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12017-04-13 08:22:58 UTCkeithonearth I'm wondering about the place_of_worship that was added by this edit. It is a very odd location for some sort of place_of_worship, and I suspect that it is an error.

There is certainly not a place_of_worship visible from outside the building. Nor is it particularly useful to have a node tagged a...
22017-04-13 14:53:01 UTCpvimos The node should be deleted as the worship place (indoors) left the area.
32017-04-21 03:49:45 UTCkeithonearth Thanks for the info, and the quick response. I've deleted the place_of_worship:
12017-04-16 05:08:23 UTCkeithonearth This was me experimenting with editing capabilities of OsmAnd+. One thing I noticed is that it does not allow a source tag to be added. In this case the source was me surveying the buildings. Also it just lets me add nodes, not to add the address to the building.
12017-04-16 00:40:57 UTCkeithonearth Any idea why the riverbank relation of the Seymour River has the `name=Bear Island` tag on it? This seems like a mistake. If I don't hear otherwise I'll delete this tag, and may try to simplify the relation.
22017-04-16 01:58:00 UTCMarcott Error on my part. Bear Island is located directly south of the Seymour Falls Dam (the foot bridge crosses it).
12017-04-15 00:07:27 UTCkeithonearth I probably should say that I took off the oneway=yes tag from the section of the sidewalk between the Mt Seymour Parkway & Lillooet Rd intersection and cross-walk across the Trans-Canada off ramp because there is no signage specifying it as oneway. The sidewall continues further south, and I lef...
12017-04-14 20:55:27 UTCkeithonearth "thang" is a suffices that indicates a plataux or plane in Tibetan and Ladakhi, this is an odd name for such a minor crag. Also tagging it as a peak does not seem very accurate, as it is a small hill within a valley.
12017-04-14 04:16:25 UTCkeithonearth This edit changes a building into a park, inaccurately. I see that this is tippytoes first edit, I will assume that it was accidental, though the edit summery makes that a tenuous assumption.

Please take a look at for a great introduction on editing OSM, and use care when...
12017-04-08 00:51:44 UTCkeithonearth oops, the source wasn't bing, it was a survey.
12017-04-07 06:46:33 UTCkeithonearth I'm not sure if this is the best way to map these structures, but I can't come up with a better one.
12017-03-31 03:04:22 UTCkeithonearth I was messing around with the app to see how easy it is to add addresses with it. It's ok, still a few more taps then I'd like, and would be nice if it gave a source tag to the changeset, "survey" in this case.
12017-01-09 22:14:49 UTCkeithonearth Where did this data come from? It appears to be an import. Was it discussed prior to importing? If so please provide a link to the discussion.

Thank you for any information that can be provided.
22017-01-09 22:20:34 UTCkeithonearth Oops, I see that the second edit ( by thevikas provides a source of "election commission of india - public data". So it was an import. As such I'd like more information about any discussion that took place before the import was done. More inf...
32017-02-06 08:11:39 UTCkeithonearth In addition to my concern about potential lack of discussion prior to an import, I have concerns about the quality and accuracy of this data. Of the 1270 nodes originally added with this edit 183 of them have identical coordinates with one or more other nodes. They were originally added as polling s...
42017-03-23 11:59:04 UTCthevikas Just reached here. I did not have any discussion before importing it. Actually it was also my first large scale import. So I also dont know the practises. I just figured out josm changeset format and made myself. The schools were marked since most (99%) polling stations are govt schools. POIs of Kas...
52017-03-23 19:27:51 UTCkeithonearth It would be a good idea to read The short story is that imports should only be done with great care. I'm still not convinced that this import is beneficial, and will ask the DWG to take a look.
12017-02-24 05:08:41 UTCkeithonearth Thanks for adding this Francois. I've seen a couple new stations, but both times I checked and you've already added them.
22017-02-24 07:34:44 UTCfmarier I have a cronjob which runs daily so I can find out about new stations and survey them in person :)
32017-03-14 21:15:00 UTCkeithonearth That's rad. It sure beats my method of checking OsmAnd when I ride past a new station. I wish I had your python skills.
12017-03-07 08:29:12 UTCkeithonearth If you are like me, and feel a kind of thrill when you download the data for an area through JOSM, and it returns "No data found in this area" then try to do some mapping in this area.

Its pretty fun, with lots of rivers, streams, lakes, and road completely unmapped. :-)
12017-03-02 08:49:51 UTCkeithonearth Hi mappered1, this edit is an error. There may have been a gas station at the 7-11 at one point (a few years back?), but there is not one there at present, Well, wasn't a couple hours ago, when I double checked.
12017-02-14 19:50:56 UTCkeithonearth Hi katpatuka,

Do you have any idea why an edit like this, to a region in Turkey, shows such a huge bounding box? It seems really common, but I don't understand the reason.
22017-02-15 05:19:43 UTCkatpatuka I edited in Laos and had been downloading just a single node in Avanos district in Turkey to change a tag without creating an extra josm layer for it ;)
32017-02-15 19:01:47 UTCkeithonearth That's really interesting. So you'd uploaded all the changes in Laos, but the area was still included in the bounding box! That's kind of shitty. I guess I'm not the first one to find the history function on to be not very useful, but this was one weakness that I'd not been aware of.
42017-02-16 05:53:59 UTCkatpatuka No, I hadn't uploaded the change in Laos - I edited something in Laos AND in Turkey THEN did the upload. So the behavior is normal :)
52017-02-16 19:21:24 UTCkeithonearth That is normal behaviour on the part of the software. Somehow I missed that there was that relation in Laos that had also been modified. I ran the edit through a history viewer ( I think) and didn't notice the change in Laos, but all I needed to do was look just under t...
12017-02-03 19:30:42 UTCkeithonearth Hi Purple Platapus, thanks for your edits, good to see new people mapping on OSM. You seem to have local knolage of these schools, and that's always a great addition to the map.

I did notice a few things that seem to be errors in Kerrisdale Park and Point Grey School. I've made an edit, cleaning ...
12017-02-03 03:52:49 UTCkeithonearth This edit introduces some nodes with bad tagging. The ones that stand out for me are the ones with name and ele tags, and no more. The ele value is non-numerical and identical with the name. If no info is added as to what these names represent (locality, piste, etc) then I'm going to remove them.
12017-02-01 18:50:29 UTCkeithonearth Thanks for answering my note (, your knowledge on the Mackenzie river crossing, and the ice_road tag, I didn't know about that one.

I did do a minor edit to following yours, as you had applied the ice_road tag to a large length of road, that was both on t...
22017-02-01 19:18:18 UTCGreg_Rose Hey Keith - No worries, you were completely clear, and I understand completely. I actually left the ice-road designation there on purpose, as those roads are impassible once snowmelt happens: they turn into pure mud. Even though most of the road isn't on lake or river ice, the roadbed depends on com...
32017-02-01 19:29:22 UTCGreg_Rose Another dead giveaway: Staging areas next to rivers on the lower/down side (side of the river that goods are coming in from). On the south bank of the McKenzie where that ice-road comes ashore, you can see in the satellite imagery a couple of cleared out staging areas. When Fall comes, there eventua...
42017-02-01 20:00:21 UTCGreg_Rose Well.... Just saw a source that argued that when they go over land, locals call them "snow-roads". So... whatever.
"Seasonal" it is.
52017-02-02 10:21:00 UTCkeithonearth I think seasonal is the best choice too. Especially after looking at the OSM wiki entry on ice_roads (

Keep in mind that OSM tags may have different meaning that in common usage. So whether or not locals call the roads that are only passible when...
12017-01-13 09:14:58 UTCkeithonearth This is a highly political edit, and OSM is interested in the reality on the ground, not Historic agreements.
12017-01-11 02:08:33 UTCkeithonearth Species? What does this edit summary mean?
22017-01-11 10:06:53 UTCdoktorpixel14 He edited the species tag at trees and hedges
32017-01-11 18:44:28 UTCgileri I agree it's sort of short for a changeset this large
42017-01-31 09:50:19 UTCChrysopras And this kind of mass-change of many objects should probably be considered as a mechanical edit. See: and the discussion at another changeset of the same kind:
12017-01-11 02:05:39 UTCkeithonearth Why are these two nodes tagged as tailors, but have the names of tattoo studios?
12017-01-10 07:55:35 UTCkeithonearth I also left comments on changeset ( that originally added this (and 1269 other similar nodes) if there's been discussion before importing this data.

I'm a bit concerned by the edit summary of this changeset, as it states "so they can show in ma...
12017-01-04 21:05:17 UTCkeithonearth This seems to be a common pattern, especially in India. The older route takes a more roundabout route, as roads get upgraded a bigger bridge, with more direct routing is built.

I'd say that anytime the the main road takes a detour at a side valley, and a minor road takes the direct route, it's w...
12016-12-30 23:12:30 UTCkeithonearth This edit is an improvement over the previous lack of waterways.
12016-12-27 08:02:00 UTCkeithonearth This changeset changes the name of Tangmarg to "Tangmarg, Jammu&Kashmir". I am changing the name back, as it is incorrect to include the state name in a village's name.
22016-12-30 17:03:42 UTCbarh Sure. ))
Happy New Year !
12016-12-23 21:45:26 UTCkeithonearth I forgot to add GPS to the source. There are plenty GPS tracks on the main highway, and I used these to confirm tile alignment.
12016-12-17 00:07:21 UTCkeithonearth Once again I forgot to update the source field in JOSM. The imagery used was *BC Mosaic* not Bing. I pretty much always use BC Mosaic for the area it covers, only occasional comparing it with Bing, as the Bing imagery seems to be more up to date.
12016-12-06 22:08:20 UTCkeithonearth This edit has moved a Mobi bike station to the middle of False Creek. I don't have time to figure out what happened, and fix it at the moment. Is there any chance someone else could?
22016-12-07 08:59:00 UTCkeithonearth Sorry if my last comment seemed a bit curt. I'm sure the edit was benificial, I'm happy to get speed limits and turn restrictions added.

Accidentally dragging and dropping a node is an easy thing to do. I've looked into the edit history of the node, and it seems like it'd already been added back...
12016-12-02 07:18:59 UTCkeithonearth Thanks for this edit, Quetron. I was just looking at the dirt jumps on the map, having realized that I'd made the area too large, and found that you'd already fixed it. :-)
22016-12-02 07:24:41 UTCQuetron No problem! It may have been bigger at the time you'd added the feature, but I think they've make it smaller in the last couple years. :)
12016-11-30 06:56:48 UTCkeithonearth It is helpful to other people if you give more information in the edit summary then just saying "mapping". Please do so.
12016-11-19 19:22:12 UTCkeithonearth Oops. I forgot to update the source field in JOSM, this was done with BC Mosaic imagery.
12016-11-19 19:21:59 UTCkeithonearth oops. I forgot to update the source field in JOSM, this was done with BC Mosaic imagery.
12016-11-16 07:37:46 UTCkeithonearth I was hesitant to make this edit, as there has been construction in the area since the Bing imagery was taken. In the end I decided to make the edit, as previous edit summaries did not mention any info source other than the Bing imagery.
12016-11-11 04:05:22 UTCkeithonearth Hi wentworth4, thanks for your edits. From what I've seen they are good.

Also, I was wondering if you'd be willing to leave more meaningful edit summaries. For example "adding address". Or "retagging bus_stop as bus_station" which is, as best as I can figure, what this edit d...
12016-10-27 18:55:39 UTCkeithonearth I forgot to update the source field in JOSM. I did not use Bing imagery here, as it is useless for this area. I used Mapbox. It is far better quality for this area.
12016-10-27 08:38:16 UTCkeithonearth 对不起,我不会说中国话

This edit seems to have some errors. 阳关中路 was duplicated, and a new road was added on top of the old road, with a name tag, instead of the name being added to original road. Also the name=* tag should contain Chinese, not "Chinese (and English)"...
12016-10-13 17:56:22 UTCkeithonearth The construction of the new road and bridge is visible on the Bing imagery.
12016-10-12 21:26:43 UTCkeithonearth This monastery has been one of the most important within Tibetan Buddhism, the town it is located in is of little importance. People often use the name of the Monastery to refer to the town as a whole, as it is more well known.

The tagging of the two was a mess, with some of the name:lang tags re...
12016-09-23 05:04:49 UTCkeithonearth I'm sorry to do this again, but I've not gotten any clarification on why you're adding Thai language name (and name:hi) tags to places in India, so I've reverted this edit.

I can't say definitively that any of these tags are inaccurate, but that camp-site looks pretty unlikely in the Bing imager...
22016-10-07 15:38:53 UTCPlaneMad Keith, thanks for looking into the edits, there's a block on the user now to force them to read the messages. Is there still some cleanup to do?
32016-10-11 18:26:44 UTCkeithonearth I reverted their edits as I came across nodes with Thai names. I was not methodical in making sure I got all of this users edits fixed, so I would think that there is still clean up to do.

Thanks for the heads-up about the user being blocked, I'm glad to hear that happened.
42016-10-11 18:47:36 UTCSomeoneElse Just to be clear, the block isn't to stop them editing, it's to alert them to the fact that they're editing a shared map :)
Hopefully they'll read the message and engage with other mappers. Unfortunately MAPS.ME doesn't make this very clear (and it's more complicated here because their phone langua...
52016-10-12 19:17:27 UTCkeithonearth Hi SomeoneElse. I have a hard time believing these edits are not vandalism. Did you see my edit ( that removed one of their caravan sites that had been placed in the middle of an airport taxiway?

While I did not survey that location in person, it...
62016-10-12 19:39:30 UTCSomeoneElse Well, until they login to the site to clear the message they're still not able to edit the map. Whether you'd call this "vandalism" rather depends on whether they realise they're actually updating a shared map at all.
72016-10-24 17:12:40 UTCindigomc Having put the Thai content into a dictionary, they seem to represent things of interest for travellers, e.g. cafe's, viewpoints, et.c.. I suspect that they are not names and actually describe the mapping feature. Until a Thai speaker can be found to check, the thing to do might be to at least remov...
12016-10-07 01:26:02 UTCkeithonearth There's a note ( that discusses the buildings that you've tagged as commercial close to the bridge. There's confusion, because they look like ruins in the imagery you've used for this edit.
12016-10-04 20:45:47 UTCkeithonearth I don't normally delete things that are not in the imagery, but in this case the track had the same name tag as the highway. This "highway" was unpaved until recently, and I think this is a fragment of the original mapping.
12016-09-28 21:07:35 UTCkeithonearth This changeset seems to have been reverted also. I didn't do the main reversion, but cleaned up the last remaining nodes.

The issues are the same as the others, disconnected nodes with only a name tag, that means meaningful information.

Additionally, I would point out that this edit did not ta...
12016-09-28 20:31:58 UTCkeithonearth I've reverted this changeset, due to the same issues as the others. (many disconnected nodes, with meaningless tags)
12016-09-28 20:31:07 UTCkeithonearth I've reverted this changeset, due to the same issues as the others. (many disconnected nodes, with meaningless tags)
12016-09-28 20:28:34 UTCkeithonearth I've reverted this changeset, due to the same issues as the others (it consists of many disconnected nodes with meaningless names)
12016-09-28 20:12:42 UTCkeithonearth I've reverted this changeset, as I am unable to find anything constructive in it. Please feel free to ask me any questions if you have any.
12016-09-28 20:08:46 UTCkeithonearth I've reverted this changeset. It consists of a large number of disconnected nodes, that are tagged in a way that has no meaning in the OSM context, nor am I able to interpret them.
12016-09-27 18:50:41 UTCkeithonearth Please let us know where you are getting all these oddly located caravan sites. A number of them locations that I was familiar with did not have the caravan sites that you mapped. As I am no longer in India I can not check any more locations, but I have a hard time believing that there is a caravan ...
12016-09-27 04:31:15 UTCupendrakarukonda Hello,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap, you have added many `caravan_site`. It seems to be not correct. Can you please cross check and verify it?

Thank you,
22016-09-27 17:42:14 UTCkeithonearth Sorry not to leave more time after your comment upendrakarukonda, but I've contacted this user in the past about errors (often carivan_site nodes), and not received a reply.

I've now reverted this changeset, as it contains a number of identifiable errors, and inexplicably uses Thai language for ...
12016-09-27 17:20:17 UTCkeithonearth I've reverted this edit, as I have been to the location of the caravan site, and there is not one in this location. Thai language is not appropriate for use in name tags in India.

While I do not know that the other additions are inaccurate, I do not feel that the edit is reliable.
12016-08-09 20:38:23 UTCkeithonearth All of the nodes added by this edit contain only name tags, with no other tags. The name tags make no sense, eg "name=522 - STRAIGHT AT JUNCTION",or just "name=512".

Because of this I reverted this edit, with the changeset:
22016-09-23 18:09:01 UTCkeithonearth I'd be interested to hear abou the meaning of your edit, and the process you used to come up with these nodes in either way.
12016-09-23 17:37:56 UTCkeithonearth I'm sorry to have to inform you that I have reverted this changeset.

I have not been able to find any nodes that are correctly tagged in it. The majority of the nodes are just name=`xxx`, with `xxx` being a 3 digit number. The odd node has name=`note`, with `note` being a some sort of descriptio...
12016-09-22 16:48:30 UTCkeithonearth The route with less switchbacks is the main road now, what had been tagged as the NH3 is an old fragment of it that is the unfavoured route, is very rough and very steep. I mistakenly took it, to my regret.
12016-08-10 00:28:22 UTCkeithonearth This also seems to be a bunch of nodes that have been erroneously uploaded. They seem to refer to directions provided by a GPS devise for someone's trip at some point. Also this is not in HP, as the summery states.
12016-06-06 21:17:52 UTCkeithonearth Please see: for more info on this edit.
12016-05-27 18:41:28 UTCkeithonearth Porpoise Bay Park was divided up into 4 blocks, with the road dividing it east/west, and an additional north south divide that did not seem to be for any reason, or correspond with any physical feature. Nor is it shown on other maps. As such I have joined the north sections with the south sections. ...
12016-05-24 08:06:06 UTCkeithonearth Thanks! That's a nice restaurant.
22016-05-27 22:17:43 UTCdevelopingcountries Thanks Keith. Yeah, it's a good restaurant. Not sure if you knew, but I also organize an OSM group in Vancouver with a friend: I hope you can join our OSM meetup group and come out to an event. Peter
12016-05-23 20:29:36 UTCkeithonearth Oops, this was a Bing trace, not the strava data.
12016-04-27 07:56:37 UTCkeithonearth I'd like to add a bit more info on my paper maps I mentioned in the edit summery source tag.

I have 5 paper maps that have this town noted on it, from 4 publishers. These maps are from China, the UK, and the Tibetan refugees in India. All the maps note either 安多, ཨ་མདོ, or Amdo (ie,...
12016-04-11 07:40:45 UTCkeithonearth I provided the wrong source in the changeset tags. I forgot to update it in JOSM. The correct source is Bing.
12016-02-19 06:17:17 UTCkeithonearth Well, I have no idea why, but after my meaningless edit, and refreshing my browser, the buildings all showed up. Most odd. I hope I didn't make a mistake when I first added them...
12016-01-22 01:14:29 UTCkeithonearth I mistakenly forgot to update the source tag. I used Bing imagery for this edit, not BC Mosaic.
12016-01-02 02:08:51 UTCkeithonearth Once again I forgot to change the Source field in Josm. This actually used BC Mosaic, and not Bing, as a source.
12015-12-26 07:55:24 UTCkeithonearth oops, I forgot to update the source field, this edit was just a Bing trace. Only my last edit was from wikipedia.
12015-12-11 20:43:56 UTCkeithonearth I wouldn't normally make such major changes to a trail w/o surveying it, but there was enough information contradicting the version mapped, that I felt it appropriate to change it. The main thing was there was far more river crossings than I did while taking this trail, and that river is big enough ...
12015-11-06 09:10:49 UTCkeithonearth I don't know if anyone reads the notes here, but my edit summary was wrong, as I forgot to update it after my previous summary.

This time I was, in fact, adding farmland and wooded areas.
22015-11-06 13:56:47 UTCPlaneMad Wow, Leh looks amazing! Thanks for all the mapping! :D
32015-11-09 09:21:02 UTCkeithonearth Thanks for the complement PlaneMad! I appreciate it very much, especially coming from a professional like you.
12015-11-06 20:37:15 UTCkeithonearth This edit removed all tags from Issyk Kul (Lake) except the name, that was changed to name=тер-я школа (Ter-ya School). This prevented the 182km lake from rendering. This was a big mistake. At first I thought it was vandalism, but the other things that this edit did seemed to be improvement...
12015-10-30 18:52:30 UTCkeithonearth Damn it, forgot to change the edit summery in JOSM. Not streams, just the main building in the Gompa.
12015-10-30 18:27:20 UTCkeithonearth I've re-tagged the area tagged as meadow, to farmland, as the it is clearly terraced, and only land worked as farmland is terraced in Ladakh. Due to the time of year the Bing Imagery was taken it was at times difficult the exact boundary, however I'm confident that it's an improvement.
12015-06-14 17:01:19 UTCkeithonearth Oops, I forgot to update the source field. The source was not BC Mosaic (that doesn't cover this area) but was almost exclusively my GPS tracks and survey. I looked at Bing imagery a little.
12015-03-30 06:01:58 UTCkeithonearth Hi,

I noticed that a short time after this edit the Tower of London is flooded. As it is a huge area that was edited I can't say if other areas were effected. I don't know if your edit was the cause, but I thought a heads up was in order.
12015-02-27 19:40:44 UTCkeithonearth I'm not convinced that the Riley Park site should be tagged as a constructing site. There is no active construction going on there now, and the area tagged as such includes one completed building that has been completed, and is occupied.
22015-03-01 08:30:41 UTCSpacecookies That's fair enough. I figured it was under construction after I read the city's plan for the site (, and saw the whole area was fenced off and looked sort of like a construction site when I biked past it last weekend. If they're ...
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