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12018-01-22 07:03:11 UTCaharvey whats for? The Royal Botanic Garden is mapped out at it seems to overlap it.
22018-01-22 08:00:52 UTCLeon K To be honest, not sure. I cleaned up the edge of an existing area, no idea how I ended up replacing it, especially since it was 4 months ago.
32018-05-17 22:46:33 UTCWarin61 ??? Deleted ... leisure=park ... inside the botanic gardens... make no sense.
42018-05-17 23:19:21 UTCLeon K I wish i'd never touched this one. As far as as I remember there were multiple areas overlapping. I remember smoothing the edge,
52018-05-18 00:37:16 UTCWarin61 Hopefully (wishful thinking?) I have managed to catch most of my mistakes before someone else noticed ...
Fingers crossed that this deletion is ok. I think it is .. I did some work on these gardens - separating up the domain etc ... and adding paths, art work .. that was some time ago.
12018-05-18 00:29:20 UTCnevw Hi Leon
I noticed a couple of lines without tags in this area that may need deleting.
12018-05-10 12:40:51 UTCEwen Hill Hi Leon, There is a lot of overlap of residential, commercial and national park around Sassafras. My house is part of it and it certainly isn't classified as natural =wood. Any chance of reverting this or explaining the logic please?
12018-04-29 12:02:24 UTCaharvey isced level 0 is preschool, the NSW Public Schools data says this is K-6 which would be isced level 1, are you sure about this?
12017-12-31 03:30:21 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Looks to be little left of this line (former Buninyong line). The associated stations too have disappeared. Should this be removed from OSM and put on OHM?
22017-12-31 03:35:27 UTCLeon K Yes, there is nothing except a platform at the southern end.

I gave up trying to fix abandoned lines in Vic, there are one or two users who insist on putting long gone tracks in as disused.
After enough edit wars i've given up :-)
32018-01-03 22:54:32 UTCWarin61 I have now copied this railway line to OHM .. and it is there nicely.

Sections of this line I have tagged 'ruined:' other sections 'nonexistent:' and the southern platform/station abandoned:

I think that truly represents what is there. And, for those that want the history .. they can use OHM,...
12017-12-05 19:32:47 UTC红旗渠 Hi Leon,

have you really used Bing as source? On Bing these roads are not visible yet.

22017-12-06 11:32:35 UTCnevw DigitalGlobe Standard Imagery is more recent than Bing in this area.
32017-12-06 15:50:22 UTC红旗渠 I know this, I've used DigitalGlobe to map the [Tesla Battery](
12017-11-26 23:42:45 UTCCloCkWeRX Ugh, when I added it originally it would have been for the boat shop on the corner of Tapleys/Old Port Road, and I've assumed it the commercial area stopped at Hardy Street
22017-11-27 00:08:21 UTCLeon K No worries, might be worth adding a node but i've no idea what you'd use, shop=chandler, shop=marine and even shop=boat all exist but no one seems to use them much,
12017-09-19 15:38:25 UTCRudolf Mayer for minigolf, please use leisure=miniature_golf, not leisure=golf_course
12017-07-11 03:22:25 UTCWarin61 Hi,
I've been working on this treed area.
The Barrington Top NP is not all trees .. nor do the trees stop at its boundaries.
I have added a new relationship 7387469 for this treed area. I will work on it - expand and add holes.
12017-05-24 05:04:30 UTCCloCkWeRX Thoughts on classification of Ringwood Bypass ( ?
12017-03-23 22:49:14 UTCWarin61 Why layer=1 for these buildings?

At the moment relationship 6592787 has 3 of these buildings .. all layer=1 ... and they over lap one another ... so in order to 'fix' the problem I'd like to understand the use of the layer tag here.
22017-03-23 23:01:33 UTCLeon K Hi, not sure about the layer tag to be honest, I can't remember a specific reason for it. The reason for the three spearate parts is they are different heights and colours. It's part of the 3d tagging.
The layer isn't associated with that but might be because of the underground car park.
32017-03-25 10:40:17 UTCCloCkWeRX Better to model the different chunks as building:part I reckon; and the building 'footprint' as a building.

A bit hard to get them all in a relation properly with ID; dunno about other editors
42017-03-25 11:01:36 UTCWarin61 Interesting and dynamic architecture is hard to map... particularly from satellite imagery! :) Don't think any of the 2D editors handle it well. Now if we modeled the world in solid modeler? :)))
My thinking at the moment is to map it by the roof over laps .. at least that is visible from the image...
52017-03-25 11:14:12 UTCLeon K I've been there plenty of times, only issue I can see was one overlap, which i've just removed. Hopefully that solves whatever error you're seeing.
62017-03-25 11:16:06 UTCLeon K A single building and building parts might work better, might look into that. 3D tagging isn't so bad, eventually you learn how to see the result from the tags.
72017-03-26 00:41:27 UTCWarin61 Thanks Leon. I'll have a look at it later .. There should be a method of tagging the roof too so that they don't clash.
12017-02-01 08:02:32 UTCadamh Hi, you've swapped all scrub for wood. I wondered how you managed to arrive at a distinction between the two for this location. When i've visited it's very difficult to distinguish (especially as a non-naturalist like me) which parts of the gardens are scrub, scrubby woodland and woodland. Would lov...
22017-02-01 08:13:47 UTCLeon K Hi, the original intent was to remove the scrub tag from the overall park, since the individual areas were properly marked as well and it put scrub over the carparks and lakes.

I'm certainly no expert but my interpretation of the OSM wiki on the subject is that scrub is generally more grasses an...
32017-02-01 11:48:44 UTCadamh Ah, I'd only seen the individual areas changing scrub to woods. I'd not noticed that the whole thing had been tagged scrub. I remember putting all those areas in just to fix this but clearly had forgotten to remove the overall thing!
12016-09-11 21:28:14 UTCWarin61 Hummm ... the relation should have tags on it. The ways should be 'free' of the relationship tags.

I think there are at least 2 tracks here ... the relation is for the outer one. I have added that relationship.

There is more detail taht can be added - a barrier with gaps.. I have added those...
22016-09-12 04:01:57 UTCLeon K My understanding is that both methods are permissible.
Admittedly when you start adding more detail as you have then tagging the relation does makes more sense.
12016-07-28 10:05:04 UTCmueschel Hi Leon,
please check for spelling mistakes in keys. E.g. I found "building:levela",
"building;levels" and "bulding:levels"
in this changeset.
Cheers, Jan
12016-06-14 06:54:10 UTCTheSwavu Thanks for fixing that.

I've been noticing quite a few of these being added by this user:

but I hadn't got round to fixing them yet.
12016-01-27 21:12:40 UTCWarin61 Presently way 169174227 is tagged;

name=Blue Mountains National Park


This covers a very large area ... that is;

part of the Blue Mountains National Park (not the northern section)

all of;
Yerrandrie State Conservation Area
Yerrandrie Regional Park
Nattai Nati...
22016-01-27 23:31:37 UTCLeon K I didn't even realise i'd touched this :-)

I've been following your posts on the list and happy for you to improve these.
12016-01-22 22:02:13 UTCEwen Hill Leon,
A lot of these roads were closed for well over a year after floods of 2012. The original person who closed this may have moved on from OSM or just forgotten or perhaps was not aware that it had reopened.
12016-01-13 02:48:01 UTCCloCkWeRX Do the various offramps intersect with the Cross city tunnel? It's also at layer -2 and showing up in missing-junctions checks on keepright
22016-01-13 07:53:31 UTCLeon K The tunnel doesn't intersect with the surface roads except where the ramps surface and are already marked.
It does pass directly below the surface roads though. I'd class the junction errors as false positives.
As for the layer, yes the tunnel is below the surface so -2 seems appropriate.
12015-12-29 09:10:07 UTCGerdP Hi there!
Please check highway=ra, not sure what was meant (guess traffic_signals ?):
12015-12-11 08:55:15 UTCGerdP Hi there!
Please check : I've changed the typo highway=trea to traffic_signals:
12015-12-03 02:17:25 UTCadamh Hi Leon K,
You certainly get a lot of mapping done! :)
You and I map similar areas, so I'd like to ask if you could possibly add Changeset Comments to your work?
I like to see what's been updated near me and it's difficult to have to drill into each changeset to get a flavour of the change.
12015-11-16 08:43:08 UTCGerdP please review:
what was meant with
highway=ra ?
22015-11-16 10:06:00 UTCLeon K was meant to be highway=traffic_signals and messed up so didn't autocomplete.
fixed now.
32015-11-16 10:20:00 UTCGerdP okay, thanks, I was about to change it rest_area ;-)
12015-08-14 12:42:12 UTCAlan Bragg Just thought you'd like to know that natural=tree_row is the correct tag for a line of trees, not natural=tree_line. A complete description is in the wiki at
22015-08-15 00:33:28 UTCLeon K Thanks, can't have been concentrating as i've used tree_row hundreds of times :-)
12014-12-27 16:50:21 UTCCloCkWeRX
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