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12017-03-15 14:11:23 UTCEivindWAA Hi, when editing coastline pleas check the tool after 24 hours

and fix issues like revers coastline
22017-03-15 14:56:20 UTCWulfmorn God idé!
12017-03-13 22:57:22 UTCWulfmorn Well crap. That's the wrong description. Straightened corners of "Gullhaugveien 1-3 AS"-building. Moved it a bit (to fit correctly between the roads and added the service road going around to the back. Continued a footpath to a more natural conclusion. Based on Bing aerial.
12017-03-12 12:59:16 UTCWulfmorn This was not a bridge, it's an ice road in winter.
12017-01-26 20:03:05 UTCNoen Hi, and welcome to OpenStreetMap!

If you want to add a ski trail, add piste:type=nordic in the "all tags" tab.
The sport=* tag is meant for pitches and stadiums.
22017-01-26 21:22:04 UTCWulfmorn That turns it into an Area. But its a track for running in the summer and skiing in the winter. I've since changed the track type to "leisure track" with running and skiing as sports. Also i dont know if the hiking tags are appropriate.
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