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12017-05-24 19:48:30 UTCWulfmorn But why did you create two new Opera house tags when there already is one? :)
12017-05-17 19:31:41 UTCWulfmorn There are now 3 points on the map refering to a kindergarten. All three are called Rasta, and one is called "Eventyrstua Barnehage" in the english language field. What is going on here? :) What is it really called?
22017-05-17 19:47:47 UTCHelar Gamleveien 46 is Eventyrstua barnehage. This kindergarden was open in may 2013.
Gamleveien 44 is Rasta barnehage.
12017-05-16 19:23:11 UTCWulfmorn Please be aware, "mail boxes" in the map are not private mail boxes but post office mail boxes. :)
12017-05-15 10:02:45 UTCWulfmorn You can use the "S" key to give your buildings straight corners (or right click and find the square icon).
22017-05-15 10:18:38 UTCeinargangso Thanks!
12017-05-12 19:22:56 UTCWulfmorn Can you be more specific about your sources on this. Nobody has ever heard of this "airport".
12017-05-06 18:05:54 UTCNoen Du har rett! Bing er ganske nøyaktig her, det er byggene som er forskjøvet.

Bare husk å justere etter grunnflaten på byggene og ikke etter taket.
Bildene her skulle gjøre det klart hva jeg mener:
22017-05-10 15:34:44 UTCWulfmorn Får se om det blir tid til det :)
12017-04-29 18:08:47 UTCWulfmorn You might want to consider using the tags "office=educational_institution" or "office=research". The "School grounds" tag is usually used for the area surrounding a school.
12017-04-22 05:43:53 UTCTractor Is it really a shelter here? I went here last summer, and the only thing I could see around the junction was the guidepost.
22017-04-22 12:58:33 UTCWulfmorn The note claimed there was, you claim there isnt. Probably best to remove it. Better a happy surprise to find a shelter rather than the reverse :)
32017-04-22 19:32:15 UTCTractor I just had a look at the Gule sider imagery you linked to in your comment to the note. It does indeed look like some kind of small building structure, but i think that in reality it is only a rock. If you look at the Bing imagery (taken during winter conditions), it appears just like any other bare ...
42017-04-22 20:17:49 UTCWulfmorn What did you have?
52017-04-22 20:22:14 UTCTractor Bread with cheese.
12017-04-22 12:55:17 UTCWulfmorn Hi. Footpaths dont work unless they connect in both ends. Ive added a bunch just now. You can check if they seem right to you.
12017-04-19 19:41:38 UTCWulfmorn Its a good start. Keep adding! :)
12017-04-19 18:20:00 UTCWulfmorn Nice!
12017-04-01 09:44:39 UTCWulfmorn Du kan trykke på 'S' så blir ikke bygningene så skeive :)
12017-03-25 12:19:13 UTCWulfmorn Klarälvsbanan saknar massor av kopplingar till korsande vägar.
22017-03-26 07:28:35 UTCPer Bra iakttagelse! Banan dök upp för många år sedan och jag har inte tänkt så mycket på detta mer än justerat noder. Skall ta ett ryck någon kväll och gå igenom i vart fall hela norra sträckningen.
32017-03-26 17:11:27 UTCWulfmorn säg till om du vill ha hjälp. kan ta allt som är synligt i Bing.
12017-03-25 02:35:15 UTCWulfmorn Your field was just an untagged line. No content. I changed it to "grass" for now.
22017-03-25 02:42:51 UTCCybban Thanks, couldn't get "soccerfield" (like the other 3 around this area) up for some reason.
32017-03-25 03:11:09 UTCWulfmorn Find Sports Pitch - then pick "soccer" in the sport field :)
12017-03-20 21:43:49 UTCWulfmorn tiny islands should be islets :)

anything under 1 sq km
22017-03-21 00:28:48 UTCGerald Smith Made the change, thanks for the info :)
12017-03-16 21:54:54 UTCWulfmorn Hei. Takk for ditt bidrag. Jeg ser at det går et par sykkelveier tvers over jernbanen ved stasjonen. Eksisterer begge disse, og i sånne fall, er de tunneler?
22017-03-16 22:01:09 UTCThomas Engebakken Den nærmest parken stemmer, den andre er vel mer en undergang for å komme til sporene
32017-03-16 22:31:41 UTCWulfmorn Da har jeg endret begge to. Begge er nå tunneler og den søndre stikker nå opp i et hull og kobler seg via trapper på plattformen. Kan du sikre kvaliteten og endre hvis det ser feil ut?
12017-03-15 14:11:23 UTCEivindWAA Hi, when editing coastline pleas check the tool after 24 hours

and fix issues like revers coastline
22017-03-15 14:56:20 UTCWulfmorn God idé!
12017-03-13 22:57:22 UTCWulfmorn Well crap. That's the wrong description. Straightened corners of "Gullhaugveien 1-3 AS"-building. Moved it a bit (to fit correctly between the roads and added the service road going around to the back. Continued a footpath to a more natural conclusion. Based on Bing aerial.
12017-03-12 12:59:16 UTCWulfmorn This was not a bridge, it's an ice road in winter.
12017-03-10 00:09:45 UTCWulfmorn You can press the 'S' key (or the button in the circular menu) to "straighten out" buildings. Good way to get perfect rectangles and corners. Also, you've added all the rådhuset tags to both a free standing point and the building itself. Now it shows up twice on the map.
22017-03-12 10:28:08 UTCAtle Midtbø Thanks for the advice! I will try out the "S" key function when i got time to edit more. I have removed the unnecessary tags for Rådhuset, so it should only show up once now.
32017-03-12 12:54:12 UTCWulfmorn Jeg endret litt til. Du hadde skrevet rådhus på adressepinnen. Som du ser har alle bygninger adressepins som er lest inn fra Kartverket. Disse bør du ikke endre på. Nå flyttet jeg all info om rådhuset til selve bygningen (og trykket S) sånn at adressen st&a...
12017-03-11 21:16:46 UTCWulfmorn You should probably refer to what you are solving. I assume its this:
12017-03-07 18:08:56 UTCWulfmorn Hi. You seem to have used a little bit over the top mapping here, with a multi-polygon for this simple building. You should draw it as a simple closed path area. Furthermore, it shouldn't be tagged as "house". Use "building" or "garage".
22017-03-08 06:28:09 UTCcaamodt Hi. Thank you for feedback. Tagged as garage now. How do I draw it as a simple closed path area? I did not see a lot of options. I just chose "area" and started drawing...
32017-03-08 17:04:50 UTCWulfmorn I don't know what you've done to accomplish it, but you have created it as a multipolygon. You can see two corners have large round nodes and if you click the sides you only select half the building. This is of course not necessary for such a simple building. Easiest way to fix is to delete it and d...
42017-03-09 06:42:10 UTCcaamodt Thanks. I deleted it and made it again. Hopefully I got it right this time :-)
52017-03-09 16:01:42 UTCWulfmorn Perfect! :D
62017-03-10 08:46:14 UTCcaamodt just one question :-)
When I added a few new houses as 'House' with an address, the street number shows up on the actual house in addition to the point number that was already there. Should the point be deleted? Or should the building be a 'Building' without address, as most of the houses in the ar...
72017-03-10 16:34:24 UTCWulfmorn The points are loaded directly from Kartverket databases. Consider them the addresses. Dont bother moving them much either. Just add the buildings (without address information)
82017-03-10 16:39:05 UTCWulfmorn You can add all kind of other things too. I have added driveways to your garage (with motor_vehice=private). Dont be afraid to add trees, walk paths and other useful information. Just make sure that roads that intersect are connected with a node. You can also use things like http://tools.geofabrik.d...
92017-03-10 16:43:00 UTCcaamodt thank you :-)
12017-01-26 20:03:05 UTCNoen Hi, and welcome to OpenStreetMap!

If you want to add a ski trail, add piste:type=nordic in the "all tags" tab.
The sport=* tag is meant for pitches and stadiums.
22017-01-26 21:22:04 UTCWulfmorn That turns it into an Area. But its a track for running in the summer and skiing in the winter. I've since changed the track type to "leisure track" with running and skiing as sports. Also i dont know if the hiking tags are appropriate.
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