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12017-10-05 22:05:26 UTCaharvey I can see where you're coming from, and honestly I'm not sure what we should have in OSM here, but the path from Burning Palms to Figure of Eight Pool was marked as trail_visibility=no which means pathless so no evident trail on the ground. This passage is very well used by people so I'd argue it's ...
22017-10-05 22:07:52 UTCaharvey On the otherhand there are no markings on the ground, and it might be better to add tags to the rock to indicate it's passable so routers can choose to go over the rock.
12017-08-02 05:45:33 UTCaharvey Thanks for fixing up the geometry.

I'm not sure about The name tag isn't meant to contain access descriptions like "(closed)". What is there on the ground that actually indicates that this track is closed? What does closed even ...
22017-08-29 11:36:09 UTCaharvey Hi @swanilli, I'd like to remove the description (closed) from the name. I'd even be okay with no name on this way since I've never seen a sign pointing out this path with a name.
12017-03-23 10:59:51 UTCaharvey For is it really named "Unmarked track"? There is a tag for unmarked tracks, trail_visibility=no.
12017-03-19 23:46:50 UTCaharvey When you named Pindar Pool, you cited a copyrighted source, I think it's best to use survey or local_knowledge souces.
12016-07-06 09:21:45 UTCWarin61 Way: 402805211 Appears to be property boundary for Dangar Island.

Way: Dangar Island (172544584) -part of multipolygon Hawesbury river.

Relation: Dangar Island (6039000) uses way 402805211 ... this duplicates the above way feature.

To remove the duplicate (chose which...
12016-07-02 05:05:53 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Found you ... :) .. could not find you before I made the change on the wiki.
I think the original access tag is for motor vehicles... and those may well be restricted here. Most mappers only consider motor vehicles...
22016-07-02 07:52:18 UTCswanilli Yes. There is a sign on a gate that says "Rail Corridor" and "Authorised vehicles only" but the tracks are in Garrawarra State Conservation area not on the Rail Corridor which is only 30 m wide.
32016-07-02 08:41:53 UTCswanilli On checking 30 m is not accurate. I have read rail corridor is "15m from the outermost rail on either side" but it is clearly more than this in most places, 60 m or more. It does not alter conclusion for these tracks which are well outside rail corridor.
42016-07-02 21:42:49 UTCWarin61 The sign says
"Authorized Vehicles Only" ... not just "Rail Corridor".
See for who can use it... looks to me to EXCLUDE MOTOR VEHICLES!
If necessary I will ring them and confirm that this tra...
12016-07-02 05:21:35 UTCWarin61 Hi, example Way: Saltpan Creek Track (174143548) tagged access=yes means all things can access it .. vehicles bicycles and horses etc. But access=no and foot=yes means only people who are walking can access it ... and that is the way it was tagged before you changed it?
12016-02-25 02:10:18 UTCWarin61 Removed name from Way: Garigal National Park (218612893)

Relation: Garigal National Park (5989695) now carries the name and correct boundaries for this.
12016-01-27 21:10:32 UTCWarin61 Presently way 169174227 is tagged;

name=Blue Mountains National Park


This covers a very large area ... that is;

part of the Blue Mountains National Park (not the northern section)

all of;
Yerrandrie State Conservation Area
Yerrandrie Regional Park
Nattai Nati...
12015-08-06 08:10:17 UTCaharvey I would like to revert this (ie. remove name=cliff) because they aren't named "cliff", and it's causing issues for downstream data users expecting the name in the name tag.
22015-08-17 09:05:48 UTCSomeoneElse There's a discussion of what should go in the name tag at . I don't believe that "cliff" makes sense here.
32015-08-17 09:36:19 UTCaharvey I've gone ahead and reverted this changeset (which only added the name=cliff tags) in changeset 33385884
42015-08-17 09:41:15 UTCswanilli Two points:
1. I have stood there. It is definitely a cliff. It definitely makes sense to me.
2. There seems to be a lamentable tendency of some people to mistake Wiki guidelines as Gospel or some other divine authority. They are not. They are just what the name says, guidelines. The issue is what...
52015-08-17 09:59:53 UTCaharvey Hi Swanilli,

1. I'm not disagreeing about there being cliffs here, hence the natural=cliff tags still remain.

2. Regarding my comment about downstream data users, I can only quote my personal example which is [1]. I'm extracting names of features and using these in the walk description, and no...
12015-03-23 23:04:51 UTCaharvey Regarding way 302242009 [] the name tag is used to tag the names of things [] not provide a description or access restrictions, please use that tag instead []
22015-03-23 23:21:16 UTCnildes14 In my view this is a safety issue and safety must come before all other concerns. Please read the name and consider what it means! Tagging it description= relegates it to invisibility in all normal OSM rendering.

Removing the caution is a moral not stylistic decision. Until OSM has a visible tag...
32015-03-23 23:30:06 UTCaharvey According to it is good practice not to abuse the name tag in this way, and The default OSM rendering is not the only user of OSM dat...
12015-03-23 23:13:15 UTCaharvey Why is this named footbridge? Is there actually a sign labelling it? It seems to me like foot=yes + bridge=yes + highway=path is enough to indicated it is a footbridge.
12015-01-19 09:41:24 UTCaharvey Why is named Pond? I couldn't find any sign or otherwise on the ground to support this. Shouldn't it just be water=pond without a name tag?
22015-01-19 20:58:45 UTCswanilli It was definitely there on 17 Nov 14. It is mentioned in Wildwalks track notes and visible in Google maps (zoom in here: -33.491738, 151.225933). Maybe it had dried up when you visited.
Let's face it, it's a small pond. I gave it the generic name "Pond" so it would be more visible. Now ch...
32015-01-20 08:53:02 UTCaharvey I meant I couldn't find a sign that named the it "Pond", I agree that the water does exist, it's just the name is wrong. See specifically the example of "closed pub (due for demolition): do not describe the object in lieu of a name."

I w...
42015-01-27 09:55:59 UTCaharvey I've updated this based on the name tag being just a description already provided by water=pond.
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