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12017-12-08 21:39:31 UTCFredrikLindseth Denne teaterplassen du tagget på Fløyen. Hvem er det som driver den ? Når er det forestillinger der?
22017-12-11 21:00:13 UTCChristian Madsen Den driftes av Grønn Etat i Bergen Kommune. Vet ikkje om det er faste forestillinger der.

Fra kommunens egen brosjyre:

"Like ved turvei på strekningen mellom parkering ved Nøttveit og Bjørnevatnet fi nner vi teaterplassen. Teaterplassen er et område tilre...
12017-05-28 17:26:47 UTCFredrikLindseth -Navnet- på disse tinge er vel ikke "lytteapparat" osv? Det er vel heller beskrivelsen(description=*) ?
Jeg endret de på rundemannen nå, men kanskje alle andre bunkere og batteri er likt tagget?
22017-05-30 10:30:58 UTCChristian Madsen Takk for tilbakemeldingen. Her må eg nok gi deg heilt rett. Det skal være "description=*" som er det riktige å bruke her. Da har eg ein liten jobb foran meg og få rettet opp i dei andre som er lagt inn i Bergen og omegn :-)
12017-05-24 09:14:42 UTCDalkvist Hej ser att du använda Eniro som källa har du dokumenterat det någonstans? Så vitt jag vet så har de inte givit oss tillstånd att använda deras flygbilder.
22017-05-24 10:44:43 UTCChristian Madsen Hi. Thank you for the feedback. The reference to Eniro as a source, is due to the text I put into JOSM a long time ago while testing the software. I was not even aware that it still was present as default. I have now changed it for future edits, but it means that earlier edits also have this incorre...
32017-05-24 11:42:21 UTCDalkvist Ah okay, no worries we all make mistakes :)
On the upload dialog in JOSM there is a link that automatically add the current layers as sources.
12017-04-07 19:48:22 UTCmueschel Hi,
'abandoned' is written 'abandoned' and not 'abandonded'. Could you have a look and correct this on >60 objects?
Cheers, Jan
22017-04-08 16:21:45 UTCChristian Madsen Thank you for the feedback. Looks like JOSM has replicated a misspelling instead of the correct phrase. I will change it first opportunity I get.
32017-04-13 17:46:24 UTCChristian Madsen There, I think got them all now. Please comment if there are anyone left.
12017-04-02 15:46:12 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the name tag:

Cheers, Jan
22017-04-03 07:01:24 UTCChristian Madsen Ops, my bad. Thanks for the feedback.
12015-08-27 17:08:23 UTCGazer75 Do not move house numbers imported from the Norwegian Mapping Authority unless you know it is wrong from gps or local knowledge. And never use Bing over data from "Kartverket". Only reason to do that is if you have local knowledge from survey or GPS that match Bing.

I have already corre...
22015-08-28 08:58:21 UTCChristian Madsen Thank you.
12015-08-15 18:57:11 UTCHjart In this area (in most of Norway in fact) do not rely solely on Bing, since it's not at all well calibrated. You really need to take a good look at available gps-traces and Strava heatmaps in order not to mess up things. I'm saying this because you appear to have recently aligned roads to Bing which ...
22015-08-16 21:40:35 UTCChristian Madsen Thanks for the feedback and the realignment job. Still learning how to do this the most proper way. Learned about the alignment of aerial photos some days ago and are going through my edits once more to correct all alignment mistakes I find.
32015-08-16 22:36:05 UTCHjart You are welcome. I guess every single experienced mapper has aligned roads and other features back and forth several times until we finally figured out how to do it properly :-). Imagery in Denmark is quite reliable now though, so now it's primarily in Norway and Sweden my experience is needed.
42015-08-16 22:39:13 UTCHjart Just be aware that good gps-traces are indispensable in most areas in Norway
52015-08-16 22:46:43 UTCHjart Please notice that is quite usefull in many areas in Norway (although I'm not sure that you can use it with Vespucci)
12015-07-18 10:29:41 UTCHjart Hej
Jeg har ryddet op på legepladsen her. Har fjernet 2 relationer der hver kun havde 1 medlem + fjernet alle noderne i perimeterpolygonen fra hovedrelation. Desuden vil jeg mene at kun perimeteren skal tagges leisure=playground. Redskaberne skal kun tagges playground=*.
22015-07-18 22:30:57 UTCChristian Madsen Takk.
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