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12018-09-23 14:11:59 UTCHarry Wood D'you know what this "no straight on" relation is supposed to be saying? It doesn't have a "to" role object. Maybe something was deleted from it since you first made it (6 years ago!) I can't work it out now.
12018-07-02 12:41:51 UTCHarry Wood
12018-05-13 22:54:44 UTCHarry Wood What does the building:level=x tag mean? Did you mean to use building:levels=x or just level=x ?
12018-05-12 17:05:24 UTCHarry Wood heh! I was just about to add brewdog from a photo I took. You beat me to it. Nice one!
12018-04-25 01:10:57 UTCHarry Wood There's a "note" related to this changeset:
12017-12-14 22:04:47 UTCHarry Wood Hi xtianprz.
In this changeset you moved this node: . It's the end of an address interpolation line, which now looks wrong (cuts across a few streets) I guess that was a mistake?
12017-12-05 19:09:18 UTCtrigpoint Hi, these edits seems a little wrong. Please can you explain why you are deleting things that are deleting these things?

Cheers Phil
22017-12-05 19:36:03 UTCHarry Wood You seem to be deleting all data as it is added by during a mapathon event this evening. This includes new mappers having their first OpenStreetMap edits stamped out. We also see you sabotaging the tasking manager validation statuses (This project ) I'm sitti...
12017-12-05 01:18:15 UTCHarry Wood Thanks for adding Galerie Bartoux. Welcome to OpenStreetMap! I've just been adding some more shops and galleries down New Bond Street, although there's a few more still to add.
12014-11-25 11:42:47 UTCEdLoach Hi. You seem to have added yourself as a node in the middle of the road. You probably should add yourself as a node (or area) to one side of the road, with the tag office=it (from ). If you use the background imagery to draw around your office to add you...
22017-11-14 10:00:15 UTCHarry Wood I guess we can delete this node now .

On the web that business seems to no longer exist. The website redirects to something else with no Holmfirth address.
32017-11-14 10:18:17 UTCEdLoach I've removed the tags.
12017-10-17 18:49:34 UTCtrial is it a name (name:de) or a description (description:de). For me it's obviously a description not a name.
22017-10-17 20:51:37 UTCHarry Wood That's what I thought at first, but apparently it is the "title" of the work: Unfortunately the art world has no rules about choosing sensible length of title. C...
32017-10-17 21:26:32 UTCtrial you're right it's the name for the English version. Probably we should add source:name= But the German explanation belongs to description:de. BTW, apparently the place is wro...
42017-10-17 22:49:48 UTCHarry Wood ok yeah "description:de" (changed it)
52017-10-19 17:53:11 UTCtrial thanks to your own diary, two changes, one from you, to improve the sculpture definition, see!
12017-09-09 01:05:26 UTCHarry Wood Hi JenLynn07. Thanks for you help with the Hurricane Irma mapping response.

Some important feedback on your contributions though. I noticed you're adding some points of interest with source=Google Maps . We're not actually allowed to create data in OpenStreetMap by copying from google maps. We're...
12017-09-08 21:53:45 UTCHarry Wood Review requested? I live near here and I happen to know there are some trees here yes. So that is a good first edit.

Welcome to OpenStreetMap Eloise!
12017-06-20 23:24:16 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, I note that changing to access=no has disallowed pedestrian access, but the Trans Penning Trail appears to run along it. Can you please review?

22017-06-27 21:13:39 UTCHarry Wood Good point. Well spotted. So I've added foot=yes to those road sections to fix this. The other way to fix would be to weave the relation along the footways which are there in places... but only in places. As usual, representing pedestrian rout-ability is bit tricky. But yes, certainly this relation ...
32017-06-29 22:17:20 UTCSK53 From memory I think it's relatively easy to roam around Stockport Bus Station. I'm afraid I probably dont have any photos. Perhaps you should visit & then you can try the delights of the Crown just across the Mersey.
42017-06-30 08:06:36 UTCHarry Wood Yeah I think all of those footpaths should capture that pretty well. Here we're just talking about this section: Now foot routable. But somebody might improve it by...
52017-06-30 09:32:57 UTCSK53 There's a very broad sidewalk (probably better represented as a footway under the bridge along side of the road past the chippy (which I see from photos is called Reggie's). There are gents & ladies loos under the flyover . Also there's a ticket/info office somewhere in the same area. Pavements ...
12017-06-30 00:32:35 UTCHarry Wood Thanks for adding this little playground to the map (6 years ago!)

I was just chatting with some locals about it. Apparently it's called Dalmeny Park and is "under threat" from a planning application:
12017-05-16 12:28:01 UTCHarry Wood I see you added a bunch of jokey things here. "geeky" farmland area. "Some guys gaff" building. Your experiment with editing OpenStreetMap has worked! It made it onto the map. I will tidy up some of this now. Feel free to contribute map information for *real* things in the area ...
12017-05-08 14:05:44 UTCHarry Wood Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You did three edits around London, all of which were successful experiments. It works! You edited the map!

....but yes to complete the set of three I will now revert this one too. There's no supermarket in the middle of Camden Town station. next step: Have a go at adding...
12017-05-08 14:03:12 UTCHarry Wood I see this edit was undone. Unsurprisingly there was no need to re-map Buckingham Palace. Already in as a relation with tourism=attraction tag
12017-04-17 18:27:16 UTCHarry Wood We discussed a funny straight edge of the woodland in Uttarakhand on a note here: ...but I see you deleted the whole thing.
22017-04-17 20:39:50 UTCHeinz_V Such nonsense can't be corrected.
32017-04-18 09:30:31 UTCHarry Wood Certainly it's very bad data which should never have been added, and it would've been a good idea to delete the *whole lot* after it was added, (across the whole massive strip of the himalayas)

It can be corrected mind you. And the thing is it *has* been corrected in some areas: http://www.opens...
12017-02-12 21:54:09 UTCHarry Wood I'm removing this building you added in Hyde Park, since it doesn't exist. Thanks for experimenting with editing OpenStreetMap. The experiment worked! Remember your edits *do* change the map, so please only add things which are real :-)
12015-11-04 10:56:30 UTCDerick Rethans Does this Zoo have a name too? Or perhaps a website?
22017-02-12 21:49:49 UTCHarry Wood Searching the web for zoos in Saint Marcellin turns up nothing. It seems like you were experimenting Sébastien. Shall we delete this?
12016-12-22 10:47:38 UTCHarry Wood Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Thanks for adding your cafe in Belsize Park. I live over in Archway myself so I don't know the area so well. But I see you added the cafe twice, so I will remove one of them (the one with less details). Looking at the cafe location, I see the address is 2A, so I guess it r...
22016-12-22 11:02:39 UTCBonjour Brioche Hi,
Bonjour Brioche Cafe address is 2A England's Ln. At the moment at 2B England's Ln there is a restaurant called Il Primo."Criterion Tiles" is closed. I didn't noticed I've listed it twice . It's ok to delete the one with less details. Thank you.
12016-11-17 17:24:44 UTCHarry Wood I saw you created this building: The 'name' there is very long. That is not the name of the building. Maybe it's the 'description' or something else. I'm not sure.
22016-11-17 21:21:56 UTCJose Riha sorry, you're right. i fixed it now.
32016-11-18 02:09:51 UTCHarry Wood cool. thanks! Seems like there's quite a few of these names beginning with 'Parcella:' . I'm seeing them on my "long names" list here:
12016-11-15 02:12:26 UTCHarry Wood These bus route relations have very long names. They're showing up on my list here:
22016-11-15 08:53:08 UTCTeddych Do you think this is a problem? Never the less: I have shortened this name
32016-11-15 09:51:35 UTCHarry Wood Not sure if it's a problem really. From a practical point of view, nothing seems to render the name from these relations, so unlike some of the other long names, there's no rendering chaos created by it. From a more philosophical data point of view, I suppose I would question whether this is the &qu...
12016-11-11 16:50:57 UTCHarry Wood In this changeset (4 years ago now!) it looks like you made a typo "network=Nation Rail" should be "network=National Rail". Gregory was just spotting this. I think we should probably go ahead and fix that
12016-10-27 17:32:24 UTCHarry Wood Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see you've added "my home". It worked! But I guess there is no guesthouse called "my home" here. Instead I've changed it for you, to be a building=house. The address information is still on there, and that's great. You're welcome to add more address...
22016-10-27 18:53:15 UTCBCNorwich Yes Welcome, I've just corrected the postcode for you.
12016-10-05 15:25:38 UTCHarry Wood Hi JozDH. The bing imagery suggests there is a patch of trees here, but is it really a forest called Morder? And is it really such an odd "V" shape? This seems suspicious
12016-08-04 16:29:02 UTCHarry Wood There's a mailing list discussion thread about these edits:
12016-06-29 13:21:55 UTCHarry Wood Hi There. Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Thanks for adding a business to the map. Please take a look at the neighbourhood and see what else you can add. It looks like this street is probably missing some shops. Also... maybe you can tell us if Tontine Street is one-way still? Someone added a note here:...
12016-05-31 15:47:22 UTCHarry Wood That looks like a duplicate: (There's a restaurant with almost the same name already added just to the South)
12016-05-19 14:19:54 UTCHarry Wood Nice work. My brother sent me a photo of the new staircase saying "have you mapped it??"... Of course we have :-)
12016-05-03 16:47:42 UTCbdiscoe Yes, it's NHD. Welcome to my world, Jeopardy. I've spent much of the last 6 months of my life cleaning up North Carolina's NHD (outdated wetlands just like these here in Florida). It's just a huge task, thanks for helping!
22016-05-03 16:57:16 UTCHarry Wood The messiness of the data seems to be echoed by the messiness of the wiki page which is supposed to describe the dataset and the import process/status
32016-05-04 01:54:36 UTCJeopardyTempest Good to know :-)

Though it seems the wetlands are at least proximate... we also seem to have a messy import of a church dataset with scattered nonexistent churches that seems more problematic.

So what do you guys do to clean them up? If there's development over what used to be wetlands, I'll ...
42016-05-13 06:17:52 UTCbdiscoe To answer your last question, Yes.
12016-04-20 20:54:26 UTCHarry Wood Interesting. A new pizza place!
I tried to survey this myself but the photo came out blurry. There's a new place called "tootoomoo" there somewhere too, but I'll have to go survey it properly to figure out what got replaced.
12016-04-05 21:18:11 UTCHarry Wood Hi 'anyone' (interesting username :-) )
Welcome to OpenStreetMap! You successfully made an edit, and added a viewpoint to the map

Now is there really a viewpoint by the side of the road here? This looks a bit suspect. Was this just an experiment?
22016-04-05 21:27:13 UTCanyone Sorry,i was made a mistake, i cant find anywhere for the delete button, tried report "problem", but it still stuck there, any advice i can remove it? Thanks.
32016-04-05 23:14:29 UTCHarry Wood No problem. I will remove it.
But feel free to contribute some *real* stuff to the map in your area if you spot anything missing!
12016-03-24 14:55:14 UTCHarry Wood Aha! MK stadium parking. I just added some more of it (the stuff that's visible in bing) but yeah that patch you've added is fun because it's not in bing yet, but I saw it too when I was there last week. Nicely done!

Needs a bit more work this area. I noted a couple of restaurants in a building...
22016-03-24 15:13:48 UTCpoggie I'll do some more GPS surveying over the weekend to plot in the cinema and the other car parks. But next time I'll do it on foot - the place is too dangerous to cycle around with cars pulling out of parking spaces without looking...
12016-03-24 14:34:12 UTCHarry Wood I re-added MK Stadium with this edit after it was deleted:
12016-03-24 14:33:09 UTCHarry Wood woopsie! Looks like deleted MK Stadium with this edit! ( ) I have re-added it
22016-03-25 14:31:20 UTCHilton Hotels Hello Harry. Thank you for re-adding the stadium. There might be some kind of mistake, apologies for any inconvenience caused.
12016-03-15 16:56:36 UTCHarry Wood Aha. You beat me to it adding the new 'crisis' cafe: Well done!
22016-03-16 00:42:01 UTC_yog Oh I'm sure there's still plenty of stuff around the area to be mapped :)
12016-02-05 16:33:11 UTCHarry Wood There's a note here: asking about "trumpers field". Also a note tag added to the object itself. What d'you reckon? Does the name need correcting?
12015-12-01 02:59:54 UTCHarry Wood I just reverted this changeset, because it seemed to delete a whole chunk of the river here. Particularly this way:
Woopsie! Did you do that by accident? or what's going on here? See also forum discussion
12015-10-26 00:47:31 UTCHarry Wood It looks like you imported lots of kindergarten nodes in Mexico, although I see you followed up by deleting some of them. I cam across one which I just deleted: since it was in the middle of field in the imagery.

Is there a wiki page about this source...
22015-10-26 01:20:04 UTCHarry Wood Oh I see this import also involved a lot of duplicate nodes (where school and kindergarten are placed on top of eachother?) Is there a wiki page about this import?
32015-10-26 07:12:19 UTCpnorman It doesn't look like this import was properly proposed, so should probably be reverted.
12015-10-25 01:52:11 UTCHarry Wood oopse. You made a little bit of highway=motorway here. I'll change it to highway=unclassified
12015-10-12 22:48:57 UTCHarry Wood That resolves

...although I think the building outline will need splitting up. Not all one massive building is it?
22015-10-13 10:53:51 UTCecatmur Right, yeah - according to the website it's 710 square metres floor plate, so that's just the Clifton Street side. I'll survey the Paul Street side next time I'm heading past.
12015-09-03 11:35:51 UTCHarry Wood Thanks for adding Counselling London Psychotherapy to OpenStreetMap. You placed in the middle of the road though. Which side of the road is it on?
22015-09-04 17:23:35 UTCCounselling London Psychotherapy Thank you for your message. I would be happy to do that - please advise how.
32015-09-08 12:25:35 UTCHarry Wood Well you could simply reply here to describe exactly where the clinic is.

Or add a "note" and drag it to the exact location ( )

But OpenStreetMap is an openly editable map, so you can fix it yourself very directly, if you fancy i...
12015-08-14 09:46:01 UTCRudolf Mayer You tagged as a golf course; as I can't find any information on that, and the aerial footage also doesn't suggest a course, can you please check this and add a name & contact info if it is really a golf course?
22015-08-14 21:48:37 UTCHarry Wood I was mapping this as part of a big "re-mapping" armchair mapping exercise, so I only have the bing imagery to do go on. You say "the aerial footage also doesn't suggest a course" But to me it looks quite a lot like a golf course. Mind you I guess it could be an old former golf ...
32015-08-14 22:55:01 UTCRudolf Mayer I removed the mapped course now; maybe it has been something long time ago, but from the aerial footage it just seems a bit too narrow for a course. carbrook golf club has a nice history section, and indeed the course slightly relocated, but just to the adjacent property, so i think that's also not ...
42015-08-15 17:08:18 UTCHarry Wood someone should map (the new bit of) Carbrook Golf Club hey?
52015-08-17 19:47:19 UTCRudolf Mayer It is marked already since some time as a node, see; of course it could be converted to an area
12015-07-17 10:38:29 UTCHarry Wood Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Here's your first changeset. Your edit did get saved back to OpenStreetMap, and is now showing on the map. I'm not sure if that's what you were intending (maybe you were just experimenting?) You've added a short section of road 'Yuvaraj Road' ...and set it as a motorway! ...
12015-05-12 19:41:53 UTCHarry Wood Good wheelmapping! We need to do more of this in the area. If you're still around to do some mapping here, check out this event were doing tomorrow night!
12014-12-21 16:34:23 UTCika-chan! UK Regent Street is already mapped very well. Not that it's a bad thing, but duplicate ways for the same street can cause inconsistencies. However, I id move the lane data, adjusted for the existence of bus lanes to For lanes=*, we count the total number...
22015-05-12 19:40:15 UTCHarry Wood Want to join in some mapping in this area? We can show some of the details we're adding. Check out this event happening tomorrow night in Marylebone:
12015-04-05 20:18:55 UTCSanjak cool id changeset
22015-04-05 22:54:08 UTCMKnight Freak!
32015-04-06 16:01:47 UTCJordanKepler what a get!
42015-04-06 20:11:14 UTCrobert A free map.
52015-04-06 20:12:19 UTCrobert (you win, that is)
62015-04-16 14:30:59 UTCHarry Wood Good work improving the roads data in Nepal. I've just put out an @OpenStreetMap tweet mentioning your changeset number 30,000,000 congrats!
12015-03-25 15:19:35 UTCHarry Wood We need a twitter <-> changeset discussion link :-)
22015-03-30 12:57:21 UTCLivingWithDragons "Drat, I've just deleted Bishop Langley." was thankfully just a reference to my local copy of the data which was open in QGIS.
12015-03-04 13:58:40 UTCHarry Wood Oopsie. Looks like Whittington Park got broken here. I've just fixed it.
12015-01-06 11:31:24 UTCLivingWithDragons I hope your goose was good. (yes I'm testing the changeset notes -woo!)
22015-01-06 11:51:49 UTCHarry Wood Yep. Good goose. Nom nom nom
12015-01-05 16:12:50 UTCHarry Wood Welcome to OpenStreetMap, and thanks for adding the Village Practice details. Personally I've been busy mapping Hornsey Road shops. Great to see the progress just to the East there too. Seems there's lots of Islington mappers these days! If you need any help with adding other details there, let me k...
12014-12-01 16:07:01 UTCHarry Wood Welcome to OpenStreetMap CromonMS! Looks like you were adding yourself, probably so that you appear on hey? You did it a bit wrong though. You set all the data on the entire residential area, so it all turned pink! (don't know why it took me so long to notice!) Anyway I've moved Cromon ...
12014-11-02 16:47:41 UTCemacsen Harry,

Thanks for adding this cafe, but the website seems wrong. Can you take a look at it?
22014-11-02 16:52:48 UTCHarry Wood Ah yes. Well this is strange new cafe actually. Here's a photo of it: So the website (which is written on the front of it) is about electronic cigarettes, because it's some kind of... electronic cigarettes cafe. I guess we need a new tag for this kind of thing
12014-11-02 11:19:32 UTCHarry Wood I made this edit while demonstrating OpenStreetMap editing at the british library event on Friday: based on a photo I took on Tuesday night
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