162015-12-01 19:21:42 UTCAleks-Berlin I'm working on it to find a good solution.
But beside this: 99% of is_in_iso (even outside USA) is not from me, so others also need it. I think we should start a broader discussion about all is_in* keys.
172015-12-01 19:29:27 UTCnaoliv What exactly do you need to find or process? Do you always need fresh data or you can use a daily extract?
182015-12-03 19:22:41 UTCAleks-Berlin only relation["place"="city"]["population"~"[0-9]{7}"]({{bbox}}); // over europe timeout=444 is breaking with internal server error but only 23 cities >1mio are inside.
It should be doable, but is stille the limit (no timeout).
192015-12-08 17:18:38 UTCnaoliv Maybe querying smaller areas/countries and merging the results?
12015-12-02 00:11:15 UTCAleks-Berlin pop. should be number !
22016-01-13 23:32:05 UTCwoodpeck_repair Edits in this changeset have partly been reverted or modified in 36561697 after complaints to DWG.
12015-11-30 23:54:13 UTCsmaprs Couldn't be kept the native language wikies? Like for Have you talked with the user that added that? Or local talk list (
22015-12-01 00:18:01 UTCAleks-Berlin
citeation from ther:
"In almost all cases, a single wikipedia tag as described above is sufficient."
32015-12-01 10:03:00 UTCsmaprs In the same wikipedia entry OSM provides alternatives for diversity. If a user have added a usefull native version, it should be kept (same reason as for local name, etc.). Otherwise, better fixing than deleting; and good policy contact editor. Most users for a local map are natives.
42015-12-01 11:40:20 UTCmuralito The tag in format wikipedia:lang is used for secondary or alternative languages (anyway those articles in several languages are linked in wikipedia, and if not linked should be fixed in wikipedia)

For the native language, the tagging scheme is "wikipedia=<lang>:<wikipedia page title...
52015-12-01 19:17:09 UTCAleks-Berlin connecting the language versions of same wikipedia articles was the first mayor task of
Therefore we can trust the lanuage mapping, which works good since >1 year.
Having redundant information is only blowing up the database.
12015-12-01 17:58:48 UTCmavl Hello. We simply used a rule: "Ideally, a key is one word, in lowercase".
22015-12-01 18:20:20 UTCAleks-Berlin You are right. But changing the rest of the world would be more complicated than only one nation. But I agree, "iso3166-2" would have been my favorite. But for machine reading its better to have the same key worldwide.
12015-11-30 11:08:56 UTCdieterdreist Please be more specific with your changeset descriptions. "fix bad country" doesn't allow to understanding what you were doing or why.

Please note that place=locality is 100% wrong for a used building. It is a tag for an uninhabited place with a name. It can't be inside a city. It is a ...
22015-11-30 22:10:48 UTCAleks-Berlin I just wanted to remove place=country, but was not sure what the original author had in mind. I thought about fixme, but you are right it was only a half fix. Sorry
12015-11-29 15:03:48 UTCAleks-Berlin wrong title: fixed bad postcode
12015-11-12 08:11:23 UTCwoodpeck I note that in this changeset with a description of "popul 20c x3" (what does that mean?), you have added a postal code and elevation to a town in Mexico. Where does that data come from? You are making a lot of edits across the world and it seems unlikely to me that you actually have first...
22015-11-15 13:31:01 UTCAleks-Berlin (sorry for the delay, I was in holidays.)
the source of fixing it is mainly the OSM-wiki + TagWatch (e.g. population=20,000 to 20000) and OSM database itself (is_in:iso, is_in).
I try to make OSM data easy useable (e.g. no comma , ; inside integer values, or pop=20 habitants, means no useless unit...
12015-11-10 11:17:38 UTCAndersAndersson Please stop removing values.

There is no need. Fix the renderer if there is a problem with long values.

I can agree that 99% of these values are not that accurate, but some values might be, and then you are reducing accuracy.
22015-11-10 12:20:14 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Anders,it is not possible today to measure more than 1mm (H-Star) accuray with GPS in Lat+Lon. And Elevation is off by Factor of 10).
Also other methods have are happy with 1mm in best case. Normal GPS is off by about 10 meters in height !
Additionally the surface is not that even.
Even good s...
32015-11-10 15:22:58 UTCAndersAndersson Hello, I know that a GPS does not have that kind of accuracy. But I still don't see the point of editing every ele tag in the world. It creates unnecessary database edits and somewhere you're going to remove a value that actually is known to less than a cm. I don't have an example, and I guess it's ...
42015-11-10 19:25:44 UTCAleks-Berlin I did this one evening. And I only did easyly to find ones (e.g. 9x "9" = 999999999).
1. If limiting datasize is no point and increasing readability by computers, why the many wikipedia:de,:en:fr:es:etc have been worldwide changed to wikipedia = en: ?
Having identical keynames, and same ...
52015-11-10 21:42:49 UTCAndersAndersson I will answer you by private message. The messages tend to be a bit to long :)
12015-11-10 00:22:35 UTCStalfur That isn't -73 meters for sure
22015-11-10 00:29:15 UTCAleks-Berlin about 300m around this are many strange ele=* !
can you check this?
I dont know this area.
32015-11-10 00:38:10 UTCStalfur I'm tempted to just delete those elevation lines as a bad import. We have access to official elevation data somewhere
42015-11-10 01:00:58 UTCSomeoneElse is a Garmin waypoint that's been converted to a node. You'd need to ask the original author of what each symbol meant when they recorded it. Of the tags only ele is likely to be of any use, and even then...
12015-11-09 09:51:58 UTCstreckenkundler Hei,

nimm mal bitte auch ref:fgkz raus.

Die Fließgewässerkennziffer 5828 ist nur für die Dahme gültig.


22015-11-09 17:13:13 UTCstreckenkundler Danke. :)
32015-11-09 20:41:58 UTCAleks-Berlin Wenn du wieder mal etwas findest: ich suche nach unbrauchbaren oder flaschen Daten.
VG, Alexander
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