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12018-01-17 14:05:21 UTCJaggedMind What's up with the three bus stop nodes in the UN building in San Francisco?
22018-01-17 20:53:25 UTCcropmapper May you please answer, Ganesh?
32018-01-18 07:11:23 UTCPlaneMad Yikes, not sure how they got uploaded from a different layer. Fixing it.
12018-01-17 11:29:38 UTCPlaneMad Amazing work!
12018-01-17 10:03:37 UTCPlaneMad Nice work with all the mapping. You can read about different road classes for India here
22018-01-17 11:25:11 UTCPlaneMad Have also made a bunch of fixes in the area, do check
12018-01-17 09:59:55 UTCPlaneMad Amazing work!
12018-01-17 09:16:42 UTCPlaneMad Nice, thanks for cleaning up my older ward boundaries!
12018-01-16 19:00:00 UTCPlaneMad Thank you! Added as subareas to the Mumbai relation.
12018-01-15 06:28:25 UTCPlaneMad Should this rather be protect_class=21 based on
22018-01-17 04:01:04 UTCAnswerquest oh yes! I had just seen "grove" and stopped there. protect_class=2 is better
12018-01-13 19:21:19 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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22018-01-13 19:22:08 UTCPlaneMad Nice work, finally someone mapping fom IITB :)
12018-01-13 19:20:45 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 19:20:24 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 19:20:09 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 19:20:00 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 18:26:45 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 18:26:12 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 18:25:49 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 18:23:43 UTCPlaneMad Nice work, have added more details!
12018-01-13 17:52:37 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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22018-01-13 17:52:57 UTCPlaneMad Wonderful work!
12018-01-13 17:52:09 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 17:49:41 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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22018-01-13 17:51:43 UTCPlaneMad Have fixed the feature to a canal type, it should be visible now.
12018-01-13 17:48:45 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 17:47:20 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 17:46:50 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 17:46:15 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 17:45:46 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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22018-01-14 07:44:40 UTCArun Balaji Thanx. I'm just trying to improve the road networks in South Tamil nadu :)
12018-01-13 17:45:09 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 17:45:00 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 17:42:58 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 17:42:08 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 17:41:08 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-10 06:27:34 UTCPlaneMad This is amazing, thank you! Btw, should we use `ref` for the ward nos instead of alt_name?

Also it would be great if you could write a small howto on how this was done as a diary post.

Overpass query:
22018-01-10 07:28:11 UTCchandusekharreddy Hi Draft use dairy posted
12017-11-13 07:54:16 UTCPlaneMad Hey, thanks for updating! I used to live in Rakkar and did most of the mapping. Do you have details of the ward boundaries?
22017-11-15 06:00:23 UTCsoale Hi Arun, ofcourse I know you :)
I haven't tried getting the ward maps, and I wonder if the local panchayat also has them. I could try and ask the locals for the information on the ward boundaries. They have now put street signs with names for every street in Rakkar. I intend to mark them all on OSM...
12017-10-24 08:58:05 UTCPlaneMad Nice work mapping in Denkanikottai!
12017-10-20 10:53:17 UTCPlaneMad Amazing work!
12017-10-20 10:42:16 UTCPlaneMad Just saw your edits in Khardi. Amazing work, thank you!
22017-10-20 12:47:46 UTCUmair memon Welcome
12017-10-04 08:59:25 UTCPlaneMad Please don't add fictional cities
12017-10-04 07:10:47 UTCPlaneMad Thank you for contributing. You have added the Arabic name in the wrong language field, please be careful about this.
12017-10-04 07:07:34 UTCPlaneMad
12017-10-04 05:03:16 UTCPlaneMad Thanks for your edits, but this looks like an incorrect way to tag proposed roads. Please check the tagging on

Change it from `highway=X` -> `highway=proposed`+`proposed=X`
12017-09-26 15:52:32 UTCPlaneMad This road classification of `motorway` is used for freeways. This looks more like an unpaved track. You can easily fix this by selecting and changing the type.

12017-09-26 15:49:10 UTCPlaneMad This looks great, thank you
12017-09-25 10:34:18 UTCPlaneMad Hi, thanks for your edit! Looks like you also accidently dragged 3rd main road into Wind Tunnel road. Have fixed it now :)
12017-09-22 20:25:22 UTCPlaneMad Thanks for mapping! you seem to have dragged a few roads in Colaba by mistake, fixing them for you
12017-09-13 12:45:53 UTCPlaneMad Thank you for your edits Liju. Please check the tagging of this road as per

`trunk` should be used for national highways
22017-09-14 03:39:52 UTCLiju Thomas Corrected.. Thanks
12017-09-11 15:17:14 UTCmaxerickson Hi-

This changeset accidentally moved a node of a building a long distance, something to watch out for. It ends up creating rendering artifacts across a wide area.!/diary/42268
22017-09-11 15:27:42 UTCtyr_asd Now the restaurant is duplicated in Vienna:


It's really strange that this happened at all. The two node ids differ only by 2, but it's not a single bitflip. Did you do something special with JOSM w...
32017-09-11 15:28:46 UTCtyr_asd PS: I couldn't help but notice that the comment on this changeset could be better. Please read – your fellow mappers would appreciated that very much :)
42017-09-12 11:57:25 UTCPlaneMad Does JOSM not throw a warning for this?
52017-09-12 12:01:20 UTCSomeoneElse There's a ticket from 3 years ago:
(which is worth a read, just for a giggle).
62017-09-12 12:23:43 UTCtyr_asd I would assume that Walter did not intentionally move this node from Africa to Europe in this changeset: Walter seems to be an experienced user, and this changeset looks quite fine (adding a precise cuisine tag, teaking the coordinates slightly) if it wasn't affecting the wrong node. – I've as...
72017-09-13 18:42:21 UTCWalter Schlögl It seems to me that there is a bug in JOSM that could have moved this point that far, but I'm not sure how to identify such a bug.
12017-09-11 14:16:13 UTCPlaneMad The area near this road should ideally be a roundabout according to the imagery
12017-09-11 13:12:01 UTCPlaneMad This looks a little misaligned from the imagery, please check if its correct.
12017-09-11 13:04:46 UTCPlaneMad This road could probably be split to avoid the multiple 90 degree turns
22017-09-11 13:07:58 UTCPlaneMad This road through the building can be split and tagged `tunnel=building_passage`
12017-09-05 06:21:09 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review way
No idea what this could be.
Stumbled over it while looking at highway=ford on
which probably should be highway=track + ford=yes, but the south-east end is now
not connected to any oth...
22017-09-05 12:35:04 UTCPlaneMad It is indeed a ropeway
32017-09-05 12:38:47 UTCGerdP amazing. Maybe add this link as a note.
Do you also know more about the ford?
42017-09-05 12:42:41 UTCPlaneMad Added. Don't know about the ford except that its common for tractors on seasonal rivers in India
12017-09-04 05:41:40 UTCmanoharuss Hi Rajsamand Local Guide,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see that you requested a review. Your edits look great. One suggestion is to square off the polygons and buildings. For more information, use for understanding iD editor for OpenStreetMap. LearnOSM is...
22017-09-04 06:38:23 UTCPlaneMad These are some amazing contributions! Do look into for how roads in India are classified.
32017-09-04 06:41:27 UTCmanoharuss Observed that looks like school grounds in the satellite imagery. Let me know if it is a new building that is missing from the imagery.

Thanks :)
12017-09-01 09:19:18 UTCPlaneMad One more mistaken tag change to a National Highway. Please see on how the tags work
12017-09-01 09:13:30 UTCPlaneMad Hi Arathy, you have incorrectly changed the classification of a national highway from trunk to unclassified. This is incorrect and can cause routing engines to give wrong navigation for this road. Any reason you have done this?
12017-09-01 07:08:41 UTCPlaneMad Hi you seem to have dragged a path by mistake. Its fixed now.
12017-09-01 07:03:37 UTCPlaneMad Welcome to OSM and thank you for your contributions. It looks like you added features that were already on the map causing some duplicates. Have fixed that for you :)
12017-08-29 06:09:22 UTCPlaneMad Hi, thank you for your edits. It looks like these roads are already mapped and you added empty ways. You may want to clean them up.
12017-07-23 00:37:03 UTCiandees Reverted lettering/spam ways in
22017-08-25 13:26:39 UTCPlaneMad Hi, thank you for contributing to the map, you have added some useful details like missing buildings and playgrounds which are very useful, but it doesn't explain why you drew various words like “PENIS” “YUKI” “YoYos Crib” “Smd ww” and also drew a huma...
12017-08-22 15:39:31 UTCGerdP Hi!
please check highway=set
Guess service was meant?
22017-08-23 05:02:11 UTCPlaneMad Whoops, fixed. Thank you!
12017-08-09 09:48:29 UTCPlaneMad Hi, it looks like a small section of Berliner Ring is deleted, maybe by mistake?
22017-08-09 10:55:51 UTCMKnight reverted in
12017-08-03 09:15:50 UTCPlaneMad The tag for the u/c station nodes should also follow

22017-08-03 09:17:14 UTCPlaneMad disused=yes indicates this was already built and not in use.
32017-08-03 16:36:40 UTCdocaneesh so i should removed the disused tag?
12017-07-28 05:34:52 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Akash Kumar burman, Ramanagar already exists on map. This is a town actually. City should be tagged for larger one, like Bengaluru. To add Kannada tag use "name:kn = *" For any help, please reply here. I'm happy to help.
22017-07-28 05:59:48 UTCAkash Kumar burman Ok Chetan.
32017-08-03 08:47:12 UTCPlaneMad Akash, the guidelines for naming in local language is here

The town already has a Kannada name

A Kannada map with this data is available here http://yogi...
12017-07-27 07:07:25 UTCOberaffe Dear Planemad,
do you have any information about the rerouting of the NH27? I couldnt find anything in he media nor in actual videos!
With best regards
22017-07-27 12:34:56 UTCPlaneMad Rerouted based on which mentions it is a NH, but specifically NH230.

Other NHs would also use this to bypass the city.
32017-07-27 13:24:29 UTCOberaffe OK thanks for the link. :-)
12017-07-19 11:29:23 UTCPlaneMad Thank you for your edits, but you introduced thousands of duplicate segments and nodes in your edit. Do look at the JOSM warnings before upload. Have cleaned up most of the data :)
22017-07-19 17:48:20 UTCbgdoo Thanks for cleaning up. computer froze and didn't know if they had been uploaded. I guess I got my answer!
12017-07-19 06:28:03 UTCPlaneMad Hi Tinkerbell, many thanks for contributing to OSM, but it seems like many of your fictional edits are not in line with the guidelines for Pokemon Go mapping which clearly state to only map what you see on the ground:

> do map things that exist on the ground. The map is used by pedestrians, p...
12017-07-18 17:07:56 UTCPlaneMad In India, the convention is to use trunk for National Highways. Is it ok to retag them?
12017-07-05 13:13:16 UTCPlaneMad Not sure if this change is needed since the trail seems to be primarily a bike trail that can also be used for walking.

The original tagging of `highway=cycleway` and `foot=yes` seems to be correct.
22017-07-06 12:27:03 UTCJLaLonde13 The main reason i created this change is because in Pokemon Go the Pokemon will not spawn on bike path, however if it is marked as a walking path then they are more commonly spawning along that path. As someone who walks and bikes the path frequently, i would enjoy it if some pokemon would spawn alo...
32017-07-06 20:08:57 UTCPlaneMad This map data is also used by several application that navigate bikers, and such a change would cause them not to be routed on this trail. It would be great if you can make the correction.

It may not be too hard to find actual footpaths/sidewalks that are missing on the map, you should add them.
12017-07-05 13:31:35 UTCPlaneMad Noticed that you removed the Stadium, has it been demolished?
22017-07-06 05:24:13 UTCHamish Kirkman Yes it was demolished about 2013
32017-07-06 07:09:54 UTCPlaneMad Thanks, found it on
12017-07-05 18:29:39 UTCPlaneMad Tubk86 thank you for your edits. It looks like you may need to fix the tags on all your address points. Please see the OSM wiki on how to add addresses.

If you continue adding this data with wrong tags, your contributions might have to be removed.
22017-07-05 18:30:41 UTCPlaneMad
32017-07-14 10:55:43 UTCTubk86 Thanks for your help. After reading the manual, i've understood how to choose right address tags. I'll change them to right tags as soon as possible.^^
42017-09-12 16:52:02 UTCdaganzdaanda Hi Tubk86, I have just found this old discussion. Do you think you can still correct all these nodes? Can we help you somehow? Or would it be easier for you if we just delete all the nodes with wrong tagging?
12017-07-05 14:25:17 UTCPlaneMad Thank you for the edit. Is this motorway link really there?
22017-07-05 14:27:33 UTCPlaneMad According to this exit is proposed. I'm reverting this change.
12017-07-05 13:35:18 UTCPlaneMad Why was the cycleway deleted?
12017-07-05 06:12:40 UTCPlaneMad Thank you for your contributions. What is your source for the power lines? They don't seem to be visible in the satellite imagery.
12017-06-22 05:48:25 UTCPlaneMad Are all of the places actually cities? Town seems more appropriate for a place <100,000 inhabitants.
22017-06-26 22:51:30 UTCgeoffengland Metro Vancouver calls them cities and they are all separate cities in Metro Vancouver. The City of Port Moody calls itself City of Port Moody not Town of Port Moody.
12017-06-22 01:53:41 UTCPlaneMad Why is this a secondary road? Retagging it as a residential which seems more appropriate.
22017-06-22 05:56:50 UTCRhubarb Well spotted. Residential is probably the best tag for Liz Kernohan Drive (the parts you've changed anyway). However major parts of it are under construction, most of it (all of it?) currently is / will be quite a large segregated road. Chances are Liz Kernohan Drive has had more construction since ...
12017-06-14 05:24:34 UTCPlaneMad Hi Jem, you have once again downgraded a national highway which should be a `trunk` road to a primary road. Can you please explain your reason to do this?
12017-06-07 10:57:41 UTCPlaneMad Awesome, thanks for adding these!
12017-06-05 07:32:06 UTCPlaneMad Thank you for taking the effort to improve this!
12017-05-25 05:45:54 UTCPlaneMad Thanks for your edits! noticed that you tagged Ellenton as a city which is incorrect, have fixed this :)
12017-05-25 03:40:58 UTCPlaneMad Many of these roads do not look like access controlled motorways, they should likely be trunk or primary depending on the local classification
12017-05-22 19:29:54 UTCPlaneMad Thanks for adding the building heights! Were they supposed to be in metres? A height of 504m for a 25 floor building seems incorrect
12017-05-22 09:48:45 UTCPlaneMad Any reason you removed the existing translation and changed the classification of this trunk road?
12017-05-22 06:46:08 UTCPlaneMad Hi and welcome to OSM. It looks like you have converted the main roads in Islamabad to a footpath. Could you correct it, thanks!
12017-05-21 15:39:46 UTCPlaneMad Noticed that you tagged quite a few places in the western province as cities even though their population is under 100,000 which is accepted as the standard to be a city. Let me know if it is ok to tag them back as a town?
12017-05-21 15:07:48 UTCPlaneMad Jem, many thanks for all your contribution. It seems like you use the primary tag for all the roads which is incorrect. Primary roads are the major roads connecting cities and towns at the level next to a national highway. Making fixes to many of these roads.
12017-05-20 18:24:33 UTCPlaneMad You might have mistakenly changed a railway line to a road in this change, have fixed it
12017-05-20 17:47:06 UTCPlaneMad Hi Jem, wondering why you have been removing the road names and changing the classification of national highways? They should be trunk and not primary.
12017-05-19 06:18:51 UTCPlaneMad Amazing work mapping in Chandrapur!
12017-05-13 07:34:09 UTCPlaneMad Theres some amazing new imagery from DigitalGlobe that has coverage for all the missing areas!
22017-05-22 21:08:13 UTCkeithonearth Thanks for letting me know. I just took a quick look, and the DigitalGlobe imagery looks great! I'll have to spend a bit more time looking over the area.

The improved Bing imagery didn't come out very long ago (was that 6 months ago?), so I'd think there's *lots* of room for improving some basic...
12017-05-03 06:22:18 UTCPlaneMad Hi, you have created wrong city point for yadong county

The correct one is
12017-04-27 10:03:18 UTCPlaneMad Nice work with all the details!
12017-04-26 10:29:56 UTCPlaneMad Nice work adding the bus stops!
12017-04-18 07:28:11 UTCPlaneMad Great work adding all the details!
12017-04-18 07:21:20 UTCPlaneMad Nice edits. Have made a lot of updates and fixed some tags, please check if its ok.

There are still many untagged roads you have added, you can add a `residential` tag to them.
22017-04-18 07:45:22 UTCBhojaraj Yes thank you for your suggestion and I am tagging those untagged roads now.
12017-04-18 05:49:51 UTCPlaneMad Nice work here, have added more details to the campus!
12017-04-17 07:54:04 UTCJothirnadh Hello evt35,

Thanks for your contribution to OpenStreetMap. I came across your changeset and found that you are using much updated imagery source than BING or mapbox for mapping. If possible can you help me in understanding what this imagery source is and is it legal to use this source to map. W...
22017-04-17 11:42:53 UTCPlaneMad The imagery source is documented here
32017-04-17 11:50:58 UTCevt35 Hi,
For me (and because i live around this area, main updated information are extracted from "cadastre" map and IGN map ({zoom}/{x}/{y}.jpg). SOurces are legal (FR-Cadastre is a legal map pubished by french administration and automatically added ...
42017-04-17 12:39:32 UTCJothirnadh Thanks for the information. Really helpful.
12017-04-17 06:47:05 UTCPlaneMad Your edits are amazingly detailed :O
22017-04-20 09:58:30 UTCchachafish Thanks. I do my best ;)
12017-04-11 13:46:49 UTCPlaneMad Very impressed with your work. Have you considered using JOSM? It can be much more convenient and easy for making large edits. These guides might help
12017-04-11 05:35:00 UTCPlaneMad Thank you for adding the missing Wikidata links!
12017-04-05 11:27:09 UTCPlaneMad Nice work! Are you surveying these roads by foot?
22017-04-05 11:39:45 UTCpreethamrk Thanks PlaneMad. Good to see commits are being reviewed. Yes I have.
12017-04-03 07:20:15 UTCPlaneMad Welcome to OSM! It looks like the foot overbridge and connection to the station already exits. I'm correcting the duplicates if its ok.
12017-04-01 06:24:26 UTCSrihari Thalla Way is a railway yard. The same one as Probably landuse=railway suits better?
22017-04-01 11:26:56 UTCPlaneMad Done
32017-04-01 12:25:56 UTCSrihari Thalla (Y)
12017-03-31 20:31:31 UTCPlaneMad Beautiful work, thank you for adding these!
12017-03-31 12:23:41 UTCPlaneMad Hi, this was infact the bus stop for the railway station. Have fixed it back now with some more details.
12017-03-31 09:11:52 UTCSrihari Thalla Sweet :) Thanks!
22017-03-31 09:13:35 UTCPlaneMad \\m/
12017-03-31 06:37:18 UTCPlaneMad You had tagged the ferry as a road, fixed it now.
12017-03-31 06:32:22 UTCPlaneMad Hi, are you sure these post office locations are correct? There is one named as swimming pool.
12017-03-31 05:08:21 UTCPlaneMad Hi Arshy, welcome to OSM. This is a live map seen by millions of users. Please don't use it for testing, i'm reverting your edits.
12017-03-30 04:49:40 UTCPlaneMad Thanks for adding the admin levels!
22017-03-30 05:21:09 UTCIndia Map Team @PlaneMad. Please note that this is an initial start towards adding the admin boundaries. The boundaries are not accurate and I am hoping that the community will help refine these.
32017-03-30 05:30:52 UTCPlaneMad Looking forward to it, you should announce the plan on the talk-in list to get others involved.
12017-03-30 04:45:21 UTCPlaneMad This is amazing work!
22017-03-30 17:00:33 UTCkadalcalypse Thanks! It's quite easy actually.

I'll write a diary entry.
12017-03-28 13:05:24 UTCPlaneMad Welcome to OSM :) Have fixed some tags for you here to render the apartment correctly.
12017-03-27 05:49:08 UTCPlaneMad Hi, welcome to OSM. Have removed the duplicate station you added for Cite. It already exists!
22017-03-27 12:09:29 UTCzevbn OK. What about the correct icon? The rectangle is not useful
32017-03-27 12:13:33 UTCPlaneMad The default OSM rendering style is limited to a blue square. For custom icons check one of the Mapbox Styles:
12017-03-27 06:46:17 UTCPlaneMad Hi, why was the name:ru label removed from the town?
12017-03-27 05:15:33 UTCPlaneMad Hi Welcome to OSM! It looks like you have deleted some important features from the map , I have fixed them now. OSM is a collaborative project by thousands of users in your area to make a map, please try to contribute positively, thank you.
12017-03-24 11:56:38 UTCPlaneMad Welcome to OSM! James town is too small to be a city, have reversed the change.
22017-03-24 16:47:35 UTCProud Salopian Hi - it's too small in one sense of the term "city" however this is a British territory the same 'city status' law applies as in the UK. James Town is a City officially. I made the change mainly to ensure that it appears on the map with primacy over neighbouring Half Tree Hollow, as James ...
32017-03-24 17:58:33 UTCPlaneMad Have added a capital=2 to associate is a territory capital. This should give it preference on the map.
42017-03-24 20:59:46 UTCProud Salopian Thanks.
12017-03-24 11:29:22 UTCPlaneMad Thanks for your change, you can also add the wikipedia article for a place, like `wikipedia=en:Khorgas`
22017-09-23 16:23:12 UTCFreedSky i dont like add this tag - -
12017-03-24 10:21:53 UTCPlaneMad Looks like a place point for the town already exists. Deleting this one :)
12017-03-24 09:55:56 UTCPlaneMad Wikipedia says Reading is a town. Any reason you changed it to a city?
22017-04-10 05:19:51 UTCPeng-Chung Thanks for this PlaneMad! It was a mistake actually. I will fix this...
12017-03-24 06:51:25 UTCPlaneMad Hi Pablo, thank you for the edits. Some of the features are missing tags to allow it to render.
12017-03-24 06:39:07 UTCPlaneMad Hi, welcome to OSM! Many of the buildings don't line up very well with the imagery, can you please check this again?
12017-03-24 06:29:19 UTCPlaneMad Hi and welcome to OSM. Nice work on buildings, if you can correct any overlapping buildings that would be great!
12017-03-24 06:21:14 UTCPlaneMad Welcome to OSM. Nice edits! Some of the names needs better capitalization bird pond -> Bird Pond.
12017-03-23 15:29:02 UTCPlaneMad Hi, it looks like you have a broken changeset where you are only uploading nodes, but not the actual buildings. Please check!
12017-03-23 10:56:19 UTCPlaneMad Welcome to OSM! The natural=water tag is used for water areas and not lines. Details:

Removing the property from Rio Grande.
12017-03-23 09:37:13 UTCPlaneMad Hi boundary=national_park is the correct tag to use

Undoing your change since the park is now off the map :)
12017-03-23 08:10:08 UTCPlaneMad Welcome to OSM! It looks like you deleted a lot of useful information on the map . This might have been a mistake, so I am correcting it. If you need help improving the map please let me know. Thank you :)


Bienvenue à OSM! Il semble que vous avez s...
22017-03-30 19:16:07 UTCcolargol En complément des remarques de PlaneMad j'ajouterai que vous pouvez rentrer en contact avec des membres de la communauté osm de la région Toulousaine en vous inscrivant sur la liste de diffusion mentionnée sur cette page
12017-03-23 07:16:34 UTCPlaneMad Hi, you seem to be incorrectly converting roads to footpath. Its fixed now, please be careful.
12017-03-23 05:47:54 UTCPlaneMad Hi, you have deleted the lot for walmart and added and added the broadcasting station with incorrect tags with no proper source. I'm reverting this change for now, if this was done in error please let me know.
12017-03-22 09:38:39 UTCPlaneMad Hi, why did you remove the German and French translation of this place?
12017-03-21 12:29:37 UTCPlaneMad Hi, you have renamed various streets to German in the `name` tag. This is wrong and needs to be fixed. Please add any German names in the `name:de` tag.
22017-03-21 12:34:23 UTCPlaneMad Why was the English name removed and Rushan renamed to Prinz-Heinrich-Burg? This does not look correct
12017-03-21 12:24:28 UTCPlaneMad Hi, you just accidentally renamed Harare on the map. Have fixed it now!
12017-03-21 10:14:41 UTCPlaneMad Why was the highway tagged as residential?
22017-03-27 03:56:31 UTCEVGstreet Hi.
А. Создание "Отношения": Белгородская улица (6583287) ( >) = явная моя ошибка !:
1. Применение type street = highway\tresidential к элементам ...
12017-03-06 06:10:11 UTCPlaneMad Hi, thanks for adding the park :)
12017-03-02 11:57:10 UTCPlaneMad Hi Sushma, noticed that you added the shiva temple at NAL in the wrong location. Have made the correction based on knowledge of my relative.

How did you locate this temple?
12017-03-02 06:53:47 UTCPlaneMad Just retagged Himatnagar place node as a town based on population status
12017-02-24 10:05:27 UTCPlaneMad Hi, noticed you are changing the classification of overpass roads to motorway. Is this correct?
12017-02-22 08:37:22 UTCPlaneMad The Wiki ids have been incorrectly added to the individual ways instead of the boundary object.
22017-02-26 02:50:14 UTCaimomap oh... sorry for the delayed reply... will correct em asap
12017-02-20 09:44:34 UTCnaveenpf This edit is wrong..we have to add qid to district boundary
22017-02-22 08:09:17 UTCPlaneMad Yes, the wiki ids of districts have incorrectly been added to the city or town features.

Full list of incorrect edits is here
32017-02-26 04:36:41 UTCaimomap yeah.... realized the confusion... silly and dumb edits... now i think they have been corrected... thanks for the feedback folks...
12017-02-21 12:22:14 UTCPlaneMad Thanks for the edit, but looks like you added the Wiki page for the district to the city object.

Unfortunately the boundary for the district does not seem to be on OSM, so will need to be added first. In the meantime please remove the incorrect link.
12017-02-21 08:40:44 UTCPlaneMad Dropping in to say fantastic work! Just saw your name as the top mapper in the country!
12017-02-20 14:28:37 UTCPlaneMad Welcome to OSM and thanks for your contributions ninjaslayer461.

Adding incorrect information is not fair to the others in your area who are making positive contributions to make this a highly useful resource for the benefit of others.

It would be great if you could fix your edits to accuratel...
22017-05-10 20:02:33 UTCuser_5359 I hvae revert your changeset!
12017-02-20 11:54:55 UTCPlaneMad Thanks for the edits here, i live in the area so happy to help :)
22017-02-20 11:57:55 UTCiambibhas @planemad I live here too. :)
32017-02-20 11:59:43 UTCiambibhas And I was wondering why this area has so much details. Your comment answers it. :D
42017-02-20 12:28:22 UTCPlaneMad lets meet for juice at beri-to sometime this week :D

12017-02-20 09:39:41 UTCPlaneMad Welcome to OSM, and thanks for your edit :)
12017-02-14 09:36:46 UTCPlaneMad Welcome to OSM, and nice work on improving the Mumbai data :)
12017-02-09 06:31:01 UTCPlaneMad Not sure if it is appropriate to mark as a place of worship on a public map. This should rather be tagged as a residential address?

22017-02-09 06:39:42 UTCPlaneMad Have retagged it as a residential house name for now.
12016-12-13 08:06:29 UTCPlaneMad Nice work!
12016-12-12 21:29:45 UTCindigomc Are there really 5 bus stops here next to each other?
22016-12-13 03:11:26 UTCPlaneMad Yup, there are 5 bus shelters
12016-12-10 18:47:16 UTCPlaneMad Nice work with all the mapping in Maharashtra!
12016-12-07 15:30:28 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, Arun! Node 1598973198 (Nellore city) is not called "Potti Sriramulu Jilla". Let me know, I'll remove it. I've added respective alt_names for the district Relation 2022291.

Nellore node -
District relation - https://www.openstree...
22016-12-07 15:57:09 UTCPlaneMad Please change it :) It seems to have been added by a previous mapper. Awesome work on the relations!
32016-12-08 05:33:58 UTCSrihari Thalla Thanks, Arun ;)
12016-11-23 20:57:21 UTCPlaneMad So awesome, congrats on your first edit on the open map of the world!

This activity can be quite addictive if you start trying to map all of these

Have aded a few more roads that I could make out. Also visit the Asansol station for updates :)
12016-11-23 02:39:01 UTCPlaneMad Nice work adding the bay numbers. Have just retagged them to the more appropriate `aeroway=parking_position`
12016-11-19 18:09:39 UTCPlaneMad H, you have added over 100 villages with name=村庄

Is this correct?
12016-11-17 09:44:20 UTCPlaneMad There is a duplicate place here
12016-11-16 04:01:44 UTCnammala Hi GidonW,

Welcome and thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap. Observed that you have adding `curve_geometry` tags to the highways for the node, It is not good way of tagging unless and until there is a mark . So please don't add these tags.

22016-11-16 13:17:42 UTCGidonW Hi,
I'd like to explain these tags -
I work for a company named Via, a ride-sharing transportation company.
We use OSM as one of our map data sources in order to navigate in areas
where we operate. One of the tags we use internally is "curve_geometry"
which allows us to identif...
32016-11-17 05:43:31 UTCnammala Hi GidonW,

Thanks for getting back. I really like the work you do using OSM. But the tagging system you have been following is inappropriate and that data should be on OpenStreetMap. Making OSM the best should be our motto. Hope you will stop tagging them.
Let me know if you need anything.

42016-11-17 05:52:26 UTCnammala Oops!! the data should not be on OpenStreetMap.
52016-11-17 05:59:16 UTCPlaneMad GidonW, there is nothing wrong with adding your own tags, but if its not discussed or documented, there is a high chance other mappers may remove them as being non useful. Maybe as a start, you could write a diary post explaining your rationale behind the tag and why it is useful to be on OSM.
12016-11-16 05:52:03 UTCPlaneMad Hi it seems like you have removed the highway number R201 from the road. Also do read on choosing the correct tags for the roads
12016-11-13 19:11:08 UTCPlaneMad Hello, and welcome to OSM :)

The `operator=India Post` tag might be relevant here.
12016-10-26 12:49:32 UTCzeromap The wikidata tag you added refers to the administrative division and is already present on this relation.

Tagging towns as points was done from a TIGER import, before boundary data was available. To make things more confusing, the point location refe...
22016-10-27 09:48:38 UTCmanoharuss @zeromap Thanks for keeping an eye out. The point location from satellite imagery does seem like a hamlet as in small number of buildings around the intersection along the roads. Do you think it would be a good idea to tag the point as a hamlet and remove the wikidata tag I added?

32016-10-27 12:21:24 UTCzeromap Yes, but this problem is more widespread. There are many town administrative divisions mapped as nodes, at least in New York State. They all need to be checked to see if, like in this case, they correspond to a hamlet or other place tag and if a relation exists with the proper information. In the ca...
42016-11-02 05:15:47 UTCmanoharuss @zeromap starting to understand the problem. This point is now a hamlet( and wikidata I added was deleted, according to our discussion. But now, I feel like the census and population tags which are at 20658 does not correspond to this hamlet but indee...
52016-11-02 11:07:06 UTCzeromap The population tag should be added to the relation:
62016-11-09 03:11:17 UTCPlaneMad zeromap, what do you estimate is the scale of the problem? it would be great if you could point to any previous discussion that talks about a potential cleanup effort.
72016-11-09 08:07:48 UTCPlaneMad Have extracted the GNIS place where wikidata tags were added that are <v4:

Looked into a sample of 20 and they all look like well urbanised areas. My hunch is that these cases are more of a minority...
82016-11-12 13:57:29 UTCzeromap >these cases are more of a minority than a majority

Yes, I believe so.

>What would be the best way to find out how many incorrectly tagged towns there are?

Hard to say, but I noticed they are more common among towns without eponymous larger settlements. Consider this map of Onondaga C...
12016-11-03 07:15:57 UTCPlaneMad Amazing work here. I've removed some duplicate streets and made some improvements near the station, please check
22018-01-06 06:22:49 UTCArun Balaji Thanx. I'm planning to add more POIs and photos. :)
12016-10-29 07:39:33 UTCPlaneMad Made some corrections by merging with the duplicate ways. Thanks.
12016-10-28 13:15:39 UTCSomeoneElse I see you've added the wikidata tag to the Hucknall node here (and in case you were wondering, of the two Hucknalls / former Hucknalls in Notts, you got the right one).

However I notice from that this seems to be part of a much l...
22016-10-28 20:25:38 UTCPlaneMad Hi Andy, as outlined in the Github ticket, every addition of Wikidata tag is manually reviewed by checking the location and context on both OSM and WIkidata before it is added.

This is a carefully scoped effort only for cities and towns where it is possible to match the Wikidata item with a very ...
12016-10-28 08:55:14 UTCPlaneMad Hi, noticed that the Kecamatans have been tagged as place=city which may not be an appropriate tag as they don't indicate an urban area. Is there a more appropriate tag for them in Indonesia?
12016-09-23 05:04:49 UTCkeithonearth I'm sorry to do this again, but I've not gotten any clarification on why you're adding Thai language name (and name:hi) tags to places in India, so I've reverted this edit.

I can't say definitively that any of these tags are inaccurate, but that camp-site looks pretty unlikely in the Bing imager...
22016-10-07 15:38:53 UTCPlaneMad Keith, thanks for looking into the edits, there's a block on the user now to force them to read the messages. Is there still some cleanup to do?
32016-10-11 18:26:44 UTCkeithonearth I reverted their edits as I came across nodes with Thai names. I was not methodical in making sure I got all of this users edits fixed, so I would think that there is still clean up to do.

Thanks for the heads-up about the user being blocked, I'm glad to hear that happened.
42016-10-11 18:47:36 UTCSomeoneElse Just to be clear, the block isn't to stop them editing, it's to alert them to the fact that they're editing a shared map :)
Hopefully they'll read the message and engage with other mappers. Unfortunately MAPS.ME doesn't make this very clear (and it's more complicated here because their phone langua...
52016-10-12 19:17:27 UTCkeithonearth Hi SomeoneElse. I have a hard time believing these edits are not vandalism. Did you see my edit ( that removed one of their caravan sites that had been placed in the middle of an airport taxiway?

While I did not survey that location in person, it...
62016-10-12 19:39:30 UTCSomeoneElse Well, until they login to the site to clear the message they're still not able to edit the map. Whether you'd call this "vandalism" rather depends on whether they realise they're actually updating a shared map at all.
72016-10-24 17:12:40 UTCindigomc Having put the Thai content into a dictionary, they seem to represent things of interest for travellers, e.g. cafe's, viewpoints, et.c.. I suspect that they are not names and actually describe the mapping feature. Until a Thai speaker can be found to check, the thing to do might be to at least remov...
12016-10-05 19:11:17 UTCPlaneMad Hi, welcome to OSM!

Noticed that you deleted all the shops in Phoenix market city that was added with a lot of hard work by another mapper.

I'm going to restore the shops, but please make sure you are more careful in the future.
12016-10-03 19:35:43 UTCPlaneMad Nice work!
12016-10-03 19:19:56 UTCPlaneMad Hi Ekta, you just created an edit that is not real.

Please do not make harmful edits on the map. If you are new, please read fist to understand the basics of mapmaking. Let me know if you require help to improve the map.
22016-10-07 18:57:47 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42718779 where the changeset comment is: revert undiscussed building import
12016-10-03 19:12:43 UTCPlaneMad This is amazing work! Do you stay here?
12016-10-03 19:03:38 UTCPlaneMad Nice work mapping the campus. I have made some updates and fixed the tags. Please let me know if this is good?
12016-10-03 17:58:14 UTCPlaneMad Hi Drishya, you just deleted an important road in the city which was the result of someones hard work.

Please do not make harmful edits on the map. If you are new, please read fist to understand the basics of mapmaking. Let me know if you require hel...
22016-10-07 18:56:02 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42718779 where the changeset comment is: revert undiscussed building import
12016-09-30 19:01:40 UTCPlaneMad Hi midhu, welcome to OSM. Noticed that you have been deleting a lot of the map data and adding fictional features like this. Please explain your edits or your contributions will be reverted immideately.
22016-09-30 21:17:53 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42552721 where the changeset comment is: revert 77 changesets by user midhu ks after they were found to damage the map in India; no response to question yet but speedy revert deemed best s...
32016-09-30 21:31:29 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42552891 where the changeset comment is: reverts of further edits in India that were connected to the broken midhu ones
42016-10-07 18:57:05 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42718779 where the changeset comment is: revert undiscussed building import
12016-09-14 15:08:59 UTCPlaneMad Jaisen, was trying to convert the village boundaries to relations and noticed that the panchayat boundaries don't neatly align with the ward boundaries:

Is this expected?
22016-09-14 15:50:31 UTCjaisuvyas Yes, I know that. And we came to know about it, soon after the mapping party exercise. Panchayat boundaries are not correct, along the unsurveyed / partially surveyed tracts of western ghat in Kerala. And I have initiated a move to solve it (for the Koorachundu village panchayat), consulting with th...
32016-09-15 04:22:35 UTCPlaneMad Make sense. But it looks like the ward boundaries are close to accurate? If so can we start converting them into relations?
42016-09-15 07:24:05 UTCjaisuvyas Inner limits of ward boundaries are close to accurate. But outer limits are unlikely. The volunteers who mapped the area couldn't go through dense forest areas and through difficult hilly terrains (areas surrounding the village panchayat). When I prepared the hard copy map, I had to manually adjust ...
52016-09-15 09:24:55 UTCPlaneMad An interesting case study into the state of management of land revenue :)
12016-09-07 11:36:18 UTCPlaneMad Hi, can you explain what the curve_geometry=yes tag means? There are over 6,000 nodes with this tag added by you
22016-10-24 23:12:19 UTCrichlv other changesets with questions about this tag :
12016-08-28 13:54:14 UTCNakaner Hi ridixcr,

thank you for fixing this multipolygon. :-)

You caused a conflict with my revert I am currently doing.

Instead of blindly (as blind and stupid as a bot) fixing "erros", I have a look at the object history before fixing an error. That's why I found this changesets, had ...
22016-08-31 17:27:38 UTCPlaneMad Hi Nakaner, could you please be more clear with what the issue is with the changeset? Was the multipolygon not fixed?
32016-08-31 18:26:57 UTCNakaner Hi PlaneMad,

you fixed the multipoygon which was broken. That's the good thing. Thank you.

Unfortunately, you did not have a look at the history of this relation. That's a problem you share with your workmates. If you had took a look at it, you would have found that it is part of an broken imp...
42016-08-31 18:32:17 UTCmikelmaron Whatever the situation on the map, whomever is in a conversation, saying things like "blind and stupid as a bot" is completely uncalled for.

I have to assume, you wouldn't say something like that to someone's face. Take the same kind of basic courtesy from real life to interactions onl...
52016-08-31 19:54:25 UTCPlaneMad Michael, this was uploaded 3 months ago by an experienced Canadian mapper with a proper comment and source mentioned, and the data aligns with the imagery.

If this is really a broken import, we should be working to create systems that can catch this much earlier on. If you could be more construc...
12016-08-31 07:56:00 UTCPlaneMad Hi, Kaveri Nivas is missing a tag, is it a hotel?
12016-08-29 19:58:47 UTCajashton These ways should not have coastline tags - they are part of a water multipolygon, not the coastline. There are no other coastline tags on the St Lawrence until further downriver
22016-08-30 06:01:17 UTCPlaneMad Removed the coastline tag in
12016-08-08 07:34:10 UTCPlaneMad Welcome to the map that anyone can edit. Don't draw airplanes yet ;)
12016-07-27 16:40:13 UTCPlaneMad Hi Deppendra, thank you for your contributions. Is this your actual home?

I would suggest adding it as an address instead by clicking on the building and entering the number. Happy to help if you are stuck :)
12016-07-27 14:33:00 UTCPlaneMad Nice work with the mapping. Did some cleanup with tags and improved the geometries in the central area. Do check if its ok. Thanks!
12016-07-17 12:26:18 UTCPlaneMad This is amazing, nice work!
12016-07-14 10:47:58 UTCPlaneMad Very cool to see school information from rural areas, are you traveling here?
22016-07-14 11:27:32 UTCasdofindia @PlaneMad, yes. Actually, I was visiting all these kindergartens as a part of my internship (doing health checkup for kids). It's going to be pretty useful for people who come after me to spot these places also now.
32016-07-14 12:03:53 UTCPlaneMad Thats amazing, would love to hear more about what you are doing. Maybe you could share your experience on the diary?
42016-07-14 22:29:33 UTCasdofindia @PlaneMad, done here:
Thanks for the idea! My first diary entry. Any feedback is welcome.
12016-07-08 16:57:39 UTCPlaneMad Hi, you have changed the name of the village from 'Čachnov' to '2'. Looks like a mistake, if you want, I can help revert back to the original name.
22016-07-08 21:48:37 UTCMiroslav Peška Hi, you are right, I accidentally renamed the place instead of just my bookmark. Thank you for letting me know, it's now back to the original (correct) name.
32016-07-09 04:31:33 UTCPlaneMad Excellent, thanks.
12016-07-07 15:21:04 UTCPlaneMad Nice work mapping the city. Have made some tag fixes and updates near the palace, do check if its ok :)
22016-07-08 08:56:57 UTCjd1121 Thank you and tag fixes and updates seems fine.
12016-07-04 14:52:05 UTCToyota Nexus7 Adding bilingual is perfectly legal.
Before remove name you should have a discussion. It's vandalism.

Please read

Brussels is completely bi-lingual, which means that the city council must operate in both languages, and n...
22016-07-04 15:10:57 UTCToyota Nexus7 Please rollback the deletion. I appreciate that.
32016-07-04 15:46:44 UTCToyota Nexus7 Try CSS3 unicode-range

in your mapbox product
42016-07-04 17:34:24 UTCramyaragupathy Hi @Toyota Nexus7, your point on Brussels holds good. However in India, the general agreement is to use English names for name key and have a separate tag for Indic languages. Related reading
52016-07-05 05:44:53 UTCPlaneMad Its perfectly ok to have multilingual names in the `name` tag but goes against the convention we have been following in India till now for simplicity. Please join the discussion on the talk-in mailing list to discuss why you think this is a good idea.
62016-08-23 22:41:13 UTCEzekielT Maybe it should be in just Tamil, then..
72016-08-24 08:39:10 UTCSomeoneElse @EzekielT As has been said many times before in OSM, "languages are complicated". I suggest that you respectfully follow PlaneMad's advice here if you believe that something is wrong.
12016-07-04 13:57:10 UTCPlaneMad So cool, thanks for the edits!
12016-07-04 05:44:50 UTCPlaneMad Are these stairs actually called `Beer Drinkers and Pot Smokers` ?
12016-06-26 14:42:39 UTCPlaneMad Hi! Have made some tag updates to some of your edits. Some more schools and colleges should show up now!
12016-06-24 07:08:21 UTCPlaneMad Hi, welcome to OSM!

It seems like you have added address tags `addr:city=Dasmariñas` to every single object in your changesets including the nodes of buildings and even rivers.

Please see on how to use the address tags properly. Let me know i...
22016-06-24 07:37:50 UTCjssulapas Hi! Thank you for noticing. I'm actually new to this and I just wanted to add the address tag to the buildings. If it's okay with you, I'd like to ask for your help in cleaning it up.
32016-06-24 09:04:55 UTCPlaneMad Done! Here's how I did the cleanup
12016-06-23 14:50:36 UTChighflyer74 Hallo!

Mir fiel auf, daß Du recht viele in OSM eingetragene Wege löscht. Ich möchte Dich darauf hinweisen, daß dies nicht gewünscht ist, sofern der Weg existiert. Zugangsbeschränkungen werden durch das access=* Tag ( g...
22016-06-23 15:02:11 UTCcomrad Okay, dann die Änderungen bitte ignorieren und ich setze die Zugangsbeschränkung.
32016-06-23 16:19:31 UTChighflyer74 Hi! Danke für die schnelle Antwort. Ignorieren ist nur die zweitbeste Idee, da die Wege in der Database gelöscht sind. Warte bitte kurz ab, ich melde mich noch einmal, nachdem die Wege wieder hergestellt sind. Danach kannst Du dann access=* dranhängen. Danke!
42016-06-23 16:54:31 UTChighflyer74 So, fertig. Da hingen vorher schon access=* Tags dran. Schau es Dir nochmal an. Wenn Dir etwas auffällt, was nicht passt, gern ändern. Generell mappen wir alles, was "on the ground" ist. Ob Privatbesitz oder nicht, ist eigentlich irrelevant, da es für alle Gelegenheiten die ...
52016-06-23 19:51:01 UTCStalfur Good show! Excellent that this was solved so quickly

--OSM Iceland
62016-06-24 06:22:46 UTCPlaneMad Hi highflyer74, nice work catching this. How did you find this changeset?
72016-06-24 14:43:55 UTChighflyer74 Hello Stalfur & PlaneMad! Actually this one was pure coincidence, as I stumbled across a deleted way close to the town where I live and checked the other CS' of the user. I am using, and https://taginfo.openstreetmap....
12016-06-22 10:05:59 UTCPlaneMad Hi Nitin welcome to OSM! You should check out the [wiki]e( for some help to get started if you are new.

Enjoy mapping!
12016-06-21 00:19:24 UTCutack Can
be deleted?
New aerial images don't match it at all
22016-06-21 07:40:30 UTCPlaneMad Removed, feel free to remove any other forests like this. Was mostly done on low zoom on not so clear imagery.
32016-06-21 07:45:25 UTCutack Ok
12016-06-03 06:48:03 UTCPlaneMad Hi 6Demen, nice edits. You should give better changeset comments :)
22016-06-03 14:01:01 UTC6Demen - (Scorpion) yeah iam sorry when i wrote that the ediotor bugged i had to do everything from the begins ^^
32016-06-03 14:11:41 UTCPlaneMad Ha, i thought so, you should document the bug on so it can be fixed.
42016-06-03 23:45:36 UTC6Demen - (Scorpion) ok thanks
12016-05-25 02:41:52 UTCAlan Hi PlaneMad, this boundary=claim tag is interesting, but I don't see it documented anywhere. Can you point me to any more information about this tag?
22016-05-25 03:42:42 UTCPlaneMad It was more of a trial without disturbing any existing tags for custom rendering I was doing with tilemill. Its not documented anywhere, but if you think it makes broader sense, I think I'll start a wiki proposal for this.
32016-05-25 03:51:28 UTCAlan I think it does make a lot of sense... but this is my first time trying to understand the complexity of disputed boundaries in OSM. It seems like boundary=claim is useful, and less complicated than some of the other options.
12016-05-24 06:39:13 UTCPlaneMad Why is the name of the airport "Make Up Baggage"? This looks like a mistake.
12016-05-23 06:35:52 UTCPlaneMad Hi Jay, noticed you removed the tags for this road . Was it accidental or were the tags incorrect?
22016-05-23 11:30:31 UTCJayCBR we try to reconstruct the whole road network, including creation of missing relations, correcting names and refs..after extensive talks in the forum we decided to tag provincial roads with reg_ref=ΕΠ# and include the names of the destinations, after consulting the map provided by okxe..yo...
32016-05-23 11:59:41 UTCPlaneMad Thank you!
42016-05-23 12:01:43 UTCPlaneMad Maybe you can use JOSM, which is easier to use for such large changes :)
12016-05-23 06:01:32 UTCPlaneMad Thanks for your updates. I've fixed some tags as per the map conventions to better indicate that the road is closed for traffic

Please check and see if it looks ok.
12016-05-11 19:35:08 UTCSomeoneElse Are you trying to say here that the geographical location of the border is disputed, or referring to the dispute where Serbia still thinks that Kosovo is a province of Serbian?

If just the latter, then according to an...
22016-05-12 04:03:32 UTCPlaneMad Wonder if the `disputed_by` tag would do the trick like what we have in Kashmir
12016-05-09 07:16:40 UTCPlaneMad Arefin, noticed that you might have removed the name of the road Tanzil Road from

Please check if it was an error.
12016-05-06 05:15:40 UTCPlaneMad Hi, have reverted the name change you made. The official name is 'Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba'
12016-04-14 09:54:39 UTCR0bst3r Is there a reason for deleting this roundabout instead of fixing the problem described?
Some local mappers are on it ...
22016-04-14 13:10:55 UTCPT-53 Änderungen / Löschung Kreisverkehr revertet, Kreisverkehr berichtigt
32016-04-14 14:32:37 UTCcalfarome Hello here, I working resolving connectivity issues throughout the world, but anyway I will have more careful with the roundabouts to future. Thanks for the feedback.
42016-04-14 19:53:16 UTCMarkusHD Hello calfarome, the problem are not the roundabouts, but the use of old aerial imagery.
52016-04-15 00:39:16 UTCcalfarome That's right MarkusHD, it is even more for remote mappers we want to help improve the map, I hope that very soon we have updated satellite images. But in this particular case possibly roundabouts has been removed by a connectivity problem and navigabilidad map. And thanks to local mappers we can de...
62016-04-15 06:06:11 UTCMarkusHD I think you didn't get me: If you have to fix errors, then do just that, but don't change stuff based on satellite imagery without local knowledge. It should be suspicious for you if data and satellite do not match. Keeping the roundabout AND fixing the problem would have been no problem here. Updat...
72016-04-17 01:18:06 UTCcalfarome Well, your comment is valid.
82016-04-22 05:23:04 UTCPlaneMad Thanks MarkusHD for flagging this. All of us at the data team at Mapbox use [this JOSM paint style]( to highlight recently edited data. It looks like a recent change caused the filter `JOSM_search("timestamp:2015/today&...
12016-04-14 09:04:34 UTCPlaneMad Great work on mapping Shirur Anantpal. I have made some tag fixes in the area for villages, please check if it looks ok.
12016-04-14 07:51:51 UTCPlaneMad Noticed this change touched a lot of disputed boundaries and reverted many edits. Were the other edits bad?
22016-04-17 08:31:41 UTC4rch Yes, SomeoneElse is already in touch with this topic:

The edits I've reverted covered areas which aren't under control of Morocco. Especially territorial waters of Spain around Melilla and Ceuta and of Western Sahara/Sahrawi Arab De...
32016-08-03 22:20:19 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
I'm writing to you on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group. Questions have been raised about the accuracy of the boundaries of Morocco, and I'm sending this message to many of the mappers who have edited in the area or expressed an interest, including you.

We're aware that there is dispute...
42016-08-30 21:07:24 UTCSomeoneElse Hello again,
Following on from my "I'm writing to you on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group" comment above, we'd had feedback from lots of OSM mappers in the area. The findings and the changes that will be made are described at
12016-04-13 06:47:03 UTCPlaneMad Welcome to OSM! The road looked more like a district road rather than a state highway. Have tagged it `tertiary`
12016-04-07 07:56:54 UTCPlaneMad Made a bunch of fixes and updates at UAS. Fixed the road classifications, removed overlapping roads, improved the connections, added details to the playgrounds. Please check if it looks ok.
12016-04-07 05:37:27 UTCPlaneMad Hi, is this cycleway still under construction?
12016-03-24 19:12:22 UTCPlaneMad Hi Geoboy645, can you explain why you deleted the farms? If you don't want to see it, the right solution is to render your own map style, not delete correct data.
22016-03-25 05:45:46 UTCPlaneMad Have reverted your deletions
12016-03-23 11:24:58 UTCPlaneMad Just noticed you might have orthoganalized the boundary of Half Moon Bay in this changeset

Can you check if any other objects in you changeset were affected this way?
22016-04-16 07:29:51 UTCFvGordon I have reverted the recangular boundary.
12016-03-22 06:35:32 UTCPlaneMad Hi FreedSky, amazing work with all the boundaries. Please add a comment to your changesets to give context to other editors of the map.
22016-04-06 14:47:51 UTCFreedSky thks
但是我没这个习惯 i dont like write reason~
12016-03-15 05:10:29 UTCPlaneMad Welcome to Bengaluru :)
12016-03-09 05:39:15 UTCPlaneMad Nice work! You might want to fix the names so that they are in the proper case.

Beach road -> Beach Road
reliance fresh -> Reliance Fresh
12016-03-08 05:31:16 UTCPlaneMad Nice work! Noticed some disconnected junctions and fixed them.
22016-03-08 05:31:38 UTCPlaneMad You should update the map data in JOSM to avoid any conflict.
32016-03-16 12:56:30 UTCSM@Edit Thanks. I will check properly and update. In the recent edits I made sure that all the junctions are connected.
12016-03-03 06:15:06 UTCPlaneMad Do the signs still say NH-206? The NHs have officially been renumbered

12016-02-24 23:12:14 UTCSomeoneElse For info the change to looks a bit iffy; I've added so that hopefully it'll get a proper survey.
22016-02-27 14:26:05 UTCPlaneMad Thanks Andy.
12016-02-17 17:38:07 UTCPlaneMad Sudhira, any idea if IISc have a spatial database of all the trees on campus? That would be really amazing data.
22016-02-17 17:43:34 UTCSudhira TVR has a layer with all trees mapped. Not sure if he will share :)

We can plan a mapping party to do that otherwise.
12016-02-17 06:42:41 UTCPlaneMad Hi, thanks for all the wonderful contributions! Noticed you were using iD, and was wondering if you tried JOSM to make it easier to make large changes. You might find these guides helpful to get started
12016-02-17 06:39:12 UTCPlaneMad Hi, thanks for all the wonderful contributions! Noticed you were using iD, and was wondering if you tried JOSM to make it easier to make large changes. You might find these guides helpful to get started
12016-02-17 06:31:47 UTCPlaneMad Hi, thanks for all the wonderful contributions! Noticed you were using iD, and was wondering if you tried JOSM to make it easier to make large changes. You might find these guides helpful to get started

12016-02-17 06:17:39 UTCPlaneMad Hi, welcome and thank you for contributing to OSM. Noticed that you might have accidently deleted the work of others in this area Can you verify that these changes are ok or were they deleted by mistake? Let me know if you need any help to get t...
12016-02-17 05:57:31 UTCPlaneMad Hi, thanks for your edits. I noticed you are an expert mapper and using iD. You should try out JOSM so that making large number of edits is much easier.

Take a look at this guide to JOSM
12016-02-10 10:08:19 UTCPlaneMad Nice edits here! Have made some improvements in the area like adding the sector names as neighborhoods based on the addresses you added. Can you verify if they are correct?
22016-02-10 10:28:30 UTCPlaneMad If you are interested to know how the highway tagging scheme in OSM works, check out
32016-02-12 13:52:44 UTCpavanvijjapu Sector 5 and 8 are correct. Sector 4 is actually sector 3
42016-02-14 05:41:15 UTCpavanvijjapu I studied the guidelines of Highway tagging, I have a doubt in this regard, the guidelines state that NH should not be used to refer highways within the city, so does it mean that the NH 16 beside Sector 4 MVP should be renamed?
52016-02-16 19:04:51 UTCPlaneMad Usually NH's would bypass the city, but looks like in Vizags case this is correct. Or have they made a bypass? in which case the trunk route should be rerouted through that.
62016-02-21 15:59:16 UTCpavanvijjapu There is bypass but not a prominent one. Its a two lane road and not termed as national highway for now though there are plans to make it a six lane road. For now I suppose its better to leave it as mentioned.
12016-02-14 07:21:02 UTCBCNorwich Hi, There are now two outlines for the park, and one outline duplicates itself by going round twice. so in fact three circuits of the park in total. May I also suggest that the park does not extend to the center line of the surrounding roads and that it should be mapped to it's physical boundary. Re...
22016-02-15 07:32:09 UTCPlaneMad Poornima, I have removed the duplicate park, please check if it looks ok.
32016-02-15 14:09:37 UTCpoornibadrinath Thank you so much :) I will look into it :)
12016-02-12 07:14:09 UTCPlaneMad Thanks for reverting. Curious to know how you detected the vandalism?
22016-02-12 07:23:22 UTCrazor74 The user to which i reverted changeset aleatory deleted in entire country valid data without giving any explanation , even to Data Working Group too...

PS: I am curious too, why you are so curios? You are an experienced user if i must take in consideration the number of your edits...
32016-02-12 07:46:12 UTCPlaneMad Thanks. I have been looking into automatic flagging of changesets with vandalism using osmcha. We have a test instance running if you would like to try:

Found your changeset by looking up changes with the comment 'vandal' ;)
12016-02-12 07:23:00 UTCPlaneMad Thank you for fixing the vandalism. Can you share the changeset of the vandalism that you fixed?
22016-02-12 07:35:44 UTCopendcc Just look in the history of Birkenstraße and Lindenstraße. These streets were deleted and redrawed, but without any connections to other streets.
12016-02-10 08:24:33 UTCPlaneMad Wow, fantastic work :D

Had done a lot of the initial mapping around Gokarna village during a visit many years ago. Are you there now?
22016-02-11 16:14:13 UTCPapayaved No, now i am in my country. I was in Gokarna 3 times. Nice place in India
32016-02-11 17:24:20 UTCPlaneMad Gokarna has a special role in Indian mythology. One can feel the different culture of the people in such places. Glad that you had a good time :)
12016-02-10 12:40:13 UTCPlaneMad Wow, some detailed buildings!
22016-02-11 04:03:46 UTCRishikesh Kulkarni Thank you :)
32016-02-11 06:48:35 UTCPlaneMad Have you tried mapping your hometown yet? Its a lot more fun when you know the place well :)
12016-02-10 11:58:30 UTCPlaneMad Nice work with the landuse. Is this based on the detailed development plan from CMDA?
22016-02-10 15:42:12 UTCTriangle37 Thank you!
Yes it is based on CMDA dataset.
12016-02-10 11:57:07 UTCPlaneMad Wow, thanks for adding all the beaches. Are you in Goa?
12016-02-09 13:32:37 UTCPlaneMad The building is actually Prestige Nebula, and the consulate is just a small office space on the first floor. Don't think we should be tagging the building name as the consulate.
22016-02-10 05:29:15 UTCAshvini Kumar In that case, you are right. will change.
12016-02-09 03:37:19 UTCPlaneMad Thank you for contributing in India :)
12016-02-08 07:14:29 UTCPlaneMad Looks amazing, great edits!
12016-02-06 03:48:32 UTCPlaneMad Nice work improving Pune :)
22016-02-06 12:46:48 UTCIndrayudh Roy Thanks :)
12016-02-05 08:55:12 UTCPlaneMad Thanks for your edits :)

You should also add changeset comments, to let others know what you edited.
12016-02-05 08:53:22 UTCPlaneMad Hey Akash, nice work improving Hyderabad!
22016-02-06 05:40:09 UTCAkash Kumar burman Thank you....
12016-02-05 05:26:03 UTCPlaneMad Thank you for fixing this. Cheers,
12016-02-03 11:17:40 UTCPlaneMad Nice work here! Did some updates to the campus, do check if its ok.
12016-02-03 07:09:43 UTCPlaneMad Hey Sujan, absolutely amazing work with mapping in Bidhannagar!
22016-02-03 15:23:28 UTCsujandeb Hey thanks ! You've been a lot of places too
12016-02-02 05:55:18 UTCPlaneMad Sabeeh, this is amazing data. Can you please share a link to the source of the data?
12016-01-26 13:30:01 UTCPlaneMad Wow, are you traveling here? I traced some more details, please check.
22016-01-26 13:57:24 UTCAshvini Kumar Yes, traveling :-)
Thanks, added few more details..
12016-01-26 11:39:27 UTCPlaneMad Nice work on the edits here. Have added some more detail at the SDAT grounds. Can you please check if they are correct.
12016-01-25 14:31:06 UTCPlaneMad These edits are amazing. Were they really by class 4 students? Would love to know more.

12015-12-22 16:53:30 UTCediyes Hi,
Please fix the building.
22016-01-04 12:51:55 UTCPlaneMad Thanks, fixed:
12015-12-22 16:53:33 UTCediyes Hi,
Please fix the building.
22016-01-04 12:46:22 UTCPlaneMad Thanks, fixed
12015-12-22 17:43:02 UTCdannykath Please realign this building
22016-01-04 12:43:44 UTCPlaneMad Fixed:
12015-12-22 17:43:35 UTCdannykath Please realign this building
22016-01-04 12:23:14 UTCPlaneMad Thanks, fixed:
12015-12-29 18:11:25 UTCPlaneMad Great job on all the edits in Haldia, the map looks amazing!

Did some cleanup here, mostly retagging of some internal roads as service and ungluing some areas from roads. Do check and let me know if its ok.
22015-12-30 05:31:02 UTCsamit_53 All the changes made by you are correct. Thank you for the changes.
12015-10-30 10:50:15 UTCGerdP please review way 209561034:
the tag highway=median is rarely used,
it seems to mean the same as highway=centreline, which is currently discussed as well, see
22015-10-30 10:51:06 UTCGerdP please check also barrier=median
on way 209561046
32015-12-21 10:58:16 UTCPlaneMad Have made the changes
12015-07-08 19:44:53 UTCcalfarome Hi PlaneMad, there are many duplicate nodes in this area:
22015-12-21 10:48:33 UTCPlaneMad Thanks, fixed here
12015-12-14 10:06:37 UTCPlaneMad Still seeing issues. For instance should be `left|||` as there are no through markings on the other lanes.
12015-12-11 19:12:42 UTCPlaneMad You need to be more careful with changeset comments.
22015-12-12 10:49:12 UTCJothirnadh Okay... I will be careful with that next time. Thanks for reminding me Planemad.
12015-12-11 16:30:43 UTCPlaneMad The turn lanes on this way looks incorrect:

Can you check?
22015-12-11 16:30:57 UTCPlaneMad Also check the other roads around this intersection.
32015-12-11 19:10:02 UTCPlaneMad Also your changeset comments don't match the edits.
42015-12-14 07:02:43 UTCsaikabhi Thank you for the feedback. Have made the required changes.
12015-12-11 16:09:12 UTCPlaneMad Turn lanes on this way looks incorrect:

Can you check?
22015-12-14 07:25:48 UTCsaikabhi Thank you for the feedback. Can you take a look at the changes made.
12015-12-08 18:12:36 UTCSomeoneElse B&M Bargains or B&M Homestore? They've got (at least) two brands in the UK.
22015-12-08 20:29:52 UTCPlaneMad The official listing of the address is a Homestore with Garden Centre.'s%20Lodge%2C%20Milton%20Keynes%2C%20UK&locationid=35839940-2839-11E2-B468A4BADB4726BE&region=UK
12015-12-05 14:40:51 UTCPlaneMad Uzma, looks like you changed the name by mistake of Kurla Terminus. Corrected it, thanks.
12015-11-19 18:22:16 UTCPlaneMad The note mentioned `temporarily converted to two-way due to Central Subway construction` which was the reason to remove the oneway. Do check the other ways in the area as they might now be accessible if the construction is complete.
22015-11-19 23:17:44 UTCrichlv ah, thanks for the info. that change has been reversed by now and should be reflected in the map then. unfortunately, won't be able to survey this region anytime soon, will have to involve locals :)
12015-10-28 15:12:33 UTCmfuji Please don't break our data!

You have deleted the SECONDARY roads #335726311 and #313944874 by merging into a different TERTIARY road #376538841.
But they are roads in different class and they are unknown from imagery. Then we have lost many informations tagged in these roads, including informat...
22015-11-13 12:08:15 UTCPlaneMad Thank you mfufi was detecting this. abel, can you explain why these roads were merged?
32015-11-13 12:09:21 UTCPlaneMad Also thanks for fixing the issues mfuji, please report if you found any other incorrect merging, will have the changeset reverted.
42015-11-16 15:12:54 UTCabel801 Thanks mfuji for fixing my errors and I will take into account your suggestions.
12014-11-29 11:57:48 UTCOverQuantum Wrong. Reverted:
Issue created:
22015-11-12 11:23:55 UTCPlaneMad Replied on
12015-11-06 09:10:49 UTCkeithonearth I don't know if anyone reads the notes here, but my edit summary was wrong, as I forgot to update it after my previous summary.

This time I was, in fact, adding farmland and wooded areas.
22015-11-06 13:56:47 UTCPlaneMad Wow, Leh looks amazing! Thanks for all the mapping! :D
32015-11-09 09:21:02 UTCkeithonearth Thanks for the complement PlaneMad! I appreciate it very much, especially coming from a professional like you.
12015-11-06 11:08:12 UTCPlaneMad Habib, thank you for contributing to OSM. Can you explain why you changed the name of Riyadh to persian Gulf in Arabic?

I'm reverting your change, please don't add wrong information to the map.
12015-10-31 09:55:05 UTCGerdP please review:
the tag highway=divider is only used by you (7 times)
Is it a barrier=line or maybe barrier=kerb?
Sample: way 207489502
22015-11-04 19:11:42 UTCPlaneMad Thanks, have retagged them to barrier=kerb
32015-11-04 19:14:07 UTCGerdP thanks for that and for the feedback
42015-11-05 15:08:52 UTCGerdP Do you think that this might also match here?
12015-10-26 11:06:58 UTCMediatinker Hey, you made Sushiya a lot bigger that it really is. :-)
22015-10-26 11:13:19 UTCPlaneMad Sorry about that, it was a case of lazy hands. Will be more careful from now on, thanks :)
12015-10-06 06:05:21 UTCPlaneMad Hey Anil, so good to see you editing here. Just gave Porabandar a facelift a week ago.
12015-09-24 06:16:03 UTCPlaneMad Hi Andrew, welcome to OpenStreetMap and thank you for contributing. Many of your edits have name changes to 'Andrew Taylor' or similar family names. These includes names of towns, streets, buildings and even footpaths.

Can you provide a source for these changes and your reasoning to modify them? ...
22015-09-24 07:37:15 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 34219913 where the changeset comment is: revert ficitional edits
12015-09-14 06:31:52 UTCPlaneMad From it looks like much of the old elevated expressway has been turned down and is being reconstructed as a boulevard. I'm retagging this as a primary road, but cant find references for the construction being complete.

Do you know if this...
22015-09-14 21:14:30 UTCa6y I do not know - I don't live in the area, and these changes were based on an article I read about the new route being completed (but I don't know about the boulevard).
32015-09-14 21:18:15 UTCa6y Also, the ones you tagged as primary are actually the new route (which is open), and should be tagged as motorway. The old route is to the south, and is listed as the I-40 motorway. This route is the one that should be marked as a boulevard.
42015-09-15 02:14:23 UTCPlaneMad You can check the articles again, it all mentions the new alignment as being a few blocks south of the old one. This is also mentioned on this map as existing I40

The new motorway alignment has been open ...
12015-08-18 07:32:27 UTCPlaneMad Hi Pooja, thank you for your contribution to OSM. I'm part of the [data team at Mapbox]( and my teammate from Bhopal noticed that there were many incorrect roads and road names added by you. On closer inspection he found that these roads and...
12015-08-17 14:02:32 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Arun - are you sure that is really an unclassified road? It doesn't particularly look like one from the imagery. What I suspect it is is a farm track with a "public right of way" over it (given that someone's named in "leeds country way...
22015-08-17 17:04:17 UTCPlaneMad The section leads only to the Airport service road apart from the couple of properties and the footpath branching out. There are no ways that branch into farms to suggest this is primarily for agricultural use.

Have been trying to understand UK roads better and would really appreciate to know why...
32015-08-17 18:08:22 UTCSK53 First dont rely on the wiki "tracks are for agricultural use". This may be applicable in Germany. In Britain I suspect we will use track or service for any non-public ways which vehicles can be seen to traverse. Most indeed will be for agricultural purposes (including things like Pheasant ...
42015-08-17 18:22:24 UTCPlaneMad > For instance many railway lines will have access tracks used by maintenance crews.

This should be an unpaved service road, no?
52015-08-17 21:40:34 UTCSomeoneElse Personally, I'd map railway access tracks as "highway=track" as for example at , but obviously it depends on what they look like - some are more like service roads, and there are lots that are just footpaths. Here it's difficult to tell from just ...
62015-08-18 05:55:36 UTCPlaneMad Ok this seems a little at odds with how i'm understanding highway tags, that they primarily define function of a way in the road network, otherwise most unpaved roads in developing countries would end up being tagged as tracks.

If tracks in UK don't follow the wiki guidelines of being for agro/fo...
72015-08-18 10:10:21 UTCSomeoneElse slightly related - a discussion on the Dutch forum:
12015-07-29 14:33:03 UTCEdLoach Did you mean to delete Currys PC World when you were amending the building outline?
22015-08-01 06:09:36 UTCPlaneMad Restored the deleted building. Nikhil, please be more careful with existing objects and make sure you don't accidentally remove the work of others while making improvements.
32015-11-16 08:32:43 UTCnikhilprabhakar I will @PlaneMad. Thanks for pointing this out.
12015-07-18 17:21:13 UTCFTA H there. I was wondering about the motivation for "tunnel=building_passage" on and . From visiting, it looks like these walkways are inside (must walk through a door) and not surrounded by outer walls (li...
22015-07-19 15:49:30 UTCPlaneMad Hey FTA. Not sure what I was thinking at that time, but was likely a case of over enthusiastic mapping based on the building geometry and paths leading to it.
Thanks for highlighting this, I'm going to revert the change.
12015-07-08 13:44:43 UTCPlaneMad This is amazing work! But i'm seeing there is a lot of duplicated ways since you are drawing on top of roads that already exist. Did you download the existing data before you started?
22015-07-09 07:43:13 UTCsaikabhi Thank you Arun for the comments. Yes, I did not download the layer first. Instead I digitized the whole map in JOSM using reference of BING imagery and uploaded the new layer. That is the reason you are finding the duplicate layers. I have just started with open street mapping and it was an error on...
32015-07-09 09:18:50 UTCPlaneMad Aha thought so. Thats the whole power of OSM that you work on existing data instead of creating your own from scratch.

See if you can download all the data again and merge features by removing the duplicates. You would need to split(p), join(j) and combine(c) ways for this. let me know if you ar...
42015-07-09 10:01:29 UTCsaikabhi Thank you. Will do that and get back to you.
52015-07-09 21:29:18 UTCsaikabhi Arun. Please have a look. I have tried but the process may still be erroneous. If yes, please provide me some pointers to the places I am going wrong. I have edited the downloaded data and tried to remove the duplicates. Thank you for your patience.
12015-05-12 12:56:55 UTCPlaneMad Multiple overlapping buildings in this area. Please do a cleanup, thanks.
22015-05-12 13:04:58 UTCPlaneMad Sorry, looks like its already cleaned up, thanks!
12015-05-09 13:09:12 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks for fixing this!

22015-05-09 16:18:19 UTCPlaneMad No problem! Do you have any tool to find issues like this automatically? I'm worried more such cases go unnoticed.
32015-05-10 09:33:20 UTCSomeoneElse Like this, no - I just noticed the forum post about it. I did write to look for certain sorts of issues locally by new users, but "nothing but deletes in the changeset" isn't currently one of them.

There was a more general GSoC proposal this...
42015-05-10 14:21:18 UTCPlaneMad Thanks, that is really useful to dig into!
12015-04-23 05:53:32 UTCPlaneMad Hey Map King!
Am trying to understand some of your edits in near Magnolia Ave.

See reference:
![screenshot 2015-04-23 11 14 22](

The satellite imagery does not corelate with your changes and wa...
12015-04-15 15:02:34 UTCPlaneMad Mmm, puliyogre point sounds yum. Thanks for adding these to osm :)
22015-04-15 21:45:08 UTCmedakeshav Give me a call if you come by to try it :)
12015-04-13 08:10:18 UTCPlaneMad Hi Akshara, welcome to OSM!

Noticed that you have drawn a duplicate of Uloor Akkulam Road. You can fix it by deleting the one you dont need. Let me know if you need any help.
22015-04-13 09:15:14 UTCakshara That was a mistake i l delette
32015-04-15 13:30:47 UTCPlaneMad Awesome, thanks!
12015-04-01 09:50:11 UTCPlaneMad Hi, I found a broken segment in your edit of Bethunestraße which I have fixed:

The two segments looked like they were joined, but the nodes were not attached. I have connected the nodes now.

I think this might be a bug in iD which did no...
12015-03-27 19:27:46 UTCPlaneMad Welcome to the open street map :D
22015-03-30 15:00:33 UTC9porcupine Thanks! ^_^
12015-03-16 18:16:39 UTCPlaneMad Hi Darshan, I noticed you have deleted a few points and streets in Malleshwaram. Just checking that it was not accidental.

Welcome to the openstreetmap :)
12015-03-08 19:55:40 UTCPlaneMad Hi Jacob, I noticed that you removed a lot of station names from the Chennai region. Any reason for this?
22015-08-08 14:05:37 UTCJacob Cyriac Hello PlaneMad,

Noticed this message just now in my email.

I was attempting to update electrified: tags in this region. If I deleted station names, that's definitely a mistake or a sync with JOSM gone wrong. My apologies!

It's been a while since I was active, sorry this escaped my attentio...
12015-03-01 06:41:48 UTCPlaneMad Noticed that you deleted the Detroit node and its now missing from most maps.

Was this by accident?
22015-03-02 01:13:51 UTCdexterslu Ah yes, accidentally removed it! sorry about that.
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