Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12017-12-15 12:33:47 UTCmysterytriogf dont remove the houses. I added them to contribute to the pokemon map
22017-12-15 12:46:11 UTCConstable hi there, thanks for your message. I'm not here to delete your edits without any good reason, I'm here to improve the map as well.
Here you can see the details of this edit
As you can see I did delete just a small part of them and the reason is b...
32017-12-15 12:51:07 UTCmysterytriogf Question: Do you play Pokemon Go and they confirmed they would update the OSM map in the future. Thanks for your help :)
42017-12-15 12:56:21 UTCConstable Hi, no I don't play Pokemon, I'm just a mapper here and I'm seeing a ton of players which signed up and started vandalizing our map because they want to let pokemons spam near their houses. I'm pretty much double checking all the suspicious/pokemon related edits, in order to make sure that our map s...
52017-12-15 16:01:45 UTCfreebeer Hi mysterytheatregf,
One very helpful tip I can give you to make your map editing much better is to use a different background image.
In your area, and for that matter, the entire state of Connecticut is covered by highly-detailed aerial imagery with I believe 10cm resolution, far better than what...
12017-12-15 12:06:23 UTCfreebeer Hi,
I just noticed you deleted this small park you had added, just as I was researching it.
All evidence I find shows me that it does exist, but probably does not have this name, officially.
I know there is a lot of controversy now over small parks like this, and I am still trying to find more re...
22017-12-15 13:33:08 UTCfargoadvice Oh, sorry, I had added a 'relation' somehow and didn't know what happened - it's a legitimate park - if you want a photo of the sign at the entrance, I can get one for you :) Thought I deleted the 'relation', not the whole park :D
32017-12-15 13:35:34 UTCfargoadvice

I hope that helps! :)
12017-12-14 15:15:32 UTCConstable hi, what's this thing?
you shouldn't edit the map with fictional objects, plus you should know that pokemon uses a 6 months old version of this map, so you're not going to make this park appear in the game. Vandalizing the map is just a way of teasing us m...
22017-12-15 07:41:58 UTCfreebeer ciao constable,
it looks real -- ESRI very dark imagery.
drawn from lousy bing and not accurately following the backyard outlines, I can see how you would not recognise it.
I'll try editing it and adding detail to make it more clear and accurate
32017-12-15 09:52:15 UTCConstable yeah, I guess you're right, looks like there's some kind of kids structure where you placed the playground node, thanks for looking at this note!
12017-12-14 19:52:52 UTCfreebeer offset appears far less, after drawing a new building, shifting it for skewed perspective, then comparing USGS, ESRI (old Bing) was less than a metre. New Bing z19 is far worse, many metres off, as we all know.
I hates editor crashes, time to buy a Real Computer™
12017-12-14 15:07:32 UTCfreebeer Hi again!
Great to see that you are continuing to contribute and improving your previous additions!
Just thought I would say thanks again.
(And to date meself, say Greetings to Notlob ;-)
12017-12-13 14:01:31 UTCfreebeer greengrocer's apostrophe detected.
12017-12-05 17:26:08 UTCJesseyDeVaney Why is the white outline of the road disconnected right before it starts to turn torwards Martini Dr?
22017-12-12 14:24:54 UTCJesseyDeVaney This was updated for pokemon, can anyone help me make sure its all good so it hopefully shows up?
32017-12-12 21:37:29 UTCfreebeer I do not see a problem now, it is likely you were seeing some old map tiles not updated yet, or perhaps cached by your browser.
12017-12-12 19:37:27 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Just for info, I've blocked Darwin721 for a period of time - see - for continually changing this residential area to a park. Are you OK fixing the problems here or do you need any help?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, from OSM's Data Working Group....
22017-12-12 19:46:56 UTCS-zation Hi there,
Thank you for stopping the vandalism. I think I am ok with fixing the problems here. The biggest issue was the continual revert of the residential areas to parks.
32017-12-12 19:49:59 UTCSomeoneElse OK, thanks. We'll keep an eye open for edits by "known problem users" and keep an eye open for changes to the residential area. If you spot anything else iffy, drop a mail to .
Best Regards,
42017-12-12 20:30:27 UTCS-zation It looks like he is back on a new account
I can't revert all of the new changesets if he makes new accounts
52017-12-12 21:08:06 UTCfreebeer Confirmed, you beat me to it.
Back home from school.
Off with the kid gloves, I suggest...
12017-12-12 09:51:13 UTCfreebeer thnks
this is likely redundant, but
12017-12-12 05:09:04 UTCfreebeer bare rock at 168m is not borne out in the least by the aerial imagery; see my other comment calling into doubt a 120 metre elevation difference here in less than 100 metre horizontal displacement
12017-12-12 05:06:04 UTCfreebeer This alleged 185m peak is sited 100m from a woods given with elevation of 47m.
None of the houses visible in the aerial imagery give any indication of being built on such an incline.
Nor does the angled perspective of the aerial imagery hint at such a ground angle.
22017-12-12 06:45:34 UTCS-zation And the highest elevation in Delaware is 137m at the Pennsylvania border. :)
This location is probably only 5 meters above sea level.
12017-12-04 15:44:36 UTCACS1986 Welcome to OSM.
Edits that are removed ('reverted') leave a trace. Looking at your history this edit today appears to be your only one covering Queens Park. Did you actually save your changes the first time round? Maybe there was some technical issue and your upload failed. Very unusual.
Kind re...
22017-12-05 16:45:19 UTCfreebeer Hi,
Nothing of significance in this park has been removed; you added footpaths that were not mapped until now, but which I can see in aerial imagery.
Is it possible you are using Pokemon Go which used to use google maps until a few days ago? This seems to be a significant issue now for supposedly...
32017-12-05 18:33:48 UTCCyrtor Hi, Sorry guys your right to believe i noticed this missing path through the Pokemon Go app but I was under the assumption it had been using this map service for a long time hence my confusion as to where the road went, anyway il continue to add in paths and such as I notice them.
42017-12-06 15:18:33 UTCfreebeer No need to be sorry, on the contrary!
I'm very overjoyed and grateful that you have confirmed this to me (and some others), as you are the first to reply out of several whom I have asked.
That said, a warm welcome from me to OpenStreetMap, pull up a bollard!
(I in no way speak on behalf of OSM)
12017-11-04 02:51:58 UTCg246020 Driveway around Sonic looks off, please recheck. If possible, draw driveway to Motorcycle Swimsuit, otherwise if anyone used it for navigation, it they may approach it from wrong street.
22017-12-04 09:01:55 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 54322536 where the changeset comment is: revert all 'Zowie Polie' edits because of continued vandalism.
32017-12-04 22:04:00 UTCg246020 Understood, thanks. Please share if there is procedure to review user's edits (now reverted) to see if anything should be reinstated, or if standard-operating-procedure to ignore all those edits once a user is deemed not sane.
42017-12-05 16:12:05 UTCfreebeer Speaking as a user who is not sane, if you want to waste your time on a g00gle text search for ' "Motorcycle Swimsuit" "guymon" ' (as I have done, having neither common sense nor sanity), then feel free.
Remember that then you take responsibility for the data you restore, so be ...
52017-12-05 16:18:24 UTCwoodpeck g246020 - the answer is "it depends". In this particular case, "Zowie Polie" has shown to be learning resistant to a degree where we cannot continue to assume good intentions, hence I believe reviewing their edits will be a waste of time. But that is a judgement call and not a st...
62017-12-06 23:03:22 UTCg246020 Thanks for answers!
12017-12-03 17:51:14 UTCJay Pie looks good
22017-12-04 10:11:16 UTCfreebeer no it does not,
if you look closely, has been moved and attached to the road Woehrtstrasse at several points, which does not reflect reality
other expansion of Stadt-Garten south appears to be suspiciously close to blindly trusting the bad aerial imagery...
12017-12-01 17:30:42 UTCConstable Hi, I know this changeset is pretty old but this post office looks misplaced, do you mind having a quick look at that?
22017-12-01 17:32:55 UTCiandees Hi Constable. That node was part of an import of USGS data from over 8 years ago. If you can find a better place for it then please move it.
32017-12-01 17:58:32 UTCConstable Hi, no, I don't have any local knowledge and I can't find any better place for it, but I think having this thing here is quite deceiving. I wrote you because I was hoping you had some more knowledge about that, and then we could move it where it belongs. Anyway, it's not a big deal.
42017-12-01 19:35:59 UTCfreebeer Ciao Constable,
I see our (my adopted) Kimberly troll has you doing QA and discovering the pitfalls of GNIS imported data.
My suggestion is to treat GNIS data with suspicion. There is a diary post of a month or so ago, where the inaccuracy of the data is mentioned, plus, much data is long-obsolet...
52017-12-01 19:38:36 UTCiandees Are you referring to me as a "Kimberly troll"? That's rather odd. Or is there someone else out there asking you to do this work?
62017-12-02 09:07:30 UTCConstable @freebeer, got it, thanks for the explanation. I do pretty much the same, I mean, I wrote here because I know I've no local knowledge of this particular area and then I tried getting in touch with the author of that edit, (which happened to be iandees) instead of arbitrarily editing/deleting that no...
12017-11-13 21:36:10 UTCadrienandrem Isn't there a human readable name for this source?
By the way, is it a compatible one? Quick searching the Wiki, i didn't find anything about ArcGIS Online World Imagery.

Thank you for contributing
22017-11-14 21:29:18 UTCfreebeer the URL I instantly recognise as what is now referred to as ESRI or Esri Community aerial imagery, in the last months officially permitted as a source for tracing
32017-11-14 23:15:53 UTCadrienandrem Palolo pointed out there is a post introducing this source:
also mentioned on JOSM Wiki as "Esri World Imagery":

I created a Wiki page about it, feel free to complete it:
42017-11-15 16:01:28 UTCadrienandrem Found
so the changeset should have
instead of the raw TMS URL
12017-10-28 02:43:26 UTCljb_nj Hi, I see you added an unusual fixme tag "WHAT IS MY NAME ?" to this road I have mapped and maintained. Can you explain why you added this?
22017-11-02 12:11:08 UTCfreebeer Hi ljb,
As an outside observer, may I hazard a guess?
It appears that florinbadita is engaged in a project which includes finding and highlighting inconsistencies and inaccuracies within OSM and the TIGER census road data.
Your work was not singled out, but is simply one of many (probably) thousa...
32017-11-02 13:43:56 UTCflorinbadita_telenav Hi, from what I have observer, a road usualy have a single name, here it seems to be the descriptiuon of the road (Dump Road ) followed by Plum , then underscores, then trail.

This seems odd, you have the local knowledge :)

Sorry for the CAPS lock, this was not my intention :)

Happy Mappin...
42017-11-02 19:40:53 UTCljb_nj Thank you freebeer for the explanation.

florinbadita_telenav: Yes I see other places, for example route 563 in this area, where you added simlar FIXME tags. May I suggest that a FIXME tag is not the best way to ask a question ("What is the name of this road?"), because where are we t...
12017-10-25 14:26:06 UTCAndrew Matheny No review needed
22017-10-26 00:17:02 UTCfreebeer Hello Andrew Matheny and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Thank you for your valued contribution! OSM lives on the valiant efforts of tireless heroic volunteers such as yourself!! Without people like you, the map would not be what it is today!!!

You have requested no review, so here isn't one:
32017-10-26 17:35:57 UTCAndrew Matheny This is hilarious, lol. Thanks for pitching in with reviews (and the occasional non-review :P)
12017-10-24 21:59:05 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi woodpeck. I think your definition of spam is too broad. For instance, this random POI:
Yes, its editor has only one edit. And yes, the editor has a direct interest in advertising their POI. However, these facts do not make it spam. Let's analyze t...
22017-10-24 22:00:55 UTCSafwatHalaby That was one example, but a significant number of your reverts do not remotely qualify as spam, and I think no one would have had any problem if an experienced mapper had added them.
32017-10-24 22:02:35 UTCSafwatHalaby Although the intentions are clearly good, in my humble opinion this is harming the map and must be discussed.
42017-10-24 22:03:47 UTCSafwatHalaby For comparison, this is something I would flag as spam for the excessive ad tone, and I would justify its removal:
52017-10-24 22:10:20 UTCSafwatHalaby Just another comparison to draw a clear line between spam and self-interest driven neutral edits:
Not spam:
62017-10-24 22:15:28 UTCSafwatHalaby It seems the majority of this changeset is real, clear cut spam, though.
72017-10-24 22:29:50 UTCwoodpeck SafwatHalaby, the line I have drawn is: If the self-interest mapper can at *least* be bothered to find out the proper OSM tag to describe their business, then I will only remove the spammy "description" and leave the rest in place. There are quite a few of that sort here. If, however, the ...
82017-10-25 04:43:33 UTCSafwatHalaby I agree to that line. (And I'd suggest leaving the description too if it's factual and not spammy).
But the second POI in particular: The right tagging was used, office=lawyer, and the description is completely factual and not spammy, "Personal injury attorney assisting clients throughout M...
92017-10-25 11:14:54 UTCfreebeer I agree with Frederick, this reads too much like self-promoting advertising that has little to do with a geographic database that is OSM, and too little like a short informative description that I would expect to find.
(I wonder if the present 255-character/byte limit that mercifully truncates many...
102017-10-25 11:26:44 UTCSafwatHalaby Thank you for the thorough comment. You changed my mind. I now agree that the attorney example is too self-promoting and could have been 3-4 words, and that its word redundancy is spammy.
112017-11-04 07:51:18 UTCVerdy_p Note that Frederik removed "description" and "name" (also "phone" and "email" or contact info) added to address nodes only (housenumbers with street names) that were actually not qualified with actual POI classification (e.g. "shop=*" or "amenit...
12017-10-23 10:59:13 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain this tag?
Γηπεδο = Γηπεδο πλαταιων
Tags should always be in English and documented in the wiki - automatic translation is not really he...
22017-10-24 16:16:54 UTCfreebeer Hi Jan,
Based on a similar entry on page 2 below starting with Γηπεδο and as a sports pitch, I think it was intended to be name=
and is simply a mistake.
(My greek is poor enough to imPEDE my understanding ;-)
32017-10-24 17:13:17 UTCnikasth hi from Nikas Th
Γήπεδο = football field
gipedo = football field
γιπεδο Μπασκετ = basketball court
12017-10-17 23:40:09 UTCpnorman Hello,

For some reason, you've created a huge changeset that spans from Africa to Asia. Was there anything odd that you were doing?

Also, I noticed that some buildings like are traced on top of other buildings, which is an error. Do you need help fix...
22017-10-23 11:52:00 UTCKirsty Owen Hi
I've no idea about the breadth of the change set I didn't do anything different from my normal process. When I click your link to the building section I can't see any of the detail.

We were advised in sections which were marked as "residential areas" in yellow to overtrace the b...
32017-10-24 16:04:19 UTCfreebeer Hi Paul,
It seems the last two items added were in africa where another #annoying #hashtaggy project is occurring, so somehow there must have been some overlap.
The two items before that are in Bangladesh, like those at the start I looked at.
As I've never participated in such a mapping project, ...
12017-10-20 12:14:05 UTCGeoKitten_import Hello jonwit. Unfortunately I have had to revert this changeset because instead of importing all the buildings, you imported all nodes with no ways. I'm not sure how this happened (technical glitch?) but I am fixing it up.
22017-10-20 12:21:26 UTCjonwit It took over an hour to import the 15,000 nodes so I'm thinking the file was too large. Please revert and I will upload again in smaller batches.
32017-10-21 18:09:28 UTCfreebeer Just FYI,
you refer to 15 000 nodes, while in this actual changeset commentary right below you will see
Nodes (1-20 of 10001) 1 2 3 ... 501

So what has happened is your upload was aborted after ten thousand elements. That means some five thousand did not make it here, nor would the following a...
12017-09-22 11:28:42 UTCmueschel Hi,
was heißt denn "phonezx"?
22017-10-15 16:45:45 UTCDeus Figendi Das ist eine gute Frage, vielleicht habe ich mich da irgendwie vertippt oder mein Telefon. Wenn es mir nicht einfällt kann ich das auch löschen.
32017-10-16 12:15:57 UTCfreebeer Und warum name=Sitzbank ?
Das kennt man schon von amenity=bench ...
Oder heisst es dreimal offiziell Sitzbank?
12017-10-13 18:45:14 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks for this!
Best Regards,
22017-10-13 22:29:57 UTCfreebeer Pity that these reverts don't seem to have lasted long.
(Kids these days. Why, when I was young...)
(me wonders what the highest revision number is in OSM and if this is an attempt to top that)
12017-10-11 18:38:36 UTCeggie PB met welkom gestuurd
22017-10-11 18:41:06 UTCeggie Vraag : Bevindt dit laadstation zich in het midden van de straat?
32017-10-12 00:10:28 UTCfreebeer Hallo eggie,
If you aren't aware (I am sure you must be), it seems to be a default of to create a new object, or post a bug report, on an existing node or way.
I see this everywhere in countries that are not so well looked-after as yours...
Thanks for your work in NL!
12017-10-11 14:26:41 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello ImranJuma. You have tagged this node with `building=yes`, but `building=yes` have to be a (closed) way/area. But there's already the university "Azrieli Pavilion". I think you have to delete this node, or if this is an theatre, then tag it with `amenity=theatre`
22017-10-11 15:28:27 UTCfreebeer Hallo Harald,
I was going to post about building nodes, but when visualising this change, I see a whole buncha problems nearby and the name Carleton brings to mind a few controversial #hashtags in talk-ca.
That out of the way, I encountered such building nodes recently, and indeed I am able to cre...
12017-10-10 15:25:35 UTCConstable Looks like you've been having some fun vandalizing our map. Why did you add all those trails and parks which are clearly fictional?
22017-10-10 19:48:57 UTCfreebeer Hello Constable,
I've quickly reviewed all changesets by this user, and none of them are worth keeping in my eyes.
The only one to give me pause was the nearby village? tourism? about which I commented -- it also was turned into a park, but I'm sure there is a better category to attract tourists b...
32017-10-11 07:54:47 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 52814886 where the changeset comment is: Remove Pokemon edits
12017-10-08 17:01:43 UTCtrigpoint In what way is Yew Tree House an attraction?
22017-10-09 09:21:05 UTCCathyH2808 Only In the same way as other houses on the street. They are listed (e.g. Jessamine Cottage). Why is this a problem? It helps visitors to the village know exactly where they are.
32017-10-09 09:22:21 UTCCathyH2808 If you wish to remove this listing, I will feel disappointed but won't argue about it.
42017-10-09 09:26:44 UTCtrigpoint There is no need to remove it. The name should be moved to addr:housename field and tourism=attraction should be removed as it is not somewhere tourists would visit.

Cheers Phil
52017-10-09 09:43:41 UTCCathyH2808 Phil
I am not techy(!) You may have already gathered this. I can't seem to amend the category or know how to follow your instructions (though I am happy to do so!)
Please can you explain to a numpty exactly how & what changes I need to make & when I get another break from work I will actio...
62017-10-09 16:53:56 UTCfreebeer Hi Cathy,
I see that user SK53 has corrected this.
What Phil was referring to is what I see far too often in english-speaking countries where the app,, is in use.
That is, far too many items are given a default to be a tourist attraction.
In other-language countries, other defaults appea...
72017-10-10 12:29:10 UTCCathyH2808 Thank you so much for your comments. Very useful! Won't touch again though in case I get it wrong again! You're a star! 👍
82017-10-11 13:46:37 UTCSK53 Forgot to mention I'd changed it! From aerial imagery it looks as if the house is a slightly different shape from that shown.

With you can also add a note which puts a marker on the map saying something like "Yew Tree House".

Someday I'll do more mapping in Hickling, last tim...
12017-10-08 10:23:41 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello carciofo. What is `honking` for?! #newkey
22017-10-08 12:13:46 UTCfreebeer Hallo Harald,
Might it be a highway sign similar to
I've seen this fairly often in, for example, Wien in Austria, so I'm surprised it's only mentioned as a ``funny'' sign, while apparently implied for default values in some countries.
32017-10-08 12:23:05 UTCHarald Hartmann Ah ok, indeed. Now the changeset comment make sense and as of
everything is fine :-)
12017-10-07 00:41:30 UTCfreebeer For the sake of accuracy, the claim of 10cm resolution is something I cannot verify, I was thinking of elsewhere. The ESRI zoomlevel is up to 21 with three different apparent resolutions. Naturally I focus on the best, sharpness near 10-15 cm, maybe.
The age of the ESRI imagery here is slightly o...
12017-10-04 20:11:27 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 52636453 where the changeset comment is: Revert undiscussed and buggy import of waterways (bad tags, don't match imagery, intersect with existing geometries, etc.) that is claimed to have been extracted from SRTM
22017-10-05 03:51:04 UTCPC10 Really? fuck off foundation OSM.
instead of helping and guiding how to improve the data (eliminating unnecessary nodes) revert the whole dataset. are you fucking kidding me?
of course, publishers do all the control, but companies like BING, ESRI, or google maps, when they have stolen thousands of ...
32017-10-05 13:36:49 UTCfreebeer Thank you for your concern.
I have no connection whatsoever to OSM except as an eternal newbie contributor, but...
I saw attempts made to contact you in order to fix the problem data, as well as to cease uploading it until the problems were worked out before uploading.
I purely by chance found my...
12017-10-05 07:42:42 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello maria camila longo. With
you have overlayed the other buildings. What do you want to achieve with this? Also `building:BLOCKS` would be a new and so far unkown key!
22017-10-05 13:18:38 UTCfreebeer (begin snark)
actually, that's building:BLOKES, this being a UK british-english-language tagging scheme, and would mean 19 blokes, dudes, guys, whatever, reside there ;-)
(end meaningless and ignore-worthy irrelevant waste of your time)
12017-10-05 08:20:04 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello LeavittMachinery. At
you have tagged the new and so far unkown key
`addr:tollfree` instead of perhaps
`phone:tollfree`, right?
22017-10-05 13:06:47 UTCfreebeer Also, please add the international country prefix before the phone and fax numbers, that I may find use for them from here, thanks
12017-10-05 08:29:43 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Murat Besler. At
you have tagged
What is it for? #newkey
22017-10-05 13:00:15 UTCfreebeer My guess, with the other two swimming tags, is a failed auto-complete attempt at athletics and swimming, if I may guess at the intent.
32017-10-07 00:31:09 UTCMurat Besler Thank you so much. I made the correction
12017-10-05 08:26:29 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Niels Elgaard. At
you have tagged
`Arkla` instead of
`phone`, right?
And what is an insurance cafe?! To me, it doesn't really make sense `amenity=cafe` in combination to `office=insurance`...
22017-10-05 12:51:10 UTCfreebeer (try again...)
Actually, is it not that the given phone number is for Aalborg, rather a distance to the northwest, a cafe there?
Arkla being something completely different and I can't figure out how it relates here to Hoeje Taastrup...
I think the data got combined/confused here.
32017-10-05 21:27:40 UTCNiels Elgaard Larsen Sorry I am not sure how I messed it up.
Anyway the insurance company is Alka:

According to the yellow pages, Madkastellet operates a canteen at the address:,12.268905&z=14&q=%22Engelholm%20Alle%201%202630%20Taastru...
12017-10-05 08:15:33 UTCHarald Hartmann Hallo raibach. Da hat Merkaartor wohl ein paar Buchstaben verloren, es sollte doch wohl eher `addr:housenumber` anstatt `addr:housenumb` sein, oder? ;-)
Da du ja anscheinend vor Ort bist, kannst du ja zukünftig (sofern es dir noch nicht bekannt ist) auch das `building` selbst näher bestim...
22017-10-05 09:17:49 UTCraibach Danke für die Rückmeldung. Ich werde in Zukunft verstärkt den internen Editor "iD" verwenden. Dort sind dir richtigen Bezeichnungen schon vordefiniert.

Grüße aus Raibach
32017-10-05 09:47:41 UTCHarald Hartmann oder JOSM ;-)
42017-10-05 12:25:16 UTCfreebeer Pfui teufel, Emacs!!!
...ich meine, Potlatch1 !!1!

12017-10-04 11:34:48 UTCwoodpeck Hallo Georg, bitte beachte die Regeln für "mechanisches Editieren". Diese besagen, dass man nicht "blind" an Objekten herumbasteln soll. Du bist ein erfahrener Mapper, wenn Du hier genau hingeschaut hättest, hättest Du gemerkt, dass (1) ein unsinniges Tag "ord...
22017-10-04 15:55:19 UTCfreebeer Hallo 'peck,
ESRI has imagery up to zoomlevel 17 here.
Looks (quickly) the same as Bing, without the artificial overzoom to z19.
Which also seems the same as DigitalGlobe Premium, with a different overzoom process (blocky instead of blurry).
Nonetheless, the area looks like a mess seen by me in ...
32017-10-04 16:30:00 UTCfreebeer Sorry to reply, but after posting I downloaded some history and remember this is a controversial import being reverted.
Not only do all the now-length entries have 5-decimal precision, but many are identical, when I measure nearly 100m for some.
I would guess (why would I even bother?) these are a...
12017-10-04 12:59:15 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Yuuki Satou. At you have introduced the new key `banner_url`. What is it for? Or is it some SEO-Spam? Then please remove it! #newkey
22017-10-04 15:19:30 UTCfreebeer Also,
name Musée de cote d'ivoire
name:en Musée de cote d'ivoireも
The ``english'' name is in french and in addition contains a non-US-ASCII trailing symbol. I do not know the correct proper name, but a translation could be ``Ivory Coast Museum'' or similar.
32017-10-07 17:54:47 UTCmueschel 'banner_url' was not added on purpose. That is an old bug in that has been fixed since a long time.
12017-10-03 17:10:10 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the new tag "pick-your-own=yes" on some nodes - I suggest to use the widely used key "self_service" instead.
Cheers, Jan
22017-10-03 18:26:27 UTCfreebeer Hallo,
I have not checked the uses for self_service, but I see it as different from pick-your-own as I know it:
self-service as I understand is where produce has been picked, but you obtain it from an unattended stand, with no fixed opening hours or other complications.
Which is different from my...
32017-10-03 19:21:36 UTCmueschel self_service is used on e.g. fuel stations, do-it-yourself workshops or canteens without waiters.

Yes, sure there is a difference, but it should be clear what it means due to the landuse =farmland. If the berries were already picked, you would put a node and tag it as shop.

self_service = yes...
42017-10-10 04:46:35 UTCDevonF It's nice to re-use keys and not create new ones, but I think freebeer makes a good point. Self_service=* is a little too ambiguous and there are many possible combinations of tags to be able to easily exhaustively search them. For example it could be applied to landuse=orchards, farmland, greenhous...
12017-10-03 11:29:19 UTCHarald Hartmann Hallo gd-wg. Bei hast du `MTB.SCALE=!` hinzugefügt, obwohl es schon ein `mtb:scale=1` gab?! Gibt's hier ein Problem mit Potlatch2?! #typo
22017-10-03 12:52:16 UTCgd-wg Hallo,
bist Du mein persönlicher Kontrolleur oder wie komme ich zu der
Ehre nur von Dir Nachrichten zu erhalten? Einfach weglöschen wäre einfacher?
32017-10-03 13:22:03 UTCHarald Hartmann Nein, ich schau nur bei , halte mich an den dortigen Hinweis und schreibe größtenteils die Leute an und mache sie aufmerksam.
Wenn du Glück hast kommt noch mapper999, Thomas8122, mueschel oder sonst wer vorbei, die löschen dann so...
42017-10-03 17:11:35 UTCMKnight Klingt mir eher nach Caps-Lock, weniger nach potlach
52017-10-03 18:00:42 UTCfreebeer Hmmm, mir CapsLock weniger als Shift, aber...
Ich schreibe jetzt auf englisch, und
with my qwerty kezboard, CapsLock still delivers `1' rather than `!' which only use of the Shift modifier delivers.
But `.' +Shift delivers `>' (perhaps `:' with a qwertz german layout?)
Would a german kezboard...
62017-10-03 18:40:13 UTCMKnight maybe a Mix of Caps/Shift. I think its not really necessary to find out.
And yes ':'=Shift+'.'
12017-09-26 14:52:48 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello samuelrussell. In this and other changesets you have tagged a lot of `tree-lined` instead of `tree_lined`, right? #typo
by the way, because i've seen this already today in other changesets: is there a problem with dash and/or underscore in Go Map!! 1.4 ?
22017-09-26 18:06:45 UTCfreebeer Hallo Harald,
Totally unrelated to this changeset or Go Map, I do want to confirm that the underscore cannot be typed with the combination of Potlatch (Adobe Flash) and browser Opera, while under the same OS, Firefox works fine. I doubt anyone else is likely to experience this, with the Firefox wo...
32017-09-26 23:17:24 UTCsamuelrussell Pebkac. Manual tagging and I forgot it was underscore. Will fix in Josm at home
12017-09-23 16:04:06 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Aventur El Chorro. At you have tagged `casas rurales/ alojamiento`* instead of `website`, right?
* is an unkown key
22017-09-25 11:20:25 UTCAventur El Chorro What i know is that Almona Chica have no webside! They rent there houses from only
32017-09-25 13:17:42 UTCfreebeer Hola,
If I can again show my ignorance, may I guess that:
it should be similar to `description=casas rurales...'
And I think the entry should, as Harald believes, be
(or the equivalent of booking=https... ?)
42017-09-25 14:17:08 UTCHarald Hartmann `booking=https...` rather not, see
I think `website=https...` is most common, or if you would like to specify it, then perhaps `website:booking` or `url:booking-com`, see
12017-09-20 20:09:14 UTCSelfishSeahorse Is this a public parking? If not, please remove it or add an access key.
22017-09-22 19:11:27 UTCdatendelphin Please be more friendly SelfishSeahorse.
This change set is 7 years old. And it would be more appropriate to ask if it is known if it is public or not. A missing detail is not an error calling for deletion in my opinion.
32017-09-23 17:00:15 UTCSelfishSeahorse Hi. Sorry for being too direct, I didn't want to appear unfriendly ... :-(

I just meant that if these are private parkings, they shouldn't be mapped (or at least tagged with access=private, but then it wouldn't be an amenity anymore), because otherwise, they give wrong information to anyone looki...
42017-09-23 17:01:32 UTCSelfishSeahorse *than wrong one.
52017-09-23 18:22:56 UTCfreebeer Hi,
To me the point should be to map what is on the ground, what exists, regardless of use.
OSM data is not only used to find the nearest carpark, but these lots would be suitable for a visitor to these (presumably) flats who may well be allowed use of them,who would lose out by removing the data,...
62017-09-23 19:44:21 UTCSelfishSeahorse Hi
Mapping private car parks without access=private may be useful for ~1% of people (visitors) but makes this tag useless for the other 99%. (And emergency vehicles need to know where the driveways are, not the car parks.)
72017-09-24 09:42:18 UTCdatendelphin It is also of interest to pedestrians or cyclists. It's a land mark. For example one could remember "It's the building on the left, right after the car park"
82017-09-24 11:40:33 UTChromain Hello, I am the reporter of these car parks. I think that no one should be a judge of the utility of a tag compared to an other. As already said, a car park is a land use, like the others. And I think that emergency vehicles aren't real users of openstreetmap (it would be very dangerous!!). So I thi...
92017-09-24 17:28:52 UTCSelfishSeahorse Salut and thanks for replying.
I don't think that car parks for visitors properly tagged with access=private are useless; what I wanted to say is that amenities without access key imply that they can be used by the public. Therefore, not tagging private car parks with access=private gives wrong inf...
102017-09-24 21:12:33 UTCfreebeer You are reading more into things than you should. An untagged carpark should be treated as, to paraphrase a g00gle error message I see often, `there is a car park here. That's all we know.' I have mapped hundreds of such objects with absolutely no way to definitively say whether they are public, ...
112017-09-25 08:35:31 UTCSelfishSeahorse > You are reading more into things than you should.
Are you sure? So, public car parks have to be tagged with access=yes? This is something we're not doing for any other amenities and most else (roads, parks etc.).
> And I suspect anyone looking for a carpark in the area is visiting ...
If ...
12017-09-24 07:16:31 UTCuser_5359 Hello, can you please check the way There is same problems with the used tag.
22017-09-24 08:37:17 UTCHarald Hartmann Indeed, what is `(new tag)b=h` for? #newkey
32017-09-24 12:00:20 UTCfreebeer Hallo Harald,
As a Potlatch victim, I can attempt to explain:
In the Advanced view, which is how one can Add manual tags, a new entry is created with a highlighted `(new tag)', which will then be replaced by the user input.
If the user happens to click the field, this default remains and the text...
12017-09-23 16:02:33 UTCHarald Hartmann Hallo Drizzt77716. Was sollte denn bei aus dem `bridf` werden? #typo
22017-09-23 18:35:00 UTCfreebeer Sicher `bridge' (asdfghjkl off-by-one)
Sieht auf der Karte auch so
32017-09-26 18:37:02 UTCDrizzt77716 Ja, "bridge" sollte es sein
12017-09-22 07:09:25 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Nini Johanna Secue. At the relation you have added `highway-path=Camino`. Did you mean the `name` instead? #newkey #typo
22017-09-22 12:08:01 UTCfreebeer Hallo Harald,
I'm not sure Camino belongs in the name field any more than Feldweg.
That said, I see this is a widespread problem in this area, including `Reserva natural' and `bosque natural', or `Estadio', which are either redundant, or better in the `description' field.
32017-09-22 12:27:55 UTCHarald Hartmann Indeed. If "camino" is spanish for "path" then it isn't the real name of the path, but if it's a hiking route named "Camino" then it's a name.
Also there are some duplicated ways: the long and a piece of it http://www.openstre...
12017-09-15 06:56:05 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Supaplex. At you have tagged `diused:amenity`. I think you have turn around the u and s ;-) #newkey #typo
22017-09-15 11:47:40 UTCfreebeer What, `disued:amenity' #newkeyagain #hashtagsRdumb ? ;-P~
This cntributin has nt any err0rs
32017-09-15 11:50:38 UTCSupaplex fix in
42017-09-15 12:04:22 UTCfreebeer `diᴝ∾ed:amenity' works for me too ;-)
(perhaps better to say, switched/swapped in the original comment)
#notanothernewkey #aarghmakeitstop
52017-09-15 12:11:44 UTCHarald Hartmann @freebeer: thx for the hint (switched/swapped), but there are a lot of new keys left (circa 40 per day) :-p
12017-09-14 12:46:54 UTCtrigpoint What does GPB mean?
22017-09-14 18:26:51 UTCfreebeer GRRRRREAT Pr*>pop<*thudKLONK*itish bounds...
Has anybody seen me teeth?
32017-09-14 19:51:44 UTCmueschel Sure... it was "currency:gbp", I wanted to fix it to capital letters... and mixed them up. Thanks for pointing out!
12017-09-12 18:56:31 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Thank for helping! Please don't mark the whole property as building. Only mark the building as building. A driveway to a building isn’t a highway=residential, and mostly no compound with the building.
22017-09-12 19:08:09 UTCIngrid1965 I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you are meaning, I marked the buildings as "house", and I marked the driveway as "street".
32017-09-12 23:05:40 UTCfreebeer Hallo 5359,
I think what you want to say is better written as: don't draw the whole property, but rather try to trace the building outline.
(Ich verstehe auch nicht richtig, `mostly no compound')
Ingrid, I can understand your desire to add so much as quickly as possible, and I also see how diffic...
42017-09-14 15:05:55 UTCuser_5359 Hello,

I am not a native speaker, sorry if my English is not always understandable.

My last sentence should mean that there is no connection from street to house (only if an entrance is drawn in)

I only took a detailed look at the area because a road was drawn across houses and other street...
52017-09-14 18:04:23 UTCfreebeer Hallo all,
5359, I understood what you were trying to say, when I started to clean up the driveways.
I think a great deal of the problem is that it seems the iD editor, used here, and intended for beginners, is seemingly too eager to grab and re-use existing nodes. I have seen this in several oth...
12017-09-10 08:27:01 UTCHarald Hartmann Hallo 4rch. Mit diesem Änderungssatz hast du einen neuen "lifecycle prefix" ( "depracted:" eingeführt, oder ist es nur ein Schreibfehler? In der Beschreibung des Weges steht, dass der Weg gesperrt ist, wäre es dan...
22017-09-12 22:10:58 UTC4rch Hallo Harald, access=no passt leider nicht, vor Ort ist kein sichtbarer Weg mehr vorhanden. Der Weg über den Gletscher und das Schuttfeld war nur durch die Wegmarkierungen sichtbar, welche ja entfernt wurden.

Evtl. sollte man das depracted: entfernen und nur eine Note am way stehen lassen. I...
32017-09-13 09:30:04 UTCfreebeer Hoi,
Fuer mich ist klar, `depracted' [sic] ist ein Tippfehler, oder english flasch gelernt.
Richtig ist `deprecated' -- leider hat Harald sowas hier nicht explicit vorgeschlagen.
Meine Fehler duerfen alle sammeln und behalten.
42017-09-13 12:06:34 UTCNakaner Hallo freebeer,

du kannst es ja wie Eisenbahnmapper machen, die nicht (mehr) existente Bahnstrecken, die man vor Ort fast nicht mehr erkennen kann, als railway=razed + razed:railway=rail/narrow_gauge/tram/... erfassen. Ein reines note=* am Way ohne weitere Tags führt nämlich dazu, dass ...
52017-09-13 13:57:11 UTCHarald Hartmann @freebeer: soso, `deprecated` wäre also richtig? Warum finde ich das dann nicht unter der o.g. Lifecycle-Prefix Wikiseite?
Sorry, dass ich mich nicht daran halte, dass ich deine Fehler behalte :-p
62017-09-13 16:50:20 UTCfreebeer Harald,
Mruphy's Law srikes again! Good catch. :-) I was thinking of software lifecycles. Now I cannot really think of any mapped items (apart from tags) where deprecated would apply...
@4rch, du hast `depracted' in deinem Antwort wiederholt. Was bedeutet es? In Google habe ich nur englische...
72017-09-20 22:03:26 UTC4rch Ich habe den Weg jetzt mit removed:highway getaggt (angelehnt am lifecycle prefix aus dem Wiki).
12017-09-10 22:08:13 UTCfkv Du hast am Prochenberg Wege gemappt, die dann von User martin0203 vereinfacht(?) wurden (u.a. in Changeset 48600801). Kannst du dir das anschauen? Woanders hat er ziemlich viel Schaden angerichtet, also befürchte ich, dass auch hier seine Änderungen nicht vorteilhaft waren.
22017-09-11 08:41:33 UTCfreebeer Hallo fkv,
Thank you for bringing this to public attention and poking my old memories.
I have investigated the area against a poor selection of orthophotos and my worse memory and compared achavi to see the changes. I would not call these changes just simplification, but a loss of accuracy/precis...
32017-09-12 12:32:25 UTCfkv Thank you for your statement, but it is quite long and hard to read. Are you (freebeer) = pingufromwoodquarter, and if so, why did you switch to English? Do you suggest a revert of these simplifications, or can you even get it done yourself?
42017-09-12 18:32:25 UTCfreebeer Hallo,
Also, I hope to catch the attention of some who do not read german. Ich kann nur Schlechterduutsch schreiben...
After losing a long comment (damn kezboard) again, I have looked at more changesets in the area entitled `Bereinungen Forst & Wiesen Prochenberg' a...
52017-09-12 19:39:21 UTCfkv I thought you were Pingu because you found out so quickly that this changeset discussion is going on. It's only the changeset creator that gets an automated notification by default.

As a Merkaartor user, I am no more familiar with JOSM than you, but I agree that the SimplifyWay function was certa...
62017-09-13 00:23:20 UTCfreebeer (Du darfst gern auf deutsch schreiben)
(As you know, changeset comments and discussions are public, and I guess I was just awake at the right time to see yours)

What I wrote earlier, then lost, was that I wanted to know the thinking behind martin0203's actions, which the first changeset comment ...
12017-09-11 22:21:09 UTCnm7s9 For Yoxford,
Google Street View shows a street sign that says Brevis Lane. Bing Maps also shows it as Brevis Lane (if you do a bing search for it).

I'm not sure we can use either of these, but at least there seem to be no active addresses on it yet. I guess it will have to be surveyed, at some p...
22017-09-12 14:01:38 UTCfreebeer Hi,
(excuse my kezb0ard problems)
Thanks, y0u have confirmed a text-only lynx br0wser search does n0t always return useful map results! Interestingly, a search for Yoxf0rd and Houston returned only the same PDF I found from 2012. Perhaps that was its planning name at that time?
Sadly, TIGERweb ...
12017-08-30 19:21:27 UTCSimonPoole Bitte keine separat gemappte Fusswege löschen, die sind nicht falsch und werden so oder so postwendend wieder gemappt.

Beteilige dich doch bitte an der Diskussion dazu auf talk-ch.

22017-08-31 08:02:58 UTCSelfishSeahorse Hi. Ich habe keine Trottoirs gelöscht, sondern sie gemäss Wiki [1] mittels sidewalk=* markiert, dort wo ein überqueren der Strasse überall problemlos möglich ist (insbesondere in Quartierstrassen). Zudem waren viele Trottoirs doppelt markiert (sidewalk=* und highway=footway)...
32017-08-31 10:30:38 UTCSimonPoole "recommended" heisst empfohlen, wenn nichts anderes dagegen spricht. Das die Wege schon separat erfasst sind spricht aber dagegen, da du ja nicht wissen kannst aus welchen Gründen das gemacht wurde ohne nachzufragen.

Mehr Diskussion dazu gibt es, wie schon gesagt, auf talk-ch.
42017-08-31 16:43:07 UTCSelfishSeahorse Sorry, ich wollte nur fehlerhafte Trottoirs korrigieren - hauptsächlich doppelt erfasste, d. h. mit sidewalk=* bei Strasse und separatem highway=footway - und habe dabei die Empfehlungen des Wikis berücksichtigt.

Um solche Missverständnisse zu verhindern, wäre es hilfreich, we...
52017-08-31 18:46:59 UTCdatendelphin Zu deinem Zitat aus dem wiki: Kerb ist nur der Bordstein.
Der Grünstreifen an der Thormannstrasse ist mehr als nur ein Bordstein. Das gilt als bauliche Trennung.
62017-08-31 21:17:17 UTCSelfishSeahorse Das stimmt, allerdings ist dieser nicht durchgängig. Somit müsste man eigentlich all paar Meter einen Fussweg zur Fahrbahn hinzufügen, um zu verhindern, dass man z. B. von der Thormannstrasse 57 zur Anshelmstrasse 2a vis-à-vis via Jubiläumsstrasse geführt wird.
72017-08-31 21:21:33 UTCSelfishSeahorse Habe das Trottoir übrigens trotzdem wieder hinzugefügt. (Dachte zuerst, dass mir ein Fehler unterlaufen ist.)
82017-08-31 21:23:14 UTCSelfishSeahorse PS: Gilt der Konsens, Trottoirs als separaten footway zu erfassen, für die ganze Schweiz oder nur für Bern? Würde es nämlich gerne unter ergänzen.
92017-09-01 09:44:29 UTCSimonPoole Ich glaube nicht, dass es -den- Konsens gibt, und als nicht Berner will ich mich da auch nicht einmischen,

Mein Punkt ist mehr, dass wir in OSM sehr oft mehrere Arten haben Objekte zu modellieren, häufig eine generalisierte (in diesem Fall Tags an den Srassen) und eine detaillierte (separat...
102017-09-01 15:11:56 UTCfreebeer Darf ich auf englisch schreiben? Nein? Na gut.
As Simon wrote, there has been a discussion in talk-ch, starting with
which you can see without subscribing -- follow the links for the thread.
It is probably best to subscir...
12017-08-24 06:41:03 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed that you map a lot of crossings.
Unfortunately you used highway=crossing + footway=crossing instead of highway=footway+footway=crossing
Please review
22017-08-31 13:19:58 UTCGerdP I've changed them all, see
32017-08-31 21:06:45 UTCgetBounds Thanks this was a work project and I haven't had much time to work on it lately. I feel like I got that tag structure from somewhere but not sure where thanks for fixing it. Initially I thought we would do more sidewalk Imports to osm but now not so sure. The import was more difficult than I anticip...
42017-08-31 21:10:32 UTCgetBounds Now I remember. I asked on an OS M Forum how to properly tag the crosswalks so they would render in one of the basic openstreetmap Styles. I got a snarky response so I think that turned me off for a while.
52017-09-01 04:56:11 UTCGerdP Well, many mappers don't like imports at all.
Another reason may be that there are two very different tagging systems for sidewalks, both well established.
62017-09-01 12:10:25 UTCgetBounds Not to drag this discussion out, but since you did edit these, do you find adding sidewalks important? We could add sidewalks for much of southern Ohio over the coming years if there is interest in the OSM community to do so. We will be mapping them anyway locally outside OSM as part of our work.
72017-09-01 12:56:54 UTCGerdP I cannot speak for the community. I'd prefer the other mapping method as it is less likely to break pedestrian routing. A missing sidewalk tag on a highway=residential is rather harmiess compared to a missing connection between all the highway=footway ways.
82017-09-01 14:39:58 UTCfreebeer Hallo get B. (may I call you get?)
I cannot speak for the community either, nor have I looked at any details of this conversation, but I would welcome the addition of sidewalk data in Ohio and elsewhere, just as I have tried to contribute missing data regardless of importance or appropriateness. S...
12017-08-28 10:07:01 UTCfreebeer I tell ya, it is a CONSPIRACY of me KEZBOARD to prevent me from making meaningless^H^H^H^Hful comments.

Be that as it may...
The ESRI imagery is now officially available for direct OSM tracing. Previously I had used the imagery for this area, a nice but poorly-aligned winter leaf-off imagery to...
12017-08-27 16:31:59 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Can you please check the existing von the street ? It seems the „original“ street von Tiger data for the Mustang Drive.

If you need help: You are welcome!
22017-08-27 18:26:44 UTCfreebeer Hallo user 5359,
As you can see from the different aerial imagery, the way you point to here does not exist, being some 71 metres south and at best a driveway that traverses a small pond.
This, sadly, is typical of the ``quality'' of the original TIGER data import.
So this imported old data can b...
32017-08-27 19:44:30 UTC168 Mustang dr To better clarify my addition to both the street name "Mustang Drive" and street address "168" is as follows..9 years ago the previous owner of my current residence "201 Sanders rd" deeded the long driveway to the county. That driveway would now be the responsibility of...
12017-08-27 18:03:54 UTCfreebeer Hallo ydrgbjo (hope I typed that right)

If you are Andreas Buerki, who re-created the footway along Helvetiastr. as in the talk-ch mailing list, in changeset 51412772, you can review its history in, oh, try
to see it was deleted about a month ...
12017-08-25 19:00:30 UTCfreebeer OOOOPS.

It seems this manual upload was not needed, as I guess I was able to unstick the network sockets to enable the upload that repeatedly failed after a long wait.

After closing those file descriptors, the original extensive changeset uploaded fine without errors or bugs I had been expecti...
12017-08-17 06:17:16 UTCsaikabhi HI,

This way: does not look like a river to me. Can you please correct this?

22017-08-18 08:57:07 UTCfreebeer After a quick review, all this user's changesets outside Nigeria, that is - in Texas, should be reverted, as they add fictional data. They all use this same changeset comment. See the nearby `MY HOUSE' to the northeast with some 250 metre walls... And the TRAIN STATION to the north...
32017-08-18 09:07:43 UTCsaikabhi Hello,

Thanks for catch. Can you go ahead and revert/fix this user's other edits also?

12017-08-07 12:54:53 UTCsdoerr OK, so you didn't like my idea of retaining the node (with its useful address information) and modifying the tea-room-related tags to effectively 'comment them out'?
22017-08-08 10:38:48 UTCJ H Baldwin Sorry, this was my first attempt at modifying map data and I'm unsure of the protocol. (Perhaps I won't try any more.) I didn't intend to upset anyone. If you wish to retain the node with its information, o.k., but I can't see the point of retaining nodes simply for possible future use. After all, t...
32017-08-08 16:35:41 UTCfreebeer If the node is still present, then there is no chance of someone re-adding it with out-of-date information...
42017-08-09 17:05:05 UTCsdoerr J H Baldwin, I hope you won't be put off editing by my comment above. Maybe I was a bit curt - sorry!
12017-08-07 00:27:36 UTChadw The name:en doesn't make sense. I'm also concerned that gesperrt isn't really part of the name, but is actually meta data. The fact that it isn't capitalised adds weight to that concern.

There is also no need for name:de if it is the same as name.

If you add name:en, it should be because tha...
22017-08-08 10:20:52 UTCfreebeer I'd guess name:en should be
Hoedinger Tobel (closed)
(sorry for lack of diaeresis on my kezboard layout) or
... (no entry)
MAPS.ME . 'Nuff said. The user added an attraction (ha ha) which probably should have been a change to the path access -- without knowledge of the area, I cannot say more....
32017-08-08 10:26:57 UTChadw "(closed)" would be meta data and should not form any part of the name.

(I too think is harming the map. Normally users don't respond to changeset comments, but this user has also posted to a forum. I think I will add a map note as well.)
42017-08-08 11:05:33 UTCHighfidelity Hello Freibier and hadw
I am using osm regularly via maps me and wanted to contribute not knowing the conventions. Sorry when I did something wrong. Appreciate your support how to deal with such information inthronisiert future. Fact is that the city has set up a plate that states in German languag...
52017-08-08 11:19:01 UTChadw Is this a restriction on entry at this particular point, or is it a restriction on the whole length? In the latter case, you should add an access=no tag to the main feature.

In the former case, you should add the appropriate barrier=* tag to the point on the way that people are not allowed to pa...
62017-08-08 11:27:32 UTChadw I notice that most of the Hoedinger Tobel is already mapped as access=no. It is only the westernmost bit that isn't. There is also a change from track to path, where the access changes, which I suspect is not real. As it is on administrative boundary, I think different sources have been used for ...
72017-08-08 13:57:19 UTCHighfidelity o.k.
will check how I can Change that.
The plate states that People should not enter the "tobel = valley". No reason is given, but I regarded this as valid for the whole pass. Whill check how I can Change that.
82017-08-08 16:12:59 UTCfreebeer Hallo all,
The actual attraction within the woods is already mapped since 2012 and appears on OSM from zoomlevel 18.
Node 1825598023 (typed by hand)
The path/track has the same name; three months ago user Micha2307 added the note, roughly translated as ``as of 2017; path closed since 2015'' (so i...
12017-08-07 06:02:59 UTCkaritotp Hi, thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap. Could you please confirm if this lake ( is there currently. According the satellite imagery it is not there. Thanks
22017-08-08 10:07:47 UTCfreebeer Argh, again I lost my typed text. Must be more careful what I am doing...
Hi Karito,
The newer Bing z20 imagery with full leaf cover is not a good reference.
If you look at USGS Topographic maps at zoom level 16, you will see, with a slight offset, the path of the brook and a small pond.
This i...
12017-08-04 10:24:54 UTCSpanholz Welcome to OSM,

if you see buildings that are rectangular in real life but not in OSM. Just make them rectangular by pressing "s" in your editor. Also footways should always be connected to other roads otherwise navigation/routing will not be possible.
22017-08-04 23:23:03 UTCinputsolution Thank you for the tips! Should I be connecting footways to roads, sidewalks, or both? Also, do you know if the 2 un-marked lines beside most roads are meant to be sidewalks? I've been adjusting them to sidewalks as i progress.
32017-08-06 06:27:59 UTCfreebeer Hi,
Without a precise example, I can only note that from my observations in Canada, the ``unmarked lines'' beside most roads may well be address (housenumber) interpolation, which can be seen in the area of your work at zoom level 17 and above, with real-or-planned numbers at the ends of the lines ...
12017-08-01 18:14:18 UTCBCNorwich Hello and Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
I don't suppose you are aware that OSM is a live worldwide database that is able to instantaneously change the characteristics of hundreds of folks maps. I hope you can realise that the live database is not the place to conduct tests. (Tests can be done off line ...
22017-08-01 22:01:11 UTCluciecohen Hi Bernard,
My apologies - I didn't appreciate the nature of the programme. Thank god I didn't do more damage! Thanks for being so polite in your response - I'll leave the site alone in future.
32017-08-02 11:12:43 UTCSomeoneElse If you want to add test data you can try - it's just like the "live" site but with just test data in it.
42017-08-02 20:59:00 UTCfreebeer Hallo Lucie,
May I repeat the welcome Bernard gave...
You wrote:
"I'll leave the site alone in future."
Please don't... Constructive contributions are always welcome, and there is a lot to be done, perhaps less in London relative to elsewhere -- but I see dozens of unresolved notes ne...
12017-07-24 04:18:30 UTCkaritotp Hi, thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap. You added a pond and a parking that do not visible on the satellite imagery, would you please share the source for this edition? Thank you
22017-07-26 13:21:24 UTCfreebeer Hi,
If one views the DigitalGlobe Standard aerial imagery, or for that matter Mapbox, I see an area at the time in construction. I assume this has been completed, and this user has added this info with iD based on local knowledge, without realising other imagery newer than the default Bing is avai...
32017-07-26 13:30:57 UTCfreebeer Actually, by manually adding the ESRI aerial imagery as background (not yet allowable as such for tracing into OSM) I can see the completed-mostly carpark with painted lines, and the actual pond, as suspected, not aligned to the approximate drawn data, but close enough to confirm the user's intent. ...
12017-07-01 16:23:47 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Unfortunately there exists no bridge in the OSM data.But you mean the road does not cross the river Manson Mill Creek? If so, the road must be divided.

If you need help: You are welcome!!
22017-07-01 17:57:59 UTCbeemerphile There was a bridge which was destroyed over 30 years ago. The center of the missing bridge is one of the corners of my property. East Jones Chapel Road has been abandoned by the county government at the 861 address by virtue of over 20 years of disuse. It is not possible to travel from East Jones...
32017-07-01 17:58:25 UTCbeemerphile I do not know how to make the map edits.
42017-07-02 09:18:31 UTCfreebeer Hi there, lover of BMW...

I have just saved the first of several edits to clean up this area based on aerial orthophotography, even though I know some to be years or decades out of date.

This area is not mapped to the standards we can find elsewhere, because most data I looked at was imported ...
52017-07-02 09:22:06 UTCfreebeer Look here "freebeer" (IF that is your real name), if you can't keep comments short, at least spend that wasted time doodling and scrawling over our beloved map so we don't have to read your pathetic drivel.
Signed, a fan (NOT)
62017-07-02 11:08:36 UTCbeemerphile Commenting only on your edit and not your editorial, the rock abutments of the missing bridge still exist. The road is private property (mine) beginning at the left turn where E Jones Chapel ends, though it continues 150 feet past my entrance where there is a barricade. The former road past the ba...
72017-07-02 13:12:01 UTCuser_5359 Can I help one of you?
82017-07-02 16:38:21 UTCbeemerphile Hi. My objective was to have the connection between East Jones Chapel Rd. and Phillips Rd. shown as permanently impassable because of a bridge out. GPS programs route through here and cause significant confusion.
92017-07-02 17:57:14 UTCbhousel Thanks @beemerphile, I marked the bridge as `highway=destroyed` and `destroyed:highway=track`. This along with the `access=no` tag should prevent OSM-based routers from sending cars down the road. (They should not route traffic along `highway=track` anyway).
102017-07-02 18:00:05 UTCbeemerphile many thanks!
112017-07-05 23:51:30 UTCfreebeer Hi Beemer, after a few days offline...
I took the liberty of interpreting your reply to me to make changes matching your description:
* Remove road name left behind after the left turn
* Add a barrier approximately where you describe; for lack of actual knowledge I picked concrete blocks, and tag...
122017-07-06 00:17:55 UTCbeemerphile Madison County Georgia still maintains and claims right of way past the power line to the line that I described. Phillips Road does go a bit closer to the creek than E Jones Chapel does, however the edits that were done should be sufficient to stop routing. Many thanks. I have even had a moving v...
12017-05-01 07:40:40 UTCJo Cassel Hier ist etwas schiefgegangen,bitte die Bearbeitung überprüfen und korrigieren.
22017-07-01 09:14:45 UTCJo Cassel Nach 2 Monaten keinerlei Reaktion von
-> Revert
32017-07-02 10:56:27 UTCpuzzle Was war schiefgegangen, bitte einen näheren Hinweis.
42017-07-02 12:25:14 UTCfreebeer Way: 150065690
Edited 1 day ago by Jo Cassel
Version #6 · Changeset #49960743
landuse residential

Wasserwerk hinzu
Edited 5 months ago by puzzle
Version #5 · Changeset #45596609

building yes
building:levels 1

Edited over 2 years...
52017-07-02 12:47:28 UTCfreebeer Wasserwerk besser sichtbar via ESRI schneebedeckte Luftbilder, aber 14,5m entfernung von Gebaeude.
DigitalGlobe Premium sieht aus wie 'ne Verschlimmbesserung von ESRI.
Verschiebung in DigitalGlobe Standard, overzoom z20, um 7,7m. (andere Gebaeude haben so gut wie keine Verschiebung gegen z19 Bing...
62017-07-02 15:19:34 UTCJo Cassel Ja, der Grund für meinen Revert war, dass das ganze Wohngebiet seit Monaten als ein Gebäude daherkommt.
@puzzle dies hätte sich vermieden lassen, wenn Du dir deinen Edit auch mal abschließend auf der Karte angeschaut hättest.
Ich hoffe, alles ist zur allgemeinen Zufrieden...
12017-06-21 07:32:09 UTCmanoharuss Hi rlittle08,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your interest in contributing to the map. I have observed that you have changed the school name. Are you sure this is correct, is there a way one can verify this change?
Asking, as this school's name did not change in a long time.

Thank you,

22017-06-22 19:16:42 UTCfreebeer Hi,
A quick googling showed both names at this address, but that the Elementary school closed in 2008, shortly after the import into OSM which has remained untouched. Therefore I am tempted to accept this change as reasonable, limiting myself to the two CA Dept of Ed results and not bothering with...
12017-04-28 05:45:05 UTCnammala Hi AT84,

Welcome and thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap (OSM). OSM is the real map of the world and every data is very valuable. May I know the reason behind deleting highways and also adding `waterway=pond` to the `park` tag is not a valid one. Could you please make those changes please.
22017-04-28 06:28:56 UTCAT84 Nammala,
I very much do understand that every piece of data is valuable to OSM, which is why I'm providing it with the latest data of the Village of Maxwell. I am on the local board as a landscaper, and the board has recently been asking, "How can we get word out about Maxwell?", so upda...
32017-04-28 06:46:56 UTCnammala Thanks AT84 for getting back . Like the way you have mentioned each and every point clearly. Happy mapping.
Let me know if I can help you in any way.

Best Regards,
42017-04-28 19:25:59 UTCfreebeer Hi. Maxwell? Hmmm.
I'm taking a look at the area to see if I can help, and how I can avoid doing too much damage.
If the roads/paths are presently impassable due to rain, I would not delete anything, but at best, mark with appropriate access tags. After all, I spend a lot of time in the sun at ...
52017-04-28 22:33:11 UTCfreebeer I know it's rude to reply to myself, but here are my thoughts:
The roads should not have been deleted, but instead retagged as not-residential. They look like the paths I walk to my Sometimes-Underwater Spot. Which paths are, at times, impassable for me, but that is not marked as such. At other ...
12017-04-25 13:54:41 UTCchadbunn There is newer inamgery for this area than Bing and Mapbox. Local Utah imagery from 2016 and there is most definitely a park here. I will capture with Mapillary today. In the future please refrain from deleting before you have contacted me about an error in this area.
22017-04-25 13:58:05 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi,
Yeah, sorry about that. I deleted thinking it was not there, but very quickly realised that I had made a mistake. I am trying to revert my chnageset, but somehow it was not happening. I will revert my changeset. Thanks for notifying me about this.
32017-04-25 14:01:05 UTCchadbunn Here is proof of the building:

I appreciate the interest in this area, but do you have any local knowledge of Layton, UT or are you just doing ...
42017-04-25 14:09:21 UTCchadbunn NAIP Imagery from earlier this month also indicates a building here. Even Google Maps or Earth clearly indicate a building here. If you are unable to revert I will just add it back in.
52017-04-25 14:17:26 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi,
Thanks for all the clarification. I realised it when I checked it myself the second time. I was verifying newly added parks due to random edits by new mappers. Since Bing and Mapbox both didn't show the park and the park changeset had the imagery source listed as Bing, I deleted it as I could...
62017-04-25 20:30:06 UTCchadbunn This building has been verified on Mapillary.
72017-04-26 06:50:18 UTCpoornibadrinath Right, got it. Got it verified on the most recent Mapbox satellite imagery as well. The changeset has been reverted: Thanks for bringing this to my notice.
82017-04-26 20:23:03 UTCmvexel chadbunn, do you have JOSM configured to use Utah AGRC imagery? I have tried and failed :( I would love to be able to use it in JOSM!
92017-04-27 03:56:04 UTCfreebeer Just to butt in, without knowing the contents of the other imagery sources, I can verify that both building and park are present in the (degraded) USGS Large Scale Imagery background in Potlatch2, although only at zoom levels 16 and server-side scaled to zoom 20, with nothing for me from 17-19 here....
12017-04-26 06:33:55 UTCupendrakarukonda Hi octants,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. According to imagery I can't see soccer pitch here Landuse and leisure tags can't be given to one feature. Can you check this?


22017-04-26 07:41:22 UTCfreebeer I can clearly see that there is a soccer pitch in Bing zoomlevel 20 aerial orthophotos. The user has mapped the pitch outlines a bit too far north and likely too narrow to render with field markings on . At the same time I can see an unmarked pitch visible to the northeast on the ...
32017-04-26 11:47:20 UTCupendrakarukonda Thank you Freebeer for clarification .
42017-04-26 20:47:34 UTCfreebeer To followup to meself...
I chose to not adjust anything, as I saw the net distance is some 69 metres, while seems to first want to add pitch markings from 80 (or 90?)m. It would not surprise me if there is a sub-regulation size pitch in use at elementary schools like here, but not being fam...
12017-04-20 12:58:36 UTCfreebeer Howdy Ms/Mr O. Ranch,
Good to see you have not abandoned OSM and have in fact tagged The Big Barn. I recommend to add names to as many things as possible, since I've done my experiments and tried to clean up my preposterous placeholders.
In my Easter mythmapping, I collected a number of i...
12017-04-04 06:07:29 UTCnammala Hi Oil Ranch,

Welcome and thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap (OSM). OSM is the real map of the world and the data we add should be ground truth please don't add fantasy data and the names to the name tag. I have reverted your changeset. Please let me know if you need anything regarding mapp...
22017-04-04 12:30:31 UTCOil Ranch Hello. Will you please expound on what data was deemed fantasy and what tag was inaccurately populated? Intent was the truth, but perhaps I misapplied some construct? Any help in better understanding what was done incorrectly is appreciated. Kindest regards.
32017-04-04 12:39:37 UTCnammala The park you have added doesn't seem to be present in the ground and OSM is the data which is ground truth. and also the name of the park, May I know the reason behind doing it
42017-04-04 14:41:27 UTCOil Ranch Thanks for your response. Perhaps I mislabeled it "park"? The Oil Ranch is working ranch that is an theme/amusement park for families, educational field trips, and events like birthday parties and reunions. You can see the entrance at,-95.8246921,3a...
52017-04-14 10:57:31 UTCfreebeer Greetings Oil Ranch,
I see no reason for the full revert that was carried out based on what was clearly simple mis-tagging of a theme_park tourism tag.
I took the opportunity to trace some simple rectangular building outlines in and around your theme park to try and fill in the copious whi...
12017-03-01 23:22:00 UTCfreebeer Vandalism -- This and most if not all other changesets from this user should be reverted, look in this area for more similar vandalism
12017-02-11 13:17:09 UTCRini1 Hallo halli 77
Du gibst einem Haus in der Friedhofstr. in Lauchringen die Nummer 1.
In Map4 BW ( ist das die Nummer 5. Die Karte ist nicht zu 100% genau.Bitte gib mir eine Rückmeldung, Wichtig dabei wäre deine Quelle.
Grüße aus Rheinheim
22017-02-23 19:52:10 UTCfreebeer Halli halloo 1. Rini
Die Hausnummern 5-7c stimmen.
Quelle: Worn-out shoes and worn-out eyeballs
Greetings from Rheinheim -- no, wait, I had to move away, far away. Narri narro
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