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12018-02-07 08:40:30 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi CENTRALHUB, I fixed a typo in key at way/559268841. regards, Alex
12018-01-06 17:13:34 UTCAleks-Berlin hi CENTRALHUB, you added 3 strange tags ( ' = DigitalGlobe‚ź£Premium‚ź£Imagery ). Please fix this typo.
Thanks Alex
22018-01-06 18:08:27 UTCCENTRALHUB Already fixed. Thanks for telling me.
12017-11-30 08:13:28 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi CENTRALHUB, please do not enter problematic keys, like " ' ".
Thanks, Alex
22017-12-04 02:34:02 UTCCENTRALHUB Sure. It's caused by accidentally pressing the wrong key when using JOSM
12017-10-04 07:21:53 UTCVlIvYur
What is it: '=ESRI ?
22017-10-08 22:30:09 UTCCENTRALHUB It's a mistake. Feel free to fix it. Thanks
12017-09-16 11:41:55 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way? Something went wrong with the ref tag.

Thanks, Jan
22017-10-03 08:41:01 UTCCENTRALHUB The secondary road (X622 you mentioned) should be the old S285.

The new S285 (the primary road) is newly built, but is not fully completed on the map yet.

Several online map in China tag both of them as S285.

Once we finish the primary road I believe that we can remove the ref tag from th...
32017-10-03 09:52:38 UTCmueschel Thanks for replying,
If I understand right, we can change the tag ""X622=S285" to "old_ref = S285", "ref = X622"?
42017-10-03 16:46:04 UTCCENTRALHUB I think we should only do "old_ref=S285", because we cannot confirm that it's X622.
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