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12017-11-04 08:09:13 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway=roadu on and
I assume you wanted to change road to unclassified?
22017-11-04 12:55:54 UTCHeinz_V Thanks, I made the corrections
12017-06-21 19:24:10 UTCnadj géo amérique du sud
22017-06-22 05:27:17 UTCHeinz_V Sorry I didn't correct the changeset comment, which was generated automatically by Maproulette
12017-04-17 18:27:16 UTCHarry Wood We discussed a funny straight edge of the woodland in Uttarakhand on a note here: ...but I see you deleted the whole thing.
22017-04-17 20:39:50 UTCHeinz_V Such nonsense can't be corrected.
32017-04-18 09:30:31 UTCHarry Wood Certainly it's very bad data which should never have been added, and it would've been a good idea to delete the *whole lot* after it was added, (across the whole massive strip of the himalayas)

It can be corrected mind you. And the thing is it *has* been corrected in some areas: http://www.opens...
12017-04-10 17:52:35 UTCsoale Hi,

I see you have mapped the National Highway 543. I'm looking for the source of information on this highway. I have searched (quite extensively) on the internet for this, and all I have come across is this OSM wiki page with a list of Indian National Highways:
22017-04-11 04:35:23 UTCHeinz_V Hello Sohail
you can find all officially defined NHs in the page
The last time MORTH listed all NHs was in august 2015. All Nhs which were defined from august 2015 up to now are listed in this talk-page and can be fou...
32017-04-11 05:43:17 UTCsoale Thank you Heinz_V,

This has been of great help.

Found another source (in the India:National_Highways Talk page) that mentions the further extension of the highway in Maharashtra, terminating near Bramhapuri:

Thank you very much for the i...
12015-06-17 13:21:54 UTCbihari-Chicago Heinz - I would like to understand the history of the Sone canal system. How do I get the length of the sone canal system?

12015-04-05 20:18:55 UTCSanjak cool id changeset
22015-04-05 22:54:08 UTCMKnight Freak!
32015-04-06 16:01:47 UTCJordanKepler what a get!
42015-04-06 20:11:14 UTCrobert A free map.
52015-04-06 20:12:19 UTCrobert (you win, that is)
62015-04-16 14:30:59 UTCHarry Wood Good work improving the roads data in Nepal. I've just put out an @OpenStreetMap tweet mentioning your changeset number 30,000,000 congrats!
12015-03-08 11:38:18 UTC4rch Bitte verlasse dich beim Mapping nicht nur auf Bing-Bilder. Diese haben im Hochgebirge teilweise einen starken Versatz und extreme Verzerrungen. Die Bing-Bilder liegen in diesem Bereich teils 100-200 Meter daneben.
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