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12017-04-26 21:38:28 UTCAlan Hi Steve, thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap! It looks like you created an area feature without any tags. If it's a wetland (which I guess from your changeset comment), it needs an additional tag to clarify that, so it will show up on the map.
12017-04-24 13:11:09 UTCAlan Hello! Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap!
You probably want to add at least one more tag to that node, so that OSM knows what type of feature it is. Maybe shop=something?
22017-04-24 17:20:08 UTCGlassman this looks like doings. They never have answered a message as far as I know. I sent a message to the email address in on the node, suggestion that they contact their vendor to fix.
12017-04-19 17:38:13 UTCAlan Hi there, thanks for adding to OpenStreetMap! You might want to add another tag on that node to describe what type of feature it is (and to get it to show up on the map). I'm not sure exactly what tag is most appropriate, but perhaps something like shop=car_repair?
12017-04-10 15:25:44 UTCAlan Looks good, thank you!
12017-04-07 21:25:50 UTCAlan Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap! You probably also want to add a 'shop' tag to that node. I guess 'shop=clothes' is probably most appropriate, but you can confirm here:
12017-04-05 23:45:46 UTCAlan Hi! Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap! It looks like you added a new footpath on top of an existing one? Can you try to combine the two features so there's no duplication?
12017-04-05 22:08:13 UTCAlan Hi! Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap! However, this node doesn't have any tags that let us know _what_ it is. Could you add more information about what you're trying to add?
12017-04-05 21:56:25 UTCAlan Thanks for contributing to OSM! The node you created doesn't have any tags describing what it actually is. It sounds like a public sculpture, so maybe you should add the tourism=artwork tag?
12017-04-04 20:33:47 UTCAlan Is this a real public guest house? Or is this just a private home of someone named Uncle John?
12017-04-04 04:29:30 UTCAlan Interesting! But where's the river? I see you mapped a lake that has "river" in the name, so I'm a bit confused!
22017-04-19 21:21:15 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 47952690 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some fictional edits reported to the DWG. A previous attempt to contact the mapper (see failed. Edits included an urban glacier: https://o...
12017-03-30 02:23:46 UTCAlan Hi! Are you tracing these buildings from the Bing imagery, or are you importing them from another dataset? If you're tracing them yourself, then it's not really an "import". You don't need to use that term. Imports are totally OK in OSM, but they're controversial.
22017-03-30 02:27:21 UTCAlan Also, I'm not sure if you're using a non-standard map projection in JOSM, but most of your buildings are not squareish. From the look of the satellite imagery in this spot, the buildings probably all have right angles (I don't see any unusual architectural construction here). Both iD and JOSM have t...
32017-03-30 02:28:32 UTCAlan Other than that, though, your work looks great. Thank you for your work adding all these buildings!
42017-03-30 02:48:12 UTCUncheckedError Hey hey, the building squaring is a projection issue as you inferred. I had it set incorrectly in JOSM last night. I've fixed the buildings further south and I'm working my way up the coast this evening. Sorry for the confusion.
52017-03-30 03:41:15 UTCAlan Great, no problem, thanks for fixing them!
62017-03-30 03:53:33 UTCUncheckedError No problem, thanks for keeping an eye on this area!
12017-03-30 02:39:31 UTCAlan Hi there, is this a park or is it just a vacant lot? It's hard to tell from the imagery.

Can you verify the name of this park by visiting it on-the-ground?

Also, this triangular shape doesn't quite match the shape of the grassy area as seen in the Bing imagery. I think it needs a bit of tweaki...
12017-03-24 22:01:14 UTCAlan Geometry looks good, but should this be a service road, or just a regular residential road? Is it different from the other roads that it connects to?
22017-03-24 22:35:18 UTCUncleGene Looks like either my or editor glitch. I clearly remember setting this residential
12017-03-21 21:29:00 UTCAlan Hello Wendy,
It looks like this changeset deleted 48 nodes in the area. I assume this was an accident? If so, we can revert your edit and bring back all those deleted venues.
12017-03-20 04:08:41 UTCAlan Is this feature related?
Should they be combined?
22017-03-20 05:04:28 UTCMarkinVeneta No they are not related. The one you linked is in someone's back yard and not an actual park.
12017-03-18 15:46:37 UTCAlan Looks good:

Did you capture any GPS traces that you could upload to OSM?
22017-03-18 15:58:24 UTCSultanGuy I can try. I have GPS but I don't know if it's the best route. I've been there 3 times, and the if I can find my latest track, I'll upload it.
12017-03-17 21:17:42 UTCAlan Great! You could also trace the area of the park, instead of just adding a node. I can almost see how far it goes by looking at the satellite imagery, but you might have a better idea with on-the-ground knowledge.
22017-03-17 21:54:47 UTCGlassman According to King County, the trail is part of the Villa Real HOA. The wooded area is undeveloped housing tracks. The actual area of park like is just the area around the two trails. Let me know if you need help adding in the landuse area.
32017-03-17 22:10:53 UTCToblakai I added an area, let me know if it looks good.
42017-03-17 23:10:01 UTCGlassman Great. I did unconnect the landuse residential from the park and made the park an inner polygon as part of the residential multiploygon. I figured that the HOA owns the trail so it should be park of the residential landuse. Thanks for replying to the messages!
12017-03-08 00:33:16 UTCAlan 👍
12017-02-23 00:58:57 UTCAlan Did you buy any eggs at the Egg Shack?
22017-02-23 04:13:54 UTCGlassman I didn't, insteaded opted to let another person buy the last two dozen eggs. The egg shack also sells glass art by two bellingham glass art by Elena and Ed Schmidt.

BTW they have something like 59 chickens on the property. They had 60 but a coyote got one the night before.
12016-06-10 19:40:32 UTCAlan Low tide:
High tide:
(via @imagico)
12016-06-09 19:17:15 UTCAlan I tried tracing some more of the Indus River delta next to the Rann of Kutch. I should probably add more tags like wetland=yes, at minimum. This was mainly a test to see how hard it is to trace this area, and how hard it is to deal with existing PGS coastlines.

See also discussion thread here: ht...
12016-05-25 02:41:52 UTCAlan Hi PlaneMad, this boundary=claim tag is interesting, but I don't see it documented anywhere. Can you point me to any more information about this tag?
22016-05-25 03:42:42 UTCPlaneMad It was more of a trial without disturbing any existing tags for custom rendering I was doing with tilemill. Its not documented anywhere, but if you think it makes broader sense, I think I'll start a wiki proposal for this.
32016-05-25 03:51:28 UTCAlan I think it does make a lot of sense... but this is my first time trying to understand the complexity of disputed boundaries in OSM. It seems like boundary=claim is useful, and less complicated than some of the other options.
12016-05-04 20:51:26 UTCAlan 🏊
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22016-05-04 20:50:45 UTCMarion Barry haha, truly
12016-05-04 20:48:45 UTCAlan #gentrification
12016-04-08 21:49:11 UTCAlan Where are the frogs, Charlie?
12016-04-08 21:48:18 UTCAlan You're going to have to provide better changeset comments if you expect me to find the frogs, Charlie.
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12015-10-28 23:14:24 UTCAlan Nice neighborhoods! Keep it up!
12015-10-28 23:13:27 UTCAlan Nice path! Keep it up!
12015-10-22 21:54:05 UTCAlan 👍 Yay! Map those buildings!
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52015-10-23 00:41:45 UTCAlan Ok, OSM is my new social network of choice.
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12015-09-05 22:27:41 UTCAlan It looks like you have a misspelling of "CFB Alert" as "CFB Akert". I also see the changeset comment says "altert". So I'm going to assume this is incorrect, and change the name. Let me know if I'm mistaken.
22015-11-27 11:15:01 UTCMateusz Konieczny see
12015-09-02 21:33:56 UTCAlan Hey, you're in my hometown! Have a great time there!
12015-08-31 18:20:34 UTCAlan Excellent
12015-08-30 23:04:03 UTCAlan Thanks Obama!
22015-08-31 13:22:08 UTCskorasaurus Kudos Alan!
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42015-08-31 19:20:57 UTCnpdoty Awesome.
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12015-06-25 22:22:41 UTCAlan I wish changesets had a like button.
12014-11-08 02:04:04 UTCAlan Hi Kurez! Thanks for tracing all those houses! After you've traced a shape, there is a tool in iD that helps you rectangularize the shapes.
22014-11-08 02:22:39 UTCAlan Although now I see that those are some really weird shaped houses. Not much we can do for some of them.
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