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12018-03-21 12:25:19 UTCAlan Bragg I would like to delete the ways tagged natural=old_coastline. They confuse me and probably other mappers without your experience. Thanks.
22018-03-22 16:15:08 UTCdmgroom_ct A lot of these ways do represent featues such as islands, which Is why I left them. I'll try and merge this into the exisiting data
32018-03-22 20:40:19 UTCAlan Bragg I see what you mean. I'll try to do the same.
I find the imported land use multipolygons and relationships hard to work with and not aligned with reality.
42018-03-23 13:26:46 UTCdmgroom_ct Alan. I've merged what I can, and deleted those which didn't represent anything. Whilst doing this I've also tidied up some of the imported landuse multiploygons.
52018-03-23 21:17:54 UTCAlan Bragg I took a look at what you've done and I'm really impressed. It's much easier for me to work with this data now. I'm tweaking the geometry using bing imagery. I'm visiting Savannah for a week and got interested in the map.
62018-03-24 20:58:08 UTCdmgroom_ct glad to be of help
12018-03-04 15:00:55 UTCAlan Bragg I'm not sure how to change the hours. The place is always open 24hrs/day, 7days a week.
22018-03-04 15:07:08 UTCuser_5359 Please see The value is 24/7.
12018-03-01 22:34:03 UTCAlan Bragg Thanks for adding Locke Park to Openstreetmap. It looks nice. I added the football field and track across the street. Have fun, add some more details to the map.
12018-02-22 12:49:07 UTCConstable Hi there Alan, do you mind if I ask you to double check this park location? Looking at ESRI Imagery I can't see any park here. It looks like there are just a few buildings here.
22018-02-22 13:04:59 UTCAlan Bragg Yes, there is a park. Drove by it yesterday using Mapillary. Unfortunately Mapillary images didn't line up due to GPS problem. Y
12018-01-13 22:30:33 UTCAlan Bragg Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
Published using OSMCha:
12018-01-13 22:18:54 UTCAlan Bragg Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
Published using OSMCha:
12017-12-24 20:33:44 UTCAlan Bragg I read your note and added access=private to the road.
12017-12-17 12:27:49 UTCAlan Bragg I'm responding to your request for a review. I looked at your changes and they are far superior to most first time mappers. I hope you keep on mapping.
12017-12-13 14:19:41 UTCAlan Bragg Hi, Thanks for mapping. I split the gameshop from the bank and added a building where the gameshop is located. Keep on mapping, it's great to have your input.
22017-12-19 14:50:12 UTCVitru Which religion has the Temple Anumah?
12017-12-08 20:28:38 UTCAlan Bragg Thanks for fixing the golf hole number changing name to ref.I was wondering about the correct way to tag it.
12017-12-03 15:35:51 UTCAlan Bragg Nice addition to OSM. Thanks
12017-11-22 16:58:30 UTCAlan Bragg Thanks for changing my path to footway. I suppose footway=sidewalk would do the same thing as highway=footway +surface=paved
12017-10-29 10:32:03 UTCAlan Bragg Thanks for fixing this. I too like keepright for finding these things.
12017-10-13 18:43:40 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
I think that this change might have included rather more objects than anticipated (including some not previously edited by andygol), such as
Best Regards,
22017-10-13 19:09:05 UTCAlan Bragg Thanks for your comment. I'll verify all the changes. This one was not by andygol but has the same problem and needs area=yes.
32017-10-13 19:32:42 UTCSomeoneElse There were also examples such as which were previously mapped as area:highway.
42017-10-13 19:49:39 UTCAlan Bragg Yes, that one is ok. This area:highway=pedestrian or footway all seem to have cropped up in 2015. I was wondering why they did not render and got an answer from scai I'm attempting to fix the problems in the ...
52017-10-13 20:19:42 UTCSomeoneElse For completeness (and apologies if I'm stating the bleeding the obvious here), an "area:highway" is fundamentally different to a "highway; area=yes". Usually it won't make sense to change either the latter to the former or the former to the latter. There is at least one rendere...
62017-10-13 20:42:47 UTCAlan Bragg Yes, thanks, I do understand. andygol had changed all highway=pedestrian area=yes to area:highway=pedestrian which caused all plaza type areas in the USA to become black holes in the map. I've been following this note "Note on area=yes
Don't use area:highway=* for plazas and similiar features....
12017-10-11 15:06:37 UTCAlan Bragg After highway=pedestrian and area=yes were changed to area:highway=pedestrian and area=yes they no longer render in OSM . I'm looking at the 50+ occurrences in Massachusetts? Do you know why?
22017-10-12 12:30:39 UTCandygol Hey,
It is hard to say. This is a good question to ask here
32017-10-12 17:04:16 UTCAlan Bragg Hi andygol, I asked the question and got some interesting comments.
I'll be changing the MA ways to highway=pedestrian area=yes
12017-10-11 22:03:43 UTCAlan Bragg Hi, Looks like you were busy adding parking lot lanes near Crosby Drive in bedford. Many of them seem to be missing connectors between the ends of aisles. You might consider adding the tag service=parking_aisle to complement highway=service
Thanks for your work, the map is looking more complete
22017-10-12 04:24:16 UTCTeresaPeteti Hi, Thank you so much for bringing these to my notice, will try to correct them and in future will be careful.
32017-10-12 10:33:17 UTCAlan Bragg No problem. I too appreciate it when people comment on my changesets. Thanks for all the work your doing. I encourage you to spend more time mapping in the Bedford/Burlington MA area. Alan
12017-10-08 00:11:57 UTCAlan Bragg Nice. I'll have to check it out.
12017-09-24 08:31:46 UTCHarald Hartmann Just leaving this comment as a reminder for `source` and `SOURCE` ... and all the other MassGIS tags ;-)
22017-09-24 11:55:13 UTCAlan Bragg These tags are artifacts of a long ago import. Many Massachusetts mappers, but not all, agree they should be deleted. I try to delete them from highway ways and nodes I edit. I'll consider deleting them from landuse or leisure ways as well. What we need is a mass removal. Thanks for the comment. Ala...
12017-09-15 06:38:09 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Alan Bragg. Is this an import? Is there any discussion about your edit?
Why i'm asking: in this changeset you have introduced a lot (nearly 20) of new, unkown, undocumented and uppercase keys! I don't think, that this should be in the osm database.
22017-09-15 09:48:05 UTCAlan Bragg Not an import. Reworking bad data from 2009. Old polygons were from digitized maps and poorly aligned. More recent data is now available which is replacing old one polygon at a time after review. I'm lobbying our local community to remove all these massgis: tags that came with the import.
12017-09-15 07:13:21 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Alan Bragg. Also this changeset looks like an import. And at you haved tagged `lleisure=..`, i think there's a `l` too much ;-)
22017-09-15 09:43:06 UTCAlan Bragg Not an import. In Massachusetts we have about 20 dumb keys that were introduced during the original import in 2009. see
12017-09-15 08:48:11 UTCmueschel Hi,
here is a way with only foreign tags:
22017-09-15 09:32:59 UTCAlan Bragg deleted tags, added new
12017-09-12 08:17:31 UTCmueschel Hi,
there are two ways with many foreign tags, looks like a mistake:

22017-09-12 08:18:48 UTCmueschel Here as well:
maybe there are more.
32017-09-12 11:03:52 UTCAlan Bragg Thanks, tags have been deleted.
12017-09-07 08:58:34 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review way
It seems you changed that way accidentially.
22017-09-07 10:22:54 UTCAlan Bragg Nice catch. Yes, that was my mistake. I remember now that I was trying to use the iphone app go map!! .
12017-07-30 15:37:35 UTCmueschel Hi,
some of the nodes have many foreign tags, could you check that? E.g.

22017-08-01 18:46:51 UTCAlan Bragg Thanks for catching that error and notifying me. I found that I had another similar error which I have corrected.
12017-07-04 14:40:38 UTCAlan Bragg Thanks for breaking up these ways. It made it a lot easier for me to add road names from new TIGER data.
12017-06-14 10:01:50 UTCTagaSanPedroAko It looks like this is a data import, that even covers a large bounding box. If this is an import done with discussion, this is okay, but it must be reverted, as the data imported may be mostly inserted outside the supposed bounds. I do not know whether SomeoneElse will interfere, any time later.
22017-06-14 10:13:54 UTCAlan Bragg Sorry, this wasn't an import. I made a number of local changes then did a couple map roulette fixes and they probably got caught up in the same changeset. That accounts for the wide distribution.
32017-06-14 10:25:36 UTCTagaSanPedroAko The changeset has MassGIS data marked as source and that makes this look like an import. That makes this problematic, but wait for SomeoneElse for comment. The changeset may be reverted any time, but I don't know what to do about those local changes or MapRoulette edits.
42017-06-14 14:19:13 UTCAlan Bragg I can understand how the comments are confusing. In Massachusetts did have an import of land boundaries many years ago. Problem is that they were all skewed. We use newer imagery to re-align them.
12017-05-06 22:17:16 UTCAlan Bragg What is the source "HS"?, there is now good bing imagery available.
12017-05-03 11:36:01 UTCAlan Bragg Nice change. I added amenity=police to the building. Thanks for mapping.
12017-05-03 11:26:36 UTCAlan Bragg Nice fix. The old TIGER census data showed Cypress Road extending southward. That's probably the source of the road you deleted. Thanks for mapping.
12017-04-30 20:12:36 UTCAlan Bragg This building has no width. Seems to be a shop but I cannot define it with the imagery.
Nice mapping in this area.
12017-04-30 19:39:50 UTCAlan Bragg These buildings don't seem to have any relationship to the bing satellite images.
12017-04-29 12:56:39 UTCmuralito Hi Alan.

You added some strange keys in this changeset. See for exampe the uppercase keys. Was on purpose or a mistake?
22017-04-29 13:30:58 UTCAlan Bragg On purpose. The GIS manager in our town has given me a shp file for new buildings. That field the date he updated the building. I'm using his date to keep track of the geometry as I replace them one at a time. In Massachusetts all our buildings were imported years ago and many have been torn down an...
12017-04-26 20:07:36 UTCAlan Bragg two parking lots were drawn by a single way. This caused a self intersecting way error Invalid polygon
Self-intersection[-71.1326805523277 42.5562496687046]
I split them.
12017-04-17 11:36:26 UTCAlan Bragg The cemetery overlaps a large housing area and a lot of open land. It should be re entered if it really exists with a more detailed boundary.
12017-04-17 11:18:25 UTCAlan Bragg Hi, Welcome to Openstreetmap. There is a better tag for a swimming pool. I've changed your "lake" to leisure=swimming_pool. There is a good list at
12017-04-11 01:32:34 UTCAlan Bragg I'm not sure changing from building=yes to building=house will make much difference. I see your using potlatch now. JOSM is the one I use.
12017-01-29 18:28:21 UTCAlan Bragg Hi, Nice job adding paths. I added some buildings to go with the paths but I don't know their names.
12016-10-02 18:52:04 UTCAlan Bragg Nice job mapping. I like the pool and playground. I added the main street name.
12016-10-02 13:18:48 UTCAlan Bragg Nice job mapping these school grounds. You may be interested in our Massachusetts OSM mailing list.
12016-08-29 10:24:04 UTCAlan Bragg What is this way without tags?
22016-08-29 21:00:07 UTCAlan Bragg I'm finding these ways that appear to be gps tracks converted into ways without tags.
Can they be deleted?
32016-08-30 14:22:04 UTCchimani Hi Alan, Feel free to edit anything you see will improve the map. I can't recall exactly the history there but my novice OSM skills may have contributed to some of this poor data.
12016-08-21 13:14:34 UTCAlan Bragg Another possible tag for the water tank at would be man_made=water_tower.
12016-08-07 13:06:33 UTCAlan Bragg Came here to look at your bus stops and I noticed the way you mapped the tunnel=building_passage under the gas station roof. I had been using indoor=yes. Learn something every day.
22016-08-07 15:14:31 UTCPeter Dobratz Yeah, I like tunnel=building_passage for capturing things like drive-through lanes that intersect buildings as well.
12016-06-02 20:57:47 UTCAlan Bragg I can see why you changed this from service to track. I'm wondering about a lot of other roads on the cape that are unpaved. Is track best, or service or even residential. Most of the residential roads in Wellfleet & Truro are unpaved and probably need 4WD but I don't think they should be called...
12015-12-06 22:06:12 UTCAlan Bragg Very cool Joe. I guess you updated via wheelmap. I live in Bedford and may be able to map more places. Wheelmap, I'll check it out.
12015-12-06 19:35:34 UTCAlan Bragg I've been looking into adding traffic_sign=maxspeed to Bedford. tells me you are the only one who's every used this key in the metro-boston area. Now I'm the second.
12015-11-17 09:20:33 UTCGerdP please review
You changed a highway=residential
to a highway=turning_circle
with the comment "roundabouts added"
In Bing, the way looks like a turning_loop, not like a turning_circle or roundabout.
Both attributes turning_loop and turning_ci...
22015-11-17 11:06:11 UTCAlan Bragg You are correct. Thanks for reverting my change. I've never reverted a change and just read the wiki to see how it's done. Did you do a "Partial Revert" with the JOSM REVERTER plug-in?
32015-11-17 12:05:56 UTCGerdP Hmm
I did not revert your change, and a quick look shows that it is still wrong.
I have done reverts with the plugin,
full as well as partial, but I see no need for this here.
42015-11-17 20:03:31 UTCAlan Bragg Thanks for the feedback. I now understand. The "way" is tagged as a turning_circle. I will remove the tag. I appreciate your help.
52015-11-17 20:20:53 UTCGerdP OK, thanks.
12015-11-15 13:25:40 UTCAlan Bragg Nice work cleaning up this area. I'm adding no-left-turn restriction where Carlisle Road merges onto The Great Road in Bedford. I noticed the sharp angle at the KeepRight site.
12015-11-11 22:38:39 UTCAlan Bragg Lots of great mapping in this area near where I live. I noticed that "Keep Right" found a few sidewalks that "are not connected to the rest of the map". I would like to connect them to the nearby streets. Anyone care to comment?
12015-11-11 15:16:08 UTCAlan Bragg way 48431233 is a floating island in the woods. I deleted it because it's only part of a gps track in OSM. There are no visual or strava indications that it's more than a bushwacked adventure. But, I may be wrong and reinstate it if needed.
12015-11-11 14:07:21 UTCAlan Bragg Nice mapping of Moriaty Campus. I'm connecting the paths to a parking aisle. That makes transportation routing possible. Unconnected, they are "floating islands". see
12015-11-11 13:44:08 UTCAlan Bragg Nice set of changes. I'm connecting path to parking asile at Orchard House to complete link to road system
12015-11-10 21:42:26 UTCAlan Bragg Nice catch. Caused me to visit the site and add details. Wouldn't have found this if I hadn't read about WOHDIDIT in a post to by Andy Townsend
22015-11-10 22:09:56 UTCGerdP :-)
My first thought when I found this typo
was that highway=memorial is another
tag for something like highway=disused.
12015-08-14 21:16:48 UTCAlan Bragg Nice touch adding trees. natural=wood will render on the map, natural=tree_group is infrequently used and doesn't render. see
12015-08-14 21:09:31 UTCAlan Bragg I changed natural=tree_group to natural=tree on two nodes where I believe you wanted to map a tree. tree_group is not used often and doesn't render on the map.
12015-08-14 20:57:13 UTCAlan Bragg I suspect the tag you are looking for here is natural=wood. natural=tree_group does not render and has only been used a few times. See
12015-08-14 13:53:30 UTCAlan Bragg Hi, the natural=tree_group is not a common tag. Using natural=wood is a good tag for a tree covered area and renders nicely.
22015-08-14 14:07:23 UTCURcommunications Cool. Thanks for the heads-up. I wasn't sure but I'll try that out.
12015-08-14 12:46:52 UTCAlan Bragg Just thought you'd like to know that natural=tree_row is the correct tag for a line of trees, not natural=tree_line. A complete description is in the wiki at
12015-08-14 12:44:56 UTCAlan Bragg Just thought you'd like to know that natural=tree_row is the correct tag for a line of trees, not natural=tree_line. A complete description is in the wiki at
12015-08-14 12:42:12 UTCAlan Bragg Just thought you'd like to know that natural=tree_row is the correct tag for a line of trees, not natural=tree_line. A complete description is in the wiki at
22015-08-15 00:33:28 UTCLeon K Thanks, can't have been concentrating as i've used tree_row hundreds of times :-)
12015-08-14 12:39:28 UTCAlan Bragg Just thought you'd like to know that natural=tree_row is the correct tag for a line of trees, not natural=tree_line. A complete description is in the wiki at
12015-08-11 21:48:09 UTCAlan Bragg This is the first time I've ever commented on a change set. The row of trees with the tag natural=tree_line does not render. The tag that renders is natural=tree_row. According to taginfo there are 126K natural=tree_row and about 900 natural=tree_line in the database.
12015-04-30 07:05:27 UTCBryce C Nesbitt Alan, thanks for mapping.

There are 7 uses of "sanitary_dump_satation:round_drain", which has a typo in the word "station".

Also the name tag should be blank, unless the station actually has a name.
22015-04-30 10:05:49 UTCAlan Bragg Bryce, I can't thank you enough for not just changing the tag yourself. It forced me to find out how to find the other cases. I easily found the 7 instances in taginfo and was wondering how to find the locations. I tried the MAP tab, but that showed the world. Then I found the Overpass Turbo link an...
32015-04-30 16:09:50 UTCBryce C Nesbitt Glad you found it. Note with Turbo you can even do fuzzy searches like "waste:grey_water" which will find even partial strings.
12015-04-14 04:58:25 UTCBryce C Nesbitt For the campground in this edit, I think each individual parking spot is a "pitch", where the overall site is a "caravan_site".
22015-04-15 10:21:51 UTCAlan Bragg Interesting, that's what the Key:tourism wiki site says. I couldn't find an example of this using taginfo. Do you know of a caravan_site that is tagged with pitches?
32015-04-15 16:56:10 UTCBryce C Nesbitt No I don't, and I've seen a variety of approaches used, including "addr:housenumber" for each pitch (see 36.48988, -121.148099).

I'm sure that having each one be a caravan_site is unattractive, and would want to find a better way.
12015-03-28 04:11:08 UTCBryce C Nesbitt Retagged because that's not a waste water plant.
22015-03-28 14:59:50 UTCAlan Bragg Thanks for changing this. I resorted to coding dump stations back when I had no other choice. I was planning to go back and change them to sanitary dump stations when I have a good internet connection. I like your :gravity, I'll use that myself.
32015-03-29 01:44:10 UTCBryce C Nesbitt
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