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12018-05-06 02:28:36 UTCaharvey This reverts which as far as I can see, didn't move the railway=station anywhere and merges in the newer node which was added post-removal
12018-01-30 14:40:41 UTCMarkusHD Access of way has been changed here, foot=no makes it impossible to route to the Top Station because a little segment here is affected:
Was this really intended?
22018-01-30 22:28:24 UTCaharvey Whoops. I added foot=no because there are signs saying that track is for bicycles only, no walkers. However you're right about that short segment. Unless anyone else has better knowledge I'm happer for you to change that small section to allow walkers.
32018-02-01 00:46:12 UTCMarkusHD I'm away from home for some time and using Vespucci is too complicated for me for non simple tasks, so I leave it to you :)
I didn't walk this route anyway, so I don't have surveyed it myself, only tried routing this alternative track.
42018-02-13 11:27:25 UTCMarkusHD I got quite comfortable with Vespucci and have just changed it, see
12017-11-03 12:39:28 UTCEvo_Evz Hi Andrew, I'm new to editing but I wanted to delete this small part of Willarong Rd between the two Kingsways you seem to have created. The reason is because you cannot drive straight through Willarong Rd from North to South. Or would it be better to leave this small part of Willarong Rd there and ...
22017-11-03 21:39:28 UTCaharvey If you check the history of the way you're talking about at you can see it was actually created by inas. No worries though.

Looking at the imagery, it doesn't look like there is a physical barrier and as you point out you can still make left and ...
32017-11-03 22:52:55 UTCEvo_Evz Thanks Andrew. I'm making some changes and had a few questions. First can you tell me how I modify a changeset comment? I made an error in the comment only and wanted to fix that first. It's changeset 53491460. Supposed to say, Left turn only, not Right turn only. Thanks.
42017-11-03 23:03:58 UTCaharvey You can't modify a changeset comment after you've saved it, but you can add a changeset comment like we are doing here. The changeset comment is helpful for others to understand what and why you changed something.
12017-10-31 12:15:45 UTCaharvey The road and cycle/foot path are physically seperated on the single bridge. I've changed the access tags for each to reflect. (ie. no foot or bicycle on the road way, only on the cycle/foot way).

Changed psv to bus as it's only busses allowed, not taxis (psv includes taxi).

The access restrict...
12017-09-24 10:16:53 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello aharvey. At
you have tagged `bus:maxweight` instead of the more common `maxweight:...`. Please have a look at
22017-09-25 07:50:02 UTCaharvey Thanks! didn't explain how to tag mode specific maxweights, but looking at taginfo maxweight:mode is much more common than mode:maxweight so I've swaped it over.

Still not sure if maxweight=10 + maxweight:bus=no is the correct way to tag "10 t...
12017-09-20 15:05:06 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello aharvey. You have add a lot new fitness_station subkeys. Had you looked on before? Have you documented this new subkeys in the wiki? ;-) #newkey
22017-09-20 22:55:32 UTCaharvey Are you referring to the style "fitness_station:horizontal_bar=yes", I'm discussing this at and more input would be appreciated.

The problem is I read and understand the wiki ar...
12017-09-04 03:37:20 UTCsamuelrussell Except they're not marked cycle lanes

>4) A
"bicycle lane" is a marked lane, or the part of a marked lane:
>(a) beginning at a bicycle lane sign applying to the lane, or a road marking comp...
22017-09-04 05:22:17 UTCaharvey There is a solid while painted line separating the traffic from the bike lane and a dotted white painted line separating the bike lane from the curb side parallel parking. These bike lanes have a painted white bike inside the lane which designates them as a bicycle lane. The bike lane can't be a sha...
32017-09-04 05:30:04 UTCaharvey If you'd like to be able to distinguish narrow cycle lanes from wide ones please use the cycleway:lane:width tag as described at
42017-09-04 05:45:41 UTCsamuelrussell Can you add this to the wiki? We can use cycleway:lane:bicycle=designated & bicycle:no for legal bicycle lanes, and cycleway:lane:bicycle=yes & bicycle=yes for marked cycle shoulders to represent the legal restrictions that vary between marked shoulders and by the law cycle lanes.
52017-09-04 05:46:52 UTCsamuelrussell I wish I had the mapping time to go back and measure the widths :) But I'll keep it in mind and find a "meter" rod somewhere on my body for future mapping.
62017-09-04 06:16:06 UTCaharvey Sorry I'm not sure what part you feel should be added to the wiki?

You're saying that this isn't a legal (in NSW) cycle lane because it lacks the word "LANE" painted in white next to the white bicycle symbol painted in the bicycle lane? Maybe you want something like bicycle:lane:legal=y...
72017-09-04 06:21:33 UTCsamuelrussell bicycle:yes means a legal reason to be able to ride
bicycle:designated means a specific legal designation

All lanes are packed:yes. Bus lanes are pav:designated. It matters because you can't legally climb Williams street to park in cbd in lanes 1-2 but are required to use the Australian road rul...
82017-09-04 06:36:00 UTCaharvey Hmm I always read as designated meaning it's set aside for that purpose. So a path with has a sign saying pedestrians and bicycles can use it would be foot=designated, bicycle=designated. access=yes I understood as you're allowed to use the way, but ther...
12017-07-05 07:56:36 UTCTheSwavu Is this:
a thing? Or a slip of the mouse?
22017-07-05 23:28:40 UTCaharvey There is something visible in the imagery, but I don't know exactly what it is. Probably how they get the toboggans back up.
12017-06-21 23:24:13 UTCWarin61 Multipolygons don't do shared ways on outers..
So these might be best as simple separate ways.
Doing this generates a warning - overlapping railways. I think that is ok - platforms do share segments.
22017-06-23 07:44:15 UTCaharvey I'm okay with them being separate ways.

Physically the whole area is one platform, but logically (in terms of the network and naming) each side is a different platform.

So for simplicity, I'm happy with these being separate ways, without the relation with a shared border that way we have tags ...
12017-06-20 23:08:45 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Multipolygon relation 6664382 - the Westfield building. Multiplygons don't like shared segments, I think this would be better as a key building:part.
The landuse declaration would be better as the larger area of Chatswood - on the basis of one feature one element in OSM.
So I have changed th...
22017-06-21 01:35:54 UTCaharvey This looks okay. I'm happy to have landuse=retail a little wider, but I favour keeping landuse polygons no larger than 1 block to avoid overlapping roads etc.
12017-04-18 22:04:11 UTCWarin61 Way 475592320 crosses over itself. So it does not render well ... OSM inspector calls it a 'self intersection'.
22017-04-18 22:46:38 UTCaharvey Thanks for noting this, it looks like it's happened as a result of I'll move the discussion over there.
12017-01-08 08:20:37 UTCTheSwavu Hey! Someone found a use for my good-ol friend Mainland Australia.
12016-11-04 01:00:41 UTCCloCkWeRX Do you know if the bridge (see is actually there still?
22016-11-04 03:46:09 UTCaharvey The bride is there but it's a pipeline not a footbridge. I've fixed this up via

Not sure why it was marked as a path in
12016-06-25 02:35:51 UTCEwen Hill Thanks for doing that.
12016-04-16 07:08:31 UTCsamuelrussell Kudos! Do these sites have relationships? Could those relationships be mapped?
22016-04-16 07:20:09 UTCaharvey They don't have relationships, they are all independent. lists other kinds of sites but not middens so I've used site_type=shell_midden for these. I would say they names should be moved to the description key, but I didn't make th...
12015-10-01 01:45:34 UTCriblit I would suggest that leisure=nature_reserve is incorrect as a Nature Reserve and a National Park are different gazetted entities with separate use restrictions.
22015-10-01 05:34:38 UTCaharvey I'm tempted to agree with you. I think that boundary=national_park is sufficient. However at mostly in Australia I would have thought that National Park implies "protected area of importance for ildlife, flora, fauna or features of geological or other special interest, which is reserved and man...
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