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12017-06-21 22:27:51 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Relation 7246859 - building=yes;roof ???
Umm is it a roof ...or a building with a roof?

Roof only then building=roof is fine.
If it is a building with roof then building=yes is fine. But no ; for building.

The relation also shares an outer segment. That is a no no, throws error in O...
12017-06-18 23:00:22 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Why is this relation 6543467 required?

It is simply 3 areas - that can be 3 individual ways. Easy. And then you have no shared segments in the relation/way.
12017-05-11 23:12:17 UTCWarin61 Altered relation 7165413 - residential. Removed crossing ways.
I used the LPI base map that has the legal boundaries of the residential properties. There has been talk of better mapping by mapping residential areas by blocks... the road ways are landuse=highway.... I'm not going that far .. but I...
12017-04-19 23:00:19 UTCWarin61 Relationship 7165413 residential has touching rings ... if you look at the LPI Base map you can remove the touching.
12017-02-20 02:35:07 UTCCloCkWeRX Is it Strickland or Strickleland? Through work we have some (non free) documentation that suggests its not Strickleland.
12016-10-03 06:55:19 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Way: 439819578 you set sport=hockey, I have changed this to sport=field_hockey .. hockey could be either field or ice hockey. OSM now uses field_hockey or ice_hockey to avoid confusion.
See the wiki
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