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12018-10-14 05:50:53 UTCaharvey Glad to see that City of Melbourne imagery being used. For the toilets to the west, if that whole building is toilets you can drop the node and just add all the tags on the way.
22018-10-14 08:15:20 UTCRhubarb Cheers :)
The building in the west seems to be a club house (didn't note it on my last survey of the place). Though it does have toilets accessible to the public out of hours.

Also, City of Melbourne imagery is awesome!!! :D
12018-10-14 05:44:34 UTCaharvey Could you please specify which dataset from you're using?
12018-10-14 05:43:51 UTCaharvey Could you please specify which dataset you're using?
12018-10-14 05:30:35 UTCaharvey Could you reference which dataset is being used for the names? There are many different datasets on, eg. Vicmap Addresses or Vicmap Transport
22018-10-14 05:42:44 UTCaharvey For what's the reason for removing service=laneway?
12018-10-10 00:32:06 UTCWarin61 Hi,
When you add a sporting pitch, add the sport that is played there. If more than one then sport=cricket;rugby for example.

I have added a few sports here. Bound to be some I have missed.
22018-10-10 03:28:51 UTCDavid Dean I'm happy to leave that up to other mappers, or do it on the ground when StreetComplete asks me. Having a pitch marked with no sport is better that no pitch marked at all.
32018-10-11 05:09:49 UTCaharvey > Having a pitch marked with no sport is better that no pitch marked at all.

12018-10-11 05:05:15 UTCaharvey I've removed the name see
12018-10-10 02:36:13 UTCaharvey Does "Body Mind Life Redfern" take up the whole building, if it's only part of the building, it's probably best to add it separately as a node.
12018-10-10 02:15:09 UTCaharvey Hi,

Just a few tips, if a feature already exists in OSM why do you need to add a duplicate? Is this for a school assignment? I've deleted the duplicate parks.

Also see that's the right tag for an outline of a series of terrace houses d...
12018-10-09 11:02:36 UTCaharvey Where did you source those LGA boundary geometries from?
12018-10-06 04:39:54 UTCnevw Hi
you appear to have damaged parts of the map.
Are you able to correct it or should I revert your edit?
22018-10-07 06:23:29 UTCaharvey @nevw I went ahead and reverted as it does look wrong and the longer we leave it in place the more mess it can cause if others start editing on top of this.
32018-10-07 07:17:37 UTCnevw Thanks
12018-10-06 01:39:11 UTCaharvey See the accepted practice in Australia is to always draw out the roundabout in full. If you want to discuss this please open a discussion on
22018-10-06 01:55:24 UTCxujiayi_1256 Thank you for the tip! I have reverted the changeset and please let me know if there's any other issues.
12018-10-06 01:31:04 UTCaharvey Actually the road name someone had surveyed was correct for the northern part. I've fixed this up.
22018-10-06 19:05:43 UTCMisa_zumba Thank you aharvey.
12018-10-06 01:00:19 UTCaharvey Actually it's Alice Court on the LPI Base map, I've changed it to match that.
12018-10-05 06:58:23 UTCaharvey I've changed this to office=association
12018-10-05 06:54:54 UTCaharvey I've added the primary tag and move the tags to an area across the whole site to ensure we have just one OSM element
12018-10-04 12:05:27 UTCaharvey Hey Warin, the mine you added from the LPI Base Map already exists in OSM from a more accurate survey at so I've deleted the one you added.
22018-10-04 12:09:51 UTCaharvey is probably a good idea for those mountain passes, as it's well documented on the wiki. I couldn't find any documentation of the landform tag
32018-10-04 22:37:24 UTCWarin61 Thanks for spotting the mine. I did download a small area around it but obviously not big enough. Trouble is does not render :)

Pass ... umm the OSM key mountain_pass is for a road. I am adverse to using the key natural as that confusingly applies to both 'natural' and 'unnatural' things so ...
42018-10-05 00:32:19 UTCaharvey It renders in OsmAnd :) Activity to get it rendering on the main OSM map

It would be great if you could document your landform usage on the wiki as a proposal or just on the tagging list so we can discuss it?
52018-10-05 00:34:52 UTCWarin61 Still have to deal with the proposed 'ephemeral' !
Then there is public transport v2 that I said i'd do a bit on...
lots 'to do' :)
12018-10-04 03:50:19 UTCaharvey Looks good, though did you leave this disconnected from Warrangarree Drive for any particular reason?
12018-10-04 03:35:55 UTCaharvey I've unglued this park from the road.
12018-10-04 03:30:55 UTCaharvey +1 This park is shown in the LPI Basemap and Imagery.
22018-10-07 09:10:16 UTCWarin61 If you look you'll find a few missing parks ... No 1 Lucinda Rd is a park on the LPI base map.
12018-10-04 03:24:44 UTCaharvey Please see

I've reverted this change.
12018-10-02 11:30:20 UTCaharvey If there are signs indicating this is explicitly for mountain biking you can add bicycle=designated, or if bicycles are just permitted bicycle=yes, likewise if walkers are excluded by signs then it's foot=no.
PS. If you haven't already, you can take at look at
22018-10-02 11:35:56 UTCBookster Hi, while it's an mtb park, the trails are still able to be used by walkers. Thanks for the info though
12018-10-02 11:26:12 UTCaharvey This looks like a driveway to a private residence, that should be tagged highway=service + service=driveway + access=private See PS. You can make many changes which go together at once, then only hit save to upload as a changeset after that.
12018-10-02 00:18:42 UTCaharvey Hey I see you've migrated this node to the campus boundary, that's the right thing to do. :+1
12018-10-01 12:02:19 UTCaharvey Hey, I did the walk out to Asgard Head, however I could only find a track out to the point a bit to the east of where you placed the lookout, see do you think it's okay if I delete your track as I couldn't find it?
...though I could have missed it..
22018-10-01 18:53:23 UTCJonnosan yes that's fine.
12018-09-28 16:17:02 UTCSK53 Please dont do this it is completely unnecessary. OSM stores geographical information: it is trivially easy to calculate the area. Furthermore as OSM gets improved incrementally areas may change, so if you used OSM to calculate the area the value you added might be wrong in the future. If you used s...
22018-09-29 10:09:21 UTCaharvey I agree with SK53, this should be reverted for those reasons.
32018-10-03 08:21:11 UTCxoryo If we remove this, shouldn't we then also remove the other areas from the sea nodes? There are still a few, that is why I also added some sea areas in the past.
42018-10-04 11:42:55 UTCA bird How do you calculate the area when they are mapped as nodes and not areas?
52018-10-04 12:22:25 UTCSK53 The whole point is that these are mapped as points because there is no clear consensus about their boundaries. Any area will be approximate and not guaranteed to be one that others will arrive at. Such subjective information just doesn't belong in OSM. Just because it is possible to add information ...
62018-10-12 11:13:22 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 63451640 where the changeset comment is: revert addition of sqkm attribute to water areas
12018-09-28 04:50:05 UTCaharvey Hi, what is this mean to be? What's FTTX?
12018-09-26 12:27:34 UTCaharvey It looks like Hornsby Park already exists at
22018-09-27 01:17:53 UTCWoodWoseWulf I've removed the duplicate area added in this edit - this park is already mapped.
12018-09-26 12:23:53 UTCaharvey I've changed this to driveway.
12018-09-23 03:07:10 UTCaharvey I think it would be better to add the maxspeed on the water area as it applies to all craft, not just ferries. It also avoids needing to split these ways which makes editing more complicated.
22018-09-23 04:36:50 UTCWarin61 No source for the information. Possible copyright breach?
The nippers run has no permanent installation - just along the beach. Not verifiable.
32018-09-24 04:54:32 UTCaharvey I'm tempted to agree to a revert, these ferry routes are already complicated and I think splitting to add the maxspeed just adds unnecessary complexity when that maxspeed is more appropriate on the water area.
12018-09-23 03:09:34 UTCaharvey Why remove natural=cape? seems to match. Maybe old_name is a better tag?
22018-09-23 11:03:37 UTCDave Rave Cape sounds good, didn’t seem to be a good fit whatever it was I was looking at, and then hard to spot acrekevsnt entry later,
32018-09-23 11:52:19 UTCaharvey Did you want to add it back?
42018-09-23 17:56:30 UTCDave Rave Just looked, I see natural, and natural features
I don’t see cape
52018-09-24 01:41:57 UTCaharvey I've fixed it up now, but for future reference there's no preset in iD so you can scroll down to the list of tags and edit manually.
12018-09-23 02:59:24 UTCaharvey Looks like this change resulted in many overlapping streets, which Warin fixed up in do you know what caused this?
12018-09-21 13:06:30 UTCaharvey Are you sure there's a camp ground so close to the street here?
12018-09-21 13:05:46 UTCaharvey I'm pretty sure these places don't have Chinese names.

I've deleted the tourist=attraction since there is not attraction here.

The viewpoint isn't connected to any track are you sure it's in the right location?

I don't think it's going to go well camping in that marsh... are you sure the lo...
12018-09-21 12:51:25 UTCaharvey +1

Though I changed that relation to except=bus since from the imagery it says Bus Only which excludes taxis

Unless the imagery is outdated?
22018-09-21 13:50:05 UTCpangenib I actually, added via node which I missed while creating relationship few months ago. Anyway thanks for replacing except=psv with except=bus which represents the reality as shown in imagery.
12018-09-21 12:47:39 UTCaharvey Hi there, I've changed that park to a leisure=pitch
12018-09-20 12:51:40 UTCaharvey Hey mate, I'm not sure I agree with changing to match the cadastre. I think we should map the actual use on the ground (how it was before). Those wooded areas aren't being used as recreation area, so in my view, they shouldn't be included. There is a secti...
22018-09-21 04:13:10 UTCWarin61 Bet both ways?

I don't like land covers and land uses being the same ways.. leads to things like national parks being the end of tree cover. Not hard and fast on it though.

Pennant Hills Park is taken to the LPI boundary, they have increased the number netball courts there over time. They may...
32018-09-21 05:03:00 UTCaharvey Generally I agree re sharing the same way, but in this case it does look like the land cover and land use line up.

It comes down to the principle of mapping how it's being use at the moment on the ground, not where the legal parcels extend to/where it could go in the future.

> I'll try to t...
42018-09-28 05:05:20 UTCWarin61 I've taken a look.
The trees overlap some fences and shelters.
4 netball courts are now parking.
I have reduced the rendering area.
But have made a non rendering area for the legal area. It may be useful if they extend.
I have also add the Bradley Reserve to the south of here, as a p...
12018-09-20 10:33:56 UTCaharvey Same comment re

PS. this is probably considered mapping for the router as the pedestrian area is already mapped out, however since many routers have trouble routing over areas I can see how it's useful to also map it out as a way.
22018-09-20 23:02:35 UTCMaradona11 looking at this again, I also think these two pedestrian areas should not be joined together as they are on two different levels and not possible to walk between. thoughts?
32018-09-21 00:50:37 UTCaharvey I'm not 100% sure but it *might* make sense to use barrier=retaining_wall on a shared way between the adjoining pedestrian areas, or perhaps using a different level or layer tag is enough to know they are on different levels.
12018-09-20 10:30:13 UTCaharvey See the wiki on the sidewalk tag sidewalks go along side a road, if not then it's it's not a footway.
22018-09-20 23:07:17 UTCMaradona11 confused, what do you suggest tagging it?
32018-09-21 00:45:43 UTCaharvey I've fixed it up now, it's just highway=footway I think this was made more confusing due to the outcome of that is to change the ID preset translation back to the american term "sidewalk".
12018-09-20 11:00:24 UTCaharvey Are you sure about this, in the 2015 Mapillary imagery it's oneway
22018-09-20 23:38:06 UTCpangenib Thank you for you feedback. Sorry. Yes this is oneway with an exception for Bus.
32018-09-21 00:40:20 UTCaharvey See that would be oneway=yes, oneway:bus=no
42018-09-21 00:51:06 UTCpangenib Thanks aharvey.
12018-09-09 03:51:12 UTCaharvey Hi, welcome to OSM!

Regarding this change of name from "Access Trail" to "Barrenjoey Lighthouse Track", I added "Access Trail" as that is what the path was signposted as when I visited. Where did you find the new name?
22018-09-19 03:01:13 UTCMargaretRDonald It is the name given by the locals (of which I am one). In fact it is the original tramway track laid for a royal visit (Edward?) early in the 20 th century, which then became the 4-wheel drive access track for the lighthouse men and their families, and now after much money could be traversed by any...
32018-09-19 03:09:51 UTCaharvey Thanks for the reply.

I've ensured Access Trail (as signposted) is still preset by placing it in the alt_name tag.
42018-09-19 03:20:11 UTCMargaretRDonald Excellent (and thanks for caring) It's Sydney's answer to Mt Fuji, a religious trek.
12018-09-16 05:22:55 UTCaharvey I'm curious how do you determine building heights?
22018-09-16 05:23:45 UTCaharvey What's the building_1=yes tag?
32018-09-16 20:49:10 UTCJohn Bek I generally go for the 3m average per level, but sometimes search it out online
42018-09-16 20:52:01 UTCJohn Bek Am curious about the building_1=yes tag. I don't recall adding that, and if I did, it was somehow a slip of the fingers
52018-09-17 02:14:19 UTCaharvey I think it's better to set building:levels and data consumers can guess a height from that. Otherwise I suggest you add a source:height so that if someone surveys it they know that it's okay to replace if they have a more accurate value compare to it being a guess from building:levels https://wiki.o...
12018-09-16 05:20:43 UTCaharvey Could you provide details of this college? It doesn't look like there is any from the imagery.
12018-09-16 05:20:07 UTCaharvey Hi, Could you please provide details of this apartment hotel? From the imagery it doesn't look like there is an apartment hotel here.
12018-09-16 05:14:21 UTCaharvey the footway=sidewalk tag is for footpaths along side a road, it doesn't look like these are...
22018-09-16 07:29:50 UTCjakecopp Thanks very much, fixed. I missed the difference between "Footpath" and "Foot Path" in ID editor. I'll do more reading up on path types.
32018-09-17 00:09:19 UTCbartholemeu Very nice! i had just noticed last week that there is a lot of unmapped features in this area, and was wondering what the deal was! I'l try and add a bit more with my notes when i get a chance
42018-09-19 07:55:15 UTCjakecopp Cheers :)
12018-09-07 10:51:34 UTCaharvey What was wrong with the phone number format before?
22018-09-11 20:23:56 UTCVlIvYur Number formatting is a task of client software. In OSM only country code, area code and local number must be separated, other spaces can be misunderstood
32018-09-11 23:45:45 UTCaharvey But these numbers are entered and checked by humans, and it makes it less error prone and easier to do when left in their standard formatting as used by locals. We loose that by trimming spaces, but what do we gain?
12018-09-11 14:10:50 UTCaharvey nit picking on this, but the sydney harbour tunnel shouldn't share a node with the ferry route since they aren't connected, see
22018-09-12 03:52:16 UTCMaradona11 reverted.
12018-09-09 04:06:33 UTCaharvey You'll probably need to add a new way potentially reusing existing nodes for the leisure=nature_reserve.

It's probably easier to do in JOSM.
12018-09-06 00:05:37 UTCaharvey Nitpicking but 1/10 should probably be addr:unit=1, addr:housenumber=10
22018-09-08 12:17:06 UTCMoult I think you're right, should this be a general rule where any A/B housenumber should be converted into addr:unit=A, addr:housenumber=B? Or are there exceptions to the rule?
32018-09-09 02:30:13 UTCaharvey Generally yes, I'm not aware of any exceptions.
12018-09-07 03:35:26 UTCaharvey You've (probably accidentally) added bus=designated to all the nodes on these ways, plus in your other changesets too I think. The the tags on the ways are sufficient. This can happen if you use select all in JOSM (not a good idea), best to manually select each to avoid accidentally tagging the wron...
22018-09-07 06:17:52 UTCMaradona11 Can I revert to prior my changes today? and yes I will take your advice and do it on individual segment basis from now on.
32018-09-07 06:36:16 UTCaharvey That's probably the easiest and safest way forward (as opposed to trying to do another mass edit), then you can go through and reapply the bus=designated to the T-way road segments (and not the nodes).

The reverter plugin for JOSM works well, it will probably tell you there's a conflict from an e...
42018-09-07 12:28:19 UTCMaradona11 I have reverted all my changes made today regarding bus=designated ways and Nodes!
I used josm reverter which worked well.
I will be manually tagging the roads from now on.

Thank you for your feedback and advice.

12018-09-07 04:19:24 UTCaharvey same issue here wrt bus=designated on nodes
22018-09-07 12:36:12 UTCMaradona11 Changeset reverted
12018-09-07 03:52:35 UTCaharvey Could you hold off the mass change please? Manually changes are prefered as it's all too easy to make mistakes with mass changes. eg.
22018-09-07 04:16:10 UTCaharvey See according to docs, bus=yes means that this public transport stop is a bus stop. It's not an access tag.
32018-09-07 12:33:16 UTCMaradona11 Changeset reverted
12018-09-07 04:03:53 UTCaharvey what does no=service here mean?
22018-09-07 12:34:43 UTCMaradona11 Changeset reverted
12018-09-07 04:01:25 UTCaharvey Unless these are open to the public to use, could you add access=private?
12018-09-07 04:00:30 UTCaharvey same issue here wrt bus=designated on nodes.
22018-09-07 12:34:08 UTCMaradona11 Changset reverted
12018-09-07 03:43:23 UTCaharvey I don't think we should be mapping people's backyard trampoline in OSM, they aren't fixed structures. Also see
12018-09-07 03:40:09 UTCaharvey Re. are you sure the whole road isn't called Mons Road, with the T-way route going on that road? What do the signs on the ground say?
22018-09-07 12:32:31 UTCMaradona11 Change set reverted
12018-09-07 03:36:49 UTCaharvey Is really bus=designated?
22018-09-07 03:37:39 UTCaharvey PS. psv=yes is not needed on residential roads, public service vehicles are already assumed to be allow to drive on residential roads.
32018-09-07 12:31:42 UTCMaradona11 Changset reverted
12018-09-06 12:23:30 UTCaharvey Hey, I assume you thought you were adding a private bookmark? Your change changed the name of this bus stop for everyone.
12018-09-06 11:22:52 UTCaharvey Hi, just checking you did mean to move the toilets and Flight Center as well? See your change at

highway=footway implies motor_vehicle=no so it's not necessary to explicitly say.
22018-09-06 12:00:15 UTCaharvey I've reverted the accidentally moved nodes due to
12018-09-06 11:30:27 UTCaharvey Hi, oneway and lanes tags look good. See your change at did you mean to move the pub? I've moved it back based on
22018-09-06 11:58:14 UTCaharvey I've reverted the accidental moving of the pub.
12018-09-06 11:56:49 UTCaharvey Hi welcome to OSM! Thanks for the edit. It looks like you've accidentally dragged some other nodes I've reverted those changes. When using the iD editor it's all to easy to accidentally drag nodes due to s...
12018-09-06 00:09:32 UTCaharvey Hi you could also add service=driveway and access=private (if it's not a public road)
22018-09-06 06:24:17 UTCpmansour Thanks, aharvey I'll do that.
32018-09-06 06:26:18 UTCpmansour It's actually a shared driveway with 6 or so other houses. Is that still the best way to tag it?

42018-09-06 06:43:03 UTCaharvey I'd still say it's a driveway even if it's shared by multiple houses. It looks like it's an easement across all the properties, so access=private makes sense.
52018-09-06 06:50:16 UTCpmansour Thanks again.
12018-09-05 08:15:22 UTCaharvey I've change the opening_hours format so it validates. and can be helpful.
12018-09-03 12:43:24 UTCaharvey Do you know who can actually use T-Ways, the signage I've seen just says "No Entry, Authorised T-Way Vehicles Excepted".

psv includes Taxis ( are you sure Taxis are allowed to use the T-Way?
22018-09-03 23:09:57 UTCMaradona11 You are correct. Tway should not been tagged psv=yes as Taxis are not allowed.

Im finding many of the tways tagged incorrectly and inconsistantly in and around Sydney. What would be your recommendation tagging the Sydney Tways? No access, Bus=yes ??
32018-09-04 00:21:51 UTCaharvey Thanks for confirming that. I've reverted this change, as it was correct before, access=no (as generally no one can access it) and then say who can, in this case busses acting in a public service vehicle, since it's designated and not just permitted for busses we should use bus=designated (slightly ...
12018-09-03 13:08:17 UTCaharvey Hi, I know you're only new to OSM, so no worries with the process you've used. But if you feel like getting more advanced, you can use the More Tools > Replace Geometry feature in JOSM to draw a new way but retain the object history.
22018-09-04 05:51:33 UTCJincumbilly Cool thanks
12018-09-03 13:03:26 UTCaharvey Was this split for any particular reason? Generally you only need to split a way if you need different tags on different segments or making only one segment part of a relation.
12018-09-01 13:08:51 UTCaharvey Hi, I noticed this changeset added subway=yes to a lot of features, unfortunately Tag:subway is undocumented on the wiki so could you please describe what you understand subway=yes to indicate and how it us used globally, is it used by any data consumer...
22018-09-01 13:20:56 UTCaharvey I opened the thread
32018-09-02 13:57:30 UTCaharvey I've removed the subway tag as per feedback on that thread, subway in OSM means metro which means mass rapid transit. These stations are for regular heavy rail.
12017-10-05 22:05:26 UTCaharvey I can see where you're coming from, and honestly I'm not sure what we should have in OSM here, but the path from Burning Palms to Figure of Eight Pool was marked as trail_visibility=no which means pathless so no evident trail on the ground. This passage is very well used by people so I'd argue it's ...
22017-10-05 22:07:52 UTCaharvey On the otherhand there are no markings on the ground, and it might be better to add tags to the rock to indicate it's passable so routers can choose to go over the rock.
32018-08-29 13:29:07 UTCaharvey I've opened a discussion about at
12018-08-27 02:12:17 UTCaharvey Hi, I've reverted this changeset as it doesn't reflect on the ground. A tip for next time to prevent this happening again, you can check the history of the objects and notice they were only recently mapped by survey (which should trump outdated satellite imagery), also please check street level imag...
22018-08-28 17:15:07 UTCViki_mapbox Thank you for correcting my mistakes, yes, I checked on Mapillary, I will be more careful in the future.
32018-08-29 02:26:25 UTCaharvey That's okay, mistakes happen. Can see here the whole area is a construction site for new Sydney Metro
12018-08-24 02:12:12 UTCaharvey the `aus` in name:aus refers to (ISO639-3) it's a broad classification of 290–363 different languages. It should only be used when we know the name is in an Australian Aboriginal language, but not sure which exact language.

In IS...
22018-08-24 09:28:44 UTCMulti Pass Thanks for letting me know. I should have checked more thoroughly before making the changes. Don't worry about reverting, I can manually fix the mistake. Lee.
32018-08-24 10:39:33 UTCaharvey I'll leave it to you, but I would recommend the JOSM reverter, it ensures you don't miss anything and lets you know about conflicts if things have since changed (which they did for Mount Wellington, see
42018-08-25 00:54:51 UTCMulti Pass I have reverted the changeset, including the Mt Wellington name removal. Also added a source for Aboriginal names.
52018-08-25 01:10:55 UTCaharvey If they aren't from a survey, and just copied from another source, we need to ensure that copyrighted data is compatible with the OSM license terms.
62018-08-25 01:15:38 UTCMulti Pass I'll send them an email to be sure.
72018-08-25 03:44:31 UTCaharvey Great. If the data is CC0 then it's compatible, if its CC BY then we need the waiver at

In the past I've tried to obtain permission to use listdata in OSM but they came back u...
12018-08-25 00:20:06 UTCaharvey Hey I changed this to just cycleway=lane as I can see bike lanes on both sides at if it's changed since then (Map 2018) please say so.
22018-08-28 13:57:01 UTCjakecopp Thanks very much, I checked again today while cycling and that's right.
12018-08-24 23:39:03 UTCaharvey If the track exists on the ground, it should be in OSM. If it's not specifically designed for foot traffic, you can use the lower class highway=path or if it's specifically for bicycles use highway=cycleway.
22018-08-24 23:43:50 UTCBen Carroll Yep - I get that, but given the nature of the 'track' with local kids working on it and coming down it at very high speed, I didn't think it was safe as many end-users of OSM data see foot paths and cycle paths as much the same.
32018-08-25 00:07:43 UTCaharvey I've reverted this to bring back the objects since you noted the path does actually exist on the ground. Likely you'll want to downgrade it to highway=path
12018-08-24 02:13:00 UTCaharvey Hi, I noticed you removed the indigenous name here, what was the reason for that?
22018-08-25 01:00:58 UTCMulti Pass I have restored the Aboriginal name of Mt Wellington, as well as changing the key name:aus to name:xtz to be more specific for Tasmanian languages. Changeset: Further discussion:\...
32018-08-25 13:39:17 UTCChuq Hey, sorry about the mixup. I had removed the "name:aus" field as I had been unable to find a language code for palawa kani and "aus" was way too broad term. I notice on the other changeset that xtz should be used. Sorry about that! (I had searched the iso639-3 site, but foun...
12018-08-24 00:26:17 UTCaharvey I don't think it's correct to add the station name to the platform. suggests mapping either the platform name if it has one or the platform number (should also go in the ref tag).

Published using OSM...
12018-08-24 00:10:19 UTCaharvey I think it's better to leave the name tag for the platform name if exists, most of the time it doesn't. The station name is already mapped.

Published using OSMCha:
12018-08-21 11:24:44 UTCaharvey Are you sure is Louis Street, there is a Louis Street further north and it doesn't match the LPI Basemap, could you confirm with local knowledge?
22018-08-24 14:04:59 UTCsamuelrussell Meaculpa maxima, copy paste errors while air mapping
12018-08-21 10:59:30 UTCaharvey How can you tell surface:grade from the the aerial imagery?
22018-08-21 11:12:52 UTCaharvey Also lanes according to is marked lanes, there are no lanes marked here so I'm not sure lanes=2 is appropriate, see
12018-08-21 00:33:10 UTCaharvey It seems from the previous editors that this is indeed a named interchange if you delete how is the interchange and name retained in OSM?
22018-08-21 01:54:35 UTCWarin61 a) From my reading of this names an exit off the motorway - not the entry to it.

b) the Way: Windybanks Interchange (8063077) is seen as you go under the way .. just like you see the name of Way: Falcon Street (171334934) when y...
32018-08-21 02:27:42 UTCaharvey Part of the problem may be highway=motorway_junction isn't intended to be used to map interchanges, generally the whole system of offrams/onramps where two major roads connect are an interchange and in this case it's a named interchange like or https://w...
42018-08-21 03:00:07 UTCWarin61 Yet that is the interpretation that I have come to. Otherwise .. what name do you give the way over the motorway there? Those signs do state the name of the road over the motorway ... so this is only logical (Dr Spock aproves?).

As for the problem of motorway interchanges .. Perhaps place=motorw...
52018-08-21 04:24:26 UTCaharvey Yeah I agree that the name of the way should be as signposted. I've restored using the tag place=highway_interchange.
12018-08-21 04:18:37 UTCaharvey I've migrated all the existing tags across from into the new way.
12018-08-20 00:32:52 UTCaharvey According to the GNR "Providential Head" was the old name, I've also added
12018-08-20 00:05:27 UTCaharvey I think it's better to use, which the wiki says is "An area of water mostly surrounded by land but with level connection to the ocean or a lake." It's a well documented and widely used tag. The fact that it's identified as a cove is pre...
12018-08-19 14:29:31 UTCaharvey is this change from a survey of the area? so you can no longer turn right from Gannons Rd to Captain Cook Drive?

adding the source to the changeset would be most helpful.
22018-08-19 15:11:25 UTCVar-vara In the form in which the intersection was drawn, at this point the turn was banned, there is a continuous road marking, it can be seen from the pictures of LPI NSW Imagery.
The intersection has been corrected a little, the ban on turning is removed.
12018-08-17 00:36:03 UTCaharvey Looking at the history of highway=pedestrian "is a road or an area mainly or exclusively for pedestrians in which some vehicle traffic may be authorized (e.g. emergency, taxi, delivery, ...)"
12018-08-15 13:50:40 UTCaharvey Check out the lifeguard tags and you can use club=surf_life_saving on some types of surf clubs.
12018-08-14 05:24:13 UTCaharvey hi there, it looks like you may have accidentally converted this road to a power line. I've changed it back to a road in
12018-08-13 11:41:54 UTCaharvey Hi, where did you source the name for this from? Was it a street sign or local knowledge?
22018-08-14 04:54:43 UTCbb808 The street sign says Old Bamarang Road, not sure why Six Maps & Google both do not have the correct name.
32018-08-14 05:11:21 UTCaharvey Thanks for confirming! Agreed we should map per the street signs.
12018-08-14 05:09:48 UTCaharvey The original mapper has reverted this change as it reportedly doesn't match the street sign on the ground. It's a good idea to check street level image and ask the original mapper about their sources before replacing a name with the LPI Base map.
12018-08-13 12:07:13 UTCaharvey nice work
12018-08-13 12:02:46 UTCaharvey looks good to me
12018-08-13 12:01:27 UTCaharvey confirmed by Mapillary
12018-08-13 11:59:36 UTCaharvey confirmed from Mapillary
12018-08-13 11:43:46 UTCaharvey I think a better changeset comment is "changed street names based on LPI NSW Basemap", as you're not adding missing streetnames, you're replacing existing ones.

Keep in mind the LPI Basemap isn't always correct.
12018-08-13 09:02:33 UTCaharvey It's not really necessary to add addr:state=NSW as it's inside the NSW relation, I mean it's no harm, but it's not needed.
12018-08-13 08:59:35 UTCaharvey Hi there, almost there, just need to use the building=house tag instead of landuse=residential.
12018-08-06 13:40:19 UTCaharvey Gosh, I really messed that tag up, thank you for fixing this!
12018-08-04 01:21:20 UTCaharvey I sent a note to the MS Open Maps team email since I'm seeing three overlapping ways all done by your team here.

I've fixed it up but it would be nice to work out why it's happening and if it can be prevented in the future.
12018-08-03 06:23:59 UTCaharvey Hi. In this changeset you changed the Wynyard Walk Tunnel from highway=footway to highway=pedestrian.

highway=pedestrian as per the wiki at "is a road or an area mainly or exclusi...
12018-07-27 03:18:46 UTCaharvey I extended the name correction further west based on Mapillary (best to always use street level imagery if you can as the LPI Basemap does have some typos)
12018-07-20 07:28:35 UTCaharvey You changed from building:levels=43 to building:levels=43m. Was that intentional? I've changed it back.
22018-07-21 02:53:27 UTCJohn Bek No it wasn't intentional, must have been a slip of a finger. Thanks for changing it back
12018-07-18 03:21:44 UTCaharvey Hey mate, a lot of those junctions you've added aren't really tourist attractions. Where did you source the names from as most I can't find any signs with the name...
22018-10-09 06:56:47 UTCWarin61 Boronia Gardens, Epping .. as a 'guest house' ...tagging for the render? More like a block of flats.
12018-07-13 05:14:48 UTCaharvey I've changed the name of this buliding you entered here based on
22018-07-13 05:20:13 UTCNilbogAus Sounds right. In the last 5 years that building has been gutted and rebuilt as apartments
12018-07-07 12:17:21 UTCaharvey I deleted this since it was already mapped in
12018-05-14 23:21:20 UTCWarin61 Hi,
You have added the address as a name to some of these buildings... Why?
The name tag should only carry the name, nothing else.
22018-05-16 22:33:00 UTCJohn Bek There are many buildings whose names are the street addresses, so this is why I have named them as such. Even the building that I work in has an address for its name. But if name tags can only carry "names", then so be it
32018-05-16 23:14:38 UTCWarin61 Many buildings have their address as a sign on the front of the premises .. and bless them for it!.
However ... you tagged 10 Bridge Street as the name of that building .. yet it has a name that is not '10 Bridge Street' ... see
42018-07-07 12:13:26 UTCaharvey It can be hard to tell sometimes, but I think that if sources (signage, local knowledge, etc) confirm that the building name is the address + street, then it's okay to put that in the name tag as that reflect it's name.
52018-07-08 07:37:21 UTCJohn Bek Yeah, I think I'll just leave it blank from now on anyway, if the signage states only an address.
62018-07-09 00:01:18 UTCWarin61 I'd not take a simple sign stating the address as the name of the building.. I would add it as the address of that building. If I recall correctly all the 'names' I removed were not entered as the building addresses .. I did add the addresses. I did not remove 'names' that reflected addresses eg 'On...
12018-07-07 11:51:21 UTCaharvey I deleted Sydney Harbour Bridge since it already exists in
12018-07-01 09:48:52 UTCaharvey Hey it doesn't look like there's any track out to the lookout you added here, do you think it still makes sense to show it on the map? Also someone imported another one from the LPI Basemap do you know if there should be two?
12018-06-30 02:59:04 UTCaharvey Hey for the crossings per the accepted tags seems to be highway=footway + footway=crossing, not highway=crossing. Cheers.
12018-06-27 22:56:52 UTCaharvey I've fixed up the intersection around Seventh St and Airport Drive wrt pedestrian crossings, it's gone through a bit of construction but this looks permanent now. I'm not sure there was ever zebra crossings here though...
22018-06-27 22:58:57 UTCaharvey Also did you survey that the roundabout was no longer there? The imagery can easily be outdated here so want to ensure it came from a survey.
12018-06-10 22:38:11 UTCaharvey regarding and probably a few others, the sign on the ground uses ref=A3, is there any reason you've dropped the A in the ref?
22018-06-11 14:01:41 UTCmrpulley I wasn't aware alphanumeric routes had been signed in the NT (that particular relation and others were created based on the tags from the existing ways) - if these routes have now been signed as alphanumeric, then feel free to add the A (or B/C) (and remove the network=S tag).
32018-06-11 22:13:50 UTCaharvey Sorry I see what you mean, you only added the relation based on existing tags on ways.

They have

I've updated these two in OSM now.
12018-06-05 01:38:16 UTCaharvey Hi, I see you added ref=TBIT here. All the signs I could see and staff I spoke with referred to this as terminal B. I couldn't see a way to have an alt ref so I've changed the ref=B. Please discuss here if you think this is wrong.
22018-06-05 02:24:18 UTCDMaximus This changeset is from 8 years ago, and I know the international terminal underwent extensive renovations since then. If the signs now say B then that's what the ref should be.
12018-06-03 18:38:01 UTCaharvey looks like this was added as a private bookmark, I've deleted it.
12018-05-24 12:56:04 UTCaaronsta Hi speedwatcher34.
Thank you for your edit.
I must strongly advise you to check your edits as there is no road at this location.
The road was realigned in March 2017.
The "highway=track" road should have been retained as it was.

Please do not make edits unit you confirm the data. So...
22018-05-25 15:01:54 UTCspeedwatcher34 Can you specify exact location on map I mad the mistake. The google map that open street maps has is out dated and some of the new roads are not on the old out dated google sattilite maps, that's open street maps are using.
32018-06-03 18:33:31 UTCaharvey not sure what you mean @speedwatcher34, google maps is absolutely not used and forbidden to be used in any way by openstreetmap.
12018-05-24 02:06:40 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

You appear to have added maxspeed tags to several hundred nodes. I think you need learn how to use JOSM before you try any more bulk edits.

22018-05-24 02:31:12 UTCdhix Thanks. There were a few of us from local govt doing this together. Can you tell me what we did wrong? We changed many max speed tags based on what we all know of the region.

Apologies but this indeed was our first session doing this.
32018-05-24 02:44:03 UTCTheSwavu Reverted at changeset #59228612. maxspeed tags on nodes.
42018-06-03 18:29:30 UTCaharvey hi @dhix there are exceptions but generally the maxspeed tag should just be used on the way, not the nodes too.

Speed bumps/humps/tables that have an advisory speed signposted are a common time to use maxspeed:advisory on nodes.
12018-06-02 22:08:09 UTCaharvey I couldn't find any viewpoint here so I've deleted it.
12018-05-22 04:22:08 UTCaharvey I appreciate your effort mapping this out, but it isn't a building, it's just a roof, I've changed the tagging and deleted some of the ways which weren't building features.
12018-05-19 12:45:43 UTCaharvey Hey mate, I just did the Hoddles track. You added the viewpoint but we had to go off track to get to that point and it didn't show any signs of any, even a faint sign of usage by others. Yes, there's a bit of a view here, but I'm not sure it warrants to ...
22018-05-20 07:24:40 UTCZhent My recollection is I added it because it was the only decent clear viewpoint I found along the upper section of the track, even though it is not on the track and you have to climb up offtrack to get to it - why I left it disconnected from the track I guess. If it causes confusion it can be removed....
12018-04-29 06:03:16 UTCaharvey Based on the LPI Suburb boundaries, Strahfield South High School appears to be in the suburb "Strathfield", you entered this school as being in "Strathfield South", are you sure about that?
22018-05-11 03:52:57 UTCStimpson J Cat no not sure. probably just did it based on the name. you can't refute the LPI though...
32018-05-11 04:18:58 UTCaharvey Thanks, I've updated this now.
12018-05-11 02:17:43 UTCaharvey Awesome, thanks for fixing this up.
12018-05-10 23:05:24 UTCaharvey is taller than the Burj Khalifa!

I guess that's a typo, but not sure if you meant to type 2 or 3...
22018-05-11 04:32:48 UTCJohn Bek Yes, Surry Hills is about to get the world's tallest terrace house! Oh dear, I'll fix that now. It's meant to be 2
12018-05-10 00:03:44 UTCaharvey reverted in
12018-05-10 00:00:12 UTCaharvey reverted in
22018-05-10 04:53:21 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Welcome to OSM.
This changeset moved a set of traffic lights well away from where they should be.
It also added a node (a point) that had no tags (data) and added a node with address 44;61 which makes no sense to me. There is already a node there with the address 44.
So... all this has be re...
12018-05-09 23:58:29 UTCaharvey reverted in
12018-05-09 23:56:40 UTCaharvey reverted in due to poor quality seo spam
22018-05-10 05:13:07 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Welcome to OSM.
You attempted to add an 'office' ?? But the node (point) you added only had the name, address etc data .. no OSM physical features. So the entry has been removed. Maybe if you add the node again but this time with office=yes or office=company it will remain. The description ta...
12018-05-09 23:50:54 UTCaharvey deleted in
12018-05-09 23:41:01 UTCaharvey It doesn't look like that footbridge actually connects to the road at that point, instead remaining physically separated as it goes down into the carpark along side the service road.

Mind if you or I fix this up?
22018-05-09 23:46:16 UTCinas I agree. I'll fix it tonight, if you don't get to it first.
12018-05-09 23:30:35 UTCaharvey reverted in 58834708
12018-05-06 01:45:31 UTCaharvey Why was the name for deleted?
22018-05-06 07:31:54 UTCJohn Bek Not sure how that happened, but it shouldn't have been deleted
32018-05-06 23:44:29 UTCaharvey_imports Ok I've restored it.
42018-05-06 23:45:29 UTCaharvey oops, I made the edit with the wrong account.
12018-05-06 02:28:36 UTCaharvey This reverts which as far as I can see, didn't move the railway=station anywhere and merges in the newer node which was added post-removal
12018-05-06 02:21:13 UTCaharvey I removed the node you added for Redfern in and place it on a new area way around the whole station. It's good practice to only have one railway=station for Redfern as there is only one station here. See the wiki for railway=station for further details...
12018-05-06 01:47:47 UTCaharvey FYI building=entrance is deprecated

instead you can just use entrance=*
12018-05-06 00:17:20 UTCaharvey since it's not physically separated it shouldn't be a separate way. Instead use the turn:lanes tag
I've fixed this in
12018-05-04 04:43:52 UTCaharvey Maybe that should be local_name:emoji=🏦

😉 in all seriousness though thanks for naming places known in other languages, but I removed the bank emoji 🏦 as it's not part of the name on the signage.
12018-04-29 12:40:10 UTCaharvey did you mean to add maxspeed=50 to the school at ?
12018-04-29 12:26:47 UTCaharvey isced level 0 means preschool, but the NSW Public School data says this is K-6, are you sure it includes preschool?
22018-04-30 12:13:09 UTCBalancingBean Hmm - that specific edit is not one I would typically have made. In fact I'm certain adding that tag is not one I have ever made so I'm puzzled...
Happy for you to change to K-6
32018-04-30 12:18:42 UTCBalancingBean Ah I see what happened - I was mopping up KeepRight's reported doubled places - in this case an area tagged as the school and a node within tagged as the school. So I took the non-conflicting tags from the node and applied them to the area, then deleted the node: see
42018-04-30 12:23:31 UTCaharvey_imports Ahh, got it. Thanks for digging that up.
52018-04-30 12:24:36 UTCBalancingBean All good - had me scratching my head for a while there :-)
12018-04-29 12:02:24 UTCaharvey isced level 0 is preschool, the NSW Public Schools data says this is K-6 which would be isced level 1, are you sure about this?
12018-04-29 11:52:10 UTCaharvey are you sure that's the right name of the school? The NSW Public Schools data says it is "Glenbrook Public School", same as the LPI Base Map
12018-04-29 11:47:13 UTCaharvey same question about isced level 0
22018-04-30 11:48:08 UTCmrpulley ISCED 1 is correct (i.e. no preschool) - I've fixed this at
12018-04-29 09:58:52 UTCaharvey same question about isced level 0
22018-04-29 09:59:18 UTCaharvey ditto
32018-04-30 11:48:04 UTCmrpulley ISCED 1 is correct (i.e. no preschool) - I've fixed this at
12018-04-29 09:54:03 UTCaharvey same question about isced level 0
22018-04-29 09:55:12 UTCaharvey ditto
32018-04-30 11:48:00 UTCmrpulley ISCED 1 is correct (i.e. no preschool) - I've fixed this at
12018-04-29 09:49:43 UTCaharvey same question about isced level 0
22018-04-30 11:47:57 UTCmrpulley ISCED 1 is correct (i.e. no preschool) - I've fixed this at
12018-04-29 09:42:31 UTCaharvey same question about
22018-04-30 11:47:47 UTCmrpulley ISCED 1 is correct (i.e. no preschool) - I've fixed this at
12018-04-29 09:37:12 UTCaharvey isced level 0-1? 0 is preschool, but grades according to the nsw schools data say its only K-6.
22018-04-30 11:47:43 UTCmrpulley ISCED 1 is correct (i.e. no preschool) - I've fixed this at
12018-04-29 08:11:55 UTCaharvey isced:level of 0 means preschool, the nsw schools database says it's K-6 does this cater for pre kinder kids?
22018-04-30 11:47:37 UTCmrpulley ISCED 1 is correct (i.e. no preschool) - I've fixed this at
12018-04-29 07:53:27 UTCaharvey Primary schools are usually operated by the Department of Education, normally only preschools are operated by the local council, so this school is really operated by the local council?
12018-04-29 07:47:06 UTCaharvey isced:level 0 is preschool, the NSW Public Schools database says this is only K-6 which is isced:level 1. Do you have local knowledge of this?
22018-04-30 11:47:32 UTCmrpulley ISCED 1 is correct (i.e. no preschool) - I've fixed this at
12017-10-31 11:46:39 UTCaharvey Any reason was changed to bicycle=no? I rode over the bridge today and couldn't find any signs forbidding bicycles.
22017-10-31 21:40:45 UTCmrpulley It's been a couple of years since I've been there, but I think there might have been a sign directing cyclists to use the adjacent footbridge. I don't have the voice recordings made that far back to check. It may have changed since then.
32017-11-01 00:17:58 UTCaharvey There is a bicycle=dismount sign on the footbridge which I've mapped and an arrow on the road pointing bicycles to divert to footbridge but nothing forbidding it.

At the moment routers might decide to skip it since it's dismount and no, but in reality you can ride on the road.

I'm not 100% sur...
42018-04-29 06:11:17 UTCaharvey you've set the isced:level as 0-1. In Australia 0 is preschool, before primary school. Are you sure this school includes preschool, under Kindergarten? The NSW Public Schools database says it only starts at Kindergarten.
52018-04-29 22:37:59 UTCmrpulley I'll have a look at this (and the other changesets) tonight after work.
62018-04-29 23:23:06 UTCaharvey_imports Thanks. My rational is that says level 1 is primary education and in NSW most primary schools are K-6 so K should be considered part of level 1. Confirmed since normally it's started around age 5.

level 0, pre-primary, before primary school, des...
72018-04-30 11:47:27 UTCmrpulley ISCED 1 is correct (i.e. no preschool) - I've fixed this at
12018-04-28 04:55:27 UTCaharvey Are you absolutely sure about this? Wikipedia says "From north to south, the three main sections are Queenscliff, North Steyne, and South Steyne" which could imply the whole thing is Manly Beach, with that bottom section being South Steyne Beach.
22018-04-28 05:04:27 UTCTheSwavu No, because as I like to say: names are hard. However:
32018-04-28 05:42:39 UTCaharvey Yeah this change looks correct according to the GNB record, but the GNB isn't always reflecting what's currently on the ground.
42018-04-28 05:53:43 UTCTheSwavu Err South Steyne is the name of the street south of the Corso.
12018-04-20 23:24:51 UTCnevw Hi, welcome to mapping.
You appear to have deleted many of the buildings that others have added to the map. It is usual that we don't delete others work unless it is wrong. Many of the buildings that you have added don't follow the building outlines and many of your edits are just a rough square de...
22018-04-28 04:59:42 UTCaharvey PS. Your edits go live immediately, there is no approval process.
32018-04-28 05:03:18 UTCaharvey This looks like a good start, I think it's okay for the building outlines to be rough initially, anyone is free to improve if they like.

Just as @nevw said why were a bunch of buildings deleted? It's okay to delete them if they were demolished, but that's about the only case they should be remove...
12018-04-24 21:37:58 UTCTheSwavu You asked for a review so he we go:

1. You've put this in the wrong location. Their office is in George St Sydney. This is George St Liverpool.

2. You need to add a tag that explains what thing the node is trying to represent. Have a look at

22018-04-28 04:49:58 UTCaharvey I have no issue with aggressively removing future edits which look like this, as it appears they are using a Geocoder to get the location, which we likely can't include the derived information from. Someone who has local knowledge would never put it in the wrong suburb!
12018-04-28 04:33:05 UTCaharvey sport=cricket_nets has over 1000 usages Even though there is some debate about it's use, I think it's better to use that tag, and drop the descriptive name tag.
22018-04-28 04:54:04 UTCEwen Hill Happy with that although it is hard to recognise what it is when displayed. Feel free to amend this
32018-04-28 05:16:34 UTCaharvey_imports Amended. would be the most appropriate fix rather than mapping for the renderer.
12018-04-26 07:32:49 UTCtonyf1 Hi. Thanks for your map edits. You have changed a sportsground into a park. It looks more like a sportsground in the satellite image. (Its not OK to change stuff to get Pokemon)
22018-04-26 08:29:05 UTCindierokkr There are two small cricket pitches internal to the park, rest of the area is definately leisure park with playground and areas to walk dogs
32018-04-28 04:30:43 UTCaharvey +1 indierokkr, only taking the sporting fields as leisure=pitch inside a leisure=park makes sense here.
42018-04-28 04:40:19 UTCindierokkr Okay thanks aharvey, sorry still new to mapping :)
12018-04-28 04:24:45 UTCaharvey Nice work here.

A question, what is is it a hall, classrooms, administrative section? I'm not sure is the best tag here. just building=school would probably suffice.
12018-04-21 23:01:53 UTCaharvey you've added this picnic site over a residential area, could you move it to the right location based on the LPI Imagery which should be clearer here?
12018-04-17 10:00:26 UTCSK53 Have you verified that the maps on the West Gate Tunnel project are genuinely available with a licence suitable for OSM. I can find no licence statements on the website. It is normal practice in this case to assume that they contain copyright material and are not suitable for use in OSM. There are r...
22018-04-18 00:18:54 UTCaharvey Thank you @SK53 for being on top of this! I agree, the maps referenced are Copyright, and don't even appear to be under an open license, let alone with the extra conditions OSM requires.
12018-04-14 01:21:36 UTCnevw Hi
why is there a string of html type text in the description tag on Sassafras Creek?
22018-04-16 08:48:45 UTCaharvey Looks like that goes back to older versions of the way
32018-04-16 10:49:06 UTCnevw OK, it displays ok on the deep history page so might as well be left as is I suppose.

I noticed a small section of stream along Sassafras Creek that needs splitting and the name added
42018-04-16 12:03:33 UTCaharvey It shouldn't display like that though

Either way the data in the description means nothing so we should remove it. I am wondering where this data was originally imported from though, since we can't use the CC BY license tasLIST data I suspect ...
52018-04-16 12:33:26 UTCnevw Agreed.
Greyim was at the start of the edit history so might shed some light.
62018-04-16 12:54:42 UTCnevw PLANACC in an html like string seems endemic in Tassie
Run this...(6Mb)
Likely a big hydro data import years ago.
72018-04-25 22:14:32 UTCgreyim Hi folks... sorry my edits may be a bit odd.. many the streams I added a ways back from Geoscience Aust 1:250000 which I understand is a legit source... however they are quite low res and in many places better Bing traces have been made by various contributors. This sassafras stream being one such. ...
82018-04-25 22:18:37 UTCgreyim The html in the description I think comes from fields in the geosci data, some of which also use capitals. At present displays like mapnik simply ignore these so if they were removed somehow it wouldnt matter?
12018-04-13 07:14:51 UTCtonyf1 reverted see Changeset: 58054678
22018-04-16 09:29:47 UTCaharvey Thanks @tonyf1, the user account is very blatantly spam.
12018-04-16 09:26:57 UTCaharvey why was railway=station removed? I don't see any other railway=station for Central that existed at the time.

Someone since created but I'm tempted to delete that and put it on ...
12018-04-16 09:15:32 UTCaharvey I've reverted this for consistency with the naming of all other train/light rail stations.

The fact that it is a light rail station is implied by the fact that it's on railway=tram
12018-04-13 23:07:58 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Permanent Ave is two way, not one way. The road is only divided at the roundabouts.

If you want to separate it at each roundabout then be aware that there are 2 routes that will need modification as well.
22018-04-13 23:13:52 UTCWarin61 Similar for Prince Edward Ave. It is two way .. not one way... the road is not divided.
32018-04-13 23:18:00 UTCWarin61 Take a look at the LPI Base Map for how they split the roads at roundabouts ... they don't split it along the length unless the roads are split too.
42018-04-16 09:09:50 UTCaharvey We should try to avoid dual carriage ways like this, it just adds unnecessary complexity for what gain?
52018-04-16 09:11:28 UTCaharvey Wardell Road is kind of broken now with the oneway next to the twoway segments.
12018-04-10 23:41:21 UTCaharvey Did you see ? Looks like the train station already exists in OSM.
12018-04-07 21:27:33 UTCWarin61 Hi, Welcom to OSM.
You have added 'Norman Crescent' ... this is named as 'Arkley Avenue' in the LPI Base Map. Are you certain of the name?
The road is also mapped as 2 one ways .. the road is a single 2 way road, it is not separated so a U turn can be done on it for instance. So it should be mapp...
22018-04-09 01:32:29 UTCaharvey Echoing what @Warin61 said, great start here, but these look like they should just be a single way down the road centre line (not a oneway way for each lane).
12018-04-02 13:15:28 UTCmueschel Hi,
you introduced some new tags on several national parks. Could you explain their meaning?
PA_ID = WA_31362

Thanks, Jan
22018-04-02 14:08:34 UTCKeith Hope this helps,

Item Name: PA_ID
Field Type: Alphanumeric (maximum 20 characters) (Upper – Lower case)
Definition: A unique code for the protected area that doesn’t change between versions of CAPAD
Note: In some cases this number will be generated by the DOEE, for DOEE data, other...
32018-04-02 14:37:07 UTCmueschel Such external reference numbers are usually not part of the data in OSM. Please write a description in the Wiki so that every mapper can understand what they are.
Also consider to use an established format for the keys, such as ref:capad.
Actually, there are already some objects with a capad numb...
42018-04-02 15:52:15 UTCKeith It has to referenced as source by the uploader to identify that the data set is legally been obtained under the (CC BY 3.0 AU) licence. I have spoken to someone else about this (in au) and the "source" of the data set is the Federal and State governments. If I get time I will put it in th...
52018-04-03 06:42:51 UTCaharvey I agree with @mueschel that we should be using the `ref` key for external references. So ref:capad or something like that.

The description of the AUTHORITY field sounds like it should go into the OSM operator tag
62018-04-03 10:07:43 UTCKeith Actually I will remove all reference to any further fields, saves time.
72018-04-06 09:51:39 UTCmueschel What are we going to do with the existing
res_num, pa_id, Res_num, RES_NUMBER, PA_ID tags? Delete?
82018-04-06 10:36:04 UTCKeith As far as I know i have deleted the tags. I will check and act accordingly.
92018-04-06 10:50:00 UTCKeith Deleted 5 days ago.
12018-04-03 06:03:38 UTCaharvey Your edit looks good, thanks.

Just noting this isn't necessarily oneway=yes, since there are no white arrows on the ground or signage explicitly for oneway, plus there are >>> signs for the downward direction.

That said it's not clear to me what "no through road" means here,...
12018-04-03 05:10:00 UTCaharvey looks good to me, you've split rocky point road at the intersection so you can correctly add the new restriction.
12018-04-03 05:04:10 UTCaharvey what does name "site" mean here?
12018-03-28 23:26:15 UTCxujiayi_1256 Please don't delete a road and create a new one when you edit something in order to preserve the history. Also, no abbreviation on road names please.
22018-03-29 04:04:53 UTCaharvey no idea how that street turn into three, I've tried to clean it up while still keeping the original road for history, admittedly i split it up a fair bit to add turn lanes. @xujiayi_1256 sorry if some of your turn restrictions got lost, I tried to avoid but could you double check it looks okay now?
32018-03-29 17:54:37 UTCnoamayer sorry for that, it was done by mistake, I will fix it
42018-03-29 17:55:02 UTCnoamayer @xujiayi_1256
12018-03-29 03:29:09 UTCaharvey road name types shouldn't be abbreviated
Published using OSMCha:
22018-03-29 17:56:22 UTCnoamayer sorry for that, it was done by mistake, I will fix it
12018-03-27 03:57:15 UTCaharvey Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for your contribution!

The school already existed at, and the short road segment you added was overlapping an existing road so I've deleted these two. The "town houses" either need to be mapped out as individua...
12018-03-27 03:45:01 UTCaharvey I added the acupuncture\ttag according to
12018-03-05 04:50:34 UTCtonyf1 Hi. Thanks for your map contributions. Access Road sounds like a description and not a name. Its OK for roads to not have a name. See
22018-03-05 04:56:03 UTCcycopath As far as I know it is called the access road locally as it is the vehicular road used to access the Telstra tower and the other tracks I added are MTB tracks only. It is likely it is unnamed.
32018-03-05 05:02:02 UTCtonyf1 Thanks for the quick reply. I'll leave it to you whether to retain the name or not.
42018-03-27 03:23:53 UTCaharvey ps. See there are a few different name tags. loc_name would be good for a name just used by locals colloquially. That said, I don't have a problem with a commonly used name (but just not official) being used as the "name".
12018-03-10 20:31:04 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

Did you get permission to us DCDB in OSM?

If you did then please add an entry to:

with the correspondence and wavier form.

Otherwise please don't import this to OSM.

Thank you.
22018-03-27 03:19:14 UTCaharvey Agreed with @TheSwavu. See the DNRM thread at

It's unfortunate but I see no other option than to revert these unless you can pull out the DNRM derived data?
12018-03-11 20:32:54 UTCWarin61 Hi,
For things like parks use the LPI Base Map - it has the legal boundaries and names of the park. I have changed Rathmines Park to match the Base Map rather than imagery.
22018-03-27 03:12:03 UTCaharvey I think it's fine to use the imagery, in fact even preferable, after all the imagery reflect what's on the ground, which is what we should be mapping, not what the legal boundaries of the land parcels designated for the park.
32018-03-27 20:42:41 UTCWarin61 It can be hard to determine what is part of the park.
Is the Catalina Conference Center part of the Park?
Is the foot path to Starboard Close part of the park? And, if so .. how wide is the parks area there?
These things are easier to determine using the base map.
42018-03-28 15:12:25 UTCjkiht9 Next time I'll use both the imagery and LPI base map. I briefly visited the area in person and I mapped the limited bits I saw.
12018-03-15 07:33:48 UTCnevw Hi tonyf1
I added the boundaries for the 3 Selby Bushland Reserves using CAPD 2014.
The CAPAD 2016 boundaries are the same but we don't have the necessary waiver signed signed to be able to use in OSM yet as far as I can tell.
22018-03-27 03:07:15 UTCaharvey Actually we do have the necessary waiver completed, so legally can use CAPAD 2014 or 2016. See
12018-03-21 10:22:01 UTCnevw I notice that with this changeset you have used uppercase names. It is usual to use mixed case.
22018-03-27 00:13:15 UTCaharvey Also see In this case the cricket ground is better mapped with leisure=pitch + sport=cricket rather than the descriptive name.
12018-03-14 08:58:39 UTCaharvey Zhent, mind if I ask where you sourcei the name "Coomie's Walk" for from?

Someone contacted me saying it was named after their grandfather and was looking to find out more about how the name came about.
22018-03-14 09:49:06 UTCZhent The main information board/map at the start of the reserve identifies the path as 'Coomie's Walk'. I can't recall if there was any other references to it.
12018-03-05 22:18:15 UTCaharvey Thanks, I've expanded the substation to cover the new area.
12018-02-27 02:44:10 UTCaharvey should the paths at Illawarra Fly be access=private fee=yes?
22018-02-27 06:50:39 UTCRhubarb Correct, entry is not free, though access=customers would be more appropriate?
For reference:
12018-02-27 02:35:45 UTCaharvey I couldn't see anything in the imagery here so I deleted it.
12018-02-27 02:30:27 UTCaharvey Welcome to OSM!

Per good practice the name tag isn't used to describe things
12018-02-19 08:37:55 UTCaharvey Hi, I couldn't find a ferry terminal here, so I've deleted it.
12018-01-30 14:40:41 UTCMarkusHD Access of way has been changed here, foot=no makes it impossible to route to the Top Station because a little segment here is affected:
Was this really intended?
22018-01-30 22:28:24 UTCaharvey Whoops. I added foot=no because there are signs saying that track is for bicycles only, no walkers. However you're right about that short segment. Unless anyone else has better knowledge I'm happer for you to change that small section to allow walkers.
32018-02-01 00:46:12 UTCMarkusHD I'm away from home for some time and using Vespucci is too complicated for me for non simple tasks, so I leave it to you :)
I didn't walk this route anyway, so I don't have surveyed it myself, only tried routing this alternative track.
42018-02-13 11:27:25 UTCMarkusHD I got quite comfortable with Vespucci and have just changed it, see
12018-01-22 07:03:11 UTCaharvey whats for? The Royal Botanic Garden is mapped out at it seems to overlap it.
22018-01-22 08:00:52 UTCLeon K To be honest, not sure. I cleaned up the edge of an existing area, no idea how I ended up replacing it, especially since it was 4 months ago.
32018-05-17 22:46:33 UTCWarin61 ??? Deleted ... leisure=park ... inside the botanic gardens... make no sense.
42018-05-17 23:19:21 UTCLeon K I wish i'd never touched this one. As far as as I remember there were multiple areas overlapping. I remember smoothing the edge,
52018-05-18 00:37:16 UTCWarin61 Hopefully (wishful thinking?) I have managed to catch most of my mistakes before someone else noticed ...
Fingers crossed that this deletion is ok. I think it is .. I did some work on these gardens - separating up the domain etc ... and adding paths, art work .. that was some time ago.
12018-01-20 08:51:37 UTCaharvey It's marked as a shared zone on the ground. When the markets are on it's more like a pedestrian, when it's weekday it's probably more like service or residential.
22018-01-20 20:26:33 UTCWarin61 'It' being Argyle St?
This tagging is from Changeset: 13654452 by Ebenezer some 5 years ago.I did not notice it...
All 3 sat imagery show it as a market place with bollards top and bottom - the LPI is clearest.
Could it be tagged as residential with opening hours and pedestrian with the market...
12018-01-20 08:51:32 UTCaharvey I noticed you removed tourism=hotel from Park Hyatt Sydney, even with building=hotel you still need tourism=hotel. I've added it back in.
12018-01-19 11:45:36 UTCaharvey Did you mean to mark this as access=private, when I drove past it didn't look private or restricted access.
12018-01-14 22:01:18 UTCaharvey here you added the opening hours of the royal botanic gardens as closing at sunset, however the signs at the gates actually list an exact time for each month of the year which coincides with sunset. While I'm not too fussed but would prefer to map the signposted monthly times, what do you think?
22018-01-14 23:19:24 UTCWarin61 Fine, that info must have came off a sign at one of the gates .. update it.
12018-01-12 04:56:19 UTCaharvey is this building underground? could we add a tag for that? as from the outside there is no building visible here.
22018-01-12 05:32:48 UTCJohn Bek As the shown area is so large, I'm not sure which building you're referring to
32018-01-12 07:28:44 UTCaharvey Sorry i meant There is a pedestrian place intersecting your building so wondering if the building is underground. Thanks
42018-01-12 22:17:53 UTCJohn Bek Not sure why the building boundary was like that as the museum isn't that big. The boundary has been reset, as has the pedestrian area. Thanks
52018-01-13 02:48:10 UTCaharvey Thanks that looks much better based on what I saw from walking past. I just merged the duplicate nodes onto the building.
12018-01-13 02:05:15 UTCaharvey how about adding to ?
22018-01-13 02:14:42 UTCFizzie41 G'day Andrew. I've been playing with that tag over this last week or so for both Burleigh & Palm Bh SLSCs &, but it appears that if you use it, the building disappears?!
32018-01-13 02:15:40 UTCFizzie41 Sorry, forgot to add: I was going to raise it on the Oz list to see what everybody's thoughts were but have been trying various changes
42018-01-13 02:27:09 UTCaharvey Howdy, it's correct to tag it against a building of that building is mostly designated for the club, in that case you still need building=* in addition to club=. If it's simply a node that's a different story.
52018-01-13 03:16:03 UTCFizzie41 I did that on the Palm Beach Club & it disappeared off the map? Had it as either building=yes or building=commercial which showed normally, when I added club=sls it disappeared, then when I removed the club= tag it re-appeared?
12018-01-13 02:08:10 UTCaharvey how about adding to ?
12018-01-13 02:05:55 UTCaharvey how about adding to ?
12018-01-13 02:04:29 UTCaharvey how about adding to ?
12018-01-13 02:02:38 UTCaharvey how about adding ?
12018-01-13 02:02:01 UTCaharvey For how about adding ?
12018-01-13 02:01:05 UTCaharvey i've deleted the bookmaker shop named beach, if it really exists please reply here
12018-01-13 01:59:59 UTCaharvey how about adding ?
12018-01-13 01:57:47 UTCaharvey How about adding to
12018-01-13 01:56:38 UTCaharvey Is this a Surf Life Saving Club building how about adding ?
12018-01-13 01:55:37 UTCaharvey If is a Surf Life Saving Club building how about adding ?
12018-01-02 23:12:22 UTCaharvey Is the feature you named Blowhole at a geological blowhole? If it is let's add the tag
22018-01-03 10:11:57 UTCmbethke Yes, it is; I didn't know that tag exists, so go right ahead! Naming it "blowhole" was a bad idea though, especially as name and name:en are out of sync now, so I wouldn't mind if you deleted those, too :)
32018-01-04 10:23:33 UTCaharvey done
12018-01-02 23:18:43 UTCaharvey For is there a geological blowhole here? If so let's add it with the tag
12018-01-02 23:17:32 UTCaharvey Is there a geological blowhole here? If so let's add the tag
22018-01-03 06:07:59 UTCexplorewiki Yes that's correct, I couldn't select blowhole when creating a new POI in OsmAnd so I didn't know the natural feature type existed.

I have changed it from cave_entrance to blowhole.

12018-01-02 23:16:56 UTCaharvey Is this feature you named "The Blowhole" a geological blowhole? If it is let's add the tag
12018-01-02 23:14:55 UTCaharvey Is the feature you named Blowhole at a geological blowhole? If it is let's add the tag
12018-01-02 23:13:40 UTCaharvey Is this feature you named Blowhole a geological blowhole? If it is let's add the tag
12018-01-02 23:10:22 UTCaharvey Is the feature you mapped named Blowhole at a geological blowhole? If it is let's add the tag
22018-01-02 23:43:28 UTCjcurl Yes it is. Please do add the tag.
12018-01-01 21:09:04 UTCaharvey Is open to the general public? If not it should be access=private.
12017-12-18 11:01:20 UTCaharvey You've used Google Maps as a source, could you please elaborate on where this data came from? If you copied from Google Maps I'll go ahead and delete this one until it can be surveyed again.
12017-12-15 12:41:15 UTCaharvey highway=pedestrian on a linear way is only meant for Roads mainly / exclusively for pedestrians. is a corridor, not a road for pedestrians.

As a closed way, it's appropriate for plazas, but not really for corridors.

Chatswood mall is occasionally use...
12017-12-15 12:22:08 UTCaharvey Hi @aalanar, Welcome to OSM. Just double checking that you dropped the name "Heritage Drive Reserve" from that park, but the LPI Basemap shows a name. If you know the area, please add in the name as signposted, if you don't know please leave the existing name.

Secondly, when adding some...
22017-12-16 05:59:58 UTCaalanar Woops! Thank you, I forgot to add the name back in. And thanks for the tip about the pools
12017-12-07 04:25:31 UTCDavid Dean Hi herriotto, can you confirm that the source you are getting the roads from can be licensed to be used in OSM?
22017-12-07 16:58:15 UTCherriotto Hi David, thanks for reaching out to confirm. I found the license here - Please me know if the wiki needs to be updated or another change in License has occured. Cheers, Oisin
32017-12-08 01:31:43 UTCaharvey That link is for TMR. The website doesn't work for me, could you please point to which service this data came from?

QTopo from DNRM has not allowed their CC BY data to be used in OSM. See the thread at
42017-12-08 01:33:36 UTCaharvey Further the TMR "permission" seems to me a bit weak legally. I'd suggest we try to get the OSMF CC BY waiver signed, and if not don't use TMR data.
52017-12-08 21:34:40 UTCherriotto Hi aharvey, thanks for getting in touch. I had a look on the OSM contributor page, and this looks to be compatible with the guidelines explained there. To confirm, would the right place to get clarification on the lice...
62017-12-08 21:59:10 UTCaharvey It's just QSpatial is run by Department of Natural Resource and Mines which didn't grant the extra permissions OSM requires. That said I believe TMR did have a state roads dataset, so i guess it depends which dataset you used and which agency published it.

All else fails a local survey is undispu...
12017-12-08 07:45:54 UTCaharvey I know it's you're first edit so, it's the important thing is thanks for mapping this bike rack!

But keep in mind the name tag is only meant for a proper name, not a description. In this case
amenity=bicycle_parking indicates this already. See
22017-12-08 07:48:41 UTCaharvey Sorry I see you've already worked this out with
12017-11-23 00:09:42 UTCaharvey Hi Yourock17, where did you discuss this import? See for the process for importing data into OSM.

As far as I'm aware we don't have a CC BY 4.0 waiver from Transport for NSW yet, so can't use their data in OSM.
22017-11-30 13:30:40 UTCYourock17 I admit I should have read the import guidelines. I don't know how to revert a changeset. Now would be a good time to revert everything since the operator of the busses is revamping the entire network so the routes and stops are now outdated. Should I map the new routes without stops included or jus...
32017-12-04 21:43:35 UTCaharvey In JOSM. Data > Revert Changeset. However I don't really know the area well or exactly what you've done in this changeset. Eitherway you'll need to remove the imported data until we have the waiver from TfNSW. You're free to map independently from ground survey though.
42017-12-04 21:44:37 UTCaharvey You can map out the new routes without stops, but again without a CC BY waiver from TfNSW you shouldn't just copy the routes from their map you'd need to survey this yourself independently.
12017-12-04 21:16:11 UTCaharvey I've reverted your change to the landuse polygon which flooded perth with green.

I don't agree with that landuse way, but I think it's fair to leave it as a placeholder which can be reduced while it is mapped with better detail to exclude non residential areas.
12017-11-23 10:32:53 UTCnevw You need a physical presence on the ground like a shop to enter your business details into the OpenStreetMap. You have placed a node over what appears to be a house but you have only entered PO, phone and website details.
If customers can contact you at this site or at a shop, then enter the addres...
22017-12-03 22:14:44 UTCaharvey Probably best to remove, as no response and can't see any visible signage outside from Mapillary.
32017-12-05 08:41:01 UTCnevw Reverted Changeset: 54021439 as no physical business presence on the ground evident or mapped and no response from original mapper.
12017-12-03 21:20:20 UTCaharvey Looks good to me!
12017-12-03 21:01:52 UTCaharvey Those new roads look quite different to typical residential roads, do you think would be more appropriate?
12017-12-03 09:01:27 UTCaharvey Thanks for fixing this. The name is only meant to contain the name not a description too, see

Since it's all one school, it might be better to use a multipolygon relation to have a singe name tag.

See https://wiki.openstreetmap.or...
12017-12-03 08:22:59 UTCaharvey Hi,

I see you dropped the sport tag (after briefly changing it to soccer) from

Wikipedia says "the stadium is Sydney's premier rectangular field venue for rugby league, rugby union and soccer.".

Given it's mult-purpose use sport=soccer;...
22017-12-05 05:36:28 UTCrusty44 Thanks for the tip, You're right!
12017-11-23 00:04:26 UTCaharvey On the LPI Base Map is named differently. Are you sure about your name here?
22017-11-23 06:08:21 UTCTheSwavu Street sign, G-NAF and LPI says Douglas Street. I think you can safely arm-chair this one.
12017-11-19 22:45:25 UTCaharvey With the survey marks you've added like

How about:
* use the ref tag for the number so it's machine readable
* use survey_point=mark or something like that to distinguish from trig stations with a pillar
* what's the value of repeating the coordina...
22017-11-19 23:20:38 UTCWarin61 Hi,
I used the note to preserve the location .. if someone moved it (for what ever reason) I would have a reference for moving it back without going through my sources.

Source ... umm will have to think on it. ?LPI ...
I used these for minor alignment with LPI base map, my gpx files
Yes to ...
12017-11-13 07:05:02 UTCaharvey What's your source for changing P2 as shown in ?

If you look at the Mapillary imagery
22017-11-13 07:06:10 UTCaharvey PS. once this is resolved we can add in that footbridge connecting Douglas with P2.
32017-11-13 10:30:26 UTCBrettM6000 I parked in the P2 car park a few days ago. I went in from the east and exited to the west. I can see how it is confusing though because I only mapped the outline of the car park. There are 2 sections to it. One section is the multistorey rectangular section that has about 7 levels (don't know exact...
42017-11-13 10:35:58 UTCBrettM6000 The elevated footbridge that connects the Douglas Building with P2 and then goes on to the main building is not accessible to the general public so I didn't think it was worth adding. I believe it is only used by certain staff and to transport patients.
52017-11-13 10:44:37 UTCBrettM6000 P.S. the Mapillary image below shows that the exit to the east is blocked off by the vertical orange pole in the driveway. I don't know if this is temporary or permanent. So once you go in this driveway you have no choice at the moment but to exit via the driveway to the west.
62017-11-13 21:53:25 UTCaharvey Got it, thanks for the detail! Since it's all the one car park what you've done to mark out the footprint is correct. I'll map the building:parts separately so each can be assigned a building:levels.
12017-11-13 07:25:02 UTCaharvey Ideally v1 of would be a building:part since it has more levels than the other part that v2 covers.
12017-11-13 06:57:25 UTCaharvey It looks like you've added this twice, did you want to delete one of them?
22017-11-14 09:03:08 UTCOlivier Mehani Ah, right. Yeah, they are duplicates. I had the feeling I sent the change twice.
12017-11-08 10:34:25 UTCaharvey Was your edit to a typo?
22017-11-13 01:29:56 UTCgiotec oops. Yes I apologise
12017-11-03 23:05:15 UTCaharvey How is this signposted on the ground? If it says left turn only then it's better to map it as only_left_turn rather than with the no_straight_on. only_left_turn implies you can't go straight or or turn right already.
22017-11-03 23:49:11 UTCEvo_Evz Yes it's signposted left turn only but when I added left turn only and removed no straight on you were still able to go straight on according to the diagram. At the moment it has both. I didn't seem to be able to get it to not be able to go straight on just with a left turn only.
32017-11-04 00:04:31 UTCaharvey "according to the diagram" which diagram?

If the sign just says left turn only, then it should be mapped in OSM with an only_left_turn relation (and not with a no_straight_on as that is implied already by the only_left_turn).
42017-11-04 00:39:19 UTCEvo_Evz Is there anyway I can send you a screenshot? Might make things easier. Thanks for your time I really appreciate it. I would like to get more involved and I want to do things properly.
52017-11-04 00:58:00 UTCnevw Just paste the url here:

Note that the router data does not get updated as often as the standard layer so may not reflect changes you make for some time, an...
62017-11-04 01:17:50 UTCaharvey You could use something like ?
72017-11-04 04:02:56 UTCEvo_Evz Check out these two screenshots of the same screen. You can see the diagram I was talking about in one. Atm I'm working on the south end of Willarong Rd traveling north. You can see that you can still travel straight through even though there's a Left Turn Only role assigned on the other screenshot....
82017-11-04 04:26:07 UTCaharvey That diagram isn't showing what turn restrictions are in affect, it's showing you what ways you can select for the current turn restriction you are adding. So even with just the only_left_turn it will prevent routing straight through.
92017-11-04 05:00:08 UTCEvo_Evz Ok then I understand, and I can test the routing by using ORSM and it's routing correctly with only the Left Only Turn. Do I need the U turn restrictions with Left Turn Only? Thanks so much.

In regards to the other side of Willarong Rd heading south. Yes of course I shouldn't delete the small sec...
102017-11-04 06:58:13 UTCaharvey Glad to help. Be sure to sign up to the talk-au mailing list I'm organising an OSM event for later this month (will post details on the mailing list) and it would be a good opportunity to learn more about mapping and OSM, see what others are up to, a...
112017-11-05 08:29:43 UTCEvo_Evz Thanks, I subscribed to the mailing list but I'm away until 5th Dec. Thanks for the info on OSRM, oneway and U turns.

Both ends of Willarong Rd have only Left Turn Only assigned to it (and the U turn which I will remove) but the OSRM routes traffic straight through even after leaving one day to u...
122017-11-05 11:42:31 UTCaharvey The left_turn_only relation is missing some members for from and to and the role for the via node, see The relation needs 3 members, from via and to, but it only has one member the node and no role.
132017-11-06 08:02:16 UTCEvo_Evz I chose a good one for my first go! Yeah I finally figured out that I needed the from, via and to relation. You don't seem to be able to configure a mandatory restriction using the diagrams I sent you in the screenshots, only prohibitory restrictions.

I ran into problems configuring the to relati...
142017-11-06 09:31:41 UTCaharvey No worries, try this guid is also a good entry point for guides.

Yeah I had to split the way to add the turn restriction. Definitely try JOSM it's much better for relations. There you can fix ...
152017-11-06 20:08:45 UTCEvo_Evz I cleaned up that southbound left turn only rule into Kingsway. It looks just the same as the one you did opposite in regards to the relations. Have a look please if you don't mind. I'm not convinced it's correct because the one you did opposite is reflected in the diagram with a blue arrow where yo...
162017-11-07 22:33:24 UTCaharvey Getting closer... currently you have the members correct but spread across three relations for the left turn only each with a different member, but you need one relation with three members.

Try JOSM, it's much easier when working with relations and turn restrictions.

These are the 3:
172017-11-08 07:47:56 UTCEvo_Evz Finally! Ok I have used 7712221 which was the to relation for all members. 7713776 and 7717282 should be deleted. I'm pretty sure it's correct now but you better check my work. Thanks heaps for your help.
182017-11-08 10:12:52 UTCaharvey Looks fine, good job! There's plenty more missing turn restriction in OSM that are just waiting to be added.
192017-11-08 23:39:42 UTCEvo_Evz Great. It took a while but I got there in the end! Anything I see wrong driving or hiking around will be corrected. Thanks again.
12017-11-05 06:57:00 UTCtonyf1 Hi. This still looks like SEO spam to me. Your first attempt was at the post office. This version has a street name but no street number. The website only gives a PO box. The node is placed in the road reserve. I will happily accept a map location that matches a physical address on your website.
22017-11-06 07:22:33 UTCtonyf1 No reply to comment. Deleting because the feature does not exist at this location
32017-11-06 09:35:48 UTCDynamic HVAC Hey Tony..I don't know who made you "god all mighty" in relation to open street map but if you took the time to check the ASIC register you would see that the address where the pin is located is the actual registered business address. What is listed on my website is a mailing address !! I ...
42017-11-06 11:11:37 UTCtonyf1 Thanks for the reply. I have restored the node. I have moved it from the road reserve to the adjacent property. Can you please confirm it is on the right property. A street number would be good.
52017-11-07 21:59:44 UTCaharvey There has been an influx of poor quality SEO entries where we don't hear back on changeset comments when things don't add up. Sorry you got caught up in this @Dynamic HVAC, but glad to see things have been worked out in the end. Thanks @tonyf1 for always being on the ball!
12017-11-07 08:29:26 UTCaharvey Is this rock pool, a swimming pool? leisure=swimming_pool can be used for man mad outdoor rock pools too.
12017-11-07 08:27:57 UTCaharvey If you're trying to get this to shop up on the map, it's probably best to pick either shop=butcher or shop=greengrocer, as this is the primary tag which is going to classify this feature.

Or if they occupy different spaces within the same building, place two nodes, one shop=butcher and the other ...
12017-09-08 03:47:18 UTCaharvey I know the ABS SUA includes the Blue Mountians, but I don't consider the Blue Mountains part of Sydney, so Emu Plains would be in Sydney but Lapstone not.

ABS Boundaries aren't administrative boundaries, rather just ABS's view for statistical reporting.

It's hard since you can't survey this on...
22017-11-02 05:57:37 UTCaharvey ...aware that @TheSwavu also replied with a direct message. But worth noting that on the way down from the Blue Mountains there is a sign which says "Welcome to Sydney", which would indicate that the Blue Mountains shouldn't be part of Sydney.

I'm torn though, @TheSawvu raised good arge...
32017-11-02 08:18:54 UTCTheSwavu Yeap, I've seen the same style sign on the Hume. They line up with the NSW tourism regions:

I guess if that's what admin_level 7 should be then we need to change the definition.

I was thinking that if you ...
42017-11-05 11:54:04 UTCaharvey I don't have a strong opinion either way. Just chiming in with further facts from the ground to help guide what should be in OSM. Even if we did split the Blue Mountains out, You should be able to include both the Blue Mountains and Sydney in overpass together.
12017-11-05 03:23:28 UTCaharvey You can add shop=supermarket so it shows up as a supermarket.
22017-11-05 03:24:35 UTCaharvey
12017-11-04 23:40:47 UTCaharvey Yes, please do map footpaths, they make pedestrian routing more accurate and informative.

There are two ways to map the footpath. Using sidewalk tags on the road and as a seperate way. You can have both in use at the same time.

12017-10-24 06:34:47 UTCDavid Dean There's nothing wrong with using footways to map sidewalks, in fact I think it is better and more detailed in the long run. It also allows you to indicate useful things like pedestrian specific crossings, and tactile paving.
22017-10-24 06:36:24 UTCDavid Dean Wiki page here: Both are acceptable, so I don't think removing someones mapping work to make a less detailed approach is a good idea.
32017-10-24 08:57:12 UTCaharvey Agreed both styles (separate way and sidewalk tags) can coexist.
42017-11-04 23:35:22 UTCaharvey No response from the mapper, so I've gone ahead and undeleted the footways while leaving the new sidewalk tags on the highways as both can coexist.

Partially reverted in

Undeleted with JOSM:
w524640907 w532523005 w524635444 w524635443 w52463544...
12017-11-04 04:28:59 UTCaharvey You don't need a turn restriction for this kind of thing.
12017-11-03 12:39:28 UTCEvo_Evz Hi Andrew, I'm new to editing but I wanted to delete this small part of Willarong Rd between the two Kingsways you seem to have created. The reason is because you cannot drive straight through Willarong Rd from North to South. Or would it be better to leave this small part of Willarong Rd there and ...
22017-11-03 21:39:28 UTCaharvey If you check the history of the way you're talking about at you can see it was actually created by inas. No worries though.

Looking at the imagery, it doesn't look like there is a physical barrier and as you point out you can still make left and ...
32017-11-03 22:52:55 UTCEvo_Evz Thanks Andrew. I'm making some changes and had a few questions. First can you tell me how I modify a changeset comment? I made an error in the comment only and wanted to fix that first. It's changeset 53491460. Supposed to say, Left turn only, not Right turn only. Thanks.
42017-11-03 23:03:58 UTCaharvey You can't modify a changeset comment after you've saved it, but you can add a changeset comment like we are doing here. The changeset comment is helpful for others to understand what and why you changed something.
12017-11-03 06:09:13 UTCaharvey The SEO business was removed already in an SEO cleanup, but I've also reverted the part which moved the footway.
12017-10-31 05:19:47 UTCtonyf1 Hi. I don't know if it is a town or a suburb but I suspect that this is a controversial change that may require consultation with the mapping community.
22017-10-31 07:02:58 UTCWarin61 Take a look at the Sydney relation:(5729534) .. that is a suburb.

If you want Parramatta as a city/town etc then maybe look at what has been done for Sydney as a city?

But I'd recommend contact on the Australian mailing list first..

In the mean time I have chan...
32017-11-02 06:05:17 UTCaharvey +1 with discussing this change.

I tried to document the current situation at

In summary, I'm okay with how it is currently, but still think we should distinguish certain suburbs as higher ranking (eg. Parramatta vs Harris ...
42017-11-02 07:05:42 UTCtonyf1 Interestingly, closer to home for me, Dandenong is a town - Node: Dandenong (67340420) and Node: Berwick (2166885522) is a suburb despite being further out. Both were towns before greater Melbourne absorbed them.
12017-11-01 23:21:20 UTCaharvey Thanks for contributing.

1. AFAIK this facility is mostly un-staffed so no office here right?
2. An industrial process takes place here so should be landuse=industrial.
3. Add the operator=Sydney Water
4. isn't used, so I would...
12017-11-01 22:25:23 UTCaharvey Perhaps building=retail would fit here since it sells things?

You could just add amenity=atm as a seperate node inside the building, it's more likely to be used by data consumers and you can then add tags specifc to the atm.
22017-11-01 23:04:46 UTCaharvey We now have this pub mapped twice

I prefer to map the grounds since someone in the outdoor seating area is still at the pub. So I'd put all the tags relating to the pub on the outside way, and just leave t...
12017-11-01 22:55:08 UTCaharvey There are now two post offices here

There should only be one amenity=post_office since there is only one post office.

I suggest migrate across tags from the node to the way and delete the node.
22017-11-02 01:11:09 UTCdrgeoffb Will do, thanks for feedback. I guessed one of them would need to be removed, but thought it might be a bit presumptuous to be removing other folks' work before I was sure of what I'm doing.
12017-11-01 22:39:33 UTCaharvey You could change it to highway=service, service=driveway, access=private rather than deleting, but I'm not fussed.
12017-10-31 12:16:03 UTCaharvey I made some changes to Bennelong Bridge, see
12017-10-31 12:15:45 UTCaharvey The road and cycle/foot path are physically seperated on the single bridge. I've changed the access tags for each to reflect. (ie. no foot or bicycle on the road way, only on the cycle/foot way).

Changed psv to bus as it's only busses allowed, not taxis (psv includes taxi).

The access restrict...
12017-10-29 11:15:10 UTCaharvey I thought had been long overgrown, I'll need to try to follow your path next time!
22017-11-01 11:44:08 UTCozhiker2 Yep - that path is not part of the official trail - see
12017-10-28 03:36:49 UTCtonyf1 Hi. I think leisure=fitness_station is a better fit? See Also the name may be better deleted, its for proper names not descriptions see Thanks for your contributions
22017-10-28 08:06:25 UTCaharvey Just adding the link for fitness station
32017-10-31 05:06:15 UTCtonyf1 No reply. I made the changes, see Changeset #53384389
12017-10-24 02:33:32 UTCaharvey This edit is incomplete, if you move the railway station from this building to a node then could you move across all the tags including name, wikidata etc. as they are not correct now that not a railway station.

You also need to update the https://www.o...
22017-10-24 09:02:50 UTCferrocarta I've added the relations; wikidata, wikipedia and operator were already copied. I don't think note and layer should be copied because they refer to the building rather than to the station as a public transport object.
32017-10-24 11:33:10 UTCaharvey copied, yes but moved no. moving the tags means removing them from ;)

Agreed all the tags that relate to the building should remain on the way, and all the tags relating to the station should be moved (including deleted from the way) to the node.
42017-10-24 12:42:14 UTCferrocarta Ok done, I am not sure if these tags should necessarily be removed from the building because they don't disturb, but if nobody complains that's fine.
12017-10-24 04:57:19 UTCaharvey I'm not sure about this... For example City of Sydney you changed the name from "City of Sydney" to "Council of the City of Sydney".

According to the name tag is for the common name whi...
12017-10-23 06:20:53 UTCaharvey The phone number should be in the format +61 2 9XXX XXX.
22017-10-23 07:41:16 UTCAlex Schroeder Thanks, fixed.
12017-10-23 06:18:26 UTCaharvey It says at that roundabouts should be mapped out as circular ways. But I don't have an opinion on this and certainly as a node is better than not at all.
12017-10-23 06:13:32 UTCaharvey If you know the post office is here did you wanted to deleted the one at ? The other one lists a copyrighted source, so happy to delete it over yours.
22017-10-23 06:41:44 UTCtechsolvers Good point, I hadn't considered that the old entry would still be there. I've deleted it.
12017-10-22 11:28:28 UTCnevw Should levers be written with an upper case L or is it a peculiar name that begins with a lower case l?
22017-10-22 21:25:44 UTCwanderlustig I thought the notes added to those features made it clear that Ievers (presumably pronounced "EYE-vers") is correct. Please modify the notes accordingly If you can devise some more effective way of communicating this.
32017-10-23 02:47:32 UTCnevw Yes, these comments make it clear that it is a peculiar name that begins with a lower case l.
42017-10-23 02:54:12 UTCnevw Correction.... it begins with an I (an upper case 'eye') and not a lower case l ('ell').
52017-10-23 05:30:59 UTCaharvey PS you could also add
12017-10-20 07:31:16 UTCaharvey Hey, just a tip. Since these residential lots share borders in reality, the ways should share nodes so there are no gaps in between.

PS. the building=house tag is for the building footprint, which is why these were changed to landuse=residential.
12017-10-20 00:56:48 UTCaharvey What's the policy on SEO edits, I encounter them almost every day and not really sure what to do. The ones I encounter it's a new OSM account for each "customer" and they never use the correct format for opening_hours or accepted payments etc.
22017-10-20 05:55:55 UTCwoodpeck There's no written policy but first and foremost the rule is "no advertising", i.e. anything with a "description" tag that tells us how the excellent lawyer has been helping their clients for a decade should be deleted on sight. Another frequent problem is bad or missing tags, or...
12017-10-20 00:47:56 UTCaharvey Is it really named "indistinct track"?
Better to use so it get's the right classification.
12017-10-20 00:34:28 UTCaharvey Hi, welcome to OSM!

I'd suggest you take a look at these tags. They are much more widely accepted (about 5000 places tagged that way already in OSM) and mean people interested in fishing and scuba will be able to find this place as it will show up in their searches etc.

12017-10-19 22:45:29 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Relation \t7660949 - highway=pedestrian .... with one member as an inner ... is wrong!

I think the area is a tree area .. and should be simply tagged on the way 533296035 as natural=wood and landcover=trees. The relation 7660949 can be deleted.

The relation 7660948 highway=pedestrian ....
22017-10-20 00:28:00 UTCaharvey PS. maybe also try editing in JOSM, personally I find it easier to deal with relations compared with the iD editor.
32017-10-22 10:14:16 UTCJoel Hansen OK, I tried the changes you suggested. Not sure if it's what you wanted exact to how you said.

I have tried JOSM, but find it a bit too complex, that's why I used iD.
42017-10-22 21:31:14 UTCWarin61 Some comments;

The tag "area=yes" is not required.

The Relation: 7670619 has one member Way: 533296035 as "inner". But an inner of what??? Water Park Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast? Retail Movie World? Village Boundary Oxenford? County Boundary Gold Coast City? State Boundary Que...
52017-10-25 02:33:04 UTCJoel Hansen Yeah ID is a bit different. But I think I got it!
62017-10-25 09:38:06 UTCWarin61 Good Luck - keep mapping.
12017-10-14 13:19:40 UTCnevw You are welcome to map the driveways. If at a later stage you add footways you would have a node at each driveway they cross or add the sidewalk tag to the streets.
22017-10-15 06:19:44 UTCaharvey If they lead to a private property I've marked them access=private when I've mapped, although strictly only past the front fence is private.
12017-10-14 02:37:22 UTCaharvey With relation 2521345 any reason why you've used except=psv? From the signage it should be except=bus?
22017-10-14 02:37:53 UTCaharvey
32017-10-14 06:06:11 UTCcleary I think I was wrong, confusing "bus" with "psv". Also it appears hours have been changed since restriction was first added. I would be pleased if you could correct the information. Thanks for your conscientious observation of this error.
42017-10-15 03:00:08 UTCaharvey no problem. done in
12017-10-12 21:19:08 UTCWarin61 No.

Part, and only part, of these streets are used as the boundaries of Parramatta and Westmead councils. So they have to be, at least, in 2 bits.

Use the LPI Base Map to view this information - the pail dotted lines.

22017-10-13 22:16:47 UTCaharvey @Daryl Radivokevic Unfortuantly the iD editor doesn't warn you when your changes affect a relation, so just try to watch out for how changes will affect relations too. When you go to save your changes in iD it will list what's changed and if it lists relations that you didn't intend to change you ca...
12017-10-07 07:01:55 UTCaharvey I don
22017-10-07 07:02:59 UTCaharvey I don't understand, no u-turn from and to the same way? What's the purpose of this?
32017-10-11 15:05:25 UTCBrettM6000 Hi. I'm not sure what you mean. Are you asking about the "No U Turn" on Warringah Rd at Bangalla Pl, or the "No U Turn" on Bangalla Pl at Warringah Rd?
42017-10-12 01:17:49 UTCaharvey Sorry that's a bad example since I re-purposed your relation.

See any of these

No uturn restrictions from and to the same way.
52017-10-12 01:18:58 UTCaharvey
62017-10-12 04:30:38 UTCBrettM6000 If you look at 7010988 for example, I think I just put it in for completeness when I was doing other things. It just means that you can't drive west on Bangala Pl and perform a U Turn on Warringah Rd and go back to Bangala Pl. I think it is correct but I guess you are just saying that it is redundan...
72017-10-12 07:25:46 UTCaharvey Hmm I feel it's redundant as it's no different to most other intersections in OSM right? I don't think it makes sense to have a no-u-turn relation on every single intersection unless signposted.
12017-10-08 09:21:20 UTCaharvey I tried but couldn't find the track you added from Erskine Creek to the parking lot at the top of Nepean Lookout Firetrail. I checked both ends with no success. It could be well overgrown by now. I'm tempted to remove, do you have any advice?
22017-10-08 11:01:07 UTCMCH Haven't been there for a long time, although I rode past two weeks ago. It was a popular tack down to the creek from memory and was easy to find. I wouldn't remove any track unless you can be 100% sure it's just not active. Call the NPWS ranger Tina and she will let you.
32017-10-08 11:05:00 UTCMCH
42017-10-08 11:07:28 UTCaharvey Sorry I should have been more clear. It's specifically this way
52017-10-08 11:18:58 UTCMCH Sure, I remember walling along the creek with a group of other locals that had been there before, the track was vague and may have over grown. The last section was added by you? Just remove what you think is best. The section of track out to the Dam was closed off many years back, so the area has ch...
62017-10-08 11:38:31 UTCaharvey The whole section was added by you I split the way so I could add a different trail_visibility to the section along the creek (which is vague and overgrown, but there is still a path, hence trail_visibility=horrible) to the part that seemingly goes ...
12017-10-08 10:49:12 UTCaharvey hi! Thanks for adding this.

The name key should only be used for a name, not a description or classification of what the feature is, so I've removed "Billabong". See

In OSM water=pond is more fo...
12017-10-07 07:07:54 UTCaharvey Any reason why is bicycle=designated? I couldn't find any signage or markings indicating that.
12017-10-05 13:14:30 UTCaharvey Isn't landuse=grass?

Could you explain the motives behind deleting ? Thanks.
22017-10-05 22:05:15 UTCWilson Yung ah...I think it's an accident..what I was trying to do is remove the duplicate "cook Park" name at -34.004397, 151.129002, as there is a "cook park" near by at -33.995383, 151.145602.

32017-10-05 23:48:29 UTCaharvey The whole area is referred to as "Cook Park" all the way from up near Kyeemagh down to at least Sandringham.

The south part near Captain Cook Bridge I think is un-signposted so simply landuse=grass. If you've confirmed it's not part of Cook Park, then simply removing http://www.openstre...
42017-10-06 01:42:05 UTCWilson Yung Yes that;s my intention. I'll leave you to it as you have surveyed there. :)
52017-10-06 02:37:10 UTCaharvey I've reverted this changeset. In the iD or JOSM editor, if you change the background imagery to LPI Base Map you'll see the part near Captain Cook Bridge is labelled Cook Park. This lines up with what I saw in out of copyright historical maps of the area. It's just there is no signage... so I don't ...
12017-10-05 13:08:11 UTCaharvey Hi,

Could you please explain the reasoning behind deleting this? Checking out this place on Mapillary it looks like there is something there. Given the part was only added a month ago, it seems like it's trying to map the facility which is t...
22017-10-05 22:17:00 UTCWilson Yung Judging from the size and imagery, I wouldn't say it is a park. But I agree with you that the facility should be mapped. What I did here was only delete the park point and polygon.
32017-10-05 23:07:01 UTCaharvey Thanks. The OSM Wiki says for leisure=park "A park is an area of open space provided for recreational use, usually designed and in semi-natural state with grassy areas, trees and bushes. Parks are often but not always municipal."

This is an area of open space for recreational (Refreshme...
42017-10-05 23:19:00 UTCWilson Yung I am actually going to walk pass by that area I'll have a closer look and see.
thanks for pulling up the definition of park.
52017-10-05 23:41:13 UTCaharvey Perfect. Would be interested to see if it has a name sign posted, since it was mapped out with a name originally.
62017-10-06 01:30:39 UTCWilson Yung It's a tiny pocket park, with wooden deck.
I haven't seen any signpost, however saw a picnic table/chair and bike rack on site.
72017-10-06 01:47:21 UTCWilson Yung I don't know how to revert changes in the browser, could you revert that change and I could add the facilities on it?
82017-10-06 02:34:15 UTCaharvey Done. I've removed the node, left the area. Marked it as surface=paving_stones. I know it's not all paving_stones, but it might be a good way to say mostly it is? I'd already added the bicycle_parking at But please do add any further details from your s...
12017-10-05 13:36:15 UTCaharvey Hey mate,

I think it's better to not snap things like parks, parking etc to the road, and instead try to mark out the exact extent which doesn't normally extend out until the road center line.

If for cartographic reasons that effect is desired it's better to do that as a post processing step o...
22017-10-06 00:40:25 UTCMaradona11 hi mate,

yeah I attend to agree with that we should be marking out exact extent of a feature in most cases. However, I find better to snap non-routeable objects (exlude buildings) to the road centre line as it is much more visual appealing when looking at map tiles generated from osm data from m...
32017-10-06 01:20:02 UTCaharvey Check out:

"...when the way is a highway, it usu...
12017-10-05 23:16:22 UTCWilson Yung summary should be : delete duplicate police station, add point as MDAA. However I am not sure which key/tag MDAA should use.
22017-10-05 23:58:34 UTCaharvey is it an office where people work from? How about

If it provides services out of that location with social_facility:for=disabled ?

I'd use the full name in the name tag, and s...
12017-10-05 22:57:13 UTCaharvey I noticed the cafe you added was already mapped in OSM

I've deleted your one and kept the one which was there first, just updating the position slightly to where you had it.
12017-10-05 13:30:33 UTCaharvey This node somehow got caught up with the road. Instead of deleting the tags I've restored it's position and detached it from the way in

If you've surved that there is no library then that's fine, but I guess you're just deleting it since it was inc...
22017-10-05 21:50:14 UTCWilson Yung I saw two byron bay library, one at -28.642389, 153.610847(the one I deleted)
,the other at -28.643286, 153.615522( which is the real byron bay library location)
32017-10-05 22:52:42 UTCaharvey Got it, I was confused as the changeset comment was "hotel name change".

It would be awesome if you mentioned this in the changeset comment, something like "removing duplicate library already existing at". Thanks!
42017-10-05 22:58:23 UTCWilson Yung I will make sure changes are reflected in the summary....especially when I move from one location to the other...
12017-10-05 13:03:28 UTCaharvey Hi there, did you really mean to delete this beach?
22017-10-05 21:42:49 UTCWilson Yung there's another silica beach nearby in the south west at silica cove(-35.077967, 150.776625). I should just get rid of the name, rather than the polygon itself.
32017-10-05 22:48:34 UTCaharvey That's right, the beach is still there, so if you only want to remove the name, just delete the name tag.

I reverted your changeset since the beach is still there, but you can go in and just fix the name.
42017-10-05 22:50:49 UTCaharvey PS. it's great that you're using changeset comments, they are super helpful for others to understand intentions and what you're trying to do. I can see here you've used the same comment as last changeset, I know it's easy to make that mistake, I have too, so keep in mind of that next time. Cheers.
52017-10-05 22:59:44 UTCWilson Yung Done...Thanks:)
12017-10-04 12:01:46 UTCaharvey Hi Miles,

Thanks for contributing to OSM. However it appears you've used a copyrighted source of data here which we don't have a license to use. Could you please post back any details I'm missing?
22017-10-21 12:36:20 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53127025 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some names copied from
12017-09-30 23:02:39 UTCtonyf1 Hi. I think bicycles=no means that it is not possible to take a bicycle on the ferry. says that subject to dimensions they can for $15. The issue that you want to address is with the routing software and not the map.
22017-10-01 01:44:40 UTCAushiker Thanks for the explanation. I and others have taken the issue with the routing software developer so hopefully we can resolve it from their end.
32017-10-02 20:20:04 UTCaharvey Mind if I ask which routing software you're having the issue with?
42017-10-03 00:27:20 UTCAushiker Sure. It is Wahoo Fitness "Take me anywhere" feature which is part of their Android app for the Wahoo Elemnt [and Bolt] bicycle computer/GPS.
52017-10-09 05:06:42 UTCtonyf1 I removed bicycle=no in Changeset #52747057. I hope you are OK with that.
62017-10-10 05:03:11 UTCAushiker No worries. Thanks for fixing.
12017-09-26 17:33:40 UTCmavl Hello. The copyrighted data are deleted.
22017-09-26 20:04:03 UTCPierce What copyrighted data?
32017-09-27 03:56:08 UTCmavl Probably, the address data. The changeset tag is So this source is incompatible.
42017-09-28 08:03:01 UTCaharvey as a custom imagery source? Surely that's a big no-no?
52017-09-28 09:54:05 UTCPierce I honestly didn't think I added it as a custom imagery source. Is there any editor that has JOSM, merkaartor, potlatch?

I'm not trying to excuse the revert, I'm just curious how it came about. It's a shame that all that work has been reverted though.
62017-09-28 10:40:15 UTCmavl > Is there any editor that has JOSM, merkaartor, potlatch?

I think that no because "here" is in general blacklist.
72017-09-28 12:18:37 UTCaharvey The buildings were done in which used Bing so they are fine, and the squaring is imagery agnostic. It's just the street addresses mavi reverted. @Pierce could you confirm where the addresses came from?
12017-09-28 07:46:27 UTCaharvey Similar to I've added some extra tags to your SLSC's.
22017-09-29 00:47:36 UTChuonw Oh, awesome, didn't realise they existed!
12017-09-21 09:04:36 UTCnevw As you are SEO experts, I thought for this and future business listings you may wish to know...
I noticed a mi-spelt tag...
Openig hours \t8:30am to 5:30pm
...also hours format is not correct for OSM
The correct format for phone ...
22017-09-22 06:23:25 UTCHarald Hartmann And SEO descriptions are unwanted, too! I could be, that someone could revert this entry.
32017-09-28 07:19:08 UTCaharvey This place probably got a 3rd party SEO company to do their SEO. The same place that's been going crazy adding incorrectly formatted opening_hours, phone and payment method tags...
12017-09-28 07:04:20 UTCaharvey I'm +1 for this, if these recurrent SEO operators still can't get the tagging syntax right and don't bother replying to changeset comments then by all means remove tags which are invalid and create a mess in OSM.

I wish these operators would use the same username rather than creating a new user f...
12017-09-27 07:50:41 UTCaharvey I know it's been 5 years but in line with I have a few issues with this.

1. "Unmarked Suggested Bike Route" if it's unmarked on the ground and only a suggested route according to the website you linked to, then it doesn't belong in OSM.\...
22017-09-27 08:51:48 UTCefAston These suggested bike routes are useless anyway, they're actually worth avoiding (the NSW RTA hates cyclists and just wants them out of the way, they don't care whether the road is actually suitable for riding or not).

The problem with mapping cycle routes in NSW is that a lot of the cycle routes ...
32017-09-27 23:21:49 UTCaharvey I concur, it's better for bicycle routing engines using OSM to favour actual infrastructure over routes because the presence of a route says nothing about the infrastructure present or it's suitability. That said, route actually marked still should have some weight since they can be easier to follow...
12017-09-24 10:16:53 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello aharvey. At
you have tagged `bus:maxweight` instead of the more common `maxweight:...`. Please have a look at
22017-09-25 07:50:02 UTCaharvey Thanks! didn't explain how to tag mode specific maxweights, but looking at taginfo maxweight:mode is much more common than mode:maxweight so I've swaped it over.

Still not sure if maxweight=10 + maxweight:bus=no is the correct way to tag "10 t...
12017-09-24 11:08:54 UTCaharvey I strongly disagree with this edit.

A feature tagged as source=survey should take precedence over the LPI Base Map and where they differ the ground survey should be what is in OSM.

Take as a concrete example, it was carefully mapped out via s...
22017-09-24 21:57:46 UTCWarin61 Looking at Bunyan Lookout Trail (222408586) (using LPI Imagery) which I also changed from path to track I can clearly see 2 wheel tracks - thus it is clearly a trail, not a path.

The Lost World Trail (222408585) is harder to see with the imagery .. it may be wide enough for a vehicle .. but is ...
32017-09-25 00:19:09 UTCaharvey I've gone ahead and fixed this up in based on my survey of the area yesterday.

Only part of is track, the other part is path.

Even if these were tracks used by vehicles or planned as such, the current ...
12017-09-20 15:05:06 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello aharvey. You have add a lot new fitness_station subkeys. Had you looked on before? Have you documented this new subkeys in the wiki? ;-) #newkey
22017-09-20 22:55:32 UTCaharvey Are you referring to the style "fitness_station:horizontal_bar=yes", I'm discussing this at and more input would be appreciated.

The problem is I read and understand the wiki ar...
12017-09-20 03:18:43 UTCaharvey Not sure what happened this changeset took the oneway=yes off the Mona Vale Road Onramp/Offramp. I've fixed it up.
12017-09-19 00:11:12 UTCaharvey Hi, welcome to OSM.

Do you know the current state? Is it a construction site, or is the new building already up?

In addition to removing the old hotel, you could add either landuse=construction, or add the new building=apartments
22017-09-19 00:17:27 UTCaharvey Building is still there as of 1 month ago so I assume you mean the building changed from an apartment hotel to regular apartments?
32017-09-19 00:28:23 UTCQuirijnGB Correct. Its the same building.
12017-09-19 00:06:07 UTCaharvey Hi, welcome to OSM.
I think it's appropriate to add office=it, see
Also the format for the phone number is described at it needs the +61 country code.
22017-09-19 02:42:54 UTCCloCkWeRX It's better to trace the individual building outline, not the entire block of land.

I'm going to wager that it would be very difficult to or even impossible to confirm this via survey as a web design office, I tend to prefer to leave this kind of detail off the map
12017-09-19 00:04:12 UTCaharvey Hi, welcome to OSM.

I think it's appropriate to add office=it, see

Also the format for the phone number is described at it needs the +61 country code.
12017-09-17 23:11:37 UTCaharvey Hi, you've added the network=Sydney Transport. What does this mean? I've never heard of Sydney Transport as an entity.

"Sydney Trains is the operator of rail services across the metropolitan Sydney area, bounded by Berowra, Emu Plains, Macarthur and Waterfall." [https://www.transport.ns...
12017-09-17 10:59:04 UTCaharvey Hi, it looks like you added sport=climbing to When I visited here, it looks like it only offered abseiling, not climbing, can you confirm? only describes climbing not abseiling so unless there...
12017-09-17 10:27:03 UTCaharvey HI, I couldn't find this track at all, no evidence on the ground of the track, do you think I can remove it?
12017-09-14 14:26:31 UTCaharvey Hi!

The way you edited has 3 lanes only the left most is psv only, the rightmost two are normal.

I've changed the tags over to use lanes:psv=designated|yes|yes, per but still no...
22017-09-14 19:56:49 UTCmueschel Ah ok, this I couldn't see when reading the tags.
The correct tagging is:
vehicle:lanes = no | |
psv:lanes = designated | |

'lanes:psv' can only be used to mark that there is a psv lane, but doesn't tell anything about where it is.
32017-09-15 01:25:57 UTCaharvey Sorry you're right, thanks for that! is only for marking out how many psv lanes exist, not where they are. describes marking out where those psv lanes are.

12017-09-11 22:29:38 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Relation 7560478 - for your aerial imagery reference... ?

1) What aerial reference? Copyright free? Or specific permission given?

2) You could keep these off the data base by storing them locally as a JOSM layer ...

3) They generate error indication on OSM inspector ... thus my atten...
22017-09-12 00:08:24 UTCaharvey Agree with Warin61 here, a feature in OSM should represent something physically on the ground (I know this isn't always the case, but generally should apply). So if something exists, like the roundabout, map that, but if nothing exists on the ground, that's not suitable for OSM.

I'd suggest use ...
32017-09-12 05:01:01 UTCaaronsta Hi Warin61 and aharvey, this changeset is in response to a message from OSM user hadry. Below is a copy of correspondence between myself and OSM user hadry: Hi Hadry, Thanks for your message, yes these were tagged for the renderer, as barrier=fence makes a clearly visible straight line on Mapnik. ...
42017-09-12 05:09:10 UTCaaronsta Following up from this, originally these were created as the roundabouts themselves formed good starting points, but are way to inaccurate to align the images. It was not put in a local dataset as the images were rectified outside JOSM, where wms tiles were supported but any vector data (such as osm...
52017-09-12 05:13:15 UTCaaronsta It may be appropriate to remove these lines, as I am yet to complete mapping the area and may need to use them again it could be useful to retain. The lines now have no tagged attributes aside from the note=*
62017-09-12 05:20:31 UTCaharvey The issue is you're using OSM to save data really only useful/specific to you. As you can imagine if everyone started using OSM to tag their personal bookmarks it would clutter the database and make editing real map data more difficult.

So I'd like to see these deleted as they don't correspond to...
72017-09-13 14:47:12 UTCaaronsta Thanks for your message aharvey.
The nodes have now been removed.
Uploading it to the live server remained the only efficient way to rectify the images which I am aware of. As I required a free and open wms tile service, which included relatively u...
12017-09-12 00:12:55 UTCaharvey Hi, welcome to OSM!

In case you didn't realise you've saved your changes in the live OSM database.

In this case, the park is already mapped out so I've removed the empty way you created.
12017-09-11 23:58:40 UTCaharvey You should only use one name in the name key.

You could use the alt_name key for an alternate name.
12017-09-02 11:37:38 UTCaharvey I don't understand why was added back in, did they temporarily reopen this northbound section, it seems very strange to me that they would.

I deleted the northbound road in 6 months ago but it's been added b...
22017-09-07 05:56:51 UTCCloCkWeRX No probs, it was just a quick survey on my part from a moving taxi; plus referring to LPI imagery after. If you've looked at it more recently happy to roll with that.
32017-09-07 07:00:18 UTCaharvey Thanks for replying. I looked at it both just recently and about a year ago. Things change and imagery get's outdated. I know how easy it is to think it represents reality but it's not always the case.
42017-09-11 03:49:25 UTCaharvey Compare current (was like that at least for the last 6 months) to historic
12017-09-07 08:02:18 UTCaharvey I wouldn't exactly call it solved, as turning a road which has no physical separation between the directions into a dual way road creates issues which weren't there when mapped with a single way. But I guess now we have the stop mapped. +1

In OSM we almost need a way on the road centre line repre...
22017-09-07 08:06:27 UTCaharvey PS. I fixed up some of the turn:lane tags in
32017-09-07 08:06:50 UTCVerdy_p I'd like to know what are the "issues created" that this does not solve, given that there is effectively a separation (and separators are themselves mapped, notably the traffic islands).
42017-09-07 08:07:06 UTCVerdy_p Emergency situations may as well take any ways in forbidden directions, could use footways, enter private areas and even pass through unpaved areas (gardens...)
52017-09-07 11:29:53 UTCaharvey Sorry if I sounded negative, I really do appreciate you taking the time to work through this.

Two issues are:
1. You can turn across a solid white line (which is what's separating these two lanes to the south west of the intersection) to enter or leave a property. Mapped as a single way a router...
62017-09-07 13:42:01 UTCVerdy_p Point 1 is false. You can't cross the solid line evenwhen exiting a private property. The one way must still be respected and you'll have to go to the next crossing where this will be possible.

Point 2 is not relevant at all. The center line is not better than measuring on the center of any lane,...
72017-09-07 22:27:27 UTCaharvey 1. Not in this jurisdiction. "Drivers are permitted to cross a single dividing line enter or leave a road".

2. I'm not talking about measuring distance for a route, this is irrespective of navigation. It's purely...
12017-09-04 22:39:38 UTCaharvey Could you please explain why this was changed from bicycle=designated to bicycle=yes?

Could you please let me know what you mean my "Sourced from RMS"? I haven't heard back from you about this yet.
12017-09-04 03:37:20 UTCsamuelrussell Except they're not marked cycle lanes

>4) A
"bicycle lane" is a marked lane, or the part of a marked lane:
>(a) beginning at a bicycle lane sign applying to the lane, or a road marking comp...
22017-09-04 05:22:17 UTCaharvey There is a solid while painted line separating the traffic from the bike lane and a dotted white painted line separating the bike lane from the curb side parallel parking. These bike lanes have a painted white bike inside the lane which designates them as a bicycle lane. The bike lane can't be a sha...
32017-09-04 05:30:04 UTCaharvey If you'd like to be able to distinguish narrow cycle lanes from wide ones please use the cycleway:lane:width tag as described at
42017-09-04 05:45:41 UTCsamuelrussell Can you add this to the wiki? We can use cycleway:lane:bicycle=designated & bicycle:no for legal bicycle lanes, and cycleway:lane:bicycle=yes & bicycle=yes for marked cycle shoulders to represent the legal restrictions that vary between marked shoulders and by the law cycle lanes.
52017-09-04 05:46:52 UTCsamuelrussell I wish I had the mapping time to go back and measure the widths :) But I'll keep it in mind and find a "meter" rod somewhere on my body for future mapping.
62017-09-04 06:16:06 UTCaharvey Sorry I'm not sure what part you feel should be added to the wiki?

You're saying that this isn't a legal (in NSW) cycle lane because it lacks the word "LANE" painted in white next to the white bicycle symbol painted in the bicycle lane? Maybe you want something like bicycle:lane:legal=y...
72017-09-04 06:21:33 UTCsamuelrussell bicycle:yes means a legal reason to be able to ride
bicycle:designated means a specific legal designation

All lanes are packed:yes. Bus lanes are pav:designated. It matters because you can't legally climb Williams street to park in cbd in lanes 1-2 but are required to use the Australian road rul...
82017-09-04 06:36:00 UTCaharvey Hmm I always read as designated meaning it's set aside for that purpose. So a path with has a sign saying pedestrians and bicycles can use it would be foot=designated, bicycle=designated. access=yes I understood as you're allowed to use the way, but ther...
12017-09-04 02:41:24 UTCaharvey I've changed some of these you tagged as shared_lone back to a cycle lane in It's marked out as a cycle lane not a shared lane on the road so should be tagged as such.

I've added the cycleway:lane=doorzone tag which might help you distinguish door...
12017-09-04 02:25:31 UTCaharvey I've changed cycleway=lane to cycleway=shoulder in some places which I surveyed in

Given there are no markings on the road (signs, paint on the road) indicating a cycle lane, I think the shoulder tag is more appropriate.

12017-09-04 01:54:24 UTCaharvey It seems this changeset added a lot of maxspeed to nodes, which seems redundant when on the way. It makes editing later a lot harder too.
22017-09-04 05:57:15 UTCsamuelrussell Thanks for alerting me to my error. I have an offline editor at home and can correct this for nodes.
12017-08-29 12:34:41 UTCaharvey Hi @pangenib. Welcome to OSM and thanks for contributing.

Could you please clarify what you mean by "Sourced from RMS"?

You might want to check out We can't use copyrighted data without a license in OSM, so that rules ou...
12017-08-29 12:24:55 UTCaharvey even if it translated, it's common in OSM not to add translations but only name:<lg> if the feature is known by that foreign language name. Although I'm not strongly one way or the other.
22017-08-29 12:55:41 UTCnevw Yes, I agree.
This one was a bit unusual and...
name=Manly Wharf\twas changed to name=Manly Wharf 玛丽海滩
So normally I would correct to...
name=Manly Wharf\t and add
But though it may be correct, Google translated to "Mary Beach" so I just left it as...
12017-08-29 12:20:53 UTCaharvey Hi, Welcome to OSM and thanks for contributing.

In the case of the addr:street tag is reserved for the street address. This roof doesn't have an address so it shouldn't have an addr:street tag.
12017-08-29 12:18:12 UTCaharvey Hi, Thanks for contributing to OSM!.

You can read up on names at

name= should be the name the sign says, if it also has a name in another language you can add this with something like name:zh
12017-08-15 23:30:18 UTCWarin61 It is WRONG.

The admin boundary comes the NSW Government LPI. If you want to change the coast line then change that .. not the admin boundary!!!!

22017-08-15 23:39:12 UTCxdiamondx I looked up the "OSM Example" for Harbors - Howth port and it comes with the administrative boundary attached to the coastline.

Do you want me to change it back?
32017-08-15 23:52:30 UTCxdiamondx @Warin61 I fixed the boundary. Sorry for the problem
42017-08-16 00:00:16 UTCWarin61 Thanks
The Admin boundary would be correct. It could be the high tide mark .. in a certain year? Would have to read the legal papers to see. I am against having the admin boundaries use physical features - leads to this kind of problem.

Where the coast line is ... could well be different from t...
52017-08-16 00:43:35 UTCxdiamondx Here's the local government area map -

If you zoom in you can see coffs harbour and it goes north from the breakwater - not following the coastline.
62017-08-29 12:13:00 UTCaharvey I think we need to have a bit more of a discussion on this. If people want the LPI Admin Boundaries they can go to LPI and get it. The LPI boundaries aren't the official legal definition of these boundaries, they are just the LPIs representation.

I think we should do what makes sense for OSM and ...
72017-08-29 23:31:27 UTCWarin61 Coastlines and rivers change over time. And so too do some roads. I'd think a legal boundary that uses a feature will specify a date? Or maybe the date is taken from when the document was made?
By separating an admin boundary from other things in OSM it allows these other things to be altered by m...
12017-08-15 23:45:27 UTCWarin61 How did you come to tag these as "landuse=residential" ?

They are buildings! Tag them building=house in these cases.
22017-08-29 12:06:27 UTCaharvey @Warin61, this is just my opionion here but this is @Nhadaya's first edit to OSM and I feel your comment could have been worded in a slightly more welcoming way.

@Nhadaya welcome to OSM and thanks for contributing, you can check out the beginners guide at
32017-08-29 23:22:04 UTCWarin61 Did not mean to put you off Nhadaya. But this is the second instance I found of this kind of thing occurring .. so I would like to know how you came to tag them as landuse=residential. That may help avoid further confusion?
12017-08-07 19:03:42 UTCharry313 Unit 8/44 - 46 Ewos Pde, Cronulla, NSW 2230

Phone: (02) 8599 4570

Keywords: Plumber, Plumbers, Plumbing, Gas Fitter, Emergency Plumber, Blocked Drains, Hot Water Repairs, Drain Cleaning, Pipe Relining, Sutherland Shire
22017-08-29 11:47:07 UTCaharvey You could use craft=plumber so people know this is the workspace or office of a plumber.

Other information like contact number, website, address can be added directly to the feature, like you've done for the name.
12017-08-06 06:28:27 UTCTheSwavu Hi, I've notice you've misspelt Mirri.


22017-08-12 14:08:14 UTCnm7s9 Hi,

When I surveyed this area the street signs (plural) said "Mibri Close".

However when I saw that I was altering what you had tagged, I checked "LPI NSW" ACTMAPI and ACT disallowable instruements and they both said "Mirri" and the latter document elaborated tha...
32017-08-29 11:44:06 UTCaharvey It was accepted practice in OSM to map what's one the ground So if the street sign says Mibri Close and the legislation says Mirri Close, then we map name=Mibri Close, and put Mirri Close in one of the alt names and not th...
42017-08-29 20:53:01 UTCTheSwavu This is Canberra. Good practice is to put in the correct name and report the spelling error to:

52017-08-30 02:58:16 UTCnm7s9 While surveying Canberra and parts of NSW, I came accross numerous cases where the street signs on opposite ends of a street had different spellings. How should I tag this case, and no, I'm not going to split the street in half and tag them differently :-)

I also found one case (since corrected) ...
62017-08-30 03:02:37 UTCnm7s9 PS - on my report I couldn't pinpoint the issues on their maps precisely, because they use Google maps and are badly out of date. (Doesn't even have the new suburb).
12017-08-02 05:45:33 UTCaharvey Thanks for fixing up the geometry.

I'm not sure about The name tag isn't meant to contain access descriptions like "(closed)". What is there on the ground that actually indicates that this track is closed? What does closed even ...
22017-08-29 11:36:09 UTCaharvey Hi @swanilli, I'd like to remove the description (closed) from the name. I'd even be okay with no name on this way since I've never seen a sign pointing out this path with a name.
12017-08-18 00:11:25 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

bicycle tags are for access. So bicycle=yes means you can ride on this road.

Infrastructure is indicated with the cycleway tag. So cycleway=shoulder means you can ride on the shoulder of the road.

22017-08-29 11:10:04 UTCaharvey "Sourced From RMS" Also keep in mind you can't copy information from other maps. It's better to add information from a ground survey.
12017-07-15 06:40:02 UTCaharvey Could you please explain what this is? If you want to tag a backyard swimming pool, use leisure=swimming_pool, access=private.
12017-07-11 09:39:15 UTCaharvey I've changed to use club=sport rather than shop=sport
22017-07-11 09:39:36 UTCaharvey What's ?
32017-07-12 03:14:21 UTCCloCkWeRX I think its better tagged as
42017-07-12 03:14:55 UTCCloCkWeRX SOme detail on it -
52017-07-12 03:44:15 UTCaharvey I'll do a ground survey to confirm its a fitness station. I thought they might be adding some kind of fitness club which is run there.
12017-07-02 07:55:53 UTCnevw The node you have mapped is not located on Commerce Lane as stated in the address and there is no business called Engage Online in the Lane. There is no place on the OSM for business that do not have a physical location.
22017-07-08 00:09:45 UTCaharvey I don't think it's a coincidence that their PO box number matches the number used for the Street Address "Postal Address: Po Box 52, Glenbrook, NSW 2773" especially given there is no 52 Commerce Lane. Looks like SEO spam. So +1 to remove.
32017-07-09 11:28:26 UTCnevw Deleted this edit as no evidence of this actually existing on the ground, appears to have only online presence and no response from mapper.
12017-07-05 07:56:36 UTCTheSwavu Is this:
a thing? Or a slip of the mouse?
22017-07-05 23:28:40 UTCaharvey There is something visible in the imagery, but I don't know exactly what it is. Probably how they get the toboggans back up.
12017-06-23 06:09:03 UTCsaikabhi Hi,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Are you sure about the location of Graham Reserve? It looks like a residential area on the map to me. Can you please review?

22017-06-23 07:55:50 UTCaharvey It looks good to me from the LPI Imagery (it's the area in between the dual carriage way of Palace Street.

Though I'd tag it as leisure=park instead, as leisure=nature_reserve is "A protected area of importance for wildlife, flora, fauna or features of geological or other special interest.&q...
32017-06-23 07:58:54 UTCaharvey
12017-06-23 03:54:43 UTCaharvey Looks like already existed before, we should keep that way and just update the geometry. Or at the very least delete the old way when adding one with geometry not snapped to the road.
22017-06-23 04:51:37 UTCWarin61 Thanks for finding that. Fixed.
What was I thinking back then?
32017-06-23 07:50:55 UTCaharvey also for

I think it's better to tag a multiuse pitch as sport=netball;basketball than having two overlapping ways, after all there is only one pitch, it just happens to serve two different sports.
42017-06-23 08:32:36 UTCWarin61 Netball and basketball have slight different sizes of court. And where they share a surface they have different line colours too. The line colours can be tagged correctly if they are separate ways ... but not if they are ; separated sports.

I have done one where there are tennis, netball and bas...
12017-06-21 23:24:13 UTCWarin61 Multipolygons don't do shared ways on outers..
So these might be best as simple separate ways.
Doing this generates a warning - overlapping railways. I think that is ok - platforms do share segments.
22017-06-23 07:44:15 UTCaharvey I'm okay with them being separate ways.

Physically the whole area is one platform, but logically (in terms of the network and naming) each side is a different platform.

So for simplicity, I'm happy with these being separate ways, without the relation with a shared border that way we have tags ...
12017-06-20 23:08:45 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Multipolygon relation 6664382 - the Westfield building. Multiplygons don't like shared segments, I think this would be better as a key building:part.
The landuse declaration would be better as the larger area of Chatswood - on the basis of one feature one element in OSM.
So I have changed th...
22017-06-21 01:35:54 UTCaharvey This looks okay. I'm happy to have landuse=retail a little wider, but I favour keeping landuse polygons no larger than 1 block to avoid overlapping roads etc.
12017-05-30 06:39:13 UTCtonyf1 Hi. You have deleted some features. It looks suspicious but I am not familiar with Sydney so its hard to know. Can you please give information on why these features were deleted. Thanks.
22017-06-16 12:18:48 UTCaharvey Removing was probably good since it's also mapped

But without justification for removing all those POIs and no response here in 17 days, I'm going to revert this. If there features really aren't there an...
32017-06-18 23:38:34 UTCchris_o Hi guys, very sorry for the lack of response. I was not aware that removing nodes would affect map for everyone - as I thought it would just change my "instance" of the map.

I initially removed the nodes as I was trying to make a "clean" looking map for a project I was working...
42017-06-19 00:20:53 UTCaharvey That's okay, at least now you know. I've already fixed up the deletions.
12017-06-05 23:14:12 UTCaharvey It looks like you've deleted some things like the building and bunkers which I suspect are still present on th ground and hence shouldn't be deleted, eg and

I would suggest abandoned:building=b...
22017-06-16 12:47:44 UTCaharvey I've gone ahead and restored the deleted features from this changeset. If you have done a ground survey and know the current use/state of the building please update it's tags.
12017-06-16 12:04:33 UTCaharvey I'm not sure about UNSW as a neighbourhood, UNSW is a university area and it's already tagged as a university. So I'm tempted to remove
12017-06-05 23:29:07 UTCaharvey I wonder if this was entered by the business or by a 3rd party SEO business.

Either way please these on how to tag accepted payments and opening hours:

as the way you've entered them isn't ...
22017-06-06 05:36:42 UTCCloCkWeRX I tweaked the tagging
12017-05-21 12:52:34 UTCaharvey I see you changed from highway=construction to residential. Based on your source tag, it doesn't look like a ground survey, did you?

Unless you did a ground survey I think you should leave it as I tagged it.
12017-04-24 08:37:45 UTCtonyf1 Hi. You appear to be mapping the underground stormwater drainage system. Maybe they would be best tagged as man_made=pipeline rather than waterway=drain considering that they are underground. See
22017-05-11 07:05:40 UTCtonyf1 Hi, you quote Source: Hurstville City Council Drain Map. Is this your source for all these drains? Is its licence compatible with OSM?
32017-05-11 11:16:37 UTCaharvey @Spookylad, it doesn't seem the license of your source is compatible. Unless you can point us to further details about the license, could you please revert these changes and instead add data from ground survey or other sources which can be used in OSM.
42017-05-12 06:48:25 UTCSpookylad Sorry I didn't have much time to review and finish the details. I removed the non park drainways, and I will continue to map Empress Park correctly. The drainways from the park are a mixture of Tunneled and underground/hidden. How do I go about tagging each of those aspects appropriately? I can take...
52017-05-13 00:08:30 UTCtonyf1 Thanks for your reply.

You should delete anything that is not compatible with OSM's licence conditions.

Reading the wiki, I don't think that drain or culvert are the right tag. man_made=pipeline location=underground substance=water seems the best fit but I haven't seen what's on the ground.\...
12017-05-07 01:27:29 UTCaharvey It seems you added a bunch of duplicates here? eg. you added but it already exists at

Could you fix these up by deleting your copy in favour of the existing. If you want to make improvements then you can edit ...
12017-04-18 23:13:24 UTCaharvey I see you've moved some features away from being imagery aligned to being aligned to the topo map.

Honestly I'm not sure which is more correct here, but some part of my GPS trace seem to line up with the imagery more than the topo map.

I compared my GPS trace of the area https://www.openstreet...
22017-04-18 23:13:50 UTCaharvey Your change also caused a self intersection with
12017-04-18 22:04:11 UTCWarin61 Way 475592320 crosses over itself. So it does not render well ... OSM inspector calls it a 'self intersection'.
22017-04-18 22:46:38 UTCaharvey Thanks for noting this, it looks like it's happened as a result of I'll move the discussion over there.
12017-04-18 02:12:24 UTCaharvey The LPI Base Map has a name for this one, is it signposted on the ground?
22017-04-18 10:24:24 UTCerikgagajackson yes there is it is "Merrylands Memorial Park", signpost can be seen if you are walking past on Windsor Rd
32017-04-18 22:39:04 UTCaharvey Thanks, please feel free to add the name to this part then if you've confirmed it on the ground.
12017-04-18 02:11:08 UTCaharvey The LPI Base Map has this named "Charles Mance Reserve", is it signposted as "Memorial"?
22017-04-18 10:26:56 UTCerikgagajackson Yes the signpost says "Charles Mace Reserve, Centenary Memorial",150.9898651,3a,75y,203.88h,78.82t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s2Ur_dY_21VQYulm5yD9i-A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
32017-04-18 22:38:09 UTCaharvey Okay, but you can't copy from Google Maps or Google Street View.

Feel free to add the name from ground survey or from the LPI Base Map (different background map option in the iD editor)
42017-04-19 08:50:17 UTCerikgagajackson sorry about that. i actually live next to this i have seen it at ground level i will edit the name
12017-04-18 02:06:31 UTCaharvey The running track and the roads should only share nodes where they cross. Given we have high resolution imagery here could you retrace this with a more accurate location and avoid having it run down the middle of the road? (assuming the track I can see in the imagery is what you're mapping)

The l...
12017-04-11 03:27:39 UTCaharvey Thanks for adding this, I've unglued the building from the roads, created entrance nodes to mark out exactly where the entrances are and what they are for. Please note that 24hrs isn't a supported value for opening_hours, see Is it "24/7"?...
12017-04-11 03:16:11 UTCaharvey Hi,

Thanks for adding this.

A pointer for next time, a building generally shouldn't share nodes with the street it faces, as roads are center lines and buildings are for the footprint of the building only.

I've fixed this up in
12017-04-07 09:12:51 UTCaharvey What were you trying to do with the parking lot here?

It looks like a multi story parking lot but I don't understand what your tags mean. highway=path but foot=no? parking=underground but no amenity=parking? service=spur? All combined on the same way?

What are you trying to map here?
12016-06-14 04:23:12 UTCLeon K The source:maxspeed applies to the ways but putting it on every node is overkill.
22016-06-14 21:13:11 UTCsamuelrussell I agree, I firmly remember discovering my error after upload and chasing down nodes with source:maxspeed applied to them to correct.
32017-04-06 12:01:15 UTCaharvey You've also added maxspeed=40 to pedestrian footways which have no maxspeed signs from ground survey. I've fixed up one of them.
42018-08-08 23:07:55 UTCWarin61 Done the southern part ... ~100 nodes with source:maxspeed .. but no maxspeed.

I did a search that should be all the nodes done for this area.
12017-04-03 07:58:38 UTCaharvey Hey there, this track is present. I physically surveyed it. If something exists on the ground then it's fair game to be in OSM. Regardless of if it's dangerous or not. You can read up on two of the tags which I'd already included on this track
12017-03-27 09:06:52 UTCaharvey These bays have been changed between natural=water and natural=bay many times in their history, unfortuantly most renderers don't yet support natural=bay areas. Even the wiki notes that "they should not be rendered in solid color indicating water themselves".

What's the harm in leaving ...
22017-03-27 10:32:31 UTCaharvey Let's discuss over at

In the meantime I've reverted this change. You'll see in the history that I tagged this as natural=bay a few years ago and think this is the best way to tag, unfortunately it's a big area and the curre...
32017-03-27 18:57:16 UTCjptolosa87 You're wrong, all renders support natural=bay. This is the approved tag by the community for mapping a bay area. Here you can see an example of a successful rendering:
Obviously, to obtain a correct render, the polygon should be inside a water polygon or in the ocean....
42017-03-28 12:52:27 UTCaharvey Thank you, I can see that makes sense, the bay area should either be within the ocean or some other waterbody like a lake, river, etc. So the blue water rendering would come from the waterbody or ocean and the natural=bay area is there to label the area.

I disagree with tagging the insides here a...
52017-03-28 20:37:56 UTCjptolosa87 According the description of natural=coastline it should be placed exactly in the mean high water spring i.e. IMO more or less here:
Is better to solve the "conflict" consulting the different sources about this topic.
Check the conc...
62017-03-28 20:43:16 UTCjptolosa87 Furthermore, note that in the description of natural=bay you can read the next text: "The edge of a bay towards land should coincide with the coastline" in the section 'how to map'.
72017-03-28 20:55:14 UTCjptolosa87 But technically the wiki doesn't prohibit the usage of waterway=riverbank into the sea. Then, if the sources doesn't convince you, we can use both tagging: natural=coastline & waterway=riverbank + tidal=yes
82017-03-29 11:49:17 UTCaharvey This is going to be an uphill battle , so I'm going to pivot and look into using something like coastline=pelagic from wikipedia "A pelagic coast refers to a coast which fronts the open ocean, as opposed to a more sheltered coast in a gulf or bay." on the oceanic coastline because I need s...
92017-03-29 20:02:06 UTCjptolosa87 Definition of the natural=coastline is independent of locally established divisions. boundary=* tag supplies the second purpose. Your point view is incompatible with the OSM basic principle "Map what's on the ground".
102017-03-30 12:19:47 UTCaharvey Exactly, I'm trying to ensure the natural=coastline tag and other tags are reflecting the natural environment on the ground based on my ground surveys of the area.

As I mentioned on the tagging thread for me, based on on the ground surveys and local knowledge Botany Bay (http://www.openstreetmap....
112017-03-30 18:41:19 UTCjptolosa87 Of course, is interesting to differentiate the type of a coastline. Unfortunately there are no a tag for this purpose yet. The tag natural=coastline is only used to mark mean high water spring and it doesn't capable to differentiate the type of seawater. We can create a new tag based on your ground ...
12017-03-24 06:43:28 UTCaharvey How did you check for duplicates?

eg. you added but it already existed as

I've been seeing a lot of duplicated features from your Base Map imports.
22017-03-24 08:24:39 UTCWarin61 I checked for duplicate nodes .. not certain that I did check ways (too long ago to recall) .. and probably not relations. This change set 3/8/16 so 'my' node would have been that date .. relationship dated 9/7/16 so ~ a month previous.

Humm I did a recheck some time ago on duplicates .. but aga...
32017-03-24 08:50:30 UTCWarin61 Humm scanning ... found 1 add the day before by you .. from Imagery .. deleted mine and add the name from the base map.
Another is displaced by 200 metres .. I'll do some more looking tomorrow (and think about the displacement).
42017-03-25 00:15:36 UTCWarin61 Ok .. found 7 that I have deleted. About half of those are mine.
Did not answer your question of how I checked for duplicates .. I think at that time I was using the OSM cycle map .. that appeared to have the best rendering of camp sites ... but it may have been slow to render new data .. thus I m...
52017-03-25 06:46:49 UTCWarin61 Over 187 camp sites manually scanned. 78 deletions .. not all camp sites but most of them. Not all 'mine'. 230 objects modified .. some 'camp_sites' to pitches as the camp site is already tagged .. again not all mine.
62017-03-27 01:20:46 UTCaharvey > So these duplicates you have noted ... were they only campsites? Or anything else?

I keep finding issues across all your LPI Base Map imports.

eg. I just deleted since it was already mapped as

72017-03-27 02:03:09 UTCWarin61 I have looked back at my lookout files (I did not bother with check my old campsite files .. but I'd not think I was consistent from one feature type to another .. hopefully improving all the time) .. and cannot find a duplicate for tuckers lookout ... so the checking was done. Did something else go...
82017-03-27 02:12:50 UTCWarin61 Looking back at my old files for lookouts ... each node carries a tag "fixme=check for duplictes and web links" .. and each node was manually checked against the osm map background for the duplicate.. then those were uploaded to OSM having deleted each fixme tag as they were done. However...
92017-03-27 03:25:12 UTCaharvey The existing node has been there for the past 4 years

Next time it would be great if you could post on the mailing list your intention to do an import and we can check the process to make sure things like this aren't missed.

Another one I jus...
102017-03-27 05:25:45 UTCWarin61 Arr .. I see now.
What you are deleting are displaced things.

My experience with LPI data suggest in many instances it is better than the data in OSM despite the mappers attribution of 'source=survey' or 'source=gps'. How do I know that ? In the instances of roads i have used the Strava heat ma...
112017-03-27 07:50:21 UTCaharvey Not all data is equal. Different types of features like roads vs lookouts could dramatically vary in accuracy, even within the same feature types, the accuracy in the LPI Base Map can and does vary.

Since we don't know the where each feature in the LPI Base Map came from, I don't think it should ...
12017-03-23 10:59:51 UTCaharvey For is it really named "Unmarked track"? There is a tag for unmarked tracks, trail_visibility=no.
12017-03-19 23:46:50 UTCaharvey When you named Pindar Pool, you cited a copyrighted source, I think it's best to use survey or local_knowledge souces.
12017-03-14 22:39:34 UTCaharvey You'll need to add some tags to this to say what is is, check out
22017-03-14 22:43:01 UTCaharvey The LPI Base Map says "The Hills Shire Council" is here, is that what's there now?
12017-03-14 13:07:47 UTCaharvey Hi, what information are you trying to add? Do you need any help?
12017-03-14 13:02:53 UTCaharvey like your other changesets, don't add a name unless there is a proper name. Also you can just use access=private, and remove all the mode specific keys. See
22017-03-14 13:03:47 UTCaharvey Also part of the driveway way overlaps the road, which should be fixed. And is it really oneway?
12017-03-14 12:59:41 UTCaharvey the amenity=bench already describes this as a bench, so save the name tag only when the bench has a special name.
12017-03-14 12:58:23 UTCaharvey Is this really a grit_bin or is it ?

Also since there is no name, just leave it out per
12017-02-27 00:26:34 UTCaharvey You've only connected these two new roads here to the footpath, was that intentional? They aren't connected to Captain Cook Drive?
22017-02-27 00:35:28 UTCErin Evans Not intentional at all. First time using open street map, so still figuring out how to use it. I've now connected the rods to Captain Cook Drive.
32017-02-27 01:01:22 UTCaharvey No worries and thanks for your edits here, very much appreciated and welcome.

The way you've mapped it now, it means you can turn left but not right into Dune Walk. And you can turn both left and right into Foreshore Boulevard from Captain Cook Drive.

Dune Walk is very close to that existing s...
42017-02-27 01:21:19 UTCErin Evans Yes that's correct - left only into Dune Walk, but you can turn left and right from Foreshore Boulevard. I've had to add two sets of lights for both directions of road, even though there is only one set of lights due to cutting through the medium strip.

The service road you're referring to - is t...
52017-02-27 01:35:37 UTCErin Evans I believe I've just managed to amend the parking aisle to extend beyond Dune Walk as is now in real life.
I've also removed traffic lights at the park's entry, as well as removed the cycleway through the centre.
62017-02-27 02:07:11 UTCaharvey > Yes that's correct - left only into Dune Walk, but you can turn left and right from Foreshore Boulevard.


> I've had to add two sets of lights for both directions of road, even though there is only one set of lights due to cutting through the medium strip.

That's okay, this is ...
12017-02-26 09:18:32 UTCaharvey Really?
22017-02-26 21:56:46 UTCTheSwavu Must've been the least interesting visit to Sydney if this was the highlight.

Has this moved recently? I always remember it being in a building you could enter from Hickson Road.
32017-02-27 00:02:33 UTCaharvey I'm not sure of the exact location, I might have misplaced it when I originally added it.
12017-02-24 23:17:48 UTCaharvey What's that untagged area you added? What are you trying to map here?
22017-02-28 05:57:43 UTCnammala Removed the untagged ways aharvey.
32017-02-28 05:59:00 UTCnammala Hi lufyx,

Welcome and thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap (OSM). OSM is the real map of the world . Please do add data which is on the ground .
Let me know if you need anything regarding mapping.

12017-02-21 04:24:20 UTCaharvey It looks like you created this way

You've mapped it as a shared cycleway, however nothing on the ground indicates it can be used by cyclists. It looks like a normal footway.

I was going to change it over, but wanted to ask you first if you had any th...
22017-02-22 06:58:17 UTChuonw I suspect it may've been accidental; duplicating the tags on the real cycleway on the other side of the oval.
32017-02-22 08:07:12 UTCaharvey I'll change it back to footway since nothing on the ground indicates it's a cycleway.
12017-02-21 00:52:59 UTCaharvey What was your source for the location of ?

There is a waterfall which looks like this, which I've mapped at confirmed the locati...
22017-02-21 22:24:49 UTCdhx1 My source was the NSW government map: which shows the falls as being further upstream. I haven't been there in person though as you have, and don't have GPS tracks, so cannot confirm the map is correct. Have you been along the section further upstream of Clover Falls (i.e...
32017-02-22 05:47:56 UTCaharvey Thanks for that.

I've uploaded my GPS track at I didn't go further upstream of what I think is Clover Falls, so I wouldn't know.

Looking online, it seems what I went to is the same falls others label as Clover Falls, given I have the G...
12017-02-16 22:25:16 UTCaharvey I don't think the water=fountain tag applies here, if its just a drinking fountain

Also the name tag shouldn't include a description "Drinking fountain" is ...
12017-02-16 22:20:58 UTCaharvey I made some improvements to this in

See the coworking_space tag
12017-02-14 23:19:53 UTCaharvey I reverted this as I'm pretty sure this is a fictional park.
12017-02-14 23:04:02 UTCaharvey You might want to add the club=sport tag to indicate that this feature is a sporting club.
22017-02-14 23:05:17 UTCaharvey along with the sport=rugby_union or rugby_league tag
12017-02-12 23:23:39 UTCaharvey This looks like a residential home, is it really a cosmetics shop named "home"?
22017-02-13 03:17:12 UTCCloCkWeRX Could have meant (presumably at the shopping centre up the road); or maybe ... but that's in a different spot.
12017-02-10 01:11:03 UTCaharvey Hi was demolished?

Or is the building still there?
22017-02-10 01:50:51 UTCTheSwavu Apparently it's gone bye-bye:
12017-02-06 23:42:57 UTCaharvey I see you've added the footpath here as highway=pedestrian. Check out the wiki at which describes that tag as "Roads mainly / exclusively for pedestrians".

These look like the sidewalk which is tagged as per https://wiki.opens...
12017-02-03 21:58:11 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Some comments;

1) No name ... so the change set description is wrong.. Possibly 'Add building" ?
2) Building is not 'square' as in the corners are not square... in ID select the object (the building) and press the 'S' key .. see
22017-02-06 23:36:05 UTCaharvey PS. If you're adding multiple buildings at the same time you can add them all then hit Save at the end so you only have one changeset adding a whole block of buildings.
12017-02-06 23:28:08 UTCaharvey I can't see this footway on the imagery you've used.

Could you comment back here to let us know your source?
22017-02-07 00:55:30 UTCnevw I deleted it. Missed this one when cleaning up the area previously.
12017-01-27 22:55:24 UTCaharvey Hi,

The convention is to use Title Case rather than ALL CAPS.
12017-01-27 21:27:09 UTCWarin61 Welcome to OSM.

As well as the LPI Imagery there is the LPI Base Map .. that gives you the boundaries for the park - you can use that base map data to make the park into an area .. it looks much better on the map.
22017-01-27 22:53:18 UTCaharvey Sorry, I only just saw this note after changing it to an area.
12017-01-25 10:37:50 UTCaharvey Hi,

In regards to check up on the wiki for the building key

The building key is for the outline the each building. An area like this should be tagged landuse=residential.

Since there are a ...
12017-01-15 00:10:40 UTCaharvey A lot of the nodes you've added here are duplicates of things already mapped. Eg The Star casino is already mapped as a tourism=attraction at

Wet N Wild Sydney at

Potentially others too. Why did you create the...
22017-01-15 00:25:10 UTCWarin61 Would have checked these for duplicates at the time of entry ... will recheck on the two you are concerned with for speed.
32017-01-15 00:43:26 UTCWarin61 Ok - Way: The Star (16597926) Had no tourist=attraction when I added node 43749057538 ... so not a 'duplicate' at the time? When you added tourist=attraction to this way ... that was the duplication .. delete the node?
I am not certain that the whole building is a tourist attraction.
Way 31494...
42017-01-15 06:54:57 UTCWarin61 Quite usefull. I have reviewed the western and northern ones. Some are resorts - better tagged tourism=resort. A few are similar - used web search to resolve names and function. Some are duplicates. I have added some details to some - websites, opening hours, a few made into ways with boundaries. So...
52017-01-15 23:58:24 UTCaharvey >Ok - Way: The Star (16597926) Had no tourist=attraction when I added node 43749057538 ... so not a 'duplicate' at the time? When you added tourist=attraction to this way ... that was the duplication .. delete the node?
I am not certain that the whole building is a tourist attraction.

62017-01-16 00:05:48 UTCWarin61 One hand washes the other.
I need some clear time to do the rest of these. Possibly this afternoon.
As I said, I think I only checked them for duplication of tourism=attraction and not other things and that has lead to this problem. Still learning.
72017-01-19 02:49:46 UTCWarin61 That took longer than I thought! Some deletions, many changes. I have taken some to be tourism=resort for example. Others I have expanded to be ways. Many have added website links. Anyway .. all reviewed now,
12017-01-15 00:05:18 UTCaharvey are you sure there is a bus stop here?
12017-01-15 00:03:00 UTCaharvey I've reverted this changeset, there is no bus stop here in the middle of central station.
12017-01-07 10:01:21 UTCaharvey Regarding the signage on the ground indicates the southern extent of the NP extends further. Do you think it's okay to update it to match the on the ground data? Also I suspect the boundary for the rest is simply mean high water mark, so can it be joined t...
22017-01-07 21:10:01 UTCWarin61 Hi,
No problem extending to the south for ground truth. Possibly the LPI data is out of date here?
On the waterline... looks like the LPI boundary is the low water mark ... I'd leave that alone unless you have some evidence otherwise? It would make some sense for the low water mark boundary as a p...
32017-01-08 02:32:16 UTCTheSwavu I put the suburb boundary in before we had access to the LPI data and I was using best guess as to what the ABS boundaries were on the ground, hence using the coastline.

Interestingly the NPWS boundary isn't consistent with the cadastre around the coastline, which is a bit odd because the propert...
42017-01-08 04:19:33 UTCWarin61 Looking at the 'water boundary' you can compare the LPI Base Map to the LPI or bing Imagery and see that the water level is above where this boundary lies... so I would assume that this boundary is low water mark. I think 'coastline' is taken at high water mark?

Looking at the NSW NP website for...
52017-01-08 04:49:38 UTCaharvey >As to the southern boundary it is currently correctly aligned with the cadastre so unless you happen to have found the survey pegs I'd say that's the best available information.

There is a NPWS sign 70m from the currently mapped boundary. I suspect they just put the sign up outside the NP. I ...
62017-01-08 06:18:37 UTCWarin61 The LPI is where surveyors go to get the legal boundaries! LPI base map has those boundaries... look at your own property to see it. I know it is good for me and at least some of my relatives (where I have checked).

Snapping things together is ok .. if they deserve to go together! I have had to ...
72017-01-09 00:34:06 UTCaharvey >The LPI is where surveyors go to get the legal boundaries! LPI base map has those boundaries

I believe that except for newer LandXML submissions a surveyor will use the distance/bearing measurements on the plan, not the digital cadastre, as the digital cadastre you see in the LPI Base Map has...
82017-01-09 00:59:22 UTCWarin61 Fruther reading on [1} "The database is constantly maintained or updated on a daily basis from registered plans (including E-Plan), registration of land transactions in NSW and changes in administrative boundaries as gazetted. The data is up-to-date to within 10 working days from when a plan is...
92017-01-09 00:59:40 UTCTheSwavu 1. After typing in my comment the other day I was pondering why the boundaries are that way at Barrenjoey and I've realised that the boundary follows the low tide mark. (Also means that the lighthouse reserve must of had a combination of high/low tide boundaries).

2. I'd also previously looked u...
102017-01-09 01:22:45 UTCTheSwavu Depends on what you mean by the basemap. The meta data is for the underlying data so if you extract the data rather than tracing then it's up-to-date to within 10 days. I don't know how often the tiles that get served for the visual map are re-rendered so it may take some time for it to show up on ...
12017-01-08 03:09:25 UTCaharvey Is it appropriate to use here?
22017-01-08 04:02:25 UTCMartini097 It could be. I was primarily trying to revert a seemingly arbitrary change to type=multipolygon that was causing an issue in a renderer
32017-01-08 05:14:46 UTCaharvey Sorry I thought you created the relation, I couldn't look at the full history as has an application error. Given it's up to version 198 I'm not surprised.
42017-01-08 05:36:40 UTCMartini097 Yeah, that was my struggle as well. I couldn't view the history or any changes related to it, and the only relevant page i could find was on boundaries. I see/have no issue with you changing the tags to fit relation:land_area as it does seem to fit better
12017-01-08 02:36:11 UTCaharvey Is the St in "Warne St Park" an abbreviation for street? See
22017-01-08 11:31:18 UTCMW369 Yep, fixed. Thanks!
12017-01-08 02:30:30 UTCaharvey If this is a shopfront you might want to add shop=copyshop to it.
12016-11-23 04:18:01 UTCaharvey Hi there, club and sport a different tags, I've fixed this up see
12016-11-10 11:23:24 UTCaharvey I don't believe leisure=park is appropriate for I think it should simply be landuse=residential.
12016-11-08 07:27:30 UTCaharvey Where did you find the name "Ferndale Park Loop"? I can't find any signs with that name, I can find signs with "Ferndale Walk Track". If I don't hear back I might swap it over to map what's on the ground.
22016-11-08 17:18:17 UTChuonw I don't remember; I guess it may've changed in the three years since I mapped this.
12016-11-04 01:00:41 UTCCloCkWeRX Do you know if the bridge (see is actually there still?
22016-11-04 03:46:09 UTCaharvey The bride is there but it's a pipeline not a footbridge. I've fixed this up via

Not sure why it was marked as a path in
12016-11-04 03:40:54 UTCaharvey I noticed that you added highway=path for this What was your source for this? I know first hand that it's a pipeline not a path.
12016-10-07 05:41:14 UTCaharvey Howdy, you've added but this already existed in
12016-10-07 05:38:41 UTCaharvey Howdy, it looks like you've added but this already existed here Could you fix this up, ideally retaining the original node for the history? Also is it correct to use indoor=room, since customers can't walk into ...
22016-10-07 05:40:16 UTCaharvey You also have mapped out two McDonalds, but there is only one there.
12016-10-07 05:35:51 UTCaharvey Howdy, any reason why the post office is mapped out as two features? AFAIK there is only a single post office here as one big room.
12016-08-28 00:08:35 UTCaharvey Hi I've reverted this change because The Sydney Opera House is already mapped in OSM here
12016-08-28 00:06:10 UTCaharvey I see another user has reverted this change, which I agree with.

The reasons are that you added a new feature for the Sydney Opera House but it is already mapped in

And for the other viewpoint, it's name is not Watsons Bay, and the name tag is reserved ...
12016-08-21 23:06:05 UTCaharvey I'm going to delete this as the Royal Botanic Gardens are already mapped in the relation ->

If you wish to add the name:zh, add it to the existing relation.
12016-07-25 00:58:04 UTCaharvey Hi there, it looks like the road was already there from Railway Pde to Colebome Av, so I removed a node at the end to avoid the doubled up road way. I also added bridge and steps tags to the footway.
12016-07-11 05:44:05 UTCaharvey looks to be overlapping residential properties. What's your source for this wetland? Perhaps this should just be added to the conservation parks/wetlands reserve ways there?
22016-07-11 06:21:04 UTCTheSwavu And why did you add noname=yes to all of the admin_level=10 relations? And why did you delete the place tags?
32016-07-11 08:32:24 UTCmoreton Re sources for wetlands, swamps etc. As noted in the uploads, I have used 3 sources: (i) survey = visits to these areas in person to confirm mapped data; (ii) LPI map imagery; (iii) GA hydrology datasets (via geofabric). The mapped wetlands are mostly equivalent to GA hydrology datasets. The GA lice...
42016-07-11 09:35:43 UTCTheSwavu So a few points then:

1. You are doing an import without following the import guidelines:

2. Have you got explicit permission to use the GA dataset?

3. Combining place with admin_level=10 is not unusual:

12016-07-08 10:15:19 UTCaharvey Jintang Hai Fresh Restaurant ? Is this a hotel or restaurant, because you tagged it as a hotel.
12016-07-06 00:28:39 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40512164 where the changeset comment is:
12016-07-06 00:27:53 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40512163 where the changeset comment is:
22016-07-17 10:04:01 UTCSomeoneElse In the process of the Landgate add and remove one of the roundabouts is now a bit deformed:

Could someone who's local patch it up so that it reflects reality?
12016-07-06 00:27:36 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40512166 where the changeset comment is:
12016-07-06 00:27:28 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40512168 where the changeset comment is:
12016-07-06 00:27:12 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40512157 where the changeset comment is:
22016-07-17 09:52:59 UTCSomeoneElse I'm guessing that this wasn't actually part of the Landgate import and that the changeset comment was leftover by mistake?
Currently Arthur Street (and Lord Street to the northwest) are a bit odd as they are secondary and primary roads that terminate rather than link up in any way.
I've never been...
32016-07-18 04:35:59 UTCaaronsta Hi there, yes I do think that is what happened Ill do a quick edit now and have a proper look at it later
12016-06-25 11:11:40 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274990 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 07:56:17 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274991 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 05:56:00 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274988 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 05:40:32 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274996 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 05:36:06 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274981 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 05:32:12 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40275233 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 05:08:00 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40275080 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 05:05:19 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274410 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 04:48:39 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40275291 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 04:45:08 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274717 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 04:29:06 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274969 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 04:20:40 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274978 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-22 21:09:37 UTCTheSwavu What was the point of this changeset? All you've done is deleted all of the source=nearmap tags. How do you know that these weren't from nearmap? What is source=aaronsta supposed to mean?
22016-06-25 04:10:47 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274548 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 04:09:39 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40275222 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:59:12 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40275025 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:57:09 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274985 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:47:11 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274549 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:47:09 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274721 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:36:18 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40275027 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:28:18 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274907 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-22 18:20:53 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Could you explain what "MINOR: FIX SOURCES" means? This is a changeset with a large area, and it'd be nice to know what had changed without having to refer to third-party tools.
Best Regards,
22016-06-23 00:10:19 UTCGinaroZ Had a look at the history of some nodes/ways and it seems like this changeset has removed "source=nearmap" from them
32016-06-24 01:41:40 UTCTheSwavu Yeap this is one of many bulk edits this user has done where they have deleted source=nearmap for no apparent reason.
42016-06-25 03:25:01 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274965 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:24:14 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40275024 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:24:07 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40275003 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:22:32 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274545 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:20:29 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274992 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:18:49 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274963 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:15:28 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274720 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:14:07 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274910 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:12:50 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274919 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:11:12 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274913 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 03:10:18 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274914 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 02:50:05 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274398 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 02:43:28 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274718 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-22 21:10:10 UTCTheSwavu What was the point of this changeset?
22016-06-25 02:42:07 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274543 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-25 01:58:21 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40266451 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-24 06:56:26 UTCpnorman Hello,

you seem to be doing a mechanical edit of some kind. In OSM mechanical edits need to be documented and you need to consult with the community first. Was this done here?
22016-06-24 07:49:46 UTCWarin61 In this changeset, looks to be removing the source=nearmap tag ... in bulk. WHY?
32016-06-24 16:47:02 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40258772 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-19 00:02:05 UTCaharvey I've moved this translation to the "Prince Henry Cliff Walk" way as that, the walk isn't where this POI was placed (that's the Underfalls Walk)
12016-05-21 04:50:19 UTCaharvey You tagged this one as a library, but it's not. I've fixed it up now, this is a restaurant and the library is round the corner. The LPI Base Map is wrong here.
12016-04-16 07:08:31 UTCsamuelrussell Kudos! Do these sites have relationships? Could those relationships be mapped?
22016-04-16 07:20:09 UTCaharvey They don't have relationships, they are all independent. lists other kinds of sites but not middens so I've used site_type=shell_midden for these. I would say they names should be moved to the description key, but I didn't make th...
12015-10-01 01:45:34 UTCriblit I would suggest that leisure=nature_reserve is incorrect as a Nature Reserve and a National Park are different gazetted entities with separate use restrictions.
22015-10-01 05:34:38 UTCaharvey I'm tempted to agree with you. I think that boundary=national_park is sufficient. However at mostly in Australia I would have thought that National Park implies "protected area of importance for ildlife, flora, fauna or features of geological or other special interest, which is reserved and man...
12015-09-23 12:21:59 UTCaharvey It seems leisure=nature_reserve was changed to leisure=park in this changeset. This isn't appropriate for the Heathcote National Park as it's not consistant with the usage of leisure=park at (See also the note at
12015-09-01 10:49:48 UTCaharvey I'm removing because I'm fairly certain there is no picnic_site at the exact location of the node, and there is a better positioned picnic_site nearby which is probably what this node was meant to map.
22017-05-20 09:08:55 UTCWarin61 tagged they have a copyright message on their web site ... do you have permission to use their data??

Node: Gunnedah South RA (316587591) is far off the highway .. and well away from anything like a campsite .. deleted.
12015-08-06 08:10:17 UTCaharvey I would like to revert this (ie. remove name=cliff) because they aren't named "cliff", and it's causing issues for downstream data users expecting the name in the name tag.
22015-08-17 09:05:48 UTCSomeoneElse There's a discussion of what should go in the name tag at . I don't believe that "cliff" makes sense here.
32015-08-17 09:36:19 UTCaharvey I've gone ahead and reverted this changeset (which only added the name=cliff tags) in changeset 33385884
42015-08-17 09:41:15 UTCswanilli Two points:
1. I have stood there. It is definitely a cliff. It definitely makes sense to me.
2. There seems to be a lamentable tendency of some people to mistake Wiki guidelines as Gospel or some other divine authority. They are not. They are just what the name says, guidelines. The issue is what...
52015-08-17 09:59:53 UTCaharvey Hi Swanilli,

1. I'm not disagreeing about there being cliffs here, hence the natural=cliff tags still remain.

2. Regarding my comment about downstream data users, I can only quote my personal example which is [1]. I'm extracting names of features and using these in the walk description, and no...
12015-08-06 08:15:13 UTCaharvey Hi Mike,

What does the 50m mean at Eagles Nest Lookout? It's too low for altitude...
22015-08-06 08:32:44 UTCMikeAus When I visited there 2 years ago, the only signpost at the turnoff had written in it "Lookout - 50m" (i.e. 50 metres).
- has this changed ?
32015-08-06 09:30:00 UTCaharvey I'm not sure if it's changed.

What you describe seems to indicate that the lookout is 50m from the sign, which is informative, rather than forming part of the name. The name tag should just contain the actual name, ie. "Eagles Nest Lookout".

What do you think?
42015-08-06 12:14:35 UTCMikeAus If I need to direct someone to this lookout in an emergency, it's no good saying "Take the turnoff to Eagles Nest Lookout".
But if I say "take the turnoff Lookout 50m", they will know they are at the correct turnoff.
52015-08-08 08:07:03 UTCaharvey Perhaps would be better suited then, it allows you to capture the information about the "Lookout 50m" better. You could also put in the description tag of the lookout a note about the "Lookout - 50m" sign.

The reason...
62015-08-08 11:36:22 UTCMikeAus The need of the Emergency Services I work with, is for OSM to enable quick, error-free navigation to an incident. If the sign says "Lookout 50m", then that's what needs to appear on the map.
12015-07-20 09:42:32 UTCaharvey Hey did you mean to remove the highway=tertiary or the lcn=yes? Because your comment indicates the latter but you actually did the former.
22015-07-20 09:51:09 UTCinas Oops. Yes. Looks like you've fixed it up?
32015-07-20 10:01:24 UTCaharvey Nope, I haven't fixed it. I did pass a footway through the street, so I did make an edit after you, but didn't touch the tags. Are you right to correct?
42015-07-20 11:29:28 UTCinas yep. done.
12015-05-03 08:15:03 UTCaharvey Does the road still physically exist? Would it be better to tag it as access=no and place a barrier= node?
12015-04-23 00:13:28 UTCaharvey Just a question, when you said your source was Topo? What specifically was this source?
22015-04-23 00:23:24 UTCNathanaelB NSW Government topographic map which I referred to to draw my poly.
32015-04-23 00:26:54 UTCaharvey Aren't the NSW Government Topo Maps Copyright All Rights Reserved? I know the paper ones I have are and it appears the online ones at are too.

Were you able to get these under a license compatible with deriving informati...
42015-04-23 00:42:41 UTCNathanaelB I drew the poly and referred to paper map for some of the boundaries for less than 10% of the nodes plus my own on-the-ground survey and GPX data and reused the estuary shorelines and coastline nodes for the rest. Don't think that constitutes breaching copyright.
12015-04-18 05:20:15 UTCaharvey In this changeset you've added the name "Platform 2&3" to the railway landuse area covering the whole station. What were you intending to do here? Can you fix this?
12015-04-18 05:15:15 UTCaharvey It looks like this changset deleted the intersection so I've reverted it in

What were you trying to do in this changeset? Remove the cycleway=share_busway from Elizabeth Street?
12015-03-29 22:46:17 UTCaharvey Could you please explain the reasoning for adding these? Is it for a specific router?

There are some issues with these, for example the one you added at Heathcote station is wrong because there is no path running along the way you added.
12015-03-23 23:04:51 UTCaharvey Regarding way 302242009 [] the name tag is used to tag the names of things [] not provide a description or access restrictions, please use that tag instead []
22015-03-23 23:21:16 UTCnildes14 In my view this is a safety issue and safety must come before all other concerns. Please read the name and consider what it means! Tagging it description= relegates it to invisibility in all normal OSM rendering.

Removing the caution is a moral not stylistic decision. Until OSM has a visible tag...
32015-03-23 23:30:06 UTCaharvey According to it is good practice not to abuse the name tag in this way, and The default OSM rendering is not the only user of OSM dat...
12015-03-23 23:13:15 UTCaharvey Why is this named footbridge? Is there actually a sign labelling it? It seems to me like foot=yes + bridge=yes + highway=path is enough to indicated it is a footbridge.
12015-03-23 23:09:20 UTCaharvey Regarding way the name tag is reserved for just the name, ie. Dunns Leap Track. The extra information although on the sign isn't part of the way's name so shouldn't be in the tag value. This information can go in a description tag, however, it is best to ta...
12015-03-12 05:40:21 UTCaharvey When you tried to remove the turn restrictions for

it appears you just removed the tags from the relation, leaving a relation with no tags but still containing the members. To remove the turn restricti...
12015-03-12 03:47:03 UTCaharvey In this changeset you changed a pipeline to a road. I won't revert it because you made another change at the same time, but I will fix this mistake.
12015-02-15 21:45:40 UTCaharvey For way 866109501, I wouldn't class it is trail_visibility=bad (Path sometimes invisible, route partly pathless), as I found markers frequently along the trail, which sometimes had to be searched for which according to the wiki is trail_visibility=good (Next marker always visible, but sometimes has ...
22015-02-15 21:47:03 UTCaharvey Oops that's way 86610951
12015-01-19 09:41:24 UTCaharvey Why is named Pond? I couldn't find any sign or otherwise on the ground to support this. Shouldn't it just be water=pond without a name tag?
22015-01-19 20:58:45 UTCswanilli It was definitely there on 17 Nov 14. It is mentioned in Wildwalks track notes and visible in Google maps (zoom in here: -33.491738, 151.225933). Maybe it had dried up when you visited.
Let's face it, it's a small pond. I gave it the generic name "Pond" so it would be more visible. Now ch...
32015-01-20 08:53:02 UTCaharvey I meant I couldn't find a sign that named the it "Pond", I agree that the water does exist, it's just the name is wrong. See specifically the example of "closed pub (due for demolition): do not describe the object in lieu of a name."

I w...
42015-01-27 09:55:59 UTCaharvey I've updated this based on the name tag being just a description already provided by water=pond.
12014-11-07 23:22:39 UTCaharvey Hi,

When you split the Lane Cove River into two multipolygons... they are still the same river, just with a weir in it, shouldn't it all be part of the single multipolygon?
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