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12018-06-26 15:59:32 UTCEdLoach Funnily enough after commenting on one of your notes earlier I'll be visiting here for their open evening this evening. From when I visited the Science Open Day I think they have parking on the rear school playground with access from Creffield Road (if that is the case this evening I'll add the acce...
22018-06-26 15:59:59 UTCEdLoach Though for the open day we used the park and ride, so I wasn't paying much attention to the parking arrangements.
32018-06-26 17:05:00 UTCADepic Should I delete the departments? It seems to private of information to me
42018-06-27 16:51:08 UTCEdLoach I think that should be fine. There are places in the world mapped in more detail. See for example the section on Indoor Mapping on the openstreetmap wiki, and this example which has got every room number on every floor mapped -
12018-05-09 12:10:45 UTCBCNorwich Hello and Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

OpenStreetMap represents physical features on the ground (e.g., roads or buildings) using tags attached to its basic data structures (its nodes, ways, and relations). Each tag describes a geographic attribute of the feature being shown by that specific node, wa...
22018-05-09 13:12:08 UTCEdLoach I'll say 'hi' too, and add that you might find that allows you to maintain a database of your own which is overlaid on top of Openstreetmap maps - we use it locally to monitor notes of what needs re-surveying -
12018-04-18 22:02:19 UTCndm Was there clear external signage when you surveyed this?
22018-04-19 09:08:04 UTCEdLoach I'm not sure why you are asking me - I just made the edit for the company that are based there as they only seemed to be able to leave a note. You should be asking them as the people who "did the survey".
32018-04-19 19:22:08 UTCndm A number of "spam" notes have been added to Bristol in the past.

I would expect even if arm chair mapping it would be advisable to check mapilliary or other open sources -- otherwise you can't determine whether the "office" occupies the whole building, or is simply a mail add...
42018-04-20 07:56:49 UTCEdLoach You have a point, but perfect can be the enemy of the good. We've gone from knowing of no businesses in the building to having one mapped. If it turns out there are more then we can add them later. Don't forget from "The maps are an iterative ongoi...
12018-04-16 12:15:30 UTCEdLoach You changed a Londis to a Spar in this changeset, which was only mapped as a Londis 4 months ago and which now has a note added saying Spar should be Londis - I wondered when your survey (mentioned in the changeset source tags) was done?
22018-04-16 17:52:41 UTCbigfatfrog67 I don't remember the exact date but it was a few days before my changeset, my notes were audio so I would have noted the name of the shop that way. I have no memory of what the shop was now so either I got it wrong or it's changed since?
12018-04-06 15:09:11 UTCEdLoach Hi. Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You accidentally changed a residential landuse that covers roughly all of Witham with a park. I've changed it back. I don't know the area well enough to comment on the other changes, though aerial imagery suggests you could add a playground in the middle of the park you...
12018-03-26 16:17:37 UTCEdLoach The traffic lights on the underpass seem to have been a little premature - this newspaper article describes them as long awaited (but still not there) so I'll remove them.
22018-03-26 16:36:32 UTCecatmur Yes, please do - don't know how I got the idea that they had put traffic lights in.
12018-03-13 14:26:28 UTCEdLoach Hi, Can you link to a website about this park? The latest imagery available suggests it has a newish industrial unit and associated parking on it.
12018-03-05 16:47:03 UTCEdLoach Hi Matt, I removed these two supermarket nodes as Lidl and Aldi are already mapped as areas. Let me know if you've got any questions. Best wishes, Ed
12018-02-26 17:00:38 UTCSK53 The relation of NCN Cycleways has every appearance of a category. Not only is this unnecessary (Sustrans routes can readily be retrieved by other means), but generally they are heavily frowned on in OSM, see I wonder why you...
22018-02-28 22:05:35 UTCEdLoach Looks like SK53 beat me to it - I wondered why NCN150 had been added to a category type relation. I'd also be interested in an answer.
32018-03-01 00:30:23 UTCMacLondon Point taken and understood. I've now deleted the relation.
42018-03-01 12:46:14 UTCSK53 You can make sure things are properly tagged to make them easy to find en masse. For instance cycle_network=National Cycle Network, network=ncn and operator=Sustrans might be appropriate for NCN routes, but do check current usage. Normally I would use overpass-turbo to find the set.
12018-02-19 14:06:26 UTCEdLoach Can you explain what this changeset does exactly? For example deleting the two ways that were by Harwich station and replacing them with has broken all the route variants that start or end at the station stop.
12017-12-04 09:33:48 UTCEdLoach Do Chislet Park and Bredlands Park exist? On aerial imagery they look more like school grounds. Perhaps you can point me at a website that mentions them? You've also damaged the shape of the Spires Academy area which is what made me ask about the parks in t...
22017-12-06 08:16:22 UTCBCNorwich Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
Unfortunately your additions look to be obvious fiction, especially considering the changeset comment. On top of this the manner of the additions has caused damage to existing features.
With respect I would advise reverting this changeset, your response is awaited.
32017-12-06 16:42:45 UTCEdLoach I have reverted this changeset and 54329859 as Bing really doesn't look like the added parks are parks. This will also undo the damage to Spires Academy. As BCNorwich says, welcome to OpenStreetMap and if you want any help making valid edits let us know or ask questions at or ...
12014-11-25 11:42:47 UTCEdLoach Hi. You seem to have added yourself as a node in the middle of the road. You probably should add yourself as a node (or area) to one side of the road, with the tag office=it (from ). If you use the background imagery to draw around your office to add you...
22017-11-14 10:00:15 UTCHarry Wood I guess we can delete this node now .

On the web that business seems to no longer exist. The website redirects to something else with no Holmfirth address.
32017-11-14 10:18:17 UTCEdLoach I've removed the tags.
12017-11-13 15:19:54 UTCEdLoach Hi Brian, Did you change the old Railway Drive back to unclassified because construction traffic can use it as well as bicycles? I notice you've added a note on one section that it is closed.
22017-11-14 16:24:43 UTCbrianboru Hi Ed

There were no access restrictions on the road which is why I changed it back. There was a "Road Closed" sign which you could easily drive around for access so I thought it best to leave it as unclassified until the position clarifies itslelf ( there's also access to the British Tr...
12017-11-08 09:12:07 UTCEdLoach Hi. Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I've added a couple more tags to the node you added which I think should make it appear (shop=car_repair and service=repair;tyres based on your website). If you've any questions I can help with then let me know. Best wishes, Ed
12017-08-09 11:23:59 UTCEdLoach "to be" could now be "is being" (or perhaps just remove the name tags?
22017-08-10 07:51:12 UTCSteve Goodey Thanks. About time this area got used.
12017-07-06 13:55:13 UTCEdLoach Hi. I retagged three houses, such as this one and a tree and thought I'd mention it in case you wanted to add any more. Best wishes, Ed
12017-06-23 14:23:02 UTCtrigpoint Hi Martin, is really a park?
It looks a very odd place for a park, and aerial imagery suggests it isn't.
Also it is bad practice to join areas such as this to the centreline of roads. The area will end at the edge and should be mapped as such.
Cheers P...
22017-06-23 15:34:17 UTCMartin Wynne Hi Phil,
I use "park" for any public green space with trees or shrubs, because there doesn't seem to be any other designation available. I have noticed the same used in lots of other places on OSM. "Grass" is ok for plain grass, but this clearly isn't that - see:
32017-06-23 17:02:11 UTCchillly mapping landuse boundaries to the centre lines of roads is not good practice. Your explanation sounds good, but in practice we don't do it. Creating a map image is only one use of OSM data and whatever your renderer of choice does to make the result neatest is not a good justification. A park, or an...
42017-06-23 17:12:05 UTCEdLoach Personally I'd have mapped it as an area of (mostly) grass and perhaps added an occasional natural=tree node (similarly when I mark an area as wood or forest I don't usually map holes for every clearing in the trees). I also don't like to think about the amount of time I've had to spend ungluing lan...
52017-06-23 17:17:04 UTCtrigpoint Please do not tag for the render, a park should only be used for area that are really parks. Mapping is not about making something appear a particular colour on one particular renderer. If I had brought my grandkids here because OSM says there is a park then they and I will be pretty pissed off.
62017-06-23 17:24:45 UTCMartin Wynne Hi Ed, You wrote " (in this case I'd have probably extended the residential area across the residential roads to the edge of the grass area)."

This surely illustrates my point - a road is no more a residential area than it is a park.

I found this on the Wiki: "If you choose to l...
72017-06-23 17:24:55 UTCtrigpoint Hi Martin
I forgot to say we do not have permission to use g.maps so please do not look at it, use it to check something, use it to illustrate something. Mapping must be done from what you have seen by being there, imagery we have permission to use, and out of copyright maps and information.
82017-06-23 17:33:26 UTCMartin Wynne Hi Phil,

It is clearly not scrub. There is a suggestion on the Wiki to make it village_green for public green space, but that doesn't sound right here.

If you want to visit a proper municipal park, it is likely to have a name, such as "Jubilee Gardens" or whatever.

p.s. I have sta...
92017-06-23 17:43:35 UTCMartin Wynne p.s. I have been there. I use Google Streetview only to confirm my memory of what I saw. Mostly I use OS OpenData to align buildings, water-courses, etc. Also the NLS 25K maps are very useful. The Bing aerial is very poor quality for seeing details.

Will the NLS 25" historic maps ever be ava...
12017-06-13 07:55:55 UTCEdLoach Hi. Out of curiosity, how do residents get past the bus gates to reach their homes? They used to have oneway access from the south I think. It might also be worth considering marking the nodes you've edited as barrier=gate as well as naming them Bus Gate.
12016-11-30 18:50:27 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what is the source of these reference numbers, and do you have permisson to use them?
Also I assume they are not verifiable on the ground so should be in admin_ref rather than ref. A satnav telling a driver to turn left into UX2 will be both confusing and annoying.
Cheers Phil
22016-11-30 19:36:49 UTCSiHollett 1) source -

2) there's zero copyright on the document (and it's illegal for it's data to not be accessible to the public), though I should have sourced it

3) there's masses of unsigned roads ...
32016-11-30 19:49:44 UTCSomeoneElse Ahem. I'd suggest that your paragraph (2) could probably benefit from a bit of wider discussion - I'd suggest that talk-gb list for that - it's where youll probably find the widest audience of GB mappers.
Re (3) it's definitely worth following custo...
42016-12-01 07:39:20 UTCRichard Just because a document doesn't have a copyright notice on it doesn't mean it's uncopyrighted, I'm afraid. Quite the opposite- copyright subsists unless expressly disclaimed.

Second, a document being "accessible" has no bearing on its copyright status.

Third, as SomeoneElse explain...
52016-12-01 09:03:35 UTCSiHollett "ref= means the same thing the world over: let's not add a needless exception for one country."
Which is to include references that aren't signed with ref= tags. Unless Hungary, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Albania and all the other countries that include every road nu...
62016-12-01 09:55:23 UTCSomeoneElse @SiHollett Your comments above seem to suggest that you believe that you and you alone have the correct answer - everyone else who disagrees with you must be wrong or somehow unenlightened. If only life was so simple - n the real world there are different views that need to be taken on board and di...
72016-12-01 13:12:11 UTCSiHollett "Your comments above seem to suggest that you believe that you and you alone have the correct answer"
Not at all - that's you guys demanding that only you have the right version of true and that I conform to it. If you actually held to the idea that there's different versions of "tru...
82016-12-01 13:19:54 UTCSomeoneElse > you refuse to handle it personally,
No - go back and read it again.
92016-12-01 13:53:30 UTCSiHollett "Finally, speaking as someone who creates maps for my own satnav based on OSM data, how am I supposed to make it know which refs are signed and which not?"

This reads like 'I, personally, don't deal with it as I'm clueless and must get other people to do that for me, relying on them to ...
102016-12-01 14:24:53 UTCSomeoneElse Seriously - when you've got three people suggesting that you might want to reconsider what you're doing, just how unable-to-consider-alternate-points-of-view do you have to be to think "I'm right; evereyone else is wrong".
If you'd actually read the links I provided above you'd understand...
112016-12-01 14:58:29 UTCSiHollett "Seriously - when you've got three people suggesting that you might want to reconsider what you're doing, just how unable-to-consider-alternate-points-of-view do you have to be to think "I'm right; evereyone else is wrong"."

So, hang on, so beyond having not one, not two, but ...
122016-12-02 14:54:33 UTCMike Baggaley Looking at Lees Road (way 23111785 and adjoining), the U prefix reference suggests this is a tertiary road, but the highway tag has secondary in it, so either the ref tag or the highway tag is incorrect. Can you please either put a B road ref or change highway to tertiary?

132016-12-02 15:20:50 UTCSomeoneElse @Mike Baggaley - I think you mean (I keep doing that too!)
142016-12-02 15:59:16 UTCSiHollett Mike, any reason why you couldn't do it? surely it would have taken less time for you to do it than to ask me to?

also, why am I responsible, when someone else erroneously made it secondary, rather than tertiary?

Anyway, I've changed it, though I have no idea why I'm being so nice. I even chan...
152016-12-02 16:32:06 UTCMike Baggaley Thanks for that, Si. I am not local to the area so don't know anything about the road, other than that it failed my check of secondary roads with a ref beginning with something other than a B, so I had no way of knowing which tag was incorrect. As the last change to the road was to set its ref, it s...
162016-12-02 16:37:59 UTCSiHollett OK, thanks Mike, that makes sense
172017-05-11 13:30:25 UTCEdLoach I just stumbled across UX6 and wondered why ref has been used in place of official_ref - but see there has been discussion already. It looks like we're being left to correct them as we find them?
12017-03-06 08:33:42 UTCEdLoach Hi, and welcome to OpenStreetMap. I don't remember there being any car dealers here - do you have the business name that could be added? Best wishes, Ed
12017-02-28 13:30:13 UTCEdLoach Hi. I noticed you added this house on top of this building - I personally would have split the building into two houses so I could add address details to each, rather than draw a new house over the top, a bit like ...
12017-01-30 16:25:49 UTCEdLoach Hi. Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I've reverted this changeset as it looks like doodles and quite often new editors aren't aware that their saved changes are visible to all users rather than just themselves. If you want any help let me know, or ask on either forums, #osm irc chann...
12017-01-30 09:59:32 UTCEdLoach Hi and welcome to OSM. If you want the park to show in OpenStreetMap it would be better drawn as an area, rather than as a single node, as it is visible on the Bing imagery available in the editors (combined with your local knowledge to make up for the lack of resolution). You could also trace the c...
12017-01-27 16:51:10 UTCEdLoach Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap. For a first edit you've done better than many, but I thought I'd mention that the footpath you've added doesn't meet the roads at either end, so won't be usable for walking directions. You can perhaps see this best in this link
12017-01-27 01:21:43 UTCEdLoach Welcome to OSM. I've removed your doodle as your edits are live in the main database. If you want some help learning to edit the iD tutorial is pretty good, which you might already have tried, else try reading, or try asking in say #osm irc channel.
12017-01-27 01:16:25 UTCEdLoach I've removed this as you've drawn it over a house, so can't be in the correct place.
12017-01-25 11:51:35 UTCEdLoach I think the road signs only permit them to drive to their homes from Via Urbis Romanae. They can cycle, walk, taxi or bus from the other side.
22017-01-25 12:07:25 UTCpole_climber I was unsure how those living in the short section between the Roundabout and Podium Close would access their homes. It looks like actually their garages are behind the houses so I'll remove the motor vehicle flag accordingly.
12017-01-12 17:15:10 UTCEdLoach Hi Chris, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I'm going to change Green Lane back to a track, which is what it is physically. It also has the designation=public_footpath tag on it to mark that it is a public footpath - I'm not sure how clear that is in iD editor that you used. Any questions let me know. Best ...
12016-12-15 13:23:35 UTCEdLoach Can you not make changes based on aerial imagery, please? This former farmland has been earmarked for housing, hence the greenfield tags. I'll put them back
12016-10-05 12:12:44 UTCSK53 You might want to review if all these peaks are really peaks sometime :-)
22016-10-05 12:35:25 UTCEdLoach Switching to cycle map layer (for contours) it looks like many are, and some are slightly off. Source originally was one of these layers:
32016-10-05 12:35:52 UTCEdLoach Quite a few are slightly off, even
12016-09-25 11:08:22 UTCAleks-Berlin please do not use empty keys, like ""="text".
I fixed 2 buildings from this changeset. thanks, Alexander
22016-09-26 07:29:43 UTCEdLoach I'll blame the new version of Vespucci. Thanks for letting me know - I'll watch out for it happening in future.
12016-09-23 12:42:30 UTCEdLoach Hi there. I notice you've changed the name of St Andrew's Avenue to Clingoe Hill (which was already tagged as an alternative name in the alt_name I think, e.g. ). Has the road name been officially changed? The only street name signs I was aware of a...
12016-09-22 13:27:56 UTCGinaroZ Hi, noticed you added as shop=bistro - should this not be amenity=restaurant instead?
22016-09-22 14:46:23 UTCEdLoach Quite possibly. One of my earlier attempts at editing using Vespucci and it looks like I amended from shop=alcohol to shop=bistro to worry about later (then forgot). I've changed it to a restaurant until I'm next out that way to check whether café might be more suitable.
12016-09-20 13:32:53 UTCEdLoach There's efficient - the Gazette reports that Taco Bell opens today and I went to see if the former Fabric 8 shop was mapped.
22016-09-20 19:26:06 UTCSteve Goodey I was walking past and noticed the staff vacancy advert so updated OS. It's a bit of a chore trying to keep up with the changing shops. You've got quite a few edits under your belt. Wish I had more time for doing edits.
32016-09-21 10:13:00 UTCEdLoach I wish I had more time for doing edits. Not so much the editing itself, but collecting the data first. It would be great for example if all the shops in Colchester were mapped so if the Gazette run a story similar to "shop x has opened where shop y was" it would be a simple matter to updat...
12016-08-10 12:01:13 UTCtrigpoint Has Viva really become a Costa?
If it has it should no longer be tagged as a restaurant but as a cafe with cuisine=coffee.
Cheers Phil
22016-08-10 12:14:16 UTCEdLoach Also, has "The Filling Station" become "Beatles" - the FHRS data extract from yesterday suggests not?
32016-08-10 12:27:49 UTCDerick Rethans Phil, doesn't allow you to change category ...
42016-08-10 15:10:35 UTCKenneth Gafa Sorry but I do not have an idea about "The Filling Station"
52016-08-10 15:23:40 UTCtrigpoint Hi Kenneth, was there a fast food place called Beatles when you were in Liverpool?
Have you some more details if so?
Cheers Phil
62016-08-10 15:29:13 UTCKenneth Gafa Trigpoint, I do not recall such a place but in Liverpool The Beatles are mentioned at every corner. When I was there I ate at Nando's and TGI.
72016-08-15 13:01:02 UTCSomeoneElse It's already been changed back, but I'm pretty sure The Filling Station was still called that when I walked past it a couple of months ago.
12016-07-28 15:42:35 UTCEdLoach Hi. I noticed your edit and thought maybe you'd like to also set "Allowed Access" to private as well as (or perhaps instead of) the name. This will cause the "P" shown on the standard rendering to be paler than public car parks.
22016-07-30 05:42:25 UTCBCNorwich Removed the name=Private from two car parks. They may be private but there is no suggestion that they are officially or otherwise named "Private". Also added access=private tags.
12016-07-13 12:53:39 UTCEdLoach Hi Patrick, Are you sure that the cafe is in this unit, and this cafe hasn't taken the place of the Sea Breeze cafe next door? (and next door to that the microbrewery has now moved, so thanks for the reminder I need to untag that...)
22016-07-13 17:45:16 UTCpatrick davey Hi Ed - no, now I'm not sure how that you say it. I was using "OSMAND+" on my Android, and while I did wait for a GPS Lock, it may not have been perfectly accurate. I didn't see the cafe tagged though, hence I added it. I now see all the buildings are neatly marked, so I assume "The o...
12016-05-23 13:11:32 UTCEdLoach Hi. Are these houses really built already? When I last passed the ground was just about cleared but I don't think they'd even got foundations in.
22016-05-24 18:57:52 UTCcliveb You are correct, they only at foundation level so far. I've added an area=construction to this.
32016-05-25 09:20:58 UTCEdLoach Then how have you surveyed the house numbers?
42016-05-25 10:14:13 UTCcliveb These are shown on the building plans
52016-05-25 10:48:03 UTCEdLoach You have access to plans other than the copyright ones that are part of the planning application?
12016-03-17 16:05:49 UTCEdLoach Does this need to be two relations? If so should 6013575 also include way like 6016446 does?
12016-03-11 00:37:07 UTCDaveF The George is already there.
22016-03-11 09:39:37 UTCSK53 Yes but I find mapping the whole site including the car park as the pub counterintuitive (let alone the non-optimal rendering position of the icon).

I think the usual way is to have a way for the pub restricted to buildings, with ancillary areas: beer gardens, parking etc mapped separately. This ...
32016-03-11 12:04:30 UTCMar Mar I agree with SK53, the proof is that I actually didn't see that the George was already there because the icon was so far away from the building, even less visible than the parking lot also named the George. But hey, these are details, just wanted to put this nice pub on the map...
42016-03-11 13:10:08 UTCDaveF Thanks for the replies

Please don't tag incorrectly to suit a failing of just one renderer. Remember this is a database & their are many different renderings taken from it.

Similar to schools, the amenity=* tag should be a closed polygon encompassing the full area of usage by the organisat...
52016-03-11 13:21:15 UTCSK53 No, this is a genuine difference in how people choose to map pubs, not "mapping for the renderer".

I can see the advantages of mapping the whole area : relationships are easily determined, but it has never been obvious to me (or many other mappers) that a pub car park is a pub. If I tho...
62016-03-11 14:12:49 UTCEdLoach The wiki suggests that amenity=pub should go on the node *or* the building. "If the whole building is used for this feature and its footprint is present in OSM, you can apply the tags on the area if you prefer" which is different to schools.
72016-03-11 15:27:03 UTCDaveF @SK53
The reason Mar Mar added amenity=pub (well, restaurant actually), not only to the building but as a node, was his failure to notice the boundary & the icon in both the render & the editor, not due to tagging choice .
'Retail' isn't a substitute for defining a boundary of individual p...
82016-03-11 15:58:59 UTCEdLoach So should the amenity=place_of_worship tag across the road be on the whole of the church grounds rather than just the building?
92016-03-11 16:23:10 UTCDaveF Good question, & one I've thought about but come to no concrete conclusions. I believe there should be some kind of tag, be it amenity=place_of_worship or some other tag, to define the extent of a place of worship's property which could encompass things such as the building, graveyards, church h...
102016-03-11 16:53:24 UTCSK53 I suggest we move this conversation to talk-gb. There are interesting aspects of how we tag areas associated with various POIS: and obviously at least two different approaches.
112016-03-11 17:10:00 UTCDaveF Yes, but I think Tagging is the more appropriate forum.

I need to clarify I reverted the edit, not due to 'tagging choices', but that there were three different George Pubs. All Mar Mar's additional tags have been added to the existing way. Between us we've made the OSM database more accur...
122016-03-11 17:23:04 UTCSK53 Yes I understand why it was reverted: I was just particularly interested in seeing a pub mapped this way, and then realising that we have (at least) 2 different approaches in the UK.

Personally this is a talk-gb issue. By all means pass it on to tagging, but I don't place great faith on their jud...
12016-03-09 08:56:12 UTCEdLoach Hi. Does this and your other changesets need amenity=parking tag adding? Best wishes, Ed
(Google Translate ) Hallo. Enthält diese und Ihre anderen Change brauchen amenity=parking tag hinzufügen ? Die besten Wünsche , Ed
12015-11-20 15:49:28 UTCEdLoach This seems to be an exact duplicate of - would you like me to try and revert one or other of the changesets? If so which would you prefer?
22015-11-22 15:39:19 UTCbadgerrrr Ah! It must have uploaded from Josm twice! (It appeared to fail the first time but must have actually succeeded). If it is possible to just remove all the added data from the first changeset 32426640 that would probably be best. If this isn't straightforward let me know and I'll work out a manual fi...
32015-11-23 08:38:19 UTCEdLoach I'm told that some of the duplicates have already been removed manually which makes things a bit trickier. I spotted it because when editing in the area in P2 it highlights all the duplicated nodes on top of each other, so might be easier to just use that to spot duplicates and remove them. Although...
42016-01-18 16:59:06 UTCEdLoach Pretty sure I've now managed to de-duplicate using P2 manually.
52016-01-21 21:35:16 UTCbadgerrrr Great! JOSM has a similar tool and normaly would check for and warn of conflicts before upload. Something just went wrong that time.
62016-01-21 22:55:22 UTCEdLoach I've had similar happen in the past when trying to upload large sets of changes and JOSM not getting confirmation of success for some reason, so I've tried again. Because it doesn't know the first upload was there it doesn't know that trying again will duplicate. I upload more frequently now to keep...
12016-01-11 11:07:12 UTCEdLoach Does it not exist, or was it just spelled wrong? OS OpenData Streetview layer shows Harpesford marked at this point (not Hapesford).
22016-01-12 14:38:12 UTCcrossmyloof Hi,

It's a weird one.

I know the area as my aunt lives in Virginia Water and the family always talked about the pub at Knowlehill. Harpesford Avenue was just the name of that one street.

I'm a bit flummoxed by OS giving it the prominence it has but I'm open to suggestions.!?
32016-01-12 14:59:45 UTCEdLoach I don't really know. I just happened to spot the deletion. Sometimes the OS retains historic names - perhaps that was the name before the Avenue existed? Anyway, there is a chance that as it was only added a few months ago that someone will spot it as missing and add it back again in future. It migh...
12015-12-21 17:59:14 UTCEdLoach The description of what they do on their website suggests car_repair is not an appropriate tag. Do you know for a fact that their website information is wrong?
12015-10-03 09:16:24 UTCEdLoach Did you want to mark the missing roads squares as closed (open missing roads panel in JOSM click green lock icon)?
22015-10-03 09:23:17 UTCGregory Williams I think I had marked the relevant squares as closed. I was just adding a note that there were some roads visible in the Bing imagery in adjacent "squares" that could also be added.
32015-10-05 08:05:59 UTCEdLoach Sorry. Definitely closed now. Ignore me...
12015-09-17 08:00:57 UTCEdLoach I don't suppose you know whether the 'Lloyds TSB' in this changeset became a Lloyds or a TSB after the two split?
22015-09-17 08:17:46 UTCMapperTwo Can't visualise the name, didn't even know they had split! However I remember it's primarily green livery, and a web search of images for the two show Lloyds=Green, TSB=blue
32015-09-17 08:44:41 UTCEdLoach I just noticed how well the street was mapped, and was surprised that the bank still had the old name (I was a customer at another branch, so perhaps more aware of the split). I realise now it was added about 5 years ago and was only moved slightly 2 months ago. Thanks.
12015-09-17 07:45:43 UTCEdLoach Hi. You didn't put any tags on the node you added, which I'm guessing is your brewery. I suspect you will want to add craft=brewery name=Gun Brewery and your address information. If so see and for deta...
12015-08-12 08:35:30 UTCPeter Mead Thank you for improving this road. However, it would have been better to change the existing way rather than delete it and add a new one. We've now essentially lost the history of it.

Also, your changeset says "aligning roads" but you haven't changed the alignment.
22015-08-12 21:11:45 UTCkaritotp Peter Mead, I've been working on impossible angle roads, I did not remove the road,
I have splitted this road , it should generate other new road.
I reverted my change ( and left a note( to someone
from ...
32015-08-13 08:10:44 UTCEdLoach With the reversion and the comments on the note it is clearer what was done. I've edited it, perhaps replicating what was done before.
42015-08-13 08:40:30 UTCPeter Mead karitotp, I didn't say you removed the road I said you removed the way. A revert wasn't really necessary as I was just letting you know about something that you may not have realised and that you might wish to do slightly differently in the future.
12015-07-29 14:33:03 UTCEdLoach Did you mean to delete Currys PC World when you were amending the building outline?
22015-08-01 06:09:36 UTCPlaneMad Restored the deleted building. Nikhil, please be more careful with existing objects and make sure you don't accidentally remove the work of others while making improvements.
32015-11-16 08:32:43 UTCnikhilprabhakar I will @PlaneMad. Thanks for pointing this out.
12015-06-26 11:08:44 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - I think that something went a bit wrong here. The relation now has a building tag on it - I suspect that that should be only on the building in the middle. Also there are now 2 "amenity=pub" - it'd make sense to have either the buildin...
22015-06-26 16:38:14 UTCEdLoach I'd be tempted to draw a fence along the join (assuming there is one) as I did here:
12015-06-23 20:25:19 UTCEdLoach What was fixed exactly? Looks like you lost loads of detail, and the offshore (below MHW) tidal multipolygon.
22015-06-24 06:34:48 UTCZverik Hi, I've redrawn the coastline here, because it was very innacurate, had geometrical errors and denoted things that should not be in a coastline, e.g. ditches. I've added a stream that was mapped only for some meters. As for the tidal multipolygon, it was tagged wetland=marsh and was too complex (e....
32015-06-24 07:36:51 UTCEdLoach If it helps, the tidal area is from the mean high water (coastline) to the mean low water (admin boundary). The seawall is where the footpath runs. The land areas outside the wall - some are above water at high tide, and what you're calling ditches fill with water at high tide. Hopefully that helps.
42015-06-24 18:13:50 UTCZverik Added the wetland, but may have chosen wrong tags. Wiki tells coastline should be drawn at high tide, and I'm not sure how to properly tag tidal area. It is sure not a wetland.
52015-06-25 07:40:11 UTCEdLoach The wiki thinks otherwise - natural=wetland, wetland=tidalflat with perhaps surface=mud - this for the tidal areas between the land. - this was done previously as multipolygon between the coastline (mean high water) and the admin boundary (mean low wate...
62015-06-25 13:40:26 UTCEdLoach To be honest, I think I'm going to have to try and fix what you've done when I get chance. The coastline is complex here - just switch to OS Opendata Streetview in P2 to see how much closer the coastline was to the high tide line than before you amended it to something closer to Bing which seems to ...
72015-06-25 14:20:10 UTCEdLoach Hmmm. I see. The Highwater mark in OS Opendata Streetview is out of date, as clearly on Bing some of that area is under water. I'll consider things carefully before changing anything.
82015-06-25 14:35:52 UTCZverik Thanks, please do. I was just fixing a geometry error and got caught up in the process.
12015-04-20 09:45:52 UTCEdLoach Oops. (as just one example)
22015-04-20 10:09:08 UTCEdLoach Hopefully this reverts the nodes moving without losing the tag change:
12015-04-13 08:44:20 UTCEdLoach Hi. I've just reverted your changeset as you accidentally the name of Annett Road to your business name. I think you were probably trying to add it to your building (having found your website ). If you click on your building you should be able to set your business ...
12015-03-13 16:15:27 UTCEdLoach Hi. Did you mean to delete so many nodes out of the Cheltenham/Cotswold border? The latest data I have from OS OpenData BoundaryLine shows the pre-amended boundary. Let me know if you'd like me to help with any undeleting. Best wishes. Ed
12015-01-26 20:16:50 UTCrobert I've reverted this edit - please note this is a global, shared map. Editing it edits everyone's version - a bit like Wikipedia.
22015-01-27 08:34:10 UTCEdLoach What you could do though is add all the houses in the street with their house numbers, so people can find Granny's (and her neighbours' houses) by the address. Let me know if you want any pointers as to how to do so.
12015-01-19 21:53:45 UTCrobert Please don't abuse the name tag to add the fact that roads happen to also be part of some-walk-or-other. If you really want to do this you should use route relations (, though you may have to upgrade to using JOSM to do that properly.

In fact the ...
22015-01-19 22:18:46 UTCRichard Despite the old grump above (we love him really), great to have you on board. :)
32015-01-20 10:04:53 UTCEdLoach You might also like to look at other maps that use OpenStreetMap data where the routes are more obvious, such as or
42015-01-20 10:32:09 UTCcnedramblers Thanks for all the comments. I must admit that as a walker I was totally unaware of the waymarked trails site. But so are many others. I accept that applying mutiple tags to highways or footpaths is a problem, but footpaths and trails were in many cases there centuries before tarmac roads and it is ...
52015-01-20 10:44:06 UTCEdLoach I hope my comment didn't mislead you, as I was out in the rain 9 days ago collecting GPS traces and photos of local (to me) public footpaths that still needed adding to OpenStreetMap. I was just trying to help point out that the default view of the data when you come to this website isn't the best v...
62015-01-20 10:59:19 UTCSK53 I must emphasise we take rights of way very seriously and would really welcome your contributions.

You can read about some of the work involving OSM and footpath mapping on my blog or watch Dudley Ibbett talking mapping paths in the Peak Dist...
72015-01-20 11:07:11 UTCRichard Please don't remove them! OSM takes rights of way very seriously, more than any other mapping organisation other than the Ordnance Survey.

At the same time we're a global project, so we can't show every single peculiarity of every single country in this map view. The main view on openstreetmap.or...
82015-01-20 19:30:38 UTCrobert Hey, there's nothing in the Terms of Service about not being a grumpy bastard.
92015-01-20 19:50:04 UTCcnedramblers I can try and get colleagues to annotate NE Derbyshire footpaths that are Public Rights of Way with the County Council's terminology (e.g. NE 2 46/1) - as rowmaps does - but only if it adds value ?
102015-01-21 00:55:13 UTCSomeoneElse Yes - public rights of way numbers are usually added using the prow_ref key (see, and would certainly be useful to have - although of course the source has to be licence-compatible (not derived from OS non-open mapping). See
112015-01-21 01:09:01 UTCSomeoneElse One more question about the route - back in 2008 when I walked it there used to be a Chesterfield Round Walk route marker around here where the highlighted relation leaves Bolehill Lane. You've added the name to this footpath http...
12014-12-11 08:16:23 UTCEdLoach Hi, The name of the Essex Way should be on the relation and not the individual ways. Would you like me to revert this changeset for you?
22014-12-11 09:31:18 UTCEdLoach *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
32014-12-13 14:45:24 UTCSK53 Or use Lonvia's Waymarked trails site
12014-12-10 16:11:08 UTCEdLoach Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap,

Are you able to add more details to this node, such as the name, religion, denomination and address? The imagery source noted for your changeset looks like you've placed the place of worship on one half of a semi-detached house, so the extra details will help.
12014-12-08 01:03:35 UTCEdLoach Just a little bit premature maybe? The new speed limits don't come into force until 15th December.
22014-12-09 09:26:47 UTCWelshie My thoughts are that the speed limit WILL change soon, and all the software I know that uses speed limit data uses a transformed copy of planet.osm, which isn't refreshed often, so when lowering speed limits, it's probably safer to update sooner than later (so that it actually gets to the intended u...
32014-12-09 09:33:22 UTCEdLoach I didn't revert as I decided reducing a speed limit can't harm anyone, and as you say it will take a while for the changes to feed through. The signs are up incidentally (which is how I split the ways after a video survey) but need some grey paint cleaned off them.
12014-11-25 11:36:35 UTCEdLoach This bridge that you've added in this changeset might need a highway tag (e.g. secondary like the roads either side).
12014-11-18 17:54:15 UTCEdLoach I'm not entirely sure what you did in this changeset (you didn't include a changeset comment), but did you mean to call the large grass area Deadham Heath and also mark it as a village? Dedham Heath (the hamlet) is already mapped here:
12014-11-17 12:44:47 UTCEdLoach Please don't make spurious edits. If you have a physical office then map that, but web only businesses can't be mapped to a location.
12014-11-07 10:28:38 UTCtrigpoint Have the waste bins and memorial been removed here, you have ddeleted a lot of stuff. Why?
Please add meaningful changeset comments
22014-11-07 10:54:04 UTCEdLoach Selina93 - I'm going to undo this changeset as it also includes the Norwich place node, and undeleting isn't something that is easy for new editors. I hope you don't mind. If the other items have actually been removed and need deleting I'm afraid it means you'll need to do them again, though, sorry.
32014-11-07 10:59:33 UTCEdLoach I have left the Guildhall Undercroft mosaic node that you added though.
12014-11-03 22:19:53 UTCOdysseyResorts Updated information about Caribou Highlands Lodge
22014-11-03 22:20:22 UTCemacsen Unless the name of every single of these buildings that have the name "Caribou Highlands Lodge Poplar Ridge Homes" on them, then this changeset is too spammy and will be reverted.

Please fix.
32014-11-03 22:26:53 UTCOdysseyResorts I can definitely change these. What would you recommend for the naming of the buildings? There are several different styles of buildings at this resort. 9 of them are Poplar Ridge Homes, 5 are town homes, 2 are executive lodges, 3 are condo buildings and 1 is a lodge. They are all part of one resort...
42014-11-03 22:30:59 UTCemacsen If each building has a name, like the "Caribu Lodge"- then go ahead and change the name to that. What are you trying to indicate- that these are lodges available as part of the resort?
52014-11-03 22:37:45 UTCOdysseyResorts Yes. The entire resort property called Caribou Highlands Lodge is made up of 20 buildings. We refer to these buildings as condos, lodge, town homes, and poplar ridge homes. My naming was an attempt to show they are part of the same property, but designate their differences. So I could get rid of the...
62014-11-03 22:48:33 UTCemacsen I don't know if this is really your first OSM edit (it's your first one on this account). If so- this is a pretty amazing job. To indicate buildings are part of the same property, you could use something called a relation- which I can show you how to create (it's just a bit complex).

Otherwise, I...
72014-11-04 10:02:51 UTCEdLoach I don't know whether this is relevant, but there is an area near me that has holiday homes for rent where the whole area has been mapped as landuse=commercial (for lack of a suitable tourism tag) and the individual buildings with their numbers.
82014-11-04 13:37:30 UTCAndrewBuck The best thing to do would be to put the name of the resort in the 'operator' tag for the buildings. I don't think the iD editor displays a box for that field by default, you will have to click the 'All tags' button and then add a new one with a key of 'operator' and for the value put in the resort...
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