Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12017-04-25 02:44:17 UTCkimo Description should be "update bike path surface". Can change descriptions be updated one submitted?
22017-04-25 12:05:36 UTCnevw I don't believe so.
12017-04-24 10:26:30 UTCnevw Yes,
Lathlain Place should be mapped as two one-way streets as they are separated by the central area. You could also outline the centre section and map as landuse=garden and map the footways on the garden area/pedestrian area and connect them to the road and to the footways on the adjacent land ar...
22017-04-25 00:43:53 UTCnevw You have created a masterpiece here :)
12017-04-21 06:00:22 UTCnevw corr..source: LPI NSW imagery
12017-04-21 05:59:57 UTCnevw corr..source: LPI NSW imagery
12017-04-19 07:56:34 UTCnevw Hi
Yes I think I made an error in mapping that bit originally and haven't been back for quite some time.
I re-mapped the road section as a concrete path instead and removed the Sandalwood Crescent name from the stub that joins Lemongrass Circuit.
I will cycle out there tomorrow if weather is ok t...
22017-04-20 03:47:28 UTCnevw Footway and addition of lift gate confirmed by survey today.
12017-04-18 09:15:48 UTCnevw Hi
I noticed you changed the tagging for the Moreton Bay Cycleway from highway=cycleway to highway=footway.
The convention is to tag cycleways as highway=cycleway. The cycleway has cycleway signs along it's length. The tag foot=yes indicates that it is also for pedestrian use. Pedestrians can also...
12017-04-18 08:40:21 UTCnevw Hi
I noticed that the park is named "Dunstan Drive Park" but the street is named Dunstan Court.
Are the names correct?
12017-04-16 08:08:29 UTCnevw Any good reason you have deleted all recent mapping. I have recorded all those paths personally by gps. They are not concrete paths as you may expect but are dirt paths.
These are expected to be mapped. You should refrain from deleting other peoples mapping unless you know what you are doing.
I in...
12017-03-30 11:46:12 UTCnevw Landuse=forest is generally used for treed areas that are used for forestry operations.
A better way to tag this would be to use natural=wood or landcover=trees
12017-03-29 10:44:33 UTCnevw I think you have named this incorrectly as Brogla Crescent. I expect it should be Brolga Crescent.
22017-03-29 13:31:07 UTCTroy Troy sorry yes Brolga Crescent.
12017-03-29 10:07:43 UTCnevw Can you check the spelling of Jackaranda Drive.
The usual spelling is Jacaranda
22017-03-29 12:13:56 UTCTroy Troy Jacaranda Drive sorry
32017-03-29 12:15:17 UTCTroy Troy speed of the road is 20 kmh both ways
12017-03-21 00:05:52 UTCWarin61 Hi again
Relation: 2308145 tagged waterway=riverbank ... is not closed ... and looks to contain ways 172860359 and 172860350 that are both tagged (correctly I think) as wetlands.
I think the wetlands need to be made into relationship ... so that the ways can be cut up so they can be shared betwee...
22017-03-21 00:32:57 UTCTheOldMiner I agree with your comments. I made these additions back in 2013. My changesets appear to have been damaged around the areas of the wetlands. There are more problems all the way down to Mackay. I am not 100% why, as they were all mapped from bing using josm. There is another user fixing the problems...
32017-03-21 07:07:14 UTCWarin61 Finding out who did what .. err .. and then once found are they still around, and amenable to working on fixing it?
Rather it were fixed .. as time and inclination allows. This is not my area of vast knowledge in either OSM nor familiarity with the land .. I have been through a few times but not s...
42017-03-23 06:03:12 UTCnevw I am likely to be 'the other user' but have been unable to fix any due to not being familiar with the area and limited ability to interpret the Bing imagery for the wetland areas so I have abandoned my efforts to fix. There is the following data that could likely assist but as far as I know we don't...
52017-03-23 10:07:03 UTCTheOldMiner No problems. I will revist the area virtually other the next few weeks. Let you know when I am done. To see if all the errors have be rectified. I had the same issues around Mackay a little while back. Maybe when they did that big rework of the map
62017-03-23 11:21:41 UTCnevw Thanks to TheOldMiner
These are the main areas
12017-03-23 05:41:23 UTCnevw Hi
You have used +31 (Netherlands) for the country code in the phone number.
Did you mean for this to be +61 (Australia) instead
22017-03-23 05:42:38 UTCnevw Please ignore, I see you have corrected it.
12017-03-20 06:41:43 UTCnevw Hi Domhenry
Just curious to know how you get the height info for the buildings.
22017-03-20 19:13:01 UTCdomhenry The top 20 highest city buildings are in a Wiki page. Then with a bit of patience in Google almost all the city buildings have a number of levels - I used the level to height converter published by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. A few others a used Google Streetview to count the nu...
12017-03-19 00:33:39 UTCnevw Welcome to the
You need to read more of the tutorial and add the correct tags for your edit to display.
12017-03-19 00:30:55 UTCnevw Welcome to the
You have added a few shop=bookmaker to the map where none exist.
Are you able to correct these edits in the 2 changesets you have uploaded?
22017-04-03 05:05:37 UTCCloCkWeRX These are now removed
12017-03-10 16:53:03 UTCLee Drury Sorry, new to this. I came back to redo them
22017-03-11 06:04:14 UTCnevw My comment was for no one in particular, but thanks for tidying up.
12017-03-09 08:58:24 UTCnevw Your spam and inappropriate tags on Plenty Road have been deleted.
If you want to add business details add all the tags to the building it occupies (not the road) and leave out the spam.
22017-03-10 00:47:04 UTCnevw I have added all the company tags to the correct address point. I did not add to building as it appears several companies occupy the same building.
12017-03-05 07:55:47 UTCsp4rkie comment is wrong (editor simply takes previous comment as default). I did not notice this in time.

Don't know how to fix comment
22017-03-06 11:31:27 UTCnevw As far as I know the comment is not able to be changed after uploading. Adding a comment to the changeset with the correct remarks is fine. I have had to do that occasionally.
32017-03-06 23:00:07 UTCsp4rkie ok, I then will try to *add* (not replace) a comment in the future. thanks for clarifying this.
12017-03-03 10:30:39 UTCnevw Hi Sukhdeep, the name tag is meant to be the name of your shop. The big place across the street normally lays claim to Murdoch Uni.
Perhaps you were wanting to enter your suburb name, etc.
Please see these tags that you can add.
12017-03-03 10:15:49 UTCnevw Hi Tom
Welcome to the Openstreetmap.
House names are only entered if the house really has a name, like some old historic homesteads. You are welcome to add other details such as ...
I have deleted the personal details of your name from the house as it ...
12017-03-03 09:57:49 UTCnevw Hi Jack
welcome to Openstreetmap. We prefer that you don't enter personal details like your name on the houses you map, thanks.
You are welcome to add other details such as ...
12017-03-03 09:53:59 UTCnevw Hi,
welcome to the Openstreetmap.
I re-tagged the residential area as landuse=residential. Street names are ok.
12017-03-03 09:46:50 UTCnevw Hi Kriti
welcome to the Openstreetmap. Your name is not required on such a public map. You are welcome to add other details such as

12017-03-03 03:21:00 UTCnevw Hi Hannah
Welcome to the Openstreetmap.
House name are only entered if the house really has a name, like some old historic homesteads. You are welcome to add other details such as ...
12017-03-03 03:14:22 UTCnevw Hi uglyfleb
Welcome to the Openstreetmap.
Names are only entered for houses if that is really the name of the house. Other details are welcome...
12017-03-03 03:03:48 UTCnevw Hi Robert
welcome to the Openstreetmap.
The map is public and I deleted your name from the building. We don't enter personal details, but the house number and details like that are welcome.
Names on houses are only entered if the house really has a name.
12017-03-02 09:56:06 UTCnevw The Openstreetmap is a public map so please don't put your friends names on the houses.
12017-03-01 06:47:25 UTCnevw Are you sure it is correct to delete the path - there seem to be plenty of Strava users following it.
22017-03-01 06:57:04 UTCpaulg It must be a very minor trail, the main trail certainly connects with the roadway. I'll fix up.
32017-03-01 07:00:33 UTCnevw Yes, after having a much better look at it, I agree with you and think it is too little used and a minor a minor shortcut that is not required on the map, especially in such as small area with main trails next to it. I feel you were right to delete it.
12017-02-28 13:26:17 UTCnevw Hi Whereis_Neha
please note that we don't use abbreviations in the openstreetmap for Street, Court, Crescent, Road, etc - use the full word instead.
22017-03-01 05:35:50 UTCWhereis_Neha Noted.
12017-02-15 23:06:30 UTCnevw Your description tag in this changeset is considered to be advertising spam and is not permitted to be added to the Openstreetmap.
12017-02-09 05:50:29 UTCnevw Please don't add fantasy game Pokemon paths and parks to the openstreetmap. It is only for real things.
12017-02-07 11:42:38 UTCnevw again same problem with Heathcote-Graytown National Park mp.
22017-02-08 09:58:10 UTCnevw I have added the correct boundary for Heathcote-Graytown National Park without reverting your changes.
12017-02-07 11:39:44 UTCnevw This edit seems to have had same effect on the Heathcote-Graytown National Park multipolygon relation.
22017-02-08 09:57:45 UTCnevw I have added the correct boundary for Heathcote-Graytown National Park without reverting your changes.
12017-02-07 11:35:53 UTCnevw This edit also appears to have broken the same Heathcote-Graytown National Park multipolygon relation.
22017-02-08 09:57:09 UTCnevw I have added the correct boundary for Heathcote-Graytown National Park without reverting your changes.
12017-02-07 11:30:49 UTCnevw I think you may have broken the Heathcote-Graytown National Park multipolygon with this edit. You appear to have tried to shift or delete a part of the boundary of the park to line up with a road or something.
The park boundary came from
22017-02-08 09:56:20 UTCnevw I have added the correct boundary for Heathcote-Graytown National Park without reverting your changes.
12017-02-07 11:52:37 UTCnevw I had to fix the Percy Isles National Park multipolygon boundary yesterday.
I think you may have done an edit here too.
I not sure if it is correct, but will be ok for now.
12017-02-06 23:28:08 UTCaharvey I can't see this footway on the imagery you've used.

Could you comment back here to let us know your source?
22017-02-07 00:55:30 UTCnevw I deleted it. Missed this one when cleaning up the area previously.
12017-02-06 23:18:06 UTCnevw Hi
Are you able to move the cafe node you have added, from near the roadway, to over the building that the cafe is located in? Or is it a portable cafe on wheels and is properly located on the footway?
12017-02-06 04:58:28 UTCnevw Hi
I notice PGS as a source around the canals.
What does the abbreviation PGS represent?
22017-02-06 05:15:54 UTCTheOldMiner The term PGS also known as prototype global shoreline. Read about it here:

Mostly obsolete now. Preference is to use Bing aerial photography to plot correctly. Hope this helps.
32017-02-06 05:57:26 UTCnevw Thanks.
12017-02-05 01:52:02 UTCnevw Hi Rob
You have placed the public campsite in the middle of the road.
Are you able to locate is over the actual campsite that the public can use.
I looked using the Openstreetmap editor with satellite imagery but was unable to locate it precisely, so left it on the road. If you do this it would b...
12017-02-04 10:54:54 UTCnevw Not sure, but I found this tag on the wiki for bridges, which seems to serve a similar purpose-
bridge:support=* Position of the structures which support a bridge from beneath
12017-02-04 04:41:27 UTCnevw This is a public map. I deleted your friends house information and mapped the houses in the close vicinity. You are welcome to add other info to those but not personal stuff thanks.
12017-02-03 22:00:05 UTCnevw Hi
you have placed this on a roadway. Are you able to move it over the correct building footprint it belongs to?
12017-02-02 07:39:04 UTCnevw Hi Chace Hua
Welcome to the Openstreetmap.
I can see by your editing that you are unaware that you are editing a public map.
Do you wish to fix the edits yourself or do you wish me to revert your changesets?
22017-02-03 12:15:54 UTCnevw fixed these edits.
12017-02-01 05:31:26 UTCnevw This edit is incorrect. You have changed place=locality to natural=water for Port Douglas. Do you want me to correct it or are you able to fix it?
22017-02-01 05:36:35 UTCnevw Oops, wrong changeset....
32017-02-01 05:43:30 UTCnevw This one was the landuse=forest which I think may be better suited to natural=wood as the forest tag is for forestry managed treed areas.
42017-02-03 11:53:47 UTCnevw fixed
12017-01-31 12:33:54 UTCnevw These edits are incorrect.
You have changed a roadway to a footway and a house to a footway.
The landuse=forest is meant to be used only for managed forestry areas. The previous mapper had this area as natural=wood and this is the correct tag I believe.
You must only make real and correct edits t...
22017-02-03 11:51:25 UTCnevw residential house mapped and two areas that were mapped as forestry changed to natural=wood. Roadway already fixed by Ballisticv.
12017-01-31 12:25:50 UTCnevw The person who previously mapped this had the tag landuse=residential, which seems correct to me.
You have deleted that and added

I don't see any footway.

Do you realise this is a public map.
I think you need to put the tags back to the correct one...
22017-02-03 11:40:22 UTCnevw boundary of area changed back to landuse=residential
12017-01-31 05:00:42 UTCnevw The leisure=park that you have mapped here appears to be a private residence with a fence and does not appear to be open to the public. We only map leisure=park if they are open to the general public to use.
Has the lot been redeveloped into a park for the general public?
22017-02-03 11:31:23 UTCnevw fixed by ahrurvf.
12017-01-29 11:06:59 UTCnevw Welcome to the editing world of the openstreetmap Strawberi_
I see that this is you first edit and I am kindly offering you some friendly advice on how we expect the map to be edited - it is simply that you are free to map what you see on the ground and add these real things to the osm to improve t...
22017-02-03 11:28:45 UTCnevw reverted
12017-01-29 10:53:42 UTCnevw Welcome to the public map that is the Openstreetmap, that millions of mappers are trying to improve.
I notice that you have mistakenly degraded the map by changing the tags on Brighton Secondary College from amenity=school to leisure=park. I expect the school amenity is still at this site.
Are yo...
22017-02-03 11:23:57 UTCnevw reverted to correctly tagged school
12017-01-29 10:42:45 UTCnevw Why have you changed the shape of Haverbrack Park from the correctly mapped work of any mapper to a circular shape?
I notice that you are a new mapper, but do you realise that you are editing a public map.
Do you wish me to fix this and map it how it should be mapped or would you prefer to do that...
22017-02-03 11:19:07 UTCnevw reverted to original mapped shape
12017-02-03 07:52:56 UTCnevw Welcome to the Openstreetmap.
I wish to help with this edit.
Do you mean that house numbers 3 to 5 occupy this section of Clarke Street.
If so, the correct name for the street is 'Clarke Street'. The street itself is not meant to hold the house numbers, so was correctly tagged before your edit.
12017-02-02 23:33:33 UTCnevw Hi Sensocool
You appear to have make changes to the Openstreetmap that are not apparent in the real world. As this is a public map that you are editing and used by people other than yourself, I intend to revert all your changes soon.
Please add a comment here if you would like to fix your edits yo...
12017-02-02 12:00:51 UTCnevw Hi Hakim
Welcome to the Openstreetmap.
You have added a travel agency to the middle of a main road, a guest house to another road and another guest house to a car park.
Can you edit these sites again and place them on the building they belong to or would you prefer that I revert your edits.
12017-02-02 11:42:36 UTCnevw Hi CharlieOneHorse
please don't feel the need to put a name one every edit.
Only name items if there is a sign with that name on it.
12017-02-02 01:01:05 UTCnevw Welcome to OSM.
I shifted these 2 sites off the roadway and footpaths onto the nearest building as seen on the satellite imagery. Probably helps to zoom in closer in your app to locate points of interest to map if able.
Keep up the mapping,
12017-02-01 05:37:52 UTCnevw This edit is incorrect. You have changed place=locality to natural=water for Port Douglas. Do you want me to correct it or are you able to fix it?
22017-02-01 12:59:06 UTCCloCkWeRX Reverted this one for the moment
12017-02-01 05:12:52 UTCnevw I notice you have deleted TentWorld and The Mower Superstore on the corner of Leitchs Road and South Pine Road.
Have the closed down and moved?
Or has this been done in error?
22017-02-01 05:20:38 UTCnevw Just noticed that TentWorld and The Mower Superstore werer mapped on wrong corner.
Should have been on Kremzow and Leitchs Road.
Sorry, my mistake.
Keep up the good work :)
12017-01-31 04:47:27 UTCnevw I added traffic_calming=hump on Wellington Street just before Heddle Parade.
I added it just to the north of the junction. Hope this is correct side of intersection. I notice a node there with no tag, so thought that might be the correct spot.
22017-01-31 04:50:11 UTCBootROM Perfect, thank you. Am still new to this but hopefully I can help to fill in gaps for the new estates too.
12017-01-30 00:27:42 UTCnevw Hi
I made a small adjustment to the path you edited. I deleted the section that ran on top of Symonds Street - just linking to the street by a node is sufficient, unless there is a path or footway off to the side of the road, in which case it would be next to the road instead of overlaying it.
12017-01-29 08:03:24 UTCnevw Hi Woodenheaded
I noticed you mapped an area as landuse=forest. This tag is generally reserved for wooded areas that are managed for harvesting of forestry timber.
Do you think natural=wood would be a better tag to use.

12017-01-29 00:45:34 UTCnevw Hi Belthazer
I think you accidentally dragged a playground node from Camelleri Road Park to the end of Sunrise Place.
22017-01-29 05:05:14 UTCBelthazer I'm so sorry, I'm new to this and must have done that by accident. Has it been fixed?
32017-01-29 05:10:05 UTCBelthazer I went to the point and fixed it
42017-01-29 05:28:37 UTCnevw Thanks.
12017-01-28 06:33:47 UTCnevw Please don't make up names for paths. They only get named if there is a sign or similar with that name.
22017-01-28 23:25:54 UTCJodie Cameron Sorry, this is my first time using the Map,
32017-01-29 00:10:59 UTCnevw I also spent a bit of time making up a really good name for things I mapped at the beginning. :)
12017-01-28 07:35:06 UTCnevw All the pathways and boundary were already mapped here. You are not to map another layer of footways over the top of it if the map already has all the ways.
This is a public map.
22017-01-28 08:14:18 UTCrickybaker Why are the listed as unmaintained track road rather than pedestrian foot paths/trails?
32017-01-28 08:35:04 UTCnevw I am not there to view in person but I think track is wrong looking at satellite imagery. A track is something that a 4-wheeled vehicle may use like a fire trail for example that makes 2 track marks.
If they are tracks then that is how they have to be mapped and it is likely that they are not maint...
42017-01-28 10:32:04 UTCrickybaker They are walking trails that are not paved. I don't believe bikes are allowed in the park. Vehicles definitely can't drive on them
52017-01-28 10:35:06 UTCnevw ok then I would opt for...
surface=ground (or dirt)
Best wishes and keep mapping.
12017-01-28 07:26:21 UTCnevw You are editing a public map. Don't map footways that don't exist.
12017-01-28 05:48:54 UTCnevw Your vandalism of the Openstreetmap has been deleted
12017-01-28 05:47:17 UTCnevw Your vandalism of the Openstreetmap has been deleted
12017-01-28 05:46:51 UTCnevw Your vandalism of the Openstreetmap has been deleted
12017-01-27 05:53:04 UTCnevw I notice that you are changing many of the cycleways through your area to footways.
You are to map them as cycleways if they have cycleway signs. Pedestrians can freely use the cycleways too.
All the ones that are cycleways will need to be fixed. Please be more careful.
22017-01-27 10:47:27 UTCsatomigrim Thanks for messaging me. As far as I'm aware these are all walking paths with designated seating, exercise stops and playgrounds all along. Bicycle use is permitted but pedestrians have priority per the signage. Most cycle-ways follow the painted lanes along the road now. I have adjusted the 'Allowe...
32017-01-27 10:54:34 UTCnevw On the OSM the 'cycle-ways that follow the painted lanes along the road' are called cyclelanes. Cycleways are different and have a cycle way sign (picture of a cycle) and almost always give pedestrians access and priority.
I will be up there looking for signs later and re-map the cycleways, if nec...
42017-01-27 10:59:23 UTCnevw actually...the cyclelanes are of course cycleways as well .
12017-01-26 02:19:34 UTCediyes Hola,

Por favor tenga cuidado al editar parques y no mover las calles existentes.
Yo acabo de corregir el error.
22017-01-26 08:08:52 UTCnevw Hiimbraydon this was poorly mapped. You have joined edges to streets. It looks nothing like reality in satellite imagery. Name is unlikely to be correct. There appears to be residential housing and other large building infrastructure inside the boundary. Please take more care and zoom in very close ...
32017-01-27 10:46:57 UTCnevw Edited area as best as able remotely.
12017-01-27 04:02:06 UTCnevw I have deleted your valalism to the public Openstreetmap.
including ...
the loop where I reinstated the original mapped residential way.
sidewalk with odd tags where non exists.
Da Grossmann footways crisscrossing building of Maitland Highschool.
Please take more care in how you add edits in th...
22017-01-27 04:20:56 UTCnevw Perhaps I was too harsh with the comments as you appear to be new to editing the Openstreetmap. We welcome your future edits. :)
12017-01-26 08:33:47 UTCnevw Is this really a beach. it looks like a vacant block to me. You are editing a public map.
22017-01-26 12:57:51 UTCnevw reverted changeset.
12017-01-26 08:37:01 UTCnevw This appears to be a residential area and you have mapped a river, pier, water??
Has this much development occurred recently? This is a public map.
22017-01-26 12:21:52 UTCCloCkWeRX There's no river in Sunbury, I think its safe to say this can be reverted
32017-01-26 12:39:03 UTCnevw Deleted now
12017-01-24 07:19:27 UTCnevw It is a public map. Please don't put people's names on the map.
22017-01-24 07:20:48 UTCAdhitya Dido I am sorry I just used this for learning purpose only. I will delete the information soon. Thank you :)
32017-01-24 07:24:51 UTCnevw That's ok. I have already deleted it.Tks
12017-01-18 07:38:37 UTCnevw Is there is motel named "Home" here or are you referring to the Walpole Hotel accommodation or the Bayside Villas or has this been entered by mistake and you have added your own home location?
I have mapped the Walpole Hotel and Bayside Villas. This is a public map.
22017-01-23 10:53:21 UTCnevw no response, deleted "Home" node
12017-01-18 10:25:09 UTCnevw Hi
you seem to have added an unusual and un-tagged way to the openstreetmap.
It is meant to be part of the map and what is it depicting? and should it have some tags or should it be deleted?
22017-01-23 10:50:12 UTCnevw no response, deleted what was likely an uploaded gpx track.
12017-01-08 07:54:45 UTCnevw Hi smithmatt261
welcome to openstreetmap.
I noticed that you added name=133 to the motorway junction.
I think it should probably be ref=133 instead.
See the wiki:
22017-01-09 08:58:25 UTCnevw smithmatt261 has changed all these from name to ref now.
12017-01-04 06:15:28 UTCnevw What is the reason for access=no on the Lightning Park Recreation Centre Exit and Reid Highway On Ramp
22017-01-09 01:03:23 UTCnevw sb9576 has confirmed the access=no for these ways via a comment on a note I put in the area as follows:
"These roads are blocked. I confirmed again on Thursday morning when I drove by. Barriers have been erected on the entry and exit (tagged as barriers in OSM), both of which read "NO ACC...
12016-12-31 07:23:55 UTCnevw Please only add things that exist in the real world to the OpenStreetMap and not fantasy game items.
22017-01-05 06:37:19 UTCnammala With reference to the above comment, I am reverting the changeset.

32017-01-05 08:22:04 UTCnevw Thanks, there are a few more in the area too.
Overpass Turbo search:
Many of Ashryn edits are fine and generally to map new footways, but the Pokemon stuff needs to be deleted.
42017-01-05 08:35:18 UTCnevw mammala, let me know if you want me to delete the other Pokemon ones. I will check the footways and join to roadways where it looks appropriate, though I am not local to this area, and will need to use satellite data.
52017-01-05 08:35:35 UTCnammala Thanks nevw for bringing this up. I have deleted the bad stuff on map. Please feel free to remove the bad data which is on the map.
62017-01-05 08:38:15 UTCnevw Ok, thanks, I will fix the other bits in next few days.
72017-01-05 09:28:20 UTCnammala Happy Mapping
12016-12-19 07:09:11 UTCmrpulley I was wondering about this way:

It's marked as source = GPS tracks

When I visited here in 2010, the first section of the Big Bend track had been realigned (see the ways marked 'Big Bend Walk'). I was wondering if the old track had been reopened, or...
22016-12-22 06:14:28 UTCnevw Strava users like the new track that doesn't cross the creek.
12016-12-22 06:04:01 UTCnevw use ele=1380 to tag elevation and not the name tag
12016-12-12 03:37:56 UTCnevw I think you have miss-named this site.
I believe it is named Melaluka Bakery Cafe and is this site

It is spelt differently from the plant species Melaleuca too
12016-12-07 14:47:25 UTCnevw Is "Acc happened" the brand name of the fuel outlet or are you reporting an 'accident happened' here or something different?
22016-12-11 07:02:41 UTCnevw No response - Acc happened. deleted
Caltex service station added instead.
12016-12-08 11:10:56 UTCnevw Jessie may well be attractive, but this is not a personal map. I was unable to locate the tourist attraction myself, but if there is a genuine tourism attraction at that location and named Jessie then it should remain, otherwise any personal info should be deleted as it does not belong on a map avai...
22016-12-11 07:01:33 UTCnevw no response - Jessie and Lachlan Lloyd and bench deleted.
12016-12-07 15:01:10 UTCnevw Which is the correct name of the cafe?
name \tMariners Cafe
name:en \tJohor start point
12016-12-07 06:41:57 UTCnevw Thanks for fixing the platforms up. I always had an uneasy feeling about editing this station and couldn't put my finger on what is was. Seems so obvious now .... only one platform. :)

A few change-set comments would be appreciated too.
12016-12-04 04:05:47 UTCpaul1928 It's difficult to spot from the road due to the sharp drop-off, but the track is definitely there and clear to see.
22016-12-04 06:37:07 UTCnevw This section should be added back in if present in any form, even if overgrown. It appears to be a connection between ways. There are plenty of tags to add that describe path visibility.
32016-12-05 02:15:22 UTCnevw highway=path was missing from way and has been re-added on local survey advice from paul1928.
12016-12-02 11:23:04 UTCnevw Hi Batareikin
did you misspell this edit or should it be in Russian script....
name \tTarago
name:ru \tТараго
22016-12-02 13:46:56 UTCBatareikin It is all correct
It is Russian so it should be in Cyrillic script
12016-11-29 04:18:13 UTCnevw Hi
There is no way between Pinevale Place and Woodlight Street, except by the footway.
The tool 'Connecting motorable roads using #to-fix' is not always correct and only a guide that there 'may' be a problem and on satellite imagery it looks like there may be a block too. The driveways do not joi...
22016-11-29 14:03:47 UTCdannykath Hey there!
thanks for your correction!
Best regards
32016-11-29 14:04:13 UTCdannykath Hey there!
thanks for your correction!
Best regards
12016-11-23 07:41:32 UTCnevw I noticed you have renamed this peak from Mount Little to Toowoomba. Is this a mistake?
The map has it marked as Mount Little.
22016-11-26 14:26:53 UTCnevw Corrected name to Mount Little on advice from previous editor
12016-11-02 00:09:14 UTCnevw The change you have made using satellite info is incorrect. That part of Hercules Road ends in a short stub as previously mapped and has a lift gate to. Bear in mind that programs like #to-fix are only suggesting an error MAY be present, not that there is an error to correct. Mapbox and Bing are out...
22016-11-02 15:36:54 UTCridixcr Hi newv,
Thank you for notifying me about this error and also rectifying it. The imageries are outdated in certain places, agreed. I will make sure to confirm or at least add a note in places of doubt.

Thanks for your feedback.
12016-10-25 21:37:04 UTCnevw yurasi
There is a small extension of the road here that you have deleted. I have reinstated it. It is not viewable on the satellite imagery yet as it has recently been developed. Please take care when using tools like To-fix: Unconnected highways. They are often not reporting errors in the map but ...
22016-10-26 16:43:17 UTCyurasi Hi nevw.
Thank you for letting me know about this error and rectifying it. I assumed that this highway ended here, as seen in the satellite imagery. I will make sure to check the edit history of any feature before making any changes to it.
12016-10-19 05:28:01 UTCnevw You are meant to enter the tags name=* in English in this country.
If you want to add name=* in Chinese use name:zh=* instead.
22016-10-19 23:28:12 UTCCloCkWeRX Lets revert the renames and move it to the right tags, I think!
32016-10-19 23:33:20 UTCnevw Agreed.
42016-10-19 23:49:54 UTCCloCkWeRX All sorted out; some merged with the better features, some removed.

12016-10-17 20:59:18 UTCWarin61 Relation (361693) is not closed..

22016-10-18 01:23:43 UTCnevw Thanks Warin61.
I will fix it in next day or so.
32016-10-18 11:05:17 UTCnevw Relation now closed.
42016-10-23 04:25:12 UTCWarin61 Goodo.
While adding new stuff is what motivates me, 'housekeeping' makes the map work better. I have a few of my own things to 'fix up' too.
12016-10-10 13:08:28 UTCnevw You have mapped a Post Office here with the name HOME.
Is there really a Post Office here called HOME?
Is it instead your home?
Please review this object and tag correctly thanks.
22016-10-10 14:11:28 UTCCloCkWeRX Looking at Australia post, there's several offices on Sydney Rd; and the already mapped post office on Grantham Street.
12016-10-03 05:12:38 UTCnevw In this changeset you have added Serpentine Airport incorrectly to North Danalup. It was reported by Damon1 3 days ago. I deleted it.
This appears to be the correct location for the Serpentine Airport
12016-09-12 23:50:36 UTCWarin61 The Styx River is not the boundary of the Styx River State Forest .. nor do I think it is the boundary of the Cunnawarra NP... I have separated it off the Styx River State Forest. Will 'look at' the NP boundary later.
22016-09-17 09:01:09 UTCnevw Yes, looks ok.
12016-09-02 10:15:20 UTCnevw Hi Vincent
I notice you have entered 5 hostels on to the openstreetmap with name:zh=

I was wondering if that was not the name of the motel but was instead the name of the operator, in which case the key operator= might be more suitable.

The page...
12016-06-20 02:31:10 UTCnevw Changeset comment should have read: Fixed overlapping ways of Kinchega National Park.
12016-06-10 01:46:16 UTCnevw New relation for Olney State Forest is 6301813
12016-06-09 23:35:26 UTCnevw This changeset was to delete overlapping ways.
12016-03-30 22:43:14 UTCTheSwavu Hi, it would appear that this was broken at:

But your fix has now broken Glen Davis and Glen Alice still needs to go back into the correct location.
22016-03-31 05:05:50 UTCTheSwavu I reverted 38131822 at:

32016-03-31 06:17:47 UTCnevw Thanks, Wollemi National Park, Glen Davis and Glen Alice appear complete now.
12016-03-16 10:27:45 UTCnevw ...correction: Wallaroo NP was already mapped. I changed it to share the boundary with the SF on the east side.
and added swamps in area.
12015-02-25 06:00:54 UTCnevw Sourced road name changes from Morton Bay Regional Council
12015-02-17 00:00:17 UTCzool dear Nev,

One of my DWG colleagues had the following suggestion about footpath mapping: "In reality I suspect it's not really a separate footpath at all but just
a roadside sidewalk, so I'd have thought that sidewalk=left/right/both
on the road itself would be the best representation of ...
22015-02-17 01:27:22 UTCnevw Thanks Jo
I will make my changesets smaller and save more often with more descriptive text.
I do like this method "A different approach is to map each sidewalk as separate ways using highway=footway and an associated footway=sidewalk" as we have many streets without sidewalks, and some ...
32015-02-17 02:25:14 UTCzool I appreciate the response, Nev!

In my personal capacity, i think "tagging for the router / tagging for the renderer" is a trend with long legs...
42015-02-17 02:31:22 UTCnevw :)
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