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12018-08-22 13:55:02 UTCdieterdreist This is an undiscussed and automated edit and should be reverted.
22018-08-31 09:19:05 UTCdieterdreist Marcello, can you please comment on the changeset? Which sources have been used?
32018-08-31 10:42:32 UTCmarceg16579 I can’t remember what I do...
Anyway my source is Google Street View...
And Venice is the city where I born and still live...
42018-08-31 11:55:44 UTCdieterdreist Oh no, you must not use Google Street View, see the legal [FAQ](, this means your edits based on StreetView must be redacted (wiped without trace from the db). Can you provide a list of edits ba...
52018-08-31 17:21:33 UTCAndreas Lattmann Puoi utilizzare OpenStreetCam o Mapillary dove la licenza è chiara. StreetView non permette opere derivate. 😉😁
62018-09-15 12:38:53 UTCdieterdreist the changeset converted indiscriminately footways to pedestrian, apparently all existing footways in a bigger area, while they do not correspond to the pedestrian definition (too narrow, one I surveyed myself is actually just 50cm wide between 2 buildings)
12018-09-14 22:40:29 UTCdieterdreist the Amundsen–Scott Station is off by almost 5 degrees of latitude.
12018-09-14 22:37:12 UTCdieterdreist this should be deleted, it is a duplicate and has a questionable use of the name tag and poor tagging in general
12018-09-13 15:14:33 UTCdieterdreist as I just asked your brother, Legitfly, please be careful when modifying the existing data. You have added a natural=wood tag to the park, but the wood and the park are 2 distinct objects in this case, and the wood is already mapped in a different object.
22018-09-13 15:17:35 UTCdieterdreist I just saw you also removed leisure=park, the park tag. Sorry, just noticed you are a new user. If you need help, I can recommend the osm wiki ( and the italian osm mailing list. There is also a telegram channel.
32018-09-13 15:18:57 UTCdieterdreist if you are local in Rome, we are meeting every last monday at 20:00 in Garbatella (currently).
12018-09-13 15:03:18 UTCdieterdreist You have connected the park to the road centerline, please do not extend the parks beyond their actual extent.
12018-09-13 14:45:53 UTCdieterdreist please add meaningful comments and be careful about the objects you are editing. You have changed treecovered areas to parks, e.g. here but there is already a park where the trees are inside.
12018-08-27 15:37:24 UTCdieterdreist Can you please point me to the discussion on the import mailing list about this import? Where and when was concluded to perform the import of this data?
22018-08-29 19:55:31 UTCluschi Hi attilaimport/Attila_immport/Cascafico,
why do you have changed the brand on the node #296423324?
I fixed the brand 3 months ago!
The data you using for this "import" are not up to date!!
you should check your data before uploading wrong data to OSM!!!
32018-08-29 20:39:11 UTCdieterdreist Looking at this node, it seems somehow the audit tool doesn’t show the current data:

Do I interpret this correctly that the node was manually checked and set to ok?
42018-08-30 08:16:19 UTCCascafico @luschi
brand has been set by this changeset import
and was feeded directly from operator, which filled the form issued by MISE. If on-site you see "firmin", feel free to change it. Officially brand shuold be "Tamoil" so I' rather upgrade "name" tag.
52018-08-30 08:27:30 UTCCascafico @dieterdreist
due to the large number of auditable objects, some time has passed between loading it to audit server and freeezing the project. In this period luschi updated some tags Tamoil->firmin. Import process doesn't know on-site situation, but relies on MISE dataset, which yesterday still ...
62018-08-30 15:23:49 UTCdieterdreist If the official dataset still has the old brand, months after the luschi has detected a different brand on the ground, it is just another piece in the MISE puzzle which seems to show their data doesn’t comply with the OSM quality expectations. Not only have we imported April data in August, we...
72018-08-30 16:51:08 UTCluschi @ Cascafico:
I changed the brand now to "Firmin".
There is a pole with the name on it.

How will we handle the name=... of the fuel stations?
I think a lot of user will have a name on the fuel station, because brand is not rendered(I know the rule t...
82018-09-03 16:44:21 UTCdieterdreist @luschi the names can be updated by local mappers (and should) according to a survey. Please let's not introduce even more problems by importing more MISE mess. Their database is like openstreetmap without a community ;-)
92018-09-03 16:47:00 UTCdieterdreist regarding the uniformity of tagging: in part this is also because the situation on the ground is different, some have a clearly visible or well known name, others don't. We should not seek consistency "within Italy" by filling out values for all possible keys, but consistency by treating t...
12018-09-03 10:42:41 UTCdieterdreist Hi, I have noticed you added bridge=yes to a man_made=bridge at Ponte della Magliana, but these objects are actually bridges. The tag bridge=yes is a property that says something is _on_ a bridge
22018-09-03 16:10:45 UTCchoess Hm. The wiki says that it's OK to use "bridge=*" on "man_made=bridge" to convey its type/properties, but obviously "bridge=yes" is a bit redundant in that context, so I don't object if you revert.

The tagging required to tie together ways and bridges really could sta...
32018-09-03 16:16:19 UTCdieterdreist I certainly wouldn't have objected to bridge=<something>, although I believe we need at least 2-3 attributes to state the kind of bridge (load bearing concept / structure, material, amount of sections, ...). I have been adding wikidata and wikipedia references to a few bridges (to the man made...
12018-08-22 07:43:49 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 61878948 where the changeset comment is: Revert vandalism by Schwarzwald17 on wilderness camp sites. They exist on the ground and can be found even with the very inprecise descriptions on the official website.
22018-08-22 09:53:16 UTCdieterdreist You should not remove all things of a category, this is (particularly together with the other changesets) an automated edit and must have been discussed before executing it. If you can see that your edit will likely be disputed (e.g. you remove a certain typology of things for which others had opted...
12018-08-22 07:43:49 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 61878948 where the changeset comment is: Revert vandalism by Schwarzwald17 on wilderness camp sites. They exist on the ground and can be found even with the very inprecise descriptions on the official website.
22018-08-22 09:53:10 UTCdieterdreist You should not remove all things of a category, this is (particularly together with the other changesets) an automated edit and must have been discussed before executing it. If you can see that your edit will likely be disputed (e.g. you remove a certain typology of things for which others had opted...
12018-08-22 07:43:48 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 61878948 where the changeset comment is: Revert vandalism by Schwarzwald17 on wilderness camp sites. They exist on the ground and can be found even with the very inprecise descriptions on the official website.
22018-08-22 09:53:04 UTCdieterdreist You should not remove all things of a category, this is (particularly together with the other changesets) an automated edit and must have been discussed before executing it. If you can see that your edit will likely be disputed (e.g. you remove a certain typology of things for which others had opted...
12018-08-22 05:47:23 UTCkartonage Hallo Schwarzwald17,

deine Löschaktion wird derzeit im Forum thematisiert. ( Du kannst dich dort auch gern an der Diskussion beteiligen.

Schöne Grüße
22018-08-22 07:43:50 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 61878948 where the changeset comment is: Revert vandalism by Schwarzwald17 on wilderness camp sites. They exist on the ground and can be found even with the very inprecise descriptions on the official website.
32018-08-22 07:47:14 UTCNakaner Hallo Schwarzwald17,

das Löschen ohne vorherige Diskussion geht gar nicht! Allein deshalb habe ich die Löschungen erst einmal wieder zurückgesetzt, damit du keine Fakten schaffst.

Die Plätze sind vor Ort erkennbar und mit etwas Gespür und offenen Augen findet man sie a...
42018-08-22 09:52:40 UTCdieterdreist You should not remove all things of a category, this is (particularly together with the other changesets) an automated edit and must have been discussed before executing it. If you can see that your edit will likely be disputed (e.g. you remove a certain typology of things for which others had opted...
12018-08-22 07:43:49 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 61878948 where the changeset comment is: Revert vandalism by Schwarzwald17 on wilderness camp sites. They exist on the ground and can be found even with the very inprecise descriptions on the official website.
22018-08-22 09:52:27 UTCdieterdreist You should not remove all things of a category, this is (particularly together with the other changesets) an automated edit and must have been discussed before executing it. If you can see that your edit will likely be disputed (e.g. you remove a certain typology of things for which others had opted...
12018-08-22 07:43:48 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 61878948 where the changeset comment is: Revert vandalism by Schwarzwald17 on wilderness camp sites. They exist on the ground and can be found even with the very inprecise descriptions on the official website.
22018-08-22 09:50:59 UTCdieterdreist You should not remove all things of a category, this is (particularly together with the other changesets) an automated edit and must have been discussed before executing it. If you can see that your edit will likely be disputed (e.g. you remove a certain typology of things for which others had opted...
32018-08-22 11:36:15 UTCgiggls Ich habe die Plätze zusammen mit 2 anderen Mappern im letzen Jahr erfasst und erhebliche Arbeit in die Suche in das Projekt gesteckt.

Siehe auch

Eine Löschung ist indiskutabler Vandalismus!
42018-08-22 11:46:54 UTCgiggls Siehe dazu auch den OSM Podcast von der FOSSGIS 2018. Ab Minute 29

Die Meinung der Community ist eindeutig!
12018-08-16 01:13:27 UTCFraMauro Salve.
Questa via sembra inesistente. Cosa volevi mappare?
22018-08-19 09:38:55 UTCdieterdreist anche a me non risulta esistente. Cancello...
12018-08-14 14:48:04 UTCdieterdreist please do not abuse the name tag for descriptions
12018-08-08 12:30:24 UTCAndrea Musuruane What's this? A new kind of spam?
22018-08-08 15:20:40 UTCdieterdreist IMHO YES, either spam or an error by accident, I’d tend to the former, but let’s see if the author replies
12018-07-11 01:26:30 UTCdieterdreist why did you add “Uscita 3” to the name of the motorway exit and put the actual name in parentheses? In my opinion if there is a prominent object like this which exists for 10 years and more, which is currently in version 28, it would be more sensible to discuss name changes with the loca...
12018-07-09 16:35:38 UTCdieterdreist Hi, I have seen you added the Aranciera di San Sisto as locality. This seems weird, maybe it could be better added as "garden" (maybe with the garden:type and garden:style attributes)?
12017-03-03 10:58:47 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment. See also
22018-07-01 17:08:37 UTCMateusz Konieczny @dieterdreist - is it something that was reported to DWG?
32018-07-01 17:08:52 UTCMateusz Konieczny @poschon - what is the source of this data?
42018-07-02 10:52:12 UTCdieterdreist AFAIR it was confirmed retroactively by the Italian community that the import was OK (source was OK, it would have helped no one to revert it, it was agreed the information was sufficiently good for importing).
I had also writ...
52018-07-02 17:11:57 UTCMateusz Konieczny Has anybody commented about "nformation=add" tag spammed over all this new addresses?

What is its purpose? It is hopelessly vague so useless as fixme and I am unable to guess what was the intended purpose here.
62018-07-02 17:44:06 UTCdieterdreist @mateusz I am not aware. I agree the tag does not seem to make a lot of sense.
12018-06-26 11:29:41 UTCstromo This is a mechanical edit. I doubt, that you have really verified all 448 features on imagery and so reverted your changeset.
22018-06-26 16:58:28 UTCForstEK Hi, young mapper!
First, this is not a mechanical edit, but a correction of the wrong tagging scheme according to the wiki. Openstreetmap is a large geodatabase, and there are rules, they are set out in the wiki, the database must be in order, and your rollback has returned a mess. The tag man_made...
32018-06-26 21:14:52 UTCwoodpeck Hi, young mapper yourself. Please be advised that what you have done *is* a mechanical edit, whether it contains mistakes or not. Any edit where you change objects without inspecting the individual object is a mechanical edit and MUST be discussed with the relevant community beforehand (in this case...
42018-06-26 22:28:19 UTCForstEK Hi, woodpeck.
Try to understand.
Yes, I know this rule, but I repeat that the all objects in this changeset were checked by bing images in QGIS, the same could have been created in JOSM, so I do not agree about mechanical editing. Yes, you find a mistake with a chimney inside the cooling tower, bu...
52018-06-26 22:33:11 UTCdieterdreist I propose you fix the Russian translation of the wiki definition for man_made=cooling_tower
The tag is not deprecated, although there is some discussion because of the 2 alternative ways to tag them
62018-06-26 22:43:30 UTCForstEK It's deal with not a Russian or English page, but in a centralized solution. How many useless fixes! My argument is for the predominant option according to taginfo - there's less work to do to bring everything to one scheme (in the world). We have four different wiki pages now: in English, Czech, Ge...
72018-06-27 08:25:17 UTCdieterdreist According to the recent discussion, there is not a clear winner between man_made=tower with tower:type=cooling and the tag man_made=cooling_tower, they are both used in similar numbers.
If you tag these as man_made=tower you will not create more consistency (there are already other objects with &qu...
12018-06-12 11:18:47 UTCdieterdreist Hi iLaw,
I just noticed by coincidence that you have changed the object for the valle dell'Aniene nature reserve to "park". There is already a park object for the Valle dell'Aniene since 2008, but with this modification we loose the nature reserve. Just wanted to let you know I have now r...
12018-05-12 08:59:24 UTCdieterdreist Ciao, ho visto che hai corretto il maxspeed della colombo (giustamente) a 30, grazie. Ti vorrei segnalare che ci sarebbero anche da aggiustare i tags source maxspeed dal default a sign.
12018-01-01 13:31:54 UTCPeilscheibe Hallo dieterdreist,

Du hast hier auf diese Verbindungswege ein bicycle=no angebracht. Als ich das letzte Mal dort war, habe ich hier unbeschilderte, nicht straßenbegleitende Wege gesehen - nichts, was ein Verbot für Fahrräder rechtfertigen würde. Wurde hier in der Zwischenzei...
22018-01-02 08:11:51 UTCdieterdreist als ich dort unterwegs war (vor wenigen Tagen), waren dort unbeschilderte Gehwege. Interpretationsdifferenzen?
32018-01-02 08:16:07 UTCdieterdreist im übrigen würde ich die Wege klar als straßenbegleitend und nicht als unabhängige Wege sehen, für ein bicycle=yes wäre ein explizites Schild erforderlich.
42018-01-02 08:50:36 UTCPeilscheibe Niemand spricht von bicycle=yes, das war ja auch vorher nicht dran. Aber es sind unbeschilderte Wege, also ohne weitere Zugangsbeschränkung. Straßenbegleitend ist imo keiner von beiden. Der eine geht als Verlängerung der Fideliostraße nördlich der Grünfläche durc...
52018-01-02 13:01:10 UTCdieterdreist was Du mit "der andere" bezeichnest ist ein ganz normaler Gehweg entlang der Figarostraße, der an dieser Stelle nicht abgesenkt ist. Über diesen Gehweg kann man von der Wendeplatte, die bis an den Gehweg ranreicht und von diesem mit Leitplanken getrennt ist, bis auf einen Ü...
62018-01-02 13:03:17 UTCdieterdreist Es ist ein Fußweg, da keine Beschilderung dran ist. Der Gehweg der Fideliostraße geht weiter, obwohl die Straße aufhört. Wenn Dein Fahrradrouter Dich da durchschicken soll, dann entweder auf kurze Strecken schieben einstellen, oder Fußwege aktivieren. Wenn Du da Gewohnhe...
72018-01-02 13:03:43 UTCdieterdreist Hier zum Vergleich Streetview,9.170398,3a,75y,358.36h,64.94t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s3PvkdP_AGmhpIBrEzIaABQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
82018-01-02 15:23:07 UTCPeilscheibe Ja nun, ein nicht abgesenkter Bordstein sagt ja nichts darüber aus, ob man da mit dem Radl drüberhoppeln darf oder nicht.
Im übrigen benötigt es keine Beschilderung, um auf einem allgemeinen Weg Fahrräder zuzulassen. Die dürfen überall dort fahren, wo es nicht ver...
92018-01-02 21:37:26 UTCdieterdreist zumindest das hier ist überhaupt kein Weg, erst recht kein allgemeiner, das ist ein Gehweg/Bürgersteig, der sich mit einem anderen Gehweg trifft, das ist nur in OSM so lang, weil die Wendeplatte zu kurz ist und der Weg bis zur Straßenmitte geht (in der Realität bis zum Gehweg):\...
102018-01-02 21:40:24 UTCdieterdreist das andere ist evtl. ein allgemeiner Weg (m.E. ist es als Verbindung der Gehweg ein Fußweg), aber selbst dann müsste man einen Gehweg queren um auf die Straße zu kommen. Mich würde interessieren dazu noch mehr Meinungen zu hören.
112018-04-24 17:06:32 UTCPeilscheibe Hallo dieterdreist,
hast Du inzwischen andere Meinungen gehört?
Am letzten Stuttgarter OSM-Stammtisch habe ich eine Umfrage unter Vorlage von Kartenausschnitten sowie eigenen Fotos durchgeführt.

Ohne Gegenstimme wurde bekundet, dass auf Wegen, für die kein Verbot beschildert und ...
122018-04-24 20:23:14 UTCdieterdreist ich frage mal auf talk-de nach anderen Meinungen. Es ist ja nett, dass Du mich darauf hinweist, dass du es wieder geändert hast, aber in der Sache bin ich immer noch der Auffassung dass es sich um einen Gehweg handelt und Gehwege nie mit Fahrrädern befahren werden dürfen, außer ...
132018-04-25 10:22:11 UTCvillage @dieterdreist (nach deinem Aufruf an talk-de): unter praktischen Aspekten sollte der Weg als mit dem Rad befahrbar gelten. mit width=2 (ich würde nach dem Blick auf Fotos ja eher sagen width=1.8, war aber nie vor Ort) und jetzt auch der Bordsteinkante sollte klar sein, dass er nur eingeschr&aum...
142018-04-28 22:20:30 UTCdieterdreist @Peilscheibe es gibt hier eine verbotsbegründende Rechtsverordnung, paragraph 2 der StVO ist der Grund, warum Fahrzeuge keine Gehwege befahren dürfen.
152018-05-02 13:31:45 UTCPeilscheibe Für diese Wegebeziehungen müssen keine Gehwege befahren werden. Ich habe das ausführlich auf beschrieben.
162018-05-03 00:20:16 UTCdieterdreist ich habe Dir ausführlich im Thread widersprochen, mindestes Richtung Figarostraße muss man definitiv Gehwege befahren, Richtung Parsifalstraße kann man ggf. ein kleines Stück fahren, muss aber jeweils um auf die Straße zu kommen ein bisschen über den Gehweg schieben.
12018-05-01 20:26:51 UTCdieterdreist you have deleted a lot of ways in this edit. What did you try to achieve? Please be more explicit than “edits” in your comments.
12018-04-18 11:31:24 UTCdieterdreist I don't know what was going on here, but it might be a Vespucci problem. You have added a lot of objects with strange tags: they have boundary=a, building=<some strange number>, natural=<undocumented abbreviation>, place=<some number>, route (for a node this does usually not make s...
12018-04-18 11:29:47 UTCdieterdreist I don't know what was going on here, but it might be a Vespucci problem. You have added a lot of objects with strange tags: they have boundary=a, building=<some strange number>, natural=<undocumented abbreviation>, place=<some number>, route (for a node this does usually not make s...
12018-04-18 11:23:27 UTCdieterdreist I do not know what was going on, but there are useless tags in this changeset, like shop=a, landuse=a, route=a
There are more than 2000 shop=a in the area
12018-04-04 23:11:59 UTCdieterdreist this edit is vandalism and should be reverted. Please do not upload test data, you are vandalizing the public database.
22018-04-09 12:06:19 UTCGiardia All the edits from this user now reverted.
32018-04-09 12:17:12 UTCdieterdreist thank you!
12018-04-09 08:44:49 UTCdieterdreist was there a particular reason to remove and recreate objects for Villa Pamphilij and Parco delle Scipioni? When you act like this it effectively hides the true history of these objects in the planet.
12018-04-08 19:40:19 UTCdieterdreist Hallo Wayne, mir ist aufgefallen dass du beim Namen der Bushaltestelle Hechinger Eck ein ‚Tübingen‘ vorangestellt hast. Vor Ort steht das soweit ich weiss nicht so dran, wo kommt der Name her? Es gibt noch ein paar Bushaltestellen mehr bei denen das auch so ist.
22018-04-08 19:43:01 UTCdieterdreist Hier gibt es auch einen aktuellen Thread dazu:
12018-04-03 00:54:49 UTCDs5rUy What's the rational for adding the no_u_turn restrictions for every single entry/exit to a roundabout where there are two physically separated ways?

We discussed exactly that in the #osm channel a few weeks ago, and IIRC came to the conclusion that this is not necessary or desirable.

There are...
22018-04-05 10:23:44 UTCdieterdreist Restriction relations are also used to represent restrictions from road markings. I'd bet there are road markings in these places which prevent you from turning.
You cannot deduct turn restrictions from looking at the angle, there are plenty of places with sharp bends.
32018-04-05 17:31:06 UTCshawat94 Hey there,

Our probe data indicated that this may be a location where a U-turn is not commonly made. On further inspection, there is a solid white line where the two ways cross here. In Queensland, a U-turn is not permitted over this solid center line. This is the reasoning for applying a u-turn ...
12018-04-02 06:18:10 UTCGppes Hi, to my opinion this is a mass edit to bend a github discussion on rendering castles in a certain direction.

This edit should be reverted.
22018-04-02 15:28:39 UTCGppes I hope I did not guess wrong, but you seem to be a user from Germany, that's way I opened a discussion here:
32018-04-02 18:09:54 UTCkocio I also think that it should be reverted (with 2 supporting votes):
42018-04-02 19:13:02 UTCdieterdreist I agree it is an undiscussed massedit and should get reverted
52018-04-02 19:22:17 UTCkocio OK, so I've made a revert:
62018-04-09 20:46:23 UTCMateusz Konieczny Thanks for fixing this edit (not only undiscussed mass edi, but also castle_type=palace is nonsense)
12018-03-27 12:15:41 UTCdieterdreist I don't know why, but you have removed a way which didn't have tags but was part of a relation (and had its sense). Please take care when removing features, especially when using the iD editor, which might not always show in an evident way the purpose of a feature (have a look at relation membership...
22018-03-27 13:15:46 UTCdavide_73 I removed becouse there is no a way there.
But i'm a newbie maybe I misundestood something
32018-03-27 13:24:02 UTCdieterdreist You are right that there was a different problem with the map there, because the relation is about tree cover, but someone else had made it a park shortly before your edit. I have now recreated the original situation, but it can take some time for the changes to show up in the rendered map
42018-03-27 13:24:43 UTCdieterdreist the way was a “hole” in the trees
12018-03-27 12:21:35 UTCdieterdreist This is the second time you are modifying the tree cover in Villa Borghese. There is already an object for the park itself. Please study the situation before continuing editing there.
22018-03-27 12:29:42 UTCdieterdreist and don't take the iD one word descriptions too literally. You can find the definitions in the wiki. Traditionally, landuse=forest is used for any managed area covered by trees (have a look on any well mapped area in the world and you'll probably find places which are too small to develop a real for...
12018-03-27 12:07:39 UTCdieterdreist maybe this is an iD issue. You are the second person in short time who adds a park tag to the tree covered areas of Villa Borghese. Please take care when modifying the existing map, there is already an object for the park, which has the park perimeter, your edit on the tree perimeter doesn't make se...
12018-03-26 16:51:15 UTCdieterdreist Hi, I just found this edit and wonder whether this is a documented bot? Are you aware of the automated edits code of conduct and following the provisions?
12018-03-23 14:30:09 UTCdieterdreist Hello Bryce, there is an issue with the wetap namespace tags. Tags like wetap:status and object level source tags and wetap:photo should rather be standard tags (to avoid tag fragmentation). The edits I have seen so far are rather old, do you still use these tags?
12018-03-23 14:28:48 UTCdieterdreist Hello Bryce, there is an issue with the wetap namespace tags. Tags like wetap:status and object level source tags and wetap:photo should rather be standard tags (to avoid tag fragmentation). The edits I have seen so far are rather old, do you still use these tags?
12018-03-23 14:27:48 UTCdieterdreist Hello Bryce, there is an issue with the wetap namespace tags. Tags like wetap:status and object level source tags and wetap:photo should rather be standard tags (to avoid tag fragmentation). The edits I have seen so far are rather old, do you still use these tags?
12017-10-25 17:15:32 UTCphilippec You should not. I have no Iphone and even on computer I cannot verify wetap.
22018-03-23 14:21:34 UTCdieterdreist Hello Bryce, there is an issue with the wetap namespace tags. Tags like wetap:status and object level source tags and wetap:photo should rather be standard tags (to avoid tag fragmentation). The edits I have seen so far are rather old, do you still use these tags?
12018-03-23 14:20:04 UTCdieterdreist Hello Bryce, there is an issue with the wetap namespace tags. Tags like wetap:status and object level source tags and wetap:photo should rather be standard tags (to avoid tag fragmentation). The edits I have seen so far are rather old, do you still used these tags?
12016-08-05 01:33:51 UTCfayor Ciao, per quale motivo hai annullato in blocco tutto il mio lavoro di qualche giorno fa ?
Ti faccio notare che si era discusso sulla lista talk-it del fatto che non si trattasse di admin_level ma di place ma forse non l'hai letto.
Oltre a ciò avevo corretto anche evidenti errori di confine,...
22018-03-23 11:02:17 UTCdieterdreist Io non capisco com'è successo che Polline Martignano è diventato il Quartiere Ostiense in questo changeset.
12018-03-05 08:50:02 UTCdieterdreist this seems to be an undocumented semiautomated edit. Moves tags from the outlines of the features to the multipolygon, i.e. it removes the properties from the "holes". Please undo this. There is a difference between tags on a way and tags on a multipolygon relation, in case the relation h...
22018-03-05 08:53:15 UTCdieterdreist OK, sorry, maybe I was too fast. I agree the tagging on the way in question (Palazzo Braschi) was somehow questionable as well. On the one hand, the inner yard can arguably be seen as part of the palazzo, also of the name "Palazzo Braschi", but on the other hand, this inner part isn't buil...
32018-03-05 18:40:04 UTCmboeringa No, this was certainly not some semi-automated edit. I carefully selected and reviewed all of the features in the changeset. Most were obvious issues. As to the particular issue with court yards, as you write, it is not building=yes, and thus needs exclusion. Everybody will reasonably understand it ...
42018-03-06 17:13:02 UTCdieterdreist "Everybody will reasonably understand it is likely part of the complex's ownership, even if not included with the specific building tagging, so I don't think this is an issue at all." --> I was arguing that "Palazzo Braschi" probably includes the courtyard, but in building=* i...
52018-03-06 18:32:27 UTCmboeringa Yes, no problem ;-), I agree its a minor issue and I understand your reasoning, and I think it is fine like this. There will always be some issues with the translation of the real world to the secondary fictional world of a map and its data model. We don't want to map 1:1 as the famous stories go......
12018-03-05 08:41:42 UTCdieterdreist there are some problems with this edit.
It spans half of the globe. Please create smaller changesets. Also, the ice cream parlour Frigidarium which it added, was already present in the map, and the tags that were used are for a sweets shop (confectionery), not for an ice cream shop.
12018-02-22 22:16:10 UTCdieterdreist This "correction" deleted a quite complex way that described a tree covered area: 201393173
12018-02-21 17:41:29 UTCpitscheplatsch Hi davide_73, welcome to OSM.

You removed several ways, which have been members of the following "park" relation:

I think this is not correct.
22018-02-21 17:45:14 UTCdavide_73 No I removed only some areas that are marked as forest. But maybe is wrong, i'm newbie.
32018-02-21 18:15:35 UTCdieterdreist Hello Davide, welcome to OpenStreetMap and thank you for editing. It looks as if something went wrong with your edit, there are mainly deletions of long standing objects, mostly already edited by several users. In these cases, usually, even if you want to make bigger changes, you should try to prese...
42018-02-21 20:19:13 UTCdavide_73 Thanks
You are very kind!
I hope I will help better the comumity next time!
Really thanks
12018-02-13 22:51:50 UTCdieterdreist sehr gut, das ist schon mal ein Riesenfortschritt, vielen Dank. Den Gehweg würde ich allerdings auch noch bei den Verkehrsflächen sehen.
12018-02-02 10:27:51 UTCdieterdreist this changeset has introduced a lot of errors, because it added tags to islands, thereby defining them administrative level 4 entities (boundary=administrative, admin_level=4), a level that is called "regione" in Italy.
The conflation of the island tags with the admin boundary tags on obj...
22018-02-02 15:54:56 UTCfayor Se ne era già parlato qualche tempo fa:
Il dubbio era appunto se indicare nella linea di costa anche i tag boundary o se fosse sufficiente inserire la linea di costa nella relazione boundary. Per me non ci sono proble...
32018-02-03 14:17:59 UTCdieterdreist per me non c’è bisogno del way con i tags, ma ci potrebbe anche essere, l’importante è la consistenza a livello di dati: non ci devono essere micro-regioni Italiani (boundary=administrative e admin_level=4) con nomi come “Scoglio di Punta del Duce”, perché...
12018-01-28 19:18:43 UTCR0bst3r Hallo dieterdreist,
als lokaler Mapper, der sich durchaus als Württemberger fühlt, find ich das löschen dieser Relation nicht besonders gut, da die Diskussion auf der Mailing Liste auch anscheinend keine lokalen Mapper mit einbezieht, find ich das schon etwas dreist. Ein Großte...
22018-01-29 08:02:54 UTCR0bst3r Um es klarer zu stellen, hier wurde nicht nur die Relation Kgr Württemberg gelöscht, sondern auch die deckungsgleiche Region Württemberg! Landes-/ Kirchenverbände, Initiativen, Vereine und Unterregionen bilden sich daraus, z.B: Ost-Württemberg.
Zu vergleichen mit anderen eh...
32018-01-29 09:56:36 UTCOF0

Krautheim gehörte früher zu Baden, jetzt zum Hoheohekreis. Der TSV spielt immer noch in badischen Ligen, wie zum Beispiel der Kreisliga Buchen oder der Landesliga Odenwald. In der auch der SV Viktoria Wertheim und der VfR G...
42018-01-29 10:16:11 UTCNakaner OSM ist ein Projekt für Daten der Gegenwart und nicht für historische Grenzen.
52018-01-29 12:37:24 UTCdieterdreist Ich bin auch Württemberger, zumindest bin ich dort geboren und habe dort jahrzehntelang gewohnt (inzwischen nicht mehr), eine gute "allgemeine" Ortskenntnis würde ich mir daher auch unterstellen.
Zu den Anmerkungen:
@R0bst3r Ich habe keine Relationen für Kirchenverbän...
62018-01-29 12:53:06 UTCOF0 Nakaner schrieb: [...] OSM ist ein Projekt für Daten der Gegenwart [...]

Wurde mit der Einführung der Lifecyclepräfixe nicht genau dieses Credo aufgegeben?

Insbesondere historic und removed meine ich damit.

[...] und ...
72018-01-29 13:56:13 UTCBAK365 Schade, dass ihr diese alten Grenzrelationen löscht - zumindest aus Schweizer Sicht. Wir haben noch gültige Staatsverträge mit unseren ehemaligen Nachbarn. Zum Beispiel diesen mit dem Grossherzogtum Baden ( Von 18...
82018-01-29 15:07:52 UTCdieterdreist Die Staatsverträge sind gültig, weil es einen Rechtsnachfolger gibt.
92018-01-29 15:18:39 UTCdieterdreist @Of0 schrieb: "Nakaner schrieb: [...] OSM ist ein Projekt für Daten der Gegenwart [...]

Wurde mit der Einführung der Lifecyclepräfixe nicht genau dieses Credo aufgegeben? "

ehrlich gesagt sind diese Teile...
102018-01-29 19:46:16 UTCdoktorpixel14 Ich bin eigentlich auch für die Auslagerung von historischen Daten auf OHM (was in diesem Fall eigentlich nicht mal passiert ist), aber bei Baden und Württemberg muss ich (als Badner) @R0bst3r zustimmen. Die Grenzen werden auch heute noch für einige Institutionen verwendet und haben f...
112018-01-30 09:21:55 UTCdieterdreist Leider sind es nunmal die tags, die ein Objekt beschreiben. Die Württemberg relation hatte vor dem Löschen diese tags, die in der Kombination grundsätzlich nicht richtig waren:
alt_official_name \tVolksstaat Württemberg

m.E. schonmal falsch, das ist kein "alternativer Na...
122018-01-30 09:29:48 UTCdieterdreist in Baden sieht es übrigens ähnlich aus, auch da gibt es nicht einen festen Zustand über hundert Jahre, sondern Veränderungen: z.B.
132018-01-30 09:38:37 UTCdieterdreist Polemisch gefragt, könnte man doch, wenn man gerne das Königreich Württemberg im OSM von 2018 haben will, z.B. auch diese Grenzen mappen, die damalige Situation hat auch noch Auswirkungen bis heute:
12018-01-22 17:07:29 UTCdieterdreist Bitte keine nicht-existenten, kaum verifizierbaren (insb. in dieser Detaillierung. Grundlage waren offenbar Karten 1:25.000, aber eingetragen wurde alles 1:1) Objekte anlegen in OSM. Dafür gibt es OHM (OpenHistoryMap).
22018-01-22 18:37:52 UTCJonathan Masur Sicher, leider OHM ist jetzt Abandonware. Ich werde trotzdem sie fragen, ob es möglich ist, alte Deutsche Staaten zu Mappen. Leider gibt es kaum eine Chance, es zu schaffen.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen.
32018-01-22 19:52:29 UTCdieterdreist danke für die schnelle Antwort, ja OHM ist leider derzeit nicht besonders aktiv, in OSM gehört es aber mE trotzdem nicht. end_date müsste m.E. 1918 sein, wenn kgr. Württembergisch
Gruß, Martin
12018-01-22 11:08:13 UTCdieterdreist questo changeset ha introdotto un sacco di "doppioni" di parcheggi, perché il lavoro buono di aggiungere i parcheggi come aree non ha tenuto conto del fatto che c'erano già parcheggi come nodi (punti). Dove mi sono accorto, ho già provveduto e cancellato il nodi.
12018-01-17 09:10:59 UTCdieterdreist this looks like an undiscussed import. No established OSM tags set. Also no good correspondence to aerial imagery. Maybe should be reverted.
22018-01-17 10:13:45 UTCdieterdreist this looks like an undiscussed import. No established OSM tags set. Also no good correspondence to aerial imagery. Maybe should be reverted.
12017-12-21 12:04:32 UTCdieterdreist Ciao Oleks, ho visto che hai aggiunto un tag deep=17m all'almone, ma dove l'ho scoperto io non può essere così profondo (vicino al tevere). Inoltre non è specificato il significato di questo tag. Se vuole dire la distanza tra una cosa e la superficie, credo che si dovrebbe appli...
12017-12-21 11:45:12 UTCdieterdreist Ciao, ho visto che hai inserito degli incroci con "zebra" dove in realtà ci sono semafori. (A Roma spesso si trovano entrambi). Quando sono presenti tutti due si usa quello più importante (crossing=traffic_signals)
Un saluto,
12017-12-21 07:38:44 UTCMateusz Konieczny Sorry for bothering you about a very old change, but I have question about

Why this is not tagged as highway=steps? What is the meaning of steps=yes here? See for more cases (I considere...
22017-12-21 07:48:39 UTCMateusz Konieczny Now I am guessing that it is a pedestrian square with some steps, enough to mark it as steps=yes but not enough to mark it as highway=steps. And that highway=steps was avoided as it is unusual to tag highway=steps areas?
32017-12-21 09:31:55 UTCdieterdreist yes, it is a ramp with some steps, but generally it is not stairs but a square. Tagging it as highway=steps would be misleading. Here's a picture of the situation:
12017-11-27 12:22:37 UTCdieterdreist Ciao, ho visto che hai aggiunto un bridge=yes (proprietà che indica in oggetto si trova su un ponte) ad un ponte (man_made=bridge). (Ponte Cavour). Non ha molto senso, in quanto Ponte Cavour è un ponte, ma non si trova su un ponte.
22017-11-27 19:34:56 UTCaceman444 Hi, thanks for your attention. However, I do not think I have done that in this changeset. See . The bridge=yes was on the object before my change (in version 3, I added version 4). I only touched the bridge outline because a street was incorrectly ...
32017-12-17 22:34:41 UTCdieterdreist Hi, excuse me for replying only now, I’ve missed your answer at the time you wrote it. You are completely right, the problematic tag was introduced before you. Thank you and have fun mapping!
12017-12-17 22:31:54 UTCdieterdreist Ciao, ho visto che hai aggiunto un bridge=yes (proprietà che indica in oggetto si trova su un ponte) ad un ponte (man_made=bridge). (Ponte Cavour). Non ha molto senso, in quanto Ponte Cavour è un ponte, ma non si trova su un ponte.
12017-07-06 11:20:27 UTCdieterdreist this is likely un discussed import or mechanical edit. Creates also overlapping ways (admin boundaries overlapping 100% roads, with common nodes). The latter does not seem a reasonable way to represent boundaries that are defined by these roads.
22017-11-18 22:56:46 UTCdieterdreist perché il percorso non riutilizza gli elementi che radoppia? Non ha senso per me, e rende anche più laboroso le modifiche.
32017-12-17 10:52:35 UTCdieterdreist whenever I encounter this import it makes me sad. Why did you import this (btw. at the time of import not compatible data, licensewise) without any discussion, and you do not respond to changeset comments and most sadly, not have tried to perform any kind of cleanup. Do you read these comments? Can ...
42017-12-17 14:52:16 UTCfayor 1 - non è un import
2 - utilizzare gli elementi (come le strade) come membri della relazione, o creare un elemento sovrapposto ad essi qualora coincidente (confine) è una scelta del mappatore
52017-12-17 22:15:40 UTCdieterdreist visto che non è un import, hai rilevato i confini on the ground? Mi potresti indicare le fonti?
12017-12-16 23:24:56 UTCdieterdreist hi, why did you put an English value in both, the name and name:it tag?
12017-12-15 17:32:49 UTCdieterdreist FL3 Vigna Clara - Ostiense, ma esiste attualmente? Non è disused?
12017-12-15 17:32:03 UTCdieterdreist FL3 Vigna Clara - Ostiense, ma esiste attualmente? Non è disused?
12017-12-14 12:30:00 UTCdieterdreist This is an automated edit without checking the objects to which the tags have been applied. E.g. node 382011048 is a train station but this edit added the (wrong) wikidata ID that corresponds to the (wrong) wikipedia link at the station.
Please check the objects. It is pointless to automatically ad...
12017-12-13 14:54:28 UTCdieterdreist This seems to be an automated or semi-automatic remote edit. Can you please disclose your sources? I have found some problems with railway stations flagged as light rail while they seem to be real train stations.
22017-12-13 15:14:45 UTCZverik This is a result of a stop_area creating script, that collected stations + platform + entrances in stop_area relations. Every change was manually checked by me in JOSM, and there were some extra edits. There were no external sources. If I broke something, please show me. I assume I marked stations a...
32017-12-13 15:22:41 UTCdieterdreist Hello Zverik, thank you for replying so fast.
Was this an announced / discussed edit? Your approach seems broken, because with station=light_rail you define the railway=station to be a light rail station, but you should take into account that some/many of the stations are light_rail AND normal rail...
42017-12-13 15:23:54 UTCdieterdreist forget the part about the "discussed announced", as you checked them individually it is not a requirement of course.
52017-12-13 15:26:23 UTCdieterdreist Basically, most railway routes are missing in OSM (although most light rail routes are mapped), so you cannot rely on OSM data to check whether it is a railway station or a light rail station.
62017-12-13 15:34:59 UTCZverik I agree, and I usually check whether there are railway=light_rail tracks through the station. For this city I probably looked at the route relations and thought that there are no regular trains through these stations.
72017-12-13 15:35:58 UTCZverik Of course I'll be more careful next time when retagging station types. Sorry for this.
82017-12-13 21:34:48 UTCdieterdreist you’re welcome.
I have not performed any fixes in Spain as I don’t know the situation, I only searched for some example connections on the national railway website. It would be good to inform the local community that they should check their stations.
In Rome in the meantime I’ve ...
12017-12-13 17:18:04 UTCdieterdreist looks like an automated edit to me, not discussed and not based on facts. For me, these are trains and not light rail. There are proper locomotives, nothing light about them, have a look at this picture of one of the vehicles for the routes you have changed here:
12017-12-13 14:59:33 UTCdieterdreist Hello, this seems to be a remote edit, can you please disclose your sources? I have found some problems with your edit, e.g. here
This was an object representing both, a Metro Station and a Train Station, and became effectively a metro station b...
12017-12-12 14:19:00 UTCdieterdreist Hi, You have changed here some trains from train to light rail. Can please you explain what makes these regional trains "light" rail? Thank you
22017-12-12 15:16:43 UTCdieterdreist geht auch auf deutsch ;-)
12017-12-08 18:12:16 UTCdieterdreist CIAO carths81, HO VISTO CHE HAI INSERITO TUTTI I NOMI IN MAIUSCOLO, TI CHIEDO GENTILMENTE DI NON FARLO, perché si può fare in automatico se si vuole (durante la visualizzazione), mentre è impossibile di fare il contrario (passare da maiuscolo a ortografia normale).
12017-11-18 22:24:59 UTCdieterdreist Hi, why do you think Roma Ostiense is light rail?
22017-12-08 01:20:03 UTCdieterdreist or Roma Termini? I believe this is an automated edit, there is no factual background.
32017-12-08 16:35:20 UTCdieterdreist Can you please explain, what your sources are?
42017-12-08 17:54:26 UTCdieterdreist Roma Tiburtina, Orte, ...
I'm fixing the problems as I find them, many main stations which are part of the highspeed network have been downgraded to light rail stations in this changeset. No answer so far...
12017-11-27 11:48:53 UTCdieterdreist undiscussed import. Can you please point to the dataset URL?
12017-11-22 11:57:11 UTCmueschel Hi,
I guess this should be tagged shop=rental:

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-22 23:32:43 UTCdieterdreist Hello Jan, I know the place well, it is a scooter and bike rental and tour operator (has a license to offer guided tours). I don’t like the generic shop=rental tag, and it generally has very low acceptance (few uses). Another tag could be travel agency with bike rental as property.
32017-11-23 20:04:31 UTCmueschel If you can't buy bicycles but rent them, then it can't be a shop=bicycle, but is a perfect fit for shop=rental. I'm not aware of a dedicated tag for guided tours, despite some keys containing "guided_tours".
12017-07-16 16:00:54 UTCAlecs01 Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap, is this a proper hotel or a private home? and
22017-11-20 12:10:46 UTCdieterdreist Hi Jonathan, you have added a Museum with the name "cementry" in the former slaughterhouse area in Rome Testaccio, what is this about? Did you mean to tag the "Macro Testaccio"?
12017-11-20 11:51:25 UTCdieterdreist Ciao,
in realtà quel edificio che tu hai fatto diventare un'area pedonale lunga, esisteva e ancora esiste, si tratta di un passaggio interno dalla piazza al percorso dietro. Ci sarebbe anche da sistemare la viabilità (ci sono delle porte che portano alla parte amministrativa dalla pia...
12017-11-01 10:03:25 UTCdieterdreist Hello Sciam Lab,

I have seen you "fixed" offsets in this changeset. May I ask how you determined the correct position?
After your fixes there were intersections of buildings and pedestrian areas. Fixing an offset is usually quite complex, because you not only have to correct the posit...
22017-11-08 14:51:59 UTCSciamLab Hello dieterdreist,
we've acquired the detailed data from a cadaster map. Also used few different GPS traces recorded recently. One of the building in the the changes is one of our property.
32017-11-09 10:17:06 UTCdieterdreist Thank you for your reply. Please be aware that we do not (only) care for absolute positional accuracy, but even more for topological / relative accuracy. Often moving one object requires to move also other objects to maintain properties like relative position and relation between things (axis, fligh...
12017-10-31 08:56:34 UTCdieterdreist This changeset added some "village green" tags to meadows. Please note that there is no such thing as a "village green" in Rome. Please check the wiki for the meaning of tags.
12017-10-31 08:43:41 UTCdieterdreist this changeset added a Wikidata reference to the San Callisto Catacombs on the parking site of the catacombs. The parking is not the same as the catacombs, please verify what kind of object you link via Wikidata! Please do not perform automated edits.
12017-10-31 08:38:01 UTCdieterdreist Ciao MapperGo, ho visto che hai aggiunto un nodo per le Catacombe di San Callisto, ma questo ha creato un doppione, in quanto le catacombe erano già mappate come poligono.
12017-10-19 08:36:22 UTCdieterdreist hallo MorbZ, Du hast in diesem Changeset hier sämtliche tags entfernt
neben der Adresse auch "height", "note", "operator", und durch 2 neue tags ersetzt. War das ein Versehen?
22017-10-19 13:15:51 UTCMorbZ Ich hatte das Gebäude damals als 3D-Gebäude getaggt und dementsprechend nur am Hauptgebäude (das sich über die 3 Gebäudeteile erstreckt) die Tags drangelassen. Die anderen Gebäudeteile mit "building:part=*". Anscheinend hat setti in diesem Changeset: https://w...
32017-10-19 16:20:38 UTCdieterdreist danke fürs Nachforschen, wobei der height tag hätte bleiben müssen. Magst Du bei setti kommentieren?
12017-10-19 08:49:18 UTCdieterdreist Hello Wetitpig0,
please do not redraw after you accidentally deleted something, use "undo" ctrl+z.
Thank you.
22018-01-03 06:54:55 UTCWetitpig0 Thanks. Actually I seldom use iD.
12017-10-16 18:07:36 UTCdieterdreist historic borders should not be included in OpenStreetMap, because we map the observable, current situation.
12017-10-16 05:17:43 UTCAndreas Lattmann Probabilmente l' ho messo io per indicare la posizione del cartello del limite di velocità, non per indicare la velocità massima del tratto stradale. Poi potevi aggiungere un commento al mio changeset e non sul tuo, perché se non me ne fossi accorto, il tuo insegnamento sarebbe ...
22017-10-16 05:59:46 UTCalesarrett Non sono d'accordo con la cancellazione. I cartelli stradali possono essere sicuramente mappati come punti:
Qui viene indicato come utilizzare traffic_sign per maxspeed:
32017-10-16 06:50:39 UTCarcanma Il cartello del limite di velocità da un'informazione aggiuntiva rispetto al semplice maxspeed=* sulla way, indica il punto di inizio esatto e che il limite inserito è indicato dal cartello e non dai limiti standard del codice della strada, inoltre può essere utile nel caso nei ...
42017-10-16 11:12:00 UTCdieterdreist infatti, quello cancellato da ginfix non era un limite di velocità, era un cartello stradale che indicava un limite. Non vanno tolti, perché sono utili nella mappatura (e sono comunque geodati a se stanti).
12017-10-12 10:01:54 UTCdieterdreist Are you sure that "Manhattan" is not "place=suburb" according to the OSM definition of this tag? For legacy reasons this isn't the same as a suburb in natural language (which would be: "below a city", sub - urbs). In OSM it is "Use place=suburb to identify a major ...
22017-10-12 10:08:55 UTCdieterdreist There is also already a place=county object for Manhattan, which seems to contain the administrative boundaries:
And there is already another place=suburb object for Manhattan as well:
I suggest you discus...
12017-10-12 09:47:17 UTCdieterdreist Ciao Susanna. Ti scrivo perché il caso della via Venturini è stato discusso nella mailing list. I problemi con questo edit sono 2: l'oggetto wikidata non si riferisce alla via ma ad una persona. Il tag migliore per questo tipo di relazione è "name:etymology:wikidata".\...
12017-10-02 21:33:49 UTCdieterdreist why did you replace the specific building value (tower) with a generic „yes“? Please don’t remove details in favor of generic, less informative tags
12017-10-02 14:00:55 UTCdieterdreist this is part of the German embassy, it is the residence of the Ambassador to Italy, and there are many events taking place here. It is indeed not the chancellery of the German embassy, which is close to Castro Pretorio. But it is part of the embassy.
22017-10-02 14:02:59 UTCdieterdreist In other words, you and me can't go there to get a new passport, but this doesn't mean it's not the embassy. There's also a sign in front reading "embassy". It has diplomatic protection, etc. No way this is a "park".
12017-10-02 13:56:04 UTCdieterdreist this changeset makes the residence of the German ambassador a leisure=park and access=private. This seems strange tagging, at least. This is not a park, at most you could see it as a garden, but then the garden would not be the residence but only the garden. As this is about the residence of the amb...
12017-07-08 14:14:12 UTCAndreas Lattmann type=Nasone???
Ti consiglio di seguire il Wiki e non inventare dei tag tuoi. Comunque benvenuto in OpenStreetMap.
22017-07-09 07:16:57 UTCdgitto
32017-07-09 10:43:32 UTCAndreas Lattmann Grazie dgitto, comunque va seguito il Wiki al massimo poteva usare i tag nel proposed
42017-07-09 12:37:59 UTCReTer Grazie per le osservazioni, era il mio primo contributo in OSM fatto essenzialmente scopiazzando l'esistente. Ho visto altre fontanelle e ho cercato di fare allo stesso modo. Non ho ancora molta dimestichezza con terminologia, tassonomia, ecc... Ogni consiglio è ben accetto. Grazie
52017-07-09 14:04:41 UTCAndreas Lattmann Prego, spero di averti dato un buon consiglio. Se hai bisogno di una mano contattami pure. Clicchi sul mio nome è mi spedisci un messaggio. Poi esiste la ml italiana per eventuali domande. Buon mapping
62017-07-09 14:18:56 UTCReTer Se ho ben interpretato la vostra osservazione ora dovrebbe essere ok. Vi chiedo se potete verificare. Però scusate, ho provato a fare una query per "drinking water" su un'area comprendente tutta Roma e su 2225 nodi trovati:
- n. 18 hanno "drinking_water:type": "naso...
72017-07-09 15:25:59 UTCdgitto Contattare la comunità romana dunque
Complimenti per la ricerca
82017-07-09 17:54:07 UTCAlecs01 Personalmente eviterei di usare type=* che serve ad indicare il tipo di relazione, e idealmente dovrebbe servire solo a quello, per evitare ambiguità Ciao!
92017-09-29 09:57:18 UTCdieterdreist Benvenuto anche da parte mia!
12017-09-25 09:01:10 UTCdieterdreist this changeset introduced a lot of duplicate nodes and added a lot of names in the wrong tag (put English names in the tag for the local name). Please do not map for the renderer, rather use a rendering that suits your needs.
12017-09-06 20:45:13 UTCdieterdreist From where did you get the name "Area verde Rosa Raimondi Garibaldi"? There aren't any signs with this name, are there?
12017-06-06 11:55:23 UTCGuest One Tra le diverse modifiche che stai facendo ultimamente a volte noto che elimini delle stradine mappate da qualcun altro che sono effettivamente esistenti. Come mai fai ciò?
22017-06-06 16:46:33 UTCg195 Se sono strade esistenti non le elimino di certo. Quello che a volte elimino sono i cortili o i vialetti dei giardini delle villette (mappare un vialetto o un cortile di una casa equivale a mappare il corridoio di un appartamento). Ma se si tratta di una strada (come questa: https://www.openstreetma...
32017-06-06 18:42:39 UTCGuest One Non ho il tempo di analizzare adesso i tuoi ultimi changesets ma non sono convinto al 100% che tu abbia eliminato solo cortiletti e simila (che NON vanno comunque eliminati in quanto esistenti, al limite puoi apporre un tag per decretarli come privati).
42017-09-06 08:49:21 UTCdieterdreist Secondome non dovresti cancellare "cose" esistenti, siano privati o meno, questi vialetti sono utili anche se non percorribili (per esempio per analizzare la struttura di una zona, oppure per determinare le aree "sigillate" (per l'acqua), oppure per orientarsi (incroci di vialett...
12017-03-03 10:57:44 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment.
22017-08-22 08:05:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hello poschon,
What is the point of the "information=add" data that you have added to every node here? What was the source of the import? Was it discussed anywhere?
Best Regards,
32017-08-22 08:06:30 UTCSomeoneElse @dieterdreist did you raise this anywhere else (one of the mailing lists, the DWG, etc.)?
42017-08-22 08:47:40 UTCdieterdreist IIRR this was discussed on talk-it and still IIRR approved post operam.
12017-07-19 08:15:42 UTCConstable Smettila di usare questo tipo di commenti nei tuoi changeset.
Se c'è un problema scrivi nella mailing list o/e contatta i diretti interessati.
22017-07-19 08:55:14 UTCdieterdreist si, rimaniamo calmi e cherchiamo di discutere i dissensi. Se proprio devi defecare, non farlo in pubblico, facciamo tutti così ;-)
Quando vedi edits problematici, commenta il changeset. Un saluto, Martin
12017-07-06 11:06:50 UTCdieterdreist The multipolygon that was created for Cartiera Latina, creates some problems. Also, roles (inner and outer) are mandatory for multipolygon relations, although the data is also interpreted without them. I will convert the multipolygon to a simple polygon to simplify the structure and to improve commo...
22017-07-06 11:17:42 UTCdieterdreist I have actually restructured the multipolygon rather than deleting it.
32017-07-06 15:45:01 UTCViking81 Do what you think is best. Now I'm inclined to use polygons rather than multipolygons.
42017-07-06 15:57:26 UTCdieterdreist multipolygons are fine if you can reuse existing geometry or parts of it, but if there are adjacent polygons like the buildings in the eastern part here, you should not add the buildings but rather use only a common outline (i.e. all outside walls can create a closed polygon, do not include the insi...
12017-07-06 11:22:45 UTCdieterdreist looks like an undiscussed mechanical edit. Deletes 767 ways in one changeset, many of which in mature versions (e.g. v19!).
22017-07-06 11:24:01 UTCdieterdreist There even a way in version 57 deleted by this. Please be more respectful with other people's work and modify rather than delete / recreate! E.g. way/15564717
12017-06-20 14:41:12 UTCdieterdreist At the Terme di Diocleziano in this edit you have added the tag barrier=hedge to an area object with the tags landuse=grass. These are different objects and should be modeled as different objects in OSM as well. The hedge is linear and running around, the landuse is referring to the enclosed polygon...
22017-06-20 14:45:25 UTCdieterdreist I've fixed it
12017-06-20 14:35:22 UTCdieterdreist This changeset added a wikidata reference to this node, which is referring to the museum. The museum already has the wikidata reference.
22017-07-05 15:29:11 UTCsamely Hi dieterdreist. Thanks for deleting this duplicate feature and for contributing to OSM.
12017-06-16 11:59:29 UTCdieterdreist non mi sembra giusto. C'è una chiesa qui vicino (adiacente ad ovest), ma non mi sembra la chiesa "Sant'Antonio da Padova", vicino a Piazza Asti c'è la Parocchia dei Santi Antonio di Padova e Annibale Maria, forse c'è una confusione qui?
22017-06-16 12:00:39 UTCdieterdreist non conosco cosí bene la zona, vedo soltanto la chiesa nella foto aerea, ma confermo la Parrocchia in Piazza Asti...
32017-06-17 12:17:08 UTCdforsi Giusta osservazione ma non ti so rispondere, io spostai solamente il nome esistente da denomination a name
42017-06-17 15:41:19 UTCdieterdreist si, lo sò, 8 anni fa ;-)
52017-06-17 15:42:01 UTCdieterdreist ci dovrei ripassare
grazie della risposta
12017-04-26 21:16:12 UTCdieterdreist Ciao, ho notato che hai modificato la classificazione del "Calle del Fontego dei Tedeschi" e del "Ramo del Fontego dei Tedeschi" da footway a pedestrian. Mi sembra una modifica strana. Ci sono stato 4 giorni fa e per me si tratta chiaramente di footway, non hanno l'ampiezza di un...
22017-06-05 13:21:54 UTCdieterdreist Hi,
I noticed you have changed the way from footway to pedestrian, can you please explain why? In my opinion, this edit isn't consistent with the wiki definition of a highway=pedestrian. If you come to the same conclusion, please fix your edit by reinstating the correct highway tag, thank you.
12017-05-01 22:08:28 UTCdieterdreist You have inserted every hall as its own philharmonic theatre and tourism attraction. Both does not seem corresponding to reality. Maybe the Parco della Musica can be considered a tourist attraction as a whole, certainly not every single stage as its own. Please fix.
22017-05-23 19:05:53 UTCulrich_ I did not mark any hall as a tourism attraction, as you can see in the history. This was done by other users more than four years ago. So please feel free to change or contact the appropriate user. I certainly agree that (if any) only the centre itself should be tagged as tourism=attraction.
If you...
32017-05-24 11:29:55 UTCdieterdreist You're right, you didn't put the attraction tags here (you could have removed them, but that wouldn't justify a changeset comment probably). Excuse me.
12017-05-24 11:27:04 UTCdieterdreist this edit adds the "tourism=attraction" tag to every single hall in the auditorio, which doesn't seem reasonable. Maybe the Parco della Musica as a whole might be considered an attraction (but within the Roman setting I am not even sure if it is).
12017-05-17 08:48:24 UTCdieterdreist There are some topological problems in this edit: If the fence is the limit of the park, it should be mapped like this. My suggestion would be a multipolygon for the park and the barrier=fence ways as outer members.
There is a difference of meaning between putting objects "very close" and...
22017-05-20 11:09:52 UTCmarcoSt Servus Dieter,

Entschuldige, dass ich so spät antworte, aber ich hatte gerade etwas beruflichen Stress gehabt.

Habe mir nochmal mir die Bilder angeschaut und mir angesehen, was ich damals, vor 2 Jahren getaggt habe. Ich habe da einfach die Linien und Mauern gezeichnet, wie es auf dem Sat...
32017-05-21 10:20:56 UTCdieterdreist Hallo Marco,
danke für die Antwort, 3 Tage ist nun wirklich nicht so lange, das finde ich noch ziemlich zeitnah. Was ich eigentlich kommunizieren wollte: wenn der Park in der Realität bis an die Mauer rangeht (von ihr begrenzt wird), dann sollte das auch in OSM so gezeichnet werden: ansta...
42017-05-21 20:09:12 UTCmarcoSt So, jetzt habe ich den Park an die Mauer geheftet, soweit es ging, und aus dem Park ein Multipolygon gemacht. Ich denke, diese Lösung ist jetzt ok, oder?
52017-05-21 23:26:30 UTCdieterdreist Danke, sieht schon viel besser aus. Jetzt sind allerdings die Gebäude nicht mehr im Park:
Die buildings würde ich nicht in die relation stecken, sonst werden sie aus dem Park entfernt, sie sind ja aber im Park.
62017-05-21 23:28:46 UTCdieterdreist gefixt
12017-05-17 08:29:51 UTCdieterdreist this edit adds a housenumber to a big building polygon, but in Italy housenumbers are for single entrances, this building has many numbers, not just one, can you please specify where the number applies to? Thank you.
12017-05-10 13:31:21 UTCdieterdreist Scusa, ma perché hai cancellato Piazza Teodosio come area?
12017-04-29 22:46:32 UTCdieterdreist you should not delete ways and redraw them, because this obfuscates the history, better modify the existing structures. You also introduced dual carriageways where there is no physical separation (parking access road)
22017-04-29 22:47:45 UTCdieterdreist you also deleted the steps on the metro garbatella parking. Please be carefull and don't delete stuff that is there. I have used these stairs today.
32017-05-09 22:49:44 UTCOleks Non mi risulta di aver cancellato nulla! Anzi, ho aggiunto e migliorato! Come una rotonda qua vicino che l'avevo fatta perfetta e ora me l'hanno modificata mettendola alla ca**o di cane lezzo. Cordiali saluti Oleks ;)
42017-05-10 08:17:23 UTCdieterdreist Ciao Oleks, hai cancellato 4 ways, per esempio
Puoi vedere una visualizzazione qui (in rosso le cancellazioni):

Ho già ricreato gli elementi cancellati, volevo soltanto chiederti di s...
12017-05-02 17:38:12 UTCdieterdreist really suspicious edit on node 530718006: was tagged as a cliff (on a node?) and you changed the name and added an istat_id, a place tag and more information, including a drinking_water tag? What is it? Please fix
22017-05-02 17:44:58 UTCdieterdreist sorry, just saw you were a newbie and do not contribute any more, please ignore my previous message.
12017-05-02 13:59:37 UTCdieterdreist please use more explicit changeset comments, for a hint how a good changeset comment might look like, see here:
12017-05-01 20:23:15 UTCdieterdreist why did you remove some tags from here? Looks like an undiscussed semiautomatic edit...
22017-05-01 21:27:02 UTCti-lo I didn't remove any tag, I just switched from amenity to aeroway. There were 9 tags before and now it's the same.
32017-05-02 10:00:22 UTCdieterdreist you did remove the amenity tag and added an aeroway tag. There wasn't an aeroway tag before and after you added it there is still the same amount of tags, so clearly you have removed a tag. There is no "switching", a tag modification would be to change the value for a given key, not remove...
12017-05-01 21:47:03 UTCdieterdreist this is an undiscussed automatic edit and should be reverted
12017-04-21 21:01:58 UTCdieterdreist This changeset set footways to pedestrian which are true footways judging by width. This only makes the map less readable and useful, please revert
22017-04-22 14:49:34 UTCosm-sputnik Thanks for looking into things carefully. However, I disagree with you. I have followed what the Italian/Venetian community have decided. They use for essentially all ways in Venice the tag highway=pedestrian and my changes were not debated for more than 2 years. I'm rather surprised that you starte...
32017-04-22 17:49:29 UTCdieterdreist thank you for your reply. I am indeed reaching out to the Italian mailing list because I believe it is a very bad decision to tag whatever way as pedestrian highway, a tag that is globally defined. Basically this questionable decision is completely removing any highway hierarchy in Venice and leadin...
42017-04-22 17:50:14 UTCdieterdreist I agree that this is not referring to you particularly.
52017-04-23 06:51:35 UTCosm-sputnik I see your point. However, Venice remains a very special case. There is essentially no car traffic. Also, it seems to me that local communities do stretch global definitions (e.g. Japanese road classifications).

Another aspect that I like about the pedestrian tagging is that all the little or lar...
62017-04-23 19:46:13 UTCdieterdreist if I ever will go to Japan, I guess I will complain about their highway classification as well, Venice is simply much more important for me (I'm going there sometimes and am living in Italy).

I think pedestrian + area=yes is not comparable to pedestrian as a linear way. I do not complain for it b...
72017-04-23 20:08:32 UTCosm-sputnik Hi,

I'm also quite often in Venice. I agree that many squares were mapped very incompletely leaving the border around them. I have spent a lot of time fixing those and I will continue doing so (like with the canals: Castello and Cannaregio are finished and San Marco in good shape...).

I still ...
82017-04-23 20:26:58 UTCdieterdreist there is no consistency in my eyes if 50cm wide passages where not even 2 pedestrians can pass each other are mapped the same as a some meter wide road. All my changes are the result of surveys I have been doing the past days and I do believe they improve the map so I will not revert them. I think I...
92017-04-24 19:28:51 UTCosm-sputnik I find it slightly disturbing that you continue editing against an emerged standard without waiting for a discussion to take place. The fact that all ways so far have been tagged as pedestrian and I also agree with this approach signals that your opinion is standing against this and that there is a ...
102017-04-25 20:54:06 UTCdieterdreist I do not object to discussions, rather the opposite, I have started one with you and on the national italian mailing list, where I have also asked about local mappers. It just doesn't look as if there is anything like a community of Venetian mappers. People on the Italian mailing list said Venice wa...
112017-04-27 16:50:03 UTCosm-sputnik Hi again and thanks for the long answer. Yes, I was stating it wrongly: You did start a discussion and this is good. However, it seemed that you jumped to conclusions before the discussion really had time to evolve. But, yes, I support improving the map and it is great that you do this when travelin...
122017-04-28 07:58:43 UTCdieterdreist Hello Sputnik,
following our discussion there was some discussion on the Italian mailing list, and not for the first time ;-)
I have update the discussion page of Venice to keep trace of this discussion and former discussions about this topic. I am not sure how well you can understand Italian, but...
132017-04-28 08:00:09 UTCdieterdreist btw.: you are the only one seriously engaging in a discussion about this, for which I am grateful, but it also illustrates my point that there isn't an active mapping community in Venice (unfortunately).
142017-05-01 10:18:55 UTCosm-sputnik Hi,

Thanks for the long comment and the good discussion evolving. I think that in general we are debating several issue that are intertwined: the usage of a road, its width, and the rendering. This combined with the usage of a square. In addition to this, this discussion is about Venice, which is...
152017-05-01 15:51:36 UTCdieterdreist Please let's not mix tagging and a specific rendering style (like red dots for footways), but rather focus on the meaning of the tags. The "standard style" rendering is just one rendering of many, and not even the one most people are using (if you look at mobile apps based on OSM data with...
12017-04-30 13:42:13 UTCdieterdreist the license of the imported data is not compatible, as it is cc-by 4.0
22017-04-30 13:43:47 UTCdieterdreist this import was not discussed
12017-04-29 19:56:52 UTCdieterdreist ho notat che hai cambiato parrechi parchi in giardini, qual'è il criterio? Per me questo "giardino" in OSM è un leisure=park
Quale sarebbe il garden:type da applicare qui?
22017-04-29 23:17:35 UTCdieterdreist this is an undiscussed automatic edit and should likely be reverted
32017-04-30 13:31:04 UTCdieterdreist see also
12017-04-30 13:30:17 UTCdieterdreist another changeset where parks have been changed to garden where it doesn't apply, see also
12017-04-21 20:58:30 UTCdieterdreist This changeset set narrow footways to pedestrian, which aren't actually roads for pedestrians but true footways
12017-04-15 14:16:40 UTCdieterdreist Via Montefalcone non poteva essere unita, perché aveva proprietà diverse su alcuni tratti (maxheight, oneway)
12017-04-15 13:46:17 UTCdieterdreist mi sembra un po' un caso di tagging for the renderer:
perché un prato non esiste lì?
12017-03-27 10:20:54 UTCdieterdreist Ich finde die Schreibweise der Namen und Praxen hier unüblich. Kein Mensch benutzt die Wörterbuchschreibweise "Nachname, Vorname". Auch fehlen jeweils die Angaben des Namens des Betriebs (Berufsbezeichnung ggf. Gesellschaftname). Z.B.\...
22017-03-29 21:37:00 UTCmarkobr Hallo, dreister Dieter!

Wie man Arztpraxen und manche andere Unternehmen, bei denen der Inhaber von Bedeutung ist (oder die Inhaber bedeutend sind) erfassen sollte, ist sicher ein Thema, das noch diskutiert werden muss, Dein Vorschlag überzeugt mich allerdings aus verschiedenen Gründen...
32017-03-30 11:17:36 UTCdieterdreist Danke für die ausführliche Antwort. Ich kann viele der Gedanken nachvollziehen, finde aber auch, dass man den Schildern nicht unbegrenzt Bedeutung zumessen muss. "On the ground" beschränkt sich nicht auf Schilder, die Internetpräsenz eines aktiven Geschäfts (Arztpr...
12017-03-24 15:32:48 UTCdieterdreist ich bin mir nicht so sicher, ob "neighbourhood" der geeignete tag ist hier, weil sich der Name ja auf die Ecke bezieht, gleich danach kommt eigentlich die vordere Gartenstrasse, etc.
evtl. place=locality? Gegegenueber ist das "Neckartor", faende ich eigentlich fast wichtiger al...
22017-03-24 20:22:48 UTCdktue Ich habe das an einigen Stellen verwendet, siehe [1].

Laut Wiki ist place=locality für unbewohnte Gebiete zu verwenden [2] -- ich gebe Dir aber recht, dass place=neighbourhood auch nicht ideal ist.

32017-03-27 10:11:56 UTCdieterdreist Entschuldige bitte die verspätete Antwort. Ich kenne die Definition im Wiki. M.E. ist das so gemeint, dass man place=locality nicht verwenden soll für Siedlungen und Siedlungsteile, zumindest nicht für derzeit bewohnte, während ich das nicht so lese, dass es nicht für Topony...
42017-03-27 14:57:33 UTCdktue Vielleicht sollten wir das zur Diskussion in der großen Liste stellen? Würdest Du das übernehmen?
52017-03-27 15:24:06 UTCdieterdreist welche Liste meinst Du, tagging? Oder talk-de? Ich würde ja zu tagging tendieren, auch weil das nicht nur Deutschland betrifft. Wenn man genug Mitstreiter findet, lässt sich auch ein neuer tag generieren für eine place-Stelle (Toponym/Ortsname) in der Stadt, damit das auch ausgewertet...
62017-03-27 15:50:05 UTCdktue Ich denke auch, dass tagging der bessere Ort dafür wäre.
72017-03-27 16:13:37 UTCdieterdreist Es gibt dazu jetzt einen Thread hier:
82017-03-27 16:16:49 UTCdktue Super, danke!
12017-03-22 11:09:13 UTCConstable sir, please start using proper changeset comments
22017-03-22 12:18:40 UTCdieterdreist I can second this. It is really difficult to navigate through your changesets, because you make a lot of them and do not comment any with something meaningful.
32017-03-25 05:25:46 UTCselect these are minor corrections
42017-03-25 11:20:38 UTCConstable Cool, why didn't you write "minor corrections" in the changeset comments box then?
52017-03-25 11:25:51 UTCdieterdreist actually, minor corrections is not much more helpful than "traces" (although a little more true). If you delete stuff it would be good to state why it was deleted (e.g. superfluous nodes, feature ceased to exist, etc.)
12017-03-24 15:34:36 UTCdieterdreist hier im Prinzip dasselbe wie am Germaneneck, es ist halt eine Ecke (Punkt) und kein ganzes Viertel (Flaeche), das diesen Namen traegt (beim Zinserdreieck ist das wiederum anders)
12017-03-23 09:33:30 UTCdieterdreist this edit has removed the inner members of the pedestrian area multipolygon relation Breitscheidplatz, making the churches on the square disappear in the rendering and declaring the whole area as pedestrian (ignoring the fountain and churches). Please be careful when editing relations. Yes, it's all...
12017-03-23 09:30:01 UTCdieterdreist this edit has removed the inner members of the pedestrian area multipolygon relation Breitscheidplatz, making the churches on the square disappear in the rendering and declaring the whole area as pedestrian (ignoring the fountain and churches). Please be careful when editing relations.
12017-03-22 10:44:58 UTCdieterdreist This changeset moved the centre of Rome from the centre of the Campidoglio to it's border, presumably for rendering reasons. Please discuss edits like this with the community, because the centre of the city is now considered the Campidoglio (while there is also a position on the Forum Romanum close ...
12017-03-22 10:37:17 UTCdieterdreist this changeset moves the centre of Rome from the Campidoglio to Piazza Navona, and while both might be considered kind of a centre I believe it is still unquestioned that the real centre is the Campidoglio. Please discuss edits like this with the community, e.g. on the talk-it-lazio mailing list: ht...
12017-03-22 10:34:46 UTCdieterdreist this changeset moves the centre of Rome from Piazza Navona to Piazza della Rotonda, and while both might be considered kind of a centre I believe it is still unquestioned that the real centre is the Campidoglio.
12017-03-21 13:01:49 UTCdieterdreist bitte beim Editieren aufpassen, dass die history nicht unnötig "verloren" geht (schwer zu finden ist). Z.B. ist ein 9 Jahre alter Weg in der 17. Version, so was sollte man bearbeiten und nicht löschen.
12017-03-03 10:59:05 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment. See also
22017-03-04 20:54:58 UTCposchon I seems to be, I was to fast. Please give me the feedback over PN. What did I do wrong?
32017-03-04 20:58:50 UTCposchon For the start:

The basis for the import was

The licenc for all imported adresses is Creative Commons - CC0 1.0
42017-03-04 21:14:16 UTCposchon Check the datas:
I compared all the adresses between present in the openstreet and in the SET. After the import I checked all the adresses over and corrected all doubel house numbers
52017-03-04 21:18:08 UTCposchon But now I see some of my adaptations of double house numbers are not present on official release. Positive think is: The server has all the corrections
62017-03-04 21:22:39 UTCposchon I prepared all the import to correct it. Every one can filter all house numbers for "Information = info". I have also the imported file on my computer and could send it to every one.
72017-03-05 14:03:41 UTCdieterdreist Hello Poschon, thank you for replying. The most important critique from the mailing list is that you didn't follow the import guidelines and didn't contact the local community, otherwise you would have learnt that there was already an established structure and guidelines for importing this data: ht...
82017-03-05 14:08:33 UTCdieterdreist also you should use a dedicated account for imports, especially if you are uploading a lot of stuff like you did.
92017-03-05 21:44:26 UTCposchon Hallo Martin,

I see.

I will the same: A great map for the world.

Are you in the community "Emilia Romagna"?

At the moment all my try to change something on the map is not visible. It seems that my account works partially.

About the doubles address:
At the moment over osmose...
102017-03-06 16:55:36 UTCdieterdreist Hello Poschon, there is still some discussion on the italian ML as you might have seen. I have told them that you are wiling to solve the few duplicates and that I have the impression you have understood now that there are import guidelines that have to be respected. Although the data doesn't requir...
112017-03-06 21:00:01 UTCposchon Hallo Martin,
Grazie for this feedback.
I did not get your formulation "Although the data doesn't require legally attribution (cc0) it would still have made sense to provide it (so others can see where the data came from)."

What is exactly the requirement in this case about source?\...
122017-03-06 21:19:25 UTCposchon I stay in Modena for more as one year. I have big interest to increase the status of OSM in Modena.
132017-03-06 21:22:59 UTCposchon Sorry I miss understand you last comment.
142017-03-06 21:25:37 UTCposchon Then I will wait for the feedback. I follow the discussion in ML, but it is quite difficult to understand. The google translate help me a little.
152017-03-09 18:50:42 UTCposchon I see the first feedback about the quality:

1.\tSome days ago I talked about invisible addresses. I mean the wrong format --> 2/A. At the moment there are 51 addresses with wrong format. There is no problem to solve it.

2.\tNot existing houses: I can not imagen that one responsible/person f...
162017-03-15 11:05:45 UTCdieterdreist Hello Poschon, there have only been neutral or positive reactions regarding the import (a revert will likely not happen). You can go on with fixing the few duplicates (my preferences would be in doubt to favor the non-import version of the duplicates). Thank you,
172017-03-15 11:08:24 UTCdieterdreist btw: why are you sure 2/A is the wrong format? It is a common housenumber scheme in italy. If search doesn't find this, we might have to improve the search.
182017-03-15 22:11:22 UTCposchon Hello Martin,

Grazie for the feedback. I will follow the unwritten low in case of duplicates to delete the imported address. At the next time I will search more deeply for a community. My big mistake is: I looked just for Modena. The wiki side for Regio Emilia does not include the word Modena.
192017-03-16 01:15:32 UTCdieterdreist the shortcomings of the search should be reported to Nominatim (the geocoding software on Contacting the local community about the import: best way is probably to ask on the national mailing list, they can refer to a regional mailing list (if there is). There is also an international maili...
202017-03-16 08:58:07 UTCRegina Phalange Sorry for being late. I'm not much happy about this changeset, as I've seen the source in the past and I wasn't very amused about the quality. The house numbers are very often misplaced around the buildings, or even in the near buildings. If the general feeling is neutral though, I'm not going to in...
212017-03-17 10:47:36 UTCdieterdreist I think there is likely not a rule or if there is, it is not enforced, you can find different kind of 3/A, 3/a, 3a, 3A and there also are very frequent uses of the slash to make a list, e.g. 3/5/7 (for the house numbers 3 and 5 and 7) and there also are variants like 3/2 (which has to be read simila...
222017-03-18 12:54:56 UTCposchon ciao,

the format for the numbers is important. I agree with you. Today I did a small walk around Modena. I saw just the Format <Number><Letter> without ”/”.

Here are some pictures from plates and in upper left corner the position of this plate on the map:
232017-03-19 11:41:38 UTCRegina Phalange Ok I'm really sorry because you are totally right about the plates. However the "/" format is default when you talk about addresses, as you can see here , and (not Modena ...
242017-08-22 10:12:35 UTCSomeoneElse Hello poschon,
What is the point of the "information=add" data that you have added to every node here? Were these tags discussed anywhere before the import took place?
Best Regards,
See also the very negative comments about this import at
12017-03-07 13:58:45 UTCdieterdreist was ist bitte der "Österberg Park"? Ist das neu? Das ist doch kein Park und den Namen höre ich zum ersten Mal.
Und dieses Loch am Rand, in dem Bäume wachsen? Bei einer Wiese (was das vorher war) macht das Sinn, aber sicherlich nicht bei einem Park. Bitte sorgfältiger e...
12017-03-03 11:00:10 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment. See also
12017-03-03 11:00:05 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment. See also
12017-03-03 10:59:47 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment. See also
12017-03-03 10:59:17 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment. See also
12017-03-03 10:59:11 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment. See also
12017-03-03 10:58:55 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment. See also
12017-03-03 10:48:56 UTCConstable Sir, did you see this ?
22017-03-03 10:58:06 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment. See also
12017-03-03 10:57:37 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment.
12017-03-03 10:57:33 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment.
12017-03-03 10:57:24 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment.
12017-03-03 10:53:35 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment.
22017-03-03 10:54:21 UTCdieterdreist See also
12017-02-27 14:58:50 UTCdieterdreist please do not mix several distinct buildings into one osm multipoligon , these are different buildings, different ownership, different floorheight, different architect (likely), etc.
12017-02-08 08:23:35 UTCsbiribizio This is a gentle warning.
Why are you still deleting tracks?
Way id number: 199487392, 202537786, 199953987, 200246883, 202520164, and so on are tracks that can be seen on satelite images.
22017-02-08 11:05:53 UTCFredie I am verry sorry
this was an old work and I forgot about that 5 tracks.
As I already told you that won't happen anymore
I'll readd them ASAP

32017-02-08 12:00:27 UTCConstable Sounds cool that it's not going to happen again, but, fact is that those tracks have been removed without any good reason (cant read anywhere the reason why you delete them) and they are now missing from the map.
Those two as well has been deleted https:/...
42017-02-08 16:11:54 UTCFredie I already excused for
I've readded them already
reason: tracks end in fields only such access
52017-02-08 16:40:29 UTCConstable Looks like some of them are still missing.
Way 199953987, way 199487392, way 202537786, way 200246890, way 202520164, just to give some references.
Those are located just south from the SS455 junction with the SP31bis.
Thank you sir.
62017-02-10 11:07:23 UTCdieterdreist Can you please explain what methodology/workflow you use to determine "redundant nodes"? Which criterion do you apply? You have deleted more than 3500 nodes and although you write you have readded them from the history it appears they are still deleted.
72017-02-10 11:25:42 UTCsbiribizio In this changeset and in past ones, the user simplifies tracks deleting points (for example near the curves) or deletes what he considers "useless tracks", like the ones that ends in fields.
82017-02-10 11:26:56 UTCdieterdreist are these manually or automatically applied simplifications?
92017-02-10 14:59:12 UTCFredie readded tracks in 45924376
no readded nodes
12017-02-07 14:41:07 UTCsbiribizio Hi,
why did you delete in Casale Monferrato the small landuse=residential and create a big landuse=residential instead?
Your big landuse have inside it some landuse=playground, streets, pitch, etc.
This mapping is not accurate.
Please revert your changes or I'll do it for you.
22017-02-07 17:01:07 UTCdieterdreist generally, please do not create big landuse areas with a lot of different stuff in it (especially do not create a single landuse=residential around a village, use place areas for this). Thank you.
32017-02-07 19:29:54 UTCFredie hm.
Is there a common agreement ?
Do you have a link ?
I haven't seen an area tagging for residential anywhere else, yet.
problem encountered on huge landuse ?
Can't see one up today ?
Inform me, please ?
42017-02-07 22:12:20 UTCwoodpeck Hello Fredie, of course if you map new things then you get to decide how you map them; a large landuse area for a whole village or smaller areas - no problem. But you should not delete the work that others have done and replace it with "your style". Also, your changeset deletes a large num...
52017-02-08 07:07:31 UTCFredie you are right
I'll take consequences from this
I'll explain to sbiririzio personally
62017-02-08 07:45:39 UTCsbiribizio Personally you explained to me that:
"I've deleted your post without reading"
I explained in detail my complaints, why don't discuss?
I asked gently for proofs of your work.
No aswer from you.
72017-02-09 11:42:09 UTCdieterdreist for reference, there is also a thread on talk-it about this:
82017-02-09 12:00:47 UTCdieterdreist In one of your replies to sbiribizio you (Fredie) have written a lot of alternative facts, which I will comment here:

> All my work is carefully researched used sat data from
> 2016. If you use Bing Sat data make clear that those are pretty > 6
> years old.

Who is the copyright...
92017-02-09 16:27:05 UTCFredie agree
12016-11-02 11:28:32 UTCdieterdreist there was an accidental connection between a powerline and a track. Please try to avoid these topology problems. In JOSM you can hold the "ctrl" key to avoid unwanted connections
22016-11-02 11:30:13 UTCdieterdreist Also: a path is not wide enough for 4-wheeled vehicles, otherwise it is a "track". E.g. way 4426347702
32016-11-02 21:17:13 UTCgeow @valesnow, to avoid unwanted snapping of ways or nodes in iD-Editor, press and hold down the "alt"-key while editing. Works at least on macOS ;)

@dieterdreist, to my impression it's a common misconception that paths wide enough for 4-wheeled vehicles should be tagged as tracks. Suffici...
42016-11-02 21:21:20 UTCdieterdreist @geow yes, you are right. In these cases there is no doubt. these are tracks used by the farmers to access their fields.
12016-10-24 08:27:35 UTCdieterdreist please stop adding fictious places and features into OpenStreetMap. You are vandalizing the database.
12016-10-19 18:46:20 UTCAlecs01 Hi, you created some POI carrying your name, do they really exist?
22016-10-20 09:55:10 UTCdieterdreist Please do not vandalize our work by adding invented stuff. Your changeset has been reverted by a community member because there was not much sense in your additions.
12016-10-20 09:50:05 UTCdieterdreist This changeset is very likely vandalism. Please do not add invented / phantasy objects to the db, you are vandalizing the work of a community of volunteers and creating work for us to tidy this up.
12016-10-06 06:54:02 UTCTeddy73 Hallo ulilu, kannst du bitte auf meine Nachricht von gestern reagieren und nicht stur mit dieser Doppelbelegung von highway und landuse weitermachen? Es wird einige Arbeit kosten, das so wiederherzustellen, wie es vor deinen Änderungen schon war!
Vg, Teddy73
22016-10-06 19:54:38 UTCTeddy73 Warum wurde die ref der B 41 und der L 129 entfernt?
32016-10-07 07:02:01 UTCulilu "ref" befindet sich in der Relation (siehe dort), das ist vollkommen ausreichend, sieht auf der Karte dann auch besser aus, weil nicht ständig für jeden Abschnitt "B 41" u/o "L 129" zu lesen ist.
42016-10-08 09:11:51 UTCNakaner Hallo ulilu,

warum hast du in diesem Änderungssatz folgende Stützmauer an der Nordseite der Brücke der Bahnstrecke über die B 41 gelöscht? Welche Quellen haben zur Entscheidung geführt, die Stützmauer zu löschen?\...
52016-10-08 09:32:26 UTCulilu Lieber Michael,

Ich finde, dass Du/Ihr zu sehr auf irgendwelche Negativitäten schaut; das hier ist solch eine Mega-Kleinigkeit, die ich fast schon lächerlich finde. Es handelt sich dort um eine Eisenbahn-Brücke (links/rechts davon ein Bahndamm = "embankment"), die in eine...
62016-10-08 09:42:37 UTCNakaner Hallo uli.l,

bei OSM gilt die On-the-Ground-Regel, d.h. Dinge, die in der Realität existieren, werden gemappt und nicht gelöscht.

Ich möchte dich auch weiterhin bitten, N...
72016-10-08 09:50:55 UTCulilu Hallo Michael,

Es existieren dort keine Stützmauern; bitte dort vorbei schauen! - Alle weiteren Belehrungen habe ich als 'altgedienter Kartierer' nicht wirklich nötig, weshalb ich meine Kommunikation mit Dir/Euch definitiv einstelle; es sei denn, es geht POSITIV um Kartierungsfragen, di...
82016-10-08 18:32:53 UTCgeow +1 @ulilu
Ich finde auch, dass wir hier auch mal loben und "Stärken stärken" sollten, das Glas ist immer halb voll :)
92016-10-08 18:36:27 UTCgeow Ergänzung: Ich habe zu Etikette und Diskussionskultur eine Diskussion im deutschen Forum gestartet
102016-10-08 19:54:00 UTCulilu Sehr gut & danke!
112016-10-11 10:02:31 UTCdieterdreist jedenfalls ist der ehem. user ulilu jetzt nicht mehr bei OSM, zumindest nicht unter diesem Namen. Vom Einzelfall abgesehen finde ich es grundsätzlich auch problematisch, wenn Dinge gelöscht werden weil man denkt, dass "dies nun [keine] kartierungsbedürftige[n] Stützmauern si...
12016-09-16 14:05:10 UTCdieterdreist this is blatant mapping for the renderer. In order to show the marble intarsies on Saint Peter's square, the mapper has excluded them from the pedestrian area. Please refrain from this kind of "work".
22016-09-16 19:12:56 UTCualios Yes, that's true, "work" done mainly for rendering architectural data of a famous square with minimal impact, as for me, on good mapping rules. Anyway, given that wrong, I will soon return the marbles to the pedestrians... or feel free to do it by yourself, of course.
32016-09-17 14:04:56 UTCdieterdreist well, there could be a way to improve the situation without destroying your work: add a surface tag, and make the inner ways also pedestrian areas (different ones, with surface=marble or surface:material=marble)
12016-09-01 21:58:26 UTCdieterdreist this looks like an (semi-) automatic edit , was it discussed before the execution, as the guidelines require?
22016-09-02 04:50:36 UTCgeow Thanks, I considered the edit as (semi) manual and was not aware of the guidelines. From my present knowledge I wouldn't do it again this way- mea culpa.
BTW - this is the second feedback I get in 20 months.
12016-08-28 15:31:35 UTCdieterdreist please be more accurate in positioning the objects, this is not in the middle of the street. FYI, someone else has already corrected it
12016-08-28 15:28:16 UTCdieterdreist please also set an operator for post offices and mind the capitalization in names (inizio maiuscolo), thank you
12016-08-28 15:24:25 UTCdieterdreist this shop is surely not in the center of the street, please be more accurate
12016-07-18 11:59:39 UTCdieterdreist Is this really a villa_rustica site? From the italian wikipedia article, first sentence, it doesn't seem so: "La villa del Casale è un edificio abitativo tardo antico, popolarmente definito villa nonostante non abbia i caratteri della villa romana extraurbana ..."
22016-07-18 12:29:04 UTCAury88 effettivamente ha più le caratteristiche di un palazzo urbano imperiale, non propriamente di una villa, anche se lo scopo era identico e le differenze sembrerebbero dovute ad un particolare livello di benessere del proprietario (insomma la villa di un ricco che ha voluto strafare). esiste per...
32016-07-18 13:25:27 UTCdieterdreist ho messo il fixme, perché non potevo guardare lo storico (al inizio, problema del server, nemmeno in JOSM funzionava ctrl+h), e se tu non avessi risposto avremmo comunque avuto una nota per il prossimo che ci va (non ci sono andato e non sapevo per certo se il mio commento era pertinente).
42016-07-18 17:59:34 UTCAury88 ok, tutto chiaro. Grazie!
12016-07-18 09:57:44 UTCdieterdreist in this changeset there are 2 attractions mapped as 2 distinct playgrounds, better use one playground and add 2 attractions, see the wiki for details
12016-07-18 09:54:16 UTCdieterdreist il nome "Cisterna circolare cosidetta Piranesi" mi sembra strano. Non sarebbe più adatto farne 2 di name tags, tipo
name=Cisterna circolare e alt_name=Cisterna Piranesi ?
12016-07-18 09:46:28 UTCdieterdreist this changeset moves 2 buildings that were aligned well in PCN2008 (better alignment than Bing aerial) and puts them on positions that are very likely less accurate because aligned with Bing Aerial imagery. Please do not re-align based on Bing aerial imagery. I suggest you use them Josm editor, beca...
12016-07-18 09:40:06 UTCdieterdreist this changeset deletes the way
can you explain why?
12016-04-04 23:31:27 UTCwoodpeck Bitte vor künftigen Namensänderungen von Städten oder Gemeinden einen Konsens entweder auf der talk-de-Liste oder im deutschen OSM-Forum suchen.
22016-04-10 10:16:06 UTCJ budissin Es gibt einen Konsens im deutschen OSM-Forum.
32016-04-10 17:06:19 UTCwoodpeck Dass Du meinen Kommentar ignoriert und den Namen in Changeset 38447189 wieder geändert hast, ist dreist. In kann ich keinen Konsens erkennen, im Gegenteil, es gibt (neben Verständnis für Deine Sache) auch viele Gegenargumente. Die ...
42016-04-10 17:18:40 UTCwoodpeck neuer Thread hier
52016-07-14 13:41:42 UTCdieterdreist Es gilt im Zweifel die vor-Ort-Regel: das, was gebräuchlich ist, kommt in den name-tag. Die gesetzliche Lage sollte man nicht komplett ignorieren, es hat schon seinen Grund, warum dort neben deutsch auch sorbisch Amtssprache ist und die Beschilderung auch in sorbisch erfolgt.
62016-07-14 16:01:38 UTCJ budissin Danke. Sh. dazu auch den Diskussionsstand Mitte Mai im oben verlinkten Thread und die daraufhin gefundene Formel hier:
72016-07-14 16:33:41 UTCdieterdreist danke für den Link, das war mir in dem Thread entgangen, dass die Lösung gefunden wurde (ist gleich wie auch in anderen multilingualen Gegenden, z.B. Belgien, Südtirol)
12016-07-11 09:35:01 UTCdieterdreist this changeset added building=yes tag for the marani bar terrace, is this on purpose? Do you know the situation "in loco"? Seems wrong to me in this case.
22016-07-13 07:13:04 UTCkipple Yes, i've added the perimeter because it was not present on the map. There is a terrace covered with a roof, not accessible by sidewalk. I've used a generic "building=yes" just in doubt. I like the new "building=pergola", but it seems not used a lot. Perhaps "building=roof&...
32016-07-13 10:53:55 UTCdieterdreist There is an entrance from the road, I confirm it is a terrace, but I'm not sure about the "roof" (thought it was a pergola). It is no problem if some building types are not yet in heavy use, the only way to make them more established is by using them. When I introduced building=roof by wri...
12016-07-05 16:08:55 UTCdieterdreist are there really 2 cafes with different names at the same spot?
22016-07-05 16:09:28 UTCdieterdreist sorry, forget about that comment, it was a temporary rendering problem...
12016-07-05 16:07:47 UTCdieterdreist this hotel is exactly in the gap between buildings, is this correct? Seems very odd to me...
12016-07-05 15:44:13 UTCdieterdreist this added a fast food in the middle of the road, is this correct?
12016-07-05 15:39:07 UTCdieterdreist the name says bed&breakfast but you have added it as hotel?
22016-07-05 15:42:36 UTCdieterdreist I have changed it now...
12016-07-05 15:23:32 UTCdieterdreist please do not create changesets that span big parts of the world, as this creates problems with QA tools. Better structure your edits into spatially connected units and upload in small parts.
22016-07-05 15:29:20 UTCdieterdreist please also take care to add stuff at their actual location and be as precise as possible (e.g. some stuff you added like a shop was outside of any building, or maybe the building hadn't been mapped yet). Is springfield college really a school or maybe a college?
12016-07-05 15:06:07 UTCdieterdreist this is very likely bad tagging and not a hotel but either a B&B or a holiday apartment
12016-07-05 15:04:23 UTCdieterdreist is this restaurant really in the street and not in a building?
12016-07-01 17:20:00 UTCConstable Hey Sir, why the hell did you change the obelisk name?
This node belongs to the obelisk, not to Piazza Navona.
Please, next time make sure you know what you are doing before editing the map.
I'm going to fix the name right now.
22016-07-05 15:00:46 UTCdieterdreist Thank you Constable for cleaning this up. Unfortunately edits are mostly low in quality (also because the editing functions are very limited), and their users are not very responsive.
12016-07-05 14:40:34 UTCdieterdreist the shop is not inside a building, is this correct? Or is the building maybe not correct?
22016-07-05 18:25:49 UTCandrea di mambro There is a building on the corner, the shop is on it.
12016-07-05 14:38:51 UTCdieterdreist both features you have added (supermarket and pharmacy) are lacking at least the name information and have been created outside of buildings in the middle of the road. Please be more careful.
12016-06-30 09:58:54 UTCConstable "Air b&b Viktor's Place" sounds like a Bed and Breakfast but it's tagged as fast food. Is that correct?
22016-07-05 14:14:32 UTCdieterdreist No, it is not correct, the user changed the name of a fast food to Air b&b Viktor's place, I have reverted this change.
32016-07-05 14:23:19 UTCdieterdreist also added a duplicate information (node) to the Fontana di Trevi which is already tagged in great detail.
12016-07-05 14:19:52 UTCdieterdreist this changeset added a duplicate name of "Fontana di Trevi" to the water area of the fountain, but the Fountain was already tagged.
12016-07-05 14:18:53 UTCdieterdreist fontana di trevi is a world famous fountain, what it surely is not, is a reservoir landuse.
12016-07-05 14:18:04 UTCdieterdreist this changeset added the amenity=fountain tag as a duplicate to the water area of fontana di trevi (which is indeed bigger and was already tagged).
12016-07-05 14:07:21 UTCdieterdreist this changeset adds a way which overlaps other ways and had no tags:
I have deleted it. Please do not upload stuff that doesn't make sense.
12016-07-05 14:04:14 UTCdieterdreist this changeset performed an automated edit and removed area=yes tags. This operation didn't have benefit. Area=yes tags are not redundant, but are the only way to explicitly state that a way has to be treated as a polygon. Please do not remove them.
12016-07-05 13:56:12 UTCdieterdreist Hi, you have added the hotel in the middle of the street, please add stuff at their actual location, thank you.
12016-07-01 23:31:20 UTCPolarbear Hallo, wie kann man denn in Bing den korrekten Verlauf der U7 erkennen? Oder welche Quelle hast du sonst benutzt?

Ich sehe hier zwei Stellen, an denen du dem im Geoportal Berlin erkennbaren Verlauf herausgeschoben hast.
(node 38901928, node 724507375)
22016-07-03 18:16:03 UTCfedc Hallo, den U-Bahn-Verlauf ist durch die Gebäudeorientierung zu erkennen. Außerdem ist er in vielen Karten enthalten.
32016-07-03 21:13:46 UTCPolarbear Erstens hast du unterirdische Streckenverläufe zwischen Bahnhöfen geändert, die eben nicht durch oberirdische Bauten erkennbar sind.

Zweitens darfst du nicht aus anderen Karten kopieren, deren Copyright nicht mit OSM kompatibel ist. Diese Quellen hast du auch nicht angegeben, sonde...
42016-07-04 08:22:09 UTCfedc Auf Stadtplänen sind sie oft stilisiert, aber auf die offizielle Karte der Berliner Stadtverwaltung sind sie präzis gezeichnet.
52016-07-04 13:57:21 UTCdieterdreist ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher, ob man die Pläne von SenStadt verwenden darf, bzw. welche man verwenden darf (ich glaube zu erinnern, dass man welche davon für OSM verwenden darf, vermutlich steht was dazu im WIKI von OSM).
Was die UBahnverläufe angeht, so laufen die meistens bzw. wei...
62016-07-04 14:32:42 UTCPolarbear Geodaten von SenStadt, mit den Nutzungsbestimmungen "" dürfen seit 2013 ausdrücklich in OSM genutzt werden, wenn im Changeset der Quellenvermerk "Geoportal Berlin / [Titel des Datensatzes]" erfolgt...
72016-07-04 19:33:47 UTCPolarbear Ich habe das CS nochmal komplett kontrolliert. Zwar hast du den Bogen zwischen Jakob-Kaiser-Platz und Jungfernheide verbessert, aber absichtlich und ohne Begründung Bahnhofsdetails des U Jakob-Kaiser-Platz gelöscht. Auch passen deine unplausiblen Quellenangaben in dieser Diskussion nicht z...
82016-07-04 20:24:30 UTCfedc Ich habe die Bahnhofsdetails am U-Bhf. Jakob-Kaiser-Platz gelöscht, weil sie unrealistisch sind. Die Linie hat eigentlich durchgehend zwei Gleise, während in unserer Karte werden nur im Bahnhofsbereich zwei Gleise dargestellt.
92016-07-04 21:17:42 UTCPolarbear Die Kollegen beginnen hierzulande, Bahnhofdetails auch mit Indoor-Details zu mappen, und zwar extrem realistisch.
Daten kommentarlos zu löschen und damit gemappte Verfeinerungen zu verwerfen, ist Vandalismus. Wenn du die genaue Lage der beiden durchgehenden Gleise zu bieten hast, kannst du si...
102016-07-05 07:40:44 UTCdieterdreist +1 zum Vandalismus, Details zu löschen mit dem Hinweis, dass sie andernorts auch nicht gemappt sind, geht gar nicht
112016-07-06 19:21:16 UTCNakaner Hallo fedc,

das Vorhandensein von nur einem Streckengleis außerhalb detailliert gemappter Stationen wird auf folgender Seite erklärt:

Viele Grüße

122016-07-08 14:58:37 UTCfedc Danke Michael!
12016-06-27 08:55:17 UTCdieterdreist This added a spanish name for the square to the object that represents the statue for Giordano Bruno. I have fixed it.
12016-06-27 08:46:43 UTCdieterdreist this edit removes the name from the Giordano Bruno statue and adds the name of the square in Spanish to it. Please use local names in the "name" tag and use "name:es" for Spanish names. Also please be careful what the object for which you are changing the name, is about. In this ...
12016-06-27 08:44:17 UTCdieterdreist the wikipedia tag with value "Giordano Bruno" that was added here applies to the person G. Bruno, not to the artwork sculpture.
12016-06-27 08:39:30 UTCdieterdreist this edit places the bar in the middle of the street, please try to locate new objects at their precise position.
12016-06-27 08:38:26 UTCdieterdreist I have normalized the phone numbers to the machine readable international standard that is used in OpenStreetMap.
12016-06-24 16:35:12 UTCdieterdreist is the name really "Casalle" and not "Casale"? Is this really a hotel and not a B&B / Agriturismo? The hotel is really called "Entrance to Agr. La Casella"? Please do not abbreviate.
22016-06-24 16:47:08 UTCdieterdreist I have now removed the "entrance" that was tagged as hotel but really is just a crossroads and refined the other tagging, including refining the hotel to agriturismo tags
12016-06-17 17:13:38 UTCdieterdreist the guest house has been located in the middle of the street. I don't know what the tourist attraction is, but it unlikely has only a russian local name. The russian name should go into name:ru.
22016-06-22 07:17:45 UTCMateusz Konieczny see
32016-06-24 12:30:18 UTCMateusz Konieczny Due to extremely low quality (blatant duplicate, missing tags, wrong language, unknown content of russian name) I will revert the changeset.
42016-06-24 12:31:13 UTCMateusz Konieczny reverted
52016-06-24 12:38:36 UTCdieterdreist I believe the guest house should be undeleted again, while the attraction is likely the "garden of oranges" and a duplicate
62016-06-24 12:46:04 UTCMateusz Konieczny Guest house also was a duplicate - see
72016-06-24 12:49:59 UTCdieterdreist You are right, sorry for bothering you, now I see it, (the other one is also misplaced and in the high zoom level the name of the one you deleted was not displayed).
12016-06-24 12:47:40 UTCdieterdreist the Imperial Forums (in the meantime deleted by another user) had been a duplicate for something already present in much greater detail. The other 2 features are precious contributions, thank you!
12016-06-24 12:35:05 UTCdieterdreist I agree for the attraction (although it seems that we might miss something there, as there is no attraction currently at this spot), but the B&B has good tags, including complete addressing and a name, so you should undelete it I believe. These are the tags: addr:housenumber \t20
addr:street \t...
22016-06-24 12:39:48 UTCdieterdreist sorry, you are right for the attraction, that's a duplicate of the garden of oranges, likely (didn't check the russian text, but the location is it)
12016-06-24 09:17:19 UTCdieterdreist it would be nice to also add a name to this hostel.
12016-06-24 09:16:08 UTCdieterdreist this edit had added 2 duplicate nodes with tourism=attraction for the Colosseum, a feature that is already mapped in much greater detail. Please do not add duplicates to already mapped features.
12016-06-23 21:02:37 UTCdieterdreist this edit created a hotel in the middle of the road, please relocate to the actual position, thank you
12016-06-16 19:30:01 UTCAlecs01 "ulteriori dettagli" in che senso? per la cronaca qui e nei due changeset seguenti hai modificato tutti i ref della superstrada, dall'uscita del terminal 2 andando verso sud, da ss336 a ss336 dir che è il codice "ufficiale" anche se la cartellonistica riporta 336 e basta d...
22016-06-16 22:47:12 UTCfedc Guardando da Google street view si vede che la cartellonistica riporta un po´ 336 e un po´ 336dir.

Purtoppo talvolta si trovano imprecisioni, ma dagli atti amministrativi e dal sito ufficiale dell´ANAS non c´è alcun dubbio che questa sia la 336dir, mentre la 336 svo...
32016-06-17 16:59:43 UTCAlecs01 lasciando perdere google, diciamo che c'è anche una sequenza Mapillary ... comunque chilometraggio e segnaletica sono a dir poco pasticciati, non sono sicuro della situazione ottimale, lascerei anche così
42016-06-17 19:19:06 UTCfedc La soluzione ottimale sarebbe avere una cartellonistica stradale priva di errori (e magari una numerazione stradale più razionale).

Tuttavia mi pare fuori di dubbio che se l'ANAS classifica una strada con un atto amministrativo ufficiale come 336dir, quella strada si chiama 336dir. Anche s...
52016-06-18 09:48:35 UTCAlecs01 mi riferivo alla soluzione ottimale per il db di OSM, che è libero di avere convenzioni proprie
62016-06-21 21:27:42 UTCdieterdreist io farei in modo che la realtà sul luogo ha precedenza, tenendo però conto anche della parte amministrativa: se il cambiamento è solo avvenuto su carta (atti amministrativi, delibere ecc.) lascierei il vecchio ref in ref e metterei in official_ref il riferimento ufficiale. Se in...
72016-06-23 18:41:50 UTCAlecs01 grazie Martin, intendevo qualcosa del genere
82016-06-23 18:48:32 UTCdieterdreist si, è un problema in generale, si trovano cartelli e cippi vecchi in massa, e per l'utente è utile sapere sia quale versione è attuale, ma anche cosa può trovare lungo la strada, qui al centro abbiamo problemi simili. Per esempio il GRA di Roma in realtà si chiama ...
12016-06-23 13:36:36 UTCdieterdreist please be careful in your classification, these are likely not hotels but guest houses (judging from the name and internet research)
12016-06-23 10:11:54 UTCdieterdreist according to your comment, this is the townhall. I have added the tag amenity=townhall. If this is not correct, please let me know.
22016-06-23 10:12:36 UTCdieterdreist you might also consider to change the building tag from "yes" to "townhall" if the building was built as a townhall.
12016-06-22 16:07:11 UTCdieterdreist please do only write names in the the "name" tag and use other tags for localized information.
12016-06-22 16:01:04 UTCdieterdreist the shop that was entered in this changeset is not a supermarket but just a small convenience store. I have changed the tagging accordingly.
12016-06-22 15:54:45 UTCdieterdreist please create objects at the real location, not in the middle of the street.
12016-06-22 15:52:55 UTCdieterdreist please map the things at the actual spot, this restaurant is outside of a building. I have moved it now into the neareast building
12016-06-22 15:50:40 UTCdieterdreist you had created a duplicate with this edit, the object was already mapped in greater detail. Also, please refrain from CAPITALIZATION
12016-06-22 15:47:07 UTCdieterdreist this places the laundry in the middle of the street, please reposition at the correct location
22016-06-22 15:47:33 UTCdieterdreist please use changeset comments to describe your edits
12016-06-22 15:44:23 UTCdieterdreist this places the bakery in the middle of the street, please reposition
12016-06-22 15:39:28 UTCdieterdreist this edit has changed the name of a bus stop to a laundry, this is likely not what you had in mind. I have corrected it. Please be careful when contributing to OpenStreetMap, thank you.
12016-06-22 15:37:50 UTCdieterdreist this edit adds a housenumber to a whole building but in Italy every entrance gets its own housenumber.
12016-06-22 15:33:46 UTCdieterdreist just wanted to let you know I have moved your hotel inside the nearest building, please check if you can.
12016-06-22 15:30:02 UTCdieterdreist you have added a name in a foreign language to a viewpoint in Italy, this is likely wrong. Please only add names to things that do have a name, and please use the local name for the "name" tag and use localized "name:*" tags for other languages
12016-06-22 15:18:47 UTCdieterdreist I have deleted this feature because it is misspelled and you have created a duplicate with the correct name
12016-06-22 15:11:27 UTCdieterdreist this B&B should be moved to its actual position, currently it is on the road.
12016-06-22 14:57:57 UTCdieterdreist I have improved your edit, please check it. You have mixed the street and housenumber, the website and phone numbers had wrong formatting and the stonemason was only textually descriped but had no formal tag
12016-06-22 14:48:11 UTCdieterdreist In this case a duplicate was created for a feature that was already there. Please consider using a more powerful editor (I suggest GoMap!! for iOS). Consider contacting for support.
12016-06-22 12:12:43 UTCdieterdreist the cafe is placed in the middle of the road, please refine the position
12016-06-22 11:55:24 UTCdieterdreist this feature should be put inside a building, it is unlikely to be found outside
22016-06-22 11:55:37 UTCdieterdreist also the name seems strange
12016-06-22 11:15:38 UTCdieterdreist this edit adds a housenumber to a building, but in Italy every entrance gets a housenumber. Please contact for further support, thank you.
12016-06-22 11:00:28 UTCdieterdreist this edit mixes the building with properties of the business (hotel) inside it, but the main tag (tourism=hotel) is missing
12016-06-22 10:59:04 UTCdieterdreist there should be more tags, currently there are only attributes (name, website), but no information what it is
12016-06-22 10:40:39 UTCdieterdreist please adjust the position to the actual position and the name to the actual name, now it has an Asian name and is in the middle of the road
12016-06-22 10:38:42 UTCdieterdreist please adjust the position to the actual position and the name to the actual name, now it has an Asian name and is in the middle of the road
12016-06-22 10:36:13 UTCdieterdreist this is surely not in the middle of the road, and it won't have an Asian name as local name.
12016-06-22 10:16:06 UTCdieterdreist this hotel is not in the middle of the road, please adjust the position.
12016-06-22 10:12:16 UTCdieterdreist I bet this restaurant is not in the middle of the road but in a building, please adjust the position.
12016-06-22 09:57:41 UTCdieterdreist the hotel is likely inside a building, I have now adjusted the position to be inside a building, but I don't have local knowledge to say if it is right now
12016-06-22 09:40:31 UTCdieterdreist the position of this hotel could be optimized, currently it is outside of the building
12016-06-22 08:13:09 UTCdieterdreist this changeset puts a supposedly Corean name into the name field, please use a localized name tag for this. Also the address shouldn't go into the name field. Please contact for further support.
12016-06-20 15:45:44 UTCdieterdreist you have applied a housenumber to the whole building. Please note that a huge building like this in Italy likely will have a lot of housenumbers, not just one.
22016-06-20 15:45:57 UTCdieterdreist please contact for further support.
12016-06-20 15:22:37 UTCdieterdreist please do not add wikipedia pages into the website tag, there is an own key for this (wikipedia) and in the cases where you have added these tags, there has already been the information in the db. Please contact for further support.
12016-06-20 15:18:17 UTCdieterdreist there is a dedicated tag for wikipedia articles, these are not tagged like "website"s (because the key website is reserved for the official website of a feature)
12016-06-18 19:21:37 UTCdieterdreist it would be nice to also have a name for this guest house
12016-06-17 17:31:08 UTCdieterdreist the business name should go into the operator tag and not in the name tag. PLEASE DO NOT CAPITALIZE EVERYTHING. A place to sell gold is not a jeweller's
12016-06-17 16:08:01 UTCdieterdreist reverted changeset 40095636 because the chinese name doesn't belong into the name tag and the bus stop doesn't have a genuine chinese name
12016-06-17 16:03:36 UTCdieterdreist also here: chinese name in general name tag. I also doubt that a regional fast food in Italy has a genuine name (as opposed to a description)
12016-06-17 15:30:48 UTCdieterdreist there is a conceptual problem with this edit because in the name tag should be in the local language, and the chinese name was already in the appropriate name:zh tag
12016-06-04 10:14:49 UTCCascafico Please, "Остановка" is already in bus_stop definition. Avoid exclamation marks.
22016-06-04 11:53:38 UTCdieterdreist the name tag is only for _names_ and in the local language. Please, do not enter descriptions in the name tag.
12016-05-11 12:33:55 UTCAndrea Lattmann Ciao, perché hai cancellato il sentiero e non hai modificato i tag?
22016-05-12 11:23:57 UTCdieterdreist Si, non è da cancellare il percorso in questo caso, visto che esiste ancora, cosa è da rimuovere è il "sentiero astratto", cioè il numero sul percorso ("ref") e il tag "operator" e in generale il tag "name" (205 non è un &quo...
32016-05-12 15:13:33 UTCAndrea Lattmann Infatti, ho chiesto in lista e sono d'accordo al reverse ed alla modifica dei tag e della relazione (se c'è). Devo dare un occhio, ma da come dici tu, ho il sospetto che non esista neanche la relazione del sentiero 205. Appena rientro metto mano. Grazie mille.
12016-04-24 10:21:17 UTCdieterdreist what have you done here and why (there is no comment on the changeset)? I noticed that some names have been changed to latin (e.g. via della Fondamenta), did you check this on the ground?
12016-02-24 14:20:00 UTCdieterdreist removes area=yes from this way/23337719
12016-02-24 10:36:33 UTCdieterdreist this changed the name from one of the official names "Status Civitatis Vaticanæ" to "Civitatis Vaticanæ" which isn't an official name. I'm going to change this back, and will also add the other official name (in italian).
12016-02-21 17:55:48 UTCdieterdreist in this changeset some attributes got removed from the gates (access=private and housenumbers), I have put them back. Generally in Italy it is agreed to put the housenumbers on the gates and doors, because this is where they are assigned to. The amenity=parking is questionable because this is just n...
12016-02-17 18:36:16 UTCdieterdreist this changeset spans half the world and the changeset comment is quite bad, as it doesn't provide any information as to what was changed, where or why. Also the amount of higher version ways and nodes that got deleted indicate a possible lack of respect towards other mapper's work. In particular I'd...
22016-02-17 18:36:47 UTCdieterdreist also see here:
12016-02-16 19:36:18 UTCAlecs01 ti avevo chiesto perchè avevi cancellato queste way: e invece di rispondere, le hai cancellate di nuovo senza spiegazioni da parte tua. Ti sembra corretto comportarsi così?
22016-02-17 11:34:37 UTCdieterdreist Anche il changeset comment non sembra pertinente, vorrei segnalare questa pagina wiki nel merito:
@Alecs01 suggerisco di contattare la DataWorkingGroup qui:
12016-02-02 11:43:48 UTCdieterdreist please do not add duplicates, the station is already mapped in great detail
12016-01-27 09:35:10 UTCdieterdreist per le chiese conviene usare un tag più descrittivo, invece di building=yes suggerisco building=church.

Per il vecchio monastero: suggerisco il tag historic=monastery (ed anche religion ecc.).
12016-01-23 09:55:33 UTCdieterdreist evventualmente non tutto il way ha quel nome? Possibile che una parte si chiami Strada di Santa Maria la Rocca? Non ne sono certo, non conosco la zona, giusto un suggerimento...
22016-01-23 14:36:55 UTCandrea*g Capisco che sembri strano ed il dubbio si rafforza consultando lo stradario del Comune di Terni (, secondo il quale la Strada di S.Maria la Rocca termina in Strada di Piedimonte. Andando sul posto però si trova una...
32016-01-23 14:45:40 UTCdieterdreist ottima risposta, sono d'accordo con te, che va messo così come si vede nella realtà, ovviamente.
Buon proseguimento!
12016-01-20 13:43:29 UTCdieterdreist PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE NAMES IN CAPITALIZED FORM. The tag for a school is amenity=school, not landuse=meadow.
22016-01-20 13:45:29 UTCdieterdreist in this case (scuola d'infanzia), il tag è amenity=kindergarten.
12016-01-20 11:53:36 UTCdieterdreist If this is a private road, it should not be "highway=unclassified". I have set it to service, but this should be resurveyed (is foot access possible? etc.)
12016-01-18 19:35:26 UTCdieterdreist please stop uploading nonsense, I will revert this edit. You are welcome to contribute stuff that makes sense.
12016-01-18 19:32:30 UTCdieterdreist this is not a sandbox, you are editing the global OpenStreetMap database, please refrain from making nonesense
12016-01-18 13:56:10 UTCdieterdreist please add more descriptive Changeset comments, this is some advice how to provide good comments, and why you should do it:
12016-01-18 11:48:44 UTCdieterdreist Please provide a more helpful changeset comment next time (see here: ).
This changeset introduced some problems like duplicate objects (San Pietro is already mapped as a relation) and deleted the main entrance, but I have already fixed thes...
12016-01-18 11:43:21 UTCdieterdreist the comment for this changeset is not sufficiently explicit and does not tell anything about what was done, why it was done. See here for help how to make your changeset comments more useful:
12016-01-16 15:33:45 UTCdieterdreist this changeset introduced a series of unconnected footways, where indeed correct crossing mapping should have been applied. In this form (no connections), the data remained useless until someone fixed it
12016-01-16 11:10:12 UTCdieterdreist this is clearly a bad edit, and while I am not sure if it was performed on purpose (vandalism) or because of ignorance (not reading the hints and docu, doing some tests and rather than discarding the changes uploading them), I will revert it instantly.
22016-01-16 11:11:37 UTCdieterdreist OK, revert is completed
12016-01-14 10:03:41 UTCdieterdreist please add a meaningful changeset comment. "651" is not helpful to anyone else besides maybe yourself.
22016-01-14 22:38:16 UTCMassimo Notarmasi 651 is just the name of the mountain path, and is shown on maps and road signs in place
32016-01-15 14:28:29 UTCdieterdreist Yes, I was not questioning the number, my suggestion was to add a comment like "created hiking route 651 from survey" or "modified hiking route 651 because it was recently changed", or "improved hiking route 651 by adding trail blazes" or something similar. Just the num...
42016-01-15 14:29:55 UTCdieterdreist See also here for reference:
52016-01-15 23:49:33 UTCMassimo Notarmasi I added the comment to route 651
62016-01-16 00:01:54 UTCdieterdreist I think there is a misconception, don't be offended, you are just beginning to map and it is clear that osm has quite a steep learning curve. The comment you added is for the changeset, that is the entirety of all edits which you uploaded in this edit (and which happens to deal, in your case, with t...
12016-01-15 14:19:53 UTCdieterdreist this is an automated edit and should have been discussed beforehand. Clearly the tag oneway=yes is not wrong on ways that are oneway. The tool "Osmose" should rather be fixed instead of performing huge scale automated edits.
12016-01-14 09:52:29 UTCdieterdreist please, use a changeset comment that describes what you have done, and why. "note" does not make sense
12016-01-14 09:27:15 UTCdieterdreist In the name tag there should go only names. If a path has no name, simply leave the name void, or ad a tag like "note:it=nome ancora definito". You can also add the tag noname=yes to confirm that the path really has no name (useful for automatic tools).
12016-01-14 09:24:41 UTCdieterdreist it's good to enter this kind of information, but there are no tags that tell on a semantic level what this is (e.g. information=trail_blaze?)
12016-01-13 17:20:25 UTCdieterdreist non ha senso questo oggetto, suggerisco di andare su o per capire di cosa si tratta.
12016-01-13 17:13:59 UTCdieterdreist benvenuto in OpenStreetMap. Suggerisco di aggiungere un tag per descrivere a livello strutturato di cosa si tratta (probabilmente office=<qualcosa>).
12016-01-13 17:11:21 UTCdieterdreist sarebbe meglio aprire una nota invece di comunicare via "changeset comment", perché quest'ultimi si legge soltanto chi guarda l'edit. Comunque, benvenuto in OpenStreetMap!
12016-01-12 09:37:45 UTCdieterdreist there are quite some problems with this (newbie / first edit): the housenumber is likely not valid for the whole polygon, as is the name and the name has also capitalization problems. The building:levels tag cannot have different values, you have to split the building into different building:parts i...
12016-01-08 14:45:17 UTCdieterdreist looks like vandalism
22016-01-11 11:36:28 UTCdieterdreist I have reverted this changeset because it has deleted a lot of information without adding any significant benefit, e.g. removed the post office, removed the details of 2 building outlines and a fence in Via Zaniberti, removed the details of Da Baffo, moved some bus stops to the middle of the road th...
32016-01-11 11:37:57 UTCdieterdreist sorry, I take the post office back, it was indeed not at this position, so this was correct.
12016-01-08 13:25:34 UTCdieterdreist please add comments to describe what you have done
22016-01-08 13:26:21 UTCdieterdreist this changeset is clearly vandalism. Deleting of valid stuff is not tolerable, even if you recreated the things later, it is still violating object history. I'm going to revert this changeset.
32016-01-08 15:00:04 UTCdieterdreist this changeset is clearly vandalism. Deleting of valid stuff is not tolerable, even if you recreated the things later, it is still violating object history. I'm going to revert this changeset.
42016-01-11 09:44:24 UTCdieterdreist reverted just now due to a problem in the reverter plugin.
52016-01-11 11:22:02 UTCdieterdreist checking this again, I'm not convinced of vandalism any more, it's likely just a bit careless editing by a newbie, probably in good faith. Another editor (Germana Massullo) had traced in sometimes questionable ways (geometries and tags often not precise) and this edit by the Ace had removed those an...
12016-01-11 11:15:30 UTCdieterdreist the Todis was already present (this edit created a duplicate), the Tuodì is not inside the building and the operating company of the Tuodì is not "Tuodi" (no need to repeat the name tag btw). My suggestion for the Tuodì is to add the name also as brand (as soon as the ...
12016-01-08 13:28:23 UTCdieterdreist no comment, just deletions. Likely vandalism.
12015-11-30 11:08:56 UTCdieterdreist Please be more specific with your changeset descriptions. "fix bad country" doesn't allow to understanding what you were doing or why.

Please note that place=locality is 100% wrong for a used building. It is a tag for an uninhabited place with a name. It can't be inside a city. It is a ...
22015-11-30 22:10:48 UTCAleks-Berlin I just wanted to remove place=country, but was not sure what the original author had in mind. I thought about fixme, but you are right it was only a half fix. Sorry
12015-11-27 10:57:33 UTCsimone ciao,
le campiture fatte così non vanno bene. non devi usare lo stesso nodo per la strada e per il landuse.

22015-11-27 11:40:16 UTCdieterdreist Ciao Federico, anch'io sostengo che l'uso del suolo deve essere taggato soltanto sulle aree effetivamente usati in quella maniera. Le strade sono da escludere (sono landuse=highway). Le aree, diverso delle strade "highway", devono essere mappate al loro vero confine. Altrimenti si creano p...
32015-11-27 11:47:02 UTCcorfede Ciao Federico, il commento di Simone è già abbastanza autorevole quindi non ci sarebbe bisogno di intervenire, ma lo faccio solo per sottolineare che se tutti mappiamo disegnando i landuse separati da altri elementi quali strade o canali, è perchè questo è pi&ugrav...
12015-11-21 17:42:39 UTCBryce C Nesbitt Mapped as "ammenity_2", the bicycle tool stand here won't show on any bicycle tool stand maps.

Could you confirm this is a bike tool stand as well, open to the public?

22015-11-24 01:48:32 UTCThe Process Hey there,
I can't locate the feature you mean - sorry about the large changeset - will make them smaller in the future. Is the feature next to the cafe close to Bussell Highway where it crosses the Margaret River?
32015-11-24 23:53:47 UTCBryce C Nesbitt Node has the odd combination of features. The tool stand tag is for things like
42015-11-25 00:18:47 UTCThe Process Thanks Bryce, amended the tags to show bicycle shop instead of repair station.
52015-11-25 10:05:48 UTCdieterdreist My suggestion is to make it several objects, or use attributes (e.g. rental=bikes). amenity_2 and similar will not go anywhere. You could make a polygon for the cafe and add the bicycle tool stand as a node inside this polygon and have the tags just there.
62015-11-26 00:49:03 UTCBryce C Nesbitt Dieterdeist: turns out it was really service:bicycle:repair not a tool stand. But I agree: one building outline, with two nodes for each business function perhaps.
72015-11-26 10:26:35 UTCdieterdreist yes, I'd generally suggest not using the building objects for the businesses inside, but use distinct objects. This is helpful because a business and a building are different things (e.g. regarding the start_date, maybe operator, wikipedia links, name, etc.)
12015-11-18 21:29:03 UTCdieterdreist suspicious changeset. Contains a lot of deletions.
12015-11-18 21:26:38 UTCdieterdreist contains a lot of deletions, regarding the deleted ways clearly vandalism.
12015-11-18 21:08:28 UTCdieterdreist this is a changeset consisting mostly of deletions of small wooden areas. Even after a year no alternative has been presented, so I consider this vandalism.
12015-10-22 10:37:49 UTCdieterdreist There is at least one problem here: this node 3711236775 is a duplicate of another node Gianicolense. Please delete the newer node or fix the name and/or tags to make this more consistent and readable.
12015-10-07 13:13:53 UTCdieterdreist FrViPofm, can you tell me where this data comes from? Is it available only for France or also for other regions?
22015-10-07 14:08:06 UTCFrViPofm It comes from the website of the Strasbourg's diocese, and associated sites.
It's a long work to find information on parishes, gathering lists of communes, interpreting shapes on bad maps.
I have created ComComMaker at first to build those parishes from communes. And the tool appeared useful also ...
12015-09-30 08:35:41 UTCdieterdreist Is this an active school? Then there should also be a way around the whole site with the tag amenity=school
If there is religious affiliation I'd also add the tags religion=christian and denomination=catholic (or whatever it is).
12015-09-25 07:56:39 UTCdieterdreist ist der Rossmann ins UG umgezogen? Als ich den gemappt habe war er noch oben, bilde ich mir ein.
12015-09-01 19:02:09 UTCdieterdreist well done
12015-07-03 12:38:16 UTCdieterdreist this restaurant should likely be inside and not between the building and the road. Please move
12015-07-03 12:15:38 UTCdieterdreist The way that was introduced in this changeset
Way: 214125180
Is not an alley. Not at all possible. Please fix (maybe no service-subtag might be better than the clearly wrong service=alley)
12015-06-15 08:48:10 UTCdieterdreist I have also surveyed this alley, last time I've been there this wasn't a highway=pedestrian, and if it is now they would have had to tear down a lot of buildings (very narrow, ie not pedestrian which implies a larger width)
12015-04-24 11:17:01 UTCdieterdreist clearly a bad changeset, deleted coastline and administrative boundary, but the mapper is new and maybe this was not intentional...
12015-04-07 12:52:27 UTCdieterdreist why was this fountain deleted?
12015-03-23 11:56:36 UTCSomeoneElse Did you discuss this deletion anywhere with the local OSM community before doing it? If so, where?
22015-03-23 20:13:18 UTCputzich No. didn't
No use for redundancy.
Realy great are highwys who are members of 3 relations
or enormous gaps
or highways of different names in one relation etc.

I don't discuss remove nonsense when adding nonsense wasn't discussed too
32015-03-23 22:25:19 UTCSomeoneElse OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project. It's important that we all work together to create the best map that we can. If we didn't all work together I'd only have a map of some roads and footpaths where I live, you'd only have a map of what you've personally surveyed where you live, and so on.
42015-03-24 05:56:28 UTCputzich text blocks are nice.
reason i changed data is mentioned in the change set comment.
52015-03-26 10:43:21 UTCdieterdreist I am for reverting this changeset:

1. The user has very likely violated the community guidelines for automated / semitautomated changes (not looked individually at every object he deleted).

2. Deleting this amount of data should generally not be decided unilaterally on an individual basis, e...
62015-03-26 10:48:01 UTCdieterdreist Also the user is either actively trying to hide his identity and other pseudonyms within the OSM community or he is a genius and really a new user who has found out just 2 days after signing up, that this particular relation type is useless and how to delete them in a huge area. I tend to believe th...
72015-03-26 17:55:08 UTCputzich I look for every single object i was edited. have fun restoring nonsense

It seems also you not speak english well too. I needed point you to here tre times until you found the discussione.

When you self say the data is useless, so why you restore?
82015-03-31 11:39:28 UTCJojo4u There is another "genius" user doing automated deletions of relations.

Diskussion by affected user here:
12015-03-19 11:52:36 UTCdieterdreist should likely also have a place of worship tag
12015-03-19 11:51:50 UTCdieterdreist changes the importance of the SP25 from tertiary to secondary. By looking at the map I dispute this decision, seems as if the alternative SP25bis is correctly the secondary road there.
12015-03-16 11:50:47 UTCdieterdreist if you can (and there is), please also add a name
12015-03-13 11:20:26 UTCdieterdreist the turn restrictions look suspicious. I have no local knowledge but I suppose there are access tags missing on the private road, rather than turn_restrictions.
12015-03-13 11:14:41 UTCdieterdreist Changeset without any information added. Graffiti. I will revert this changeset. Please do not add nonesense to the database, you are harming the project.
12015-03-12 09:53:35 UTCdieterdreist please DO NOT CAPITALIZE, use normal capitalization. Also, do not repeat the same information in tags where they do not belong (source is about the source of an edit, name is the name of a feature, the value of description should be in English, use description:it for Italian descriptions.)
12015-03-10 12:45:33 UTCdieterdreist this changeset seems to have created problems without adding anything useful. I have reverted this changeset.
22015-03-10 12:49:15 UTCdieterdreist did not revert because it seems as if user mcheckimport has already resolved the issues that have been created.
12015-03-10 12:18:41 UTCdieterdreist this is a malicious edit which adds some places at fictious locations. I have reverted the edit. Please do not upload test data, this will be considered vandalism.
12015-03-10 09:52:17 UTCdieterdreist This newbie edit does not add new information (save the "operator" info contained in the "name" tag), because there is already an area with more detailed tagging. I deleted the node but copied the operator information to the area.
12015-03-03 11:05:37 UTCdieterdreist highway type is likely not living street. Driveway is not connected.
12015-02-27 12:17:26 UTCdieterdreist I have reverted this changeset because it didn't contain any contribution but created pointless nodes (untagged, in linear and straight roads) and untagged overlapping ways. Please do NOT upload tests.
12015-02-27 12:13:39 UTCdieterdreist I have reverted this changeset because it didn't contain significant contributions as far as I've seen, but did contain some significant deletion.
12015-02-26 17:17:14 UTCdieterdreist looks as if the postamat was moved accidentally...
22015-10-29 19:11:00 UTCGiardia si, il postamat va rimesso vicino all'ufficio postale, ci sono passato lì di recente, ora correggo ;)
12015-02-25 09:41:31 UTCdieterdreist non è un ospedale, chiedo di modificare il tagging. Suggerisco di guardarsi il healthcare 2.0 proposal nella wiki
12015-02-25 09:19:44 UTCdieterdreist something obviously went wrong here, either a software problem or vandalism
22015-02-25 09:26:55 UTCnapo if you want play to create a imaginary world, you can move to opengeoficition
12014-12-18 17:17:13 UTCdieterdreist seems suspicious to me, have not yet understood what the user actually did (seems nothing), but is a newbie and the geo-extent is definitely strange.
12014-11-26 20:47:51 UTCPaul Johnson You may want to get in contact with the original user and see if you can't get a more exact location on him.
22014-11-27 10:57:00 UTCdieterdreist Yes, I have tried to do so, but have not gotten any reply so far. This would only help to get the address though, I am not sure that a private person offering some hours of mathematics repetition is enough to be on the map, at least there is no common tagging at the moment, and the name-tag surely i...
32014-11-27 21:35:20 UTCPaul Johnson Very good point.
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