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12018-02-20 07:19:53 UTCCarnildo Mind being a little less eager with the chainsaw? One of the two logging roads you deleted here was highly visible in the Esri "Clarity" imagery. (The other looked like it was only traversible on foot, if that.)
12018-02-10 09:30:40 UTCCarnildo Is there a reason you deleted a bunch of logging roads and at least one driveway, rather than re-tagging them as tracks and service roads?
12018-02-09 21:48:13 UTCfuubutsushi Was the name deleted on purpose?
22018-02-09 21:52:46 UTCGlassman As far as I know, there was never a name on the island. History doesn't show one. If the island has a name it can easily be added. My purpose in adding the inner polygon was to correct the data.
12018-01-24 15:39:51 UTCfreebeer Hi Glassman,
Thanks for reverting these SEO hotel deletions.
I see here that there appears to be a retail outlet, Mattress (aagh, a Monty Python sketch) Superstore.
Would this be a general retail/shared building so that the Best Western Plus name= I see here does not apply to the entire building?...
22018-01-24 15:56:02 UTCGlassman I have reached out to 1) Bestwestern and informed them of the vandalism and asked them to have their vendor stop and 2) am attempting to contact the SEO firm - yes I know who it is - to get them to follow our practices.

While I've visited that area, I don't really know much about the area, espe...
12017-11-12 22:06:22 UTCNakaner Hi Glassmann,

please do not use your normal OSM account if you do imports. Create a dedicated import account instead.

Best regards

22017-11-12 23:47:43 UTCGlassman Michael - thanks for the reminder. I know better.
12017-10-30 19:13:10 UTCdatamongers Old faithful has a variable interval, it tends to be either 65 or 91 minutes, depending on the duration of the previous eruption. This change isn't wrong, but it's also not strictly right. But i don't think we really have the tagging semantics for the correct value.
22017-10-31 00:16:13 UTCGlassman I changed the interval based on what I read in the visitors center. In reality, the interval does very so I was surprised that it was in OSM. In my younger days the timing varied only a few minutes, but now it's within a 20 minutes window. My guess is it will have more variation as time goes on, at ...
12017-08-23 07:39:53 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway="Mule Deer Lane":
22017-08-23 14:36:54 UTCGlassman I'm not seeing the typo. Can you point it out? Mule Deer Lane is what the county has in its records.
32017-08-23 14:41:25 UTCGerdP So I guess you meant name=* instead of highway=*
42017-08-23 16:22:24 UTCGlassman Thanks - I missed that. Everything value looked right - its fixed now
12017-06-09 23:52:10 UTCGlassman The area around the playground is most likely a park. I made the change.
12017-03-14 14:37:03 UTCGlassman I added office=it to your first edit. This will help search engines determine what type of business is at that node as well as have it rendered on the map. Although I don't thing we are currently rendering office=it. If I pick the wrong tag, feel free to correct.
12017-02-23 00:58:57 UTCAlan Did you buy any eggs at the Egg Shack?
22017-02-23 04:13:54 UTCGlassman I didn't, insteaded opted to let another person buy the last two dozen eggs. The egg shack also sells glass art by two bellingham glass art by Elena and Ed Schmidt.

BTW they have something like 59 chickens on the property. They had 60 but a coyote got one the night before.
12017-02-09 19:30:47 UTCjharpster Hi, I was looking at boundaries in Washington and this one keeps coming up. Are state park boundaries intended to be tagged as Admin_level=4? These are normally reserved for state boundaries.
22017-02-10 00:07:59 UTCGlassman No - it should be leisure=park. But If I change it I think it will render green over the water. Let me find some other island parks to see how they are tagged.
32017-02-10 00:17:55 UTCGlassman Okay - let's see what I broke. The National Park boundary is gone and the the island now has a park polygon. Hope that fixes it.
12016-04-13 23:45:26 UTCpnorman Is WA56 an IATA code? I thought they were all 3 letters maximum
22016-04-16 16:11:14 UTCGlassman Correct. I'll fix my error.
12016-03-24 04:19:45 UTCGlassman The donkey trail segment is wrong. I sent a message to the original mapper to fix.
12016-02-12 19:34:32 UTCNatfoot Where was it not a multipolygon?
22016-02-12 22:54:01 UTCGlassman Look just north of Bandera Airport. The park extends to the other side of I90. I could have shown I90 going through the park, but since the state didn't, I didn't either.
32016-02-12 22:55:11 UTCGlassman BTW, I'm only part way done. I'm slowly heading east. Right now I'm working on the pass area.
12016-02-10 16:09:57 UTCnickpeihl Can you please review this? The entire Lopez Island is now listed as a park. it shows up entirely green on basemaps. Thanks.
22016-02-10 16:39:08 UTCGlassman thanks for pointing out my error. Somehow I added the tag leisure=park to the shoreline boundary.
32016-02-10 16:57:44 UTCnickpeihl Thanks.
12016-02-03 22:48:10 UTCsctrojan79 Nice work on the Arboretum, some really great details added! It looks like part of the creek was duplicated (way ids 155848138 and 392873123) though, and I'm not sure which one is the more accurate one. Would you mind taking another look at it?
22016-02-04 00:19:19 UTCGlassman Thanks for spotting that.I can see why JOSM didn't catch it. It looked to JOSM like two streams.

I have more to add, but need help identifying trees. I haven't gotten back to it yet.
12016-01-31 23:37:13 UTCsctrojan79 Hey, I was doing some island conflation around Puget Sound when I realized I'd just retagged the Sucia Marine State Park relation you added this morning – sorry! I put the tags back as they were.
22016-02-01 02:54:03 UTCGlassman I've been updating parks in the State. Surprised at how many "state parks" we have as nodes that don't actually exist.
12015-12-23 17:10:07 UTCpnorman Is water? It looks covered
22015-12-23 17:26:53 UTCGlassman Could be alge over the pond. You can delete it if you want.
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