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12017-12-04 16:47:17 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo вы согласовывали правку с DWG и в чем суть правки .
22018-03-08 11:17:20 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo Good Day What purpose of your editing? With whom did you consult? What sources of your editing? Did you coordinate with DWG?
32018-03-20 13:22:13 UTCradek-drlicka Purpose of my edit is creating relation of physical-geografical object: Crimean Peninsula. I don't understand to your questions about consultation, source or coordination. Is anything wrong with this relation?
42018-03-20 13:57:16 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo Good Day
I have recorded editing the boundary=administrative lines. I have used the analyzer. But so I have understood nothing (about boundary=administrative/

I have asked on Skype of the long-liver of the mike140 project - but he could tell nothing.
The Crimea - the disputed territory of tw...
12018-03-03 20:55:41 UTCdudka it is better to find and restore deleted node than create new one. it is easy using overpass
22018-03-03 21:11:44 UTCradek-drlicka thank you! it is useful for me.
12017-10-29 19:54:37 UTCwoodpeck Dear radek-drlicka, could you please clarify in how far you applied "user knowledge" (your source tag) to make these edits. Is it possible that instead of applying "user knowledge", you simply went to each Wikipedia page and copied the Wikidata link that was given on the page?
22017-10-29 20:08:35 UTCradek-drlicka It is simple: I pressed enter before changing source. Why are you asking? I suppose that it is clear from the nature of the things. Thanks Radek
12017-10-24 18:45:20 UTCNakaner Hi radek-drlicka,

although Wikidata is licensed unter CC-0, it is no data source for mapping you are allowed to use. Wikidata contains lots of data from proprietary sources, e.g. Google Maps. As you might already know, usage of Google Maps and other copyrighted matrerial is forbidden. The Wikimed...
22017-10-26 06:40:24 UTCradek-drlicka Hi Michael (Nakaner),

I only add names (my knowledge), position of node near well know peaks that are surly in mountain_range (my knowledge) and wikidata item (source: wikidata). Is it wrong?

12017-09-30 04:49:04 UTCkeithonearth This edit added a duplicate relation for Haida Gwaii. I've deleted the duplicate, but saved the multilingual tags, but copy and pasting them onto the original relation. Thanks for those tags. I hope it doesn't feel like I'm stepping on your toes.

Here's a link to the changeset: http://www.openstr...
12017-08-21 22:08:59 UTCnyuriks The wikipedia link was pointing to ru:Хребет Черского -- a disambiguation page. I removed it. Are you sure the location is correct? Please fix. Thanks!
22017-08-22 06:45:32 UTCradek-drlicka Oh, Thank you. Location is correct. I add correct wikipedia and wikidata item;
32017-08-22 07:36:43 UTCnyuriks Are you sure the point is correct? Wikipedia point is 150km away from osm's.
42017-08-23 12:20:54 UTCradek-drlicka Yes, I am sure. Point is 4 km far from Pobeda, the highest peak of range.
12017-08-05 17:44:11 UTCDaveF Hi
Have these widespread edits been discussed anywhere?

My understanding is natural=sand used to describe a golf bunker is prime example of 'tagging incorrectly for the renderer'
22017-08-05 23:18:34 UTCradek-drlicka Hi, it is according to I think natural=beach is nonsense and natural=sand is less nonsense. It should be golf=bunker and surface=sand.
12017-08-01 07:30:13 UTCMiroJanosik Ahoj, tuto si pridal "source=kapor2;" nie len na liniu bunkrov, ale aj na vsetky body bunkrov. Odtial by si to mohol vymazat, kazdy roh bunkra nemusi mat 'source' :)

Snad to pojde jednoducho cez nejaku funkciu vybratia vsetkych bodov a odstranenia source. Ak by si s tym mal t...
22017-08-01 13:52:27 UTCradek-drlicka Ahoj, děkuji za upozornění, vymažu :)
12017-07-09 10:26:19 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Just wondering the reasoning behind "castle_type=defensive" on Bolsover Castle? Whilst it's true that the original castle here was defensive, what's here now is essentially just a country house. As your source wikipedia says, "the castle was designed for elegant living rathe...
12017-06-13 16:11:04 UTCEssin This is not Köklot (Kaukaluoto in Finnish, but that's not the majority language in the municipality), it's Replot. Köklot is here but there's another island node on the same island and I don't know exa...
22017-06-14 06:36:01 UTCradek-drlicka You're right! Thank you!
12017-05-24 11:23:06 UTCimagico Hello radek-drlicka,

you continue making mechanical additions of names as well as new features without following the automated edits policy ( despite having been asked not to in

22017-05-25 06:43:24 UTCradek-drlicka ... "Conversely, data may be copied from Wikidata without restriction."
I do not "mechanical" additions, I read all item from wikidata and when there is any mistake or I know better exonym I use better one (I am not bo...
32017-05-25 08:51:26 UTCimagico Regarding the mechanical nature of your edits please read the 'Scope' section on

When you add dozens of name tag in different languages in minutes intervals there is no way you can verify this information so this is a mechanical e...
42017-05-25 10:00:52 UTCradek-drlicka Is it possible to copy data from wikidata to TXT file, then to control them and then paste them to JOSM sofrware and send it to OSM database in minute intervals?
I know that there is sometimes wrong classification of objects in wikidata. I think Wikidata has strict policies regarding sources, you ...
12017-04-27 11:52:17 UTCimagico Hello radek-drlicka,

this changeset creates an untagged node and one mapping a feature that is already mapped in OSM otherwise using incorrect tagging.

Please correct this and please be more careful when editing and do not make mechanical additions based on external data without following the ...
22017-05-25 06:49:17 UTCradek-drlicka Thank you, I hope I have repaired them all yet. I have had incorrect tag in wizzard, when I was looking for specific geographical objects.
12017-04-12 07:52:53 UTCHjart You misplaced this one. I have corrected though:
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