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12017-04-26 20:07:36 UTCAlan Bragg two parking lots were drawn by a single way. This caused a self intersecting way error Invalid polygon
Self-intersection[-71.1326805523277 42.5562496687046]
I split them.
12017-04-17 11:36:26 UTCAlan Bragg The cemetery overlaps a large housing area and a lot of open land. It should be re entered if it really exists with a more detailed boundary.
12017-04-17 11:18:25 UTCAlan Bragg Hi, Welcome to Openstreetmap. There is a better tag for a swimming pool. I've changed your "lake" to leisure=swimming_pool. There is a good list at
12017-04-11 01:32:34 UTCAlan Bragg I'm not sure changing from building=yes to building=house will make much difference. I see your using potlatch now. JOSM is the one I use.
12017-01-29 18:28:21 UTCAlan Bragg Hi, Nice job adding paths. I added some buildings to go with the paths but I don't know their names.
12016-10-02 18:52:04 UTCAlan Bragg Nice job mapping. I like the pool and playground. I added the main street name.
12016-10-02 13:18:48 UTCAlan Bragg Nice job mapping these school grounds. You may be interested in our Massachusetts OSM mailing list.
12016-08-29 10:24:04 UTCAlan Bragg What is this way without tags?
22016-08-29 21:00:07 UTCAlan Bragg I'm finding these ways that appear to be gps tracks converted into ways without tags.
Can they be deleted?
32016-08-30 14:22:04 UTCchimani Hi Alan, Feel free to edit anything you see will improve the map. I can't recall exactly the history there but my novice OSM skills may have contributed to some of this poor data.
12016-08-21 13:14:34 UTCAlan Bragg Another possible tag for the water tank at would be man_made=water_tower.
12016-08-07 13:06:33 UTCAlan Bragg Came here to look at your bus stops and I noticed the way you mapped the tunnel=building_passage under the gas station roof. I had been using indoor=yes. Learn something every day.
22016-08-07 15:14:31 UTCPeter Dobratz Yeah, I like tunnel=building_passage for capturing things like drive-through lanes that intersect buildings as well.
12016-06-02 20:57:47 UTCAlan Bragg I can see why you changed this from service to track. I'm wondering about a lot of other roads on the cape that are unpaved. Is track best, or service or even residential. Most of the residential roads in Wellfleet & Truro are unpaved and probably need 4WD but I don't think they should be called...
12015-12-06 22:06:12 UTCAlan Bragg Very cool Joe. I guess you updated via wheelmap. I live in Bedford and may be able to map more places. Wheelmap, I'll check it out.
12015-12-06 19:35:34 UTCAlan Bragg I've been looking into adding traffic_sign=maxspeed to Bedford. tells me you are the only one who's every used this key in the metro-boston area. Now I'm the second.
12015-11-17 09:20:33 UTCGerdP please review
You changed a highway=residential
to a highway=turning_circle
with the comment "roundabouts added"
In Bing, the way looks like a turning_loop, not like a turning_circle or roundabout.
Both attributes turning_loop and turning_ci...
22015-11-17 11:06:11 UTCAlan Bragg You are correct. Thanks for reverting my change. I've never reverted a change and just read the wiki to see how it's done. Did you do a "Partial Revert" with the JOSM REVERTER plug-in?
32015-11-17 12:05:56 UTCGerdP Hmm
I did not revert your change, and a quick look shows that it is still wrong.
I have done reverts with the plugin,
full as well as partial, but I see no need for this here.
42015-11-17 20:03:31 UTCAlan Bragg Thanks for the feedback. I now understand. The "way" is tagged as a turning_circle. I will remove the tag. I appreciate your help.
52015-11-17 20:20:53 UTCGerdP OK, thanks.
12015-11-15 13:25:40 UTCAlan Bragg Nice work cleaning up this area. I'm adding no-left-turn restriction where Carlisle Road merges onto The Great Road in Bedford. I noticed the sharp angle at the KeepRight site.
12015-11-11 22:38:39 UTCAlan Bragg Lots of great mapping in this area near where I live. I noticed that "Keep Right" found a few sidewalks that "are not connected to the rest of the map". I would like to connect them to the nearby streets. Anyone care to comment?
12015-11-11 15:16:08 UTCAlan Bragg way 48431233 is a floating island in the woods. I deleted it because it's only part of a gps track in OSM. There are no visual or strava indications that it's more than a bushwacked adventure. But, I may be wrong and reinstate it if needed.
12015-11-11 14:07:21 UTCAlan Bragg Nice mapping of Moriaty Campus. I'm connecting the paths to a parking aisle. That makes transportation routing possible. Unconnected, they are "floating islands". see
12015-11-11 13:44:08 UTCAlan Bragg Nice set of changes. I'm connecting path to parking asile at Orchard House to complete link to road system
12015-11-10 21:42:26 UTCAlan Bragg Nice catch. Caused me to visit the site and add details. Wouldn't have found this if I hadn't read about WOHDIDIT in a post to by Andy Townsend
22015-11-10 22:09:56 UTCGerdP :-)
My first thought when I found this typo
was that highway=memorial is another
tag for something like highway=disused.
12015-08-14 21:16:48 UTCAlan Bragg Nice touch adding trees. natural=wood will render on the map, natural=tree_group is infrequently used and doesn't render. see
12015-08-14 21:09:31 UTCAlan Bragg I changed natural=tree_group to natural=tree on two nodes where I believe you wanted to map a tree. tree_group is not used often and doesn't render on the map.
12015-08-14 20:57:13 UTCAlan Bragg I suspect the tag you are looking for here is natural=wood. natural=tree_group does not render and has only been used a few times. See
12015-08-14 13:53:30 UTCAlan Bragg Hi, the natural=tree_group is not a common tag. Using natural=wood is a good tag for a tree covered area and renders nicely.
22015-08-14 14:07:23 UTCURcommunications Cool. Thanks for the heads-up. I wasn't sure but I'll try that out.
12015-08-14 12:46:52 UTCAlan Bragg Just thought you'd like to know that natural=tree_row is the correct tag for a line of trees, not natural=tree_line. A complete description is in the wiki at
12015-08-14 12:44:56 UTCAlan Bragg Just thought you'd like to know that natural=tree_row is the correct tag for a line of trees, not natural=tree_line. A complete description is in the wiki at
12015-08-14 12:42:12 UTCAlan Bragg Just thought you'd like to know that natural=tree_row is the correct tag for a line of trees, not natural=tree_line. A complete description is in the wiki at
22015-08-15 00:33:28 UTCLeon K Thanks, can't have been concentrating as i've used tree_row hundreds of times :-)
12015-08-14 12:39:28 UTCAlan Bragg Just thought you'd like to know that natural=tree_row is the correct tag for a line of trees, not natural=tree_line. A complete description is in the wiki at
12015-08-11 21:48:09 UTCAlan Bragg This is the first time I've ever commented on a change set. The row of trees with the tag natural=tree_line does not render. The tag that renders is natural=tree_row. According to taginfo there are 126K natural=tree_row and about 900 natural=tree_line in the database.
12015-04-30 07:05:27 UTCBryce C Nesbitt Alan, thanks for mapping.

There are 7 uses of "sanitary_dump_satation:round_drain", which has a typo in the word "station".

Also the name tag should be blank, unless the station actually has a name.
22015-04-30 10:05:49 UTCAlan Bragg Bryce, I can't thank you enough for not just changing the tag yourself. It forced me to find out how to find the other cases. I easily found the 7 instances in taginfo and was wondering how to find the locations. I tried the MAP tab, but that showed the world. Then I found the Overpass Turbo link an...
32015-04-30 16:09:50 UTCBryce C Nesbitt Glad you found it. Note with Turbo you can even do fuzzy searches like "waste:grey_water" which will find even partial strings.
12015-04-14 04:58:25 UTCBryce C Nesbitt For the campground in this edit, I think each individual parking spot is a "pitch", where the overall site is a "caravan_site".
22015-04-15 10:21:51 UTCAlan Bragg Interesting, that's what the Key:tourism wiki site says. I couldn't find an example of this using taginfo. Do you know of a caravan_site that is tagged with pitches?
32015-04-15 16:56:10 UTCBryce C Nesbitt No I don't, and I've seen a variety of approaches used, including "addr:housenumber" for each pitch (see 36.48988, -121.148099).

I'm sure that having each one be a caravan_site is unattractive, and would want to find a better way.
12015-03-28 04:11:08 UTCBryce C Nesbitt Retagged because that's not a waste water plant.
22015-03-28 14:59:50 UTCAlan Bragg Thanks for changing this. I resorted to coding dump stations back when I had no other choice. I was planning to go back and change them to sanitary dump stations when I have a good internet connection. I like your :gravity, I'll use that myself.
32015-03-29 01:44:10 UTCBryce C Nesbitt
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