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12017-09-11 15:07:21 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello 25or6to4, at you have introduced a new key `Municipal`, what is that? #newkey
22017-09-12 11:51:53 UTC25or6to4 Glitch on my part from copying tags from the previous marina shape. It was supposed to be part of the name. I fixed it.
12017-05-24 06:05:07 UTCwoodpeck Hello 25or6to4, it appears that you're importing data from an NRHP data set in this and other similar change sets. Could you please ensure that the import is properly documented on the Wiki (I checked and at least it didn't seem obvious), and that you specify proper sources when making the edits? Th...
12017-03-17 15:44:11 UTCRichRico Thanks for contributing with OSM.
Could you please share the image source you used to make this editions?
22017-03-17 17:01:16 UTC25or6to4 Imagery used was the Texas Orthoimagery from TNRIS, available through JOSM.
12017-02-22 06:33:18 UTCmanoharuss Hi 25or6to4,
May I suggest smaller bbox approach in uploading edits.


12017-02-02 15:45:14 UTCyurasi Hi 25or6to4.
Thank you for contributing to OSM. I noticed that you've deleted several roads that were import. It would be great if you can let the community know the reason behind removing these features from the map. I think that you had would aligned these roads instead of deleted. Check also th...
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