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12017-03-17 21:17:14 UTCGinaroZ The problem with deleting these suburb nodes is currently the standard layer doesn't render areas with locality=*
22017-03-19 10:23:33 UTCcrossmyloof yes, I've noticed that now. Is there a way to undelete?
32017-03-19 22:44:49 UTCGinaroZ If you use JOSM with the reverter plugin you can enter the changeset ID and it will revert the changes. Or list the changesets here and I'll do it for you.
42017-03-28 20:35:45 UTCGinaroZ I've added them back
12017-02-23 12:22:13 UTCmcld Hi - thanks for adding the Globe Town marker, but did you notice there's already one in a slightly different location?
Do you have any special reason for this location? I think we should merge these two items, or something.
12016-08-30 16:41:35 UTCidahj Hi,
I see you deleted an existing footpath in the Kelvingrove Park, the path passing by the playground. I see you used old town plans as image source. As this path was not in the original plans from 1894, it does not have the footpath you deleted on it, I guess that is why. It is a good idea to use...
12016-08-06 10:28:53 UTCEoghanM still has it further south;
Does wikipedia need to be updated too?
22016-08-07 12:02:11 UTCcrossmyloof I've read different opinions on where you centre the name for places but I think when it's a town it should be on Main Street, so have moved it.
12016-06-24 19:00:50 UTCEoghanM The changeset says 'add district/suburb' but Bounds Green suburb seems to be the only thing removed. Was this accidental?
22016-06-26 11:38:45 UTCcrossmyloof yes, forgot to change my reason - it should have been 'delete non-existent district'
32016-06-26 12:09:40 UTCtrigpoint I had heard of Bounds, I had family there when I was young and according to wikipedia ( ) it exists. What evidence do you have to suggest otherwise?
42016-06-26 12:59:19 UTCtrigpoint Sorry, I meant Bounds Green
52016-06-26 15:10:30 UTCSomeoneElse @crossmyloof what was your source that it doesn't exist?
62016-06-26 17:03:29 UTCcrossmyloof There is a road called Bounds Green Road but there is no evidence I can find that the area was ever called anything other than Wood Green or Bowes Park
72016-06-26 17:26:17 UTCtrigpoint @crossmyloof Have you actually visited the area and asked? I certainly had relatives who lived in Bounds Green.
82016-06-26 17:43:08 UTCcrossmyloof I don't believe that places/districts/suburbs etc., should be named based on anecdotal evidence.
92016-06-27 13:22:17 UTCEoghanM I'd say @trigpoint meant that the fact that he knows of relatives living there, is grounds for further investigation, rather than grounds for restoring the suburb!
Maybe it should be mapped as a locality or neighbourhood rather than suburb? I certainly have no local knowledge. At the moment the map...
102016-06-27 13:50:01 UTCSomeoneElse For info, there's also a "Bounds Green Infants School" just to the south...
112016-06-27 16:11:07 UTCEoghanM Ya, and the road 'Bounds Green Road', so with the current situation, both of these could be taken to 'belong to' the railway station; but I don't think that's the case, ergo we should have another 'Bounds Green' entity.
12016-05-28 12:38:37 UTCeric_ You pretend here that you delete a duplicate place but basically what you did was to change Marchmont into Bruntsfield (why? because it's Marchmont) and deleted the previous Bruntsfield.

Please engage with the local community before doing such an edit. It's much easier to have a community discuss...
12016-05-28 12:28:04 UTCeric_ Could you please give us a source for the name of this neighbourhood? Thanks.
12016-05-28 12:21:31 UTCeric_ St Leonard's isn't a suburb. The previous tagging was correct so I'm reverting once again this edit.

To be honest, I feel a bit guilty to revert it but please engage and discuss with others first before creating your own map. OSM is a common map based on a community who tries to improve together ...
12016-05-28 12:16:14 UTCeric_ Hi again,

Mayfield was already mapped as a locality here ( If you think that Mayfield is a suburb, once again please engage a discussion with the local OSM community via a note or an email. Thanks.

I'm going to delete your edit here to avoid any dupl...
12016-05-28 12:07:39 UTCeric_ Hi, thanks for your contributions. It'd be good to know why you deleted this suburb as it appears to exist, mainly if you're a local as I'm.

So just to let you know that I'm going to revert your edit.

Then if you really want to delete it please add a note to the map or write a message on the O...
12016-05-25 15:53:54 UTCPaul Berry Is this not Cann Hall?
22016-05-25 17:50:55 UTCSK53 *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
12016-05-25 13:28:54 UTChighflyer74 Hello there!

Just for info, the tags concourse=* and foot=* are not required here.

concourse=* is not used at all and no current OSM key...

Happy mapping!

12016-05-11 18:30:36 UTCGinaroZ Curious why you deleted the footpath in Buchanan Galleries?
22016-05-11 19:26:37 UTCcrossmyloof lokking at the definition of footpath in the wiki the description of a footpath is something that is external to a building. There seems to have been some discussion on defining a corridor but it doesn't seem to have progressed to being an option under highways yet. Also, a footpath suggests some so...
32016-05-11 21:33:15 UTCGinaroZ Can't see where it says highway=footway must be external in the wiki.

A footpath without any access tag suggest public access, but in this case the way had access=permissive. If you're worried about opening times then might be an idea to add them to the Buchanan Galleries building?

Plenty of o...
12016-02-12 22:07:40 UTCSomeoneElse What's the source of the name "Lonesome" on ?
22016-02-19 15:07:52 UTCSK53 Must say when I lived in South London I never heard this name (and its sufficiently quirky that if I had I'd have remembered very distinctly). I would have called all of this area Streatham Vale.
12016-02-12 01:22:35 UTCSomeoneElse Re the change of Westminster from "town" in OSM terms to "city" in this changeset, what I wrote in still applies. Whilst I personally may not have a view on whether Westminster should be a "city" or a "town" I sus...
12016-01-12 22:03:44 UTCtomhukins Hi. Thank you for your work improving OpenStreetMap.

I keep track of all changes in the Wimbledon area and I'm a bit confused by this one.

Your comment says "add district" but as far as I can tell you haven't added anything. I thought I should point this out in case you accidentall...
22016-01-12 22:25:02 UTCcrossmyloof Hi, I think I added it there, saved it and then moved it.

I think I'll have to move it again as I've been made aware that district/locality names should be at the perceived centre of the area!
32016-01-13 19:22:04 UTCtomhukins Thank you for the explanation.
12016-01-11 14:54:36 UTCSomeoneElse Are you sure that "Liberty of Saffron Hill" is a current suburb? If so, could you actually link to somewhere where that name is currently used - or better still a sign on the ground? I'm fairly familiar with that part of London (though not a local) and have never heard of it before.
22016-01-12 13:57:15 UTCcrossmyloof Hi,

It appeared on OS maps until at least the mid to late 1940s (the newest I can find at the moment). It is correctly the Liberty of Saffron Hill, Hatton Garden, Ely Rents and Ely Place but was always shown on OS Maps as Liberty of Saffron Hill.

As districts/suburbs have no legal significance...
32016-01-12 20:43:51 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Thanks for the reply. OS maps showed (and in some cases still show) lots of "places" that are no longer used as placenames, and in some cases never were. For example, the current OS maps show 4 names for "villages" within a mile of me (and OS historic maps 1 more), yet in ...
42016-01-12 21:42:49 UTCSK53 Just to confirm, this is an old admin unit which ceased to exist in 1866, although a civil parish with roughly the same name continued to exist through to 1930. See wikipedia,_Hatton_Garden,_Ely_Rents_and_Ely_Place and Vision of Britain: http://www.visionof...
12016-01-11 11:07:12 UTCEdLoach Does it not exist, or was it just spelled wrong? OS OpenData Streetview layer shows Harpesford marked at this point (not Hapesford).
22016-01-12 14:38:12 UTCcrossmyloof Hi,

It's a weird one.

I know the area as my aunt lives in Virginia Water and the family always talked about the pub at Knowlehill. Harpesford Avenue was just the name of that one street.

I'm a bit flummoxed by OS giving it the prominence it has but I'm open to suggestions.!?
32016-01-12 14:59:45 UTCEdLoach I don't really know. I just happened to spot the deletion. Sometimes the OS retains historic names - perhaps that was the name before the Avenue existed? Anyway, there is a chance that as it was only added a few months ago that someone will spot it as missing and add it back again in future. It migh...
12016-01-11 11:09:25 UTCDerick Rethans Sorry, but St. Pancras is an existing location. What made you remove this from the map?
22016-01-12 14:10:54 UTCcrossmyloof St Pancras was the name of the parish and former metropolitan borough. There has never been any specific 'suburb' known as St Pancras. The area around King's Cross has historically been known as King's Cross. There may be an argument for a neighbourhood designation for the immediate vicinity of the ...
12016-01-11 10:51:38 UTCDerick Rethans Why is this a neighbourhood and not a suburb? What is the source of all these suburbs and neighbourhoods?
22016-01-12 14:01:29 UTCcrossmyloof Information comes from research, using various sources of information.

Is there any evidence this is a 'suburb' rather than a term used to refer to the immediate environs of the Swiss Cottage road junction?
12016-01-11 10:46:00 UTCDerick Rethans Sorry - what is the source of these "Districts"? I live in the area and nobody really refers to this as "West Kilburn".
22016-01-12 13:43:07 UTCcrossmyloof West Kilburn is the name of the area on OS Maps.
12016-01-11 15:04:58 UTCRichard Hi,

Is there a reason you're moving place nodes to arbitrary locations like this?

OSM guidance is that nodes should be sited "in the perceived centre of the place, for example the town or village square to the central in terms of facilities and/or transport routes or next any appropriate ...
22016-01-12 13:08:32 UTCcrossmyloof Hi there,

Sorry, I missed that in the guidance.

I had moved the place nodes to the centre of the area based on a triangulation of boundaries.

Some of the more suburban districts obviously have no central point but I see the argument with places like Canning Town.

I will review the chan...
32016-01-12 13:17:05 UTCtrigpoint Also bear in mind that placing the node too far away from a routable way will break routing.
The centres may not be obvious to a remote mapper, but I tend to assume local mappers had placed the nodes where they were for a reason
12016-01-11 10:49:40 UTCDerick Rethans Again, what is the source of this one? Nobody in the area would call this Maida Hill.
12015-11-30 17:16:43 UTCChris Fleming We need to have a think about the changes made here, I think we had a discussion on Talk-GB a while ago about Capital=yes versus Capital=4 and decided to go with a consitant approach between Scotland/Wales where Capital=4 I also need to remind myself how the is_in tag should be used.
22015-11-30 21:32:54 UTCSomeoneElse Currently Edinburgh is set as "capital=2" which I don't believe that even Nicola Sturgeon would claim currently :)

The changes can be seen here:

Looks like it was 4 since early this year (which I think matches a discussion somewher...
32015-11-30 22:01:40 UTCChris Fleming I have changed this back to 4. Original discussion was at:
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